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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  September 2, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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temperatures quickly through the 70s, 80s and then into the 90s. right now it's cool finally into the 60s for allentown. mt. pocono is at 69 degrees. while it's in the 70s for most of the rest of the area. 76 in philadelphia and holding. a sunny start at the bus stop. 76 degrees with very muggy conditions to start with. and that high humidity is going to stay with us during the day and could lead to a late-day shower or thunderstorm. you won't see it this morning or early this afternoon. 90 degrees by lunchtime. and then 93 later this afternoon. we'll be watching the storms roll in from the west. your hour-by-hour forecast when i come back. first jillian mele has traffic. >> good morning, bill. following this overturned tractor trailer. pennsylvania turnpike westbound. you can see it right here laying on its side. we are told this is carrying 3,000 pounds of toilet paper. it's contained to the tractor trailer. that's good news. they've launched the eta of five
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minutes. as soon as sky 4 gets there, we'll bring you the extent of what's going on out here. right now traffic is getting by on this ramp. again, pennsylvania turnpike westbound, the off-ramp to bensalem. we'll keep you updated and let you know if that changes and let you know as soon as sky force gets there. this accident finally cleared in douglassville near old swede road. that is gone and out of there. if you're traveling 95 this morning, this is southbound near cotman avenue. starting to see volume. drive times not indicating a delay. reading 14 minutes right now southbound from woodhaven to the vine. vai. now to the casino crisis. atlantic city's newest casino resort is closed. just a few minutes ago, revel shut down the gaming floor one day after closing its hotel. nbc 10's jesse gary is live outside revel. jesse, what's going on right now? >> reporter: well, vai, just ahead of that closing at 6:00 a.m., someone put flowers on the steps that lead to the front door outside of the casino. let's go ahead and take a look
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at our video. and even before that was done, hotel management came up, and they chained off the front steps to the revel hotel. they want to make sure that no one -- none of the press gets up there and gets video of people walking out the front doors of the casino. so they chained up the front steps. this closing comes after yesterday when the hotel portion of this property shut down. those workers now join nearly 6,000 other hotel casino workers in atlantic city who are out of work. and again, today, the casino portion is closing. i put in a call to the pr woman here at revel who said they're not going to do anything on camera and that she is now walking the property. they expect to have the building emptied and completely locked by 7:00 this morning. coming up in the next 0 minu30 minutes, we'll try to talk to some of the employees as they make their way out for the last time. live in atlantic city, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. >> and of course, count on nbc
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10 for continuing coverage of the casino crisis and on there's an entire section there dedicated specifically to the situation in atlantic city including the time line of casino closures and help available for the now unemployed. it is 6:03. tonight a vigil will be held at a bucks county high school to honor the three teenagers killed in the crash when an suv overturned. the accident happened saturday morning near the poconos. shamus digney, colin keffer and ryan lesher were all about to enter their sophomore year. yesterday hundreds of students and staff gathered at the school to mourn the loss. grief counselors were there for the students. >> everyone was crying. it was very sad. tears everywhere. no one really wanted to talk about it. >> there are no words to speak the loss. and as a school community, we just reach out to the parents and let them know that we're there for them and that we are horribly affected by the loss of these three great kids.
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>> school leaders say the teens played soccer, lacrosse and basketball at council rock south. we got a statement from ryan lesher's family that says we are overwhelmed by the outpouring of love and support. ryan was a truly special young man, and we are deeply devastated by his loss. our hearts and prayers go out to the digney and keffer families. meanwhile, a 14-year-old girl remains on life support after another crash over the weekend in atlantic county. she was critically hurt on route 40 in hamilton township. she and four soccer teammates were on their way to a charity tournament when their car was hit by another car that crossed the centerline saturday morning. today mainland regional high school in lynnwood will hold a special assembly to provide support for the students. counselors will be available. school starts there on thursday. happening today, testimony will continue in the trial of a woman accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a 5-year-old girl. prosecutors say christina knew the little girl from an
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after-school program. and here's a look at the surveillance video that shows that girl being taken out of bryant elementary school in cobb creek in january of 2013. today prosecutors are expected to call forensic and law enforcement experts to the stand. new from overnight, u.s. forces have targeted islamic extremists in somalia. it came shortly after rebels attacked a government site in mogadishu. they think they were trying to free other rebels being held inside that government building. a bomb was detonated, but they did not reach the underground cells where the rebels are being held. and president obama is preparing to leave on a trip overseas aimed at rallying support for ukraine and against isis. his first stop is estonia. a former soviet state worried about becoming the next target of russian aggression. the president will attend a nato summit later in week in wales
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where one of the agenda items will be how to deal with isis in iraq and syria. students in camden are heading back to school this morning, and they'll be welcomed by school and city officials. there's a live look at the camden skyline. the superintendent says there will be a clear focus on safety as well as student achievement. mayor dana redd, police chief scott thompson and the superintendent will all greet students and parents as they return to school today. today we begin our week-long series to help you get ready for back to school. in less than a week students in philadelphia will head back to the classroom. this year they'll be bringing supplies to both their desks and the classroom. nbc 10's katie zachry is live with a look at the extra responsibility on students and what one group is doing to help them. katie? >> reporter: hi, tracy. this is a list that a middle school math teacher gave us, a list of what she's asking her students to bring to class in addition to pens and pencils and paper. paper towels, hand sanitizer, even lysol or clorox wipes, just
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one more expense being handed to students. 3-year-old simone is excited for her first day of school. >> she'll be going to head start, and she requires some notebooks, a book bag and also pencils and things like that. >> reporter: her mom, michelle, is starting college now, too. there's not a lot of extra money for school supplies. and unfortunately this year philadelphia public school teachers are having to ask students to bring cleaning supplies, sanitizer and reams of paper in addition to the regular list because of the current budget crisis. so the cost of going back to school just got higher. >> it really does add up. so as long as we can cater to the children and the young teenagers that really need it, then i feel like we're doing our job. >> reporter: children's services has been helping students and young moms for decades. their back-to-school drive has brought in dozens of backpacks,
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notebooks, pencils and rulers. they cover the staples for many families who this year are having to spend hard-earned dollars on classroom supplies that the district used to cover. >> it does not surprise me because the school district is losing so much money this year. you know, it's just bad for the children. so this is a really big help. >> reporter: and we're outside an elementary school here where teachers return today. philadelphia public school students return this coming monday. but throughout our area, plenty of students are headed back to school today for a look at their first day forecast. let's go to meteorologist bill henley. hi, bill. >> hey, katie. a steamy start as you know. the humidity is high this morning. less than 20 minutes away from seeing sunshine. and it's going to be bright sunshine at the bus stop this morning and very warm. usually this time of year, we'd be in the 60s. but 76 degrees at 7:00 this morning. and the very muggy conditions are going to stay with us during the day. this is the view from the pocono poi mountains from skytop live which
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is going to be in for lots of sunshine. 76 degrees in philadelphia. it's 85% humidity with winds out of the west-southwest at seven miles an hour today. 60s now in allentown and pocono mountains at 69. 70s in south jersey and delaware. watching the satellite, mainly sunny during the day today. but late this afternoon, the clouds will be on the increase. and that is thunderstorm activity that will be rolling into the delaware valley during the evening hours. we could see some heavy downpours. right now they're moving through southern indiana and into western ohio. got distance to cover before they arrive here. they'll be in western pennsylvania early this afternoon. and then here they come late this afternoon and this evening. there's even a chance we'll see scattered showers early tomorrow morning. during the day today, we'll watch the temperatures climb into the 90s by lunchtime. and then very hot and humid with a few clouds starting to pop up at 4:00. the temperature will be in the low 90s. but it's going to feel like it's
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in the middle or upper 90s thanks to the high humidity. this is not the end of the heat either. i'll show you what's ahead toward the weekend with the seven-day forecast when i come back. we've got sky force up in the air because of that tractor trailer overturned on the pa turnpike with a cargo of tp. >> traffic reporter jillian mele told us about that. tell us more about exactly where this is and the traffic backup. >> that's right. so it's about 30,000 pounds of toilet paper that this tractor trailer is carrying. pennsylvania turnpike westbound, the bensalem off-ramp. laying on its side right around the curve. it looks like the driver lost control there. one lane of traffic is getting by. but it appears as if it's not backing up traffic too much on the pennsylvania turnpike itself. but as sky force zooms out, you can get a better idea that traffic is moving along, not causing any big delays yet. pennsylvania turnpike westbound right at the bensalem off-ramp. again, this is something we continue to follow. sky force 10 just got to the scene. we are gathering new information as we have a clearer picture of
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that now. this is the penndot camera that we have at that scene. you can see the front end of that tractor trailer right in that area. so the good news is traffic is able to get by and use that ramp. we'll stay on top of that for you. if you're making your way home from the jersey shore or delaware beaches, this is route 1 near rehoboth. it's clear and looking good. 95 still quiet. 42 freeway is also clear right now. new jersey turnpike, no problems to report at this point. tracy? vandals strike. >> right there. very upset about the situation. >> yeah, he's not the only one upset. labor day ends on a sour note for some in philadelphia's crescentville neighborhood. also, outbreak. it's a big day for researchers at the national institute of health. today they are taking a huge step to try to stop the deadly ebola virus.
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a live look outside. hot and humid today. showers possible later. meteorologist bill henley will tell you when and where in a few minutes. new this morning, testing begins on an experimental vaccine for the ebola virus. the national institutes of health will test 20 adults to see if their immune systems respond to that virus. the results will not be known until the end of the year. the vaccine was developed by the nih and glaxo smith kline. tests for other ebola vaccines will happen this fall. an outbreak has killed more than 1500 people in west africa. 13 cubans were rescued after they were spotted by the mexican navy in the gulf of mexico. the men and women were inside a makeshift boat that was partially made of wood. the navy said two others did not survive. one of them had died during the trip. and a second person died of a heart attack after being rescued. the group told authorities they left cuba on august 7th and had had run out of food and water. a driver who thought he had
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been cut off by new jersey governor chris christie's motorcade decided to tailgate the group for a while. the suv being followed pulled into the police tags and the trooper got out and spoke to the other driver who was tailgating. no charges were filed. philadelphia police are trying to figure out who vandalized nearly a dozen cars between sunday night and yesterday morning in crescentville. police say the vandal used a sharp object to crack ten windshields. residents say this isn't the first time something like this has happened. >> other neighbors' cars got stolen and vandalized. >> i've got to worry tonight when i come out, is my car going to be vandalized. you know, it shouldn't have to be that way. >> residents say they're pushing police for more frequent patrols.
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skyforce 10 is live over breaking news we're following for you on the pennsylvania turnpike. >> here's jillian mele with all of it. >> i'm assuming it's going to be out there a while. pennsylvania turnpike where this tractor trailer overturned on its side as you can see. one lane blocked now and one lane of traffic is getting by very slowly at this off-ramp. it's not really backing things up onto the turnpike itself. if it stays out there, you could expect a delay in that area. we're already starting to see a delay at this ramp just because drivers are using caution and taking that turn slowly. so we'll keep you updated there. that is something we continue to follow. this is the view from our penndot camera. that's just the bottom of that tractor trailer that's overturned on that ramp. we also have an accident right now in hainesport. for mass transit riders, if you travel this line today through sunday, september 14th, track work is happening. that means if you would be heading inbound to center city, philadelphia, departing from main street, norristown,
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conshohocken, spring mill, the trains are expected to leave roughly five minutes earlier than expected and also passengers are going to be boarding from the outbound platform at conshohocken, spring mill and miquon between 8:45 and 2:30. again, that is today through sunday, september 14th. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> it's a muggy morning. higher humidity than yesterday. and it's going to be a hotter afternoon. we're about to see bright sunshine in the city. clear skies over philadelphia. it's a live view from the adventure aquarium. 76 degrees. few scattered clouds at philadelphia international. the humidity now at 85% with a little bit of a breeze out of the west-southwest. meantime, there are areas of fog in the pocono mountains. on the delaware river. this is looking toward new jersey. you see fog to start with. the high humidity will stay with us. even after the fog disappears. the fog not bad in mount pocono. under two miles in blue bell and
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it's holding at a quarter mile. it's been that way for the last hour and a half in lancaster. but it's not an issue for northeast philadelphia. just some spots of fog. and relief from the heat, well, not much at the shore. upper 80s this afternoon with a chance of evening showers. the showers take a break wednesday and thursday. and by thursday, a whole lot more comfortable at the shore. inland we're in for more heat and more tumd ihumidity. there's a chance we'll see late-day storms but they'll hold off until late this afternoon intoing this evening. before they get here, into the 90s. and near 90 tomorrow. storms take a break. bright sunshine. warm conditions. in fact, a bit warmer thursday and friday. but the humidity returning friday. and that will lead to the chance of more storms over the weekend. saturday, hot, humid, 92 degrees. not as hot but still some showers in the area on sunday. then finally some really nice weather ahead. for monday. 20 minutes past 6:00. new this morning, we're learning
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more about the plans for a sculpture to honor heavyweight boxing champion joe frazier. the 9-foot tall sculpture is currently being molded out of clay. he died of liver cancer in 2011. the hometown hero beat muhammad ali for the title in 1971. the statue will be installed near the philadelphia sports stadium next spring. stopping terrorists. as the krecrisis in syria deepe so do fears of islamic militants striking western countries. the step one nation is taking to make sure their citizens are safe. and another casino closing its doors in atlantic city. we'll take you live to revel coming up.
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and then got a phd from mit. and as a businessman he gives between 20 and 30 percent of his profits back to his employees. when he served as pennsylvania's secretary of revenue. he turned down the perks. and donated his government salary to charity he refused take a state car, he drove his old jeep instead. can't argue with that. tom wolf. he'd bring a fresh start to pennsylvania.
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♪ ♪ i gotta have that bag. italian leather? for an amazing deal, and i love that designer. [ shopper ] you paid how much for that? [ female announcer ] two stores. two amazing ways to score. t.j.maxx and marshalls. at about 6:23. skyforce 10 giving us a live picture from center city. that tractor trailer accident on the turnpike. going to be about 93 did he he groos today. probably the hottest day of the
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week and maybe the hottest week of the year possibly according to bill henley. he'll have his forecast in just a moment. happening today, residents of one burlington county town will gather at a council meeting to express their feelings over a vote to change the name of a recreation center. according to, council members in willingboro voted last month to change the name of the john f. kennedy center to the barack obama center. feelings have been mixed about the decision. the street that the recreation center is on will keep the name of john f. kennedy way. good morning at 6:24. still following this overturned tractor trailer. pennsylvania turnpike westbound at the bensalem off-ramp. crews are working to get this cleared as quickly as possible especially as we get into this morning rush hour in the thick of things. people back from labor day headed to school. this could create a big delay on the turnpike itself. the ramp is not completely shut down. one lane of traffic still getting by. we have a lot of activity out there. so leave yourself extra time if
6:25 am
you're headed out this way. pennsylvania turnpike westbound bensalem off-ramp. outside to a live look at the comcast center in center city, philadelphia. bill, i think you said the hottest day of the week kind of smacks you in the face as you walk out the door. >> you can feel the humidity. the humidities already higher and temperatures running a bit higher as well. we're just minutes away from sunrise. we'll see these temperatures climb. right now 76 in philadelphia. there are cooler areas but not by much. allentown is a cool spot at 68 degrees. >> reporter: i'm jesse gary live in atlantic city where the doors to revel have closed and now the employees are making their way out. we'll have this story coming up. >> reporter: live at council rock south high school where a vigil is planned later this evening to honor three students who were killed in a car crash over the weekend. we'll hear from students and faculty here coming up. latte or au lait? cozy or cool?
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this is nbc 10 news. >> closed. in the past 30 minutes, revel casino shut its doors for the very last time. remembering three teens. today a bucks county high school will honor three sophomores killed in a crash. and i guess no one told mother nature that labor day marks the end of summer. we can expect a very hot and humid day today. good morning and welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm vai sikahema. >> and i'm tracy davidson. warm and humid, 74 degrees outside. let's get right to bill henley with his first alert forecast. bill? >> even yesterday morning, we should be in the 60s this time of year at this hour. and warm into the 80s. but today we're starting off in the 70s. 74 degrees here at nbc 10. we'll be in the 90s this afternoon. and we are watching a layer of fog. that's the view from jim thorpe. the fog will disappear and then
6:30 am
it's bright sunshine to warm the temperatures from the 60s in the mountains into the 80s for the pocono mountains. the rest of the area is headed for the 90s. philadelphia, 76 degrees right now. it is a warm, muggy start at the bus stop this morning. 7:00, sunshine and 76 degrees. the humidity stays with us as the temperatures climb under bright sunny skies. we will see 90 degrees by lunchtime. and then into the lower 90s at 4:00 this afternoon. it will feel like it's in the middle 90s later today. have your hour-by-hour neighborhood-by-neighborhood forecast when i come back. first jillian mele has traffic. >> good morning. our big problem is this tractor trailer still overturned on the pennsylvania turnpike. the westbound side right at the bensalem off-ramp. you can see it here. crews trying to get this clear but it is still out there. one lane restricted on that ramp. watch out for a slowdown in that area. we had an accident out here hainesport.
6:31 am
that's since cleared. now we have another accident for drivers in new jersey. this is in gloucester township. sicklerville road. a live look at the 42 freeway. that only shows volume on the northbound side. no significant slowdowns yet. you can see drive times on 42 northbound between the atlantic city expressway and the walt wittman bridge. 14 minutes. 11 minutes southbound. no accidents to report on the majors in delaware. tracy. it is 6:31. and it is official. revel casino closed about a half an hour ago. here's what's happening now. casino security is gathering the money and the gambling chips from each table game and slot machine. customers will have until september 30th to cash out their winnings. but if you wait longer than that, you'll have to file a claim with revel's bankruptcy case. now, even though revel is locked up right now, there are some workers inside removing the equipment and working to attract a new buyer. nbc 10's jesse gary is live outside revel with what's happening right now. jesse? >> reporter: well, tracy, we've
6:32 am
moved positions to the south end of the building. this is the employee entrance where those who are working who are leaving for the last time will be exiting the building. i'm told by management this building will be closed up by 7:00 this morning. let's look at our video earlier this morning. management pulled a chain across the steps that lead to the front door of revel. they didn't want the press up on the front steps or on the concourse right outside the front door as the casino shut for the last time. this is the latest casino to close. i spoke with a man who placed roses or flowers on the steps to ask why he did it. >> something symbolic, the love we have here for atlantic city. to see something as enormous as this. we thought we enjoyed, development in new jersey. we see the detriment of something as beautiful as this.
6:33 am
>> reporter: there were some patrons who were standing against the window on the second floor of the casino right before closing time. they made an announcement that the casino would close at 6:00 and it did just that. coming up in the next half hour, the next 20 minutes or is, we spoke to one of the last people to actually gamble inside. we'll have that right before the end of the broadcast at 6:5. live in atlantic city, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. now, revel isn't alone in its financial woes. trump plaza will be the next to go. it closes on september 16th. showboat shut down yesterday. the atlantic club closed its doors in january. and can you count on nbc 10 for continuing coverage of the casino crisis. we will be in atlantic city all morning updating you as the resort wraps up business for good. and on we are taking a look at the impact on atlantic city's economy and what's next for casino employees now looking for work. and new from overnight, a man survived after being shot in the back. this morning police are searching for the gunman wanted
6:34 am
in the shooting that happened at 41st and lancaster avenue in west philadelphia. investigators say at least six shots were fired. the victim is listed in stable continue. condition. 6:34. >> happening today in philadelphia, three teachers accused in a cheating scandal are expected in court for a preliminary hearing. vicente, hughes and sloane are among the educators facing charges. they're accused of helping students at an elementary school cheat on state tests from 2009 to 2011. authorities say after the cheating stopped, students' scores dropped dramatically. happening today, a bucks county community will come together to remember three teens killed over the labor day weekend. nbc 10's matt delucia joins us live with details on tonight's vigil. matt? >> reporter: tracy, council rock south community continues to mourn the loss of these three teens. yesterday about 400 students and 100 staff members came here to the school on the holiday to
6:35 am
meet with grief counselors. 15-year-old colin keffer, digney and lesher were killed in northeastern pennsylvania saturday morning. school leaders say the teens played soccer, lacrosse and basketball for the school. and those leaders met with teens yesterday. the lesher family tells nbc 10 that ryan was a special young man and they are deeply devastated by his loss. three others were in the car as well. and this morning police tell us the surviving victims remain in the hospital. now, a student who was here to meet with grief counselors yesterday and the council rock superintendent say this is not how they wanted to start the school year. >> everyone was crying. it was very sad. tears everywhere. no one really wanted to talk about it. everyone was there. >> there are no words to speak the loss. as a school community, we just reach out to the parents and let them know that we're there for them and that we are just horribly affected by the loss of these three great kids. >> reporter: and this morning
6:36 am
freshmen students are getting ready to start their first day. those who were killed were sophomores. and the upperclassmen don't start until tomorrow, but those grief counselors will still be here today as more students plan to gather here for a vigil that is planned for around 7:30 this evening here at the school. live in holland bucks county, i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> sun is up and we are going to see plenty of sunshine today. and we don't really need it. the humidity is already higher. and with plenty of sunshine, it's going to be a hot afternoon. combine the two, and storms are likely to be arriving late this afternoon and this evening. storms will bring some heavy downpours to the area. right now sunny skies in doylestown. 71. that's as cool as it's getting in philadelphia. 76 and 75 right now in cape may. sun is coming up. just crossing the horizon right now. bright, sunny skies to start with. and for most of the day, we'll
6:37 am
just be looking at blue sky over our area. it's only later this afternoon that we'll see some clouds. we did have some showers and a few thunderstorms overnight. you may have heard the thunder jersey. right now it is completely dry in the area. the next round of storms well to the west. it's moving through the midwest into the ohio valley, indiana getting some heavy downpours. that's the activity that's going to be pulling into our area during the evening hours. and it will bring a break in the humidity for tomorrow. but not today. before it rolls in, the temperatures climbing. by lunchtime, right around the 90-degree mark. showers holding off until the evening hours for most of the area. here you can see at 8:00, chevy downpours moving through south jersey. neighborhood by neighborhood, a warm, humid day are to the pocono mountains. late afternoon showers and thunderstorms possible. 90 degrees for reading and into the low 90s for trenton. northeast philadelphia and mount holly and close to the 90-degree
6:38 am
mark for rehoboth and cape may. look at vineland at 92 this afternoon. plenty of sunshine. very high humidity with temperatures in the low 90s that will feel like they're in the middle 90s this afternoon. for philadelphia, voorhees and gla glassboro. the seven-day forecast when i come back. the biggest problem all morning has been that overturned tractor trailer on the turnpike. and its interesting cargo. >> yeah, toilet paper. nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jillian mele has an update. >> 30,000 pounds of toilet paper. that's what that tractor trailer is carrying. that accident on the pennsylvania turnpike. no delays on the jersey shore. we do have delays forming on the majors around philadelphia. 95 and 76. this is that overturned tractor trailer. you see it right here. fe pennsylvania turnpike westbound. this is on the ramp itself blocking one lane. one lane of traffic gets by. and you can see traffic behind that tractor trailer moving along on the pennsylvania turnpike.
6:39 am
you can expect a delay at that ramp just because drivers need to use caution there. when it comes to the ben franklin bridge, we have some construction set up on the westbound side. so one lane is blocked as drivers would make their way into philadelphia. you can see it is definitely slowing down as drivers approach center city, philadelphia. so use caution there as well. this accident was just out there for a few minutes. it's already cleared. gloucester township, that is cleared. coming up in just a few minutes, an important note if you travel the norristown line. vai? hanging in the balance. hundreds, maybe even thousands of drug cases depend on the outcome of a theft investigation. now there are new troubling revelations that delaware's medical examiner's office. celebrities hacked. the fallout continues this morning after several very intimate photos of stars went public. but it's not just celebs at risk. your privacy could also be just a click away from display.
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6:43. a beautiful live look outside. comcast center. meteorologist bill henley says it could be the hottest week of the year. how hot will it get today? we will find out in just a minute. happening today in delaware county, a man who is accused of luring and raping a woman is expected in court for a preliminary hearing. upper darby police say kevin cornish attacked an 18-year-old philadelphia woman who responded to an employment ad that he had posted on craigslist. and police believe he may have lured other victims as well. cornish is facing charges including rape, human trafficking and kidnapping. more information has been released about the theft investigation at delaware's office of the chief medical examiner. the news journal of delaware reports two people in the office had been arrested as a result of this investigation. at least 52 instances of theft had been uncovered by
6:44 am
investigators. some involving drug evidence. public defenders say because of the thefts and alleged sloppy procedures, none of the evidence that passed through this facility between 2010 and 2014 can be trusted. thousands of convictions could be reopened and overturned. and this morning crews will be cleaning up after a building partially collapsed the second floor of the dominion fellowship center crashed into the first floor and damaged two cars. the sidewalk is now covered in debris. the building was empty and no one was hurt. british prime minister david cameron wants to give police the power to seize passports from citizens suspected of traveling abroad to fight with terror groups. he is asking parliament to expand the country's anti-terror laws. cameron also wants to block suspected british jihadi fight frerz re-entering the country. intelligencing officials believe that around 500 brits have gone to fight in syria and iraq. all troops have been rescued after a u.s. marine helicopter
6:45 am
crashed into the gulf of aden in the middle east. the helicopter crashed yesterday as it was trying to land on a navy ship south of yemen. 17 marines and 8 navy sailors were rescued. some had minor injuries. convicted murderer joran van der sloot was moved after he found a cell phone in his jail cell and threatened a guard. van der sloot is also the main suspect in the disappearance of u.s. teenager natalee holloway in aruba back in 2005. he will be extradited to the u.s. about that case after he finishes his jail term. and pope francis is using soccer to promote peace. the match for peace put together teams featuring muslim, christian, jewish, hindu and buddhist players. last night's match in rome also raised money for at-risk children. it's a quarter to 7:00. today the bankruptcy trial begins for the city of detroit. a spokesperson for the city's
6:46 am
emergency manager said detroit expects to cut $12 billion in debt to about $5 billion. it's been 13 months since detroit filed for bankruptcy, becoming the largest city in the country to take this type of action. also in detroit, a court hearing is scheduled for today as a group fights to end water shutoffs there. residents and businessesith past-due water bills have had their services cut off, creating problems and unsanitary conditions. the group is seeking a restraining order against the city. the fbi is trying to figure out what led to one of the largest celebrity nude photo leaks. actress jennifer lawrence alerted authorities after spotting those intimate pictures of her online. the site also claims to have pictures of model kate upton and soccer player hope solo. apple is visiting possible tampering with the icloud. so should you trust the cloud with your photos? a special report coming up this morning is on the "today" show. an on-board baby is already
6:47 am
becoming an internet sensation. take a look at this ultrasound picture. you can see it almost looks like the baby is giving a thumbs up. the father said the wife is expecting twins and the babies are due in january. they will find out the sex of the babies soon. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> or to hitch a ride out of there. i don't know, we'll find out later on. this morning it would be nice to hitch a ride out of the humid y humidity. not going to happen. sunshine coming up and this is the beginning of a warm-up which will take us into the 90s. right now 76 which sounds nice until you look at that humidity number, 85% right now. that has led to some fog through areas north and west. and it's starting to spread. this is the view from shawnee right along the delaware this morning. a little bit of fog in the pocono mountains. some areas have it worse than others. it's becoming more widespread right now. visibility in allentown is at three miles. pottstown, half mile.
6:48 am
under a mile in blue bell and quarter mile and holding through the last couple hours in lancaster. no issue with fog for wilmington, philadelphia international. but trenton now showing some fog. could lead to some delays at the airport this morning. 76 degrees right now in the city. 74 for wilmington. and there are some cooler spots. not right along the delaware river. it's in the 70s. but go inland in bucks county, furlong at 68. it's also dropped into the 60s for quakertown at 68 degrees. but these cooler temperatures will not last long. it's going to be a quick warm-up. this is your hour-by-hour heat index. this is what it's going to feel like by noontime. it will feel like it's 92 degrees. and then it will feel like it's in the middle 90s by late this afternoon. no cooling showers until we get to this evening. stand by for a hot, humid day. actual temperature into the lower to middle 90s today. tomorrow, not as hot. nor as humid. but plenty sunny. and then the heat and the humidity right back in here.
6:49 am
90 thursday. hot, humid conditions friday. and storms possible with a high of 92 saturday. after the long holiday weekend, getting back into your morning routine, just about to leave the house, let's get you updated on the roads. >> here's jillian mele with another traffic on progress. >> crews are making progress on this overturned tractor trailer. it's upright now. pennsylvania turnpike westbound, the bensalem off-ramp. we have one lane blocked. one lane still getting by. crews are working to try and get this out of there and get that scene clear. but as you can see, they still have a little ways to go. so that is something we continue to follow. mass transit is looking good right now. everything is on or close to schedule. but i want to give you a heads up because this is track work starting today. on the norristown line today through sunday, september 14th. here's what you can expect. mostly impacting riders traveling inbound to center city, philadelphia. so if you're departing from main street, norristown, conshohocken, spring mill, those trains are expected to leave about five minutes earlier than
6:50 am
regularly scheduled. so keep that in mind. just a couple minutes there. and all passengers are to board from the outbound platform at conshohocken, spring mill and miquon between 8:45 in the morning and 2:30 in the afternoon. once again, this is starting today. and this is going through sunday, september 14th. vai? it's lights out for revel casino. nbc 10's jesse gary is live in atlantic city where workers just finished their last shift. jesse? >> reporter: that's right, vai. now they're starting to head out of the casino. we'll have more on this closing and how some people feel about it coming up. and it's back to the classroom, students in philadelphia, but because of the district's current budget crisis, students are going to be carrying more than just pens and papers with them to the classroom.
6:51 am
6:52 am
6:53 am
6:54 am
at about five minutes of 7:00. following breaks news from the digital operations center a little while ago. police in nashville are searching for 17 teens who escaped from jail overnight. 15 other teens escaped. but they have been recaptured. the escapees were all convicted of at least three felonies. we'll have much more on this breaking news story coming up on the "today" show. and now to the casino crisis as about an hour ago, revel casino hotel officials officially closed. it is now the third casino to shut down in the city this year alone. nbc 10's jesse gary is outside revel with more. jesse? >> reporter: yeah, vai, as we wait for the employees inside to make their way out of the employee exit right here, we've been seeing some people making their way inside. this is the cleanup crew that will do the last cleaning inside the casino.
6:55 am
they have until thursday of this week to finish up their work. and they are obviously a little bit sad to be going in for the last time. i spoke to one of the patrons inside the casino right up until the 6:00 a.m. closing who was placing a bet and crashed out his chips at 6:00 a.m. >> feels like it's part of history. kind of like being at the last beatles concert or something. it's an historical moment. >> reporter: and that man says he is glad that he made the trip down from pennsylvania. he says competition ultimately and the economy did in this $2 billion-plus casino. live in atlantic city this morning, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. well, today is the first day of school in camden. and in less than a week, students in the philadelphia school district will head back to school. and they'll be returning with more than just the basic supplies in their backpacks. our katie zachry is outside a school in tell us more. katie? >> reporter: hi, tracy. all over the philadelphia school
6:56 am
district, teachers return to the classroom today. on monday philadelphia school students return. and this year those students are being asked to bring things, nontraditional items line paper towels, hand sanitizers, clorox wipes for the classroom, things that in the past, the district has provided because of the current budget crisis, we're seeing now in philadelphia public school district, teachers tell me the burden is especially great on them to buy extra supplies for the classroom. some spend up to $1,000 out of their own pocket. many teachers have been directed by their administration this year to ask students and their families to help share in that cost. but that can be difficult for some financially strapped families. northern children's services in rocksboro held a backpack drive to help struggling families. dozens of backpacks and school supplies were donated. and all of those backpacks and school supplies will be headed to school on monday with philadelphia public school students. reporting live, katie zachry, nbc 10 news.
6:57 am
good morning. just a few minutes before 7:00. we still have this accident on the pennsylvania turnpike. the westbound side of the turnpike at the bensalem off-ramp, this is a tractor trailer. it's upright right now. but about an hour and 20 minutes ago this accident happened and the trailer was completely overturned laying on its side carrying about 30,000 pounds of toilet paper. the good news, all of that actually stayed in the cab of that -- in the back truck, i should say. so crews are still out there working to get this clear right now. and you'll notice right here one lane of traffic is still getting by on this off-ramp. but it is causing a slowdown in that area as driver as approach that ramp. so just use caution there. it's been out there for almost an hour and a half. we have seen some delays starting to increase, especially as we approach that 7:00 hour. just got word of an accident on the southbound side near c street on the outer drive. stick to the inner drive if you need to get around that. if you're traveling roads like 76, 422, even 95, expect to see a lot of normal delays. 95 southbound near gerard avenue, speeds averaging about
6:58 am
16. you see that line of red. it is definitely a slow go on 95 as drivers head into center city, philadelphia. we also have been seeing some delays on the ben franklin bridge. this is the westbound side as drivers head into philly. you can see we have a pretty big backup right here. that's because three lanes of traffic are getting into philadelphia this morning. we do have that far right lane blocked for construction on the ben franklin bridge. you might want to leave yourself extra time if you are heading out in this direction. another important thing to note when it comes to the bridges. we had a long-term project on the commodore bridge. that's actually cleared. this is the first full morning when we're not seeing construction there. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> we're not seeing cool weather anywhere including the pocono mountains which is dealing with a few areas of fog. that looks pretty pleasant, but the humidity is very high. and that steaminess will stay with us. not only in the mountains but in the city as well. south philadelphia seeing some bright sunshine coming up. we'll get things cooler by the
6:59 am
time the phillies take the field this weekend. we wouldn't want them to play in the heat. but the rest of us will be dealing with heat all week long. at the shore, you may be looking for some relief, but even there, the temperatures will be near 90 degrees this afternoon. look at the bright sunshine, cape may. we need that sunshine to get rid of the fog which has just gotten a bit thicker. under a mile visibility in blue bell, just improved now to five-mile visibility. lancaster is starting to improve as well. didn't take that sunshine long to start getting rid of the fog. and pushing the temperatures up. now 76 degrees in philadelphia. we will be in the 90s this afternoon. heading to the bus stop right now, middle 70s to start with. very muggy conditions. the humidity stays high. and may lead to some late-day showers and thunderstorms. but during the school day, it will stay dry and hot and humid. 90 degrees at noontime. by 4:00 this afternoon, we'll be watching some showers. they probably won't arrive into
7:00 am
philadelphia until this evening. >> okay. thank you, bill. the "today" show is next. >> always get the latest news and weather at good morning. breaking news overnight. the u.s. launches air strikes against a key militant leader with ties to al qaeda while pressure mounts on president obama to attack isis as he gets set for nato meetings overseas. dangerous weather. powerful storms roll across the midwest producing tornadoes, hail, and lightning. and today the threat stretches from texas all the way to maine. on the case. the fbi joins the investigation into one of the largest celebrity hacking scandals ever. stars who were targeted respond for the first time. apple says it's fixed the problem, but could your personal information and photos still be at risk?