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tv   NBC 10 News at 6am  NBC  August 30, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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right now on nbc "10 nbc news today," we are hours away from the start of one of philadelphia's biggest outdoor concerts, the made in america festival. we have everything you need to know from detours to the lineup. here is a live look at the ben franklin bridge. today the sun will be shining but the rest of the holiday weekend, it's going to be a different story. i am rosemary connors. it's 6:00 on this saturday. i think i will let meteorologist, tedd florendo, be the barrier of some bad news in the forecast. but before that, here he is.
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>> outside right now, very few clouds as we look at center city. isn't that a gorgeous shot this morning? winds are tranquil. temperatures at this hour, though, for some of you, rather a cool start to your morning. quakertown, 54 degrees for enthu morning. some of you would get on the chilly side overnight but it's not going to remain that way all day today. by noon we will see a mix of sun and clouds for the day. still nice at 78 degrees. your winds remaining light, and the high topping out at 83 degrees, and that's going to put us near average for this time of the year. for the best part, it will be comfortable because the humidity and dew points will remain low.
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we are also going to see the threat of thunderstorms back in the forecast, not today, but we will show you when coming up in your first alert weather in a couple minutes. >> thank you, tedd. festival goers are counting down to the start of made in america. the gates open at noon today. nbc 10's matt delucia is live at the gate. quiet right now but the parkway will be packed today and tomorrow. >> reporter: yeah, you said it, it's quiet right now. we have seen a few of the workers start to show up this morning, and we will look at the gates where thousands of people will come throughout the weekend. yesterday workers put the final pieces together. there are four separate stages for this concert. nearly 50 performers will take the stages over today and tomorrow and this event will happen simultaneously with a made in america festival in los angeles now, roads in the area
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by the art museum were shut down as well. the closers aures are still in effect. organizers tell me they have pretty much fixed all of the problems and issues that they have faced in the past years and so this year should be better than the rest, and among the performers, kanye, kings of leon, just to name a few, and for some fans they have been waiting a long time for the event and others say they live here and feel a little trapped. >> just want to be in there having a good time. kanye will be cool. >> i feel like we are locked out of our neighborhood. my dog walks here and it's our backyard and you can't get coffee in the morning because of the traffic. >> reporter: the gates open at noon for those that are coming out here. you see some of the workers here right now. last year, right in that spot, i recall seeing people lining up
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very early in the morning to get up front for beyonce, and not seeing anybody show up this early, but six more hours until the gates open for made in america 2014. live in center city, i am matt delucia, nbc 10 news. >> you can count on the as a guide for the schedule. if you are headed to the concert, you can get all the information on the nbc 10 news app so you have it while you are watching the shows. in atlantic city, for many people there it will not be a party as thousands of casino workers are losing their jobs. show boat closing tomorrow, and then revel is shutting down.
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some 5,000 people who will be laid off when it closes tomorrow afternoon and when the neighboring revel casino closes down two days later. we have an entire section of our website dedicated to the casino crisis in atlantic city. you can read about the history of ac as well as the timeline of the casino closings. new from overnight, the search is on for an armed robber, who ran off with cash from a 24 hour store in montgomery county. police on the scene at the rite aid in kenwood. nobody inside of the store was hurt. new this morning, a second suspect in custody in connection with the series of robbies targeting the elderly in northeast philadelphia. police say that joseph donaldson turned himself into police yesterday and keith perkins
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turned himself in on monday. police are looking for a third suspect in the case, a 52-year-old singleton. he also goes by the name of eric wilson. investigators believe the trio is connected to nearly a dozen robberies in northeast philly between june 3rd and august 15th. in center city, philadelphia police still searching for a man that robbed a bank yesterday but he did not get far with the money. take a look at the picture. this is the dye pack that exploded on the robber. according to police the man wearing a black baseball cap and ski mask made off with a lot of money from the branch. the man was last seen running towards 17th street. in chester county police are on the hunt for a man that robbed and sexually assaulted a
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teenager. the teenager was attacked on wednesday morning near 11th avenue and foundry street. police say it happened on a trail that many students use to walk to school. according to investigators, the 16-year-old victim was treated and released from the hospital but they are not saying whether it was a girl or boy. police issued warnings to many schools in the area for all students to be on high alert. this morning the search continues for a driver in a deadly hit-and-run in philadelphia. a woman died after she was hit by two cars, one right after the other. this happened while the woman was crossing the street at broad and bell field. police tell us the first car hit the woman sending her flying into the air and spepb sped off and she was hit again by a second car, and that person did stop and talk to police. a witness tells nbc 10 the woman was breathing immediately after
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she was hit, but according to police she did die at the hospital. >> even if you didn't see her, you should have felt the impact on her car. i think it's sad they kept going like that. >> police are looking for a white sedan and the driver. an ocean county native whose body was found in a jerusalem forest. the 23-year-old student was hiking with a friend in a hilly forested area of israel last week when he disappeared. his body was found in that same area on thursday. investigators do not suspect foul play. his parents travelled to jerusalem after their son disappeared. other family members and friends watched a live broadcast of the funeral. >> it's very unfortunate this tragedy happened to them and
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it's important for me to have them know i care about them. >> new jersey lawmakers have offered their condolences to the family. also in lakewood, police have identified the man whose body was found inside an abandoned home. the body of 45-year-old matthews was discovered inside of a home on thursday night. police were alerted after employees at a nearby business complained of a foul odor. investigators say an autopsy was not able to determine the exact cause of death, so right now they are waiting on toxicology reports that could take up to six weeks. as of right now, police say they are no suspicious circumstances surrounding matthew's death. now a kent county man has been cleared of murder charges in the stabbing death of his girl tprepd's father. a jury found him not guilty of first-degree murder.
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the jury also refused to convict him on lesser homicide charges. he was accused of killing tony mowsic in january of last year, and his lawyers argued barns was behind her father's murder. they were convicted of tampering with evidence and other lesser charges. and then tapped for even more money to pay for the jersey jam investigation. the state was just billed another $880,000 for work this summer, on top of $6.5 million billed through april. they are investigating the lane closers on the gw bridge. a bucks county intersection is topping the list for the
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phoe most dangerous place. >> this is something that will affect my life forever. >> one of nascar's biggest stars will be back behind the wheel this weekend after a crash that killed a fellow driver and he is talking incident now for the first time.
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a quarter after 6:00 this morning, and cape may looking good out there. a lot of people will be using this opportunity to have three days off to head down the shore today. should be perfect. head out on the beach. do your outdoor activities. tomorrow, monday, we're going to talk about that in the forecast. now to news overseas. right now the terror threat level in britain is severe. its second highest level. they raised it from substantial as a response to an increasing threat from islamic extremist.
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they have no intelligence about a specific attack and instead they point out isis struck in europe before and that british extremist have passports that could allow easy travel. officials with the obama administration says the united states is not raising the terror threat level here. and then the medical examiner's office says that physical restraint by police was a factor in the july 13th death of ronald singleton. this occurred four days before a fatal videotape choke hold that sparked outrage and protests. you may remember the officer put him in a choke hold. gardener can be heard saying i can't breathe. the district attorney is
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assembling a special grand jury to hear the evidence in this case. and then he struck and killed a fellow driver in a track race. he is now talking about the death of ward. ward was struck and killed by stewart in new york. >> this has been one of the toughest tragedies i ever had to deal with, both professionally and personally. and this is something that will definitely affect my life forever. this is a sadness and a pain that i hope nobody ever has to experience in their life. >> the sheriff's department in ontario county, new york, where this happened is still investigating ward's death and has yet to rule out criminal charges against stewart. "time" magazines calls it
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the most dangerous intersection in america, it's knights road at street road in bensalem. one of the crashes happened in 2008. two men were crossing street road when a fire bird hit them and sped off. one died and one was critically hurt. that same year, a traffic audit cited many near that intersection. a jay walking problem is one of the reasons bensalem police are not happy with the report and disagree with the findings. you will hear from their top cop, and you will hear how the state says it is working to
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improve the roadway, and get that story right now on comedian and actor, tracy morgan, is still struggling months after he was hurt in what turned out to be a deadly crash. we will have new details on his road to recovery, next. dry and comfortable for one more day, and your holiday weekend is not going to be entirely sunny unfortunately. on the ben franklin bridge, sunshine is coming out through the clouds there. who's more excited about back to school savings at staples?
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the moms? or the dads? with guaranteed low prices on colored pencils, it's definitely the dads. staples. make more happen for less. it's been a great summer. i am going to keep that going again for the day today as we
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are back to sunshine. no 90s today. that's for sure. a great day to head on down to the made in america concert as we take a look at the art museum. look at that. a great morning for all the comfortable temperatures this morning. another nice day on tap but then hotter next week for the first week of september. can you believe it? humid with thunderstorms, too. they will be returning. the humidity is going to go up, but not quite today. we are warmer, though, this morning, for the lehigh valley. warmer than yesterday. pottstown, 4 degrees warmer. not the case for philadelphia, still right where we should be for where we were yesterday morning, and we are in the low 60s like yesterday. cherry hill at 55 degrees. trenton, 57 at this hour. a cool start to the morning for quakertown and allentown and pottstown at 55 to 52 degrees, and 54 for you in doylestown.
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55 for the airport in atlantic city, but look at the shore. 70s for atlantic city. good morning to all of you. we are dry across the atlantic seaboard from here to new york and up to boston, too. we are tracking the low that is moving fairly slow at this point. this front and low will push towards us and it will fire up thunderstorms that we are going to see tomorrow, specifically in the afternoon and mainly in the evening. looks like most of the day today will be dry and most of your sunday morning is going to be dry and then that's going to change by the afternoon and evening for tomorrow. here is how it looks for saturday. same goes for sunday morning, too. not until sunday afternoon, we start to see showers move in, and even isolated thunderstorms. but the best chance will be in
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the evening hours where it could produce downpours, too, on sunday evening. monday, scattered showers. looks like it's not going to be entirely dry for the weekend. today is the best day to get out there and do all the stuff you want to do. looks like monday into tuesday we could have a slight chance of showers as well. for the day today, 69, and by noon 77 degrees and then our high for the day today, 83 degrees. dew points and humidity up a little, and still comfortable. partly cloudy skies for the day today. if you are headed up to the poconos, today is the day to do it. 72 degrees and partly sunny skies. scattered thunderstorms in the forecast for sunday and also for monday, too, it will be more humid in the poconos. warm conditions as we get back into the 80s. now to the 7-day forecast. notice the 90s back in the forecast here. three days of these 90s means it will be our third heat wave of the summer. steamy on monday and on tuesday
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it's going to get hot and then the temperatures drop a little, but we are still warm. sunny skies and better weather as we head towards the second half of the week, rosemary. >> thank you, tedd. many new jersey counties are at the top of the list when it comes to the potential for natural disasters. of all the places in the nation, ocean county is number one, and the information comes from the national o noaa. philadelphia's newest baseball star meets up with the players that ended her team's little league world series run.
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philadelphia's little league pitching star, mo'ne davis, was a special visitor with the u.s. championship team. she was with the jackie robinson
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west team, and she was invited by reverend. >> when you are in philly, there's a lot of cameras, but, i mean, not this many. >> the group also got to share a meal today. toept the chicago white sox will honor the jackie robinson team before their game. and she took part in the parade down broad street included salutes and along with a big rely at fdr park. it's becoming a weekend tradition in philadelphia. matt delucia is live with a preview of the made in america festival. >> reporter: it's quiet for now, but not for long. you can see the gates right
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there, and just in a few hours thousands of people will be out here for the made in america festival and what people are expecting coming up after the great. grab the t-shirt and shorts. you will need it for the day today. however, you may need the umbrellas soon enough. we will let you know what we are expecting when we come back.
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philadelphia used to be deserted on labor day weekend, but now thousands flock to the city for the made in america festival. we will have a live preview from the parkway of the two-day event. sunny and comfortable weather continues today. let's head down the shore where a couple of people are strolling along the beach. take advantage of the pleasant conditions. the forecast looks a little unsettled. good morning and welcome back to nbc "10 nbc news today." it's 6:30 on this saturday. let's check in with
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meteorologist, tedd florendo. we do know changes are coming. >> that's right, rosemary, a good start to the labor day weekend, that's for sure with sunshine and the humidity, not so bad again for the day today. it will be returning. however, outside right now we are starting off with sunshine and comfortable temperatures. some of you, however, a little on the cool side this morning. it was chilly in the lehigh valley. your current conditions, starting it off from partly sunny. warmer than yesterday. pottstown, 56 degrees. philadelphia at 62. we are cool down the shore as well. atlantic city, 55. and down the shore, we are in the 70s all the way down to cape may. here is your forecast for your saturday, actually. 70 degrees at 9:00 a.m., and we are also looking at partly sunny skies today. it will be dry. tomorrow, however, we are tracking some showers and thunderstorms. we will talk more on that coming up in your first alert forecast,
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rosemary. >> thanks, looking forward to it. made in america starts in just hours, and tens of thousands of concert goers will pack the parkway. matt delucia is live at the gate, which will be very crowded later on. matt, you have been covering this event for two years. >> reporter: no fans, just workers. give it a couple hours, though. last year i recall seeing people lining up early so they could get up front for beyonce. remember that? by the organizers' station, some 80,000 people will come through here. >> you either get out of the city or you stay in the city. >> reporter: amy campbell is one of those staying put. >> it's a wonderful way to get people real excited on a holiday. >> reporter: the intense labor on this labor day weekend could
6:33 am
be seen behind the scenes as workers put the final pieces into place, and three years now the festival has come to philadelphia and organizers say pretty much they have it down to a science. >> it's something different and unique they would not get at a normal one. >> the biggest thing for concertgoers is the music. 50 performers on four stages in two days. >> we want to be in there having a good time. >> reporter: the problem with an open air venue, however, can also be the music. >> for me it was horrible. >> reporter: brooke baldwin lives nearby and says she and others have not been looking forward to this weekend. >> the noise goes on all day. >> reporter: that's part of why kim recallinson is heading out this morning.
6:34 am
>> i can't walk my dog without all the cars and they don't respect you. >> reporter: this event does draw people in from around the delaware valley and around the world. most paying well over $100 for a two-day pass. live in center city, i am matt delucia, nbc 10 news. is your complete resource guide to this weekend's made in america concert if you are looking for a run tkoup of the performers or traffic detours, go to our website, let's head to atlantic city. for many people there it will not be a holiday weekend. many are losing their jobs. show boat is closing tomorrow. on monday the revel hotel shuts down and that is followed by the casino the day after, and then the trump towers closes on the
6:35 am
16th. alicia castro who worked at showboat is among 5,000 people who will be laid off when it closes tomorrow afternoon, and as we mentioned, the neighboring revel casino will shut down two days later. more than 40 workers from showboat have found jobs with others, but many others have fewer aspects. >> i will miss by supervisor. >> it's a human disgrace they are shutting these places down. >> the primary casino union will open hold something for them. you can log on now to read more about the history of a.c. and as well as the timeline of all the
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casino closings. cape may county, they will end the summer on a high note. they expect to top $5.5 million in retail sales this season. most agree that this summer's terrific weather played a big part in the shore's booming summer business. it's also been a record-setting summer in delaware. tourism officials say it looks like people are skipping their normal beaches routines, and the tax free shopping is a bonus. new from overnight, police are investigating an armed robbery at a 24-hour rite aid store in montgomery county. police tell us the robber did
6:37 am
get away with some cash, but nobody inside was hurt. we have new information this morning about the health of comedian, tracy morgan, following the crash that left him injured in june. morgan's attorney told the star ledger the actor is having a hard time recovering and he uses a wheelchair now and it could be month before he can walk on his own. he broke a leg and his nose and ribs when a tractor trailer rear-ended his limousine bus on the turnpike. a woman was accused of kidnapping the 5-year-old girl from her elementary school and sexually assaulting her.
6:38 am
the girl told police she remembered hearing a talking bird inside of the home where she was taken. her attorney have argued the prosecutors have the wrong person. and police are asking for your help as they hunt town thieves who took world war i rifles from the vfw post. it happened on the 5200 block of ray street. one of the members tells us he discovered the building had been ransacked and the thieves swiped about a dozen world war i rifles similar to the ones in this photo. it's not the first time the vfw has been targeted. police were able to lift fingerprints from the scene but they are asking anybody who knows anything to give them a call. now to the school budget crisis in philadelphia.
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the cash-strapped school district announced more layoffs. the district said 17 central office workers will be laid off. it's part of a plan to eliminate a total of 81 positions. however, a district spokesperson said many of the positions are already vacant. the district faces an $81 million gap. the philadelphia teacher's union released a statement that said this is yet another example of how harrisburg's failure to provide sustainable public education funding is leading to this. a new kind of delivery system. the largest internet search engine company finding a way the get goods to your doorstep with drones.
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if you applied for health insurance under the affordable care act you have a week left to verify your immigration status, and if you don't you will lose your health insurance. many have not responded yet.m.yá you must be a legal citizen to get coverage. this next one is about delivering your items when you order them online. google is testing drone deliv y delivery. we will tell you why they chose some items. google is trying out drones that go 60 miles per hour. right now the faa strictly
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limits the use of commercial drones. a high school tradition returns. we will have the best action on the field just ahead in the high school blitz. another day of sunshine for the day today, and less humid today, too. a live look outside at cape may. a beautiful day to hit the beach and could be breezy, and i will have your holiday weekend forecast when we come back.
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i think it's going to be the perfect day to get out and play in the sunshine again as the humidity still remains comfortable for august. what a summer it has been, and
6:46 am
of course that will change quick. comfortable for the day today and dry. however, we have showers and thunderstorms back in the forecast, and it's going to happen soon. in fact this holiday weekend is going to see showers return. the heat also returns as we get back in the 90s. it has been a great summer, but unfortunately as we head into september that's when we are going to get the heat. maybe even a heat wave. keep our eye on that and will show you in the 7-day forecast in a second. sunny for you here, and high patchy clouds in philadelphia at 62 degrees. atlantic city, not too bad, 55. right now 55 for allentown, westchester 57 degrees, and 59 for you in bensalem. at the airport, 55. it's going to be a beautiful day
6:47 am
to be at the shore. tomorrow, that's when we can see the showers and thunderstorms at the shore. humidity up 86%, but we will see the dew point and humidity drop a little. dew point is at 60 degrees, and that's not too bad, but when they get to the 70s, the humidity will be more sticky for tomorrow and also on monday. today, though, dry conditions right now. a few high clouds like we said. nothing on the radar like the seaboard. new york city all the way down to the delmarva. we look west to chicago, and heading in the great lakes region, there are the showers and thunderstorms, and they are moving towards us and we are going to see that by tomorrow. when? futurecast shows us a pretty good picture hour by hour on what to expect for the day. it will be dry. maybe high fair weather clouds. and sunday could be dry and we will get increased clouds for sunday morning, but notice the rain starting to move its way into the poconos here, but it's
6:48 am
not going to be until sunday afternoon, at least according to this model and the early evening hours where we see showers and thunderstorms, mainly north and west and in the evening hours, look at this, we have a chance of downpours along with the thunderstorms, too. scattered clouds and showers for monday as well, and it looks like our holiday looks to be wet at times as well. but tuesday, we start to dry out slowly, but it's going to be a warm one next week. 78 degrees by 10:00 temp and comfortable. it looks like down at the shore, a nice day at least for the day today. sunny and nice. slightly breezy. tomorrow, mainly dry and 78 degrees, and then showers and thunderstorms expected for your monday with the winds coming from the south at 10 to 15 miles per hour. we are dry today and mainly dry for the shore for tomorrow, and it's monday when we start to
6:49 am
seat rain drops for monday. the rip current threat not a huge issue for the day today, thankfully. was these past few days, but not today. steamy with storms for tomorrow and also on monday. and then hot on tuesday. look at these numbers. they get to the 90s here. if we get three days in the 90s, that will be the third heat wave of the summer. less humid by wednesday. temperatures still hovering around some warm conditions, but at least we are dry towards the second half of the week with more sunshine. >> looking good. thank you, tedd. talking sports now. the phillies had a chance to climb out of last place for the first time in two months with a win over the mets. could they do it? let's take a look. two on and two out, and a pop-up, and sizemore lined up and flat out drops it. two runs score, and mets win 4-1.
6:50 am
they lead the phillies by 1.5 games for last place in the same division. same teams play tonight. high school football kicked off around pennsylvania and we are kicking off our 16th season of friday night football coverage. it was opening night last night for the high school blitz. heavyweight match-up, la sal wins. and then landis, a big night on the ground. a touchdown better than plymouth. >> they walked in and took our
6:51 am
bike. let's get our bike back. >> you voted to see this. the nice return will set up a touchdown. east wins this one big time, 45-6. sky force 10 high above for skylights. and then south and worst. robertson, a great leaping grab. south wins this one. and then the end zone from 31 yards out. a shutout. and maybe the most excited player of the night has to be kingsley warru. but they fall.
6:52 am
addi addington gets the win. penn charter ends up with a sack. >> top play, electrifying moment by edison hall. and a nice cutback across the field, and edison turns out the lights 12-6.
6:53 am
we remind you, you can vote for next friday's game of the week. the choices are counsel rock north at simon gratz, or upper darby on the road. you can call or text your one-time vote. be sure to join us tonight at 7:00 here on nbc 10. high school blitz is every saturday night at 7:00 right here on nbc 10. who's more excited about back to school savings at staples?
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a regular guy who invented aros. a very smart air conditioner that learns your habits to save you money. this is ben kaufman, the ceo of quirky. he's rubbing garthen's regular-guy feet because garthen is far more important than ben. at quirky, real people invent all of our products. ben just runs the company. introducing aros from quirky and g.e. products invented by real people like you.
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hey there, i just got my bill, and i see that it includes my fico® credit score. yup, you get it free each month to help you avoid surprises with your credit. good. i hate surprises. surprise! at discover, we treat you like you'd treat you. get the it card and see your fico® credit score. a historic philadelphia firehouse is open again nearly a year after it was damaged by fire. nbc 10 was at the reopening ceremony. over the last 11 months, new doors and windows and ceilings were installed. repairs costs half a million. glad they are back open considering it's in my neck of the woods. >> i wonder if matt delucia got
6:57 am
us tickets for the made in america? >> yeah, he has a media pass. >> great conditions right now. it's comfortable outside. tonight, even better for a concert. take a look outside. a live look at center city. notice we have very few clouds out there. of course it could get wet at times by tomorrow afternoon. for the forecast for the day today, no worries. get out there and enjoy it. partly sunny skies throughout much of the day today. 83 degrees, partly sunny. showers and thunderstorms and humidity goes up. >> we are still technically in summer. this is the kind of weather we get. we have just been lucky we have not had to deal with it. >> september is a whole different story. >> that's going to do it for us. the "today" show is coming up. we will see you right back here at 8:30.
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good morning. severe threat. britain remains on high alert this morning after the terror threat that abruptly came friday. the public warned an attack is highly likely. what does that mean for us in the u.s.? we are live with the latest. trapped underground. rescue crews working to save gold miners trapped in an avalanche of mud and rock. they received tears and cheers after walking out of the mines on their own. tony stewart opens up about the dirt track accident that took the life of a fellow racer. >> it will affect my life forever. >> stewart prepares for what


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