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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  September 3, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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stop. that girl was missing and alone on the streets of philadelphia last night for hours. i'm keith jones. >> i'm jacqueline london. the girl's mother called us here to tell us what happened. today nbc 10's lu ann cahn went to the school and the bus company for their side of the story. what did you find out? >> reporter: the bus company is investigating. the mother tells us she came here to palmer charter school this morning, not to cause trouble but to try to find out why was her daughter lost and wandering the streets for five hours last night. >> my sister located her in the park in the pouring rain soaking wet. >> reporter: where had she been? >> no one knows. >> reporter: she was escorted out of the school this morning with her son and daughter. she says the school called police because administrators were upset she was talking to us. the school has been in the news lately because the charter is in the process of being revoked.
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we tried to talk to administrators. >> the girl was found. that's it. no comment. >> reporter: where was she all that time? >> they don't know. we don't know. >> reporter: yesterday she told the school to put both children on the bus and drop them off at 26th and tasker. only her daughter got on the bus was dropped off at 20th and tasker. she was told a man flagged down the bus there. a man flagged the bus down. >> and he let her go. >> reporter: assuming that was a relative in. >> exactly. >> reporter: the bus company would not confirm that but said it's under investigation. after a five-hour search that included police with k-9s, she was found here, 12 blocks from where she was dropped off. >> she's crying. she was upset. she was scared. she was cold. >> reporter: she will find another school but won't stop pursuing answers. police say the mother did nothing wrong. i did receive an official statement from the bus company saying the top priority is
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safety "as such, we are working closely with the school district to determine the events that took place yesterday." live in northern liberties, lu ann cahn, nbc 10 news. an update on breaking news we brought you yesterday at 5:00. the search continues for the person who shot a 9-year-old boy. the child was grazed in the head by a bullet. the boy is doing okay. nbc 10 has new information about the shooting of a 13-year-old girl. >> she was hurt after a bullet meant for someone else blasted through her bedroom wall. cydney long talked to the teenager today about her recovery. you just learned about arrests connected to the case but still no charges? >> reporter: keith, is that correct. we can tell you that winslow township police detectives have been canvassing that neighborhood for weeks now with flyers like this one. that's because a 3,000 reward remains in place for an arrest and conviction for the shooters of 13-year-old tia hudson.
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in the meantime, the prosecutors' office who has been working with detectives here in winslow just told us that three suspects are in custody. they are not officially charged with the shooting. instead, linked to a weapon found on the street that night. >> i want them to get caught. i would like them to say sorry for what they did. i know it wasn't meant to hit me. >> reporter: tia, now 13 and about to start eighth grade, says she will never forget the night when a stray bullet struck her as she slept in her bed. >> then it stopped because i was in too much main. >> i'm trying to convince them this was not intended for our family and make them feel safe that way. they won't go in the room. we got a bullet hole in the wall. >> reporter: this afternoon, prosecutors' office confirmed three arrests not for the shooting but for crimes tied to one of multiple funs found outside left behind from the gunfight that hurt tia. >> i thought i was going to die.
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>> you have assault rifles or weapons used during what looks to be a street gun battle. >> reporter: the police detective says they are working the investigation even passing out reward flyers door to door. >> we are in the area, in the neighborhood repeatedly doing foot patrols and stuff like that. >> what i want to happen is to get rid of the guns. we got big guns on the streets. that was an ak-47. i would just like them to get educated on the weapons that they have access to. >> reporter: still recovering from surgery to her reproductiving reproductive ing organs she hopes to be a track star when her wounds heal. and become a pediatrician when she grows up. we will stay in touch with the prosecutor's office to find out if the men who are being held in custody are ultimately charged with tia hudson's shooting. the hudson family, which relies
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on section eight funding, are work gs wiing with the housing, want to move out to a new home this fall. i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. they are down on their luck. help for thousands had of newly laid-off casino workers. more people will be in need when trump plaza closes in less than two weeks. to handle the extremely large number of people who have been laid off at once, a resource center opened around 9:00 this morning at the atlantic city convention center. 850 people have gone through there so far today. they are getting help to file for unemployment and other benefits. there is also job training and assistance in paying for food and housing. >> it's devastating. it just was -- it hit me really hard. i have a family and i'm a single mom. it's just a very hard situation. i'm hoping that they can help me, give me some insight, help
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with paperwork, insurance. >> the commissioner of the new jersey department of labor said this is one of the largest deployments of employees in the history of the agency. great day to be outside in delaware. the farmer's market, a huge crowd there today. we aren't done with the summer heat and humidity just yet. >> nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is here with the latest. >> we are not done with the humidity just yet. before the week is over, it will come back. today was more comfortable than yesterday. here is a live look outside. we have center city. we have looking at the ben franklin bridge and the poconos. nice conditions today. along the shore we have a lot of sunshine here. we will continue with this. clear skies as we go through tonight. the humidity will stay on the lower side. temperatures a little bit cooler than yesterday. mid 80s in philadelphia, through
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the lehigh valley, around 80 degrees. just about the low 80s in south jersey. yesterday's temperatures at this time, we're close to five to ten degrees cooler and with the lower humidity, feels comfortable outside. by 6:00 p.m. tonight, around 82. it will be sunny and nice. by 8:00 p.m., upper 70s. clear skies tonight. the humidity does come back into the forecast. we're watching showers for the weekend. i will show you the timing on that coming up. the courtroom is cleared after an outburst by the woman accused of kidnapping and raining a philadelphia child. christina regusters is accused of snatching a 5-year-old girl last year. during testimony today, she yelled from her seat screaming "i never touched your child. she's lying." it came as her cousin testified that regusters also abuseed her daughter. regusters did not comment on the accusations against her.
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she talked about her past and said she herself was sexually abused. from our south jersey bureau, a man pleaded guilty today to running over and killing two young girls two years ago. he admitted he was driving drunk on prescription medication and texting when he hit and killed a 13-year-old and 15-year-old. his blood alcohol level w was .183. he will be sentenced in december to 18 years in prison. new video at 5:00 of a restaurant robbery in philadelphia. it happened in the early morning hours of august 22nd. you can see two men, one with a gun, enter the diner and demand money. the employee went to the register, then handed over the money. no one has hurt in that holdup. students at drexel are now back in their dorm rooms after being evacuated earlier this morning because of a chemical
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leak. sky force 10 was over the scene around 8:45. authorities tell us there was a frion leak. classes haven't started yet. no one has hurt. a police k-9 helps snap two burglary suspects. the officer and his dog went in the home and found an 18-year-old and a 15-year-old hiding out. both teens are charged with burglary. new at 5:00, a township supervisor in berks county is accused of stealing from township funds. he allegedly bought several home improvement goods and used the township gas card for himself. he is scheduled to appear in court next week. a new law in philadelphia protecting the rights of new moms in the workplace.
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the mayor signed the legislation today that requires businesses to accommodate women who need to pump breast milk at work. >> this legislation today ensures that working women can provide you are provide nourishment for their young children without stress or fear. >> businesses must provide a sanitary, private, non-bathroom space for women who need to pump. dangerous encounters. three flights collided with birds today at one of new york's busiest airports. >> what the pilots did to make sure passengers and crew were not injured. plus the connection today's bird strikes have to the miracle on the hudson. back to school changes. how philadelphia's budget crisis is forcing some parents to move their children to other schools. school sports arson. burned in the remains of this shed are tens of thousands it of dollars of equipment and the timing of the fire has school
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officials scratching their heads.
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in the wake of an execution of a second american journalist by eisis and with pressure building on president obama, he waffled a bit. he said isis could be reduced to a manageable problem. steve handelsman is in
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washington with the fallout. >> reporter: president obama's message on isis came in estonia, the day after he learned of sotloff's beheading. many wondered if he had a strategy yet for isis. >> our objective is clear. that is to degrade and destroy isis so it's no longer a threat not just to iraq but the region and to the united states. >> reporter: destroy, but soon a backtrack. mr. obama wants to shrink isis' military capability. >> to the point where it is a manageable problem. >> reporter: critics say that might not be possible. >> it's not a group we can safely coexist with. >> reporter: destroying isis could mean a new u.s. war. >> this is going to be broad strikes and ultimately relying on some ground forces. >> reporter: boots on the ground could mean many u.s. dead. >> you are not going to be able to destroy isis in the next year
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or two without thousands of american ground casualties. >> reporter: mr. obama just using u.s. air power has many backers. >> he will put a coalition together so that we don't have to put boots on the ground in syria. >> reporter: the president headed to the nato summit where the focus is on the russian invasion of ukraine. >> the nato alliance, including the armed forces of the united states of america right here present now. >> reporter: ukraine is not in nato, not protected. u.s. sanctions have not stopped russia. the president has made public no plan to stop isis. some senate democrats are pushing a vote to authorize air strikes in syria where isis has its main basis. obama and other lawmakers up here in this election year are said to be leery of taking that step. from capitol hill, i'm steve handelsman, nbc 10 news. coming up, we caught up with u.s. senator cory booker.
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hear what he has to say about isis and his opinion on how president obama is handling the situation. there were three bird strikes at new york city's laguardia airport two. two express jet airline flights hit a flock of birds an hour apart. one was landing and the other was taxiing. there was no danimage to the planes and no one has hurt. a bird strike near the same area let to the miracle on the hudson. he landed the plane in the hudson river and earn was ee ve evacuated safely. a bus was carrying a high school volleyball team and their coaches. home from a competition last night. the driver of the car was trying to cross the highway when it hit the back of the bus.
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the passenger in the car died. the students injured are expected to be okay. madoff's last surviving son has died after a battle with cancer. he died at a new york city hospital. he was first diagnosed in 2003 but it went into remission. it returned in 2012. andrew and his brother mark worked for their father. he was arrested for his involvement in a $65 billion ponzi scheme. two years later, mark took his own life. funeral arrangements for andrew will be private. a pennsylvania amusement park more than a century old plans to file for chapter 11 bankruptcy in hopes of preventing a possible sheriff's sale. it needs to freeze its assets while it maps out a plan to repay creditors all or part of $2.5 million owed to creditors. that is in addition to more than $910,000 in overdue taxes.
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county officials still hope to redevelop, revitalize and expand the 122-year-old park. an openly gay group will be allowed to march in next year's st. patrick's day parade. the group will be in the lineup for the parade. nbc universal is the parent company of nbc 10. in previous years gay groups were allowed to participate but couldn't identify themselves as members of the community. it created a stir causing the democratic mayor to refuse to march. the arch bishop of new york is supportive of the change. a much more comfortable day today than yesterday. a little bit cooler. the humidity is down. it feels more comfortable. a brief period of relief from the heat and humidity. we say brief because before the
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week is over, summer is going to return back. low 90s with more humidity before the weekend gets here. as we go into the weekend, we are watching the chance for showers and storms. the eagles home opener is sunday. it will look better sunday than saturday. i will show you the timing of the rain in a minute. a beautiful day today. we have a lot of sunshine outside. temperatures pretty comfortable. 84 in philadelphia. the humidity is lower than yesterday, only 41%. yesterday it was around 50%. felt like the upper 90s. today feels really nice with temperatures in the mid 80s. currently through the lehigh valley, even up into the poconos, low 80s, upper 70s. in mount pocono, 76. south jersey and delaware, temperatures just about the low 80s. everyone is feeling a pretty comfortable afternoon today. future weather keeps us dry as we go through tonight.
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the dry air will stick around. by tomorrow afternoon, by noon tomorrow, we expect to stay dry. tomorrow will be another nice day. a warmer day than today. as we go into friday, here is friday 2:00 p.m., notice how you see showers. we won't see a ton of rain friday. but we have a chance for at least a few showers friday. the humidity will increase friday. temperatures will be back into the low 90s. going into saturday, here is a look at the timing of rain. could be here as early as the afternoon hours. can't rule out the possibility of a few morning showers. sunday for the eagles forecast, we should be drying up nicely. by 1:00, mid 70s. by 4:00, peoptemperatures shoul in the upper 70s. tomorrow, doesn't look too bad, mid 80s. chance of a shower, more humidity. on saturday, thunderstorms with the humidity coming back. for tonight, clear, very comfortable, 67 for the low in philadelphia, 55 areas north and west. tomorrow, pretty nice day. sunny, still low humidity.
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a warmer day than today. about the mid to upper 80s across the area. then for friday, we see the humidity come back into the forecast. temperatures low 90s. saturday will be a hot and humid day. then we see thunderstorms. we are cooling sunday, only around 80. we stay that way going into next week. >> thank you. a lot of changes await students as the new school year begins. >> especially there philadelphia for those students. how the city's ongoing budget crisis is prompting some parents to move their kids elsewhere. raise a glass. pennsylvania is toasting a record year of liquor sales. ahead, what the extra money means for state workers. as a small business owner you don't deliver anything less than 100% to your customers. so don't settle for less than 100% of the internet. with verizon fios get uploads speeds as fast as download speeds. so you can deliver 100% to your customers. switch now to get fios internet and phone for just $99.99 a month a 2-year agreement and get
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a big welcome for students this morning. nbc 10 at modern day catholic school. students were dropped off for the first day of school. it began with a prayer service. there is some exciting additions to the school. they have added a computer science curriculum which includes ipads for every fourth through sixth grader. the first day of class in atlantic city. philadelphia public schools start monday. with more funding cuts this year to the philadelphia school district, we have learned there's an increase in the number of kids enrolling in charter schools. the reason, class size and security. those are two things west philadelphia achievement charter elementary school has not cut despite less fund fring from th state this year. the founder has gotten state representatives trying to get
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local kids into the school because the parents are worried about the public school system. >> they are very afraid for their children. the safety situation is very serious and also the academics. how much are they going to learn? are they going to keep up with our society? >> the schoolhouses kindergarten through fifth grades. there are 200 kids on the waiting list. count on nbc 10 to get you ready for back to school. tomorrow, we will get an update from a teacher we spoke to at the beginning of last year. find out if things are better or worse this year. every morning from now until monday, nbc 10 will report on our schools during nbc 10 news today. get more information on check out our special section for tips, trends and news about the new school year. days before their home opener, one high school football team finds themselves facing an off the field opponent. >> how a new not yet installed security system could have helped catch the arsonist in the
5:26 pm
act. will the team still be able to play without their equipment? also ahead -- >> the wilmington police department has these body cameras officers could soon be waring. who benefits from the cameras, the officers, community members, both? or nobody. state police armed with search warrants go through a local ambulance company's vehicles. i'm harry hairston. the story tonight at 6:00.
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from the charred remains of this sports equipment shed, it looks like a sack for one high school team. tens of thousands of dollars in equipment were torched by an arsonist. >> it happens dayed before the home opener. police, players, administers at exeter high school have a lot of questions about who set the fire and why. beyond the investigation, everyone wants to know, will the eagles be able to play? doug shimell joins us live from the practice field. doug? >> reporter: you know, as they have been assessing what was lost in this fire, a lot of people are starting to ask, do the exeter eagles have enough practice gear to get them ready for this friday night's game?
5:30 pm
marching band practice just days before the big home opener friday night against unionville and the reminder is right next to exeter high school's football practice. >> it was shocking to see that type of vandalism. >> reporter: police say vandals set fire saturday night to storage sheds containing practice gear, a $20,000 loss the district cannot afford. suddenly, other districts started calling. >> offering to lend us equipment and until we were able to replace it. offering to host games if we weren't able to. >> reporter: ironically, the arson comes days before the district was to install new security cameras at the stadium. >> two of our detectives are right now trying to interview some folks that we were given information that may know something about this. >> reporter: the school says the vandalism didn't devastate student moral but instead brought everyone together. they say friday night's home
5:31 pm
opener will happen. >> there was no question that we were going to move forward. we weren't going to let a couple of people who made a really stupid decision get in the way of the community and the kids. >> reporter: right now detectives do not have a lot to go on. they are asking for the public's help. if anybody knows anything about what happened out here last saturday night, please call exeter township police. live in exeter township, i'm doug shimell, nbc 10 news. here are some of the stories making headlines on nbc 10 news at 5:30. emotions ran high in the trial of a woman accused of kidnapping and raining a young child. regusters had an outburst in court during her cousin's testimony. she said regusters touched her young daughter in an inappropriate way. regusters yelled, "i never touched your child. she's lying." a philadelphia mother wants
5:32 pm
answers after her 7-year-old daughter is dropped off at the wrong stop by the school bus driver. it took five hours to find her. in the middle of a thunderstorm last night. today when her mother went to the school for answers, they called police on her. the bus company is investigating. laid-off casino workers lined up for help. they opened a resource center inside the convention center today. former employees are getting help for applying for unemployment and health benefits. a viewing is being held right in our for one of the three local teenagers killed in a crash over the weekend. family and friends are coming out to remember 15-year-old cullen keffer of bucks county. his friends were also killed. authorities say a 15-year-old girl from new york was behind the wheel when the suv they were riding in went off the road in the poconos. the three students would have been sophomores at council rock high school south this year.
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during a vigil last night, friends shared stories and memories of the three teens who died. new information on the ha a harassment allegations against chip flowers. no charges will bow file e file. he would not run for re-election. the former deputy treasurer of his filed a complaint. a police investigation concluded that communication between them was mutual. flowers said in a statement on twitter -- one of the suspected accused in a july carjacking that killed three children in philadelphia was formally arranged today.
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rosa along with crawford stole a woman's vehicle at gun point, sexually assaulted her, then crashed into a family selling fruit. the three children were killed. their mother died two weeks later. with the recent execution of another american journalist, cory booker spoke out today about how he thinks we should deal with the extremist group isis. >> we do not want when we see such horrors to overreact, to react from impulse or emotion. we need to work with our allies to deal with this. >> he was kicking off his re-election campaign today. a pennsylvania turnpike worker was hit by a tractor-trailer in montgomery county. we're told the man was sitting inside his vehicle on the shoulder of the road when he was hit. the worker was taken to the hospital for treatment. the truck driver stayed on the scene. a man working on his broken
5:35 pm
down car was hit on roosevelt boulevard. the victim was blown into the intersection. the woman driving the car that hit him went to the hospital. they are both expected to recover. cooler and more comfortable conditions for these students walking to class today. nbc 10 on the campus of camden county college. yesterday students were sweating it out with a heat index that felt like the upper 90s. the heat and humidity won't be gone for long, plus there's rain in the forecast. >> sheena parveen joining us with more on that. >> today felt more comfortable than yesterday. we had lower humidity. temperatures were cooler, too. we are still in the mid 80s in philadelphia. 84 in the lehigh valley in the upper 70s in some areas like pottstown and lancaster. 83 in allentown. 81 degrees in wildwood. everyone is really feeling the
5:36 pm
comfort of the lower humidity and cooler temperatures. on the radar, we are dry across the area. we will stay that way as we go into tonight. you can see there's no rain around. we don't expect any rain. not until the weekend. we are tracking a chance for some thunderstorms. by 6:00 this evening, temperatures will be in about the low 80s, sunny, nice. lower humidity across the area, too. by 8:00 p.m., clear skies. 78 degrees. as we get closer to 10:00 tonight, we are dropping into the mid 70s, clear skies, a nice way to end the evening. before the week is over, the humidity comes back into the forecast and so do the low 90s. all the way into the weekend. coming up, the timing of the rain and, of course, a look at the eagles home opener forecast. that's straight ahead. from our delaware bureau, police have arrested two men in connection with the murder of a husband and wife a year after their deaths. they were killed september 22nd of last year in wilmington.
5:37 pm
they arrested these men. both have been charged with murder and are being held without bail. $526 million, that's how much pennsylvania made last year in liquor sales. >> next, we will tell you why that record sum isn't just good news for the state's economy. it's a big trickle-down affect for pennsylvania employees. new information about the condition of joan rivers. where she has been move and what her family is saying about her health.
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5:39 pm
we have new information tonight about the hospitalization of joan rivers. her family says she has been moved from intensive care to a private room where she's being kept comfortable. they are not saying anything more about her condition. yesterday, rivers' family confirmed she was on life support at mount sinai hospital in manhattan.
5:40 pm
the 81-year-old comic went cardiac arrest last thursday during a procedure to repair her vocal cords. i'm vince lattanzio with this story. parking on the sidewalk in philly is illegal. lots of people still do it. which neighborhoods are you most likely to get a ticket? it may not be where you think. where the hot spots are, get the locations right now and more in the story on and our mobile apps. the agency that controls liquor and wine sales in pennsylvania has transferred a record $527 million to the state's bank account. the pennsylvania liquor control board says its revenue for fiscal year 2014 was $13 million more than the previous year. most of that comes from state liquor and sales taxes. the board says retail wine sales showed the strongest growth.
5:41 pm
the state agency paid $7 million more into employee pensions. new information about the west africa ebola outbreak. >> a third american is infected with the virus. a doctor still recovering is now well. let's check in with sheena for the latest on our weather. >> we are watching nice conditions across the area. coming up, when the next chance of rain is. some of that will fall over the weekend. the timing straight ahead. all new on nbc 10 news at 6:00, new video in of new jersey's governor on a trip. how his business trip in mexico to help his political fortune at home. our dad's a plumber.
5:42 pm
a business manager. and a stickler for homework. i'm john kane running for state senate. dad says the road to a good job starts in the classroom. [ lori ] he's a great dad who sees taxes going up but schools not getting the funding they need. [ john ] so i'd put back the billion dollars corbett cut from education and make sure corporations and natural gas drillers paid their fair share. time to close the loopholes for the tax cheats. dad thinks a lot about education. i'm john kane and it's about time harrisburg did too.
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new information on the ebola outbreak in west africa. nbc 101 learning about the third american infected with the virus. >> an ebola survivor spoke for the first time today. erica edwards reports. >> reporter: a 51-year-old family physician from massachusetts is the third american to become infected with the ebola virus while serving in wft africa. dr. rick sacra knew he was heading into the worst outbreak in history. like other missionaries, he felt a calling to help. sgle came to me the day before
5:45 pm
he left. i said to him, asked him, you know what you are getting into? he said, yes, but i have to go. >> reporter: it's unclear he became infected. he had been working with pregnant women in liberia. he's doing well and in isolation. wednesday morning, matt lauer got a tour of the isolation unit at emory where the two other patients were treated successfully. it's unclear if sacra will seek treatment there as well. >> i know there have been discussions that this person will come back to the united states. i don't believe the actual site where they are coming back has been decided yet. >> thank you for restoring nancy. >> reporter: prayer and gratitude place large roles d s during a press conference. >> david came towards me to give me a hug and to put his arms around me. and i knew how dangerous that
5:46 pm
was. and so i said, no. just no. >> reporter: his arm around her now, david will care for nancy as she continues her recovery. erica edwards, nbc 10 news. >> matt lauer's inner view with dr. kent brantly is part of an nbc news prime time special that will air this friday on nbc 10 followed by nbc 10 news at 11:00. the number of women who chose to have a double mastectomy following a cancer diagnosis is rising. about 12% of patients chose the procedure in 2011. that's up from just 2% in 1998. this comes despite a new study that shows the surgery doesn't improve survival rates. comfortable conditions
5:47 pm
outside today with the lower humidity and temperatures a little bit cooler. here is a live look outside center city. this is from the adventure aquarium. we have plenty of sunshine out there. the dry air is going to hang around as we go through tonight. a brief relief from the heat and humidity. before the week is over, it's going to come back. the summer-like pattern will return by the end of the week. more 90-degree temperatures, more humidity and going into the weekend showers and storms. the eagles home opener, it's sunday. i will show you the timing of the rain coming up. so far, sunday does not look too bad. here is a live look at cape may. nice conditions where we see sunshine and warm temperatures. a lot more comfortable today than yesterday. 84 in philadelphia. 86 in northeast philly. chester springs coming in at 80. through the lehigh valley, upper 70s to low 80s. with that lower humidity, you
5:48 pm
definitely felt how much more comfortable it feels outside. along the shore, we're in the upper 70s. dover coming in around 83 degrees. this is why we feel so much more comfortable today with the cooler temperatures, too. high pressure has moved in. the dry air is in place. as we go towards the end of the week, that high will move away and the humidity will come back and so will our shower chances. future weather, we do stay dry. into tomorrow afternoon, we stay dry. friday, the humidity comes back. we could see a few showers to end the week. temperatures in the low 90s by then. going into saturday, notice how we don't get rid of the clouds and rain. we will stay hot and humid. by saturday afternoon, shower and thunderstorm chance goes up. sunday doesn't look too bad. we should dry out sunday. for the eagles home opener by 1:00 p.m., mid 70s, by 4:00, upper 70s. we should see more sunshine
5:49 pm
through the afternoon. tonight, clear, comfortable, 67 for the low in philadelphia, mid 50s areas north and west. tomorrow, sunny, a warm day, 86 to 89. the humidity stays low. it's not until friday that the humidity jumps up. saturday looks stormy, hot and humid. most of the storms do look like possibly later in the day. wouldn't be surprised if we had a few earlier showers. sunday, drying and cooler. temperatures sunday only around 80. we stay around 80 as we start off next week. the camera is always watching. >> it's keeping a close eye on police officers across the nation and here in our area as well. wilmington police have body cameras. they are designed to help officers and shed light on their investigations. we will tell you why not everyone thinks the technology is a perfect fit. all new on nbc 10 news at
5:50 pm
6:00, details about the crash that injured former fbi director l louis freeh.
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now to breaking news from sky force 10 as it heads to hamilton township. >> police tell us one person was shot along silver court. the victim is in critical
5:53 pm
condition. there are no arrests at this time. stay with nbc 10 for more on this breaking story. it was back to school today for the thousands of kids who attend schools in the philadelphia arch diocese. these kids couldn't wait for school to start. they rushed to see teachers and friends at our lady of hope in south philadelphia. other kids got a kiss and hug from mom. >> good morning. >> students here in delaware county got a special welcome back this morning. the principal was waiting for the students as their moms and dads dropped them off for the first day back at school. there's four hours left for our voting for our high school blitz game of the week.
5:54 pm
the game with the most votes is featured on the high school blitz every saturday night at 7:00 right nehere on nbc 10. now from our delaware bureau. wilmington police could debut a new tool. >> officers will ware body cameras as they patrol the streets. tim furlong shows us how they work. >> reporter: if a police officer was waring a body camera that night in ferguson, we would know a little bit more about what led him to shoot and kill michael brown. in wilmington, body cameras, they could soon be clicked on. the police department has a small batch of them. >> i believe it's a good idea. >> reporter: the police chief says technology is great. the new shot spotter system
5:55 pm
already doing its job in the roughest neighborhoods. the chief says these are not a perfect answer. it only sees what is directly in front of the officer. if i were waring a camera, this would be the view that you would see. it's not a very broad perspective. that leaves every police encounter somewhat open to interpretation. right there is your larger problem in some of the city's neighborhoods. do you think we will get to a point where every resident trusts the police? >> no. i really don't. >> reporter: having a video record could help catch criminals and hold police accountable. the problem runs deeper. >> to me what that says is that the community is losing trust of its police force. we don't respect what they do. >> having incidents caught on camera will help develop that relationship. but it's not the only thing we need to do. >> reporter: before the cameras hit the streets, the department needs to buy a surfer to store
5:56 pm
the video. it needs to be secure so nobody can tamper with it. the union has a number of concerns as well. we will let you know if and when the cameras start rolling. in wilmington, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. next on nbc 10 news at 6:00 -- >> a mother charged with trying to kill her own woman. plus, after months of delays, a makeover coming to the rails. the change riders will notice. it cooled down a little bit. the heat is going to return in a big way. i will let you know when plus our next chances for showers and storms in my exclusive nbc 10 first alert forecast.
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5:58 pm
right now at 6:00, a courtroom commotion. the woman charged with kidnapping a girl in philadelphia interest rument her own trial, then tries to walk out. >> christina regusters took the stand today. she also sobbed as family members testified against her. christine maddela was in the courtroom as it happened. she's live at the criminal justice center. >> fetell us what you saw. >> reporter: another emotional day in this trial. for the first time, we saw some of that emotion coming from the
5:59 pm
defendant, christina regusters. up until now, she's been emotionless and hasn't paid attention to those on the witness stand. today she sobbed. she held her head in her hands and she had an outburst in court. i didn't touch your child. she's lying. that's what christina regusters yelled while sobbing in the courtroom today. she said, i can't stay here. have i to go. then she tried to walk out. but courtroom officers didn't let her leave. they gave her water and the jury was dismissed before the court recess recessed. the outburst was during testimony accusing her of inappropriately touching her cousin three times starting when the girl was 8 years old. >> we saw a little girl age 11 about to be 12 come into the courtroom and tell us that on three different occasions the defendant, christina regusters, in this case had molested her. there was graphic testimony that she touched both her chest and
6:00 pm
her buttocks areas. >> reporter: this lawyer represents the victim in the civil case. he is bound by the gag order. >> we saw christina regusters for the first time on the witness stand. >> reporter: earlier this more than, she was on the stand. she didn't talk about the crimes she's accused of but was questioned whether the police officer read her her miranda rights when he arrested her. >> it was largely about the admissibility of the statements which she gave to the police. we got a glimpse of some of the things she talked about to the police, including the fact that she was molested as a child and there was questioning -- hard questioning, i might add, by the district attorney as to whether all of those statements were truthful. >> reporter: the police officer who arrested regusters did not read regusters her miranda