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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  August 29, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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>> reporter: the school district has notified parents. we are working on that aspect for you at 5:00. this just in to the nbc 10 newsroom. an up skirting case in delaware county leads to an arrest. police are afraid there could be more victims. brian bailey is accused of using his iphone to talk pictures up a woman's skirt. this happened last friday. police took surveillance photos from the store and used image recognition software to identify bailey. investigators say he was on probation for a similar incident. they are looking at his iphone just -- that they just confiscated. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with the countdown to the labor day holiday. gas prices are dropping. the weather is comfortable. just a perfect start to the long holiday weekend. people not wasting any time getting out of town. >> here say look at what some
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people will encounter from this live look at traffic on the schuylkill expressway. a lot of company out there. the roads are packs.s 500,000 p travel this weekend. from the philadelphia area to the shore and your first alert forecast, count on nbc 10 for everything you need to know to get ready for the holiday celebrations. we begin with tim furlong live in rehoboth beach. a great start to the holiday weekend. >> reporter: it strikes me you know how around the holidays you hear businesses saying it wasn't a great season in and you hear it hasn't been that great? different story this year. everyone in delaware is thrilled this year. they say business has been great. they are thrilled this summer, more people than ever decided to try out a vacation here in the 302. >> i just got here. i like it though. it's nice. >> reporter: this summer tourism officials and local beach business owners say it seems
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like more people skipped their normal beach routine to give rehoboth a try. >> it's different from atlantic city. everybody seems nice. it's just -- i can't explain. it's just nice. >> reporter: the traffic getting in and out of the delaware beach towns is rough. but the delaware weekend weather has been nice for all but one summer weekend. there are more dining options this year. there's a great swing your boogie board in the air vibe. the ice cream is cold. the sunscreen is flowing. hotels are packed. this has been a record-setting summer for businesses. it is more popular than ever delaware beach town. >> this is very nice. the weather was beautiful. the crowds were perfect. water was great. >> reporter: and just a gorgeous afterneen here. it's getting busy as people come off the beach and find their ways to the stores, rides and restaurants. at 5:30, up the coast. we will talk about this idea that businesses have, this idea
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they are trying to get you to not think about labor day as the end of summer. they say summer just keeps on going and they want you to keep coming down in september and october. we will talk about that coming up at 5:30. live in rehoboth beach, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. despite what the lady said -- they are having a good time in atlantic city. despite what the lady said in tim furlong's piece, this city is hoping you will spend the holiday weekend here. the city transformed to kick off the long weekend. there are crafts, clothing, books and much more for sale. restaurants are also offering item from their menus. live entertainment and activities for the kids also provided. as the holiday weekend gets under way, a reminder about the rip current risk at the beaches as cristobal moves deeper into the atlantic. that risk is easing. swimmers need to be alert. let's check in with nbc first
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chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> it's not nearly as bad as it was over the last couple of days. of course, the reason is cristobal has moved away. this is where it was a couple of days ago. right off the east coast. it has really zoomed out into the north atlantic. it's going to be gone pretty soon. as it was moving to the north, it kept pushing the water on the east side toward our area. that's what led to all of these problems. but as soon as it started making that right turn, it took a lot of the waves that way, out into the middle of the atlantic. so that allows the ocean to calm down, plus the offshore winds we have have had. the rip currents are slowly diminishing. you still have to be careful out there, but it is certainly an improvement. the weather is going to change over the holiday weekend. i will get into those details
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with the seven-day in a few minutes. right now to brittney shipp who is live in new hope on this spectacular day. >> on a spectacular day, that's right. it's unseasonably cool. look behind me. business owners hope that will bring people out to celebrate the labor day weekend holiday, just a little bit early today. as you can see, it's crowded. they have their american flags out blowing. they are doing special discounts, arts and crafts, live music tonight. you can see everyone is in shorts. you don't need a jacket. as we head into this evening, it is possible, especially in our higher elevations closer to the poconos, you will need a life jacket with temperatures into the 50s. we expect mostly clear skies. if you are staying closer to the city, expect temperatures to reach the low to mid 60s. same for the shore, dropping into the 60s for this evening. a beautiful night ahead. but we do have changes on the way for the rest of our labor
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day holiday weekend. he will be back with his full forecast in a bit. live in one of the cutest towns i have ever been in, i'm reporting live in new hope. we will send it back to you in the studio. >> couldn't agree. more. the two day made in america festival, the event kicks off in less than 24 hours. it features dozens of perform performers. matt delucia got a behind the scenes look. everything ready? >> reporter: almost. i will at the you, by now most people are ready to start their labor day weekend. behind the scenes here at made in america, the intense labor continues. >> it's a good crowd. it's a nice crowd. everybody seems to be enjoying themselves. >> reporter: this man will not be one of the estimated 80,000 people going to made in america this weekend. but he will feel like he's part of it. walking by 22nd and the parkway
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this afternoon, after times he moved faster than cars. >> the detour signs aren't very good. >> reporter: a lot of drivers having problems? >> right here it's all jammed up. >> reporter: police put the final road close nurz place at 10:00 a.m. shulting down the busy area. venturing off the road, we got an inside look at the makeshift concert venue. in less than 24 hours, this empty space will be packed with paying concertgoers. even in the final hours, stages are still being assembles. kara lives nearby and says the inconvenience will be worth it later. >> this is my normal walk to work, down the parkway. now they are blocking the streets. i can't get down the parkway. i can't complain too much. i'm going. i'm going to enjoy it. >> reporter: all day we could hear hammering. now we hear sound checks.
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this place will be ready to go. you see the giant made in america sign, that rolled up just about an hour ago. that will go up over the entrance. we have four stages, nearly 50 musicians. all in two days, the gates open tomorrow at noon. if you are trying to get around, we have a fill list of the road closures on quickly, earlier this morning around 10:00 when the closures went into affect, it was really jammed up in this area. then it cleared up for a while. now we have everyone heading home from work. from what i can see here, a lot of cars just trying to get through. if you need to head around the center city area, best to plan and alternate right if you want to get home quickly. live in center city this afternoon, i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> good advice there. is your complete resource guide to this weekend's made in america concert. whether it's a rundown of perform performers, traffic detours, take us with you so you can get
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important information on our nbc 10 news app. new video in to nbc 10 of a robbery and shooting outside a northeast philadelphia grocery store that left a man wounded. we brought you this as breaking news yesterday. police looking for two suspects. keith jones has been going over that surveillance video in our death tal operations center. >> the victim told police they stole $70,000. if you get to the video, it happened at a pathmark parking lot. you see the 37-year-old victim pull up in the minivan. he owns several businesses nearby. hoped to make a deposit at a bank near by. seconds later, two suspects block him in using the white dodge van. the first gets out and runs around the driver's side. a second suspect can be seen following him. police said they tried to get in and when they couldn't, they shot the victim in the arm. you can see one suspect run around the minivan, break the
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passenger side window, take the victim's deposit bag containing, as the victim told police, $70,000. there he is in the passenger side. then the suspects drove away. police arrived shortly after. you can clearly see the busted out front window of the victim's minivan. this happened right next to the roosevelt mall. both men were wearing black masks. they waited on their victim for more than an hour. the victim is in stable condition. as for the two suspects, police say if you know anything about them, you should call your nearest police department. live in the death tigital opera center, keith jones. court adjourned early in the christina regusters trial. th she is accused of taking a 5-year-old from her school and assaulting her. today a juror was excused
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because of a family emergency. the first police to arrive on the scene took the stand. he found her under a swing set in a park. he testified he carried her to his patrol car and blasted the heat to warm her up. a student from ocean county was laid to rest in israel overnight. sofer's body was found in the area he had disappeared from. this was the scene outside the service in jerusalem. people gathered at the school why the 23-year-old american was study i studying. nbc 10 was in lakewood as dozens turned out to watch a live feed of the funeral online. family members are in israel. we talked with a local jewish leader about the sudden loss for this family. >> it's an amazing family. hard working, fun, caring, loving family.
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upstanding citizens of society. it's very unfortunate that this tragedy happened to them. it's important for me to have them know that i care about them. >> searchers found sofer's body a mile from where he was last seen. investigators do not think a crime was committed. safety takes on new meaning at a philadelphia charter school. >> this is happening as students and staff head back to class. security is tighter at the school in logan because of a shooting earlier this year. the school's principal says safety is a top priority. new proceeders include better screening of students entering the building and hall sweeps where security guards will perform checks on each classroom. >> what we did was we tightened up system up. we armed our school a bit better to try to make sure is that we don't have that same thing occur again. >> back in january, there was a shooting inside the gym at the charter school. two students were hurt. two other teens were charged in connection with that shooting.
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a final decision should be made in the next few weeks about the future of the struggling delaware charter school. the state charter school accountability committeed me today by the institute. they voted to revoke the school's charter. it serves low income african-american children. they turned in the lowest standardized tests last year in delaware. the state will make a final decision september 18. sky force 10 over a house fire in west philadelphia. it started inside this home at 52nd and pine around 8:30 this morning. everyone made it out okay. it took firefighters a few minutes to get the fire under control. a chester county teenager died after jumping into a pond to retrieve a soccer ball. it happened at the ansonb. nixon park last night. witnesses say the 17-year-old swam toward the ball which had been thrown into the pond. the teen then began to struggle
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before slipping under the water. police say the pond is about eight feet deep. a woman is dead this afternoon after she was hit by two different cars, one after another. police say only one of the drivers stopped. police say the first car to hit the unidentified woman sent her tliing into the air. that car sped off. after that, she was hit again by a second car. the person driving that car did stop and talk to police. this happened at broad and bellfield as the woman tried to cross the street. a witness said she was breathing after she was hit but police tell us she later died at einstein hospital. >> even if you didn't see her, you should have felt the impact. you know? i think it's sad that they kept going like that. >> police are looking for a white compact car. a man who previously served on the west goshan board of supervisors is stepping in for a friend. last night the board of
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supervisors appointed edward mekam to take his place.and kil left this grocery store. board members shared memories and condolences at last night's meeting. owe served on the board 18 years before he retired in 2011. he says he is honored to fill white's position. tony stewart talked for first time today since hitting and killing a fellow driver during a race three weeks ago. >> nbc's chris clackum records, stewart says he will resume racing this weekend. >> reporter: a still visibly shaken tony stewart ee mermed from three weeks of seclusion to talk about the death of kevin ward junior, who was struck and killed by stewart at a dirt track race in upstate new york. >> this has been one of the toughest tragedies i have ever had to deal with professionally and personally. this is something that will
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affect my life forever. >> reporter: stewart is in atlanta. his car is being prepared for the race there this weekend, his first race since ward's death. >> i have taken the last couple weeks off. out of respect for kevin and his family. and also to cope with the accident in my own way. >> reporter: the sheriff's department in new york is still investigating what led to ward's death and is yet to rule out criminal charges against the three-time nascar champion. neither stewart nor nascar will commend but his fellow drivers are pleased he is back. >> in the end, it's a very tragic accident with a lot of emotion attached to it from everybody's side. you just have to support tony as a person. >> i'm sure that the last few weeks have been long for tony and it's been the hardest thing he has ever gone through. that's what he said to me. i'm happy that he is back. >> reporter: stewart says he is anxious to get back. >> i think being back in the car this week with my racing family
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will help me get through this difficult time. >> reporter: he hasn't spoken directly to ward's family but did send flowers for his funeral. chris clackum, nbc news. from our delaware bureau, hundreds of people in the state who applied for health insurance under the affordable care act have just a week left to verify their immigration status. if they don't, they will lose their insurance. 700 people who applied for health insurance in delaware were notified of inconsistencies in their paperwork. people must be in the u.s. legally to get coverage. hard to believe that this is still august. but this morning we were talking about temperatures in the $50 across much of the area. we have another cool night ahead. with a lot of places going down into the 50s. you need a jacket later this
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evening, especially first thing tomorrow morning. we have weekend thunderstorms in the forecast. we're not expecting any kind of washout on any of those days. we are also expecting a heat wave at some point during the next week. there's great football weather last night. if they played tonight, there would be great football weather. over the weekend, really humid. it's 78. look at the relative humidity, only 36%. we are two degrees cooler than we were at this time yesterday. yesterday, we barely got above 80 degrees. we're up to 80 today. 83 tomorrow. and then the temperature really starts going up for sunday and monday. much of next week looks hot as well. right now, where he in the 70s throughout the area. 70 in mount pocono. 70s at the shore. 70s in the city. and it's dry everywhere.
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we have high, thin clouds. they make for a real nice sun set if they would stay around. certainly, no rain associated with those clouds. what about back to the west? we got to get way back to the west to find rain. that would be in michigan. we're in good shape for tonight and into tomorrow. there's tomorrow afternoon. not a lot of clouds around either. now, saturday night, we are dry and then on sunday, here comes the showers. but look at the shore. dry. sunday, sunday night thunderstorms perhaps up to the north and west. the shore is still dry. the shore gets it perhaps monday morning and monday afternoon. so the future weather computer models are suggesting again that monday is the stormiest day at the shore. sunday, still looks pretty good.
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maybe a little breezy. nice day on saturday. pretty cool today. barely 70 degrees at the shore. in the poconos, nicest day of the weekend is saturday. scattered storms on sunday and on monday. for the rest of the night, cool. 61 for the low by morning in philadelphia. 52 northern and western suburbs. tomorrow, mostly sunny. a few clouds from time to time. very comfortable day. high temperatures into the low 80s. that southerly wind is going to keep coming and then the temperature jumps up to 92 on sunday and very humid. way more humid than it has been recently. then scattered afternoon storms mainly north and west. then on monday, we could get storms just about anywhere. and then look at the heat for tuesday. get a little less humid wednesday but nothing like today.
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it's the final weekend for two atlantic city casinos getting set to shut down in just days. >> everybody is depressed. even the players are depressed. >> i'm ted greenberg. how the resort is preparing for a rush of newly unemployed workers. the legislation that could ban beach tags in shore towns and the extra amenities it would provide. it's the end of the summer season. the last hurrah before back to school. how did the shore score this summer? i will have your labor day report card coming up.
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go, go, go! go power oats! go! cheerios! go power! go...power! yayyyy!
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law makers in surf city ocean county are concerned about new legislation that would force shore communities to have free beaches with public rest rooms. there are two bills in the new jersey state senate that would ban beach fees in communities that accept government funds. the surf city bureau counsel sit says there are know meetings scheduled to discuss the controversy right now. a chester county teen sexually assaulted. going to show you a sketch of the man police are looking for. investigators say the man att k attacked a 16-year-old on a wooded trail wednesday.
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this historic philadelphia firehouse is open again nearly a year after it was damaged by fire. here at ladder 2 in old city today. new doors, windows, ceilings and other features were installed. the final days for showboat and revel before they close leaving thousands without work.
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the effort to help those soon to be unemployed plus the impact that somber circumstances are having on this holiday weekend.
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right now at 4:30, casino
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crisis. two casinos will shut their doors. thousands of casino workers are worrying about where they will find work. showboat is closing this coming sunday. on monday, the revel casino hotel will shut its doors. >> trump plaza will close totaling more than 6,000 jobs. ted greenberg live in atlantic city. >> reporter: several customers here at showboat told me the mood inside is somber today. at this longtime fixture and revel the newest casino next door, it's anything but business as usual. >> there's only one showboat. it's like family here. >> reporter: a family robert is saying good-bye to this weekend at what's been his favorite atlantic city casino for more than two decades. >> it's very disheartening. i have a lot of memories here. my mother used to come here a lot before she passed away. >> it's not easy. >> reporter: this woman, who has
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worked at showboat for most of its 27 years, is among 5,000 people who will be unemployed sunday afternoon and the neighboring revel shuts down on tuesday. >> i miss my job. i miss my friends, my money. >> reporter: trump plaza is set to close in september, because so many people are losing their jobs at once, atlantic city's union will open a special resource center wednesday at the atlantic city convention center. it's a partnership with the state and other agencies to help laid-off workers file for unemployment and receive additional services. >> it's going to be a way for someone to go in and take care of all their needs or as many of their needs as possible, which is one trip. >> we made it through crisises before in our 160-year history. we will make it through this one as well. >> reporter: in these final days for showboat, customers of the casino told us, it's anything
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but a party inside with a noticeable change in service. >> how could a guy serve you with a smile? he has three kids at home. his next move, you don't know what it's going to be. >> reporter: caesars entertainment told us today it has placed more than 470 employees with its other properties. the vast majority of them at the company's three remaining casinos here in atlantic city. that's where we are live this afternoon. i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> as we have been reporting, thousands of jobs are going to disappear when the casinos shut down. a wall street firm predictsrs w. they say, revenue will drop by by $300 billion. we have a section of our website dedicated to the casino crisis. log on for the evolution of atlantic city as well as the time line of the casino
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closings. despite the somber situation in atlantic city, the labor day holiday is in full swing. here in cape may, businessowners are celebrating a successful summer. at this time tomorrow, the ben franklin parkway will be filled with music. another popular place, here in the poconos. it's a cool and comfortable start to the labor day weekend. as the heat and humidity climbs, camelbeach will be the perfect place to cool off. brittney shipp got the plum assignment. she's live in new home. >> the party starting there? >> the party is getting started here. by the time you get here, the party will be in full force. if you look behind me, we want to point out all the mom and pop stores open. they are working through the labor day weekend. the weather is cooperating.
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lot of families are out here today. we have the teenagers, a little photo shoot. we have authors. and we have live music, arts and crafts. this is the place to be. this is an idea if you want to get your labor day holiday started a little early. come on out. we talked to a few family members. this is what they had to say about the community. >> reporter: to showcase the hand made goods, things made by local artists. i'm one of them. everyone in my shop is a local artist. we have jewelry. we have accessories. the stores along the street offer really fabulous locally crafted as well as other merchandise. >> i have baseball the whole weekend. i can't wait for that. >> what are you doing tonight? >> we are having fun. just hanging out, checking the town out. >> we had lunch. we stopped at a place for lunch today. we're going to get ice cream. ♪
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>> that's another reason to come out. they have ice cream shops. they also have pastry shops, all the restaurants here. the weather is cooperating. it's going to be a great friday night to eat outside. we have live music here. i've brittney shipp. back to you in the studio. >> do they want you to sing-a-long? you have the microphone and everything. >> do you want me to sing-a-long? i don't know the song or i would. i could make up the words. >> good excuse. >> they don't know either. we're in the same boat. >> happy holidays. >> my kind of town. all right. labor day traffic could soon be the norm on area highways. >> that's the warningstudy look investment and policy changes need to happen now.
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new york to philadelphia to washington, one of the most heavily traveled corridors in the country. >> the chances that you are going to build more lanes on 95 are not high. you don't have the space to do that. what we need to do is invest in passenger rail to make that faster, to make sure we put more people on the rails instead of the highways. perhaps taking more trucks off the road by making sure we move freight more efficiently. >> experts say if the roads aren't addressed, that could translate to travellers stayed at home. celebrating at the shore, the labor day weekend, already in full swing. families not the only ones downs here celebrating. how businesses along the jersey shore are making the grade this summer season. that's still ahead on nbc 10 news at 4:00.
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we have breaking news in center city philadelphia. police are investigating a bank robbery right here. this was within the hour at the m & t bank on south 18th street. we understand dye packs went off as the suspect got away. police recovered money nearby. they are continuing to look for the suspect. if your holiday weekend includes tossing back a brew, you may want to consider a craft beer. according to a digital media company, pennsylvania ranks eighth in the nation for the quality of its smaller breweries.
4:41 pm
philadelphia's yards and victory brewing companies got special mention. the craft beer scene in philly is becoming very popular compared with other cities. tough decisions for chip kelly today. >> he has less than 24 hours to finish the season's roster. >> that's right. kelly has to trim 22 players from his current 75-man roster. the process has begun. we will tell you who did not make the cut coming up next. we will talk about the return of the heat and a chance for storms. i'm tracking the big changes for your labor day holiday. the timing on the steamy and stormy weather ahead in the nbc 10 first alert seven-day forecast. all new tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00, the treasurer and his troubles. nbc 10 has new information about this elected state leader and the scandal that has changed his political future.
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here are some of the stories making headlines on nbc 10 news at 4:00. students in a chester county community are being warned to stay vigilant after a teenager was sexually assaulted on a popular walking trail. police are asking for help to identify the man you see here in this sketch. we will have a live report with the latest developments coming up at 5:00. it's closing time this holiday weekend for two atlantic
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city casinos. show the boat will shut its doors sunday. revel just two days later. hopeful news though. more than 470 of show the boat's employees have found new jobs with other casinos owned by caesar's entertainment. they will open a special resource center next week for the thousands who will soon be unemployed. labor day holiday weekend in full swing for a lot of people in our area. look at the beach. nbc 10 at rehoboth beach where the shore was packed and so were the shops. aaa expecting 500,000 people to travel over the labor day weekend in our area. the eagles have played their final preseason game in a 37-7 win over the jets last night. the next step is to set the roster for opening day. news of the first few birds to be released. >> that's right. rosters have to be down to 53 players by 4:00 p.m. tomorrow. the eagles enter today with 75 on the roster. a handful released today.
4:46 pm
the biggest move was releasing josey. he was second in the league overall with his preseason rushing yards of 225 yards. led all running backs with 6.6 average. that's the best preseason numbers by any eagles running back in the last 15 years. he had 122 rushing yards last night. if no other team claims him, the eagles will likely add him to their practice squad. the birds will use mark barkley behind foles and sanchez. eagles place ben on short-term injured reserve with a back injury. he hadn't missed practices and said last night he was healthy. we will have more on the eagles' roster cuts as they continue throughout the day.
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renee, back to you. time to vote for our high school blitz game. go to or our facebook page to vote once a day or you can call or text your one-time vote. high school blitz has the best highlights every saturday night at 7:00 right here on nbc 10. if you have enjoyed the last couple of days, you may not enjoy much of the rest of the seven-day forecast. we have another cool night here. unseasonably cool, most of you down into the 50s by morning. we do have weekend thunderstorms in the forecast. but not everybody is going to
4:48 pm
get it. it's not going to be an all-day thing. heat wave number three looks like a good possibility. right now, we have a lot of sunshine out there. clean atmosphere. 78 degrees with virtually no wind. the relative humidity only 36%. the temperatures are in the mid to upper 70s across just about the entire area. a little cooler in the poconos. a little cooler right at the jersey shore. let's see how the beaches are doing. obviously, doing better in the rip current area. we are down to moderate today and going lower over the next couple of days. we still are going the on-shore wind. that's keeping the temperatures in the low to mid 70s at the beaches. to the west, it's hotter. temperatures in the 90s in the middle of the afternoon back in the tennessee valley. some of the that air is going to
4:49 pm
be headed this way as early as sunday. a few high, thin clouds right now. atmosphere is very dry. there's no way it can rain for a while. the showers just east of chicago, not very close. and our futurecast showing generally dry conditions all the way through 3:00 on saturday. and then here we go into sunday. in the morning, still looking okay. and look at the shore sunday. it's looking pretty decent. north and west, showers and storms coming through. sunday afternoon and sunday night. and then it starts to build back up again on monday. we have the two days out of the weekend with the threat in the inland areas. at the shore, the only significant threat for rain is on monday. saturday and sunday look really good. sunday is going to be a little bit breezier. in the poconos, you could get afternoon thunderstorms sunday
4:50 pm
and/or monday. tomorrow is the dry day and more comfortable day of the weekend. clear and cool again today, 61 for the low in philadelphia, 52 north and west. tomorrow, very comfortable again. not quite as comfortable as today, but a lot more comfortable than sunday is going to be. you can see that reflected in the low temperatures. when you see lows in the mid 70s, that's a humid air mass. it's steamy and afternoon storms sunday and monday. and you can see that we have a hot weather pattern that's going to last through much of next week. not quite as stormy, but not like what we have seen the last couple of days. we're going to start off september feeling more like july. >> we have been waiting for it. >> we haven't had much of july weather, have we? >> no, we haven't. lots of people getting an
4:51 pm
early start on holiday weekend at the shore. cydn cydney? >> reporter: the shore is boasting a popular report card. why tourism higher ups tell me business this summer, it was booming. then new on nbc 10 news at 5:00, diners in fall-down drunk condition. the bad hbehavior on camera. neighbors take a stand.
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summer at the shore. it's a tradition for many families in our area. this weekend is always the final hurrah. >> sad to say. but it's as much about making money as it is memories. nbc 10's reporter cydney long is live tonight in wildwood. how is the bottom line looking for the shore this summer? >> reporter: actually, it's looking excellent. tourism brings in $5.5 billion for cape may county every year. the head of tourism says it's days like today, mother nature and gorgeous weather that she has to thank for the numbers she says will top last year's building revenue by as much as 3% to 5%.
4:55 pm
that is an extra $160 million. >> i think everything factored in. the economy is getting better. people are having more fun trying to do things a little bit more close to home. >> reporter: this woman and her husband are among the thousands enjoying labor day weekend at the shore. with each lemonade, ice cream and amusement ride, they are filtering millions of dollars into the tourism pocketbook. >> i think the harsh winter really put summer and beaches in everyone's mind. >> reporter: the director of tourism says 2014 is one of the best summers in years. now two years removed from hurricane sandy. >> i'm going to say a plus. we had a great summer starting in -- since memorial day. we had one of the best junes i can ever remember. >> reporter: while you may pay a price with traffic, prices at the pump in some areas of south jersey we found as low as $3.08
4:56 pm
a gallon. that puts more money in the pockets of visitors. >> we go down every weekend. it gives you more money to spend on other things. >> we are seeing cape may, tech revenue up. >> reporter: gorgeous weather played a role in them staying in wildwood an extra week this season. >> for us, it's two hours and kind of doing a fun -- you can do it for a weekend, for a week. you can make it whatever is convenient for you. >> reporter: everyone out here enjoying this early start to the labor day holiday weekend. coming up in a half hour at 5:30, what cape may county here at the jersey shore accomplished this summer that it did not accomplish last summer, i just found out. we will share it when we see you then. live in wildwood, cydney long, nbc 10 news. next at 5:00, lights out. >> fire knocks out the power at a busy resort town. crop concerns.
4:57 pm
grapes and fears about future forecasts in wine country and what that could mean for your favorite reds and whites. scandal in a small town. a local liquor store owner at the center of customer complaints about alleged racism and refusing to serve minorities. now nbc 10 has new information on what comes next for the controversial merchant. that's next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
we start in center city. philadelphia police searching for a man who robbed a bank. nbc 10 was there as investigators collected evidence outside the m & t branch. the suspect wore a black baseball cap and ski mask. he didn't get far with the money. look at this picture. police say this is the dye pack that exploded on the suspect. no one was hurt.
5:00 pm
the man was last seen running toward 17th street. got to be very sad day. >> it is. i'm very sad. >> don't know what you are going to do. >> no. >> now at 5:00, the final weekend in business for two atlantic city casinos. now thousands in the jersey shore labor force face an uncertain future heading into this labor day weekend. the scenario is grim for those workers and their families. >> the sting will continue long after these gaming halls close down. the showboat shuts down sunday leaving more 2,000 workers out of a job. this afternoon we learned 4780 of them have accepted new jobs with casinos owned by caesar's. but then there's revel which winds down operations on monday and tuesday. 3,000 employees there will be unemployed. then in a couple of weeks another 1,000 people will lose their jobs when trump plaza


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