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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  September 10, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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three of whom legally blind. >> next thing i knew, i was being dragged without my shoes, through the casino, cutting up my feet, a problem for me as a diabetic. >> reporter: walsh's lawyers gave us this video. when she tried to take a cell phone photo of the officers after they refused to identify themselves, in atlantic city police officer grabbed the phone, forced her into a holding cell, choked her and slammed her head into a metal plated wall while handcuffing her. >> i don't care the circumstances, this is assault. assault by a man against a woman, unacceptable. >> reporter: walsh believes her constitutional right were violated and filed a federal lawsuits. names several defendants, harrah's city of atlantic city and two police officers seen. the walsh is the tenth person we have reported since january suing for similarlation allegations involving security officers. in a statement a spokesman said,
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they don't comment on pending litigation, harra's takes safety and security of all guests and employees seriously. he said, security personnel are trained to use the least amount of force required to manage any particular incident while ensuring they take steps necessary to protect guests, employees and themselves. and that these procedures are reviewed regularly. walsh says she got the courage to come forward after seeing our previous reports. >> i said, wow, i'm not alone. like this wasn't just me, it was not an isolated incident. >> reporter: when this happened those police officers were working a security detail at the casino, paid for by harrah's. a spokesperson for atlanta city police says the department has no comment. ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. the high profiling kidnapping of a 5-year-old girl.
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>> moving closer to a conclusion. the lawyer suggested that someone else may have been involved. christine maddela back in the courtroom. >> tell us where the case stands now. >> reporter: 40 minutes ago the prosecution wrapped up closing arguments in the case, after the defense attorney spoke to the jury with his closing arguments. before that early this morning, the defense attorney started by call two witnesses, christina's best friend as well as a woman who worked with reguster at the day care the victim attended. character witnesses who both said christina's a law-abiding citizen and peaceful. her best friend smiled and waevd in the courtroom when she stepped up to the witness stand. reguster smiled back. after two character witnesses we waited to hear if she would take the stand herself in her own defense. >> the judge told her she had a
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right to testify and asked her if she understood when she was not testifying that she was waiving that right and asked her whether she approved of everything that her counsel did and she answered yes. there was no testimony from christina reguster. >> reporter: tom kline represents the family in the civil case and is not bound by the gag order in the criminal trial. the defense attorney spoke passionately saying he's proud to represent chrisjjb because she's innocent. >> the prosecution has argued that this case proves that christina was guilty, that the defense argued there are many holes in the case and there is no way that this woman who was being charged with heinous crimes would possibly be guilty. >> reporter: the prosecution told the jury they found evidence on the computer, internet searches for child pornography in the morning of the kidnapping, how to wear muslim guard and get rid of dna after the kidnapping.
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the defense attorney argued that that computer was not password protected and the prosecution cannot prove that it was christina reguster doingmxv÷x incriminating internet sends. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> nbc 10 first alert weather tracking storms headed this way our weather team issued a first alert for tomorrow, because of the threats the storms could bring us. so let's get timing of the storms. >> nbc 10's first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. tell us when to expect the stormy weather. >> i would say it's generally late tomorrow afternoon on average, should be moving through the area between about 2:00 and 10:00, depending where you are. this is for late day thunderstorms with poe continuati potential damaging winds and lightning and heavy downpours,
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like to give you this heads up as far ahead as possible to let you know that something significant is likely to happen during that time period. now you can see, fairly large area of showers and thunderstorms in ohio, going into indiana. there's a strong line of storms in illinois right now. this is all moving to the east with a cold front. there's no doubt the front is coming in here and it's coming in during a hot, humid day, during peak heating hours of the day we would expect it to be intact. future cast showing us nothing more than showers until the afternoon and that's when the line of shows and perhaps severe thunderstorms will be starting to move through the northern and western areas and then through the philadelphia i-95 corridor. right now near 80. humidity is low. but tomorrow, it's a different story. hot, humid and then storms. the rest of the timetable on that and the weekend with the seven day in a few minutes.
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thanks. with storms on the way, as you heard, get important weather information delivered to your smartphone or your tablet with the nbc 10 weather app. it's a free download. get it right now by going to our website, right now, sky4 over an accident involving this suv and conrail train. happened at crown point road in glaus ter county. the woman driving the suv did not stop despite flashing warning lights sheep was broadsided by the train, taken to the hospital. she has nonlife threat. ing injuries. some members of congress want to know more from the nfl and its handling of the ray rice scandal. >> in the meantime, questions remain today on the local level about the domestic abuse case at the rebel casino two days after video surfaces of the ex-nfl star attacking his future wife in a elevator.
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nbc 10 has been trying to get answers about the decision to give rice a lighter punishment. live in may's landing. >> you talked to the form atlanta county prosecution about the ray rice punishment. what's his reaction to it? >> reporter: renee, his reaction, had it been anyone else in that vat that night swinging at a female we wouldn't have been in his office today asking questions about pretrial intervention. the former prosecutor, it's important to note, is a democrat, appointed by then-jon corzine, governor of new jersey and once served as current prosecutor's boss. >> everybody, you know, wants to second guess in a case like this because it's so notorious. >> reporter: former prosecutor says, without ray rice's case file and careful intimate scrutiny of the facts he cannot say whether or not he believes ray rice should have qualified
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for pretrial intervention. >> the decision by the prosecutor in this case, one that i know, i know the man, was a thoughtful one. >> reporter: he did talk to us about the surveillance videotape inside the casino elevator that shows the punch that knocked janay rice off of her feet. >> i wouldn't given it to the nfl. it's just like i wouldn't give it to mcdonald's. >> reporter: saying the tape is evidence and could have been used during a jury trial, but it's not the prosecutor's role to hand that evidence over to any employer, the nfl included. >> they're just an employer. an employer having videotape of alleged criminal behavior of an employee, not when it's a result of a criminal investigation. >> reporter: very seldom are cases of pti reopened. >> if my experience, only when denied. >> reporter: he's not surprised that the prosecutor mclean everybody a republican, who was appointed by christie, is keeping a low profile in light of the focus on his office. >> i don't see a need for him to
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come out and give every lit thought process that was going through his head. >> reporter: prosecutor's office, guys, here next door to the courthouse. we did ask again today to speak directly with prosecutor jim mclean but were denied. also asking for a copy of the audio and videotape inside the elevator by mean of qup threque. it could take a week or longer. reaching out to the attorney general's to see if they'll open the book on legal proceedings concerning ray rice. we have not heard back. cydney long, nbc 10. >> members of congress sent a letter to roger goodell demanding answers, specifically members of the house judiciary committee want to know how league handles of incidents of domestic violence saying they should be at the forefront of handling incidents
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appropriately. former philadelphia police officer accused of having her teenage son and daughter fight other kids will be held for trial. preliminary hearing held for tamecka gross. the charges against her include child endangerment, corruption, assault. she's accused of taking part in a fight at lincoln high school in mayfair. allegedly captured on video punching a 14-year-old her daughter was fighting. gross was fired from the force with ramsey saying she's paying the price for what he calls thuggish behavior. more jurors secolected in t case an army major and his wife accused of abugs their foster children. jackson and his wife facing charges they beat the children, hard enough to break their bones. they didn't get them medical help, they would allegedly force them to eat food with hot peppers and refuse to let them have water. the couple trained their own children to take part in the
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abuse. they have pleaded not guilty. decision 2014. new poll shows u.s. senator cory booker leads republican cheler jeff bell 42-29%. 27% undecided. the margin between the two is smaller than expected. almost half of independent voters are not sure who they will support. but booker's support is strong among those who have a preference. to the casino crisis in atlantic city. a bankruptcy judge allowing trump entertainment resorted to continue operations. the judge said the company can use its cash owed to its owner, billionaire carl icahn. the company owns trump plaza and taj mahal. the plaza is closing in a week and the taj may close in november if it doesn't win concessions from union workers. help for thousands out of a job. department of labor and workforce development hosted career fair. 60 companies took part, 1500
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people showed up. prospective employees given resume help. the goal to quickly transition unemployed casino workers into new jobs. >> one door will close, the next one will open and i wish everybody the best. i learned a lot. i had a lot of fun, you know? you know, life goes on. >> i'm very successfully trying to get 40 employers here on a couple days' notice. now 60 employers. now we don't have additional space right now. >> all casino closures are expected to eliminate 10,000 jobs. >> right now, sky 410 live over breaking news here. two children have been struck by a vehicle. you see one car here. this is all happening on academy road. this is in northeast philadelphia. no word on the children's condition. we do know two children hit by a
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car. we don't know this vehicle that you're taking a picture -- you're seeing we don't know how they are involved. you see several people stand big the car, a woman on the side there, again we have learned that two children hurt. conditions not known. working right now to get you information on than this is northeast philadelphia right off of academy road. you see traffic here blocked at intersection, cars get big on the side. informationyou mop as soon as it comes in to nbc 10. tonight, president obama will take his case to the american people for a more intense war against islamic terrorists over seas. >> expected to lay out the strategy during prime time to the nation. expecting to step up the role against terrorists in iraq and syria, and that could include giving weapons to syrian opposition forces and expanding air strikes in both countries. the president does not need congressional approve toll carry out most of his plan, but many
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are insisting that it be put to a vote. secretary of state john kerry spent the day in baghdad trying to drum up support to defeat the isis threat. the president will address the nation on the isis threat this evening, live in an nbc news special report 9:00 here on nbc 10. developing now, south carolina father will be charged with murder in the deaths of his five children. investigators releasing these pictures of the children today. they range in age from 1 to 8. their mother reported them missing september 3rd after they missed school and couldn't reach her ex-husband, timothy jones jr. police in mississippi stopped him at a dui checkpoint days later. he led them to a road in alabama where they found the bodies. new of course now in the death of joan rivers. officials are looking into an impromptu biopsy that caused the
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comedian's death. a doctor who came to the new york city clinic with rivers allegedly conducted a biopsy after something was discovered on rivers' vocal cords. that move caused rivers' vocal cords to seize, cutting off air supply and she stopped breathing. new york city's medical examiner says, more tests are needed to determine exactly why she died. a witness to the vermont car crash that injured louis freeh says the former fbi director appeared to be asleep before the accident. vernon coleman told the burlington free press said his head was down and looked out when his car crossed the line. two cars and motorcycle forced to swerve when freeh came across the road, hit a mail box, shrubs and a tree august 25th. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> the national weather service confirms that a small tornado
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touched down in a suburb of st. louis last night. ef-0 tornado had a two-mile path, uprooting trees, damaging homes. small tornado part of the larger storm system that hammered some areas in st. louis with three inches of rain. there is a lot of rain with that system. we issued a first alert as a result of that. it's going to be coming this way and affecting us during the late afternoon and early evening hours tomorrow. late day thunderstorms with potentially damaging winds, lightning, and some really heavy downpours for at least a brief period of time. things are quiet today. we finally saw the sun. the temperature went up to 80. it's been a while. five degrees warmer than this time yesterday weep have the southerly wind. humidity's low today. but it's going to be going up tonight significantly. near 80 in most of the area. 75 in doylestown one of the cool
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spots. 76 kenneth square. 73 in writes town. as we head to the shore, cool weather continues. northeast wind continuing. 72 on the boardwalk in atlantic city. nothing on the live radar now. as we go back to the west, this is pretty significant area of rain and showers and thunderstorms. a lot of rain there. it's not concentrated into one line of storms at this point. so we're not seeing widespread severe weather. a lot of moisture there. you can get real good downpours out of this. a lot of moisture in the atmosphere. as we go into future cast. tonight, nothing much going on other than the clouds perhaps increasing toward morning and that front approaches. but in the meantime, it gets hot and humid. it's going to feel like july tomorrow. and that may be the last day it feels like july for a long, long time. look what happens. 4:00 in the afternoon, potential
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line of strong to severe thunderstorms with gusty wins coming right through i-95 corridor, during the afternoon rush. so not exactly great timing there. you can see some showers maybe gaining strong thunderstorms down to the south. that is 8:00. the tropics, this is the historical peak of hurricane season. it's very unusual for no named storms to be out there. we continue to watch near the bahamas for any potential development and this other area in the eastern atlantic showing signs of getting better organized. that may develop in the next couple of days. very unusual to see no named storms for this week. this is the peak week. most cloudy skies, more humid. 68 for the low in philadelphia. 64 north and west. tomorrow, like summer again but one day of it. hot and humid, late day thunderstorms. some of them strong. high temperatures in the upper
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80s. some places touch 90. nobody touches 90 after tomorrow. sunny and nice on friday. but the moisture comes back on saturday with showers and cooler weather. nice again sunday. showers could return early next week. she's only 12 years old. >> but she has enough talent to bring an audience at radio city music hall to its feet. ♪ >> that's mara justice from gallowway township performing live on "america's got talent" she got a standing vocation for singing and rave reviews from the celebrity judges there are 12 acts competing for $1 million prize, including mara justine. a headline act in las vegas, your votes tabulated and number of contestants will be cut to six. will mara justine make it to
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the finals? find out, the show beginning at 8:00 here on nbc 10. leaders in one local city are proclaiming mission accomplishes. >> here's why. . you could call it the $200 million turnaround. why so much is ride on this one project, and how the community is hoping to cash in from the famous faces that will appear here. plus, penalties for pot. it's official, the punishment for getting caught with the drug is not as severe as it once was. the new local law now in the books. pricey payout. new jersey school shells out big bucks over allegations it didn't do enough to protect a local girl from racist remarks and bullying. the insultss she allegedly endures for years. sky 4. the accident here in northeast philadelphia on academy road,
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with two kids struck by a vehicle, no word on the conditions of the two kids or ages or involvement of the individuals you see here on the side of the road and the vehicle you're looking at. that truck. we will bring you more information as soon as it comes in to nbc 10.
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signs unveiled for the national suicide prevention lifeline. today is worldwide suicide prevention day. 50% of fatalities are ruled suicides. new program was created along with montgomery county emergency services, a psychiatric response center. >> if a call comes to mcs from a person located on the rail system a coordinated effort between the county radio room, police and local law enforcement will ensue to ensure that person is located, safely intercepted
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and brought to treatment. as the saying goes, with help comes hope. >> the signs are already up at north town transportation center. similar signs posted at other septa stations over the next year. a teen who claimed she was bullied in elementary school will receive a school check from the school board. >> she claims she endured students calling her names, says the board did nothing to stop. the board agreed to pay the teenager $75,000 to settle the race-based bullying claims. the student says she was bullied by other students from 2005 to 2009 at franklin township's main road school. the board must create anti-bullying awareness program. the bully included racial slurs and other remashes and went on from the time she was in third grade through end of sixth grade year. her parents went to the principal and the school superintendent. acting attorney general hoffman
4:26 pm
released this statement, this case should serve as remainder to school districts throughout the state they have a duty to new jersey's children. the school district released a statement saying, the township of franklin public schools takes pride in providing safe, secure, bullying-free learning environment, actively engaged in programs that celebrate diversity. new jersey nurse says she was roughed up by heavy-handed casino security guards. >> that's our top story on "nbc 10 news at 4:00." nbc 10 news obtained this 2012 surveillance video at harrah's atlantic city. the woman attending a bachelorette party is suing harrah's. paying a penalty to puff pot. the consequences of getting caught have changed. new rules in our area that mean less trouble for offenders. heat and humid going to be making their return tomorrow and with it, thunderstorms. i'm tracking timing of the storms for your neighborhood in
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my exclusive nbc 10 first alert forecast. then, coming up tonight on nbc 10 news at 5, presidential snub? the commander in chief was planning a weekend golf outing over labor day. that was until several high-profile golf courses got wind. why they wouldn't let president obama play a round.
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don't believe tom corbett's tv ad. the facts speak for themselves. tom corbett cut a billion dollars from our schools. he took an ax to education. twenty-seven thousand educators were laid-off. class sizes increased. and now almost eighty percent of school districts plan to raise property taxes. tom corbett. can't trust him on education. can't trust him to be for us.
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news. >> right now, 4:30 pot penalties in philadelphia. getting caught with marijuana doesn't necessarily mean jail time or a police record anymore, that's because mayor nutter agreed to changes to a bill to decriminalize marijuana. >> only in small amounts. nbc 10's rosemary conners live
4:31 pm
in center city. >> police haven't supported this idea in the past. what are they saying today? >> as you may remember, when the bill was first proposed, police commissioner ramsey said he was going to enforce the state law. so i called up the police department, the commissioner was unavailable. a spokesperson told me once the law goes into effect next month, after council votes next week, their officers will abide by it and they won't be putting people in jail. a lot of folks we talked to say it's about time. >> people going to jail for a little bit of pot, come on. >> reporter: as the public sentiment in philadelphia has seemingly loosened up over marijuana use, city council expected to approve legislation that would not make it a crime to possess less than 30 grams, an ounce of pot. instead, a $25 fine. smoking that small amount in public would cost more $100. either way, it it woub go on your record and that's the point according to councilman jim kenny who spearheaded the bill.
4:32 pm
>> think back to the youthful indiscretions over our own lives how you do things in high school and college and regret them but happy it didn't cause you life long pain and disappointment. >> reporter: was commissioner ramsey involved in the discussions and negotiations leading up to this? >> absolutely. philadelphia police department is central to anything that we would do in this regard. it's our police officers who are out in the street dealing with these issues. >> they can worry about bigger fish and not the small fish. >> i think it's the wave of the future. it's what a lot of other cities are doing, i think it probably makes sense. it's a tough thing, though to do because i worry about children and influence it might have. >> reporter: the mayor and councilman insist, young adults are the ones they're thinking of, those who make a mistake, can't get a job or join the military. >> lousy petty crimes are bogging down the court system and, therefore, anything that you can do to alleviate the
4:33 pm
backlog of court might be a good thing. >> save jail for offenders. >> reporter: this would free up the officers' time to some extent. officers would have to write up paperwork on summary offenses and they're the one that's confiscate marijuana in the situations, which means they have to drop that marijuana, that drug off, at the police district as soon as it comes into possession even if in the middle of the shift. rosemary conners, nbc 10. breaking news we've been continuing to keep an eye on. sky4 showed you this. two children hurt after hit by a pickup truck. we've learned that the driver did stay on the skecene after t accident. investigators are saying two hit are 10 and 7-year-old girls, and they are both in critical condition right now. we have nbc 10 reporter headed to the scene. count on updates on air and
4:34 pm
online >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> to the weather now. nbc 10 first alert weather. technology watching this storm system right here, right now it's someone else's problem. tomorrow it will be ours. we declared first alert for tomorrow. nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz back watching that storm system for us. >> glenn, tell us more about the local impact you're expect to have. >> well, i think the impact is going to be occurring right during the afternoon rush for a lot of us and that's one of the things that's going to make even more difficult than it would be. for example, if it occurred in the middle of the night. first alert, heads up that something significant is going to be happening, about 24 hours from now. late day thunderstorms, damaging winds, lightning and heavy downpours. a lot of moisture in the atmosphere with this system. as you can see, a lot of rain. it's not just one little line of showers and thunderstorms. so it's not just a threat of the
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gusty winds. there's a lot of rain here. at least over a couple of hour period you can get some tremendous amounts of rain. now tomorrow morning, things are quiet. hot, humid day, last hot, humid day in a long time. that's going to help fuel showers and thunderstorms. a line of storms coming at us as we get toward afternoon rush. rest of the timing on that and the rain threats for the weekend coming up with the seven day in a few minutes. >> thank you. there is a new way to check on traffic before you head out the door. penndot announced it's streaming video from more than 700 traffic cameras. the agency upgraded the 511 pa website and mobile apps to allow for continuous streaming. previously there were images that refreshed every five seconds. so in may penndot2#b?u announce that provides hands-free, eyes-free travel alerts.
4:36 pm
that will allow you to see streaming video. penndot wants to remind drivers are to use the service before you go and not while driving. well they were, look at this, jumping right out of windows, cautiously, today in center city. not to worry. everyone, as you see, wearing harnesses and safety gear. this building transformed into a rapelling training site. ten of philadelphia business leaders, politicians and students tested out ropes and harnesses. rapelled down four stories. it's a training exercise for next month's 31-story rappel down 1 logan square. a fund-raiser for philadelphia's outward bound school. >> outward bound journey courses, i'm looking at this as a way to raise some money to an organization that i really believe in and give back to an organization that gave a lot to me. >> good work. this is the third year for the daring challenge. the money raised goes towards
4:37 pm
scholarships for philadelphia school, opportunities and teens who suffered a tragic loss as well as funding expeditions for war vets. >> you did say 31 stories? >> yeah. up for it? >> no, ma'am. well, i'll go if you go. >> you first. >> that takes care of that. >> right. it's part of the college experience that's tough to shake. >> loans for life, paying for higher education into your golden years. here's what's coming up at 5:00. philadelphia schools open but still dependingen the cigarette tax for millions. nbc 10 asks governor corbett about the vote, plus the massive lay-off if shot down. officials working to lower punishment for people busted with marijuana. 5:00, nbc 10 checks into a philadelphia police are on the same page. nurses at one local hospital on the verge of walking the picket line. what they're demanding now to keep them from a strike.
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student debt isn't just a problem for the young. a growing null of seniors struggling to pay education debt. tens of thousands of older americans have social security benefits offset to pay back federal student loans. 4% of americans between 65 and 74 carried student debt in 2010. the senate aging committee heard testimony on this today. >> for me, i hope that there's an additional legislation that will be introduced for interest forgiveness.
4:41 pm
i don't have any problem paying back the money that i owed but right now, the amount of money that i owe is twice my borrowed amount because of interest. >> about 80% of the debt seen yorsz carried was for their own education while the rest was taken out for their children. >> new research finds prediabetes could increase risk for certain cancers. people with prediabetes have blood sugar levels elevated but not high enoughs to qualify as diabetes. they have i 15% higher risk of cancer strongest for stomach, breast, endometrial cancers. the findings are troubles because rates of prediabetes are growing quickly and in many countries. play the numbers tonight atle phillies game. add up more than strikes and outs, get cholesterol numbers checked. a live look, free cholesterol screenings starting at 5:05 at
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left feel gate entrance. signing autographs and talking about diagnosis of high cholesterol. philadelphia's ship has come in. >> today, how one city's loss is our region's game. one game paying out more today. what you could get back for b betting aa buck. >> it's really nice out there now. tracking big changes, including heat, humidity and chance of severe storms. time line and impact where you live in my exclusive nbc 10 first alert seven-day forecast. all new tonight on "nbc 10 news at 5:00," in god we trust that credo's probably on bills and coins in your pockets now. lawmakers in one pennsylvania county want it off their building.
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musical fanfare today in a philadelphia port ship carrying wood pulp. that may not sound like much but it means jobs, money, pride for philadelphia. governor corbett joining officials from a brazilian company for at rival of the first delivery. the first full shipment arrived at the marine terminal this morning. company used to ship its product through baltimore but decided to use philadelphia's terminal instead than move is expected to generate $40 million in economic impact and support 380 jobs. starting sunday, jersey cash 5 lottery players will see game changes september 14th, players will pick from 43 numbers instead of 40, and ha that means higher jackpots the minimum from 50,000 to 75,000. for those who match three numbers payouts also higher. ticket price will remain the same. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz.
4:47 pm
>> things are quiet now. we've got a beautiful day today. but 24 hours from now, things are going to be getting rough. first alert for late tomorrow, for the late day thunderstorms. some potentially damaging winds. a lot of lightning and heavy downfours, during the afternoon rush. timing not exactly great for that. it's 80 degrees right now. humidity is low. it's going to be way up tonight and into tomorrow. it's going to feel like summer tomorrow. but after that, it's not going to be feeling like summer. temperatures in the mid-70s to near 80 degrees. so it's nice and comfortable out there. right at the shore, of course, it's been cooler. we've got a wind off the ocean, so it's only 72 at lewis and avalon, atlantic city at boardwalk. it's going to be a little bit warmer tomorrow but not a lot. nothing on radar now.
4:48 pm
its going to be a beautiful night. rain and thunderstorms out west. and this is actually a tornado warning in effect for akron, ohio, until 5:00. give you an idea potential for this. looks like the worst weather's back to the west. but sometimes you can get isolated tornadoes way out ahead of the main line. now a futurecast showing quiet conditions tonight. clouds increase some. tomorrow, sunshine in the morning. heat, humidity builds up. so timing along with the front coming in, pretty good for getting us showers and thunderstorms potentially in a line that would bring widespread strong gusty winds and heavy rain. you can see some of that heavy weather down by dover by 9:00 tomorrow night. it's go take a while for that system to move through.
4:49 pm
this the peak week historically for hurricane season in the atlantic. watching something in the bahamas, east in the atlantic. but yet not a single named storm. very unusual for this time of the year. there's going to be trouble in the east pacific again with another storm that's going to affect the desert southwest. stay tuned. that's more bad news. mostly cloudy, more humid. 68 low in philadelphia. 64 in north and west. tomorrow, another hot, humid day. maybe it will last -- maybe the last one of the year. late thunderstorms, though. high temperatures in upper 80s to near 90. nowhere near that on friday. low humidity, gorgeous day. showers come back on saturday. it's cool and not pleasant. sunday's beautiful day. it's like every other day here. you can see how much cooler than what tomorrow is going to be. >> one local city showing off its newest addition. >> we're taking you inside
4:50 pm
first. it's two days from its inaugural eagles concert here at allentown arena. big bet on downtown redevelopment. the jobs and the dollars, all this is supposed to generate. all new tonight on "nbc 10 news at 5:00," take your clubs elsewhere mr. president. why several well-known golf courses told president obama he wasn't allowed to play there.
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i'm john kane and it's about time harrisburg did too. she is a legend in the music business and scheduled it perform if our area. cher will stage a concert next monday at brand-new ppl center in allentown, health permitting. the 68-year-old right now battling a viral infection.
4:54 pm
she is on bed rest. even if cher doesn't perform, there have so many other big plans ahead. >> the arena expected to be an important addition to downtown allentown. the new facility will seat more than 10,000 fans for concerts, more than 8500 spectators for hockey games, host more than 140 events every year, including family shows, trade shows, sporting events from kids to college athletes. doug shimell was there for a grand opening festivities. >> tell us what else the new arena's promising to bring to the community. >> reporter: the project backers say it has already generated more than 1,000 direct and indirect jobs. they also say it is created more than tens of millions in economic ripple. >> allentown is going to be an all-american best place to live city once again. >> reporter: they raised the flag over a battlefield that had seen many failed projects before
4:55 pm
it. >> it has taken us a long, long time to get here, and this, as we said already, marks a new era, a new era, for the city of allentown. >> mission accomplished. >> reporter: but there is something about the new $177 million ppl arena and all development around it that leaders say means this one will work. acts like the eagles opened this friday night followed by tom petty and the heartbreakers and the cher in coming weeks. the venue knows it has to pay bills in between phantoms hockey and arena football. >> people booking for years out. booking statewide conferences. they're booking family reunions. they are booking office meetings. >> family shows, you know, conventions, possibly graduations. we're not closing door to anyone. we want to do as many events and different events as we
4:56 pm
absolutely can. >> reporter: it's not just the arena that wants booking but was new restaurants like the hamilton outside the door. >> we have a charity event for over 100 people we're looking at all of these different businesses looking in to host christmas parties or company get-togethers, location, location, location. >> reporter: and they are hoping the location, location, location downtown allentown is also enough of an attraction to get a lot of those new hires to buy homes and live right around the allentown arena because they found that more than 50% of the people who live in allentown rent their homes. we'll examine that aspect coming up tonight at 5:00. live in allentown, doug shimell, nbc 10 news. next, all new on "nbc 10 news at 5:00," from atlantic city casino elevator to the cover of "sports illustrated." breaking news regarding the ray rice domestic violence case whop knew what and when?
4:57 pm
new information just coming into the newsroom. a big area of severe weather. it's approaching us. as we go into tomorrow, a first alert weather day. the timing of the storms and what you can expect, next on "nbc 10 news at 5:00." >> announ
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
news. >> in just the past few minutes, the associated press reported that a source sent this video of
5:00 pm
former raven running back ray rice punching his then-fiancee to an nfl executive five months ago according to the a.p., the source played them a 12-second voice mail from the nfl executive, confirming they saw the video on april 9th. we're making calls to the nfl to get reaction to this report. we'll have more on the ray rice fallout in a few minutes. sky force 10 over breaking news in northeast philadelphia, where two young girls, ages 10 and 7, were hit by a pickup truck. police tell nbc 10 they're in critical condition. the crash happened an hour ago on academy road. the driver of the pickup truck did stop. nbc 10's nefertiti jaquez working to get to that scene right now. she'll have a live report later in the newscast. good evening, i'm jacqueline london. >> tonight, president obama will make a prime time speech to unveil his long-term strategy to fight islamic terrorists. >> thete