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tv   Today  NBC  September 10, 2014 7:00am-11:01am EDT

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need to know before you walk out the door. thanks for watching. have a great day. president obama set to make his case for defeating isis in a rare prime time address to the nation tonight. this as secretary of state john kerry arrives in the middle east overnight to support for strikes against a terror group. playing defense. growing criticism and calls to resign. the nfl commissioner speaks out about his handling of the ray rice scandal. >> we assumed that there was a video. we asked for video. we asked for anything that was pertinent, but we were never granted that opportunity. >> while rice's old team issues a new apology and the former star makes its first comment since being suspended. "today" exclusive, look inside the home of oscar pistorius, an up close tour of
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the room why the former olympian shot and killed his girlfriend, reeva steenkamp. with the verdict in the case now less than 24 hours away. brutal night for bieber, justin bieber appears at a fundraiser and is booed before, during, and after. today wednesday, september 10th, 2014. from nbc news, this is "today." with matt lauer and savannah guthrie, live from studio 1 a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today," wednesday morning, i'm matt lauer. have you ever had this situation, someone comes with an idea and you say you're kidding, right? well, actually we're not kidding. this is going to be a lot of fun. we have never, as this group -- >> nope. >> ever started together at the 7:00 hour of this show. >> get used to it.
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>> what did you really think? >> i loved it. >> you did? >> we'd be his angels. >> that's right. >> after i very bad feeling about this. >> i want to be on the record. >> maternity week we begin with kathy lee and hoda. >> we kept it totally clean in the cuts. >> yeah. >> we're sorry that barbara walters couldn't make it. >> we'll talk to you in just a second. we have a lot of news. the latest speech from president obama later tonight to outline the threat post by isis and how he plans to deal with it. nbc's national correspondent peter alexander is at the white house with more, peter, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, long day ahead here at the white house. president obama is prepared to authorize air strikes in syria, but tonight he is unlikely to announce he's already done so. the president's plan in the
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words of aids is to lay out the strategy for degrading and ultimately destroying isis. what is obviously a complex challenge in an unpredictable region. with isis overrunning iraq and finding a safe haven in syria, tonight the president makes his case for going on offense. a strategy he previewed behind closed doors tuesday. while president obama has ruled out u.s. ground groups, the senior administration official tells nbc news the president asked lawmakers for the authority to train the syrian opposition which would require a vote in congress. white house aids say must happen before congress goes on recess next week. in a statement, house speaker john boehner later expressed support for some of the president's proposals, including training and equipping the syrian opposition. still aids say the president believes he does not need authority to take expanded military action against isis. press secretary josh ernest. >> if the president believes this is a high national security
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priority. >> reporter: overnight, secretary of state john kerry made an unannounced stop in iraqi, part of his tour to build a coalition of allies that according to one aid has not required a lot of arm twisting. the white house says tonight the president won't give operational details and estimated cost or any precise timetable for the fight against isis. this is not a short term proposition. this prime time address comes one year to the day since president obama's last serious speech. >> my fellow americans -- >> reporter: then americans were largely skeptical of action in syria, but not anymore. especially after two barbaric beheadings. >> i think it emboldens us, stiffens our spine, it's enraged americans. >> reporter: then was the assad regime in syria. this time it is isis militants and the nature of the speech underscores its stakes, but also a significant shift for this president who wanted to lee the white house as a peacetime present, now it's likely to commit a potentially costly
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military campaign. >> all right, peter alexander at the white house, thank you very much. chuck todd is nbc's political director and moderator of "meet the press," good morning. he wanted to leave as a peacetime president, isis makes this decision. >> that's what he's confronting tonight. he's been reluctant. over a ten day period, he seemed to be the last one to acknowledging that there needed to be a military campaign. there wasn't a political solution, and that's what he's going to outline tonight. >> he makes this speech on the eve of the anniversary of the 9/11 attacks and as a new journal poll shows that half of americans feel less safe now than they did just before those 9/11 attacks. and our polling shows that two-thirds of americans say it's in our best interest to confront. >> this is an odd situation. usually they go to prime time and tries to rally the nation
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behind him. in this case, the nation's there, they're trying to find out if the president is with them. you know these beheadings, it was the most followed news story that we've tracked in five years. that's where the fear comes from. >> we don't expect to the hear the ma knew that of the plan tonight, one of the things is the training and the support of the syrian opposition. >> so-called moderate opposition. >> he's asked congress the authority to do that. i want to read you something he said to the new york times three weeks ago, he said there is not as much capacity as you would hope when it comes to finding, training, and arming a sufficient number of those opposition members. so is he about to contradict himself tonight. >> i feel like he has. this is not the solution. the solution when you talk to him frankly what he was saying to me in the interview and what his aids say, the solution is saudi troops, uae troops, it's turkish troops, this moderate opposition, the reason the
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president has been reluctant to arm them before, they barely exist, the fear is that the arms end up in isis. >> and the speech will raise questions. how long will this take, how much will it cost, can it be accomplished? can you defeat them without u.s. troops on the ground. congress wants to hear the answers. >> they do. and those are why the president was so reluctant in the first place, he hasn't got an good answer what happened after the bombing. >> chuck todd, thank you very much. nbc news will have live coverage of the president's address to the nation, that's tonight at 9:00 eastern, 6:00 pacific time. hoda. >> all right matt, thank you so much. there is more fallout this morning tied to the ray rice scandal and that video of rice knocking out his then fiancee. they are now speaking out while the nfl and the baltimore ravens do damage control. nbc's josh elliott has been following this closely and has details. >> good morning. in the hours after the video surfaced, ray rice was fired by the baltimore ravens, suspended
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indefinitely from the league. and this morning, the collective outcry intensifies as sponsors cut ties with rice and the pblg furry's grows even as the league and the former team release that they didn't know and when they know. >> reporter: steven ba shrks hadi pub accomplished saying team officials had not seen the new footage before monday. but he claims, police, prosecutors, and the presiding judge had all seen it and still allowed rice, a first time offender to enter a pretrial probationary program that could clear him of an assault charge. he does say the team deserves some blame, writing quote, seeing that video changed everything. we should have seen it earlier. we should have pursued our own investigation more vigorously. we didn't. and we were wrong. meanwhile, nfl commissioner roger goodell addressed the question so many ask still, how is it possible the league hadn't
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seen the footage made public by tmz sports before monday? goodell spoke with cbs news. >> we had not seen any videotape of who occurred in the elevator. we assumed that there was a video, we asked for video, we asked for anything that was pertine pertinent, but we were never granted that opportunity. >> reporter: many find that hard to believe. >> this is the nfl. they can do pretty much anything they want, but to claim that oh no, we asked and we were rebuffed and had no way of getting ahold of it, that begs reality. >> reporter: reality that's bleak today. sponsors such as nike terminated deals with them. >> ray rice -- >> reporter: while ea sports is getting rid of his image in a football video game. programs where fans can exchange their unwanted rice jerseys. some had no interest in the trade. on a day when flowers were delivered to his home, rice thanked his supporters telling
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espn, quote, i have to be strong for my wife. she's so strong. we're in good spirits, end quote. meanwhile, his wife janay lashed out at the media on instagram writing quote, to make us relive a moment that we regret every day is a horrible thing. now with regard to the claim made by the ravens that authorities investigating the incident had seen that tape, we have sought comment and have have not received comment. rice is hiring a pr firm, he will not speak publicly about this matter. new mexico he does. >> there is a lot more to discuss and you're going to come back and chat with us more, right? >> thank you so much, back to you. >> thanks hoda. al warned us about the severe storms yesterday, it happened overnight. >> we have some amazing video. you have to see this, it could have turned out a lot worse. this is north of las vegas. watch the car on the left, guy just steps out of it, and the car, minivan pulled into a wash.
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and vanishes. there was a family of three in there, they all got out safely, thankfully. this has been going on in las vegas. now, we've also got in the midwest, this is chillicothe, illinois. in omaha, nebraska, more flooding, cars getting stuck in the rain. we're going to have more today. over a wider area. stretching from detroit, indianapolis, on into st. louis, chicago will be involved as well. we're looking for heavy rain that'll be moving in over the next 24 hours. you can see the wide area of heavy rain pushing through chicago, airport delays are going to be a big problem, st. louis going to see airport delays as well. whole system is pushing on in here. as it does, we have flash flood watches and warnings because we're looking at rainfall amounts of two to three inches of hour. some parts of missouri, ten inches of rain in the last five hours. and so we're looking at another one to three inches, the
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bullseye is central indiana. we're going to be watching these. flash flooding is going to be a big problem over the next 24 hours. >> all right, al, thank you very much. natalie has got new trouble tied to the police shooting in missouri that sparked protests all across the nation. >> that's right, emotions boiling over once again in ferguson, missouri, tuesday night at the first city council meeting since the michael brown shooting. so many people showed up there, it had to be moved to a nearby church. the meeting was intended to promote community healing, instead, koibl members were greeted with anger and voter retribution. one said the city council lost its authority to govern the communi community. we have the hosk story out of alabama. bodies of five young children were found. the father is to blame. they were reported missing from their south carolina home nearly a week ago. on saturday, jones was stopped in mississippi after a dui check
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point and tuesday, jones allegedly confessed to police and showed them where he dumped the children's bodies in alabama. jones is awaiting extradition to south carolina where it is expected he'll be charged in their deaths. broadway pays special tribute to joan rivers tuesday night before curtain time. theaters dimmed their lights in honor of the comedian. river's appeared on broadway in the 70s, 80s, and 90s. the broadway league initially decided that rivers did not meet the criteria for dimming the lights, thank goodness they changed their mind after theaters owners decided to do it on their own. and in southern california, orange was the new blacktop. thousands of oranges covered a roadway in pala, east of san diego, after a truck's trailer overturned. no one was hurt, but the mess took a few hours to clean up. and they say, you see there, a lot of clean up to do. they say you should never fall asleep on the job even if your job is a burglar.
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look at this photo, police say this is of 29-year-old deon davis, they say he actually broke into a sarasota, florida, home, started to steal, then just laid down and decided to take a little nap. passed out on the bed. maid showed up, finds him there sleeping in bed. well the officers did wake him up, he was still there when they came, had a bag of jewelry beside him. he is now facing burglar charges, still no word on why he was so sleepy. >> i'm going to go out on a limb and say there was alcohol involved. >> something that caused that. >> i needed to test out the bed. so sleepy. >> got to get it when you can. mr. roker. >> yes. let's show you what we have for today as we mentioned, we have in a risk of strong storms in the midsection of the country, high surf advisories along the northeastern atlantic coast because a big area of high pressure, storm system out into the atlantic as well. look for sunshine along the western two-thirds of the
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country, gorgeous day there. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. to start your car search. great for frank, who's quite particular... russian jazz funk? next to swedish hip hop. when he knows what he wants... - thank you. do you have himalayan toad lilies? spotted, or speckled? speckled. yes. he has to have it. a cubist still life of rye bread... sold. it's perfect. which is why we'll ship a canary yellow jeep with leather seats from dallas to burbank if it's the one frank wants. carmax. start here. temperatures staying below average for us today, ranging between 77 and 80 degrees. mostly cloudy skies, as you can see on our camera here. and as we head into tomorrow, we are going to see a big-time warm-up. take a look at our temperatures. 89 degrees. it's going to feel like the middle of summer. warm with storms as we head into your thursday evening, so be careful with your evening
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commute. we drop right back down with the cold front that's going to cool us into the 70s, and we'll stay there for the weekend. and that's your latest weather. >> thank you very much. president faced criticism recently over the time he spends playing golf. and willie's here with more problems tied to his favorite hobby, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, the president was just outside new york city to attend the wedding of his former chef sam cass he hoped to sneak in a round of golf. when there was request to play seven elite courses, it turned him away. according to several sources who spoke to jonathan deats of our new york station, some of the new york area's top country clubs including the trump national golf club, wing foot, and willow ridge turned down requests for president obama to play a round over labor day weekend. club managers didn't want to inconvenience their dues paying member by shutting down the
7:17 am
courses by shutting down the courses. >> it's probably the most important weekend of the year for golf, and 240 members are not going to say hey, let the president come out, i'm not going to play this weekend. there's no way that would ever happen. >> reporter: denied at tea time, the president headed back to the white house before returning to new york to attend a wedding. the white house explaining the itinerary change by saying -- >> sleep in his own bed. do a little work tomorrow, spend time with his family and travel back to new york tomorrow evening. >> reporter: the country club snub comes shortly after the president took heavy criticism for golfing last month during his vacation. just minutes after denouncing the militants who executed american journalist james foley. in an interview on "meet the press," the president acknowledged timing could have been better. >> i should have anticipated the optics. >> reporter: but this is not the first time a president has been turned away. one of the courses denied bill clinton membership when he first moved to the area, denying any
7:18 am
preferential treatment, even for a presidential tee time. some club officials said president obama's not the first they've turned down over the years, and he wasn't by the way the only head of state rejected over the weekend. the king of morocco tried and failed to secure a tee time at some of the same courses. >> not so good to be the king. >> no. >> by the way, could we put in a call to lester and erykah and get everybody. >> yeah. >> this has got to be the most people around the table at once. >> debora and ask why i'm here. >> callout for the president. >> there you go. did apple's much anticipated live event live up to all the hype? they unveiled two new iphones, a smart watch and new album. we have the reaction online. >> reporter: let's go into my office, it's a little crowded here. big announcement yesterday as
7:19 am
you can see, ceo tim cook up in cupertino, now he knew about the iphone 6, and for him in a post steve jobs world announcing that wearable watch was big for mr. cook. let's get to the details. the 6 plus and 6, faster processer, better battery life, better camera, the whole thing, the wall is a thing of yesteryear now. 4.7, bigger than the iphone 5 you have now. the now the watch is cool. touch screen, works in pairing with your iphone. vibrates and tells you where to walk, obviously track your heart rate. when can you get it? later this month the presales go watch early next year. coming up, why this photo of them there. the internet had fun with that. and this guy really stole the show right here, scarf guy. we'll have all the deal with him coming up in the next half hour. guys, back to you. >> little did he know.
7:20 am
>> scarf guy. carson, thank you very much. coming up, the verdict in the oscar pistorius murder trial expected tomorrow. coming up an nbc news exclus ef, right now i'm standing inside of oscar pistorius's bedroom. the first time american tv cameras have been allowed inside. we're going to walk you through the shooting step by step, what pistorius says happened when he walked down the hallway and why he shot her. how close were they when it all happened? full access coming up. also we are going to sit down with a group of nfl wives for an open and honest discussion on the ray rice scandal. why they say it is time for the league to make some changes. first, this is "today" on nbc. stripping down,
7:21 am
7:22 am
justin bieber's odd response to being booed. can your dog do this? let me introduce to you that talented pooch and much, much
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more on ginsz world record holders. >> i think kathy lee's dog can do that. >> first your local news. >> i can't do that. ( telephone rings ) hi, honey. how's the camping trip? well, kids had fun, but i think i slept on a rock. what are you doing? having coffee. ah, sounds good! i thought you'd say that. ah. ♪ the best part of wakin' up... ♪ you're the best! wake up to the mountain grown aroma of folgers. ♪ ... is folgers in your cup! ♪ ♪
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good morning. i'm tracy davidson. let's get your first alert forecast from meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. it's a mild start, mostly cloudy skies. our temperatures right now 64 degrees in allentown, 61 in pottstown, 68 in philadelphia. temperatures today warming into the high 70s, but changes tomorrow. storms and temperatures close to 90 degrees. if you're on your way out the door, let's get an update on what's happening on the roads. for that, we check with nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jillian mele. jillian? >> good morning, tracy. we're following an accident right now on the new jersey turnpike, the southbound side just past 195, which is exit 7a. involving an overturned drump truck into the median, but the left lane is blocked by emergency officials, so use
7:27 am
caution. also, mass transit, the septa north town line, delays 20 minutes both directions, but so far, that is the only delay on mass transit. tracy? there are new questions this morning about the way the prosecutor handled the ray rice case. the state senate president in new jersey is calling for a review of the case, which follows the release of a new video showing the former baltimore ravens star knocking out his then fiancee inside a casino elevator. rice was charged with felony aggravated assault but entered a program that allowed him to avoid jail time. another update in 25 minutes and you can always get the latest news and weather on now back to the "today" show. i'm tracy davidson.
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welcome to the season premier of my show, i'll be hosting while savannah guthrie is out on maternity leave. >> she would be so welcomed, wouldn't she? >> in the middle of homecoming week here on the "today" show, savannah is on maternity leave. so are kathy lee and toe da. >> how did we get here? >> i'm post menopausal, i was up anyway. >> before rounding out the week with our good buddies maria shriver on friday. >> nice week. >> it is. >> i'm having fun. >> mixing it up a little bit. >> something different every day. >> it appears so. >> all right. shall we look at the
7:31 am
headlines? >> balancing in, we like it. >> let's look at the headlines, president obama will address the nation to be the to outline the strategy for confronting isis militants. he previewed his plan to congressional leaders tuesday and asked for the authority to train opposition forces in syria. nfl commissioner roger goodell responding to new criticism of his handling of the ray rice scanned. . he maintains that no one from the league saw video of rice hitting his then fiancee inside that elevator before monday. >> big discussion about that. and look at this unexpected sight off the california coast. gray whale swimming close to shore, it's not uncommon, but it is for this time of year. they've normally migrated by now. how much would you pay for a parking space? where they're going far cool million dollars apiece. >> probably. let's begin this half hour with a "today" exclusive, verdict expected tomorrow in the oscar pistorius murder trial.
7:32 am
"today" national investigative correspondent takes you inside the scene of that deadly shooting for the first time. he joins us now, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey matt, good morning, yeah, the countdown is on to this moment of truth. will oscar pistorius go three or go to prison? as you mention, the verdict less than 24 hours away now, but this morning, you're going to see the case like you've never seen it before. we are taking you inside the actual shooting scene for the first time on american tv. nbc news given exclusive access inside pistorius's bedroom, even inside the bathroom where he pulled the trigger. pistorius sold the house recently to pay off his legal bills and the new owner, allowed us to come over. since the shooting, oscar pistorius's luxury mansion has been off limits. the only images inside, these gruesome crime scene photos taken just hours after he shot and killed his girlfriend, reeva
7:33 am
steenkamp. until now. let me walk you through the shooting step by step in the very spot where it happened. that's right through here, oscar pistorius's master suite. it happened in the middle of the night. pistorius's bed was right over here, and you can see they've since gotten rid of all the furniture. pistorius says reeva was laying in bed, he had just come off the balcony, pistorius says he was standing at about this spot in the bedroom when he heard a noise from down that hallway right around the corner is the master bathroom. thought that was an intruder down there. prosecutors say if that's true, why wouldn't he walk what, two inches, wake reeva up and both run out the front door, make a safe escape away from the intruder. instead pistorius says he came to this side of the bed, keeps his gun under here, took the gun out and immediately drew his weapon holding it in his right hand. important to note, he was walking on his stubs, no
7:34 am
prosthetic legs at this point. he's using his left arm to walk down this hallway. cabinets towards the bathroom, and he's holding his gun out the entire time. here we are right here at the entranceway to the bathroom. he says he was creeping by, held his gun out and pointed it right at the toilet door. that's when pistorius says he heard another noise. thought the toilet door was opening, the intruder was coming at him, so he fired four shots. we now know that's not true. the door was completely shut, it was completely locked, and it wasn't an intruder in there, it was reeva. how did he make that mistake? one, two, three, four steps to get to this bathroom. why wouldn't reeva screaming, oscar, it's me, it's not an intruder. you get the idea when i stand here just how small this room is, and you think about reeva's final moment. and the terror she must have been in. nowhere to run, nowhere to hide.
7:35 am
barely had any room to move and the bullet holes are still here in the wall. pistorius maintains this was all self-defense. we brought our south african legal expert over here to the scene to help analyze this. you're telling me even if there was an intruder here inside behind those toilet door, you can't shoot at people. >> in order for self-defense to succeed, he had to prove that his life and reeva's life were in danger. and he acted in a way in which he did in order to protect their lives. now you showed how close this is to the bathroom door. there's no way to see that the door is closed and could have perceived this to be a danger to his life. >> reporter: what do you think this means for the verdict? >> being in the bathroom, i think his version is improbable. >> reporter: pistorius says after the shooting, rerlzed it
7:36 am
was reeva in there. he put on his legs and broke down the door with a cricket bat to help. that's when pistorius says he picked reeva up off the floor and physically carried her out of the bedroom and over here to the stairs. pistorius says even at this point, in his arms, reeva was unresponsive, but she was still breathing when he got here to the foot of the stairs, pistorius says he laid reeva down and at that moment in his arms, she took her final breath and died. the question before the judge now, was this just an accident as he claims or cold-blooded murder. absolutely chilling to be inside the home. you can still see the blood marks on some of the sections of the carpeting. tomorrow is a huge day in the case, the judge delivers a verdict, we'll be here for it. >> jeff, thank you very much. and as we mentioned, the expected verdict tomorrow.
7:37 am
we'll have coverage here on the show. let's get a check of the weather now from al. >> all right guys, we'll show you what's happening. big change as far as temperatures are concerned over the next 48 hours. so behind this front, it's a very big response, this is causing all the rain. bismarck, 57 degrees. montana, 32 degrees below normal at 36 for a high. omaha, 65, ahead of the front, look at temperatures, dallas, you're at 100 degrees today, ten degrees above normal. lexington at 88, but by thursday, drop in the temperature and friday colder. a houston, jackson, atlanta, all ahead above normal, but behind it, the temperatures are really going to plunge, cut back for a high of 46, minneapolis 60. 68 in st. louis, dallas will be in the low 70s by the time we get into friday. risk of strong storms again in the upper midwest today along the eastern sea board. maybe even some snow today in parts of western montana. they have winter storm warnings at glacier national
7:38 am
hi. i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. temperatures stay below average today, ranging between 77 and 80 degrees. mostly cloudy skies, as you can see on our camera here. and as we head into tomorrow, we are going to see a big-time warm-up. take a look at our temperatures. 89 degrees. it's going to feel like the middle of summer. warm with storms as we head into your thursday evening, so be careful with your evening commute. we drop right back down with a cold front that's going to cool us into the 70s, and we'll stay there for the weekend. and that's your latest weather. >> thank you very much. all right, coming up next, imagine turning on your faucet and nothing comes out. al takes a close look at the growing concerns over that extreme drought in the west. and coming up on trending, are you brave enough to live there? sure. >> no. >> the new plan to put homes on the side of a cliff. >> make it a mediterranean. >> not a chance. >> what could go wrong? ups is a global company, but most of our employees
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back now at 7:42 with a dire situation facing residents in california. one of the most severe droughts in the state's history is only getting worse. months after a state of emergency was declared, and now you recently traveled to the valley. >> it is stunning to see what's happening there. 82% of california is categorized and enduring extreme drought. and after three consecutive years of below normal rainfall, it's not just farmers suffering, some can't even get enough clean water to drink or wash their clothing. >> reporter: in late august in the tiny town of seville, california, aerpgs in the -- anticipation in the air. >> i'm calling people, is the well connected? >> reporter: for the first time the county was drilling a new well and becky was ecstatic. >> we'll be able to wash our
7:44 am
clothes, we'll be able to flush our toilets. we'll be able to take a shower. wash our dishes. >> reporter: seville is not the only town in the drought-weary county to run out of water. >> people around here haven't had water for like at least a couple months. >> reporter: thousands of residents in what's known as the fruit, nut, and berry basket of the nation are dry. show me what happens. >> well for today, that's what we have. >> reporter: some days there's a trickle out of the faucet, but then, becky has another problem. >> we have bacteria and just recently they noticed, telling us that we have nitrates as welt. >> reporter: the chemical comes from fertilizer and manure, some many farmers dispute, but unsafe water is an issue. >> over a million people in california don't have safe water coming out of their tap on an annual basis. >> reporter: this is the cofounder of the community water center. so somebody is watching in
7:45 am
michigan or new york or north carolina, why should they be concerned about this? >> we're seeing over and over again in community after community that if we're not paying attention to the source of that water, that it's vulnerable. >> reporter: in seville, engineers test for contaminates, but it's clear that the infrastructure means new well is just a temporary fix. still, becky is thankful. >> i'm going to take a shower. a long shower. >> reporter: well since we visited, becky did get water flowing through the taps, the county plans to deal with the infrastructure, but still in all, thousands of others in this region still have no water. >> we take so much for granted. >> we sure do. >> simple affect turning on a faucet. >> looked like a third world country. >> i was there two weeks ago, and it is, it's so brittle and just so dry. >> and the problem is they were hoping a strong el nineteen owe the was going to bring more rain, it's not happening. >> label the to southern california. >> barely enough. >> thanks so much. coming up on trending, the
7:46 am
adorable dad and daughter who cannot stop singing that great taylor swift song. and next up, just who was that guy in the scarf who had a lot of people talking at apple's big event. carson season in the orange room with his story right after this. there, baby girl? well, out here, the world is a little different. you're probably going to cry. but don't worry... you'll always be comfortable. the first hug they ever feel is from you. make sure the second hug feels just as good. huggies little snugglers diapers with a gentle absorb liner... draw more mess away than pampers swaddlers. i'll take care of you. i promise.
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7:50 am
for some of the attention grabbing moments from apple's big event on tuesday, carson. >> that's right, lots of announcements at apple's big event. iphones, iwatches. had to have fun with tim cook and bono by recreating this. there you go. really the talk yesterday was
7:51 am
this guy. scarf guy. that is tommy, he is a game developer, check that thing out right there. is that something wufl or what? everybody was talking about that. look at this, ryan writes, skip the phone, i want to know where that incredible scarf ensemble is. found mine. scarf guy, #applelive. comes in three iphone colors, gold, silver, gray. the technology is the hot ticket item is right here. i got mine this morning on the way into work. >> apple scarf. >> that's an infinity scarf. >> that is. >> i like those. >> match my purple tie, i went with this today. >> grow the hair a little bit. >> i'm going to work on that this afternoon. >> carson, thank you. coming up, what do nfl wives think of the league's handling of the ray rice scandal? we'll hear from a group of them on how its all played out. inside the met gala, one of the most glamorous events.
7:52 am
inside the met gala, one of the most glamorous events. and two woman: everyone in the nicu -- all the nurses wanted to watch him when he was there 118 days. everything that you thought was important to you changes in light of having a child that needs you every moment. i wouldn't trade him for the world. who matters most to you says the most about you. at massmutual we're owned by our policyowners, and they matter most to us. if you're caring for a child with special needs, our innovative special care program offers strategies that can help.
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good morning. i'm tracy davidson. it's just before 8:00. let's get your first alert forecast from meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. we are going to see temperatures below average for us today. 81 is our average. 79 is our high for today. but look at what happens tomorrow. we warm all the way to 89 degrees, and that's not end of it. we're also tracking storms into your thursday. if you take a look at friday, a cold front's going to drop our temperatures right back down. saturday-sunday, we track another chance for rain, but we stay below average, in the mid-70s. >> all right, thanks. if you're on your way out the door, let's get an update on the area roads. for that, nbc 10 traffic reporter jillian mele. >> good morning, tracy. we have a delay 20 minutes on the septa norristown line. and heavy delays on highways, including 76. this is the westbound side crawling along at city avenue. you can see the westbound delay
7:57 am
from the vine to the blue route about 30 minutes. 26 minutes between those two points on the eastbound side. tracy? the defense is set to open its case in the trial of a woman accused of abducting a 5-year-old girl from a philadelphia school and sexually assaulting her. christina regusters' defense attorney says expect two to three witnesses to be called to the stand, but he had not said if regusters will be one of them. regusters is accused of kidnapping a girl from her cobbs creek school in january of 2013 and then sexually assaulting her and leaving her at a park. the trial is in its third week. happening today at the atlantic city casino crisis, trump end at the same time resorts will have its first hearing in bankruptcy court. the company and its casinos filed for bankruptcy protection yesterday. it also announced that without concessions from workers, the trump taj mahal would shut down in november. trump plaza is scheduled to close next week. we'll have another local update in 25 minutes and you can get the latest news and weather at now back to the "today" show. i'm tracy davidson. thanks for watching.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
xx xxxx it's 8:00 on today, and coming up, tackling a tough subject. >> everything they're trying to build, they're trying to build together and be a family, and they made this one big mistake. >> we talk to the wives of nfl players as they weigh in on the ray rooigs scandal and what it's like to be married to an nfl star. >> the nfl is going to have to change. plus would you live here? the distinctive property that makes life a real cliff hanger. and jessica's journey from the help to zero dark thirtiy. she has wowed audiences with her versatility. she joins us live to talk the role made just for her. today wednesday, september 10th,
8:01 am
2014. >> hi to our kids back in texas. >> we made it from minnesota. >> new york, hello, canada. ♪ >> celebrating becoming first time grandparents. >> i'm shay. >> and i'm john, and we just got married. >> and we're back now, 8:00 on a wednesday morning, 10th day of september, 2014. and here is the sight you don't see very often on this show. matt lauer along with al roker, kathy lee gifford, hoda kobt, and carson daly. we're continuing our homecoming week, savannah's continuing her maternity leave and we're thrilled to have you here. >> look at the sincerity. >> this is fun. >> we can request bloody mary's
8:02 am
and nobody got it. >> i'm working on that. >> how about this right here? >> that's right. >> they're on the cover of usa today's best year's magazine. they call you tv's darling duo. >> there's lots of air brushing. >> out the wazu. >> lots of it. >> i'm the new 40, and you're 50, so you're the new 20. >> something like that. >> all right. >> all right. >> we have trending coming up. >> can you guys do this? look what's happening here. >> whoa. >> all right. >> we are celebrating 60 years of the guinness world record. >> i can't find my key.
8:03 am
>> all right. a lot to get to. let's start with a check of the top stories with natalie. >> good morning everyone, secretary of state john kerry arrived in baghdad on an unannounced visit to encourage iraq's new leaders in the fight against isis militants who have overrun much of their country. tonight president obama will make a prime time address to the american people explaining his new strategy for defeating isis. aids say he will not estimate the cost or how long it will take. on tuesday the president met with congressional leaders and asked for authority to train syrian rebels as part of his coordinatored effort. meantime police conducted anti-terror raids in australia this morning. arresting two suspects accused of helping austrailians to fight alongside the terror groups. the number returning home after fighting with radicals overseas
8:04 am
poses a growing risk. australia may raise its alert level to high. the nfl and the baltimore ravens are trying to deflect growing public outrage over their handling of the domestic violence case and once again josh elliott is here with the latest, good morning. >> good morning. so much here. rice was fired by his team and suspended indefinitely by the league only after a videotape survesed that actually showed him striking his future wife and knocking her unconscious in a hotel elevator. advertisers and sponsors have now begun cutting ties to rice. as late tuesday, the owner of the baltimore ravens. steven bah thatty. he claimed that police, probation report prosecutors, and a judge had seen the tape and still allowed rice to enter a pretrial probationary program.
8:05 am
meantime roger goodell who initially spinded him for just two games after his arrest is now standing by his claim that league officials asked for video from that elevator, but natalie, were never granted the opportunity. >> all right. meanwhile coming up in the next half hour, we are going to have a conversation with four nfl wives and get their take on the situation as well. >> an important take. >> josh elliott, thank you. tensions running high in ferguson, missouri, tuesday night at the first city council meeting since the michael brown shooting. the meeting was moved to a nearby church to accommodate the overflow crowd. city leaders, hoping to promote community healing, instead members were greeted with anger and warnings of voter retribution. laurps are proposing overhauling the municipal courts and creating a citizen police review board. longest and smallest are two of the sure fire ways to get into the guinness world records book. this tiny vehicle made the new
8:06 am
60th anniversary edition. it is the smallest mobile camper. the cutie van as its called, just three feet wide and eight feet long, still a bed, sink, and a tv. though you're going mighty cramped. also featured, longest usable golf club. 14 and a half feet long, used to drive a ball morning 500 feet. we're going to have more records right here in the studio coming up later on in the hour. it's 8:06 right now, let's get a check of the weather with al. today's swl brought to you by ad vil, the pain reliever built to be as fast as strong. >> after i lot of fun folks hanging out here. i've never heard of laura plu za. >> it wasmy birthday on friday and i turned 40e and every year, my husband plans a lanapalooza. >> where's your husband?
8:07 am
>> right behind you. >> that looks like a guy who plans it. >> i'll tell you that right now. >> let's show you what we have going on. heavy rain, thunderstorms from chicago, milwaukee, down into st. louis. we are watching a big storm system that's bringing severe weather and flooding likely, dangerous lightning, hail, can't rule out isolated tornados from central missouri all the way to detroit and cleveland, ohio, as well. look at the flood watches and warningings from marquette, michigan, out into missouri and central ohio. anywhere of two to three inches of rain over the next 24 hours. as many as five inches in about two to three hours. that i'm brittney shipp, temperatures staying around afternoon between 77 and 80 for us today. mostly cloudy skies as you see here. as we head into tomorrow we will
8:08 am
see a big time warm up. look at our temperatures for thursday, 89, it will feel like summer, and it will bring storms. we drop right back down with a cool front that will cool us 70 .he weekend. coming up on trending, why justin bieber was booed at a fund raising event before, during, and after he did this. hoda was there, she'll give us a play by play. >> she's everywhere. plus jessica chastain on her new movie and how robin williams changed her life. and we have a question for you, can you crush an apple with your biceps? >> yeah. >> dog. >> run on two paws. meet some of the latest, greatest guinness world record sweets become salaries. an oven heats up a community la cocina, a small kitchen that kick-starts the careers of 41 entrepreneurs. they bring the talent. we help fund the tools.
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♪ ♪ altuzarra for target available september 14th. help keep teeth clean and breath fresh.
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with beneful healthy smile snacks. with soft meaty centers and teeth cleaning texture,it's dental that tastes so good. beneful healthy smile food and snacks. back here, 8:12 with what's trending today. you know what comes between justin bieber and his calvins? >> i don't want to know. >> nothing. not even a course of boos. bieber making a surprise appearance in brooklyn on tuesday night. hoda was there. apparently the crowd was not thrilled to see him. >> i actually don't feel comfortable unless i'm in my calvins. >> maybe a little hard to tell, but they were booing him. bieber shed his clothes, stripping down to his boxers. justin later tweeting grandma always say kill them with kindness and strip on live national tv. that didn't work either.
8:13 am
booting only grew louder. hoda, what was it like? >> you know, victor cruz, player for the giants came up a couple people before justin and they yelled cruz, and people kept asking, why are they booing him, they're saying cruz. then bieber got up, and literally when he started walking up on the stage, everyone started booing him. >> didn't rime with boo. >> he just kept going. >> michael for the lakers. >> calvin klein, they were talking about his underwear and clothes, so that was part of i guess the fashion thing, but i guess it was a surprise that he stripped down to his skifyses. >> of it uncomfortable? >> it was weird. i felt bad for him. i really did. because when you're sitting there and watching a kid get booed on stage. >> why did he watch out with such a tall model? you know. >> he looked shrimpy a little. >> wanted her to take her clothes off probably. here's a couple stories that
8:14 am
made us ask would you buy this? first you take a look at this house, it's at a beautiful seaside property side. open air spa, the only thing is, look at this, it's hanging on a cliff. austrailian firm designed this, engineers say you won't see any danger at all. >> yeah. >> secured. very, very secure well with steel pins. >> iron man lives there. >> no word on the price. >> probably just going to the ocean. >> could you get one good night's sleep in that house thinking about what could happen? >> you don't have to worry about burglars. >> mow the lawn. >> you could fish. >> you cannot put a price on a good parking spot, or can you? new york real estate is known for outrageous prices, but would you play a million dollars? yeah, there are ten parking places in soho going for a cool million each.
8:15 am
they're part of this new luxury building. the new york times says the spots will cost more per square foot than the apartments themselves. >> that makes sense. >> parking is at a premium in new york anyway, but that's insane. >> even if parking your car in a garage is expensive. >> ridiculous. >> do you think people will buy those in a heartbeat? >> i think they'll go like that. >> who has the kind of money. >> you're going pay that apartment, you want your spot. >> and regis and bieber together again. >> i'll take a parking spot, i'd live there. perhaps she helps influence what you wear every day, how much do you know about anna wintour. she provided inspiration for the devil wears prada. you're going to see her like never before, unguarded, answering 73 questions and taking you inside that famous vogue closet. >> who is your favorite action star? >> hugh jackman. >> had to name your absolutely
8:16 am
biggest phobia, what would it be? >> spiders. >> hi, anna, nice to see you. good question. leather or lace? >> lace. >> velvet or fur? >> fur. >> vintage or new? >> new. >> polka-dots or stripes. >> what would you never, ever wear? >> head to toe black. >> what's the fist thing you notice? >> smile. >> anna, there's no windows on here. why are you putting those on? >> hiding from you. >> how are you enjoying this interview? >> is it over? >> one thing she does hate is horoscopes. that video is from the to hear all the answers, visit us at >> i like how they do that. >> maybe we should do that here, just walk in. >> 73 questions. jessica chastain is over there, we may have to do that for the entire interview. >> hey. >> leather or lace? >> leather. >> for what? depends on what you're talking
8:17 am
about. >> that's against the rules. >> answer the question with a question. >> eight movies coming out this year. >> yeah. >> bieber, clothed or not? >> not. >> here's the video you need to see today, an adorable little girl and her dad teaming up for one memorable danceoff. ♪ >> they were shaking it off. to taylor swift's new hit song. >> so cute. >> i love that song. >> she has more rhythm than dad, it's so cute. >> and that's what's trending today. coming up, inside look at fashion's biggest
8:18 am
we're back now, 8:18 with more on the ray rice scandal. how are the wives of nfl players reacting to it and the league's handling of the situation? jenna wolf has that part of the story, good morning. >> reporter: hey matt, good morning, there's a whole other surprising perspective involving ray rice and his wife, janay. i spoke to four women, all married to former nfl players. and they feel there's not only misunderstanding, there's misrepresentation about nfl families. i i started by asking johnson,
8:19 am
who's a personal friend of ray and janay rice and has been in touch with them how the couple's doing right now. >> they're just feeling very ostracized, like you're not helping, everybody is continuely making us relive this when we're trying to heal and grow from this. so where's the help? where's the support? >> i don't think it's too hard to understand why janay would stay with ray, unfortunately i was raised in a home where there was domestic violence, and i think women stay with abusers for many, many reasons. >> thank goodness i was not in a situation to make that choice, but i think i would being one to stay because you're there to support and you uphold the image that you feel is necessary for your family. >> i would definitely say without a character from both of them, they are, they're not violent people, they are very loving, doting over each other. over their daughter.
8:20 am
>> you hear all the time, well these guys are so aggressive. no, they're not. i've never had to deal with an aggressive husband at home. i don't think it's anymore troubling than in the population as a whole. >> no, it's not. >> i think the first word that comes to mind is that we're gold diggers and that we don't have a true love for our husbands, and we're just in it for the money or in it for the fame or whatever. you know, the money comes and goes, and there is no amount of money that could even touch the injuries and the heart ache and all the things that go with the nfl, it's a very, very difficult business. it's not just the man, it's his wife, his children, and everybody associated with them. >> janay is educated young woman, college degree, student athlete, so it was never any let me use ray as a meal ticket.
8:21 am
everything they're trying to build, they're trying to build together and be a family and they made this one big mistake. >> i believe the nfl mishandled this situation tremendously. the nfl can figure out who draft picks are potential draft picks are dating, what their grades are in school, but they couldn't find this video. i think that's troubling. >> i'm sure it's a very embarrassing for the family. so it's going to be a tough, it's going to be a tough road. >> he doesn't have to remain a bad guy. he need some help. you know, it was wrong what happened. >> the nfl is going to have do change. i think the fans are finally reacting. where there are fans, there's money, and money talks. and i think the fans have finally had enough. >> so interesting here, none of them forgive what ray rice did, all of these women understand why janay stayed and all think the nfl had some parts. >> reaction? >> i was surprised. i thought it would be harsh,
8:22 am
they understand the entire situation and the dynamic between these two people. >> hard to believe that someone goes from zero to 60. he was a nice guy then one day. >> reporter: this all say this is so out of character. not that it matters, that's to what they say. >> jenna, thank you. let's turn now to one of the biggest events that's held here in new york this year. it is called the met gala. it attracts the biggest names. now there's a great new book out, vogue and the metropolitan museum of art costume institute. it gives the world an inside look at the event's must-see moments. >> from jay-z and beyonce to the beckhams and bloomberg. the benefit brings together the biggest names in fashion, entertainment, sports, media, and philanthropy for the party of the year. it is a night where a listers get a chance to dress up and let their hair down. but before the party comes one of the hottest red carpets around. where who you're wearing is as important as who you are.
8:23 am
oscar did la rent day, michael coors, it is the event before the event, couture for a cause. for nearly 20 years, nan wintour led the charge helping to raise more than $125 million for the costume institutes that now bears her name. but once the final sends those 28 steps. what happens inside a spectacular event by any standard remains a closely guarded secret that is until now. the magazine and the museum are teaming up once gone bring us the most memorable moments from the gala's over the years. it is an insiders photo album capturing the fame, the fashion, and the fun from one of the most exclusive events of the year. >> khloe is the social editor at vogue and good morning, you look beautiful, very fallish. >> thank you. >> there are so many spectacular pictures from this great event over the last ten years.
8:24 am
picking favorites must have been almost impossible. >>en daunting. there are thousands of fantastic photographs, both daunting, but also exciting to go through those and pick the jewels. >> it is the invitation of the year, isn't it? that probably explains why we've never gone. >> we were very curious. >> and cover ten years, you're going to show us some of your favorites. >> look at that. >> all right. let's start with one, there's one you start off, and it was striking to us because it's made of raiser blades. >> yeah. >> isn't that amazing? chandelier made of razor blades, it was to celebrate the punk tour gala. >> they're not real, i don't think we have enough insurance for that, they were plastic. but it was a spectacular. >> and going along with that theme as well is the punk bathroom. >> yeah. >> punks have to go to the bathroom. >> it didn't seem to fit, but tell us. >> there was a recreation of the bathroom from the punk era, and
8:25 am
that was part of the exhibition and gave people a reekle feeling of what they were saying and what the era was meant to revoke. >> and sometimes you catch a moment, you know, and this next photograph i think is one of those candid shots that you look at and you say to yourself, wow, i wonder what everyone was saying. >> what were they saying. >> this is a wonderful photograph, it's from the prada exhibition in 2012. the cohost together, bruno mars, prada, enlauren. it's the hotel right before the met. and it's an excellent photograph. >> it really is a cross section of so many of hunl worlds isn't it? coming down to one rather large space, but one tiny little bit of real estate where you have a supermodel next to donald trump, but that's every day. yeah. >> that's true. >> we love this one picture, i know 200,000 roses could turn into something so spectacular, but this kiss, these lips are awesome. >> this is also from the prada exhibition. it was based on, there's a prada
8:26 am
print with lips on it. >> thank you so much. >> spectacular. good morning, i'm tracy davidson. we're at 68 in philadelphia. 58 in the poconos. cooler closer to the shore. as we go into tomorrow, mostly cloudy today but tomorrow heading into the afternoon we are in a slight risk forxl sev weather. damaging winds and lightning, make sure you stit wick with nb. >> let's get a check of the roads with jillian mele.
8:27 am
>> we still have delays on the norristown line. also on the ben franklin bridge. this is the westbound side. we have construction blocking the right lane. it's at a crawl from camden to philadelphia. happening today, trump entertainment resorts will have a first hearing in bankruptcy court. they filed for protection yesterday and announce thad the trump taj mahal would shut down. city labor officials will host a career fair for casino workers now out of a job. we'll have another local update in 25 minutes and you can always get the latest news and weather ne is my home. it's the best place to visit in the world
8:28 am
and now it's the easiest, because now there are new tourism guides on the road, and on your phone that make it easier to find the places you love. find great dining, amazing history, and world-class entertainment, no matter where you are. take the ultimate road trip and see why i love new york. for more information, go to
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8:30 am
new tonight show and late night, nbc tonight. back now, wednesday morning, it's the tenth day of september, 2014. and it's a big day around here because kathy lee gifford and hoda kobt has gotten up out of bed early to pitch in for savannah while she's on maternity leave. >> it's big, huge, exciting. it's different. >> yeah. >> it is. >> and it'll never happen again. just ahead, do you feel like the
8:31 am
cat tears up your furniture. we're going to focus on felines this morning. >> that'll be fun. then the amazingly talented jessica chastain here. she's shaking hand with her fans. we're going to pull her away from the folks far little bit and talk to her about her upcoming movie just ahead. this is cool, 60 years of guinness world records, wait until you see what this year's record holders can do. man, it runs the gamut. the picture says it all. >> oh my goodness. >> true variety show. also don't forget about the contest from our sister network. if you know a kid who's doing great things to help others, we'd love for you to head to and nominate them. we should say good morning to one of the best drivers on the planet. the reigning champ here to tell us about this season's upcoming playoffs. good to see you.
8:32 am
before we get to the playoffs, people think this sport, you get in the car, you turn the engine on, you go for a ride. it's a tough sport. you were treated for dehydration. >> i did. i had an issue with the cooling system. cooked in the car and was really down on hydration and needed five liters of the fluid. >> are you okay now? >> definitely good now. ready to go racing. >> does that happen often? >> no, it's the first time its hanned to me. it was shocking to have it all go down like that. >> temperatures can get up to 140 degrees. >> 140 cockpit temperatures with, then four layers of fireproof clothing. >> and they're long sleeve. >> three to four hours. >> tell us about the playoff, how has this been revamped? >> this year we have 16 cars, 16 drivers to make the chase, and every three races we eliminate four, all the way down to the final race, the tenth race we have in the chase. and four drivers are eligible for the championship in homestead florida. >> lucky seven.
8:33 am
>> how do you feel about it? >> i feel good. the chase has changed now. i still need a win, you always need to win to move on, but now it's an elimination process. it's a little different game. we'll see thousand plays out. >> good to see you. >> glad you're feeling better. >> hydration. >> the nascar sprint cup championship kicks off at chicagoland raceway, al, get a check of the weather. all right, let's see the weather. decent weather in chicago on sunday, but meantime, we have strong storms today from western ohio all the way into central missouri. beautiful day in the pacific northwest today. out west, 92 in las vegas, much drier than yesterday. we are looking for strong storms tomorrow along the mid-atlantic coast in the alg. also wet weather in the northeast on into texas. some snow tomorrow in western montana. we got winter storm watches and warnings into the hi, first alert
8:34 am
meteorologist brittney shipp. mostly cloudy skies as you see on our camera here. we're going to see a big time warm up. look at our temperatures, 89, it's going to feel like the middle of summer. warm with storms. be careful with your evening commute. we drop back down with a cool front that will cool us into the 70s. >> i can't believe it, the jimmy dean saucening a guy. how are you doing? >> great, how are you? >> do you have any sausage for me? there we go. that's what i'm talking about. oh pretzel roll. i like that, matt. >> all right, al, thank you very much. golden globe winner jessica chastain sored to the -- soared to the top of the charts with zero dark thirty and the help in the latest, the disappearance of rigby, a wife whose maerng is put to the test after a tragedy.
8:35 am
take a look. >> i'm okay. is it okay to be okay? >> yeah, be okay all you want. >> are you really okay? >> i can pretend. >> hey jessica, welcome back, good to see you. >> thank you, so good to see you, matt. >> get your attention right off the bat, first you skip out on the check in a restaurant -- >> no, i do not condone that kind of behavior. >> i was going say, disclaimer there. >> i was a waiter for so long, it is the rudest thing to do. it's hollywood, it's fiction, do not do it. >> then a bike ride, nothing away here, but that sets this movie in motion. how do you describe this film? >> i think it's a love story. but i see it as a grown-up one because it's just couple who kind of grew up together and had these frivolous problems, and
8:36 am
then tragedy strikes them and they have to figure out how to deal with it. and can they love the other person enough so let them deal with it on their own? >> and yes, she's named eleanor rig bst by, her parents were beatles fan. . way i understand, this movie was originally shot as two separate movies. >> yes. >> then edited together, and now there are technically three f e films. were you a fan? >> yes, originally i was scared, but i had a long talk with the director, and i actually really liked what they put together. with the edited version. and you know, it's both james and i, and it comes out this weekend, and if you want to see a more in depth profile of the characters, then we have the him and her other films coming out later. >> the audience has choices which is nice. do you mind if i talk about your career right now? >> okay. >> i want to make an interesting analogy, i think. it seems every time you take on
8:37 am
a role right now, you have singled out for praise. you get great critical acclaim. is it in some ways like an athlete who gets in a zone? do you feel like you're in a zone with your acting right now? >> i don't, actually. >> why? >> well, you know, i'm a strange bird because every time i get praise, i also think like oh, all right, they're just making the longer the fall. >> building you up to knock you down. >> to knock you down. i mean, i didn't have respect right out of high school. and so i got to see how the industry works. there's building you up to knock you down. so i love being involved in the films, i love that they're being, have acclaim, but it does scare me a little bit. >> i wish you could stop and enjoy it more, i think you're in a zone. i want to end with a subject. robin williams passed away recently. you never met him, and yet you've gone out of your way to say that in some ways he changed your life.
8:38 am
>> yes, he profoundly changed my life. he's an alumni of juliard. every two years he would give a scholarship. he gave me a scholarship to make it possible to graduate college. i'm the first in my family to do so. he was a complete stranger, and he absolutely changed my life. and i sent him letters thanking him, we communicated through other people and i hoped to meet him. i hoped that we'd be at a party or something, and it's so sad for me, but it actually, it inspires me to try to continue his legacy of generosity. >> are you trying to do that? >> i want to continue this, maybe with the robin williams foundation to continue the scholarship in his name. because it's such a beautiful thing that he did. and he was wanted to help other people i think. >> i'm glad he got to know that you felt that way about what he did for your life. >> for my life. yes. >> again, you're in a zone, keep it up. >> thanks matt. >> and this is great, this is called the disappearance of
8:39 am
eleanor rigby, opens up on friday and nationwide the 19th of this month. james will be here tomorrow, her costar. next 60 years of guinness world records, first this is "today" on nbc. our dad's a plumber.
8:40 am
a business manager. and a stickler for homework. i'm john kane running for state senate. dad says the road to a good job starts in the classroom. [ lori ] he's a great dad who sees taxes going up but schools not getting the funding they need.
8:41 am
[ john ] so i'd put back the billion dollars corbett cut from education and make sure corporations and natural gas drillers paid their fair share. time to close the loopholes for the tax cheats. dad thinks a lot about education. i'm john kane and it's about time harrisburg did too. and we're back now with some of life's deepest philosophical questions like how would the world's shortest man and tallest woman have a conversation. >> i like that. >> how do you scratch an itch when you have fingernails, the longest in the whole world? and what's the next -- >> how does the dog with the world's longest tongue eat an ice cream cone. >> like that. yuck. for the past # 0 yards, guinness world records helped bring the answers to light, and there are many more in the latest edition of the guinness world's records
8:42 am
book. he's here, the spokesperson, hello. >> and you have what is known as a motley crew, and i don't mean the rock group. >> exactly. very nice assortment of record holders. >> we're going to get to them in just a second. you've had in the last week people trying to actively break records, right? >> correct. >> and sometimes, i mean we've watched them, they've tried here sometimes haen they don't do it. that must be part of the excitement. >> exactly. we receive on average around 50,000 inquiries every year. >> yeah. >> people vying for spots in the book. yes, that's part of the exploration. how far things can be pushed or the extremes that people with can reach. and you never know how they're going to turn out. >> if somebody said i'm going to put more like paper clips in my nostril than any human being has ever done. you don't want them to do that because they could die. >> well, one of the strengths of the guinness world record's book now is that it appeals to
8:43 am
everybody. and starting point for always is it should be measurable, verifiable and breakable. and that's how we treat each record holder. >> i'm telling you right now. >> like your of a row. he is our first holder. now this is a little dog who can walk on just two legs. >> that is correct. >> for how long? >> well he is a four-year-old pomerani pomeranian. and he holds two records. the fastest time to cover two meeters in about 6.56 seconds. and also the fastest five meters on his front legs and 7.76 seconds. >> look at him go. >> isn't he the cutest? >> he just did it a few seconds ago -- >> he wants that streak, baby. he does. >> he has 1.3 million followers on facebook. >> i think his owner's going to come in. you can step in. you want to come on in. >> he looks stressed. >> he wants his mommy. >> he does.
8:44 am
we have to talk of a row. indeed. >> what do we have here? step right up. >> stepping forward is a man that holds the world's largest mail of a row. it's five and three quarters inches high. eight and a half inches wide, and in circumference measures five feet and three quarters. >> yeah, but he teased it. >> that's what i look like when i don't blow dry my hair. >> as a matter of fact, i think we might have a picture of that. >> oh, i'm not showing that. >> okay. >> there's your competition. >> okay, how much shampoo goes into that, tell kpups. >> a lot. i fill my hands at least three times in the shower and completely cover my head. >> okay. all right. >> well thank you. you and your fro. >> all right. we're going to bring up the next. this is amazing. >> okay. >> we have inka. >> and she can do something that's pretty incredible, shoot a bow and arrow, not the normal
8:45 am
way, but with her feet. >> she holds the record for the furthest distance to shoot an arrow with her feet. >> she's going to demonstrate. >> it's actually 20 feet. >> watch her go, go ahead, girl. oh no. >> oh. >> that was, by the way -- >> she did it during rehearsal and it did hit the target. it just bounced off. >> how do you think of such a
8:46 am
thing? how did you decide to do something like this real quick? >> it just seemed natural. i live my life in an upside down world. >> all righty then. we have to get to the apple crusher because this one's unbelievable. real quick, step up. >> biceps. tell us about this lovely lady. >> also known asthma ma lou, and she holds the record for the most apples crushed with the biceps in one minute. >> i'd love to. >> show us. >> oh my gosh. i bet you're fun at parties. >> the hardest part is once it gets slippery. you have to wipe it down. >> we make a lot of apple juice in my business. >> oh my gosh, amazing. >> okay, we have to run. that was astonishing by the way. >> thank you, stewart. >> thank you so much. all and to everyone, thanks again. we're going to have more at 10:00. you're going to come back and visit with us. so wie going to hear more about
8:47 am
them in just a little bit. now we have a feline coming up. >> yes, how to board that badly behaved. we're going give you a chance to adopt them, first this is "today" on nbc.
8:48 am
8:49 am
we are now back with more of the special search for the love of pets. we talked a lot about dogs this week. this morning we're turning our attention to cats. 90 million cats live at home. unlike what you think, they actually care a lot what you think. >> reporter: though doubt you've seen the videos, and heard the
8:50 am
cries. they are cats from hell. >> ouch. >> and while they make terrific viral videos, it's likely that your little whiskers oar fluffy is nothing like that. but that doesn't mean your kitty couldn't also use some help. meet lucie, a two-year-old siberian mix living the good life outside of pittsburgh along with her cat mom sadie and doggy sister, summer. >> she helps me find hair bands, makes the bed. >> helps? >> yes. as helpful as a cat can be. >> reporter: and as helpful as she may be when lindsey is home, when they are away, lucie will definitely play. just take a look at what our hidden cameras caught.
8:51 am
the cat behaviorist, host of mallon planet's, my cat from hell. >> hello, welcome. i hope you can help us. >> i can totally help you. >> no more kitty paws on my table. >> lucie the menace, look at her. if there's nothing for them to get up there and get, if there's no motivation for getting up there, they'll stop getting up there. >> lucie really likes to steal hair band, climb our blinds. >> you have kids. you child proof, change earrings, hair ties, they go in something. and that something has a child lock on it it. if you're going out there, raise the blind, we have to allow her to at the very least see what you're doing. >> reporter: all cat owners
8:52 am
should catafy or make their homes cat friendly. >> she's just in that world of being a tarng. all -- teenager. we have to direct those in a positive place. >> anything like that where she can do her bit, jerk cat bit chrz the bat, bat, bat, and watch its paw. >> reporter: easy fixes that can apply to pretty much any family cat. self-sufficient as we think they are? >> we have made cats dependent on us. they depend on us for food, for the affection, the love, and the energy that we give them. cats need us terribly. >> reporter: even if they may not act like it. we had so much fun. just as much as right now with these kittens. that cat loves you, matt. loves you. so if you are a dog person, i know some are dog people. they say that you just haven't found the right cat.
8:53 am
>> really? >> that's what they say. if you're allergic to cats, a hypo allergenic cat? >> yeah, the one from austin powers. >> a cute one? >> big old words. >> by the way, these were saved by north shore animal league america. they are all up for adoption. if you can get this one out of my neck. you can head to up next, round two of the one direction fan faceoff, but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:55 am
all right. we are back, it is day two of the one direction fan faceoff. three remains finalists are here with us. from texas, oklahoma, j.c. reid representing indiana. this morning we're testing your knowledge of one direction trivia. i'm going to read you a question, if you think you know, you'll buzz in and show the face on the dice that you think is the correct answer. first two people to answer questions correctly will advance. and warning, if you have a wrong answer, it eliminates you. make sure you know. here is the first question, who the youngest member of one direction? right here. young lady. find that face on the dice. there, harry is indeed correct, you're moving on, congratulations. she will be here tomorrow. it's between kylie and ripka. your next question.
8:56 am
who in the band is left-handed. right here, if you get a right, you're moving on. niles, congratulations. kelly, so sorry, listen, we have a nice prize for you. that is a ticket for you to see your boys in one direction coming up. you're not going away empty handed. you can get involved here. go to our facebook page and answer the trivia question. which favorite band is the fray? go to the facebook page, answer that, and we'll be back right after your local news. good morning, let's get a check on the weather with brittney shipp. >> a cloudy start to the day. as we push into the rest of the afternoon our temperatures today will stay below our average of 81. by noon, 74 degrees.
8:57 am
by 6:00 p.m. temperatures at 77 degrees. we're going to warm up about 10 degrees tomorrow with thunderstorms expected in your afternoon and evening. after that we'll see temperatures dropping back down into the 70s if. >> the defense is set to open their case today in the trial of the woman accused of abducted a 5-year-old girl from a philadelphia school, christina regusters' attorney has not said if she will be called to the stand. the trial is in it's third week. another trial is set to begin for a former philadelphia police officer accused of having her teenager son and daughter fight other kids. the fight happened at lincoln high school in mayfair. she was caught on video punching
8:58 am
the girl that her daughter was fighting. she was fired from the police force. new questions this morning about how the prosecutorl handld the case against ray rice. it follows the release of video of him him knocking out his former fiance in an elevator.
8:59 am
9:00 am
from nbc news, this is today's take with al roker, natalie morales, willie goois, and tam ran hall, live from studio 1 a in rockefeller plaza. >> welcome to "today," it's wednesday morning, september 10th, 2014. big crowd on a nice, kind of a crismorning here, isn't it? >> very fall-like out the door this morning. >> 79, 80 though. >> big temperature change over the next couple of days. in fact they have winter storm warnings up for glacier national park. >> really? wow. >> winter storm warnings. >> getting us all ready. >> gosh. >> i'm willie along with al, natalie, and tamaran. his wife janay lashed out in the
9:01 am
media in an instagram post. she wrote yesterday, to make us relive a moment is a horrible thing. to taking something away from the man i love that worked his butt off just to gain ratings is horrific. if your tension were to take all happiness in away, you've succeeded on so many levels. understand she's very upset right now, let's be clear, she is the victim in all this. but this didn't just happen to ray rice, it happened to his family. he did it, but it happened to his family. she's been there at his side for a long time. lost endorsement deals. they've lost their financial future. she's obviously very upset about what's happening right now. >> and understandably so, but the fact is, we're not doing this for ratings. this is not about ratings. it's a bigger, a much bigger issue. >> when you're hurt, you say things. you lash out. she is going through, abuse experts will tell you, you circle the wagon, this is her family, shelves she's protecting
9:02 am
her -- she feels she's protecting her family. we don't know her personally, her story belongs to her. when she's ready to is their, i'm sure she will. for abuse victims i've spoken with, they have to keep their family together. and oftentimes, they will blame themselves. something i did that night, something i did a week ago set off these events. what she's doing, let me, i don't to want say what she's doing because we don't know. what abuse victims in similar cases have done, is that they circle the wagon, they are embarrassed and trying to protect their family. and her evolution belongs to her at this point. >> it takes about seven instances of abuse for victims to finally come forward and recognize and it could take action in their lives. >> women in my group, which we have here on today who were abused from 13 to 20s. there's no magic formula, most of them said to me they hit rock bottom.
9:03 am
but what is your rock bottom. >> everyone's different. >> her time will perhaps come, or maybe not. >> it's easy for people to say walk away, it's more complicated. >> it's so complicated, then you have, on the flipside of this, a lot of people pointing the finger at the nfl and saying hey, you know what, you could have, if you wanted to find this video, if you wanted to find all this, you should have, and there was an interview on cbs news with nfl commissioner roger goodell, he addresses how it's possible the nfl hadn't seen the footage before monday. >> not seen any videotape of what occurred in the elevator. we assumed that there was a video. we asked for video, we asked for anything that was pertinent. but we were never granted that opportunity. >> how hard did they ask? >> i mean they're a powerful organization, they certainly could have obtained the video had they really wanted to see it. >> should we be asking about the legal system, the owners system
9:04 am
now says that the judge in the case, the prosecutor, and police have all seen the entire video and decided to allow ray rice to enter this probation program that would essentially clear his record? so the raven's owner, part of their statement which you have more of points to the justice system which is a part of the conversation for some. >> yeah. and actually ray rice himself spoke out very briefly said i have to be strong for my wife, she's so strong, we are in good spirits. so that's the extent of the comment we've had from ray rice. a lot of focus on the nfl and that interview that our friend nora o'donnell did with commissioner o'dell yesterday and it defied belief that no one in the league saw the tape or didn't try very hard to have plausible deniability. >> they felt, we feel that we have to see the tape. goes back to the aftermath of what was very much seen and you see the aftermath. and i understand, you know, ray rice is a brilliant, was a
9:05 am
brilliant player. has a great career, you don't want to the prejudge or presume what happened in the elevator, but when you see him dragging his wife out of the elevator, i mean, it's very hard to not know something went really wronged in there. >> and it's also hard when people say well he is a great guy. he never showed signs, well for so many, it happens behind closed doors. used to be seen as a private event. what happens in the home stays in the home. and how do you say that someone is a good guy when you see that video? you have to choose your word carefully and know that, many cases again, this is happening in closed doors. no one walks into work and says, i beat my wife last night. >> jenna wolf did a terrific piece earlier on today. spoke to four nfl wives, they're married to former nfl players, and they really, they had a great take on janay and this situation, take a look. >> janay is educated young
9:06 am
woman, college degree, student athlete, so it was never a let me use ray as a meal ticket. everything they're trying to build, they're trying to build together and be a family. and they made this one big mistake. >> i believe the nfl mishandled this situation tremendously. the nfl can figure out who draft picks or potential draft picks are dating, what their grades are in school, but they couldn't find this video. i think that's trouble pg. >> i'm sure it's very embarrassing. >> it was great. one of the things that social media, yesterday the #whyistayed was trending. i'm happy that this wife spoke about the money issue. there were people who said well she's staying because of the money. and i sent a note to someone who e-mailed, then what do you say when the person doesn't have money. or how do you come to that conclusion? >> it happens across the board. >> absolutely. >> the comment made by the last of the four women we saw there about the nfl knowing about the draft pick, so true.
9:07 am
morning joe this morning, we had mike golic. he's a great analyst and said if you're being drafted, they know what you had for lunch last week. and they know what's in the bloodstreams, they're testing everybody. if the nfl security wants to find something, they will find it. and they say they could not find this tape. >> answers that need to be provided to the public from roger goodell, and i go back again to the prosecutors in the case, their decision to offer, even though it was the first time offense, when you look at the brutality of the video on all vantage points and is that true, a year probation -- >> let us know what happened there. because what you have now are women who are abused, and they say if i turn this person in, is that what he'll get? he'll be on probation? cleared record. >> then there's the whole question about are they given an extra because they're stars, because they're part of the nfl, it's a completely different form of justice. the nfl has this problem, we talked about all the other
9:08 am
cases, greg hardy continues to play, he was convicted of assaulting his girlfriend and threatening to kill her, he threw her across the room on a couch for of assault rifles that were loaded and was threatening to kill her, but he continues to play because he's appealing the case. so while he's appealing the case, they say okay, he can go on and play. >> but the big picture here is it's not a ray rice, janay rice issue, it's not an nfl issue, it's a social crisis across the board as you both pointed out. >> and it's an important conversation and you hate, i mean, there is no ploy for ratings here or anything, but it is an important conversation. and i think because it is going, going on so prevasely across america, people don't see it as, you know, she said, it's happening behind closed doors. it is important to raise awareness and raise your voice. >> the discussion will continue. and one thing, people were all yesterday on social media that people were talking about, apple unveiling the two new iphones.
9:09 am
iphone 6, and the iphone 6 plus, and the apple watch. one of the first gadgets. >> of course i do. >> why wouldn't i? >> the iphone circumstan6, ther. >> trap a butterfly inside. it's amazing. there are three different versions of the watch. sport version, fancy version, basic version. there is the iphone 6 which is bigger than the iphone 5 s and the iphone 6 plus which is meant to compete with like the galaxy phones. so faster, longer lasting battery, better cameras, also have this nfc, near field communication technology that will allow you to use the phone as a wallet. basically, it'll import your credit cards. >> apple pay. >> you would go into the store -- >> you know the pads -- >> the wand things. >> well it's the same technology that's in the smart credit
9:10 am
cards, same kind of thing. you would use that. and also in the watch as well. >> sold. >> it's interesting. it is going to be interesting to see what happens. >> this is not the first smart watch? >> samsung. a in your opinion have had them. >> it's not cheap, about $100 more. >> this is like 300 -- >> $100 more expensive. >> watches don't come out until the beginning of the year. they missed the holiday cutoff. >> well there's valentine's day. >> i'd be happy. and then the phones come out, i think in a week or so. >> yeah. >> is this like, i mean before apple would make an announcement and people would just go crazy and you'd stand in line. there are some lines, but the question is, al, since you're the techie expert here, has apple lost its luster. >> well we'll see. it's interesting. this has happened the last couple of times, their stock drops. but then it rebound. we'll see what happens. but i think peep are still
9:11 am
waiting -- people are still waiting and once the stuff comes out, i'm sure people will be clambering. >> it's because we expected this. everything they came out with is what they expected. i think that's -- >> i think the watch is going to be interesting. >> do you think the non-tech geek is going to water watch? is that a niche item? >> i think they will. eventually. i think they will. >> it pulls up the car, you can be like the satisfy, it's a spy watch. >> it's dick tracy, two way whistle. >> you go first. >> you go first. that's right. you take the lead. i'll tell you what, we have severe weather that's going on right now and its been continuing overnight. where we see severe storms. we have again the risk of severe weather today into tonight from central missouri on into indiana, fort wayne, detroit, we are looking at chicago as well. right now sun's out in detroit, but later today, strong storms, we have heavy showers and thunderstorms dominating the
9:12 am
midwest, so probably airport delays from indianapolis on into chicago. we've got flash flood warnings, flash flood watches in effect as well for missouri all the way into parts of michigan and wisconsin. anywhere from two to three more inches of rain. locally, could be as much as five. we're going to be track this can during the day today. hi, brittney shipp. shems staying between 77 and 80 for us today. mostly cloudy as you see here. as we go into tomorrow you will see a big time warm up. warm with storms as we head into your thursday evening so be careful with your evening commute. we drop back down with a cool front that will cool us into the 70s and stay there for the weekend. >> and that's your latest weather. >> coming up. shocking exit from the good wife sent fans into a frenzy.
9:13 am
we're still reeling from this one. worry not, josh charles himself is back. he'll tell us what he's up to now right after this. r this. ♪ ♪
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when your tummy smiles, things just feel right! join me and take the activia challenge. it works or it's free. ♪ dannon! it was one of tvs biggest bomb shells when will gardener met an untimely death on the good wife leaving millions of fans devastated and americans weeping in the streets. >> well swil no longer with us, but the man who played him, josh charles is, and he's starring in a new film called bird people. he takes a trip to paris and decides to leave his entire life behind. what an incredible role, incredible character, and obviously we want to talk about that, first the table. the world wept. i went on social media that day and i thought nothing will be the same. did you ever expect the reaction to your character dying off? >> i think we expected it to to be a reaction because of the fans of the show. i think the level of intensity
9:17 am
surprised me. and i think that's a testament to the quality of the writing on the show. >> interesting. >> it is. >> more about the characters that they developed, and myself feel the same way as a fan of television. you get attached. i felt, i used social media at times to connect with the fans to be part therapist as well to deal with it because i had a longer time to be able to -- >> it'll be okay. >> trying to, called people's moms, did all that stuff. because that felt lying the right thing to do. >> it came to that. >> it did at one point. i did call someone's mom. >> really? >> yeah, i was in the editing room editing an episode that i directed, and someone said that her mom was devastated. and i called her and had a chat and told her everything was going to be nice. the show's fantastic, it's going to continue to be fantastic. i feel your pain. >> and you've moved on. and you have this beautiful film called "bird people," as we were mentioning. what i love about it, the guy is
9:18 am
nothing like you would be, i imagine. totally leaves everything behind, leaves his wife, family, decides he wants to pursue a whole new life. tell me more about that. >> yeah, well it's, film makers is an incredible film maker. this is her fourth film in 20 years. it was ud lady chatterly and reached out to me. and i just, i was very excited to work with her and a fun country, fun language, the film itself is, it's not only set in the world today, but she's trying to talk about the world today. the isolation we feel, seeing all those cell phones here, how we're all, the more connected we are, the more emotionally diskkted we can -- disconnected we can become. two hybrid stories that connect. my story, gary's story and one that's a little more imaginative and supernatural, and a wonderful young french actress. it's really these two come together in a film that's republican very unique and very daring.
9:19 am
and for me to be a part of it, it's unlike anything i've been a part of or seen. it's a really special movie. >> how difficult was it, it takes place in france. and so you don't speak that much french, how tough was that? >> it was really difficult. well the character doesn't speak that much french. half is in english, and half in french. audrie's part is more in french than mine. but i had to speak in broken french. i play an engineer who travels quite a bit, and so he speaks enough to get by. and that was more than i speak. so i started, i started, i started taking lessons here, they hired someone to give me lessons and that continued in france. >> do you have something for us? >> no, god no. >> god no is not french. >> it's way too early. i got there, i was proud because i worked hard to sound good and have the accent good. the first scene, the producer and the director said it sounded too good. so we had to have rehearsals to
9:20 am
dumb me down, reamericanized my accent. and i felt proud about that. >> congratulations. >> too good. >> thank you. >> it sound horrible now. no, wasn't that good. let me make that clear. >> back after this, in french. affects millions of us. and for many, it's a struggle to keep your a1c down. so imagine, what if there was a new class of medicine that works differently to lower blood sugar? imagine, loving your numbers. introducing once-daily invokana®. it's the first of a new kind of prescription medicine that's used along with diet and exercise to lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. invokana® is a once-daily pill that works around the clock to help lower a1c. here's how: the kidneys allow sugar to be absorbed back into the body. invokana® reduces the amount of sugar allowed back in, and sends some sugar out through the process of urination.
9:21 am
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9:22 am
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9:24 am
children are consuming more salt than recommended. they get about half of that from adjust handful of popular foods including pizza, bread, cold cuts, soup, and chicken nuggets. it can raise the risk for developing high blood pressure and eventually heart disease. a new study suggests long-term use of many commonly prescribed drugs may be linked to alzheimer's disease. researchers followed adults taking medications to treat insomnia and anxiety and six years later, those who took the drugs for longer than three months were 51% more likely than to develop alzheimer's disease than those who took them for a shorter period. they can be effective, but they should only be used on a temporary basis. and walmart is unveiling its chosen by kids hot toy list ahead of the holiday shopping season. classics like barbie and hot wheels making the list again. others including snow glow elsa
9:25 am
doll, and silly machine and the razor spinning go cart. the biggest trend is towards creative placing. it's one of the seven wonders of the medieval world, but stonehenge had siblings. there may have been other monument twos miles away using powerful ground penetrating radar, investigators discovered 1,000 foot long line of more than 50 massive stones and now they're buried under the bank. the leader said quote this radically changes our view of stone henening. we'll be right back after your local news and weather. losing your chex mix too easily? deploy the boring potato chip decoy bag.
9:26 am
with a variety of tastes and textures, only chex mix has twenty bags of interesting. pick your mix. good morning. a pleasant morning so far but will it last? good morning it will last. it is a pleasant day. take a look at the live shot right now. we'll see cloudy skies but big changing into tomorrow. temperatures will warm up well above average. the average is 81. 79 for today and 89 for tomorrow. we're tracking storms for your thursday as well. by friday, a cold front drops the temperatures back down to 78 degrees and if you take a look at the rest of your workweek we will see temperatures stays in
9:27 am
the 70s straight through the weekend. thank you this morning trump entertainment resorts are having their first day in bankruptcy court. they announced the trump taj mahal will shut down in september if it doesn't get concessions from workers. also, a career fair for the casino workers is being held at 10:00 a.m. this morning. more from atlantic city now where more preliminary events continue for ms. america. earlier in the day we got to see the fancy footwear that the contestants will wear at the show us your shoes parade on sunday night.
9:28 am
we'll have another update, and you can always get the latest on
9:30 am
welcome back to "today" on a beautiful wednesday morning here in new york city, september 10th, 2014. i'm willie along with al and tamaran. give them your name at starbucks, what comes back on the cup? doesn't resemble your name. >> whatever, that never happens. >> no, never. the mystery may have been solved. watch this. >> many people say the names are wildly inaccurate. they want to know why i can never get it right. allow me to explain why. it's the best part of my job, and i will never stop. let me assure you, even in the world knows how to spell jessica, literally, everyone.
9:31 am
i decided to write this on your cup to play why with your mood. and it worked. other times, i like to real [ bleep ] people by spelling their name in a way that barely contains the correct spelling. oh man, that guy almost had a mental breakdown when he saw that. >> video is so my comedian named paul gail filmed in a cafe outfitted to look like a starbucks. we been there. mine's not too bad, i get the y, the ie. >> i say tracy because when you try to say tamaran. if you write an my name in spell check, it's stunning what comes up. spell check my name. hey, let's show you what's going on as far as your weather is concerned for today. we have a risk of strong storms in the upper ohio, mississippi river valley, gorgeous weather along the west coast. beautiful in the northeast,
9:32 am
although we have high surf advisory in effect. rain makes its way in the northeast tomorrow. look for showers and thunderstorms. risk along the mid-atlantic coast. snow in western montana, yep, it's copping. rain into northern texas. that's going on around the country, here's what's happening in your neck of the woods. your . hi, brittneyship. our temperatures between 77 and 80 degrees today. as we head into tomorrow we're going to see a big time warm up. look at our temperatures, 89 tomorrow and it will feel like the middle of summer. warm with storms. be careful with your evening commute. that's your latest weather. >> thanks, al. >> guys. >> what's going on over there? >> i don't know. scary. let's go to an uncommon strain of a virus we've been
9:33 am
telling you about this week that's sent more than 1,000 kids to emergency rooms across the country. starts off like the common cold, but for some it turns into a severe respiratory illness. >> the cdc is investigating outbreaks of the interoviruss in 12 different states. we have a doctor for the spokings person of american academy of pediatrics. good morning, good to see you. >> good morning. >> we've been talking about this for several days, kids are back in school for the most part across the country. when you hear about a virus spreading, kids love to hug, kiss, share everything, and this is frightening for parents. >> it is. and i really to want reassure parents that i would treat my child in the same way i would during any cold and flu season. it is a common cold virus, and any time a child has a cold, you want to the watch out for certain symptoms. and if they're having any difficulty breathing or acting sick or looking sick, that's the time when you want to touch base with your pediatrician.
9:34 am
it's no different in this case. >> we've heard extreme cases, of kids a step further than the common cold. a lot of difficulty breathing among other symptoms. how do you know it's something more, something that needs immediate attention? >> you're right, so with this strain of the virus, we are seeing an increase in respiratory symptoms that is landing kids in the hospitals and also intensive care units. any time your child has a worsening cough, any difficulty breathing whatsoever, has a high fever that's not going away after a couple days. dehydrated, and can't keep fluids down or lethargic. you want to seek the advice of a health care professional. >> when do you know it's time to go to the hospital? the cases at least from the reporting, the child shows symptoms, and then it escalates rather quickly. >> that's right. we're seeing a lot of north carolina in wheezing and respiratory problems with these children. so, if your child is breathing really fast, but their belly is going in and out, if you see any nasal flaring which means their
9:35 am
nose is moving when they're trying to breathe, blueness, go right to the hospital. >> is there a certain part of the country, doctor, where we should be looking at this where the cdc said there are outbreaks specifically. >> right now we're seeing it in 12 states across the country. we have confirmed cases in illinois and missouri. those were the first cases were. people travel in this country and viruss travel. we are back in school. kids are in close contact. so any time you have a child that's having a hard time breathing. worsening cough or having symptoms, talk to your pediatrician. >> washing your hand, coughing in your arm, we've been taught to share that with your child, but come on, you're in kindergarten, you're not thinking mom and dad said wash my hands. should you keep a sanitizer in their backpack? what do you do? >> so for young children, you have to rely on the teachers in school to remind kids to wash their hands. they need to wash their hands. warm, soapy water for 20 second,
9:36 am
that's a long time. we need to teach kids to do that. cover your coughs and sneezes, sneeze into your elbow, and parents, keep your children home in they're sick. >> thank you so much. up next, the three things moms say stress them out the most. well these parents agree on that? oh, find out right after this. . hoo, hoo, hoo oohh, you got it! i love the looks of it. . [garage door closing] nobody touches my dodge dart, jake johnson. not even your best friend slash neighbor? no one. i can still get in craig. i'd like to see you try. all i'd have to do is roll in, dude. let's see it. i choose not to right now. come on indiana. craig, craig, craig. [in a british accent] is someone out there? don't do that accent on me! ♪don't touch my dart theand the kids always eat sky their vegetables.e.
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special k? wow! wow! made with superfoods. superfoods sound good to me. there's uh... quinoa, barley i can definitely taste the quinoa. good! i can't believe that's less than 200 calories. to help you truly shine. this is a way to be good to me. nurturing yourself. what will you gain? if you're a parent you probably shelled out big bucks for fee yan know lessons, soccer, what do you name it. what if your kids to want quit? hear the hot topic and other family issues is carlin sullivan, rachel duffy, mother of seven, new beb girl, and spokesperson for the initiative, and ra nay has two children. good morning, ladies. >> good morning. >> all right. i know you've all been there because it happens all the time when the kids come home and say, i want to the quit. i hate that baseball.
9:41 am
i don't want to go to soccer anymore. and there was an article in parent's magazine, talk about the signs to look for and when you should perhaps let them pull the plug. how do you feel about this? >> if there's money on the table, money, then you're going to stick it out. honestly, like in our house, we were like, you know, you need to make a decision, if we're spending money, you need to be sure. of course if they're miserable, and they're really, really horribly miable then talk about it. >> you can avoid the trap too if you look for something without a long commitment. the swim team, we tried it out just to try it out, it saved us a whole summer because they were like no, we're out. >> parameters to it. >> we had a kid that came home and said i don't want to do this anymore. we said two weeks because we don't want to create a habit of quitting. you have to call the coach and tell them because i want him to take personal responsibility for that decision. and what happened was, after the two week period, he decided to
9:42 am
stay in. and i always feel that is the case, if they stick it out, it's the fear or they're not good enough. >> yeah. >> i think if you just let them, you know, make sure they really know what it is they're getting into and what they want. all right. that's a good one. all right. let's move on, top mom stresses and how to relieve them. this is family circle magazine. the top three, mom stresses are managing finances. >> yep. >> thinking about their kid's future, and keeping on top of house work. do you all agree? >> rachel, you have seven kids. >> and a newborn. >> seven kids, a newborn. i think my husband would like it if my main stresses was finances, but it's not. it's household chors. and with seven kid, i need it to be organized, and it is just very hard to stay on top of it, but that is my big stressor. >> that i think sometimes it's okay to let stuff go. it's all right to the go to bed with a dish in the sink.
9:43 am
it's okay. >> see i can't. >> it's painful. >> never. >> guess what, they'll be there tomorrow and the day after and the day after. it's not that big a deal. >> we'll do a party at me house. >> destressors are actually from the top destressors wing are going to work, exercise, school vacations, sex. these are things that stress us out more. you have to exercise. >> sleep. >> sleep. >> and i thought sex was exercise. it's like killing two birds with one stone here. >> making home cooked meals. and dinner time. and it turns out, how important it is a home cooked meal is for a family. yeah, sure, you gather your brood around and it's a great way to catch up on everybody's day, but at the same time, how much stress does it add to your life, carroll? >> it is stressful, but i can't wrap my head around how women or men or anyone in life doesn't
9:44 am
cook. we have to eat at home. i'm married to a person who cooks. but here's the problem -- >> i'm saying assemble food. like cut cheese, salami, bread, and fruit, that's din per. >> hope cooked meal. women were internalizing this for being a good mother was a home cooked mother. that's not true. you can raise a good, decent human being without ever making a pot roast. >> it's going to make you a crabby mom, pop the frozen pizza in the oven, but try to take personal responsibility again for feeding your family. >> you can feed them turkey sandwiches. >> i feel stress here. but carroll, rachel, sorry ladies, we have to go. coming up next, we have four very cool kids whose hit song is more than seven million views on youtube. live performance from echo smith right after this. ♪
9:45 am
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♪ 14 years to the day, we got our first prius. ♪ sometimes the most daring ideas... ...are the ones you can count on the most. ♪ the prius. toyota, lets go places. one of mtv's artist to watch, we're talking about the siblings known as echosmith. >> their break out single cool kids hit gold this week. it's off their debut item, talking dreams. sydney, jamie, graham, and noah. good to see you guys. >> good morning. >> i got see you guys on the red carpet at the vmas. then you won. has this trip been something,
9:49 am
it's hard to believe? >> a little bit. i mean, we've been doing this for a while. and when you start a band of course you're like oh gee, it'd be so cool for people to like us. you never know what to expect. and it's happening. people seem to like it which is awesome. >> people like you, including katy perry, there was a moment backstage. i think we have a picture. what'd she say to you here? >> she walked to her green room, and we weren't planned to meet or anything like that. i'm standing there by myself, and she say cool kids, i wish i could be like them. and she walks away. like what the heck. >> we're going to walk away why you do your song, cool kids. >> okay. [ music ]
9:50 am
♪ she sees them walking in a straight line ♪ ♪ that's not really her style ♪ and they all got the same heartbeat ♪ ♪ but hers is falling behind ♪ nothing in this world could ever bring them down ♪ ♪ yeah, they're invincible, and she's just in the background and she says ♪ ♪ i wish that i could be like the cool kids ♪ ♪ cause all the cool kids, they seem to fit in ♪ ♪ i wish that i could be like the cool kids ♪ ♪ like the cool kids
9:51 am
♪ he sees them talking with a big smile but they haven't got a clue ♪ ♪ yeah they're living the good life can't see what he is going through ♪ ♪ they're driving fast cars, but they don't know where they're going ♪ ♪ in the fast lane, living life without knowing ♪ ♪ and he says ♪ i wish that i could be like the cool kids ♪ ♪ cause all the cool kids, they seem to fit in ♪ ♪ i wish that i could be like the cool kids ♪ ♪ like the cool kids ♪ i wish that i could be like
9:52 am
the cool kids ♪ ♪ cause all the cool kids they seem to get it ♪ ♪ i wish that i could be like the cool kids ♪ ♪ like the cool kids ♪ and they said ♪ i wish that i could be like the cool kids ♪ ♪ cause all the cool kids, they seem to fit in ♪ ♪ i wish that i could be like the cool kids ♪ ♪ like the cool kids ♪ i wish that i could be like the cool kids ♪ ♪ cause all the cool kids, they seem to fit in ♪ ♪ i wish that i could be like the cool kids ♪ ♪ like the cool kids ♪ i wish that i could be like
9:53 am
the cool kids ♪ ♪ cause all the cool kids, they seem to get it ♪ ♪ i wish that i could be like the cool kids ♪ ♪ like the cool kids >> echosmith, thanks so much. are we cool kids? >> nah. >> we're back in a moment, first this is "today" on northbound. s.
9:54 am
9:55 am
we're now into hour four. it's incredible. >> we were in the 7:00, 8:00, 9:00. >> wild day every day. we have jenna tatum, world's longest tongue. you know what, nothing can follow that.
9:56 am
good morning. a pretty nice day out there, let's get our first alert forecast. >> it's all going to change tomorrow with temperatures getting close to 90 degrees. we are going to see a beautiful wednesday for you. our temperatures mainly in the 70s right now as we push into the rest of the day we'll stay in the high 70s.
9:57 am
a one-day warm up and we'll be tracking storms. that means a chance of heavy downpours heavy winds, c and th is for thursday evening. a new jersey state senator, steven sweeney, is qualitying for a review of the questions asked about the ray rice assault charge. he entered a pretrial program that allowed him to avoid jail time. the job fair is going on right now for people who have served our countries. the hiring our heros job fair is open now through 1:00. you can get more information about the job fair on or website. go to another update in about 25
9:58 am
minutes. back to the "today show." have a great day.
9:59 am
10:00 am
>> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. so nice to see you. no reason to mess with your dial, as they used to say. it's wins day wednesday, september 10th. >> isn't it nice to be here? >> we're in our hood. >> we are in our hood. >> we're happy to be there. very kind and brave of them to allow us to -- >> why did they let us host the 7:00 and 8:00 trog? >> because barbara walters fell through. >> when she fell through, it took two oufs. this is how the show started.
10:01 am
there were no drinks. we want to point that out. here is matt's reaction. >> on wednesday morning i'm matt lauer. have you ever had the situation, someone comes to you with an idea and you say, you're kidding, right? >> that's this. >> actually we're not kidding. this is going to be a lot of fun. we have never, as this group, ever sat together. >> let's just put it this way, we're glad it's over. boy do they work hard. >> they work hard. >> oh, my gosh. >> they understand social security and stuff. >> okay. >> we're back. thanks, you guys. you are cover girl yet again. >> i totally forget we do these things. then when they come out, i go, oh, my god, this one is called best years, and it is four times a year it comes out. >> this is the fall/winter edition. this is put out by "usa today." we did an interview and shoot --
10:02 am
did we do a shoot with them? yes, we did. anyway, it's on news stands. a riveting article. i'm wearing the same dress? >> no, you're not. >> okay. it would not be the first time. >> i think that's called frugal and i'm proud of you. or lazy because you don't want to go shopping. these are your words of wisdom. >> sometimes i go deep. if you love her, let her go out drinking with friends. if she calls you drunk, she's yours. if she turns off her cell phone, she never was. >> what? >> that is so true. >> say it again, please. >> okay. if you love her, let her go out drinking with her friends. if she calls you drunk, she's yours. >> she's the drunk one? >> if she turns off her cell, she never was. it's like when you go, i love
10:03 am
you. >> first of all, you have no idea how early we have to be here in, super early. hoda went to fashion rocks last night. >> it was a concert at the barclays center, a fund-raising concert. it was terrific. >> things happened there. >> things did happen. walked on the red carpet. luke bryan and his wife were there. the wife and him were awesome. then pit bull was performing. >> you love your pit bull. >> i happened to get a little of it somehow. ♪ ♪ we're bringing it, we're bringing it down ♪ ♪ >> i mean it was so awesome. >> what's that mean, bring it down. >> bringing it, bringing it,
10:04 am
bringing it down. nothing means anything. it's all about dancing. j. lo showed us that clip of the booty, her booty dance. she did the whole booty performance on stage. take a look. ♪ the way she moves, i know you want her ♪ ♪ >> when she was here, and she doesn't drink very often. she did -- >> sip a little. >> have a lot. she was leaving for ten hours of rehearsal for that number. it went well? >> it did. what i really admired about her, she did her bit. then she came and sat back in her chair. a lot of times when they do their act, it takes a lot out of you. she was in front. she was posing for pictures with
10:05 am
people. there's jen miller. she was talking about the show and how much fun she had with us. then there was some continue very see. this is how it was set up. victor cruz from the new york giants who is a star player came out on stage, and everyone, whenever he steps out they do a chant for him, they yell cruz. in the audience if you don't know him, they're booing him. all of the people were saying why are they booing that guy? a couple minutes later justin bieber walks out and everyone started booing. the whole place, sometimes you can't hear it. it was so loud. then he said -- i guess he wanted to do a gag and started taking off his clothes to show his calvin klein underwear. he said no one knew he was going to do it. calvin was in the audience. let's take a look at what he did and the crowd's reaction. >> i actually don't feel comfortable unless i'm in my calvins. what's up?
10:06 am
is that cool. >> apparently it was not cool. >> his shoes, his pants. he took the socks off. you know when you're wondering what -- >> he knows it's not working and yet he continues it. >> took the top off. >> is that better? >> so much. thank you, justin. >> you know, his mom must just be cringing. she's a great, great lady, patty. she's waiting for him to grow up a little bit and all the lessons she taught him to sort of gel once again. but i said something to you this morning, as you know, what he's got to do is get back to making music, not news. don't make news anymore, justin. make music. we figured it out. how long ago was his last hit? >> he had a top 20 song in 2013 called "heartbreaker." it peaked at 13. the last 20 were collaborations
10:07 am
with nicki minaj and will i am. his song "baby," that was years ago. >> he has to concentrate on what made him a star in the first place and maybe get a whole new generation of believers, is that what he calls them, you've got to read the room. >> it was full of fans. >> music fans, and fashion fans. i tell you, it's a window of opportunity you have there when you have a career like that. that's so hot. he had talent to begin with. that talent is still there. go back and start doing what made you a star to begin with. >> you're right. have you ever accidentally revealed somebody else's big secret? >> yes, i have. >> you have? >> yes. go ahead. >> britney did that in an interview with "entertainment
10:08 am
tonight." >> i was looking to see if you should give it up. she was act if she'd ever work with zoe sal dan know. she said that's a good idea, but she's pregnant with twins right now. she leaked the part about the twins. >> you think any harm was done. zoe, the month before revealed she was pregnant. i don't get the whole baby bump thing, how everybody is so fascinated. we're not the first people in the world to conceive children and get pregnant -- >> do you remember when you were pregnant with cody, how everyone was monitoring every inch. when he came, everyone was giving you blankets -- >> all of that was lovely. i don't mean that. i felt like i was the last person in the world who had never had a child. i just don't understand it. i'm happy for people when they're expecting a baby and everything. the way they look at everybody's stomach. no, it's a burrito.
10:09 am
i had a burrito. i don't get it. >> a lot of early talk about it. we did reach out -- >> because we are nbc news. >> to zoe sal dan know's team. they have not returned our call. how do you feel when a friend reveals a secret by mistake? i did. i revealed my friend david, i won't say his last name. i thought he was completely out of the closet as a gay man. everybody in the world that i know knew him. he was laughing and when i saw him afterwards he goes you just outed me to the wol world? i said, i did? he just laughed about it. he wasn't trying to leave a secretive life. >> i think it's one of those things, if your friend's intentions are not harmful -- >> no malicious intent. >> we did this on the earlier hours. but we were blown away about this. you know what they say about real estate, location, location, location. would you ever live in this house? >> it's jetting out over the
10:10 am
water in australia. >> that looks like an animal, looks like a goat with my eyes. >> it kind of does. it has five floors, three bedrooms. it's got a carport. >> a carport? we left that out this morning. where is the carport. it does have stunning views. >> i would be terrified of a little earl quake, a little shake-shake. >> they say don't be worried about it because it's very firmly lodged onto the cliff. what about if there is an earthquake and it shifts. >> tectonic plates move -- >> this is important. it was inspired by the way barnacles cling to a ship's hull. >> can you imagine drilling into the stone? >> how did they -- how did the construction guys do it? >> where was the guy hanging?
10:11 am
where do you walk blake? >> there's not a lot. there is no lawn to mow as al pointed out. >> a new survey that may surprise you. they asked kids of parents ages 2 to 10 what can the kids do competently. more of the kids are more competent using a smart phone or tablet than they are swimming, telling time or tieing their shoe laces or even reading. they're more comfortable playing or knowing how to navigate that than tieing your shoe laces. >> there's velcro now. almost one-third of kids wean the ages of 2-4 have a tablet. i think that can be a good thing as long as it's not in front of them at all times. i told you about the time i twoent the restaurant the other day and all the kids not only had a tablet out, they were wearing headphones, at a table of about ten people.
10:12 am
never, ever interacted at all with their parents or the other kids for two hours. >> i think this is going to be one of those things that the young generation that is having this as their main tool, years from now we'll find out about brain development. >> we have to do a call-out to you guys. ♪ everyone has a moment [ horns blowing ] >> if you have a story that's up lifting or inspiring or even funny, we want to know about it today, please, because we have it scheduled for next week and i haven't written it. >> how about if you have an incredible love story, right it down. go to kathie wants to write a song about it. you know what? i'm sleep deprived and this is going to get ugly. >> get ready for the guy who had no problem licking the
10:13 am
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10:16 am
she first caught our attention with her incredible dance moves in 2006 movie "step up." that's where she met her gorgeous husband of five years, channing tatum. >> now she's one of the stars of the supernatural lifetime show "witches of east end." she plays the beautiful and passionate fraya bow shaw, and the one caught in a love stri angle but thinks she's found a way to fix it. take a look. >> some sort of smell of smell him think he loves her and forget he loves me. >> i don't know, sweetie, you sound a little -- >> i am not crazy. this makes perfect sense to me. she's messing with his mind.
10:17 am
why else would they have gotten married so fast? >> because he's in love with her. she's beautiful, intelligent and really, really sweet. >> she is not sweet. she is up to something, i can feel it. >> yes. i believed you totally. >> i feel it. >> you were having fun in that scene. that's called eating the scenery. >> so much fun. the show is so much fun. >> when you first saw the script, jenna, were you like i am totally in. >> totally. magical powers, love triangle, a family of strong women witches. it was like, across the board, i can't say no. >> does channing have trouble watching you in a love scene with another actor? >> to be honest, we're all such good friends and i have love scenes for like the same guy for two years who is also married. the four of us hang out. >> is that weird? >> it's kind of funny. it's a better situation. we're laugh at the scenes. it's so not romantic. i'm choreographing, i'm look put
10:18 am
your arm down lower. it's really not like that. >> they say it's very clinical. i would never know. >> real chemistry in those situations? >> i think there has to be chemistry, but it's not always we're going to get married and we want to be together. it's like good friends. >> that's what it was like with channing, right? >> well, that, clearly that was a little different. >> we were just telling her before, everybody in the world comes through here, he's one of our favorite -- a true southern gentleman. from alabama? >> alabama and tampa. >> what was it that you fell for right away? >> i met him in the screen test. i was so nervous. tefs my second movie. he took me outside, he said do you want to run the lines. i said, uh-huh. >> so dare phiing. >> so terrifying. then we became really good friends. then it was like, he's really hot. then we had the connection. i tried to fight it.
10:19 am
>> stop it. >> should we play a game. >> yeah. >> what are we calling it? >> which witch is it? >> all right. which witch said -- >> i'll get you, my pretty and your little dog, too. >> the wicked witch of the west? >> yes. >> in which movie did sandra bulluck and nicole kidman play witches? >> my favorite movie ever "practical magic." >> the things you learn when you haven't read your notes. >> who played -- >> it really is. look. it will not go down. >> that's fantastic. would you like to come be on our show? >> it's fine. who played the third witch in the 1993 film hocus pocus, bette midler, kathy gentleman jimmy,
10:20 am
sarah jessica parker. >> sarah jessica parker. >> you get to keep the hat. >> and drink wine. >> and drink wine. >> we love you. >> give our love to your baby and to channing and all the success with everything. >> thank you so much. >> come see us any time. >> you can catch "witches of east end" sundays on lifetime. >> the hottest look to take you from your spin class to your kid's class. >> wait until you see what this guy can do, ♪ each year 17 billion toilet paper tubes are thrown away in the us alone. that's enough to fill the empire state building...twice. now there's scott naturals tube-free bath tissue. get the premium softness you need... ...without the wasteful tube.
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10:24 am
santa cruz, clachlt. the world's largest tongue. >> how long is it. >> 10.1 september meters. i thought i would talk a little. >> i want to see. i don't want to hear him. i want to see the tongue. >> ooh, gross. that was weird. can you lick all three of those flavors at once? yes, thanks for the ice cream. >> cheers. >> oh, my god. do people always ask you to stick your tongue out at parties? >> yes. but i can keep it concealed which is helpful. >> does this run in the family? >> yes, my younger brother chad has a similar proportion tongue. he might be in the book. >> that was weird. >> more guinness world records
10:25 am
when we play something new with our crowd. >> plus comfy workout wear that doubles as trendy street wear after your local news. four wholesome grains. sugar. only six? six grams of sugar? that's really good. excellent, delicious...
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10:27 am
pushing into the high 80s as we head into thursday. not today. we will see nice conditions, especially for the phillies game. temperatures in the high 70s for us. 70 in potsz town, 71 in all allento allentown. in atlantic city, 73. 71 in dover. for the rest of your day, we are going to see cloudy skies. a little bit of sunshine. by 3:00, 79. below our average of 81. police be careful with the storms tomorrow. >> thank you. the defense is set to open its case in the trial of the woman accused of abducting a 5-year-old from a philadelphia school and sexually assaulting her. christina regusters' defense attorney hasn't said if they will testify. she's accused of kidnapping the girl from her school in january of 2013. the trial is in its third week. happening now, trump entertainment resorts is having its first hearing in bankruptcy court.
10:28 am
the company and its casinos filed for protection yesterday. it announced the trump taj mahal would shut down in november if it doesn't get concessions from workers. the trump plaza is scheduled to close next week. the new jersey labor department is hosting a career fair for casino workers who have lost their jobs. a resource center for the displaced workers that opened last week will wrap up today. a full hour of news coming up in 30 minutes. you can always get the latest news and weather on as a small business owner you don't deliver anything less than 100% to your customers. and at verizon fios we believe that you shouldn't settle for less than 100% of the internet. get upload speeds as fast as download speeds. so you can deliver 100% for your customers. switch now to get fios internet and phone with 99.9% network reliability for just $99.99 a month with a 2-year agreement and get $200 back.
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we're back with more of today on this wines day wednesday. we're treer to play our trivia game "who new." to celebrate the guinness book of world records, we teamed up with the folks to bring you the fun and wacky records of pop culture. kathie across the street, ready to hand out 100 bucks to anyone who get the questions right. those who don't get a fabulous cd. every one of you walks away with a guinness world records book. oh, my gosh. here to help me out, their spokesperson stewart claxton. >> this lady from iowa. nice to have you in new york. the guinness world record holder
10:31 am
for the most liked person on facebook with over 100 million likes is mark zuckerberg, tom hanks, shakira or reanna. >> mark. >> oh, no. >> she's happy because she wanted my cd. >> the correct answer, a little surprising, shakira. >> yes. it was shakira. what put her over the top was a photo she tweeted from the american house stadium in rio just before the closing ceremony at which she performed of the world cup. >> high viewership there. >> a lot of people watching the world cup. >> lovely lady from philadelphia. silvio sabba holds a guinness world record for attaching 51 what to his face for one minute. safety pins, staples, leaches or clothespins? >> leaches.
10:32 am
[ buzz ] >> aren't you glad it's not that? aren't you glad you got the cd. >> the correct answer and i want to see the correct answer, clothespin, 51 of them to his face. >> yes. one of our more prolific record breakers. he holds over 45 separate guinness world records. we hope he breaks many more in the process. >> how do you discover you're good at that. over to kat. this gentleman is from new jersey. in october 2013 a crowd in asbury park, new jersey, broke the record pour the most people on a barefoot stroll, dressinged at zombies, jumping rope -- >> i would say jumping rope. >> such a good day for me. >> the correct answer, gathering of zombies. >> yes, very appropriate maybe for this time of year with halloween coming up. in asbury park, 9,592 people
10:33 am
dressed as zombies taking the record away from minneapolis in the process. >> there's a record for zombies in a park? >> exactly. >> all right. over to you. >> this lovely lady is from texas. are you having a good time? >> we always have a good time in new york. >> i bet you do. who earned the guinness world record for the richest person in the world? warren buffett, carlos slim helu, charles koch or bill gates? i'm going to say carlos. >> that's what i thought, too. you're wrong, ms. texas. but it's good news for you. >> the correct answer according to guinness, the richest person in the world, bill gates. >> bill gates. actually took the record away this year from carlos slim, the fill an per, huge charity work,
10:34 am
$75.9 billion, making him the richest man in the world. >> time for one more, kath. >> what song holds the all time record for the most consecutive woox on the u.s. singles chart? >> i love it by icon nah pop, trez your by bruno mars or radioactive by imagine dragons. >> you know what? it was a sweep today. >> it really is a sweep. the correct answer "radioactive" by imagine dragon. >> 86 consecutive weeks in the u.s. top 100 chart, peaking as number three. >> it's anywhere in the top charts. >> exactly. >> all right, great. thank you, stewart. we appreciate it. from that antique vase to your grandma's wedding dress, when to hold on to and when to
10:35 am
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10:39 am
the gym . lilianna is the author of the cheap chica's guide to style. >> yoga pants seem like they're now a staple. >> they are mainstream. everyone has dapd it ath leisure. you can transition from working out to picking up your kids to going to brunch with your girlfriends. people want functionality and i think that's what's happening. these clothes are technical, but still fashion forward. >> you don't think it's because our waist lines are getting bigger? >> i think people are more active and wanting to incorporate that more. >> let's start with cameo. tell us about cameo's -- >> cameo is in this fabulous look. this is so transitional. all about the layers here. we started with this great vest from joe fresh. it's got a hood on it.
10:40 am
and simply vera wine has come up with a leisure line for kohl's. it would look great with jeans as well. i'm obsessed with these yoga pants from a company called tiki. it's all about prints now. and then notice i took out the laces on those nikes and replaced them with hickeys. super easy to get on. >> thank you, cameo. next up we have rachel, and you decided to go a little metallic? >> i think what you need to do is dress up the athletic wear. metallics and holograms are huge in sportswear fashion. she has this great foil detail. i love the pop of neon. these are what i call track pants, they have an elastic waistband from forever 21, under $25. they're piped in leather across the waistband. how cool are those adidas kicks. super comfortable.
10:41 am
you looks so cute and the jacket is something you can throw over in case it gets cool. also a great layering piece. >> thank you very much, rachel. next up you are laine. >> she's showing us the perfect post spin outfit. she's got this great rain jacket, this is from acos. it has the sporty feel with the varsity stripes on the sleeve. great tank top from victoria's secret. these are slim sweat pants, available at old navy. it's not your husband's sweat pants, a little more feminine and tailored to the body. everyone knows you want to slip into a sneaker easy. it's the it sneaker for fashion, the van's. you can slide them on and you're ready to go. >> and your hair looks good, too. >> love the curls on her. >> lastly we have phyllis. >> is phyllis here? >> there's phyllis. >> love phyllis.
10:42 am
phyllis has finished an energized power walk and off to car pool. the jacket makes the piece. you're seeing brights in active wear. if you see a subtle pastel, it tones it down. only 60 bucks, top from forever 21. these are the knockout tight from victoria's secret, their best-selling athletic pant, and then bold sneakers are a must for all fashionistas. this is from new balance. they can incorporate with anything as simple as black -- >> can we show lilianna's dress. by the way, you rented it? >> i did, for 85 bucks. >> so cute. >> who is the designer? >> opening ceremony. >> thank you lovely ladies. are you still holding on to your kid's preschool paintings.
10:43 am
>> we're going to help you finally let go of the precious keep take saeks? >> not lucy and ethel? >> yes. it's time. i was a negative nancy. but, thanks to, >> not lucy and ethel? >> yes. it's time. a take saeks? >> not lucy and ethel? >> yes. it's time. k take saeks? >> not lucy and ethel? >> yes. it's time. e take saeks? >> not lucy and ethel? >> yes. it's time. s take saeks? >> not lucy and ethel? >> yes. it's time. take saeks? >> not lucy and ethel? >> yes. it's time. ake saeks? >> not lucy and ethel? >> yes. it's time. for the credit you deserve to get all kinds of great stuff. [ doorbell rings ] oh, i hope that's our new espresso machine. and that hot delivery guy. ♪ years later, she still is. sara was glowing. and that hot delivery guy. nice'n easy color looks lit by the sun with luminous lowlights and shimmering highlights. she's more radiant than ever. nice'n easy, for the most natural shade of you. so i'm trying hellmann's with olive oil. let's see what happens. that's not hellmann's on your sandwiches. it's hellmann's with olive oil.
10:44 am
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10:47 am
like most of us, you probably have some family heirlooms or keep steaks around the house you keep tucked away for sentimental reasons. >> chances are you'll probably never use most of them. it's just a bunch of stuff as george carlin puts it. >> that's all your house is a place to keep your stuff while you go out and get more stuff. sometimes, sometimes you've got to move, you've got to get a bigger house. why? too much stuff. you've got to move all your stuff and maybe put some of your stuff in storage. imagine that, there's a whole industry based on keeping an eye on your stuff. >> oh, wow, george, loved him so much. how do you finally let go or at least get it organized? we brought in a professional to help. barbara reach who aarp magazine
10:48 am
calls the queen of clean. >> hi. >> you can get very attached. >> it's hard. if something belonged to a grandmother or something, you can't imagine tossing it, right? tell us about the bond we have with our stuff. >> the psychological brd of what heirlooms, silver, china, portraits to keep is paralyzing for people. it's very hard to let go of these people, particularly when you have a family mem were say i'm giving this to you to keep because i know you'll take care of it or you'll keep it in the family. >> or you won't butt it on ebay. >> a very heavy burden. >> how do you sort out what things are of value, personal value orman tear value and what you should just discard? >> i like to ask three questions. the first question i ask is does it make you happy? when you look at this thing, if it makes you happy, that's great. if it doesn't, it might be time to let it go. >> like the elephant. >> if the elephant isn't making you happy -- >> what are the other questions
10:49 am
this. >> is it your memory? you're not responsible for other people's memories. if it's not your memory, you can let it go. if you don't have the physical space for it and you're not going to get a storage unit, you can also let it go. >> what's the third one? >> physical space, if you don't have physical space for it. >> i like the idea of consolidating things so you can somehow save them or make them smaller. >> absolutely. for example, pictures can be digitized very easily. i know in my family we have certain letters and pictures of relatives that my father has put on disk and tall cousins have it. it's a beautiful thing to have, beautifulment for example, this is my grandmother's recipe box. >> which you want to keep. >> which i can't to keep. i haven't cooked a meal in 20 years, i look the recipe box with the food stains on it and my grandmother's handwriting. the other thing i would say is don't give somebody a box of old
10:50 am
ticket stubs. if a memory is worth preserving, preserve it. put it in an album chronologically so it makes sense and is a real keep sake for people. >> let's go back here. this is a like a world war ii uniform. >> world war ii uniform. >> beautiful, or things that are of such personal value. how do you keep, store and hang on to these? >> these are very emotional. particularly the baby clothes, the wedding dress. the key thing is store it in a box where it's with moth balls, acid free. take good care of it. if something is important enough for you to save it, make sure you save it properly. >> did you save your wedding dress? >> it's upstairs in the cedar closet. i can't get one leg into it but i've got it. >> what about these? >> what about sports equipment? >> we have a lot of that. >> one of the things when you're deciding what you have and what you should keep and what you shouldn't keep, think about
10:51 am
whether it has value. is it something that can be sold. can it be con signed? >> at our house -- >> thank you so much, barbara. 1300 beauty products tested. we've got the 12 best. >> first this is "today" on nbc. can be intimidating. take your
10:52 am
10:53 am
kids on a walk through the online neighborhood. show them sites you feel are acceptable. teach them how to deal with cyber bullies and encourage them to navigate safely. the more you know.
10:54 am
no one can stop the clock on aging, but you can turn back the hands of time a little bit by looking your best with the right beauty products. >> i love this segment. the folks at "prevention" magazine tried out more than a thousand of them in all kinds of categories. here are the top beauty award winners. executive editor olessa pindeck
10:55 am
is with us. >> for 2014, huh? >> let's talk skin care and the best kay cream. >> these are all scientifically proven, backed by independent research so we know they work. the best day cream is a strivectin product. it has retinol in it, but made for the day because it has spf 30. >> what about under the eyes? >> something that bugs all of us. this product from origins is so great because it treats all the different things that bug you, puffiness, dark circles, everything that's going to bug you. >> so these are not necessarily the most expensive products, just the best products. >> that's right. >> night cream you have roc. >> it's a multi-tasker, treats from dark circles to wrinkles. >> i love roc. >> these are body lotions.
10:56 am
>> everybody has a lotion that they love. what makes this so cool is the delivery system. you have to try spraying it. we've seen this kind of technology in something like a spray -- like a self-tanner. but this is now lotion form. no more excuses for scaley skin. >> okay. >> it drys really quickly. >> the body wash? >> this is something everybody should have, great for sensitive skin. it has no dyes, no irritants. it's very moisturizing. it's a great basic to add. >> by oil of olay. >> the best conditioner, we couldn't decide. we have both a neutragena and garnier that we loved. when we had them tested, they both scored the same on shine and combability. and the best shampoo, we can always expect something from living proof. this is no exception. it actually has a molecule that
10:57 am
goes around each strand of hair and prevents dirt from sticking to it. dry shampoo is every busy woman's best friend. >> looks great. >> she's got great hair. >> it looked good before you sprayed it. >> let's do makeup. mass cara? >> this is a fantastic one from physicians formula. it goes on really nicely, gives you volume. it gives you length and strength, but it also comes off really easily. >> best concealer? >> best concealer is japanesque. you can use it under the eyes for dark circles. >> powder? >> powder, this we like to call the best instagram filter for your face. kate has it on. >> kate is wearing it? >> yes. it gives you a beautiful glow. >> kate looked good before, too.
10:58 am
>> the best lipstick. >> triple threat three in one.
10:59 am
11:00 am
right now at 11:00 a.m., breaking news to tell you about. nbc 10 has just learned the philadelphia woman charged with kidnapping and sexually assaulting a 5-year-old will not take the stand in her own defense. christina regusters made that decision a short time ago. what can you tell us? >> reporter: from what we're being told is that inside up on the 11th floor, the defendant christina regusters stood up and said she will not be taking the stand today. we do understand also that two character witnesses have taken the stand though. one of them a woman who wor