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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  August 28, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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live at 5:00 in lake wood is nbc 10's south jersey bureau reporter, cydney long. you have been in touch with sofer's loved ones. do they have any indication from israeli investigators about the cause of death? >> reporter: keith and renee, sadly, they are anxiously awaiting that word from forensic investigators with israeli police but so far, there is no definitive cause of death. what we do know is that the family told investigators that they completely trust the young man that aaron was hiking with when he disappeared last friday in the jerusalem forest. and in the orthodox faith, determining the exact cause of death may come without an autopsy. in a remote stretch of jerusalem forest that borders an arab neighborhood is where search and rescuers discovered aaron sofer's body. >> the forensics and the different police units are still in and around the area much the area has been closed off and the investigation is continuing. >> reporter: sofer, who was in israel for religious studies, vanished friday while hiking.
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world traveled quickly from his parents who were overseeing the u.s. and israeli government large-scale search effort to his siblings. nine of them here in lakewood. >> very sad, you know, there's a range of siblings from is 0 or 11-year-old to mid-30s. >> reporter: during his visit with the family today, he learned sofer asked his mother if he should take a hike in the forest, given tensions between jews and hamas. it was the same day a cease-fire was issued. >> there was some closure to the fact that this may very well have been an accidental death as opposed to their son being abducted. >> reporter: despite no signs of foul play. >> obviously an investigation taking place at this moment in time to see what the background of the incident was, if the student fell and went missing or if it's a murder case. >> i believe that the barrier will happen in israel. >> reporter: lick ten steen says the sofer family, orthodox jews, will likely not agree to an autopsy. >> the problem with the autopsy is not i'm taking the pictures
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or the 3r0b is interfering with the body, such as using a knife to cut it, something along those lines. >> i have tweeted with israeli police today, asking if dehydration is a possible cause of death, but so far, have not heard back. we just did get a message from a friend of the family and learned that aaron sofer's funeral will, in fact, be held tomorrow morning, 9:30 a.m., but that is israeli time so that would happen here in new jersey, 2:30 in the morning, because they are seven hours ahead of us. we are told that an audio version of the funeral of that prayer service will be broadcast right here in lakewood. live in lakewood, i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. >> in the last hour, we received this statement from governor chris christie's office, offering condolences to sofer's family and friends in lakewood. it reads, in part, "together, we can help them deal with this awful tragedy."94p
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a rip current risk still in effect at the jersey shore, caution is urged for anyone thinking about going out into the ocean, we take a live look at the beach in cape may. >> tens of thousands are hoping for good weather for what, well, tonight's final preseason eagles game at the link. a shot from south philly, the birds hosting the jets, michael vick makes his return to philly, donning a different shade of green. let's check the evening planner and rip current risk at the shore. >> nbc 10 first alert meterologist, brittney shipp is tracking it all in the weather center. brittney? >> nice conditions for the eagles game. i will go over that. start with the high current risk, all do you dew to hurricane cristobal, brewing in the atlantic, as we head into the rest of tonight, we are still seeing big swells, we have the dangerous rip current risk as we had into the rest of this evening, that's going to stay in affect until 11 p.m., but even as we head into tomorrow into saturday, we are still going to see rough surf, so you do want
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to be careful as you're going swimming, especially a lot of people are going down the shore and our delaware beaches because of the big holiday weekend. a mild evening out, below 80 today. 77 pottstown, 76, atlanta, 66 in the poconos, heading out to the eagles game, see a nice evening ahead, by 7 p.m., 77 degrees, breezy conditions, by 11 p.m., 69 and mild. in my full for cast, talking about a heat wave on its way, plus tracking storms for your labor day weekend. keith? >> all right, brittney, thanks. the concert countdown is on. >> that's right r just two days out now until philadelphia welcomes tens of thousand music fans for made in america festival on ben frankly parkway. center city shows the main stage where the big acts will perform starting on saturday. nbc 10's doug shimell not on on
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ground there. >> people the same play, same time, making plans so concertgoers don't feel disconnected. >> reporter: exactly. there have been issues going back to last year's made in america concert of people not being able to send or receive texts or make or receive cell phone calls at peak points during the weekend performances. event promoters are say they have taken steps to try to fix that. this many people crammed into a relatively small area means someone's call or text won't go through. the temporary tower is up for made in america 2014 on the parkway that will generate countless cell phone pictures and videos and massive demand for cell service. >> depending where you are, one guy work better than the other, make sure we are covered, the site here is powered by verizon, we have got a big verizon connection coming into the park and spreading that out all over. >> need any barbecue sauce? >> reporter: the event itself generate a lot of dollars in vendor sales and america in america has had to set up its
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own communications and wifi. >> vendor tents that need internet access to process credit card transactions, sign up people on -- for marketing activation sponsorship, trees get in the way and then the density of people starts to bog it down. >> reporter: there will be free public wifi areas this weekend in case the cell service lets you down and also a simultaneous m.i.a. concert in los angeles and there will be high-tech links you can use. this year, we have got the magic window walls which allows people to walk up to a screen and there's a camera that looks into the los angeles event. while we are standing here, we are looking out at the l.a. event and when they are in l.a., they are standing and looking into our event. >> well, of course, what about getting into this event this weekend and what can you bring into this event this weekend? we will have more on that coming up tonight at 6:00. live at the made in america concert and the setup and the preps on the parkway, i'm doug shimell, nbc 10 news. >> it's a big deal.
5:07 pm is your complete resource guide to this week's made in america concert. whether it's a run dune on performers or traffic detours, take us with you if you are headed to the concert to get important information on our nbc 10 news app. we have new information now on the kidnapping of three men and the deaths of two of them. nbc 10 has confirmed the men whose bodies were found in the schuylkill river early yesterday morning were brothers. nbc 10 was there when forensic investigators removed buckets of key evidence from outside a southwest philadelphia home this morning. police say similar buckets were found attached to the bodies of the two brothers discovered in the river. sources also say a bag of evidence recovered will be used in a dna comparison. >> when i'm walking to work, they would be outside, you know, some time but there wasn't no, you know, serious things like, you know, that. >> a 23-year-old man also abducted and stabbed was able to
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escape and survive. investigators say the three victims are known to police and may have ties to asian gangs. and a driver is shot and killed then his car slammed into a home. tonight, philadelphia police are looking for the shooter. paramedics arrived on the scene on the 1600 block of seibert street in north philly. it happened around midnight. the driver believed to be in his 20s was dead. >> a lot of the crime scene, the tráhp!out 100 yards west. so, the abandoned property is not going to interfere with the ballistic evidence. we found 18 spent shell casings. >> hundreds of bricks fell onto the victim's car. homicide investigators had to call lni to make sure the building was safe before they could figure out what happened. new video now to show you of a police car -- a car rather police believe may have been involved in a hit and run accident in gloucester township, camden county. the crash happened sunday, a
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person walking was hit in that accident. two vehicles were captured on a video camera from joe canal's liquor store as they drove through the strawberry square shopping center parking lot. one of the vehicles is believed to be a light-colored jeep cher ski. the victim is still in the hospital with several broken bones. decision 2014, a new poll shows democrat tom wolf still has a wide lead over pennsylvania's republican governor, tom corbett. the state-wide telephone survey of 520 voters by a college in lan lancaster shows wolf favored by 49% of registered voters, 24% back corbett and 25% undecided. there was a sampling error margin of plus or minus 4.3 percentage points. there are now just 68 days until the pennsylvania general election, tuesday, november 4th. tonight, nbc 10 is uncovering new information about a federal investigation linked to a local politician. as we reported here yesterday on nbc 10 news at 5:00, a political consultant pleaded guilty to
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felony campaign finance charges. now, nbc 10's harry hairston confirmed the politician linked to the consultant is congressman chaka fat ta. you talked to the congressman's son today, charged in a separate case. what did he have to say? >> reporter: the congressman's son, chaka fattah, jr., tells me the federal documents appear to make references to his dad but he adds his father has done nothing wrong. i called congressman chaka fat ta's washington and philadelphia offices for comments about comments made boo his top political aide, greg naylor. he pled guilty for his role in attempting to conceal two campaign-finance related schemes from 2007. the feds say the scheme involved about $1 million in both federal and private funds to pay off an illegal debt. >> mr. naylor entered a plea to an information and that's that. any speculation about others who may be involved is really no more than mere speculation.
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>> defense attorney william benson not involved in the case but he's tried several cases against the feds. >> it's just so dangerous when some individual, in this case, mr. naylor, enters a guilty plea to say, oh, he was connected with the congressman. the congressman must have an issue. not the way we works. >> reporter: documents don't name congressman fattah, but they a refer to someone called elected official a but naylor's plea is far from proving the congressman is guilty of a crime. >> would simply be the word of mr. naylor, i assume other evidence, but it would be the word of mr. naylor added on to whatever evidence the government may have. >> reporter: brennan says that doesn't mean fatah is out of the woods. >> i have dealt with them for decades and very, very methodical in their approach. i'm sure the reason that no one's been named, other than apparently mr. naylor is the result of much thought and deliberation on their parts.
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>> the feds main tan fatah, jr. received just over $20,000 in illegal funds. fatah, jr. says he did receive money but it was money for when he worked as a consultant. live in the digital operations center, harry hairston, nbc 10 news. >> congressman fattah is married to nbc 10 news anchor, renee chenault-fattah. tonight, a scare on the street for a mom and her kids. >> she was panicking. she kept screaming police, police. >> on the attack. that suspect targets a woman in front of her young children, then takes aim at her kids. also, customer confrontation. a patron at a new jersey restaurant dares to stop an armed robber. tonight, we will tell you what happened when that customer came face to face with a knife-wielding bad guy. and you will have to take a look at this. declared dead, then alive. one man passes away, or so the doctors thought. that is until a family member noticed something unusual at the funeral home.
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south jersey bureau, video of the coast guard in action saving the life of a choking victim aboard a yacht near cape may harbor. the 61-year-old woman choked while eating lunch yesterday. the coast guard pulled up in a 45-foot response boat and went on board the yacht to treat that woman. meanwhile, hurricane
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cristobal continues to churn out in the atlantic. >> while the storm isn't a threat to the u.s., it is posing a threat to people taking a dip in the atlantic ocean. the rip current risk is high again today for swimmers. nbc 10 delaware bureau reporter, tim furlong, is live at 5:00 income rehoboth beach. describe the conditions in the surf that you've seen there today. >> reporter: i'll do better than describe it i will show you here. see here rehoboth, rain from the north to the south there is kind of a turning motion, you see. the people out here in the water, not those guys, only in up to their knees, that's good, go further past that, you see a lot of the people that start up at the -- to our northside, doesn't take long before they end up south of us. if you are a surfer, sorry, the waves are getting stronger. if you want to chill, the conditions should be improving are. this week, it has been pretty
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bad. >> getting there, even if you are up to your niece and feel yourself moving to the left or the right, even if you don't go in all the way. >> reporter: at the indian river inlet beach, the winds are blowing and the yellow rough surf flags are flying. >> been lucky, haven't had too many saves. >> reporter: good news. the guards say the prevention is the best protection. they literally try to talk to swimmers before they go in to let them know they shouldn't be fooled by the warm breezes and the sunny skies. this is a potentially dangerous day to swim. >> on a day like today, we will actually go up and down the beach and just, we will look for people with smaller children and let them know, only let your kids out about shin high, because beyond that i mean, when the rip current does open up, really only takes you getting swept off your feet and it will suck you right on out. >> reporter: if you look out there see older guys the water a little bit deeper, a lot of the little kids here closer to us, you can see they only go out to their knees, shins, a lot have their parents with them. that is a good thing. here is a bad thing, here in rehoboth, the lifeguards are gone for the day. all these people are swimming on
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unguarded beaches, they say that is a very, very bad idea when the rip currents are like this. hopefully, things are getting better, either way, probably not a great idea to be out here swimming when the lifeguards have gone off the beach. live in rehoboth, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. just like tim was explaining, still going to see that high rip current risk as we head into the rest of tonight that advisory does not expire until 11 p.m., but even as we head into tomorrow r, there won be an advisory out technically, you need to be careful the waters heading into tomorrow. checking for a stormy holiday, let you know which day and the possible of a heat wave is back in your 7-day forecast. live look outside, camel beach mountain water park a lot of people having a good time today. saw below average temperatures for us, 80 in philadelphia now, our humidity only at 35%. it was a only for theable day with the exception of our wind
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speeds out of the northwest at 13 miles per hour, gusting to 21 miles per hour. and still going to be a breezy early evening and then start to see our wind speeds dying down as we head into the rest of tonight. reading, 77 degrees right now, plenty of sunshine, same thing in philadelphia. temperatures in the 80s in atlantic city at the airport there and we are seeing plenty of sunshine. we head intoant to, mostly clear skies expected for us and our temperatures will actually drop more below average. nice way to end the work week, 76, allentown, 81, millville, low 80s in do every. take a closer look at our beach communities, one thing we want to point out again, the high rip current risk, stay in effect until 11 p.m. current temperatures in avalon, 79 degrees. you can see we are under the influence of a dry, northwesterly wind. that is going to start to shift as we head into the next couple of days. here's what's left of hurricane cristobal. wind speeds have picked up in the last five hours or so, now sustained at 80 miles per hour, but you can see how far it's turning away from our shoreline,
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which is great. as we head into the next few days, see plenty of sunshine, with changes on the way, quiet for us tonight, though i will show you what happens as we get into the weekend. for tomorrow, it is going to be a mild day i temperatures are going to stay in the high 70s, but as we head into saturday, we are going to see an increase in our humidity so our wind speeds are going to shift, gonna come up from the south and so you aring if to feel increase in the humidity, more sticky by saturday. by sunday, start to deal the with chance of showers, even storms. linger heading into monday and tuesday. temperatures go up as well. if you are closer to the shore, still going to state in 70s, 78 on your friday, saturday, even sunday. big changes on sunday, we have the chance of showers, we head into tonight, we expect to see clear and cooler conditions, dropping down to 50 degrees for suburbs to the north and west. tomorrow, sunny, very low humidity, take at a look at that temperature range between 78 and 81 degrees. your 7-day forecast shows the warming trend. take a look at sunday and monday, actual loin labor day. steamy storms, temperatures at
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90, stay into the 90s even into next week. happening now, a peace concert in chester, delaware county. let's take a live look at the summer finale at the peace on the streets concert series this afternoon in chester park. power 99 fm had morning person eighths and dance team at the show. community empowerment groups are taking part as well. a health ask a irfor a wise-cracking comedy legend. >> nbc 10 with the latest on joan rivers and her medical emergency today. also caught on camera, a man takes out violence on a woman and turnsing anner to her little kids. now the hunt is on for the bad guy. and surprise on the shelf, the products you think you're buying without a certain ingredient may not be as advertised. we will tell you what could be hiding in your food.
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a woman in new york fights off a man who says he was a cab driver and then tried to sexually assault her in front of her three kids. we want to warn you now, the video we are about to show you is disturbing. the 26-year-old woman asked to be taken to a shelter in manhattan but instead of dropping her off, police say he drove to the back of the building and that's where the assault began. as the mother holds on to her 1-year-old, the cab driver tries
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to grab her. she fights him off. the man then yanks the 3-year-old out of the back seat and tosses the child to the sidewalk. the driver then gets back in his car and drives off. >> she was panicking. she kept screaming police ya, police ya. i ran over here because i thought someone was, like, dying or something. >> the mother and children are going to be okay. police are still looking for that cab driver. then this, a customer confronts a knife-wielding thief in north jersey. looking the at this video. the suspect walks into a restaurant in south brunswick and demands money from the cashier. the customer stands up, tells the suspect to leave. that's when the thief starts swinging that knife at the customer in his right hand. the customer grabs a motorcycle ff. the suspect ran off empty handed. the customer luckily was not hurt. comedian joan rivers is in stable but critical condition tonight at a new york hospital. this is video of the 81-year-old with jimmy fallon on "the tonight show" earlier this year.
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rivers stopped breathing during a minor throat procedure at a manhattan clinic 2today. she was rushed to a nearby hospital. she was scheduled to appear at a combi cl comedy club tomorrow. louie freeh is under armed guard at a new hampshire hospital. he was seriously injured in a car crash in southern vermont monday. the fbi put the armed protection in place because of his past work on terrorism. freeh headed the bureau from 1993 to 2001. the cause of the crash is still under investigation. tonight, trash becomes treasure. >> one local city is cleaning up the litter and cashing in. we will tell you how the trash translates into millions. also ahead, the girl with the gun. nbc 10 has new information about the case of that 9-year-old from new jersey who misfired an uzi, killing a firearms instructor. and tearful testimony. a dad whose little girl was kidnapped and sexually assaulted
5:27 pm
takes the stand. nbc 10 is in the courtroom to tell you what he said to the jury. and then all new on nbc 10 news at 6:00, more than 100 animals rescued from a single home where the pets were living and what happens to them now.
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right now at 5:30, philadelphia jurors heard another day of agonizing
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testimony in the case against a woman accused of kidnapping and then sexually assaulting a little girl. this is a case that has moved some members of the jury to tears. >> and it's shedding new light on the crime that stunned the region. christina regusters is the woman on trial for the abduction and attack of the little girl. >> live at 5:30 in center city is nbc 10's christine maddela. you were in court today where the man who found the young victim testified. >> reporter: exactly right. he was the first man to testify in the courtroom today and we heard him talk about how he found the 5-year-old girl in the park and we also heard the audio from his 911 call. nelson meyers says he was walking to work when he heard a little girl's voice coming from this playground. >> a passerby heard a little girl cry for help. >> reporter: tom klein represents the girl and her mother in their civil case. he was in the courtroom and walked us through what happened today in the criminal case. >> and when he heard her cry for help, he found her in the park,
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cold, shivering, dirty, dishevelled, and in need of finding her way home to her mother. >> reporter: that was before sunrise in january. meyers says the 5-year-old girl was wearing nothing but an adult t-shirt. he put she's jacket around the girl. when she said someone was chasing her, he called 911. >> we have a situation where a --erby was able to lend aid, call the 911 and we heard those tapes today. >> reporter: in that audio, we heard the little girl's voice went 911 operator told meyers to ask the girl her name and if she was hurt. the girl said she was hurt and she didn't know where she was and she was scared she wouldn't be able to find her way home. >> she was cold, she was shivering, she was hurt and she had been horribly violated and that is the importance of the testimony that we heard today.
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>> reporter: the girl's father, terry robinson, testified today he talked about reviewing this surveillance video showing a woman in muss give george w. bush taking his child from the score. the defendant, christine regusters, seemed like she was in her own world today, she sat next to her attorney and didn't pay any attention to any of the witness's testimony. she played with her hair. she twirled a pen around in her hand over and over, shuffled papers, kept her head down, she didn't show any emotion, even during some of the disturbing testimony about the child's abuse. we do expect she will take the stand in her own defense. live in center city, christine maddela, nbc 10 news. >> thanks. to this now, this just in, philadelphia's licenses and inspections department brought in a bulldozer after what they call an extreme case of hoarding. you can see the bulldozer tearing down part of this house at 12th and huntington streets this afternoon. inspectors came to check on the well being of one man and found tons and tons of trash. no word yet on the man's condition.
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we have a crew at that house. count on new information as we learn more. here are some of the stories making headlines on nbc 10 news at 5:30 today. a 23-year-old ocean county student will be buried tomorrow after his body was found in israel. 23-year-old aaron sofer disappeared last friday while hiking in the israeli forest. his family feared he may have been kidnapped and pleaded for his safe return. initial reports suggest sofer slipped and fell. and the final touches are being done on the stage ahead of this weekend's made in america concert. it's an annual event featuring dozens of performers, expected to attract tens of thousands of music fans to the parkway in center city. beautiful weather to celebrate the start of classes the local college campus around the area. nbc 10 at welcome week for har cam college in bryn mawr, montgomery county. dozens of people gathered for this picnic. so, what does tonight hold in
5:34 pm
store? >> let's get the answer from nbc 10 first alert meterologist, brittney shipp. >> going to see comfortable conditions. maybe you are heading out to the eagles game right now, temperatures are mainly in the 80s for philadelphia, 81, millville, 66 in the poconos, 60 in pottstown, if you're closer to the shore, at 79 in avalon, 77 in lewis i still point out the high rip current risk going to stay in effect until at least tonight at 11 p.m. but we are still dealing with rough surf as we head into tomorrow. by 6 p.m., we are going to see temperatures at 78, breezy conditions will stick with us the next few hours, by 8 p.m., mild, 71, as we head into this evening, 69 degrees. clear skies expected for us as we head into the rest of tonight and we are still going to see below average day heading into your friday. coming up, we are talking about the stormy holiday and i'm also tracking a late summer heat wave. that's all coming up in my first alert 7-day forecast. >> looking forward to that, brittney. meantime, new information on the death of a firearms instructor at an arizona
5:35 pm
shooting range. the coroner said charles vacca died of a single gunshot wound to the head when he was showing a 9-year-old girl how to operate an uzi machine gun. yesterday, prosecutors said they would not file charges against the girl. they said vacca was probably the most criminally negligent for allowing the new jersey girl to hold the gun without training. no suspects or a motive in a deadly shooting in philadelphia's frankfurt section. nbc 10 on the 4300 block of penn street at 1:00 this morning. that's where police found a 34-year-old man shot in the head. police drove the man to the hospital but he died a short time later. and northeast philly, police are on the hunt for two men who stole dozens of car batteries from a walmart store, roosevelt boulevard and bluegrass road. the suspects backed a truck into the storage area and cut the locks. they made off with about 90 batteries worth $6,000. and heading south, new castle county police are looking for this man. they say he burglarized a home in the 200 block of pennsylvania
5:36 pm
avenue on friday. this is a surveillance picture, the man actually inside the home. police say he took several things from the home. from our trenton bureau, the school year for students at trenton central high school will begin with some sacrifices. the school building students have called home is now closed and about to undergo major renovations. as a result, students will be split up and sent to four different locations for classes. construction on the new school is expected to be completed in four years. and next year, the old school will be demolished. people's trash is becoming philadelphia's treasure. the city cracking down on litter violators and bringing in big bucks for it. in five years, the city has collected $26 million in litter types, more than 5 million of that was collected in just the last fiscal year. the violations include not properly disposing of garbage refuge, rubbish or any other waste considered a danger to public health. well, some food for thought during the dinner hour. >> we got a question for you, do
5:37 pm
you really know what's in your food? tonight, something that could be hiding in products you eat every single day and that one ingredient you may be trying to avoid, it might be in your favorite meal. and back from the dead. doctors said this cancer patient didn't make it. he proved them and everyone else wrong. we will tell you how it all unfolded right at the funeral home. ♪ and all new on nbc 10 news tonight at 6:00, the boss is back. bruce springsteen's plans for a new book based on his music.
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countless americans, including high-profile celebrities have accepted the als ice bucket challenge this
5:40 pm
summary a and report find it is paying off. the a ls association report it is has received $94.3 million in donations the past month. that's compared to, listen to this 2.7 million during the same time period last year. the donations have come from existing donors as well as more than 2 million new contributors. researchers suggest taking a second look at food labels, claiming they contain no transfats. the new york health department looked at more than 4,000 of the most popular packaged foods. 9% contained partially hydrogenated oils, the source of transfats. 84% had lanes declaring the foods transfat free. you can find out whether food contains transfat by looking at the ingredient list. anything that says partially hydrog hydrogenated oil is a red flag for transfat. government agencies are working to address this issue. speaking of health, the ebola outbreak in west africa
5:41 pm
shows no signs of slowing down. the world health organization warns the number of owe beale la cases could reach 20,000. doctors in liberia say the killer virus is spreading so quickly, they can't get a handle on t ebola killed more than 1500 people in liberia, guinea, nigeria and sierra leone. liberia has recorded the highest number of case and deaths of any of the four countries. how about this story? a brazilian man giving the thumbs up because he is happy to be alive. why, you ask? well, he was pronounced dead at a hospital on sunday. funeral preparations were even under way when his uncle discovered he was still breathing. the man was diagnosed with cancer three months ago. he is now being treated once again. vince lattanzio with this story. reclaiming philadelphia's past through its wood. steve ebber in runs the city's only lumber mill and he is
5:42 pm
working hard to give new life to wood from some of the city's ollest homes and factories. visit on our mobile apps right now to hear why, although this is a new trend, reclaiming that wood, it still has its challenges, it is a digital exclusive story from our partners at read more now on keith? >> thanks, vince. i can't believe i'm about to say this, help me how the here, renee. >> yeah. >> it is the last unofficial weekend of summer. >> makes you sad, doesn't it, keith? >> terrible. >> well, you know, natural lake, a lot of people because it is the last official holiday of the summer, have a lot riding on this forecast. brittney, no pressure. >> no pressure. none taken. but over the next couple of days, it's going to feel really nice, although i am tracking the heat, the humidity, even a chance of storms, i will tell you how that's going to impact your outdoor plans, all coming up in my exclusive nbc 10 first alert holiday weekend forecast. all new on nbc 10 news at 6:00, revel's closing in a matter of days, why is a new
5:43 pm
jersey agency still trying to seize a man's house for a redevelopment project in the court battle happening in the shadow of a failed casino.
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a live look at lincoln financial field in south philadelphia. the birds are taking on the jets a little more than an hour from now the eagles final preseason game a lot of attention tonight will be on the jets' quarterback, michael vick. >> vick will start against his former team and he will do it amid some controversy. comcast sports net's john clark is at lincoln financial field
5:46 pm
with more for us. hey, john. >> reporter: just a little drama. michael vick this week said he was disappointed that riley cooper hasn't stayed in touch with him. take a look at michael vick on the field within the last hour, catching up with his former eagle teammates and last year, remember last summer, riley cooper took a leave of absence from the eagles after using the n-word at a concert here at the link. well, michael vick was a team leader and he really spoke up for riley cooper and helped ease the situation and helped keep riley cooper on the team. well, this past offseason when riley cooper got his big extension, michael vick says he texted him and riley cooper did not text back and michael vick said that disappointed him. today, michael vick says they spoke and everything is all good now. >> i would never disrespect him. you know exit was a miscommunication. i don't ever want it to be that way. and, you know, i knew when i heard him, when we talked
5:47 pm
[ inaudible ] [ poor audio ] didn't have to talk about that too long. conversation tried to talk about you know, how we was both doing and what's going on in each other lives. we talked about that briefly and he moved on. >> reporter: michael vick will start tonight for the jets but he is not gonna play long. no starters for the eagles. matt barkley will play the game and we will hear from him coming up at 6:00. for now, i'm john clark, live at the link, back to you. >> get to pick our high school blitz game of the week for next friday, september 5th. here are your choices -- high school blitz has the best highlights every saturday night at 7:00 right here on nbc 10.
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well, the calendar says august but we are enjoying a brief break from the heat. but don't get used to it the steamy weather will make a return for the holiday weekend. our temperatures today below average, same thing as we head into tomorrow, we are going to turn up the heat, tracking a phoning of of a heat wave as we head into the end of your weekend, into next week. we are also tracking a high rip current risk and stormy holiday for you. go over all the details in your 7-day forecast, live look outside right now, barely a cloud in the sky, nice and mild and comfortable, humidity is low, 35%, 80 degrees with our temperatures in philadelphia. down nine degrees from this time yesterday. the only other thing we are dealing with, breezy conditions right now, once winds gusting 21 miles per hour. fantastic, heading out to the eagles game tonight, 66 in the poconos, 76, allentown, currently. same thing in westchester, 79 in
5:49 pm
wilmington. along the shore, nice and warm, dry, warm air coming in from the northwest. 80 in atlantic city and 81 currently in dover. so it's going to be a nice and mild evening out. same thing as we head into tomorrow. but take a look at a difference a day makes, down 16 degrees in the poconos, down 12 degrees in allentown, 10 in trenton, 7 in wilmington. our average this time of year is 84 degrees, we head into tomorrow, going to start 79, start to reof coulder heading into saturday saturday is going to be the best day of your entire weekend. a closer look at our high rip current risk, hurricane cristob cristobal, off in the atlantic, pulling well away from our shores, causing big swells on the shore line heading into delaware beaches, we have the dangerous rip current situation staying in effect until 11 p.m. still be cautious as you head into the water tomorrow and into the weekend. for the pocono mountains, tomorrow, temperatures in the low 70s, 70 on your saturday. take a look at sunday. we are tracking a chance of thunderstorms, even for the poconos.
5:50 pm
stretching down the shore. on your friday, down the shore, 78 degrees, a rip current risk diminishes a bit, as we head into saturday, 78 degrees, plenty of sunshine, temperatures stay nice on sunday, but we are going to see a chance of thunderstorms as well. we head into the rest of tonight, clear conditions, cooler for us, take a look at our temperatures for our suburbs to the north and west, dropping down to 50 degrees tonight, only 59 for our suburbs, philadelphia, head to tomorrow, workweek, hopefully the day off, you can start your holiday, we are going to see low humidity, temperatures range between 78 and 81 degrees, going to be really nice friday, but this is where things get interesting, so our temperatures start to recover on saturday. take a look at what happens on sunday. 92 degrees, teamy, the humidity returns, chance of storms on sunday, labor day, still dealing with a chance of storms, still in the 90s, 90s again on tuesday and even into next week, we are tracking a late summer heat wave. be safe this holiday weekend. >> good advice, brittney. check this out, new aerials
5:51 pm
of iceland's active volcano shows cracks in a glacier below. scientists believe cracks have formed in the last few days. the region has been hit by several lark, earthquakes. the deep depressions on the glashers a surface could be the sign of an underground eruption. the long holiday weekend already starting for some people. >> there's a double dose of danger out there that could get in the way. waves of worry. the rough surf and the threats they are posing to people on both coasts. on tuesday, we told you about vandalism at two local cement tears. now, we've learned two others have been hit. what the vandals did and how a local community group is stepping in. it's all new on nbc 10 news at 6:00.
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5:54 pm
here's a live look at high waves and choppy surf in malibu, california, as hurricane marie continues to cause dangerous rip currents along the west coast. we are seeing the same dangerous conditions here on the east coast with hurricane cristobal stirring up the atlantic ocean.
5:55 pm
>> as nbc 10 national correspondent, chris clackum shows, us it has been a tense week along both coasts. >> reporter: with most beachgoers only wanting to watch from a distance -- >> we are here seeing it firsthand at a safe distance, but really pretty cool. >> reporter: forecasters expect the ocean swelled by hurricane marie to continue to bring damaging high surf to portions of the southern california coastline through friday. southern californians a third day thursday of epic waves pounding the pier in malibu. it's been a tense week, residents trying to protect beachfront property from an angry ocean and often failing. >> the water was actually all the way up to here in the room. >> reporter: lifeguard building was lost overnight, swallowed up by waves as high as 20 feet. just as more lifeguards are needed to help with dozens of rescues, now necessary because of dangerous rip currents. >> they become a bit of a hazard
5:56 pm
as well. every once in a while, wave will come up and sweep people off their feet. >> reporter: it's the same story back east. beachgoers allowed only to the water's edge because hurricane cristobal's still churning in the atlantic. >> the lifeguards the one that came on, first thing, said it's prohibited. we can not let swimmers into the water. it's just too dangerous. >> reporter: too dangerous from maryland to maine, but calmer waters are expected on both coasts by the weekend, the unofficial last weekend of summer. chris clackum, nbc 10 news. coming up next on nbc 10 news at 6:00, breaking news. >> that's right. just minutes ago, police told us a gambling debt may have led to two men being kidnapped, murdered and then thrown into the schuylkill. police also tell us they think they know who might be responsible for the murderers. nbc 10 is at police headquarters right now. we will have more details coming up in a live report in just minutes. and i'm watching for the potential storms during the holiday weekend and the possibility of a labor day heat
5:57 pm
wave. exclusive nbc 10 first alert forecast is ahead. also new at 6:00, more than 100 animals rescued from a single home, the filthy conditions they were living in and what could happen to the animals now, next on nbc 10 news at 6:00.
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5:59 pm
20 minutes of non-stop news. first, we want to tell you about this. this is just in, just minutes ago. police revealed that gambling debts could be the motive behind two men being kidnapped, murdered and then thrown into the schuylkill river. officers tell us the victims were given money for drugs and instead, they hit the casino. >> tonight, philadelphia police are telling us they have an idea as well who killed those men. the mystery behind a missing new jersey man also studying in israel appears to be solved. let's go to our top story. monique braxton has the latest. i know you have been working this story for the past few days. what can you tell us about these late-breaking details? >> reporter: renee and jim, just moments ago, i spoke with homicide captain james clark and he told us they know who's responsible for this barbaric murder. as we roll some video showing you what's happened the past couple of days, i will recap for you what he told us. sources say the two men found dead, duct taped, bound and floating in the schuylkill river are brothers who lived at
6:00 pm
several different addresses outside the city. we have also learned they are in their late 20s. when asked a source about what happened, i was told one brother was given $100,000 to buy drugs. he gambled the money away at a casino in chester. both reached out to a surviving victim, the person who survived this ordeal for help. when he showed up at the southwest philadelphia home where we were this morning on 72nd street, he only had $40,000, not the $100,000 the brothers had hoped for he saw his friends tied up in that home, accord to a source. they were taken to the river and dumped, as you know, the surviving victim played deed. sources also say a woman and five children left the home yesterday in a hurry. they left with the food still cooking on the stove. that's why police were at the house today. now, our cameras were rolling when the forensic unit removed buckets of roofing materials from a backyard on the 2400 block of 72nd street. you may recall both men who w


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