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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  August 23, 2014 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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she's a nice lady and it's shocking, terrifying. >> fare in the mayfair neighborhood after two women are found shot to death in a home. police have no suspects. they is been going over the crime scene since the women were found at 5:30 tonight. this is where it happened in mayfair. neighbors say the woman who lived here was a grandma to everyone on the block. nbc 10's doug shimell is at the scene. you talked to the relatives of one of the victims and police. >> reporter: and the crime scene
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unit finished collecting evidence just a short while ago. it wasn't until police started to remove to two body bags that reality set in on this block. neighbors heard shots on vista street and saw someone run. >> two females, mid-50s, both shot, deceased. one downstairs, one upstairs. one living room, one in a bedroom. >> reporter: joey thomas says police told him one of the victims was his sister, ruby. >> i heard the sirens and i know my sister goes over to that house. when i came over to the house, they said that two people were shot and, you know, my sister. >> reporter: thomas says his sister was visiting her friend who neighbors knew as ms. dolly. >> she was a nice lady. it's shocking. terrifying. >> reporter: detectives did not
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find a weapon and they do not know yet if the victims were targeted or random. >> i'm scared because i got my daughter and grandson next door. >> reporter: one of ms. dolly's grandsons had been shot out here last july and survived. police do not know if there is a relation between that incident and what happened here tonight. i'm doug shimell, nbc 10 news. new at 11:00, the search for a man authorities say posed as a police officer and sexually assaulted a store clerk in trenton today. police say this man entered a store on the 800 block of south broad street and told the clerk he was a cop. he had a small black radio on him and a handgun. authorities say he took the woman into the bathroom and sexually assaulted her and walked out of the store and flagged down a '90s model tan toyota corolla. police do not believe the car was involved in the incident. anyone with information about
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the man or the car is asked to contact police. a guilty verdict for a bucks county teenager who police call a serial rapist. a jury found him guilty of all criminal charges including the rape and sexual assaults of ten girls over a two-year period. prosecutors say he preyed on the girls aged 14 to 17 and forced them into sexual activity after meeting them online. he was shot by his own mother. tonight he is facing aggravated assault charges. a 78-year-old woman says she shot her son in self-defense after he threatened her with a gun. this all unfolded last night on mcmahon avenue in germantown. the woman told police her son appeared drunk. he barged into her bedroom and pointed a gun at her. she shot him in the stomach. he is now in stable condition. a two-vehicle crash killed one person in bucks county just
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before 6:00 tonight on richlandtown pike in springfield township. this hour. the pain is over for drivers in delaware who have been detoured for months. this afternoon, the northbound lanes of i-495 reopened about a week ahead of schedule. that means traffic is now flowing in both directions. the southbound lanes opened july 31st. the 4 495 bridge was closed because the supporting columns wereññ>r tilting. the damage was blamed on a dirt mound put next to the bridge. the drivers are thrilled to have use of the highway again. >> i'm glad it's back open. traffic backed up through the city all day. i'm glad to see it back open. >> i don't have to go to town to get home and take the little streets. i'm so excited. >> i can get where i need to go
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in no time. >> the repairs cost $45 million which will be paid for with grants through the federal highway administration. the rain is gone but it's still cool out there. the phillies played tonight. it hardly feels like august. we are getting a little taste of fall. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist brittney shipp is here with what to expect for the rest of the weekend. >> we will see plenty of sunshine. we're getting rid of the rainfall and the clouds will go away overnight. tomorrow morning, plenty of sunshine for you especially in the late morning hours and the rest of the day. it is a chilly evening out. 56 in philadelphia, 60 in pottstown. temperatures in atlantic city at 62 degrees. the next couple days we're going to see clearing skies a sunny
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and nice sunday on tap with the daytime highs in the low 80s and high 70s. and we're going to stay dry and warm up close to 90. i'll let you know when that is going to happen coming up. >> they didn't win it all but it's the taney dragons have plenty to be proud of and the countdown is on to a city celebration. they will return home tomorrow after the run at the little league world series. the city will welcome home the taney dragons when the team arrives at around noon at love park. the dragons captured the nation's attention at the little league world series. even though they didn't make it to the title game they made it further than any other philadelphia team in history. the team that did win the championship title. next at 11:00, the ebola virus claimed their loved ones. the widow of one of the victims
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is in philadelphia with a message of hope. even has the u.s. pounds isis targets in iraq there are concerns over a possible 9/11 type attack. we'll tell you who is leaving the eagle's nest. plus the sixers trade their longest tenured player. we'll have all the details next in sports.
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grandma, your biscuits are the best! these are from dunkin'. granny! i have a life, you know. [ phone rings ] oh, that's for me. ooh! dunkin's chicken biscuit sandwich is a tender breaded chicken filet on a southern-style biscuit. grab one for $2.99 today. america runs on dunkin'. family and friends came together to remember a brother and sister with ties to our area whose lives were cut short by the ebola virus. a memorial service was held in southwest philadelphia for the siblings. she lived in liberia while he
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lived in minnesota. their mother is in philadelphia. sawyer was on a work trip in africa when he rushed to be by his sick sister's side. no one knew at the time that she had ebola. sawyer passed away two weeks later in nigeria. becoming the first american to die from the virus. >> patrick and his sister loss of their lives is a great blow to our family. >> sawyer's widow started a foundation to educate the international community about ebola. more than 1400 people have died from the virus since march. american war planes struck isis targets near the mosul dam in iraq as the obama administration weighs taking the fight to syria. relatively little is known about the structure and leadership of the terrorist group. so before taking action, intelligence officials are working behind the scenes to determine how exactly how strong
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isis is. u.s. officials tell nbc news though isis has gotten a lot stronger, it is believed they are not capable of pulling off a 9/11-sized attack but they could still do damage on american soil. demand for justice coming up. and underwater, tropical weather brings flooding to puerto rico. it was a gloomy start to the weekend. but tomorrow plenty of sunshine but i'm tracking a warming trend. i'll let you know what to expect coming up in my first alert seven-day forecast.
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thousands of people marched through staten island today demanding justice in the choke hold death of an unarmed man by a police officer. he died while in a choke hold by a new york police officer. he was seen on video saying he could not breathe. his death was ruled a homicide. he was taken to the ground by a police officer using a banned choke hold maneuver. more rallies. the st. louis naacp held a youth march in ferguson. protesters went to the spot where brown was killed. dozens gathered to show their support for officer darren wilson. officials are hoping that the last few calm nights signal a return to peace. calls for justice in memory of a murdered philadelphia man
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at love park tonight. >> they robbed him from us and i just don't understand. >> family and friends of the man held a rally this afternoon. he was gunned down ten days ago and his killer remains on the loose tonight. the 20-year-old was shot outside the dell music center which was hosting a peace concert at the time. investigators believe he got in a fight over a woman. police want to find the man in this surveillance image from a camera outside the music center. they call him a person of interest in the murder. if you think you recognize him contact police. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> and take a look at this video. storm system in the caribbean has been officially designated a tropical depression by the national hurricane center. this storm has been bringing heavy rains and flash flooding to puerto rico and thousands are
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now without power. we'll take a closer look in my forecast. but now let's look locally at our headlines. the first thing is we will see clearing skies. it will take a while but i promise you as we head into sunday it will be a beautiful day. mostly sunny skies for us and a dry stretch for the seven-day forecast. we have a few days where we're going to see plenty of sunshine and temperatures well above average. from philadelphia right now, 65 degrees with a few clouds. the humidity at 87%. the wind at 5 miles an hour. and we're at 61 in the poconos. 63 in allentown. in the 60s in mount holly. closer to the shore, cooler at 62 degrees at the atlantic city airport. warmer at stone harbor. mild if you are closer to the shore. the other thing we're seeing is patchy fog right now. the visibility down to two miles
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in potts town, three miles in allentown. four in quakertown. clear in the poconos but that could make driving a little bit difficult. as we head into the next few hours. 3:00 a.m. a round of light showers from toms river down to atlantic city. we should be clear on the i-95 corridor and lehigh valley. and clearing skies tomorrow morning. sunday, 10:00 a.m. expect to see plenty of sunshine. the sunshine will stick around the entire day. and throughout most of the workweek we are going to see plenty of sunshine and temperatures starting to warm back. look at the temperature trend. the average this time of year is 85 degrees. today we were below the average at 74. we hit that high earlier in the day. most of the afternoon we were in the high 60s. tomorrow the temperatures
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recover. we are looking at tropical depression number four and tropical storm warnings for parts of the bahamas. and at this time it is expected to strengthen into a hurricane. as we head down the shore tomorrow temperatures at 75 on sunday plenty of sunshine. beautiful down the shore. tonight clearing skies, 61 degrees for philadelphia dropping all the way down to 54 for the suburbs north and west. and your seven-day forecast shows that warming trend. wednesday close to 90 degrees and plenty of sunshine until friday. live and in your living room, 15 days away from playing meaningful nfl football. but now, the period begins that players fear. it was the first round of cuts.
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one more cut follows before tuesday's deadline. the final 53-man roster is due on next saturday. jake knott got the axe. he was suspended for the first four games this season. michael bamiro. along with cary spear is no longer with the team. >> we just didn't feel it was beneficial to the players to have them practice with us and cut them in the afternoon on tuesday. so you know, give them a chance if there is a chance to catch on with someone else in this last week before they get in. it's tough to bring someone in tuesday at 4:00 and get them ready to play in a game on so it's the approach we took with this group. >> preseason action tonight, redskins and ravens in
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baltimore. iii pass intended for desean jackson is picked off. the skins drive in for a field goal. that was all the first team could muster. rg3 was 5 for 8 and 23 yards. the redskins lose 23-17. in baseball, sad news to pass along. the phillys announced that sally buck passed away. ownership group since 1981. after for the game. the phillies taking on the cardinals. sixth inning tied at 2. a blooper lands and scores a run. the rushed throw to third and it the cardinals lead 4-2. eighth winning, 5-3. tied at 5. chase utley with a chance to win
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it but he lines out to right. right now we are tied at 5 with the bases loaded in the 11th inning. second game of a double dip. why are we showing you this? a phillies prospect had himself a knife. a home run to complete a cycle in a seven-inning game. he brought his "a" game. and gets a cycle in seven innings. to basketball now. the trade involving thaddeus young is official. he is headed to minnesota in learn the sixers get two players and miami's first round pick next year. a trade is coupled with a deal involving the cavaliers. they get kevin love who now joins forces we will brown ja--
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lebron james. young had this to say on twitter. u.s. little league world series final. chicago and las vegas. chicago up two in the sixth and force the 1-6-3 double play winning to advance to the championship game to face south korea. you can vote for our first high school blitz game of the week. call or text your vote to 610-624-4111 or go to that's your look at sports. we'll be right back. latte or au lait? cozy or cool?
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and that's nbc 10 news for now. i'm denise nakano. "saturday night live" is next.
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>> good evening and welcome to "piers morgan live." i am piers morgan, the tiny, little fool of news. it's been a busy year for george zimmerman. first, he was acquitted of murder, then detained after a dispute with his ex-wife. and this week, he was arrested


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