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tv   NBC 10 News at 6am  NBC  September 14, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. >> the manhunt is growing in the poconos after an ambush claims the life of a pennsylvania state trooper. help is coming from all across the region to track down the killer or killers. what a great morning for a bike ride or run down the shore. here's a live look at beach avenue in cape may. it is a little bit chilly out there right now, but the sun will warm things up by the afternoon. good morning, and welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. it's 6:00 on this sunday. let's get right to the forecast with meteorologist tedd florendo. and tedd, it seems like it's just a matter of time before we really start to see the leaves
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change color. >> yeah, no kidding. one thing's for sure, my neighborhood has a lot of leaves already on the ground and the streets. this week, it's going to feel a lot like fall, and especially today, too. one thing, though, the good news is the rain is out of here, and another gorgeous morning with plenty of sunshine as you wake up right now. take a look, you can see the sunrise this morning, but we are waking up to chilly temperatures. alantown, only 51 degrees for you right now. 54 in philly. atlantic city at the airport there, 57 for stone harbor, and 53 for dover. when you step outside, it is a little chilly this morning, but no worries. we will warm things up, but we're still going to stay below average for our temperatures. in fact, look how much cooler we are right now than we were yesterday at this time. in some cases, up to 11 degrees cooler than yesterday. so your backyard forecast, here's how it's there.
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notice we don't have any clouds because we're going to be sunny today. 67 degrees at noon. light winds. 72 for a high. sunny, and nice. still below average. low humidity for the day today. and light winds. so get out there and enjoy. there are some changes for the upcoming week. we'll talk more on that coming up in your full forecast in just a few minutes, rosemary. >> all right, thank you, tedd. a manhunt continues this morning after two pennsylvania state troopers were shot during an ambush. one trooper was killed. the other was critically wounded. nbc 10's monique braxton is live in the digital operations center with an update on the search. and monique, a number of law enforcement agencies are now involved in this. >> that's right, rosemary. no doubt folks in the poconos will not miss the heavy police presence there. we're being told that officers from three different states are working on the manhunt. catching the killer, hopefully, of corporal byron dixon. dixon was a seven-year veteran of the force. he had recently worked in
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pennsylvania. he was killed friday night when he and another trooper were ambushed outside the barracks in a rural part of pike county. trooper alex douglas is in critical but stable condition. we're being told he has also undergone surgery. new york, new jersey, and pennsylvania agencies are searching for the gunman at this hour. corporal dixon worked in philadelphia and was transferred up to pike county several months ago. state police hope a reward offered will lead someone to speak up. >> the pennsylvania state police threw pennsylvania crime stoppers is prepared to offer up to a $20,000 reward for any information leading to the arrest and conviction of an individual responsible for this crime. if anyone has information, you can contact our homesdale station or call 1-800-4-pa-tips and crime stoppers will answer that call and provide the information on to the pennsylvania state police.
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we hope that if someone out there has some piece of information that might be helpful, that they will come forward. >> dixon was married, had two sons. state police are warning residents that a dangerous armed man is in the neighborhood. he could still be in the area. so they need to exercise caution. also, state police say later this morning, they will be releasing information. in the next half-hour, we're working to talk to some of the residents who are seeing police from several jurisdictions throughout their neighborhood. live for now in the doc, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, monique. pennsylvania governor tom corbett called the attack an attack on our state, country, and civilized society. >> one who is sworn to guard and protect us was shot in cold blood coming out of work at the end of his shift. another trooper was shot, wounded, in the hospital. and i hope the people of pennsylvania will keep those two
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troopers in their prayers and the family of those two troopers. >> the governor is urging residents who may have information about the shooting to call police. that number to call is 1-866-326-7256. you can count on nbc 10 and for complete coverage of this deadly shooting at the police barracks. now to the isis threat, and some news overseas. this morning, secretary of state john kerry is in paris for a global conference aimed at dealing with isis and other islamic extremist groups. kerry arrived from cairo last night. kerry says e jimt has a critical role to play. egypt is expected to help the u.s. with logistics and intelligence in its fight against isis militants in the middle east. richard engel has more from iraq. >> reporter: social media websites often used by isis have released a new video and it
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appears to show the beheading of a british aide worker, david hawthorne haines. he's reading a statement and it looks like so many of the other videos that we've seen just like it. he's dressed in orange, a militant wearing a ski mask is standing next to him. the militants appear to be egging on the united states and great britain to get involved in this fight. the united states is currently trying to build a coalition against isis. and isis apparently feels it can survive air strikes, that there is not an effective ground force, and isis gave a lot of prestige by picking a fight with the united states, picking a fight with a superpower. just a few months ago, isis was a relatively small, not very well-known group. now it has a global brand. it attracts recruits. a few years ago, militants, aspiring terrorists wanted to associate themselves with al
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qaeda. now, many of them have ditched al qaeda and they want to be like isis. richard engel, nbc news, erbil, iraq. >> the isis threat will be up for discussion this morning on nbc's "meet the press." chuck todd will talk with current and former white house officials. that comes your way this morning at 10:30 right here on nbc 10. today, people from eastern europe who live in the philadelphia region will come together for a demonstration against russian aggression in ukraine. the rally will happen at 2:00 this afternoon on independence mall next to the independence visitors center. the event will include speakers from the georgian, jewish, latvian, lithuanian and polish communities. cease-fire in eastern ukraine has mostly held since september 5th but there's been sporadic artillery fire. that's been the case this weekend in donetsk where heavy fire could be heard and plumes of smoke were visible over the airport, which is in the hands of the ukrainian government. most of the city of donetsk,
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though, is controlled by pro-russian separatist rebels. next, there's new video out this morning from ferguson, missouri, and it could help prove that teenager michael brown had his hands up when a police officer shot him. plus, the ebola virus is showing no signs of slowing down. what medical experts say they need most to stop the deadly disease from spreading.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> there's that sun we know and love. looking good out there. here's a live look over center city. a little bit breezy. temperatures are in the low to mid 50s in the city. they will warm up into the 70s, but looking at the seven-day forecast, we're not going to get into the 80s any time soon and we should be this time of year, so we'll definitely have to keep our eye on it and we'll give you more details in the forecast.
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new cell phone video could back up claims that michael brown had his hands in the air when a police officer shot him to death last month. here's the video showing two landscapers working near the street where brown was shot. you can hear a man's voice in the video saying "he had his hands up." at the same moment, one of the workers raises his hands in the air. what other witnesses said about brown surrendering before he was killed. the u.s. justice department is now investigating this video. yesterday, family, friends, and suppers of michael brown demanded the arrest of the police officer who shot and killed him. dozens of demonstrators marched outside of a st. louis county jail. officer darren wilson was suspended from the force. he remains in hiding, though, because of threats against his life. to the ebola threat in africa. the world health organization is urging more international health workers to come to west africa to help contain the deadly virus. hundreds of medical experts and
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international relief workers are trying to contain the outbreak in the region. the w.h.o. estimates that there are nearly 5,000 cases throughout the west african region and local medical teams are overwhelmed as the number of cases continues to increase. officials in saudi arabia, meantime, have introduced a new ebola screening program as the country prepares to receive three million pilgrims taking part, many of whom will be traveling from nigeria. medical workers wore full protective clothing as they checked all passengers upon arrival at the airport. researchers uncover new information about the link between down syndrome and alzheimer's disease. how this new discovery could get us closer to a cure. another cool day today, and at least we're saying goodbye to all that rain. we're going to start off with sunshine this morning, and guess what. the sun is going to be around all day today. how warm will it get? i'll let you know when we come
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i'm john kane now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist tedd florendo. >> no wet streets this morning, that is for sure, but it is a little chilly outside. at the art museum, it is quiet, tranquil this morning. it's still a little early this hour. the winds staying rather calm, but the temperatures are a different story, as we are starting off a little on the chilly side this morning, especially down in allentown. 51 degrees. cloudy skies for the lehigh valley. it's going to change a little later on today. northeast philly also at 51. 53 for millville. some other numbers to show you.
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pottstown at 50. millville 53 degrees. 50 even for you in wilmington this morning. so if you step outside, some of you might need a light jacket this morning. others, maybe they like it, right? at least we're not into the mid 30s. at least not yet, right? relative humidity shows it's at 83%, but it's going to drop big-time for the day today. i'm seeing dew points down to 41 degrees this afternoon, so it looks like we're going to have a very comfortable day today. yeah, we'll be in the 70s, but at least the humidity will remain low, too. so yesterday we're at 72 degrees. the reason i'm showing you this is this is where we should be this time of the year. about 80 degrees. notice most of the week staying below 80 degrees. 76 is our surge for tomorrow. then we drop a little more on tuesday and wednesday, and still stay in the 70s later on in the week. so it's definitely going to be one of those weeks it's going to
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feel a lot like fall. the rain out of here. that's pushed out to sea right now. now we've got dry conditions up and down the atlantic seaboard. this goes all the way up to new york, all the way to beantown, boston, the great lakes region. high pressure working its way in. basically what that is is sinking air and clears the skies, clears the atmosphere. that's why we're not going to see any rainfall for the day today. one place that is going to get the rain is down towards the desert southwest again. the atlantic seems quiet at this time, so we're still watching that. but the eastern pacific has been very active. this is hurricane odile now. it's going to lose its steam, but there's cabo san lucas down there. this is the gulf of california here and it's going to surge all its moisture up to the desert southwest. they're already battered with the flash flooding. they're going to get more of that midweek and also later on in the week. so they will definitely have to watch for more flash flooding
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later in the week. 58 degrees at 8:00 a.m. sunny and cool this morning. noontime, still cool, 66 degrees. you'll see fewer clouds as the day progresses, and we've got plenty of sunshine. so nice later on for the day today. like i said, the humidity is going to stay real low for the day. another nice day for monday. tuesday is a little iffy because we've got some showers, especially in the morning and more clouds in the morning, but that's it, because after that, we're back to sunny, cool conditions. 72, 73 degrees. like i said, no 80s this week. we stay cool as we also head towards the end of the week. not a bad week at all, rosemary. >> only see one day with showers on there. i'll take it. thank you, tedd. pakistan's army is getting creative these days in their efforts to stop serious flood waters. they're using explosives. soldiers blasted a levy to redirect the flow of water that's threatening to cause even more damage in that country. recent rains and floods have
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killed nearly 300 people in pakistan and injured hundreds more. flood waters have washed away many villages, affecting more than two million people in the country. now to health news. researchers say they have found a link between down syndrome and alzheimer's disease. as kyle dyer reports, their studies are pointing them to a possible cure, even a way to prevent alzheimer's in most adults. >> among the most exciting time in biomedical research there has ever been. >> reporter: top scientists have discovered a definite link between down syndrome and alzheimer's disease. >> as people with down syndrome got older and they didn't used to get older, but they do now. they got old enough to get alzheimer's disease. >> reporter: tom blumenthal and hunt potter are overseeing ground breaking research. among their inspiration, the faces of children they see in
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photographs in the hallways. >> the best thing we could possibly do for them is to eliminate alzheimer's disease. >> reporter: blumenthal and potter will tell lawmakers in washington that to find a cure for alzheimer's, more research needs to be done into down syndrome, which is caused by an extra copy of the 21st chromosome and they say that extra copy has the gene that causes alzheimer's. >> we could add a drug[ that would prevent the -- what looks like a chain of events from starting and ending in dementia. >> reporter: how close are they to finding that drug? well, it appears pretty close. >> we discovered that people with rheumatoid arthritis make a protein, release it into the blood that seems to protect them. so the mice that are given this protein don't get alzheimer's disease and now we're starting a clinical trial to see if this protein can prevent alzheimer's disease in typical people. >> reporter: they're testing a
6:21 am
drug which is currently taken by people after bone marrow transplants. >> that was kyle dyer reporting. not everybody who wants to be part of this trial is going to qualify. right now, scientists are looking for those who have no other medical issues aside from the alzheimer's disease. it may take up to five years for some solid results from these studies. technically, the summer season isn't even over yet, but in some places, it's beginning to look a lot like christmas. many stores have their holiday displays up and they say it's all because of you.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> at 6:23 this morning, here is
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a live look at center city from our camera at the adventure aquarium. looking good out there. clear blue skies. looking a lot like friday. what a great day that was. fortunately we had that rain yesterday, but that has pushed out of here. we won't see any rain, at least for a couple more days. temperatures in the low to mid 50s. we will warm up into the 70s. the calendar says it's still officially like summer. it is beginning to look a little bit like christmas, though, in some retail stores. they're trying to entice holiday shoppers. here's nbc's kerry sanders with more. >> reporter: you're probably a lot like me. really? christmas shopping this early? but if you head out to the stores, you're going to see that the displays like this are already going up, or as is the case here at robert's winter wonderland in clearwater, florida, the displays never come down. these have been up continuously for 41 years.
6:25 am
retailers like k-mart, wal-mart, and hobby lobby say the reason holiday displays are up is simply a response to customer demand. >> i love christmas. >> reporter: donna is already out buying for her grandson and this is for christmas? >> along with his check. >> reporter: and this goes on the tree? >> the tree. >> reporter: 20% of all americans have already started their christmas shopping, and by halloween, that number is expected to double. >> $600 billion is on the line, so if you're a retailer and you are in the holiday space, you want to get in front of 40% of americans who are ready to shop right now. >> it's too early for christmas. so just to be clear, this is not a christmas commercial. >> reporter: in a nod to those who groan, this gets earlier every year. >> merry birthday, everyone. >> reporter: this year, americans are carrying more debt on their credit cards than they have in six years. $28 billion. one reason why major retailers
6:26 am
have started holiday layaway plans earlier. the national retail federation says the average american will spend $536 on gifts this year. >> i think the iphone 6 is beginning to be on the list. >> reporter: for adults, there are 104 shopping days left. but for kids -- is today christmas? >> yeah. >> reporter: today? >> yeah. >> reporter: christmas is always just around the corner. >> reporter: christmas is in four minutes? >> yep. >> reporter: four minutes from now? >> yep. >> reporter: and gifts are always in season. >> i want a dress. >> i want a little pony. >> reporter: what do you want for christmas? >> reporter: those kids are adorable. so when i asked them individually what they wanted, the boys want legos and the girls, aside from the one who
6:27 am
told me she wanted a pony, they all seemed to say they wanted something from "frozen." so getting the elsa doll from "frozen" right now, easy. as you get closer to christmas, well, you're on your own. kerry sanders, nbc news, clearwater, florida. this is nbc 10 news.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> this morning, the search is on for the gunman who shot two pennsylvania state troopers, killing one of them. we're expecting to hear from state police a little bit later on today. and another incident, a driver is under arrest after slamming into the trooper's cruiser. let's head outside now for a live look down the shore at cape may. looking good out there.
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the weekend will end on a much brighter note than yesterday with blue skies and plenty of sunshine. good morning and welcome back to nbc 10 news today. i'm rosemary connors. it's 6:30 on this sunday. meteorologist tedd florendo is tracking the sunny and cool conditions outside. i almost thought when i was driving into work, i saw frost on some of the cars. i couldn't have been right. >> reporter: not yet. definitely some cool conditions for sure, but definitely no frost as of yet. and we're happy about that, right? if you step outside this morning, some of you may need a light jacket, depending on where you're at. currently in the 50s in center city. as we take a look outside right now, isn't that a gorgeous shot? no clouds out there, at least very few clouds. as i promised you on my twitter, things will clear up, and of course, they have outside. temperatures at this hour on the cool side, but we have some fog also developing. at redding, visibility down to about three miles. elsewhere, doesn't look too bad
6:31 am
this morning. temperatures, like we said, are the big story. 51 degrees for allentown. 56 in redding. 54 for philadelphia. atlantic city at 51 degrees. a cool start to a morning. typically we start off the morning around 52 degrees. not the case at this hour. very few clouds out there. most hugging the poconos and the lehigh valley, but we'll say goodbye to those as the day progresses here. your forecast today, 67 at noon. 71 degrees right around the high today with plenty of sun and low humidity for our sunday. couldn't ask for anything more. more on your forecast and what to expect the rest of the week when we come back in your first alert forecast. >> thanks, we'll check back with you soon. new this morning, philadelphia police are looking for the man who crashed his rental car into another car. this happened around 1:45 this morning on columbus boulevard in old city. police tell us the driver of the rental car hit the second car, then crashed into the stone
6:32 am
foundation. the driver of that rental car fled the scene. two women inside of the second car are in serious but stable condition. we're working to find out the condition of a third passenger from that car. we'll keep you posted. also new this morning, the driver of an suv is under arrest after slamming into the back of a pennsylvania state police cruiser. the crash also involved a third vehicle. this happened in the eastbound lanes of i-76 at montgomery drive. traffic was blocked until crews could clear the scene early this morning. the trooper was taken to the hospital for a minor injury. authorities say the driver who struck that cruiser was under the influence. this morning, the search continues for the gunman or other people involved who opened fire on two pennsylvania state troopers. one was killed, the other was critically wounded. nbc 10's monique braxton is live in the digital operations center with an update on the operation and manhunt. >> we have been following the exhaustive search for the gunman
6:33 am
overnight. federal and state police are looking for the person who killed state police corporal brian dixon. now, dixon, according to state police, was ambushed along with another trooper friday night outside the barracks in a rural part of pike county. dixon died. trooper alex douglas underwent surgery. tonight he's listed in critical, but stable condition. we went along with new york, new jersey, and pennsylvania police as they stopped cars. investigators tell us they're also interviewing several people. they're warning pocono residents a dangerous armed person is out there. >> they could literally be anywhere. >> it puts a scare in you. i feel for the safety of everybody up in this area. >> corporal dixon is married, father of two children. he worked in the philadelphia barracks until several months ago. in the next couple of hours, state police tell us they will be releasing new information. as soon as we get it, you'll know it. live for now in the doc, monique
6:34 am
braxton, nbc 10 news. >> thanks, monique. we'll look for that update. today one of the victims of a possible hate crime attack in philadelphia is scheduled for surgery. the man was badly beaten on thursday night while he and his gay partner were walking in center city. police are looking for a group of men and women who assaulted the couple. a friend of a witness took this photo of police arriving to help the victim who was seriously hurt. he'll undergo surgery this morning for a fractured jaw and shattered cheekbone. his partner was treated at the hospital and has been released. news overseas. in serbia, police say a german man who took part in a gay rights conference is fighting for his life after being severely beaten. the german ambassador visited the man. a gay and lesbian group say that some young men beat the victim with a glass ashtray. serbia has a history of attacks by far right groups against gay activists.
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now to a developing story on the isis threat. britain's prime minister is calling the isis execution of a british aide worker on video an act of pure evil. you're looking at a still frame from a new video that appears to show the beheading of that worker. prime minister david cameron confirmed the death of david haines, who was abducted in syria last year. his death comes just weeks after isis executed american journalist james foley and steven sotloff. cameron promised to hunt down those responsible for haines's death. the isis threat, of course, is going to be the focus of discussion this morning on nbc's "meet the press." chuck todd will talk with current and former white house officials. that comes your way this morning at 10:30 right here on nbc 10. today in our area, people from eastern europe who live in the philadelphia region will come together for a demonstration against russian aggression in ukraine. the rally will happen at 2:00 this afternoon on independence mall next to the independence visitors center. the event will include speak foreign ministers the georgian,
6:36 am
jewish, latvian, lithuanian and polish community. now to news from harrisburg. tonight, supporters of medical marijuana will hold a candle light vigil at 7:30 and tomorrow morning at 10:00 on the steps of the state capitol building in harrisburg. the rally will focus on senate bill 1182. advocates hope that lawmakers take up the bill when they're back in session tomorrow after they return from their summer break. today marks the finale of the susan g. komen three-day walk to race funding for breast cancer research. nbc 10 caught up with some of the participants. if you saw them out there, i saw them walking on montgomery avenue during the morning and midday yesterday, they had so much energy and they were loving everybody honking their horns. those taking part will walk a total of 60 miles.
6:37 am
the walk finishes up today with a ceremony at the philadelphia navy yard. that happens this afternoon. since its founding in 1982, susan g. komen has funded more than $800 million in breast cancer research. next, a different kind of home invasion. a man walks into his living room and finds a wild animal sleeping in his fireplace.
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6:39 am
this is nbc 10 news. >> imagine coming home to find a coyote sleeping in your fireplace. it was all too real for a homeowner in scottsdale,
6:40 am
arizona. he and a neighbor tried making noise and pointing a gun at the critter to get it to wake up and get out of his house. finally police were called in. they managed to get the coyote into a crate. there's no word on how the animal got into that house in the first place. he definitely didn't come down the chimney, right? i don't think so. he wouldn't have been sleeping at that point. now to some business news. we're going to check in with tyler matheson, who has a preview of what we can expect during the week ahead from wall street. >> reporter: the big event this coming week for wall street is a two-day meeting of the federal reserve and the big questions for policymakers is when they plan on raising benchmark interest rates and by how much and for how long. we should also expect an update on the tapering down of the fed's bond-buying stimulus program. gasoline prices lower, food prices flat. so is inflation in check for american consumers and producers? this week, two reports will show us whether overall prices are rising or falling, and if so, by just how much. another economic report expected to show that home builders are
6:41 am
more confident about their industry right now, with more newly build homes being sold and at higher prices, too. the trump plaza casino in atlantic city going to shut down this week. the fourth casino in the struggling gambling town to fold up this year. the trump taj mahal slated to shut down in november. rez dsidents of scotland wi vote on whether to break away from great britain after 300 years. there's a lot of controversy about how to divide north sea oil revenue and more. and to mark the 20th anniversary of the classic nbc sitcom "friends," a real life version of the show's fake coffee shop, central perk, will open in new york city where the folks at 8:00 coffee will be giving away free cups of java over the next month. that's what friends are for. i'm tyler matheson. get all your business news on
6:42 am
cnbc. philly maikel franco makes his first start in the majors at first base. we'll shotçé you how he did jus ahead in sports. and what a gorgeous day for a phillies game, too. we start off this morning with sunshine. go check it out. you're going to have a gorgeous sunday. i'll have all the details when we come back.
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6:44 am
now your weather with meteorologist tedd florendo. >> the soggy weather now out of here. a good indication of that, we go to the poconos, where it is sunny, it is clear, it is dry. and so will the delaware valley for the day today. grab your sunglasses, because it's going to be one of those
6:45 am
days. here's what to expect for your sunday. we're back to sunshine. i promised it to you yesterday. it's staying on the cool side, though, for the afternoon. comfortable, though. but the morning a little chilly. fall-like pattern, though. this is going to be around not just today, but all of next week, as we are going to stay below average all the way until your weekend. temperatures right now, like we've said, a little on the chilly side. we're at 54 degrees for philly. chester springs 50. the lehigh valley only 46 this morning for redding. pots town at 50. quakertown, you're starting it off at a chilly 49 degrees. not too bad down the shore, but still rather cool.
6:46 am
now, the cool weather is here in the delaware valley, but as we look to the west, it's even chillier. buffalo, detroit, cincinnati, cooler weather to the west. raleigh not too bad at 62 degrees. of course, we have the clear skies last night allowing some of that heat to radiate back in the atmosphere. i don't expect any rain. at least until monday -- or i should say tuesday morning, late monday night. so dry conditions as that high pushes down out to sea. so monday looks good. tomorrow looks good and dry. maybe some additional cloud cover monday night. but that's about it.ó2n@@(t&háh& and then we start to see rain drops on tuesday. but that won't even last long. your forecast, 59 degrees cool
6:47 am
and nice. 6711:00 a.m. 72 degrees, we stay gorgeous. it's not going to be hot. and we've got plenty of sunshine. today is a great day to play in the sunshine because a lot of you maybe have to go to work tomorrow. sunny and nice for your monday. there's a look at those showers specifically on tuesday morning. then we start to clear up by wednesday. we get back to some sunny weather and it should last that way all week. but look at those numbers. they stay in the 70s. i don't see any 80s this week, that's why we call this definitely a fall-like pattern, rosemary. >> it is feeling like fall. thank you, tedd. talking sports now. ray rice was back on the football field yesterday. rice was on the sidelines of a high school game at his alma mater. his wife janay and 2-year-old daughter, they were both with them. it's the couple's first public appearance since the release of this video, showing rice knocking janay unconscious in
6:48 am
february. >> is there anything you want to say to your fans? >> huh? >> is there anything you want to say to your fans? >> the head coach of his alma mater team invited rice to the game. let's go now to las vegas. boxer floyd mayweather successfully defended his many titles last night, defeating marcos maidana for the second straight fight. it took mayweather all 12 rounds to beat maidana, but by a unanimous decision. this was mayweather's 47th straight professional win. now here's john clark with a look at the rest of your morning's sports. >> the phillies, they have now won 13 of the last 15 starts that kyle kendrick has made against the marlins. first inning last night, rookie maikel franco at the plate. he's batting under .200, but singles in a run. later, marlon byrd going the other way. and this double will bring home
6:49 am
franco. franco having a good night. it is 2-0 phils. franco also making his first start at first base in the majors and he makes some nice plays, flashes some leather right here. eighth inning, marlins threatening. marlon byrd is going to gun the runner down at the plate. the phils are now 20-4 when ken giles and jonathan papelbon both make an appearance in a game. phillies hold on 2-1. this could have been kyle kendrick's final start at home as a philly. >> yes, i thought about it. you know, it's kind of out of my control. but i thought about it for sure. >> big night for matt caesar last night. the former villanova football player hits his first major league home run, helps the cubs beat the pirates. remember, at nova, he donated
6:50 am
bone marrow to help save the life of a young leukemia patient. nice job, matt. penn state and rutgers facing each other for the first time in the big ten. it is their first match-up in close to 20 years and their first meeting on rutgers' campus in 59 years. special moment, eric legrand, honorary captain. penn state lining up. they also blocked a nittany lions punt. rutgers offense, they gary nova, touchdown. it is 10-0 rutgers. new jersey's bill bellton returns the jersey. gives penn state the lead and the win. penn state holds on. they are now 23-2 all-time against the scarlet knights. ed snider is cancer-free. he says the cancer has been gone since last month. he had received chemo and radiation. the chairman also says the
6:51 am
decision to bring in ilya bryzgalov was a horrible mistake. ed admits he's been a little too anxious to win another cup. he says he is not more patient than he used to be, but he says gm ron hextall is, and he's the boss. bulldogs are going to be down four offensive linemen. nick foles and andrew luck, they went head-to-head in college. foles was at arizona, luck was at stanford, and they have become friends. >> he's a great guy, great player. you see what he does on the field, but i've gotten to know him off the field and he's an even better person. so i can see why he's been so successful and will continue to be. >> the eagles are going to be without josh huff. the colts will miss linebacker jerrel freeman. pregame live starts at 7:00.
6:52 am
postgame live has analysis and reaction after the game. let's check in on the union hosting the red bulls. time. sebastian letou with a penalty kick and he will tie it at 2-2. they tie the red bulls. that's a big point. union are now tied for that fifth and final playoff spot in that playoff race. that's a key game. i'm john clark. have a great sunday. it was about one year ago when a new jersey boardwalk went up in flames. we head back to the seaside to see the progress after this devastating fire.
6:53 am
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take the ultimate road trip and see why i love new york. for more information, go to this is nbc 10 use. >> here is a live look down the shore of cape may. a few weeks ago, the beaches would have been filling up, people getting out for an early morning walk or run, getting ready to pick their spot on the beach. a little bit different as we are cooler today. there is still slow progress at the jersey shore one year after
6:56 am
a massive fire ripped through seaside heights and seaside park. on the left side of your screen, the scene as the boardwalk burned. on the right, the steps toward recovery today. the wounds have not completely healed. ted greenberg brought us live coverage when the fire was raging. he returned this week to update us on that progress. >> reporter: the memories for drew manginelli are still tough to talk about, exactly one year after this massive fire in seaside heights and seaside park. he manages three shops, which operated this summer in a temporary building. they returned along with just a handful of the more than 50 businesses destroyed when the wind swept inferno ravaged four blocks. >> a lot of guys that i've been friends with over the years, you know, are just devastated. it just hasn't come back for
6:57 am
them. >> reporter: the burned boardwalk has since been replaced, but a couple blocks are clearly still a work in progress, with hardly any businesses. >> i'm glad to see that there is what there is, but it's not like it was, certainly. >> reporter: this part of the boardwalk is privately owned by several people and that's added complications, a multitude of opinions and time to the rebuilding process. >> they can change what we had here. bring something different to the area. offer something unique to the visitors. >> we used quite a bit of our savings. >> reporter: baron hague lost his 3,000-foot candy shop to the blaze. there he had 40 feet of display cases. now he's down to 12 in this tiny temporary building. >> i'm a forward-looking person and a survivor, so hopefully we'll be back in full force. >> reporter: ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. coming up, ambushed at work. this morning, the hunt is on for the person or people who shot
6:58 am
two state troopers and killed one of them. monique braxton is following the investigation. monique? >> we've been monitoring developments in this case overnight. we'll have an update for you after the break.
6:59 am
7:00 am
nbc 10 news starts now. >> right now at 7:00, a manhunt is under way for the shooter or shooters who ambushed two troopers at a pennsylvania state police barracks, killing one of them. we're following developments in the case as we expect to hear from state police later this morning. in bucks county today, the community will come together to pay tribute to a fallen officer. we'll tell you how brad fox will be remembered forever. the sun is back. look at how glorious that is out there. here's a live look outside at the clear blue skies over philadelphia. the sun coming up. a big difference from yesterday. fortunately, we don't have to worry about rain for at least a few more days. this morning we're also following a developing story out on the roads. a serious crash on i-95 has parts of the highway shut downright now. police have closed off 95 south from walt whitman bridge to french street. it's unclear when that scene will clear. we will keep you posted thro