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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  September 10, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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right now at 11:00 a.m., breaking news to tell you about. nbc 10 has just learned the philadelphia woman charged with kidnapping and sexually assaulting a 5-year-old will not take the stand in her own defense. christina regusters made that decision a short time ago. what can you tell us? >> reporter: from what we're being told is that inside up on the 11th floor, the defendant christina regusters stood up and said she will not be taking the stand today. we do understand also that two character witnesses have taken the stand though. one of them a woman who worked with regusters at the day care
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center where the victim attended. we're hearing that the closing arguments are beginning momentarily by the defense. prosecutors tell us regusters is the woman seen here. we have more on a recap. prosecutors say regusters is the woman seen her in muslim clothing with the then 5-year-old victim. investigators have testified the little girl was kidnapped from her elementary school, sexually assaulted inside the west philadelphia home of regusters' aunt and abandon eed here in a park. prosecutors have linked her to the crime through testimony like dna and activity on her laptop. >> reporter: the defense could rest today. when that happens, we will let you know. christine maddela is in the courtroom. she's following the developments. she began on nbc 10 news at 4:00, 5:00 and 6:00. live for now outside cjc.
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>> thank you. new questions this morning about the way the prosecutor handled the ray rice case. the state senate president in new jersey is calling for a review of the case following the release of new video showing the former baltimore ravens star knocking out his future wife inside an elevator. race was charged with felony a aggravated assault but entered a pre-trial program that allowed him to avoid jail time. happening right now in the casino crisis, trump entertainment resorts is having its first hearing in bankruptcy court. the company and its casinos filed bankruptcy protection yesterday. it announced the taj mahal would shut down come november. trump mra da is scheduled to close next week. now if the taj mahal closes, it would be the fifth atlantic city casino to shut down this year. right now the department of labor and work force development is hosting a career fair for
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workers now out of a job. 40 companies will be looking for new employees at the atlantic city convention center. that's going on right now. ted greenberg is at that fair. we will hear from job seekers. that's ahead at 11:30. count on nbc 10 for continuing coverage of the casino crisis. on, you will find in-depth reports on the impact on the economy. from our dell bureau, state police are searching for two kids accused of beating up a young boy in a wheelchair. the boy is in the wheelchair because of cerebral palsy. the two attackers just about his age shoved his wheel care into a sewer great and then roughed him up and stole his keys. he and his father say the same kids stole the family's pet and bullied the boy for months.
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>> we got to stop them before years from now they do something even worse. >> what a wise young man he is there. one of the suspects may be identified by a small birth mark on his hand. police have searched this neighborhood. they are notifying people living there of this incident. hopefully, someone can help there. police in bucks county are investigating after two kids were stabbed outside an elementary school. sky force 10 in levittown. they believe an argument dur in a basketball game let to the stabbing. both victims are expected to recover. dry weather out there right now. let's take a live look at radar. you can see storms to our west. that could bring us some severe weather come tomorrow. nbc 10 fafrt alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast for us.
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>> we have a first alert that we're issuing for tomorrow afternoon. that is for showers and thunderstorms that are going to be moving in. you can see them now in western ohio and eastern indiana, moving to the east. when they reach here by tomorrow afternoon, we are expecting some damaging winds, some very heavy rain. if we can go over to max 1, that's where the first alert is right now. we expect heavy rain, lots of lightning out of that during the late day tomorrow. there it is. damaging winds, lightning and downpours. this is the area that is moving eastward. there is severe weather likely with that today in the ohio valley. that will be moving in our direction. the futurecast shows that there
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is no issue today with the weather. it's going to be pretty nice, actually. and then tomorrow, the showers develop to the west and then intensify as they move on top of us later in the day. right now it's 75 degrees in philadelphia. close to that in much of the rest of the area. we're going to be seeing temperatures going up to near 80 today with some sunshine, a really, really nice day, especially compared to what we have seen recently and what we're going to be seeing tomorrow. more on the timing of the storms coming up with the seven-day in a few minutes. decision 2014, today we have the results from yesterday's primary election in delaware. in the republican race for u.s. senate, kevin wade beach carl smink. in the state treasurer's race, kenneth simpler won.
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he will take on barny in the general election. happening today, mitt romney will attend a fund-raiser hosted by chris christie. the money will go to the state republican party. he is deciding whether to run for the white house in 2016. toll collectors on the new jersey turn bipike will stay one job until the end of the december. the jobs are at risk at the turnpike authority seeks to privatize toll collection in order to cut costs. the agent has extended the deadline for companies to submit proposals until october 8th. this is the fourth time the agency has changed that date. according to the press of atlantic city, a plan would need final approval from the agency's board and a tentative vote is
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scheduled for december 16th. a job fair is being held in berks county for those who served our country. the hiring our heros event runs through 1:00 at the reading area community college. it's open to all active duty military, veterans and their spouses. it aims to find them meaningful employment. more information about the hiring our heros event by going to our website, on a mission to defeat isis. we are just hours away as president obama unveils his plan to the nation to defeat the group responsible for taking over so much of iraq and syria. flash flooding, severe weather hitting more parts of the country today. that system is heading in our direction.
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tonight president obama will make a prime time speech to outline his strategy to defeat the group isis. some lawmakers say this is long overdue. they question why he's not coming to congress first to ask permission. tracy potts has the story. >> we need to degrade and destroy isil. >> reporter: how do you do that? that's what president obama is expected to outline tonight. >> it has to begin, in my view, by telling the american people what national interest is at stake here. >> reporter: how much of a threat is isis to the u.s.? could we look at another 9/11?
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secretary of state kerry landed in baghdad today to meet the country's new prime minister and others pushing for a more inclusive government. plus, the president wants to equip syrian rebels. john boehner said he will support that. meeting with lawmakers tuesday, the president insisted he does not need more authority from congress. some lawmakers insist he does. >> he really ought to be asking for our support whether or not he may think he's authorized to do what he intends to do. >> reporter: according to a source familiar with the discussion, the president had with lawmakers yesterday, he is now asking congress for new money to expand this campaign. tracy potts, nbc news, washington. >> watch the address live tonight at 9:00 right here on
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nbc 10 and on a new poll shows americans are unhappy with president obama's handling of foreign policy. only 32% approve of the job he's doing. the president's overall job approval stands at 40% tieing an all-time low. the poll shows 61% support for u.s. military action against isis. nbc 10 news learned that a father of five children will now be charged with murder. the manpected of killing the children. police picked up timothy ray jones on unrelated charges. he is in jail in mississippi where he fled after the killings. investigators say jones let them whe to where he dumped the body. the bodies were found yesterday. the children were between the ages of 1 and 8.
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in northern california, wide life crews are setting more traps to try and catch a mountain lion that attacked a 6-year-old boy. it happened monday while the boy and his parents were hiking. they fought off the animal. the boy was treated for bite wounds and scratches. happening right now, congress unveiling new honors for those who died in the 9/11 attacks. this is senator bob casey from pennsylvania at the lectern. members of the house and senate are bestowing three congressional gold medals. >> we could share their hands and present them with the medals that will be presented today. we can't do that. the substitute for that, of course, is what we can do to pay tribute to their families, pay tribute to them through their families. >> of course, on the eve of 9/11, the ceremony taking place in washington, the congressional
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gold medal. it's a remembrance of those killed at the world trade center and the pentagon. tomorrow is the 13th anniversary of those terrorist attacks. this morning people in nebraska cleaning up after a storm that caught some people off guard. heavy rain and high winds hit there around yesterday afternoon. this is in omaha. some drive hrs had to be rescue. national weather service says a small tornado touched down in the suburb of st. louis. it cut a two-mile path through a neighborhood last night. up rooting trees and damaging homes. the tornado had winds of 75 miles an hour. it was part of a larger storm system that hammered some areas with three inches of rain. no injuries were reported.
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those areas of damage are related to the same front that is going to be coming through here later on tomorrow. and there is the potential for some damaging winds as a result of that system. so we are seeing some late day thunderstorms tomorrow. the potential for damaging winds. a lot of lightning, heavy downpours as well. right now things are really quiet around the area. we finally have the sunshine back. it's still pretty comfortable. 75 degrees right now with at least partly sunny skies. it's four degrees warmer than it was at this time yesterday. because of that sunshine. that's starting to warm things it up into the 70s in most places except mount pocono is 66 degrees. we are in the mid 70s in philadelphia and cherry hill and 76 at cherry hill. 71 in wrightstown. we are only 70 degrees in
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delaware. the wind coming in off of delaware bay. we continue to have coastal flood advisory for today and also high rip current risk. there's nothing on radar that's anywhere nearby. but we have showers and storms moving into northwestern ohio, into michigan. severe weather expected in that area this afternoon and tomorrow's area of severe weather, according to the storm prediction center, covers much of or region. that would be later in the day and into the evening. as you can see here with the futurecast, as we go through the day today, quiet. a lot of sunshine. and then by tomorrow, we could start off with a little bit of sunshine in some parts of the area. it's going to be very warm, very humid. and then as that front approaches, we're going to be see something showers and storms. you can see the timing on that right around the afternoon rush.
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and some of those storms will be on the heavy side. so we continue to see that move through. there we are 9:00 tomorrow night. and by midnight or so, it should be through just about the entire area and that sets us up for dry weather on friday. even that is only going to be temporary. temperatures up near 80 degrees, mostly sunny skies, really nice day. fairly comfortable. it's not going to be so comfortable tomorrow. up near 90 degrees, much higher humidity and then those storms coming in later in the day and into the early evening hours. we dry out on friday. get cooler. pretty nice day. but the rain could come back on saturday as that front goes back to the north. then the front goes back south and we have nice weather on sunday. but the front just keeps coming back. so the next threat of rain will be on tuesday.
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you can see how much cooler it gets once we get past that heat during the day tomorrow. tomorrow is going to be last hot day for quite a while. >> thanks. this is news that could keep some people up at night. how some sleep meds are now being linked to your risk of developing a debilitating disease. later, swept away. you will see the wild weather out west swallows up a driver. there a miraculous ending to this story. look at that.
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a new study suggests long-term use of anxiety and sleep drugs could be linked to alzheimer's disease. researchers looked at older adults who took drugs like valium for more than three months. those patients were 50% more likely to develop the memory robbing disease than people who took them for a shorter time or not at all. experts say the drugs are effective in treating anxiety and insomnia but should only be used on a temporary basis. new research finds prediabetes could increase the risk for certain cancers. they have blood sugar levels elevated but not high enough to qualify as diabetes. they have a 15% higher risk for cancer. the link was strongest for
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stoma stomach, pancreatic, breast and endom endometrial. this week's wednesday's teen is adventurous. he is ready to find a loving home. here is jackson. >> jackson is an upbeat and charming 15-year-old who has a spirit for adventure. we headed up to the the poconos tree adventures for some climbing fun and ziplining. >> lean back. >> jackson say fun and out going teen with a fearless personality. he took to the high ropes course like a pro. come on, jackson. that's no fair. this isn't even hard for you. he enjoys school, especially math class. he is into all sports and has dreams of being a police officer
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in the future. took you 30 seconds to do that. took me five minutes. he is ready to open his heart and knows what he wants in a family. >> i would like a mom and a dad and teenage kids, teens and people who i could look up to and say i love you to. >> you have been here before? >> never. >> never been here before? >> nope. >> jackson is ready for the next step in his life. he knows what family would mean to him. what you can learn from each other in a family? >> it's good to spend time with each other. no matter what, they will be there for you. >> he would make a wonderful addition to any home. jackson is this week's wednesday's child. >> what a nice young man. you can make jackson's dream of a forever family come true or the dream of any wednesday's
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child. come to our website, it's and search wednesday's child or you can always call the nationaled adop ed ed adopgs ce. a hearing is under way a day after trump entertainment res t resorts filed for chapter 11 bankruptcy. job seekers try to get whatever jobs are left in the struggling resort time. you snooze you lose. police catch a house burglar sleeping on the job.
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the breaking news we are following this more than, christina regusters will not take the stand in her own defense. she made that decision in court less than an hour ago. the 21-year-old is accused of
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kidnapping a 5-year-old girl from her elementary school and then sexually assaulting her. her defense lawyer called two character witnesses this morning. closing arguments are set to begin at any moment. check out our other top stories. they are calling for a review of race rice case following the release of video showing the former ravens star knocking out his future wife. rice entered a pre-trial program that allowed him to avoid jail time. battling isis. tonight, president obama will tell the world his plan for battling isis in iraq and syria. john kerry makes a surprise visit to baghdad. as part of an unannounced tour of the middle east. another cool start to the day. but warm and stormy weather is on the way. you would never know it from this picture. we take a live look outside.
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this is market street in center city philadelphia. you can see the storm system to our west. glenn will tell us about that with radar. take it away, glenn. >> we are seeing a strong system in the midwest that is headed this way. that's why we have issued a first alert for tomorrow, specifically late tomorrow and into tomorrow evening. we do this well in advance, at least as far in advance as possible to give you an idea of what is going to be happening when it's really significant like this. we are expecting late-day thunderstorms tomorrow, some perhaps with damaging winds, lightning, very heavy downpours. so if you need to adjust your plans, you can do that, because it's a pretty sure bet that there's going to be a line of some pretty heavy weather that's coming through. you can see it coming into ohio right now, some of those yellows indicating some of the heavier
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rain. that's going to intensify this afternoon and severe weather is expected in ohio and in indiana this afternoon. in our area, we're seeing lots of sunshine now. we will see sun for much of the day today. tomorrow morning we could start off with sunshine, too. it's going to heat up and get a lot more humid tomorrow. but as we go toward the end of the day, we expect to see a line of showers or even thunderstorms moving through. it's in the mid 70s right now as the sunshine finally comes out after those days of cloudiness. it's going to make a difference. we're going to be up near 80 this afternoon, close to average for this time of the year. but it's going to feel like summer tomorrow. that's just one day of it though. we have the storms. more on the timing that was with the seven-day in a few minutes. >> thank you. the gaza war may be over but violence is still ongoing.
11:32 am
israel security agency says palestinian forces attacked really troops in jerusalem. there were seven time more attacks in july and august than in the previous two months. an israeli advocacy group reported there was a spike in israeli attacks on palestinians. happening today on the evening of the 9/11 anniversary, american security chief will talk about fighting terrorism. jay johnson will deliver remarks about counterterrorism efforts in new york. he will decision cyber security and border security. a new poll found 47% of americans feel the nation is less safe than it was just after 9/11. ferguson city council head its first meeting since the death of michael brown. they hoped to commute community healing. they outlined proposals to
11:33 am
overhaul the courts and create a review board. that was met with skepticism by the hundreds of residents who turned out for the meeting. they say the leaders lost their authority to govern the community after the shooting. >> some of us will be here if the police see you put in office would have came forward and said, we apologize. this was handled wrong. you know what i'm saying? give us a minute to conduct our investigation. >> brown was unarmed when he was shot by a police officer last month. it exposed an under current of racial unrest in the city. a verdict is expected tomorrow in the pistorius murder trial. it's' process expected to take hours and could last days. the judge must first recount and
11:34 am
analyze testimony. then she will give a summary of her own findings before finally pronouncing the olympic runner guilty or not guilty on the charges. pistorius is accused of shooting and killing his girlfriend on valentine's day of last year. if found guilty, his sentence will be decided at a later hearing. officials say a doctor being treated for ebola is improving. they say dr. rick sacra has become more alert and interactive. a fourth patient arrived in the u.s. for treatment yesterday. the patient, a doctor with the world health organization, is being treated at emory university hospital in atlanta. as you recall, last month two americans who contracted ebola in liberia were treated at emory and they both recovered. happening right now, the casino crisis. trump entertainment resorts is having its first hearing in bankruptcy court. they filed bankruptcy protection
11:35 am
yesterday. it announced trump taj mahal would shut down in november. trump plaza is scheduled to close next week. if the taj mahal closes, this would be the fifth atlantic city casino to shut down this year. help for the thousands of casino workers who are now out of a job in atlantic city. the department of labor and work force development is hosting a career fair right now at the atlantic city convention center. more than 1,000 people have showed up. 40 companies are there looking for new workers. the goal is to quickly transition the unemployed casino workers into new jobs. >> one door will close, the next would open. i wish everyone the best. i learned a lot. i had a lot of fun. you know? life goes on. >> very successful. we started to get 40 employers here. now i heard we're up to 60.
11:36 am
the only reason we don't have more is because we don't have additional space. >> that's encouraging news. a resource center for the displaced casino workers opened last week at the convention center. it runs through today. count on nbc 10 for continuing coverage of the casino crisis. on you will find reports on the impact on atlant atlantic city's economy. a story to tell after their van got swept up in waters in nevada. flooding trigged by a tropical storm led to this scene on a highway north of las vegas. watch the car on the left there. rushing water sweeping the van off the road into the ravine. police officers and passing drivers managed to pull the man woman inside that van to safety. let me try this again. orange you glad you weren't stuck in this mess?
11:37 am
no one was hurt when a truck of originals tipped over near san diego yesterday. thousands of oranges fell from the bins on to the highway. police shut down the road while crews cleaned up the fruit. the accident is being investigated. four firefighters say they were suspended for refusing to remove american flag stickers from their hats. the firefighters say they were shocked to hear they couldn't keep the decorations. one said he agreed to remove several stickers including a 9/11 memorial flag from his helmet. but he kept one flag on his locker. >> you know what? the one thing i won't do is i'm not going to remove the flag on my locker. no one sees it but us. we're all brothers here. >> it's hard to understand. isn't it? the fire didn't department respond to our request for comment our affiliate in chicago. the firefighters plan to meet with the chief sometime today. an act of kindness by a
11:38 am
police officer caught on camera by an nba star. it's getting tens of thousands of likes and retweets on social media. roy hibert came across the scene. a police officer stopped to talk to a homeless man. instead of giving him trouble, the cop gave the man a pair of boots. >> i have boots i want to give someone. i have know someone that can use them. he gave them to me. >> the homeless man is thankful for anything he gets and he's happy to pass the boots on to someone who can ware them. being a burglar are take a lot out of it. just check out this guy and you will see why. look at this. police in florida found this guy passed out inside a home with a bag of jewelry right next to him. a woman who entered the home to clean it discovered the suspect sleeping and called police. when the cops arrived he he was still sleeping. they took a photo, woke him up and slapped on the handcuffs.
11:39 am
he man has been charged with burglary. broadway paid tribute to joan rivers last night. shortly before curtain time, they dimmed the lights in their honor and people on the streets applauded. the legendary comedian appeared on broadway in the 1970s, 1980s and 1990s. they initially decided she didn't meet the criteria for dimming the lights but the group changed its mind after several individual theater owners decided to do it on their own. from our jersey showre bureau. contestants were allowed in preliminary -- involved in preliminary round yesterday. we got to see fancy foot wear they will wear for the show us your shoes parade. that's a classic. that's saturday on the
11:40 am
boardwalk. all of the shoes were described by the women. a new miss america will be crowned sunday night. great tradition there. a scare last night when miss rhode island collapsed on stage. she was taken to the hospital for medical treatment. pageant officials say she got overheated and fainted but would be just fine. betting has begun after the duke and duchess announced they are expecting their second child. one firm is offering four to five odds that kate will give birth to a boy. it's an even money shot on a daughter. several names are proven to be favorites. >> we have the latest elizabeth, james and victoria, all very regal names. >> i like elizabeth. book makers say they are not expected to take in as much money as they did before the arrival of the couple's first child prince george.
11:41 am
bridging the digital divide. in the high tech world in which we live, there are thousands of families in our area with no internet access at home. how a broadband adoption program in our area is helping families break down those barriers. i'm tracking the return of the very warm weather, the humidity and, yes, the thunderstorms. some of them could be severe. i will have the timing on that with the first alert forecast next.
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11:44 am
student debt isn't just a problem for the young. a growing number of seniors are paying debt. tens of thousands of older americans have social security offset to pay back loans. it's up from 1%. it was for their own education. there's been a lot -- the company unveiled some of its new products yesterday. the watch is significant for apple because many question whether it could be innovative following the death of steve
11:45 am
jobs. apple unveiled two new larger iphones. it introduced a system for using the phone to make credit card payments at stores called apple pay. users will swipe their phone which will be preloaded with the customer's card information. >> you will be able to leave your credit cards at home. probably take a couple years to get there. >> the phones go on sale a week from friday. the watch won't be available until early next year. as you can imagine, this always happens. people lining up outside apple stores around the tworworld. this say look at people waiting outside the location in tokyo, japan. hope they are at comfortable as they look because they will be there for several days. happens every year. there's been a lot of talk about the digital divide and bridging the gap for those who don't have access to computers. with back to school time, cam
11:46 am
cast is he -- comcast is helping families to get access. thank you both for being here. bob, let's start off by talking about -- internet essentials has been around but there's some new tweaks. >> this is our fourth school year, three full years of internet essentials. it's the largest most comprehensive broadband adoption program in the year. each year we try to make enhancements, allow more people to be eligible, bring more people into the digital haves side of the equation. right now we are offering a promotion where if you sign up, if you are a new family signing up by september 20th, you will be able to receive six months for free. >> terrific. you talk about wanting to broaden the number of people involved. i imagine that this is where kevin and oic comes in, when you think about what you do and
11:47 am
increasing education and employment opportunities, this seems like a natural partnership. talk to me about oic's involvement. >> it is. thank you for having us today. it started 50 years ago here in philadelphia. it was to provide job training and education for people here in the city. that mission has not changed. the jobs and the skillsets needed for today's jobs have. computer skills and the ability to navigate the internet are pivotal skills today whether to attain a job, apply for a job or even today to try to attain your ged diploma. when comcast approached oic three years ago to participate in this program, we knew that it was a great match. we had an organization that was deeply committed to digital divide and narrowing that for low-income philadelphians and now throughout the united states. we're very proud to be a part of that. >> bob, how are you going to get the word out?
11:48 am
critics would say that it hasn't penetrated the market the way it needs to. there have been concerns about the amount. what are you doing to make sure this does reach as many people as possible? that is the goal. >> it is the goal. each year since we launched the program, we have done more and more communication. we have never done more than what we're doing right now. we are in daily newspapers with full page ads. local radio stations. we're making the rounds with some of the other media outlets. we have more partners working on this. we're proud the mayor's commission on literacy and the mayor's office of education are out there talking to people about the need for internet combined with literacy, combined with -- >> it's a collaborative effort. it sounds like that speaks to this, the fact oic is teaming up with comcast to get the word out and let people know that this is
11:49 am
really the future. i certain sly want to thank you for coming in today. get more information by coming to our website, thanks so much for coming and talking to us. comcast and nbc universal, the parent companies of nbc 10. glenn. we do have sunshine finally. we've had a couple of days of some threatening clouds without the rain, at least in much of the area. now we will have rain and thunderstorms and we have issued a first alert for late tomorrow because of that. we expect late-day thunderstorms, possible damaging winds, a lot of lightning, heavy downpours. we try to give you as much lead time as possible when such
11:50 am
significant weather is coming. there's the comcast center. all that blue sky behind it. finally, it has taken a while before the sun has come out. it's 75 degrees now. humidity is not bad at all. the wind is out of the north. we're four degrees warmer than we were at this time yesterday. the temperatures are rising through the 70s in much of the area as we're seeing more sunshine, of course. only 66 in the poconos. we will see how the beaches are doing. we have had high surf advisories, coastal flood advisories for a couple days. this is the last day of it probably. a high rip current risk. the wind out of the northeast keeping things cool and keeping those waters kind of high. we're going to be getting changes there. nothing on the live radar at the moment. things are going to be changing as we go into late tomorrow. here is the reason on the left side of the screen.
11:51 am
we have the showers and storms from ohio back into illinois. that's going to become more severe this afternoon out there. and then tomorrow, the severe area is likely to come on top of our region. that's why we have issued this first alert. you can see the futurecast for this afternoon. a lot of sunshine out there. that will push the temperature up near 80. even tonight, we expect dry conditions. tomorrow morning, some sunshine. it's going to be hot and humid tomorrow. and then here come the afternoon showers and storms, especially late in the day. 4:00, there's a line of nasty looking showers and storms coming into the i-95 corridor and even into southern areas. about 8:00 at night, it's going to take until probably midnight or so before it starts clearing. once it does clear, we're going to have nice weather on friday.
11:52 am
but not quite as nice for saturday as you will see. mostly sunny this afternoon. really nice. high temperature up near 80. about average for this time of the year. and fairly low humidity. the humidity will go up, the temperature will go up tomorrow. the storm threat will go way , , tomorrow afternoon and early evening. friday should be dry, cooler, less humid. but the rain may come back on saturday. so the front that goes through tomorrow night, stalls to our south and then comes back on saturday. we dry back out on sunday and then the front comes back again by next tuesday. you can vote for the high school blitz game of the week for friday.
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nbc 10 always your home for complete football coverage on the high school blitz every saturday night at 7:00. we're right back.
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coming up this afternoon at 3:00, "ellen" premiere. then it's nbc 10 news at 4:00. pricey pay out, a new jersey school shells out big bucks over allegations it didn't do enough to protect a girl from bullying. we will tell you the insults she endured. it's this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. at 5:00, presidential snub. the president had planned a holiday weekend golf outing in new york. that's until top courses gave him the cold shoulder. why they said, no, you cannot play through. ahead on nbc 10 news at 6:00, lawyers previously released this video claiming that casino security roughed up customers. the new allegations and a lawsuit to match. those details coming up on nbc
11:57 am
news at 6:00. for all of us here at nbc 10, thanks for watching. we will see you back here at 4:00.
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>> ej: samantha, i would spend the rest of my life making up for the hurt that i caused you if i thought that i could. >> sami: [sobbing] >> kate: [sighs] oh, my god. please tell me i'm not interrupting anything.