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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  September 3, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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exempt from zoning. the state public utility commission has the final say buç generally takes the recommendation of the judicial panel. you're watching nbc 10 news today. nbc 10 news today at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. we are gathering new information and we're live on the scene. >> waking up to cooler temperatures. today we get a brief reprieve from the intense heat and humidity in the delaware valley. this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm vai sikahema. let's get to nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley with his forecast. >> it was a hot one yesterday. felt like it was up to 98 degrees yesterday when you factor in the humidity. today the humidity is already dropping and the temperatures are running a bill cooler and watching the skies clear.
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this is the view from blue mountain in the pocono mountains. the showers are done. the skies will clear out and there will be sunshine for the mountains and the rest of the airy a. allentown, reading now 68 degrees. millville dropped into the 60s as well. sunny skies and 78 degrees at 9:00. 83 at lunch time, nis and comfortable with less humid conditions this afternoon. it will still be a warm summer day, up to 87 degrees at 4:00 today. we'll go neighborhood by neighborhood when i come back. first jillian has traffic. >> good morning, bill. we're seeing volume building out there right now. this is 95 southbound side at girard avenue. you can see it's slowing down a little bit. the drive times indicate 14 minutes is what you're going to see southbound from woodhaven to the vine. i anticipate that number changing throughout the morning. 422 and 76, 76 in both directions between the blue route and the vine will take you about 14 minutes and 7 minutes
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both ways on 422 between oaks and 202. at some point today, the eastbound side, arm and hammer boulevard, on and off ramps are expected to close because of a construction project from today through november. be aware of that. detours will be posted. a look at the boulevard southbound as drivers make their way down to 76. this portion of the boulevard is looking good right now. >> philadelphia firefighters quickly controlled a fire at a day care in east oak lane. now they're looking for the cause. nbc 10's jesse gary is live at the scene throughout the morning. what have you gathered? >> vai, within the past hour, the police department has re-opened wadsworth avenue. the fire department has cleared the scene. now this one investigator is inside trying to determine the cause of this one alarm blaze. let's take a look at our video. the fire started about 3:00 this morning inside the prestige learning center. the owner of the center tells many he that center was leased
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in the second half of july but had not yet opened. the property was vacant on the inside. he says he put in fresh wiring, fresh plumbing and a new roof, dating back to november of last year. so he's at a loss as to how this fire could have started. the fire marshall's office says the fire is under investigation. they're checking to see the cause. as you can see, one investigator still on the inside checking the scene. no cause yet from the fire marshall's office. we'll check back with you in the next hour. live in west oak lane section of philadelphia. jesse gary, nbc 10 news. 6:03. happening today in bucks county, the new school year begins at council rock high school south with a moment of sideline for three students killed in a weekend car accident. the suv they were riding in crashed and overturned saturday morning in wayne county. students and staff gathered at the high school for a vigil last night. we got these pictures sent to
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nbc 10 showing the gym packed to capacity. during the vigil, friends share stories and memories of the three sophomores killed in the crash. we have learned in the last 24 hours that investigators are saying charges are pending against a 15-year-old girl who was driving that suv when itç flipped over in pawpack township. philadelphia police are looking for the gunman that opened fire in broad daylight, shooting a child in the head. that was around 3:30 yesterday afternoon in the tacony section. the child was walking with his family when a car drove by and started shooting. a bystander ran to the boy to help him. >> what touched me most, pleas, sir, don't let me die. i was shot in the head, please don't let me die. i told him, baby boy, you're beginning to be okay. god's with you and i'm with you here, too. >> the 9-year-old is in good
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condition. police believe he was not the intended target. the trial continues today for christina regusters accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a 5-year-old girl, 5-year-old philadelphia girl. today we expect to hear some of christina regusters relatives testifying for the prosecution. investigators say this surveillance video shows regusters dressed in muslim attire taking the girl from bryant elementary school in january of last year. regusters attorney has said that's not his clean the in the video. she's eventually expected to take the stand in her own de-pennsylvania. a 7-year-old philadelphia girl is back home after police say the school bus driver dropped her off at the wrong location yesterday. the girl is a student at the walter palmer charter school. police used dogs to search the school and parking lot. today, new jersey gew jerse
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heads to new mexico. last year, new jersey exported more than $2 billion worth of goods to mexico. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> we exported some showers and thunderstorms first thing this morning and now we're seeing clearing skies. we're drying out this morning and it's beginning to be drier, less humid and much more comfortable this afternoon. still a warm summer day withç plenty of sunshine. but the humidity makes a comeback and so do storms. right now, 63 degrees, mt. pocono, scattered clouds there. 70 degrees in trenton and dover is at 73 degrees. look at this beautiful view from here at the nbc 10 studios. scattered clouds, nothing falling from those clouds. very little wind right now. what wind we are seeing is a northwesterly wind. that's the dre air rushing into the area that is going to make for more comfortable conditions today and tomorrow. it's making for a cooler start, too. 6 degrees chillier this morning in the pocono mountains. allentown and pottstown in the
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60s along with wilmington. each of those locations 5 degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. the showers and thunderstorms you may have heard overnight are completely offshore. there are a few showers in eastern virginia but i think they'll steer clear of philadelphia and south jersey. 80 degrees this afternoon, middle 80s for allentown, reading and quakertown. nothing but sunshine this afternoon for trenton, northeast philly and doylestown. cooler along the coastline, too, after clouds this morning, sunshine this afternoon, 85 in rehoboth and cape may. dover up to 86 degrees this afternoon. and the 80s today, upper 80s for philadelphia and wilmington. plenty of sunshine through the entire area completely dry and more comfortable today. as i mention that changes over the next few days. the seven-day forecast when i come back. 7 after 6:00 a.m. volume is starting to build out there.
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>> a reminder that there may be school buses on your ride to work. nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jillian mele has a look at the roads. >> we still don't have accidents to report on the mathers, which is good news. volume starts to build out there. if you're taking mass transit, so far everything is on or close to schedule. we have construction on the westbound side of the bend. the right lane is blocked as drivers head into philadelphia. three lanes get by there. we did see volume as a result of that construction yesterday. i anticipate the same today. 76 out near the blue route is clear in bofh directions as you can see. this is a note for septa riders. track work started yesterday. it will be out there through september 14th as you can see. what this means, as far as inbound service goes, that's primarily what this is affecting. norristown transportation center, conshohocken, spring mill a mill, expected to leave five minutes earlier than scheduled. you're supposed to board on the
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outbound platforms between 8:45 and 2:30. >> the casino crisis causing an economic crisis in atlantic city. unemployment numbers jump as casinos close. we'll get details of what hats ing today to help those newly laid off workers. they prayed day and night he would survive. we're getting a glimpse into what life has been like for the family of that 9-year-old girl who accidentally killed the shooting instructor in arizona. up next, the girl's parents have released a statement. we'll tell you what they're asking all americans to do in light of what happened.
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nbc 10's chris cato joins us live. where were they standing when it happened? >> they were just behind there watching the same thing we saw in that video. those parents have spoken through their attorney. the attorney is based in newark, new jersey by the way. the girls parents released a statement saying they are, quote, devastated by what happened during their family vacation to the las vegas area. the family was visiting that gun rank in arizona on august 25th. that's when this video was roared. it shows the instructor there to the left helping the 9-year-old girl fair an uzi, a submachine gun designed for combat. the recoil of the gun wrenched the weapon to the left, it continued firing, hitting the instructor. the family says the words cannot express the family's sadness about the life-changing tragedy. they prayed day and night after that shooting happened that the instructor would survive his injuries. in their statement, the family thanks the emergency responders who heroically tried to save the
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instructor and asked all americans to pray for their children and the instructor's family. prosecutors have said they expect no charges will be filed. today we are expected to learn more about an american doctor who contracted ebola liberia. the missionary group will hold a news conference in north carolina to give an update in this new case. the doctor was treating pregnant women, not ebola patients. he's now in an isolation unit. last month, two americans received an experimental drug after contracting ebola. they recovered. >> i don't think they ever said, kent, i think you're about to die but i felt like i was about to die. >> one ofç those americans see here, dr. kent brantly talked to the "today" show's matt lauer about the illness and his recovery. you can see portions of the interview on the tad today show starting at 7:00 a.m.
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the daughter of joan rivers is confirming her mother is on life support. the 81-year-old has been at a new york hospital since last thursday when she stopped breathing during a vocal chord procedure. allentown's mayor is weighing in after the arrest of his police chief's son in what's being called a case of road rage. 22-year-old christopher fitzgerald is accused of pointing a loaded gun at undercover detectives last friday night in whitehall township. the police affidavit says fitzgerald stopped his car in the middle of macarthur road and aimed the gun at two detectives in the car behind him. allentown's mayor says this is not a city matter. >> he has an adult son. he has an issue that happened outside the city of allentown. i have no comment. there's no official response from the city at this point because it had nothing to do with us. >> chief joel fitzgerald tells nbc 10 his son is a good kid and the rest of the story will come out soon in court.
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just about 6:15. if you're getting ready to head out, let's get you updated on the roads. >> we're still not reporting any accidents which is good news for drivers. starting off in chester county with a live look at the route 30 bypass, the eastbound side near 322. no significant delays to report on route 30 just yet. 202 is also still quiet and 422 we are starting to see volume building near oaks. this is 95, southbound side at cottman avenue. people are putting on their brakes. your drive time, we're getting a yellow light. we're just starting to see the delay forming out there on 95 south from cottman to girard. the drive time reading about 15 minutes from wood haven to the vine. the vine street expressway is still quiet, just a tap of the brakes westbound as drivers head out to 76. 422 eastbound, the arm and hammer boulevard on andç off ramps are scheduled to close today. detours will be posted but as i mentioned, 422, the highway itself is looking good right
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now. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> no rain, no fog. less humid conditions we're seeing clearing skies and fewer and fewer clouds. this is a live view from center city. the temperature is 73 degrees. much cooler than it has been. the humidity is down. that's making it feel more comfortable. we have north/northwesterly winds at 8 miles an hour. a nice shift in the direction. it's not completely clear, clouds moving through the pocono mountains. this is the view from the french manor this morning. clouds, yes, rain, no. no more rain for today. and tomorrow looks dry as well. but there are changes ahead. heading out the door, you can see the clouds moving into the pocono mountains. there will still be clouds around to start with but thinning clouds as the day progresses and clearing skies with temperatures that will wind up in the 80s this afternoon. thunderstorms overnight.
6:18 am
they are now offshore. a few showers in the southwest are starting to dissipate. it's unlikely we'll see more wet weather today. we'll see more and more sunshine. high temperatures not in the 90s, 80s this afternoon. again tomorrow as the humidity stays low tomorrow but not for friday and the weekend. it comes right back in here, high of 91 on friday, 92 degrees, a hot one. steamy day saturday. showers and thunderstorms late saturday and still showers around for sunday. the temperatures really cool down. 79 degrees sunday afternoon with the sunshine taking over monday and tuesday. the humidity goes low with a high temperature near 80. >> 6:18. attention home de-potshopers, you may have gotten what you needed at the store. you may also have come away with a problem, one that could destroy your good name. and kicking the habit, the changes cvs is making in a push to get healthy.
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lightning lit up the night sky. these pictures in chester county showing the bright lightning bolts abo s last night. a rainbow lightningcaptured in the background. bill henley is just a minute away with his first alert forecast. new castle county pless are asking for your help to find an alleged rapist in wilmington. a woman says she was sexually assaulted on the 1600 block of coleman street. if you have any information, call police. 6:22.
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we are seeing pockets of volume building on the majors including 76, 95 and the blue route. this is a live look near baltimore pike. we get a slowdown from time to time on the çnorthbound side. for the most part, traffic is still moving out there in both directions that is good news. heading into new jersey, 42 freeway, the northbound side at creek road. definitely slowing down there. your drive time northbound from the atlantic city expressway out to the walt witman breath. cape may, it looks like the rain has moved out. it looks like the roads are still damp in that area. >> i would agree with your assessment. the clouds will be thenning out, too. sunshine this afternoon, seeing clearing inland. the temperatures running cooler this morning. just a little bit so far as the humidity drops. 60s and 70s right now in the area. currently philadelphia's at 73 agrees. look at pottstown, doylestown, lancaster, all in the upper 60s right now.
6:24 am
rocki rocksboro is at 70 degrees. along the delaware river trail, it's 7 degrees. heading out to the bus stop this morning, it's a more comfortable wait for the bus. 73 degrees to start with with sunshine and less humid conditions. it's not going to be as hot this afternoon. but later this week, that changes. stick around for the seven-day forecast. at 6:24, breaking news. two weeks, two murders. a second journalist is executed by isis. for the first time this morning we hear from president obama on the situation.
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nbc 10 breaking news. >> the prayers of the american people are with a family of a devoted and courageous journalist, steven sotloff. >> those comments just made.
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more troops ordered to iraq to target isis as a second journalist is beheaded. >> and a dry, not so humid day is on tap for you today. we'll get your forecast hour by hour and neighborhood by neighborhood. good morning, everyone. welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm vai sikahema. >> i'm tracy davidson. 73 degrees outside. let's find out about the day ahead with meteorologist bill henley. >> the rain has ended. there's still clouds in the area. the clouds thin out. we'll see a good deal of sunshine especially this afternoon. the humidity steamy yesterday, well, it is already lower and cooler as a result of the pocono mountains. that's a live view from lake wallenpaupack. there's scattered clouds but no rain. we're watching the temperatures. you'll find the coolest readings north and west and in new jersey and delaware. millville and wilmington, 67 in pottstown. it's holing in the low 70s in philadelphia. the clouds overhead will clear this morning, clearing the way for sunshine as we warm into the
6:29 am
afternoon. 83 degrees at lunch time and 87, warm, yes, much less humid, yes. but that changes later in the week. the seven-day forecast is coming up. first jillian mele is watching what has been a fairly quiet morning. let's hope that tens. >> good morning, bill. it is quiet as far as incidents go. we're not reporting any accidents on the majors but we're seeing volume out there. when we get that back to school time,ç we start to see delays. 422 as drivers approach the pennsylvania turnpike, volume out there. on this portion of 422, outside of this camera's view we had a disabled vehicle on the shoulder that has since cleared. eastbound, the arm and hammer boulevard, on and off ramps are expected to close at some point today. that will be through november because of a construction project on those ramps. just watch out for that detour. mass transit is looking good. everything is on or close to schedule. i want to reminded you, this started yesterday. when it comes to the septa
6:30 am
norristown manayunk line. what's happening, those trains are supposed to depart the stations roughly five minutes earlier than typically scheduled. then between the hours of 8:45 and 2:30, we're supposed to board from the outbound platform at conshohocken, spring mill. this is the second day. it will be out there until september 14th. vai? the fire marshall is looking for the cause of an early morning fire at an unopened day care. the fire broke out at east wadsworth avenue. the day-care center rented the space but hadn't moved in yet. so it was empty at the time of the fire. no one was hurt. also new from overnight, philadelphia police are searching for the gunman who opened fire on a group of people injuring one man. nbc 10 at fourth and mcclelland
6:31 am
streets in pensport. authorities say the shooting happened around 11:00 last night. the victim is in critical but listed in stable condition. >> 6:31. one of the men killed in the carjacking crash that killed three children and their mother has a court hearing. jonathan rosa faces a long list of charges including murder, sexual assault and conspiracy. police say in july, rosa and another man, cornelius crawford, stole a woman's car at gun point, sexually asauled her and crashed the car into a family selling fruit inç philadelphia tioga section. the three children were killed at the scene. their mother died two weeks later. crawford also faces numerous charges in the deadly carjacking. he has a hearing scheduled for next month. as the casino shut down in atlantic city, the unemployment rate goes up. 5,000 casino workers are without jobs. following the closings of show boat and revel over the holiday weekend. in just a couple of weeks, that number will go up to 8,000 when
6:32 am
trump plaza shuts down. today the state is trying to help. services will be offered to help displaced casino workers file for unemployment, develop vez m -- resumes, find job training and new jobs. again here's the breakdown. revel shut its doors yesterday, trump plaza ill, the next casino to close on september 16th. show boat shut down on sunday and the atlantic club closed back in january. police arrested two men over the labor day weekend after investigators say they both left young children alone in the car while they gambled at casinos. bethlehem police say a father locked two young girls his lexus while he gambled inside the sands casino. witnesses noticed the girls alone in the back seat. they call for help. witnesses and police tell us the man denied being the young girl's father even though they
6:33 am
share the same last name and they called him daddy. >> he denied it. three times he was asked. and he denied it every time. the children were screaming daddy, daddy. right towards him. >> the sands was not the only casino with unattended children. a man admitted he left his 14-month-old girl in a car on monday as he gambled. authorities tell us all three children should be okay. today more kids are heading back to school. it's the first day of classes in atlantic city. and theç archdiocese of philadelphia. philadelphia public schools start on monday. with more funding cut this year to the philadelphia school district we've learned there's an increase in the number of kids enrolling in charter schools. nbc 10's katy zachry is live outside an elementary charter school in overbrook to tell us why. katie? >> the founder of this charter school behind me tells me the biggest complaint she's hearing
6:34 am
this year from parents of public school students is about the class size and lack of security there. two things here at west philadelphia achievement charter elementary school. they have not cut despite less funding from the state this year. this is one of philadelphia's oldest charter schools. kindergarten through fifth grade. this year there are 200 children on the waiting list to get in. founder stacey phillips says their class size is about 25 kids compared to public school classes where you often have more than 30 kids to one teacher. she's gotten calls from state representatives this year trying to get local kids into the school because their parents are worried about the public school system. it's worse than a bad taste. they're very afraid for their children. you know, the safety situation is very serious and also the academics, how much are they going to learn and are they going to be able to keep up with society? >> and as vai said earlier, today is the first day of classes for students going to
6:35 am
philadelphia archdiocese schools. thissier's freshman class is larger than any other class. they do not know if that's a direct correlation to students leaving philadelphia public schools. they should have more information about that in the next few weeks. >> thank you, katy. our back-to-school reports continue through the week. tomorrow we'll get an update from a teacher we spoke to at the beginning of last year, phone out if things are better or worse this year. that tomorrow in a live report. 6:35. happening today in bucks county, the new school year begins with a moment of silence for three students killed in a weekend car accident.ç they died when the suv they were riding in rolled over saturday morning in wayne county. students and staff gathered at the high school for a vigil last night. we were sent pictures that showed the gym packed to capacity. during that vigil, friends
6:36 am
shared stories and memories of the three sophomores killed in the crash. charges are pending against a 15-year-old girl who was driving the suv when it flipped over in pawpack township, investigators tell us. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> there are still clouds around this morning but no sign of showers. and we are drying out. not only has the rain ended but the humidity is coming down. that will make for a less humid afternoon with bright sunshine this afternoon. the storms, the humidity, the heat, back just in time for the weekend. heading out right now, 63 degrees in mt. pocono, still scattered clouds there, 70 in trenton and dover is at 73 degrees. you can see the clouds are thinning out. this is a live view. the sun is up. we're getting sunshine now. and it is going to be bright this afternoon. but yesterday's high was 93. it felt like it was 98 degrees with the high humidity. this morning, though, the humidity has taken a break.
6:37 am
the showers out of the picture. no more storms today. improving conditions. bright sunshine this afternoon for the pocono mountains. allentown, quakertown, reading, all into the middle 80s today. upper 80s for northeast philadelphia and mount holly with doylestown and norristown running cooler with sunny skies. yes, clouds to start with for rehoboth, cape may and atlantic city. this afternoon it will be bright sunshine and we'll see that sunshine this afternoon as well for wilmington, chester and philadelphia. 80s today but 90s are on the way. i'll show you when to expect them when i come back with the seven-day forecast. you have to be much more careful as we drive around, remember it's legal to drive by a school bus when it comes to a stop. >> watch the school buses and the kids walking to school.ç jillian mele has her eye on the roads. >> that's right. here's what's happening right now. an accident popped up on our cameras on baltimore pike. volume building on a lot of the majors right now.
6:38 am
mass transit is looking good. that's on or close to schedule. this is that accident, all of this activity right here, this is baltimore pike and then this right here, that's the off ramp from the blue route southbound. it's literally at the base of the ram foreign policy the blue route southbound to baltimore pike. you can see the activity, police are out there, penndot is out there at the scene. lane restrictions but traffic can get by. speaking of delays, we have some, 18 miles per hour is the average speed on 95 southbound. that's near cottman. on 422 speeds averaging about 35 miles per hour on the eastbound side. this is the ben franklin bridge, the westbound side as drivers head into philadelphia and right here, this right lane we have construction again today. the right lane is blocked because of the track rehab project. three lanes get by into philadelphia. we are seeing pockets of volume where things slow down for a few minutes at a time. vai? >> we have breaking news this morning. two murders in two weeks. another journalist is executed by isis and for the first time
6:39 am
this morning, we hear from president obama on this situation. it is the beginning of a new era, the changes cvs is making to get its customers to get healthier. compassion and cruelness, a mom accused of preying on the kindness of others for a trip to disney world. and she uses her daughter to do it.
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t.j.maxx and marshalls. we are following breaking news this morning at 6:42. in the past two hours, president obama responded to that video showing another american journalist killed. nbc 10's chris cato is live in our digital operations center. chris? >> here are the big headlines on this story, tracy. earlier this morning, the u.s. government confirmed the video showing the beheading of another
6:43 am
american journalist is authentic. earlier this morning, president obama spoke about the video. it's similar to the video it released two weeks ago. the voice of the masked man uned sos like the voice in the first video. he warns president obama that continuing air strikes against isis in iraq will be met with the killing of more western captives. and then he uses a knife to take the life of the man seen kneeling there. steven sotloff, a 31-year-old miami native who free lanced for a time. he fannished in august 2013. president obama spoke earlier this morning. >> we will not be intimidated. the horrific acts only ignite us as a country and stiffen the resolve against the fight against these terrorists. those who make the mistake of harming americans will learn that we will not forget and our reach is long and justice will be served. >> and he's not the only world leader getting ready to take action after sotloff was
6:44 am
executed, the masked man threatens to kill this man seen here said to be a former british dier. britain's prime minister, david cameron says he will chair an emergency response meeting with his cabinet today about that situation. the situation being isis and its growing threat. meantime, again, iraq is an area where isis is operating. president obama has approved 350 additional u.s. troops to protect the u.s. embassy in baghdad. live in our digital operations center, chris cato, nbc 10 news. happening today in detroit, a man convicted of shooting and killing an unarmed woman on his porch is scheduled to are sentencing. prosecutors are asking that he serve at least 17 years in prison. his lawyer is asking for a lesser sentence saying that wafer shot the woman in self-defense. he's expected to make a statement apologizing to the woman's parents in today's hearing. more charges are being filed against a mother that claimed
6:45 am
her daughter was suffering from cancer. she's accused of injecting her 5-year-old daughter riley with a cancer drug and administering cannabis oil she inserted through a tube in the girl's nose. community members held several fund-raisers to support her daughter. >> just heartbreaking to think that a mother could do that to her own child. i think she should go to jail forever. >> police believe she may have pocketed anywhere between $10,000 to $30,000. and a suspected serial killer is headed to prison. los angeles jury has convicted 74-year-old samuel little of murdering three women in the 1980s. police believe he strangled dozens of women as he moved from place to place around the country. sentencing is set for later this month. seven teenagers are on loose this morning after escaping from a detention center in tennessee. officials say 30 teenagers got
6:46 am
away from the center monday night after breaking out of four different locked dorms. police found some walking along roads while others either turned themselves in or were returned by!vamily members. about 6:45 right now. in northern virginia, investigators say a 14-year-old boy saved his 2-year-old sister when a man tried to kidnap her. patrick rooney was followed by the brrnlg and confronted him until he let the sister go. then a witness called police who made the arrest. warning for home depot customers. the retailer may be the latest victim of a credit card data breach. a company spokesperson says they are looking into unusual activity and are working with banks and law enforcement. cybersecurity experts say the same group of russian and ukrainian hackers suspected in the massive target breach may be
6:47 am
behind this one expe. experts say the breach may have gone on longer than the one at target, so more customers may be affected. home depot says it will contact customers immediately if the broach is confirmed. cvs plans to stop selling tobacco products in its stores. the company announced back in february that it planned to drop tobacco by october 1st because the sales conflicted with its health care mission. cvs is the second largest drugstore train in the u.s. behind walgreens. from our jersey shore bureau, today, the 53 contestants in this year's miss america pageant will make their debut in atlantic city. here they are, looking lovely just after they arrived in atlantic city last night. today they will join new jersey's lieutenant governor and atlantic city's mayor on the boardwalk. this is video of last year's winner, miss new york, accepting the crown. this year's competition begins
6:48 am
in less than a week and a new woman will be crowned at boardwalk hall on sunday the 14th. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> a bit more comfortable this morning. temperatures are down and the humidity is coming down as the sunshine is up and we will see a warm summer day but not the heat and the humidity that we had yesterday. those clouds move out of the picture. the rain has already ended. it's 73 degrees in philadelphia, 3 degrees cooler than yesterday at this time. still some clouds moving through the pocono mountains. but the flag at sky top lodge is a cooler, more comfortable breeze that is blowing. that dry air is going to work its way into the rest of the region during the day today. the clouds, there you can see them in the pocono mountains, scattered through allentown, harrisburg and scattered around philadelphia, south jersey and delaware. lots of cloud cover but virtually no rainfall. the last showers in virginia and well offshore. we're done with the rain for
6:49 am
today. we'll see the clouds clear out. the temperatures, 60s for pottstown, doylestown, 70 degrees in trenton. philadelphia international is 73 degrees. but since 60s for most of gloucester county, 68 in swedesboro, south harrison 69 degrees, 69 in washington township and clayton at 69 degrees. temperatures in the 80s this afternoon. that's where we're heading for philadelphia, too. high temperatures in the middle to upper 80s, thanks to the northwesterly winds. a warm one, sunny and 88 after morning low of 67 degrees. then here comes the heat and the humidity. 91 degrees friday. saturday, storms are possible. late in the day after we hit 92 in the afternoon. and then a good chance we'll see showers again on sunday with temperatures turning much cooler for sunday, then clearing out monday and tuesday.
6:50 am
>> bill, 6:49 right now. we have just launched skyforce 10 to check out an accident involving a school bus. >> here's jillian mele with more details. >> skyforce 10 just got to the scene. let me step out of the way. this accident involves a school bus an a pickup truck. i don't see the school bus in the shot just yet. the sky force just got to the scene, thisç is winfield avenue and parkfield avenue. there is that school bus we're hearing are involved in the accident. there are minor injuries, it's unclear if there are students on the bus. that intersection appears to be blocked off for the most part. i will work to get you an alternate route. we're just getting this information in right now. some traffic is able to get by. i'll get you an alternate route anyway. if that stays out there, there will be a delay in to area. this is a live look. this is the off ramp from the blue route southbound to baltimore pike. and just a few minutes ago, we
6:51 am
had a lot of activity. crews are cleaning up debris in the roadway. for the most part, that is clear. this is a live look at the tacony palmyra bridge. traffic is stopped,mzc for a so pass through. this should be clearing momentarily. traffic should be moving in the next five to ten minutes on the tacony-palmyra bridge. i'm jesse gary live in east oak lane. investigators checking to see if arson could be the cause of an early morning fire at a day care. we'll have an update on that story, coming up. i'm katy zachry, live in overbrook, philadelphia public schools are opening on time this year but with serious cuts. after the break, we'll talk about what affect that's having on other schools in our area.
6:52 am
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6:55 am
it's 6:55. ware following breaking news in winfield, intersection of winfield and parkside where that school bus was involved in an accident with a truck. police are telling us on the scene that there were minor injuries but we do not know if there were any kids on the bus. we don't know who had those minor injuries. we're going to get more information from the scene. also jillian mele is working on alternate routes to get you around that area on your way to work. new from overnight, the search is on for a cause of a fire that swept through an unopened day care in the east oak lane section of philadelphia. jesse gary is live at the scene with more. >> reporter: within the past 0 minutes an arson investigator arrived here trying to determine if this early morning fire was deliberately set. let's take a look at our video.
6:56 am
around 3:00 in the morning, a one-alarm fire at the prestige learning center, the owner of the property, jack fisher, tells me this was set to open sometime this year. he started leetsing the property to prestige around the middle of july. the property was vacation. that's why the arson investigator is here. but at this point, the cause is still undetermined. no one was hurt. the latest, live in east oak lane, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. philadelphia schools begin in less than a week with less security and fewer services. nbc 10's katy zachry is live in overbrook with the impact it's having on other schools in the area. katy, tell us more. >> reporter: we know this year philadelphia public schools are starting on time. one of the concerns in delaying the start of philadelphia public schools was that more kids would transfer to charter schools here at this building it is happening. there are 200 kids on the waiting list here at west philadelphia achievement charter elementary school in overbrook. it's k through fifth grade, one of the city's oldest charter
6:57 am
schools. the founder tells me she's getting calls from state representatives and parents trying to get kids into the school because parents are so worried about the public school system. at this charter school, there are small classes, full security detail, no cuts to sanitation or transportation like they're experiencing at the public school level. today is also the first day for students within the philadelphia archdiocese schools. we do know this year's freshman class is the largest of any class. i talked to a spokesperson yesterday. he's not able to pin point reason. he should know in the next few weeks. we'll stay on top of that. reporting live in overbrook, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. our back-to-school reports continue all week. tomorrow, an update from a teacher we spoke to at the beginning of last year, phone out if things are better or worse this school year. that tomorrow morning in a live report. as we approach 7:00, we're still following this accident in the winfield section of
6:58 am
philadelphia. you can see right in you, we have emergency crews out there, we have fire department and police at the scene. this accident involves a school bus and another truck. this is right at the winfield avenue and parkside avenue intersection. we're being told right now there are no injuries. we were hearing reports of minor injuries but the good news is, no serious injuries as a result of this accident. this intersection is completely blocked off as you can see. some traffic is able to skirt by slowly. if you need to get around that, take belmont avenue or bryn mawr avenue, either of those will work just fine. traffic should be moving once again in just a few minutes over the tacony-palmyra bridge. a few minutes ago it was open so a ship could pass through. it's in the process of finishing up that closure right now. traffic will be moving in the next few minutes. now yourç nbc 10 first ale weather. >> things are moving weatherwise, too. clouds moving out. we're getting a nice, sunny view of the link this morning from south philadelphia. at the shore, clouds around but
6:59 am
sunshine is starting to dry beach avenue out after showers overnight. lots of sunshine this afternoon. the radar completely clear right now for delaware and the jersey shore. the rest of the area, too. though we still do have clouds in the area the clouds will be thinning out. sunshine this afternoon. right now it's 73 degrees. 3 degrees schooler than yesterday at this time but equally as important, the humidity is lower and that dry air is really going to be felt this afternoon. yesterday, it felt like 98 degrees at the hottest with the humidity factor and the temperature. right now, 60s north and west. for allentown, pottstown, mt. pocono 63 degrees. up to 70 degrees. starting to climb in millville. the clouds xleer out. the temperatures will be a warm, summer day, into the 80s by lunch time. much more comfortable than yesterday and a high of 87 this afternoon. >> always that humidity thattette goods us. >> my hair thanks you for the low humidity. appreciate that. "today" show is up next.
7:00 am
we'll see you for local updates in about a half hour. >> get the latest news and weather on our website, thanks for watching. have a good day. >> it does look good. good morning. breaking news. president obama vows justice will be served in the wake of the brutal murder of yet another american by isis militants. >> we will not be intimidated. their horrific acts only unite us as a country and stiffen our resolve to fight against these terrorists. nbc news exclusive. ebola survivor dr. kent brantly opens up to matt about his near-death ordeal and if he's concerned about how people will treat him moving forward. >> when i told friends of mine i was going to come here to interview you, you know what the number one question was? are you going to shake his hand.