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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  September 1, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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to a ban on plastic bags in grocery stores. the state legislature approved the ban, now it's up to the governor to decide whether to sign it into law. according to the bill, shoppers who forget to bring their own bags will have to pay 10 cents for a paper or reusable bag at the store. you are watching nbc 10 news. "nbc 10 news today" at 6:00 a.m. starts now. breaking news we have been following this morning is out of the roxborough neighborhood of philadelphia. fire rips through a dry cleaner. firefighters are still trying to put out the flames. another casino bites the dust. today atlantic city says good-bye to its newest casino. and a live look outside. we'll see sunshine today but also get rain. it's 73 degrees. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. bill, it will be wet in some
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places today. >> seeing scattered showers right now. not the big storms from last night. lots of humidity. we are watching for breaks in the clouds. we'll see some this morning. that's the view from the pocono mountains, the view from sky top lodge, mostly cloudy start. closer to philadelphia tracking scattered light showers, not the big thunderstorms we had last night. but just enough to keep the moisture level high. there are some areas of fog this morning. not everybody is seeing it. seeing some light fog in some spots, especially in the lancaster area, where the visibility is under a mile. down to 2 1/2 mile visibility in coatesville. temperatures have come down, some overnight, but not a lot. 74 now in the city. and we're heading towards the 90 degree mark this afternoon. cloudy, 78, steamy at 9:00. still very muggy at noontime, 86 degrees. showers popping up later today. the temperatures will head towards the 90 degree mark.
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we'll go through it neighborhood by neighborhood when i come back. first, katy zachry has the traffic. >> i want to start off with a detour in roxborough. you will see live video from a fire there. it's a fire on ridge avenue. an alternate around that, even though the fire is out, it looks like they'll be out there for quite some time. take henry avenue or main street around that fire. >> if you're headed into center city, philadelphia, stay away from the art museum, they're doing cleanup because of the made in america music festival. the parkway between eakins oval and 20th will be closed until tomorrow. taking a live look at the blue route, 476 at baltimore pike, your average times from 95 to
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tto tto 7 to 76, pretty good. right now firefighters are battling a fire at a dry cleaner in roxborough. this is ridge avenue near sherr's lane. we have found out the fire started in the award custom dry cleaners, it spread to an auto repair next door. no one was hurt. when we got to the scene, our photojournalist got to the scene, flames were shooting out of the building. that's not the case now. we have two photojournalists on scene gathering information. happening today, atlantic city's newest casino hotel will start shutting down after two years. it comes one day after another casino was forced to shut its doors. matt delucia is live in atlantic city. walk us through the process of what will happen today. >> first off, showboat closed yesterday. now revel will be closing.
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the hotel will close at 11:00 this morning, the casino tomorrow morning. showboat had been open for 27 years, revel has been open for two. folks here in atlantic city are starting to get used to seeing this. here's video from yesterday with workers at the showboat putting up signs saying the casino was closed. more than 2,000 people worked there. some have been able to get new jobs at other casinos, but it has been tough. these are not the first two properties to shut down recently. atlantic club closed in january, after revel closes, then trump plaza is scheduled to close later this month. a former dealer at showboat talked with us about these difficult times. >> it's difficult. very difficult. it's history. this building did not deserve it. this casino made money in the last quarter. it never went bankrupt. it always made money. it did not deserve this. >> as for revel, it went bankrupt twice.
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this cost $2.4 billion to build. more than 3,000 people work at this resort. all of them now looking for new jobs. for now we are live in atlantic city, i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. the state is stepping in to help workers affected by the casino's closing. starting wednesday the department of labor and work force development will join the unite here union at the atlantic city convention center for one week. their services will range from linking workers to social services to helping those concerned about making mortgage payments. you can count on nbc 10 for complete coverage. we have an entire section dedicated to this on our website at new from overnight, police are looking for the person who pulled the trigger in a deadly shooting in southwest philadelphia. police are looking for the person who pulled the trigger in a deadly shooting there. the victim was hit several times
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in the chest near 60th and almond. that man died a short time later. philadelphia police are investigating what caused a deadly crash. it happened around 8:30 last night on north delaware avenue and lewis street in the port richmond neighborhood. police say the driver lost control and slammed into a utility pole. he died at the scene. police have not identified the victim. in bucks county, a man is behind bars charged with killing his brother-in-law. william rivera is facing criminal homicide and other charges. police say the two were inside this home in the 4400 block of fayette drive early yesterday morning. rivera pulled out a shut gun and hit rodriguez. rodriguez was found dead on the floor. rivera was taken into custody at the scene. in new castle county, these four men are facing drug charges after a mon-long investigatith- investigation. the drug squad busted the home where one of the men lived.
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police found more than 1100 bags of heroin, 33 grams of marijuana, a gun and cash. this morning many will be celebrating labor day in philadelphia with a parade. it will start at 11:00 this morning on south columbus boulevard and washington avenue and end at penn's landing. then there will be a festival until 2:00 this afternoon. because today is a federal holiday, all philadelphia offices are closed today. city services are reduced. no trash pickup today in philadelphia. collections will be one day behind for the rest of the week. post offices and federal courts are closed today. starting today, riders at the 69th street transportation center will pay as you enter. up until now exiting riders had to pay at the front while other riders were getting on. the change is designed to get commuters in and out of septa vehicles faster and with less delays. the pay as you enter program is already in effect on all other septa routes. it's a cloudy start this morning. showers and thunderstorms rolled
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through last night. we're still seeing some showers this morning. lighter showers. some areas of fog thanks to all the moisture that we got yesterday. and the heat and humidity will be on once again this afternoon. 93 degrees yesterday. up around 90 later on. that may well fuel more storms later today. 71 degrees in allentown. 75 in northeast philly. 73 degrees for millville. you can see the clouds over the city. everybody is seeing that cloud cover this morning. there will be some breaks of sunshine, but don't look for a lot of sunshine, nor a lot of fog. there are some spots. visibility has come down in coatesville and mt. pocono. allentown with two miles of visibility. not an issue for wilmington, philadelphia and northeast philly. isolated showers moving through philadelphia and south jersey, heavier downpour s as are more
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likely this afternoon. with the heat and humidity that threat will continue through tomorrow. lots of clouds. by 11:00 this morning, showers popping up into pennsylvania and delaware. in the afternoon hours, not everybody will be getting damp at the same time, but there could be isolated showers and some breaks in the clouds. we will get some sunshine. but it is going to stay hot today and much of this week, too. the seven-day forecast when i come back. don't forget, track the chance of showers and thunderstorms in your area all day today on labor day. just head out to and check out our weather app. it's a free download. for over an hour we've been bringing you the breaking news of the fire in roxborough which is creating some traffic problems. >> we can get you around it, when i say we, i mean katy zachry. >> i can try. that's one of our highlights, a
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fire in roxborough. there are road closures around the art museum in center city, philadelphia and new jersey flooding from that overnight rain. in roxborough, a fire on ridge avenue. looks like they'll be out there for quite some time. to get around that use henry avenue or main street as an alternate. the ben franklin parkway, some closures to tell you about. avoid the art museum area from today into tomorrow while they do the cleanup from the made in america music festival. the inner and outer lanes of the parkway from 20th street to eakins oval closed until tomorrow. also, we are following flooding, winslow township, on white horse pike approaching fleming avenue. teens killed in bucks county. today council rock high school is trying to help friends left
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two amazing ways to score. . at 6:14, we continue to follow breaking news. we're live on the scene of a fire in roxborough. firefighters battling this fire on ridge avenue near sherr's lane at the award custom dry cleaners. it started in the dry cleaners and spread to a nearby auto repair shop. when we first got on the scene, flames were shooting from the building. you can still see flames as firefighters continue to battle that fire. we have several crews on the scene. we'll bring you new information as we get it. wilmington has had more murders this year than all of last year.
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two men were shot and killed over the weekend. one man was brought to wilmington hospital before 1:00 a.m. yesterday morning. police are not sure where that shooting happened. a second person was shot near 27th and tatnall streets about an hour later that brings the total people shot and killed to 19. wilmington is spending more money on cops to help keep the streets safe. the 14 highest paid city workers in wilmington in 2013 were police officers. overtime has helped boost their salaries to more than $100,000. wilmington's mayor ranked 15th taking home a paycheck of $113,000. philadelphia police are looking for a driver who they say intentionally ran down four people. this started early yesterday morning inside redz bar and grill in rhawnhurst. officers believe the driver of a black suv struck the victims after they left the business. it's not clear what touched off the incident or the extent of the injuries. in montgomery county, a man and his son had to defend their
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home from a burglar. this happened on edge hill road early yesterday. the man climbed through a living room window and then the homeowner and his son confronted the burglar. during the struggle, the son was struck by a hammer. the man got away in a waiting car behind the home. a private boarding school in bucks county is apologizing for sexual abuse at the hands of faculty. a letter was posted on the school's website saying several alumni from the '50s through the '70s have come forward to say they were sexually abused by adults at the school. bucks conte prosecutors are investigating sexual abuse claims a the school across six decades. the letter reads on behalf of solebury school, we offer or public acknowledgment of this abuse and our sincere apologies, most especially to those directly affected, but also to all who care deeply about this
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community. this morning san francisco 49er ray mcdonald is free on bay after police arrested him on domestic violence charges. he was taken into custody early yesterday morning. after his release he said the truth will come out. his arrest comes days after roger goodell announced stiffer penalties for players facing domestic violence charges. 17 minutes past 6:00. doctors have begun to bring joan rivers out of her medically induced coma. she suffered cardiac arrest after undergoing a procedure on his throat. her daughter said on sunday we are keeping our fingers crossed. she says the family remains hopeful that the 81-year-old comedienne can recover. a lot of people are heading home following this holiday
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weekend. this is a live look at route 9 and route 50 in cape may. things looking quiet out there. if you want to get a jump start on the traffic, now is a good time to get out the door. also, let's look at the speeds on the 42 freeway northbound, this is headed towards the bridges, towards center city, philadelphia. average speeds are about 50 miles per hour. we are following a fire in roxborough. the roxborough neighborhood, ridge avenue. an alternate is henry avenue or main street. we have a live crew who is on the scene. they say it's still active even though the fire is out. headed into center city, philadelphia, you want to know that the inner and outer lanes of the ben franklin parkway between 20th street and eakins oval, they are closed through tomorrow morning because of cleanup following the made in america music festival. this is a live look at 202 at route 29. things looking great out there. it's quiet on the roadways.
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weather was anything but quiet last night. big storms rolled through. the storms are out of here for now. we're watching clouds move through. we have seen some scattered showers, light showers, we are looking for some breaks of sunshine. it will be a mainly cloudy day. 74 at philadelphia international. they reported a few showers in the last hour. humidity is way up there. there in the pocono mountains, you can see the clouds with just a hint of sunlight. sunshine breaking through at times during the afternoon hours. right now the clouds are lining up to our south. that's where the next round of showers will be coming from. philadelphia seeing some thinning of the clouds. temperatures are in the 70s with just an isolated shower, very light stuff moving into south and central new jersey. this is the wet weather that will be here later today and thunderstorms moving through portions of eastern virginia,
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headed for delaware and possibly south jersey this afternoon. the forecast is calling for more wet weather and steamy conditions, too. won't be an all-day rainfall but keep an eye on the sky, especially during afternoon hours for showers and possibly thunderstorms. steamy today and again tomorrow. tomorrow's temperature 94 degrees. still a possibility of some scattered showers and thunderstorms. by wednesday it will be sunny and hot. same story for thursday. up to 90 degrees. it goes warmer for friday and saturday. come this weekend, return of more showers and thunderstorms. that will drop temperatures sunday, sunday afternoon, a high of 80. today kids in camden can get a makeover before heading back to school. level z barbershop is giving a free hair cut at the federal street shop. the hair cuts are on a first come first serve basis. >> i learned one thing about this president, he's very
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6:24 this monday morning. breaking news. firefighters are still trying to put out the flames at this dry cleaner in roxborough. we have been there for the last hour, hour and a half. we have a live picture. it started a little after 5:00 this morning inside the award custom dry cleaners and spread to a nearby auto shop. no one was hurt at this fire. good morning. i'm katy zachry with a look at traffic. a live look at 95 at girard avenue. not a lot of traffic.
6:25 am
drive times between 676 and woodhaven looks good. we are, as you saw, we have a crew at the scene of a fire in roxborough, there's some detours around that. henry avenue or main street, that's around the fire which is on ridge avenue at walnut lane. now we'll look at a new accident into our system, this is in christiana, delaware, southbound route 7 route 1, the on-ramp to 95, the right lane is blocked there. bill, it's cloudy in center city. tell us what we can expect today. >> steamy, too. showers are in store for us again today. i don't expect the widespread heavy thunderstorms we saw yesterday, but the possibility of downpours this afternoon. right now watching for some areas of fog. light fog for allentown and reading. visibility down to 2 miles in hazelton. mount pocono has a half mile of fog. fog not an issue for most of the philadelphia area. northeast philadelphia, philadelphia international,
6:26 am
wilmington, delaware, south jersey mainly fog-free. happening today, the hopes of revel casino turning around ac are gone. we are live in atlantic city where revel will become another casualty of the city's struggling gambling market. gone but not forgotten. a bucks county community is mourning the loss of three teens. we'll have details on what the high school is doing today to help students in the grieving process.
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firefighters are continuing their battle against flames at two businesses in the roxborough neighborhood. we are live on the scene. the house loses. after two years, revel casino is calling it quits. we get off to a steamy start
6:30 am
today. it's 6:30 and already 73 degrees. it's going to get hotter. we'll get your forecast hour by hour. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. >> let's get to bill henley with his first alert forecast. >> really didn't get cool overnight with clouds in mrapla temperatures in the 70s, and we are still seeing a few showers in the area. philadelphia seeing a bit of rain this morning. that's a live, cloudy view from adventure aquarium. the radar view shows a sprinkle here and there. northeast philadelphia, montgomery and bucks counties, portions of burlington county getting a sprinkle. most of the area is rain-free but not fog-free. fog in lancaster, down to three quarter mile and half mile visibility in mt. pocono. we're holding in the middle 70s in philadelphia. 75 in northeast philly. 86 at lunch time.
6:31 am
more scattered showers this afternoon, that's when the temperature will be up to 90 degrees today. got the neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i come back. first katy zachry has traffic. good morning. >> reporter: good morning. starting things off in the lehigh valley for those of you coming home after a weekend in the poconos, looking good. 78 at lehigh street is clear. we are seeing some headlights, damp roadways out there. we are having rain on the roadways. all in all no issues to report on 309, 22, or 78. there is an issue in the roxborough section of philadelphia. a fire on ridge avenue between walnut lane and james town a. knew. two alternates around that, take henry avenue or main street around that fire. downtown philadelphia, stay away from the art museum area. they're doing cleanup from the made in america music festival. a long list of closures associated with that cleanup. i want to draw your attention to
6:32 am
676 westbound, the vine street expressway, if you're trying to exit at 22nd street, you can't because of that cleanup. you can see that blockage right there. an alternate around this made in america cleanup is 76. 6:32. casino crisis. the glory days of gambling in atlantic city seem to be over. this holiday weekend, two casinos are shutting down. showboat closed yesterday, revel will close today and tomorrow. in two weeks, trump plaza casino says good-bye. matt delucia is live in atlantic city where thousands of workers have to search for a new job. >> yeah, good morning. folks here at revel are repairing for the final day as we look at the casino here. it will close tomorrow morning, but the hotel here at revel is closing at 11:00 this morning. the big difference between showboat which is right next door, they had been open for 27
6:33 am
years, revel has been open for two years. yesterday workers at the showboat put up signing saying the casino was closed. more than 2,000 people worked there. some have been able to get jobs at other casinos, but it's fairly difficult since these are not the only two to shut down recently. atlanta club shut down in january, revel and trump plaza will close later this month. revel has been a big surprise her. one patron tells me she believes the property will live on and be back soon enough. >> i have faith some other company will come in and buy this hotel. it is the nicest in atlantic city. the rooms, the views, there's nothing like it i'm a believer it will survive. >> reporter: back live here in atlantic city. as the sun begins to rise this monday morning, people are
6:34 am
staying in the hotel rooms one last time. this place cost $2.4 billion to build. the owners filed for bankruptcy twice. more than 3,000 people work here. all are joining their peers at these other resorts to find a new job. help is out to help them find new jobs. starting wednesday the department of labor and work force development will join the unite here union at the atlantic city convention center for one week. count on nbc 10 for complete coverage on the casino crisis. we have a timeline of the closures and the impact on the resort town. this is breaking news we have been following. firefighters are trying to put out the flames at a dry cleaner
6:35 am
fire in roxborough. you are looking live from our camera crew. this started about 5:00 -- after 5:00 this morning inside the award custom dry cleaners. this spread to a nearby auto shop that's there. no one was hurt. we spoke to a customer who was at the dry cleaners, we are editing that interview now and we will bring that to you in about ten minutes. >> a becomes county high school will be open today after three students were killed in a car crash in northeastern pennsylvania. police say an suv overturned in paupack township, wayne county. the three victims have been identified as shamus digney, cullen keffer, and ryan lesher, all sophomores and athletes at council rock high school south. three other kids were hurt in the crash. grief counselors will be
6:36 am
available from 1:00 to 4:00 this afternoon for students and families. classes will begin tomorrow as scheduled. the trial of the woman accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a 5-year-old philadelphia girl is on hold today because of the holiday. it will resume tomorrow. kristina reguster said she is innocent. she is expected to take the stand before the trial wraps up. this is surveillance video from the day the 5-year-old was abducted from her school. last week detectives testified how a talking bird gave him a break in the case. they said the victim told police she heard a loud bird at the house where she was held. detectives got a tip that someone owned a bird on the block where reguster lived. u.s. lawmakers are putting pressure on president obama to take action against isis militants in syria, where is where the group is based. republicans and some democrats are urging the president to take action there, saying isis poses an immediate threat. president obama says he has no strategy yet for dealing with isis in syria. u.s. air strikes pounded isis targets in iraq this weekend. it helped iraqi forces stop a
6:37 am
six-week surge in a town held by those militants. today president obama will deliver a labor day speech in milwaukee. the president is expected to promote the economy at a rally for union workers and their family. wisconsin was at the center of a fight over collective bargaining rights for public employees. the white house has been urging democrats to show the same optimism as the president heading into the november elections. m meantime vice president joe biden will commemorate the holiday on the road. he will give a speech at the annual labor day parade in detroit. this will be the second time biden has addressed the labor day crowds. he was also there in 2010. there will be a parade in philadelphia today to celebrate the labor day. it starts at 11:00 a.m. at columbus boulevard and ends at penn's landing. this will be a festival until 2:00 this afternoon with
6:38 am
festivities for kids and adults. because today is a federal holiday, all philadelphia offices are closed today. city services are reduced. no trash pickup today in philadelphia. collections will be one day behind for the rest of the week. post offices and federal courts are closed today. it is a steamy start this morning. high humidity left over from the showers and thunderstorms overnight. temperatures really never cooled off that much. we are in the 70s. some areas of fog, but those will disappear as the temperatures go the other direction. another hot and humid day near 90 this afternoon. we'll be watching for more showers and thunderstorms later on. poconos, 65 degrees. some areas of fog in the mountains. trenton and dover in the low 70s. this is the view from blue mountain, which is showing mostly cloudy skies. the sun is up.
6:39 am
we'll see some breaks of sunshine especially during the afternoon hours. coatesville has a bit of fog. light fog in quakertown and allentown. mt. pocono reporting 1 1/4 mile visibility. seeing a few showers this morning. just a sprinkle or two moving through bucks county, burlington county, ocean county, near toms river getting light rain. those showers will move offshore. we'll have a number of hours before the next round of showers pops up. by 11:00 this morning, a bit of activity starting to fire up as the temperatures heat up. this afternoon, more widespread showers. no big storms at that hour. possible town pour later on, but by evening time we'll be drying out. the skies will start to clear. neighborhood by neighborhood, 80 for mt. pocono this afternoon. upper 80s and steamy for allentown and reading. a chance of afternoon showers. 90 in trenton and northeast philadelphia. 88 for doylestown with spotty
6:40 am
showers. while it's 90 for vineland and dover, cape may 86 with mostly cloudy skies. mostly cloudy for philadelphia, 90. chester, west chester, the rest of the area will see spotty showers later today. the seven-day forecast to show you how long the heat will stick around. you can track the chance for rain or storms in your neighborhood with our free weather app. you can get that at you can also get an update now on the roads. >> here is katy zachry. looks clear there on the boulevard. >> this is lewis beach in delaware. just so you know, your drive home at this time looks good. this is route 1 at dartmouth drive. if you're headed home from the delaware beaches orri iejersey shore, things are looking good.
6:41 am
we have flooding in winslow township, headed off the ac expressway on the white horse pike eastbound, at east fleming pike the right lane is blocked because of some flooding. in roxborough, a detour on ridge avenue because of a fire. take henry avenue or main street around the fire. the fire is out but the scene will be out there for some time. in center city, philadelphia, there's cleanup because of the made in america music festival. the ben franklin parkway from 20th street to aikens oval is closed off. i brought up this camera, 76 near conshohocken curve. you can see the fog out there. we had some earlier this morning and it's back. protests continue in ferguson following the killing of an unarmed teen by a police officer. now police there are armed with a new tool, one that could help officers and civilians in the
6:42 am
dispute. >> next thing i knew, i was looking up, there was white powder from the air bag. >> looking down for a split second almost cost this woman her life. the startling reminder for drivers. and you want to get an mba. but going back to school is hard. because you work. now capella university offers a revolutionary new way to get your degree. it's called flexpath, and it's the most direct path,
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we continue to follow this breaking news in roxborough. firefighters still trying to put out the flames at a dry cleaner. this is a live picture. the fire started just after 5:00 this morning inside the award custom dry cleaners. it spread to a nearby auto repair shop. no one was hurt. we just spoke to a customer who said he was surprised this happened. >> i haven't found the words to explain it. it's just an icon of the
6:46 am
neighborhood. this could be an inferno here. >> at live look at the scene as firefighters continue to battle that fire m we do not know how it started. we have crews on the scene gathering more information. six people are safe after being rescued by the coast guard at the jersey shore. it was about a mile off the coast of seagirt. a 20-foot boat started taking on water the the person on board called for help and fired a distress flair. no one was hurt. police officers in ferguson, missouri have started wearing body cameras. you can see those cameras attached to the officer's uniforms. the department has about 50 of them. they record both video and audio. ferguson police officers wore those body cameras during a protest on saturday where demonstrators were calling for changes following the shooting death of unarmed 18-year-old
6:47 am
michael brown. protesters want officer darren wilson fired. he pulled the trigger. they also want the mayor and police chief to resign. >> people want justice for michael brown and to see the government and county change the way they do business here. >> ferguson police chief issued a statement saying he believes they are making progress in the investigation and he has no plans to resign. the syrian army says a large number of rebels were killed during these clashes yesterday. you can see the explosions from the fighting between government forces and the rebels. more than 3 million syrians have fled the country since fighting began more than three years ago. a new syrian cabinet was sworn into office. the country's president urged them to be honest and not make promises bigger than their capabilities. the syrian government says they
6:48 am
will cooperate with any effort to fight isis mill tans. a militia group in control of libya's capital has secured the u.s. embassy and it's compound. men were seen having a pool party at the compound. u.s. personnel left the area more than a month ago because of fighting. police say the man known as the ak-47 bandit is back at it again. these are pictures from two years ago when he held up banks in california, idaho and washington state. now the fbi believes he may have struck in nebraska. investigators say the ak-47 bandit shot a police officer during a robbery two years ago. there's a $100,000 reward for information leading to his arrest. on long island, police are looking for the gunman who shot and killed a pregnant woman inside her car. investigators say they were responding to a 911 call when they found the woman outside her home. the baby also died.
6:49 am
a federal judge temporarily blocked a law that would have forced all abortion clinics in louisiana to close. the law requires abortion doctors to have admitting privileges in a hospital within 30 miles of their clinic. the judge says the law can can still take effect today but officials cannot penalize the doctors and clinics until after a hearing. right now only one abortion doctor in the state meets the requirement. a colorado woman says it is not worth it to text while driving after she crashed her truck and a pole impaled her backside. the woman was late for a meeting, she texted a friend when she slammed into a guardrail pole, it went through the front of her truck, peering her back end and thigh before continuing into the seat behind her. firefighters had to cut the pole to get her out. >> they had to cut up there and behind me because the pipe went through my seat. i could feel it, the vibration.
6:50 am
>> she was released from the hospital late last night. she'll be able to walk with the help of a walker. doctors expect her to make a full recovery. let's head to new york now for a look at what's ahead on the "today" show. >> for that we say good morning to willie geist and natalie morales. good to see you both. >> good morning. coming up on this monday morning on "today," wild weather sweeping across the country. severe storms prompting warnings causing damage and injuries. and a hacking scandal rocks the celebrity world. risque photos surface of what appear to be some of the biggest stars in the world. how did it happen? and the case of a college football star who admitted to lying about a heroic rescue. we have the latest on the twist that has police investigating. all that and maroon 5 ready to rock a packed plaza this labor day morning. we have a live concert from one of the biggest groups on the planet. all of that on "today."
6:51 am
this is one of the biggest crowds we've had in a long time. >> yeah. >> arianna grand packed it in. they're just as popular. >> good reason. maroon 5, we're excited to hear them. see you guys in about ten minutes or so. >> all right. see you later. steamy start this morning. high humidity after the storms last night. still plenty of clouds. this is a view from the lows hotel. a bit of a breeze blowing, at the surface it's very light wind. southwesterly at 7 miles per hour. philadelphia per national reporting a few rain drops. most of the area is dry. not much to them. clouds breaking in the pocono mountains. you will see some sunshine as we go into the afternoon hours. that will lead to another hot afternoon. look at the clouds lining up to our southwest. clouds stay put most of the
6:52 am
morning with a few breaks of sunshine. tracking a few light rain drops, they're moving into central new jersey. these storms to the south moving into maryland and to the west, southwestern pennsylvania, they may bring us some pore rainfall this afternoon. scattered showers, not the widespread heavy rainfall of yesterday. 86 this afternoon at the shore. hotter tomorrow, closer to 90 degrees. sunshine for wednesday, a high of 84. the wet weather threat will be done by wednesday afternoon. for philadelphia, a steamy day today. another hot one, up to 90 in philadelphia with thunderstorms a possibility later today and again tomorrow. tomorrow will be hotter. 94 the high temperature after a morning low of 73. then we'll get a break from the showers but not the heat. sunny and hot wednesday and thursday. friday a bit hotter, 92. the steaminess returns with showers and thunderstorms saturday.
6:53 am
showers taper off sunday. eight minutes before 7:00, if you are heading out the door, let's check the roads. >> katy zachry has the details. >> if you're headed home from the shore, a good time to get on the roads. this is route 42 in belmar at creek road. this is the northbound side. usually we see a lot of traffic heading into center city philadelphia, right now it's free and clear. average speeds heading into philadelphia on 95, 50, 55 miles per hour. not a lot of traffic on the roadways. delaware, your majors look good. there is an issue in center city, philadelphia cleanup around the made in america music festival. the art museum area, avoid that. ben franklin parkway, inner and outer drives from 20th street to eakins oval closed until tomorrow.
6:54 am
a lot of closures along kelly drive, spring garden street, and 676, if you're trying to exit on to 22nd street. that's off limbs. the end is here for revel casino. matt maudelucia is live at the casino where the doors will soon be closing. >> more than 3,000 workers here will be looking for new jobs. what's next for them and city after the break.
6:55 am
6:56 am
6:57 am
we continue to follow breaking news on the scene where firefighters are trying to put out the flames at the award custom dry cleaners in roxborough. we don't know how it started, but no one was hurt. happening today in atlantic city, revel casino hotel will
6:58 am
begin its two-day closing process, less than 24 hours after neighboring casino showboat shut down yesterday. matt delucia is live in atlantic city with more details. >> reporter: the hotel will be closing at 11:00 this morning. the casino will close early tomorrow morning. showboat had been open for 27 years. up here on the north end of the boardwalk things have not been good lately. yesterday at the showboat they were putting up signs saying the casino was closed. when you talk about the revel, more than 3,000 people work here. with the four casinos that have closed or will be closing over the next couple of weeks, you're talking about a total of more than 8,000 workers all looking for new jobs. as we take at live look out here, we see people coming in and out of rell on its last day in full operation.
6:59 am
the casino up there, we've seen people up there, people up in the hotel rooms. this cost $2.4 billion to build. as of right now, all the folks inside who work there are trying to find new work this morning. live in atlantic city, i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. good morning. i'm katy zachry with a look at your labor day traffic. if you're headed in center city, philadelphia, stay away from the art museum area. the parkway, inner and outer lanes between 20th street and eakins oval is closed until tomorrow morning because of cleanup from the made in america music festival. there's a fire in roxborough on ridge avenue, an alternate is henry avenue or main street. we're watching the radar screen, not much in the way of showers, not right now, northeast philadelphia, eastern bucks county getting a few rain drops as is trenton. there's a chance we will see
7:00 am
more storms this afternoon. the "today" show is up next. we'll see you for local updates. >> you can always get the latest news and weather at good morning. wild weather weekend. severe storms tear across the country bringing torrential downpours, damaging winds, and dangerous lightning strikes. and with millions still celebrating the holiday, it's not over yet. feeling the heat. mounting pressure for president obama to ramp up the assault against isis militants amid reports that more americans have joined the group's ranks and a warning they could launch attacks here in the u.s. hack attack. dozens of nude photos of some of hollywood's biggest stars including oscar winner jennifer lawrence are released overnight as the hacker warns to release