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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  August 25, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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the x-1 entertainment operating system. only from xfinity. right now at 1 1:00, a stray bullet flies within inches of a sleeping toddler. >> if he'd have stood up, he might not be here today. >> now tonight the search for the shooter as a new twist emerges. picking up strength. we're tracking cristobal as it becomes a hurricane and creates dangerous conditions along our coast. and an ambulance tire flies off while an infant in distress is inside. tonight, the nbc 10 investigators look into safety concerns delayed to the company. good evening, i'm jacqueline london. first tonight, a shooting in darby that just missed a child's
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crib that's hitting very close to home for leadership in the delaware county borough. nbc 10's george spencer is live at fifth and walnut streets in darby. george, you found out the toddler's great-grandmother is president of darby's borough council. >> reporter: that's right, jacqueline. she is. tonight she is speaking out both as a frightened family member and as a borough leader who is outraged by this violence. tonight, we followed darby police around this neighborhood as they handed out these fliers seeking any and all tips from the public. this evening we found the jagged hole left in this window screen by the stray bullet that ended up piercing this bedroom wall above police marker 9 only inches from the head of a little boy sound asleep in his crib below. >> i'm really upset. i'm upset for everybody in darby. >> reporter: and janice davis can speak for her town, not only is she the great-grandmother of that 3-year-old child, she's also president of the borough council here. >> that was my great-grandson.
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if he'd have stood up, he might not be here today. >> reporter: darby police agree, and tonight, we watched as officers went door to door handing out fliers soliciting tips in the case. investigators tell us the gunfire erupted here at sixth and walnut just before 11:00 last night with bullets spreading down much of the block. it's the second shooting in the same area of this small borough over the past ten days. >> there's something going on in that area that we need to -- that we need to look into, and it's very serious. >> reporter: so police are asking that neighbors review any surveillance video and report anyone suspicious they remember seeing. tonight, for families nearby, and awareness of how close they, too, may have come to tragedy. >> my kids were sleeping around that time, so it could have been them. you know what i'm saying? so, it's like we dwgot to do better. put the guns down. >> reporter: hard to believe that 3-year-old boy apparently did not even wake up as the
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bullet flew over his head and became lodged in a dehumidifier in that room. family told me that he spent the day away from here with other relatives. meanwhile, police have only a very broad description of the two men who were seen running from this block. that is why they are seeking tips from the public. we're live tonight in darby, george spencer, nbc 10 news. tonight fears are growing that a south jersey man studying overseas in israel may have been kidnapped. 23-year-old aaron sofer has been missing since friday. he's from lakewood, ocean county, disappeared in the early afternoon while hiking with a friend in the jerusalem forest. israeli authorities launched a massive search and rescue operation involving thousands of volunteers, but there's been no trace of sofer and that is fueling fears tonight that sofer may have been kidnapped. in june, a lakewood teenager was kidnapped and killed in the west bank. 16-year-old neftali frankel and two friends disappeared while
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hitchhiking home. their bodies were found two weeks later. hamas militants claim responsibility for those murders. at least one person was taken to the hospital as a result of this row home fire in spring garden tonight. we brought you live pictures of st the fire on north 12th street as breaking news at 66::00. the one victim suffered smoke inhalation. so far no word on what caused that fire. a busy night in gloucester county after a water main break. nbc 10 on the scene of sanger street after 9:00 tonight. the break hasn't been repaired yet but the water is no longer leaking and no one is without service.ut-q trouble in the tropics tonight. cristobal strengthened into a hurricane in the atlantic. the storm is off the coast of the bahamas and blamed for two deaths. here in our area, lifeguards at the jersey shore are warning of dangerous rip currents this week. as we approach labor day weekend, some shore towns are
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even restricting just how far you can go into the water. the conditions are being fueled by a combination of factors. on-shore winds, a new moon, and hurricane cristobal. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is tracking more on the impacts along our shoreline. >> later on in the week as cristobal stays off shore, it will impact us locally along the jersey shore and delaware beaches. right now it's barely a hurricane. 75 mile per our winds. to be a category 1, the winds need to be 74 miles per hour. it's barely hanging on to category 1 hurricane strength. it's down around the bahamas right now. as we go through the next several days, it will stay offshore. here's what the computer models are showing. it will move around bermuda bullet but move away from our coastline. see it taking a sharp right-hand turn as it gets closer to us. it will no be moving onshore but will be affecting us as it gets closer to the mid-atlantic states. we'll get more swells from it
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which will give us an increased risk for rip currents through thursday. strong rip currents along the shore. dangerous waters. you really don't want to be swimming with these type of conditions. coming up, we'll talk more about this and also warmer temperatures as we get close to your labor day forecast, straight ahead. a newspaper caption controversy cost one worker his job. the publisher of the "philadelphia record" apologized to the asian community and jimmy tayoun is is the former city councilman who represented the first district which includes chinatown. >> i wanted to choke him. >> reporter: that's the reaction from the publisher of the "philadelphia public record" when he saw this caption. racial slurs referring to asians were used if place of real names. jimmy tayoun followed the editor today because he did not follow proper procedures. >> you put question marks or xs where names are missing. the rest of us would be chastised for not catching it. >> it doesn't address the issue of making sure that people have
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the right sensitivity. >> reporter: attorney yu is the former head of the philadelphia human rights commission. she says the caption is disrespectful and the paper waited too long to release an online apology. the picture was taken last week at a chinatown restaurant at a political fund-raiser for city councilman mark squila. we spoke to the councilman on the phone since he's out of town. he told us he demanded tayoun make a personal apology and his office is working with the chinatown community to organize a meeting between the two. >> how could someone write these kinds of captions to begin with? >> comes from a background where these are cute sayings. >> tayoun tells us he's apologized to anyone who was offended by the picture and he believes interest in story is dying down. the "philadelphia public record" day beau debuted in 1991.
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40,000 papers are distributed throughout the city. new at 11:00, members of an atlantic county community sounded off about getting slapped with a property tax hike. a packed house tonight in galloway township where residents told the school board exactly how they feel. some people say they're paying 30% more. the mayor blames the tax hike on falling property values. residents say whatever the reason, it could force them out of the township for good. >> any increase as far as we're concerned is not acceptable. we're looking for decreases. the only way we're going to lower our tax burden is by lowering the school budget. >> some suggestions include doing away with things like extracurricular activities including indoor hockey and flag football. tonight, philadelphia police continue to question a person of interest in the murders of two women inside a northeast philadelphia row home. police found dolly evans and ruby thomas shot in the head execution style in their home in holmesburg saturday night.
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investigators say thomas may have been strangled, too. she had a cord wrapped around her neck. police believe the killer knew his victims and say there was no sign that anyone broke into the home. police tell us the person of interest lived with the two victims. testimony resumes tomorrow in the trial of a woman accused of kidnapping a child from a philadelphia school and sexually abusing her. the little girl was taken from the elementary in january of 2013. in court today, prosecutors said the young victim was blindfolded, put under a bed naked then sexually assaulted with an unknown object. the child is expected to testify against her alleged kidnapper, christina regusters. the former daycare worker insists she is not guilty. new information tonight an a threat that forced the closure of a burlington county school. investigators say brian friedman lied to police when they told him he was stabbed by a man in his chesterfield township garage. the alleged incident happened in
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april. police launched a search for the suspect and closed the local elementary school as a precaution. investigators now say friedman made up the whole story. he was arrested and released after posting bail. from our delaware bureau, a burglary suspect took a nap at the wrong time and was nabbed by a police dog inside the victim's house. police say a family member found joseph alcara sound asleep in a bedroom of a claymont home. investigators were called in and a k-9 team made the arrest. he had allegedly stolen several pieces of jewelry while inside the house. crews have just wrapped up another round of mosquito spraying in camden county against the threat of west nile virus. the mosquito spraying is happening in several parts of gloucester, brooklawn, somerdale, and waterford township. the solution sprayed won't hurt you or your pets but you should avoid direct contact if you have breathing issues. officials are urging homeowners
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to check their properties for standing water which is a common breeding ground for mosquitos. a helicopter crew surveying which spots to spray for mosquitos crashed today at the jersey shore. skyforce 10 over that scene in cape may, the courthouse this morning. the pilot managed to steer clear of several homes. the helicopter belongs to the cape may county defarpartment o mosquito patrol. a pilot and county employee onboard were hospitalized as a precaution. the employee suffered a bump on his head. a tire flies off an ambulance with a sick child inside and it is the same company the nbc 10 investigators just exposed over safety. now, we're knocking on doors trying to get answers. the taney dragons' parade in philadelphia is official. next, which roads it will close down later this week. sheena? >> and i'm watching a newly formed hurricane around the bahamas. which will be increasing our
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risk of rip currents along the shore. i'll give you that forecast and also some warmer temperatures ahead for labor day. straight ahead.
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well-known activist, politicians and celebrities packed a st. louis church today for michael brown's funeral. ♪ more than 4,500 people turned out to pay their respects to the teenager. film director spike lee, reverends al sharpton and jesse jackson, as well as three white house aides were among those mourners. investigators say brown was unarmed when he was shot and killed by officer darren wilson in ferguson more than two weeks ago. the shooting sparked outrage and dozens of protests across the country. new tonight, more safety concerns with an ambulance company that operates in delaware county and philadelphia. the nbc 10 investigators first exposed the company last week.
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an ambulance loses a tire with a sick infant on board. here's nbc 10's harry hairston and nbc 10 investigators with more on the company already embroiled in a state investigation. >> reporter: you get into an ambulance, you expect to get to where you need to go, not end up broken down on the side of the road needing more emergency help. these are pictures taken by the company that towed an ambulance owned by keystone quality transport. it broke down on the garden state parkway last thursday. inside, an infant, paramedics had to medevac to st. christopher's hospital. the ambulance broke down just days after we exposed two state safety investigations into keystone, where dozens of vehicles and five drivers were taken off the streets. i went to see keystone's president for comment. but 40 minutes later, the pres was a no show. hello? is -- is anybody going to talk to me? i could hear people talking but
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no one would answer the door. but the company's pr representative did answer his phone. telling me, quote, the ambulance simply hit an object in the road and had a flat tire. but the general manager of courthouse towing, who been in business for 17 years, tells us he doesn't think so. >> no, that wasn't something that you could just run over because in the event that that was, both tires would be flat and they'd still be intact. >> reporter: take a close look. the rear tire is missing. >> it was not just a flat tire. >> reporter: daniel says the lug nuts and studs that hold the tire were broken. >> we have to rely on our ambulances to be in tiptop shape for the specific reasons when we need to go somewhere and be transported, we rely on that to save our life. >> reporter: the tow truck company also tells us the tire that came off the ambulance was never found. keystone says 80% of their vehicles taken off the road by state inspectors are now back in service. for the investigators, harry hairston, nbc 10 news.
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philadelphia's taney tradras are still widing the wave of a historic little league world series run. they talked to matt lauer about their amazing run. the dragons may not have won the series but won the hearts of fans across the country. taney is the first team from philadelphia to make it to the little league world series and late today, we learned more about the city's parade for the team planned for wednesday. that parade will begin at 20th and market streets in center city at 2:00 p.m. it will go east on market to city hall then down broad and making two stops, first at the kimmel center where the philly pops will play, then at broad and washington where the mummers will perform. the parade will culminate with a rally at fdr park around 4:00. the 66th primetime emmy awards in the books along with a special tribute to robin williams. >> the relentless energy was kind of thrilling.
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i used to think if i could just put a saddle on him and stay on for eight seconds, i was going to do okay. >> billy crystal remembered his longtime friend who died earlier this month. and as for the awards, "breaking bad" scored big winning best drama series, as well as some of the top acting and writing awards. the show aired its final episode nearly one year ago. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, a great start to the week today. sunshine, dry air in place. and it was warmer than what we'll see this weekend. as we go through this week, tfrs will start to get hotter. we have 90 degree days in the forecast, too, and we are also tracking cristobal, it is a hurricane now around the bahamas. it was upgraded earlier this evening and it will be affecting us along the shore with rip currents. i'll show you that in just a minute. labor day weekend, though, we have the forecast for that, too. temperatures will keep warming up through your labor day
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weekend. right now it's mild outside, too. 72, bensalem. 67, allentown. near 70 drooe degrees in readin. south jersey, delaware, suburbs in the mid 60s. this evening, low 70s along the shore. right now, we still have high pressure in control keeping us nice and sunny across the area and it will continue to do this for tomorrow. still, we will be staying dry over the next 24 hours. then what you see around chicago, this is a very weak cold front. it will try to move through on wednesday and that's when we'll throw a couple showers into the forecast. not a lot of rain, though. now, we look down to the south around the bahamas. this is hurricane cristobal. this one is barely a category 1 hurricane. no longer a tropical storm, so it's a little better organized. either way, it will be staying well to our east as we go through wednesday and thursday. still possibly a hurricane. it moves away from the northeast, but either way, it's going to be causing dangerous rip currents along the shore from now to thursday. if you're headed to the delaware
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shores or jersey beaches, the waters will be dangerous, so you don't want to go swimming with the storm. though it's far offshore, it will affect waters locally. future weather keeps us nice and dry as we go through tonight. tomorrow, sunny day. warmer than today, too. some areas could be near 90 degrees. into wednesday, most of the day looks good. in the afternoon, you start to notice a little bit of rain late in the day. not everybody will see the rain most likely, bust at leat at le chance for showers. weak cold front moving through wednesday. either way, looks good along the shore aside from the rip current risk. the poconos, looks good as we go through the week. chance of showers wednesday. tonight, clear and comfortable. mid 60s, philadelphia. tomorrow, sunny skies, warmer temperatures. mid to upper 80s. humidity stays low. then again wednesday, most the day looks good. 91, chance of a few showers. ending out the week, mid 80s. labor day weekend, we warm up to near 90. john? coming up in sports, mark
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sanchez responds to the rumors that he could be traded. plus, it was a rough night for dominic brown. could the phillies overcome his performance with a.j. burnett on the hill? highlights of the game within we come back.
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hello, i'm john boruk. we begin with baseball. phillies starter a.j. burnett said after his last start that he might retire. he may whaant to rethink that based off tonight's experiences. burnett facing the hottest team in the nationals. first. in the second, the big knocker, bryce harper, then denard span in the third. 12 ks for a.j., gave up just three hits and a run.
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in the bottom of the fifth, cody asche takes it deep. his ninth of the season. made it 2-0 philly. in the seventh, it was carlos ruiz's turn. phillies win it 3-2. just the nats' second loss in their last 14 games. meanwhile, phillies top prospect maikal franco would seemingly be in line for a september call-up. hit this home run tonight for the iron pigs. 11 hits over his last five games, but gm ruben amaro says a call-up is not a certainty. >> the biggest thing for him is playing time and making sure this is the right thing, right atmosphere and right time for him, not atmosphere as much as playing time. there's a lot of different factors, but we still have time to make a decision. to football, the eagles have one more preseason tune-up left. starters aren't expected to play nor is backup quarterback mark sanchez who's been very impressive so far in the
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preseason. sanchez's name has also been swirling in trade rumors ever since ram starter sam bradford suffered a season-ending injury over the weekend. but today, sanchez trying to put the rumors to rest. >> i love being here. i'm just going to keep doing what i'm doing, and i enjoy the system. i like the guys in the locker room. so i'm not going to deal with hypothetic hypotheticals. i haven't heard anything about it other than what they've been talking about on tv and that's only because my family has been telling me. they want to know if i'm going anywhere, and i doubt it. high school football is back. vote for our first high school blitz game of the week. t go to or our facebook page to vote once per day. also call or text your one-time vote. we'll be right back.
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so it will be another sunny day tomorrow.
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still warm, but warmer than today. wednesday, maybe a few showers. less humid thursday. looks warm going into the weekend. >> nice week, sheena. thank you. i'm jacqueline london. "the tonight show with jimmy fallon" is coming up next with pretty woman, julia roberts, and andy cohen. good night.
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[ cheers and applause ] ♪ >> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." ♪ tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- julia roberts andy cohen comedian, ron funches


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