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tv   Today  NBC  September 15, 2014 7:00am-11:01am EDT

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before you walk out the door. thanks for watching. have a great day. good morning. breaking news. the strongest hurricane to ever hit mexico's baja peninsula makes landfall overnight with winds of 125 miles per hour. thousands of tourists in cabo san lucas trapped by those heavy winds and rain. how will that impact the southern u.s.? al is tracking it all. lay out their strategy to fight the terror group days after the brutal execution of yet another hostage. will our allies put boots on the ground if we don't? should goodell go? women's groups launch a campaign for the nfl's resignation, this, as he deals with new domestic
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violence scandals and ray rice gets set to appeal his indefinite suspension. and there she is. >> it's a three-peat. >> the coveted title goes to miss new york. why they can't stop talking about her talent "today," monday, september 15th, 2014. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie from stu o studioa in rockefeller plaza. >> good morning and welcome to "today" on a monday morning. i'm matt lauer, along with hoda kotb, al roker and natalie morales. >> hey. hi, everybody. >> you were here last week with kathie lee. >> yes, i was. >> we've done this before in the past. >> she refused to come back
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again. >> what i love about having hoda co-host we do all this preparation, we have all these notes we take, meticulous notes. this is what hoda prepares for the entire show. that is it right there. >> that's all you need. >> my favorite moment someone said frame up on hoda and one of our cameramen said hoda kotb? like we have a bunch of them hanging around. also, we're going to talk to greg norman, legendary golfer injured over the weekend in a chainsaw accident. really lucky he didn't lose his left hand. we'll see how he is doing. hurricane has lashed cabo san lucas over the weekend. >> category 3 storm. they've never had one hit in cabo before so we're watching this. let's take a look at some of the video we've got.
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this is basically folks driving through heavy rain. you can see the winds pushing through. this is before the hurricane hits. then this is -- the next video we've got is from an nbc audio guy, some of his video showing the heavy surf as odile is getting ready to get closer and closer. there are 30,000 tourists in cabo right now. they are hunkering down in shelters. as they hunker down in shelters, they are pretty safe. however, we've gotten reports that there's a lot of damage and we're going to continue to track this. let's show you where we are right now. there are the folks in shelters, 164 shelters being set up currently. right now 65 miles north-northwest at cabo san lucas. 115-mile-per-hour winds moving north-northwest. as it does, it hugs the coast. the closer it hugs the coast, the worse it is for the southwest here in the united states. it takes this curve, heading on toward the southwest where we've already seen flooding from
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norbert last week. rainfall amounts generally from six to 12 inches of rain. some areas could see 18 inches of rain. that's flash flooding. you can see all this moisture making its way up into the southwest. we could be looking at anywhere from three to five inches of rain over the next 72 to six days, you can see anywhere from three to five inches. why that doesn't seem like a lot in this area where we've seen a lot of moisture already from norbert, there could be bad flash flooding. >> thank you, al. we'll get your local forecast in a couple of minutes. let's get to the president's plan to take down isis. as that terror group released a new video showing the brutal murder of a british hostage. chief foreign correspondent richard engel is in istanbul this morning. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning. secretary kerry says dozens of nations are joining a coalition against isis. in many ways, bombing isis is
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the easy part. the hard question, which is still unanswered, is what happens next. the administration is building a war coalition. secretary kerry in paris today, sounding increasingly optimistic that there's now a broad consensus to take military action against isis. the administration's plan is a three-pronged attack, build a coalition, strengthen the iraqi army and syrian rebels and then weaken isis with air strikes. isis doesn't seem concerned. in fact, it's goading the world into a fight, releasing the video of a beheading of a british aid worker. >> my first reaction could be one of hatred. my brother's life wasn't about hatred. it was about love for all men. >> reporter: ten arab countries have already pledged support for the u.s. attack plan and a state department official says some are willing to participate in direct military action. the king of saudi arabia said
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isis, if unchecked, could attack the united states in months. some experts say the group's most effective weapons are its thousands of foreign fighters. >> with the army it's building inside iraq and syria, it can launch attacks not nearly on neighboring countries like saudi arabia and jordan but international targets like europe and the united states. >> reporter: not everyone agrees bombing isis is the solution, it's born of a much larger conflict between shia and sunni muslims, a conflict that air strikes will not resolve. >> this is not a problem of terrorism directed at the u.s. it's a problem of an arab world in total war for religious reasons. >> reporter: how much of a threat isis poses to the united states is disputed. so is its size, estimates range from 10,000 to 30,000. also disputed, the long-term effectiveness of the administration's plan. despite those unanswered
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questions, this coalition is moving ahead. france said it has flown its first surveillance mission over syria. matt, hoda, back to you. >> richard engel. sorry about that, richard. in istanbul, turkey, this morning. nfl commissioner roger goodell remains in the hot seat this morning, facing more calls to resign. one women's advocacy group flew planes over several stadiums sunday with banners reading goodell must go. peter alexander is here with the latest. good morning. >> hi, hoda. good morning to you. citing several nfl sources, ray rice will appeal his indefinite suspension today. there is another game set for tonight. the league is now dealing with four high-profile domestic abuse cases that are now tarnishing the image of the very imag image-conscious game.
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with the san francisco 49ers debuting a brand new stadium sunday night -- >> there to make the tackle. >> ray mcdonald on the field despite being arrested for allegedly beating his pregnant fiance last month. he has not been charged with a crime. roger goodell promised that he would attend the inaugural game but was a no-show sunday night. irs filing shows the league rewarded goodel with $97 million in compensation from 2008 to 2012. $44 million in 2012 alone. this weekend, a reversal by the carolina panthers, who benched their star end, threatening to kill his ex-girlfriend, a decision hardy is appealing. hardy didn't play but still got paid $772,000. also out, minnesota vikings star adrian peterson, accused of injury to a child while
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disciplining his 4-year-old son. his attorney defended him as a loving father who deeply regrets intentionally injuring his child. social media, nfl sponsor cover girl photo shopped on twitter, mocking the tag line get your game face on. ray rice, who sparked this scandal, showed up at his high school football game, accompanied by his wife and daughter. nfl's integrity in the wake of the video, hannah storm. >> if they had to see that individuvideo to be moved to significant action, shouldn't we demand the same, to see action, to see change before believing? >> that women's advocacy group has hired another plane to fly overhead with a banner reading "goodell must go." they tell me they'll fly more planes next weekend. hoda? >> thank you, peter.
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to politics now, hillary clinton returned to iowa sunday for the first time since the 2008 presidential campaign. she brought her husband along, so a lot of people are asking the question, is she going to make another white house bid? nbc's andrea mitchell was there and joins us now in the studio. hi, andrea. >> good morning. hi, matt. hillary teased a large crowd of iowa democrats in the first caucus state. >> hello, iowa. i'm back! >> reporter: returning to the state that many say dashed her white house hopes in 2008, hillary clinton came back for an iowa tradition, the harkin steak fry, adding fuel to speculation that she will run again. >> it is true, i am thinking about it. but -- but for today, that is not why i'm here.
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i'm here for the steak. >> reporter: last time, clinton was trounced by a freshman senator named barack obama. >> let me tell you, he sure loves iowa. >> reporter: she didn't say she loves iowa, describing her third place finish in the state's caucuses as excruciating in her new book. she needs to run a different kind of campaign, state senator janet peterson says. >> it needs to be more ground up. >> rather than top down? >> yeah. >> reporter: this time, clinton organizers say they've learned their lesson, bussing in volunteers from all over the country where are you from? >> california. >> austin, texas. >> washington, d.c. >> reporter: she knows it will be harder to turn back. >> great. it was a great day. couldn't have been better. >> reporter: her husband is still not making predictions. if she wants to, can she do it this time? >> i have nothing to say. it's not my decision.
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>> reporter: i think i know which way you would go. >> no, you don't. i don't know yet know which way i would vote. >> what? >> he is not yet to make it official, knowing all too well the political risks of being an early front-runner. >> doesn't work out well for a lot of people. andrea, nice to see you. >> nice to see you. natalie has some growing concern over wildfires in california. >> that's right. good morning. once again, hundreds of people in california are waking up, wondering if their home survived new wildfires spreading across the state. a heat wave isn't making the job any easier for firefighters. >> imagine what it's like at noon, no shade, carrying pounds of gear. that's what's facing them here
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at this fire and beyond. too late to save this building here. crews hope to keep the flames from spreading today near one of the gateways to yosemite national park. 1,000 people have been forced out of their homes here. what can you say? what can you do? i'm hoping it's there. i'm praying it's there. ait it's just too much -- it would be too much of a heartbreak to lose it. >> reporter: packed into an evacuation shelter. just outside, smoke billowed from the king fire southwest of tahoe. >> if you guys want to get out, now is the time. >> reporter: threatening 500 homes and have torched 2,500 acres so far. more than 50 fires are burning in the west right now with no relief in sight. a heat wave and devastating drought have crews battling blistering conditions. >> in the valley we have 100-degree temperatures we've been experiencing all week. >> reporter: triple-digit heat smothering the region is making
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an already dangerous job more difficult. what's it like to be in these conditions, carrying all the stuff you're carrying? >> it's like super hot. the hottest place you've ever been in, and add another 10, 20 grease to it. even though you're thinking you can go faster, you're just slowing down. >> reporter: there's a concern about wind possibly picking up today, natalie. as for the heat, firefighters tell me they're trying to drink plenty of water and take breaks when they can. remember, wildfire season is just getting into full swing here. crews have weeks to go. >> it feels like it's been in full swing all summer long. hallie jackson, thank you. a manhunt is under way for a man who shot two state troopers in pennsylvania outside the baracks in blooming grove during a shift change. they spent part of the day scouring woods across from the
7:15 am
baracks. they say good things come in threes. >> it's a three-peat. miss new york! >> and that's it for the third year in a row. as you heard, miss new york taking the crown in the miss america competition. she received the crown sunday night at boardwalk. in the talent competition, she sang pharrell williams' "happy," while sitting cross legged on the stage inspired by "pitch perfect," "when i'm gone." i love that freeze frame. >> whole different thing. break up new york, how about that? it's a dynasty. >> three in a row. it's incredible. natalie, thank you very much. mr. roker? >> let's show you what we have going on around the rest of the country today. gorgeous day in new england and the northeast. the heat continues. we'll detail the heat in the
7:16 am
southwest and southern california as well. look at all the way up into portla portland, oregon, today, a high of 94 degrees. we'll get to your local forecast coming up in the next 30 seconds. good morning. i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. today, fall-like conditions continuing. temperatures ranging between 73 and 76 degrees. although it's a cool start, we'll see mostly sunny skies, but the fall-like conditions will continue for the rest of the workweek. mid-70s tomorrow with a chance
7:17 am
of early showers. then take a look. we get even cooler, heading into the end of your workweek. only 70 degrees on friday, but sunday back to the 80s. and that's your latest weather. guys? >> al, thanks so much. carson is here from the orange room. you finally have information on that photograph from 9/11, right? >> touching story about a photo that's making quite an impression online. elizabeth stringer keith, her friends found this picture at ground zero, gave it to elizabeth, said do something meaningful with it. the past few years every september 11th she's been posting it on twitter, every year 9/11, i post this photo, hoping to return to owner. found at ground zero 2001. please retweet. she got a couple of comments, couple of retweets. finally this year it went viral. a day and a half she got the return message she's been hoping for. i know the people in that foet o
7:18 am
i was at the wedding. fred is on the far left there. he goes on to say it was my picture at my desk on the 77th floor of world trade center tower two. the picture has been kept safe by elizabeth for the last 13 years. he obviously didn't go to work that day and confirmed everybody in the photo is alive and well. such a moving story online. ton of response. caitlin, so very touched by the 911 photo story. it's unbelievable what humanity is capable of once we have been humbled and come together as one. >> such meaning. carson, thank you. greg norman recovering from a chainsaw accident that could have cost him his left hand. he will join us live to tell us how he is doing this morning. star from django unchained, acosted by police for showing her husband affection.
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then i found lyrica. ask your doctor about lyrica today. good morning. i'm vai sikahema. in case you haven't been out yet, pretty chilly start to the day. let's get our first alert forecast from meteorologist brittney shipp. good morning. >> fall-like temperatures will settle in for the rest of your workweek. it's still going to be really nice as we head into the afternoon. mostly sunny skies right now over philadelphia, and our temperatures today ranging between 73 and 76 degrees. a cool start right now, in the 40s and 50s, but again, mostly sunny. and your seven-day forecast shows that we're actually going to cool down even more as we head into the end of your workweek. only 70 degrees on friday but 80s are back by sunday. >> thank you, brit. now let's get a check on traffic with reporter katy zachry, in the first alert traffic center. katy?
7:27 am
>> hi, vai. for drivers on 476 southbound right at ridge pike, you could see a slow-up. in fact, i'm seeing that cars are slowing up around this accident. it's been moved off to the shoulder, but it involved two, possibly three vehicles. there are no emergency cars out there yet to tow it, so it's going to be out there for possibly a while. take a look at your drive times right now. 95 southbound from woodhaven to 676, 37 minutes. it's slow on 76 and 422 as well. and we're following a developing story this morning. a baby delivered after his mother was shot and killed by a stray bullet has died. doctors performed an emergency c-section in an attempt to save the baby boy's life, but he died overnight. his mother, 26-year-old megan doto, was shot in the face yesterday in the frankford section of the city. she died a short time later. doto was eight months pregnant. police say she was an innocent victim. so far, no arrests have been made. we'll be back in 25 minutes. >> announcer: this portion of nbc 10 news is sponsored by del toyota.
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7:30 now on a monday morning, 15g9 of september, 2014. there is the sun. >> beautiful. >> just coming up in indianapolis. pretty day, hopefully, on tap there. i'm matt lauer, along with hoda kotb, natalie morales and al roker. hurricane odile made landfall near cabo san lucas last night. coastal areas were evacuated ahead of the storm. it could bring torrential rains for parts of arizona, new mexico later on this week. wildfires are raging out of control in california. 400 homes near the resort town of bass lake were evacuated
7:31 am
along with others. during an appearance in iowa over the weekend, her first since the last presidential race, clinton said she was thinking about it. damaged but not down and out, that's how golfer greg norman describes his current state after he almost cut off his hand with a chainsaw over the weekend. we'll talk to greg about his injury and how this all happened. >> scary. prince harry is turning 30. we'll tell you how he marked the occasion and even better, the massive inheritance he is now entitled to. >> is that what happens? >> it is good to be the prince. >> you just go chaching. troubling complaint against the los angeles police department from an actress who appeared in the movie "django unchained." good morning to you. >> good morning, matt. she claims that the officer mistook her for a prs tut when she was actually with her boyfriend.
7:32 am
this morning, new audio of the incident may reveal there is more to the story. actress daniele watts in handcuffs and in tears after police in los angeles say they were responding to an indecent exposure call thursday afternoon. >> bonjour. >> reporter: watts wrote on facebook, i was handcuffed and detained by two police officers after refusing to agree that i had done something wrong, by showing affection, fully clothed, in a public place. officials told nbc news a caller complained that a male and female will engaged in a sexual act inside a vehicle with an open door. when police arrived, they located watts and her boyfriend, brian lucas, who they say matched the description. while lucas provided identification, watts refused to show her i.d. and walked away that's when they say officers
7:33 am
stopped and cuffed her. >> somebody called, which gives me the right to be here. so it gives me the right to identify you by law. >> do you know how many times i've been called, the cops have been called just for being black, just because we're black and he's white? >> who brought up the race card? >> i'm bringing it up. >> i have every right to ask your i.d. >> and i have every right to say no. >> if police have reasonable suspicion that a person comm committed a crime can detain that person until they can discover their identification. it's the difference between an arrest and detaining someone. >> police said upon further investigation it was determined that no crime had been committed. internal investigation has been launched into this incident. hoda and matt? >> all right. anne, thank you very much. let's take a turn and get a check of the weather now from al. >> announcer: "today's" weather
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is brought to you by white house, black market and, distinctive style. >> we've not only have wildfires to worry about in california, we have record heat that's potentially going to be building big, massive area of high pressure building up. we have heat advisories, excessive heat watches and warnings for much of southern california today. los angeles will see a high of 94, 12 degrees above average, san diego 92. borrego springs, 102 tomorrow. as we move on into wednesday, more heat, lower humidity. fire danger is going to be a big problem. we'll continue to good morning. i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. today we're going to see fall-like conditions continuing. temperatures range between 73 and 76 degrees, although it's a cool start. we'll see mostly sunny skies, but these fall-like conditions are going to continue for the
7:35 am
rest of your workweek. mid-70s tomorrow with a chance of early showers and then take a look. we get even cooler, heading into the end of your workweek. only 70 degrees on friday, but sunday back to the 80s. >> and that's your latest weather. >> al, thanks so much. now to more on yet another troubling case involving an nfl star. adrian peterson is out on bail in the wake of child abuse charges, accused of using a switch on his young son. craig melvin has the latest on that. >> adrian peterson, one of the most prolific offensive players in the nfl is on defense this morni morning. they say he beat his son with part of a tree branch. now he faces charge with his injury to a child and reckless and criminal neglect, allegat n allegations that are restarting an old debate over corporal
7:36 am
punishment. his 4-year-old son was left with cuts and bruises on his back, buttocks, ankles, legs and scrotum. peterson admits to using a switch or tree branch to administer what he calls a whooping and what his attorney called the same kind of discipline peterson himself experienced as a child in east texas adding, it is important to remember that adrian never intended to harm his son and deeply regrets the unintentional injury. >> i'm from the south. a whooping is -- we do that all the time. every black parent in the south is going to be in jail under those circumstances. >> reporter: the charge has prompted reaction on both sides of the debate. from former athletes -- >> my mom was wrong. she did the best she could, but she was wrong about some of that stuff she taught me and i promised my kids i won't teach that method to them. you can't beat a kid to make them do what you want them to do. >> that is correct. >> reporter: replacing peterson's name on his jersey with a child abuse hotline number. >> there are residual effects in
7:37 am
the ways in which we were raised and in a cultural fashion we tend to gravitate to that which was familiar to us. >> reporter: in 19 states it's actually still legal for teachers and principals to paddle students, with much of the divide following along geographic lines. in every state, it's legal to hit a child as long as the force is reasonable. but what qualifies as reasonable varies from place to place and even murkier is the difference between discipline and abuse. >> lessons shouldn't be based out of fear but it should be based out of respect. >> again, it's important to note here that peterson insists that he has done nothing wrong. here is the thing. how you view corporal punishment, it does vary depending on race, culture, geography, as we just saw there. a number of folks we talked to say you look at the charges here, if these charges are accurate, it's hard to see how this would be considered discipline. >> to look at photos. >> look what charles barkley said about blanketing
7:38 am
african-american southern parents, that was ridiculous. >> yeah. >> you leave marks and break the skin on a 4-year-old child -- >> that goes beyond discipline. >> he even admitted that. >> he acknowledged that he may have gone too far. >> craig, thanks a lot. coming up on trending, was it a mistake or intentional? popular retailer facing a backlash over this, quote, vintage kent state sweatshirt. close call with a chainsaw this weekend that nearly cost golfer greg norman his hand. he will tell us about it in a live interview right after this. . no mirrors. everyday they wash with dove beauty bar but can only feel what's happening. on the seventh day beautiful skin is revealed. dove is different. with one quarter moisturizing cream it helps skin feel more firm and elastic. really want to feel the difference?
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7:43 am
kristen dahlgren is outside olive garden here in manhattan. good morning to you. >> reporter: good morning, matt. who knew there was such a thing as too many bread stisticks, ri? this major investor in olive garden thinks so, the investor group ripped into the company for everything from soggy salads to tasteless pasta, unlimited soup, salad and breadsticks. >> reporter: olive garden may be known for never-ending salad and all you can eat breadsticks. >> it's delicious. the food is really good. >> reporter: a major investor says what the restaurants really has are endless problems. a hedge fund, starboard value, now trying to take over for its parent company lays out its criticism in a 300-page manifesto. it calls the salad over dressed and often wasted. it compares the breadsticks to hot dog buns, saying servers dole out too many that are never eaten. it claims not enough alcohol is
7:44 am
served to push profits and in what would be a dangerous insult to hurl at most italian cooks, it calls the pasta mushy and unappealing. >> an italian restaurant when they say your pasta is terrible, they might as well say we're not even italian. >> reporter: darden restaurants, which owns olive garden along with other chains, like longhorn steakhouse and capital grill say it will carefully review its menu and many of the brand and cost optimization statgys are will be being implemented. darden told investors it was getting back to basics and urged them to vote against starboard's takeover bid. outside olive garden, the chain still has some customers with unlimited loyalty. >> the pasta dishes, all of it is really good. >> the overall experience at olive garden was a plus. and i'm an english teacher, so i know my grades. >> reporter: the question really
7:45 am
is, do they have enough of those loyal customers? shareholders vote is next month to see which side will control the board and, matt, what will happen to those unlimited breadstick. >> kristen, thank you very much. unscientific survey here at the desk -- >> we like the breadstick. >> love them. >> warm, delicious and garlicky. >> and in a pinch you can use them to entertain the kids and make lincoln logs. >> there were so many. coming up, could we be any happier? "friends" turns 20, complete with the real-life central perk. we'll take you inside for a sneak peek. and celebratie ining two medium cappuccinos! let's show 'em what a breakfast with whole grain fiber can do. one coffee with room, one large mocha latte, medium macchiato, a light hot chocolate hold the whip, two espressos. make one a double. she's full and focused. [ barista ] i have two cappuccinos, one coffee with room, one large mocha latte, a medium macchiato, a light hot chocolate hold the whip,
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7:48. we're back with a very frightening moment over the weekend for hall of fame golfer greg norman. he is recovering from surgery after injuring his left hand after working with a chainsaw. we'll talk to greg in a few minutes. first a closer look at what happened. greg norman, seen in a picture he posted days ago was cutting trees at his south florida home when he says he was cut by the chainsaw he was using, barely missing an artery. on saturday, norman posted this photo on instagram, seen recovering from the hospital with a message, always be respectful of the unexpected. i was one lucky man today. damaged, but not down and out. still have left hand. norman is one of golf's most recognizable figures. in 2001, he was inducted into the world golf hall of fame and he often dominated the sport in
7:50 am
the '80s and early '90s. despite the accident, his sense of humor is shown intact. seen with protective covering all over his bandaged left handwriting thank you for all your concern and good wishes and continuing. at least i can still play tennis. greg is on the phone with us now. greg, how are you doing? >> hey, good morning, matt. pretty good, my friend. pretty good. yeah, an interesting saturday afternoon, to say the least. >> yeah. i mean, you were using this chainsaw, you described it to me on the phone yesterday. you went to grab a limb with with your left hand but the blade or the chain was still running and you were holding it in your right hand. what happened? >> exactly. i was just about finished trimming the trees. i love doing it. i do awe a lot of chainsawing at my ranch in colorado. ta's not like i'm a rookie with this thing but it started to fall straight down instead of falling away from me and i went to grab the limb with my left hand and i took my chainsaw in
7:51 am
my right hand, took my finger off the trigger. the weight of the limb was heavier than i anticipated, so as i was pulling the chainsaw away, the limb came, took my arm right down on top of the blade and i could feel it just crunch on threw and said oh, this is not a good situation. >> this hit you like where your watch -- that part of your arm? >> yeah, exactly. just about where you would have your watch on your left hand. i was very, very lucky, you know. number one, the blade was slowing down. number two, i missed my main artery and tendon by micromillimeters. my first phone call is to my wife, kiki, get a towel and tourniquet and meet me in the backyard. she said what's wrong? i said nothing. then i called my son and said get here and get me to the hospital. and i called my doctor friend, call the e.r., i'm going to be there in 15 minutes. i just had a chainsaw accident. >> they patched you up. greg, you told me something
7:52 am
interesting. while you were ready to do this, get the saw and gas and oil, you had a premonition about this? >> i did, matt. it was actually very, very scary. not scary, i suppose, but spooky in a way. i was putting my chainsaw on the back of my cart to go down there and do it and this feeling came over me and said something bad is going to happen. and i paused and i said, no, you know what? let's just take our time. i'm a very positive guy. so i said, no, let's just play out through this. lo and behold, moral of the story is trust your premonition. if i ever have that feeling again, i'm not going to be doing what i'm supposed to be doing. >> i guess i don't get strokes on the golf course anymore, but heal well and we'll talk to you soon, okay? >> thanks, matt. >> take care. >> okay, ♪
7:53 am
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good morning, i'm vai sikahema. it's september 14th, but there's a chill in the air. let's get the forecast from meteorologist brittney shipp. good morning. >> temperatures starting off in the 40s and 50s and will stay below average, so it's feeling like fall already with temperatures today pushing into the 70s. here's a live look outside right now. a beautiful shot and start to the morning on this monday. not a cloud in the sky. mostly sunny conditions for us today. 75 degrees our daytime high. take a look at tuesday. early chance of showers in your morning hours, just in time for your commute, unfortunately, tomorrow. and then 75 degrees. we continue to cool down to 70 until friday. but take a look at sunday. the 80s are back. >> thank you, brittney. let's get a check on the roads with katy zachry in the first alert traffic center.
7:57 am
>> good morning. traffic is building on many of the majors throughout the area. a update of 476 southbound right near ridge pike. you can see there are three vehicles involved in this accident we told you about, about a half hour ago, that are still off to the right-hand shoulder. it's slowing things a tad around that stretch, but it's really not causing any major delays. also an accident new into our system, route 1 southbound. roosevelt boulevard right near cottman avenue. an accident is reported in the outer lanes. and if we just zoom out, you can see there's a lot of slow-up all throughout our area, just speeds in the teens on many of our majors. today, pennsylvania lawmakers are back after summer break and they are being faced with a hot-button issue, a proposed cigarette tax to help fund philadelphia schools. officials in the district say thez don't have a plan "b" if the legislature fails to act and are hoping for action on the $2-per-pack tax on cigarettes in philadelphia. schools will open on time but could close by christmas if the tax doesn't come through.
7:58 am
guess what? the money we need to fund our schools lies right underneath your feet.
7:59 am
that's right. down in the ground, pennsylvania has deep deposits of natural gas. but because of governor corbett, we're the only state in the country that doesn't make oil and gas companies pay an extraction tax. as governor, i'll make the gas companies pay up to help fund our schools for a change. tom wolf for governor. a fresh start for pennsylvania.
8:00 am
♪ it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, making sense of it all. >> i need to do everything i can to make up for my loss. it was like a way of fighting back. >> the young woman living life stronger than ever despite her daily battle to keep her sight and hearing. still friends, we celebrate 20 years of that hit sitcom with a fresh take on a familiar place. and this girl is on fire. ♪ this girl is on fire >> grammy winner alicia keys is here to talk motherhood, music and to perform live "today," monday, september 15th, 2014.
8:01 am
♪ >> visiting from mississippi. >> hi, hoda. so excited you're co-hosting today. all i want to do is have a glass of wine with you. >> our 2-year-old back in georgia. >> sisters-in-laws having fun. >> it's my 13th birthday! we're back now, 8:00 on a monday morning. it's the 15th day of september, 2014. i'm matt lauer, alongside hoda kotb, who is here, while savannah continues on maternity leave. we're joined by carson daly and al roker as well. happy monday, everybody. >> bright and early with you guys. getting the hang of it. >> none the worse for wear.
8:02 am
you wake up early, come into the studio and one of the things you get to see is alicia keys rehearsing before a performance. out here on the plaza right now, shaking hands with some friends. >> selfies. >> giving a lot of hugs. she's due pretty soon, huh? >> besides everything else, she's here to celebrate the first anniversary of the orange room. >> we're going to blow it out tomorrow, stream live on a big one-year anniversary orange room party tomorrow. take the cameras behind the scenes. you can vote on the concepts for the show. go to and choose that. it's going to be awesome. we'll have musical surprise guests, webcast going on. join in on the celebration. send pictures if you're inspired by orange using the #orange all that and more on "today" tomorrow. >> any more hints?
8:03 am
>> food. >> sold millions. >> by the way, my favorite orange room moment was go sleeveless and show us the guns. >> yeah. >> love that. let's head inside and get the top stories from natalie. >> good morning to you guys once again. thousands of tourists took cover overnight as the strongest hurricane to ever hit mexico's baja peninsula made rainfall, hurricane odile came on shore with 125-mile-an-hour winds. tourists spend the night in emergency shelters. it could bring heavy rain and flooding to the american southwest. stopping isis is gaining new momentum this morning. secretary kerry is in paris, where they are plotting a unified strategy. surveillance flights. stoked further outrage by releasing video of british aid worker david haines. the king of saudi arabia warned
8:04 am
that isis could attack the u.s. in a matter of months if not stopped. pressure is growing on nfl commissioner roger goodell. he was a no-show sunday night in san francisco, even though he promised two years ago to attend the opening game at the 49ers new stadium. and a women's advocacy group hired planes to fly over stadiums before several games with anti-goodell banners. mean meantime, ray rice, suspended indefinitely, only after incriminating video has surfaced, is planning to appeal his video today. britain's prince harry marking a milestone today, his 30th birthday. where has time gone? kelly cobiella is at kensington palace to show us how the fourth in line is celebrating. good morning. >> reporter: big, lavish dinner parties for harry's 30th, but the truth is harry was playing host to athletes and rock stars. this is how a royal rings in his
8:05 am
30s. >> special thank you to prince harry for putting this together. good job. >> reporter: concert for thousands and a speech. >> i just want to read a short message from granny. >> reporter: a message from the queen to 400 wounded warriors invited here to compete. it was prince harry's idea, a huge success, and the start of a legacy. >> but, no, i don't feel too old. i think i'm always young at heart. >> the little prince, once known as the spare to the heir, the boy mourning his mother, the teen making headlines for all the wrong reasons. today a prince hosting charities. >> prince william and sister-in-law kate planned a birthday bash but it was harry who called it off.
8:06 am
>> i'm sure he partied with rock stars last night. that's more harry. >> reporter: what does the most eligible bachelor in the world want? >> i think he has been look at his brother's setup now and thinking that could be quite nice. i'm 30 now. i wouldn't mind settling down. >> reporter: the prince perhaps this year wishing for his princess. harry inherits more than $15 million from his mother's estate today. and there's talk that he would also like a country cottage and a dog. natalie? >> all right. whatever prince harry wants, he can get. kelly cobiella, thank you, at kensington palace. another check of the weather once again with al. >> announcer: "today's" weather is brought to you by jimmy dean. it's not just for breakfast anymore. shine on. i smell -- i smell pringles! somebody's got pringles from racine, wisconsin.
8:07 am
oh, yeah. what kind is this? >> wisconsin with cranberries. >> have you ever seen a kringle, folks? i'm here to tell you, it's just the best thing going. >> let me help you out. >> it's the kringle, baby! like the cracken, only tastes much better. oh, it's a cringle. odile, 40 miles west of la paz. it is going to make its way up along the california big is your as we watch this thing make its way inland. a lot of wet weather into the southwest. in fact, between now and friday, we could see up to three to six inches of rain. a lot of it within a few hours. we are watching for flash flooding. the rest of the country today, look for rain in the southeast. beautiful day here in the northeast and new england. plenty of sunshine. 86 in seattle today.
8:08 am
94 in portland. the cringle. that's what's going on around good morning i'm brittney shipp, today we're going to see fall-like conditions continuing. temperatures range between 73 and 76 degrees. a cool start with mostly sunny skies. it will continue for your workweek. mid 70s tomorrow and then look we get even cooler going towards the end of your workweek. sunday back to the 80s. and that's your latest weather. we are planning for spectacular weather sunday, september 21st for the boston marathon's jimmy fund walk. >> friends from the jimmy fund right over there. >> posse.
8:09 am
>> yeah. >> they're a lot of fun. up next on trending, from reservations bringing your kids thing to things you probably shouldn't do at a restaurant. can you believe it's been 20 years since "friends" took us by storm? we'll head inside the central perk and see why the tv phenomenon remains as popular as ever? >> jada a chico's jacket makes a statement -- your statement. fabulous. glamorous. fun-loving.
8:10 am
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visit to see how big small can be. my son is going to wash the family prius. he insisted on using the rain to save water. fourteen years ago, i insisted on buying our first prius. because like toyota, we both know there's a way to do things, and a way to do things even better. the prius. toyota, let's go places. we're back with 8:12 that's trending today. urban outfitters is causing a stir with a new clothing item. according to the urban outfitters website this morning, the now sold-out shirt is a
8:13 am
vintage kent state sweatshirt with red splotches that are reminiscent of blood stains. it seems to be in very poor taste, considering the four college students that were killed on the kent state campus on may 4th, 1970, during protests of the vietnam war. >> and this is not the first time urban outfitters have faced backlash with a clothing item, including a depression shirt later pulled from shelves. we reached out for comment but haven't heard back. it's so horrible. you might think some of the kids buying don't remember kent state, they don't remember -- >> they didn't know anything. no link between the two events. >> right. >> they shouldn't have the opportunity because it shouldn't be on the shelves. whoever looked at this -- >> here is a great idea. let's do that. >> no. >> not a good one. we put the kids to bed, get back to work as usual. >> does candy crush count as work?
8:14 am
>> in your case, yes. that's research. good news is that that may not be such a bad thing. if you have the choice and decided to logon to make for maybe an easier day tomorrow, your work/life balance may be less impacted. some employees may use these late-night log ins with a trade-off to leave early and finish up that project a little later on that night. however, be warned. looking at e-mail without saying before you go to bed can keep you up later because of the glow of the life but also it gets you going, gets your brain going. >> sometimes i'll be lying in bed and hear the iphone buzz and it's different than deliberately logging on. i'll reach over, say maybe it's important. >> but you're in a unique position. >> always have to kind of be on. >> i figure they'll call if it's really important but to hear a buzzing iphone, you pick it up and then you're done. >> a rule on our show is we don't read anything. >> hasn't hurt you.
8:15 am
>> so, you go to a restaurant. bon apetite is out with a list of what not to do at a restaurant. first of all, don't be late. call ahead. you may wouldn't to lie, it's harmless. you're not fooling everybody, because everybody else got there on time. i guess traffic wasn't a problem for them. don't wear out the welcome. if you're sit tlg an hour after you finish your meal and your server comes in packajamas, you know that you probably have been there a little bit too long. it's time to get up and take the party to another location. >> you know you've been there too long when the waiter comes over and tries to do the table cloth trick. >> get out. >> think twice about bringing your -- i did this last night. just because a baby is allowed in restaurants doesn't necessarily mean you should bring them. if you do, give them a courtesy call and say, hey, we're bringing our baby. they said could you put that baby a little further under the
8:16 am
table? this is a high-traffic area right here. >> safety tip. >> this one is for you, hoda. don't get intoxicate zblud know what? that was unnecessary. >> tell kathie lee, know your limit. the tequila shots, save those for the dive bar. >> that's not true either. hoda comes drunk to begin with. >> you know what? >> you have two weeks of this. >> all right. and that is what's trending today. meantime, can you believe it's been 20 years since "friends" debuted here on nbc? lifestyle and fitness correspondent, first day at school, jenna wolfe, has made her way to a place that fans of the show will recognize. what are you brewing up? >> oh, hey, good morning, hoda. i'm just going to play a little diddy for you this morning. it's cold here in new york. i thought i would warm you up. it's a complicated song. so bear with me. here we go. ♪ smelly cat smelly cat what are they feeding you ♪ >> perfect. perfect. >> here is the -- thank you.
8:17 am
thank you very much. that took all morning to rehearse. we are at central perk. it's a corner coffee shop for six 20 somethings in the late '90s who had so-so jobs but lived in amazing apartments. we'll figure that one out later. it's a replica of central perk. if you were a fan of the show "friends," this is a place to come to. props, memorabilia, scenes on the wall, pictures, everything to relive the show. next month starting wednesday, these guys will be giving away free coffee to celebrate the 20th anniversary -- thanks, gunther, of one of the most popular shows of all time. it all started here, six friends, a runaway bride and a cup of joe. >> can i get you some coffee? >> decaf. >> friends, the sitcom that dominated and helped define the '90s. for a decade, we lived with rachel, ross, chandler, phoebe,
8:18 am
monica and joey, as they sang -- ♪ i don't need your charity thank you. >> joked. >> could i be more sorry? >> and joey'd. >> how you doin'? >> how you doin'? >> their way into pop culture history. central to their world? the coffee-scented cocoon of central perk. >> i know! >> the hang out with the orange couch. of course, guchlt nther. >> so i guess rachel had your baby. >> yep. can you believe it? >> nope. >> it's been ten years since "friends" said farewell, but it still strikes a chord in popular culture. >> what is this? what is this? >> this is an exact replica of the kitchen. >> even though they all moved on to other things. >> i can't believe i'm going to be 41 on saturday. >> how can they do this? you're joey. >> right? >> i'm telling you, this could be the san diego zoo.
8:19 am
>> we all remember where they started. >> would anybody like more coffee? >> of course we would. >> so, if today, but some chance, if this isn't your day, your month or even your year, this is the place to be, right here at central perk. i am joined by gunther. believe it or not, that's not his name in real life. james, thanks for being here. you can talk now. >> okay. thanks for having me. >> i know you didn't say that much in the ten years. does this bring back memories for you? >> surreal. it looks pretty close. it's bigger than our set. >> bigger? >> yes. >> that's interesting. >> i want you to take a walk over here with me. i heard an interesting story. you only had an opportunity to sit on this iconic orange couch one time, is that right? >> yeah. it was an episode where -- >> have a seat. >> -- phoebe had a cold. so, she had a really raspy voice
8:20 am
and wanted her sexy voice back. she lost her cold but gunther caught her cold. she recaught her cold by kissing gunther on this couch. >> highlight for you? >> it actually was. >> i'm sure it was. were these guys friends on the air and off the air as well? >> they were, a tight-knit group. >> you had a good time with these guys? >> fantastic. ten unforgettable years. >> that's so great. so glad to have you here. for the next month, gunther will be here at some point. you can come down to central perk, relive this entire experience. >> our bowl of coffee here. >> i have a fly doing the backstroke in here. >> we should donate our orange couch to that place. up next, story of courage from our extended family.
8:21 am
time to go back to peter alexander. t two-fechlt r from peter today, personal inspiring story to share. >> i'm so proud to share my sister's story today, one of the funniest and most caring people you will ever meet. she's also my best friend. her world is rapidly changing because of a cruel disorder that's causing her to go blind and deaf. to me, beckcy the true face of courage. >> don't stop, rebecca. let's go. >> this is my sister, rebecca, 35 now and the most impressive person i noechlt looking at her, you would have no idea she has a disability. >> can you see my hands right here? >> yeah. >> can you see my hands right here? >> no. >> when becky was only 13, she was diagnosed with a rare and devastating genetic disorder called usher syndrome type
8:22 am
three. >> it finally hit you in college, i'm going to lose my vision and hearing, go blind and deaf. what does that learning that feel like? >> as soon as i got that diagnosis, i felt like i need to do everything i can to make up for my loss. it was like my way of fighting back. >> becky is fearless. a tornado of energy. she is an extreme athlete, leaving the rest of us in her dust. >> pick up your speed! >> with her hearing almost gone, last year becky received a cochlear implant, surgically implanted device that provides a sense of sound. only becky passes the time before major surgery like this. i came to see her the day before she got the implant. you like to joke to me i'm getting a hole in my head. as i come to terms with this, even as a brother, this is the last time i'll ever look at you without a device on you. do you know what i mean? >> yeah. >> which for me is hard, too. >> yeah. >> does that worry you, in the
8:23 am
way people will view you? i'm sorry i'm crying. i love you so much. >> it's nice to know that the people around you do care and have an emotional response to it. >> a year and a half later, becky hears much better but her vision is limited to this like she's looking through a straw and that window is closing. still, my sister remains upbeat and undeterred. >> it's incredible how in the last, you know, 15 years, how much my life has changed. and it's actually better. i mean, it's funny that i could have a lot less vision and a lot less hearing and be a lot happier. >> and rebecca alexander is with us now. her story is told in the new book "not fade away:a memoir of senses lost and found." peter, good morning to you again. becky, good morning. you said i'm happier now than i was before i got this diagnosis. and i think a lot of people watching say how can that be so? why are you happier now? >> i think when i first got this
8:24 am
diagnosis, i was incredibly overwhelmed with the idea of going deaf and blind. and it was all i could think about. and it made me not want to live my life. and, you know, in hopes of not sounding dramatic, i thought i would rather die than be deaf and blind. now in coming to terms with what i have, and being out there and being so much more comfortable with myself, it's made a world of a difference. and i think that more importantly, whoa focus so much on all the things we don't have rather than what we do have. and to be so grateful for what i do have now and what i still can use. >> i'm sitting here, listening to you and i'm thinking amy van dyke, who i talked to a few months ago, there are people who have a way to inspire. not to embarrass your sister, but is it in the dna, something in her childhood that prepared her for this? >> i'm glad it's becky, not me. i don't think i could deal with
8:25 am
it. she is beyond impressive. she's blessed to have family that loves her, friend that is embrace her. beyond that, the message she has taught us and that i've been inspired by, the people in the community that may feel alone and she's taught them they are not alone and others share those challenges. >> in terms of a social life, you're single. when it comes to dating, is it hard to explain to someone you might want to date or who might want to date you that you do have this challenge facing you? >> you know, there's good things and bad things of social media and the internet. now, as soon as someone knows my first and last name they can google me. the first thing that comes up is deaf, blind. if we make it passed that round i probably have a better chance of moving further with it. but, yeah, who wants to have all of their kind of, you know, stuff out there? and we all have something. >> let's be very clear. it's not a question of you moving past the next round. if anybody gets my sister first
8:26 am
they have to get through some family members. >> you have a pretty strong wing man over here. >> they will be playing way out of their range. >> the book is "not good morning i'm vai sikahema. it started off cool but it will warm up to be a very nice day, let's find out from brittney shipp. we will stay in the low to mid 70s. look at that sunshining there. a closer look at our right now temperatures in philadelphia. 56, our humidity at 72%. light wind at 10 miles per hour. as we head into the next few hours we will see temperatures pushing into the 60s. the high is 75. let's get a check on the rote with katy zachry.
8:27 am
>> there is some police activity on the right-hand shoulder showing things down on i-4676. an accident in mon gtgomery couy on pottstown avenue. look right now at your drive times. things are really building up on 95 southbound. >> a baby delivered during an emergency c section after his mother was shot and killed by a stray bullet yesterday as died. she was eight months pregnant and police believe that she was an innocent bystander. we'll see you in about 25 minutes.
8:28 am
8:30 am
♪ ♪ let's talk about your love israel let's talk nigeria and the mass h hysteria ♪ >> that's a nice image, alicia keys and jada pinkett smith. we get to talk to both of those extremely talented ladies "today," monday, september 15th,
8:31 am
2014. natalie morales, hoda kotb, carson daly and al roker. >> new york before there was batman before there was cat woman before the riddler, the joker. she plays a sneaky, evil character in "gotham." i'll talk to her in a bit. >> alicia keys who has won 15 gr grammys. we'll get a performance from alicia. >> such a great message behind it. she'll tell us how she came up with it. the best of beauty products for under, get this, 30 bucks. >> linda wells there. first, mr. roker, how about a check of the weather? >> first of all for today, we've got a lot of wet weather through the southeast, gulf coast, rain in the upper great lakes, western third of the country going to be very toasty. exception being san francisco. tomorrow, we're going to be watching remnants of odile
8:32 am
making its way toward the southwest. the heat continues in southern california. 94 in l.a. cooling down a bit, the pacific northwest. looking at a few scattered showers in the great lake good morning, i'm brittney shipp. today we're going to see fall-like conditions continuing. temperatures range between 73 and 76 degrees. although it's a cool start we'll see mostly sunny skies. they will continue for the res of your workweek. take a look, we get even cooler going into the end of your workweek, only 70 degrees on friday but sunday back to the 80s if that's your latest weather. got north dakota sisters over there! all right. now let's go back inside.
8:33 am
>> announcer: small acts, big impact on "today" is brought to you by wells fargo. together, we'll go far. al, thanks so much. guys, quickly, do you know somebody who is helping to make their community better, somebody who does volunteer work at their local hospital or help out the neighbors in time of need or goes above and beyond to help out others? if you do, we want to hear about it. nominate them for our small alcohols, big impact contest sponsored by wells fargo. submit your nominee. you have until thursday. your generous friend could win a trip here to new york to tell their story on the plaza. hoda? >> all right, carson, thanks so much. jada pinkett smith co-stars in one of the most anticipated shows of the fall season. it's a batman prequel and it's called "gotham." take a look. >> where have you been? >> where haven't i been?
8:34 am
>> who is the friend? >> detective james gordon, ma'am. >> well, aren't you a cool glass of milk? >> ma'am, was that screaming we heard back there? >> yes. my boys are watching a scary movie. >> really? >> no. actually, one of my staff has been stealing money from me, so we're beating his punk [ bleep ]. >> hello. jada pinkett smith, good morning, girl. >> good morning. >> we've got to set the stage. first of all, i'm terrified of your character. >> good. >> she is scary but she's also a seductress. >> yes. >> you can't figure out whether she's going to devour you. >> devour you. >> kill you, love you. >> exactly. >> tell us about your character in this. >> she's part of the mob world of gotham which really hasn't been explored yet. you'll get to see how all the mob bosses kind of work together during this time of gotham. >> this is before there was batman? >> this is before. >> before the riddler, the
8:35 am
joker, all of them. >> this is the beginning. this is the origin of how batman came to be, the joker, riddler and catwoman came to be. >> your character, tell us a little bit about her. who did you take from to come up with this woman? >> you know, it's interesting. i did a combination of griselle deblanco, pretty notorious female gangster. she was pretty bad in a, you know, gangster way and norman desmond from "sunset boulevard." >> that's a good combo. >> yeah. >> you look like you're having fun playing this role. >> i'm having a blast. i am having so much fun i get paid to play evil. that's awesome. >> were you always into batman and that whole genre before this? >> yes. always. always loved batman. the thing i love about this particular project, i've always been intrigued with with gotham,
8:36 am
right? even as a fan to come on board and get to know more about gotham and how gotham came to be and about the city itself, i was really excited about it. >> what about the red in the hair, where did that -- >> that's just her signature. >> little style? >> it's red with -- it's usually pretty spiky. it was just to remind you, you know, what these nails can do. >> having a flashback from the show. you're so hot and fashionable. i saw you a little bit at fashion week. >> yes. >> that was so much fun. you went with your mom, whose also a looker. >> thank you. >> your mom is gorgeous. we might have a picture of the two of you. that was us before. that was a great show. >> there's my mommy. >> who is that? >> that's my mommy. >> no, it's not. may i ask how old your mom is or she doesn't like you to say? >> she's 60. >> she looks -- >> amazing. >> gorgeous. >> i told her she better pass that to me, i swear. >> what's your relationship with like with your mom? >> she's my best friend, as you
8:37 am
can see. she's a young mom so we're like sisters. we always have been. >> does she watch all of your projects? what will she think of "gotham"? >> she's going to love "gotham." she loves movies, loves television. she named me after one of her favorite soap opera star. >> she did? >> yes, she did. my mother loves hollywood. >> jada, you are so sweet. thank you for coming to see us. >> thank you for having me. >> "gotham" deday bus ne-- debut friday. and a
8:38 am
8:39 am
welcome back to "today." thousands of new beauty products come out every year.
8:40 am
how in the world do you know which ones are the right ones for you and which ones are worth the price? our friends at allure did the work for us. linda wells, the magazine's editor in chief is here. how are you? >> i'm really well. >> i love how you break it down. there's nothing more intimidating than walking in a store and seeing thousands of products. i'm going to get my little shopping basket. why not kill two bird with his one stone? >> do shop. >> this is the $10 table. >> the winning mascara is revlon bold lacquer. black shiny fibers. dove makes a great dry shampoo. >> how often should you use it? >> once every three days. it comes out clear. it isn't powdery. it's a really good one. if you want to have a crazy hair color, garnier color styler. you put it on with your finger and it washes out in three -- if
8:41 am
you wash it three times, it's gone. >> blues, pinks and purples? >> let me just get one of those. hold on. don't leave me. >> for $20. >> this is a maybelline nudes palette. every single one day, night, weekend, all skin colors. >> this is my palette, by the way. really good one. >> olay and cover girl came together to make this under eye concealer that has skin benefits to make skin depuff and under eye circles get better over time. and this neutrogena sun screen changed my life, my summer. put it on like deodorant. and it goes on. it's not sticky, it's not messy. it's not white. it's perfect. >> is this something you should be using all year round anyway, right? >> spf 70. you may not need that every day but it's a really good one if
8:42 am
you're going to be out in the sun. >> so far i spent almost no money. >> that's good. >> getting a little more expensive, the $30 table. what items did you find for 30? >> l'oreal age perfect face oil, put it on under moisturizer or makeup. it smells so good. it has eight essential oils and it is beautiful. face oils are a big thing right now. >> people who like to look dewy, but not oily -- >> it's not too dewy. you look really dewy at the beginning and then it gets right in there. >> by l'oreal. >> clinique makes these blushers, dot them on your cheek and rub them in. it looks like carayons. >> just for cheeks, not for lips, right? >> everything we do to our hair ruins it, the sun, the heat. and this is a deep conditioning mask. you can put it on. it takes five minutes.
8:43 am
you suddenly have this beautiful shiny hair. >> linda, these are the breakthroughs. >> this is jergens bb cream for the body. not enough to make it look like you have to put it on carefully. it gives you a perfect looking body. >> look at all the wild color. >> gel manicures you can use at home. you don't need to have a salon. they last two weeks. no special equipment. >> they're safe? >> they're safe. >> is that it? >> that's it. >> wait a minute. let me get these. i'll take that color. lindha great. excellent. you can find all of these on our website if you want to go through them all again. good news. guess who is coming up. alicia keys will be singing a song the first time with us.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
back with 15-time alicia keys, best selling author, philanthropist back with a brand new single called "we are here." i love the message of this song and the questions it makes you ask yourself. thanks for being back. >> good to be here. >> you're expect iing your seco child in december. how are you feeling? >> i'm feeling so good. i have to say, really strong and also inspired. >> you have a son, egypt, who will will be 4 at the time of this new arrival. is he excited or is he like that boy in the video that says it's exasperating. >> i saw that little boy. >> egypt is cool? >> he's cool.
8:47 am
>> why are we here? why are we on the planet? what's your answer? >> it startd with the conversation i had that that question was asked to me. that really opened up a whole conversation and dialogue and with the backdrop of everything that's going on in the world and that frustration that we all are feeling as people, what can we do about it? we all have a voice. how can it be used ? i really want this song to be the dialogue that starts to ask ourselves, why are we here? what are we here to do? >> you are asking people to go on twitter and complete the line. jimmy fallon wrote i'm here to help you forget your problems for an hour and also i'm here to valet park brian williams car. you answer this question how? >> for you.
8:48 am
we are here for all of us, to be here for each other. >> you meant for me in the general sense. i was going to say, that's the nicest thing anyone has ever said to me. are you going to sing it for us now? >> i will. >> ladies and gentlemen, alicia keys. ♪ ♪ we are here we are here for all of us we are here for all of us that's why we are here why we are here we are here ♪ ♪ bombs over baghdad
8:49 am
tryin' to get something we ain't never had let's start with a good dad so real but it's so sad and while we burnin' this incents we're gonna pray for the innocent cause right now it don't make sense right now it don't make sense ♪ ♪ let's talk about chi town let's talk about gaza let's talk about let's talk about israel try now with israel let's talk about let's talk nigeria in a mass hysteria yeah our souls are brought together so that we could love each other brother ♪ ♪ we are here we are here for all of us we are here for all of us that's why we are here why we are here we are here ♪ ♪ no guns made in harlem but yet crime is a problem
8:50 am
he wanna shine they wanna rob him single mother where they come from how we gonna save the nation with no support for education cause right now it don't make sense right now it don't make sense ♪ ♪ let's talk about our part my heart touch your heart let's talk about let's talk about living had enough of dying not what we all about let's do more giving do more forgiving yeah our souls are brought together so that we could love each other sister ♪ ♪ we are here we are here for all of us we are here for all of us that's why we are here why we are here we are here ♪ ♪ oh, oh, oh, oh,
8:51 am
oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, oh, ♪ ♪ we are here we are here for all of us we are here for all of us that's why we are here why we are here ♪ >> alicia keys. aleisurea thank you very much. she'll be back in our next hour to talk about this great project. remember, #we are here. project. remember, #we are here. we'll be back in a
8:52 am
don't believe tom corbett's tv ad. the facts speak for themselves. tom corbett cut a billion dollars from our schools. he took an ax to education. twenty-seven thousand educators were laid-off. class sizes increased. and now almost eighty percent of school districts plan to raise property taxes. tom corbett. can't trust him on education. can't trust him to be for us.
8:53 am
>> beautiful. love that song. >> we get to listen to alicia keys and now she joins us. you asked us to do the why i am here. >> raise healthy, happy children. >> beautiful. >> i wrote to laugh and love. >> that's nice. >> we'll get you some cards.
8:54 am
>> you're going to get a lot of response on this. >> people are just so responsive to this. they want to talk about why they're here. they want to think about it. a lot of people have said man, i never even thought about that. >> so true. >> isn't it nice when you can make music that gets people singing and dancing, but also gets them to think? >> thinking. >> it is the biggest blessing. i think that's what so much of us as artists work so hard to do, is come up with something that connects all of us, you know, in that way. >> you do that so well, though. that line in the song, you need to give and forgive, the way that you work your poetry with your words offers that inspiration to us as fans. >> just the positivity makes such a difference. >> thank you. >> we'll be back at 9:00. alicia, you're sticking around? >> oh, yeah! >> there's more. >> she should be back in prime time on nbc as an adviser on "the voice" this year, which we're thrilled to have. how was that experience?
8:55 am
>> really fun. really fun. and those talents, really talents. really good. >> alicia, thank you so much for joining us. we have a few birthday wishes coming from willard scott. ♪ new york new york what a heck of a crowd ♪ you guys are beautiful. beautiful. st. charles, missouri, on the old mississippi. alyce gould is 100 years old today. we wish her a very happy birthday. tilly auerbach, 100 years old today. she swims and does the yoga bear. hey, boo boo. yoga is big with older folks. they love it. this is clifford lee, 108 years old, strawberry plains, tennessee. clifford lea from tennessee. mechanic and farmer. that is his trade. eating strawberries is his past time. and marvin fisher. how about old marv? 100 years old today, philadelphia, pennsylvania.
8:56 am
what does he say makes him young? a daily shot of crown royal. for those of you who don't know, that's a town. that's it, folks. we sing, we dance, we have fun. so do they in new york. here they are. >> yes, we do, willard. thanks so much. much more with alicia keys in our next hour. first, a loo . good morning i'm vai sikahema. what a kbor jous morning this is shaping up to do. let's get our forecast with brittney shipp. >> we will stay below average today. plenty of sunshine, a gorgeous fall-like day. we're technically in the last week of summer.
8:57 am
a closer look at temperatures right now. 52 in the poconos. we're at 57 in atlantic city. the poconos will warm to 64 today, the city 75. supporters of medical marijuana will be demonstrating today at the state capitol building. the proposal brought support in the senate and a decision will soon be made if they will move forward on a vote. the money will go towards filling a budget gap in the philadelphia school district. they're hoping for a $2 per pack tax in philadelphia. they say there is no plan b for getting the money needed. and also, the dragons little league team will be recognized
8:58 am
on the pennsylvania house floor today. star pitcher mo'ne davis went on to make numerous tv appearances and the dragons were named team of the year. i'm vai sikahema, i'll send you back "the today show" and we'll see you in about half an hour.
8:59 am
i'm stanley tucci and i love new york. there's no place like it in the world. one of my favorite fall activities is visiting our world-renowned wineries and craft brewers. and, award-winning distilleries and cider makers. they're located all across our great state. come raise a glass to your favorites. plan your fall getaway
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at there's something for everyone >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today's" take with al roker, natalie morales, willie geist and tamron hall live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> good crowd outside. welcome to "today" on this monday morning, september 15g t, 2014. i'm natalie morales, along with ta al roker and tamron hall. alicia keys will talk to us more about her new song "we are here," the great message behind it. we're all encouraged to get on social media and #we are here. we'll share those photos in the orange room. >> new baby on the way. threw her husband an epic
9:01 am
birthday party this week. that's out of -- i have to find out how she planned. coming to america theme party, the movie with eddie murphy, arsenio hall as well. >> we'll talk to her about all of that. boy, the nfl, when you thought it couldn't get worse, adrian peterson has been deactivated from the team, accused of beating his 4-year-old son with part of a tree branch, a switch. this happened when the boy was visiting him in may. reckless and criminal negligence. peterson admits that he used this switch on the child. he said he gave the boy, in a text, a whooping, as he called it. >> quote. >> his attorney said it was the same kind of discipline that peterson himself experienced as a child growing up in texas. his attorney also saying, quote, it's important to remember that adrian never intended to harm his son and deeply regrets the
9:02 am
unintentional injury." >> you look at the pictures, which we are not going to show. >> yes, we are not going to show. >> they are so deeply disturbing. >> bruising, welting, broken skin. >> blood. >> throughout the legs, buttocks, his back. i mean, there's one thing to discipline your child. it's another thing to -- >> yeah, injure. >> -- injure your child. >> that's a weapon. you go out and you get a stick, switch, whatever you want to call it, that's a weapon. >> yeah. >> that you're using on a 4-year-old child. and it was, according to the reports, over an altercation that the child had with a sibling over a video game. >> it's a 4-year-old. >> it's a 4-year-old. and then you say, this is how i was raised. that is the lamest excuse. >> charles barkley tried to, you know, move that forward yesterday saying that if you arrested -- if they arrested every black parent in the south.
9:03 am
>> that's not true. >> not true at all. >> absolutely. >> not at all. and it really is -- just a really disturbing situation. and, yes, there are those who say, well, it may go to culture or how you were raised or whatever, but you don't continue. if, in fact, you were, you don't continue that. >> maya angelou says you do better when you know better. surely by now adrian peterson, a young man who has been exposed to a lot of things, i would think -- but apparently not -- would know that you don't beat a child where that child is bleeding. can you imagine the shared custody here with the child, the child goes back home to his mother in minnesota and she starts to unpack his things and then you see all of these -- >> text messages saying hey, be prepared. >> it's one thing to get a text message. it's another thing to see it. she's there with her child and now there are scars all over his little body. >> it's tough. >> unbelievable.
9:04 am
>> in fact, to the point chris carter -- >> yeah. >> -- yesterday gave just a really raw, emotional speech about his own childhood on espn's "sunday's nfl countdown." so moving. take a look at this. >> my mom did the best job she could do, raising seven kids by herself. but there are thousands of things that i have learned since then that my mom was wrong. >> yes. thank you. >> this is the 2 1st century. my mom was wrong. she did the best she could but she was wrong about some of that stuff she taught me. and i promised my kids i won't teach that mess to them. you can't beat a kid to make them do what they want to do. >> that's correct. thank you. >> thousands of things we have learned since then. and now we're to the point, the only thing i'm proud about is the team that i played for, they did the right thing. >> yes. >> take him off the field! >> i was on my feet when i saw this, clapping for him.
9:05 am
i'm happy as a man he spoke up, as a black man. again, people were hiding behind culture with this, that he took that stand was absolutely -- and i've always been a fan of chris'. he is a super good guy. but that was powerful. >> it was. no matter who you were. >> that was from the heart. >> absolutely. >> there's a generational question. i know how many of us got hit or -- but nothing to that extent. >> no. >> again -- >> smack in the butt, that's a legitimate conversation as to whether your child is running out in the middle of the street, you grab them to get their attention, swat on the behind. that's a legitimate -- i had a conversation with a friend who has a daughter who is now 19. she said i never touched my daughter, never spanked my daughter ever. i said that's your journey and you can have that conversation. but a weapon, a switch, stick -- >> i could probably count twice my dad may have used the belt, the belt. but never broken the skin. it was a couple of swacks. and it was more the idea of it. >> my dad, whenever he went for
9:06 am
the belt, it was the same thing. i could counterthree or four times. at the same time i can remember those incidents and the fear that i had. and i don't want my kids -- >> you would never -- >> no. i have, on occasion, swatted my own son once because he ran out -- >> sure, we've aun all done that. >> -- in front of a car. so to teach him a lesson. >> in 19 states it's legal in school to paddle? >> we talked about this before. my growing up, my school had a paddle with the holes in it. >> oh, yeah. i went to school and either the ruler or the paddle. >> times have changed. >> different time. >> my principal, who was a nun, had a paddle that said the rule of law. rule of law. and that was considered -- >> words. you can teach so much more using your word. >> people are going to say what was wrong with that? you're never going to change minds. >> still can't convince people
9:07 am
to wear a seat belt. there are always outliers but i hope reasonable minds that saw this child and saw the photographs and that it was a switch, not the circumstances you described, i can't imagine reasonable minds looking at a 4-year-old child and say that's okay. you can't say no more video games? go to your room? there's no way to manipulate a child? >> exactly. >> you're supposed to be the smarter person in addition to being the bigger person physically. another thing that's caught our eye -- we pass with the cover girl? >> greg norman. >> this morning on with matt after a crazy accident with norman over the weekend. very close -- i actually saw the pictures online yesterday. had no idea the extent of these injuries. he was injured with a chainsaw accident while working at his florida home t barely missed an artery. this morning he is recovering from surgery. greg called in earlier and told us he had a premonition -- this is so spooky.
9:08 am
he had a premonition about this accident. take a listen. >> this feeling came over me and i said something bad is going to happen and i paused and i said, no, you know what? let's just take our time. everything is going to -- i'm a very positive guy. i said oh, no, let's just play out through this and the moral of the story, trust your premonition. if i ever have that feeling again i'm not going to be doing whatever i'm supposed to be doing. >> he is an experienced chainsaw user. >> and you would think very careful, after having that premonition. >> i am so deathly afraid of chainsaws because i've seen them kick back with people, you know. it just -- for him to have that happen, somebody who makes their living, basically, using their hands. >> i have to tell you, my husband once -- >> premonition is crazy. >> yeah. i was going to say, my husband, i went out to the backyard at our house in connecticut and he's out there with the chainsaw on, the motor is going and he's trying to put the chain back on
9:09 am
because it came off. i. >> what? >> i was like, are you crazy? thank god i caught him in time. i was like, turn that thing off. >> and that is why you -- >> not smart. >> but that's not a premonition. >> what gets me, have you ever had that feeling, should i go left, should i go right? >> all the time but then i wouldn't go anywhere. i can't go anywhere today. i have a premonition it's going to be a bad day at work. >> natalie has a lot of talk going on in her head. >> that's what i sound like, little voices in my head. >> that sounds like elmo. you're not elmo in your head. >> ventriloquist. >> voices in your head. miss new york, kira kazantsev won the miss america pageant last night. three-peat for new york. she performed that song "happy."
9:10 am
remember, from "pitch perfect," she was fantastic. >> let's listen. ♪ clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth clap along ♪ >> amazing. >> you don't have to have a talent? >> that's a talent, to sing and do that at the same time. >> that was her point behind doing it with the cups. >> the performance that caught some people by -- miss ohio's mckenzie bart performed with a ventriloquist dummy. al has a thing for ventriloqu t ventriloquist, they sang supercalifragilist supercalifragilistic- expialidocious. ♪ supercalifragilistic e-
9:11 am
expialidocious ♪ >> wants to take my job. >> could she do the weather with her -- >> sure she can. come on in. miss ohio, miss bart, come on over to the show. we would love to have you here. >> actually good. >> you know what it's like to work with a dummy. >> i wasn't going to say it. >> i know. that's why i thought i would say it. i don't know who the contestant was. she was playing piano and the fun fact came up, she was attacked by a cheetah in zambia. >> what? >> that's a fun fact? >> that's a fun fact. >> you've got to be kidding me. >> attacked by a cheetah. no, i don't think so. i think it was in a hotel. >> oh, my gosh. >> escape a situation like that. >> ridiculous. >> all right, mr. roker. >> all right. anyway, let's show you what we've got going on. we've got a big hurricane that's affecting mexico, odile, 40 miles west of la paz, mexico.
9:12 am
category 2 storm moving northwest. it will hug the coast all weekend -- i should say week long on into tuesday. wednesday it makes a turn and the gulf of california and starts to head toward the southwest. that will bring a lot of rain to mexico, obviously. anywhere from seven to 12 inches of rain, as much as 18 inches as well. but as that system makes its way in -- look at all this moisture starting to push its way into southeastern california into arizona and new mexico. we're going to be looking not quite like we saw last week with norbert but we could see anywhere from three to five inches of rain and locally two to three inches in a few hours, which could cause major flash flooding. we' good morning i'm brittney shipp. today we're going to see fall like conditions continuing. temperatures range between 73 and 76 degrees. although it's a cool start we'll
9:13 am
see mostly sunny skies. mid 70s tomorrow with a chance of early showers and then take a look, we get even cooler going into the end of your workweek, 70 degrees on friday and sunday back to the 80s. our producer, adam miller, who watches pageants constantly, say she was robbed. >> the ventriloquist? >> yes. >> we love miss new york, too. >> we do. >> but we want miss ohio to do the weather. >> our producer, adam miller, is from ohio. so, this is a dream come true for him. she may wear her tiara. >> she's going to be here tomorrow, we hope. anyway, coming up next, if there were ever a girl on fire, you all know it's 15-time grammy winner alicia keys. all know it's 15-time grammy winner alicia keys. she has the answer to treating your dog's fleas and ticks is staring you right in the face. nexgard, from the makers of frontline® plus.
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9:17 am
alicia keys burst on to the music scene "songs in a minor." >> five grammy awards and one of the most successful songs and most covered, i think, ever. "fallen" which alicia wrote and produced. >> 13 years later, the 15-time grammy award winner is out with her newest single. we love this. "we are here," spreading an important message. ♪ let's do more giving do more forgiving yeah our souls are brought together so that we could love each other sister we are here ♪ >> thanks for being here. >> thanks for having me. i'm really appreciating y'all support and good energy. >> has it seemed like it's flown by for you as much as it has for us? >> definitely flown by. everything is a new chance, opportunity. i felt like i haven't even really gotten started, to be honest. >> you really have -- it seems
9:18 am
like every time we hear you sing, there's always a powerful message behind t i think more so with this song. what inspired you to write the words? >> this song absolutely more than ever have i started to really recognize my purpose and desire to really probe deeper, to find out what it is that we're all going through. i think we're all going through so much. specifically with this song "we are here" like i said before it was a question asked of me. someone said to me why are you here? no one asked me that question before. i started throwing that question to everybody that i came in contact with. what came back was so powerful, the backdrop of everything that's going on in the world, all of us, we just feel -- some of us are frustrated. some of us feel afraid, concerned. we all want to know what we can personally do. this song gives us the opportunity to have that dialogue to talk about what are we here to do for each other? what are we here to offer? i think that dialogue starting alone in ourselves begins the bigger conversation of how we
9:19 am
can start to -- >> you mentioned in answer to your al's question, energy. you have a zen. pregnant with your second child. you even asked your son why he was here. his answer was so good, to be a superhero. >> so good, huh? you can say anything that you're feeling. to be a superhero is incredible inside your own self, to find your super human powers and give them. that's a beautiful statement. >> you talk about your son, egypt. you have a baby on the way. has that, in a sense, changed you and the music you make? not that you have to have a child to have the feelings you have. >> no. >> but that it really has changed how you do what you do? >> it has. i mean, it has changed. just because as a mother you start feeling things on a way -- just a level -- i think you start feeling a fierceness, even
9:20 am
a more empathetic energy. i've always been an empathetic energy. i've always related to what we've gone through as a humanity. when you start seeing your kids in the mix, what they're going to grow up in, what they're going to be part of or how they're going to change it, you get fiercer about it. >> speaking of fierce, your husband's birthday party, before we go, coming to america. i think we have a picture of t how did you plan this? we want to do this for al's 61st. this is the birthday party. that's alicia in the gown. how long did it take? >> actually, it didn't take that long. the vision was clear. it's one of his favorite films. whose isn't? it's so great to have a good time. >> who had to get all the feathers? alicia keys #we are here. >> we all wrote -- >> hold ours up as we go into the break. #we are here. >> we're back right after ♪
9:21 am
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9:24 am
researchers looked at a decade of data and found over 57% of patients were prescribed an antibiotic but it estimated 27% of the illnesses were actually bacterial. experts say there is currently no good solution to the problem. except for strep throat there are no tests to determine if an illness is bacterial or viral. if you're hoping to get your hands on the new iphone 6 plus phone this week, a record number of orders for the bigger iphone is straining supplies. apple's website says a wait time for iphone 6 plus will be up to a month. although you can still get the smaller iphone 6 delivered this friday, verizon, at&t and sprint are showing shipment dpla dela to six weeks on the plus. "no good deed" thriller brought in $24.5 million this weekend, dolphin tale 2 was second and guardians of the
9:25 am
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9:26 am
good morning, everyone i'm chris cato. let's get your first alert forecast now with brittney shipp. >> it is jacket weather this morning. temperatures are starting in the 50s and 60s. plenty of sunshine expected for us on this monday. 57 in trenton, temperatures closer to the shore already at 60 degrees. 64 in lewis. as we head into the rest of the day by your lunchtime hours, 66. the baby delivered by
9:27 am
emergency c-section after his mother was shot and killed yesterday died overnight. the mother was setting outside of her home when she was hit by a bullet. investigators believe the gunman was aiming at someone else. the baby boy was delivered in critical condition last night and he died in the hospital last night. 18-year-old hakeem walls and jermaine jackson got away from a detention center on saturday night. they overpowered a guard and ran away. the juvenile was picked up a short time later, walls and jackson are still on the loose. a fire tore throw a row of homes last night. the fire was contained to the second floor and everyone made it out safely. investigators are looking into what caused the fire.
9:28 am
we'll have another update for you in about 25 minutes. i'm chris cato, have a great monday.
9:30 am
welcome back to "today" on a monday morning, september 15th, 2014. i'm natalie morales, along with tamron hall and al roker. willie is taking a long weekend. how many of us text and walk? i've done it. i've come close to smacking into a pillar. >> you haven't learned yet? >> it gets in my way. it just happens. you know it can be dangerous, of course. take a look at what a chinese city is doing. they have separate cell phone lanes for pedestrians, as you see. there's a stretch of sidewalk with signs in chinese and english, warning citizens to walk in the proper lane. >> if they're texting they probably don't know. >> i love the idea.
9:31 am
>> i think it's a good idea. >> i consider my body to be a vehicle since i don't have a car. when i'm walking down the street i'm like, let me pull over and text so i don't have any signals but -- >> the person that they wrote, those lyrics -- >> like a cadillac. thank you, al. >> here is the thing -- >> he wasn't even going there. >> oh, no, he was. >> oh, i was. >> exactly. >> here is the thing. there's bad behavior, so let's encourage it. >> no. let's find rules and order. >> but it's not everywhere. so people are going to -- they're just encouraging -- just don't walk and text. >> yeah, but -- >> come on. >> you know what? >> you go walk and text. >> don't trip over the cord. >> or the camera. >> that's not funny. >> it's not the best thing to do. >> no. >> oh, ow! >> your physical humor is so wrong, al.
9:32 am
>> it is. >> anyway, as we look at "today" -- ah! >> great. look what we've started. >> showers through the gulf coast. wet weather through the great lakes today. beautiful day in the northeast. look for a gorgeous day, if you like heat in the pacific northwest, 94 in portland today. same as in los angeles. how crazy is that? as we look toward tomorrow, we'll see plenty of sunshine again throughout the northeast. although, a few hit or miss showers, northern new england, wet weather along the gulf. we'll be watching what happens to odile and the moisture that comes out of that. hundred degrees good morning i'm first alert meteorologist brittney shipp. today we're going to see fall-like conditions continuing. temperatures between 73 and 76 degrees. a cool start with mostly sunny skies. the conditions will continue for the rest of your workweek.
9:33 am
mid 70s tomorrow and then we get even cooler going into the end of your workweek, 70 on friday, at's ynday back to the 80s. latest weather. >> little bruised? >> i'm okay. >> good? >> you know zachary quinto from his leading roles in "star trek" and "american who are story." for the latest project, he stepped behind the camera. >> served as mentor to a pair of young filmmakers vying for $250,000. zachary is here with us. good morning. good to see you. >> good morning. >> you were a little obsessed with al's physical humor. is it worth the $250,000 prize? >> no. he's talented but not that talented. >> you're the judge. this is your -- the show is amazing. it's not a reality show. it's a documentary series. it's a great idea. what inspired it for you?
9:34 am
>> we were approached by chris moore, the creator of the show, who also created project greenlight a few years ago. i was drawn to it for a number of reasons. it's set in my hometown of pittsburgh, p.a. and i love the concept, giving two first-time feature directors an opportunity to navigate the road of directing their first feature with the same parameters and the same source material and seeing what each of them does with it. i'm a huge supporter of first-time filmmakers. it had a lot of components that spoke to me personally and creatively and my company ecos. it was cool to be involve friday the beginning. >> you really take this producer role very much to heart, as we hear you say. being back home in pittsburgh, what was that like? >> to go home and then to bring jobs to the city, utilizing the architecture of the city. the people of pittsburgh are so
9:35 am
incredible. it was a huge draw for me to be able to go home in that capacity with something that i really believe in and excited about was exciting. >> the last part of batman was shot there. >> a lot of -- >> doing this series, you have been a producer, but has this inspired you to maybe start directing? >> it does. i've got to be honest. watching how each of these directors evolved through the process and being privy to that experience from that perspective, i've been on a lot of sets and certainly have been around enough. to see first-time directors do it, it was pretty inspiring. i definitely want to direct. just need to find the right story. >> al roker, comedy story. compare him to chevy chase. al roker to chevy. >> oh, i knew that -- >> talk about shane and anna, the two filmmakers?
9:36 am
>> he has been at it for a while. and shane is a more traditional filmmaker in that she studied screen writing and has her degree in screen writing and has worked a lot on feature projects and film projects. so they come from very different backgrounds. you see that, i think, as you watch them deal with the different obstacles and challenges. how each of them handles it. the tone of each of their films is drastically different. the most interesting thing about the show for me is that it comes from the same original script. so, they were each able to do a rewrite of it and make whatever movie they want. there's a lot of overlap and things about each of the stories that are the same. the voice of the filmmaker is the thing that ultimately determines the journey of the film that gets made. >> the whole premise. it's amazing. got to ask you about "star trek" any new news? >> on the horizon.
9:37 am
>> nicely put. >> i have a feeling we'll be back in production the next six months. >> nice franchise. anthony quinto -- zachary quinto, thank you. >> hollywood's number one bachelor, george clooney, gets ready to tie the knot. do we have wedding details? do we have wedding details? >> we've got wedding details. >> maybe. >> hottest google searches. check out all these airline seats. lots of them, right? but when you try to get one by using your travel rewards card miles... those seats mysteriously vanish. why? all the flights you want are blacked out. or they hit you up for some outrageous number of miles. switch to the venture card from capital one. with venture, use your miles on any airline, any flight, any time. no blackout dates. and with every purchase you'll earn unlimited double miles. now we're getting somewhere.
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9:42 am
words to the song? >> that's right. on the run tour, he had fans buzzing when he changed the lyrics to a song and it had people believing she might be expecting another baby. >> what did he do? what did he say? >> he said she is pregnant with another one, something along those lines but in a very clever way. >> take a listen. here it is. ♪ >> i didn't understand. >> i couldn't -- >> could we put subtitles because i don't know what -- i can't -- >> pregnant with another one. >> oh, okay. >> replaced it with another one. >> pregnant with another one. i heard it there. >> it was quick. >> very, very quick. everyone was buzzing about it. >> if you know them, when they do have news to announce, they're going to announce it big, like last time around. right? >> certainly will. beyonce's people, so far we have
9:43 am
not heard anything. last time she announced -- >> at the vmas. >> very dramatic way. >> there you have it. >> let's talk about big birthday party and prince harry turning 30. i love the way he's marking his birthday. he's giving back in meaningful way. >> for sure. today is his actual 30th birthday. he spent the weekend at a charity event. he has a reputation of a partier. he spent it giving back to service men and women. a bit of a departure. something nice to see from the prince. >> he is so conscience of that wounded warrior. >> they ended up scaling down the plans a little bit ? >> taking the attention away from himself. >> and up for the 15 mill from his grandmother. >> and princess diana, he got a bit of that inheritance as well.
9:44 am
>> if he weren't most eligible already. >> he's doing okay. >> let's talk about perhaps another man off the market soon, george clooney. his wife-to-be, big spike on google over the weekend. >> yes. >> what were people looking for? >> people were searching for her name with the wedding of this magnitude, it obviously has a lot of attention, lot of eyes on t people were searching around for details about the wedding. we're hearing people reporting that brad pitt might actually be the best man, which is quite exciting, two beautiful men on one stage at once. the most popular related searches to her name is what is her age. >> interesting. >> she is 36. >> rob ford turning the mayoral thing into a family affair. he has dropped out but his brother is running? >> yes. very colorful mayor of toronto is dropping out of the race. his brother is stepping in. people were concerned about who is doug, wanting to learn more about the family.
9:45 am
he dropped out for health reasons, he says. in the family. very political family. they're looking to continue that tradition. >> canadian version of the kennedys. >> there you go. camelot even. >> look so much alike. la toya, thank you very much. >> thank you. should you grab the burrito or taco salad for lunch today? we're playing which one is healthier with some of your favorite restaurant sweets become salaries. an oven heats up a community la cocina, a small kitchen that kick-starts the careers of 41 entrepreneurs. they bring the talent. we help fund the tools. it's a small way we help that's been huge for the community. little by little we can do a lot. because... small is huge. visit to see how big small can be. but do you really? [ female announcer ] neutrogena® makeup remover erases 99% of your most stubborn makeup
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♪ we at alcon believe you can. introducing new air optix® colors prescription contact lenses. its unique 3-in-1 color technology blends with your own eye color for a naturally beautiful look with comfort all month long. ♪ virtually try on your perfect color and get a free trial offer at let's say you're planning on grabbing mexican food at lunch. we want you to make smarter choices. >> some of your favorite dishes pack more than 1,000 calories. here to help us figure out what's healthier, registered dietician and contributing nutrition editor, cynthia seth. we are going to plant our little
9:50 am
flags. >> we want to make it clear here, we are not saying either of these are good for you or you should order them -- >> what's the lesser evil? >> beef burrito or taco salad? >> do we know what's in the burrito? >> cheese, beef. >> i'm going to go with the taco. >> one and one here. and the actual answer is the burrito. do you know what kills you? fried taco shell. that's the killer right there. that alone can have at least 400 calorie. >> sour cream. >> if you ate all of this, you would save 200 calories and eight grams of fat. >> shell makes a difference? >> huge difference. >> i did not know that. >> this is a tricky one. chicken pad thai and lo mein. which is the healthier of the two options? >> place say pad thai because i eat it at least once a week. >> unfortunately, this one. the lo mein.
9:51 am
it generally has more vegetables, lower calorie sauce, less oil in it. this is a difference of about 450 calories and 55 grams of carbohydrates that you save if you go with the lo mein. these take-out containers hold about three servings. >> oh! >> when you get that, you don't want to sit down and eat the whole thing in one sitting. >> when you take out, you can't get out. >> that's a good one. >> that's great. >> here we have a couple of slices of veggie pizza versus a dish of pasta with sauce and little bit of marinara. >> both pieces? >> both pieces. >> pizza. >> you are correct. it is definitely the pizza. this is automatically portion controlled by having the slices here. this pasta, serving of pasta is half a cup cooked and most restaurants give you at least six time that is amount. the sauce can be a hidden source of extra sugar. you're definitely better off with a pizza. you can load it up with veggies, ask for light cheese, go with
9:52 am
thin crust, whole grain crust. definitely go with the pizza. >> pizza sounds good now. >> this is bar food. you're at a bar, had a couple of drinks, looking for something to eat. you guys are right on track. it might be obvious with the portion size here. >> there is that. i mean -- >> chicken wings. >> you could just burrow in there. >> if you had these with the celery and the bleu cheese, 850 calories versus 1440 for the nachos. >> portion is key here. never will you go somewhere where they'll give you six. >> yeah. you can order a dozen with someone else here. now a cobb salad versus a quiche. couple of smarties here. >> bake on, cheese. >> all those toppings will get you. this actually has about twice as much fat as the quiche and double the calories. split that with someone, get a take-out container, take the rest to go home. moderate your portions whenever
9:53 am
you're eating this kind of stuff. these little tricks can help you avoid the pitfalls. >> i am so hungry now. thank you so much. we're back in a moment. this is "today" on nbc. can we warm up that
9:54 am
9:55 am
where is kathie lee? >> she is making her way. we've got jada pinkett smith. >> yes. >> we've got mindy kaling, hot hollywood scoop and
9:56 am
good morning, everyone. i'm chris cato. time to check in with metologist brittney shipp. >> yes, temperatures are feeling more fall-like. temperatures staying in the mid 70s for us today. plenty of sunshine for us as well. our average typically for this type of year is 79.
9:57 am
today it is a high of 75, and 75 tomorrow. pennsylvania lawmakers return to harrisburg this morning facing a familiar issue. the proposed cigarette tax that would help fund schools. they say they don't have a plan b if the legislature fails to act. schools could close as early as christmas if the cigarette tax money doesn't come through. the tax would generate $45 million immediately for schools and $80 million in subsequent years. also in harrisburg, supporters of medical marijuana are holding a rally at the state capital building. soon the decision will be made to move this bill forward for a full vote. another update for you in about 25 minutes, i'm chris cato.
9:58 am
remember you can always get your latest news and weather at have a great day.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. hello, everybody. by that,e mean you. it is fun day monday, september 15th. i have my hoda now all to myself. matt didn't let her go for the longest time this morning. >> i'm where i belong. >> you'll be doing this for two weeks because somebody had a baby. >> somebody had to go and get pregnant, okay. thank you, savannah. >> i'm there for you. i want you to know, i'm here for you. don't call me to help. >> all right. >> so we're going to talk with jada pinkett smith, who is -- >> she's adorable. >> stunningly gorgeous. >> she is. she gets more beautiful all the
10:01 am
time. mindy callive, a doll, she gets funnier and funnier all the time. >> she said she can't wait. >> all the hollywood buzz is with us. did you have a busy weekend or nice, quiet one? >> i had an in between one. i had some fun. lee bryce, remember lee? lee bryce is one of my faves. so lee bryce was performing at madison square garden on friday night. okay. luke bryant was performing too. so they -- some of the people asked me to give him an award, he was getting a huge award, he's the only country artist to have a platinum single record so far this year. >> oh, good. >> more than luke -- all those -- >> more than miranda. >> all of them. lee bryce. so i had to do a sneak attack on stage and interrupt his set -- >> that's nice. >> who wants that, some girl giving you an award -- >> you're not some girl. you're hoda. >> anyway, let's see what happened. >> okay. i'm doing a sneak attack on lee
10:02 am
bryce. he's about to get an award. he knows nothing about it. and i get to surprise him. come on! >> i love, love, love me some lee bryce. i came out today because lee bryce is going to get a huge award. and what better place to give him this award than right here at madison square garden! >> that's so nice. he was so shocked. >> by the way, rarely do people get shocked. he was so surprised. he got teary eyed because he
10:03 am
couldn't believe he got -- >> you pulled it off. that was nice. a labor of love when -- a long week and big weekend and -- i'm sure you made up for it. thanks for asking me about mine. i'm kidding you. i got on a plane, boom, boom, flew out to the west coast. it is that time of year, a certain business, known as harvest time. >> yes, stuff grows. >> when stuff, like, my stuff is harvested. and i tell you, i went to the place where they grow my stuff. and that is heidi scheide. i was picking -- >> were you picking grapes? >> i was picking grapes that eventually become stuff. >> i love your hair. >> you have to. it is hot out there. it is gorgeous in monterey county, just beautiful this time of year. i was on the tractor. i was stomping stuff, if you know what i'm saying. >> by the way, you look so cute. you were in the -- >> i was driving the -- >> go on her twitter or my twitter, because i retweet what you tweet. go there and look at it.
10:04 am
>> and yesterday at the giants game, frank was honored. the coin toss. there is frank, number 16, still got -- still has the record for the most touchdowns ever of any giants player. >> that is awesome. >> so the giants didn't win, but frank came home a winner, if you know what i'm saying. and last night my friend was a winner as well. miss america pageant, all the casinos are closing. but sam from vegas, brought it back to atlantic city where it originated. so kira kazantsev -- >> anyway, she's from new york. this is her third year that miss new york has won. she freaked out. screaming, excited. and she had such a unique talent. she sang "happy" by playing cups. if you remember anna kendrick from "pitch perfect," when i'm
10:05 am
gone, anyway, here is her talent, playing "happy." ♪ clap along if you feel like happiness is the truth ♪ ♪ clap along if you know what happiness is to you ♪ ♪ clap along if you feel like that's what you wanna do ♪ >> she's adorable. >> she is so cute! >> you know, i'm sure there were great opera stars and great ballerina -- but that's a crowd pleaser. >> and every now and then they were putting up little things like she enjoys hot dogs and, you know, different things. anyway -- >> she's going to be doing that for the next year, all over the country, you know? >> that is very catchy. "pitch perfect" is coming out with "pitch perfect 2". >> i know. there was a young lady who -- from idaho, miss idaho that inspired a lot of people. she's a type 1 diabetic. she wore her insulin pump during the swimsuit competition. look at this. good for her had. gorgeous.
10:06 am
that's one of the alternatives to giving yourself a multiple daily injections of insulin and she's -- >> she gets it 24 hours a day through a catheter. >> it is under the skin. god love her. that is fantastic. >> that is great. okay. >> it takes so much courage to put on a bathing suit and parade around in high heels like that. but to do it with -- such a statement of strength. good for her. >> inspired a lot of people. so jimmy fallon had some fun with glenn close. >> yes. >> you know how he gets actresses to do anything. >> he can get anybody to do anything. he had brad pitt yodeling. >> so glenn close wanted to do a face stuffing contest. >> that was her idea. >> she wanted to eat on the air. they had to eat different foods but with weird utensils. they ate a blueberry pie with their face. >> get set and go! >> seven, six, five, four, three, two, one!
10:07 am
move on. >> on scales, so you know how much they're eating. >> what is she eating? >> that is nachos. >> oh, my gosh. you know what, i'm sorry, she's practiced. i bet she practiced for a week. she's very adept. >> oh, no. he stuffed it right in. >> oh, her eyes and everything. she doesn't even care. >> she doesn't come up for air. >> oh! >> okay. oh, my gosh. >> it's in his eye. >> you can't do that if you wear contacts. but, wow. >> just so you know -- >> she had to win. >> jimmy ate the most spaghettis and nachos. but glenn ate the most pie. okay. >> that so reminds me of all the summers in nantucket when cassidy, who was about this big, went up against people twice her -- and always won the pie eating thing. stuffed her face in those pies and did not come up until it was gone. >> and she's so teeny, hello. >> but you got -- you know what
10:08 am
that's called? that's called de eed dedication. something getting a lot of attention, they're calling them the ugliest design ever for a sports uniform. >> the colombian women's cycling team. just take a look. the middle part looks naked, but it is really like a spanx kind of -- like a flesh color thing. >> it looks -- it looks -- >> no, that was -- who thought that was a good idea. >> that's a hoochie problem there. >> that's not good. >> wow. >> anyway, cycling fans are all over social media and call it the worst design ever. >> they have some sort of thing down there, right? in the netherworld. that's a -- >> oh, yes. >> that's for cycling and stuff. >> okay. >> can't take my eyes off of this man. >> about this drink, when we came back from mexico. >> there is a gentleman walking on now called alejandro. i went to the rosewood and i said they had -- one of my
10:09 am
favorite resorts, but they had incredible tequila, but they had a great chaser kind of thing, right? tell us about it. >> called sangrita. it is the way you're supposed to g d drink tequila. >> okay. >> you should try one. >> is that at an angle? >> it is at an angle. i had no tequila, i said, okay. it is on the bias. >> take a tiny sip, just itty-bitty. now the chaser. >> salt? >> no. >> just a sip. >> makes you -- >> doesn't it have like a -- right? what is going on? it is like -- isn't that amazing. >> like a really, really spicy v-8 juice. >> exactly. like a bloody mary -- >> but there is something about that. and you don't even taste -- if
10:10 am
you're not a huge tequila fan, some people are, some people aren't, take a tiny sip of the tequila and a sip of this, you don't realize you're drinking tequila, which becomes a problem. you can cheers twice. you can go -- i like that. it is friendly. >> alejandro, thank you so much. >> very nice of you. >> cheers. >> i'll give this to jerry. >> of course you are. >> thank you so much. >> what do you have? >> i have two things. my friend janice dean, a weather caster at the fox news network, she's written her second children's book "freddie the frog caster and the big blizzard," her second children's book. >> ella loves this. >> everyone i give this to, it is adorable. lots of kids love the weather channel. they watch it constantly. this is a great idea. >> love her. >> our friend jill -- >> yes, i'm so excited for her. her high performance hand and stick vacuum, 43 bucks on, she's introducing it tomorrow.
10:11 am
it is either a dust buster, comes in -- or it is a little teeny vacuum you keep in your office or something. >> for your apartment. >> yeah. and you can take that off and put that on it and you can turn it on and hide stuff. i'm so happy for her. >> and it is cute and little and compact. >> i'm taking her and you out today to miri's public for lambchops at lunch because today is our friend's 84th birthday. so put them on. i wrote this song, on the plane, on the way out to california. that's how -- because we were waiting for just the right story. and jane anderson from bluffton, south carolina, we got the story the night before, she wants us to honor her husband bill of 33 years, she was diagnosed with parkinson's disease, 2003 and bill supported her the entire way. she is on skype with us. and -- on the phone. >> hi, jane. >> hi, jane. how are you?
10:12 am
>> hi, ladies. good morning. >> can't hear you, darling. anyway, let me tell you, some continued to work as a teacher until the symptoms got so bad. i'm telling you, i read this letter from her and i sobbed. it is just a beautiful, beautiful -- what a man, what a -- >> i can't wait to meet both of them. >> maybe we have them now. are you there? >> can you hear? >> we're so excited to honor your husband bill this thursday. >> oh, boy. c i wish you could hear me so i could say hey. >> hey. >> you're an amazing lady. have a safe trip up here. we have a song for you called "grooving to the music" when you come up on thursday. >> i love it, you beautiful ladies. hoda, you're probably ready for a nap, aren't you? your morning gig and after alejandro. >> oh, baby. >> you're probably ready for a nap.
10:13 am
>> she's actually ready to her a good song. >> safe travels to you. >> thanks, ladies. see you thursday. >> god bless. >> coming up, paris hilton lands had herself a mr. amazing. >> we have it all in "today's buzz." >> and jada pinkett smith, we'll talk to tv's newest very bad i want a new lease on life for my skin. [ male announcer ] l'oreal introduces an innovation. inspired by years of research on skin, age perfect cell renewal with the powerful anti-oxidant natecium dhc. the results are impressive. surface skin renewal is accelerated. every day, millions of new cells rise to the skin surface faster than before. [ moore ] i can feel it working. skin looks fresher, full of life, as if reborn. [ male announcer ] age perfect cell renewal from l'oreal paris. [ moore ] you're worth it. [ male announcer ] age perfect cell renewal from l'oreal paris. here's something fun to do with hot dogs. make easy crescent dogs.
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one for those hard to reach places. one to protect kids mouths from cavities. even one to freshen breath on-the-go. with over 100 years of innovation in oral care... there's a listerine® product for every mouth in your house. for cleaner, healthier mouths go beyond brushing alone. listerine®. power to your mouth ™. cat woman, a sexy new one in town and her name is fish mooney. >> that's the character that jada pinkett smith plays in "gotham," a prequel to the batman series. >> she calls it the role of a lifetime, a little evil, a little ferocious and a whole lot of seductive. >> wow. >> she's right. take a look. >> where have you been? >> where haven't i been? >> who's the friend? >> detective james gordon, ma'am. >> aren't you a cool glass of
10:17 am
milk. >> ma'am, is that screaming we heard back there? >> yes. my boys are watching a scary movie. >> really? >> no. actually one of my staff has been stealing money from me, so we're beating his punk [ bleep ]. >> that is a role of a lifetime. >> yes, it is. >> good to see you. >> you're so tiny, petite, but you can whoop some -- >> i can whoop some. >> you do some whooping in this show, don't you? >> absolutely. >> you take a swing at this guy. you had a bat in your hand and it looked sort of real. >> that was the penguin. yes, yes. penguin and i are not very good friends. >> you have a friend in this world? >> not really. >> before batman, before catwoman, before the joker, the riddler. >> this is where it all happens. this is where it all takes place. this particular television show is basically the origin story of
10:18 am
all of the famous villains we know about, and, of course, the infamous batman. >> you will have bruce wayne there. >> definitely. >> he realizes -- >> young. this is right after the murder of his parents. yes. >> and your character is every way we described it, evil, sneaky, sexy, scary. >> yes. >> you love playing her. >> i do. it gives you -- you feel safe to dance with your shadow a little bit, you know? that's right. >> and still go home to papa. >> that's right. used be to be a bad girl on set, a good girl in life. >> your skkids, are you scaring them? >> oh, no. they've seen worse than that. i'm sure they've seen worse than that. >> mommy plays a nice lady. >> i think of you in that particular role, there is something special about this role. >> i think they're going to be excited. as a family, we love comics. we really do. so, you know, i think they're very excited about it.
10:19 am
>> it has meant a big move for you here, in a different kind of gotham here in new york, the big apple. how is that going for you? you're from baltimore, originally. >> i'm from baltimore, maryland. i'm used to being on the east coast. it is always lovely being in new york. >> well, it isn't winter yet. >> i know. i know. trust me, i'm definitely trying to get it together, getting all my coats and hats and scarves. >> taking care of everything. are the kids going to be here in new york. >> everybody is back and forth. >> how do you do school and stuff like that? >> they're home schooled. >> that's right, that's right. >> now, this thing -- there is a lot of hype for gotham. >> great reaction. >> getting terrific reviews. >> of course. >> is that going to make you feel good or does that make you feel a little worried because of expectations and things? >> you know, i've been in this business a long time, you know? and thank goodness i'm here just as a -- as an actress playing a role. it is my job just to do the best i can do. you know. i'm not producing. it is one of those projects that i'm not producing, i'm literally
10:20 am
just acting. >> that's a long time since you've just done that. >> a long time. and i'll tell you something, i'm enjoying it. >> people have no idea. my daughter just got off a film set today, been there a month, the most unbelievably hellish conditions. nobody sees that part. >> it is a lot of work, trying to act and produce and especially as a family, producing things with the family. >> you're never off the clock. >> you're never off the clock, never. >> did you have to stay in good shape for this one, jada? >> because she has gone to pot. >> you do your own -- there are stunts that come up in other episodes. >> absolutely. >> you did your own? >> yes, mm-hmm, definitely. unfortunately first episode, the guy i hit with the bat in the alley, i hit him for real. yeah, i did. i felt so bad. >> workers comp. >> i felt so bad. it had been a while, you know. i missed -- i missed.
10:21 am
>> oh. >> it happens. it happens. >> he wanted to be in show business. it happens. >> i love doing my own stunts. and i try to stay -- >> life is doing your own stunts. >> honey, keep it real. >> we love you, jada. give our love to the family. give will a smooch for us. gotham premieres september 22nd on fox. >> she's an emmy nominated actress, writer and producer. >> hilarious. >> stick around for fun with mindy i had ongoing pain. a deep ache all over. my doctor diagnosed it as fibromyalgia thought to be the result of overactive nerves that cause chronic, widespread pain. lyrica is believed to calm these nerves. i learned lyrica can provide significant relief from fibromyalgia pain. so now, i can do more of what i love. lyrica is not for everyone. it may cause serious allergic reactions or suicidal thoughts or actions. tell your doctor right away if you have these, new or worsening depression,
10:22 am
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a human one. and it's time to fight it. quaker's good energy is just what you want. it's how we help keep go-getters like you, going, and getting. one bite at a time. make it with milk for a boost of protein. quaker up. what are we doing? >> i nbc 10 news starts now. >> good morning, everyone. i'm chris cato. it's 10:26. la let's start with the first alert with brittney shipp. it's a picture perfect fall monday. >> very fall-like monday for us.
10:27 am
temperatures staying in the mid-70s which is still below average and technically we are still in the last week of summer. right now our conditions in philadelphia, we're mainly in the 60s here. we are going to see temperatures warming into the mid-70s for the city, low 70s if you're closer to the shore, but 63 with plenty of sunshine in philadelphia. winds out of the northeast at 7 miles per hour. today the temperatures will range between 73 and 76. happening today, new jersey governor chris christie will meet with new york governor andrew cuomo, new york city mayor bill de blasio and the department of homeland security in an effort to make the new jersey/new york region safer. numerous law enforcement agencies will be involved in the day-long meeting in new york. we'll let you know what comes out of that. also this morning, we learned the pennsylvania state trooper who was killed in an ambush at the state police barracks in pike county will be laid to rest on thursday. services for corporal brian dixon will be held in scranton. he was ambushed friday night. douglas underwent surgery last
10:28 am
night and is said to be alert and talking. police are still looking for the person or people who shot the troopers. they're not discussing a possible motive. brian dixon leaves behind a wife and two children. that's all for now. remember, you can always get the latest news and weather at in half an hour we're back for a full hour of news and weather starting at 11:00 a.m. for now i'm chris cato. we go back to the "today" show. have a great monday.
10:29 am
10:30 am
we're back with more of "today" on this fun day monday, filling you in on all the hollywood news you may have missed other the weekend with the "today's buzz." >> here is amy odel. >> hey, girl. >> we're going to clear up a few rumors. that's what we do on this program. at beyonce's concert, there was a rumor there was a man in the front row with a sign that said, something like, beyonce can't sing or you can't sing or something. >> this is a very sort of rumory story. this video is old, more than a year old and it resurfaced because the guy in the video posted it on 9/4, beyonce's birthday, 9/4/81, like superfans like myself and readers know, he
10:31 am
held up a sign that said you can't sing. beyonce said something amusing, went over to him, held the mike to his face, she does often, to sing. he sang the same ditty, didn't do it very well and she goes, exactly. another version of the story goes, she just went over, held the mike in his face, she does it a lot, let her fans sing to her, and then she goes, exactly. >> so what's the truth? no sign. >> we don't know the truth. >> oh, okay. >> but if you paid a few hundred dollars for a front row seat, would you do that? >> i don't think so. but who knows? now there is all the speculation is beyonce pregnant. jay-z sang some lyrics at his concert that everyone said made it all very clear she is. >> you heard -- >> i heard -- can we listen. i don't know if we have it. let's listen to the video. >> we don't have it. >> because it sounds -- it is muffled. >> what is he supposedly saying? >> so during his song "beach is better," they were on the tour
10:32 am
in paris, final show in paris over the weekend, very big deal. he changed the lyrics to say, because she's pregnant with another one. >> let's hear if you're right. here's the video. ♪ there it is. clear as day. thank god. there is video proof. let's move on. >> oh, my gosh. >> let's talk about kanye west. >> every one of these stories is upsetting, i'm telling you. >> kanye was on stage and he wanted a standing o, apparently. tell us what happened. >> when you're at a concert, performers stand up and dance with me. he was performing in australia over the weekend. he tried to get everyone on their feet while he was performing. he noticed a section of people sitting down and they were sitting because they're in
10:33 am
wheelchairs. >> they're handicapped, in wheelchairs, exactly. >> the rumor has it kanye sent security into the audience to try to get them to stand up and when he found out they were sitting in wheelchairs, he said, okay, fine -- >> how about sorry? >> he said how about you, up there, you in a wheelchair too, okay. if you're asking everyone to stand up, it is not a real -- >> you earn a standing ovation. was it to get people to move? something people should do on their own. >> once you yell to everyone in the crowd, get up, get up, get up, you're in a wheelchair, you're in one too? >> i think people on twitter freaked out. that's what people do. a lot of fans at the concert said it was blown out of proportion. >> we were just at joan rivers funeral and hugh jackman sang and no one had to be told to stand up. that's what the pros do. when you earn an ovation. >> as opposed to ask for one.
10:34 am
sicily strong, we like her, one of the anchors for "weekend update" and she will not be an anchor but still on "snl." >> yes. love her. so she was replaced by michael che, two men hosting the segment. >> how do you think that's going to work? two guys? >> it is going to be interesting. it is going to be interesting. we love sicily. our readers love sicily. she's hysterical. she'll still be coming on "weekend update" and doing her impressions. she'll be freed up now to do some other things. >> she sounded like she's happy about it. like this will be cool. >> it will free her up. >> michael che is hilarious. >> paris hilton got a pooch. >> or a man. >> mr. amazing. a dog or a man? >> it might not even be a dog. it is so tiny. the world's smallest pomeranian, right? >> it is 10 to 12 ounces in weight. >> my gosh. >> it is only 2 1/2 inches high.
10:35 am
so it fits in the palm of your hand. >> we tried to find out if that's true. >> she supposedly paid $13,000 for it. >> thank you so much. speaking of hollywood stars, hers has been right. >> get ready for some laughs. mindy kaling is here, coming up right after this. california is known for its grapes and so is my family. over three generations have taught us about growing the best tasting fruit. our grapes ripen on the vine so that the flavors can fully develop. and only the most experienced hands harvest them to bring quality fruit to your table. that's why we work with walmart... ... together we guarantee you only get the freshest grapes available. backed by their 100% money-back guarantee. picked by farmers. guaranteed by us. ♪ hello! three grams daily of beta-glucan... a soluable fiber from whole grain oat foods
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10:39 am
mindy kaling. >> yes, it is. "time" magazine's one of 100 most influential people in the world. star of "the mindy project," returning for its third season. >> and mindy picks up where she left off, with a drink in her hand and romance with her fellow doctor, with who she shares love and a love of gossip. take a look. >> i saw lauren and jeremy alone in the conference room and he was rubbing her. he was rubbing her neck. >> whoa, nelly. >> there is something going on. peter is not delivering in the bedroom and they're planning this charity thing together. i would never let my woman plan a charity event with some guy. i would never do it. >> i would never plan a charity event. that was really good interpersonal chitchat. >> really good interpersonal chitchat. mindy loves gossip. >> you are so hysterical, by the way. >> you are hysterical and you look gorgeous today. >> thank you.
10:40 am
>> you keep slurping your margarita. >> i have a few drinks here. >> wanted her to try the sa sangrita. how you to like it? >> i've never really drunk something and not liked it. >> third season, this show -- tell us why -- >> i feel like the rat pack. how many drinks in a day. i'll do it. >> she's game. she came to play. >> she did come to play. did you think we would be talking about your third season when you first started this show? >> i hoped so. i got a lot of ex-husbands i need to pay for. and a lot of kids. no, kids are enjoying life. i would love to pay for -- >> you do start a project like that, to her point, you have -- you never know. it is a crapshoot and you have so much riding on it, being the producer and the writer and the
10:41 am
star. a lot of hats to wear. >> that's how you have job security. put your name on the show. they can't fire you. and then you guys, the illustrations, you're, like, oh, i'm in. >> yeah. you're right. they have made an investment. >> you have to. >> tell us about your love interest, in real life. >> on the show? >> he's so dreamy. he's such a great actor and he has, like, a -- he's italian, has nice -- he's just a great actor. >> were you involved in the casting? >> oh, yeah. that's the perk of the job, yes. we used to be kind of sworn enemies, grew closer as friends and now dating. and it is good, because they're completely different. >> is he your kind of guy if you were to pick somebody if you were on a dating website, would he be your kind of guy? >> he's an old-fashioned guy. he hates e-mail and doesn't know how to use the phone. >> he's perfect for me. >> he rants about stuff. he's very manly and who wouldn't
10:42 am
like him? >> what about dating in real life? >> dating in real life? >> now she shuts up. >> it is fun. i like -- who doesn't like going on a nice date. i like guys. it's fun. >> your idea of a perfect date? >> buying a drink, whether it is on your show or going on a date, that's a nice -- >> a good beginning. >> yes. eye candy, like you guys, whether a handsome man. >> you're a happy woman. >> this is a great experience for me. >> it takes very little to make her happy. >> money, good looking people and alcohol. that's it. >> so deep and so happy you came to see us. >> thank you, guys. >> i'm a role model. >> you are. you are. do you hear from anybody who says you're taking it too far, missy? >> we're on network, so we can't show -- we can't do the hbo -- >> if you could, would you do all the nude scenes like they do on "girls"? >> no, i like to be covered up and taken care inform those
10:43 am
ways, no. yeah, for sure. my whole lifestyle would be different. i would have to get up and run five miles a day and learn how to do push-ups and stuff. network tv helps me a lot. >> you're such a blast. >> thank you. >> i love you. i love seeing you two. >> you're returning with -- >> tomorrow night on fox. >> we're going to meet a remarkable woman. >> she's incredible. she's resilient. we'll meet her, her brother, coming up right after this. ♪ oh, there's an energy crisis happening alright. a human one. ♪ and it's time to fight it. quaker's good energy is just what you want. ♪ it's how we help keep go-getters like you... going... and getting. one bite at a time. try quaker warm & crunchy granola for the crunchy side of oatmeal. quaker up.
10:44 am
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10:46 am
10:47 am
all right, get ready to get inspired. you're going it meet an incredible woman. >> she just happens to be the sister of "today's" national correspondent and our pal peter alexander. >> hi, kids. >> thanks for hosting my sister and i here today. i'm so proud to share becky's story. she is one of the funniest and most caring people i promise you'll ever meet. also my best friend. but as you're about to see, her world is rapidly changing because of a cruel disorder
10:48 am
causing becky to go blind and deaf. to me, she is the real face of courage. >> don't stop. let's go. >> reporter: this is my sister rebecca, she's 35 now and the most impressive person i know. >> faster! >> reporter: looking at her, you would have no idea she has a disability. can you see my hands right here? >> yeah. >> can you see my hands right here? >> no. >> reporter: when becky was only 13, she was diagnosed with a rare and devastating genetic disorder called usher syndrome type 3. it finally hit you in college. i'm going to lose my vision and my hearing, go blind and deaf. what does learning that feel like? >> i felt like as soon as i got that diagnosis, well, i need to do everything i can to make up for my loss. it was, like, my way of fighting back. >> reporter: becky is fearless, a tornado of energy. she's an extreme athlete, leaving the rest of us in her dust. >> pick up your speed! >> reporter: with her hearing almost gone, last year becky
10:49 am
received a cochlear implant that provides a sense of sound. only becky passes the time before major surgery like this. i came to see her the day before she got the implant. you like to joke to me, i'm getting a hole in my head. as i come to terms with this, as a brother is, this is the last time i'll ever look at you without a device on you. you know what i mean? >> yeah. >> which for me is hard too. >> yeah. >> does that worry you in the way people will view you? i'm sorry i'm crying. i love you so much. >> it is nice to know the people around you do care and do have an emotional response to it. >> reporter: now a year and a half later, becky hears much better, but her vision is limited to this. like she's looking through a straw and that window is closing. still, my sister remains upbeat, and undeterred. >> it is incredible how in the last, you know, 15 years how much my life has changed. and it is actually better.
10:50 am
i mean, it is funny i could have a lot less vision, and a lot less hearing, and be a lot happier. >> oh, my gosh. >> becky alexander is with us now. her story is in this great book, please go buy this book called "not fade away", a memoir of senses lost and found. >> so nice to welcome you here today. >> my gosh, we're so excited. >> and peter, from the first day i came here and met peter, that's all he talked about was you. >> true. >> he loves you so much. >> i think i met you the first time in a spin class. and i remember you were on that bike leading the class rocking it, and when i heard about your -- some of your disabilities, i had so much trouble believing that that was you. because you don't lead with your disability. some people will tell you right away, i have this and i have that. that's not your way, is it? >> no, it is not. i think that it is something that people sometimes notice about me first, and sometimes they don't notice about me first. but it certainly doesn't define
10:51 am
me, yeah. we all have something, we all have -- we're all dealing with something, whether you can see it on the outside or whether it is emotional, physical or psychological. so, you know, most importantly with my book, this is not just to let people know that they're not alone, but to know that we all struggle with something on a daily baseis. >> are there still things yet to do on that list that you have not yet done? >> not a bucket list. >> no, i didn't say that. i didn't say that. you're not going anywhere. >> i hate the idea of a bucket list. >> i didn't say that. >> i know. >> i want you to do everything you can. what is left for you to do? >> i appreciate you making that distinction, but, anyway, so -- well, next summer i'm climbing mount kilimanjaro. >> that's what i wanted to hear you say. >> of course you are. >> i think it is genuinely what i want to do. i'm living my life. >> you learned to sign.
10:52 am
>> i learned sign language when i was in college at the university of michigan. so i work with the deaf community. >> did you know -- when -- it/. started happening at 13? that's when you started knowing it and then did you go right in and diagnosed right away or how -- >> so kind of -- my memory is probably different than how it actually happened. but when i was 12, i went in to get glasses, could see the black board at school and the optometrist saw something some the back of my eye and said i need to see somebody more specific. when i was a sophomore in college, i had a difficult time hearing. when you go to a really loud concert and you leave and your ears are ringing and you're like, that's what it felt like for, like, all the time. so, yeah, i went to an at larut
10:53 am
laryngologist. >> you love your sister so much, it is obvious. i'm sure you would rather it was happening to you than to her. >> i said to my wife, i said the day our daughter was born was the happiest day of my life, but right now it is like the proudest time of my life because when it is your own personal story, i tell stories for a living, but when it is your own and you get to do it for an audience like this, you can't afford to screw it up. it matters so much to you and i love her so much. she has -- everybody has something. only about 1500 people in this country have what becky has. it is crazy. it is rare. it is not fair. but i love her to death and i'm just beyond proud of what she's written, but it is not inspiring just to people who love her, it is now inspiring others and that's the biggest -- >> you're an amazing woman. >> you are. >> a great brother. you are terrific. >> thank you. >> get the book. it is so great. and don't go away. we'll be right back. >> first, this is "today."
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you remember the couples trying to match up last week? >> they'll be back tomorrow with their dates to let us know how it went. >> plus, how to make sure your kids are getting enough sleep. >> who cares? what about you? >> and the runway's hottest fall coats. and what you can get for
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nbc 10 news starts now. right now at 11:00, a pregnant woman shot and killed and now we know that her baby did not survive. this morning we're hearing from a man who tried to save both of them. good morning. i'm chris cato. this morning neighbors in philadelphia's frankford neighborhood are demanding justice. matt delucia is live in frankford and you just spoke with a neighbor there who was with the victim when she was shot. tell us what happened. >> reporter: chris, he and others here on this 1500 block of adams avenue have been quite emotional this morning. as we look at the memorial they built, they want an arrest and they want whoever killed this mother and hery


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