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tv   Today  NBC  September 8, 2014 7:00am-11:01am EDT

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you need to know before you walk out the door. thanks for watching. have a great day. good morning. breaking news. the duke and dutchess of cambridge are expecting baby number two. the queen is said to be delighted. why the palace was forced to release that news today. helicopter in yosemite national park where there is a dangerous wildfire. the president plans to reveal his strategy on isis to the american public this week. >> this is not going to be an announcement about u.s. ground troops. this is not the equivalent of the iraq war. >> while the u.s. carries out new air strikes in iraq against those militants. and she's back. our good friend, meredith vieira, returns to the anchor
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chair in studio 1a, as we kick off our special homecoming week "today," monday, september 8th, 2014. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning. welcome to "today" on a monday morning. it's been a while since i've said this. i'm matt lauer alongside meredith vieira, and al roker and natalie morales. >> yeah. >> how does it feel to wake up? >> it feels really good -- to wake up, no. >> this is so much fun. >> tas taes great. >> great for us, too. meredith was already in, in my room, on my table with this wonderful little note that said, hey, censored, your worst nightmare is back. >> i'm here! >> you needed to put that little
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censored on there. >> normally i draw it on your mirror in lipstick. security told me i couldn't do that anymore. >> i know they did. meanwhile, how about this breaking news? >> it's great. >> natalie -- >> the royal family is set to expand as william and kate revealed that she is expecting. nbc's kelly cobiella is outside buckingham palace. good morning to you. >> reporter: it was supposed to be all about harry's 30th birthday this week, coming up next monday. kate just stole the show with the news she's expecting baby number two. the announcement was made this morning. it's only been over a year since we were awaiting the big arrival of prince george, the heir to the throne, the future king of england. prince william and kate made the announcement that they're expecting their second child saying in a statement, we're delighted with the news. they're getting a number of well wishes online, including from the prime minister, offering his
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many congratulations. as with the first pregnancy, the duchess is finding out it's not so easy the second time around either. she's apparently suffering from severe morning sickness again. she has canceled her events for the immediate future and is being treated by doctors at kensington palace. matt? >> big news, kelly cobiella at buckingham palace. here at home, dangerous wildfire at yosemite national park has led to the evacuations of more than 100,000 tourists as the flames were fan bid high winds. >> reporter: good morning, meredith. a very popular destination for tourists. during the day, you can see the smoke from this fire rolling over the top of these trees. at this hour more than 700 acres have been burned and this fire is a long way from being contained. >> it was pretty scary. >> reporter: this morning, about
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100 hikers at california's yosemite national park are glad to be safe after a fast-moving wildfire forced a series of helicopter rescues sunday. >> it's raging the opposite side of the mountain. >> reporter: it burned at least 700 acres and sent smoke rising up the half peak in yosemite valley. no injuries were reported. >> the fire is moving quickly. we're not sure what the fire behavior is going to do. in an effort to keep everybody safe who may be back there, we're just getting them out as quickly as possible. right now that is by helicopter. >> reporter: dozens of firefighters, backed by seven helicopters and a plane were working to extinguish the fire. the blaze is believed to have been sparked by a lightning strike july 20th. >> because of this fire a number of different trails are blocked in the park. we don't want people hiking on them for visitor safety. >> reporter: despite smoke and alternative route down the mountain, some evacuated hikers still maintained a positive
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attitude. >> i was really proud. it was a big, adventurous hike for me to do 12 miles today. i didn't expect the helicopter ending, but things happen. >> reporter: despite the blaze, yosemite national park and its facilities remain open. if you're hoping to hike the iconic half dome any time soon, you're going to have to wait. ma matt, meredith? >> thank you very much. the growing threat from isis militants and how the u.s. is going to handle that situation. in an exclusive interview on "meet the press," president obama said he will lay out his plan a little later this week. nbc chief foreign correspondent richard engel is in northern iraq. richard, good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. the president said there is no indication of any imminent isis threat to the u.s. but that the threat is growing and must be addressed. the u.s. military has carried out nearly 150 air strikes in iraq, dropped food and helped refugees, but this morning, isis
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remains strong and savagely brutal. the group released new video of its men, humiliating and executing roughly 200 syrian troops. >> the next phase is now to start going on some offense. >> reporter: the president told "meet the press" he now has a strategy. >> what i want people to understand, though, is that over the course of months, we are going to be able to not just blunt the momentum of isil -- >> reporter: he will outline his full plan in a speech on wednesday. on sunday, he gave chuck todd a preview. >> we are going to systematically degrade their capabilities, we're going to shrink the territory that they control. and ultimately we're going to defeat them. >> reporter: that's easier said than done. the plan is to rebuild the iraqi army, which has mostly collapsed even though the u.s. spent a decade training it. and back ethnic kurdish militias, which the iraqi army doesn't trust. the u.s. will also try to form a
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coalition with neighboring muslim states and breathe life into the moderate opposition in syria, which the administration has largely ignored for years. they plan to do all of this from afar. >> the notion that the united states should be putting boots on the ground, i think, would be a profound mistake. >> reporter: u.s. officials have suggested the plan to defeat isis in syria and iraq could take three years. there are those who say it could take a lot longer. the president keeps talking about pakistan as a model, how u.s. air strikes and drone strikes in the tribal areas have weakened al qaeda there. but the u.s. has been doing that in the tribal areas of pakistan for nearly a decade. it seems the u.s. has become the air force for failed states. matt? >> richard engel in iraq this morning. chuck todd is nbc's political director and moderator of "meet
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the press." chuck, good morning to you. >> good morning. >> the president says no boots on the ground. he does say we're going to systematically degrade their capabilities, shrink the territory that they control and ultimately defeat them. how specific is he going to get in terms of his plan on wednesday? >> i think he wants to get fairly specific. he has to get buy-in from congress. he meets with congressional leaders tomorrow. while he claims he doesn't need a full operation to expand for his plan, for his strategy to deal with isis, he does have enough that he wants them to have an up or down vote on it, have a debate on it. i think he will get somewhat specific because he needs boots on the ground, matt. they're not going to be american boots, as he pledged on the interview with me. he does need some boots on the ground. will they be saudi arabian boots, kurdish boots? that's the job of secretary of state john kerry right now. >> isis is a sunni extremist
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group that only pose a threat to syria and iraq, but many nations in the middle east. how much help do you think the administration will get? >> they think they're going to get a lot of help. of course, there is a little bit of a credibility issue. saudis and jordanians have not been happy with this administration. at this point, it does look as if the president's pledges that he's going to do these air strikes, what he has already done in iraq is going to turn the tide a little bit and perhaps the jordanians and saudis, in particular, will come into this coalition. their goal, matt, is to make this coalition against isis, make it look like the coalition that george h.w. bush, back in 1990 and '91, the one he put together to go after saddam hussein. they don't want a small coalition of two or three nations where it's just the united states and a couple of symbolic countries. >> chuck todd, thank you very much. doctors with the centers for disease control are keeping an
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eye on a mysterious respiratory virus that has sent kids to hospitals. the outbreak could get even worse with the school sessions under way. >> reporter: this is what doctors call ground zero of their outbreak, all kids like 4-year-old cali ann have arrived at children's mercy hospital with a respiratory virus. >> she started out with coughing, not being able to stop. >> reporter: with cold-like symptoms, fever, body aches and coughing, up to 30 kids a day are arriving at this hospital. many so sick, they've been placed in intensive care. >> i was scared and i knew this one was a really bad virus. >> reporter: with children who suffer from asthma most at risk, doctors in missouri suspect the outbreak is called by enterovirus d-68, a cousin of the common cold, likely spread at school and rarely seen in the u.s. >> more children are going into
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our critical care unit from this virus than any of the other respiratory viruses that we commonly see. >> children's mercy isn't alone. states like illinois and ohio have outbreaks. in colorado, more than 900 cases at children's hospital in aurora. this morning, the cdc says 10 states are asking for help. >> it felt like i was going to day. >> reporter: 13-year-old was lifted to e.r. when he couldn't breathe. his mother thought she was losing her baby boy. >> he was unresponsive. he was laying on the couch and couldn't speak to me, was turning white and had blue lips. >> reporter: with no deaths reported, today will is making a full recovery. back in missouri, cali ann's doctors hope she'll be out of the hospital soon. a widespread virus that some doctors now call an epidemic. for "today," miguel almaguer, nbc news, los angeles.
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>> really scary. >> very scary stuff. >> no question. natalie is here right now with some encouraging news tied to the ebola outbreak. natalie? sfwlt third american stricken with ebola is showing some signs of improvement. it's still too early to say if dr. rick sacra is in the clear. he contracted the illness while working with pregnant women at a hospital in liberia. he is being treated at the nebraska medical center in omaha where doctors are use iing a research drug to treat him. rescue efforts are under way in india this morning to find victims swept away by violent floodwaters. thousands of people are stranded in kashmir and northern parts of pakistan. 320 people have died, 2500 villages have been submerged and thousands of people have climbed on to rooftops to try to survive. it's been called the worst flooding in the country in 60 years. a car crash leads to a gas explosion and partial collapse
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of a hotel in lexington, kentucky. police say a man accidentally drove his car into the side of a fairfield inn. they say he hit a gas line. the hotel manager went from room to room, knocking on doors, and was able to evacuate the hotel just in time, because then minutes later, there was a gas explosion. and, thankfully, there were no serious injuries. but the hotel is likely a total loss, as you see by the damage there. the hunt is on for a mountain lion after it attacked a 6-year-old california boy. the boy was hiking with his parents. another family on the trail near cupertino when the big cat attacked boy and tried to drag him away. boits' parents were able to fight the mountain lion off and they rushed their son to the hospital. he is recovering this morning from puncture wounds and scratches. tracking dogs were brought in to find the mountain lie sben if found, the animal will be
7:14 am
euthanized. winning her third straight u.s. open title, the win a big milestone for serena. it marks her 18th career grand slam championship, tying a couple of all-time greats, chris everett and martina navritilova. she'll be joining us later. >> wow! >> that's mazing. >> how many titles do you have of anything? >> nothing. thanks for being approximate back. mr. roker is here. how many titles do you have? >> i just have one. i can't say it. >> chief meteorologist. >> that's right. pain in the tuckus week continues, we'll show you what we've got going on. a lot of wet weather making its way up the coast. atlanta, they had flash flood warnings in effect until 10:00 this morning. low clouds, heavier rain this morning. then we'll look for storms developing later in the day. so not quite out of the woods yet. along a weak stationary front, low pressure is going to be developing during the afternoon and into the evening hours.
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tonight, the systems are going to kind of sit and spin and bring a lot of rain. in fact, right along the north carolina/virginia coast, we could see locally three to five inches of rain. this rain will start to push up into the northeast by this time tomorrow. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. a home saved. a hero homebound for a new opportunity. a kitchen that kick starts careers wells fargo invests in our communities a little differently. small measures that add up to make our whole even greater. little by little we can do a lot. because... small is huge. visit to see how big small can be. hi, everyone. i'm meteorologist tedd florendo. looks like we've got clouds increasing for the day today after a mild start to our morning. clouds and sun for the day,
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cooler temperatures, too, in the upper 70s, about 78 degrees. typically, we are at 81 degrees for this time of the year. could be slightly breezy at times, too. more showers in the forecast for tomorrow. we stay in the 70s until wednesd wednesday. hot and humid by thursday along with more thunderstorms, and it looks like we cool things off as we head into your weekend with sunny skies. have a great monday morning, everyone. very much. now to a fitting farewell to comedian joan rivers. she received the star-studded red carpet sendoff that she had joked about on sunday. ron mott, good morning to you. >> reporter: matt, good morning. it may be a long while before we stop talking about joan rivers. fans are still streaming by to pay her final respects here at her home. books are surging online and her legacy is being honored, just as she would want. it was a final farewell joan rivers envisioned for herself,
7:17 am
a-list celebrities like sarah jessica parker and hugh jackman showing up in bunches for a memorial service that might have deserved an r rating, exactly what friends say she would want. the donald, barbara walters, whoopi and rosie. >> hugh jackman sang this song and the entire congregation gave joan one last standing ovation and nobody wanted to sit down. >> reporter: the sendoff the comic legend ordered up was classic joan rivers, light on formality. >> i want my funeral to be a huge showbiz affair with lights and cameras and action. i want it to be hollywood all the way. don't give me some rabbi rambling on. >> reporter: outside the legion of fans took it all in, while inside shock jock howard stern took the program in a direction no one saw coming. >> the rabbi did a beautiful job
7:18 am
opening up. and joan said i don't want a rambling rabbi. howard stern gets up, unannounced, opens with a line that brought the house down. but, boy, was it risky. >> reporter: chorus opened, bagpipes finished. melissa rivers and her son, cooper, getting cheers from the crowd as they left. >> she read a letter she had written to her mother. and melissa is so strong. it was poignant and funny. she has been a rock throughout all of this. >> reporter: and as the week gets under way, the investigation into what caused joan rivers' death continues. matt? >> ron, thank you very much. >> great lady. really great lady. >> no question about it. carson is on duty in the orange room following reaction from the big news from the royal family. >> good morning, meredith. nice to see you. >> nice to see you. >> you would think that at the rate that we've been announcing
7:19 am
babies on the "today" show -- i had three last week -- you would think they were working on the "today" show. the heir and the spare. the spare is on the way. kate middleton is pregnant. battle stations, everyone. this is what we've been waiting for. it feels like that. there's prince george overjoyed at the idea of having a younger sibling. remember the doors, natalie? >> i sure do. >> st. mary's. natalie in front of those door. >> sounds lovely, springtime in london. >> you can send your well wishes, #orangeroom. >> carson, thank you. the search for malaysia 370 six months later. why hasn't a single trace of that plane or passengers been found? would you know what to do if someone broke into your house in the middle of the night? jeff rosen and a team show you
7:20 am
how to survive a home invasion
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altuzarra for target available september 14th. 7:26, following breaking news. skyforce10 over the schuylkill river near boathouse row. that's where police are recovering a body they found in the river. kelly drive is blocked. one lane in each direction as this investigation continues. nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter katy zachry has more on this situation. katy, what can you tell us? >> yeah, vai, from the video we're seeing from skyforce10, you can tell it's an active scene that will be out there are to some time, so drivers want to avoid kelly drive inbound and outbound. you can take 76 as an alternate to this. but as you see, kelly drive inbound, both lanes are blocked off and they've reconfigured the road to allow one lane in both directions to get by. looking now at 422 right near
7:27 am
trooper road. 422 eastbound and westbound, your drive times are pretty good. ten minutes or under. there is an accident on 422 eastbound on the off-ramp. be aware. thank you, katy. let's get our first alert forecast from meteorologist tedd florendo. >> good morning, vai. a very mild start to our morning, unless you're in the lehigh valley. 58 currently for you, 68 for philadelphia. mid-60s for atlantic city down to wildwood. your forecast for the day today, 78 degrees, mostly cloudy skies and cooler with winds breezy at times. vai? >> thank you, tedd. i'm vai sikahema. we'll have another update in about 25 minutes. you can always get the latest on we'll send you back to the "today" show. have a great day. see you in about a half hour.
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7:30 now on a monday morning. it's the 8th day of september, 2014. wow, look at the pretty shot of detroit, michigan. sun rising there on a monday morning. if you want to share some photos of your morning with us, you can do that using the #todaysunrise. speaking of sunshine, look who is back in studio 1a, our very own meredith vieira. i was talking about you. >> it's been a while since you've seen the sunrise. >> oh, okay then. >> yow! >> starting a brand new show today. >> i am. >> good to have you with us, too. >> and hopefully it's going to last a week. >> it's going to be a lot more. >> long time. >> we're calling it homecoming week. we start with meredith on a monday morning.
7:31 am
brian williams gets an early wake-up call as he will join us. >> and then kathie lee and hoda take a turn and then our old buddy, tom brokaw and we round out the week with maria shriver on friday. the duke and duchess of cambridge are expecting another baby. kate is being treated for severe morning sickness. we'll have more from buckingham palace coming up. a wildfire burning in yosemite national park forcing the evacuation of more than 100 hikers. helicopters were used to get them to safety after fierce winds pushed the fire to a popular trail. gasoline is down 25 cents since the start of the summer driving season. we want to begin this half hour with a haunting anniversary. six months ago today that malaysia airlines flight 370 disappeared on a flight to
7:32 am
beijing. search teams have spent months searching for that plane. so far, they haven't found a single trace of it or the 239 people on board. nbc's tom costello has been on this story from the very beginning. tom, g tom, good morning to you. >> a new search off the coast of australia, after spending months thoroughly mapping the ocean floor. this comes down to hard science and a certain amount of guess work. it's a mystery that, for six months, has held the world in spence. >> no word what went wrong. no word on the lives of the 239 souls on board. >> malaysia airports holding -- >> still no closer to knowing what actually happened. >> reporter: this morning, there's still frustratingly little to go on for the search of malaysia flight 370 and the 239 people on board. for the families, agony. sa
7:33 am
sara's partner is still missing. >> i miss his daily presence. i feel minimum in my heart because that will never go away. >> reporter: disappeared from kuala lumpur to beijing on march 8th. >> malaysian 370, contact ho chi minh. >> good night, malaysian 370. >> soon after, they stopped their data transmissions and investigators soon discovered evidence that someone turned the plane around and drove it into the remote indian ocean. engineers attempt at satellite communications or handshakes with the plane believe it went down here somewhere in this arc. but where? it's 23,000 square miles and the intense is deep. on the air, surface and under water, unmanned s ened submarin
7:34 am
nothing. now they've refined the search area again and a new phase of the search is about to begin. >> we will not give up until we have found what's left of flight mh 370. >> reporter: for months, dutch and chinese ships have been mapping the ocean's floor. soon they'll be using advanced deep sea sonar technology and special sniffers that can detect traces of oil or jet fuel. aviation experts can't understand why, six months later, not a single piece of wreckage has wash add shore. >> it's one of the largest mysteries to me. there are so many light objects in the airplane, styrofoam cups, seat cushions themselves. those things float for a very, very long time. >> and nothing has wash add shore. the indian ocean is deep, something like three miles deep in places. if they ever do find the plane and recover the black boxes, the
7:35 am
data on these boxes should still be good and that will hopefully help them solve the mystery of flight 370. matt? >> tom costello, thank you very much. now a check of the weather from al. >> announcer: "today's" weather is brought to you by chico's. find your fall fashion must haves at chico's and good morning. a lot of wet weather to talk about in the southwest. yesterday, southern california, look at this car submerged in riverside, california. folks driving in. that's why we tell you, turn around, don't drown. some areas picking up three inches of rain in an hour. also, stay out of the water. you do not know what's in there. it could be very hazardous. that rain has now shifted into the southwest. phoenix, they got flash flood watches in effect. heavy showers and thunderstorms, just training on top of that. it's going to continue today. we've got flash flood watches. phoenix under a flash flood
7:36 am
warning this afternoon. because we could be looking at anywhere from another one to three inches of rain in a very quick period of time, added moisture from norbert and monsoonal moisture combine to create some problems. we're watching the tropics, cape verde islands, this area coming off the atlantic. 60% chance this thing could continue to develop and turn into a tropical entity. we're going to get, though, your latest forecast coming hi, everyone. i'm meteorologist tedd florendo. looks like we've got clouds increasing for the day today after a mild start to our morning. clouds and sun for the day, cooler temperatures, too, in the upper 70s, about 78 degrees. typically, we're at 81 degrees for this time of the year. could be slightly breezy at times, too. more showers in the forecast for tomorrow. we stay in the 70s until wednesday. hot and humid by thursday along with more thunderstorms, and it looks like we cool things off as we head into your weekend with sunny skies. have a great monday morning, everyone.
7:37 am
>> and that's your latest weather. >> mr. roker, thank you very much. meredith is here because of homecoming week. that's happening because savian continues on maternity leave. over the weekend, we got more pictures. take a look. out cold. the cheeks are still there, by the way. look at the little jersey she's wearing. >> eagles. >> go, eagles. >> savannah tells us while she was sleeping, the eagles were losing to jacksonville. watch what happens. >> then she wakes up. >> yep. >> and eagles make a comeback to defeat jacksonville. so, vail had a major impact. >> look how tiny she is. i think that's savannah's thumb next to her. my gosh. is that her hand? >> i don't know. >> what a cutie. >> on trending, heartwarming
7:38 am
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and a way to do things even better. the prius. toyota, let's go places. we are back at 7:42. on rossen reports, dangerous home invasion. what happens if an intruder ends up inside your house? does your family have a plan to get out unharmed? "today" national correspondent jeff rossen has important information. good morning to you. >> hey, guys, good morning. they say this is prime time for intruders, hitting home while the weather is still warm. chilling scenario. you're sound asleep and hear someone trying to break into your house. would you know what to do? when i was a kid, my dad actually ran downstairs to confront the intruder while screaming. it seemed heroic at the time.
7:43 am
experts say that's the worst thing you can possibly do. so, what are you supposed to do? this morning, we've got some quick and simple tips to keep your family safe. it's the middle of the night and these attackers are moving in. home invaders, caught on surveillance video, kicking in doors. and getting violent, even attacking victims in their own bed. home invasions are more common than you think, happening nearly 50,000 times a year. that's 135 home invasions every day. just this summer, it happened to sandra bullock. an intruder got within steps of her bedroom. just weeks ago, nba star ray allen's family was hit, waking up to seven intruders inside their home. not even the kennedys are immune. a stranger getting into their sprawling compound in hyannis port this summer.
7:44 am
so if the rich and famous can't keep them out, how can you? >> was absolutely one of the most frightening things i've ever gone through. >> reporter: susan dawson came face to face with a home intruder. >> i went, oh, my gosh, who are you? he took a couple of steps and punched me in the nose and down i went. >> reporter: the attacker did tied her up and ransacked her home. >> i laid there and he would keep going through the bedroom, looking for stuff. what i was thinking about most is, how is he going to kill me? >> reporter: so how can you get your family out alive? wallace zeins was an nypd detective and 22-year hostage negotiator. i hear a noise, what do i do? >> a lot of people don't have alarms. they're very expensive. instead of leaving your car keys downstairs, take it, leaving it on your night table. you hear the noise, hit the red button on it. built-in automatic alarm.
7:45 am
>> something else you'll need in your bedroom, too. >> wasp hornet spray. this is so potent, it's more powerful than police mace. the great part is if you spray it, it will go 20, 25 feet. >> you could be standing at the corner of your room and if somebody does get to your bedroom -- >> spray them. >> what happens to them? >> temporarily they are blind. >> reporter: here is another tip, sleep with all your bedroom doors open. you want your kids to hear what's going on. then you go to them. >> the key is to get the family together, all in one place and then get out? >> exactly, as quickly as you can. >> reporter: but what about a worst case scenario? the intruder captures you, like what happened to susan dawson? >> they're holding you downstairs on a couch like this saying where is the money, where is the jewelry? do you tell them? >> absolutely. you want to treat them like royalty. on top of that, you don't want to lie to them. >> reporter: that's exactly what susan did. she cooperated with her captor and got out alive.
7:46 am
>> it could happen to anybody, at any place, at any time. >> by the way, since that attack, susan has installed a security system. but if you can't afford one, here is one more tip. you can buy one of these. they cost just 99 cents. it's called window alert. it's a small alarm. what happens, it sticks on your window or sticks on your door. the intruder tries to break in the two sensors become separated, the alarm goes off. look what happens. so easy. very cheap. experts say noise, the best deterrent when it comes to home invaders. now back to you. >> jeff, thanks very much. coming up on trending, do you stress over getting the whole family together for dinner? why the stress of it all may outweigh the benefits. carson is in the orange room ready to dig deep into meredith's past. >> oh, no. >> right after this. (vo) if you have type 2 diabetes, you may know what it's like to deal with high... and low blood sugar.
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7:51 am
we've been saying we're happy to have meredith here. >> you have not. >> hope you feel at home. okay. enough of that. we're going to embarrass you a little bit. >> now you're talking. >> that's it. we are kicking off the homecoming week with meredith. alarmingly talented you are. savannah, of course, is away on maternity leave. we thought we would dig into the vault, meredith. 2006, your very first day. let's press play and take a look. >> i feel like it's the first day of school and i'm sitting next to the cutest guy. >> i have not been more excited to come to work since bryant announced he was going on vacation. >> are you ready? >> yes, i am. >> take it away. >> we'll be back but first this
7:52 am
moment -- we'll be back in a moment but first this is "today." >> yes, i am. and that's my final answer. our own hoda kotb got a picture on instagram with you. you can keep the warm wishes, #homecoming. meredith, back to you. >> i was really a blond back then, huh? >> and so was matt. >> i was 10. >> you were 10? sorry about that. all right. coming up, steve harvey's all right. coming up, steve harvey's keys to success and did you know enamel is your ateeth's first line of defense? coming up, steve harvey's keys to success and but daily eating and drinking can leave enamel rough and weak. introducing new colgate enamel health toothpaste its unique formula replenishes weak spots with natural calcium... ...and gently polishes... ...for strong, healthy enamel. strengthen the enamel that protects your teeth. introducing new colgate enamel health toothpaste. replenish and polish for healthy enamel. colgate.
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five minutes before 8:00, we're following breaking news in new jersey. skyforce10 is live above a school bus accident that appears to have just been cleared. this is the area of aloe street in atlantic county. police tell us the crash involved a school bus and another vehicle. the driver of the bus had one student on the bus, but no one was hurt. this is definitely an area that you may want to avoid, although it looks like it's pretty much cleared up there. nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter katy zachry tells us what else drivers need to know this morning. katy? >> yeah, vai, we'll just recap what you just told our viewers. so, the accident scene is starting to clear, but we understand it was a school bus involving another vehicle on aloe street in galloway township. an alternate around that is the white horse pike in that area. so, even though it's cleared, you might still want to avoid the scene and be safe.
7:57 am
you can take the white horse pike. now, going to our computers, you can see there is a lot of congestion on 95. this is right at the merge of 322 in delaware county. also to tell you about patco. there are delays in both directions up to 15 minutes between center city and lindenwold on patco. >> thank you, katy. high 70s, maybe low 80s today. not a bad way to start out the first day of school. let's get our first alert forecast from meteorologist tedd florendo. tedd? >> pleasant conditions right now. the humidity remains very comfortable at this hour. 68 degrees at this hour for philadelphia. already in the low 60s for allentown, 66 for atlantic city and already in the 70s for dover, millville currently at 67 degrees. we've got some clouds overhead but not a bad forecast today. a mix of clouds and sun. mostly cloudy in the afternoon. cooler conditions with temperatures around 78 degrees and slightly breezy at times. back to you, vai. >> thank you, tedd. we'll have another update in about 25 minutes. you can always get the latest on
7:58 am
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♪ it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, great expectations. news this morning that william and kate are expecting a second child. we'll go live to buckingham palace for the latest on how the royal family is reacting. plus the secret to steve's success. daytime star steve harvey stops by studio 1a to kick off the new season of his talk show. and for the love of pets, we'll kick off our special series with some friendly competition. so, who will be crowned top dog? "today," monday, september 8th, 2014. ♪
8:01 am
>> we're turning 13! >> she said yes! >> celebrate her birthday. >> yeah. >> hold on from portland, oregon. >> we came from rockwell, texas, to join the "today" show. >> and we're back now, 8:00 on a monday morning. it's the 8th day of september, 2014. it's a monday and meredith vieira is back, anchorering with us on the "today" show while savannah is on maternity leave. how does it feel? >> to be here? >> it's a loaded question. >> look at these beautiful people. it feels great. >> here is a picture of matt when he first heard meredith was coming back. >> who's that? who's that over there.
8:02 am
>> really? she's coming back? >> i'm just impressed he's still here. really impressed. >> thank you. appreciate that. some friends of yours stopping by, including steve harvey. >> third season. >> exactly. natalie is the at the news desk. she has a check of the headlines. good morning to you again. >> tourists were evacuated by yosemite national park, many by helicopters. a wildfire that started months ago quickly flared up unexpectedly and was headed to popular trails. the global threat posed by isis, the group has put its brutality on display once again with a new video of its fighters executing about 200 captured syrian soldiers. in an exclusive interview on "meet the press" sunday, the
8:03 am
president said his strategy is to systematically degrade isis, shrink the territory it controls and defeat the group. owner of atlanta hawk sincere apologizing for an e-mail he wrote to fellow team executives suggesting the hawks fan base was too heavily african-american. bruce lechltvinson theorized th the black crowd scared away whites. he says he plans to sell his share of the team. case of severe morning sickness led to the surprise announcement this morning that prince william and duchess kate are once again expecting baby number two. kelly cobiella is at buckingham palace. kelly, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. it's no secret that kate and william wanted more children. now kate, pregnant with baby number two, is finding out it's no easier the second time around. it was just over a year ago when
8:04 am
the world sat, anxiously awaiting the arrival of the future king of england, prince george. today we've learned he's going to be a big brother. prince william and kate have announced they're expecting their second child, saying in a statement release this had morning that they're delighted with the news. and they're already getting a number of well wishes online. a tweet from the british prime minister, offering his many congratulations. as with her first pregnancy, the duchess is suffering from extreme morning sickness and is being treated at her home in kensington palace. she's canceled her plans to attend a planned visit to oxford today. the news comes after weeks of speculation that the duke and duchess of cambridge may be expecting and if baby george's worldwide popularity is any indication, this news is sure to spark a second round of baby frenzy. the prince, who celebrated his first birthday in july proved to be a crowd pleezer on the tour of australia and new zealand and earned himself a coveted spot on
8:05 am
the cover of "vanity fair". the newest member of the royal family will replace prince harry as fourth in line to the throne. of course, the royal family is thrilled but this will create all sorts of scheduling issues, including what to do about an upcoming trip to malta and, of course, appearances all this week, which are now on hold. natalie? >> it's great news. kelly cobiella at buckingham palace, thank you. ohio state marching band hasn't lost a step since losing its director to a hazing scandal. season debut this weekend was a tribute to television, which we have sped up. they wowed the crowd by pempl g i performing an image of bart simpson, 1960s version of cape crusa crusades and hi-yo silver moment when the stallion reared up on
8:06 am
its hind legs. let's send it back outside to al. impressive stuff. >> announcer: "today's" weather is brought to you by advil, the pain reliever that's built to be as fast as it is strong. >> nice folks hanging out. where are you from? >> chicago and san diego. >> wow, san diego. good grief. all right. well, let's see what we've got for you out west. we're looking at wet weather. here in the east, we're looking at wet weather. along florida's west coast. we're talking heavy showers and thunderstorms. tampa, you're going to be seeing heavier rain later this afternoon into the evening hours. that moisture all making its way up to the south. afternoon temperatures, 90s from texas into the central plains. a big cooldown coming up later in the week. we'll detail that for you coming up tomorrow. 80s and 90s through the southwest. risk of strong storms in the southeast. also up into the southwest, we're expecting anywhere from 2 to 3" or
8:07 am
. hi, everyone, i'm tedt florendo. we have clouds increasing today. clouds and sun today, cooler temperatures too in the upper 70s. typically we're at 81 for this time of year. more showers in the forecast for tomorrow. we stay in the 70s, it will be hot and humid and we'll cool things off into the weekend with sunny skies. have a great morning, everyone. >> and that's your latest weather. guys? >> al, thank you very much. we wanted to have a couple of surprises for you. >> oh, yeah? >> carson and i put our heads together and said who could we bring here from your days at the "today" show that would make a big surprise for your first days back. you want to take a guess? >> no, i don't know. >> someone you loved here, your favorite person ever here. >> is that so hard? >> my favorite person? >> yeah. >> i don't know.
8:08 am
who is it? oh, my gosh! >> oh, meredith, darling. >> abe begoda. >> abe! >> how are you, sir? >> al roker, of course. oh, you lost weight. >> doesn't he look great? >> he looks terrific. >> abe used to come on the show all the time when you were here, because you absolutely adored this guy. >> and he was on my last show. >> that's right. >> on my very last show, yeah. >> yes, i was. i remember now. very well. congratulations to you. >> there you are, honey. >> uh-huh. >> that was on meredith's last day. >> i look really happy there. >> uh-huh. >> you heard she has a brand new talk show starting today. >> i heard, starting today. what time will you be on the air? >> well, it depends because it's syndicated. but here in new york, 2:00. >> at 2:00 in new york? >> yeah. what are you normally doing at
8:09 am
2:00? >> what? >> what are you normally doing at 2:00? >> at 2:00, i'm going to have coffee and corn muffin. >> very nice. >> and you'll watch the show. >> and watch the show. >> oh, i want to watch. 2:00. what channel? >> channel 4. >> here in new york. >> all right. >> channel 4. >> and i think -- >> corn muffin. >> meredith will be asking you to be a guest on that show soon. >> any time you want. >> any time i want? >> bring your corn muffin. >> where, here? >> thanks, abe. >> it's lovely to be here, matt. >> always a pleasure. >> so good to be with matt and meredith and al. >> and carson. >> and carson. >> and carson, of course. >> our newfound friendship. abe begoda, ladies and gentlemen. fathers making the dreams of their kids come true, but not exactly loving it. we'll have the story behind
8:10 am
these photos. >> steve harvey is here. what he's doing on his daytime show for the first time and how he defines success. and could your dog do it? meredith, al and natalie. ♪ ♪ altuzarra for target available september 14th. every time you take advil you're taking the medicine doctors recommend most for joint pain. more than the medicine in aleve or tylenol. the medicine in advil is the number one doctor recommendation for joint pain. relief doesn't get any better than this. advil
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clinically proven. skin healed in just 5 days. that's the healing power of vaseline. ♪ get the party started with friskies party mix beachside crunch cat treats. all right. we're back now 8:15 with what's trending today. let's give it a shot right now. on a monday, our first question to consider when planning your family meal today, is it more trouble than it's worth? we have talk aid lot in the past about the benefits of sitting down for a family dinner. we do it at my house. we love it. it's a ritual. it's romanticized in shows dating all the way back to "leave it to beaver," but what
8:14 am
about the disadvantages? these days both moms and dads do the cooking, but a new study has taken a closer look at the stress it places on moms, in particular. and some of the pressures may sound familiar. trying to find time, save money, coordinate everyone's schedules and satisfy picky eaters. research is saying that trying to live up to all of those expectations may cause more harm than good when it comes to moms. >> you just -- >> last night, i spent all my afternoon cooking up a great meal. luke turned to me and said, mom, this is yucky. >> wasn't it some weird chicken thing? >> heartbroken. >> paleo chicken. it was good. it was good! >> bringing the family together this day and age, everybody is going a different place, it's worth it. it may not be easy but it's worth it. we did that with my family growing up. i cherish it. >> a lot of people feel pressure to do it seven days a week and
8:15 am
they can't. pick one day maybe. >> turkey chili, sundays are my big cooking day. >> was that yucky, too? >> i loved it. >> you have all healthy stuff. >> you can only do chicken nuggets so much, right? >> moving on, parents, of course, will do anything for their kid kids, case in point, whether cooking dinner or swarms of screaming tweens. a one direction concert and turned the camera -- look at this. >> miserable. >> picture really is worth a thousand words. >> they look so dazed and confused. some of their helpless expressions captured perfectly in the black and white photos. online fans having fun with it, guessing what they are thinking. so that's what makes her beautiful. >> which one is harry? >> or louis. >> we went to a dre concert.
8:16 am
>> you sent in a great picture of that. >> this was it. >> fantastic. >> i just got my hearing back. so you are a huge fan of the boston -- >> major. >> random act of kindness. 12-year-old wyatt gets a foul ball. what does he do with it? he immediately turns around and gives it to the little girl behind her. she is happy to get the ball. take a look at her mom's priceless reaction. somebody so nice to do that. >> so sweet. >> later a reporter asked ryan why he gave away his big catch. here is what he said. >> i've seen people do it before and i thought it's a nice thing. and it's good to make people happy. >> there you go. in return, of course, the tv station broadcasting the game gave ryan not one, but two baseballs. >> so cool.
8:17 am
>> very sweet. his strategy worked. >> only two? >> two for the price of one. >> that's what's trending today. now to a man who is always trending, one of the busiest guys in hollywood, steve harvey. >> best selling author, host of his own award-winning talk show. it returns for season three. let's say things are heating up. >> i've put a lot of women on men with this show, we've got four marriages out of this show. but just about dating, man, where are you at with the dating scene? >> you should know my slogan. it's real simple. single, bilingual and ready to mingle. >> i love this dude right here. >> that's it. >> if you could have seen the little talking between chairs
8:18 am
here, i'm surprised nobody got hurt. >> how are you, steve harvey? >> how are you? you almost got knocked to the floor. >> i know. >> so good. >> back for another season. >> exciting and i got a lead-in. >> yes, you do. good luck to you. >> i need you like a squirrel needs nuts right now. i've got to tell you. >> can you believe when you started out with your third season, did you ever think you would be here now with the emmy and the whole thing? >> not -- not really. >> yeah. >> i never thought i would be on daytime tv to begin with. you know, i thought i was going to get one of them late-night slots. i'm glad i didn't but that was my ultimate dream. it's a blessing to be here. year three, a lot of shows don't get through the clutter, you know. i'm very, very blessed to be one of them. today, season three. it's going to be a big one in chicago, on the rooftop. >> get the show on the road. shows like this have to evolve. this is something new. did you like that? did you like the energy?
8:19 am
>> i thought it was hot. it was pretty good. you get a superstar like pitbull come on the show, that's pretty good. his followers are gorgeous. >> you noticed. >> it's like watching telemundo. >> you're also getting more personal this season, revealing more about your family and -- >> i'm going to -- >> marjorie is going to be on, on a regular basis? >> i'm bringing the family -- i'm bringing the cameras to my house, which is how i know now that keeping up with the harveys will never happen. no. me on camera live at home, not a good look. >> uncensored? >> very much. >> so, are there any rules of engagement when your wife starts telling stories about what happens at the house? have you talked to her and said this is okay, this is not okay? >> yeah, i've done all that, but you can't tell your wife anything. so, what good does it do? i've told her what not to say and she goes, yeah, and she says it anyway, so -- >> one of the things you're famous for on your show, you offer advice on love, life and all kinds of things.
8:20 am
it comes very natural, it seems, to you. >> yeah. >> can i ask you to offer a little advice to our friend, meredith here, who starts her first daytime talk show today? >> meredith, if she's just -- very honest and candid, by the way. open it up and just do you. people love you. they've loved you for years. people don't stop loving you unless you give them a reason. just do you. be candid, honest, open and throw a couple jokes in there and you've got a hit. >> that's all it takes? >> that's all it takes. >> you not only have a hit. you're an author as well. new book. quth act like a success, think like a success." what does that mean to you when you say act like a success, think like a success? >> the whole book is a chance for me to return the favor. you know, i've scooped a lot of stuff off the ground so you don't have to slide in it. i tell that to my kids all the time. i scooped enough of this crap off the ground to keep you from
8:21 am
sliding in it. i put all of this into the book to return to people what they have given to me over my career. all these people have made me. some of these people didn't grow up with parents that sat them at the dining room table and talked to them about success on any level and a lot of us missed the principles on success. i put it all in a real easy read book, real common simple practice of how to become successful. not just principles, but the how to. >> it's all about finding your gift? >> you have to locate that gift. if you don't discover your gift -- you do your gift every day. you do your gift. i do my gift. but gifts are not just running, jumping, singing, dancing. gifts are a lot of other things. when they discover their gift, they discover their purpose. once you get into your purpose, your life become ace lot richer. >> i remember having you on here before your first season and i said it's hard doing a daytime talk show and do you think you'll be good? you said i truly believe i'm going to bring something different to the party and you have lived up to that promise.
8:22 am
>> thank you, matt. >> truly. you can catch mr. harvey's show weekdays. check your local listing. steve, good to see you. >> let's go, meredith! yeah. >> let's go steve! >> meredith, al and natalie put their dogs to the test danielle fishel stole our hearts and now she's shattering myths about life as a celebrity in her new memoir "normally this
8:23 am
would be cause for concern:tales of calamity." great to have you here. >> the title rolls right off the tongue, doesn't it? >> it sure does. that's how you live your life. there's been a little bit of awkwardness, some moments that you haven't been proud of. i guess what i got, reading the book, is that in some ways stars are just like us. is that what you wanted people to get? >> absolutely. i wanted to dispel the myth that actors or celebrities in general always have it together and tend to put out this image we're perfect and leave the house looking great all the time. at least in my case that couldn't be further from the truth. >> a couple of moments of clutsiness in the book that you right about. >> speaking of which, i have a new one. >> what happened? >> i broke my pinky six weeks ago, running up my stairs, jammed my pinky and now i have this very cute little thing. >> looks like a paper clip. >> this is to hold it straight and i bought pink tape so i could be kind of cute. >> this is sort of an ongoing theme with you, isn't it?
8:24 am
>> yeah. i keep wearing heels. i'm not sure why. if there's something to trip over, i will trip on it. if there's nothing to trip over, i will still trip. >> there's a college presentation you thought you aced. you walk away from it, you get home and you look in the mirror. what did you see? >> i had a few minutes before my class started and decided to take a quick power nap in the car and then woke up, didn't even bother to look in the mirror, got up did a presentation in front of my class, went home. my neighbor said, have you been crying? i was like, no, i just had a great college day and i looked in the mirror and i had mascara all down my face, and pancake syrup in my hair and on my dress. yes. >> just like me. i do that all the time. you hear people call out tapanga, having played her in "boy meets world" now the spinoff "girl meets world." you felt like she sort of empowered you. >> absolutely. as a character, goes, i couldn
8:25 am
be more proud to be associated with. incredibly strong, very, very smart. seeing her as a mother and getting to play her as a mother is very fun for me. >> now in the spinoff "girl meets world." >> yes. i'm really excited about it. >> there's lessons in life that you feel the show teaches. what does it mean to have such loyal viewers that 15 years later are back to see the show? >> when "boy meets world" ended, we had absolutely no idea the impact it would have on fans, and so to see them come out and support "girl meets world" in such droves is great to see. >> the first day on set did not go as you thought it did. you ended up thinking you were going to be fired. >> on "boy meets world." after i got the role of tapanga, it was my first day. i was excited. at run through i found out i had a little bit more work to be do done. i worked hard and thankfully, it turned out well in the end.
8:26 am
>> you learned the lesson of hard work. >> absolutely. and thankfully, my mom helped me. >> danielle fisher, "normally this would be cause for good morning. it's the first day of school for philadelphia and trenton public schools. let's look at our forecast from tedd florendo. down south we have clouds and a few light rain drops and sprinkles there. for the most part, mostly cloudy skies, temperatures around 78 degrees. it will be cooler with winds slightly breezy at times and breezy down the shoreline. a nice day and more school buses on the road. let's check traffic with katy
8:27 am
sachry. the majors in our area are free and clear of big problems and congestion. i want to draw your attention to tyson avenue. two lanes are blocked because of a tractor trailer crash that is out there. thank you we'll have a update on a breaking news storyç a body was found in the river about 7:15 this morning. police were getting ready to recover the body from the water. they're trying to determine how the person ended up in the water. we'll bring you any updates as we get them.
8:28 am
8:29 am
8:30 am
8:30 now on a monday morning, september 8th, 2014. a bright start to the morning here in the new york city area with a nice crowd and also always nice to have meredith vieira stop by studio 1a as we kick off homecoming week here on the show. >> it's great to be here, seriously. i'm having a great time. >> come back some more. >> can't wait to see the new
8:31 am
studio. >> and introduce you to our band. they're fabulous. >> and john harrison. >> our announcer. >> mvps. >> we've got a big announcement. your kids will want to you to hit record from them. big announcement from one direction. straight ahead. >> very cool. we'll be celebrating pets all week long. this morning, my pepper, natalie's zara and meredith's jasper will be trying their talents. >> is that your dog in. >> no, clearly not my dog. at the agility course. >> mine either. >> we'll see how they do. first, let's get a check of the weather. >> first of all, for today, a risk of strong storms in the southeast and atlantic coast. lot of wet weather in the southwest. beautiful day in the pacific northwest. high surf advisories along southern california's coast. tomorrow, a risk of strong
8:32 am
storms in the upper midwest, wet weather through the plains, along the eastern seaboard, into the southeast. look for more wet weather. gorgeous day, northern new england, upstate new york and along the western coast, it will be a picture perfect day. that's what we've got hi, everyone. looks hike we have clouds increasing for the day today after a mild start to our morning. cloud ae clouds and sun for the day and a little cooler temperatures. it could be slightly breezy at times too. more showers in the forecast for tomorrow. we stay in the 70s until wnz. hot and humid until thurgz, we cold things off going into your weekend with sunny skies. that's your latest weather. carson? >> thank you so much, al. kicking off our exciting week of fans of one direction. first the boys have an announcement for you. take a look. >> hi. we're one direction and we are very, very excited to announce
8:33 am
the release of our fourth and brand new album. drum roll, please. november 17th, people. >> fans will be competing in the orange room and at home for a chance to win a very special surprise that any fan will love. >> good luck. >> peace. >> november 17th their record comes out. as the guys said we're hosting our one direction fan face-off, receiving thousands of your videos. thanks for those. we picked our four finalists. the four finalists are rifka, colleen cassie from new hampshire, kylie booth and jaycee reed from indiana. four finalists. it will start tomorrow. if you want to watch their videos they submitted feel free to go to to do that. willie geist working on the facebook chat. an open book this guy. he will answer anything. >> the more personal, the
8:34 am
better. >> there you go. check that out. over to matt and al. >> thank you very much. kirsten gillibrand is on a mission to recruit more women into politics. "off the sidelines" pulling back the curtain on the challenges she faced as only the sixth woman to give birth while serving in congress. revealing the comments made to her by several male colleagues. senator, good to see you. >> good morning, matt. >> because of some of what you've written about your colleagues and their comments to you during and after your pregnancy. some examples, one house member said good thing you're working out because you wouldn't want to get porky. another colleague had the audacity to say you're even pretty when you're fat and a senator acres guy you admire, squeezed your waist from behind and told you not to lose too much weight because he likes his girls chubby. and you didn't name names. why? >> because it's about these challenges we all face.
8:35 am
i use these illustrations to show these are challenges women face in the workplace in every career, in every profession. and i want to create a conversation with women about the issues they care about. >> but you write in the book when you heard these comments you wanted to explode. and you would have liked to have thrown some expletives out. you also write in the book comments about appearance belittle women professionally. we need to start to change it by calling out undercutting remarks and educating our peers. why didn't you call them out? >> when you're pregnant, matt, out to here and someone says you're even pretty when you're fat, it's crazy for someone to equate pregnancy with being fat. and it was outrageous, but those comments weren't the worst. the worst were after i had the baby. the worst were when i'm just being appointed to be senator and i'm told by labor leaders and advisers that i can't win a statewide race being heavy. i was literally told you need to be beautiful again to win a statewide race. >> if you had named names, do
8:36 am
you fear a backlash? >> not at all. >> you know how things work in washington and in politics, that you would have been cut off at the knees? >> it's not about the specifics of any one insult throughout my career. it's about elevating the conversation so women can understand, these are challenges they're facing in the workplace that are real. we have to be able to talk about it, to have a national conversation about how women are treated and whether they're supported in the workplace. >> can i say in reading sections of this book, i don't remember a member of congress or the senate, a woman being so candid about some of the things you write in this book. you really pull no punches. you talk a lot about work/life balance. you doesn't like the question about can women have it all. >> yep. >> you prefer can they do it all. >> yeah. >> you admit in this book that at times in your life with your marriage and your kids it's been really hard. >> it's hard for everybody, matt. you know, my struggle -- i have it easy compared to a lot of working moms. you know, my struggles are real.
8:37 am
and so just getting the breakfast fed to the kids, making their lunch, getting them out the door on time, getting them to school, picking them up. i was about to go on a national fox news interview and get a call from the school. it. heo can't breathe. as a mom, you just drop everything and you race to meet the needs. imagine the woman who has no flexibility in her job. imagine the woman stuck on a work site or a woman cleaning these beautiful sets tonight. she has no flexibility. and so my stories, while they are universal and really do share the commonality of our struggles, i have such a different life than a lot of folks because i have some flexibility. what the book is about is asking women to fight for the things that would make their lives better so we can see their full potential in the workplace. >> people think this book is a way of reintroducing yourself to the public in preparation for a run for the white house. you leave the door open to that? >> no. i'm supporting hillary clinton, 2016. i think she's going to be a
8:38 am
great candidate. i really admire her. as i tell in the book, hillary was one of my role models. when i saw her give that speech in china and said women's rights are human rights, i thought i'm not doing anything. i'm pushing paper in a big law firm. i'm not fighting for others or making a difference. i remember going to my first political meeting, standing in the back of the room, she's talking to a roomful of women and said if you're not participating in politics decisions are going to be made every day and if you're not part of those decisions you may not like what they decide. >> she said your heart had to be in it also. i wasn't referring to 2016, senator. i was referring beyond 2016. >> no. i feel so blessed to get the job i get to do. i can take on this issue of sexual assault in the military or fight for our 9/11 heroes. create a national debate. we're talking about sexual assault on college campuses right now. women's voices need to be heard. if i could be part of that, if i could be part of telling their
8:39 am
stories, i could change outcomes. the book is all about asking women to be heard because we only have 20 women in the senate, 18% in the house. whether you're talking about pta meeting or your local community, when women express how they feel about things, when they tell their personal views, it changes the outcomes. that's why it's raise your voice, change the world. women can make the difference. >> and once again the book is called "off the sidelines." senator, always good to see you. >> thank you, matt. >> thank you. meredith gives us a tour of her new home here at 30 rock. first on a monday morning, this is "toda
8:40 am
tom wolf. he'd be a different kind of governor. he served in the peace corps in india. and then got a phd from mit. and as a businessman he gives between 20 and 30 percent of his profits back to his employees.
8:41 am
when he served as pennsylvania's secretary of revenue. he turned down the perks. and donated his government salary to charity he refused take a state car, he drove his old jeep instead. can't argue with that. tom wolf. he'd bring a fresh start to pennsylvania. look where we are. we made our way to meredith's brand new studio here in
8:42 am
rockefeller center. >> studio 6a. >> what am i going to see? >> you're about to see my home away from home. >> can i open? after you. >> the only difference is i don't have a band in my real home i have one here. meet bradley and the mvps, rachel, alex, carmela. >> what do you mean you've met them before? >> i want to look around. it's like your home. >> that chair is from my home. >> with the shredded front? >> that's the way -- you know our family room. >> i've never been invited to your home. >> you have been invited. >> i've never been there. >> hi, jas. >> jasper is the one who shredded that chair? >> real art work from my kids and photos of my family all around, my father's sign from
8:43 am
his office. >> let's get back to the mvps here. we've worked together. we're going to play a little meredith vieira name that tune. right? >> yeah. >> what? >> these are songs that we have picked that remind me of you and your debut on tv television. mvps, the first song is -- ♪ evil woman evil woman ♪ >> uncalled for. >> that wasn't fair. that was my mistake. that wasn't right. song number two, this one is much more appropriate. go ahead. ♪ you're so vain >> what is the matter with you? ♪ you probably think this song is about you ♪ >> no, no, not "you're so vain." song number three. name that tune. ♪ you're my hero and everything i would like to be ♪
8:44 am
>> wind beneath my wings. these guys are good, by the way. do you do requests all the time? >> no. >> they have to think on their feet. >> they're very good. >> you talk about your studio, decorations and the art work. we have a little bit of a "today" show care package that we have put together. we would like it if you would take some of these things and put them around the place, okay? we've got pictures. >> i don't know who this guy is, but -- >> this is regifting. >> that is regifting. that's my -- i gave you this clock. >> i'm loaning it to you, jasper clock. great picture here of you and hoda. you can put them on the floor. you're not going to have enough hands. >> lovely. >> okay. what's that one? >> us with some members of the military. >> this is in sochi. >> that's right. >> hi, jasper. >> i didn't say it was our military. >> last day at the "today" show. oh, matt, these are really sweet. who did this? you didn't. >> no, i did. don't laugh at her. i know she pill pais the bills but don't laugh at her.
8:45 am
>> sthu picking up -- >> jasper pooper scooper you can keep on the set. >> "today" loves mer. >> oh, my gosh! >> one other thing i wanted to give you. oh, okay. this, you have to promise to keep here, okay? >> oh! that's so disturbing. >> isn't it freaky? where did you touch it? >> i didn't touch it. >> don't touch it there. bryant gumbel gave me that for christmas one year so i need that back at some point. >> do you really? >> yes. i have a doll of me. it's not on set. darn it. >> don't push pins in it. >> you never looked better, the hair. >> i had that hair until i started working with you. >> like i said to steve harvey
8:46 am
ay few years ago, i knew he would be a success and i know you're going to be a success. love you. >> i love you, too. get off my couch. >> so nice. and you can check out meredith's show. check your local listing here on "today." we're going to have much more in a couple of minutes. just right after this. thanks. >> this is unbelievable. >> isn't it cool? know that chasing performance can mean lower returns and fewer choices in retirement. know that proper allocation could help increase returns so you can enjoy that second home sooner. know the right financial planning can help you save for college and retirement. know where you stand with pnc total insight. a new investing and banking experience with personalized guidance and online tools. visit a branch, call or go online today.
8:47 am
8:48 am
pepper in a little bit, meredith will be here and natalie's dog, zara will be here. we'll put our dog's to an agility test. first, let's say hello to uncle willie with some birthday wishes. >> great to see the new york crowd. one of the truly great little restaurants along the shore. they have marvelous oysters.
8:49 am
fantastic. happy birthday to the lovely laura bertinelli. i like it. how sweet it is. happy birthday. laura is 100 years old today. woodie mclean, happy birthday. what a beautiful lady. hee is 100 years old today. one of her claims to fame, she beat bill gates in bridge one time. how about that? gene donaldson. gene, bless your heart. handsome devil. 100 years old today from lafayette, california. wish him a happy hundredth birthday. albert stewart, 100 years old today, mt. pleasant, the great state of texas. they're happy, they're jumping and it's the best show in town. back to new york. >> announcer: for the love of pets on "today" is brought to you by purina. your pet, our passion.
8:50 am
>> all right. now to our week-long special series for the love of pets, according to the american pets products association -- bedlam has broken out here -- 68% of u.s. households own a pet. we thought it would be fun to have our dogs compete on the plaza. the american kennel club's vice president, gina, good morning. nice to see you. >> good morning. >> jasper, zahra and pepper here. you're going to talk about ag e agility here. this is great to keep dogs in shape and also good for bonding. >> it's great for bonding, great exercise for the dogs and the people. it's the fastest growing event in the american kennel club. over a million entries last year in akc agility. we'll give everyone a mini agility lesson. it's super easy to start to learn. >> natalie is showing off with her dog here. for mixed breeds and purebreds.
8:51 am
you can all enter. >> give a little lesson, okay? >> okay. let's have jasper come do a mini practice of the jump. come over. jump. >> good boy. >> come on. >> pepper. >> try to get pickuper to go through the tunnel. >> okay, sweetie, come on. >> with the leash on? >> yeah. let go of the leash. >> come on. good girl. >> over here, sweetie. >> try one more time. >> pepper. >> come on, pepper. >> pepper? >> oh, okay. >> >> okay. so you always need treats. and this is a mini training tunnel. this is what you practice with. when you get to be an expert, you do the big tunnel. >> does anybody think their dog
8:52 am
could attempt the bigger tunnel? >> i think zahra might. jasper might. >> go ahead and do zahra. >> she's nuts with the food. come on, girl. no, wait, not that tunnel. come here, girl. >> do the tunnel. >> no, no, go through the tunnel. >> meredith, i think you could try the weave pole. with a treat, bring her through. >> there you go. there you go. there you go. through go. >> that's pretty good. >> there you go. >> keep going. keep going. >> come on, pep. >> that's interesting. obviously that's a little more advanced. how do you get them to know that you're at the other end of that when they can't see you? >> they can hear you. and you start training them on the mini. you put the dog through the tunnel and then the other side. >> is it ever okay to crawl in the tunnel with them? >> absolutely, for training. >> we have some kind of
8:53 am
professional dog here that we can watch go through this? >> we have an agility dog and we can watch them do it. >> meredith, we're going to bring some professionals in here, okay? >> okay. thank goodness. >> professionals are going to use the big tunnel and the little tunnel and we're going to show you how it's done. >> come here, zahra. >> who do we have here? >> we have sheltie here. go! and we're going to make it higher. >> oh, look what they're doing. >> oh, i'm sorry. >> you have to -- whoa! >> hey, hey, hey, hey, hey! >> wow! >> which dog is this? >> it's an italian breed. >> okay. here we go.
8:54 am
>> wow! >> thank you very much. thanks to our dogs and jasper, zahra and pepper. and we're going to be right back with much more on "today." first this is "today" on nbc.
8:55 am
we want to thank meredith for stopping by on day one of homecoming week. did you have fun? >> yes. because you gave me this doll of
8:56 am
you, i wanted you to have this doll of me. >> freaky. >> they can live together. thank you so much. they can live together . good morning i'm tracey davidson. it's a kood morning, let's start with your forecast. >> good morning we're start k it off cool this morning. also some clouds to the south but sunshine through philadelphia, points north, 68 for philadelphia. we're currently at 70 for
8:57 am
atlantic city. your forecast for today is 78, a mix of clouds and son. cooler with breezy winds. >> now we have a update on breaking news. this was around 7:15 this morning. investigators are getting ready to recover a body from the river. also, an accident right now with the victim currently in the hospital. at woman was injured in that crash. police are searching for the gunman in that shooting. as students go back to school, the first day comes as they face an $81 million
8:58 am
deficit. massive layoffs could be coming if they don't approve a $2 a pack cigarette tax. i'm tracy davidson. now back to "the today show." thanks for watching.
8:59 am
9:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's" take with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today" on a monday morning. it's september 8th, 2014. i'm willie geist, along with al roker, natalie morales, tamron hall and a good-looking crowd outside on the plaza. >> good looking and good looking dogs earlier with the agility. how did you guy s fare at the end? >> mine gets too crazy. >> over the jump and that was about it. >> pepper went through the -- >> that was a facebook chat. not to brag. >> first time on facebook, too. >> no, no. it was my first facebook chat. >> what were you chatting about?
9:01 am
>> all kinds of stuff. >> all kinds of dirt. >> strangest question was when will you be replaced? >> not. really? no. >> but it came from joe scarborough. >> it was my wife, actually. it was my wife. no, it's fun over there. people are really nice. they have all kinds of deep questions. >> are you still answering questions? >> yes. i'm going to try to focus on this show right now. >> that would be nice. >> to be continued. >> we might as well say good-bye to natalie. >> pack my bags? >> yeah. >> because of the royal baby? >> the royal baby. >> part deux. >> expecting a second child. prince george is going to be a big brother. >> this is ex-asperating. >> she does have nine months. >> this is a brand new situation? >> yes. >> they're telling people early? >> yes. my guess is springtime in london, that would be great, unless it's raining. >> the palace says the duchess
9:02 am
has acute morning sickness, just like in her first pregnancy. being treated by doctors at kensington palace. the baby is now the fourth in line to the throne after charles, william and george. >> where does that leave harry? >> he's down to fifth. got knocked down. >> that's what happens. >> just relax. >> i think harry love that is. >> i do, too. >> pressure is off. >> he can just have fun. >> exactly. >> how fun would it be if he was the king? >> i think he's okay. turning 30 this week. >> harry is? >> yes. >> or william? >> william is. >> no. >> who is turning 30? which one? >> harry. >> this is depressing, when i know that -- >> yeah. >> vat of information this morning. one. >> this don't make no sense. another one? >> got to work fast, you know. >> not quite two years apart. >> that's right. >> that's a good window.
9:03 am
>> it's kind of like women and harr -- william and harry. they're sort of that same age. >> that little baby cseptor. >> they need to make a line of baby ceptors. >> i don't think the duchess has anything to worry about. there is a story this morning called the motherhood penalty versus the fatherhood bonus and it argues it's one of the worst career moves a woman can make is to apparently have children. mothers are less likely to be hired for jobs. moms also less likely to be paid as much as their male colleagues with the same qualifications. men's earnings increase more than 6% when they have children while women, however, their earnings go down about 4% each child that they have. so, fathers also more likely to be hired more so than childless men. >> is this like that sexist kind of thing, the father is the
9:04 am
bredwbre bread winner? >> fatherhood maybe grounds some people, makes them work harder versus with women, they take you out of the pool of ambition, i suppose. >> i was really surprised by this. if we're going to operate under stereotypes, a woman, a mom, more reliable. >> right. >> more consistent versus a guy without kids who might, you know -- again, if we're operating in stereotypes, would be preoccupied with climbing up the corporate ladder. >> why are you looking at me when you say all of this? >> because you're a dad and you're reliable and all of those things. >> don't go there. >> i will say, christina went in for a job at a major -- i'll just say it, johnson & johnson. she was pregnant. she got the job. she was worried about it going in. are they going to discriminate against me and they said the opposite. she was working on children's brands. that was a unique case.
9:05 am
it's great. we know you're going to be gone for a while in a few months. we respect your time away. in that case, it was an asset. in other companies, different situation. >> it depends on the company. >> more companies are providing daycare facilities, flex time for moms. obviously it's on a case by case basis. >> but a lot of companies don't want to pay for a lot, including maternity leave, you name it. i don't think you can really broad stroke it. i do think there is a situation where you see probably a lot of that in the workplace. >> unfortunate. >> this is interesting. in a lot of the cities, people will be paying attention to this, because they're busy roadways. ft. lauderdale is asking pedestrians to safely cross the road. step into the crosswalk, make eye contact with the oncoming driver. then you wave a neon flag. >> they say this is the safest way to do this. >> the city put out buckets at one intersection last month. miami herald reporting, a lot of pedestrians ignored the flags
9:06 am
and press the button to turn on flashing lights to stop the drivers. other cities have tried it, like seattle. they said people were stealing the flags. >> kind of odd. >> yeah. >> don't you just have the -- little man that turns on when you can walk and when you can't? >> on street sign. >> yeah. >> i don't know. but a lot of places don't have that, especially smaller towns. you're supposed to, say up in new york state and massachusetts, people in the crosswalk, drivers are supposed to stop. >> how safe do you feel? i'm going to walk out with a flag. wait, wait, wait. eye contact. >> eye contact. >> and the flag. >> in the air. that's craze. >> i they said something about the drivers in ft. lauderdale, that they had to go this far that they're not watching and paying close enough attention. in look up and pay attention sometimes -- >> air horns. >> yeah. >> i'm walking out! i like that.
9:07 am
something else we like, this is an incredible story, act of kindness from one of the best nfl teams out there these days. defensive tackle so he can pay for his 4-year-old daughter's cancer treatment. this story went viral earlier in the month. bengals told him that he wasn't going to make the squad. but they since re-signed him to the practice squad so he can continue to use the nfl's health insurance policy. he said it's like a blessing in disguise for me. as of last week, his daughter, l leyla, had her fourth cancer treatment. that's phenomenal. >> nfl taking a lot of heat lately, rightfully so. but this team has put their best foot forward to. he is on the practice squad. it's a good situation. he doesn't have to travel with the team. he can be in cincinnati with his daughter by her side while she gets this care and hopes to make the full roster as soon as she gets well. >> she's adorable.
9:08 am
>> cutie. absolutely. >> cincinnati bengals jersey now. go team bengals after that. >> there you go. >> what's going on outside this morning? we'll get to this in a second. breaking situation in phoenix. there are literally dozens of cars swamped. we'll show you this in just a second. dozens of cars swamped out in phoenix. they're getting massive rain right now and, as you can see, they're looking at a live picture from our station in phoenix. people stuck in cars right now. they have a heavy rain situation. these cars kind of came in and you see the reporter doing a live shot right now. very dangerous situation. flash flooding has been a big problem there. so, as you can see, flash flood warnings in effect for phoenix right now. and they're going to continue today because of the heavy showers and thunderstorms that are going on. we've had monsoonal moisture plus norbert off the pacific coast. some areas will pick up three inches. because the ground is already
9:09 am
saturated we're talking about massive flooding. in fact, you can see right now live on the radar heavy, heavy thunderstorms just sitting right on top of phoenix. this is a very dangerous situation going on. we're going to continue to track this, as this rain just continues to stream up. so, this will be going on all day today. please, whatever you do, turn around, don't drown. you see high water, do not drive into it. odds are, you are not going to make it through . hi, everyone. i'm tedd florendo. we have clouds increasing for today. clouds and sun for the day. cooler temperatures in the upper 70s about 78 degrees. typically we're at about 81 degrees for this time of year. more showers in the forecast for tomorrow. we stay in the 70s until wednesday. hot and humid on thursday with more thunderstorms and we cool things off as we head into your weekend with sunny skies.
9:10 am
have a great monday morning, everyone. latest weather. willie? >> doesn't make sense. al has been waiting all morning to put on that mask because we're hanging out with the star of the much anticipated series "gotham." donal logue joins us in a moment. >> get away from me! to the finish line. in life, it's how you get there that matters most. it's important to know the difference. like when i found out i had a blood clot in my leg. my doctor said that it could travel to my lungs and become an even bigger problem. and that i had to take action. so he talked to me about xarelto®. [ male announcer ] xarelto® is the first oral prescription blood thinner proven to treat and help prevent dvt and pe that doesn't require regular blood monitoring or changes to your diet. [ brian ] for a prior dvt i took warfarin, which required routine blood testing and dietary restrictions.
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9:13 am
twizzlerize your tricks and treats with twizzlers. the twist you can't resist. whether you're a fan of the movies or the comic books, we all know how batman began but what happened before he put on the mask and the cape? >> bruce wayne was a 10-year-old boy, commissioner gordon was a rookie detective and his partner was the rule-bending played by
9:14 am
donal logue in the prequel "gotham." take a look. >> she said you had to keep me? >> she said you're a war hero and your daddy was the d.a. back in the day so i have to keep my trap shut and do what i'm told. >> ouch. >> ask for a transfer. >> sorry. this is where the action is. you'll get used to me. >> jim, you seem like a nice guy but this is not a city or a job for nice guys. you understand? >> no. >> and that's your problem. >> that's your problem. >> the finger. >> such a nice guy. >> the buzz around this, i was at dinner yesterday. everyone at the table was talking about "gotham." the excitement is crazy. did you anticipate this? >> not at all. obviously the name is in the nomenclature. gotham is so famous and the
9:15 am
studio has done such a fabulous job promoting it. we try to focus on the job at hand on a day-to-day basis because you can't think about the size of that. >> the comic book fans, folks who aren't comic book fans, give them a sense. this is how batman becomes batman eventually. in the meantime it's about commissioner gordon or the person who becomes commissioner gordon? >> absolutely. gotham city, essentially any big massive urban city in the world, it's the darkest part of it. it's what happens in the kind of antarctic 20 years before this. as things are falling apart and the penguin and different kind of villains that people love start to come up. it's brilliant. you know, 75 years of batman and it finally recognized this kind of like real legitimate literary
9:16 am
form, comic books. they're really story boarding for movies. it's close-up, wide. it's the dialogue. so i think it's become a perfect kind of transition into film and television. >> and your interpretation of ♪ [music]
9:17 am
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that's only 4 points? with weight watchers you can enjoy the food you really want. dine out on favorites or cook up something new. i can do this every day. join for free and start losing weight now. learn how to eat healthier while enjoying the foods you love. get inspired at meetings, online, or both. hurry, and if you join by sept 13th you'll get a free starter kit. weight watchers because it works. logue, star of the new series "gotham." your character, harvey in the comics was not as handsome as you are portraying. >> thank you. >> quite the good-looking guy. >> another bromance. >> are you ready, donal, for the comic book geeks who are going to pick this apart? no, that fs not right. >> once when we did this movie "ghost rider," they were given q & a. it's a skeleton on a motorcycle
9:20 am
who is on fire but the leather jacket doesn't burn. how academically deep do you want to get into this thing? hey, let's have a little fun here. >> it's a tv show. >> but they're so important. they are the most important segment of the fan population. and when someone cares so much it to them. >> go ahead. >> i was going to say, you're in so many movies, just trying to figure out your career over the last 30 years is pretty crazy. we want to play a little free association game with you. >> dangerous. >> name the movie and first thing that pops in your head. >> we're going to burst into tears. >> you'll be okay. al will hold your hand through it. jerry mcguire. >> oh, cameron crow, nicest guy in the world. tom cruise, amazing. >> blade. >> had the best time. it was the most fun i've ever had. >> wow! wesley snipes. >> yeah. >> patriots, mel gibson.
9:21 am
>> my son was 4 months old at the time and mel overheard me arguing with the producers to take this flight back and get back and rent a car and he was like, you want to go see your kid? you come with me every weekend. i fly back. >> wow! >> incredibly generous of him. i'll never forget that. >> grounded for life. >> working for fox, the people i'm working for now. that was -- and i was -- you know, for us in this world, that was the first time i had some stability. i could live near home for five years, my kids were in preschool. it was great. >> wow! >> you own a trucking company. >> ashland trucking out of central point, oregon, with bud and kathy williams. what's up? all the great drivers. kevin frisen. we do big slabs and furniture and so -- and i always feel when acting -- if it gets slow, you can always stay -- i just don't want to wait and see if someone in an office somewhere gives me
9:22 am
permission to be vital on a daily basis. i wrote a book last year. book coming out next year. >> we have big slabs here but usually we're talking ribs. >> yeah. that's kansas city. >> yeah, yeah. >> good to watch you. >> thank you so much. it was great to see you. say hi to bill wolf when you see him. >> i will. >> good friend of ours. "gotham" debuts september 22nd on fox. all the news you need before you leave the house. but first these messages. dog's s is staring you right in the face. nexgard, from the makers of frontline® plus. it's the only soft, beef-flavored chew that kills both fleas and ticks. vets recommend it. and dogs, well, they're begging for it. nexgard is for dogs only. and hasn't been evaluated for use in pregnant, breeding or lactating dogs. reported side effects include vomiting, dry flaky skin, diarrhea, lethargy and lack of appetite. use with caution in dogs with a history of seizures. recommended by vets. loved by dogs. from the makers of frontline plus.
9:23 am
taking a look at the headlines, a mystery illness has sent 1,000 children to the hospital. in kansas city, some 500 patients checked in with a respiratory virus. their symptoms, fever, body aches and coughing. many have been so sick they've been placed in intensive care. in colorado one hospital has seen more than 900 cases. doctors suspect the outbreak is caused by an enterovirus, a cousin of the common cold likely spread at school. the third maern infected with ebola is showing signs of improvement. it's still too early to tell if the patient, dr. rick sacra,
9:24 am
will recover. he arrived at the nebraska medical center on friday. he contracted ebola while working with pregnant women in liberia. he is helping with his own treatment. he witnessed the effects of ebola firsthand in west africa. pasta lovers, listen up. olive garden is taking all you can eat to a whole new level. the chain is now introducing a never-ending pasta pass. for $100, you can eat all the pasta, salad, bread and soft drinks you want for seven weeks. but here is the catch. you have to act fast. there are only 1,000 pasta passes, which you can get starting later this afternoon on the olive garden's website. why settle for a cold one when you can have two, three, or 27 mugs of tasty german beer? countdown to octoberfest got under way with oliver strump setting a world record, carrying 27 one-liter mugs of beer at the
9:25 am
same time. they have a total weight of 136 pounds. that is an arm load for sure. we're back after your local news and weather. for very dry skin, basic moisturization isn't enough. you need healing. the only lotion with healing micro-droplets of vaseline jelly, new vaseline intensive care relieves very dry skin from the first application and deeply moisturizes to heal it in just 5 days. clinically proven. skin healed in just 5 days. that's the healing power of vaseline. (together) it's got grains, which i like. i like the little bunches of oats. what i like is actually the flakes. it's got crunch, which i love. mmm. it's really good. honey bunches of oats. yay!
9:26 am
good morning i'm tracy davidson, let's get for first alert forecast. good morning a warm start to the morning. temperatures are 70 right now in philadelphia. 68 for trenton. in mount holey 66. and currently 73 in wild wood. we're starting with mostly cloudy skies to the south and mainly clear skies from philadelphia and points north. mostly cloudy later on today with cooler conditions expected. 78 for the high, slightly breezy but breezy down the shore.
9:27 am
police fired shots at a car they said tried to run over a police officer. it happened early this morning. the officers pulled over a black nissan. as the officer approached the car the driver took off and tried to hit the officer. today governor chris christie will hold a summit on the future of the city. the governor's office says 35 to 40 state and local leaders will attend the meeting. it is at 2:00. it comes after the clozsings of showbot and other businesses. you can tune for more. you can find more information on
9:28 am
our website and resources for casino workers looking for new jobs. we'll have another update in 25 minutes.
9:29 am
9:30 am
welcome back to "today." i'm willie, along with al, natalie, tamron. >> i'm so excited about this. >> are you ready for this? >> uh-huh. >> i can see this. >> denzel has his eye on becoming the next james bond. that's right. denyzel washington took part in a q & a session and was asked would you be interested in being the next james bond? he answered yes. everyone should tweet denzel is james bond. send it to the studio. he wants this gig. >> that would be great. >> everyone knows sean connery,
9:31 am
roger moore, pierce brosnan, n daniel craig. >> i don't think craig is ready to give it up. >> even though daniel craig is not ready to switch it up and go back, do you have to have -- >> sean con nery, didn't they -- >> there was one bond movie or book that was not under the umbrella so he did "never say never." >> i think he's saying he wants to do it now. 59, he looks amazing. >> he does. he also said he wants to host snl, which he has never done. let's get him up there. >> i can't believe he has never hosted snl. >> he has never done weather. he has never come on and done the weather. >> why don't we start that hashtag? do the weather with al. >> start with his weather, snl, james bond. >> what's your hashtag for that?
9:32 am
denzel meets al? >> denzal. >> #denzal. denzel does the weather. >> do weather with al. >> let's start with the weather now without him. >> this is how it all starts. this is how it all gets rolling. we do have heavy rain going on right now in the southwest, including phoenix. flash flooding going on. very dangerous situation. we'll continue to track that. go to or the weather channel for more information on that. sunshine up and down the east coast. high surf advisory, i should say, west coast. wet weather along the southeastern atlantic coast. heavy rain there as well. tomorrow, that will continue. we've got a risk of strong storms in the upper mississippi river valley later. look for showers along the plains. again, west coast looking pretty spectacular and the flooding potential continues in the southwest of the again tomorrow. hi, everyone.
9:33 am
looks like we have clouds increasing for the day today after a mild start to the morning. clouds and sun for the day. typically we're at 81 for this time of year, could be slightly breezy at times, too. more showers in the forecast for tomorrow. hot and humid by thursday, along with more thunderstorms. looks like we cool things off as we head into your weekend with sunny skies. >> and that's your latest weather. guys? >> thanks, al. it's always tough to watch your kids go off to the first day of school but even more worrisome if they have food allergies. >> a concern for parents and teachers, with the number of children suffering from allergies on the rise. >> every three minutes a food allergy sends someone to the emergency room. it's a growing epidemic. doctors say there's no clear answer as to why. according to the cdc, the number of kids with food allergies went up 50% from 1997 to 2011.
9:34 am
15 million americans have food allergies. that's roughly two kids in every classroom. although your body can have a reaction to almost any food, the biggest culprits are peanuts, tree nuts, almonds and walnuts, dairy, seafood and soy. the risk of death is low but every year 200 people die from allergic reactions from food found in most family kitchens. how do you keep your children safe at school? madelyn fernstrom is a nutritionist. we're seeing more of these food allergies, obviously. if you're sending them off to school, dr. pyen, what can we do to be prepared ? >> as parents you should definitely be in contact with the school and develop a team that can help to care for your child, talking to the teachers, talking to the school cafeteria manager to see what menu options may be safe and talking to the nurse to come up with an allergy
9:35 am
plan and having epinephrine injections available. >> you don't want everybody staring at you, looking at you. what things do you have here that can alert others in a subtle way that you have an allergy? >> really cool things like bracelets and necklaces and even some temporary tattoos that are fun for kids that don't scare other people. >> here behind us, stickers. >> they're really cute. they can be like dog tags for boys and for girls. interactive medical record can be engraved on some of these that you can set up that in cases of emergency all the medical information will be there. the pin number and login is there. >> somebody on facebook, sarah writes to us, my kid sits at the no peanut table almost every day. he is a very social kid. he is getting depressed about it. how can we fix this? kids are very self conscious about it. >> this is a no peanut table not a no friend table. this is so easy to fix. mom can get ahold of any of the
9:36 am
playmates and plan a lunch for two or speak to the mom of the nonallergic kids and say here are the things to have. you need to be social. it's really important. people don't know a lot about food allergies. pointing this out and having that child be social is really important. no nuts just means the food, not the socializing. >> dr. pyen, what about other parents, kids that don't have the allergies, what responsibility do they have as they pack their own kid's lunch? >> it's a controversial point. definitely you want to be aware, especially at play dates when you have other children who may be allergic to foods, finding out what those allergies rrks and what to do in case of an emergency. >> one of the big issues comes to like birthday parties and cupcakes and stuff. i'm bringing cupcakes for my son's birthday tomorrow. what food allergies? should we reach out to other pare parents and find out and just make sure it's okay but also the parents that have child who has a food allergy, they have a responsibility as well. >> right.
9:37 am
>> i think it would be definitely progressive and aware thing to do if you have a nonallergic child. but definitely as a parent of an allergic child it behooves you to let others know so they can take actions and be safe for everyone. >> madelyn fernstrom and dr. pyen, thank you very much. head to our website if you have more questions for dr. pyen and madelyn, they are sticking around. send them #foodallergies at the orange room. after i school al in a game we're calling fall or stall. we're trash talking about fall sales after this. family prius. he insisted on using the rain to save water. fourteen years ago, i insisted on buying our first prius.
9:38 am
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the twist? less than 200 calories. new dannon creamery desserts. cause life's better with a twist. ♪ dannon! also try our dannon creamery pudding range. what is not to love about fall? cooler weather, changing leaves, football and, al, some great deals. >> that's right. there are some purchases you should wait on. to help us figure out when is the best time to get the best bargain, a game of fall or stall is personal finance contributor at the >> hello, lauren. >> thanks for having me. >> if it's a purchase you think
9:42 am
you should make now the answer is fall. if it's something you should wait on the answer is stall. got it? >> yes. >> ready? >> yes. >> fall or stall, the best deals on grills in the fall. >> i'll take the contrarian view. >> summer is grilling season so now would be a good time to get sales but people are still grilling, tailgating. december, january are the best deals. fall or stall? fall is a good time to buy a ca car. >> it is fall actually. 2014 models, you can get 10% to 20% off right now because 2015 models are starting to come on the lot. if you're in the market for a car not a bad time to buy. >> what she said. >> bicycles often go on sale in the fall, fall or stall? bicycles follow the same
9:43 am
schedule as cars. if it's on your christmas list, you should buy now. hide it in the garage. fall or stall, right now is the best time to buy a refrigerator. >> i'm going to stall. >> you can get a lot of good deals on appliances in the fall but refrigerators are the one exception. you do want to wait. may actually is the best time to get deals on refrigerators. >> come on, al. >> fall or stall? paul is known for great real estate deals. >> to buy or to sell? >> to buy. to buy real estate. good clarification. >> it's a stall. you will get the best deals in spring, when there's the most inventory. if you're on the market, it doesn't hurt to look. don't buy unless you see something you love. >> or you really need a house. >> wait until spring for real estate. fall or stall? you should start booking your holiday travel now. >> what holiday? >> thanksgiving, christmas.
9:44 am
any holiday. >> i'll go ahead and do that. sure i will. >> with air fare, your sweet spot is two months ahead of time. with holiday air fare, you want to start shopping as soon as possible. if you haven't done it yet, put it on your to-do list this week. fall or stall, gym memberships? can you get great deals on memberships in the fall. no. >> you can get great deals in the fall because this is a time when people are not really thinking about -- they're busy, holiday travel. you can get great deals, initiation fee off and enjoy your pick of treadmills. >> cool. another one for us? >> last one. fall or stall, the best time to get new luggage. >> no. yes. >> yeah. >> definitely. >> it's the travel season right now. up in the big holiday travel season. best time to get luggage is march. you want to wait until the spring. >> congratulations, fall or
9:45 am
stall winner, willie geist. >> is there a prize? >> there's always a prize. >> this is the prize? >> glad i lost. >> there you go. lauren, thank you so much. coming up next, you spent the weekend picking that crate full of apples and raking leaves. what are you going to do with them all? we have some great ideas. should be ready, in facl let's pull it up. now, how long do i have to decide on this offer? seven days, and we'll buy your car even if you don't buy ours. but if i decide to buy a convertible? the offer is exactly the same either way. nice! aaanndd... here it is! we'll take it! terrific. sell your car the fast and easy way, with no strings attached, at carmax. start here. before ywith preference,ir ask yourself one question: "are you ready for all that attention?" because with l'oréal preference - there's no fading into the background. preference is luminous.
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9:49 am
if you're finding your way to local orchard, great recipes for you to try. >> a chef here in new york city. >> good morning. how are you? >> we're great. did you the dirty work, picked apples for us. >> that's the first sign of fall, always better than pork chops and applesauce? >> nothing. >> pork chops, homemade apple sauce, little apple crisp at the end. >> what kind of apples do you like? >> granmy smith is my favorite. substitute is honey crisp. >> they're hard, hold their structure better and give a little more of a punch. start by peeling an apple. >> mr. roker. >> after that apple is peeled, just -- there you go. after that is peeled, you will end up with this. take out the core. use the melon baller.
9:50 am
>> right. >> okay. use your muscle. you have to get in there. >> joe, don't heckle. >> wow! >> what's next? >> after that, you're going to chop the apple and you end up with this, okay? >> thank you. >> the power of tv magic. we have chopped apples, okay? add some brown sugar. now you have to do the work. >> the whole thing? >> cinnamon sticks. stir it up. >> you can do that. >> i can do that. >> you're going to simmer this a little while, actually, a long while, half hour. create the liquid themselves. you have this final product here. when it's done -- >> mash it? >> little bit of mash, okay. and you will reserve and have some apple sauce for later. >> love it. >> quick, quick pork chop recipe. it's baked pork chop. spray it with pam and what we're going to do is coat it with bread crumbs. bread crumb mixture is a variety of stuff, paprika, lemon zest,
9:51 am
chopped herbs. >> you don't have to make your own bread crumbs. >> you can do store bought bread crumbs and doctor it up a little bit. >> nice. i like that. >> dredge the pork chops right in here. >> why do we love the combo of pork chop and apple so much? >> the nice earthiness of the pork and sweetness of the apple go hand in hand. >> how long do you bake this? >> 375 degrees in the oven for 45 minutes. >> you have your apple sauce here and baked pork chops and then we're going to basically just spoon it over. >> could you do a bone-in pork chop? >> you could. don't go too thick with the bone-in pork chops. they'll dry out because they take longer to cook. >> quick apple crisp. the same cooking method as the apple sauce. just not cooked as long. a nice dutch crumble, oats, sugar, little bit of spice. a quick tip is buy some cookie dough.
9:52 am
put it on top and bake it. >> what? >> you have an amazing apple crisp. >> that sounds heavenly. >> when you're all done and the apple crisp is baked, what better than vanilla ice cream? >> could you make the apple crisp without the apple? >> that's called a cookie. there you go. but, yeah, it's great. enjoy. >> thank you, joe. give me a bowl, please. this is fantastic. thank you. the recipe is on we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc.
9:53 am
9:54 am
that was hysterical. >> yes, it was. >> hello, everybody. >> hi, kids. >> hey, how are you, buddy? >> good. >> what's coming up, my ladies? >> annaleigh ashford. i've been watching the tape. >> isn't it great? >> wow! something as we like to say. >> and scientific.
9:55 am
>> that's all about the study. >> it's all about the study. we'll talk about going to joan's funeral. >> yes, we will. yes, al. >> your local news.
9:56 am
good morning i'm tracy davidson. let's get your forecast. we're seeing clouds move through the area coming in from the south. they are providing light showers and sprinkles, many around dover. we start with sunshine and we look for a mix of clouds and sun and mostly cloudy skies later on today.
9:57 am
winds breezy down the shore and also breezy at times for philadelphia and points north. the trial continues this afternoon for the woman charged with abducted a 5-year-old girl from school and sexually abusing her. it happened in january of last year. her aunt, valerie williams took the stand on friday where she testified she came to believe her niece brought the girl to the house where they both lived and sexually assaulted her. there is excitement and uncertainty this morning at philadelphia public school students going back to school. the first day comes as the district faces an $81 million deficit. massive cuts could come down the wroed if they don't approve a $2 a pack cigarette tax. i'm tracy davidson, we'll
9:58 am
have another local update in 25 minutes. get the latest on now back to "the today show."
9:59 am
10:00 am
. from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello, everybody. it is fun day monday, september 8th. we hope you had a good weekend. we had a busy one, didn't we, hoda? >> yes, we did. >> we fimd -- lmed -- we taped special in honor of joan rivers, something that so many of you seemed to enjoy on friday night. we went to her service yesterday at temple emanu-el and it was quite the tribute to lady joan. >> you saw a lot of new york
10:01 am
luminaries there. there was tons of press. so many people just came out, they were across the street behind barricades watching to see, you know, joan's daughter, and grandson. it is nice to see just the outpouring of people who just wanted to say hi or give a flower to her daughter, things like that. there was melissa and cooper. and it was, you know, you wonder what kind of funeral it was going to be. you heard all the things she wanted. she wanted to have all the -- she wanted to be a big hollywood affair. and it had a lot of really great new yorkers there. what did you think of the service? >> when i was leaving and tweeting about it, i said i think it was the perfect combination between the profane and the sacred, because joan was like that. we all know the profane part of joan, but there was a sacred -- there were things that were sacred to her. the person that surprised me the most was howard stern. we didn't know -- it was announced he was going to be a speaker. he was one of the first ones and he was hysterically funny, but
10:02 am
very, very touching too, because he was deeply loved joan. apparently she had been very, very instrumental in his early success here in new york. and then at the end, one of my favorite parts was hugh jackman can just walk in a room and make me happy he was just perfect. he said, joan, this is for you. you already know that because you asked for it. and he sang a great peter alan song called "quiet, please, there is a lady on stage," he sang many, many times. >> it ended in a standing ovation for joan, in the temple. >> put your hands together. >> and no one wanted to stop clapping. like the song was over and everyone was still giving her a standing o. >> the bagpipers came out. >> the bagpipers. >> the new york city police department bagpipers. >> they were great too. she had a best friend who came up named margy and she got up there with glasses on and she said, joan and i used to try to outfunny each other and here is a couple of examples. i thought this is going to be
10:03 am
interesting. i broke my hip and i was on clutches. we went to a broadway show. when we left, i was on clutched and joan was saying, drop your crutches and yell, it's a miracle. so i did. and you totally understood why those two were great, great friends. >> i love the other one. what we shouldn't say. >> yeah, no. but it was funny too. >> and cindy adams was very funny. everybody was terrific. >> and totally their own personality. when cindy adams got up there and said a few things that brought down the house, you knew why they were friends too. yeah. >> i'm just -- it has been tough months, hasn't it, losing robin williams and losing sweet joan. there is a lot less laughter in the world. she would want us to move on and find the humor in the ridiculous. so this is not ridiculous, but this is lovely news. >> great news for kate middleton. >> we have another baby. >> the spare is on its way.
10:04 am
>> the spare. they're expecting their second child. it has been confirmed. the reason it is confirmed is because kate was experiencing morning sickness as she did -- >> she had severe. it is called hyper -- something harry potter would say. doesn't it? she's being treated by doctors at kensington palace. she's home. we wish her -- she's probably watching right now. we wish her -- >> kate, hey! >> she watches us. we wish you all the best. so that would be the fourth in the line. harry moved -- >> harry keeps getting bum pd do down. >> i don't think harry cares. >> george is now 13 months old. he'll have to learn how to share. >> i wish we had more pictures of him. >> i know. they'll be less than two years apart. my sister and i were 20 months apart. and you and your sister -- >> about three years, yeah. >> we decided to look into the
10:05 am
pros of a small age gap. sometimes, you know, depending on the gap. so the good things are kids will play well together. they're usually more patient. and self-reliant, you have to share more. >> to this day, the closest person in my life is my best friend is my sister. and my mom used to say to me when she was pregnant, our baby's coming pretty soon, our baby. and when the baby came, she would go, let's watch our baby. and she made me such a part of it that i felt like she was also my child too. and the only trouble we ever had was in high school when i was a senior and my sister was a sophomore, and she looked at me one time and the only fight we ever had and she goes, i have a mother, thank you. yeah. but other than that, it is just amazing, i felt like she was my baby. >> i think it is important to have someone who can protect you and look out for you. my sister is a few years older than me. i always felt protected in high school when kids picked on me,
10:06 am
she always rescued me. >> do not mess with that one. >> thank god. >> my brother was like that too. blessed. meredith "usa today," the life section, she's starting her new show today and i know that she's got butterflies, first day of school jitters. >> she's such a pro. just going to be just great. >> she hosted with matt this morning, guys, and in typical meredith vieira fashion, this is how the show began. >> 4:30 this morning, walked in, meredith was already in and in my room, on my table was this wonderful little note that said, hey, censored, your worst nightmare is back. we needed to put that little censored on there. >> she does have a little mouth on her. >> yes. >> we're happy for her. the reason she's so nervous about it, i believe whether it is hugely successful or not,
10:07 am
meredith will be the same person afterwards. she just is. she knows who she is. and she doesn't want to let so many people down whose livelihoods depend on -- >> meredith is one of those few people in this business, i don't know no matter what your age, no matter what, you want to watch her. i think it will be fun to watch her show today and she's got great guests, she's got -- a lot of fun. >> we wish her obviously all the best. we're a little part of that. we shot some stuff for her. >> you'll see us soon. >> yes. you were busy sunday morning before joan's service. >> yes. the susan g. komen race in central park, grand marshal of that, and 13,000 people came out. there is team nbc. they were out in full force. linda, you'll see the picture coming up, linda, the ceo of komen, and that is nancy brinker's son there as well. and a bunch of fun people, people always dress all crazy. the next picture shows how crazy. okay.
10:08 am
you understand. so, first of all, i was tolding do something on ohio state, the band, the halftime show. i thought, ohio state, because virginia tech, not rated, played ohio state and won. >> is that what you mean? >> look what the band did. let's watch. >> they're doing a tribute to television, right? yeah, tv. >> unbelievable. >> oh, my -- >> miami vice. no, hawaii 5-0. >> are you kidding? >> that is really unbelievable. we sped it up, we got to tell you, because it was -- but that's still very impressive. >> that was amazing. have tech won the game. my alma matemater, i want to po out, it is a big win. and now everyone is showing the
10:09 am
band. >> all right. that's the way it goes. this monday, it is time for favorite things. mine is a book. >> a new book. >> a book called hope for the caregiver by peter rosenberg. peter's wife gracie was one of our early "everyone has a story." i think we have b-roll of it. and she was -- she's just been through so many operations and peter is her caregiver and she's -- well, it was -- actually very funny interview because they were talking about -- never mind, you can go back and look at it, but dear, dear people. this book, you don't realize how many people out there have completely dedicated their own lives to the care of somebody in their life, that they love. and no greater love is there than you lay down your life for your friends. i really, really recommend this book. it is "hope for the caregiver". it is really, really inspirational. how about you, baby?
10:10 am
>> i was watching joan rivers' documentary that we both have seen called "a piece of work." i decided to watch it again. it is my favorite thing. it tells you everything you want to know about joan. if you have a couple of hours, this beginning scene is so astonishing. she's taking off her makeup. and putting it on. it is not a scene she cared about in the documentary, but if you have a free couple of hours, download it, watch it, a piece of work. >> look at where she is, going into a -- that says so much about joan too. she just wanted to work. >> she just -- you look at her schedule, if you think your schedule is hard, and you take a look at her schedule and what she was able to fit into a day, you'll feel incredibly lazy. >> yeah. >> at the age of 81. she had a full, full, full calendar ahead of her. >> they are back, better than -- billy bush and kit are here. they'll tell you something. you'll hear from them, all the celebrities and "today's buzz"
10:11 am
with tim stack. and the actress from "masters of sex," that would be the lovely ashley leah. (male announcer) it's happening. today, more and more people with type 2 diabetes are learning about long-acting levemir®, an injectable insulin that can give you blood sugar control for up to 24 hours. and levemir® helps lower your a1c. levemir® is now available in flextouch® - the only prefilled insulin pen with no push-button extension. levemir® lasts 42 days without refrigeration. that's 50% longer than lantus®, which lasts 28 days. today, i'm asking about levemir® flextouch. (female announcer) levemir® is a long-acting insulin, used to control high blood sugar in adults and children with diabetes and is not recommended to treat diabetic ketoacidosis. do not use levemir® if you are allergic to any of its ingredients. the most common side effect is low blood sugar, which may cause symptoms such as sweating, shakiness, confusion, and headache.
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10:14 am
it has protein to help you rebuild, and grains to help you recharge. kellogg's cereal and milk. see you at breakfast. come on. actress and singer annaleigh ashford, the broadway stage is no stranger. from kinky boots to her current role in "can't take it with you," annaleigh has a full slate. >> but she traded the knky boots for a kinky role in "masters of sex" playing a prostitute, who has the right recipe for success. take a look. >> rum and cayenne pepper. if you could get this guy to believe it, you can get that guy to believe it too. we call it punch for suckers. >> hey. >> you get the work.
10:15 am
>> hallelujah, amen. >> we saw you in kinky boots and you practically stole the show. >> do you miss that? >> i miss the show so much. i saw a couple of the cast members this weekend and it is truly a family over there. sharing a message of love that is just i think going to last a long time from there to them. >> and tell us about masters of sex. i was surprised that -- i'd never seen it, i watched the tape this morning. it is not full of just gratuitous sex. it is about the lives of the people. i knew billy master. he was my -- the son of the dr. master, was a producer of mine. >> explain what -- who he is. >> tell us who william masters was. >> he was an incredible ob-gyn who lived in st. louis, dong a lot of research on fertility in the late '50s and realized we had no knowledge of sexual behavior and also the physiology of sex. >> just outside of freud. >> nothing.
10:16 am
so him and virginia johnson, his research assistant, then became his partner and then later became his wife, took a long time to get there, so we had many years left to explore. >> yes, you do. >> they came together and they really uncovered multiple mysteries in the world of sex, physiologically and psychologically. >> so used to be a prostitute but now you play a secretary. >> it is crazy. thank you to tv. incredible, incredible writers have given me such a beautiful journaly. sta started out in the pilot that i'm the first prostitute he does the work on, does some work on. so, you know, we do that. so that happens. >> but you break my heart in it. >> he's so wonderful. >> she's an infertile prostitute. >> they had a lot of issues in that area. so, anyway, i get to come back
10:17 am
later on in their journey and end up becoming elevated in my social status. >> do you get to use any singing skills or anything -- >> well there is one episode where betty does things to her husband to cheer him up, but betty wouldn't really be a good singer. we have to explore that. >> you were a terrific singer. >> i do love to sing. i have been studying it since i can't remember when, you know, been taking two voice lessons a week forever, but i sing poorly and dance poorly every night right now and can't take it with you. >> great, great show. love that show. >> give james our love. the sweetest man on the planet. >> the best. >> how old is he now? >> i think he's in his early 80s. >> he is. i believe so. >> i don't know the exact year, but i feel if we google it, we can find it immediately. >> you are adorable.
10:18 am
so, so talented and terrific in "masters of sex" on sunday nights on show time. >> all the celebrities still ahead in "today's buzz." >> no one knows hollywood like billy bush and kit hoover. we love when they're here, in the studio. they have big news. look at them. ve big news. look at them. pearls, hairbands, and now hot pink toes. seems tough for a tough dog like duke, but when it has anything to do with gwynn, he's putty in her hands. for a love this strong, duke's family only feeds him iams, with two times the meat than other leading brands. to help keep his body as strong as a love that can endure anything, even every fashion trend. just one of many iams formulas to keep love strong. before ywith preference,ir ask yourself one question: "are you ready for all that attention?" because with l'oréal preference - there's no fading into the background. preference is luminous. for up to 8 weeks of fade-defying color.
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complete the job with listerine®. kill up to 99 percent of germs. and prevent plaque, early gum disease and bad breath. complete the job with listerine®. power to your mouth™. also try listerine® floss. its advanced technology removes more plaque. they're daytime television's most adorable couple. >> they are. >> with one exception. >> billy and kit are gearing up for their fifth season of "access hollywood live," part of the nbc universal family. and guess what, it all starts today. great to see you guys. we love having you here in new york. >> we love being here. >> what is your news?
10:22 am
>> do we have news? >> we have major news. tell them. >> go ahead. >> we're back on at 11:00. we like the time. >> the right show to follow us. >> it is an honor to replace the steve harvey rerun show. >> which replaced you. >> but that's in new york. in other places you are on at -- >> when you replace us, we replace you again. we love the steve harvey rerun show. >> we're the little engine. i had a poster of gary coleman on my wall, it said my engine may be small, but watch out, toot, toot, we keep going. >> you have chemistry, that spark. it has grown into a friendship, which i think why it has lasted so long, doing so well. >> it is like you guys. we were out to lunch and hoda was calling you with dinner plans. we're going out to kenney chesney with our spouses. >> you then bring that to your partnership which brings authenticity to it.
10:23 am
>> this woman, her husband is a terrific guy. he and i dressed up as nypd officers and went to the l.a. kings stanley cup game rooting for new york. we did. we got great parking. we moved -- it was a total -- >> a love affair, these two. the funny thing is, the other love affair, his wife and my husband, we're at a din parner party, those two are together. >> is he still commuting back and forth from chicago? >> i just flew in from eugene, oregon. this guy commutes all over the place. >> show them a picture of what your husband looked like at this game with the jacket and no shirt. >> he loves his shirt. he was fine. >> a newlywed game about you two. billy, we asked kit what your favorite thing to do during commercial break is. what did she say? >> have a cocktail. >> no. you know this. every day -- >> go to the bathroom. >> where? >> in your dressing room. >> why? warm lighting. >> and you pretend to be passing
10:24 am
gas and the -- >> no, no. this is something he does in between. do it -- that's what he does. >> and guest is like, who was that? is it me? and everyone is off kilter and we begin. >> he says my depressing room is warmer. it is quick. >> you have a bathroom in your dressing room? kit, we asked billy who your favorite celebrity crush is. who did he say? >> will ferrell. >> and, yes. >> hot for ferrell. >> do you -- i love blake shelton too. is will ferrell just not it? >> what about vince vaughn? >> all in the same family. will, vince and blake. >> she would hand luggage to her husband and say, get out if will ferrell shows up ready to party. >> billy change his celebrity crush depending on the moment. it has been leslie mann for a long time. >> she's adorable. >> listen, you guys -- >> we love you. >> "access hollywood" today. >> today. >> all the headlines.
10:25 am
>> today. >> billy and kit. the only lotion with healing micro-droplets of vaseline jelly, new vaseline intensive care relieves very dry skin from the first application and deeply moisturizes to heal it in just 5 days. clinically proven. skin healed in just 5 days. that's the healing power of vaseline. ♪ ♪ [ female announcer ] with five perfectly sweetened whole grains... you can't help but see the good. wouldn't it be great if hiring plumbers, shopping online is as... easy as it gets. carpenters and even piano tuners were just as simple? thanks to angie's list, now it is. start shopping online from a list of top-rated providers. visit today.
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you know.... there's a more enjoyable way to get your fiber. try phillips fiber good gummies. they're delicious and an excellent source of fiber to help support regularity. mmmm. these are good! the tasty side of fiber. from phillips nbc 10 news starts now. good morning. i'm tracy davidson. lets get your first alert from tedd florendo. >> more clouds have settled over the delaware valley. some clouds also providing some
10:27 am
light showers in cumberland county and cape may and delaware, too. the clouds still stuck around those areas and they will be around all day. mostly cloudy throughout the region. temperatures around 78 degrees. it will be cooler today. typically we're around 81 degrees. winds will be breezy with a chance of showers for points south. philadelphia police are investigating after a body was found in the schuylkill river this morning around 7:15. police are just getting ready to recover the body. investigators are trying to figure out how the person ended up in the water. today new jersey governor chris christie will hold a summit on the future of atlantic city. 35 to 40 state and local leaders will attend a closed door meeting at 2:00 this afternoon. this comes after the recent closings of show boat and revel, trump plaza will close next week and trump taj mahal may soon
10:28 am
send out notices about mass layoffs or another possible closure. count on nbc 10 for continuing coverage. you will find information on resources for casino workers looking for new jobs. an invasive beetle has been found in burlington county, the emerald ash borer has killed tens of millions of ash trees across 23 states. the destructive beetle was found in a trap in west hampton. we'll have a complete hour of news coming up at 11:00 this morning. i'm tracy davidson.
10:29 am
10:30 am
we're back with more of "today" on this fun day monday, ready for "today's buzz." we're starting off your week with a hot hollywood gaossip yo can't live without. >> here with the hollywood scoop you won't get anywhere else is "entertainment weekly" writer tim stack. >> tim stackable. >> that's true. that's correct. thank you. >> love is in the air big time this weekend. neil patrick harris tied the knot. >> yes, neil patrick harris and his long time before david burka, been together for ten years, they have twins that are 4. they tied the knot in italy, it was officiated by pam fryman, the long time director for "how i met your mother" and elton john performed, a good friend. they're very close friends. they got married. it is shocking because neil has
10:31 am
had a crazy year. he was in "hedwig "hedwig ," hn "gone girl." >> they'll work it out. >> did they tweet about it? >> everybody tweets about everything. they instagramed a photo of themselves, surprise, we're married. it looked beautiful. like a very small, intimate wedding. >> another surprise wedding, fran drescher got married. >> she told us about him last time she was here. we're so happy. fran is just a good, good egg. >> love her. exactly. love her. she married this guy dr. shiba who has -- who has copy righted a patent for creating e-mail. so, yes, he created a form of e-mail. some controversy surrounding it, but he created a form of the e-mail situation of the
10:32 am
communication and so, like, score for fran. hello. >> perfect couple, you know? he can talk about e-mail and i can talk about the nanny. but they have been dating a year. >> okay, good. and martina got engaged. >> martina navratilova got engaged to her long time girlfriend julia lemigova, former russian beauty queen at the u.s. open, she proposed on the channel live show and they got engaged on a jumbo tron. >> i hear she didn't give her answer right away. >> martina was, like, yes, no, or are maybe and julia was like i don't think maybe should be an option. it was an awkward moment where it is like -- you're on camera. she paused for a while. i was like, martina -- >> it can be tricky. >> they'll get married in florida if the gay marriage ban is overturned. >> what about beyonce and jay-z? >> they're still together. they are vacationing in italy. and beyonce is not wearing
10:33 am
shirts, she's wearing a crop top, of course. but they have been vacationing, very lovey-dovey, 33rd birthday last week and she instagramed a photo of herself doing a back flip because that's what you do when -- >> yesterday. >> of course. i was doing that yesterday too. we should have taken a photo. god -- >> who knows. they have two more dates on their tour. shooting this weekend in paris and shooting for the hbo special airing on september 20th. maybe they're holding out until the tour is over and they can shoot this movie, but who knows. it is just -- no one knows what goes on -- >> you hear the rumor that they started the rumors just to spur ticket sales for their tour and i'm thinking of all the people in the music business, do they need to -- >> i know. i think, you know, it is -- they're a high powered couple, they're very busy, but no one really knows what is going on with them. >> they do. that's all that matters.
10:34 am
>> thank you. from fractions to physics, homework help for are your kids at the touch of their fingertips. >> and avoid the traps with apps the next time you go grocery shopping. >> while you should start in the paper goods aisle. >> what? why? >> you heard me properly. >> i don't know what that means. >> i don't either. >> whatever. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i learned lyrica can provide significant relief from fibromyalgia pain. so now, i can do more of what i love. lyrica is not for everyone. it may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression, or unusual changes in mood or behavior. or swelling, trouble breathing, rash, hives, blisters, changes in eyesight including blurry vision, muscle pain with fever, or tired feeling. common side effects are dizziness, sleepiness, weight gain and swelling of hands, legs and feet. don't drink alcohol while taking lyrica.
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theand the kids always eat sky their vegetables.e. because the salad there is always served with the original hidden valley ranch.
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it is time. if you you've ever run into the supermarket to grab a couple of things and walked out with a cart full, here's why. >> the grocery store can be filled with sales tricks, traps to get you to linger longer and spend more money. so here are some smart shopping advice is the editor of "all you" magazine, we love her, nina willdorff. >> they're trying to trick us? >> so many ways so get you to spend more money. we're here today to talk about all the ways that you can be smarter in your grocery shopping and spend less money. >> you're their worst nightmare.
10:39 am
>> before you leave the house there are two apps you should be using to find deals in your neighborhood store. the first one is called grocery pal. this works on android and apple. and the way it works is you type in your zip code, find all of your local stores, and then you just type, you know, click on the store you want to use, and then the type of item. look, i found a great deal on greek yogurt, ten for $10, great thing about grocery pal, though, that i love is you can then compare to nearby stores and find out whether that deal is the best one, if you're the kind of person that likes to shop around. you can add it to your list and tv. >> that's a great one. >> great. >> the other one -- >> fovado. >> it is run by the cool thing about it is as you see here, you want to shop at cvs, you need some charmin ultra strong, anything with a paper clip next to it means that
10:40 am
there are also coupons and so not only does it show you the sales price, it will show you the coupon and how you can stack them. you print out the coupon and you're good to go. >> thank you. >> you said something very important, shopping cart strategy. >> yes. so two things with your shopping cart. when you get to the store, start with the biggest items. people calculate -- >> to fill up your cart. >> yes, people calculate the amount that they're spending based on the fullness of the cart. so start with, like, your big canned good, paper products and then add your parierishables onp of it. you'll spend less money on that trip. the second thing is the more time you spend in the grocery store, the more you are going to spend, dollarwise. so grocery stores are really good at trying to slow you down. in places that are, like, high
10:41 am
cost areas like gourmet aisles, cheese, you'll find speed bumps you won't notice until -- >> like what do you mean? >> like on the road. you'll slow down and people spend 17% more money in those areas. be aware of what is happening. >> this next technique i like. when they have displays and pair things together. >> like here, like is an example of a pyramid display. there are 73 different ways grocery stores use interesting displays. like the end cap, which is the end of the aisle, where there are lots of special things and you think that's a deal, i'll buy that extra stuff. the fact of the matter is only 50% of the time are those actual deals. you have to look at the unit price. >> and most group things together. like avocado and lime. you're, like, that's right, i want to make guacamole.
10:42 am
>> in the produce aisle, have apples and caramel and you think what a great idea. the fact is this is a strategy to get you to buy things that you aren't necessarily going to need. be aware this is something -- >> they do it with everything. >> it is a convenience. >> i think it is too. who wants to go driving all over the place. >> if you have the extra money for the caramel, you're good to go. >> thank you, nina. all righty. >> if your phone is ringing, pick it up. because it might be us. >> yes. we're minutes away from surprising our fan of the week. >> and the education site that can help the students in your house. >> and you too right after this. [ julie ] the wrinkle cream graveyard. if it doesn't work fast... you're on to the next thing. clinically proven neutrogena® rapid wrinkle repair. it targets fine lines and wrinkles with the fastest retinol formula available. you'll see younger looking skin in just one week.
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new school year means new subjects for your children to learn and with that comes a lot of frustration, not only for the kid, but also for the parent. wouldn't it be nice if you had a little extra help? here with some of best educational websites and apps for all ages is "today" digital
10:47 am
lifestyle contributor, mario armstrong. hey, mario. >> hey, family. how are you guys? >> nice. there is an app for everything. >> yes, there is. the first one is about literacy for the young ones. we're talking about ages 3 to 8. really want to help them with their vocabulary, reading compensation, phonics, spelling, all that good stuff, this is award winning site, called learn with homer. it is a lot of fun. you can see here, the first level is going to start to teach me the letter a as in a, the sound. it will ask me to touch the alligator. i don't think we can hear the audio, but it is asking you to touch the alligator and we teach the sound. >> that's cool. >> i can see why that would work. >> you're the one doing it. >> what is cool about this app, they can record their own voice and hear it back too. which is cool. >> so there is something called tool >> yes. it is a parent tool kit.
10:48 am
let's bring that one up right quick here. i used this. this is something that was done by -- it is going to refresh and reload in a second here. this is something done by nbc, with pierson. this is a parent tool kit that will help you as a parent really understand all the things that your kids are going to be going through in certain grades. so from pre-k to high school, everything from nutrition as well as the academics, what they should be eating, what you can expect to get in terms of homework. for example, i'm in the math section for sixth grade. one of the things you'll learn, you should learn there is understanding ratios. i'm going to ask you two -- yes. what is the ratio of the red star to the green star. >> three to one. >> because it says it right there. >> i can't read that far. >> i can't read. i see now. we can also count. >> i had to pull out my ruler. wanted to make sure. you get the idea. this is a lot of fun for you -- >> is this all standard, like standard throughout the country? >> yes, it does match to the
10:49 am
core standards and curriculum in school. what i like about it too is it also does health and wellness as well, about nutrition and what you're supposed to be he'd ooea >> next one is cool if you like ice age, the movie. a great way for kids to learn fractions. anything that is fun works great in this department. >> this is called splice fractions. you learn matching up shapes. so, the object is to get the mammoth in the left-hand corner to go across the screen. i have to make a way. the little block i'm going to slice through here for one to one. i'll splice this block one -- that's two for two. so i'm matching up the amount of shapes and blocks. you haven't seen any fractions yet. >> no. >> you don't see fractions until way late ner into the game. the whole idea is to get you into matching up shapes and sizes and then it helps you comprehend better fractions later on. later on it will show you that was two-fourths that was one-half or one-eighth.
10:50 am
>> like luminosity for little ones. >> does this stuff work? does this help kids get smarter? >> there is a lot of different studies that have been out that have been produced. certain apps are doing a great job. learn with homer is based on harvard research and as well as stanford research. they have taken it a step further. some of the apps you have to watch. some are just fun to play and you wonder if you get the educational value. >> it is not going to hurt you, though. >> sometimes the kids come home with homework and, you're like, i don't know how to do it. you can go to >> they have tutors available online 24/7, professional tutors. >> a human being? >> you'll get a human being. algebra. >> don't worry about it. >> i wanted to get a tutor right now, i could go to the website, there is a fee you have to pay, but you can see the ratings of the different tutors who are online now and available.
10:51 am
>> a lot less expensive than hiring one. >> that's true. and for military families, you may be eligible to have this for free. >> thank you so much. >> thank you. our fan of the week takes a shot at onie inwinning a grand prize giveaway. >> see if you can answer the question and it is someone's birthday. >> it surely is. hday. >> it surely is.
10:52 am
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it is that time when we get to surprise our fan of the week. >> drum roll, please. while we spin the globe to see where it lands. >> and today it landed in boulder, colorado! >> watching us on kusa channel 9. are you surprised? >> yes. >> oh, my god. we're so excited. >> did she say yes? >> yes. >> before we put your fandom to the test, we'll tell everyone why you were chose n.
10:55 am
denise has watched from the very beginning. >> she says the fourth hour inspires them to celebrate life. they decided to attend a local wine festival and made a kathie lee and hoda poster to bring with them. >> that is so nice. the sisters also celebrated our august birthdays in the fourth hour fashion. daughter carolyn has the same birthday i do, one big party. >> you know how to have fun. are you ready, denise, to see if you can answer our trivia question. >> i am. >> you have 15 seconds to answer correctly, all right? here is the question. >> okay. every friday bobbie thomas hosts a segment featuring items with a fun theme. what is this segment called, denise? >> bobbie's buzz. >> tell her what she's won. >> a fabulous trip. you and a guest are going to hilton head island, south
10:56 am
carolina. >> sonesta resort, go to the pool, relax at the spa. >> and you can explore the local area and beaches with bike rentals. hotel accommodations furnished by sonesta. >> congratulations. >> thank you so much. >> we have one birthday to celebrate in our studio. guess whose birthday it is? >> it is tommy our cameraman's and also -- >> amanda avery. >> amanda, come on down. amanda avery. you guys wonder about our crew. a new orleans girl, born and raised, here with us. amanda, happy birthday. tell your mom we said hey. >> thanks, amanda. tomorrow, kevin kline. >> bobbie thomas has an update for us on her journey through -- >> and louis licari.
10:57 am
it is amanda's birthday, everybody. >> enjoy your fun day monday. we'll be back for booze day tuesday. >> i love that day.
10:58 am
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11:00 am
nbc 10 news starts now. a body found in the schuylkill river. skyforce 10 was over the river another boathouse row at 7:15 this morning. police were just getting ready to recover the body. investigators trying to determine how this person earneded up in the water. also new this morning, we have video this morning of the domestic violence incident involving baltimore ravens player ray rice. we want to warn you, some viewers may consider this new video graphic. in the video from inside the elevator revel in atlantic city, you can see rice hitting his then fiancee, now his i would. she falls and hits herd