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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  September 9, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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also cut ties with the running back. monday rice was just days away from finishing a two-game suspension for this february domestic violence incident with his then fiancee janae palmer before tmz released video of the entire incident showing rice knocking palmer out with two quick punches. now he might never play football again. rice's victim is now his wife. tuesday janae rice lashed out on social media, directing her anger at both the public and media. "what don't you all get? if your intentions were to hurt us, embarrass us, make us feel alone, take all happiness away, you've succeeded on so many levels." despite the plea for privacy, people continue talking about the incident. >> when the video is out there and you saw how brutal it was, the ravens did the right thing. fired him immediately. you can argue they should have done it sooner, they didn't want it. whatever the reason is, it's happening. >> reporter: many have been critical of the nfl and ravens for only taking drastic action once the video came to light.
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>> there's a huge outcry from their fans. that's why they took action. >> reporter: domestic violence prevention experts say if there's any good to come from this it's that people are now talking about an issue that is rarely discussed publicly. >> we think it's wrong but we have no clue what to do when we see it happening in front of us. >> reporter: in conversations today, rice told reporters right now he's holding strong for his wife and family. chris fallone, nbc news, new york. >> our coverage of the ray rice investigation continues. ahead at 5:30, nbc 10 delaware bureau reporter ken fur lodge talks with a domestic violence expert. hear why he says people shouldn't be judging ray rice's wife for her comments today. now to the interview you will only see on nbc 10. >> the family of the philadelphia woman charged with kidnapping and assaulting a young girl is speaking out. nbc 10's christine maddela is live in center city. christine, the defense will start their case in the morning. what did the regusters family
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tell you today? >> reporter: they say this trial has been an emotional one because they too feel for the victim in this case. they say the defendant who's been portrayed as the criminal in this case, their daughter and sister, they say that's not the christina regusters they know. >> i want her to come home honestly. i want her to know i'm here and never going anywhere. >> reporter: christina regusters's sister tasha and mother have listened to the prosecuting attorneys tell the jury regusters kidnapped and sexually assaulted a 5-year-old girl, taking her from her classroom while dressed in traditional muslim clothing. >> you saw the surveillance video of a woman dressed in muslim garb. is that your sister? >> no. honestly, no, it's not her. >> what would you like to tell christina? >> that i love her and i support her and i'm here for her to the very end. regardless of the outcome. >> is that why you come every day? >> that is. even though it's painful to hear, it's hard to watch, it's
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hard being in the setting. yes, that's why i come every day to let her know that i am here, her sister's here to support her. >> reporter: regusters worked at the daycare center the victim attended. a witness testified regusters had picked up the victim from school the day before to walk her from daycare. her sister says that's because her sister cares be a winds. >> for all those folks watching, what should they know about christina regusters? >> my sister loves children. like that's her life. that's her dream in life, to help children. and she would never hurt a child. she's too nurturing. and honestly, she would hurt herself before she would hurt a child. so i now she's innocent. >> reporter: we learned police have one confidential informant that is set to receive the more than $100,000 reward in this case. if christina regusters is convicted. now, the prosecution rested its
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case today and the defense will pick up tomorrow morning. what we don't know right now, the defense attorney says he doesn't -- he won't release yet if christina regusters will take the stand in her own defense. reporting live outside the criminal justice center, christine maddela, nbc 10 news. it already feels like fall. here's the live look at boat house row on a cloudy and cool afternoon. i'm not ready to let go of summer at all. so the question tonight, will we see a warm up anytime soon? >> >> let's talk to nbc 10 first alert weather she that parveen. >> we will be warming up this week. it really looks like one day will be the one day that you say it's very warm outside compared to what we've seen. it's not going to last. i'll show you that coming up with the seven-day forecast. it is a cloudy, cool start to the week that continues today. here's a live look at our sky camera network. we have two areas in center city, one around the stadium there, citizens bank park, one
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around center city. we have the poconos and one area around the shore. brighamton area cloudy conditions and around the shore very light showers trying to make their way inland. we still have a few sprinkles trying to work their way across parts of cape may and atlantic counties. but as far as the heaviest rain goes that's pretty far offshore. essex county light showers along the beaches but the heaviest is moving away. as it continues to push away we'll see gradual clearing as we go through the day tomorrow. as far as temperatures are concerned still a cool, cloudy day. mid 70s right now, philadelphia, 76 for allentown, 73 degrees in redding. as we go through this week we'll start to warm up. then i mentioned we're going to cool down again. but warm up does come with thunderstorms. coming up we'll take a look at the timing of that. another possible casino could close in atlantic city today. trump entertainment resorts filed for bankruptcy and warned
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that the second of its two atlantic city properties could close in november. warning notices were handed ought today to employees of trump taj mahal. in its bankruptcy filing the company indicated the taj would likely close if it did not receive cost-cutting concessions from union workers. faced with nearly $300 million in debt and an inability to pay its loans. union leaders believe the company will soon be taken over by its lenders. >> no one is willing to give up their health care and their retirement so people who have mismanaged the property into the ground get a few more months of salary. >> the taj mahal could become the fifth atlantic city casino to close this year. its sister casino, trump plaza, is set to close one week from today. now to news from our delaware bureau, newcastle county police are searching for someone stealing from cars in newark. police released this video of a man they believe targeting cars.
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police responded to a theft call yesterday on sterling drive and then learned about several other thefts in the area. the suspect takes change, cell phones and other items left if cars. two men reportedly forced a philadelphia homeowner into his house at gunpoint. nbc 10 was on the scene around 1:00 this morning along stockton street as police investigated in the city's east germantown section. police say the man took the homeowner to a second floor bedroom where one of the suspects fired a shot into the ceiling. no one was hurt, and the suspects didn't get away with anything. police are still looking for those two men. a group of prarnts suing the state over allegations of curriculum deficiencies in philadelphia. the seven parents claim the department of education violated its obligation to investigate the allegations in the schools. the parents submitted more than 825 complaints during the last school year. according to the lawsuit they documented issues such as overcrowded classrooms, lack of libraries and staff shortages.
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nbc 10 contacted the state department of education, but so far we haven't heard back. concern is growing over a child virus that has no cure. the bug is sickening kids across the country. >> while it hasn't hit our area just yet, top children's doctors are warning parents to take precautions now. nbc 10's deanna durante, what do we need to know? >> reporter: tonight the centers for disease control and prevention is warning both pregnant mothers and breast-feeding moms that they could pass this virus along to their children. >> the virus is referred to as entero virus 68. it hasn't been seen in this country for more than 40 years. now it's back with a vengeance quickly hitting from hard-hit states like colorado to ohio. doctors say the symptoms can be treated but that's not stopping hundreds of children from showing up at hospitals. some requiring treatment in intensive care. >> there are no vaccines to prevent infection with these
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viruses. but there are. things we can do to help prevent transmission of not only this virus but other vai are yous throughout the year. the first and most important is good hand washing. with soap and warm water for at least 20 seconds. if you are sick and coughing be sure to cover your cough so coughing into your elbow is the preferred way. >> reporter: the centers for disease control says even if you don't experience severe symptoms the virus can linged in your body for weeks, even after the symptoms vanish. and warns pregnant women who have the virus shortly before delivery it can be passed to your infant children. it's also encouraging breastfeeding moms who have had the virus to get in touch with their daughters. >> reporter: and doctors also say when it comes to young children, babies, they can't tell you how they're feeling. you need to monitor their behavior. are they eating and drinking okay? are they producing enough wet diapers? if you suspect they have some breathing problems you are encouraged to get in touch with your pediatrician right away. reporting live, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. it is now easier than ever to donate blood.
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that is because the american red cross launched a new blood donor app today. take a look. the blood donor app allows people to schedule donations, track their donations, earn rewards and invite friends. the red cross says this app will help them meet the constant need for blood. you can go to our web site,, to download that free app. danger in the sky. new research shines a spotlight on pilots and drug use. >> from sedatives to illegal drugs, details of a new study that has the ntsb concerned about the safety of passengers. and mill tarizing the police. it's a national trend, but raised concerns after these clashes in ferguson, missouri. now nbc 10 finds out just how much military equipment being used by local police departments across the delaware valley. and making the grade. a national magazine recognizes villanova university and several other area schools. next the reasons they're getting top honors in higher education.
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president obama meets with congressional leaders at the white house to build support for tougher action against islamist terrorists. it looks like he'll get it. nbc 10 national correspondent steve hand elseman reports from washington. >> reporter: it's not hard for president obama to sell a stepped up war on isis. to congressional leaders who
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came to the white house. >> we have a very serious problem. what we need is a strategy. >> reporter: a year ago, president obama failed to get support for intervening in syria. since then, isis grew enormously there and invaded iraq. brutalizing local residents and beheading two u.s. journalists. 71% of americans now back u.s. air strikes on isis in iraq, and 65% support air strikes in syria in the "washington post" abc news poll. so do some u.s. lawmakers, liberals and conservatives. >> if the mission is to degrade isis, i think you have to go to syria. that's where their headquarters is. >> let's destroy them. let's do it as quickly as possible. >> reporter: but president obama is not in a rush. he's starting in iraq, from the air, with kurds and iraqis hitting isis on the ground hopefully helped fight troops from jordan, turkey and saudi arabia. a coalition. lawmakers demand that. >> we can't bear the burden alone of defeating a terrorist
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organization that poses an even more imminent threat tomorrow nations than it does to us. >> reporter: so a team of nations, no u.s. ground combat, and air strikes in iraq. that's the obama plan. >> a congressional buy in as the president described it is very important. it's a priority. >> reporter: so is a buy in by the public. tomorrow night. i'm steve handlesman, nbc 10 news. >> you can watch president obama's address to the nation tomorrow night at 9:00 on nbc 10 and lies, manipulations and a failure of leadership are all outlined in an investigation into the health care system serving our country's veterans. the report from the v.a.'s acting inspector general brought the v.a. secretary to testify before a senate committee on capitol hill today. richard griffin said at least 13 managers at v.a. facilities lied to his investigators. meanwhile this afternoon, pennsylvania senator bob casey said there is progress reducing the v.a.'s disability claims backlog, but there's still a long way to go.
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>> veterans and their families should demand that this claims backlog system works for them. and that's the least that they should demand. >> new v.a. secretary bob mcdonald says shortening wait times for veterans and changing the system's culture are at the top of the agency's priorities list. seven weeks after malaysia airlines flight mh 17 crashed in ukraine, the dutch safety board released a preliminary report about what happened while it stopped short of saying that the boeing 777 was shot down by a missile, its findings appear to point to that conclusion. the plane crashed over pro-russia-held territory in eastern ukraine back on july 17th. all 298 people on board were killed. the majority of them dutch. the report said the damage was caused by high energy objects that penetrated the aircraft and led to the jet breaking up in the air.
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>> somebody had to be responsible for this accident. somebody should have pressed a button to shot down the plane. so we would like to find out who. >> because of the conflict between the pro-russian rebels and ukrainian forces, investigators were only able to visit part of the plane's wreckage. the safety board's final report is expected within a year. you trust them with your life when you fly, but an increasing number of pilots are using drugs that could impair them during flight. a study from the national transportation safety board looked at toxicology tests of pilots killed in accidents between 1990 and 2012. the most impairing drug those pilots had in their system was a sedating antihistamine often used in cold medicines and sleep aids. evidence of illegal drugs was found in only a small number of cases despite the findings the ntsb says there has not been an increase in the number of accidents for drugs were the
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cause. if you're looking to save money on groceries, consider this. a harvard study found that the average family of four throws away more than $1500 worth of food every single year. but some businesses are trying to capitalize on this now. there are now stores that specialize in expired food products that most of us toss in the trash offering it at greatly reduced prices. take b and e salvage in louisville, kentucky. 75% of items sold from best buy or use by dates that have already expired. but food experts say you don't have to worry. >> it has nothing to do with safety at all. it's just a manufacturer's best guess on when that food is going to be the fresh e. and the best quality. >> with that said, though, experts warn consumers to not buy meat, baby formula or medicines that have passed their sell by dates. but say many packaged goods could live on for a long time. how about this? a rare find that any woman would love to have if they're willing
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to pay up to $16 million. diamond miners in south africa have uncovered oh, look at that, a 232 carat white diamond. discovered at the cullum mine. another diamond there found in 1905 was more than 3100 carats and cut into stones that are now part of britain's crown jewels. well, another cloudy and cool day to start the week. the clouds are going to hang around, too, even as we go into tonight. cool temperatures still as we go into this evening and still as we go through the overnight hours. we do have one warm day this week. one day where temperatures will be close to 90 degrees that will come with some thunderstorms, though. so after that warm day that evening we'll be tracking thunderstorms moving through the area. then we're going to cool down again. here's a live look out center city looking at the comcast
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center. we have just about overcast skies and a few light showers trying to make their way. mostly into our shore points and some of our delaware beaches. right now in philadelphia, overcast, 75 degrees. humidity is up a bit but at least the temperatures are comfortable. and we still have a bit of a breeze out there around 10 miles per hour. temperatures north and west through the le high valley, 72 degrees, 64 in mount poconos, 75 will mington, 74 northeast philly. 70s into atlantic city staying in the low 70s. a lot of shore points still getting onshore wind in from the northeast. temperatures atlantic city down to avalon into the low 70s. high tide coming in and rip current risk will be lasting through tomorrow as well. locally we have a lot of clouds around. the rain is mainly offshore. and it's also moving away. but a few showers are trying to make their way onshore, mostly for the delaware beaches in
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sussex county and some areas along cape may and atlantic counties. these are mostly very light sprinkles. that will stay in the forecast through this evening. the rain mainly south and east of philadelphia tomorrow morning. we start with some cloud but then we start to see a little more in the way of sun through the afternoon. thursday is when we expect warm temperatures by 5:00 thursday afternoon a line of storms moving through that lasts until thursday night. so we could see even heavier rain through parts of new jersey late thursday,but then we start to clear out as we go into friday. friday we'll see a lot of improvement. for tonight though cloudy and breezy. chance of a shower south and east, 64 philadelphia. tomorrow clouds in the morning, more sunshine in the afternoon. temperatures a little bit warmer than today, around 80 degrees. then as we go into thursday we're going to be about 10 degrees warmer near 90s and thunderstorms. cooler as we go into the weekend. chance of showers saturday. more than two decades my alma mater villanova university has topped the list of great schools for great prices in the north. according to "u.s. news and
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world report." universities also among the nation's best for undergraduate teaching. other local universities earned top honors for the report. princeton tops the list of national universities. u penn ranks eighth. swarthmore college is third on the list of liberal arts schools. while haverford college ranks aigtd. >> i also taught there but i don't take credit at all. thousands of armored vehicles, high-powered rifles and other military equipment are now in the hand of local police departments nationwide. >> and they create a concern after the violent clashes in ferguson. nbc 10 found out how much military equipment is now in the hands of local police departments across the delaware valley. ahead at 5:30, predator crackdown. how lawmakers in washington are working to stop convicted sex
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offenders from getting jobs that put them in contact with school children.
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the clashes between protesters and police in ferguson, missouri last month have drawn attention to the mill tarization of local police departments across the country. today lawmakers on capitol hill gave us a better idea of how much military equipment is being
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provided to our three states. delaware received more than 1700 rifles and mrap vehicles costing the department of defense more than $4 million. new jersey received more than 4,000 items to the tune of $21 million. and pennsylvania received more than 26,000 items, the fourth highest in the country. that cost more than $8 million. now to decision 2014. three races are on the ballot in today's primary election in delaware. the republican senate primary pits kevin wade against carl +o smank. will winner will take on democratic senator chris kuntz. two candidates for gop nomination for state treasurer. democrats mayrack and mcklossly are trying to win their nomination for state auditor. polls are open until 8:00 tonight. fallout continues over ray rice's firing. today his wife lashed out at the
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media and the public as well. she's outraged over the coverage and the reaction. >> next, despite the violent video and janae rice's reaction, why a delaware domestic violence expert is urging people not to rush and judge her. and all new on nbc 10 news at 6:00, robbers caught on video firing shots inside a local liquor store. the big break in the case coming up.
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we have new information tonight in the firing of baltimore ravens running back ray rice. nike says it's now cutting all ties to rice. it comes after tmz sports released a video showing rice knocking out his future wife janae in an elevator at the revel casino earlier this year. the ravens fired the all-pro running back. the nfl then suspended him indefinitely. today rice's wife took to instagram to speak out about her husband's firing. she says "no one knows the pain that the media and unwanted opinions from the public has caused my family. to make us relive a moment in our thrives we regret every day is a horrible thing." she goes on to say "to take something away from the man i love that he has worked for all his life just to gain ratings is horrific. this is our life. what don't you all get?" now, ray rice's firing and janae
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rice's statements have everyone talking. and some people aren't just criticizing the now former football star. nbc 10 delaware bureau reporter tim furlong sat down with a domestic violence expert who says people should not rush to judge the victim. >> reporter: like the rest of us, dr. timothy brand has now seen the video of ray rice punching his wife in the face. >> i thought it was appalling. it is probably not much different than situation that is happen every day not captured on videotape. >> reporter: the fact ray rice was a nfl star does make some things about the story different. and janae rice's reaction on instagram is obviously generating heightened scrutiny as well. at child inc. in wilmington, the doctor deals with all sides of domestic cases. he says he has learned every victim reacts differently. this includes janae rice. >> people have their own reasons for doing things. i would urge people not to be too judgmental about anything she might say. because we're not walking in her shoes. >> reporter: what seems so tough
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for many people to grasp, though, janae doesn't seem to finger herself as the victim despite what we all see in the video. she says on instagram she and ray will continue to grow and show the world what real love is. many of us might wonder why she stays with a man who attacked her. >> victims of domestic violence stay with their abusers and go back to their abusers for many, many different reasons. some are economic, some are concern about their children. whatever she decides to do is the right thing for her. >> reporter: he says down the road janae might decide to go a different direction but at least for right now she's making it pretty clear she's standing by her man, even if millions around the country just don't seem to understand why. in middletown, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. form atlanta falcons linebacker turned attorney and author tim green believes ray rice will play in the nfl again if he can turn his life and family around. green spoke to kids at the
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alfred waters middle school in newcastle county today. he says the ray rice situation is a tragedy, but it should be used as a teachable moment for other young players in the league. >> everyone wants the good part that comes with playing in the nfl. you like the adulation, the admiration, you like the paycheck. but you also have to realize with that comes an incredible amount of responsibility. >> the students at waters middle school were required to read one of green's books over the summer. today they got to ask him questions about his books and his various careers. stay with nbc 10 for continuing coverage of ray rice and the domestic violence debate. at 6:00 we're asking new jersey governor chris christie if he has problems with the way the case was prosecuted. new at 5:30, congressional leaders are trying to make it tougher for convicted sex offenders to jump from job to job across the school districts.
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jim rosen feld, this bill came about with a case with a local connection. >> reporter: lawmakers on capitol hill say this bill would close a loophole that led to the death of 12-year-old jeremy bell back in 1997. now, it's already passed the house, but it's stall in the senate. it stems from the case of convicted child molester and murderer edgar freidricfreidric. he was released from his job at one school, but he got a new job in pennsylvania. that's where he raped and murdered bell. lawmakers say students need to be better protected from sexual predators. >> it's a no-brainer. this is a lay up. this is the one bill out of 300 or so we've sent over that should get a vote immediately so we can begin protecting kids. there's no reason to hold up. >> schools should be a place where kids are safe. and we could be doing more. >> reporter: the new bill would require schools to perform background checks on all new and
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existing employees. it also forbids schools from hiring people who have been convicted of violent or sexual crimes against children. senator toomey says since january 1st of this year more than 325 teachers and school employees have in fact been arrested across the u.s. for sexual misconduct with children. including a delaware county teacher, paul haushwinder. he was arrested in march for allegedly inappropriately touching several of his students at darby township little. he was arrested again in may when police say another alleged victim came forward. the young woman told investigators she was a 6-year-old first grade student at ethan elementary school in radner school when he inappropriately touched her. right now he's out on bail. nbc 10 uncovered in may haushwinder resigned from other schools before taking a new job in the delco district. current law doesn't require the
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school district or teacher to reveal why he resigned. nbc 10 news. here are some of the stories making headlines on nbc 10 news at 5:30. christina regusters's family insists she's not guilty. regusters is charged with kidnaping a child from her school and sexual assaulting her. speaking for the very first time, regusters told nbc 10 she goes to court every day to support her daughter even though she can't talk to her. her family says listening to the graphic testimony has been difficult. more bad news for atlantic city's casino crisis today. trump entertainment resorts just filed for bankruptcy. the company owns trump plaza which is scheduled to close in one week. and trump taj mahal as well which officials say could close in november. today warning notices went out to the taj mahal's employees. they would be the fifth casino in atlantic city to close this year. and hundreds of children in nearly a dozen states have been sickened by a severe respiratory illness. it's called entero virus d 68.
5:37 pm
the centers for disease control and prevention is warning pregnant women and breastfeeding moms of the dangers of the virus and also the possibility of passing it on to children. parents know the danger could always be lurking just anywhere, including on the way to and from school. >> that's where volunteers come in. ahead, how concerned citizens are stepping in to make sure philadelphia students make it safely to school and back home. and the newest product from apple. we're getting our first look at the latest version of the iphone. what the the device will feature and when it hits stores.
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i'm vince lattanzio. the fight against ebola comes to our area. a local biotech company has
5:40 pm
inked a deal with the department of defense to see if two drugs they created can fight the potentially deadly virus. the medicines were not developed specifically to fight ebola, though. visit on our mobile apps right now to find out what ailments they were created to fight and much more. it's a digital exclusive story from our partners at the philadelphia business journal. you can read more now at in the digital operations center, vince lattanzio, nbc 10 news. the speculation, jackie, it's all over. apple takes the wraps off its newest generation of the iphones. >> what the new device is offering and when you can get your hands on it. well, another cloudy and cool day. but there is a warm up in the forecast. it does come with some thunderstorms, though. i'll show you the timing of that. plus how cool it will be over the weekend. that's straight ahead. plus all new on nbc 10 news at 6:00, a child in a wheelchair attacked, and why it's not the first time and who police think might be responsible.
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from our delaware bureau tonight, a new law signed today aims to clear up some of the confusion surrounding the rights of pregnant mothers in the workplace. governor jack markell signed the because into law this afternoon. it calls on employers to make reasonable accommodations to allow women to putsch breast milk. this delaware woman five filed a suit saying her employer would not help her find a place to pump. this new law should prevent that from happen you would think it's common sense. but it's a lack of education.
5:44 pm
we're hoping it informs employers. many have clear intentions to take care of theirfy mail employees but misunderstand. >> supporters of the bills say it makes economic sense for women who don't want to leave their child when they have a baby or to be pressured into leaving. an anonymous donor is pledging $10 million to rutgers university to help fund cancer research. over the next two years, money will help advance the treatment of patients with rare and resistant cancers that do not respond to standard therapies. the donation will also increase the number of patients that the rutgers university can treat in clinical trials of targeted therapies. tech fans around the world have been waiting for this day for a long time. apple presented its latest products today and new iphones are on the way. but that's not all. nbc has a look at what to expect. >> on this stage 30 years ago,
5:45 pm
steve introduced the macintosh to the world. >> and steve jobs always made his big announcements after a lot of buildup. after announcing everything else he would pause and say, one more thing. today tim cook's nod to the late ceo. >> we have one more thing. >> reporter: apple watch with a dial called a digital crown on the side. it functions much like the click wheel on the old ipods or mouse on your computers. how much? three collections starting at $349 early next year. >> payment process. >> reporter: the crowning announcement on so many others today like apple pay. cook says this new payment platform can replace your credit card. >> you're totally reliant on the, posed numbers and the outdated and vulnerable magnetic stripe interphase which is five decades old. >> reporter: you pay like this instead. it's not new technology but apple's effort to integrate retailers both onlife and brick and mortar will ensure it will
5:46 pm
hit the mainstream once people start to see >> it in theory someday you'll be able to leave your credit cards at home. >> reporter: the new iphone 6 models are bigger, both battery life and stronger wi-fi and a better 8 megapixel camera. oh, and there was this. ♪ >> reporter: u 2 performing. anyone with an itunes account will find their new album in their music library. click on it to be part of the largest album release in history. the first new iphones ship on september 19, next friday. so ten more days for those folks who are already in line outside the apple stores. in cupertino, jennifer borkland, nbc news. joan rivers is now said to be honored on the great white way. the broadway looeg which represents theater owners and producers announced it will ask theaters to diment lights in honor of the late comedienne. at first they said rivers did
5:47 pm
not meet the criteria for the honor. she died last week at the age of 81. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist s sheena parveen. >> reporter: things will start to warm up. but for tonight we'll stay mostly cloudy and cool. temperatures will stay down a little bit below average. one warm day as we go through the week. that warm day will also bring thunderstorms. the thunderstorms will be part of a cold front. so once the warm gets here the cool air is going to follow once again. here's a live look out at center city with the adventure aquarium. overcast skies. a few sprinkles moving onshore but not much. any rain that will move through will be isolated and light not lasting long at all. temperature in philadelphia at 75 degrees through the le high valley. mid 60s in pocono, south jersey, delaware in the mid 70s here.
5:48 pm
atlantic city at the airport 68 degrees. along the shore we're seeing most of the thicker cloud cover because it's closer to where all the rain is. all the rain is again continuing to move offshore. so that big batch of moisture is just going to keep moving away from us. but we do still have the clouds around just about overcast skies. some of our shore points in new jersey and delaware are going to be the most likely areas to see nip rain as we go through tonight. for atlantic county also cape may county a few very light showers heading your way even some beaches in sussex county. for the delaware beaches we have minor coastal flooding possible, coastal flood advisory but also a rip current risk there tonight through the day wednesday. we do expect a increased risk of rip currents. be very careful if you're out there and plan on going in the water. a few light showers trying to make their way on shore. best chance late tonight will be south and east of philadelphia
5:49 pm
where we'll see the more cloud cover. we could have rain to the south of delaware. we start off with cloud. then through the afternoon we start to see more sunshine building in it will be a little bit warmer than it was today. then as what he go into thursdaying that will be the warmest of the days. then we'll see a line of thunderstorms approaching not until about the afternoon, though. by 5:00 p.m. we should see it through the poconos and le high valley. later thursday night into delaware and new jersey. clearing out as we go into friday. and friday's going to cool back down into the 70s along with our weekend temperatures. for tonight, cloudy, a little breezy. chance of a shower mainly south and east of philadelphia. 64 for the low in philadelphia, 56 areas north and west. tomorrow cloudy in the morning, sunny in the afternoon. 77 to 80 for the high temperature. a bit warmer than today. but we're much warmer as we go into thursday. near 90 degrees. a much warmer day with thunderstorms in the forecast not until about the afternoon and evening. on friday we're in the upper 70s. sunny, cooler and clearing. then as we go into the weekend we have a chance of rain saturday.
5:50 pm
sunday looks pretty good but temperatures drop into the mid 70s. >> nice weather for football on friday. you can vote for the high school blitz game of the week for september 12th. that's friday. the choices are shawnee at williamstown. a bucks county battle between central bucks east and central bucks south. or washington township in cherokee. to cast your vote go to or our facebook page. you can also call or text your one-time vote to 610-624-4111. nbc 10 is your home for complete football coverage on the high school blitz every saturday night at 7:00 right here on nbc 10. and speaking of school, the walk to school and back can be full of danger. >> but this school year, dozens of people are keeping an close eye on philadelphia students. next, volunteers are stepping in amid budget cuts to make sure safety comes first. then breaking news coming up on nbc 10 news at 6:00, just moments ago the new jersey senate president called for an
5:51 pm
investigation into how the ray rice case was handled. we'll have details in a live report straight ahead on nbc 10 news at 6:00. i'm sheldon yellin, and i started my career rebuilding homes for one family at a time. today, our companies help build something more. for 28 years, belfor has been restoring homes and businesses destroyed by fire, flood, or any disaster. and even though we've grown to over 6,000 dedicated people
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cepta riders are getting a brush up on etiquette through a new campaign called dude it's rude. it gets riders thinking about their personal travel habits.
5:54 pm
it is taking a more direct approach to tackle annoying habits riders often complain about like people leaving trash behind, using foul language and blocking the front aisle. dude it's rude ads have been on cepta's timetables for years. now messages will appear on cepta's's vehicles. its name won't appear on ads because it wants riders to focus on the message and not the messenger. in a statement it says "customers appreciate our efforts to tackle the issues that bug them such as seat hogging." a call to save philadelphia schools from parents, teachers and students outside central high school in omni this morning. this is part of the philadelphia coalition advocating for public schools or pcap's week of resistance. they protest whad they call governor tom corbett's continuing failure to fund philadelphia and pennsylvania
5:55 pm
schools. with philadelphia schools back in session, the roads, the sidewalks are much more crowded than they've been in months. >> this morning volunteers helped many of those students walk to school. nbc 10's katy zachary explaining the program that is helping keep kids safe. >> reporter: beginning next week, you'll see adult volunteers walking kids to and from school. they're part of walk safe philadelphia, giving a few hours a day to help keep kids safe. >> this woman and her team of volunteers are starting the school year, too. but with radios, vests and comfortable shoes. >> on the sidewalk, please. >> reporter: these adults are with walk safe philadelphia, and give a few hours in the morning and afternoon to walk kids safely to and from school. >> as the budget cuts increase, the manpower decreases. so therefore, we are really sending out a massive call not to just this school but all the schools throughout the city that we need people who can give an hour in the morning and an hour
5:56 pm
in the afternoon. >> reporter: the district began the year on monday. more than $80 million in the red. many schools now have to share police officers. so fewer are outside to watch kids during arrival and dismissal. walk safe volunteers know the neighborhoods and have been trained to walk students to and from their schools while keeping an eye out for anything unsafe. >> i'm glad they are here. they need a little more of crossing guards at these corners. these kids get out of school, they're running everywhere, chasing after each other. >> this is not to say that there aren't good teachers or good administrators. it's everybody is feeling the pinch of something being taken away. and the volunteer is what fills that gap of what's being taken away. extra eyes, an extra set of ears, a hug, stability. those type of things. >> reporter: in south philadelphia, katy zachary, nbc 10 news. coming up next on nbc 10 news at 6:00, breaking news just moments ago the president of the
5:57 pm
new jersey senate calling for an investigation into how the ray rice case was handled. nbc 10 also asks the governor if he thought rice got off easy. a live report's coming up. kind of gloomy weather today. but when are the storms going to alive? i'll break it down on my exclusive nbc 10 first alert forecast. and a major step for philadelphia. brand-new details about the agreement with the city's largest union of municipal workers next on nbc 10 news at 6:00.
5:58 pm
5:59 pm
new fallout from this video showing ray rice knocking out his future wife in an atlantic city elevator. just minutes ago the president of the new jersey senate called for a review of why rice was allowed to enter a program that helped him avoid jail time. tonight rice himself is addressing the case as well. he reportedly talked to espn by phone saying "i have to be strong for my wife. she is so strong. we are in good spirits. we have a lot of people praying for us, and we'll continue to support each other." hours earlier, rice's wife released a statement supporting him. but several companies are distancing themselves from rice now. nike saying it's severing its business ties. ea sports is removing rice from the roster on its madden nfl video game, and the baltimore ravens are offering to ex change rice jerseys. meanwhile the atlantic county prosecutor is facing allegations
6:00 pm
tonight that rice got off easy. tonight nbc 10 took that question straight to new jersey's governor. nbc 10's south jersey bureau reporter cydney long is live outside the prosecutor's office in mays landing. sydney, this is your second day in a row trying to get answers about the pretrial intervention program that helped rice avoid jail time. what happened today? >> reporter: today we did finally get our hands on some court documents, actual paperwork that ray rice himself signed at the bottom agreeing that he must attend anger management courses for at least a one-year period as well as the general conditions of his supervision, which say he must seek or maintain gainful employment, something rice doesn't have right now. >> violence against anybody in our society should not happen, particularly men against women. it is just