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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  August 29, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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the man was last seen running toward 17th street. got to be very sad day. >> it is. i'm very sad. >> don't know what you are going to do. >> no. >> now at 5:00, the final weekend in business for two atlantic city casinos. now thousands in the jersey shore labor force face an uncertain future heading into this labor day weekend. the scenario is grim for those workers and their families. >> the sting will continue long after these gaming halls close down. the showboat shuts down sunday leaving more 2,000 workers out of a job. this afternoon we learned 4780 of them have accepted new jobs with casinos owned by caesar's. but then there's revel which winds down operations on monday and tuesday. 3,000 employees there will be unemployed. then in a couple of weeks another 1,000 people will lose their jobs when trump plaza closes. >> ted greenberg has been
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following the crisis and the impact on workers. ted is live tonight in atlantic city outside the showboat. >> reporter: i can tell you, a lot of people will be staying here before the doors close for good. i checked both showboat and revel next door are completely sold out for their last weekend. >> we wanted to go and check it out before it closed. >> this woman and her family walked away from revel in awe and with disappointment. >> it's very sad. it's the most gorgeous casino on the boardwalk. it's very impressive. >> reporter: 5,000 people will be laid off when revel closes on tuesday and the neighboring showboat casino shuts down sunday afternoon. >> i don't know what i'm doing next. >> reporter: this woman has worked at showboat for nearly a quarter century. at age 65, she's worried about her prospects for finding a new
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job. >> it's not easy. >> reporter: in a memo to employees today obtained by nbc 10, showboat's parent company said they placed 470 workers with three other casinos. >> it doesn't get the company off the hook. >> reporter: trump plaza is set to close september 16th. to hand male surge in unemploym, they will open a special resource center next week incite the atlantic city convention center. >> we will get through this. this is the dark time. there will be a better time. >> reporter: the mayor believes the properties won't stay vacant for long. >> we can't have three massive empty buildings on the boardwalk. we have to see this as a short-term period. and we have to continue to work to find a new buyer. >> reporter: although revel will close tuesday, i have learned
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some essential employees will romaine, including those who work in security, facilities and other departments to keep the building safe, secure and maintained while revel continues to look for a buyer. live in atlantic city, i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> thank you. gorgeous conditions greeting people at the delaware beaches to mark the start of the long labor day weekend. nbc 10 in rehoboth beach where vacationers are squeezing in their last unofficial taste of summer. >> a little cooler in the poconos. some people diving in to labor day. making a splash at camelbeach. a great nice for music in the streets. >> last time we saw other had, brittney shipp was being invited to sing. let's see what's going on. >> i think they kicked me out because i'm nowhere near the musicians right now. if you look behind me, we are at the toy shop. this is a popular spot for the
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kids. wave to the camera. live here in new hope. we will see temperatures tonight dropping down into the 50s for the poconos. you will need a light jacket. if you are in the city or the sub suburbs, temperatures down to the mid 60s. same thing closer to the shore. right now, back out here live, it is beautiful on main street. you can see the streets are getting crowded. we have all the mom and pop stores open. they will work their way through the labor day holiday. they have a lot planned inside of each store. they are doing a sale. they have authored that have come out in some of the other stores down here. we have live musicians, arts and crafts. you name it, they have it here on main street. we will check in about another 30 minutes. a fun time and a fun way to kick off the labor day holiday. live in new hope, i'm brittney shipp. well will send it back to you in the studio. >> looks like a lot of fun. with changing weather conditions including a threat of storms,
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stay informed by taking the first alert weather team with you. whatever your plans are this weekend, you can download our weather app by going to our website. thousand it was music fans will count on the weather forecast as they prepare for made in america. >> the two-day concert festival begins tomorrow. for the first time, concerts will be held on both coasts in los angeles and, of course, the place where it started three years ago in center city. the main stage at the base of the art museum steps. >> it's creating inconveniences for communer commuters. the ben franklin parkway is closed. >> what can concertgoers expect this year, matt? >> this is a major undertaking down to the logistics. and getting this entire area shut down for this three-day event. >> it's nice to freshen it up every year, give the consumers
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and enjoy the festival something different that they wouldn't get in a normal way. >> reporter: when you welcome 80,000 people over two days and doing it in two different cities, philly and los angeles, concert organizers tell me they have to think outside the box. >> we are hyping it from a digital standpoint. >> reporter: this giant screen, blank for now, will display a live stream at the made in america festival on the other side of the country. more food and beverage from year one and two. the mayor has been here before and is coming back tomorrow. >> see the new stuff they are coming out with as well. >> reporter: some are flying in from around the world. i checked with local hotels to see how booked they are. some are running out of vacancy, others even in center city, have room for roughly $200 a night. >> it's a good crowd. >> reporter: i have been talking with those who live here. they tell me the past two year rdz any indication, they won't need to buy a ticket.
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the base and powerful vocals often travel to their living roo rooms. do you hear that? >> yeah. >> reporter: does did bother you? >> not really. the. >> reporter: music should stop midnight tomorrow and 11:00 p.m. sunday. this is a two-day event. tickets are available. a two-day pass is roughly $180. they are getting ready to hoist the giant made in america sign right up over the entrance. we are talking about the traffic situation out here right now. case in point, i'm standing in the middle of the ben franklin parkway. i see traffic out here. 22nd and 21st street, people having a difficult time as we get into the rush hour. if you need to travel around center city, do keep that in mind tonight. live in center city, i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> good advice. the complete concert schedule and road closures and detours and other information about the
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music festival any time by logging on to nbc 10.kol. philadelphia police are searching for a car and its driver involved in a deadly hit and run this morning. investigators say a woman in her 50s was hit by a white car on broad street in the logan section of northeast philadelphia. the driver of the car kept going. the woman was then hit by a second vehicle whose driver did stop. so far police have not made any arrests. nbc 10 is work togs learn the victim's name. take a good look at this new video of a robbery and shooting in the parking lot of a grocery store. investigators are still looking for the two men driving this white dodge care are a van. s they shot and man and robbed him last night. the businessman was about to make a $70,000 deposit at the citizens bank inside the store. nbc 10 was at the scene last night shortly after it happened. the suspects waited for the victim for more than an hour. they shot the man in the arm
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vi hospital and is in stable condition. police in ocean county are investigating the death of a man whose body was found inside a home. the property manager called police last night after employees at a nearby business complained of a foul odor. within last half hour, we have learned the victim is 45-year-old michael matthews. investigators an autopsy was not able to determine the cause of death. now they are waiting on toxicology reports. a liquor store now closed after its owner was accused of making racist, threatening statements and refusing to serve customers. the owner of kings liquor reached a settlement to shut down the store until a new owner takes over. customers allege that the owner of the store would refuse to
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serve african-american customers and locked the door on them while allowing white customers to come in. the store's liquor license was suspended for 30 days last year following a report from the local naacp chapter. new information on chip flowers' future. he officially withdrew himself from next month's primary ballot. the first state's treasurer announced a couple weeks ago he would not seek re-election. he is attempting to clear his name after his former deputy fired harassment complaints. that remains the suspect of an investigation. three detective took the stand today in the trial of a woman accused of kidnapping a 5-year-old girl out of her own school. prosecutors say this woman, 21-year-old christina regusters took the victim out of her west philadelphia elementary school
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last year. one detective told juror how a talking bird helped them with the investigation. the victim told police she heard a loud bird and detectives got a tip that the bird lived on that same block. police questioned residents and the bird is what led them to christina regusters. she is expected to take the stand in her own defense. the trial resumes on tuesday. an ocean county native whose body was found in a forest was laid to rest today at the school where he was studying. early this morning, dozens of people went to a jewish religsous school to pay their respects to aaron sofer and his family. the 23-year-old student was hiking with a friend in a hilly forested area last week when he disappeared. his body was found in the same area yesterday. israeli investigators do not suspect foul play. he was from lakewood, new jersey. his parents traveled to jerusalem. local family members and friends
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watched a live broadcast of the funer funeral. >> very unfortunate that this tragedy happened to them. it's important for me to have them know that i care about them. >> new jersey law makers from governor chris christie to u.s. senator cory booker offered their condolences to the sofer family. the timing couldn't have been worse. >> power gets knocked out for more than 1,000 customers this labor day weekend at a popular local vacation spot. dried up. wine country suffers from the wrath of mother nature. how the weather there will affect what you pay here. living in the danger zone. se scenes like this remind us of what can happen. new findings about the most dangerous counties for natural disasters. they are closer than you might think. plus this -- >> people were drink, throwing up, girls are crying in the middle of the street. >> bombed at brunch.
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one restaurant is accused of giving patrons bottomless booze. the problem is spilling into the neighborhood.
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the power is back on after a fire at wildwood this morning. authorities shut down power as a precaution. power was knocked out to about
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1,800 customers. no one was hurt. no word on what started the fire. robbery in rittenhouse. philadelphia police looking for the suspect who held up a man and robbed him in a parking lot last thursday. the victim told police he gave up $40 and his credit card when the suspect pointed a gun at him. a short time later, the suspect was caught on this surveillance video trying to use the victim's credit card at an atm. back to school jitters in one community after a teenager is sexually assaulted on a popular trail. >> it's a shortcut connecting a school to a local neighborhood. police tell nbc 10 a 16-year-old was attacked wednesday morning near 11th avenue and foundry street. >> you talked to a father and daughter who received an alert from the school system about the assault? >> reporter: that's right. we went to the wooded trail where police say the attack
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occurred. when we arrived, we found a father sharing a frightening text message with his daughter. >> concerns me a lot because i do walk to school. and i have a couple of friends that go that way to walk to school. it kind of worries me. >> reporter: this is what worries brittany, a text her father received from the school district. an alert informed them of a sexual assault and attempted robbery along this wooded trail. even though police aren't releasing the sex of the 16-year-old victim, todd ward is concerned about his daughter's safety. >> want to be more mind millifu tell my daughter about the dos and don'ts. and try to get her to come in early. >> reporter: here is a sketch of the suspect. he is 5'9" and weighs about 140 pounds. we spoke to people who exercise
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on this trail. they say their sense of security is scattered. >> i'm surprised what happened. i'm really surprised it happened that time of morning. >> reporter: fear of a rapist is forcing rhonda london to relocate her workout to a safer environment. share precautions you are going to talk. >> i'll probably just go back to the gym. >> reporter: parents offer advice adults and students can use. >> don't talk to anybody that you don't know. don't go in other people's houses or cars and stuff like that. he said if anyone comes up to you, scream and run, call for help. [ no audio ] >> trouble with the microphone. look at this. president obama about to leave joint base andrews heading to fund-raisers in new york and rhode island.
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you can see air force one there. he planned to stay overnight but that's changed. he will return to washington tonight. aides say it isn't related to any current events. the united kingdom raised its terror threat to severe today warning of a threat posed to the nation. the uk fears more than 500 citizens have gone to fight with the extremist group. they are worried they may return and carry out attacks in britain. the white house says it does not expect the u.s. to bump its terrorism threat warning level. pretty amazing end of the week as we head into the labor day weekend. very, very comfortable, but the weekend is going to end very uncomfortable. another cool night ahead with the very low humidity that we
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have. the temperature can drop quite a bit. weekend thunderstorms for at least some of us. and heat wave number three may be on the way. he would haven't had many heat waves this summer. the longest was only three days. both of them in july. a lot of sunshine right now. 79 degrees. the wind is light out of the southeast. we have humidity of 38%. one degree lower than it was this time yesterday. we are in the mid to upper 70s across most of the area. cooler right toward the shore, even atlantic city international well inland is cooler than a lot of the other areas are. right at the beaches, we have the east wind onshore preventing the temperature from getting above about 74. we have had a moderate risk of rip currents today. that risk will go down gradually over the weekend. the waters don't just calm quickly. it takes a while.
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high, thin clouds out there. and if they're around sunset, it may add to the beauty. you can see showers into michigan. a long way away. it's very dry along the east coast. as we go into tomorrow, that's pretty nice. humidity is up a little bit. temperature is up a little bit. still, pretty comfortable. especially compared to the rest of the weekend. then on sunday, the morning, we're still doing okay. then in the afternoon, some showers start to develop, especially north and west. maybe thunderstorms. look at the shore. nice and dry. then there are the showere is ad storms. on monday, more developing. it's going to be saturday -- sunday and monday and it's just scattered and it's mainly in the afternoon. saturday and sunday look dry at the shore. monday would be the most likely day to see the showers and thunderstorms. in the poconos, could you see
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showers and storms sunday and monday. tomorrow is the day that we're pretty sure it's going to stay dry. for tonight, clear and cool, 61 for the low in the city, 52 north and west. and then during day tomorrow, sunshine. still comfortable, not quite as comfortable as today. high temperatures in the low to perhaps mid 80s. then we really jump up in the temperature and humidity, like that. it's going to feel like july. and with the steamy conditions, the thunderstorms develop. mainly during the afternoon. especially north and west on sunday. and throughout the area on labor day. mealtime takes a turn. >> neighbors say they have had enough. >> they are running a nightclub. how is it that they have a liquor license? >> brufrnch with a buzz. an eating establishment hooking
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up its patrons with booze. breaking their silence. the family of this five arms instructor accidentally killed by a new jersey girl speaks out about the tragedy. we will hear what they are saying about the girl from the garden state.
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the grieving family of an arizona firearms instructor accidentally killed at a shooting range says his death is
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a tragedy for two families. he died of a single gun shot wound to the head while showing a 9-year-old new jersey girl how to shoot an uzi. in an interview this morning on "today" the daughter says the family feels sorry for the girl who pulled the trigger. >> thoughts and prayers are with them as well as a lot of our close friends of the family. they are not just praying for us but making sure we get it across that we really do want prayers going out to the family of the little girl. >> we can spend time and grieve. but i want them to move on and not surround their life around it. >> prosecutors do not plan to file charges. a new york restaurant boozy brunches have gotten them in hot water. residents posted youtube videos showing customer s apparently
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highly intox dachxicatedintoxic. they are not allowed to play loud music. the owner thinks the restrict n restrictions will hurt his bottom line. >> if we aren't going to be affected, we will not remain the top brunch spot as we were. >> neighbors say the restaurant was in clear violation of its liquor license. the community board held off on recommending that it be revoked. local communities at the top of the list of places likely hit from a disaster. rate reduction. a local utility company has a summer surprise for customers that will save them dough when the temperatures drop. business boom at the beach. why this summer stands out as different from the others when it comes to certain merchants at the shore and their bottom lines. all new at 6:00, it's been called the most dangerous
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intersection in america. could y you could drive right through it. a local road with a deadly history.
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right now at 5:30, it's a tradition with close ties to every summer holiday. the jersey shore. the beach a very hot spot. maybe even a bit more popular
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than last year. >> merchants stay it has been a banner season. live is cydney long. you have been talking to businessowners who are tallying their receipts. what are they telling you? >> reporter: keith, they have had an extraordinary summer. some of the business owners say they are a little camera shy. they have had an awesome summer driven by this gorgeous weather. we went straight to the source. the head of cape may county tourism who crunches all the numbers and checked with municipalities to see how the shore scored this season. >> when you are a $5.5 billion industry, it's hard to reach higher percentages. >> reporter: but they are expected to top that $5.5 billion mark this summer thanks to little rain and the summer that was steady with one sunny warm weekend after the next. >> we are from connecticut. it's within driving distance. >> reporter: the family said they made one mistake.
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>> we filled up in connecticut which wasn't smart. >> reporter: shelling out too much for gas on their ride down with some areas boasting a dollar a gallon less. for their first trip to wildwood, they say it's money well spent. >> it was fun. it would be great for the kids. the beaches are beautiful. fairly inexpensive. >> watch the tram car. >> reporter: one thing cape may county accomplished this summer that it did not last season? repeated weekends with 100% occupancy at hotels, motels and b & bs. >> we had towns saying they had weekends in end of july, beginning of august 100% occupancy. a sign of relief from the recession. a good indicator for us that people are here and they are spending money. >> reporter: head of tourism says the more expensive restaurants still struggle. but overall spending is on the climb. amusements, parking, tags and
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the boardwalk, and a beautiful forecast will bring another big wave of revenue. >> it's the great weather. as much as we want to say it's the marketing, we know it's the weather that drives visitors here. >> reporter: we have had the gorgeous weekends. last summer, cape may county reached the $1 million mark where retailers are concerned. the crowds all summer long, including this weekend, they are anticipated to hit that target once again. live in wildwood tonight, i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. >> for those who aren't going down the shore, there's other options. >> brittney shipp is at one of them. it's new hope. she has details on that along with the first alert evening planner. >> there are so many options throughout our area. but like you mentioned, i'm live here at new hope. one of the great things here, there are locally owned and created boutiques here. we are standing in front of one.
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she's dressing a model here. as we show you a few other spots, we have live music set up. we also have a truly chic boutique. they will have an auther signing her book. she's outside right now inside a giant shoe. you never know what you will get when you come out to new hope. she's going to sign her book. it's "the love of shoes." let's look at your evening planner. if you are going to be in the poconos, temperatures into the 50s. grab a light jacket before you head out the door if you are expecting to be out late for dinner. in the city, the temperatures will be in the 60s. the same for the shore. no matter where you are, you can't beat this weather. a unseasonably cool end to your workweek with temperatures today staying in the high 70s and low 80s. more details from new hope.
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reporting live here, i'm brittney shipp. back to you in the studio. to labor day weekend festivities at the delaware beaches. tim furlong is live tonight in rehoboth beach. >> once labor day passes, it doesn't mean business comes to a halt. >> reporter: summer is just a state of mind. once you get into september, the water is still warm. businesses, they are hoping this great summer season they have had leads to a great fall season. tough to see the snow. but now some people think the horrible souther delaware winter actually led to this much busier summer. >> i think that people that were staying home because of the bad weather are now eager to get out. >> reporter: the dogs days of summer have been awesome, more people spending more money. that's a good thing. this woman has lived here since
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1948. her house is in the heart of town. she says this is the busiest summer she can remember. she is cool with that. >> i love it. i love it. this is what keeps this area going. if we didn't have these people and the tourists spending their money, our downtown just might go down to nothing. >> reporter: this is about as picture perfect as you can get. you eat outside. it's tough to tell if there are more bikes or boats here. business has been booming. same deal down the road in rehoboth. bookings are up significantly. they are finding more people from more places are now coming here. >> i think people are finding out that it's cheaper to come here. it's less expensive than new jersey or new york. they don't charge for the beach. our taxes are low. tax-free shopping. i think they're starting to find the area. >> reporter: perfect night as we look north up the boardwalk.
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my family just rolled in for the right-ha weekend. there's no reason to not even make a day trip down here. come september, october and beyond. coming up at 6:00, we will talk about the interesting ways the local chamber of xheof commerce gauge things here. here are some of the stories making news. it's closing time this holiday weekend for two atlantic scity casinos. the union will open a special resource center next week for the thousands who will soon be unemployed. made in america is getting ready to welcome 80,000 people to the ben franklin parkway. it starts tomorrow and again on sunday. simultaneous crowds will be held in los angeles and philadelphia.
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tickets run about $180 for a two-day pass. students s in a community being warned to stay vigilant after a teenager was sexually assaulted. police are asking for your help to identify this man in the sketch. the attack happened wednesday morning. many new jersey counties are at the top of the list when it comes to the potential for natural disasters. ocean county ranks number one. cape may at three. burlington at seven followed by atlantic and camden counties. this information comes from the national ocean antic and atmospheric administration. the dupont hospital for children will cut the ribbon in
5:39 pm
october. work is under way still. but nbc 10 and lucky kids got to test out the new area in the atriumph. look at this. powered by the xbox connect system, this will be fun for visitors. therapists will bring patients to the hd wall to get their bodies moving. the new building will have 144 single patient rooms. >> hospital design is completely different than it used to be. hospitals were cold, forbidding places. now they are designed with families at the center of the design process thinking about how kids feel comfortable, how families feel comfortable. it's all centered around the family. >> when the hospital opens it will hold a community day so everyone can check out fat sit. by the way, give that cool discovery zone wall a try. >> what a beautiful facility. get ready to pay less. >> one utility is about to drop your monthly bill. coming up, the return of the
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rings. one mom loses her wedding band until a treasurer hunter comes along to the rescue. all new at 6:00, more layoffs in philadelphia schools. we will tell you which positions are being cut and how students could be affected.
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booker brunched this morning. it's the 120. year for the southern new jersey aflcio labor day breakfast. 22 college scholarships were handed out as well as a humanitarian award. this year's recipient is jennifer mclane. booker will face bell in november's general election. a retired fireman who dreamed of becoming a pirate as a young boy found a treasurer on
5:43 pm
a new york beach. erin carrazzo lost her wedding ring. she turned to social media wishing that some medal detector dude could find it. one day when mike cogan was sifting through sand, the treasurer turned up two inches below the surface. he started a search on social media. the two were united ten days later. >> it was as good as finding the diamond. does that feel comfortable? >> yes, it does. >> how cool. the inside of the ring confirmed it was hers. i am tracking the return of the heat, humidity and thunderstorms. my exclusive nbc so first alert labor day weekend forecast.
5:44 pm
new at 6:00, a nuclear fight in our area. how a local power plant is trying to convince the government it's not a security risk after all.
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. final cuts must be made by 4:00 tomorrow. some have been made. the most interesting decision is still to come. alex henry is the incumbent. last night parky made things interesting. he was acquired in a trade with the colts last week was three
5:47 pm
for three on field goal attempts. two of those over 50 years. both of which longer than henry's career best. and henry just 1-3 in field goals in the preseason. add to that henry has the lowest percent success rate of the year. jim kelly wasn't ready to commit. >> i can't answer that question. i don't -- we will see how it all plays out in the next day or so and what happens with other teams. you have to keep an eye on what goes on. you don't gain anything by saying this. we have to ultimately make the best decision for this team and that's what we are going to do. we will gather all the information before we do it. >> you mentioned that there had been named cut. bigger named released, josey and ben on injured reserve. when he is health, he has to be cut. the latest on any more moves
5:48 pm
made by the birds coming up at 6:00. >> thanks. it's friday. that means time for high school football. the game held at downingtown west. kickoff is 7:00. highlights from this game and across the viewing area tonight on nbc 10 news at 11:00. join us tomorrow at 7:00, high school blitz has a half hour of the best highlights. it's every saturday night at 7:00, right here on nbc 10. you could not ask for a better night for football. the season to start, sometimes this time of the year is hot and steamy and gets uncomfortable. not tonight. another cool night. into the 50s in mauch of the
5:49 pm
area. weekend thunderstorms, not tomorrow but later in the weekend. heat wave number three looks like it may be coming. we have only had two three-day heat waves the entire summer. a lot of sunshine out there. 79 degrees. humidity only 38%. very comfortable day. average high is 84. we were 81 today. about 83 or 4 tomorrow. then the temperature really starts to climb. it's been very comfortable month of august. right now we see temperatures in the upper 70s across the area. 79 in blue bell. one of the warmer spots along philadelphia. 76 in trenton. only in the low 70s at the shore. the wind off the ocean, and that is the case tomorrow, too. high, thin clouds. the atmosphere very, very dry.
5:50 pm
no way we can get rain out of this. until some of the moisture from michigan comes in. it's not moving fast in this direction. we are in pretty good shape for saturday, i think. not even a lot of cloud cover, as you can see on our futurecast. here we are into sunday. a few more clouds in the morning. much of the day looks dry toward the shore. heavy thunderstorms north and west. really depends on where you are. poconos may be getting slammed at the same time wildwood will see sunshine. here where he into monday. the system stalls a little bit near us. we see some of the showers and storms develop once again. at the shore, it's looking really good on saturday and even on sunday, although it will get a little breezy. showers and storms most likely on labor day itself. in the poconos, to could get pretty stormy sunday. tomorrow is the dry day that we will see throughout the area.
5:51 pm
61 for a low in philadelphia, 52 north and west. unseasonably cool and unseasonably comfortable again tomorrow, not as comfortable as today. humidity up a bit. and then the jump in temperature and humidity, steamy conditions. you will notice that. and the afternoon thunderstors s especially north and west and sunday. by tuesday, could be in heat wave territory. >> thanks. good news for natural gas customers in delaware. prices are going down. they filed two gas rate changes. most customers can expect a drop of $10.17 on this bills this winter. that's a 7% drop. they are not raising a glass to mother nature out west. >> dry weather puts a rush on an
5:52 pm
annual ritual in wine country. the dire forecast from farmers. then at 6:00, last night we showed you how a tractor-trailer smashed into a local home. we did digging. we found out that truck should not have been there in the first place. we will explain why ahead at 6:00.
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despite an earthquake,
5:55 pm
california wine makers face a bigger concern, a prolonged drought. >> leigh ann greg reports from napa. >> reporter: even though dozens of wineries are still cleaning up and tallying damage, now their focus is changing. >> this is what we spend all of our year waiting for. >> reporter: it's harvest time at this vineyard. this year it's starting earlier. >> it's a ten-week period where it's all hands on deck. >> reporter: wine makers are pitching and crushing grapes ahead of usual harvest time because the drought has ripened them early. >> reporter: this man says says within limits is good for grapes. >> if it's too heavy and the vine has to struggle to the point of where its own life is threatened, then it has gone too far. >> reporter: that hasn't happened in much of the napa
5:56 pm
reason despite the drought throughout the state. but in more arid regions like the central valley, a lack of water has been catastrophic leaving grapes dieing on the vine. >> when it was green and beautiful, now it looks like -- it's death. >> reporter: at least 80% of the grapes on this 160 acres are unable to go to market. >> just there's no words out there. >> reporter: the crucial resource, the amount of water in any year impacted the number of new vines that can be planted. new plants that determine future crops. >> if you can't plant today, you won't have grapes in three, four, five years. >> reporter: they say another year of drought could put them over the edge, their level of concern? >> i would say it's a ten out of ten. >> reporter: this year, wine makers say overall they expect to toast high yields and good
5:57 pm
quality. at the same time, they are learning to live with less water through resource management and new technologies, including development of more drought resistant grapes. lee ann greg, nbc 10 news. coming up at 6:00 -- >> do you drive the most dangerous intersection in america? a new study says you just might. the problems with a local intersection being called the nation's deadliest. summer is coming to a close with the longest heat wave of the season. i will tell you how the heat and storms could impact your labor day weekend in my first alert forecast.
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right now at 6:00, three big stories. hundreds of thousands it of people in our area will be heading away from home. many of them marking the unofficial end of summer with a final trip to the beach. >> a live look at the ben franklin parkway shut down to traffic. it will be packed for the made in america festival. two casinos will shut their doors this weekend. we have learned of a new silver lining there. >> tonight, live team coverage all over our region from pennsylvania to new jersey to
6:00 pm
delaware. we will have details on storms and even a heat wave that could impact your labor day plans. let's again with tim furlong who is live in rehoboth beach. it's a good summer there, isn't it? >> reporter: i actually hear the phrase, record breaking. that's how good it has been. it's another perfect night leading into another perfect weekend. the band is warming up. the people are coming off the beach. the dinner smells are sort of flying our way from the boardwalk. it has been a good summer that is helping business, believe it or not, for next summer. the visitors are happy. >> the beach is beautiful. >> reporter: the sun won't quit this summer. beach businesses, they are loving it. >> this has been the busiest summer since we have been open. july and august have been outstanding. >> reporter: they have been busy all spring and summer. they feel like they are building moment momentum. >> people are asking about reservations forex


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