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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  August 22, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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the start of your weekend, not much better. sheena parveen is back with what we can expect if you're heading out tonight. sheena? >> you can expect the clouds to hang around with cooler temperatures. humidity will stay up and also still the chance for showers in the forecast. locally, on saturday light and radar, we mostly have the clouds around. the closest area of heavy rain, these are small showers but pretty strong. lot of lightning. north and west of the lehigh valley. one thunderstorm which is pretty small but approaching part of carbon county. we'll watch as more showers try to move in. the rain will stay in the forecast for tonight. cloudy skies and lingering into your weekend too. temperatures are on the cooler side. 77 philadelphia, 75 pottstown and allentown. 74 degrees in millville. 73 atlantic city. the average high for today is in the mid-80s. with the clouds around, we have stayed cooler and we'll stay cooler into the weekend. here's the evening planner by 6:00 tonight. chance of some showers around at least.
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76 degrees. staying cloudy with a chance of showers by 8:00 p.m. low 70s and by 10:00 tonight, still a chance of showers and this will be lingering into part of your saturday. we'll take a look at the timing of weekend rain and also how cool the temperatures will get too. that's coming up. now to the growing controversy tonight over red light cameras and the tickets sent to drivers. nbc 10 told you that 17,000 tickets will now be thrown out in new jersey over a computer problem. >> police say the cameras are reducing traffic-related crashes. the red light camera program began in 2009. it's had some problems in the past, including in 2012 when the program was suspended for a month because of timing issues. now new jersey's american traffic systems is having more problems. >> nbc 10's south jersey reporter, cydney long is live in gloucester township. >> cydney, what does it mean for drivers? >> reporter: you were right. as you stated a moment ago. it's not the first time that this company, american traffic
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systems, has been in trouble in new jersey. it was a year ago, august 5th we told you about a settlement. they agreed to put $4.2 million back in the pockets of drivers because the timing of the cameras was not properly calibrated. but more recently, drivers who legitimately got caught, well, now they're off the hook for the fine. >> i don't think it's fair at all because the lights are ridiculous. >> ramona sid nor isn't a fan of new jersey red light cameras run by american traffic systems. >> no, not at all. >> she and another driver have paid their fair share. >> i received several. i wasn't sure i did anything wrong. >> some 17,000 new jersey drivers who did the crime and were snapped on cameras disobeying the red lights are getting a free ride. they're off the hook for paying the hefty traffic fine due to a computer glitch. >> i guess glitches happen. >> you wish it happened to you? >> of course, yeah.
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get away scot-free. >> five founs in south jersey seen here, the tickets would be tossed. considered void because they weren't sent out within 90 days by state law. >> if you get a ticket, you have to pay it. >> gloucester township's mayor told us by phone he's been assured the glitch that caught 600 drivers on ten cameras at four intersections in his town has been repaired. he says the cameras are still saving an insurance -- costly crashes and saving lives. >> access along the area where the lights are means that folks aren't going through the red lights anymore. >> it forced me to be more aware, that hey, is there a camera, is there not a camera. it doesn't matter. you still hesitate when you see the yellow light. >> so the five towns affected across south jersey, affects about 2800 drivers.
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of that 17,000 that won't have to pay tickets. towns aren't making money on the motorist's tickets because the tickets go back and pay for the cameras themselves. so even if you didn't get a violation in the mail but you went online and saw what you did wrong and you paid that ticket between may 28th and june 30th of this year, you are eligible for a refund at your municipal court complex. live in gloucester township, i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. a brick township police officer has been indicted now on misconduct and stalking charges. investigators say justin delaney was using social media and a prepaid cell phone to harass and humiliate an ex-girlfriend anonymously between november 2012 and may of 2013. when she asked him to help her find the source of these calls and texts, delaney's accused of improperly authorizing a law enforcement investigative database, then claiming the cell phone was untraceable. if convicted of both charges, delaney could face nearly 12 years in prison. he's already suspended from the
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force. >> philadelphia police need your help to find a man who robbed this pizza hut in the city's tacony neighborhood. it happened on frankfort avenue. surveillance video shows the armed robber wearing a bandana over his face demanding money from the cashier. then he takes off with more than $160. the cashier wasn't hurt. after five years debate and finger pointing, the city of philadelphia finally has the largest union under contract. they signed a deal that calls for a 3.5% raise this year and a 2.5% raise next year, along with a $2800 signing bonus. the city agrees to contribute more to the union's health plan while workers agree to pay more into their pensions. >> i had to take my son out of college because i couldn't afford to pay for his tuition. now this increase and i'll finally get the contract might be able to help out a little bit. >> when you look at some of the terms, you get the pay increases
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and then you get the steps put back in and you get a signing bonus. does that make up for years without? >> not really. but, like i said, it's better than nothing. >> the deal must be approved by the members of district council 33 before it goes into effect. we've heard about all the financial cut spacing the school district of philadelphia. well today jerry jordan the president of the federation of teachers met with members. they actually sat at at table outside the school district's headquarters. jordan answered questions and listened to concerns about how the cuts will affect classrooms, students, programs and services. >> they want to know that they can come back it their school that they're working in the previous year and because of lack of funding, the administrators, the program, reduce to a full week or two days, that means that the teacher has to find another
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school. >> jordan will take the concerns to the negotiation table when he resumes talks with the school district. in a matter of months, the terror group isis has risen from an obscure al qaeda off shoot to one of the greatest emerging threats against the united states. nbc 10's -- we have more on the strike that yes to stop it. >> the united states is really at war with isis with daily air strikes taking place. but so far the air campaign is only targeting isis in iraq. isis does not operate only in iraq. it spans the border into syria. the president's defense team said attacking only part of isis therefore, is having a limited impact. the defense officials did not say washington is preparing extended air strikes into syria. only that they're looking at all options. >> can they be defeated without addressing that part of the organization which resides in syria? the answer is no. >> large parts of iraq and syria
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and still hold some 20 foreign hostages. earlier this week, isis sent a video of the execution of american journalist james foley. now that group is threatening to kill american reporter steven sotloff. now, this three-year war in syria is taking a terrible toll on that nation. the united nations now estimates some 200,000 people have died in syria. reporting live from the digital operation's center, renee schenn all the fatah. >> renee, thank you. this weekend in bucks county. warring ton soccer club will hold a soccer for soldiers. the tournament and community day which takes place in warrenton kicks off at 9:00 in the morning. proceeds benefit operation homefront. that's a national nonprofit that provides emergency financial and other assistance to military families and wounded warriors.
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we all got used to cheering on mow know davis and the dragons, we're saying goodbye for now to those who captured our hearts. >> the taney dragons lost to the illinois team by one run. the team taking much-deserved time off today. >> the adrenaline, the buildup, the exhaustion. the calm after the storm. we saw the dragons leaving their bus. they took a trip to the campground up north to get out of the national spotlight and just be kids again. a spokesman said they're talking about having a scrimmage with mexico tomorrow but haven't ironed out the details. the future is bright especially for mo'ne davis. >> she's going to have a great future. >> he says the 13-year-old will pursue her true love, basketball. we know she spoke with the university of connecticut head
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coach. that's not to say she won't reconnect with her taney teammates, though. >> i can't imagine that she wouldn't want to go back to them and the other kids. >> besides, among these young teams as strong, we spoke with a former little league series champ reuniting with teammates 50 years later. he said a lot has changed and mo'ne is an inspiration. >> in this social climate, girls should know there is no glass ceiling for them. she's proven it. every girl that does what she does proves it. she's fabulous. >> in williamsport, keith jones, nbc 10 news. from the baseball diamond to the golf course. >> a little boy with a big swing is making his mark in south jersey. meet the 3-year-old who has everyone talking. that's later on nbc 10 news at 5:00. and stay in school or your parents could pay the price. the new curfew aimed to keep kids in the classroom.
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and sugary shakeup. whole foods responds to allegations its yogurt is not living up to its promises.
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a woman falls asleep during her cab ride and woke up to this driver sexually assaulting her. if therefore other victims out there. also new at 6:00, revel casino about to close their doors loses over $20,000. coming up, why they say they're not worried about it. count on nbc 10 news at 6:00. we have breaking news coming to you from trenton. sky force 10 over the scene of what we're told is a multiple shooting right now. we see a sheriff's vehicle on
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your screen in the middle of the screen. we see what we presume to be investigators in the middle of the street at east state street and south alden avenue where at least two people have been shot. this is coming to us from sky force 10 over the scene in trenton. we're told one of these victims is critically injured and right now, we know of no arrests, no suspect in custody. so we're going to continue to monitor this story and count on us to bring you updates from this shooting scene in trenton as we get more information. >> now, the son of a former abortion doctor serving life in prison had his own -- alexander waits for his preliminary hearing. he was shot twice during a burglary in west philly. police say alexander broke into the same home three times, stealing cash, an x-box and laptop. investigators say one of the homeowners shot alexander. he faces several charges, including robbery, burglary and receiving stolen goods. alexander's father is serving
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life in prison for killing three infants after they were born. warning for anyone driving or walking in center city tomorrow. expect temporary street closures from 12:01 a.m. to 11:59 p.m. walnut street will be closed from 17th to 19th streets. 18th street will be closed from locust to san some and san some closed from 7th to 19th street. the closures will allow crews to move heavy construction equipment. the streets department is urging people to plan ahead and try to use alternate routes. a southwest airlines plane made an emergency landing in dallas, texas, today with a blown tire. it landed safely at love field. the tire blew shortly after takeoff. they did a fly by so ground personnel could see the tire before they landed. no one was hurt and the plane was en route to austin. tonight we're learning new details about a show of support for the ferguson police officer who killed unarmed teenager
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michael brown. his family received hundreds of thousands of dollars in donations in the past few days. nbc 10 national correspondent jay gray has the latest from ferguson, missouri. >> since calm and return to order is slowly taking hold in ferguson. the road are now open and so are businesses. in an area gripped by violence and chaos for more than a week. captain ron johnson talked about the changes along the frontlines of the protest. where only seven were arrested compared to 70 on monday. >> today we had a good night. let's enjoy the day and know that we're headed toward a sense of peace for our community. >> don't mistake the new calm here for a lack of concern or end to the push for answers. hundreds of roses line the street where michael brown was killed and a memorial at the spot where it happened is growing. along with donations to a fund to help his family as they try to move forward. the same website is also
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accepting donations for officer darren wilson's family and his legal defense. more than 5,000 people have donated more than $200,000 in the last four days. we've also learned officer wilson was treated for injuries at a local hospital after his confrontation with brown. information now in the hand of a st. louis grand jury as they begin to review evidence in the case. jay gray, nbc 10 news. new information this afternoon on a whole foods lawsuit. today we learned the chain is no longer selling its store-brand greek yogurt. as it investigates claims it misrepresented the amount of sugar in the product. the south jersey law firm announced it was suing whole foods earlier this month. the class action suit claims the company doesn't properly label the amount of sugar in the whole foods, 365 everyday value plain yogurt and that it's actually five times higher than what's listed on the label. a whole foods spokesperson sent us this photo of an empty shelf where that yogurt used to sit. a total of 13 new jersey whole
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food stores and ten in pennsylvania were named in that lawsuit. flash flooding destroyed homes and left neighborhoods waterlogged in northern pennsylvania. hours of rain fell in susquehanna county. emergency crews from surrounding counties and even new york state rushed in to help. today vehicles are flooded, yards wiped out. people who have never had water in their homes are drying out their basements. one man said floodwaters trapped him and his wife inside their home. >> we were on the porch. going to try to make an escape. but we couldn't. the water was rushing at least 4 feet over here coming down the road. and in between the houses. we had absolutely no way to get out of here. >> rescue crews say the water in the nearby creek was 8 to 10 feet higher than normal levels. and we're getting some showers of our own tonight. >> nothing like that, though, sheena. >> nothing like that. so that is good news for us. but we do have showers in the forecast and we go through the
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rest of your evening tonight and even into the weekend. so showers around for tonight. and really through the entire day today. we've seen the dark skies. it really has looked like it could rain at any point and it could later on tonight. the rain will linger into your weekend starting with tom. the later part of the weekend we start to dry out. sunday will be a really nice day and cooler temperatures, we'll show that you forecast in a second. here's a live look at the schuykill river. through philadelphia and most of the area right now, temperatures only at 77 degrees. the average high is in the mid-80s. today we only got to the upper 70s. 75 allentown. 74 pottstown. 74 degrees right now in trenton. 78 degrees wilmington. 74 millville. mid-70s in dover and even all the way to the shore in stone harbor temperatures in the mid-70s under just about overcast skies. locally, though, we're only really dealing with the cloud cover most of the heavier rain is to the north and west.
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still around williamsport and greenwood. one shower, though approaching haze elg but a lot of the showers will struggle to make it into the area. although some of the main movement to the lehigh valley, still a chance. we're still seeing light rain possibly. most of the heavy stuff is down around maryland. just to our south. as we zoom out here, you see a lot of cloud cover, some showers around the northeast. a very unsettled weather pattern and it will be slow to move out. we're not going to see a lot of clearing until later into the day on saturday. future weather keeps us just about mostly cloudy tonight. by 9:00 p.m., we could have a few showers around. by no means would this be a washout. even into saturday, the clouds really linger around some rain in the forecast to start off your weekend. again, we're not looking at a washout. late saturday, we see clearing. you notice the clouds clearing away and into sunday. it's going to be really nice outside with some cooler temperatures like i mentioned. we're also watching the tropics. right over puerto rico, you see a big area of clouds, some rain
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here. this is one area of disturbed weather that could become our next named storm. take a look at what the computer models do with it. some of the models take it towards the bahamas. maybe toward florida. other models to the atlantic. this is very different. big disagreement on what happens as it gets closer to the bahamas. of course, we'll keep you updated on that. locally, though as we go into the weekend along the shore, tomorrow clouds linger. some showers linger for sunday and monday, though, looks nice. temperature around 70 degrees and sunny skies. cloudy, chance of showers. of 3 north and west. tomorrow, mostly cloudy, a cooler day. 7477 for the high temperature. still a chance of showers lingering into your saturday. we do start to clear out, though, late saturday. sunny looks good. upper 70s. into next week, a nice dry stretch of weather. temperatures low 80s, then mid to upper by the end of the week. not that drunk. coming up the mistake that could throw out dozens of drunk driving case this is
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pennsylvania. also, curfew for kids. the new rules aimed to keep students in class by making parents pay up. and from nearly dead to walking miracle. an olympic swimming star gold medalist shows off her amazing recovery after a life-threatening injury.
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ah, the good old news. moving day for freshmen at the university of pennsylvania. nbc 10, college house at university city as students and parents unloaded boxes and suitcases. student volunteers helped families with move-in. this year's class of 2018 consists of 2500 students. also in university city today, welcome week kicked off at the university of the sciences. tracy davidson spoke to new students and their families along with faculty and staff at the convocation ceremony. it's the welcoming event followed by a weekend full of activities to help students get acclimated. an inspiring moment caught on camera. >> 2 1/2 months after an accident left her paralyzed, olympic gold medalist amy van dyken is learning to walk again. it was posted on her instagram
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account. you can see her standing, walking with the help of a walker and the device attached to her midsection and legs. she severed her spine in an atv accident this summer. it nearly killed her. the 41-year-old was released from a colorado hospital just last week saying she felt 1,000 times better than when she was first injured. very inspiring. nbc 10 and cam cost sportsnet, your home for the cardinals and phillies tonight. pre game live on csn. first pitch for the game at 7:00 right here on nbc 10 and tune in to csn after the game for all the phillies highlights. to this now. stay in school or pay the price. >> now one local community is actually fining families for kids skipping school. the new rules next. plus this -- >> almost two years after sandy, what's really happening on the jersey shore, bay front communities? i'm brian thompson. i'll have the story. plus, training on how to grow your own marijuana.
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still ahead at 6:00, the controversial seminar this weekend in atlantic city and why the sensitive subject nad it hard to spread the word.
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first alert weather radar tracking showers tonight. it's going to be a damp start to the weekend. >> live look outside right now at a cloud covered philadelphia skyline. it's been an overcast day and
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weekend. it's not going to start off much differently. first alert meteorologist sheena parveen back now watching the skies for us. >> sheena, how is it going to be for our friday night? >> it's going to be much of the way it is tonight. clouds around, cooler temperatures. humidity still in the air and still a chance of some showers. here's a live look at the satellite and radar now. we're seeing a lot of cloud cover around. not so much in the way of rain. but we do have showers very close by. one thunderstorm right around williamsport and also some rain trying to move into parts of car vin county. for the lehigh valley and poconos, one of the best chances for showers. near milford, that's where we have a little bit of light rain. for most of the area, we'll be dealing with cloud cover and chance of showers this evening. it's not going to be a washout for your friday night. all the wet weather will linger into the start of your weekend. 77 degrees right now in philadelphia. we're pretty cool across the area. the average high temperature is in the mid-80s. we're about 10 degrees cooler
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than that right now. 76 millville. 76 northeast philly. 75 in allentown and dover. we'll be staying in the mid 70s the next hour or so. chance of shower through 8:00 p.m. tonight. temperatures drop down to the low 70s by 10:00 tonight. still cloudy a chance of showers right around 70 degrees by 10:00 p.m. and all this will be lingering into the start of your weekend. but then we'll start to see clearing. timing on when the sun comes back and how much rain we expect is coming up. all right, you've heard about nighttime curfews. >> one local community has a daytime curfew. the goal is to keep kids in school and off the streets. the west reading council voted unanimously to adopt a daytime curfew for students. warnings and citations can be issued for skipping school. we find out what sparked the decision. >> towns like west reading have truancy laws on the books. police say it doesn't give their officers any authority to do anything when they see kids
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simply wandering around. it started getting critical when police say school-age kids were throwing debris off an overpass last spring in west reading when they are supposed to be in school. >> they skip school and drop out and don't come some days. >> another group of students skipping school were seen trying to break into the community pool. >> we have fighting and theft. the list went on and on according to the police chief, steven powell. >> we don't have a mechanism without a willing victim to testify or a witness that comes forward. basically, it was get yourself to school and move on. >> the chief says they needed a curfew for school--age kids so officers could do something when they saw truants walking around. >> we're not going to go door to door. this is an ordinance directed to activity occurring on the streets of west reading. >> the council approved it unanimously. >> if they can stop the kids who are wandering the streets to
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keep them from getting into trouble, i think that's better than trying to catch them after the fact. >> i think -- it gets your parents fined, i guess. >> the curfew goes into effect before the new school year starts including penalties, fines, community service and things to scare kids back into the classroom. i'm doug sihimell, nbc 10 nuz. drunk driving in western pennsylvania. they forgot to convert hospital blood tests before recording blood alcohol content. four years ago the hospital began testing drivers' plasma instead of whole blood. prosecutors should have done a calculation to account for the change but didn't. that means some blood alcohol levels quite a bit overestimated by as much as 15%. prosecutor says her office reviewed more than 570 cases, found they weren't affected. 18 o other cases will be
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reviewed next week. two years after superstorm sandy hit the shore, the recovery is still going on and more slowly for some than others. >> the return to business gets back to normal, there are still neighborhoods hurting. in particular the communities built on canals along barnegat bay. >> our reporter went to see the damage left behind. >> in you want to see scenes of desolation post sandy, they're still here looking for abandonment, you'll find that too. >> but people have come back. by the thousands. now meet artie dely national guard owe described as the mayor of the neighborhood. >> it gets depressing. >> artie never left. proof is in the video he took that night of the waters rising inside his darkened home and the next morning. there's actually a canal there. his backyard and others were part of the canal.
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including this house belonging to vinny. here's his house today fixed up well enough for vinny. >> it's kind of a shack. it's not even really worth lifting. >> you'll just ride it until the next storm. >> yeah. or i'll move out. >> it's an effort to move up. the air conditioners are about 14 feet above the ground, more than twice my height. out of over 4,000 seriously damaged homes, brick officials say they're aware of around 360 or so abandonments. artie has no intention of leaving. >> as my wife calls it, her little piece of paradise. >> the mayor tells me it will be three more years before these bay front communities truly resemble what they used to be. but clearly, there is hope. in brick, brian thompson, nbc 10 news. in west africa, they're calling it the invisible case load. people with ebola that health officials don't yet know about. right now, treatment centers in liberia are overwhelmed with new
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cases of that disease. officials say it's proof the number of cases of ebola is underestimated. the number dead stands at l9t13. in nigeria, they said the spouses who treated an american who died of ebola now have the virus as well. two siblings who died of ebola will be remembered in philadelphia tomorrow. there's a memorial service for patrick sawyer and princess a nigh yu. her mother lives in philly but they lived in africa. she died in liberia, her brother got sick after visiting her. he dried on a work trip to nigeria. new information tonight about the conditions two amish girls faced had they were recently kidnapped and then released. one of the suspects, nicole vaisey, told police that she and her boyfriend went on a shopping trip to find girls to turn into slaves. she and stephen howells allegedly lured the girls into their car by asking if they wanted to pet a puppy in the back seat. the two sisters were allegedly
5:37 pm
shackled together at the ankles and handcuffed to a bed. the girls were let go after the couple became scared by news reports. a dramatic cliff rescue in california. this man slid about 15 feet down a cliff in san pedro this morning prompting the los angeles urban search and rescue team to respond to that scene. they scaled down to where he was stranded and pulled him to safety. the man was taken to a nearby hospital after suffering some minor cuts and bruises. scary. high school blitz coming up. making a mark on the gridiron. >> also, wine woes. mother nature could be making your next bottle of wine a lot more expensive. and the iphone 6 is supposed to be announced in just days. i can't keep up. >> i can't either. i think i still have the 4, jacqueline. >> i didn't want to admit that i do too. there's already talk about problems in production. what that means in your wait for the new phone. what does that mean about us? >> we're high tech.
5:38 pm
that's what it means. it changed philadelphia's skyline. the decision to take down the pnb letters fell through the cracks. all new at 6:00. why the iconic sign was removed without review.
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the hours parents work could influence the weight of their children. researchers at penn state university found when parents were home before and after school, kids were more likely to eat breakfast and have healthier dinners. they found flexible work schedules and telecommuting allowed the parents to be home during those meals. the study also showed kids ate more fruit and got more exercise when dads were at home. american airlines raised the age for children flying as unaccompanied minors. it charges $150 for children
5:41 pm
ages 5 to 11 as unaccompanied minors. starting september 3rd that age goes to 14. the airline says extending the fee to more youths will ensure the safest possible travel for them. united charges $150 each way for minors 5 to 11 and delta and jetblue charge $100 each way for those 5 to 15 and southwest, it's $50 each way for kids 50 5 to 11. jell-o seems to have lost its jiggle and nobody knows how to fix it. with actor bill cosby in the commercials, sales of the jiggly dessert have fallen. kraft says sales tumbled from five years ago as alternatives such as greek yogurt surge in popularity. it's not too bad if you still have the 4. there may be setbacks for the launch of the iphone 6. reuters is reporting that supplies say there's an issue in the production of the much-anticipated phone. the problem, the did is play
5:42 pm
panel. designers are addressing an issue with the back light on the 4.7 inch version of the phone. that could push production and the release date back. apple announced a september 9th news conference. that event is usually when new iphones and ipads are unveiled. i'm vince la yoe with this exclusive. residents in one part of the small shore town say their mail delivery has been messed up for the past four months. sometimes mail won't come for days and other times it shows up in the middle of the night. homeowners say they're missing bills and prescription deliveries because of it. so what's the cause? well, visit and our mobile apps to find out what the postal service has to say. it's a digital exclusive story from jim? thanks, vince. love this story. he's just three years old. >> and only has one arm. but he's making magic on the
5:43 pm
golf course. meet the little boy from south jersey who is making the pros look twice. sheena? >> can't wait to see that story. we're still tracking showers for your friday night. some will be lingering into the weekend. i'll show you the timing of that and which day we'll see more sunshine. that's straight ahead. young woman gets in a cab in a delaware beach town. when she falls asleep, this driver sexually assaults her. new at 6:00, police want to know if there are more victims out there.
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. we've been talking about the eagles. you know what that means, we have to talk about high school football getting ready to take over the gridiron. >> nbc 10 there to get you pumped up for all the plays. this weekend the high school blitz takes us inside the action at st. joe's prep.
5:46 pm
. >> there is a romantic notion that practicing at that time of the day and just the whole ambiance of the park and the moon and the dew on the field. let's go! let's go! the moon is still up. >> it's become a rite of passage for our kids. it's a neat tradition that started here. >> great day to get better, man. great day to get better. let's go! >> to me the football field is a classroom. >> don't step outside your frame, guys. keep your feet right under neat your hips. >> we're trying to teach these young men to become men. the game of football is what we used to teach those lessons. sometimes it's a learning curve. >> beautiful, see that. >> sometimes it's a kick in the butt. >> and it's always rebuilding them, always loving them. >> you don't expect me to tell you i love you every day. just know that i love you because i'm here every day. i work hard for you every day. those how i show my love for you. >> you okay? anything i can do for you?
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>> we respect the guy so much. anything he tells to you do, you'll do it. >> we lost the game 42-0. i challenge anybody to find another state champion that lost a game 42-0 and went on to win the state championship. >> what a story. don't miss nbc 10's high school blitz every saturday night each week. enjoy highlights, photos and news about the philadelphia area's best high school football teams. kickoff is tomorrow night at 7:30. comedian and big screen star chris rock was at the right place at the right time. he was sitting front row behind third base dugout at yankee stadium when a foul ball came his way. rock didn't make a clean catch, but the ball landed in his seat. snatched it up and didn't hesitate beforehanding it off to a young fan down the row. >> california's drought is having a serious impact on the state's wine and grape industry. that could cost you more the
5:48 pm
next time you buy a bottle of wine. this farm says it's lost 80% of its grapes due to a lack of rain and water allocations. at least 2 million pounds of grapes are rotting on the ground. that could mean millions of dollars in losses for the farm which could passed along to wine drinkers and workers who get paid by how many boxes of grapes they gather. they'll see less money. >> food for them on their tables. next year, i don't think we can survive with the same scenario. >> next year we won't survive, us or a lot of farmers. >> rodriguez says 40% will be impacted by the drought. that means millions of dollars in losses for them and that will have to be passed on to the consumer. well, a cloudy end to the week. few showers in the forecast as we go through tonight. not going to be a washout but the showers do stick around.
5:49 pm
it's not just tonight. it's going to linger into tomorrow. so starting off with your saturday, clouds will be around. some showers will be in the forecast too. but the good news is, at least half of the weekend looks really good. we start drying as we go into sunday mostly and we'll see sunny skies with actually cooler temperatures. a little below average for this time of the year. right now, we're below average. 75 allentown, 74 pottstown and westchester. 77 in philadelphia. 74 in trenton. the average highs in the mid-80 s. we're quite a bit below that today. 76 millville. 73 atlantic city still the mid-70s in stone harbor. a live look outside. center city -- overcast conditions. it has been looking all day today like it could rain at any minute. it really can as we go through this afternoon. we don't have a lot of moisture around right now. up to our north and west, though, we do. some showers and storms around williamsport. some of it dying down a bit. light rain trying to make it to
5:50 pm
carbon county. showers moving into the lehigh valley. few sprinkles in delaware through parts of kept and sussex counties. the heavier of the rain will stay just to the south in maryland. that's where heavier rain has been. locally, though, we have been fairly dry. just humid and cloudy today. lot of rain, though, moving through parts of the northeast. you can tell that our weather pattern is unsettled and it will be staying this way as we go into your weekend. to start off saturday, we'll be starting off with clouds and maybe showers around. here's future weather tonight. we keep the clouds around. few showers in the forecast. not everybody will see the rain at all. we'll still have a chance. then saturday, we start with the clouds, some showers around through the morning hours into the early afternoon hours. then later in the day on saturday, you notice the clearing taking place. we'll start to see improving conditions late in the day. more sunshine and this will be lingering into your sunday. so it looks really good as we end out the weekend. your shore forecast into the weekend, saturday, the clouds hang around. showers, late clearing on saturday. then sunday and monday look really nice. around 73 degrees.
5:51 pm
a little cooler along the shore and see a lot drier conditions. up in the poconos, starting off your weekend, cloudy, showers around. upper 60s. then for sunday and monday, we're sunny and nice. temperatures about the mid-70s. for tonight, cloudy with a chance for showers. 67 philadelphia. 63 degrees north and west. then tomorrow mostly cloudy skies. cool temperatures, 74 and 77 degrees. chance of showers mainly the first half of the day into the early afternoon. but then we do start to dry out. look at sunday. sunny and nice. near 80 degrees. most of us, though, will be in the upper 70 s. next week a nice dry stretch. temperatures mid to low 80s. it's a little boy with a lot of heart. >> and a lot of power in his swing. >> yeah, buddy! >> he's 3 years old, can nail a golf ball and has just one arm. >> he has been able to bring grown men to tears on the driving range. >> i'm ted greenberg. how this pint-sized golfer is inspiring others at the jersey
5:52 pm
shore. plus, where is the money? nbc 10 told you about the big bag of cash that disappeared from revel. still ahead at 6:00, why the casino is slated to close and they're not worried about the $21,000 mystery.
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
for this adorable little boy -- look at that swing. he's been golfing for half his
5:55 pm
life. >> you can see he's missing one arm but he's winning a lot of hearts. jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg shows us how the 3-year-old is making it all look easy. >> what do you think, grip and rip it? >> he's got the eye and the strength. but the muscle, 3-year-old tommy morrissey uses to nail a golf ball. >> do you know how far you hit that? >> are in just one arm. >> he brought grown men to tears on the driving range. >> tommy's right arm never develops below the elbow, likely because of a blood clot. as the son of two huge golf fans, he picked up his first club at 18 months. >> i like it. >> it's fun, right? >> it's fun. >> tommy and his parents live in florida. but vacation at the jersey shore. his dad grew up in westchester. >> i got a special tee for your driver. >> this summer, the abilities of this little boy are all the buzz at the lynwood country club in atlantic county. >> it's truly an inspiration to all of us to watch.
5:56 pm
>> such a difficult game with two hands, two arms and here we are a 3-year-old with one arm with absolutely great rhythm, great setup. >> that can eat, sleep and breathe golf. when he's not on the course, he's watching instructional videos on you-tube. at night, no teddy bears in the bed. he's got his golf clubs. >> his true gift is the ability to look and learn. i have given him very little instruction. >> whoa. >> his parents say tommy has no idea that he's different. and although he can drive a golf ball 100 yards, he sometimes prefers aiming for the water. >> you did that on purpose, didn't you? >> because, after all, tommy morrissey is still a 3-year-old who just likes to have fun. >> ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. that's the story of the week. next on nbc 10 news at 6:00, clouds covering center city
5:57 pm
tonight. nbc 10's first alert weather tracking a chance for rain to start off the weekend. sheena? >> that's right. you'll probably have to have the umbrella handy as you go out tonight. i'm tracking showers and cooler temperatures. my exclusive nbc 10 first alert forecast. >> plus, he wants his wine back. a local attorney was caught on the wrong side of the law for smuggling booze out of his basement. why he says he'll go all the way to court to get the expensive bottles back. philadelphia finally signs a contract with its biggest union. what has life been like for the rank and file five years without a contract? i'm doug shimell, the story is next.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
sky force 10 above trenton, mercer county where at least two people were shot. this happened just over an hour ago at south old en avenue and state street. no word on arrests or suspects in the case. we're making calls on the story. count on information as soon as we get it. now to more breaking news. sky force 10 over the scene of an accident here in montgomery county. police telling us the route 55 septa bus was rear ended by a pepsi truck on old york road in cheltenham. here's how it looks from the ground. 21 people have been taken to local hospitals. we're told the injuries are not considered life-threatening. police are warning traffic will be tied up for a while in the area as they continue to investigate exactly what happened with this accident.
6:00 pm
now to first alert weather and a wet end to the week. chance for showers tonight will linger into tomorrow. >> cloudy skies tonight over citizens bank park in south philadelphia. phillies taking on the cardinals. first pitch in about an hour. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is here with her first alert forecast. >> we'll probably want to keep an umbrella handy if we're going to head out tonight, right? >> yeah, you want to take an umbrella with you. we have a lot of cloud cover. we don't have a lot of moisture in place over the area. we're not seeing a lot in the way of rain but we have a chance of showers through this evening, through overnight tonight and even to start off your weekend. locally, though, we're seeing the cloudy skies just to the north and west of the lehigh valley near the poconos as well. we have one thunderstorm here and warm moisture trying to mov in this direction. near sussex county, we can see sprinkle activity here. nothing heavy, a few light showers possibly. as we go through this evening, we'll keep the clouds and a chance of showers i


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