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tv   NBC 10 News at 7am  NBC  August 31, 2014 7:00am-8:01am EDT

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it's the first of three atlantic city ka scasinos to cl. today thousands of workers are out of a job. we're live with the impact of closures. night out in philadelphia ended in chaos. four people were the victims of a hit and run. why police believe the driver may have ran them over on purpose. if you enjoyed yesterday's comfortable weather, don't expect the same thing. it's going to be hot and humid. you can barely see it's cloudy and hazy out there. kpp expecting showers later on. it's 7:00 on this sunday. ted florendo is tracking the changes in the forecast.
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ted, we've been spoiled for most of the summer. today it will feel seasonal. >> finally right? we had the great summer with temperatures below average, humidity has been low lately. now unfortunately the humidity is back and so are hot temperatures too. we're tracking the threat of thunderstorms in the forecast. a live look outside at ben franklin bridge. humidity is giving us a hazy morning across the delaware valley. where are thunderstorms now? we have a few popping up. you can see the lightning strikes along with it. this is going to dodge us and head north. moisture is going to be tracking up over our area. we'll start to see later in the day. one thing is for sure, clouds are out there and so is humidity. 74 philadelphia now. lehigh valley 74, 71 mount holly, dover 74 degrees. a warm start to our morning means we'll have a warm, hot day
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for sure. 11:00 a.m., 74 degrees, steamy with clouds. 90 for our high. going to feel like mid-90s. mostly thunderstorms 4:00 p.m. north and west suburbs. 7:00 p.m., 87 degrees. we see the threat of showers and thunderstorms throughout much of the delaware valley. we'll talk more on that and show you when we start to dry out. that's ahead in our forecast in a couple minutes. >> thank you ted. today one of atlantic city's oldest casinos is shutting doors after 27 years. showboat will close in nine hours leaving hundreds without a job. matt delucia is live in atlantic city. urgent news for the gaming industry there. >> reporter: yeah, rosemary. this is the first of three closures to happen in the next few weeks. showboat has been open 27 years, nearly three decades and nearly 2,000 people work at this place.
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showboat will close today at 4:00. many of them will be leaving without a job. cesar's entertainment own showboat. the company ceo sent out a letter to workers on friday thanking them for service adding half who applied for other jobs in the company will be able to stay and work at other cesar properties. that amounts to 470 employees according to the company. this is labor day weekend after all. usually a big time for jersey shore. this weekend the mood is different. this is the first as i mentioned of three casino closings. long time gamblers say this is a shame. >> going to be a shame all these workers being out of work. what are they going to do, been working there how many years? tomorrow they got no job. it's a shame. >> in atlantic city, the mayor was out here a couple of days ago talking about his home for the future of atlantic city. here we look at the showboat
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once again. this casino is closing this afternoon at 4:00 after 27 years here on the board walk. cesar says it is looking for potential buyers of this property. here next door you have rebel, this casino that open twoed two years ago. they close tomorrow. trump plaza set to close september 16th. we talk about the toll this is taking on the gaming industry and workers. you have more than 6,000 people who will be out of work. i spoke to a gentleman that worked at an atlanta club that closed earlier this year. he hasn't been able to find another job. we'll stay on top of this. nbc 10 news. new from overnight, philadelphia police are looking for the driver who struck four people leaving a bar in the ron hurst section of the city.
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police say it was intentional. this happened at the penny pack shopping believe it s inside redz bar and grill. it's unclear how bad the victims were injured. police are looking for a dark color suv. a chain reaction car crash has a 14-year-old girl fighting for her life. she was in a car with four other teens going to a charity soccer game. ash lynne cook, a freshman is in critical condition on life support. the four other girls with her have been released from the hospital. they were all in a car struck on route 40 in hamilton township yesterday morning. a pickup truck crossed the center line and set off the three vehicle wreck. hours after hearing about the crash, students, parents, teachers gathered at the high school to pray for ashlyn. >> we had over 200 kids, entire football team in uniform.
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>> the pickup truck driver involved was not hurt. the driver of the other vehicle a box truck went to the hospital for treatment. this is the second time in three years the the mainland regional community has experienced tragedy involves students. back in 2011 four football players were killed on their way home from practice. it was a deadly scene in south philadelphia when a man crashed into a pole. the man was killed yesterday morning. no other cars were involved. nobody else was hurt. police are investigating. another deadly crash along route 49 yesterday morning. police say a limousine bus crossed into oncoming traffic. the driver died. the limo driver suffered minor injuries. at this point, no charges have been filed.
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it was a busy night for crews who spent the night trying to find the source of a gas odor. the utility company received hundreds of phone call frsz delaware, bucks, chester country, workers investigating did not find gas leaks. in burlington county, pay volunteer firefighter is behind bars accused of setting fire to a vacant auto body shop. robert campolongo has been charged with arson. it happened two weeks ago in river side. he has been suspended by the river side fire company pending the outcome of case. the first day of the made in america festival has come and gone. this is time lapse video of the main stage in front of the philadelphia museum of art on the ben franklin parkway. thousands watched one of the city's largest concerts under dry skies. that may not be the case as we
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shall expecting showers. here's a live look. all is relatively quiet. we expect crews are heading out t to make sure everything is ready for the opening later on this afternoon. right now we're dealing with hazy conditions. it's humid out there, going to be hot. tonight's headliner is kings of leon. concert goers will see a dozens of other performers including williams and congo. >> dj steve and kanye west for last night's headliners. you can see the crowd was pumped up. got fists bumping. thousands of fans could see a the made in america festival happening in la on screens set up along the parkway. with estimated 80,000 expected to attend the two day festival, city officials tell uses they have every inch of the parkway covered with officers. we spoke with concert goers yesterday who comed to expect the heavy police presence. >> two years ago came to made in
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e many. i feel there's as much presence now as there was then. >> it's a feeling of security having them here. it's a good thing. >> count her terrorism, swat team members and security guards from several local agencies are also helping the police keep an eye on what's happening in and outside that concert area. for a full list of today's lineup and more information on the downtown traffic detours, go to there you can download the free nbc 10 app and take us with you to the show. next, a sailor is charged with beating his 2-month-old son. why authorities say he did it and how his wife found out about the abuse. a pilot crashes in the ocean after he he lost consciousness flying 13,000 feet. investigators are trying to piece together the chain of events leading up to the crash.
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the u.s. military conducted more air strikes against its militant targets in iraq yesterday. according to the pentagon, u.s. aircraft targeted isis militants yesterday as well as air drops of humanitarian aid for the town. emmerly has been surrounded by isis militants for weeks. since august 8th, there have been 115 air strikes across
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iraq. the attack on our southern boarder very real. that's what john mccain told a group during a town hall meeting. he said that cabinet level agencies are on alert for a potential car bomb attack from a base in mexico. mccain says isis has the money and equipment to do it. >> they have to be destroyed. not stopped, not humanitarian effort, destroyed. they are out to destroy us. >> mccain adds the border threat makes the need for immigration reform urgent but warns president obama should not act alone on this because it could shatter the bipartisan effort to stop the problem. now to crisis in ukraine. russia is given result may attempt. scale back or face more sanctions. european union wants sanctions to be adopted in a week. eu leader did say not leadly impose tougher sanctions.
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they are the number three trade ago partner and bigs oil and gas supplier to eu. the aggressive behavior will be the key agenda item at the summit president obama attend later this week. this morning rescue crews are looking for a pilot that crashed a small plane into the ocean. it took off from wisconsin heading to virginia when the pilot lost consciousness. two f-16s scrambled to the plane when it flew over restricted air space. the jet pilot said they saw the other pilot slumped over at the control. the plane ran out of fuel and went down a short time later. an investigation is underway. protestors are calling for a federal investigation after a young man with a bb gun was shot and killed by police at a
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wal-mart. they want to show surveillance video of the shooting. john crawford iii was waving a gun inside the store. when he refused to put it down, officers shot him. then they learned it was a bb gun. >> we want police to do right, protect and serve. that's what we want them to do. >> the ohio attorney general's office is investigating the the shooting right now. another police shooting death involving a bb gun earlier this week. a crew member for the tv show " "cops" was shot and killed. deon was taping a robbery inside a wendy's restaurant. the suspect shot at police. officers returned fire hitting the gunman and the victim deon. it's the first time a crew
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member had been killed during the filming of "cops." >> could ask him anything. yeah. he had happiness. i'm going to end up with sadness. >> the police chief says it was an unfortunate incident and the officers act professionfully. a grand jury is investigating the the shooting. doctors say it's one of the worst cases of child abuse they've ever seen. a navy sailor is accused of assaulting his 2-month-old son leaving him with 29 bone fractures. rittenhouse confessed to squeezing the 2-month-old so hard several times over a four week span. he kept the abuse from his wife. she ended uptake ago him to the hospital after he was not eating properly. doctors are surprised he's still alive. rittenhouse is held on half a million bail. a leopard chasing prey falls
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into a well. how rescuers work 20 get this dangerous animal out of the water. >> feeling like summer. warm and muggy. we're tracking thunderstorms too. another wet day in the poconos now. we'll talk more in your forecast when we come back. who's more excited about back to school savings at staples?
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the moms? or the dads? with guaranteed low prices on colored pencils, it's definitely the dads. staples. make more happen for less. you can see all that rain yesterday left homes flooded. the heaviest rain moved out. off and on showers continued
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overnigh overnight. and of course a portion of that wet, moist air mass is headed up our way. we'll see for the day today. in fact now, it is humid this morning. going to be a hot and steamy day today. not like temperatures we've been seeing lately. this is more like what we see in the summer. showers and thunderstorms in the forecast. those could bring us good downpours too. also got the holiday forecast too. will we see the rain clear in time for labor day? we'll show you the seven-day forecast coming up. not the prettiest day this morning. cloudy skies in philadelphia, 74 degrees, winds light out of the south. humidity 87%. 11 degrees warmer than yesterday this time. clouds have locked in heat we're seeing this morning. humidity, you feel it once you step out side. later today, this is not going to go away. dew points get up to 71 degrees.
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temperatures hovering around 90, going to feel 90s with the humidity outside. this will be the case for today and early part of the week. outside now, 72 cherry hill, chester springs 72 this hour. reading currently 74, pottstown 72, 73 quakertown. down the shore mid 70s avalon, 76 cape may. vineland 73, clayton 68. dry right now. you can see the front and moisture riding along side it. got severe weather in the form of thunderstorms in the central part of the state. that's going to push north ward. all you can see in the south going to ride that front and push towards our area escapely later today. storm prediction center gives areas from philadelphia, points north of i-94 corridor in philadelphia here a slight risk of severe weather.
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some thunderstorms could give us downpours, strong damaging winds along with that too as we have pop up storms moving along that front. future cast shows dry throughout much of the day today. not until later in the afternoon, 4:00, 5:00 areas points north will start to see showers and isolated thunderstorms with it. same goes for 5:00 or 6:00 wilmington towards trenton. some downpours passing through for tonight. later in the afternoon and evening is when we see this. atlantic city down to cape may. you should remain dry throughout the afternoon and early evening overnight maybe later in the evening when you could get showers. that might be the best place to be for the day today even though it would be muggy down the shore and beaches. forecast today, 10:00 a.m. 77 degrees. 84 by noon. partly sunny but beaches.
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85 rehoboth. could be breezy at times. rip current risk now low thankfully. seven-day forecast hot. still by tuesday, temperatures around the 90s. less humid later in the week and dry. still going to be warm in the upper 80s. a young leopard has to be rescued after it fell in a well. it was found struggling as it was trying to float in the water at the bottom of the well. rescuers lower aid platform. they were taking a risk there. that's a dangerous animal. it's suspected it was chasing prey when it fell in the well. it vanished into the forest as soon as it got out. next, something that hasn't happened in nearly 100 years, a total solar eclipse. it's three years away, but we tell you why people are planning
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to watch it in kentucky of all places.
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later this week, the august jobs report will be released. companies hire average of 244,000 workers every month since february. that trend is expected to continue for august. the report will be out on friday. some more employment news in california. lawmakers have passed the largest expansion of employer paid sick leave in the nation. the bill requires all employers to give three sick leave every year. governor brown says this will help employees from losing jobs because they're sick and can't come to work. only workers not covered under the bill are home health workers. it is a waiting signature. the biggest increase is pork
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up more than 10% due to a virus that plagued pork farmers. a low cattle supply and increased national demand, hot dog prices are up 7%. chicken prices 3% higher. good news price of soda and beer remains relatively unchanged. time now is 7:28. nbc 10 news today continues in a moment with another half hour of news. nbc 10 matt delucia is live in atlantic city where the first of three casinos is closing today. >> reporter: showboat is closing doors after 27 years. we're talking to people out here on the board walk about what they call a sad day. that's coming up after the break. after dry couple of days, it's time to bring back the showers can and thunderstorms we're going to see for the day. we'll tell you when we expect those and more on the muggy conditions outside now. detail as coming up on your first alert forecast.
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showboat will close today after 27 years on the atlantic city board walk. this is the latest hit to the tourist town with two more casinos expected to shut their doors in coming weeks. five high school girls on their way to a charity soccer game injured in a crash. one of them is fighting for her life this morning. coming up, what police believe caused the accident. many are spending their labor day weekend. the humidity is on the rise. welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. it's 7:30 on this sunday. ted, you're keeping an eye on the first alert radar for
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showers moving in later. >> dry now rosemary. later in the afternoon and evening we see return of showers and also some thunderstorms for the region. right now though it is dry. it's sticky out there. we've got the humidity back as we look at the ben franklin bridge. we've got plenty of cloud this is morning. currently outside it is warm this hour. take a look. temperatures in the 70s throughout much of the region. allen town 73, trenton 71. 74 philly, dover 74. same for atlanta city and lancaster. take a look at heat index. factor in humidity. back again today. going to feel low to mid-90s for the day today. temperatures temperatures only going to be 80s. here's what you can expect for the day. 88 our high, going to feel like 90s. philadelphia should be dry throughout the day. later in the evening, we have the return of showers and
7:33 am
thunderstorms. especially if you're heading to the made in america concert, ke keep that in mind. i'll let you know how long this wet weather will last in your first alert forecast. >> thanks. we'll check back in a few. after nearly three decades, showboat is closing today leaving hundreds out of a job. it's one of three casinos shutting down in the next few weeks. nbc 10 matt delucia is live in atlantic city for us this morning. matt? >> reporter: yeah rosemary it is labor day weekend of course. a big weekend for people to come down to the jersey shore in atlantic city. starting to see more come out to theyf9h board walk. unfortunately this is a sad day because of what's happening later this afternoon. see the showboat there. after 27 years, the doors will close after 4:00 p.m. more than 2,000 people work at this casino. many are leaving without a job. cesars entertainment owns
7:34 am
showboat and other casinos here. the company ceo sent a letter to workers friday thanking them for service is. he said half applied for other jobs in the company and will be able to stay and work at other cesar properties including ones here in atlantic city. that amounts to 470 employees. this will be the first of three casino closings planned for next three weeks. the mayor was out here a couple of days ago once again talking about his hope for atlantic city. those visiting this weekend tell us they're not so sure. >> it's just too many closing. what's going to replace it? >> casinos open in pennsylvania, new york, online gaming. new casinos opening up, got to take money away. >> reporter: here we look at the showboat once again. after 27 years, nearly three decades, doors close at 4:00.
7:35 am
rebel here next door, doors opened two years ago. they're getting ready to close tomorrow. the casino follows tuesday. trump plaza down the street set to close september 16th. talk about the terms of employment, more than 6,000 people work at these properties. they're all looking for jobs now. i've been talking to people on the board walk. some have lost their jobs before. one gentleman worked at atlanta club that closed earlier this year. he has not found a job. some people say they'll continue coming down here. a couple of minutes ago i talked to someone from the bronx. they said they'd rather come here to atlantic city because of the board walk and shore. i'll put that audio together coming up at 9:00. we'll talk to more on the board walk as we get set for first of
7:36 am
three closings here in atlantic city. reporting live, i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. new from overnight. investigators are looking into what caused a fire at a delaware county restaurant. it happened around 11:30 on baltimore pike in springfield. the general manager tells nbc 10 that a worker noticed the wall buckling. they called the fire department. turns out the fire was inside the wall. no customers were in the restaurant and no workers were hurt. this morning a 14-year-old girl is fighting for her life. four classmates are recovering after a chain reaction car crash. ashlyn cooke is in critical condition on life support. she's one of the five girls from mainland regional high school injured in the crash yesterday morning. they were in a car struck on route 40 in hamilton township. the teens were on their way to a charity soccer game when a pickup truck crossed the center
7:37 am
line, set off the wreck. >> they were going to raise money for another foundation. hearts and prayers go out to this family. >> the four other girls have been released from the hospital. the pickup truck driver was not hurt. the driver of the box truck went to the hospital for treatment. right now no charges have been filed. this is the second time there's been a major accident in three years involving students from mainland regional high school. you may remember in 2011, four mainland football players were killed in a crash on their way home from practice. the first day of the made in america festival has come and gone. this is a live look -- well not a live look of anything. it's hazy out there. it's hot and humid today. if going to the concert, keep
7:38 am
that in mind. drink plenty of water. tonight's headliner is kings of leon. concert goers will stereo dozens -- will see dozens of other performers. the crowd was totally pumped. thousands of fans could see it at the same time in los angeles on screens set up along the parkway. for a full list of today's line pup and wanted a list of traffic detours, go to there you can download the free nbc 10 news app atake it to the show. it could be the busiest labor day travel weekend in ten years. it's because of improving economy and lower gas prices. it's expected to be the busiest since 2008 recession.
7:39 am
not just falling prices at pump. unemployment is down and job growth is up. another sign that the economy is improving. some people are already making travel plans for 2017 to attend what's normally a once in a lifetime event. brian goode explains why a small kentucky town is the best spot to watch the total other clips. >> people will come from all over the place. >> coming to a quiet town where pace is slow, you're greeted by smiles. today it's business as usual. that won't be the case in three years when the eyes of the world
7:40 am
are on hopkinsville, kentucky preparing for a once in a lifetime event. a total solar eclipse. the moon will cast a shadow on the earth. it landfall start on the morning monday, august 21st, 2017 off the coast of seattle. the shadow path will work it's way to the other side of the lower 48 in charleston, south carolina, longest path of the eclipse in the united states in 99 years. while many of us will see a large part of the sun disappear, the point of greatest eclipse is located at 36.9 north, 87.6 west or northwest of hopkinsville, kentucky. >> look at the hillside highest area to the right where it's green, we own that and trees up there. it would be excellent views up in there. >> that also happens to be mark's farm. >> it's my understanding you can see the stars. that would be the neatest thing in my eyes to see the stars.
7:41 am
>> this will begin 1:27 p.m. central time. if skies are clear, you'll see the stars above indeed. temperatures will drop, the crickets will chirp. for a solid two minutes 40 seconds the sun will disappear. with 1,000 spectators expected for this town of 40,000, space is key. >> if you plan to have an actual hotel booked any number of days for that event, you need to get on the phone and take care of that thousand. book something as close as you can or realize you might be camping out. >> it may be three years away, but this community vows to be ready. >> you better embrace it. it's going to happen whether you want it to or not. >> that was brian good reporting. the next total solar eclipse happens in 2024. it's rare for this to happen in such a short period of time. the last was in 1915.
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a furniture store takes a gamble on a college football game and loses. now they'll have to pay thousands of to customers. wow. can't wait to see that story. plenty of clouds this morning and muggy conditions too. track aing the threat of thunderstorms heading our way. we'll talk about it coming up in your first alert forecast.
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this week a furniture store in texas gave out more than a million worth of merchandise for free because of a college football game. the ashley furniture store in college station texas ran the promotion. if texas am won by more than 10 points thursday, all furniture bought between august 16th and 27th would be free. am won 54-28. the store took out insurance on the promotion. wow. big mistake for that furniture store. outside this morning, once you step out the door you're going to feel it. humidity is back. unfortunately it's going to be back some time this week. outside now, it is dry, but the humidity is out there.
7:46 am
it's going to stay that way early part of the week even midweek too. we're tracking thunderstorms right now. not quite over the area, but it's out there. some storms could give us good downpours. we're going to get strong winds with those storms too. sky top lodges in the poconos now. look at the haze we got out there. foggy conditions at this hour. we've got the threat of thunderstorms for the day today. very hazey and foggy. mount pocono, visibility down to half a mile. patchy fog lancaster. mostly clear elsewhere. we have clouds outside now. those clouds not giving us type of rain at least not yet. we're looking at more in the afternoon. temperatures this hour, really mild actually in the 70s. it's been that way all morning. 73 allen town, philly 74 and
7:47 am
wilmington. lancaster 72 degrees. there's a look at all the moisture. this is really just west of us. scattered thunderstorms that are tracking to the north steering clear of the poconos now western portions of the region. as we zoom out, a lot of moisture in the south. front is way off here in the great lakes. ahead of it, pulling this moisture from the southwest and sort of migrate through the area later in the afternoon. the dynamics are just right. we could have thunderstorms fire along with those too. future weather shows dry for the most part for sunday. in the afternoon we start to see showers encroaching the area around 4:00 or 5:00. 6:00 through philadelphia and trenton. some could give us heavy rain at times if you're going to the made in america concert. some downpours will drench the
7:48 am
area. passing to gloucester later in the afternoon. most of the shore and beaches should remain dry throughout the day until later in the eechlth tomorrow, chance of scattered storms and showers in the ft from. also on tuesday too. we're not entirely going to be dry for the early part of the week. not until wednesday we completely dry out. 76 degrees, 8:00 a.m. 83 by 11:00. our high 88 degrees. showers and storms. going to feel like the 90s with the humidity we're going to see for the day today. still hot tuesday. less humid wednesday. hovering around the 90s. warm for the end of the week. stick around. nbc 10 news continues after this brief timeout. >> thank you ted. we'll check on the forecast in a few moments. now it's a few minutes before the start of "today" show. lester holt and erica join us with more on what they're working on. >> we have to apologize.
7:49 am
we can't hear you. we can see your lips moving. we think you said good morning. good morning to you. we'll look at why your labor day may be a washout. severe storms roll through the country's mid section today. dylan is on top of that. journey continues for michael sam, first open areally -- openly gay player to be drafted in the nfl. we'll look at his future. this story off the field has us intrigued. he and his family are homeless. this morning, one generous chicago business hand is offering to lend a helping hand. it's a day to bring you back to days on the playground, fun and easy. why did you stop playing kick ball? we'll tell you why more and more get back in the game. >> we have that and more on "today." >> looking forward to it guys.
7:50 am
have a good one.
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7:52 am
just before the weekend the british government raised the terror threat to severe. what's the threat here in the u.s.? that will be part of the
7:53 am
discussion on today's meet the press. nbc news chief foreign affairs correspondent andrea mitchell will be the moderator today. good morning. >> good morning rosemary. >> should americans be worried there's no strategy yet against isis in syria? >> there's criticism from republicans and some democrats. i've talked to diane feinstein, chair of senate and intelligence committee. she has concerns feeling he's too cautious in approaching a sichl sis. as for the threat level, there's no immediate threat according to intelligence officials we have been talking to and senator feinste feinstein. there is need to be alert. there's a lot of concern. we have experts talking about what is the threat to the american homeland? we're not as close as great britain to iraq and syria. we don't have the likelihood of the fighters returns as easily
7:54 am
to the united states as they can to european area, but there is a lot of traffic back and forth. we'll talk about that on "meet the press." >> andrea, i also want to talk about what's happening in ukraine. ukraine and russia say u.s. is sending troops and heavy armor in to help. is there a military option in all of this? >> there is no military option against russia in ukraine. nato does feel the need to strengthen its own message and military defenses because of what's happening in russia. at least symbolically, the nato meeting is going to be sending a military force that the europeans are organizing not involving americans. european british led force to the eastern borders of nato. reassuring nato countries they don't have to worry about
7:55 am
russia. vladimir putin is not backing down. he's now thinking of a state hood for eastern ukraine, potential break away area. it could be he's going to try to annex it like he did with crimea. this is a major concern. >> we'll see you at 10:30 late on "meet the press." watch andrea mitchell here on nbc 10 at 10:30. we'll take a quick break and see you many a few moments. who's more excited about back to school savings at staples?
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ted and i will see you back here at 9:00. have a good one.
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super soaker, flash flooding in the south, homes swaum pd. there is more rain in the forecast as wicked winds, damaging hail and the threat of tornadoes lurk for millions of people in the nation's midsection today. could your weekend be a washout? dylan is tracking it all. sacked. michael sam is cut by the st. louis rams. what's next for the player who captivated so many. and safe at home. one of the stars of the little league world series team that made it all the way to the championships finally getting a roof over his head this morning after months of being homeless. all thanks to one man's generosity.


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