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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  September 9, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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clouds will be around all day throughout our tuesday, as well. showers not quite into the delaware valley just yet. but if you look south, there is a look right now at that rain and abundant moisture moving through new jersey and some of that will fizzle out a little bit occasional showers and rain, as well. 69 for philly and 64 trenton and already in the 70s down to the shore. here's your day planner, clouds and also occasional showers and better chance as the early morning moves on and then we'll get a chance of showers also by the afternoon, too. keep in mind delaware, atlantic city down to cape may and you had the best chance of showers and also wind. more on your forecast coming up in just a bit. first, let's check out our monday morning traffic with jillian mele. >> good morning, tedd. good morning to you at home. let's start off at darby. a gas main break that happened, as well. main street at ninth street and you can expect to see lane
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restrictions there. we have a problem on is the route 11 trolley and shuttle service in effect between darby avenue. that's something we'll continue to follow for you. this is the blue route northbound side and you can see we still have the construction set up blocking the left lane and right lane of traffic is getting by and now we see drivers put on the brake lights in the construction zone. once we hit that 5:00 hour, that's when we see more people out on the roads and this construction that's out there can create a slow down. typically eit wraps around 5. for now it is out there and active and we still have this problem and downed wires and allentown at reinhart road. you can take tomlinson as your alternate, tracy? a woman is in critical condition after being attacked and shot inside her home. jesse gary is following developments and he is live at police headquarters. jesse, the last time we talked to you mentioned a gun left at the scene that could provide some clues and another source of evidence.
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walk us through what happened. >> investigators say they're both private and public surveillance cameras near the scene. they believe one of those cameras may have captured an image of the suspect leaving the area. let's take a look at our video. near the intersection of south fif fifth. a 32-year-old woman was shot twice inside a row home there. detectives searching for a person they believe connected to this case. >> we have no description. we're not sure who the suspect is but we do know that there is a 32-year-old male who resides in the property with the female and right now that is a person of interest. >> they're looking for that person of interest. the victim is at jefferson hospital in critical condition. one of those gunshots hit her in the face. we'll have an update, again, on this story coming up in the next 30 minutes. live outside police headquarters in center city, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. just after 5:00 a.m. and it's back to school week for many students around the area today. today new jersey governor chris christie will visit a school in
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camden. joined there by mayor dana red for a tour of the cafeteria at the community philadelphia school. the governor will give a speech at the school's library. this morning kids in the philadelphia school district will head to class for their second day of classes. those who walk to school are getting some help from adult volunteers. katy zachary is live in south philadelphia and, katy, this program has really taken off since it started. >> in the last few years it has. it is called walk safe philadelphia and here in south philly this is one of the schools where some kids that walk are escorted here by adults. walk safe philadelphia is a recent program that began when some philadelphia schools closed and those existing students were sent to different schools. the city wanted to offer a safe way for those kids to walk into the new unfamiliar neighborhoods. so adults who were familiar with the areas were asked to volunteer in the morning and after school to get those kids to and from home safely. parents tell us it's helped lower violence in the area.
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>> i'm glad they're out here. they need a little more crossing guards at these corners. these kids get out of school, they running everywhere. chasing after each other. >> and walk safe philadelphia is part of a larger program called the safe corridor program. that's been around for about ten years and that puts volunteers on the corners and here at the crosswalks and everywhere around the school yard to help police and the crossing guards better patrol what's going on here on the school campus and for mcdaniel it's important because this school behind me is broke nn to two buildings here in south philadelphia. reporting live, katy zachary, nbc 10 news. happening today voters will cast their ballots. polls are open today from 7:00 until 8:00 tonight. two big races for state officers where republican are running for the gop nomination for state treasurer and democrats brenda
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mayrack and ken are trying to win their party's nomination for state auditor. the atlanta ray rice knocking out his then fiancee. tmz posted the video yesterday. hours later the ravens fired rice and the nfl suspended him indefinitely. both organizations say they did not see the video before yesterday. ravens coach said they decided to release rice after team executives watched the video. >> it changed things, of course. you know, it made things a little bit different. it is tough, it is hurtful. and, my pain is for both of them as a couple and going forward. my hope is that they can make it work. >> rice made a deal with the atlantic county prosecutor's office to avoid jailtime for the beating. just an intervention program that he has to take part in and prosecutors say if he completes that program, the case against him will not be reopened.
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you can count on nbc 10 and to stay on top of this ray rice investigation as we continue to seek answers. a new video into nbc 10 this morning shows plenty of celebration in happy valley last night. this, of course, after the ncaa announced it dropped most of the sanctions against the penn state football program. the party was mostly calm along beaver avenue in state college as students and fans celebrated that announcement. among the sanctions lifted all football scholarships will be restored. penn state is also eligible to play for the big ten title this year and eligible to play in a bowl game. those sanctions imposed two years ago after the jerry sandusky child sex abuse scandal. certainly no heat expected for your tuesday. one thing for sure, we're going to stay on the cool side. a lot of areas won't even break
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80 degrees today. we'll stay in the 70s today. clouds, however, will be around all day and add to the cool factor we're going to see. we're not going to have a lot of sun heating up our day. occasional rain in for some areas and don't expect big downpours. right now allentown, cloudy skies especially northeast philly and millville also some clouds and it's dry right now. 50s to 60s outside and many of our locales and a live look to the system to the south of us and that is the low that will move slowly out to shore here and wrap around some of this moisture. not all of this is going to reach us here. that is where the bulk of it, the shore points down in delaware will get our best chance of some rain and then anywhere north of that, towards i-95 corridor turns showers just a chance. you can see in our futurecast here. here is a look at where most of that rain is at. still sticks through the areas down the shore, especially cape
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may and into delaware and notice these areas remain fairly dry. can't rule out occasional showers that will hit philadelphia and some areas to the north, although i think allentown in the clear. 66 degrees and showers could be around this morning. some showers 11:00 a.m. and 71 degrees and our high today 73, also, with some showers and a chance of showers in the afternoon. here's where we'll really see it. windy with rain, 74 degrees. keep in mind down the shore we also have rip currents that are being reported and you'll see for that tomorrow, too. drying out for wednesday especially in the afternoon. more storms expected by thursday and the cool weather, yeah, that continues as we hit your weekend. 5:08. let's get a look at the roads if you're getting ready to head out the door. >> first alert traffic reporter jillian mele will let you know if there is anything out there to slow you down. >> no stalls on 422. the eastbound side we'll see a delay later in the morning but
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right now no significant delays. construction just cleared off the blue route and that is out of there. we still have road work, though, on 95 northbound. keep that in mind. but we're not reporting a delay in that area. up in darby we have a gas main break that happened last night. we have lane restrictions in that area. take summit street or new walnut street to get around that. we are dealing with the problems here on septa and the route 11 trolley have shuttle bus service in that area. keep that in mind, that is the only problem so far this morning on mass transit. tracy? a usair marshal was stabbed with a syringe while boarding a flight overseas and now investigators are working to figure out what was in that needle and if there are any ties to terrorism. should local police departments be given military weapons? the hearing in washington today that could impact officers across the country.
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12 minutes after 5:00 now on a tuesday morning. a live look at the ben franklin bridge over the delaware. get ready for another day where it is going it be cooler than normal for this time of year. tedd florendo said some of you, especially south of philadelphia will see some showers, spotty showers throughout the day. have the umbrella handy as you head out the door. philadelphia police are hoping this surveillance video will help them catch a burglar. you see the man crawling across the counter here. this is at the latimore deli.
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investigators say he got into the building through a second floor window. he got away with the cash register and several packs of cigarettes. a towson university student who died in an off-campus home over the weekend is from south jersey. 18-year-old julia ratnaraj. officers were called to the off-campus apartment building around 11:30 saturday night and they found the victim unconscious and rushed her to the hospital and she later died. her friend told police that she had had been drinking. news of the death has some students rattled. >> really shocking because i've lived in here for a year and i never heard of anything like that happening. so, kind of crazy. >> ratnaraj was a freshman and an autopsy will be done to determine exactly how she died. president obama is meeting with congressional leaders to go after his plan for battling the isis terror threat. the president will address the
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nation on that subject tomorrow. u.s. officials say his plan will be a broader counterterrorism mission that will target isis militants and not just protect u.s. interest or resolve humanitarian interests. president obama still isn't committing troops to a ground war. 5:14. also happening today lawmakers on capitol hill will be asking tough questions about the militarization of local police departments around the country. the force displayed in ferguson, missouri, following the shooting of michael brown raised new questions about deploying automatic weapons and deploying new vehicles even though they are on the wish list. the focus on three federal programs that supply local police departments with that military equipment and counterterrorism tools. an investigation is under way this morning to find out what was inside a syringe used to attack a u.s. air marshal. he was boarding a flight when the man stabbed him with that syringe. after getting off the plane in
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houston, air marshal was taken to had hospital showing no signs of illness, but is being tested and the fbi is testing the needle. so far there is no indication this was related to terrorism. a police officer in louisiana shot and killed a man who allegedly charged at officers with a machete. the officers responding to a disturbance call in pineville yesterday morning. when they arrived the 40-year-old man was standing in the street holding that machete. he ran at them with the weapon. one of the officers shot him. the shooting. panera bread is asking its customers to leave their firearms at home. gun rights advocates have used restaurants and stores to raise awareness about the legality of carrying guns in public. but some stores like target and starbucks have publicly asked customers not to bring the guns inside. they recognize everyone's rights but trying to create a place where customers and employees feel safe and comfortable. in response to the casino crisis in atlantic city,
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gamblers will soon bet on sports. chris christie directed state enforcement that allow sports betting. the only exception is that you can't bet on new jersey teams or on sporting events that take place in the garden state. governor christie made that announcement before holding an announcement to discuss atlantic city's future. while he wouldn't get into specifics, he did say there is reason for hope. for most of the day demonstrators stood across the street saying they were not represented at the governor's meeting. >> half the people in that room have created this guy. >> the mayor is elected by all the residents. he was there. the city council president and it looks to me like a ridiculous statement. >> as for christie's sports betting directive prohibit sports betting in new jersey and a hearing isn't scheduled on that matter until october 6th. mgm resorts international is
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looking to make a comeback in atlantic city. the control commission wednesday to try to require its stake in the hotel, casino and spa. it was four years ago that mgm surrendered its license that certain members had ties to organized crime. it's 5:17. let's take a look at the roads. >> nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jillian mele will let us know if there is anything to slow people down out there other than morning construction. >> i'm getting word of a car fire, a truck fire, actually, the new jersey turnpike past heights town. all lanes are blocked as a result of that truck fire. crews can get out there and make sure that is extinguished before traffic gets moving. in the meantime, if you're about to head out the door in that direction, stick to route 1 to keep you away from that activity and a possible delay in that area, as well. also in new jersey, 42 freeway looking good and northbound side and head out to the bridges. no accidents to report on the area bridges this morning. so, that's a little bit of good
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news. we still have the construction set up and you can see some of the cones here. 95 northbound as you approach the philadelphia international airport and that construction was out there and expected to wrap around 5 and not causing a slow down in that area and we still have this problem we're dealing with downed pole with downed wires from an accident that happened in the overnight hours. allentown road and you can take tomlinson as your alternate. going to feel a lot like fall for the day today with temperatures in the 70s. we should be in the 80s this time of year. i'm not complaining, though. cool and cloudy for the day and tuesday we'll see some showers around. not in all areas and it will be very spotty. we have a cool week. going to keep those 70s continue after one day of some heat. and then we'll be back to 70s, again. currently outside 64 in lancaster and 69 for philly and same goes for you for wilmington
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and 70 at the shore in atlantic city. right now the area remains dry and a lot of moisture to the south and models are hinting that this system will push farther out to sea wrapping that moisture around some parts of jersey shore and delaware clipping those areas and else where maybe just see a chance of a shower in philly. definitely not for you at the north point. there's a look at our futurecast. spotty showers here and there. some of it, however, give us good rain at times and we're not accepting any flooding. these aren't thunderstorms at all. these are just showers and that will be around also for this evening and mainly to the points south. philly a slight chance of showers and a better chance of showers and occasional rain. 73 degrees scattered showers and cooler for the day today. plenty of clouds and regional planner shows dry conditions in the poconos and dry conditions in the lehigh valley with partly sunny skies and showers and wind for the shore and temperatures
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522. happening today apple fans will find out about the company's latest products. speculation centered on the release of two new devices the iphone 6 and the iwatch apple first smart watch. feeling the heat from samsung and other phone competitors and lg and others have already released smart watches. amazon cutting the price of its phone to 99 cents. amazon also plans to include a free one-year prime subscription with the purchase. comcast has selected a firm to design the interior of its new skyscraper in philadelphia. a live look here at the comcast center in philadelphia where a second tower, an even taller one will be constructed. the architectural firm says it will create a sustainable and progressive interior for the
5:24 am
invasion and technology center to be built. nbc 10 and telmundo will move into that building. >> we're all very excited about that project. home depot finally admits to that data breach widely reported last week that could affect millions of shoppers. morgan brennan from cnbc joins us with more on the breach which could turn out to be one of the biggest in history. morgan? >> it certainly could, tracy, good morning. home depot has confirmed payment systems were breached by hackers in a cyberattack that may have stretched back to april. the breach was first reported by security blogger and home depot said it could impact customers at its more than 2,000 stores across the u.s. and canada. the company says no evidence online that customers were affected or that the numbers were compromised. we'll have to see how this progresses. tracy, back to you. >> still, customers should keep a close watch on all of their accounts.
5:25 am
thanks. almost 70 degrees outside this morning and a mild start to the day we are dry, however, outside with plenty of clouds out there and the clouds will increase throughout mid-day. will we see some raindrops in your neighborhood? i'll let you know whennee co ew back. jill, over to you. a tractor trailer fire on the northbound side of the new jersey turnpike. all lanes are blocked in that area. you can take route 130 or route 1 if you need to get around it. also following a problem in darby that is involving septa. details coming up in just a few minutes. right now the search continues for a man accused of shooting a woman in the head. >> jesse gary has been following the story all morning long. jesse? >> new details on how this case was first reported to police. i'll bring that to you coming up right after the break. also have an update on a story we first told you about yesterday morning. this videotape beating that has
5:26 am
a lot of people disgusted in delaware. where the investigation stands and who else has turned themselves in.
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♪ [ female announcer ] with five perfectly sweetened whole grains... you can't help but see the good. right now police are on the hunt for a man who shot a woman late last night. a live update from police headquarters. today, the prosecution is expected to rest its case in a philadelphia abduction trial.
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ahead, a look at the evidence found on the suspect's laptop before and after the crime. and a live look from cape may. some showers will move through the jersey eshore this morning along with gusty winds. it's 5:29. good morning, welcome to nbc 10 news today. >> possible showers out there as you mentioned. probably just best to make sure you have an umbrella handy. let's start with meteorologist tedd florendo. >> definitely the umbrella. those areas down the shore and down into southern delaware. else where just a possibility. a live look outside and dry conditions, a bit of a wind out there as you can see old glory swinging the air above the aramark building. it is dry right now and thick clouds to the south and notice delmarva getting drenched at this hour and spread some showers for parts of the region, especially into new jersey and into delaware. currently outside 69 for philly
5:30 am
and 63 for potstown and 70 for dover and atlantic city at 69. millville, here's the forecast today. chance of showers in the morning and 66 by noon and maybe a chance of a shower moving into philly and most of the area south, like we said, will see the raindrops. by 4:00 p.m. 73 degrees under mostly cloudy skies. it is cooler than average. it will stay that way for a little while and we'll talk about how long coming up. first, before you step into that car, you want to check in with my own friend jillian mele with a look at our traffic update. hi. >> good morning to you, tedd. new jersey turn pike on the northbound side past exit 8 all lanes are blocked and you can take route 130 or even route 1 if you need to get around it. we'll continue to monitor that problem for you and let you know when it clears in darby a gas main break that happened and crews still out there doing repair work. and as a result o