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tv   NBC 10 News at 530a  NBC  August 23, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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right now on nbc 10 news today, a man shot inside the home and the shooter is the man's 78-year-old mom. what may have prompted her to pull the trigger. taking a live look at the radar, we are tracking showers moving through the area, and poconos and allentown, you are getting rain right now, but will saturday be a washout? we will let you know how the rest of the weekend will shape up. it's 5:30 and i am chris cato. tedd florendo in, and tedd, this rain bothering people right now?
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>> yeah, especially in the north and west suburbs, chris. the valley remains mostly dry, but those areas north and west, yes, you are getting tkpwredren this morning. another quiet morning. mostly cloudy skies right now, and the winds remain light. let's get to the rainfall. from the poconos up towards t thely hithe ly hao lehigh valley. this is slowly headed to the southeast. so a lot of areas will get rain drops this morning within the  next hour or two. temperatures will remain on the cool side. we are talking 77 degrees for august. unbelievable. mostly cloudy skies today and not much sun, and we have a chance for showers off and on today with the winds remaining light. your poconos and forecast coming
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up in a few minutes. a man's 78-year-old mom answering questions to police about why she shot him. matt delucia is live. do we know why she pulled the trigger yet? >> reporter: at this point we do not. earlier this morning she was questioned and released. the 45-year-old son is being treated at einstein right now. police believe it started just after 9:00 inside that home on the mother fired at least one shot hitting her son in the abdomen. police tell us he is stable. now police are trying to put all the pieces together but they do know the two live in that house together. investigators found the woman's gun in a bedroom drawer but they
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also believe her son had a gun as well. >> preliminary information reveals that the 78-year-old mother did shoot her 45-year-old son. >> reporter: detectives had to get in there and get a warrant to retrieve the guns. detectives talking with neighbors that heard that gunshot last night, but so far no charges have been filed. i am matt delucia, nbc 10 news. the family of the man murdered outside the dell music center this month is holding a rally today. he was gunned down outside the music center which was hosting a peace concert at the time, and police want to find the man in this surveillance image captured on a camera outside the music
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center r center, and they call him a person of interest. if you recognize that man, call the police. and then released this surveillance video, and look at this, pointing a gun at the clerk there. authorities have already arrested a 16-year-old. they say four people tried to hold up the liquor store in wilmington. the clerk was shot and is expected to be okay. a 75-year-old woman in critical condition after a purse snatching at a burlington shopping center. they were walking along the prom tphaoeud after dinner when a man came running up behind them and grabbed her friend's bag and pulled her to the ground. the woman is in the hospital with a broken hip and dislocated shoulder. >> the man came running by like a mad man and grabbed her
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handbag from her and he figured he could knock us down and we wouldn't give him much of a fight. >> the woman's friend speaking there. two of the men distracted a security guard while the other two went after the woman. now, you can call it marijuana 101. it's a four-day course in atlantic city to teach you how to grow your own. it will cover the basics of business and the legal aspects of the marijuana industry. the california based company is the one putting on the seminar. >> it's an opportunity for safe and responsible. >> i am not going to permit it, never, as long as i am governor. >> a radio station and newspaper
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pulled the ads for this event. everybody that goes has to be at least 18. > medical marijuana is legal in new jersey and in delaware where a law just went into effect next month, and it's not approved in pennsylvania and recreational use is illegal in all three straits. now to the school budget crisis. as schools prepare to open in a few weeks the teachers are concerned about how budget cuts may help them. the federation of teachers met with teachers yesterday and sat at a table outside the school district. >> they want to know that they can go back to their same school they were working in in the previous year and because of the lack of funding, the
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administrators will drop the arts program or reduce it from a full week to two days and that means the teacher has to go and find another school. >> the teachers' concerns will be taken to the negotiation table when the talks continue between the district and the union. a heads up for everybody walking or driving around center city today. walnut street will be closed from 18th to 19th. and then phantom will be closed from 7th to 19th. the roads will be closed until midnight so crews can move around construction equipment. happening today, hundreds of volunteers will clean the delaware watershed in exchange for a ticket to the hottest show in town. they will get free tickets to the made in america festival on labor day weekend coming up. the big headliners include kanye
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west and kings of leon. calm has returned to the streets of ferguson, but we will tell you why one police officer patrolling those streets may lose his job. that is a test flight gone bad. more on this explosion gone bad just minutes after takeoff.
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it is saturday morning, 5:40. just a few minutes before sunrise as we take a look over the city of philadelphia over atop the motel. you can see the clouds in the upper portion of the picture, and soon we will see some rain. we are already seeing it around the poconos. ahead we will find out if the
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rest of the day will be a washout with tedd florendo. happening today, a memorial service will be held in philadelphia for a brother and sister that died of ebola. she lived in africa and her brother learned she was sick and rushed to be by her side. next week a top u.s. health official will talk with international leaders about the ebola outbreak. dozens of scientists and staff members of the cdc are currently working in four countries in west of a kafrica. we are learning more this morning about the grand jury that will decide whether a ferguson police officer will face charges for the shooting
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and killing of the unarmed teenager. the jury will examine what happened, and some people say the teen rushed the officer and others say the officer was the aggressor. and another officer was suspended about the online commenting. he called protesters a burden on society and the officer could use his job. members of michael brown's family are expected to join marchers in new york city today. they are protesting the death of a man put in a choke hold by an nypd officer. you see the cell phone video there. the rally will end at the
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district attorney's office. and reverend al shop tarpton is leading the march. remember those two american flags taken from the brooklyn bridge and replaced with the white ones. the missing american flags were returned to the u.s. embassy in germany. no word yet on when the flags will be put back on top of the bridge. something went terribly wrong with an unmanned space rocket. shortly after it launched in texas, watch. >> oh, my gosh. >> that was the rocket explodi g exploding. the rocket self-destructed after detecting a problem and they dope
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don't know what happened. if you have your eye set on apple's newest iphone, tedd florendo, be aware there are issues with production. it may have you waiting a little longer with its release. >> say it isn't so. we do have showers pushing through the region right now, but not the case in cape may where you are dry for at least now. will the showers reach your neighborhoods? i will let you know coming up. mara: it's easy to lose your way in a place like this.
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ms. winnie earle: kids in paterson face lots of obstacles - but nothing can stop their determination. mara: my dream is to be a pediatric nurse. ms. earle taught me if i work hard - i can do anything. ms. winnie earle: mara had so much potential, it was my job to help her reach her goals. mara: now, i'm headed to college to study nursing! ms. winnie earle: there are so many talented kids like mara - and they all deserve to live their dreams.
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well, it's not going to be the prettiest of days, but at least it won't be a complete washout, right? we are tracking showers in the forecast for the day today, but the key word is showers. we are not really looking at heavy rain all day today. guess what? dry for sunday, so the showers,
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the clouds really aren't going to last too long. we are going to have a cool weekend with temperatures in the 70s when normally this time of the year it should be in the 80s and sometimes 90s for august. 68 degrees out right now. not dry. winds about 7 and humidity at 81%. the winds are also staying on the light side. we are getting rain to the poconos and lehigh valley, you are getting soaked right now. although it's mainly rain there are pockets of heavier rain into burke's county right now, and it's starting to stretch into bucks county, and eventually will drift down through philadelphia and down to the south. not quite as strong as we are seeing right now in the lehigh valley. it will start to dissipate as it makes its way to the southeast and nonetheless some
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neighborhoods will get showers in the next hour or two. current temperatures outside in the 60s right now for allentown and pottstown. a cool start for sure. bensalem, 69. and glassboro, 63. here is the forecast for the day today. those showers will still be off and on again through the day. we are looking at mostly cloudy skies. 10:00 a.m., 71. our high today, only 76. i say only because we should be around 85 degrees this time of the year. now, there will be sun breaks, but it will be mostly cloudy skies and the shower activity, like we said, could have heavy rain at times, and if you have a golf game today, today is a good day for that because temperatures are on the light side. down the shore, 74 degrees.
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same goes for cape may and a chance for showers. please be careful if you plan to be down to the beaches and the shore for the day today. but still not a bad beach day, no. but tomorrow will be better. sunny and nice. this is when we dry out tomorrow. and it stays sunny, mostly sunny throughout much of the week. temperatures, yes, we will warm up to the mid-80s and eventually upper 80s towards the end of the week. we have sunshine and then friday is a chance of showers and clouds returning, but otherwise not a bad week. >> thank you, tedd. looking good there. more than 1,000 retailers have been notified that their cash register retailers could be infected with malicious software. it will allow hackers to steal customers' financial information.
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and ups found infected computers in its stores but is not aware of any fraud at this point. and suppliers of iphone 6 says there is an issue for the display panel, and there's an issue with the back light and that could push the production and release date back. they are using a conference on september 9th. we have information on the lawsuit of whole foods. it is investigating claims about sugar in one product. a law firm announced it's suing whole foods and it complaints the company does not properly list the amount of sugar. they say it's five times higher than what is listed on the
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label. there's an empty shelf space where the yogurt used to sit. time now to turn to cnbc's tyler mathison to see what moved the markets and the world of business. >> the bulls asserted their presence on wall street this week. and it only cost a dollar to buy something at family dollar, but billions of them are at stake in a bidding war for the company, and dollar general wants to buy family dollar for more than 9 billion of those dollars, and it says no it prefers the deal to be bought at a slightly lower price by dollar tree. reports say that dur asell batteries are likely one to go
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on the block. sprint announced new plans that they had planned to merge with t-mobile, and they were thinking they were going to do that but it recently abandoned that idea. and so a stock hit a record high and said blake is going to step down in november, but he will stay on as chairman. all of those folks that said apple stock has seen its best days. apple shares hit an all-time high this past week for the first time in nearly two years, and that ahead of an anticipated launch next month of the iphone 6. your breakfast table is looking different these days. sales of orange juice have fallen to a record low thanks to a greater variety of beverages available for thirsty morning
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consumers. get all your business news on cnbc. a daytime curfews in one town is aimed at keeping kids off the street and in the classrooms. we will tell you what happens to kids that get caught breaking that curfew.
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it's five pheupz until 6:00 a.m. on your saturday morning. we may not see the sunrise this morning because of clouds moving into the philadelphia region as we take a live look over the city. 67 degrees and we will see rain passing through here within the next couple of hours. meteorologist, tedd florendo, says saturday will not be a washout, though. it will be cooler than usual with highs in the 70s. a new daytime curfew will go into effect when the kids return to school in west reading, and that means kids caught skipping
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school could be fined by the police. the chief of the police department tells nbc 10 allows the officers to take action when they see kids roaming around on school days. >> we are not asking any school district to provide a list of people that are chronically absent students and we are not going door to door to get students absent from school. >> he says it will be up to the officer on a case by case basis to determine the punishment, which could be a fine or community service. there is an investigation this morning on why a 78-year-old woman shot her son. >> reporter: police believe it started with an argument and now that son is in the hospital this morning. we will fill you in on the
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investigation coming up. clouds and showers throughout some parts of the region this morning. not all areas, though, are getting wet, and fact, citizens bank park is dry. will you need the rain coat heading out to the game today? we will let you know when we come back.
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right now on nbc 10 news today, a 78-year-old woman opens fire on her own son, and police say it was no accident. we're live with the latest on the investigation. we're also tracking showers now on the nbc 10 first alert radar. you can see the green heading towards philadelphia. it won't be a washout, and if you don't see rain falling, there will be plenty of clouds today. 6:00 a.m. on your saturday morning. let's find out when the rain is going to move out of the area. meteorologist, tedd florendo, is in with that. tedd? >> everybody wants to know how the weekend is going to look, right? at least this weekend won't be entirely wet. down in cape may right now, it's dry. notice we have sun breaks through there this morning as the sun starts to slowly peek out through the clouds.
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we are looking at mostly cloudy skies throughout much of the region. let's get to the rainfall we are seeing outside right now. not all areas are wet. but those of you in the lehigh valley and berks county, you are getting drenched right now. we have pockets of heavier rain coming down right now. the good news, though, no lightning strikes and no severe thunderstorms. this is primarily rainfall. this is headed through allentown, and all the way up towards the poconos and all the way down to quakertown. you are getting showers at this hour, and same goes for areas north of there. down south, it remains dry and all of this will drift down within the next hour so a lot of areas will get showers at this hour or two. and philadelphia dry and south of the 95 corridor it remeans dry for atlanci


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