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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  September 11, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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right now at 11:00, storms are on the way. a live look at radar showing the system to the west expected to push through in time for your afternoon commute. we're dealing with the heat and humidity. check out this shot of the skyline of center city philadelphia. brittney shipp is here to break it down in terms of what we can expect. >> relax a bit on the thunderstorms we thought we would see as we were going to head into your afternoon and evening. we will maintain a chance of showers. we update the forecast. here is the line of thunderstorms. it's going to track closer to us heading into philadelphia as we
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push into the afternoon. right now we are seeing cloudy skies. the other big difference is the temperatures. in terms of the storms, by 4:00 p.m., we could see isolated thunderstorms just to the north of trenton, right over philadelphia, pushing into parts of wilmington and as we head into the rest of the afternoon, you will notice most of these showers will continue to track to the south. into parts of south jersey, closer to 7:00 and right along the shore by 8:00, 9:00 tonight. we will start to see more clearing as we head into your overnight hours. even around 10:00, we're dealing with isolated thunderstorms right over atlantic city. so really depends on where you are. we're not expecting widespread rainfall. but isolated showers and thunderstorms are a possibility, even heavy downpours within some of these cells. really warm depending on where you are. 80 for philadelphia.
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78 in millville. 79 in dover. 79 in atlantic city. our average for this time of year is 80 degrees. today we're going well above that average, a high of 89. by tomorrow back down to 78 degrees. i will let you know what to expect for the weekend coming up. >> thank you. we're keeping you updated on the storms coming. you will find watches and warnings delivered to your phone. it's a free download you can get on this morning, america remembers september 11, 200. you are looking live at the 9/11 memorial at ground zero in lower manhattan where you see the reading of victims' names. this has been going on since before 9:00 a.m. this morning. several moments of silence have been observed to mark the times when the planes struck the
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towers and the exact minute when the towers fell. ♪ bagpipers played to mark the solemn occasion. uniformed first responders took part in a flag procession. memorial remembrances taking place in northern virginia. president obama attended a service at the site where a plane struck the pentagon 13 years ago today. the commander in chief laid a wreath and observed a moment of silence before delivering remarks. >> you are a shining example, your families have turned this day into something that those who attacked us could never abide, that is a tribute of hope over fear and love over hate. >> a large american flag was unfurled down the side of the
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pentagon, a tradition which began on september 12, 2001. services also taking place in shanksville where flight 93 crashed. a new honor for the victims there. a congressional gold medal awarded to those who died. passengers on that flight fought the hijackers for control of the jet. remembrance services are taking place in gloucester county. >> residents call this spot a place of reflection. here you see a bell symbolizing liberty and freedom. to the right of it you see twisted steel from the world trade center symbolizing the thousands who lost their lives. ♪ >> reporter: 13 years ago, three men lost their lives at the moment when the first hijacked
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plane crashed into the north tower, these responders, military personnel and friends began their ceremony. the devastated family rung the first bell. the openness of this place nestled in a park is symbolic of the crash site of the 4th hijacked plane. an airman rung the bell as a reminder of how passengers refused to allow the hijackers to win. here the day is called patriot day, a history lesson for children, a sober reminder for adults of how terrorists changed life on american soil. >> we have young people that are living in an age of terror, in an age of fear that i didn't have to worry about when i was growing up. this is a great country. ♪ i once was lost but now am i
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found ♪ ♪ was blind but now i see throughout the program, there were references made to the threat of terrorism. and president obama's resolve to defeat it. >> thank you. you will find a complete list of 9/11 events here in our area by going to our website, happening right now, a jury is deliberating the fate of a woman accused of kidnapping and sexually assaulting a philadelphia girl. the judge finished giving the jury its instructions at 11:00, just a few minutes ago. the jury must decide if christina regusters kidnapped a 5-year-old from her school. regusters did not testify in her
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own defense. crews battling a fire in west philadelphia in a building with a store front and apartments above. one person was rescued. two people were treated at the scene for smoke inhalation. no word on what caused this fire. police are investigating two car crashes in camden. nbc 10 learned the crashes are related. this first crash sent a woman to the hospital around 12:13 this morning. she's in stable condition. the driver who hit her drove off. now police tell us moments late other, that van lost control and flipped over several times, eventually hitting and damaging a utility pole. this happened at river road and north 26th street in camden. the people in the van suffered minor injuries. no word on whether the driver will face charges. in cumberland county, two people hit by a car in front of a walmart remain in critical condition. sky force 10 was over the scene
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last night. the driver did stop after the accident. the ray rice case is now an nfl scandal. the league has announced former fbi director robert muler will conduct an investigation into how the nfl handled evidence in the domestic violence case. law enforcement said they sent the league a tape months ago. the nfl commissioner denied this saying the -- denied that the league saw the video before this past monday. tmz posted the video monday morning of rice knocking out his future wife in an elevator in revel casino. hours after the video was posted, the baltimore ravens fired their running back. the prosecutor said rice never would have faced jail time even if he had gone to trial. since the video was posted, the national domestic hotline says it has seen an 84% spike in calls. we have a list of domestic
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violence resources posted on our website, there you can go for all the case. $90 million cash, that's the bid of a florida developer put up for revel casino, which closed last week. revel lawyers confirmed the sale offer but said it's a starting figure. the bid is just 4% of the $2.4 billion it cost to build the b&ú count on nbc 10 for continuing coverage of the casino crisis. come to our website for a time line of closures and also help available for the unemployed. a legislative panel investigating lane closures at the george washington bridge has the phone reports of a top aid to chris christie. at&t turned over the data, including text messages. she testified in july that she texted the governor about the
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probe but that she deleted the messages. chris christie doesn't remember receiving those texts. philadelphia city counsel is in session taking up the issue of marijuana possession. a live look inside city hall in center city. leaders are expected to amend a bill that would decriminalize possession as well as the use of small amounts of marijuana in the city. yesterday, michael nutter and councilman james kenny agreed on amending the bill. you will face a $25 fine if you found with an ounce. if you smoke in public, that will cost $100 or community service. the offenses would not go on the offender's permanent record. >> you think back to the youthful indiscretions of our own lives and how you do things sometimes in high school and college and you regret them but you are happy it didn't cause you life long pain and disappointment. >> it would go into affect next month once it has been signed by
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mayor nutter. vowing to degrade and destroy. the reaction this morning as president obama unveils a plan to send more troops overseas in an effort to take down isis militants. new developments in the marathon trial for oscar pistorius. the decision the judge made and why the reading of the verdict came to a halt in a south african courtroom today. it's going to be hot and humid. temperatures in the 80s. we are tracking a chance of thunderstorms as we head into the afternoon and evening. i will let you know what to expect plus your weekend forecast. that's all coming up.
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breaking news. emergency crews have surrounded aj@l united express airplane in houston for a possible suspicio suspicious substance. we are working to get more information on this breaking news. again, a suspicious product found on this flight. this is at george bush airport in houston, texas. we will bring you the latest as soon as it comes in to nbc 10. new video this morning showing american fighter jets operating from an aircraft carrier in support of military operations in iraq. last night, president obama said a coalition of the u.s. and its
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allies will stop the isis threat. the u.s. is now on a mission to destroy islamic state militants in syria and iraq. tracy potts has reaction from lawmakers after the president asked for their support but not their permission to go after isis. >> we will not get dragged into another ground will in iraq. >> reporter: we will go after isis in iraq and syria. >> if you threaten america, you will find no safe haven. >> reporter: the president sending 475 more military advisors to iraq. air strikes but no ground troops is a tricky strategy critics say. >> they are in a combat situation. to say they are not is obviously untrue. >> reporter: his plan includes support from our mideast countries. >> how are you? >> good. we are very busy. i'm grateful you could come. >> reporter: john kerry is meeting with the king in saudi arabia this morning. >> i look forward to our
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conversation. >> reporter: john boehner says he will back arming syria's opposition but there's concern some of those opposition groups may be working with extremists. >> we have to be careful what type of weapons we give them. >> reporter: the president made the case the u.s. must xi troy isis to keep america safe. >> our own safety, our own security depends upon our willingness to do what it takes to defend this nation and uphold the values that we stand for. >> reporter: he is doing it without asking congress for permission first. some lawmakers say a vote for support but not full authorization just isn't enough. tracy potts, nbc news, washington. the judge in the oscar pistorius trial says he cannot be found guilty of murder but he was negligent in the killing of his girlfriend. that raises the culpability he will be sentenced for that.
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right now, court is adjourned. tomorrow the judge is expected to give a formal verdict in the case. pistorius spot and killed his girlfriend through a bathroom door in his home on valentine's day last year. he says he thought she was an intruder. 45 peacekeepers from fiji held captive in syria, they are now free. this video showing them in captivity was posted on youtube. the u.n. confirmed the peacekeepers have all been released and are in good condition. a father on his way to south carolina to face charges he murdered his five children. the mother of the children reported them missing september 3rd after they missed school and she couldn't reach her ex-husband tim think jones. police in mississippi stopped him at a dui checkpoint days later. investigators say he led them yesterday to a rural road in alabama where they found the bodies.
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streets are flooded in indiana after heavy rains drenched indianapolis. three inches fell in some places. some drivers got stuck. they needed to be helped out. fortunately, no rain is expected there today. cleveland is drying out this morning after heavy rains and flooding. a number of downtown streets were closed because they were under water. the area received an inch of rain in an hour. police say some places were under more than a foot and a half of water. good morning. as we head into the rest of today, we are going to see hot and humid conditions. we're tracking thunderstorms as we head into the evening. temperatures pushing close to 90 degrees today. cooler again. it will be a short-lived warm-up. temperatures back down to the 70s as we head into tomorrow. for philadelphia right now, partly cloudy skies, mostly
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cloudy here in our live picture ñ the a. our humidity is at 67%. it feels like 83. we will deal with a bit of a heat index today with our elevated humidity and our wind speeds out of the south southwest at 16 miles per hour. across the rest of our region, temperatures at 65 in the poconos, 74 in allentown, 76 in reading, 79 in wilmington. 79 in atlantic city. we have a cold front approaching. that's going to drop our temperatures down. between cincinnati and detroit, in the mid 50s. 50 right now in chicago. 64 in cincinnati. look at nashville at 79. our temperatures will drop substantially as we head into tomorrow. that's going to continue into the weekend. mostly cloudy skies for us right now. the clouds will build as we head into the rest of today. a line of rain that's going to continue to shift towards us as we head into the rest of today.
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moisture will pump up from the south. that's where our humidity is coming from. by 3:00, we could see light rainfall near philadelphia, wilmington,out side of reading and allentown. isolated thunderstorms south of the poconos. we will continue with this chance of rain as we head into the rest of your afternoon and even into the evening. by 10:00, still isolated showers confined to atlantic city and parts of dover. this is going to be very spotty, not widespread rainfall for hours. the chance of rain and within some of these rain cells we could see isolated thunderstorms and the potential for heavy downpours, gusty winds expected as we head into the rest of today. a live look outside. you can see overcast skies. hot and humid with temperatures already in the 80s. tonight the chance of a popup shower. keep that in mind as you are heading out for the baseball game. temperatures will range between 87 and 90. the afternoon and evening storms
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expected. seven-day forecast, heading into tomorrow, plenty of sunshine and really nice. a great way to end your workweek. look what happens as we head into the weekend. for your saturday, cool conditions, another chance of rain, mainly in the afternoon and evening hours. only 72 degrees for a high. 74 on sunday. that's the perfect day for the weekend. then we track another chance of rain by tuesday. >> thanks. sick day decision. it is a decision many parents have wrestled with. should you send a sick child to school. a pediatrician weighing in on when you should send your kid to class and how sick they need to be to stay home. magic pill? the government approves a new weight loss drug. is it the right solution for most people?
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now that students are back in school, parents may wonder when to keep kids home if they are not feeling well. important clues that will help you make that decision. >> reporter: it's in this setting the classroom, where our kids learn. but what if they're not feeling well? >> school attendance is critical to learning and to development and to the extent we can keep kids in school, i think we should. >> reporter: it's this but that has many parents wondering when their kids are sick enough to keep at home. this doctor says -- >> certainly, a fever over 101,
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definitely should stay home. a child who is actively vomiting or having diarrhea should stay at home. those are children that you don't want in school. >> reporter: kids can't learn when they are sick and that can be spread quickly and efficiently in a classroom setting. then there's the gray zone. >> the gray zone is always with the head colds. i wouldn't want a child to stay home every time they have a little sniffle. i think that's where some judgment comes in. if it's a sniffle without a fever, i would send them to school most likely. certainly, cough or shortness of breath or wheezing, you want to treat differently. keep them at home and watch them closely. >> reporter: then there are those vague complaints children sometimes have. >> you know your child best. if it's just a little tummy ache or sniffle, i think they should go to school. >> reporter: if your child continues to have vague symptoms, it could be anxiety.
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>> the anxiety and stomach aches is real. children who are anxious can have complaints, stomach aches or headaches. that's something to explore with your child, with your child's pediatrician if it gets to point where you are concerned that that either miss too much school or they are uncomfortable in school. >> that was barbara moore reporting for us. america remembers the 13th anniversary of the attacks on september 11th. ceremonies under way to pay tribute to the nearly 3,000 people killed on a day none of us will ever forget. a health scare for the embattled mayor of toronto. why he is being treated at a canadian hospital. as a small business owner you don't deliver anything less than 100% to your customers. so don't settle for less than 100% of the internet. with verizon fios get uploads speeds
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storms are on the way. taking a live look at radar showing the system to our west, which is heading in our direction. you can feel the heat and humidity out there in the air today as we take a live look outside at philadelphia's boat house row. meteorologist brittney shipp is here with the forecast for us. >> as we head into the rest of today, we are tracking the chance of showers, even thunderstorms. heavy downpours possible. you can see the system is weakening as it continues to track here to the east moving into our region. we're still going to keep a chance of showers in the forecast. we will continue with the moisture from the south. that will lead to humid conditions. temperatures are going to be warmer than yesterday. 89 will be our high for today. closer to 4:00, that's when we will see a better chance of showers from allentown into the i-95 corridor. these will track to the south moving along the shore closer to
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9:00, 10:00 at night. still isolated showers, even thunderstorms right near atlantic city. there's a cold front associated with this. our temperatures are going to drop down substantially as we head into tomorrow. back down well below average for us. for today, before we drop down, we are going to see temperatures feeling like they are at 90 degrees for philadelphia, feeling like 87 in dover, feeling like 88 in reading. by tomorrow, it will feel like fall. will go over the details on our chance of thunderstorms and also what you can expect for your weekend, that's coming up in my first alert seven-day forecast. >> we are keeping you updated on our nbc 10 first alert weather app. watches and warnings delivered to your phone. today is the day america remembers the anniversary of the september 11, 2001 attack.
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looking at the memorial where the reading of victims' names is continuing. it's been going on all morning. several moments of silence have been observed to mark the times when the planes struck the towers and the exact minute which each tower fell. ♪ earlier this morning, the sound of bagpipes marked the remembrance. uniformed officials also took part in a flag procession. memorial remembrances taking place this morning in northern virginia. president obama attend ining a ceremony at the pentagon.
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earlier, taps played after the president and first lady and vice president observed a moment of silence. this took place on the south lawn of the white house at 8:46 this morning, marking the time the first plane crashed into the north tower. services also taking place in shanksville, pennsylvania. a new honor for the victims there. a congressional gold medal was just awarded to those who died. passengers fought the hijackers to control that jet. ♪ a memorial procession in philadelphia. bagpipers and drummers led a walk from the fireman's hall museum to the betsy ross house. our region is remembering the victims on the 13th anniversary.
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several services are planned or are taking place, including one that just wrapped up in bucks county. 18 souls perished from there on that day. the sights, the sounds, the feelings at the garden of reflection. ♪ oh, beautiful for spacious skies ♪ ♪ >> how can we find peace when everything is this pieces? ♪ for purple mountains majesty ♪ >> we offer that hope, we offer that prayer because what else can we do? >> michael a. bane. barbara a. shaw. john michael rodak.
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♪ amazing grace how sweet the sound ♪ that saved a wretch like me ♪ >> your love is the space in which i exist. your truth and inspiration drives light. ♪ i am with you >> to the souls of our 18 loved ones who have gone to their eternal home, we ask that our loved ones find perfect peace in your eternal embrace. ♪ shining sea ♪ >> there's a rolling tribute in
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washington, d.c., as you see here. thousands of cyclists taking part in a ride to the nation's capitol to honor the victims, survivors and first responders from the 9/11 attacks. we want to let you know about another event being held to remember 9/11. in cape may county, a ceremony will take place at cape may cove. it takes place there tonight at 6:15. find a complete list of 9/11 events here in our area by going to our website, doctors in washington say a 5-year-old boy being treated for e. coli is in critical condition. he is improving. he shared a turkey sandwich with a 4-year-old girl. the little girl died monday from e. coli complications. the two children also reportedly swam in a pond together. health officials are investigating the source of that e. coli infection.
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new video showing a sheriff's deputy beating and dragging a handcuffed 17-year-old inside a maryland jail. he was charged with armed robbery. after words were exchanged, the deputy hit the boy and then threw him into a holding cell. a correction officer closed the door to the cell. the officer and deputy were given probation and community service. an internal investigation now under way there. rob ford is in the hospital with what doctors believe is a tumor in his stomach. hospital officials say ford has been suffering from stomach pain for at least three months. they became worse over the last few days. ford returned to work in june after a stay in rehab for drug and alcohol abuse. last year, as you recall, he admitted using crack cocaine. he is running for re-election next month. now to a story from northern california that we have been following all week long. wild life officials now say they have shot and killed a mountain
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lion that likely attacked a 6-year-old boy. they cornered it in a tree yesterday. dna tests will show if it's the same animal that left that child with bite wounds and scratches. now to decision 2014, a new poll showing voters prefer tom wolf over tom corbett for pennsylvania governor. the poll shows wolf with 59% of likely voters while corbett has 35%. that's a 24% difference. at least half of the likely voters say wolf would be bert and handling issues like job, education, government spending and taxes. the election is tuesday, november 4th. happening today, a philadelphia library is getting a facelift thanks to a multimillion dollar donation. it's one of the largest financial gifts in the library's history.
11:39 am
katey zachary tells us about the changes. >> reporter: this say nearly $60 million project. the renovations are being down here at the main library as well as five branchs throughout the city. it's a part of philadelphia's public library where people don't often choose to spend a lot of time but now that this section known as the stacks is going to be transformed into a space like this, the hope is people will want to spend time here. >> when you see -- compare what's there to the renderings, it's a more lively, open space. >> reporter: the director says that's the mission of the library's latest project and one of its biggest. they are spending nearly $60 million on renovations here and at several branchs. nearly half the funds coming from the william penn foundation. >> they provide access to computers that people can apply for jobs, which you really can't do without a computer today. they help people navigate health benefits and other social services. libraries work with children to build their reading skills.
11:40 am
>> reporter: building up is planned for some buildings. it needs major repairs. the head librarian has pushed for this. >> more computers. the whole environment i justw!s think will just send a positive note through community for our generations to come. >> reporter: the city of philadelphia and the state are also putting money into this project. the renovations should be complete by mid year 2017. >> that looked great. tablet talk. if your child doesn't have one yet, chances are he or she has been asking for it. tablets aren't one size fits all. from preschool to college, we will check out which tablet is the right one for your child. a hot and humid day on tap. temperatures pushing close to 90 degrees for philadelphia. plus i'm tracking our chances of
11:41 am
thunderstorms over your evening commute. what you need to know coming up in my first alert seven-day forecast. take a break with these stories trending right now on lunch break section.
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people struggling to control their weight now have a new tool to help them out. the fda approved a new weight loss pill. it works by decreasing appetite. sounds good. people who took the drug in combination with a healthy diet and exercise lost up to 4% more weight than people who didn't take the pill. it's approved for those who are obese or who have weight-related health problems like diabetes. it's hard to decide the perfect device to buy for your child. >> the cost is a little too high. >> reporter: this woman has three kids. a tablet for each? it better be priced right. >> expensive toy. >> reporter: same for this man. as you can consider tablets for your student as they go back to school, one size does not fit all.
11:45 am
>> the education community has embraced technology. >> reporter: this woman and i teamed up to help you decide which of these tablets is best for your student. for little ones to second grade, an item like this innotab for $80. >> decide how much screen time. monitoring their progress on apps. >> reporter: next the kindle fire. >> this is for reading. >> reporter: a great option for all the way up to college students for textbooks with a price tag of $300. on to the item that started the tablet revolution, the ipad, suitable for the elementary student or perfect for the most mature pupil. cost goes from $399 to $929. >> you can download apps that
11:46 am
allow you to have microsoft word, excel. >> reporter: one downfoall is i doesn't have ea usb port. $150 to $200. >> windows operating but smaller. >> reporter: for the high school student and those transitioning to college, that's the two in one. it's a laptop, tablet, compact combo that detaches and starts at $299. if you prefer samsung, galaxy tablets are a good option. they start at $399. no person, especially children, are exempt from clumsiness. >> he could lose it, break it. he could forget it. >> reporter: putting a tablet however low or high on the
11:47 am
expense scale in your student's backpack can be a gamble. >> remember when tablet was something that you just wrote on? that was nbc's erica gonzales reporting. don't be surprised to spot a sea of pink walking by you in many parts of our area this weekend. thousands of women are going on an inspirational journey. they are talking pa ingtal talk. joan ann is taking part in her fourth walk. good to have you here. before we talk about the logistics of the walk, share your story with us. >> i was diagnosed with breast cancer in february of 2010. i went through my treatment all through that spring. my mother is a 19-year breast cancer survivor. so she was able to provide some
11:48 am
good support -- tremendous support, really and some help along the way to me as i went through that challenging period. i'm over that. i'm cancer free. i'm doing great. >> terrific. now the walk. talk to us about what it's like to train for a walk for three days. we do, we see the sea of pink over the course of the three days. you wonder what it's like to prepare for that. >> there is a lot of preparation that goes into it. the great thing is is that susan g. komen has a virtual trainer. you can get tips and good information about how to be successful in your training leading up to the actual event. for me, i do probably four or five miles every day. as i get closer to the event, i up my miles. >> as you are talking, we are showing pictures of you and your team from the path walks. >> that was us crossing the
11:49 am
finish line in 2011. >> what a feeling that must have been. that must have -- was that your first? >> yes, in 2011. then i have walked every year since. our team has changed. some years we have fewer people than we do. this year we have a big team, ten of us are walking on our team. we're the rag gals and pals. >> where did that come from? >> the rag stands for radiation. the young daughter of my friend who i have been walking with every year and who i met while we were both doing radiation therapy, her daughter used to refer to us as the rag girls. we turned that into our team name. >> you were telling me the mow have -- the motivation that comes from this. when you watch everyone out there walking, you feel that. i can't imagine what that must be like in terms of the strength it gives you. >> it's a life changing event. it's so true. you feel that you are walking with all these people with whom you have this very important
11:50 am
connection and you are all walking for a great worthy cause that affects so many people. there's really nobody that i know who doesn't know somebody who has been impacted by breast cancer. >> we are all touched by this. this is a way to make a difference. it begins tomorrow morning and lasts through the weekend. stations throughout our area. for more information go to thank you for being here. good luck for the walk. >> thank you. >> we look forward to finding out how it went. >> thank you very much. >> brittany. we are going to see a chance of rain on saturday. sunday looks fantastic. so does monday as well. closer look at our headlines. for today what we will see as we head into the afternoon, we are tracking storms. hot and humid conditions, temperatures feeling like 90. the actual temperature is close to 90. cooler once again heading into
11:51 am
tomorrow. temperatures will drop down substantially and quickly for philadelphia. we're at 81. a mix of sun and clouds, humidity at 65%. winds out of the west southwest and 18 miles per hour. we are up eight degrees in mount holly, four degrees warmer in philadelphia, seven in dover. down three in the poconos. throughout the rest of the area, we are at 74 in allentown. in the 80s in wilmington. a warm late morning in philadelphia at 81. 79 in dover. closer look at the cold front that's heading our way. you can always tell once the cold front has gone through because the temperatures drop down. in chicago, it's 50 degrees. on the other side of the cold front, 79 in nashville. that will move through overnight tonight. that's what's going to help drop our temperatures. into the 70s tomorrow. clouds will build over our region. then this is the line of showers and some thunderstorms that are
11:52 am
going to head our way. you can see it's weakening as it gets closer to us. our chance of rain has gone down a lot since this morning. we're still dealing with a chance of thunderstorms closer to 4:00 to the norm th of trent. and this is right over your evening commute time. just allow a little extra time to get to where you need to go as we head into the rest of this evening. we're dealing with a chance of showers off the shore, closer to 10:00. once we get done with that, then everything will clear up nicely heading into friday. friday is looking really good. plenty of sunshine for us and temperatures drop back down into the 70s. as we approach your weekend, this is a stormy saturday. by 4:00, we will see a chance of showers, light showers for the poconos, allentown and reading. it won't pick up until your overnight hours, which is good are not weekend, clearing up as we head into sunday. a nice day on sunday. our average is 80 for this time of year.
11:53 am
today we will head to 89. 78 by tomorrow. our temperatures dropping down. we have to get through a hot and humid day with thunderstorms expected. if you are heading out for the phillies game tonight, a chance of a few popup showers. it's a possibility a stray shower. 78 by 9:00. by 11:00, mild conditions, nice and comfortable. your seven-day forecast shows temperatures at 89 today. tomorrow, 78. low 70s into saturday. 74 on sunday.
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coming up this afternoon at 3:00, "ellen" premiere week continues. at 4:00, funding fight. uncle sam bailed them out after sandy struck. now the feds want their money back. why the government is asking storm victims to cut them a check. that's today at 4:00. at 5:00, the diamonds and other jewelry, some of the goods stolen in a $20,000 robbery. where it happened and how you can help police catch the thieves. new at 6:00, new jersey's governor vetoes a change to the state's beaches. why lawmakers called the bill a matter of public health and why the governor disagreed.
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thank you for watching. for brittney shipp and all of us here at nbc 10, thanks for watching. have a great day and watch the weather.
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>> ej: so kate didn't try to sandbag me, or turn you further against me than she already has? >> sami: i'm not going to let anyone do that. when it comes to how i feel about you, or what's going to happen with us... i'm going to let my heart decide. i'm not going to listen to other people's opinions anymore. i promise you that. deal? >> ej: deal. absolutely. um, s-so... what is it that your heart is telling you now? about us? [phone rings]