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tv   NBC 10 News at 6pm  NBC  August 29, 2014 6:00pm-6:31pm EDT

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delaware. we will have details on storms and even a heat wave that could impact your labor day plans. let's again with tim furlong who is live in rehoboth beach. it's a good summer there, isn't it? >> reporter: i actually hear the phrase, record breaking. that's how good it has been. it's another perfect night leading into another perfect weekend. the band is warming up. the people are coming off the beach. the dinner smells are sort of flying our way from the boardwalk. it has been a good summer that is helping business, believe it or not, for next summer. the visitors are happy. >> the beach is beautiful. >> reporter: the sun won't quit this summer. beach businesses, they are loving it. >> this has been the busiest summer since we have been open. july and august have been outstanding. >> reporter: they have been busy all spring and summer. they feel like they are building moment momentum. >> people are asking about reservations for next year.
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>> reporter: the hotel and many other businesses say the weather has been a major factor. a good hunk of the success is because people are coming here for the first time. house rentals are up 40% to 50%. parking lot numbers and tract counts, they are up significantly. they have events planned through november. they want to you like it here. they want you to come back. >> if it stays nice like this, i will try to make it back. >> reporter: as you come back live, i spoke with the city manager. she says this summer has been great for business. parking meter revenue is a gauge here. the numbers are up. the chamber of commerce told me, they make these gift baskets for the realtors to put in the rental homes. they may 40% more baskets this year than last year. it's looking good for next year. this summer has been awesome. there's no reason to insist this has to end. no reason you can't come down here after labor day.
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i'm going to go have dinner. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> enjoy. beaches like wildwood were packed today. tourism officials in cape may county telling nbc 10, merchants expect to top $5.5 billion in retail spending. they had 100% occupancy from july to the beginning of august, most agree this summer's weather played a part in the summer business. a more somber mood. but tonight a glimmer of hope in atlantic city. >> we learned hundreds of workers have found new jobs despite the casino closings. here is how it will unfold. showboat is closing sunday. on monday, the revel hotel shuts down followed by revel casino the day after. then trump plaza closes september 16th. ted greenberg is live in atlantic city. >> what have you learned? >> reporter: we got our hands on this internal memo today that
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reveals more than 470 employees here at showboat will be transferring to other properties also owned by caesar's entertainment, the vast majority of them at the company's three remaining properties here in atlantic city. tonight several customers tell me they are here to say good-bye. >> beautiful. it's a shame. >> reporter: for the start of showboat's last weekend, people visiting tell us the mood inside is anything but festive. >> you can tell. you can tell. everybody is like, you know, walking around and sad faces. >> reporter: this woman, who has worked at showboat for nearly all of its 27 years, is among some 5,000 people who will be laid off when it closes sunday afternoon and the neighboring revel casino shuts down on tuesday. >> i miss my friend, my job.
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>> it's a disgrace. people are going out of work. >> reporter: trump plaza is set to close in mid september. because so many are losing their jobs, the union will open a special resource center wednesday at the atlantic city convention center. it's a partnership with the state and other agencies to help laid off workers file for unemployment and receive additional services. >> it's a way for someone to go in and take care of as many of their needs as possible with just one trip. >> reporter: some of the remaining casinos are advertising incentives to try to lure customers loyal to the closing gaming halls. from the people who brought us the do ac marketing campaign, today comes a spinoff. don't stop believing. >> we may be down but we're not out. we are resilient. >> reporter: a lot of people will be staying here before the doors close for good. i checked with revel and
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showboat. both are completely sold out for their final weekend. live in atlantic city, i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. one local community is trying to boost its economy with a labor day celebration under way right now. >> brittney shipp is live in new hope, pennsylvania. what's going on there? what can people expect? >> we have lots going on here. first of all, we have musicians and peter. they will be out here for a couple of hours. we are live here on main street. the other thing we have is a model here, hanging out. we also have an author signing her books. we have all the stores that are open. they are ready for business. we will work our way right through the labor day weekend hoping for one last big push before the summer holiday season comes to a close. look at your planner for this
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evening. we will see temperatures into the 50s fur cloif you are closee poconos. if you plan on staying out late, you need a light jacket. bring a light jacket with you. right now, the weather is picture perfect with unseasonably cool temperatures. low humidity, that is a great combination. we do have big changes on the way. of course, glenn "hurricane" schwartz will be back with your full forecast. live in new home, i'm brittney shipp. we will send it back to you in the studio. one of our area's biggest labor day parties is happening in center city. it's the made in america music festival. matt delucia got a look at main stage and found out about this year's changes. a live report in ten minutes. this developing story we have been following. police are searching for the suspect who robbed a center
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citibank. we brought you live coverage from the scene as breaking news at 4:00. police are saying the man waring a black baseball cap and ski mask made off with a large amount of cash from the m & t branch on south 18th street. take a look at this. police say this is the dye pack that exploded right on the suspect. no one has hurt. the man was seen running toward 17th street. police are trying to track down a man who sexually assaulted a 16-year-old. this is a sketch of the man police are looking for. investigators say he assaulted and robbed a teen on a trail many students use to walk to school. police tell us the victim was treated and released from a hospital. the high school sent out text alerts to parents after police issued warnings to many schools in the area for students to be vigilant. an under cover investigation leads to the at rest of three suspected child predators, including two right here in philadelphia. these two of philadelphia were
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arrested and charged in two unrelated cases. the state attorney general's office said they made or distributed inappropriate pictures and videos of young children online. they will face a judge next month. a third man from pittsburgh was charged with six counts of child pornography. to the school budget crisis in philadelphia. they announced more layoffs today. 17 central office workers will be laid off, part of a plan to eliminate 81 positions. a spokesperson says many of those positions are vacant and the district is facing an $81 million budget gap and has warned of layoffs until lawmakers approve a cigarette tax. the teachers union released a statement.
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new video today of a robbery and shooting outside a northeast philadelphia grocery store. investigators looking for the two suspects driving this white dodge caravan. they shot and robbed a man in the parking lot here as he was about to deposit $70,000 at the bank inside the store. the suspects waited for the victim for more than an hour. they shot him in the arm when he tried to fight back. the victim was taken to the hospital. he is in stable condition. the operators of a nuclear power plant will meet with regulators over a potential security issue at the plant. they will have a closed door meeting with the nuclear regulatory commission on september 18th. the company is expected to fight the nrc's claim that there's a potential security risk at the plant. the nrc is not revealing exactly what that problem is. it says the meeting will give the company a chance to shed
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more light on the issue. next on nbc 10 news at 6:00, is this the most dangerous intersection in america? a road in our area getting national attention tonight. the allegations of a serious safety problem. i'm matt delucia live in center city. in ours, tens of thousands will pack the parkway. a look at made in america coming up. comfortable now. i'm looking at the possibility of a heat wave. what could be the strongest stretch of hot weather this summer. my forecast is next.
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"time" magazine calls it the most dangerous intersection in america, and it's in our backyard. according to "time," seven people died there between 2003 and 2012. the magazine analyzed numbers from the national highway traffic safety administration looking for fatal accidents within 150 feet of an intersection. one of the crashes happened in 2008. go men were crossing the road when a firebird hit them and sped off. one of the men died within hours
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and the other was critically injured. that same year a traffic audit s said there was many problems. sky force 10 found someone walking outside the crosswalk. this is one of the reasons police are not happy with this report. they disagree with the findings. hear from the top cop and find out how the state says it is working to improve the roadway. that part of the story on and on our mobile app now. new details about a tractor-trailer that crashed into a home here in mayfair. looks like the truck shouldn't have been there in the first place. philadelphia police truck enforcement division tells nbc 10, tractor-trailers aren't allowed on that road where this crash happened. police say an suv ran a red light causing the driver to lose control and plow right into the
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home. thankfully, no one was home. no one has been charged in the crash. right now the clock is ticking along the parkway. >> look at the clock. less than 18 hours until the doors open for the made in america festival. >> a live look at one of the stages where the music will be pumping. tens of thousands of fans will will crowd the parkway. >> matt delucia live along the parkway. what kinds of last-minute preps are happening right now? >> reporter: in terms of traffic, just to put this in perspective, at its peak, cars were inching along here. i saw some people walking faster. take a look behind me here. the stage is finally set for another big labor day weekend. >> right here. right here it's all jammed up. >> reporter: there are the troubles that come with shutting
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down major roads in center city for not one but three days. out here, it's car horns. inside the concert venue, the hammering and drilling has been almost nonstop since the beginning of the week. >> i was cleaning the park over there, making it look better. >> reporter: workers spent the last day making sure everything is right for the estimated 80,000 people who will be here this weekend. >> the pay is good. >> reporter: people who made made in america tell me this year they are trying new things. this giant video screen will display the festival in los angeles. >> give the consumers something different and unique that they wouldn't get. >> reporter: now in its third year, they have attracted concertgoers from around the world. we found that people are gobbling up hotel rooms. some who aren't here for the two-day event say they are bummed. >> it's disappointing.
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>> reporter: she came up from florida. she wanted to take her daughter to the art museum steps. it's hard with a giant stage. >> even if you could take a picture of the steps and the statue, that would be great. we can't. >> reporter: as we take a live look, at the giant made in america sign that will be hoisted up tomorrow. there are low tehotel rooms sti available. tickets are still available. some tell me they are concerned about the chance of bad weather sunday. this is a rain or shine event. keep that in mind. one concertgoer said she will bring a poncho and deal with whatever falls from the sky. one thing is for sure, she is not going home early. live in center city, i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. sunday, the greatest chance
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of rain or thunderstorms will be north and west of the city. it is possible to get by on sunday without any kind of significant rain. at the shore, a pretty good bet to get by without the rain on sunday. another cool night tonight. but things are goi ining to cha after tonight. weekend thunderstorms in parts of the area for part of the weekend. heat wave number three may be coming in. there is the made in america stage. comfortable now. 78 degrees, the humidity 39%. the temperatures are in the mid to upper 70s right now. at the shore it's a different story. it's a little bit cooler. it has been cool all day. barely above 07 degree 70 with wind. the rip current risk going down over the weekend. a few high clouds. the nearest showers back in michigan. they are not moving in this
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direction right now. on saturday, looking good. throughout the area. i don't think we will see any kind of rain. even sunday morning could end up dry across the entire area. sunday afternoon, it's a different story. heavy stuff looks to be north and west. there could be showers in the i-95 corridor any time during the afternoon and toward the shore, that's looking dry. then on monday, just about any part of the area could be seeing some of the showers. at the shore, we have two-thirds of a great weekend. saturday and sunday looking really good there. even monday, more clouds, showers and thunderstorm risk, not a total washout. best day in the poconos, tomorrow. chance of thunderstorms both sunday and monday. for the rest of the night tonight, no thunderstorms around. 61 for the low in the city, 52 north and west. tomorrow, another nice comfortable day.
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night quite as comfortable as today but still pretty good for august. temperatures in the low to mid 80s. and then it gets really uncomfortable because not only does the temperature climb about ten degrees, the humidity jumps way up. monday is also steamy. and tuesday is steamy. the best chance of a storm on labor day itself, mainly in the afternoon. we're close to the 90 degree mark for much of next week. coming up in sports, the eagles turn their attention to the regular season. they begin to trim the roster. that story next. (vo) ours is a world of passengers.
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the eagles needed to trim their rofter from 75 players to 53 by 4:00 p.m. tomorrow. some moves have been made already. perhaps the biggest move, releasing henry josey. he was second in the league this preseason with 225 rushing yards. if no other team claims him, eagles will likely sign him to their practice squad. quarterback situation is said. they let kenny go. barkley is the number three quarterback behind foles and sanchez. the eagles placed ben on injured reserve. a source tells us that ben was placed on short-time ir and when he was healthy the birds will have to release him. the phillies go for a fifth straight win tonight up at citi
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field. you can see the game 7:00 right here on nbc 10. our coverage begins on comcast sportsnet. tony stewart will return to the racetrack this weekend, nearly three weeks after he fatally hit another driver, kevin ward, junior, after ward got oust ht his car. stewart said returning to racing is part of his healing process. >> this has been one of the toughest tragedies i have ever had to deal with both professionally and personally. this is something that will affect my life forever. this is a sadness and a pain that i hope no one ever has to experience in their life. >> high school football kicking off in pennsylvania. easy touchdown and a little pose there for the camera. why not?
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more highlights tonight at 11:00. the most extensive coverage can be found on the high school blitz every saturday night at 7:00 only seen right here on nbc 10. that will wrap it up for sports. tonight on nbc 10 news at 11:00, thieves break into a vfw post and steal guns and historical items as well. nbc 10 is there with new information on what the cops say the bad guys left behind.
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last word? >> we have one really nice day, i think, saturday. comfortable, temperature and humidity comfort. all of a sudden, sunday and monday, it will feel like july. we will have thunderstorms in the afternoon, mostly north and west on sunday. the shore, you got a couple of great days there, saturday and sunday, for example. >> at least of the first half of
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the weekend looking good. on the broadcast tonight, terror alert. the british government raises the threat level to severe and says isis is more dangerous than al qaeda. as the white house tries to clarify what some see as mixed signals on u.s. policy. return to racing. nascar champion tony stewart re-emerges three weeks after his car struck and killed another driver. tonight, what stewart had to say about the tragedy. retail medicine. it's inexpensive, it's basic and it's a growing trend as big chains turn to health care. dr. nancy snyderman tonight on the pros and cons. and the bond, where the older brother goes the younger one is never left behind. their


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