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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  August 26, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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of two high-rise buildings. as part of the cease-fire, israel agreed to allow relief supplies and construction materials to enter gaza. since fighting began seven weeks ago, the u.n. estimates more than 17,000 homes have been destroyed leaving 100,000 people homeless. concert congestion. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with plans for a labor day weekend concert that will shut down one of the busiest roads in philadelphia. a live look at the stage right at the end of the ben franklin park way. this is dozens of acts will perform during the two-day music concert. made in america has an annual event if philadelphia. >> it will comes days after another big event is planned. rosemary connors spent the day tracking down officials to find out what that plan is and what you can expect this weekend. what did you figure out? >> reporter: when we went to city hall to talk to the mayor's staff, they were focused on
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discussing the logistics for the parade tomorrow for the taney dragons. they are putting the finishing touches on their plan for made in america. they tell us that by tomorrow or at latest thursday, they will put out the road closure maps. in the meantime, a live look at what's happening here on the parkway. the setup is well under way. the traffic here is moving along just fine. come this weekend, it's going to be a different story. drivers have a few more days before the ben franklin parkway becomes a sea of people paying good money to watch the two-day made in america festival. while the details about road closures won't be released until later this week, they are talking about how proud they are to host the concert insisting it turned philadelphia into a destination. >> now it's a signature event for labor day. i think somebody i've always heard say we own the 4th of july. we own labor day as well. >> reporter: while the concert has run smoothly in the past,
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the mayor's office admits they are constantly tweaking the plans. there is a focus on making sure there's enough water for everyone in the crowd. >> i want to make sure that people who are in the surrounding areas have a good experience as well. we are working on sure that happens. >> hectic but it's the holiday. people are going to have to deal with it. >> traffic is a nightmare. that's where we try to park cars ahead of time. >> reporter: he lives a block from the art museum. >> we are spoiled that way. we have been on the top deck listening to music, have gone to the concert itself. a lot of friends and family and friends that you don't want as friends want to come over. >> we are going to ocean city. >> the next door neighbors are leaving town. >> it was terrible. there was tons of people. we just have to get out of here, you know. that's what where he doing. we're going do it every year. we're never going to be here. >> reporter: crews have been out here all week. they will continue to work up
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until the last minute. as i mentioned earlier, we are waiting for that final road closure map. as soon as we get it, we will make sure you that you see it. i'm rose mary c ri koy connors. >> tomorrow the city will host a parade in honor of the taney dragons. it will go east on market to city hall then down broad street making two stops. first at the kimmel center, then at broad and washington where the mummers will perform. it will wrap up around 4:00 with a rally in south philadelphia. >> it's one of the great feel had good stories we have had this summer. we want to make sure that we actually say positive things and give positive row enforcement to our kids when they do well. >> after the parade, the dragons will head to citizens bank park where the phillies will hold a tribute for the team.
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>> 20 minutes of nonstop news with a rip current risk at the jersey shore for the second day in a row. a warning about the water and the danger of being pulled under. sheer why. hurricane cristobal, it's hundreds of miles away. but the impact is being felt in our area. it could be days before the danger dies down. heat and humidity making a come back. today, just shy of 90 degrees. along the river in wilmington with the folks in their tubes. they found a way to cool off. right to glenn "hurricane" schwartz tracking the tropics. >> and its affect on our weather even though it's not coming within 500 miles of the jersey shore, at least of eye of it, it's still having an impact. we all started this off without the hurricane. we had these northeast to east winds day after day keeping the shore cool and building up the
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surf. we also had the new moon. then we add in the hurricane. and you get all sorts of trouble. there it is, cristobal and it's getting a little better organized here in the last few hours. look at the weird track it's taking. as it comes up, the waters just continue to push right toward the delaware and jersey beaches. those swells continue to increase. the rip currents tomorrow are supposed to be significantly worse than what we saw today. we've had lots of sunshine today and temperatures getting near the 90-degree mark. it's going to get hotter. we will see if it will stay hot and if storms are going to come for the holiday weekend with the seven-day in a few minutes. now to breaking news. a suspect has been arrested in a series of robberies in northeast philadelphia. we showed you this video of who police were looking for last week. philadelphia police tell us keith perkins turned himself in
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yesterday. investigators looking for another man, joseph donaldson and another man. the oldest victim is 96 years old. if you know anything about this case, call police. the courtroom was cleared this afternoon as a doctor testified in the trial of a woman charged with kidnapping and raining a 5-year-old girl. a former cobbs creek day care worker maintains she is innocent. they showed pictures of the girl's injuries today. lu ann cahn, these pictures were graphic? >> reporter: right. that is why spectators were removed from the courtroom. the media was allowed to stay. i can tell you, these pictures were so disturbing that jurors -- some jurors started to cry. many of the other jurors shook their head in disgust. one juror completely turned
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away. she just couldn't look at the images. a doctor from children's hospital testified she's rarely seen rape injuries as severe as the ones shown to the jury today. while jurors were visibly shaken, christina regusters, charged with raining the child, did not appear to react. at one point her fingers tapped the temple of her head. the doctor said the injuries could be consistent with a sexual assault with a broom handle. regusters is charged with posing as the child's mother and taking a 5-year-old girl from an elementary school january 14th last year. the child was recovered 18 hours later in pain in a park. she couldn't walk or sit without pain. the doctor testified the child talked about a man being in the house where she was assaulted. prosecutors have told the jury, there was no man. regusters misled the blindfolded child. she had a temporary colostomy so
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her injuries could heal. the owner of the day care where regusters worked and the little girl went to also took the stand today. she broke down during her testimony. tomorrow the victim in this case, the child, is expected to take the stand. back to you. >> with such a young victim taking the stand, will there be any special provisions inside the courtroom? >> reporter: i'm sorry. say again. one more time. >> with such a young victim taking the stand, will there be special provisions taken inside the courtroom? >> reporter: yes. right. they hope not. they hope that this little girl will actually be able to take the stand in front of the jury. there is a possibility they could clear the courtroom again. they also did test equipment in case they need to move her to another room and she has to testify in front of a camera but in a separate room but where the
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jury can watch. we don't know what's going to happen. prosecutors just want to be prepared in case she is not ready to sit in front of the woman who allegedly did this to her. >> extremely difficult task there. thank you, lu ann. surveillance cameras have captured crimes in philadelphia. the city would be a safer place if more businesses and residents registered their cameras. police, local business leaders and the city all working to expand their safe cam program. police have access to more than 2,100 camera feeds through the city. they say it's not enough. if more businesses and residents added the extra layer of security, it would be a benefit to both sides. >> the incentive is protection of your property, protection of the property of others near you. >> the commerce sane cam program will reimburse business owners up to 50% or 3,000, the cost for
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installing security cameras. philadelphia started its safecam video in 2011. investigators have made 270 arrests. 675 businesses and residents are registered in this program. this just in, a chester county man behind bars accused of trying to kill his former boss who is his uncle. then setting fire to his former workplace. police say he also spray painted racist graffiti all over the building. these pictures show the hundreds of thousands of dollars worth of damage done to the shop last month. police arrested michael norley for attempted homicide. he dressed as a ninja and attacked his uncle with a hammer. later detectives also tied him to the fire and racist graffiti. chester county community will find a new way to balance
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its budget. the city council voted against a proposal to use up $2 million from the trust fund to get them through the year. that reversed an earlier vote on the issue. the lack of funds plus -- puts city workers' pay in jeopardy. another vote at the next council meeting september 15th. the council president tells us if any cuts come, they won't come before the next meeting. new information about proposed changed at a college if philadelphia. a judge ruled it can't close its high school and it must remain a boarding school. the college had wanted to do away with boarding and the high school to help solve its financial problems. girard college has been serving disadvantaged students for 165 years. the board hasn't decided whether to appeal the decision. back to school time and getting ready for your first year of college can be a nerve-racking as well as stressful time. >> it can be harder for students who is the first in the family
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to pursue higher education. first generation college students have far less financial and emotional support as well as college knowledge among parents. there's a program aimed at easing the transition. they help students navigate the application process. the economy will benefit, too. >> what's the consequence if we cannot produce more students with some type of secondary credential? we're going to have to get more students going to college and getting that credential or we will have to import the talent or we will see the jobs gooff shore. >> 20 schools in delaware participated in the program last year. submitting more than 3,600 college applications. pennsylvania and new jersey have committed to joining the program this year. more walking and bike police patrols coming to camden's down town business district.
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they have contracted a private company which will pro60 security guards to work alongside them. the private security guards are not police officers. they will be unarmed and will not arrest anyone. instead, what they will do is act as eyes and ears for police. the department says the additional manpower will help police officers patrol residential neighborhoods. hundreds of people focused on finding seclusion ining sol shooting of michael brown. hundreds came out for a raw as well as a solution-based discussion. they talked about race, culture and communities across the country in the aftermath of the death of michael brown. several speakers challenged the officials to become part of the path to change. >> to missouri leaders, black and white, my question is to you. when are you going to say enough
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is enough and help us fight this instead of fighting us? >> others urged community members to come up with action steps for change. residents in chester want to prevent what happened in ferguson from happening in their city. they are holding a formum called hands up, guns down. more a little later. people living in northern california were rattled by at after shock. two days after a powerful earthquake near napa, today's 3.9 after shock did not cause any injuries or additional damage in the area. cleanup efforts are still in the
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initial phase. some buildings in napa are too dangerous to go inside. they estimate sunday's earthquake caused at least $1 billion in damages. authorities in massachusetts are on the lookout for a great white shark. look at this. this after the shark approximately 12 to 14 feet long was spotted yesterday. swimmers were told, as you can imagine, to get out of the water. this shark was 75 to 100 yards off the coast of duxbury beach. a look at today's efforts to keep the waters there safe. >> reporter: swimmers squeezing out the last bit of beach weather were back in the water in duxbu duxbury, massachusetts. most seemed unfazed by the visitor who forced swimmers out of the water before heading for deeper depths. >> we're fwhot worried. they don't go that far out. >> we had planned a beach day. once we heard about the shark, we figured we would head down.
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>> he's outside my door. >> reporter: state police and a helicopter spotted the shark about 150 yards after the coast. they quickly closed the beach. they estimate it was 10 to 15 feet long. no one was hurt. >> everyone just came out and said, get out of the water. >> she came in screaming. she was saying, the shark is in the water. get out of the water. don't get in. everyone was freaking out. the whole beach cleared immediately. >> reporter: last week, four other great whites were seen off the coast about 40 miles south of here. the incidents reminding many about the ultimate shark story set in massachusetts. >> you will need a bigger boat. >> reporter: a witty beach going proving life imitates art. from delaware, the board that oversees the ksh portfolio will have more money to work with. the governor will sign legislation authorizing the cash
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management board to handle according associated with the land and with aer to conservation fund and parks fund. it will would allow funds for open space protection and local outdoor recreation, park and trail projects. nearly 200 flood prone homes in north jersey could get a buyout. officials have approved buyouts for the homes under a super storm sandy program. the blue acres program seeks to buy homes from willing sellers in areas that have been plagued by flooding and return the land to open spaces. the state has identified 946 pra properties for buyouts in ten municipalities. we have been fortunate this hurricane season. we have one right out in the atlantic. it's not going to make the left turn like sandy did. we may have the first august 90 degree temperature, if not
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today, then we will likely see it tomorrow. we continue to track cristobal, which is a category 1 hurricane. 75 mile an hour winds and a hot holiday overall. the average temperature is 84 this time of the year. we will be well above that. a lot of sunshine today. temperature well above 84. 89 degrees, that's the feels-like temperature. the humidity is fairly low. we are five degrees warmer than this time yesterday. the temperature continues to go up. saturday it was 74. then 83. it keeps going. tomorrow, 91 degrees. but that's the end of the warming trend. it's going to get a little bit cooler after that. right now, 78 in mount pocono. we're in the low to mid 80s across the area. 90 in blue bell, one of the few spots it hit 90. cherry hill, 89. 86 in mount holly. 85 in trenton.
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and right at the beaches, mostly in the 70s with that wind coming in off the ocean. the ocean is nice 77 degrees. set us up for this weekend, which is looking pretty good at the shore. we are still dry across the entire area. nothing even close by. the showers were near chicago yesterday. not making a lot of progress. not any immediate threat. through the night tonight, nothing going on. tomorrow, the weak front starts to come through. maybe some isolated showers. that's not very impressive for a front coming through in august. then, of course, the drier air comes in for thursday. really not much in the way of rain this week. there is cristobal getting a little bit better organized out there. the computer models all continue to make it turn to the right like they mostly do at this time of the year. so we're going to be in decent shape. but we still have this rip
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current risk. it's going to be high tomorrow and maybe even into thursday. otherwise, the weather is real nice. we're going to have a series of nice days at the shore here as we go into the weekend. clear, mild tonight. 68 in philadelphia, 61 north and west. tomorrow, sunny and hot. a slight chance of an afternoon shower, that's north and west. highs getting into the low 90s in some spots. 82 degrees, less humid, a little cooler breeze on thursday. an amazing day. great football weather for a thursday night. nice weather on friday. saturday we are warming up. we are hot sunday and monday with higher humidity and the best chance of any storms is monday afternoon. history on the line. >> for us to shut down is kind of -- it makes me sad. >> the fight to keep the doors
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open at the oldest free library in the country right here in our own backyard. want to get away for the holiday? hotels and businesses along the jersey shore to find out what's still available from vacancies to deals, we are doing the research for you. easing congestion. >> it's going to take a lot of cars off the road that would have made traffic worse. >> technology that could change the way you get to work.
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disney wants drones. but not as a new ride. walt disney filed for three drone-related patents to use for their air shows. the company says the unmanned aircraft would be used in display systems with floating projection screens and marionettes held aloft and animated by drones. it would be an alternative to the light shows and fireworks. a new jersey teen missing in israel. family members and local officials spoke about the disappearance of aron sofer, the 23-year-old student disappeared in the jerusalem forest friday.
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israeli police are investigating.
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classes haven't started yet. but rutgers' campus was bustling. it was more in day for first-year students. students will have a few days to adjust to life before classes begin september 2nd. we are counting down to the labor holiday weekend. >> anything still available at
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the jersey shore? >> reporter: believe it or not, yes. we are not talking about hundreds or even dozens of openings for overnight stays here for the labor day holiday weekend. but there are still a handful up for grabs here at the shore. i will show you where and for how much straight ahead.
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trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at
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right now at 4:30, holiday
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weekend plans. the jersey shore will be packed through monday with people trying to soak up the final days of summer. it's one of the busiest times for hotels and businesses here. is there any room left for you? >> more importantly, what's it going to cost you if you are trying to squeeze in a last-minute labor day get away? cydney long sent the day tracking down vacancies. >> any deals out there? >> reporter: i wish i could say yes to any deep deals or discounts here at the shore for the labor day holiday. sally, the answer is no. we started our day in ocean city making calls along the way. you are not going to get the discounts for a prime holiday weekend. some restal properties do remain up for grabs. if you don't have a hotel reservation, the rooms that are available right now, they won't be for long. >> this is one of the best kept
4:32 pm
secrets in new jersey. >> reporter: this realtor says there is still availability for last-minute vacationers. like this ocean front two bedroom condo, a full week this saturday still up for grabs at $1,600. >> handle 200 restals for the summer. and we probably have, i would say a dozen rentals available. >> reporter: those will get swiped up fast. there was gorgeous weekends and hurricane sandy farther in the rearview mirror. he estimates summer rentals 30% above what they sold last summer. if it's just the weekend you want, you could still catch a break. but the time is now. >> typically summer rentals run saturday to saturday. however, we have instances where it's available for a weekend. >> reporter: space is limited for labor day in ocean city.
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this hotel was booked solid in the summer has a handful left. >> right now we have a few open for $295, that is a city view room. >> reporter: if you are looking for this view, the ocean front side of the hotel, the rooms up to $415 a night, there are still some of those available at a $365 rate. the head of cape may county tourism tells me most of the shore towns in cape may county, like wildwood and avalon, they had 100% occupancy for most weekends of the summer. these rooms left, you have to get tlem right now. i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. >> if you are headed to the shore, don't forget about the rip current risk. the danger will continue at least through thursday. glenn is tracking the tropics. he will have the impact to our area and your holiday weekend in
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about 15 minutes. labor day is the second busiest summer holiday weekend. aaa is projecting more drivers will be on the road. they estimate more than 467,000 residents in the philadelphia area will take a trip this weekend. it's the highest projection for this area since 2010. aaa says one thing that could be fuelling travel plans is the lowest gas prices so far this year. >> if you haven't made plans for labor day weekend and you are thinking maybe last minute you want to take that trip, maybe that drop in gas prices is going to be lepful for some people. >> aaa says that friday and monday will be the busiest days on the road. on a national level, an estimated 35 million people are expected to travel for labor day. louie free is hospitalized following a car accident. >> the crash happened yesterday in vermont. he was involved in a car crash.
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according to investigators, the 64-year-old drove his suv off the road, hit a mailbox, a row of shrubs and then into a tree. the state police say that he has a broken leg, cuts on his head and other injuries. you may remember he was hired by penn state in 2011 to examine how the school handled complaints of child sex abuse involving former assistant football coach sandusky. he issued a report that paterno and other officials hid what they knew for years regarding the complaints. the nhtsa has launched an investigation about complaints about the ford su vs used by police. this comes after a complaint by an unidentified police department that says the front brake hoses failed on 25% of their suvs. the investigation includes 20,000 explorers from the 2013
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model year. today the star pitcher of the dragons, mo'ne davis, continued her time in the spotlight. she sat down for an interview with steve harvey to talk about her team's inspiring run in the little league world series and how it felt to be the first girl to throw a shutout in the series. her interview will air in september. nbc 10 will celebrate along with the taney dragons tomorrow. watch the entire parade live as it happens on from 2:00 until 4:00 tomorrow. here in the philadelphia area, of course, where he surrounded by history. >> keeping that history alive doesn't come chief. >> it will be a crime to lose this unique resource. >> still ahead, the financial
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struggles and the fight to keep the doors open at the oldest free library in the country. the financial benefits of the ice bucket challenge, why it couldn't have come at a better time for organizations that support als. all new tonight at 5:00, a determined downtown. the local community that's vying for the top spot in one contest and has made it to the finals.
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a toast to tenacity. the independence visitors center for women's equality day. it was in honor of the 19th amendment which granted women the right to vote. the glasses were filled with grape juice. the als ice bucket challenge has raised more than $88
4:41 pm
million. >> that has happened in less than a month's time. it's unbelievable to conceive that. one week ago donations were around $22 million. this past week, the organization said that number shot up by about $9 million a day. this huge boost of money comes at a time when congressional funds for als has decreased. in 2010, the national institutes of health set aside $47 million for als. it has dropped each year since then. last year it was $39 million. today, the als association released a statement reading in part. still ahead on nbc 10 news at 4:00, the sci-fi solution to
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your traffic solutions from self-driving cars, the technology that could change the way you get around and what it could finally hit the road.
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here are some of the stories making headlines on nbc 10 news at 4:00. the family of a missing ocean county man are asking for help finding 23-year-old aron sofer.
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there are fears that sofer may have been kidnapped while hiking in the jerusalem forest on friday. israeli authorities launched a search and rescue operation but there has been no trace of him. we know one suspect is in custody for several robberies in northeast philadelphia. investigators say keith perkins and two other men targeted at least 11 victims, many of them elderly in northeast philadelphia. officers still looking for two other suspects. we're working to get their pictures. we will show them to you at 5:00. philadelphia is putting the finishing touches on plans for a parade for the taney dragons. the philadelphia team made it to the semifinals in williamsport. watch the parade live on and cozi tv starting at 2:00 tomorrow afternoon. frontier airlines is scaling back on flights. the airline announced its service to chicago, denver and florida will be suspended for
4:46 pm
the winter starting october 25th. the airline originally planned to stop those runs on december 12th. flights to tampa will be suspended from late october to mid december. but then frontier says it will offer the flights twice a week through the rest of the winter. if you think traffic jams on the schuylkill are bad now, wait 25 years. >> experts say it will get worse since the number of cars goes up. the news isn't all that bad. experts say by 2039, self-driven vehicles like this car will be common in cities. those cars will be connected to other cars in parking garages so they can drop you off, then go park or recharge themselves. that will free up space since 30% comes from people looking for parking. that's interesting. increased membership in car share programs will also help out. >> that means less cars on the road. as these car share vehicles will be able to be shared between up
4:47 pm
to ten individuals. it's going to take a lot of cars off the road that would have made traffic worse. >> there's always the idea of, well, ditches cars all together. the hyperloop. look at this. it's a cool vision. few expect that this transport tube will become reality. i would volunteer for a test in that. love to see these improvemented in the future. in the future, we will hit 90. if not this afternoon, then tomorrow afternoon. first time for the month of august. last august, we didn't hit 90 at all. we are tracking cristobal. appears to be strengthening. a hot holiday weekend. temperatures pro s approaching . warm for the phillies tonight and tomorrow night.
4:48 pm
but we're not expecting rain phone either game. 89. feels like 89. humidity is low. it's 85 in allentown. only 82 in pottstown. one of the cool spots. 79 at atlantic city international. the winds off the ocean has reached inland to have affected the airport. you can see how cool it is right at the beaches. it's not gotten out of the mid 70s during the day today. the northeast wind, new moon and cristobal causing the rip current risk to be high tomorrow. even higher than today. so not going to go in the ocean very far. you want to go in where there are lifeguards. showers have not moved far. they were in chicago yesterday. they are barely east of chicago today. we are not going to be seeing much on the radar as we go into tomorrow morning. just a slight chance of some isolated showers coming through.
4:49 pm
most models don't have any showers coming through tomorrow, let alone anything strong. and then on thursday, we are dry. this is cristobal. very dry on the western side here. that ball of thunderstorms, that might be an indication that it's protecting itself from that dry air. give it a chance to strengthen. moving up to the north, northeast at a category 1. making that right turn that we all wish sandy did. dangerous rip currents. here is the poconos. chance of a shower tomorrow afternoon. nice weather, on the cool side thursday and friday. at the shore, it's going to be pretty nice. temperatures near 80. the rip currents, that's what we have got to look out for as we go into the next couple of days. that should be calming down by
4:50 pm
the weekend. 68 for the low in philadelphia, 61 north and west. tomorrow, a lot of sun again. hot, a little bit humid. there is the heat tomorrow. cooler and less humid, really comfortable, great football weather thursday night. friday is a pretty nice, comfortable day. then the heat starts to build up. saturday, the day most likely to be rain free. sunday getting hotter. and the best chance or threat of thunderstorms comes monday afternoon. breaking news on charges in a double murder investigation. we just learned this. police have charged 25-year-old james mears in the killings of two women found inside a row home last weekend. they say he knew the victims and believed that robbery was the motive. count on updates on this throughout this newscast. time is running out for a
4:51 pm
local landmark. >> it's the oldest free library in the country. more than 250 years old. it's in danger of closing. residents react that it could close by the end of the year. what it's going to take to save this piece of history. new on nbc 10 news at 5:00, hope and help amid the casino crisis. leaders announce their new initiatives to assist thousands of workers who will be out of a job in a matter of days. trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at
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ms. winnie earle: kids inse paterson face lots of obstacles - but nothing can stop their determination. mara: my dream is to be a pediatric nurse. ms. earle taught me if i work hard - i can do anything. ms. winnie earle: mara had so much potential, it was my job to help her reach her goals. mara: now, i'm headed to college to study nursing! ms. winnie earle: there are so many talented kids like mara - and they all deserve to live their dreams.
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the oldest public library in the country in delaware county now in danger of closing. the darby free library has been a community resource since 1743. it's quickly running out of money. george spencer has more on the difficult decision the library could be forced to make by christmas. >> reporter: for well over two centuries books have lined the walls of this building. the darby free library has been telling stories and serving the
4:55 pm
community since 1743. >> in terms of age, we are the american library. >> reporter: today, 60% of residents regularly use the local landmark's services. >> i use the computer. if i need books it will help me find books. >> reporter: times and technology have changed since the days of thomas jefferson. >> money is scarce here. >> reporter: budget cuts have wiped out about $50,000 in the library's operating budget, forcing difficult decisions over the past couple of years. >> we have been able to stay afloat and keep our doors open by doing things we didn't want to do. cutting the benefits of our employees. cutting back on books that we were ordering. >> reporter: while the budget cuts keep coming, the bills keep adding up, including a $7,000 electric bill that the library says it can't pay. local families who rely on the resources, the closing concerns are personal. >> i grew up here, to be honest. it's kind of like family. for this to be, you know --
4:56 pm
hearing it could be getting shut down, i do take -- it affects me and my son. >> it will be a crime to lose this unique resource that's not just unique to darby. no other community in america has this library, the oldest in the nation. >> that was nbc 10's george spencer reporting. the library does have several small fund-raisers planned between now and christmas. next on nbc 10 news at 5:00, a crash that knocked out the lights in one local beach town. >> police say the man behind it is a five-time offender. small town sales. a local community is selling alcohol for the first time in its 110-year history. nbc 10 explains the way one merchant is able to offer booze to customers. a hotter day today. we're tracking hurricane cristobal. it's down in the atlantic and it will still be affecting our
4:57 pm
coastline. i will show you the threat for that and warmer temperatures for labor day coming up. parking pinch. new jersey's can a sue knsino t leave people for a spot to put their cars. that's next at 5:00.
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first at 5:00, police have charged a man in the double murder of two women found dead in northeast philadelphia. investigators charged 25-year-old james mears. his arraignment is expected soon. he is responsible for the deaths of two women shot in the head execution-style saturday night. rose mary connors is headed to police headquarters. count on updates from her as soon as we learn more. a search thousands of miles away for a new jersey student
5:00 pm
missing and feared to have been abducted by militants. >> it hurts when one of our own, when a nice boy, when he goes missing. >> nbc 101 there as lawmakers joined family and friends to call for the safe return of aron sofer. aron has been missing since friday when he went hiking in the jerusalem forest. he is attending a religious school in israel. the military is investigating whether he was taken by palestinian militants. ted greenberg was in lakewood where he spoke to aron's family and friends. >> i have one message. please bring back my brother. >> reporter: from aron's loved ones and many others in his hometown, pleas and prayers for the safe return of the 23-year-old student missing in israel since friday. there are fears he may have been abducted. >> i would like to give a big thanks to everyoneki


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