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tv   Today  NBC  September 12, 2014 7:00am-11:01am EDT

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grove this morning. "today" show is up next. we'll see you for updates in 25 minutes. >> you can get updates at ♪ good morning. breaking overnight. oscar pistorius found guilty of culpable homicide in the shooting death of his girl friend, reeva steenkamp. the former olympian facing up to 15 years in prison, but could he avoid spending a single day behind bars? prison break. a massive manhunt overnight after three inmates escape in ohio. among them, the teenager behind the deadly school shooting near cleveland. how they were finally recaptured as the investigation into the escape gets under way. more fuel to the fire. a new report casts doubt on what nfl commissioner roger goodell knew and when he knew it. this morning, more calls for his resignation as ray rice's former team returns to the field. and palin family brawl?
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reports of an alleged fight at a house party in alaska involving sarah palin and members of her family. what police are saying about the incident today, friday, september 12th, 2014. from nbc news, this is "today." with matt lauer and savannah guthrie. live, from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. and good morning. welcome to "today" on a friday morning. i'm matt lauer, along with al roker, natalie morales and maria shriver rounding out our homecoming week. how are you doing? >> i finally feel like a homecoming queen. never got that feeling before. >> we often talk about throwback thursday. this is throwback friday for the two of us. >> forward, forward. >> you don't want to look back? >> i don't want to look back. i want to look forward. >> we have known each other since we were about 25 years old. >> that's right. not long ago.
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>> that's your story and you're sticking with it. anyway, we're going to have a lot of fun with maria today. let's get to our top story on a friday morning. oscar pistorius convicted of culpable homicide by the judge in his trial. but avoiding the more serious charge of murder. today national investigative correspondent jeff rossen has covered this case from the very beginning. jeff, good morning to you. >> reporter: hey, matt. good morning to you. hi drama in court this morning. this case stretching two years, this trial lasted six months, all comes down to this moment. in a nutshell, pistorius, as you mentioned, cleared of murder, the most serious charges. but he has been found guilty of a lesser crime, being negligent. moments ago, breaking news in this case. we're talking a couple minutes ago. a judge has said he could walk out of court today on bail. >> mr. pistorius, please stand up. >> reporter: the final verdict. everyone holding their breath. the bottom line, did oscar pistorius intend to kill?
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did he murder his girlfriend, model reeva steenkamp. here's the judge. >> the accused is found not guilty and is discharged. instead he is found guilty of culpable homicide. >> reporter: it is a major victory for the defense and a massive blow to the prosecutor. the judge virtually ripping the state's case apart. >> evidence led by the state in respect to this count was purely circumstantial. it was not strong circumstantial evidence. >> reporter: she believes oscar pistorius, that he thought there was an intruder in the bathroom, and the judge went even further today, saying pistorius didn't act like a murderer. >> the conduct of the accused shortly after the incident is inconsistent with the conduct of someone with the intention to commit murder. he acted promptly in seeking
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help soon after the incident. he shouted for help. he called a friend. he called 911. he called security. although he could not speak as he was crying. he prayed to god to save the deceased life. >> reporter: so he has been convicted of culpable homicide which in the u.s. we call involuntary manslaughter. what's the possible sentence here? >> at the judge's discretion. she could sentence him to zero days imprisonment or 15 years. also, saying he could only leave the house when he goes to work. the effect is, she will consider the level of negligence and the fact that an innocent person lost her life. >> reporter: important to note here, the prisonses in south africa are 170% overcrowded. we're told many people convicted of this, convicted of culpable homicide don't serve any time. in fact, they usually get suspended sentences, basically you're free to do what you want, unless you get into anymore trouble. of course, it is unclear what
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the judge will do for a high-profile defendant like this. pistorius' sentencing happening now. we just learned on october 13th. so just over a month from now we'll be back to hear if oscar pistorius will get any jail time. but matt, he is walking out of here today. his bail extended, even though he has been convicted of culpable homicide. >> all right, jeff rossen in pretoria, thank you very much. lisa bloom is today's legal analyst. good morning to you. >> good morning. >> no premeditated murder, instead culpable homicide. are you surprised? >> i am a little bit surprised. i think premeditated murder, that's a tough one and the judge had good reasoning on rejecting the idea he intentionally killed reeva steenkamp. but that middle charge, murder. that's pretty controversial that she rejected that one. there's an important legal concept in south africa which i think we're going to start hearing a lot about. the judge said he didn't intend to kill her. but under south african law if you intend to kill one person and kill another person, under that legal theory, that's murder. >> even if that person you intend to kill is deemed a
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threat to your safety by you? >> but the judge didn't find that he really felt this alleged intruder intended to kill him. and therefore, he shot in self defense. i have listened closely to her decision. she didn't say that. >> i was going to ask about ground for appeal. the prosecution under south african law can appeal this combination if they think the judge didn't get it right. the defense can also appeal and say there shouldn't have even been a conviction of culpable homicide. >> that's different. in the u.s., they can't appeal. i think they're also going to appeal that a lot of witnesses didn't want to testify because this was televised. >> the judge is known as being tough when it comes to sentencing. but there's a lot of leeway here. anything from no time in jail to 15 years. what do you think is going to happen? on october 13th? >> if we're going to make predictions, matt, look at the fact she let him out on bail today. i would say almost in every case in this decision when she had to choose between a conflict from the prosecution and defense, she
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went with the defense. she clearly leans toward the defense in this case. i'm going to expect a low range in sentencing. anything from 0 to 15. i think it's going to be on the low end. >> lisa bloom, thank you very much. let's go over to maria. >> now to a massive manhunt in ohio overnight after three inmates escaped from prison. one of them, a 19-year-old serving a life sentence for killing three students during a school shooting. nbc's kevin tibbles has the latest. good morning, kevin. >> reporter: good morning, maria. you know, the entire state of ohio is waking up with a collective sigh of relief this morning after a young killer who opened fire on his own classmates was recaptured after a daring prison break. >> i can now confirm that we have heard from officials involved in the search that tj lane is now in custody. >> reporter: words of relief from police in lima, ohio, early this morning. as they announce that school shooter tj lane is in custody
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after escaping from prison thursday night. lane was one of three inmates who escaped from the allen correctional institution. police say men who escaped on foot were unarmed, but considered dangerous. >> of the reason that he didn't get any farther than he was was because of the immediate perimeter. >> this is an ongoing investigation. we'll give more information as it comes about. >> we've got shots fired, multiple gunshots. >> reporter: on february 27th, 2012, lane opened fire in the chardon high school cafeteria, unloading at least ten shots from a .22-caliber handgun. three students died in the shooting. three others were injured. during his trial, lane was defiant in the courtroom, wearing a t-shirt with the word killer scrawled across his chest, smirking at victims' families and making obscene gestures. he was sentenced to life in prison without parole.
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police moved quickly overnight to protect the victims' families, while school officials cancelled all friday classes. >> i would also like to thank the community, the outpouring of support. i know things will get better as they have before. >> reporter: even with lane back behind bars, it is worth repeating that the schools in chardon, a suburb of cleveland, will remain closed today. here in lima, official investigation as to how these three men got out of jail will get under way. the authorities say that tj lane was picked up no more than 100 yards from the prison behind me here. back to you guys. >> kevin tibbles, thank you so much. interesting. >> really is. meantime, the baltimore ravens were back in action last night, even as the scandal surrounding their former star, ray rice, deepened. nbc's national correspondent, peter alexander, has the latest on that. peter, nice to have you in new york. >> good morning. the ravens are now two games into their 2014 season. and think about this. if this latest video about rice
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punching his then fiancee was not released, rice would be back on the field beginning next weekend. instead he has been kicked out of the nfl indefinitely and the league is under tough new scrutiny. with the ravens returning to action -- >> drills it way through the back of the end zone -- >> reporter: most guys are focused on what's happening off the field and the role of nfl commissioner roger goodell. espn reports ray rice told goodell three months ago that he punched his then fiancee in the face, a claim that contradicts goodell's statement this week to cbs news. >> when we met with ray rice and his representatives, it was ambiguous about what actually happened. >> reporter: goodell said the latest video released by tmz sports was inconsistent with what rice told him. a source with knowledge of the meeting tells espn rice made it clear he had hit her and told goodell he was sorry and it wouldn't happen again. the nfl just announced an independent investigation to be spearheaded by former fbi director, robert mueller and art
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rooney of the pittsburgh steelers who stressed our sole motive here is to get the truth. the findings will be made public. >> the bottom line, there are two owners who have franchised they're collectively worth over $3 billion a piece together. i think it's very important for them to make sure that whatever comes out is accurate, is transparent and rapid. >> reporter: outside the ravens' stadium, a surprising number of female fans were still wearing rice jerseys, including at least one who blamed the victim. >> she struck him first. and any woman who can hit a man can be hit back. >> reporter: thursday night's nfl broadcast had a distinctly different feel. cbs sports, in light of the rice scandal, changed its pregame show, dropping a comedic segment and its opening sequence set to music by rihanna, herself a victim of domestic violence. the nfl is also under fire for other domestic violence cases. the carolina panthers' owner, jerry richardson, broke down publicly this week. >> my stance is not one of
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indifference. i stand firmly against domestic violence. plain and simple. >> reporter: critics are furious the panthers, greg hardy, is still being allowed to play, despite being convicted of assaulting and threatening his ex-girlfriend in july. hardy is currently appealing the conviction. so about this investigation, roger goodell has promised full cooperation by the nfl and its employees. investigators and workers at the casino where the video was made don't have to cooperate. and as for goodell's status, earlier this week, before the independent investigation was launched, john mara, giants owner, one of the guys overseeing the investigation, released a statement saying the idea that goodell's job is in jeopardy is, quote, misguided. wrong way to go on this one. >> yeah, although questions remain about whether he can survive this situation. and actually, we've got carson over in the orange room. we're going to ask kind of a blublt question today, carson. >> we are, matt. he please, everybody, go to today.c
7:13 am there is the survey. we'll be specific here. should roger goodell step down, a simple yes or no. log on now, we'll have results asap. matt, back to you. >> carson, thank you very much. >> we were all talking about that sound bite of that woman. >> that woman that says if she hits a man, she deserves to be hit. >> horrific. complicated subject. coming up, we talk to robin givens, speaking about her own experience with domestic violence in the wake of this scandal. meantime, natalie has the latest on the president's vow to take down isis. >> i do. good morning, everyone. leaders now from at least ten arab countries have vowed to do their share to help defeat isis. this as new estimates by the cia reveal the terror group's numbers are growing significantly. nbc's chief war correspondent, richard engel, is in northern iraq for us. richard, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, natalie. secretary kerry is in turkey as he is continuing to try and build a coalition against isis. but critics in the region say
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the u.s. plan lacks clarity and underestimates the challenge. ♪ the cia now estimates isis has 20 to 30,000 fighters controlling an area roughly the size of maryland. but the administration isn't declaring war on isis. instead, choosing its words very carefully. >> i believe what we are engaged in is not a full-fledged war like we were before. it's a heightened level of counterterrorism operation. >> reporter: secretary kerry was in saudi arabia to enlist the help of arab leaders who he says have a vital role in the fight against isis. >> i think the ingredients are there. whether it gets mixed correctly and bakes properly oever the course of the next months and year or so, we'll have to say. but i think and the president believes the ingredients are there. >> reporter: but baking those ingredients will require a vast amount of work, luck and money. first ingredient, building a
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rebel syrian army. the fighters will need weapons, intelligence and logistics. next, rebuilding the iraqi army. after several of its divisions show cowardess and ran from isis. and in northern iraq, the u.s. is also equipping kurdish fighters. the front lines are constantly shifting. isis militants are less than three miles from here. the plan is for these kurdish fighters to drive them out. but to do that, they're going to need a lot of help. the kurds have advanced as far as this mountaintop position. but just below, the villages are still held by isis. that kurdish general in charge of the mountaintop position told us that in this area, at least, american air strikes have been precise and effective, because the kurds are passing intelligence to american advisers. the problem is, in other areas, the u.s. does not have local
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reliable, on the ground allies. natalie? >> richard engel in erbil, iraq. thank you. we should mention, chuck todd is going to take a much closer look at the strategy to destroy isis this sunday on "meet the press." there are new details this morning on the u.s. government's controversial surveillance program. yahoo! says the government threatened to fine the company $250,000 a day back in 2008 if it did not comply with demands to go along with the u.s. surveillance laws. the outlines of yahoo!'s unsuccessful court fight were released thursday when a federal judge ordered the unsealing of some court documents. the company said it will continue to fight requests that it considers unlawful. now to a story picking up a lot of steam on the internet about a wild house party and a heated brawl reportedly involving the palin family. according to the "washington post," bloggers are revealing details of the incident that happened last saturday night at anchorage. police confirm there was a brawl. allegedly, it started when
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traffic palin spotted one of willow's ex boyfriends and things got out of control. at one point, sarah palin yelled "don't you know who i am." someone shouted back "this isn't some hill billy reality show." no indication of any of the palins facing any charges. a couple of frightening moments in baseball on thursday night as two players in two separate games got hit in the face by a pitch. in milwaukee, miami's giancarlo stanton was at the plate. a fastball hit him right in the face there. hard to watch. the ball was said to be traveling at about 88 miles per hour. stanton as you see, taken off the field on a stretcher. he suffers facial lacerations, multiple facial fractures and dental damage. meanwhile, here in new york, it was a yankees designated hitter, chase headley who took one in the chin. he would walk off the field under his own power. frightening moments in baseball there. president obama and the
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first lady surprised some school kids in washington on thursday by showing up for a charity event. but it's not the guest appearance that one little girl apparently was hoping for. little hard to hear, but take a listen. >> i really wanted it to be beyonce. >> i understand. malia and sasha would feel the same way. >> you thought we were going to be beyonce. >> but then i realized it was going to be you. that's even better. >> aww! >> nice pickup. >> i appreciate you saying that in front of the press. i know it's not really true, but that's okay. >> i would rather see beyonce. >> beyonce, the president? you know -- anyway, she did make up for it. they were filling backpacks for the needy. so -- >> what is happening in the world? >> kids in seven seconds. that's great. >> making moms and dads proud. >> what have you got, mr. roker? >> we've got an amazing water rescue. you've got to see this video. this is hope lake, mississippi,
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just south of memphis. this car is actually sinking. and there's a first responder out there getting to the guy. he finally rescues him. he gets out of the car just as it goes under. that is just amazing stuff. again, first responders doing great work there. let's show what we've got happening right now. heavy rain, showers, thunderstorms from iowa on into nebraska. pushing as far south as northern texas, san angelo, dallas, texarkana looking at heavy thunderstorms. a lot of rain, anywhere from 1 to 3 inches between brownsville and corpus christi. tropical storm edward not a problem. but we've got what we call an investigation area right now, invet 92-l, just off the coast of florida. it may develop into something, but over the weekend, it will spin up and across florida into the gulf, and what it's going to do for central and southern florida into the keys, anywhere from 3 to 5 inches of rainfall.
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ft. myers down into the keys. we're going to get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. when change is in the air you see things in a whole new way. it's in this spirit that ing u.s. is becoming a new kind of company. one that helps you think differently about what's ahead, and what's possible when you get things organized. ing u.s. is now voya. changing the way you think of retirement. >> as we head into rest of your friday, temperatures below average. less humid by noon. 72 degrees. by 6:00 p.m., low 70s and by 9:00 p.m., 66 degrees. a mild evening ahead. your seven-day forecast shows temperatures drop down even more as we head into saturday. 69 degrees with a chance of rain
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by sunday plenty of sunshine but still cool at 74 degrees. and that's your latest weather. >> al, thanks very much. immediate reaction to a couple things in the orange room. >> on that note, on the "today" survey, should roger goodell step down, just in the last few minutes, 60% saying yes, 40% saying no. we're keeping an eye on that. a huge influx in the last couple minutes on that topic. but now, you know the people who stand outside the apple store? >> yeah. >> we think they're crazy. they might be on to something. let's go to the orange room. last night, specific time midnight, that was when you could start to preorder either the iphone 6 or 6-plus. people met some trouble, though. you probably saw this screen, we'll be back. it is fixed now. last night, it was some trouble. didn't matter where you were, there was issue. like andrew, didn't matter what device you were logging on to, you met that same screen. they worked through it. here is christopher, ends up buying the 6-plus. here is his confirmation order. tweeted that out. if you're wondering between the
7:22 am
6 and the 6-plus, how are they doing, 6-plus seems to be what everybody wants. largely unavailable in the various gigabytes and colors. and i've got matt's credit card so i'm going to preorder my 6-plus now. anybody want a 6-plus? >> yeah! >> unfortunately, you grabbed my blockbuster video card. not going to help you. >> we'll figure it out. back to you guys. >> all right, carson, thank you very much. >> also, matt, coming up, robin givens on the turmoil that victims of domestic violence face and why so many choose to stay quiet. we'll talk to her exclusively. >> then something you may have already noticed popping up in stores. is it really time to start shopping for christmas? >> no. no. >> say it isn't so. first, this is "today" on nbc. >> what about festivus? our dad's a plumber.
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a business manager. and a stickler for homework. i'm john kane running for state senate. dad says the road to a good job starts in the classroom. [ lori ] he's a great dad who sees taxes going up but schools not getting the funding they need. [ john ] so i'd put back the billion dollars corbett cut from education and make sure corporations and natural gas drillers paid their fair share. time to close the loopholes for the tax cheats. dad thinks a lot about education. i'm john kane and it's about time harrisburg did too. coming up on trending, an unexpected sight at fashion week. models who dare to strut their
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breaking news we're following for you this morning out of cumberland county where sky force 10 is over an accident where police told us that one person died in this accident. for more on how it is impacting the traffic in the area, nbc 10 first alert reporter jillian mele. >> we have delays for miles out here. this happened on the southbound side of route 55. you can see it's all shut down in this area. southbound right at garden road south of the interchange with route 40. as you can see traffic is being turned around on the northbound side of 55 but even as you approach the scene, we have heavy volume on northbound side as well. you can take route 47 if you need to get around it. appears to be a single vehicle accident. it looks like the vehicle may have been traveling on the northbound side, flipped over on the southbound side so it
7:27 am
overturned which is why all lanes are blocked. a big investigation is going on. as you can see, really heavy volume out there as traffic is turned around at that scene. avoid route 55 in both directions. stick to 47. >> let's get your first alert forecast with brittney shipp. >> temperatures today staying cooler than we saw yesterday. less humid. a comfortable friday for you. make your friday night plans. a live look outside at cape may. we're going to see nice conditions to kickoff your friday morning. right now we're at 52 degrees in the poconos. 57 in pottstown and 63 in philadelphia. today's high between 74 and 77. >> we'll have another local update in 25 minutes and you can always get the latest on the weather and news on your website. i'm tracy davidson. now back to the "today" show. thanks for watching.
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♪ you live in los angeles and you're very physically fit. have you ever tried spinning? >> no, i haven't tried it. of but i know a lot about it. >> exercise bike and you get the heart rate going. >> sure i'm fit enough to do it. >> oh, absolutely. you can teach a course in it. oh, that's great. neither one of us should be happy about that. >> no, my hair! your hair! >> i'm glad you said that. wow. >> oh! >> oh, my god. >> maria over the years. that's fantastic. >> maria over the years. >> i thought that was me now. >> maria is here on our final homecoming day. >> okay, enough of this now. >> savannah is not on maternity leave, she is hiding out in
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maria's hair somewhere. but great to have you here. >> so funny, matt. really. you're so funny. >> just as bad for me. anyway, good to have you here. >> thrilled to be here, always great to see my little sister. younger self. we're going to get caught up on some headlines. the judge in the oscar pistorius murder trial has found the former olympian guilty of culpable homicide in the death of his girlfriend. pistorius will be sentenced next month and faces up to 15 years behind bars. a 19-year-old serving a life sentence for a deadly shooting rampage at an ohio school is back behind bars this morning. tj lane escaped from a prison just south of toledo last night, along with two other inmates, setting off a massive manhunt. all three were recaptured overnight. an american aide worker being treated for ebola at a hospital in nebraska. he is responding well. dr. rick sacra has been given an unidentified experimental drug and has received two blood
7:32 am
transfusions. straight ahead, an exclusive live interview with actress robin givens. she is opening up about her own experience in an abusive marriage with mike tyson and what she hopes can come from this latest high-profile case of domestic violence. good to have her here. >> certainly is. we've got a lot to get to. why don't we start with a look at the weather. >> all right. besides the stormy stuff, we've also got some chilly weather to talk about. in fact, boulder, colorado, tying the record for getting its earliest snowfall this morning, about .10 of an inch. look at this cold. freeze watches, warnings and advisories from seattle and washington. i should say from washington state all the way into wisconsin as far south as nebraska. bismarck right now, 39. 27 in denver, casper. 33 in denver. afternoon temperatures warm up into the 50s. but they stay chilly as you move into the day today. that's what's going on around the country. here's wha good morning. i'm first alert meteorologist
7:33 am
brittney shipp. as we head into the rest of your friday, temperatures staying below average. less humid. by noon, 72 degrees. by 6:00 p.m., still in the low 70s. by 9:00 p.m., 66 degrees. a mild evening ahead. your seven-day forecast shows temperatures drop down even more into saturday. 69 degrees with a chance of rain. by sunday plenty of sunshine but still cool at 74 degrees. and that's your latest weather. maria? >> al, thank you so much. now to our exclusive interview with actress and activist robin givens. in the wake of the ray rice scandal, she is opening up about the abuse she endured during her volatile marriage to boxer mike tyson. she penned an essay for called "why i stayed." and here to talk with us. thank you for coming. you talked in the essay this is a watershed moment for people like yourself who have been in domestic violence situations and really for the country. why do you think that is? >> because we can see it.
7:34 am
we've got this video, and i know that it's very difficult. it's appalling. it's heart-wrenching. it's shocking. but we get to see in many respects what's gone on behind closed doors. we can't pretend that it's not happening. and i think so much of what i've talked about in my life or what i've heard women talk about the past 20 years when i've talked to them, it's -- one of the things, it's hard to be believed. >> right. >> being believed is an issue. >> you told me last night that this is still a very emotional issue for you. >> it is. >> coming here to talk about it, you have to relive it. >> yes. it's amazing, because the past kind of becomes very much a part of your present. i feel attached to her in many respects. and it's -- i'm speaking for myself. i don't want to speak for her. but i understand her. but -- >> are you talking about janay? >> yes, but i would like to think i've been a voice for a lot of women. i would like to think there is a purpose. even talking to you, part of me didn't want to get involved in
7:35 am
this conversation, quite honestly. and it took my 20-year-old son -- >> you told me your son encouraged you, you've got to get out there. what do you tell your boys? you're raising young men about violence, about women, about why women stay, about why they leave. >> i think -- i really wanted to give the world two healthy and happy and whole husband and fathers. and i think there is something to being a gentleman. and my man is gentle. my older son is very involved in the conversation. he's very involved in social media. and i think in many respects, because of social media, this conversation will never be the same. you can't hide it so much anymore. i think of my experiences. if it had been on tape, those elevators, being dragged in the hallway. if that had been on tape, then it's a different conversation all of a sudden. >> we should say, we did approach mike tyson to see if he wanted to comment and he did notment do you think it would have been different for you, had the video been there and had we seen what you were trying to
7:36 am
say? >> absolutely. because i think it's hard for people to wrap their minds around this. i think it's hard to be the woman and wrap your mind around this happening. i think it's hard to be a person listening to somebody. you don't want this to be true. >> are you surprised when you hear a woman like we saw on the news earlier this morning saying, hey, she hit him first, she deserves it. >> it's -- i'm not surprised, because i've heard it. i've heard, what have you done, what did you say to him, stop saying that. why is it that the victimizer becomes the victim? why is it that we want to protect these men? what is it about our society, what is it about us as women that feels the need to protect them? >> well, you wrote yourself about saying after it happened, you went from don't talk to me again to wanting to protect him. >> i think that -- we talked about it being complicated. that's -- first of all, the embarrassment one feels. you feel embarrassed with yourself, first and foremost. it's very difficult to share. and a strange thing happens. you want to then start protecting the person and consoling the person that really
7:37 am
you're in fear. it's a very -- it's a strange inner turmoil. i have to say this. we can't allow this to happen. this cannot be acceptable on -- in any way. this is more than a male/female issue. this is a human rights issue. somebody said he would have gotten a pass even if we hadn't seen the second part of the video. >> do you understand why janay stayed? >> i do. i do. look, for me, i got -- it was hard for me to say this happened to me. and in many respects, i was more -- it was terrible that i said it. you're not supposed to tell. >> yeah. >> so i think that she's got a lot of things that she is dealing with. you want to protect your man. you want to stand by him. >> real quick, i have two daughters and i told my daughter last night i was going to interview you. and she said, what are the signs, what did you miss, what did you avoid, what can young women learn? >> the thing that i avoided -- i thought certain things -- i thought it was love. i thought being picked up and
7:38 am
put in the car, you're coming with me tonight, i thought that was love. having somebody in my hotel room and jumping out of the closet and going, whoa, you must really -- you feel the warning signs deep inside in your gut. and you've got to follow that. but maria, i have to say wholeheartedly, in 2014, this conversation has become a different conversation, because of that video. however difficult it is for this poor woman, she will help myself and other women. just be believed this is indeed possible. this does happen to women. >> do you think this will just be like so many stories we're talking about this week but next week it will be forgotten? >> this is what i've always felt. when men get involved in this conversation, not just women -- when men are involved and when men say, "this cannot happen. it's not cool, we're not accepting it." and i think that because it happened in this way with football -- this manly thing, standing up and saying, "no way, this ain't right, it stops here." it is a game-changer. >> and you're going to continue
7:39 am
talking about this, trying to explain it. >> i am. >> trying to help other women. >> i am. because it helps me. it helps me be understood. it helps me understand myself. and it gives purpose to a very difficult situation. >> robin givens, thank you for having the courage to come and talk today about all of the work you have done in this area. >> thank you. >> matt. >> thank you very much. coming up, something new to worry about. if you're not getting enough sleep, could that trigger some false memories. and up next, are they serious? halloween is just a month away. why are some stores already decking the halls for christmas? after this. ♪
7:40 am
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7:44 am
clearwater, florida. and we just need to check the calendar. it is still early september, kerry. >> reporter: matt, i'm with you. really? i mean, shopping for the stockings and the christmas presents this early? but indeed, if you head out to the stores, you'll see that the displays are already going up. or, as is the case here at roberts winter wonderland, none of this has ever come down. these displays have been up for 41 years. retailers like kmart, walmart and hobby lobby say the reason holiday displays are up, even before summer officially ends, is simply a response to customer demand. >> i love christmas. >> reporter: donna butrne is out buying for her grandson. >> for christmas, along with his check. >> reporter: this goes on the tree. according to the national retail federation, 20% of all americans have already started their christmas shopping.
7:45 am
and by halloween, that number is expected to double. >> $600 billion is on the line. so if you're a retailer and in the holiday space, you want to get in front of the 40% of americans who are ready to shop right now. >> it's too early for christmas. so just to be clear, this is not a christmas commercial. >> reporter: in a nod to those who groan, this gets earlier every year. >> merry birthday, everyone. >> reporter: this year, more americans are carrying more debt on their credit card than in six years. $28 billion. one reason why major retailers have started holiday layaway plans earlier. the national retail federation says -- >> there we go. >> reporter: the average american will spend $536 on gifts this year. >> i think the iphone 6 is going to be on the list. >> reporter: for adults, there are 104 shopping days left. ♪ jingle bells >> reporter: but for kids -- is today christmas? >> yes. >> reporter: today? >> yes! >> reporter: christmas is always just around the corner.
7:46 am
>> christmas is in four minutes? >> yep. >> reporter: four minutes from now? >> yep. >> reporter: and gifts are always in season. >> i want a dress. >> i want a little pony. >> a wrench. >> reporter: what do you want for christmas? those kids at the united methodist preschool there in miramar, florida, were hilarious. i did get a chance to ask them individually after they gave me that sound of what they want. and all the boys want legos and the girls all seem, aside oh from the pony, want to have something from the movie "frozen." so finding something from elsa now, real easy. later, i'm not sure. guys, i'm going to disappear back here into robert's christmas wonderland. may be getting into the spirit. >> all right, kerry. thank you very much. you know what's more aggravating than the fact that some stores were already displaying christmas things?
7:47 am
>> what's that. >> the fact that roker has done 45% of the christmas shopping already. >> oh, my goodness. >> i did actually order stuff for you guys. >> really? >> for us? >> me too? >> i was on the plane and i saw something. >> is it still going to be good by the time christmas comes around? >> oh, wait. i guess that cheese ball might -- >> it's going to be bad. coming up on trending, remember the kid who became an online hit for saying "apparently?" wait until you hear what he had to say to ellen. first, these messages. oh, there's an energy crisis happening, alright. a human one. and it's time to fight it. quaker's good energy is just what you want. it's how we help keep go-getters like you, going, and getting. one bite at a time. make it with milk for a boost of protein.
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we are following breaking news this morning out of cumberland county where there's a major backup after that deadly crash. this is video from sky force 10 within the past hour. the one-car accident happened along route 55 in vineland and now drivers are dealing with problems. for more on how to get around that area and the backup, let's bring in first alert traffic reporter jillian mele. what can you tell us about that? >> you can clearly see from sky force 10 the backup continues for miles out there. this happened on route 55 southbound near garden route south of the interchange with route 40. southbound lanes blocked off because of that accident investigation right now on the northbound side we're also seeing a really heavy delay in that area. avoid both directions of route 55. single vehicle accident driver traveling northbound and flipped into the southbound lanes where the vehicle came to a rest and that's why much of that investigation is on the southbound side this morning. so to avoid this area stick to route 47. that's going to be your best bet
7:57 am
if you need to get around it. >> let's get you updated on the friday forecast with meteorologist brittney shipp. brittney? >> it's a cool start to the morning. temperatures in the low 60s right now. we are going to push into the 70s today but staying below average. a closer look outside and you can barely see clouds. mostly clear conditions by 8:00 a.m. right now we're at 64 degrees. 10:00 a.m., 68 and then as we head into your lunchtime hour, low 70s, less humidity. we cool down even more heading into tomorrow. >> today the jury in the christina regusters trial will resume deliberations after spending five hours behind closed doors yesterday. regusters is accusing of kidnapping a 5-year-old girl from her school and then sexually assaulting. there are six counts against her and jurors must consider each count. legal experts say there's no way to know how long the panel will go before they reach a verdict on all counts. another local update in 25 minutes. i'm tracy davidson.
7:58 am
7:59 am
don't believe tom corbett's tv ad. the facts speak for themselves. tom corbett cut a billion dollars from our schools. he took an ax to education. twenty-seven thousand educators were laid-off. class sizes increased. and now almost eighty percent of school districts plan to raise property taxes. tom corbett. can't trust him on education. can't trust him to be for us.
8:00 am
♪ it's 8:00 on "today." and coming up, daydreaming or just sleep deprived? why skimping on sleep could actually lead to false memories. plus, mad about mindy. >> so danny? >> yeah. >> whose diamond? >> producer of "the mindy project" on life, love and laughter. and is your pet getting a little pudgy? we'll show you how to slim him down. "today," friday, september 12th, 2014. >> good morning, "today"!
8:01 am
>> today is my 16th birthday. >> happy birthday, mom in illinois. >> i'm at the "today" show for my 50th birthday! >> we love nick jonas! >> he's 94 years young today! >> we're back now, 8:00 on a friday morning. it's the 12th day of september, 2014. i'm matt lauer along with al roker, carson daly and maria shriver. >> so happy to be here. it's almost like a campaign out here, shaking all these beautiful people's hands. americorps volunteers, all these great people who serve in our community. so exciting. love that. >> we're happy to have you here on a friday morning. but it's just a preview. we're going to get more next week. you have a special series. >> i know you always want more of me. we're going to be talking about the secret lives of teens, internet addiction, anxiety, prescription drug abuse. lots going on.
8:02 am
anybody who is a parent of a teenager should tune in. >> i'm in that category now. >> i'll be watching that. >> we'll be watching next week. natalie has a check on the top stories. >> good morning, once again. olympic sprinter oscar pistorius remains free on bail after being found guilty this morning of culpable homicide in the shooting death of his girlfriend. national investigative correspondent jeff rossen is in pretoria, south africa. jeff, good morning. >> reporter: hi, natalie, good morning to you. and a bombshell in court today. the final verdict is in after the six-month murder trial. oscar pistorius cleared of all murder charges but found guilty of culpable homicide, we call that involuntary manslaughter in the u.s. he faces anywhere from zero days in prison up to 15 years in prison. the judge has a lot of discretion here. the other important thing to note, oscar pistorius was released on bail. so his bail has been extended,
8:03 am
even though he was convicted today of culpable homicide. the judge saying she believed oscar pistorius' story, that he didn't think it was reeva steenkamp, his girlfriend in that bathroom. he thought it was an intruder. sentencing set for october 13th. >> thank you. a convicted school shooter is back behind bars this morning after a jail break thursday night in lima, ohio. police say 19-year-old tj lane and two other inmates escaped by climbing over a fence, setting off a massive manhunt. lane is serving a knife sentence for killing three students in a high school cafeteria in 2012 and wounding three others. the two men who escaped with him are also back in custody. breaking news in connecticut overnight as firefighters are still trying to knock down the flames at a factory in connecticut. large explosions were seen shooting out of the building in bridgeport. it houses a roofing company and perfume recycling company. fishing areas in long island
8:04 am
sound were shut down over environmental concerns. no serious injuries, however, have been reported. even though his wedding day is fast approaching, george clooney is still making women swoon. this time by professing his love for his bride-to-be. take a listen. >> and i will be married in italy soon in a couple of weeks. >> clearly head over heels. clooney was speaking at a dinner in tuscany, italy. and did confirm his wedding will take place in venice, quote, in a couple weeks. i volunteer to camp out there. 8:04. another check of the weather with al. >> married two years. >> we've been talking to jack who is a world war ii vet. 94 today. >> yes. >> you just got married? >> yes. >> two years ago. is this your bride? >> yes. >> how are you? >> i'm good. >> you were in the big war.
8:05 am
>> god bless you for your service. thank you so much. we appreciate it. thank you. and congratulations on the wedding. very nice. let's check it out, see what we've got for today. a lot of heavy rain making its way from iowa on into nebraska. st. louis, you may see some showers later today. then clearing skies. a high of only 59 -- make that 63, dropping down to 59 degrees. and you see wet weather making its way from texas into southeast georgia state, in the pacific northwest some nice weather here in the northeast. you devil you. all right. that's what's going on around the country. good morning, i'm brittney shipp. as we go into the rest of your friday, temperatures staying below average. by 6:00 p.m. it will still be 72 degrees and by 9:00 it will if b
8:06 am
62. this weekend the temperatures will drop more. sunday many there plenty of sunshine but still cool at 74 degrees. r latest weather. >> all right, al, thank you very much. coming up next on trending, something new on the runways of fashion week. makeup-free models. >> also, we'll catch up with a multitalented mindy kaling. >> and is your pet looking pudgy, by any chance? creative exercises to get your furry one and yourself into shape. ♪ ♪ altuzarra for target available september 14th.
8:07 am
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fousugar. only six?ns. six grams of sugar? that's really good. excellent, delicious... and yummy! honey bunches of oats. tasty! yummy!
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think they're at the wrong house." wow. told you we were in the wrong house. go, go! mom! mom! now get up to 25% off all levolor custom blinds and shades. my son is going to wash the family prius. he insisted on using the rain to save water. fourteen years ago, i insisted on buying our first prius. because like toyota, we both know there's a way to do things, and a way to do things even better. the prius. toyota, let's go places. ♪ back now, 8:11, with what's trending today. maria shriver joining us for this edition of trending. we're starting with a topic that has already created a bit of a turmoil over here on this side
8:12 am
of the desk. >> i'm angry. >> thursday night marked the end of fashion week here in new york city. all the big designers showed off their designs for next spring. but dine designer marc jacobs is making waves for what they did not wear. >> newcomer kendall jenner rocked the raunway with no makep on, not even lip balm. >> oh, my gosh, gorgeous women who are super models have no makeup on! >> i know. >> amazing! . >> what's the controversy here? >> i don't know if it's a controversy. i think it's an attention-grabbing thing, these women were willing to go on there without their customary makeup. >> they don't need it. >> they look better without it. >> here we are talking about these gorgeous women. >> i can't believe we got the whole topic shut down. >> we just wanted to see these women. >> no, not at all. >> we have you! >> oh, sweet, al.
8:13 am
flattery will get you nowhere. you all remember that adorable little "apparently" kid, 5-year-old noah ritter. he became a superstar after he made an appearance on the local news at a county fair in pennsylvania. well, he stopped by the "ellen" show and she had something special for him. take a look. >> what if i told you we had a dinosaur here today? >> that's me! >> you're going to like it. look. >> wow! >> okay. >> i'm pretty sure that's a guy in a costume. >> i'm pretty sure he's right. >> apparently. so cute. oh, he's great. >> that would scare my kids to death. how much sleep did you guys get last night? >> five hours. >> six. >> we all know skipping on sleep can wear the body down, but we
8:14 am
can add one more to the list. less than five hours of sleep leads to false memories according to a recent study in "psychological science." >> among the 193 folks tested who got five hours or fewer sleep in one night, they were significantly more likely to say they had seen a news video, but actually they hadn't. can you believe that? let's bring in mindy kaling of "the mindy project." >> hi, guys. >> has this ever happened to you? >> can you give us a moment? >> sorry. >> i'm glad you asked. >> yes. >> no, of course. i get four or five hours of sleep. you guys don't get very much. >> did you ever have something you thought happened actually not happen? >> i thought that i dated prince harry. >> really? >> i'm not so much sure that didn't happen. i think it happened, but i'm not sure. >> so the jury is out on that. >> the jury is out. how are you? >> do you remember this? >> we should find out. is he here? >> they're having a moment. >> i know. >> wow.
8:15 am
cozy. >> i don't smeneed super models. i've got a beautiful woman right here. >> way to go. beyonce is not here. >> mindy is going to stick around. we'll talk about season three. >> yes. >> so cool. that is what's trending today. we're back with more mindy in 30 seconds. back with more mindy as we
8:16 am
promised. the star writer and executive producer of "the mindy project," back for a third season. we last saw her on the roof of the empire state building get her somewhat perfect "sleepless in seattle" moment with co-worker turned love interest danny. but from the looks of things, it's not quite a fairytale. take a look. >> danny? >> yeah. >> who is diamond? >> who is diamond what? don't put that -- put that back. don't go through my stuff, mindy. i don't go through your stuff. don't go through my drawers. >> yeah, but i don't have pink thongs with diamonds on them. does this belong to your ex-girlfriend? she must have been really thin. >> don't worry about her. >> i don't think i could fit this on my arm. >> don't put it on your arm. just drop it. >> it's okay to have things from your ex girlfriend. i have a box of my ex boyfriend's hair. i keep it for curses. >> voodoo thing? >> i'm a witch on the show. >> nice to see you. >> nice to see you, matt. >> i was thinking last night in preparing for this second, i remember when you came on when
8:17 am
the show started. do you think people have any understanding, viewers, how much work goes into something like this for you? >> i wonder. i think that -- i think some people know i created the show. but yeah, it's okay if they don't. it's okay if they sort of think i'm the girl who is the star. >> you don't want people to watch thinking, wow, this looks like hard work. that's not the intention. but nobody waved a magic wand and said here's a hit show. you have built this from the ground up. >> yeah, i have an amazing team of writers and actors who help the entire way, but, yeah. >> the first episode of the new season is called "we're a couple now, haters." >> yes. >> that sounds a little passive aggressive to me. >> it's aggressive-aggressive to me. >> what's that mean? >> do you -- there's -- i think some people -- this character has always wanted a boy friend and romance, but is the kind of person the minute she gets a boyfriend isn't gracious about it. she is like see, everyone, now i have a boyfriend. she's not -- she's not very gracious. >> and this particular
8:18 am
boyfriend, danny's mom is played by the amazing rea pearlman. what is the relationship like? >> we thought the show would be not as fun if mindy got the handsome man of her dreams and all her problems are solved, so rhea perlman, wonderful actress, hates my character and that's funny on the show. >> do you understand that really what you have created here, being the creator of this program, you have created an online dating service for yourself. >> yeah. >> some of the boyfriends you have cast in the past, bill hader, ed helms, seth rogen. >> great looking guys. >> is there a guy you'll write a piece for? >> willie geist. >> okay. he'll be here in a second. >> love him. >> mcavoy. the rock. i like the rock. >> social media. did you really recently tweet
8:19 am
out, does anyone have an apartment to sub let? >> yes. >> what were you thinking? >> i'm here with a bunch of my writers. i just take my writing staff with me. and i wanted a place for all of us to stay together, like "the real world." >> you went online and asked people, do you have an apartment to sublette? that's like going online saying who wants to go for a walk with me in central park at 2:00 in the morning. >> which i would do. you and the hosts live in a house, right? >> absolutely. the "today" show house. >> you and savannah and her baby and natalie. you all live together in a house. i thought that's how people do things here. >> sounds dangerous to me. to be asking for things like that online. >> i won't do it again, matt. i'm sorry. >> i appreciate it. come back for not only this season, season four, five and six. >> thank you. >> we love the show. >> i love being here. so much fun. >> and i won't take offense to the fact you want to date willie geist, not me. >> too many women are into you. so it has to be -- >> yeah, just baling yourself
8:20 am
out. you can catch the season premier of "the mindy project" next tuesday on fox. maria? >> thank you so much. now to our special season-long series of nfl films, together we make football. nbc's josh elliot has made his way to santa clara, california. brand-new facility. josh, good morning. >> reporter: good morning, maria. what a beautiful stadium it is. we're going to take a look all weekend long. we want to acknowledge right now that certainly the nfl has been squarely in the headlines all week for reasons as disturbing as they are shocking. again, something we are aware of and very much respect. but something we have learned in traveling all around the country for the series is the really positive effect this game has had on so many people. people like hang nguyen who arrived a vietnamese refugee and who used the game first as a way
8:21 am
to make sense as her strange new home and in a way to tap her inner passion. levi stadium is very much a work of art. outside. and within. the team commissioned a 200-piece art collection. >> oh, dwight clark, my favorite. >> reporter: it included three paintings by local artist hang nguyen. >> i grew up in a very -- grew up as a 49ers fan. so having my art in the stadium is like coming home. >> reporter: as the child of refugees who fled vietnam the day before the fall of saigon, hang has taken a most unlikely road. >> we left vietnam in 1975. i was 11 years old. hang was 1. we didn't speak any english. >> reporter: football became a universal language that helped her family assimilate to american culture. >> the 49ers made things so much easier, because then we could go
8:22 am
back to school and go oh, yeah, did you watch the niners game this weekend? >> reporter: in 1981, the 49ers won the nfc championship and the young girl's heart. >> caught by clark! >> reporter: with a catch. >> this play happened, and we were all jumping up and down. we were like, oh, my god! and it started my love for dwight clark and joe montana. >> reporter: hang and her seven siblings reenacted the play every day. >> sometimes the cornerback would throw it at the receiver and we would be like no, you have to throw it really high so i have to jump up to get it. once you solidify that memory and all those good feelings, i don't know that anyone can replace that in your heart. art has always been a part of my life. when i was doing the pieces, i wanted to create something that was personal to me. knowing that it was going to be in the stadium, you know, i wanted to also make it really vibrant. i wanted it to have lots of reds.
8:23 am
>> reporter: hang has painted much more than a canvas. for a family of immigrants, she has painted the american dream. >> you gather to watch the game, you gather to go to the game. you gather to play the game. i love football, because it brings families together. it brings communities together. >> and we're joined now by hang nguyen, who would go on to become not just a football fan, but a very accomplished artist. we should say three of your pieces are actually here in the stadium itself. we asked you to paint a very special one indeed. and i'm going to do the reveal. we asked you to paint one that really meant a lot to you, to pick a moment from san francisco 49ers' history, and, of course, there can be only one moment. and that's the catch. dwight clark's big touchdown reception from joe montana. what is -- when you see that, what do you see? >> i see the hero of the catch. dwight clark. and i also -- as you saw in the segment, my siblings and i used
8:24 am
to recreate the catch, you know, in home. the only sad thing is, i never got to be dwight clark. so this painting let me cast a gi girl, a young girl, as the hero of the play. >> and obviously, it meant something to you personally as much as it meant what would go on to me to this franchise. i am no expert. it is gorgeous. we do have a local art critic of some renown. >> okay. >> so if he could now join us, get a real sense of what -- >> of this painting. >> how are you? >> it's dwight clark. >> oh, wow. >> it's very nice to meet you. >> my goodness. >> i love your painting. i think it's beautiful. >> did i do justice? >> you did. you did. you did an outstanding job. >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: this is the moment. and i know you get this a lot. but what is it to know how much it meant to her? >> well, it's just an honor. i mean, it's a big play in my
8:25 am
life. but it's an honor. i loved hearing her story, and it's an honor that it meant that much to her that she would draw this and tell this story. thank you for that. >> reporter: dwight, you come bearing some gifts. >> i do. we know you're a huge 49er fan. so we would like you and three guests -- >> oh, my gosh. >> reporter: to come to the game on sunday night at levi stadium. >> wow. >> reporter: and then -- >> thank you. . >> you're going to be part of history now because you'll be on the sideline for pregame when the 49ers take the field. >> oh, my gosh. >> for the first time. all right? but you only get to do that if you wear number 87. >> yes! >> again, while she gathers herself, we want to thank you, divide, for being here. and we also want to hear your stories. please log on to tell us your story and perhaps you'll win a chance to attend super bowl xlix. maria? >> thanks, josh. you can catch the 49ers take on the chicago bears sunday night on nbc. coverage starts at 7:00 eastern with "football night in
8:26 am
america." gosh. girl getting the this is the breaking news that we have been following in cumberland county where there is a major back up after an accident there. you can see the back up there. this is on route 55 in vineland. traffic is a mess. jillian mele will tell us how to get around it. definitely avoid route 55. this ax happened on 55 southbound near garden road south of the interchange. what happen second degree a vehicle was traveling northbound on 55, flipped over the median, lost control and ended up in the
8:27 am
southbound lanes. you can see earlier that traffic was being detoured from the southbound side to the northbound side. stick to route 57 if you need to get around it, avoid both directions of 55, chris? let's get our first alert forecast now with brittney shipp. temperatures are dropping well below average. a beautiful shot right now of cape may. temperatures right now, 63 degrees and plenty of sunshine, a breezy start to the morning with wind speeds at 13 miles per hour. that's drier air coming in. your seven-day forecast shows tomorrow, 69 degrees and 74 on sunday, chris?
8:28 am
8:29 am
don't believe tom corbett's tv ad. the facts speak for themselves. tom corbett cut a billion dollars from our schools. he took an ax to education. twenty-seven thousand educators were laid-off. class sizes increased. and now almost eighty percent of school districts plan to raise property taxes. tom corbett. can't trust him on education. can't trust him to be for us.
8:30 am
♪ >> we're back now, 8:30 on a friday morning, the 12th of september, 2014. we've got a nice smiling crowd out on the plaza. lots of folks from out of town. we're happy to have them here in new york city. also happy that maria shriver is giving us a hand with savannah on maternity leave. >> such a good time being here with you. >> so far so good. and by the way -- >> it could get crazy. >> hoda kotb will be here next week co hosting. >> that will be nice. and also later on, if you have a
8:31 am
pet, and the pet might be overweight, we're going to show how to slim your pet down and yourself in the process. >> that's pretty cool. and speaking of cool, a special performance from mr. nick jonas. he's preparing for the release of his solo album. >> speaking of music, we have a special treat for you coming up here monday on "today." alicia keys will be here to reveal her new single. we are here, live in the studio. i can't wait. i love her. also next week, tuesday, we're celebrating a big anniversary. one year -- first birthday for the orange room. and we're going to do something cool tuesday., vote for your favorite orange room moment. a live stream. we're going to do a big web show. take you behind the scenes. and we'll look back on the year that was really groundbreaking for the show and myself here. the introduction of the orange room and the today show family. >> happy birthday. >> thank you very much. >> are you going to get a cake? >> we'll get him something, yeah. absolutely. an incredible addition to the program. >> thank you, matt. thank you very much. we all know about the ice bucket challenge. we have seen that a couple
8:32 am
times. we want to introduce you to a couple guys here, jim dolan, chairman of madison square garden in new york, which means he owns the knicks and the rangers. and legendary guitarist from the eagles, joe walsh behind him. and jim, you're here because you have been challenged to take the ice bucket challenge by none other than patrick ewing, legendary center of the knicks. and you've taken this challenge. you've decided to go with this? >> i have decided to do it, yes. >> okay. most people either get the ice water or they make a donation. i understand you're also going to do both. so thank you for that. and before we get you soaking wet, who are you going to cha to do this? >> we're going to challenge the eagles fans. >> all eagles fans? >> just eagles fans planning on coming to the concert at madison square garden on the 18th. >> by the way, can i mention the connection you have to the eagles. you're a musician as well. you've got a band called jd and the straight shot. and you're going to open for the eagles in a couple days? >> yes, at the garden.
8:33 am
this is my producer, as well as, you know -- his name is joe walsh. >> is he a better businessman or musician, joe? >> businessman. >> not only does he insult you, gets to dump ice water, as well. are you ready to do this? >> i am ready. >> are you ready to do it? >> i would just like to say that a lot of people in new york would like to drop buckets of various things on jim. i'm happy to make this possible. >> all right. joe, we appreciate you doing this. i'm going to take that hand mic from you. the hat too. so think refreshing thoughts, all right? joe, do the honors. never gets old, jim. it really doesn't.
8:34 am
>> how did i do? >> you did fantastic. >> great! >> welcome to new york. can't wait to see the eagles, jim. >> tell everybody to come to the show on the 18th. kazoo records. and if we do $100,000 gets donated to a.l.s. we need 5,193 kazoo players. >> at the garden? >> on the 18th. >> you heard it from the man himself. let's get a check of the weather. >> all right. besides being awfully chilly out there, let's show you what we've got going for today. wet weather along the eastern seaboard. a lot of heat out west. southern california this weekend into early next week going to have record-setting heat on saturday. gorgeous weather in the pacific northwest. it continues on sunday, sunday! and look for more wet weather through the southeast. again, much of the country looking awfully darn good. that's what's going on around
8:35 am
good morning, i'm brittney shipp. as we head into the rest of your friday, temperatures staying below average. less humid for us as well. by 6:00 p.m., still in the low 70s. your seven-day forecast shows temperatures drop down more into saturday. 69 degrees with a chance of rein by sunday. still cool at 74 degrees. and some folks who do great work, ride to recovery. you rode 365 miles from boston. way to go. way to go. stay strong. and, of course, we want to talk strong. you have to talk sunday night football night in america! that's right. it's the brand-new levi stadium, santa clara, california. the 49ers taking on the bears! sunny, warm, 82 degrees! you talk about strong!
8:36 am
it's sunday night football night in america! back to you. >> mr. roker, thank you. coming up next. for the love of pets, from spas to workouts, how you and your pet can slim down together. but first on a friday morning, this is "today" on nbc.
8:37 am
8:38 am
♪ okay. we are back wrapping up our special series "for the love of pets." this morning we are tackling health and fitness with pets. yes, pets need to worry about this, as well. and here is an expert. today's jenna wolfe is here to talk to us about that. good morning. >> welcome. great to see you. yes, believe it or not, obesity is not that uncommon when it comes to your pets. we overfeed, underexercise, and the next thing you know, it's time to hit the gym. this is toby and penny. recently these two adorable
8:39 am
dachshunds were homeless, sent to a shelter after their owner passed away. with one overweight and no offers for adoption, the two, now inacceptable, were sent from the shelter to the morris animal inn to get in shape. >> they look for the cutesy dogs. and because he's overweight, he might have a little bit more difficulty. >> reporter: deborah montgomery helps run the inn in if morris town, new jersey. toby showed up weighing in at almost 30 pounds. an estimated 43 million dogs in the united states are overweight or obese. that's just over half of all u.s. dogs. >> it's really important just to stay active and be healthy so they live longer. >> reporter: facilities like the inn are popping up around the country. frolics dog, a canine sports club in alexandra, virginia, has a 6,000 square foot exercise facility encouraging diet and
8:40 am
exercise. >> everyone is looking for new and different ways to exercise their dogs. so we wanted to provide a great option for year-round indoor dog exercise. >> my dog essentially is a personal trainer and i probably need it more than the dog does. >> reporter: it's the latest trend in doggy daycare. and like hour gyms, the dog eversions are just as chic. treadmills, stability balls, even a membership fee. >> a monthly membership for $50. >> reporter: back at the morris animal inn, an all-inclusive facility. the folks are on a mission to keep the dogs and cats healthy. with an indoor swimming pool, whirlpool, yoga classes. yeah, that's dog yoga. salon treatments. gourmet, low-calorie meals. and lest we forget, since we're trying to be fit, the all-important scale. >> i know it's kind of embarrassing to get on the scale now, but in a couple weeks you're going to be so proud. >> reporter: toby has lost some weight since he started his diet and exercise plan, a great sign he's getting healthier. after the morning weigh-in, it's
8:41 am
off to the gym. wait. did someone say gym? ♪ . exercising the mind, the body and the soul. >> perfect. >> with a good workout leaving everyone, and i mean everyone, dog tired. >> a lot of breathing coming from my left. a lot of heavy breathing. and we are happy to report that toby has now lost five pounds since getting on his weight loss program. that's great even for people. even better news, toby and penny will stay together. both were adopted by the schneider family. they have since taken the dogs home and promise to keep working on toby's weight. >> this whole weight loss training was fantastic for them. it's a really neat concept. >> we are bringing in trisha montgomery, founder of canine gym, dedicated to health and wellness of dogs and this
8:42 am
started with your vet telling you to get it together. not only was your dog overweight but your vet said that to you too? >> that is correct. >> can you imagine hearing that? >> no. >> it's about us as we get more and moro obese. we have to get them up and out and moving. according to the association of pet obesity prevention, it's an epidemic for both of us. so we created canine fit club and it's all about working with out with our best friends. >> so you tell people to come to the exercise classes and bring their dogs. >> okay, guys. let's do it! reverse lunges, guys. we're working out flexibility. it's the same as a lunge, but actually provides a little less stress on our joints and knees. the dog is doing it -- >> when you take your dog for a
8:43 am
walk, you're focusing on the front legs of the dog. 55% of the muscles. you want to work on the 35% of the back muscles, as well, hind legs. great job. so it's incorporating every move with your best friend. >> but these dogs don't look overweight to me. oh, the one in the back. >> it's all about getting healthy. >> okay. >> okay, a little stepovers. keep moving, come on. >> matt lauer looks like he wants to get going. >> good job here. they always say everything starts in california. i have not seen this. >> very cool. trisha, thank you very much. by the way, can i make a little announcement that concerns the "today" show family? this one right here, jenna wolfe, is going to be joining the weekday version of our show as our full-time lifestyle and fitness correspondent. we're going to be seeing a lot here. that is the good news. the bad news is you're going to
8:44 am
be leaving your fans on the weekend show. >> i am. but i've done weekends now for it seems like 108 years. so i'm finally going to know what a friday night is like after 6:00 p.m. >> and spend a little more time on the weekends with your ever-growing family, which is good news for you. welcome aboard. >> i'm so excited. this will be fun. good news, bad news. you get to see more of me but then you get to see more of me. >> love working out. >> five pounds on a dog is 35 pounds on you. up next, a live performance from nick jonas on a friday morning. first, this is "today" on nbc. trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at
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8:46 am
the toyota concert series on "today," brought to you by toyota. 8:46. back with singer songwriter nick
8:47 am
jonas going solo with his album due out in november. and he's here with his single called "jealous." it's good to have you here. you have been honest. you said this song was inspired by an incident between and you your are girlfriend. did you get jealous? >> i had a moment. i think what's great about this song, it oscar pistorius up the conversation that men are afraid to have. jealousy happens. we try to make it fun. >> when people get jealous, usually with a significant other, either reacts by saying isn't that cute or getting mad. how did it go in your case? >> we wrote a song instead. >> is it a makeup song? never mind. i don't want to know. ladies and gentlemen, nick jonas.
8:48 am
♪ ♪ i don't like the way he's looking at you ♪ ♪ i'm starting to think you want him too ♪ ♪ am i crazy have i lost ya ♪ even though i know you love me can't help it ♪ ♪ i turn my cheek music up ♪ and i'm puffing my chest ♪ i'm getting ready to face you call me obsessed ♪ ♪ it's not your fault that they hover ♪ ♪ i mean no disrespect ♪ it's my right to be hellish i still get jealous ♪ ♪ 'cause you're too sexy beautiful ♪ ♪ and everybody wants a taste ♪ that's why ♪ i will still get jealous ♪ 'cause you're too sexy beautiful ♪ ♪ and everybody wants a taste
8:49 am
that's why ♪ ♪ i still get jealous ♪ ♪ i wish you didn't have to post it all ♪ ♪ i wish you'd save a little bit just for me ♪ ♪ protective or positive girl ♪ call it passive or aggressive ♪ ♪ i turn my cheek music up ♪ and i'm puffing my chest ♪ i'm getting ready to face you call me obsessed ♪ ♪ it's not your fault that they hover ♪ ♪ i mean no disrespect ♪ it's my right to be hellish i still get jealous ♪ ♪ 'cause you're too sexy beautiful ♪ ♪ and everybody wants a taste that's why ♪ ♪ i still get jealous
8:50 am
♪ 'cause you're too sexy beautiful and everybody wants a taste ♪ ♪ that's why i still get jealous ♪ ♪ you're the only one invited ♪ i said there's no one else for you ♪ ♪ 'cause you know i get excited yeah ♪ ♪ when you get jealous too ♪ i turn my cheek music up ♪ and i'm puffin my chest ♪ i'm turning ready to face you can call me obsessed ♪ ♪ it's not your fault that they hover i mean no disrespect ♪ ♪ it's my right to be hellish i still get jealous ♪ ♪ 'cause you're too sexy beautiful ♪ ♪ and everybody wants a taste that's why ♪ ♪ i still get jealous ♪ 'cause you're too sexy
8:51 am
beautiful everybody wants a taste ♪ ♪ that's why i still get jealous ♪ ♪ ♪ >> nick, thank you. in this case is going to be back. the music premier is november 11th. up next, the final round in our one direction fan challenge. but first, this is "today" on nbc.
8:52 am
8:53 am
all right, everybody. i'll just start talking, assuming we're live. it's this final morning of our huge one direction fan face-off. it is down to these two lovely young ladies. jay see rees from indiana and from texas. today's challenge begins with a video clue. here's our screen. i want you to watch it and listen very carefully. here we go. >> congratulations. i'm so sorry we couldn't be there with you. you'll be very excited to know we'll be seeing both of you for our special live concert on the 17th of november. >> we'll see you there! >> okay. >> did you hear that, girls? >> yeah. >> both of you. that's right. we're sending you both to universal orlando resort. you're going to be part of the live one direction performance on "today." that's monday, november 17th. that is the same day as your beloved new record release.
8:54 am
you'll be there for the fun of that and also are going to stay at the all-new cabana bay beach resort and experience -- what more could we give these ladies? everything universal, orlando has to offer. girls, you've been fantastic. congratulations to you both. >> thank you. >> way to go. all right, guys, back to you. >> that is pure kwig willing right there. that's great. carson, well-done. thank you very much. let's get today's birthday wishes from mr. willard scott. hey, willard. >> new york, new york! what a heck of a crowd. you guys are beautiful. beautiful. st. charles, missouri, be one of the great towns of america. alyce gould is 100 years old today. we wish her a very happy birthday. tilly auerbach. she swims and does the yoga bear. hey, boo-boo? yoga is big with older folks. they really love it.
8:55 am
this is cliff arrested clifford lea, sprau berry plains, tennessee. he is a mechanic and farmer. that is his trade. eating strawberries. here is more marvin fischer, 100 years old today. philadelphia, pennsylvania. what does he say makes him young? a daily shot of crown royal. that's a town in canada. well, that's it, folks. we sing, we dance, we have fun. and here they are. >> willard, thank you very much. good opportunity to say thank you so much to maria shriver. >> thank you. >> thank you guys. i really had fun. always great to be here. >> more of the show ahead. what do you have? >> mea far row joining us, talking about taking a turn on broadway. and our "today's take" maria's great interview with robin givens and how some of the ravens fans have been reacting
8:56 am
to the ray rice scandal. >> a lot ahead. maria, thank you very much. a break. at 8:56, that breaking news we were following is in cumberland county. this is video shot earlier this morning. one person was killed in that accident in vineland. let's bring in jillian mele. >> route 47 is your best bets is
8:57 am
an alternate rout. the southbound side is still closed off on 55. we have a delay on the nb said as well. we're following another accident in jersey. this is on brooklawn. it is closed out because of an accident after a+ spill. chris? time now for a look at your first alert forecast with brittney shipp. temperatures for this time of year are 80 degrees, and for the rest of the day we'll see some clouds. it is 62 right now. 63 in redding, mid ç60s in philadelphia right now. along the shore we're at 65 in avalon, today's temperatures warming into the 70s betwes.
8:58 am
today the jury in the christina regusters trial will continue deliberating today. she faces six counts total. jurors have to consider each count separately and each a unanimous verdict on each. we'll continue to monitor that trial and have another update for you in about 25 minutes. you can always get the latest on nbc10.
9:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today's take" with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall. live from studio 1-a in rockefeller plaza. welcome to "today" on a beautiful friday morning here in new york city. it is september the 12th, 2014. a great crowd outside as we always have on an especially nice morning. i'm willie geist. >> no, you're not willie geist. >> no. >> you're the mindy kaling crush. mindy kaling's main squeeze. >> mindy loves willie. >> i've heard reports. >> on our show a while ago talking to matt about season three of "the mindy project." and i guess this is an ongoing thing between you two?
9:01 am
>> i wouldn't call it that. >> something you want to tell us? >> take a look. >> she's a fan. >> is there someone out there right now you have a crush on you're going to write a piece for or a role for in the coming season? >> willie geist. >> yeah, good, okay. he'll be ear in a second. >> love him. >> notice you were the first out of her mouth. >> you're going to be in the new season, did you know that? >> she had come over and put her arms around me. obviously, it was just a place holder. >> yeah. >> until you -- >> she was trying to get close to me. >> through me. through me. >> notice matt was not feeling any of the love, though. he got nothing. >> look at this -- >> he got burned. >> she instagrams a photo of her outfit, saying hope willie likes it. >> so do you like it? >> of course i do. who doesn't love mindy kaling. she is cool, smart, funny. i love my wife a lot more, though. >> i heart mindy. she is so amazingly talented and fun. >> awesome. >> there is nothing hotter than
9:02 am
a beautiful, funny woman. >> so true. >> smart woman. totally agree. >> i am just lobbying to have a part in the season. >> i think we all are. mindy, i think "today's take". >> the cast in there. >> yeah. >> the whole group. because we all love you. >> even though it's on fox, it's produced which universal television. >> wow. >> it's still part of the family. >> still part of the family. >> yeah. >> she's the coolest. mindy kaling is great. and i hope comes back and sees us. >> real soon. >> okay. enough of that. let's talk about some serious business here. we're talking about the baltimore ravens played last night in the wake of this ray rice stuff. "usa today's" cover of the sports section, check this out. female fans stand by ray rice. a lot of women last night wearing the ray rice jersey. the ravens-steelers game in baltimore. a lot of people shocked that a lot of women were wearing those jerseys. at the game, two women defending ray rice. listen.
9:03 am
>> she struck him first. and any woman who can hit a man can be hit back. >> i love ray rice. he's done a lot for baltimore. even though i don't condone what he did. okay? i'm not saying that what he did was right. >> but -- >> yeah. >> i don't know what to say. >> i think it says it all right there. >> yeah. and i think actually maria shriver had a wonderful interview with robin givens earlier this morning. and robin had written an op-ed in "time" magazine about domestic violence and why i stayed. it's really interesting to hear her perspective when she talked about why she stayed with mike tyson for so long back in 1988. take a listen. >> are you surprised when you hear a woman like we saw on the news earlier this morning saying, hey, she hit him first, she deserves it? >> it's -- i'm not surprised, because i've heard it. i've heard what have you done, what did you see to him. stop saying that. why is it that the victimizer becomes the victim?
9:04 am
why is it that we want to protect these men? what is it about our society, what is it about us as women that feels the need to protect them? >> fascinating point. >> it's true. and she made the point, again, that she views this as, you know, having the video out there. this is a watershed moment, because it is in some ways helping women see. you know, this is generally what happens behind closed doors. and if women are victims of domestic abuse, they now are seeing this and acknowledging, this is real. this is very much a problem. and she says this is a game-changer when it comes to talk about domestic violence. and coming to realize, like, i shouldn't be living like this. >> but you worry when you see reaction like that. >> yeah. >> at the stadium. that people who are -- women who are victims of domestic violence, they -- are they afraid, because are people going to take them seriously. >> right. >> the only reason all of this happened was because of two
9:05 am
pieces of video that came to light. if those pieces of video had never come to light -- >> would have been behind closed doors. >> to robin's point about protecting the aggressor, that's exactly what happened in this case. the baltimore ravens, the nfl, everybody said let's figure out how to handle this as a pr crisis. not as a crime. but as a pr crisis. remember, they put out that awful tweet where janay palmer regrets her role in the incident, blaming her for this. >> and the press conference where she said that, pretty much. she regretted she played a part in that. >> yeah. >> it was hard to watch. >> we were talking about this earlier this morning. we have been talking about this every day now for a week. i hope something good comes out of it so that all of our daughters and sons now know as a society this is how we feel about it. that we don't tolerate it, it's not okay, not acceptable. >> and i do too. but i always worry, whenever there is a crisis we talk about it for about a week. >> right. >> and then something else happens. and we move on. >> we move on. >> we forget about it. i hope this is not the case. >> yeah.
9:06 am
and adding to that, i thi think maria asked that question to robin. she said do you think this is finally going to make a difference or is it going to be a story we just talked about and move on and forget about it? and she said because men this time, especially men in the nfl, are expressing their outrage and they're so shocked and horrified and because we're all talking about it, man and woman alike are saying the same thing. perhaps this time it will make a difference. and, you know, we'll see. >> i hope so. i really do. it was a wild night in baseball last night. >> wow. >> speaking of sports. >> crazy. >> three batters in the big leagues last night getting hit by pitches. first let's start with the worst. this is marlins' superstar, could be the mvp of the national league, giancarlo stanton, takes a fastball in the face. >> hard to watch that. >> in the face! oh, my gosh. he was taken off the field on a stretcher. taken to the hospital. suffered multiple facial fractures, a laceration, has dental damage. obviously needed a bunch of stitches. brewers' pitcher mike fires, his
9:07 am
next pitch actually hit reed johnson on the hand. next batter, same pitcher, is hit. >> my gosh. >> ended with both teams clearing the bemplgs, the marlins saying what the heck, man. fires apologized on twitter saying i'm deeply sorry about what happened tonight. i can't imagine what you and your family are going through, talking to stanton here. my thoughts and prayers are with you at this time. i feel horrible. and hope for a speedy recovery. that is absolutely horrifying. every baseball player's worst nightmare, when you stand in that box and face a big guy who can throw 95 miles per hour. >> yeah, they said that pitch was probably about 88 miles per hour. by the way, happened here to the yankees, as well. chase headley was hit by a pitch the bottom of the ninth inning. he was able to walk off the field on his own. but seems like this is happening more and more. >> same thing, though. this was in the face. took this one in the chin. >> yeah. >> hard to believe he was able to walk off. >> big old cut on his chin there. terrifying. you hate to see it happen to anybody, but stanton is truly
9:08 am
one of the two or three biggest stars in baseball. hope he has a big recovery. >> absolutely. so i cannot believe this, but i saw this past weekend an ad for christmas. >> no. >> yes. >> kmart ad, right? yeah. >> if you missed it, check it out. >> hello, america. it's too early for christmas. so just to be clear, this is not a christmas commercial. however, let's say you have an event in late december that you need a lot of gifts for. like maybe your entire family is having a birthday on the same day. kmart, no money down layaway. merry birthday, everyone. >> very clever. but according to national retail association, about 20% of americans have already started their christmas shopping. by halloween, they expect that to double. >> don't be so horrified. you're in the 20%. >> i have bought some presents. >> have you? >> i have. >> i think it's good. it shows thought. shows you're thinking about people all year-round. >> i hate getting caught at the last minute. drives me nuts. >> you have to admit, if something catches my eye and
9:09 am
reminds me of somebody, i do buy it. and i've done that for savannah's baby. a couple things that i've already started. a couple. but normally i'm way behind. >> do you think -- you know, the decorations and all that stuff and -- >> i have a problem when i was at the drugstore the other day and luke was asking for the candy corn. and it's only the beginning of september. for halloween. and i'm like, the candy corn is going to be stale by the time halloween comes. i'm not buying the candy corn this early. >> doesn't matter. >> it's like a twinkie, never goes bad? >> give me pebbles and just call it a day. there's no reason for candy corn. >> candy corn is terrible. i don't like candy corn. >> candy corn is to me only second to all of the pumpkin-flavored stuff out there. >> have you had the pumpkin latte yet at starbucks? >> no! and by the way, there is no pumpkin in the pumpkin spice
9:10 am
latte. >> it's the cinnamon and the yumminess. >> who determined we all want pumpkin! >> i love pumpkin. >> al is really worked up. when we did the story about the pumpkin spice latte, we sent this e-mail, do you know what's in a pumpkin spice latte? >> next time we need -- >> do you know they're coming out with pumpkin spice oreos. >> no! >> yes, oreo people, you've gone too far. >> but that's only -- isn't that just for now, for -- >> just for now. >> like a limited release, right? >> it starts with just for now. and then it keeps going. >> it's like the mcrib. >> no, now wait. >> that that i support. >> by popular demand. >> that's heresy. everybody loves the mcrib. >> that would be like -- that would be like expecting beyonce and getting the president. >> well, that's exactly what happened. >> that happened? >> that happened, in fact. now, this happened, speaking of pro segue here. president obama and the first
9:11 am
lady were visiting a school in washington to help fill backpacks for needy kids. a little girl, they said there would be a surprise guest in the class. so she is like, yay, surprise, thinking beyonce is coming. take a listen. >> i really wanted it to be nderstand. malia and sasha would feel the same way. >> you thought we were going to be beyonce? >> but then i realized it was going to be you. and that's even better. >> oh, see there? well, i appreciate you saying that in front of the press. i know it's not really true. but that's okay. >> i would rather see beyonce. >> she's got a future in politics. >> good pickup. man. >> honest on the one hand, but on the other, realized she's got to make up for that. >> nicely done. >> they were packing backpacks for the needy. you know what would have made that backpack better? a mik mcrib. >> i would take a pumpkin spice
9:12 am
latte. just saying. let's see what's going on as far as your weather is concerned. showers and thunderstorms going on in the midwest. in fact, from des moines, iowa, on into omaha, we've had some heavy rain, some flooding going on. also down to the south, south of this stationary front, heavy thunderstorms north of san angelo, dallas on into texarkana and shreveport. we're going to be watching a lot of rain, especially between corpus christi and brownsville. 3 inches of rain. in the east coast, tropical storm edward, not going to be any problem. going to basically be a fish storm. but watch what happens. it makes -- we've got this little area of weather making its way across southern florida. not quite going to be a tropical system, but it's going to bring a heck of a lot of rain over the next 72 hours from central florida into the keys, anywhere from 3 to 5 inches of rain. then it goes out into the gulf and may become a tropical system. we're going to keep an eye on that. that's what's going on around
9:13 am
good morning i'm brittney shipp. as we head into the rest of your friday, temperatures staying below average. less humid for us as well by noon. by 0u6 0 p.m. still in the low 70s. a middle evening ahead. temperatures drop down more as we head into saturday. 69 with a chance of rain by sunday. plenty of sunshine but still cool at 74 degrees. jonas. how do you like it? >> trying to have some fun, so -- >> al, you're keeping him out, man. >> you're creeping me out. >> up next, jonas brothers. now nick is flying solo with a debut album and performance here on studio 1-a. we'll hang with him after this.
9:14 am
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9:17 am
♪ nick jonas was signed to his first music contract when he was just 11 years old and the jonas brothers were formed. >> now going solo. the debut album comes out november 11. >> good morning. good to see you. >> we're all good. >> so you did "jealous" earlier on "today," which you co wrote. is this a preview of things to come? >> yeah. basically, two songs were released. one of them called "chains" and "jealous" is the first time single. and the range of the album. so good. really feel like i'm as experienced as i can be as an artist and love the process. >> you've obviously spent your career to this point as part of the jonas brothers, the wildly,
9:18 am
crazy popular jonas brothers. and now stepping out on your own. is it strange at all to look back and not see your brothers there? >> it is. a little bit. there are times when i'm still getting used to it and trying to feel comfortable and all that. luckily i've had a decent amount of time to rehearse and getting my legs back. love my family and they have been really supportive. joe came out to one of my shows this week, which is great. saw my brother's baby about a week ago, which is nice. things are good. and just excited about next chapters. >> another track on the album, avalanche, which you perform with demi lovato, good friend yours. >> yeah, demi and i have a really good friendship. this song in particular, we heard it, and didn't write it, but we somehow felt like it had a real depth for us and our relationship. and our friendship over time. and just about, you know, a friendship on the edge of breaking down. and some of the struggles she has gone through, nice to have this song to sort of rely on. >> i shouldn't have messed with
9:19 am
you. you have a new show called "kingdom" october 8th and you play an mma fighter. >> i do. >> and you look built. you had to work out for that. >> the show is really interesting. it's really intense. gritty drama. i haven't even seen a lot of it. >> this is exclusive to us. we've got the first video here. >> first look. >> sanchez. we have an amazing cast. and i had to fight hard for this role. just stepping out to new things and pop up in places people don't expect. i had to gain 20 pounds of muscle in the practice. >> wow. don't mess with you. >> what's the training like there? just go nuts in the gym every day? >> yeah, it was about two training sessions a day, hour workout and then just eating as much protein as i could. and then the fight training on top. >> dang! >> not messing with you. all right. nick jonas, again, the new album coming out november 11th. good luck with everything. you've got everything going on. great. still to come, two big stars hit the stage.
9:20 am
>> whoa! >> all right. the play is called "love letters." we'll have more coming up after this. i was not aware of how much acidity was in my diet. i was so focused on making good food choices, i had no idea that it was damaging the enamel of my teeth. i wanted to fix it, i wanted to fix it right away. my dentist recommended pronamel. he said that pronamel can make my teeth stronger, that it was important, that that is something i could do each day to help protect the enamel of my teeth. pronamel is definitely helping me to lead the life that i want to live. ♪ ♪ [ male announcer ] no matter how things change... ♪ ...what makes us wholesome... ♪ ...never will.
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9:23 am
taking a look at the headlines. an american doctor infected with ebola has been given blood from a fellow doctor who has recovered from the disease. physicians say he has responded well to aggressive treatment in the past week, including two
9:24 am
blood transfusions from dr. kent brantly. brantley, you recall, is one of the two americans successfully treated for ebola last month. an alarming report from the centers for disease control warns that a large number of american children are not getting basic preventive care. that includes checkups and vaccinations along with vision and hearing tests. eight of ten young children have not been screened for developmental delays and about half of american children have not visited a dentist in the past year. netflix might be getting some competition. verizon is ready to launch a digital video service of its own over the internet by the middle of next year. verizon's envisioning a service similar to netflix but would also likely stream live channels and could deliver content to smartphones. burger king has added a touch of elegance, rolling out a curo burger in japan. the blood and cheese are blackened and the special sauce made with black squid ink.
9:25 am
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9:26 am
dannon oikos. ♪ dannon! and for an irresistibly indulgence snack try new dannon oikos chocolate and caramel on top. good morning i'm vai sikahema. let's get to brittney shipp with her forecast. >> happy friday, it will be a nice friday with temperatures staying below average. plus our humidity will go down. start making plans. just a few clouds out and our temperatures into the rest of today 76 degrees, less humid. z tracking rain back in your weekend forecast. sunny and cool, we stay in the 70s for next week. breaking news in the strawberry mansion section of
9:27 am
philadelphia. sky force 10 flying over a fire we're told this is a vacant school and that the fire is now under control. also, a back up after a fatal accident in cumberland county. we understand that the southbound lanes are still blocked and there have been delays in the northbound lanes as well. you may want to plan an alternate route around the area. a dozen kids are in the hospital, possibly with the enterovirus. results are expected in about a week. we'll have another update in about 25 minutes and you can always get the latest news and weather on i'm vai sikahema, have a great day.
9:29 am
9:30 am
♪ welcome back to "today" on friday morning, september 12th, 2014. i'm willie along with al and natalie. tamron is off today. we were talking about this piece today. a post on i wrote an article about marriage and all anyone noticed is that i'm fat. in june, minnesota writer galet breen wrote a story for "huffington post" 12 secrets happily married women know. but there was more feedback apparently about her wedding photo than the story. she offered a photograph. reader posts included huff and puff, you love fat women and don't mary a heifer. she wrote, there are few times i think it's okay to comment on a woman's body in a complimentary or negative way. i think we need to stop that conversation to consider it
9:31 am
taboo. >> yeah. i mean, it's outrageous that people feel they can comment. just never comment on -- on body, period. >> what are they trying to accomplish? what does that do for anybody? >> makes them feel better about themselves, they're eating cheatos? >> we have had this conversation a million times. people feel they're putting it out there and doesn't matter. talking to somebody and about somebody, it's gross. >> it hurts. and the writer went on to say how much it sort of emotionally destroyed her, and she cried about it until her husband put it all in perspective. she has a healthy, happy marriage. >> right. and they're idiots. >> that's the joy. she is writing a piece about having a good marriage. >> right. >> anyway, if you needed a study, the university of the college of london conducted a study and proved that fat shaming does not work. but those who do experience negative comments like the ones we shared, they aren't encouraged to lose weight. they may gain weight from comfort eating. >> i will tell you from experience. it's one of the things i've
9:32 am
talked about. nagging somebody about their weight, whether it's a loved one -- you're not helping them. you're pushing them away. >> we know. >> we know we're fat, okay? we get it. anyway, let's show what we've got going on. let's look ahead to the weekend. saturday, rain along the eastern seaboard. but western two-thirds of the country going to be fabulous. there is going to be rain in southern texas, also as the system comes across southern florida, watching that, as well. then sunday, sunday! we've got much of the country with plenty of sunshine. rain along the southeastern atlantic coast down into florida. the heat is going to be on in southern california. southern l.a., 101 degrees coming up on sunday. and that's going to last into the early part of the week. that's what's going on around the country. good morning, i'm brittney shipp. as we head into the rest of your friday, temperatures staying below average. less humid for us as well by noon. by 6:00 p.m. still in the low
9:33 am
70s. by 9:00 p.m. 66, a mild evening ahead. temperatures will crop more into saturday. a chance of rain, sunday, plenty of sunshine and still cool at 74 degrees. latest weather. now to the best night of the week. sunday night football night in america. we're heading out west to the levi's stadium, santa clara, california. sunny and warm as the 49ers take on the bears. 82 degrees. that's going to be the best night of the week. two legendary teams, sunday night football night in america. legendary teams. >> we love you. >> legendary actors. >> yes. >> now. >> now to two legendary actors of stage and film. mia farrow and brian dennehy in new york a much-anticipated revival of the romantic play "love letters." >> mia and brian, good morning.
9:34 am
so great to have you here. >> good morning to you. >> this is such a beautiful play and i think it peespeaks to obviously first love and how there is so much passion when you first start in a relationship. what drew you both to being back on stage? mia? >> brian first. >> okay. >> they asked. >> simply put. >> and first of all, the opportunity to work with mia again, whom i worship and -- is one of the great ladies of the theater. and this piece by mr. gerny is an extraordinary piece. it's -- you cannot stage a play more simply than this. and yet it's about everything in life. first love, loss, loss of opportunities, loss of life, loss of love. and yet it's a heroic play. it's about -- it's a beautiful play, and you -- all do you is
9:35 am
speak it. the writer wants you to just hear the words. hear the lines. and you will provide the emotions for yourself. and that's -- so it's a great piece of work. >> mia, one of the great things about the way this is put together, limited run with different pairs. so it will be you and brian and then we've got carol burnett with brian. alan alda, stacy keach and martin sheen and angelica houston. a little different experience when you see this wonderful play. >> yeah, i think that's right. and you can pick your stars to see. i think it will be very different. when carol takes over. i do one month, and she stepped right in with brian. i feel a little bit jealous. she played my mom in a movie and, of course, i love her to death. we both do. but, yeah, for me, the same thing as brian. a compelling reason to do a play, brian is in it. but also this is an exquisite play. just perfection. never been on broadway.
9:36 am
>> wow. >> so we're happy to launch it there. >> and in the digital age where it's so much about 140 characters of tweets and there is something special about letters. >> tweaks and twerks. no twerks in this play. >> happy to hear that. >> all about letters and the written word spoken. >> yeah. and in those letters, as is true, checkoff's letters or lincoln's letters or washington's letters. and broadway audiences will find out in this very simple, but powerful production. and for people who really listen and care about all areas of life, it's all there on stage. >> sounds amazing. can't wait to see it. great to have you both here.
9:37 am
mi m mia farrow, brian dennehy. >> next, the stories behind some memorable images of the as a student at devry university, a business career was my goal. my professors guidance, helped me find career success... at microsoft get started now, with our $20,000 merit based career catalyst scholarship. classes start october 27. visit
9:38 am
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9:41 am
♪ it's been a week of big news from emotional tributes on the 9/11 anniversary to devastating flooding out west. >> yeah, so we're taking a look at the stories behind some of those poignant and powerful images of the week. >> mark elwood, contributing editor of "done "conde nast". the flooding of horbert was unbelievable. >> the worst in 30 years. and we saw 190 people evacuated. this is i-15 taking 20,000 vehicles a day and will take weeks to repair. a major thing. and, of course, on the back of the dryness out west, too much water is the last thing they need. >> and they may get more again. there is another storm coming up in the baja california coast. so this may be repeated earlier -- later next week. >> amazing picture. we obviously yesterday had the 13th anniversary of september 11th. we have been talking about those
9:42 am
incredible breathtaking lights. >> could there be a better memorial? i think we all look and think is this so beautiful. there are 88 spot lights, 44 each, projecting these two columns. they announced a few years ago they would stop doing this but there was an outcry and now seems it's going to go on forever. it's powered using cooking oil from local restaurants. >> that's interesting. >> so a real community effort. >> i didn't know that. we're going to switch gears and let's talk some baseball. there was an incredible baseball catch. but not on the diamond. this pick. >> what i love about this, they're all so happy. normally when you see people grabbing for a ball, they're going to punch each other. i back seat they're going to share that ball. >> until one guy gets hit. >> obviously, this was a rays-yankees game and the rays won. the yankees did win the next two games. >> wow. that's amazing. >> cool picture, though. >> we have got to end with animals, of course. >> we always do. >> this is -- pug race.
9:43 am
>> pug racing. >> huge. >> oh, my goodness. >> third annual pug and bulldog race in germany. 50 meters, 164 feet. i just want one of these dogs. >> this is so funny. amazing. only in germany, right? >> mark, thank you so much. we appreciate it. coming up next, hang ten to drop ten. a new wave in fitness. book 'em, dano. >> oh, yeah. joy bauer. looking good. >> lose weight and look good doing it, right after these messages. ♪ my son is going to wash the family prius. he insisted on using the rain to save water. fourteen years ago, i insisted on buying our first prius. because like toyota, we both know there's a way to do things, and a way to do things even better. the prius.
9:44 am
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take the dove 7 day test. we're on! >> well, if you want to shake up your workout or wish you could sneak some healthy sneaks into your kids' lunch box, we've got just what you're looking for. >> "today" contributor and registered dietician joy bauer is here. >> in the house! >> i love this. a workout, right? >> anybody who is bored with their treadmill or stairmaster or hankering for more summer, you don't have to surf to be able to do this. it's called surf, set, fitness, you can go online or look in
9:48 am
your local area. they're popping up classes. i have to give a shoutout to my trainer who taught me a routine. >> show us. >> we have to swim out and catch a wave. okay? >> that's a big arm workout. >> so now what's happening, you're getting your heart rate up, working your arms. willie -- i see waves! willie, grab on. bring your knees up. >> yep. >> bring one leg and we're going to pop it and now surf. here we go! >> all right. >> surf it out. >> now this works the core, right? >> because you're balancing the entire time you're doing it. and then cross your arms. let's do some squats. >> now you're working your legs. here we go. >> my turn. get off. >> natalie, how about this? let's do some pushups. >> you can come down. come on, natt. you can do it. >> wait. >> whoa! whoa! >> i give you a two thumbs up.
9:49 am
it's really fun. >> it's hard! >> and you guys can imagine being in a class with blasting music and everybody getting it. >> all right. check this out. we've got the beach, the ocean theme going here. >> snacks, alternative stuff to what we're used to eating. >> seaweed is so hot right now. what's great about seaweed from the nutrition standpoint, it has some vitamin c, omega 3s and very low calorie. these are delicious. >> this is called sea snacks. and then we have -- and this is a barbecue flavor. >> so good. >> and that is a teriyaki flavor. we have guinea over there for a sesame. and i thought this was really cool. this was 479 degrees popcorn infused with seaweed, and sesame. >> seaweed is everywhere. >> i love seaweed. >> really tasty. >> it's really good. and, again, real low calorie. >> okay. you're seeing protein everywhere, all kinds of dressings.
9:50 am
chips. >> protein is sort of like the nutrition golden child right now. it stabilizes your blood sugars and keeps you feeling full. >> don't you have to be careful? just because they slap protein on something, it doesn't necessarily mean it's good. >> definitely. definitely. and i'm glad you said that. so the company that i'm showing you here are clean. the ingredients are nice. and they have added some protein in different shapes and forms. so that you get salad dressing, for example, four tablespoons, about 100 calories, which is low-cal, four tablespoons. ten grams of protein. if you want to try this. >> this is a whey protein. >> in a caesar dressing. >> okay. >> these chips, what's really cool about this, the first ingredient, whole beans. so instead of regular cheese doodles, you're getting a decent size serving for 120 calories and 5 grams of protein. they also have chili lime. >> good crunch. >> if you can believe this, 21 grachls protein.
9:51 am
>> what? >> they are also adding the whey protein. >> and these are baked too, right? >> yes. and regular potato chips have no protein. this is quest. and this is a company called "if." which is kind of cool. they're using egg whites. i am very biased to the cinnamon sugar. this has about 5 grams of protein. and ips stands for intelligent protein snacks. >> i love this stuff. >> can we find these easily? i feel i don't see this stuff in my grocery store. >> do you go to the grocery store? >> i do. >> you can find them at whole foods, walmart, trader joe's. i would tell people to go on the website and look toe store locators. they'll tell you exactly where to get them in your area. >> what is this thing here? >> i'm not telling you yet. these are beverages that have a secret ingredient that's a little bit out of the box. you guys sip it and tell me what you think it is. >> let me be the guinea pig, right? hmmm, interesting. >> i don't know, but i don't
9:52 am
like it. >> banana? strawberry? >> whole grains. >> oh, it's grain. >> so people are trying to get whole grains into their diet. we know they're good for us. >> fiber. >> so these companies, the one you tried has quinoa in it. this is nuwi quinoa smoothies, this has barley and oats and whole wheat. this is under 200 calories. >> some people may like them, al. >> not bad. >> i honestly like them. >> really? come on. >> this one is a good vegan milk alternative. so for people that are either dairy sensitive or trying to stay away from dairy. >> thanks for looking out for us. joy bauer, thanks so much. this is "today" on nbc. >> these are really good.
9:53 am
9:54 am
9:55 am
♪ doing her push-ups. >> i'm redeeming myself. i can do push-ups. >> you are about the fittest person i know. >> 30! 31! >> she keeps doing them. erica hill, what's coming up this weekend? >> well, natalie, i think you're going to need a snack later. the perfect segue on "today." you guys likely know dylan and i especially like food, we love to cook and eat. so we decided to combine those things. >> go a little slower. >> take your time. >> we went to benny hanna where you can learn to be a chef. and we flipped rice bowls. >> get out. >> yes. shrimp into the hat. and i did it. >> another minute to go.
9:56 am
good morning, i'm vai sikahema. what a great day to start the weekend, huh? let's get a forecast from brittney shipp. >> good morning start making your friday night plans now. we're going to see a really nice night. a live look at the philadelphia art museum. temperatures mainly in the 60s throughout the region. a little cooler in the poconos
9:57 am
but we're at 55 degrees. 62 in pottstown. 66z! in dover. our average from this time of year is 80 degrees but as we head into the rest of today only a high of 76. by tomorrow dropping down to 69. the jury in&n the christina regusters trial will resume today. she is charged with kidnapping a 5-year-old girl from her school and sexually assaulting her. this morning fire crews quickly controlled a fire at a vacant school in the strawberry mansion year. we have not heard about any injuries in this fire. >> and we have a update from couplerland county, route 55 has
9:58 am
reopened. one person was killed in the accident. they are back open to traffic now. another update in about 25 minutes. get the latest news and weather on uation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today." with kathy lee gifford and hoda kobt from studio 1 a in rockefeller plaza. >> hello everyby, welcome to friday, hope you're going to have a great weekend ahead. >> you know what, i'm taking it easy. >> you need too. >> i am taking it easy. >> i'm on my way to california for a fast two days to go visit my stuff. if you know what i mean. >> uh-huh. >> we have a chalked full day here. susie horman, she is no nonsense, who's wrong with you, you're not saving your money. >> every time he finishes
10:01 am
talking, i feel depressed. i do. >> because she makes me feel like oh my gosh, it's over. i'm so far behind. >> danny is here, if you like that sort of thing. i'm kidding. and mason jars, wait until you see. >> and you need to see a shrink? maybe. we're going to talk about when therapy is necessary and when it's not. >> okay. >> okay. >> here are pressing and important questions. >> and it has to be solved today. >> we are going to solve it. >> is it okay to show your bra straps, like that? >> now we do it often here accidentally, or at least i do. so one of our producers was at a party, and she snapped this picture. i've seen this before. >> i thought it was a fashion statement. >> okay. so something, i was like i thought if they were clear then i thought people were weared colored ones and that's now trendy and cool. we went to the source to find out is it trendy or a mistake. >> who would know better than
10:02 am
the costume designer for girl. when they wear costumes. >> we didn't actually ask her. we just read what they wrote. anyway. here's what they said. their response is, or her response is, there is a time and a place for it, at the beach, it's fine, but it's not appropriate in other places, especially the workplace. but that wasn't a workplace, that was a party. and if your bra straps are showing make its sure -- make sure its a fashion statement. >> moved in a started that. >> she says the beast, it's okay to flop around, everything hanging out, but don't show your bra straps. >> you didn't need to do the hand motions. >> this is what's wrong with the world. show the world your junk, but don't show your bra strap. the support, the things that support your junk.
10:03 am
>> that's interesting. >> you're right, but we'd love to know what you think. go on your facebook, our facebook, or maybe we'll revisit on monday. >> forget about it. >> i looked at this and said the signs that your relationship is on shaky grounds, by these standard, we have two feet in the divorce court right now. >> huff post again, these are the signs that your relationship's on the shaky ground. think about these. number one, you go to bed at different times. >> yes. >> now some people do it out of necessity. you have to wake up at the crack of dawn. >> and he doesn't give a rip. >> he doesn't care. >> right. >> here's what happens. in that little window of time before you crash, you talk, you catch up on the day -- >> no. >> you don't? what goes on. >> we're watching the news. >> and you have the tv in. >> not in our bedroom, we watch downstairs in our family room. >> i take bambi snow and i get out of town if you know what i mean. go not next one. >> if you no longer know each
10:04 am
other's pass words. >> i never knew it to begin with. >> okay good. this is very important. you stop arguing and you start feeling ambivalent about your partner, you don't care. >> you stop arguing because you know you're never going to win it. you know. nothing changes. he's set in his ways, i'm an old bird myself. you start to accept one another. >> but there is a point where you don't care, you know when apathy creeps in. it's like it doesn't matter. i didn't care, i'm not worried. nothing upsets me anymore about what you say or do. >> see this is what they say. the sign of the trouble in relationships is not the intensity of the hatred, i didn't know we were talking about hatred, but apathy. i think if you've been married a long, long time. you reach a certain place where you realize that this person is unique, and if you love them one you're going to accept certain things, and you learn to laugh more.
10:05 am
or else you do go to divorce court. you laugh about it. >> or therapy. and there's a difference between accepting them and not caring. apathy is like you do what you want, i'm not interested, i'm not going to fight this. >> when you stop caring, and doing for them. and effort. then they also say when you're out alone, all you talk about are the kids. >> a lot of people do that. >> when frank and i are alone together, that's all we talk about too. >> really? >> pretty much. >> i don't know why you said no you don't. i have no idea. >> alone. >> i just jumped on it. i felt like being difficult. >> remember yesterday about listening? >> yep. >> you know what a great statement for the listening thing is? >> what? >> here it is, if we could all do this, be here now. >> yes. >> wherever you are, don't think about your phone, i'm only with you, i'm not thinking about oh my weekend's starting soon. i'm with you. i am all here.
10:06 am
>> that's what you're thinking, trust me. here's video that'll make you happy on a friday. okay. so this is pure excitement. this is a little dog named groefr, a pug -- >> love him already. >> the owner filled the playpen with plastic balls and favorite toys and then hilarity ensued, take a look. >> oh my god, he's so happy. oh, look at him. >> he doesn't real how germy it is in there. >> oh my gosh, he's running in circles. oh my gosh. >> he's going to be -- >> i can't handle it. that is the cutest thing. that is so cute. >> all right. so there's a whole new thing about modern grandparents, hoda. what did you call your grandparents? >> grandmother and grandpa. >> me too. >> my kids do too. >> in the new people magazine which features a tribute to joan
10:07 am
rivers, i can't wait to read it. there's a sweet photo of susan and her daughter ava and her new grandchild. >> and she doesn't want to be call grandma, she's not, she goes by honey. that's kind of cute. >> other famous grandmas have chosen to go by different names as with el. all right. now goldie haun likes to be go go. >> but he was a go go girl. >> so cute. >> it totally fits her. >> lalo, we don't know why. and i fell in love, i love marie oz. monday, i love them, and i love marie's nutrisystem commercials. that's your girlfriend, marie. all right. so nay. this one is adorable, i don't know if you've seen it. check this out. >> the first time i heard the word grandma, what? at my age. no way. but then, you hold him in your arms, oh, and everything
10:08 am
changes. this is my first grandchild steven, and i want to be a part of his life for a long, long time. yeah, i can own that. i'm a glam-ma. >> i fell in love with that. i've never heard that before. >> that's cute. >> cute baby. >> and not too soon, please, lord, glam-ma. >> i love it. ten years or so, good. >> yep. >> all right. you know what time it's for? >> ihoda? >> no. >> okay. >> friday funny. two elderly couples were enjoying a conversation when they asked how the memory clinic. outstanding fred replied, they told us the latest psychological techniques, vizization, great, wonderful, what was the name of the clinic? fred went blank. he thought and thought then a smile broke across his face, and he said what do you call that flower with the long stem and thorns. >> you mean a rose. >> the then he turned to his
10:09 am
wife rose and said what was the name of that memory clinic? >> we used to love to go to my grandma because she had sclerosis. she would come out with things that were so hiser it call. one day she said to my daughter, what was the name of that man? and daddy would go who mama, you know the one. that man. that man. >> yeah. >> the one he's you know yeah. and my daddy got to frustrated, no mom, i don't know what man. you know that man, your father, what was his name. that's funny. >> kate says yes, it is funny. >> god bless you. >> johnson baby we celebrate new moms. our first, johnson's baby of the week is caroline joy gregory born at camp pendleton on august 4 lt. third child, but the first baby
10:10 am
that dad was able to see being born because he was home from deployment. >> next baby of the week is ahria powell born on july 21st. her parents offer this, take millions of pictures because they grow up so fast. >> they sure do. next to a baby born on july shth, his name is brock christian white. >> so cute. >> this is the first baby for the parents who say it sounded like their any son was screaming mama after seconds of being born. >> final johnson's book is brooklyn spicer everett. born in jacksonville, florida. and her parents offer this advice, the first two weeks are the harders, try to remember, you will make it first. >> actually the first 21 years are. and if you want to submit your baby for our johnson's baby of the week contest, go to time for a shotout of the fan of the week. if you think you deserve to be recognized.
10:11 am
you guys are such terrific fans. tell us why you should chose you to be a fan of the week. >> you're getting a trip to the krib yans. if you don't like us, lie, you could win a trip. make a song. >> did i just suggest people lie? see how you are, see the affect you're having on me? >> you did that on your own. >> i am stunned. >> bobby's buzzing with some red hot fall trends to ease you into the season. >> and how much should you be saving every month for retirement? suzeorman. >> no. oh no. [ man ] i think this is a good time to tell you: you're doing okay, mom. i can call you "mom," right? i know we haven't known each other very long, but you seem like a real keeper. you're not perfect. but you're trying. anyway, i want you to know how much i appreciate you.
10:12 am
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that's used along with diet and exercise to lower blood sugar in adults with type 2 diabetes. invokana® is a once-daily pill that works around the clock to help lower a1c. here's how: the kidneys allow sugar to be absorbed back into the body. invokana® reduces the amount of sugar allowed back in, and sends some sugar out through the process of urination. and while it's not for weight loss, it may help you lose some weight. invokana® can cause important side effects, including dehydration, which may cause some people to have loss of body water and salt. this may also cause you to feel dizzy, faint, lightheaded, or weak especially when you stand up. other side effects may include kidney problems, genital yeast infections, urinary tract infections, changes in urination, high potassium in the blood, or increases in cholesterol. do not take invokana® if you have severe kidney problems or are on dialysis or if allergic to invokana® or its ingredients. symptoms of allergic reaction may include rash,
10:14 am
swelling, difficulty breathing or swallowing. if you experience any of these symptoms, stop taking invokana® and call your doctor right away or go to the nearest hospital. tell your doctor about any medical conditions, medications you are taking, and if you have kidney or liver problems. using invokana® with a sulfonylurea or insulin may increase risk of low blood sugar. it's time. lower your blood sugar with invokana®. imagine loving your numbers. ask your doctor about invokana®. the older we get, the more we start or it worry about whether we have enough saved up for retirement. but the realtime to start thinking about that is when you're young. how much should you put away and what should you you have in your
10:15 am
nest feg you're a boomer? >> here with all the answers is suze orman. it's very popular as you are, okay. >> did you just hear the opening of the show you said that the time to start saving is when you are young, hoda. >> it was in the copy. >> okay. >> still young compared to frank. i mean, it's never too late to start. >> yeah, everything has changed. the way, i mean my mom worked for years, she's able to retirement and they have a great retirement program, but a lot of people don't have that. >> here's the difference, years ago when you retired, you did, you got a pension, paid your health insurance, things weren't as expensive as they are now. today you have to fund your retirement, you have to pay your health insurance, today the cost of school, education, everything is so out of sight that if you do not start saving for retirement when you are young -- >>ish. >>ish. >> and vibrant and have a great job. >> you're going to really have to work. the other thing is we're all
10:16 am
living longer, you guys. do you know that the average length of life was 65 when they first brought out social security? they never expected people to live long enough to collect social security. >> if you can wait until you're 70 to retire, and then start collecting, most people are going to have to work, this is not me with anything, i'm just delivering what i think is true, i think most people are going to have to work until at least 70 and shouldn't probably take social security until 70. >> full-time? >> wow. >> this could help people. myself included. okay. when you're starting out in your 20s, how much should you stock away per month if you want to save for retirement and in your 20s, you're not thinking about retirement, you're thinking about buying a car. >> the key is the sooner you begin, the more the money has to compound which means it earns more the more you will have. you start in the 20s and stay until you're 65 and do $500 a month. you would have about $1.8 million. >> is that enough? >> it could very easily generate
10:17 am
$90 thours tax-free especially in a roth or something like that. could you live on 90,000, only if your expenses are not high. >> right. >> it's always about those expenses. >> is the 401k good enough. a lot of people invest, they max it out. >> most don't know semi-truck a 401k and ira. me personally, i would only have a roth if your company offers it. i would only invest up to the point of the match, they give you a dollar, you put in a dollar, they give you 50 cents, after 6% they don't match. then do a roth ira if you qualify because you do not want to pay taxes later on when you withdraw it. >> you've paid taxes to get the money to put to invest. >> now let it grow tax-free. >> if you're 30 and you start saving $500, those of our viewers. >> remember you started innier 20s and now 1.8 million. let's say you start at 30. and you do 35 years, you're only
10:18 am
going to have like $900,000. that's 50% less. only 10 years, 50% less. >> how are you going to train kids who want to have the new cards clothes. >> that trip. >> it's not the new kids today. the kids are understanding. they are seeing their parents suffer. you know that the main people that are calling into the suze orman are saying i'm worried about my parents, they're in their 50u6 now. what am i, chopped liver? and they are all worried that their parents spending credit card debt that they won't stop and so the kids are learning not to be like their parents. >> it's too late in your how or 50s? >> it's not too late. >> when you are in your 80s. >> so what should you be doing in your 40s and 50s. >> your main goal rather than saving, obviously always up to the point of the match, if you have a mortgage, and you're going to stay in that house. make sure it is paid off by the
10:19 am
time you retire. >> yeah. >> okay. >> good advice. >> who knows what milk's going to cost. >> who knows. >> if anything, it's unbelievable. suze, you're so smart. >> you're smarter than us. >> i'm not. >> new season of the show premiers october 4th. >> that's what i call a hit show. >> don't spend any of the retirement money on decor. how to reinvent. we mark it fine. >> and bobby thomas gets us mad for plaid. the looks for fall after this. ar car insurance companies? yes. but you're progressive and they're them. -yes. -but they're here. -yes. -are you... -there? -yes. -no. -are you them? i'm me. but the lowest rate is from them. -yes. -so them's best rate is... here. so where are them? -aren't them here? -i already asked you that. -when? -feels like a while ago. want to take it from the top? rates for us and them. now that's progressive. call or click today.
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10:23 am
the gun metal nail polish color, but also a really dark red or very -- >> i know. >> everything looks gorgeous on bobbie. that's the problem. it sold out the first round and its now being restocked. and of course, you see wet and wild at the drugstore, great price point, you can pucker up to these deep colors. >> plaids, girl. >> nothing says fall like glad. >> this season, you're really going to see it everywhere. from bags to blazers and even this, what i love, are these oversize oversized things. these are essentially like oversized blanket. >> it's like a poncho. >> they're reversible, only about $30. >> cozy. >> at century 21, shop online, it's so pretty. >> right, and you can belt them if you want to make them slim, but if you add policeman, you
10:24 am
take a summer dress and it looks fall. lulu's and the scarf. >> i love that. >> last but not least, i have to rave about suede. suede has come back thanks to the retro looks on the runway. and there's nothing that screams fall like suede too. i love it. >> look at you. oh my god. i'm kind of into this. >> i love it. it's adorable. and last but not least, i have to give a head's up, stoourtd really created this category trenld of the riding boot that goes over the knee. now he's a great designer, the price point $49.95. you can get the look at dsw. you can try it -- >> and that's for two. >> can you believe this, there are seven colors. and you can get flats, oerg is online. >> thank you, baby. >> more signs you may need therapy. >> and our favorite guy is back, we have some tips, coming up after your local news. my budget used to be a real downer, even when we needed stuff for the home. i was a negative nancy.
10:25 am
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if you can clear a table without lifting a finger, you may be muddling through allergies. try zyrtec® for powerful allergy relief. and zyrtec® is different than claritin® because it starts working faster on the first day you take it. zyrtec®. muddle no more™. this week, save up to $10 on zyrtec® products. see sunday's newspaper. good morning i'm vai sikahema. let's get right to meteorologist brittney shipp. what a great day to start out of weekend. >> that's right. mike your friday evening plans.
10:27 am
less humidity today. cooler temperature u.s. a live look at cape may where conditions are in the high 60s. 67 for philadelphia. 64 in pottstown. 54 at mount pocono. dover, 67 degrees. as we head into the rest of today, we will be well below the average. the average is 80. today, 74 to 77. >> thank you. the philadelphia school budget crisis, a hrally will be held at 4:00. organizers say they will protest the governor's education cuts. the rally will reach out to corbett with an invitation for him to meet with the demonstrators. delaware could be the next state afflicted with a virus. a dozen kids are in the hospital. the lab work has been sent to the centers for disease control which is testing for the virus. results are expected in a week. an annual walk to raise
10:28 am
breast cancer awareness is under way in our region. walkers have begun their 60-mile trek. the walk across montgomery county and philadelphia will end sunday at the philadelphia navy yard. a full hour of news coming up in 30 minutes. you can always get the latest news and weather on send you back to the "today" show.
10:29 am
10:30 am
we're back with more on "today" on this friday. it's time for the love and dating views. >> when our resident male advisor answers your relationship questions. he is "today" contributor and host of iheart kansas radio. hath you, hello. >> hi. >> yes, it is. >> all right, our first question comes from an e-mail from becca, she says i dated a guy that recently got out of a three year relationship. the idea of being his rebound is stressing me out. i'm ready for a serious long-term relationship and i don't want to waste my time. am i overthinking this? say something to him, what should i do? >> i think every woman wants a man who knows himself. one of the things that in a strange way i admired about george clooney is at least he was honest. least he said it, and i think so
10:31 am
many women are used to dealing with men that are not honest. if he's still hung up on it, you at least need to know. how are you going to know, ask him why they broke up. what was it? it was about the person, the good question is was it to do with the woman you're with or the stage of your life? well it's a bit of both, which one it was more of. so busy with work. then you know those excuses are the common denominator. you have to talk to him about that and get to know him. >> but it might be a way of keeping the relationship from going deeper. >> it's just convenient for him to say, i'm really not over it. he may be over her. >> that's what men do. the wounded card. i'm so heart. >> i want to have a sexual relationship with you, but i don't want you to take it seriously. >> ice god because you can have it both ways. >> we're on to you now. >> okay, now we have a skype question from ashley. ashley, what's your question?
10:32 am
>> hi, i'm ashley. i'm 26 years old, and matthew, i've heard you say that it's public to meet men everywhere we go, well, i'm always holding my head up, always smiling, i have a positive attitude, i like to let people know i'm into it, how do i get guys my age to go past just text messaging and asking me out? >> good question. >> okay. every guy wants that combination of being able to chase you, but also feeling like he's going to get a yes somewhere in the process. you don't want to be too easy, but not too difficult. just smiling and positive attitude won't do. i remember very recently i was walk tlaug hotel lobby with three guy friends, and there was a group of women walking in the other direction, and a couple of them smiled, and they gave us every sign that they wanted us to talk to them. and we still didn't. >> why? why didn't you? >> because we're idiots. we're guys. we go they probablimented to talk to us. >> here's what they did do,
10:33 am
walked past and one of them turned around and said, in her head i said i'm going to give it one extra thing. she went where are you guys going? and just saying where are you guys going, we walked straight back, talked to them, we ended up spending the night and having a great time. not like that, hoda. >> you have a very steady -- >> no, it wasn't like that. >> no, or yeah you do? >> chose your words carefully. >> this is the problem with men and women and the relationships. that's the point, they went that slight extra mile. and i always say, just go one millimeter further than you normally would and you'll be surprised what the results are. >> go for it, sweetie. >> thank you. >> we have one last question from kathleen, i volunteer with a guy, and i like him and want to get to know him better. what should i do to take the next step? one who she's friendly with outside of work? >> i volunteer with the guy. with this guy, first you want to start talking to him, but a nice way would be to call out the fact that you don't know each
10:34 am
other well. look and say we never really talk. i don't know anything about you. and then, just in line with what we said, give him that hint that you like him a little bit. >> but don't say should we go get coffee? >> no. i recall we never speak. it's like this cute guy over here, and we don't know each anything about it. she thinks i'm cute, it's perceived, and then he keeps going. >> thank you matthew. >> you're so welcome. >> if you'd like matthew to answer your questions, head to our web and hit the connect button. danny's in the house which means the house will never be the same again. >> guess who else, joe with fall's biggest trends. and you own this one, i bet. >> right after this. hungry for the best? it's eb. want to give your family the very best in taste, freshness, and nutrition? it's eb. want to give them more vitamins, omega 3s, and less saturated fat? it's eb. eggland's best eggs. eb's.
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and prevent plaque, early gum disease and bad breath. complete the job with listerine®. power to your mouth™. also try listerine® floss. its advanced technology removes more plaque. mason jars have been around as long as i have, maybe longer, since the 1850s. >> that was good. >> thank you. >> lately we've been seeing a lot of them used as design
10:39 am
accents everywhere from weddings to catalogs. here with ideas is the editor and chief of the naturally danny seal magazine which is a huge hit. congratulations. >> thanks, oh no. i bow to you, thanks to you. >> because you came on our show. >> i think so. >> fascinating. >> you are like oprah light. >> that could be translated so many ways. we're going to forget you said that. >> i'll redeem myself, look at these. you talked about the jars. >> mason jars. if you look, you can make these marquee wise. i did an h and k, drill a hole, couple of screws, energy efficient lights, and it's adorable. >> that's cute. >> in a college dorm or something. >> yeah. >> like really, really cute. >> so what. >> so we've talked about like these jars, because usually for the last 130 years, the ball jar has been around for cans jams and jellies. now a third are actually now
10:40 am
being used for crafting purposes. >> oh wow. >> because they're just charming. >> they're cute. >> i love them. >> we have a garden here basically. if you take the jar, the way is to plant a succulent garden. basically anything that's -- >> they don't need as much moisture. >> exactly. and this is a great thing to hang like in a bathroom because the hunldty from your shower -- >> should be enough. >> to keep them alive. >> you're a genius. >> i don't believe i'm saying that, you're a genius. >> how does it stay up on the wall? >> you need a hose clamp. you'll find this in the plumbing section. twist to open it. >> tighten it on the top. >> genius. that's very, very cute. >> one and done. now this, this is another flea market staple that you can find. these are old keys. and if you come here, i have tools -- >> oh genius, danny. >> you wonder how the bend the key. take your needle nose ply, hold it tight, and take the other clamp that you have here and you
10:41 am
just, very carefully, you fwend up. you see what i'm doing here? >> bend it like beckham. >> mind bent. oh my gosh. oh gosh. >> i think it's the first time we've all successfully done something together. >> but this is so cute though. look. >> yeah, it's adorable. >> we're going to keep with the bending theme. maps arage kuwaited now, they are so cute. why not just wrap them over your book. >> i used to love to wrap my books in school. >> did you do construction paper? >> yeah. >> easy, we're going to bend more things. >> okay. >> and we're going to bend them just like the key. but this time, i want you to sort of bend them like this, and you see the lights in french, we're going to make a beautiful spoon light. so they're hanging right down there. >> there it is, right on the monitor. >> basically what i do is i just sort of wrap the spoons all the way around and around and around
10:42 am
the light fixture. and then we take a little bit of wire and put this. and like floral design. again, think about old spoons, things with like embellishments. >> and not matchy matchy. >> i think it's better when it's different. >> here we go. >> sand paper. >> i'm not like the sos pad. >> think about the really ugly vases you get, like cheap florists, spray print them, then to age them, take this, and you rub. you see what i'm doing. >> yeah. >> and it gives it this old instant -- >> see, i thought this was the finished one. >> that's for you. >> i thought that was the good one. >> no, if you want to be modern and cool, but look at this. >> antique style. >> because we're celebrating the canning jar. >> that's nice. >> danny, i don't believe it, it's a home run. way to go, buddy. good to see you. >> the new jeter. >> well you're jeter-like. it's time to work on your
10:43 am
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10:47 am
fashion week just wrapped up here in new york city and one of the biggest troends come off -- trends to come off the runways was something enough your closets. >> you know what it is. >> it's a classic white button down shirt. >> again? >> the shirt of new life. >> darling. >> you know i love they're hot again because i love being able to shop in your closet. and we saw this all over the runway for spring. and i'm going to show you how to wear them now in fall. top designer showing them, like in ways we wouldn't wear in the runway. >> men like to see it best -- >> lingerie. >> we have something of that kind of look that you wrap. >> 2000. >> yeah. >> they should have shown the whole part. >> uh-huh. >> there were a few legs in there too.
10:48 am
>> anyway, nothing is hotter than wearing it as lingerie, but so i'm going to add as we go along. this is melody. and what we did is this is a casual look. wear it pair with pear of leggings, throw on a sweater, belt, hat, and then add a great tote. mix brown and black, love that as well. fab oversized glasses from old navy as well. and access pris. >> cute. >> and you're ready to go. >> so cute. >> that's casual. >> thank you. carmen. >> isn't this great weekend? how adorable is this? now you put it under the sweater, but you see the cuffs, tops, especially if you have a bigger backside, carmen does not, but this is the way to do it in a secretive way. add a necklace if you want another touch. loving this necklace and a clutch. >> and a black shoe because there's a lot going on. it evens it out. >> very cute. >> what is lauren wearing? >> elegant. >> lauren is going from day tonight. you're in your cubicle and you
10:49 am
have your work outfite, then you are going out on a hot date. you have the neckless on, blazer off, and then you just add a clutch. >> got it. >> you could pull. >> she's just standing there, everyone's all over here. >> then you add a clutch and she's ready. >> as a wrap. i didn't have that, see. and then this -- >> excuse us. hello. >> this is cocktail hour. now i wore this to an affair, this is out my of closet and it was leek everybody said you look dynamite. >> it remind me so much of when sharon stone did that at the academy awards. >> watt j. crew. >> then you add a clutch and a great necklace. then you go from day -- >> so beautiful. >> $49. that's from a vintage shop a million years ago. >> nice job, jill. >> you are awesome. >> thank you. do you handle stress? we don't have any. impulse shopping or mindless
10:50 am
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10:53 am
all right. used to be if you saw a therapist you kept it hush hush, over the years, seeking help has become talked about just like going to the gym is. >> and recommending it is no longer taboo, or jerry seinfeld didn't think so when he suggested therapy to george. >> you need help, regular psychiatrist couldn't help you. you need to go to like vienna or something. you need to get involved at the university level, like where freud studied and have people looking at you. that's the kind of help you need. not the once a week for 80 bigs, you need a team. >> how do you know when it's time and if it's really working. >> here with insight is the
10:54 am
michael list, the clinical psychologist. >> we love it when you come because you give really good advice. >> yeah, you're smart. when is it right to see a therapist? i think there are people who find themselves in broken relationships or lost a loved one or something like that -- >> struggling. >> you need something. when should you go? >> it's when you see repeating patterns like i've done this before, i've had this fight before. or the same relationship over and over again. like, i daylighted this man -- dated this man before. he had a mustache last time, now it's not working. or if you find yourself going back to the same patterns. if off bad day at work and you always hit the bars hard or you always do retail therapy to the point where you've got big credit card bills. >> i think people think, i have a good friend or sister or husband or somebody, i don't need a shrink. i'm fine with that. is that sometimes enough? >> sometimes it is, but, the
10:55 am
value of having a therapist is someone that's outside of your circle of friends. because imagine that you're disclosing something really personal to a friend, you go like about a boyfriend or something like that, and you go on a double date with that person, how uncomfortable because you've talked about your boyfriend. having therapist is someone that is outside of your sucker m, but also that's -- outside of your circle, but also someone that's trained. >> do some people use it as basically to fill the void of a loneliness in their life. say they don't have friends and all of the sudden, their psychiatrist becomes the one person that listens to them. but that's unhealthy as well, isn't it? >> absolutely. sort of a dependence on therapy. if you find you're always going to your therapist and you need to ask them before you make any decisions. that's a red flag that it's time to -- >> that's neurooutic. >> what do you know its worked? what when are you cured? >> i have friends still going, i'm like you're still going, it's like years after the fact. when is it over?
10:56 am
>> that's a great question. i think the thing has to do with action. you know, insight into your problems is helpful, but it's about action. if you're doing something different in your life to make changes that are significant, that's how you know that therapy is working. and if you're not taking action in your life, then it's probably time to consider something else. >> are there problems that you have to carry? you think about people, i mean these are big things, people been through world war ii, big, big, big things that you can't untangle. like certain tragedies in life, you just have to carry and be a productive person, don't you sometime? >> you do. >> you can't fix it. >> you can't fix those experiences, but what you can do is transform those into something for other people. so for example, if you take --away, like help other people been through similar experiences or make an art out of something or writing about it can be helpful for other people. >> and finding the right therapist isn't always easy. how do you know who to go to? >> you know, i think it has to do with fits. you know, having the initials at
10:57 am
the end of your name does not make you good. it's about who you are -- >> same thing with any doctor. >> that's right. >> just show up, meet them, and find out. >> and keep trying. it's like i think about it like dating. you wouldn't necessarily marry the first person you started dating. and the same thing with a therapist, if it doesn't feel right, keep going. >> ultimately, you should end, then not just pay their rent for the rest of their lives. >> that's right. >> thank you, good to see you. >> next week, jada pinkett smith will be with us. >> and what a, wow. guess who else? your boyfriend craig ferguson. >> and bryce dallas howard will be here. >> everyone has a story, and have we got one for you, have an awesome weekend everybody. see you on monday.
10:58 am
to prove a point about internet speeds, we slowed down an up escalator. this is crazy i don't get it, this one is working ladies, shouldn't up be as fast as down?
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right now at 11:00 a.m., breaking news in to nbc 10. we have learned there's a verdict in trial of a philadelphia woman charged with kidnapping and sexually abusing a 5-year-old girl. we just got the word from the courtroom that a verdict has been reached in this case. nbc 10's monique braxton live outside the courthouse. what can you fell us? >> reporter: right now, we are waiting for the reading of the verdict. i can tell you that 12 jurors spent an hour behind closed doors this morning. they deliberated for five hours yesterday. there are seven women, five men on that jury team. they have told the court they have reached a verdict.