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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  WCAU  September 10, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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former raven running back ray rice punching his then-fiancee to an nfl executive five months ago according to the a.p., the source played them a 12-second voice mail from the nfl executive, confirming they saw the video on april 9th. we're making calls to the nfl to get reaction to this report. we'll have more on the ray rice fallout in a few minutes. sky force 10 over breaking news in northeast philadelphia, where two young girls, ages 10 and 7, were hit by a pickup truck. police tell nbc 10 they're in critical condition. the crash happened an hour ago on academy road. the driver of the pickup truck did stop. nbc 10's nefertiti jaquez working to get to that scene right now. she'll have a live report later in the newscast. good evening, i'm jacqueline london. >> tonight, president obama will make a prime time speech to unveil his long-term strategy to fight islamic terrorists. >> the united states already
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launching air strikes in iraq but senior white house officials say the president could expand missions into syria. the president is expected to expand united states military role in both countries and make his case to form international coalition against isis militants. among options, giving weapons to syrian rebels and air strikes. lawmakers want to put it to a vote but the president does not need their formal approval. john kerry spend the day in baghdad. he's trying to drum up support in defeating the isis threat. >> despite two wars since 9/11 terrorist attack, public opinion is changing when it comes to attacking isis. more americans support military action in iraq and syrian that a few months ago. live in our digital operations center, deanna, hearing from veterans and families about the possibility of an expanding war overseas. >> reporter: we did catch up
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with vets at town hall meeting in philadelphia and they tell us, they support the president and his decision to use military action overseas they want him to remember the veterans who have already served. >> something needs to be done with isis, it needs to be, but also the president has to think about our vets, that are there, coming back home, ptsd, stressed out, injuries and not taking care of us. anytime starting another war, he has to take care of ones that's already here. >> new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll shows americans are unhappy with president obama's handling of foreign policy. 32% approve of the job he's doing with international affairs. the president's overall job approval stands at 40%, tying all-time low. the poll shows 61% have support for u.s. military action against
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isis. you can catch the president's speech live tonight here on nbc 10 and deanna durante, nbc 10 news. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> mix of sun and clouds this afternoon, as we look live over the center city skyline. threat of storms on the horizon. >> nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is here to tell us what to expect. >> mainly late in the day tomorrow. so because of this, we are issuing a first alert day for late thursday. just remember this before you head out. again, mostly the later part of the day, more like evening hours. thunderstorms in the forecast. some storms could provide us with damaging winds, lightning, heavy downpours of rain which could lead to localized flooding depending which areas see the
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rain. right now the weather system. moving through ohio, and this is when -- one we expect to move through as we go late in the day tomorrow. locally, seeing clouds around, a warmer day today and tomorrow. notice even warmer day with humidity going up, too. right now philadelphia, 80 degrees through the lehigh valley, mid-70s. for south jersey and delaware, mid-70s. humidity will go up as early as overnight hours tonight. by 6:00 p.m., nice outside. temperature in upper 70s. 8:00, mild 73. 10:00, near 70. back to you. >> tell us what we can expect from tomorrow's first alert day coverage. >> first alert weather day, we tell you severe weather is coming or threat of any weather that could lead you to become more prepared. that's why we tell you what to expect so you can be prepared. tomorrow's coverage doing weather around the clock to keep you updated and online
5:05 pm we just want to alert you ahead of time because we have a lot of changing weather coming and we don't want you to be unprepared. all day tomorrow and online, keeping you prepared. also through social media. i'll have the timing of the storms, coming up. >> thank you. christina regusters's kidnapping trial could go to a jury tomorrow. charged with kidnapping and sexual assault of a 5-year-old girl in 2013. in court today, her lawyer called two character witnesses, including her best friend. regusters did not take the stand in her own defense. >> the judge directly and bluntly told christina regusters she had a right to testify and asked her if she understood when she was not testifying that she was waiving that right and asked her whether she approved of everything that her council did and she answered yes. >> the judge will give his instructions to the jury, first thing in the morning. the controversial images of ray rice and his then-fiancee in
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a elevator are now hitting newsstands. a frame of that video on this week's cover of "sports illustrated," the magazine delves into not only the problem of domestic violence but nature by which the nfl reacted both before and after the video was released. for the third day in a row since that video surfaced the prosecutor, who admitted rice into a pretrial invention program, is not commenting about the legal proceedings. but nbc 10 did gain insight from atlanta county's former prosecutor. a democrat told nbc 10 that, despite coordinator recommendations the decision to reject or accept first-time offender into the rehabilitative program falls squarely on the prosecutor or assistant prosecutor. the judge is not privy to persuading that decision. >> pti's all about rehabilitation. it's not avoiding jail for
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avoiding jail sake. the fact that the prosecutor mcclain to review this speaks to the importance of the case and the fact that he may have been aware, the buck stops with him. >> nbc 10 tracked down ray rice's attorney today in the philadelphia courtroom. he told us he cannot comment on any aspect of the case at the request of his client. police are asking for your help finding rial. he's charged with possession and intent to deliver methamphetamines. he knows about the warrant but refuses to surrender. from trenton bureau, analysts at standard & poor's downgraded new jersey's debt rating once again. sapp dropped the state's dropped from a plus to an "a" with
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stable outlook. the analyst cited unbalanced budgets and pension liability. the change marks the eighth downgrade on chris christie's watch. fitch ratings dropped the state's crediting rating last friday. to the casino crisis in atlantic city. a bankruptcy judge is allowing trump entertainment resorts to continue with operation mz the judge said the company can use cash owed to its owner, billionaire carl icahn. the company owns trump plaza and trump taj mahal. trump plaza closes next week and the taj may close in november if it doesn't win concessions from union workers. philadelphia mayor nutter went back to high school today to see how the start of the year is fogoing for local students. students got a visit from mayor nutter when classes started. it's the first full week of the new school year for students.
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the visit part of the city's celebration of education week. mayor nutter will visit with students and teachers of schools across the city. a new tool to help police officers deliver aid to wounds brothers and sisters. officers in al allentown given individual first aid kits. each kit a part of the officer's uniform with napes and blood types sewn into the pack. the kit includes bandages to treat bullet wounds and stop any pleading. call it a presidential snub. >> president obama's plans for a weekend golf outing suddenly scrapped. why several well-known courses told the president to his his clubs and go elser. >> victimized on the happiest day of their lives. listen up, why the state of new jersey is issuing a warning over wedding gowns. into and everyone in the pool
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literally how this unexpected swimmer ended up cooling off with hundreds of kids.
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>> announcer: nbc 10 breaking news. update to breaking news we told you about at top of the newscast. nfl responding to an associated press report a source sent the
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league the video of ray rice attacking his then-fiancee. accord together source, the nfl received the video several months ago. a media relations spokesman said, quote, we have no knowledge of this. we are not aware of anyone who possessed or saw the video when it was made public monday. we'll will look into it. nbc 10 first alert radar tracking the threat of severe weather for tomorrow afternoon. the potential exists for heavy rain and damaging winds. nbc 10 meteorologist sheena parveen returns with the updated forecast in minutes. tomorrow the country will pause to remember the 13th anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks and honor 3,000 innocent victims killed that day. nbc news national correspondent jay gray has a closer look tonight from ground zero in new york. >> reporter: the ground zero, so much has changed. but on the eve of 9/11, annual day of remembrance, there's
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still a constant here, the heartache and pain that lingers 13 years later. >> you know, you reflect on that day, you always remember where you were when it happened and thank god you're one of the ones still here. pray for all of the families of the people that were lost. >> reporter: but as the country pauses to look back, there's a growing concern about what the future could bring. with the increasing threat and reach of the islamic extremist group isis, a new "wall street journal"/nbc news poll shows 47% of americans believe the country's less safe now than before 9/11 terror attacks. >> with everything going on in the world, it's still there. it's still present. >> reporter: in a prime time speech, president obama will outline his plan to combat isis. but this afternoon in washington, congress paused for a special medal of honor ceremony for victims of the 9/11 attacks. >> tomorrow we mourn for what was taken from us.
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today we consider what was left behind, stories tweel and retell. legacy we strive to claim and families that we ache to serve. ♪ >> reporter: and honor tomorrow as the country stops to remember. jay gray, nbc news, new york. >> one day before the anniversary of the 9/11 terrorist attacks the local widows of two pilots who died that day are pushing for increased cockpit protections. ellen was in washington today for the congressional gold medal ceremony. honor bestowed to each of the 9/11 memorial sites. the two want congress to pass the aviation safety act to protect pilots like their
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husbands from future hijackings. they show stud y-cockpits vul nev vulnerable to breach. >> we have legislation before us that will make sure the cockpit can never be breached again, another september 11th will never happen. we have to have congress wake up. these are issues we have to deal with. >> victor was captain of united flight 175 when it crashed into the south tower of the world trade center. leroy homer, first officer of united flight 93 that went down in shanksville, pennsylvania. nbc 10 news today will have live coverage tomorrow morning. join us as we mark the 13th anniversary beginning at 4:00 a.m. right here on nbc 10. a verdict expected tomorrow in the oscar pistorius murder trial, a process expected to take hours but can last for
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days. the judge will give a summary of her own findings before deciding whether the olympic runner is guilty or not guilty. pistorius accused of shooting and killing his girlfriend valentine's day last year. if found guilty, he'll be sentenced at a later hearing. >> dallas cowboys owner jerry jones fighting a civil lawsuit that claims he sexually assaulted a former exotic dancers. photos surfaced in social immediate yap the woman is seeking $1 million. jones says the photos are a misrepresentation of what happen. jerry jones' attorney calls the lawsuit a shakedown. getting in 18 holes of golf shouldn't be tough if you're the president of the united states, right? that wasn't the case for president obama over the labor day weekend. he was in new york and connecticut for several fund-raising events. when his team called and asked for a te.
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time at three clubs in the area they all turned him down. trump national golf club, wing foot and willow ridge said no. they didn't want to inconvenience high-paying members. >> it's the most important weekend of the year for golf and 240 members are not photog say, hey, let the president come out, i'm not owing to play this weekend. no way that would ever happen. >> club officials said president obama is not the first head of state who has been rejected. representatives of the king of morocco tried and failed to secure a tee time of the same courses that same weekend. a swim competition for young children in india took a surprising turn when an unexpected visitor made a big splash. leading the pack is a bull that suddenly jumped into the pool in the middle of the competition. the kids were thrilled. the bull, you know what, enjoyed it too, swimming around for an
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hour before pulled from the water. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> another nice day today, we started with the clouds but they cleared out. so we have seen big improvements compared to last few days. temperatures fairly comfortable. a live look outside at boathouse row. warmer today than yesterday. hotter tomorrow than we are today. the heat is going to bring along humidity. heat and humidity will be ahead of thunderstorms. we are tracking storms for tomorrow, mainly the later part of the day. late afternoon, evening hours, and thunderstorms could be on the strong side. so just keep that in mind. tomorrow is going to be a first alert day because of that. so we can keep you prepared of any storms. live look at center city from adventure aquarium. overcast skies this afternoon. much of the day we did see much improvements.
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some areas seeing sunshine. clouds are trying to come back in now. 80 in philadelphia. humidity around 47%. making it feel like 81. not that big of a difference. but it's warmer. through the lehigh valley into the poconos, mid-70 in pottstown to upper 60 in mt. pocono. 77 in trenton. 75 millville. mid-70s delaware. you see a satellite picture, no rain but we do have clouds moving back in. we did see a mix of clouds and sun. but if you look back to the west, a big line of storms moving through much of the ohio river valley. and this line of storms will be moving in as we go into tomorrow. not the entire day, only part of the day. but that part of the day we could see strong storms. future weather for the afternoon and evening keeps us dry. clouds increase overnight. humidity goes up, too. tomorrow morning note this cloud cover. it shouldn't be until late
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afternoon we have storms. this is 2:00 p.m., approaching from the west by 5:00 p.m. line of storms starting to move through, even into the evening hours, 8:00 p.m. new jersey. and leaving by midnight. we clear up as we go into friday. as far as tomorrow's concerned because of the storms a first alert weather day for thursday, late day thunderstorms, some could provide damaging winds. some strong with lightning and heavy downpours. in any areas heavy downpours could lead to localized flooding. tonight, cloudy and dry, humid late tonight. 68 for the low in philadelphia. mid-60s north and west. tomorrow, hot, humid, late day thunderstorms. temperatures near 90. thunderstorms move in late in the day. friday we clear out in 70s. rain saturday. sunday looks good. temperatures mid to low 70s. >> ladies, listen up, shopping for the perfect wedding gown, buyer beware.
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>> counter fit gowns, what you need to know to make sure you're not looking for your best but buying the real thing. in god we trust, it's on our dollar bills and coins. one pennsylvania downty wants the credo out of its council chambers.
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western pennsylvania county council voted to ban posting the national motto, in god we trust in its chambers. eight allegheny county democrats voted against the measure, five republicans and one democrat voted for it. allegheny county executive rich fitzgerald threatened to veto the measure. he called it, quoting a movement by the right wing evangelical
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christians across the country to impose christianity in public buildings. the display would have included pennsylvania's state motto, virtue, liberty, independence. from trenton bureau, arrival of the fall wedding season, officials in new jersey warning brides-to-be about shopping for a dress online. the state's division of consumer affairs wants women to be aware of websites offering genuine designer gowns at low prices. they say a poorly made counterfeit dress may show up at your door instead. what can you do to protect yourself? make sure whoever is selling the designer dress is listed on the brand name website as authorized dealer. read the seller's return and cancellation policies. call the seller, speak with the real person and ask as many questions as necessary. pot penalties happening today. changing for people caught with a small amount of the drug in philadelphia. nbc 10's rosemary conners live
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in center city. >> reporter: after quite a bit of negotiating between the mayor and city council, it appears the decriminalization of marijuana could happen as soon as next month. i'll explain after the break. >> also ahead, water main break. pipes burst frequently in philadelphia. often damage is severe. what the federal government is being asked to do improve aging water infrastructure. all new on nbc 10 news at 6, a father's love, professional football player from our area getting national attention because of what he's doing off the field. why his jersey is now the most sold in bengals history. i'm sheldon yellin,
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and i started my career rebuilding homes for one family at a time. today, our companies help build something more. for 28 years, belfor has been restoring homes and businesses destroyed by fire, flood, or any disaster. and even though we've grown to over 6,000 dedicated people around the world, for me, it's still about helping one family or business at a time. at belfor, we're restoring more than property.
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>> announcer: this is nbc 10 news. right now, 5:30, pot penalties. the law is changing in philadelphia for people caught with marijuana but the penalties aren't for across the board marijuana investigations. >> rosemary conners is live in center city with more. >> reporter: talking about a small amount of marijuana, so here's the deal. basically, if you're caught possessing 33 grams or less, an ounce, you'd pay $25 fine. if you're caught smoking that small amount in public it would be $100 fine for community
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service. bottom line, you would not be arrested. >> i think something that's really important about decriminalizing marijuana there are people who might0y2+q marijuana who aren't criminals. >> reporter: philadelphia is known as the city of brotherly love, the streets are often plagued by violent crimes and that's what people whom we spoke to want the police to pursue, not mine for marijuana offenses. councilman jim kenny has been listening to the people and that's part of the motivation behind his bill. he believes possessing or smoking a small amount of pot isn't something that should haunt you the rest of your life. >> government, i think, should never be in the way of people reaching full potential. >> trying to make sure for small amounts of marijuana and people not dealers, not distributing, not engaged in some huge crimen ter prize but have whatever their personal amount is we don't destroy their lives at 19, 20 years old, 23 years old, and all of a sudden you have an
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arrest record. >> i'm sure the district attorney's office is stretched thin. now they don't have to worry about small things like that and that's not clogging up the system. >> reporter: in exchange for no jail time, the small amount of marijuana means you're paying a fine. >> i wonder what message it sends about drugs and if it might make people who would never have considered using pot start using it. >> reporter: here's the time line on the bill. tomorrow, councilman kenny will make amendments he and the mayor agreed upon and next week council will vote. it could go into effect october 20th. rosemary conners, nbc 10 news. some of the stories making headlines on nbc 10 news at 5:30. closing arguments wrapped up in the kril of christina regusters. regusters did not testify. her lawyer called two character witness whose said regusters had a good reputation. the jury will likely get the
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case tomorrow. a new jersey nurse came forward after filing a lawsuit against harrah's. the security guard choking and slamming her head into a while while handcuffing her. her attorney says another extreme problem with harrah's security. harrah's does not comment on pending litigation. president barack obama is getting ready to speak to the nation tonight. he is expected to lay out his strategy for more military action against islamic terrorists in iraq and syria. the president says he does not need approval from congress to carry out his plan but many republicans are insisting it should be put to a vote. the speech is tonight at 9:00, here on nbc 10. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> cool afternoon as we look live at comcast center. but our eyes focused on a stormy thursday ahead. >> nbc 10 first alert
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meteorologist sheena parveen joining us with more. >> yes, storms in the forecast for thursday and that's where we're calling it first alert day. some storms could be strong. it won't be all day thursday. in fact, ahead of the storms hot and humid. late in the day thursday, that's when we expect storms to move in. that's why we're calling it a first alert day. some thunderstorms could be locally strong with damaging winds, a lot of lightning and heavy downpours of rain. remember, any heavy downpours could lead to localized flooding. be careful if you happen to be in an area where we have thunderstorm tomorrow that happens to be strong. currently we don't have anything. we have the clouds. if you look back to the west, moving through ohio, this is where we have a lot of severe weather. as we zoom in, you can see just to the south of cleveland, a lot of tornado warnings. this is a line of storms moving through, as we go into the day tomorrow mainly the second half of the day. but until we get there, we'll be feeling the heat and humidity. by 8:00 p.m., dry, 73. and also mild. coming up, the timing of the
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storms for tomorrow and how cool it will be for your weekend straight ahead there ocean county man charged with setting his own home on fire. take a look at what firefighters in toms river faced back on march 2nd. the fire destroyed the home on bay view drive. 54-year-old allegedly set the fire. the house being rebuilt after destroyed by hurricane sandy. police do not believe his wife had any knowledge of the crime. free on $50,000 bail. nurses could be heading to the picket lines in over a week. the pennsylvania association of staff nurses and allied health professionals handed a strike notice. the hospital -- the strike could begin sunday september 21st. the hospital is disappointed in the union's action, saying there has been progress on several issues, both sides agree to resume negotiations with help of a federal mediator september
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17th. the hospital says it has a contingency plan in place if the strike happens. lawmakers return to harrisburg next week. schools are counting on them to approve the cigarette tax to close the $80 million gap. they asked tom corbett how confident he is if the bill will be passed at state house. >> very optimistic. i think the leaders understand this is something that needs to be done to help the city collect the revenues that they need for education. >> school superintendent dr. william height made $32 million in cuts last month to ensure classes started on time this week. if the bill does not get approved, school district officials say more than 1,000 pink slips could go out. students' services could be impacted as well as possible reduction of the school year. the district has $5,000 less per student this year. packed crowd today for town
5:36 pm
hall at the philadelphia v.a. medical center. veterans expressed their concerns over care at the facility in southwest philadelphia. the medical center says a new team of patient advocates in place. the v.a. has come under fire for delayed care. many people at this town hall talked about the problems they have had getting service in a timely manner. they called for more accountability. water main breaks, some of the oldest and biggest water pipes no longer standing the test of time. >> we've seen it several times across philadelphia and it's part of a growing problem. aging infrastructure. what the feds are trying to do to stop more breaks from happening. and allentown cuts the ribbon on a $177 million arena. why it's a game changer for the lehigh valley beyond just entertainment. first, what's coming up tonight on "nbc 10 news at 6:00." security guards in harrah's
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accused of roughing up a woman and it's not the first time they allegedly used excessive force. nbc 10 just got a response from the casino. what it has to say about changing security procedures. count on nbc 10 news.
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don't believe tom corbett's tv ad. the facts speak for themselves. tom corbett cut a billion dollars from our schools. he took an ax to education. twenty-seven thousand educators were laid-off. class sizes increased. and now almost eighty percent of school districts plan to raise property taxes. tom corbett. can't trust him on education. can't trust him to be for us.
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>> announcer: this is nbc 10 news. we rely on it for everything, from coffee to electricity. america's aging water infrastructure is in need of federal help to keep it working properly. last year the american society of civil engineers gave the u.s. water and waste water system a "d" rating. 30 of the country's largest water and waste water utilities which serve 83 million people nationwide say they're already investing billions to improve the aging infrastructure. and they want congress to help out, too. >> support for the work we do, we want congress to be aware of how expensive it is to do this work and pay attention to what some of our needs are. >> state report card this year from the same group gave pennsylvania's drinking water a "d" and waste water a "d minus." >> we all know aaa will give you
5:40 pm
a tow or jump start your car battery. today employees helped in different ways. nbc 10 at bellevue state park, 150 or so aaa employees spent the day doing all sorts of service projects for the community. some people built new picnic tables, others cut brush back from trails. some employees sat down with autistic young adults in newark. employees worked with them on resumes and interviewing skills. digital exclusive story, fill liz' legend in the mid tll a home run hero on the field, a master at barbecue and batting for you to better your cholesterol. we talked with the former slugger how the chicago native
5:41 pm
fell in love with philadelphia and what he thinks about the current team. ten questions, see it now on c brand-new hockey arena. a broader goal than sports and entertainment. doug shimell live in allentown in a few minutes. going to have a preview of our weather with sheena parveen and what's to come ahead. >> that's right. tracking thunderstorms for tomorrow. coming up, the timing of that and how cool it will be behind the storms as we go into your weekend. that's first alert forecast straight ahead. and all new on "nbc 10 news at 6:00," workers in an unexpected accident. why 13 had to be decontaminated.
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nbc 10 continues to follow breaking news. two children hit by a pickup truck in northeast philadelphia. >> nbc 10's nefertiti jaquez live at the scene along academy road what happen are police telling you about the young victims and driver? >> reporter: a little boy and girl, ages 7 and 10, in critical condition this evening after police say that a pickup truck here in the area hit them at
5:45 pm
this intersection. it happened after 3:00 here at academy and byberry roads. the female driver did stop and is being interviewed. witnesses tell police that the driver tried to make a left on academy when she hit the kids who we have learned are brother and sister. we just talked to a witness who jumped in to action to try to help the little boy and little girl. >> i seen when the little girl got hit, you could hear it i told her to stop, i got out, ran over to the little girl, she jumped out, ran to the little boy, stabilized them. i talked with the little girl, made sure nobody moved her. >> reporter: as we come back out live here to the scene, police say that both of the kids are suffering severe head trauma at hospital. both in critical condition. we asked whether or not a crossing guard here at the time. we were told it is a crossing guard controlled intersection but they're trying to determine that. this is a developing story. we will keep you updated
5:46 pm
throughout all of the shows. live in the northeast, nefertiti jaquez, nbc 10 news. >> announcer: now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, a little bit warmer today than yesterday. big improvements, more sunshine today. but tomorrow it's going to be hotter than today. the heat comes tomorrow, that comes with humidity but ahead of thunderstorms. starting off the day, hot somewhere more humid. then tracking thunderstorms later in the day. this is mostly going to be late afternoon and evening thunderstorms. some storms could be on the strong side. we'll be tracking them as we go throughout the day with you. right now, still at 80 degrees in philadelphia. lehigh valley, coming in around 77 for allentown, redding 76, pottstown. 75 millville. 74 atlantic city and dover. through most of the area we're comfortable. humidity's not too bad. tomorrow that humidity will start to go up more. here's a live look across the center city skyline looking down
5:47 pm
from our comcast center across philadelphia. you still see breaks in the cloud cover but we have layer of clouds just kind of overcast in some parts of the area but not seeing rain yet. back to the west, moving through ohio with severe weather here. it is moving in our direction. but it won't be here until late in the day tomorrow. it's part of a cold front ahead of it, hot somewhere more humid with a south wind. right now comfortable. temperatures are going to jump up tomorrow afternoon. behind it, we have cooler air, going to move down. the weekends will be quite a bit cooler than both today and especially tomorrow. future weather for tonight, we stay dry, rain stays well off to our west tonight. early tomorrow morning, we could have a few spotty sprinkles but staying dry to start the day. through afternoon, more clouds move in by 1:00 p.m. showers to the west. then later in the afternoon, by 4:00, 5:00, we could be dealing with thunderstorms. and even later afternoon and evening hours, storms continue
5:48 pm
moving from west to east. by midnight all cleared out. because of the storms coming tomorrow, late in the day, we have a first alert out because of that. some storms strong to our west, very strong right now. as they move in, we could have damaging winds, lightning, and pretty heavy downpours of rain. we're giving you a heads up before we get there. of course we'll keep you updated. mostly cloudy tonight, dry. humid, 68 for the low in philadelphia. 64 north and west. tomorrow hot and humid day. late day thunderstorms. 87 to 90 for the high temperature. in some spots close to ten degrees warmer than today. on friday, sunny, nice. look how we clear out on friday. upper 70s into the one. low 70s. cloudy, cool, showers around to start your saturday. on sunday, sunny skies, mid-70s. comfortable going into next week. allentown the future in sports and entertainment is now. >> the long-awaited ppl arena
5:49 pm
expected to be a game changer for the downtown area and beyond. nbc 10's doug shimell there for grand opening festivities. >> reporter: amy smith is the textbook case for many of the more than 1,000 new hires in and around allentown's ppl arena. >> i live in north allentown which is about for me seven or eight minute drive i'm rent my apartment where i'm at right now. >> majority of people living in the downtown area are renters. they're not homeowners. we'd like to see more people able to purchase properties in the downtown area. >> allentown is going to be an all-american best place to live city once again. >> reporter: this week's opening of the $177 million hockey arena and event center hopes to be incentive for more people to own downtown homes which means more people supporting downtown restaurants and the other new development near by.
5:50 pm
>> downpayment assistance, help with mortgages. >> as we said already, marks a new era, a new era for the city of allentown. >> reporter: if they can attract enough arena area workers like bartender amy smith, it will create the around the clock economy allentown says it needs to survive. >> knowing that there's incentives going to be put into place here soon for people to buy and live downtown, people are thinking about us. they're thinking about our well-being instead of people coming to see events. >> reporter: of course they are hoping that the ppl center will be allen town's version of a save y savior for their city. in order to get people moving in, finalize detail, forgivable loans to pay closing costs and low-interest loans to cov or mortgage. doug shimell, nbc 10. >> for five decades, philadelphia honored contributions and cultures of the puerto rican community.
5:51 pm
>> weeks away from the annual puerto rican festival, nbc 10 looks at plans for the event. at home health aide arrested. what she's accused of doing to a man in her care.
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david lynch is in town to present his first major art exhibition ever in the united states.
5:54 pm
a preview of the new exhibit at pennsylvania academy of fine arts. david lynch, the ununified field, brings together all periods of lynch's career. he started as a student at the museum back in the 60s and went on to direct films like the elephant man, blue velvet, mulholland drive. his work as an artist led him to film making. >> i got into film by accident in this very building in one of the studios here and the first film made is being shown here, as it was when i made it. >> exhibit will be on display starting saturday until january 11th. be safe, be proud, the message behind 52nd annual puerto rican festival. attracts more than 15,000 people no philadelphia. our sister station explains, security will play an important
5:55 pm
role in this year's festivities. >> reporter: it's one of philadelphia's largest celebrations honoring the puerto rican heritage and culture. >> last year we began to invite the community to participate as community ambassadors, community ambassadors partner up with the police to assist with whether it's language or just kind of, you know, mediate any situations. >> reporter: the seven-day event wraps around the parade along franklin parkway and concludes in north philadelphia, where the festival continues. the same location in 2012 this incident was recorded. police officer seen punching a 39-year-old woman in the face. the situation that organizers say gave a bad rap to the event. >> we were in the national spotlight for all that is bad when you have recklessness going on. as a result of the incident that occurred a couple of years ago,
5:56 pm
we have tried to be more pro active in making sure that those incidents and allowing people to be reckless is not a response that we want to be part of. >> reporter: today the city along with the police department announced they are going to be working side by side to increase security and avoid history from repeating itself as they budget several thousand dollars on officers. >> started to increase enforcement. see individuals, children and young people hanging out of cars, we're not going to accept that. if we see individuals intoxicated driving, we'll be addressing that. >> reporter: fair hill park one of two locations where thousands of folks are expected to gather. family oriented event where no alcohol or dirt bikes will be tolerated. nbc 10 news. next on "nbc 10 news at 6:00." >> several major developments in the ray rice case. we have new information about the nfl receiving a copy of the
5:57 pm
tape. new details about the program that helped rice avoid jail time after the beating. find out how many people are not allowed in after an arrest. we have a first alert day tomorrow but you can get prepared today. break down the storms and explain potential for severe weather. coming up in my exclusive nbc 10 first alert forecast.
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5:59 pm
>> announcer: nbc 10 breaking news. just in the past five minutes, atlantic city's bankrupt revel casino has been sold. nbc 10 and cnbc received a copy of the court documents. >> it shows casino sold more $90 million to glenn straub, a miami developer. as soon as we learn more about the future plans, we will bring that to you. sky 4 over this breaking news in northeast philadelphia this afternoon. that's where a brother and sister, ages 10 and 7, were hit by a pickup truck. police tell nbc 10 they're in critical condition. the crash happened 4:00 this afternoon on academy road. we're told the driver of the dodge pickup truck did stop but police are still regulariinvest what caused the crash. >> several new developments in the ray rice domestic violence case. nbc 10 caught up with rice's
6:00 pm
lawyer in philadelphia. he says rice told him not to speak publicly about the incident. just an hour ago, the a.p. capped new doubt on the nfl's insistence it didn't see the video until this week. the a.p. cites a law enforcement official who says he sent the elevator video to an nfl executive five months ago and that official played a voice mail from an nfl number confirming the video arrived. the nfl says it was not aware of anyone who possessed or saw the video before monday but that the league is looking into. in washington, 12 members of the house judiciary committee sent a letter to the nfl questioning how the league handled its investigation. tonight, the national organization for women is calling for nfl commissioner roger good dell to resign. >> some people questioning whether rice should have been allowed in a program that helped him avoid jail time and for a third straight day, nbc 10 tried to talk to the atlantic county prosecutor. >> he still won't talk to us