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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  August 29, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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are you downloading what i'm uploading? call the verizon center for customers with disabilities at 800.974.6006 tty/v right now at 11:00 a.m., a woman is dead after being struck by two different cars. one of the drivers took off. good morning. i'm renee. we're learning more about this accident and the search for one of the drivers involved. it happened around 5:30 this morning at belfield avenue. nbc 10's jesse gary has an update from the scene. >> reporter: philadelphia police searching for one of two cars that hit a woman as she walked across broad street at belfield. witnesses say she was walking east to west when two vehicles traveling southbound, the first a white compact hit her and knocked her into the air and landed on the ground and then a
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second vehicle, a dark-colored car ran over her. >> even if you didn't see her, you should have felt the impact on your car and sad they kept going. >> reporter: the driver of the dark-colored car stopped and helping with the investigation but the white vehicle kept going. witnesses say that woman was in bad shape when they got to her. >> she was breathing but her breathing was very faint and it was sort of panting like -- like that. >> reporter: there's surveillance cameras on the church at the corner and also some of the area businesses that may have captured the accident when it happened and the vehicles as they sped off. investigators hope it aids them in the search. in the logan section of the city, nbc 10 news. a messy cleanup overnight after an accident. a tractor trailer carrying eggs overturned i-76. the driver was taken to the
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hospital with minor injuries. sky force 10 was over a fire inside the home at 52nd and pine streets around 8:30 this morning. everyone made it out of there safely. it took firefighters just a few minutes to get the fire under control. and now taking a look at the expressway on this beautiful getaway day. a lot of people are hitting area highways today as they get a jump on the labor day holiday weekend and very nice weather for at least the first part of the weekend. a lot of cars will end up here at the jersey shore. this is a live look right now at cape may. the skies will be sunny again but there's still a moderate risk of rip currents as cristobal remains out in the atlantic. nbc 10's first alert meteorologist brittney shipp is here. how's it look? >> fantastic, especially the
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rest of today and saturday and things start to change pushing into saturday afternoon and for the rest of your labor day holiday weekend. a look at the temperatures, 70 degrees in allentown. 74 in philadelphia. mild start to the morning at 72 degrees in millville and the shore 72 in avalon. dealing with a moderate rip current risk and be careful in the water today. really even into tomorrow. we want everyone to stay safe. heading into the rest of the afternoon and evening hours today, take a look at the temperatures. we barely push into the 80s. 78 degrees by noon. 79 by 4:00 p.m. and warm, going to see a mild night ahead. 74 degrees by 8:00 p.m. coming up, talking about the late holiday storms and also the possibility of a late summer heat wave. that's all coming up in the first alert 7-day forecast. renee? >> thank you. just over 24 hours, the made in america festival begins in philadelphia. taking a live picture right now
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from the philadelphia museum of art where a dozen performers take to the main stage over the two-day music event. this is the third year that philadelphia hosted the made in america festival. now, some of this year's top headliners include kanye west, kings of leon and pharrell williams. the first performer takes the stage tomorrow just after 1:00. hundreds of thousands of people bought tickets. besides the main stage, there's three other performance areas set up. people need to go through security, one item that organizers say will be allowed is the hydration camelbaks and still some restrictions. >> there is these new things of camelbaks and we have decided that we'll allow you to have them come in but they will have to be empty. if they are not emptied, they will not get in. >> for people not getting tickets yet, there are still some available at online ticketing sites but it kostzs you.
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one-day tickets selling for about $145 and 2-day passes almost $200. nbc is your complete resource guide to the weekend's made in america concert, whether it's a rundown of performers or traffic detours, take us with you heading to the concert to get important information on our app. three people are dead or rather facing drug charges but it's how they were caught that's getting some attention this morning. here's what happened. police were responding to the 3300 block of kensington avenue after a man was shot in the knee. investigators say a stray bullet hit a nearby parked car with those three people inside. well, when officers went to check on those people, they found drugs and guns in the car. police are trying to track down a man that sexually assaulted a teenager. this sketch of the suspect was just released this morning. the attack happened on wednesday while the 16-year-old was on a
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wooded trail near 11th avenue and foundry street. police say the man also tried to rob the teen. family and friends of a student from ocean county gathered for a funeral in israel. here's the scene outside the service in jerusalem. people gathered where aaron was studying. his body was found yesterday nearly a week after the 23-year-old disappeared in israel. nbc 10 was in lakewood early this morning as dozens turned out to watch a live feed of the funeral online. most family members are in israel right now. we talked with a local jewish leader of the sudden loss for this family. >> it's an amazing family. hard working, fun, caring, loving family. upstanding citizens of society. and very unfortunate that this tragedy happened to them and it's important for me to have them know that i care about them. >> searchers found the body
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about a mile from where he was last seen. investigators say he was hiking and there are no signs of foul play. happening right now, upper darby, a detective on the stand in the trial of a woman accused of kidnapping a 5-year-old girl out of the school. earl ler, jurors heard of another police officer first on the keen when the girl was found. he testified he helped the girl warm up in the car and also today an alternate juror excused because of a family emergency. the suspect is expected to take the stand in her own defense before the trial wraps up. and happening today, classes back in session at the delaware valley charter high school but with increased security measures there. nbc 10 was at the school in the logan section of the city as students showed up for class this morning. the principal says safety is a top priority and why they increased security for the school. new procedures are better
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screening of students entering and hall sweeps where security guards will perform checks on each classroom. now, back in january, as you will remember, there was a shooting inside the gym of the charter school. two students were injured, two other teens were charged in connection with that shooting. happening right now, new jersey governor chris christie at the jersey shore ahead of the holiday weekend and currently on the boardwalk where merchants report better business this summer. it is nearly two years now since superstorm sandy destroyed the boardwalk there. later this afternoon, the governor will stop at jenkinson's boardwalk in point pleasant mayor. atlantic city's mayor will talk about the casino closures. showboat is closing this coming sunday. monday, the revel casino hotel will close the doors and then trump plaza shutting down september 16th. more than 6,000 casino workers will lose their jobs. pressure is mounting for the
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white house to take action in the crisis in syria. we'll tell you what options the president is considering when it comes to the militant group isis. that's coming up. dramatic video of a volcanic eruption this morning. we'll tell you where this is happening and tell you how it's affecting international travel. and it's going to be a cool start to the holiday weekend and tracking the return of heat, humidity, even storms. i'll let you know what to expect in the first alert 7-day forecast.
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a volcano erupts in papua, new guinea, this morning. several communities were evacuated and some international flights were diverted. according to local residents, about half an inch of ash covered surrounding areas as the volcano spewed a massive column of ash and smoke. and then in iceland, scientists say there's a new sign at a volcano there may soon erupt. this aerial look over the volcano shows cracks in a glacier. the caldrons are believed to have just formed over the past few days, possibly because of a sub glacial eruption. the row of cracks stretch for four miles and the caldrons are about 50 feet deep. with pressure mounting in syria and rush why's involvement in ukraine, president obama says the u.s. isn't ready to take action. nbc 10 national correspondent tracy potts reports from
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washington. >> i don't want to put the cart before the horse. we don't have a strategy yet. >> reporter: the u.s. has hit more than 100 isis targets in iraq, our people are there, military, diplomats. but in syria where isis is strong, president obama says it's too early to order air strikes and asking the pentagon for options and sending secretary of state kerry back do the middle east for other countries to be on board. >> right now, those structures are not in place. >> reporter: with congress still out of town, some lawmakers feared president obama would order air strikes in syria without congressional approval. >> that's not what's going to happen. it is going to be important for congress to know what that is in part because it may cost some money. >> reporter: experts wonder whether air strikes would work. >> not enough in my judgment to actually push them out of areas where they currently are well established. that's going to be a longer term challenge. >> reporter: another challenge -- ukraine.
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nato says russia sent 1,000 soldiers in to fight the government. the u.s. may consider more sanctions, the president says, but no troops. >> it is not in the cards for us to see a military confrontation between russia and the united states in this region. >> reporter: and new this morning, russia is reacting to nato's insistence they're moving in. he says the pictures were from a computer game. tracy potts, nbc news, washington. u.n. forces are monitoring the border of israel and syria after the capture of dozens of u.n. peacekeepers. the u.n. is working to secure the release and told they're alive and unharmed. various rebel groups including the al qaeda linked have been fighting the syrian military near that border. the military now says an f-15 pilot aftdied after crashi
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in the virginia mountains. he reported an in-flight emergency before he then lost radio contact. the name is yet to be released. today closing arguments are beginning in the trial of former virginia governor mcdonald and his wife maureen. the prosecution rested the case yesterday. the couple is accused of taking more than $177,000 in gifts from a businessman in exchange for promoting the company's dietary supplements. if convicted, they could face decades in prison and millions of dollars in fines. an armed man shot and killed by police outside a day care center in minnesota. authorities say they were called out after receiving a call about a suspicious vehicle outside the facility. when officers arrived, they say the armed man jumped out of the car with a gun. that's when police shot him. two other men in the car were taken into custody. no one inside that day care was injured. in seattle, washington, seven people were hurt after a
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suv crashed into a hair salon. three of those victims were pinned by the suv. the others suffered burns inside the building after the crash sparked several fires. authorities say it could have been worse, though, if it wasn't for quick thinking witnesses. >> smoky. you couldn't see from your hand. but we just kept pulling debris because they said -- we heard there was a kid in the car. two kids in the car. >> and there's more. the fire department had to install braces to hold up the building after the accident caused it to start cracking. the nfl has changed the policy on domestic violence after the controversial suspension of baltimore ravens runs degree back ray rice. this incident inside revel casino in february started it all showing rice dragging apparently unconscious fiancee out of an elevator. the couple since married. rice avoided trial entering counseling and the nfl suspended
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him two games. many said the punishment should have been more severe and the commissioner announced a first time offender can get a six-game suspension and a repeat offender could be banned for life. the new policy goes into effect immediately. now, in a letter to owners, goodell commented about suspension saying, quote, i didn't get it right. simply put, we have to do better. nascar driver tony stewart will return to racing this weekend three weeks after a crash that killed a fellow driver. stewart will compete at atlanta motor speedway on sunday. the three-time nascar champ said he sat out three races to grieve for kevin ward jr. and his family. stewart's car hit ward during a race in upstate new york on august 9th. officials say the accident happened after ward climbed out of his car and walked down on the dirt track to confront stewart after spinning out. this morning, joan rivers is
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resting comfortably at a new york hospital after she went into cardiac arrest yesterday. now, this all happened while rivers was having minor throat surgery at a doctor's office. she was immediately rushed to the hospital. the 81-year-old was scheduled to perform a show in new jersey this evening. of course, that was postponed because of this hospitalization. good morning. we are going to see a very nice end of your work week and holiday weekend. we head into the rest of today, the average for the time of year, 84. today in the high 70s. a stormy holiday for us. second half of the weekend we expect to see storms back in the forecast and we're tracking the possibility of a heat wave. a closer look outside right now, the city skyline, clouds. we are going to see temperatures staying in the 70s so 74 degrees right now for philadelphia.
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43% humidity. that's a nice and comfortable day. the air is calm. versus yesterday with wind gusts closer to 20, 25 miles per hour. and throughout the rest of our region, we are at 66 degrees in the poconos. 71 in reading. 69 in westchester. 72 degrees in wilmington. 73 degrees nice and comfortable in stone harbor and our average is 84. so as we head into tomorrow, our temperatures will recover a bit closer to that average. but take a look at what happens on sunday. we push right towards the low 90s and we stay there for a few days so a closer look now at our radar, seeing a few high thin clouds. mild conditions expected in most of the friday and heading into saturday, the big difference is our temperatures are going to warm up. we are also going to see an increase in the humidity. we'll see our air coming up from the south. that's moisture to head into our region and that's going to help prepare us for sunday's showers and even storms and expect to see showers and storms
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throughout your sunday starting closer to 6:00 a.m. and then lingering. look at monday around 6:00 a.m. dealing with the possibility of those showers and even isolated thunderstorms. as far as today is concerned, the temperatures range between 77 and 80 degrees. sunny and nice for us. southeasterly wind 4 to 9 miles per hour. for the poconos, low 70s today, tomorrow we do push back into the high 70s by sunday. with the chance of thunderstorms so really out of all three days with monday off, saturday is the golden day, especially down the shore so for today, 77 heading into your saturday, 78. one thing to point out for today down the shore, rip currents. we have a moderate rip current risk and be careful in the water today and that's probably going to extend into tomorrow. on your sunday, temperatures warm a bit but we also are dealing with the chance of thunderstorms making saturday the best day. 7-day forecast shows we'll see temperatures today at 79 and going to be a beautiful friday. heading into saturday, partly
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sunny. 83 degrees. look at sunday. we are expecting evening showers, possibility of a few isolated thunderstorms, 92. we could have a heat wave on our hands reaching 90 again on monday. another chance of storms, seam thing on tuesday heading back to work. it's going to be a stormy start to the work week and then 93 degrees. we don't drop out of the 90s until thursday. one teacher lands in hot water over some social media posts. she sent tweets that some parents find shocking. we'll tell you what they said, coming up. and weight loss surgery could do more than help people lose weight. a study shows what it could do for people's brains.
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a new government report shows that a majority of children are being vaccinated against serious diseases. data of 2013 shows vaccination coverage topped 0% for all recommended vaccinations and less than 1% of children were not immunized at all. health officials say that many parents struggling to get the recommended shots after the child turns 2, especially those liv living in poverty. officials say they should help about free immunizations to uninsured or low income children. an experimental procedure could help treat memory loss of
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stroke or alzheimer's or trauma. scientists send pulses into the brain for stimulation. well, after three treatments patients had improved memory regions of the brain and were able to learn new information more easily. scientists say more studies are needed to determine if this is a safe and effective treatment for memory disorders. and a new study finds bariatric surgery not only helps treat obesity but may improve brain function. obesity is linked to an increased risk of alzheimer's disease. but when researchers did brain scans and tests on more than a dozen women before and after bariatric surgery, they found improved planning, organizing and strategizing abilities. an ominous warning about ebola. see why the world health organization says all countries should be prepared to deal with the virus. we'll have an update on the
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checking out our top stories this friday, philadelphia police looking for one of the driver who is hit a woman early this morning in logan. police say she was crossing the street around 5:00 this morning at broad and belfield and hit twice. the woman died from her injuries. one of the vehicles stopped but the other did not. tractor trailer carrying eggs overturned on the schuylkill expressway this morning. sky force 10 was over the scene as workers cleaned up the mess out there. the driver was taken to the hospital with minor injuries. president obama spoke about possible military action in syria saying, quote, we don't have a strategy yet.
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the president spoke to his national security advisers yesterday about the options for confronting isis. the u.s. is already using air strikes to target isis groups in iraq. and right now, last-minute preps being made for the made in america festival in philadelphia. taking a live picture from the art museum which is the center of the two-day music event, the third annual festival is expected to bring in hundreds of thousands of people. nbc 10 is live on the ben franklin parkway and some road closures have gone into effect, snatd. >> reporter: that's right. i'll talk about that in a moment but the final preparations are under way. we are one day away. look at the activity going on behind me here. they're getting ready for four separate concert stages set up for made in america this weekend. the bigger issue, though, for the short term is the traffic around this area. just 90 minutes ago, the ben franklin parkway around the art museum area shot down.
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that includes the inner lanes from 20th street up through where we're and addkins oval and 20th to 25th streets, kelly drive and mlk are also affected for the rest of the holiday weekend. so for now, slow going to get away from this area. see traffic is moving. ever so slowly through this area here. quite a bit of honking as drivers get used to the new traffic pattern. you can see that white tent. that's the entrance and the gates will open at noon tomorrow. nearly 50 performers entertain the clouds through sunday night. three years now for made in america and the organizer had a chance to iron out most of the wrinkles. i'm about to talk to the organizers now to find out what has to get done. i will have that later on this afternoon. for now, live along the ben franklin parkway. nbc 10 news. >> thanks, matt. your complete resource guide to the weekend's concert, whether it's a rundown of
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performers or traffic detours, take us with you headed to the concert to get important information on our nbc 10 news app. and a live look outside on this beautiful friday morning. leading into the holiday weekend. taking a shot of the ben franklin bridge, a bridge a lot of people will be crossing heading toward the shore. here's the destination for a lot of folks. a live look here. this is popular place always but never more so than labor day weekend. you are looking at cape may. should be a beautiful day at the shore, as well as the delaware beaches. another popular spot. but a moderate rip current risk still exists due to the presence of cristobal offshore. nbc 10's first alert meteorologist brittney shipp here with the forecast. >> you want to be careful down the shore going in the water but we are going to see a beautiful end to the work week. hopefully you have an extra day
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or so and head down to the beach early. nice start to the morning here throughout philadelphia. take a look at the skyline. few high, thin clouds. low humidity. the air is calm. you can't beat a morning like that. beautiful on the friday. a closer look at the beach community currents. 72 degrees in atlantic city. 73 here in avalon. 68 in lewis and you can see our wind speed with the shift and right now coming in from the north. we are still dealing with a moderate rip current risk. wind speed direction shifts again and making for humid conditions heading into tomorrow. today we'll still stay dry but as we approach the saturday, to kick off labor day weekend, 70 degrees and nice by noon and seeing temperatures closer to 77 and we are going to push closer to the mid-80s as we head into your saturday. i'll go over all the details on the storms that are back in the forecast over your labor day weekend coming up in the first alert 7-day forecast. renee? >> thank you. well, nine years ago today,
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hurricane katrina made landfall ripping through the gulf coast states of mississippi and la l and flooding new orleans. more than 1,500 people were killed in that. new orleans will mark this ninth anniversary with rallies, benefits and service activities. and we're about two weeks away from the september 11th anniversary and this year people will be able to visit the 9/11 memorial pra pla sa on the anniversary date. the memorial president says visiting the plaza provides a meaningful vantage point to view the tribute and light and closed to the public during a remembrance ceremony and for most of that day. but from 6:00 through midnight it will open to the general public. this morning in philadelphia firehouse reopened after nearly a year after being damaged by fire. nbc 10 was there for the reopening ceremony at ladder 2 at 4th and arch streets in old city. over 11 months, new doors, win
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does, ceilings and other fee churls were installed at a cost of nearly $500,000. sky force 10 was over the fire last september. since then, firefighters have been working out a nearby firehouse. today, they're joined back together again. philadelphia housing authority planning to implode another public housing high-rise similar to this one back in 2008. last night, the housing authority went over the plans to implode the 16-story queen lane public housing apartment tower in germantown. this is scheduled to happen on september 13th. residents who live nearby say they have safety concerns about this project. >> you want to tell me i can't breathe now and tell me i'm going to be able to breathe later? >> what about our son's asthma and my neighbor breaking into hives and the rodents? >> the city has promised to monitor air quality, repair damages and trap any rodents that may escape the building. dozens of homes nearby will be
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evacuated as a precaution on the day of the implosion. when college students of west africa arrived in the u.s. they could face extra health screenings because of the e 0 bah outbreak. there's no expect recommendations but some health departments are warning colleges what symptoms to look for and how to react. this year, there are more than 10,000 students from west africa studying at u.s. universities. the world health organization is warning other countries to be prepared in case the virus spreads across the borders. they're estimating the outbreak to grow six times larger infecting as many as 20,000 people. 11 countries in africa have already received protective equipment for the country's medical personnel. >> countries that are bordering the affected countries are more likely to have people moving across so they have to be extra aware. but asking all countries in the world to be prepared in case
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they should see a case of ebola. >> scientists are fast tracking efforts to find a treatment, including a new trial in the u.s. for an experimental vaccine. and flu season can begin as early as october but some doctors warning they're already seeing cases of it. a texas doctor says she's already seen a handful of positive flu tests this summer. she calls this a spike because it's highly unusual to get positive flu tests months away from the official start of flu season. >> what this tells me is get ready, here it comes. school has just begun. the kids are closer together. i suspect we may see a resurgence of the flu perhaps in higher numbers than before. >> the doctor advises people to get the flu shot as soon as they can. it's a done deal. governor tom corbitt agreed to a plan to make pennsylvania the latest state to accept medicaid
11:38 am
expansion. the governor's healthy pennsylvania plan was approved by federal regulators meaning 500,000 low income residents may be eligible for federally funded health insurance. you can get private plan but conform to medicaid's existing rules. enrollment will begin december 1st with coverage starting january 1st. governor corbitt spoke about the new changes. >> it means we're able to change the health care landscape here in pennsylvania with a plan that is specifically developed for pennsylvania. not something that was developed in washington. >> governor corbett has been critical of president obama's health care overhaul and refused to accept federal money for the plan until key changes were made. new jersey drivers may get a break from the red light cameras. the star ledger reports governor chris christie is considering not renewing the state's red light camera program. this expires in december. if the program is renewed, it
11:39 am
would have to go through the assembly and the senate, as well. tickets were just thrown out for 17,000 drivers last week after the company that runs the camera system made an error. police are investigating california teacher after some social media posts that some parents call offensive. school administrators given the teacher christa hodges a written reprima reprimand. parents are upset to see her back in the classroom. here's a look at the tweets posted just before the end of the school year. the first one reads, quote, i already want to stab some kids, is that bad? 19 more days. here's another. so happy to be done with school for ten days. but especially to be away from the ones who truly try my patient and make my trigger finger itchy. police say it doesn't matter where the threat is coming from. they're taking this matter seriously. some people living in florida say they were offended
11:40 am
by a sign hanging on the door of a pizza shop. the sign was posted on the door of nice guys pizza in cape coral and listed the hours with some explicit language to tell customers they were closed. some offended people took the concerns to the city and said that while city code prohibits the use of on scene signs, profanity doesn't count. >> not very business-like. vulgar. really not the type of sign to have in this area, especially with children and families. >> the owners of nice guys are currently out of the country. but they did put out a statement on facebook apologizing for the sign and telling customers their attempt at humor was not malicious. there's a real buzz about apple's upcoming announcement and not just a new product they're speculating. when's the structure the tech
11:41 am
giant is building in the town it calls home? and it's going to be a nice and unseasonably cool end to the work week as we gear up for the holiday. we have a big change on the way. i'll let you know what to expect coming up.
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there it goes. take a look at the train which
11:44 am
moves as fast as an airplane. central japan railway is inviting people to fill out an application to go for a test drive. the train won't in service until 2027. but when it is, people can travel between tokyo and nagayo in 40 minutes. right now it takes 90 minutes. well, a woman accused of being a serial stowaway and talking about the most recent arrest. 62-year-old marilyn jean hartman said authorities let her on planes just so they can arrest her. hartman says she is homeless, suffers from whistle-blower trauma syndrome and medically diagnosed with major depression. her most recent arrest was tuesday in phoenix. hartman said she challenged airport security to expose the vulnerabilities. >> why has the government allowed me to get past security points until i force the issue back in february?
11:45 am
and pretty much had to beg to be arrested. >> hartman was also arrested in early august at the san jose airport for bypassing security and boarding a flight without a ticket. the judge in that case ordered her to stay away from airports unless she has a ticket. suzuki is recalling more than 19,000 mid-sized cars due to spiders. the automaker says webs can clog a fuel vapor vent hose in some 2010 to 2013 cars. a clogged vent can cause cracks and fuel leaks in the gas tank. suzuki says it will replace the vent line with one that has a filter on the end. hmm. apple has finally confirmed it is making an announcement at a special event on september 9th. industry observers expect the company to unveil both the iphone 6 and the iwatch. the company sent out invitations with the tag line we wish we
11:46 am
could tell you more. outside the event where the announcement will take place a mysterious white structure is spotted and kept under tight wraps behind a barricade and under heavy security. the event is held at the same place where steve jobs introduced the original mac 30 years ago. samsung is showing off what it says is the first smart watch to make and receive calls without a mobile phone nearby. the gear s has a two-inch curved display and wi-fi, pedestrian navigation and a built-in gps. it will hit the u.s. market in october. and google is testing drone deliveries in australia as part of the project wing. more than 36 special deliveries made with a first aid kit, water bottle and dog treats. the project is part of google's experimental x-lab. well, as taxed as air
11:47 am
conditioner warriors this summer, running up electric bills across the country, there is something else to pay attention to if they're interested in cutting the energy costs. the story now from nbc's chris clackum. >> reporter: americans are vigilant this summer but experts say there's still more to do to reduce what's called vampire energy. that's wasted energy when something's left on, even when not in use. >> from the smartphones to your dvd players to your xbox and television sets, there's so many gadgets consuming electricity. >> reporter: a phone charger plugged but not charging is vampire energy. but an even higher waste of energy, according to consumer saving expert is found near your television set. >> cable boxes use so much energy. they're growing to become one of the biggest energy consuming
11:48 am
items and gadgets in the home. >> reporter: she says cut the cable box off when you're away. even if just for the day. >> cable box uses the same amount of energy in the off mode that it does on. >> reporter: better yet, switch off the power switch to the electronics plugged into. definitely doing it when away for an extended period of time. just like you're supposed to do resetting the thermostat and the temperature on the hot water heater. >> definitely turn it to a lowest setting or completely off and help you cut costs there, as well. >> reporter: in fact, she says most american households live with 120-degree hot water instead of 140 degrees set by most manufacturers. chris clackum, nbc 10 news. happy friday. we are going to see unseasonably cool temperatures heading into the rest of the afternoon. and even as we push into tomorrow, well, you are going to
11:49 am
be below average and tracking the returns of storms and even the return of humidity and heat wave possibly on our hands. a live look outside right now, city skyline. we push into the rest of your late morning, staying in the low 70s. 74 degrees right now in philadelphia. humidity is down at 43%. the air is calm. it is a nice way to head out to lunch on this friday. but across the rest of the region, 71, plenty of sunshine in reading. sunny skies over atlantic city with temperatures at 73 degrees and as we head into the rest of today, we are staying well below the average which is 84. right now, throughout the rest of the beach communities, only at 68 degrees in lewis. we do want to point out dealing with a moderate rip current risk. be careful going into the water throughout all of today and heading into the early evening and should be careful heading into tomorrow. it takes a while for the ocean to settle down. temperatures across the rest of the area here, really across the rest of the country, we're in the 80s here in durham.
11:50 am
78 degrees in cincinnati. mid-80s in nashville. maybe heading to st. louis on this long labor day weekend. mid-80s there, as well. our future temperature shows mild air hanging around the region. but as we head into your saturday, we'll see warm conditions returning, by sunday, hot temperatures by monday. we're still dealing with hot conditions so we have a heat wave brewing and possibly starts on sunday. i say possibly because we need three days straight of 90-degree temperatures and right at the threshold of 90 degrees for most of those days. heading into the rest of today, we'll keep with mostly clear skies, plenty of sunshine for us. mostly clear heading into tonight and then mild conditions remain for us on our friday and saturday we start to see more of our wind direction from the south so humid conditions expected for us and then by sunday we'll see changes here. not for the start of your sunday. sunday morning looks fine. pushing into the afternoon, we'll see a different story. by 4:00 p.m., light rain fall in the parts of the i-95 corridor,
11:51 am
the suburbs, the poconos. one of the last places to see rain fall on sunday will be the shore. monday, seeing the showers lingering into the morning and possibly the afternoon and then another round is expected as we push into tuesday. for today, temperatures range between 77 and 80 degrees. sunny and nice. and your pocono mountain forecast shows today and tomorrow the low 70s. high 70s on sunday. tracking a chance of a thunderstorm, same thing for the shores. high 70s, nice and comfortable. 7-day forecast shows heading into saturday, partly sunny, humidity increases by sunday. tracking afternoon showers, 92 degrees and then take a look at what happens with the temperatures. it stays in the 90s all the way straight through until wednesday. and we'll be right back.
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you get to pick our high school blitz game of the week for next friday, september 5th and the choices are council rock north at simon gratz. holy spirit or upper darby on the road. go to or our facebook page to vote once per day or call or text your one-time vote to 610-624-4111.
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high school blitz has the best highlights every saturday night at 7:00 as you know right here on nbc 10. coming up this afternoon on nbc 10 news starting at 4:00, casino swan song. final days for showboat and revel before closing leaving thousands of people out of work. the efforts to help those soon to be unemployed and the impact the somber circumstances are having on this holiday weekend. that's all this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. and then all new at 5:00, drunk diners and fall-down drunk condition and the bad behavior all caught on camera. tonight, the demands that one restaurant stop its boozey brunches as neighbors are now taking a stand. and all new on nbc 10 news at 6:00, you could be driving through the most dangerous intersections in america. the new number that is show a serious safety problem on our local roads. now an update on the top story. the search is on for one of the drivers who hit a woman crossing
11:56 am
the street in logan. the woman who has not yet been identified died from her injuries. police say she was crossing the street 5:00 this morning when she was hit twice, one of the vehicles stopped. the other kept going. we'll stay on top of the story for you. brittney shipp is here with a check on the afternoon forecast. >> a beautiful day friday forecast. i think a lot of folks are already down at cape may getting an early jump start on the holiday weekend. now, i have changes pushing into the week. take a look at the 7-day forecast. today, 79, beautiful. tomorrow, partly sunny, humidity increases a bit. 83 degrees. look at what happens on sunday. we are tracking afternoon showers, even isolated thunderstorms and then temperatures switch all the way into the 90s. 92 degrees on sunday. that's just a start of it. we do a repeat with 90-degree temperatures on monday for labor and showers and thunderstorms possible linger. >> thank you. thank you for watching at 11:00. for all of us here at nbc 10,
11:57 am
thank you for watching. have a great day. we'll see you back here at 4:00.
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>> maggie: okay. victor. >> victor: [clears throat] >> maggie: oh, no. >> victor: what, you don't like them? >> maggie: well, you said you wanted to talk to me, and there's flowers. and you've got that puppy dog look on your face. what have you done now? >> will: thought you were at work for the day. >> sonny: good to see you too. i left this behind. i need it at work. >> will: fine. >> sonny: [sighs] damn it, will. you were up and out of bed with ari before i got up this morning. and you're only here now because you thought i was at work? >> will: pretty much. >> sonny: so we didn't talk


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