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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 530a  NBC  August 22, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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>> it continues to move to the south. if you're in the suburbs of the poconos, you're not seeing rainfall. closer to the shore, south jersey, that's where the rain is right now. mostly cloudy skies, low visibility. the heaviest rain right now coming down just over atlantic city. we saw rain moving out of maurice river. as we head into the rest of the day we have a chance of showers. a flood advisory stays in effect for another 15 minutes for burlington county as some of the urban rivers and streams, we could see ponding and elevated levels. be careful, you might see flooded roadways as you head to work. we maintain a chance of showers and temperatures below average, warming to 80 before we drop into the 70s heading into the weekend. i'll help you plan your entire weekend coming up in my seven-day forecast. >> there are wet roadways in new jersey that drivers are having to deal with.
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i want to start with a breaking news situation we have for drivers in camden. a fire at 4th and spruce streets in camden. i want to show you a picture of it. this is a picture from one of our traffic cameras focused in on camden. you can see smoke billowing from the scene. it's a growing scene. to get around that, take 2nd or broadway in camden around that scene. it's likely going to be out there for quite some time. in pennsylvania, fortunately, the rain has cleared out. maybe wet spots linger but traffic is moving great on 76. this is a live look at montgomery drive. a few accidents in montgomery county, route 422 westbound, the off ramp to route 29. there is an accident. it's not cleared as traffic if picks up, it could be an issue. limerick, evergreen road at rupert road there's a crash. nbc 10 first on the scene of breaking news in camden. firefighters narrowing escaped injury during a partial collapse. nbc 10's jesse gary has been
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there live all morning. bring us up to speed, jesse. >> reporter: tracy, they continue to douse this corner of the building with water. we've been here for well over an hour and they've continuously put water on this corner because of hot spots that keep cropping up. every now and again, it will look like the fire is completely out. it will start to glow orange, on that top floor where you see the hose spraying water. that's the problem area. it started at south 4th and spruce here in camden. there was a partial building collapse that nearly injured a couple of firefighters. take a listen. >> good god. >> reporter: and that was part of the roof of the building crashing to the ground. those firefighters were able to leap out of the way before the bricks and the debris landed on top of them. come back live, you can see this aerial hose they were using to shoot down on to the building. now they're shooting directly into the wind did he to try and
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knock out some of the interior hot spots on the second floor and also spraying water on the third floor. both of these buildings, one on the corner and one next to it abandoned. there were reports of one person who suffered smoke inhalation. i spoke to the fire chief of camden, he says that is unfounded, can't confirm it right now, may be the case but they don't have a record of it. i asked the chief to come over and talk to us. he said as soon as he has a chance, chief harper, as soon as we get a chance we'll talk to him and bring you those comments. live in camden, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. if you ride patco, get ready for some more schedule changes starting today. that's all thanks to a two-year, $103 million project to replace tracks on the ben franklin bridge. a live look right now at the ben or our camera has turned away from that for a moment. there you see it over there to the right of the screen. the next phase of that project is getting under way. there you go. patco is closing the tracks on
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the north side of the bridge to replace tracks, ties, signals an other equipment. there will be service reduction but patco says there will be fewer gaps in service and shorter wait times than during the previous work stage. the new train schedules run through october 21st. playable, right field. pierce jones, game over. >> and with that, the taney dragons season came to a close last night as they fell just short of pulling off a comeback. the team lost to illinois by one run, bringing an end to their little league world series. and today, the team will head back to philadelphia, their heads held high. nbc 10's matt delucia live in williamsport. mo'ne shared some of her thoughts after the game. she's so poised, that young lady. >> reporter: yes, tracy. what a run these taney dragons have had this season. in just a couple of weeks, this team caught the attention of the world.
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>> they've had a wonderful run. >> none of us expected to be here. >> reporter: but the taney dragons came and conquered some of the best teams in little league. >> just being here, that's like everything, just to make it here and to play on lamade, it's unbelievable. >> reporter: they played in the international spotlight. star pitcher mo'ne davis did not pitch last night but on wednesday, more than 5 million people tuned in to watch her throw. >> she did a great job. i don't even know what to say to her. she changed my life from three weeks ago. i'm speechless right now, even that we made it this far. >> reporter: the dragons made fellow little leaguers from our area -- >> i'm really proud. >> reporter: believe just a little more. >> a team from philly came all the way this far. >> reporter: and until the last play -- >> game over. >> reporter: this team from philly held their heads high. >> to not cry or to not be mad,
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because we made it this far, so there's no reason to cry. >> i just think they get immersed in the game. in their world, it's baseball. >> thank you, fans in philly. >> reporter: next up for mo'ne, she says she wants to play basketball for uconn and then go into the wnba but first she's staying in the baseball spotlight, at least for now. next week she's hitting the talk show circuit. we'll hear more from her on how she's preparing to answer those tough questions. coming up at 6:30. for now, live in williamsport, i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. happening today, a bucks county doctor is set to arrai arraigned arraig arraigned in court on child pornography charges. dr. quentin park of levittown admitted to downloading pictures of children performing sex acts. police say dr. parker works in the emergency room for aria health.
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visitors will get a first look at the congressional gold medal that will be given to the flight 93 national memorial in shanksville this year. that medal will be shown during the 9/11 observance near the site where united airlines flight 93 crashed. three medals were made to honor the americans killed in that tre terrorist attack. at 5:37, we continue to follow our breaking news there camden. new information now on several houses that have been burning in the 900 block of 4th street. this is around 4th and spruce. nbc 10's jesse gary has told us that firefighters now have the situation contained. two abandoned row homes were destroyed in the fire. firefighters were able to stop it from spreading. nbc 10's jesse gary is still on scene gathering information on the impacks to road closures in that area of camden. stay tuned. and i'm tracking the last of the showers as they continue to
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move out of our area. we'll still maintain a chance of showers on friday. plus cooler temperatures set until over the weekend. what to expect is coming up in my first alert seven-day forecast.
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good god. >> that was the scene as part of a kbulding collapsed during a fire in camden this morning. that fire is now contained. it's at 4th and spruce streets. nbc 10's jesse gary reporting that the fire burned two  abandoned buildings. we'll check back with him in a moment. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> we are going to maintain a chance of showers throughout the rest of your friday although most of the rainfall we've seen this morning is pushing offshore. that won't be the last of it. as we head into the weekend, cooler temperatures settle in which will be nice. it will feel more like fall as
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we head into saturday and sunday. it will be short lived. heading into next week, we see a warming trend that will send us back above average. across the region, this tells the story. mostly cloudy skies in reading, 69 degrees. partly cloudy skies and philadelphia 69. rain coming down atlantic city with temperatures at 68 degrees. this is a heavy rain that's over atlantic city right now. moderate rainfall near vettner. most of the heavy rain will push offshore soon. you can see how this is trending. we have a flood advisory in effect until 5:45. flooding concerns to are some of the small rivers and streams in burlington county. your seven-day forecast shows 80 degrees today, tomorrow 77, 79 on sunday. warming back into the mid-to-high 80s next week. >> as you get ready to hit the road to start your friday morning. let's take a look at the delays out there.
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>> we begin with katy zachry. >> fortunately we don't have weather related delays but we do have some delays in camden we're dealing with, detours around fire activity. there are also wet roads for new jersey drivers. the but the majors are çclear. that's the good news. to get around this fire activity in camden at 4th and spruce take 2nd or broadway. this is a live look at the smoke bill lowing from that scene from one of our traffic cameras. this is a look at route 52 at somers point. this is a heads up for montgomery county drivers, going on monday, route 23 and conshohocken state road, there will be a repaving project beginning. >> 5:42 right now. we continue to follow breaking news out of camden. take a look at this video. >> oh, good god. >> we were first on the scene and that was nbc 10's jesse gary reacting to part of a burning
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building collapsing. it was one of two abandoned buildings on fire along 4th street.
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nbc 10 was first on the scene of breaking news this morning. crews getting a handle on a fire in camden.
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firefighters narrowly escaped injury during a partial collapse. jesse gary has been live there all morning. >> i just checked in with chief harper, the situation is under control. it will be quite some time before he says everything is completely out. they are continuing to spray water on to the upper floors, the third floor of this end building and the building next to it, the second building also burned but they were able to keep the flames at bay there. it didn't spread beyond these two buildings which are abandoned. reports of one person being injured with smoke inhalation, unconfirmed according to the chief. we'll have an update coming up in the next 15 minutes. live in camden this morning, jesse gary nbc 10 news. happening today, former virginia governor bob mcdonald is expected to take the stand again in his public corruption chi child.
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they are basing part of their defense on their troubled marriage, saying they were barely speaking to each other so there's no way they could have taken part a criminal conspiracy. defense secretary chuck hagel says the terror group isis is beyond anywhere we've seen. this follows the execution of james foley and the threat to execute another american reporter. with u.s. air support iraqis are gaining background from the militant group but america's top military officials insist it will take more than bombs to crush isis. >> this is an organization that has an apocalyptic end of days strategic vision which will eventually have to be defeated. >> they are an imminent threat to every interest we have, whether it's in iraq or anywhere else. >> while the president promises there will be no u.s. boots on the ground in iraq, the state department has asked for more than 300 more troops to secure u.s. facilities there. the bodies and ashes of 20
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malaysians who were killed when the airliner was shot down over ukraine have finally been returned to their home country. the remains were carried aboard a chartered malaysian airlines jet. they were carried by teams of eight solders that took them to private funerals. investigators are looking into the cause of a fire at a junkyard in poland. month are than 100 firefighters worked to put out that tire fire yesterday. one of them was taken to the hospital after breathing toxic smoke. officials told their neighbors to stay indoors for the rest of the day. >> new information this morning related to the ebola outbreak. a patient being treated at a sacramento hospital has tested negative for the deadly virus. the patient who returned home from west africa earlier this month had been placed in isolation while the tests were performed. >> the cincinnati archdiocese says catholics can take part in the ice bucket challenge but shouldn't donate to the als
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foundation. they back a study that uses embryonic stem cells. they plan to ask people to donate their money to a medical organization that uses only adult stem cells in itsç research. an fcc commissioner is calling for an end to a rule that causes football and satellite companies to black out a sporting event if it's blacked out in that area. since 1975, the fcc has told cable companies they have to do the same. in 2000 the rule was extended to satellite providers. now one of the commissioners says it's time for the blackout to end. >> a lot of teams can identify with the folks in buffalo or cincinnati or tampa bay or san diego who suffer through blackouts and who can't watch their team. >> he is one of five commissioners with the fcc and he is the first to speak out in favor of changing the rule.
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back in december, the fcc voted to seek public input on the issue. >> and that fcc commissioner now has a lot of fans. nfl fans rooting for him now. this story may make your skin crawl just a little bit. a giant wasp nest found in a florida woman's backyard, unbelievable. look at this. the wasps built their home in a recliner that was sitting outside. that doesn't even look real. it stretches from one end of the chair to another. the woman's son found that while walking through the yard. >> my heart almost jumped out of my chest. >> yes. exterminators say it took the wasps about 18 months to build that giant nest. because it's a danger to the neighborhood, the exterminators knocked it down for free. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. good morning. we're tracking the end of some of our showers, this first batch but we will maintain a chance of
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showers for the rest of your friday. cool weekend on tap for us. temperatures staying in the 70s, both on saturday and sunday. it will barely warm into the 80s. a warming trend for us. a closer look at our region, 69 degrees in reading, partly sunny skies for philadelphia. the rain has stopped in philadelphia, 69. in atlantic city, the rain is coming down at the airport. 6 degrees. a closer look at our radar shot. the heaviest rain is pushing offshore. again, this batch of moisture and rainfall will continue to push off. this is pretty much all that's left of the rain it was moving through our region into our early morning hours this morning. you can see the heaviest amounts just offshore in atlantic city. we'll maintain a chance of showers throughout the rest of today. the flood advisory expired about six minutes ago. a closer look at the next 24
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hours, we'll see a chance of showers on and off throughout this morning, even heading into the afternoon and into your evening. keep your umbrellas handy. we'll still see cooler conditions as we head into your overnight hours. there will be a cool start to your saturday morning. temperatures on saturday staying in the high 70s. your water temperature at 76 degrees. once we get rid of the showers throughout today and into tomorrow morning it will be a beautiful weekend, mid-70s on saturday, 76 degrees with more sunshine on sunday. sunday is the better day of the two days this weekend. really you can't go wrong with these nice temperatures. i'll have your seven-day forecast coming up. just a few minutes until 6:00 now. let's see if there are delays on the roads as you get started on your friday. >> we check with nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter katy zachry. 6>!we've been following an active scene all morning in camden. there's a fire in the area of 4th and spruce streets. we turned one of our traffic cameras. here are the details. it's happening in camden, it's
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been going on throughout the morning, 4th and spruce streets, avoid that area. take 2nd street or broadway around that. keep that in mind. taking a look in south philadelphia, this is 26th street at penrose avenue. we are still seeing some slick patches, so keep that in mind if you're out on the roads this morning. there are a few accidents in montgomery county. the newest one into our system, franconia, lady road at cow path road. and 422 westbound, montgomery county, the off ramp to route 29. >> that breaking news that katy just mentioned, we continue to follow that in camden. >> oh, good god! >> the scene of a partial building collapse during that fire in camden. it's burned two abandoned buildings at this point. coming up, nbc 10's jesse gary tells us why there are no apparent injuries.
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fire in camden at 4th street
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burning two abandoned buildings. firefighters have that fire under control. there are no reported injuries. an allentown man pleaded guilty to filing false tax returns in the names of other people. andy rodriguez defrauded the irs of nearly $3 million in just a year and a half. he submitted more than 600 false returns. rodriguez faces up to 115 years in prison. he'll be sentenced in november. atlantic city electric is raising its rates. a typical bill for the homeowner will go up $2.81 per month, that's a 1.6% increase. the utility says it needs to raise its rates to pay for new infrastructure and upgrade existing systems. meantime to the casino crisis in atlantic city and a new plan to attract gamblers that could mean bigger jackpots. a progressive slot system is now in place that links 100 slots in ac with 600 in atlanta. the progressive jackpot grows in
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size as more gamblers play them. all atlantic city casinos are participating. this change comes as three ac casinos prepare to shut down next month as you know. show boat will close august 31st. revel hotel, the next day, revel casino september 2nd and trump plaza closes two weeks plater. the philadelphia school budget crisis now a reprieve for thousands of students caught in the middle of that crisis. the school district announced it will take planned cuts to student transportation off the table, at least for now. leaders say they are in discussions with septa to help cover the transportation gap. now previous plans by the district would have expanded the walking distance from a mile and a half up to two miles, effectively cutting transportation for 7500 high school students. even with this change now, district higher ups say their biggest concerns about entering the school year without sufficient funding remain. >> i'm not only concerned about that cut but i'm concerned about everything i announced last
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week. everything i announced last week will be an additional burden. >> the district is facing an $81 million budget deficit. the critical cigarette tax that would generate millions of dollars still has not been approved by lawmakers in harrisburg. school district leaders are hoping to have a final resolution on the transportation issue by next week. you're watching nbc 10. nbc 10 news today at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. nbc 10 breaking news. >> oh, good god! >> one of two buildings on fire in camden partially collapses as crews try to get the flames under control. we're live on that scene. >> plus, thousands of people impacted by this. if you take patco, get ready for more changes. we'll te to ou what youát know to stay on schedule. >> a live look above the aramark building in central city philadelphia. the rain will move in and out of our area today. >> it was rainy this morning for
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many of you, overnight showers, leaving some areas drenched. look at this video of blowing rain here. this was send by ricky albiick. thankfully that is moving out. >> we'll keep a chance of showers in the forecast throughout most of your friday. keep your umbrellas handy. we're still seeing rainfall moving out of our area right now. there's a live look right now at the ben franklin bridge where you'll see mostly cloudy skies. atlantic city seeing the heaviest downpore, same thing just to the north of cape may where that batch of moisture is pushing offshore. we maintain the chance of showers, temperatures stay below average. average for this time of year is 5 degrees. today barely into the 80s. warm and sticky with a chance of showers. that's your friday forecast. 74 by 10:00 a.m. by 1:00,


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