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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  September 16, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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right now at 11:00, a developing story. amtrak service is disrupted between philadelphia and washington, d.c., making for a very difficult morning for train commuters. i'm chris cato. amtrak service is on hold as crews continue to work to remove a pole and power line that fell on the tracks early this morning in maryland. northeast regional is suspended. limited services between philadelphia and wilmington. matt delucia is live at the amtrak station in wilmington. how frustrated ready people? >> reporter: some of them are very frustrated. this delay has been going on for
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eight hours. april track says there is still no exact estimate of when full service will be restored. inside this station here in wilmington, there are a few people. some are trying to find an al r alternati alternative. others have no other choice but to wait. >> a pole went down. here we are sitting. >> reporter: eric and his son are trying to get to washington. this is where they have been sitting for hours. they were hoping for the fast track but wound up stuck. >> we came here and i said, it's crowded in here. we sat and then word started getting around -- i saw the board. everything canceled. >> reporter: some travellers walked in with bags having no idea their ride wasn't coming. >> it could be morning or afternoon. i can make calls and perhaps work from home today. >> reporter: bad inconvenience? >> yes, yes. >> reporter: amtrak began posting alerts at 3:30 this morning blaming a freight train
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for knocking down power lines. it caused a ripple affect throughout the northeast corridor. we found long lines at 30th street station in philadelphia. i looked at recent data to find how many people are affected. last year, 11.3 million people rode on the corridor, which averages to more than 31,000 riders a day. >> 8:16 departure. >> reporter: trains continued between wilmington and philadelphia. >> we apologize. >> reporter: cynthia and her sister started their trip in baltimore at 3:00 a.m. and aren't expecting to arrive in hartford until late they are evening. >> my mom was rushed to the hospital yesterday. we need to get there. >> reporter: philadelphia to wilmington was not affected by aum of this. this method here, the northeast corridor is how many local members of congress get to and
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from washington. delaware senator tom carper was here earlier. he wound up carpooling with another senator. we will stay on top of the delays and the suspension as it unfolds here. we are live in wilmington. i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. we take a live look at center city. wi william penn, comcast center. we had the rain move through earlier. the clouds are moving out. looking great out there now. glenn "hurricane" schwartz is in with a look at how the rest of tuesday is shaping up. is is it going to be another cool one like yesterday? >> yes. cool for this time of the year, a little bit. but the sun is back out across a good bit of the area. still have clouds at the shore. but that will be changing, too. here is the comcast center. a little bit of blue in the sky. that's a sign of things to come. the temperature now, 69.
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fairly close to that across the area. 63 in trenton. 75 in georgetown, delaware. you can see the showers, this is over the last six hours. watch them move through very quickly as we were showing you over the weekend. going to be gone by about 7:00 or 8:00 a.m. that is it. look to the west. there is no more rain. it's go sting to stay like thatr a while. the sun back out, temperatures climbing into the mid 70s. a beautiful afternoon. see how long this dry weather will last and see how cool it will get tonight with the seven-day in a few minutes. this morning, trump plaza cashed in its final chips becoming the fourth casino to shut down this year in atlantic city. trump plaza has been on the boardwalk for 30 years. a handful of gamblers came by to
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say good-bye. >> reporter: the signs went up at 6:00 on the dot. the doors are not locked. that will come later. the closing impacts the casino. the hotel is still open, still has guests from miss america. still, around 6:00 this morning, hotel staffers made their way here and closed the doors for the final time putting up the signs. trump plaza casino is closed. inside earlier this morning, a smattering of people, the last few gamblers to play the slots and table games. then hotel staffers and customers made their way outside. we talked to one woman who has worked here for 26 years. she says she got off at 4:00 in the morning but came back to say good-bye to friends. >> always stay in touch, you know. wish the best for everybody. that's all you can do, wish the best for everybody. i worked with a lot of these people for a lot of years.
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it's just -- come see the last of them before i left to go home. >> reporter: trump plaza, the fourth casino to close here this year and the management company says there's a good chance, trump taj mahal will follow suit in a couple of months. >> the man whose name is on that can a see no is weighing in this morning. donald trump tweeting -- he had limited involvements in the plaza and tried to force the casino to remove his name from the business. trump mplaza is the fourth to close this year. atlanta club, showboat, revel and now trump taj mahal could be
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number five. it will close in november unless it gets major concessions from the union. so far, more than 10,000 people in those casinos have lost their jobs. there's hope that one of the properties may reopen. a bankruptcy judge approved an auction for revel. that is scheduled for september 24 was approved after a florida developer made a $90 million cash bid last week. a casino will likely operate in the building at some point but the property will offer more than gambling. reports say the developer is considering buying the showboat as well. count on nbc 10 to keep you updated on the casino crisis in atlantic city. we have an entire section dedicated to it on our website, we're following a developing story out of bucks county. authorities have charged a middle school band teacher with having a sexual relationship with a 14-year-old student. she will be arranged in court this afternoon. she's a band teacher in doyles
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continue to. the charges stem from an incident in 2012. they're asking any other possible victims to come forward. an intruder, a case of mistaken identity or something else? philadelphia police are trying to figure out what led to a deadly shooting inside an apartment in the home circle section. katie zachary has the latest. >> reporter: philadelphia police are looking into several possibilities, one is that the intruder may have been a stranger, another is that he was dating the man's daughter. police were called to the home circle apartment around 11:30 last night for a shooting. it happened inside a second floor apartment. preliminari preliminarily, pleaolice say a 32-year-old man broke in and was shot by the man who lived in the apartment with his 20-year-old daughter. police say it's possible the intruder was dating the man's
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daughter and she may have let him in. he was shot by man who lives here. here is what police are saying. >> there possibly may have been a struggle. however, we know that the 41-year-old male fired one shot striking the 32-year-old victim in the head one time. >> reporter: the victim, who has not been identified, died from his injuries at the hospital. hop side detectives have taken over the case and they will determine if the shooting that happened behind me was justified. reporting from the home circle section of the city, katey zachary. a game of pool turned deadly last night. police say two men got into a fight, one pulled out a gun and shot the other. the suspect has not been arrested. police are homie i hoping a vid lead them to the suspect. this happened this morning.
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two people were hurt in the crash. they are expected to be okay. happening right now, pennsylvania lawmakers are working on getting the cigarette tax bill that would rescue philadelphia public schools to a vote. the rules committee is addre addressing the bill in harrisburg. if it makes it out of the committee, it will happen tomorrow. it would tax cigarettes in philadelphia, $2 per pack which would generate $80 million a year for the school district. officials say they need that money to start flowing into the district by october 1st. if it doesn't, cuts will be implemented which could close schools as early as christmas. dr. will name heigiam hite was n square park for an event to emphasize the importance that every child has access to high quality pre-k education to start school ready to learn. rattled nerves overseas.
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an earthquake hits japan. details on the daniel comage co. shark warning. where recent attacks have left beaches closed and surfers stunned stunned. is it going to warm up? i will show you when the 80s return coming up.
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look at this. a 5.6 earthquake shook japan
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this morning. didn't cause major damage. it was northeast of tokyo. office workers like these left their buildings when the shaking started. the damage is being repaired. in a rural part of the nation, there was a landslide that damaged a car and house. congress is hearing more about the president's plan to defeat isis. the defense secretary and chair of the joint chiefs are expected to testify about the president's strategy. tracy potts tells us what some lawmakers are saying. >> it's in our interest for congress to act quickly. >> reporter: overnight the house rules committee agreed to act fast on a vote to train syrian rebels to fight isis, part of the president's plan. >> i think the congress will at least give the president what he is asking for. >> reporter: as the u.s. continues air strikes over iraq, the question remains, who will join them. >> this cannot be seen as a western invasion of another country for regime change.
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>> reporter: john kerry is headed back to the u.s. after meeting 30 countries in france. the white house won't say which countries are joining the fight. >> we want to make sure we have all the boxes checked in terms of what our needs are. >> reporter: lawmakers are pushing for arab nations to do more. >> they are the ones that will are to have the boots on the ground. >> reporter: the state department did confirm iran is not part of the coalition. >> we are not coordinating with, we do not want to and are not planning to coordinate with iran in any way on iraq. >> reporter: secretary kerry is back here tomorrow testifying then heading to the u.n. on friday to get them to back the iraqi government on4+ b this. tracy potts, nbc news, washington. military officials confirmed two americans were killed in a car bombing in afghanistan this morning. the explosion happened a couple hundred yards from the u.s. embassy. one of the americans was a service member, the other a civilian. the taliban has claimed
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responsibility for the attack which killed a total of three coalition troops and injured nearly 20 people. happening today, the war on ebola. the obama admission is sending 3,000 military personnel to west aft africa. tho those troops will help create bed space. this american doctor battling ebola is battling boredom. he is being treated in nebraska where doctors say he continues to improve. workers are brainstorming ways to keep him entertained. he has books, a chess board, a never basketball hoop. she says her husband gets tired easily but is mentally sharper every day. a 12-year-old wisconsin girl is accused of trying to kill a
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classmate has to undergo a mental competent receive evaluation. she and another 12-year-old are accused of attacking a classmate on may 30th. the girls planned to kill the classmate to gain favor with slender man, a character in an online hairer series. the victim was stabbed 19 times. hundreds of firefighters are battling fires in central and northern california today. the so-called king fire has burned more than 80,000 acres. a fire near the oregon state line has damaged or destroyed 100 homes and forced at least 1,500 people to evacuate. more than 1,000 homes and businesses are being threatened. minnesota vikings running back adrian peterson's first court appearance is october 8th on charges of child abuse. he is expected to enter a plea on charges he injured his 4-year-old son when he whipped him with a tree branch on a
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switch. he said yesterday he is not a perfect parent but he's not a child abuser. he said he was simply disciplining his son in the same way that his parents disciplined him. the vikings benched him after the indictment on friday. the team now says it has more information about the incident and it will allow him to play on sunday while the leaggal proces plays out. ray rice is planning to appeal his suspension. the nfl suspended him for two games. that was before the video of him knocking out his future wife. the legal changed it to indefinite. rice contends he was always up front with the nfl about what happened inside the elevator. a new study under scores that domestic violence isn't just in provifessional sports. one in five men admit to being
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physically violent. they were more history to be abused or have a history of substance abuse. swimmers in part of central california are being told to stay out of the water after two shark attacks. over the weekend, people watched a shark attack a harbor seal, then a surfer at a state park reported being attacked. he said the shark took a chunk out of his surf board. he got away before it came back for him. >> he dragged me under water. i resurfaced. i had to get rid of my leash. i looked at the board. i wondered if he broke it with his head instead of his teeth. >> some beaches put up a shark advisory while others have closed all together. we have had nice weather lately.
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showers early this morning, but they are gone. we have some dry days ahead. cool nights. it was kind of cool last night and this morning. cooler tomorrow morning. how long can this last? sometimes you can get some streaks of dry weather in the fall. look at all of this. we have lots of sunshine out there right now. a lot different than the way the day started. 69. the winds 14 miles an hour. we are three degrees warmer than we were at this time yesterday. right now, we are in the mid to upper 60s in most areas. up to 70 in blue bell. 71 in wilmington. 63 in trenton and in wrightstown. at the shore, close to 70 with a bit of an offshore breeze. we don't have a lot of warm air in the country. 78 in atlanta. 50s in the middle of the country. there's no warm air to come here any time soon.
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the showers, they have moved out. the clouds have moved out. now we are left with a dry weather pattern that looks like it's going to last all week. our futurecast shows the dry air across the region tonight and into tomorrow. hardly a cloud in the sky as we go through the next few days. we have a major hurricane in the atlantic. it's in the middle of the ocean and not bothering anybody. this one is going to bother a lot of people. this is hurricane odile. it hit baja. now it's sending moisture up toward the southwestern united states and there is going to be some -- just horrible, horrible rain and flooding in that part of the country before the week is out. you will hear more about that. temperatures into the mid 70s with clearing skies, sunny, beautiful afternoon.
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another great day tomorrow after the cool night tonight. 50s in the cities, 40s in the suburbs. thursday and friday, similar temperatures and sunshine. we finally get to 80 on sunday when the eagles come back to town. a virus making kids sick across the country appears to have spread to this region. we will tell you where that illness has been confirmed and where it may show up next. do you follow all of the safety rules when it comes to your kids in the car? a new study is cause gs ing exp to issue an important reminder to parents.
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the respiratory virus sickened hundreds of kids across the country has hit the northeast. new york confirmed enter row virus in more than a dozen children. that's 104 confirmed cases in ten states. several hundred suspected cases have not yet been confirmed by the centers for disease control and prevention. some suspected cases are in delaware. 12 children were hospitalized. we could know as early as friday if the symptoms are behind the virus. it has been a difficult morning for those who commute to the nation's capital by train. service disrupted between philadelphia and washington, d.c. for most of the morning on amtrak. we will tell you when service may be restored. yesterday we showed you how the mystery of this photo found
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in the rubble of 9/11 has been solved. you will see exactly how the picture made it back to the hands of the person in it.
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zesty chicken and avocado tacos in our stand 'n stuff (record scratch) you say stand n' stuff tortillas old el paso says... start somewhere fresh just about 11:30, checking out our top stories. homicide detectives are trying to figure out what happened inside a home in the home circle neighborhood. a homeowner shot a man to death. he's not known felt victim was an intruder committing a crime or if the man was dating homeowner's daughter and was invited into the apartment. two people are expected to be okay after a car crashed into a corner store. the driver lost control around 12:30 last night. a 5.6 earthquake hit tokyo this morning. no reports of major damage at
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this time. a lot of people evacuated offices there. a landslide in a rural part of japan did damage a car and house. a developing story this morning causing big trouble for commuters. service on a major section of amtrak's northeast corridor is suspended because of power lines on the tracks in maryland. service is suspended between philadelphia and washington, d.c. limited service between philly and wilmington. matt da lou is live in wilmington. you were telling us, thousands of people use that line every day. there has to be a lot of frustration over this. >> reporter: yeah, that's right. amtrak has been saying all morning that they are trying to get this problem fixed as quickly as possible. but there is no exact estimate as to when full service will be restored. that the suspension could last for a few more hours. we just got this photo in to our newsroom about ten minutes ago that shows the damage caused by a freight train in maryland. this is what's causing all the
11:31 am
delays. i reached out to amtrak for an update. they tell us repair crews are making progress. but the northeast regional service remains suspended between washington and philadelphia and the express service is suspended between wilmington and washington. speaking of wilmington, we have video for you. we went into the station here to talk with travellers to get a look at what they are dealing with this morning. some tell me they have been waiting to get on a train since 3:00 a.m. that's around the time the problems started. some have been making alternative plans, while others are stuck and waiting out the delay. >> it's amazing how one thing can stop everything. the old saying is one monkey can't stop a show. that big pole of a monkey has stopped the show. >> reporter: septa service was and is not affected by the amtrak disruption.sed avi advis
11:32 am
to their website. again, an exact time frame is still unknown. we will stay on top of this and have updates on later that afternoon on nbc 10 news and on our social media sites. live in wilmington, i'm matt delucia, nbc 10 news. after 30 years on the boardwalk in atlantic city, trump plaza casino closed its doors early this morning. nbc 10 was there as half a dozen gamblers showed up for the final time. profits dropped 30% this year. this is the fourth casino to close in atlantic city this year. >> i'm just sad it happened. just sad. a lot of us started here in our 20s and 30s. at this stage of the game in your 50s and have to rethink what you are going to do. a lot of things run through my head. >> reporter: a tough time for a
11:33 am
lot of people. 8,000 workers have lost their jobs this year in ac. 3,000 more may lose theirs in november if trump taj mahal closes. now there are eight casinos open in atlantic city. the trump taj mahal is threatening to close. they received a warn letter it may shut down in november. you can count on nbc 10 to keep you updated on the casino crisis in atlantic city. we have a section there dedicated to it on our website we had rain move through this morning. now a gorgeous morning across the city as we take a live look. see the flags atop the aramark building. the clouds are moving on out. let's find out what we can expect for the rest of the day.
11:34 am
glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here with the forecast. >> those flags are blowing in a direction that is bringing in the dry air. we started off the day with cloudy skies, showers and now look. we hardly have any clouds in parts of the area. things have really improved over the last few hours. we're in the upper 60s north and west. 71 in wilmington. 63 in trenton. 64 in mount holly. into the 70s in delaware. it's going to be a beautiful afternoon. the showers that came through quickly and early, they are long gone. the clouds are gone with them. as far as the rain is concerned, there isn't any that's going to be approaching for quite a while. for this afternoon, it's nice and simple. sunny skies, really beautiful, low humidity, mid 70s. it will get cool tonight. i will tell you how low it will
11:35 am
go with the seven-day forecast in a few minutes. government officials in mexico are trying to evacuate tourists stranded by hurricane odile. it made land fall last night uprooting trees, taking down power lines. 135 people were treated for minor injuries. authorities are now worried about flash flooding and mudslides in the area. another concern, looting. some residents were caught ransacking a store that was damaged during the hurricane. this is in the baja peninsula. they were grabbing food, water and other supplies. to china where a typhoon dumped rain. authorities said around 90,000 people rr evacuated from low lying areas before the storm hit. the typhoon is expected to main land fall in vietnam tonight. hang now back here at home, the jury is being selected in a double murder trial in montgomery trial.
11:36 am
in this case, the accused killer is the one choosing his own jury. he is accused of murdering a 10-month-old baby and her grandmother in a botched kidnapping plot in october of 2012. he fired his lawyers. he is acting in his own defense in this case. yesterday, he asked a judge to throw out all crime scene and autopsy photos because he said that they are too emotional for the jury to see. the prosecutors say those graphic pictures should be allowed in court to show that he was solely responsibility for the killings. from our delaware bureau, the police department is kicking off its citizens police academy today. it's an eight-week course designed to teach people about the police department in wilmington. they will learn about procedures and pressure thaus that come wi being a police officer. a goal is to build a relationship with people. >> we have the technology. we have the investigators able to go out here and uncover a lot
11:37 am
of crime, collect evidence. but when it comes to getting information and confirming things, we need that to come from the community. in order for the community to give us that information, we have to have that level of trust built back. >> the wilmington police academy is free. it starts today if you want to aten tend there is space. the mother of shooting victim trayvon martin is taking part in a discussion on the campus of lehigh university. she will be part of a panel on hip hop, the media and the criminalization of black and brown youth. trayvon martin was shot and killed in february of 2012. former neighborhood watch captain george zimmerman was acquitted last year to the outrage of many. martin's mother is the co-founder of the trayvon martin foundation. an update on a story he would told about you yesterday morning. it involves a wedding photo that was discovered in the rubble of the world trade center just at 9/11.
11:38 am
it has been reunited with its rightful owner. >> reporter: the newlyweds were strangers to her. when the photo found amid the rubble of ground zero was in her hands, a woman pledged to return it to the rightful owner. >> i tried sending an image of the photo to websites and reaching out to people via e-mail. >> reporter: it turned into a 13-year mission. she posted it every anniversary with little response. but this year the image suddenly went viral. >> the efforts of millions of people are what returned this photo to fred. >> reporter: something fred, who is pictured in the photo, thought was lost forever. he kept it on his desk on the 77th floor of the south tower where he was heading on the morning of 9/11. >> i proceeded to get off the subway, saw the atrocity goes on and proceeded north with
11:39 am
everyone else. >> reporter: last friday, exactly 13 years and one day later, he was contacted by a friend who saw the photo and recognized it. >> she sent me a text message and said, fred, you check this out. >> reporter: his first call was to the bride and groom married in march 2001. fred, who lives in colorado with his wife and two kids, met elizabeth in new york to accept the photo and thank her. >> what this is is hope for all the people that were affected by 9/11. >> quite a story. there are new questions this morning about the gm ignition switch problem. what did federal regulators know and when did they know it? we will tell you what a house committee has uncovered. we had rain showers early this morning. are any of those showers going to return this week at all? i will show you coming up.
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this morning, the senate armed services xhts is hearing about the president's plan to combat isis. chuck hagel and general martin dempsey are scheduled to testify. the u.s. says more than 30 nations have pledged support for an american-led offensive.
11:43 am
the u.s. plan is a three-pronged attack. build a coalition, strengthen the iraqi army and attack isis. they have foreign hostages. the fight against the islamic militants continue. kurdish forces say u.s. air strikes have helped them regain ground near the mosul. it was taken over by isis in june. kurdish commanders said the forces regained control of five villages after american fighter jets destroyed isis positions. in syria, armed forces are fighting back. one bridge used by the terror group was destroyed over a river. the government talked about an air attack against isis. to decision 2014. new jersey governor chris christie is visiting south carolina today, the home of the first republican presidential primary in the south. he is attending two fund-raisers
11:44 am
as the chairman of the republican governor's association. several other potential candidates have made trips to south carolina recently, they say the measure makes it easier for workers to win legal damaged in court and makes it harder for employer tos to defend themselves against paid differences that are justified. the pennsylvania immigration and citizenship coalition wants immigrants in philadelphia to register to vote. they will have a signup today from 12:00 to 2:00. the coalition says getting immigrant communities to register and turn out to vote is a key part of its mission. this is part of the
11:45 am
multicultural passport to phl week, a celebration of philadelphia's cultural richness. later today, a senate committee will hold a hearing to learn about the general motors faulty ignition switch problem. according to a "new york times" report, a separate house committee investigating this said federal regulators had enough information about gm's faulty ignition switches as early as 2007. 19 people have been killed by that problem. that number is expected to increase after official review more than 100 death claims. a new study shows some parents bend the rules when it comes to seat belts for their kids. safe kids worldwide surveyed parents with children between the ages of 4 and 10. they found one in four parents don't make their kids buckle up every time they're in the car. safety experts remind parents that kids need to be in car
11:46 am
seats or booster seats until they can fit well into a seat belt. >> at that point, the seat belt, the lap belt will ride across the upper thighs where their hip bones can support them in the event of a crash. >> that survey showed that 60% of parents said they saw other moms and dads bending the rules, either not making kids use a seat belt or letting kids ride in the front. one consumer insurance site is out with a list of the rudest drivers in america. two local states made the top ten. idaho has the rudest drivers in america. d.c. and new york were second and third. delaware came in sixth tied with vermont. new jersey slides in at eight. philadelphia clothing chain urban outfitter will no longer sell a controversial sweat shift. it could be interpreted as
11:47 am
bloods. it reminds many of the massacre on the campus. that's when ohio national guards men shot and killed four unarmed student protesters and wounded nine others. urban outfitters tweeted an apology and said it's not meant to look like blood. it is supposed to look vintage and faded. nike is holding a special event to unveil the latest shoe from lebron james. the lebron 12 is reported to cost $200. nike sold $300 million of his sneakers last year. he makes out pretty good. he earned an estimated $20 million a year from his nike endorsement alone. that's not bad. today the franklin mills mall in northeast philadelphia announced plans for a renovation project. the first of the changes is the name. the shopping center will be called philadelphia mills. the center will be upgraded including new entrances as well
11:48 am
as wi-fi and lounge areas. exterior work will be completed this fall, the interior in early 2015. quite a change over just a few hours. that wind is a dry wind bringing in the blue skies, allowing the sky to be seen as blue. and then driving out the rain. we have dry days ahead. we also have cool nights ahead. we have had a bunch of those, at least compared to this time of the year. how long is this going to last? do we see any changes in this weather pattern? we are seeing that wind out of the north northwest bringing in dry air. 69, the humidity not too bad. the feels-like temperature is the same. we have a fairly decent variation of temperatures.
11:49 am
it's 63 in trenton while it's 73 in dover. the quicker you get the sunshine, the quicker the temperature goes up. now everybody is goes to be seeing the temperature go up. you can see clouds in mercer county and near the jersey shore, even a few in the poconos keeping the temperature down a little bit. we don't see any rain back to the west. the atmosphere is going to keep getting drier and drier. we will see if we see anything coming close. certainly nothing coming in from the west. look how dry it is across so much of the country. there's thursday, nothing is even close. so that makes a pretty easy forecast here, at least for the lack of rainfall. tonight though, down to 39 in mount pocono, 45 in allentown, 47 quakertown and reading. these are temperatures reached 5:00, 6:00 tomorrow morning. well below average.
11:50 am
doylestown 50, norristown, 51. 51 in dover, 50 in atlantic city. 51 in west chester and glassboro. a hurricane in the atlantic, the first of the season. far north for something this strong. fortunately, it's in the middle of the occasion and not coming close to bermuda. this is the one that's going to cause the problems. this was a category three major hurricane when it hit baja, strongest hurricane on record. now it is headed up in the general direction of the southwest united states. it would be niez ce if some of s moisture came into california where they have a drought. it's going toward arizona and new mexico. parts of the areas that really got hit hard just a couple of weeks ago. we're going to be seeing some of
11:51 am
this over the next several days. look at the computer model showing it go right toward arizona and new mexico and tremendous amounts of rain expected. i'm afraid there will be really nasty scenes going on there. temperatures in the mid 70s this afternoon with a lot of sunshine. a few clouds, especially in the poconos. wednesday, more sunshine from start to finish, after the cool start. it's going to be cool in the mornings the rest of the week, too. but it's going to be sunny in the afternoon. a nice time to wash your car. it's not going to rain for a while. it's not going to rain over the weekend. the warmer weather starts to come in on sunday when the eagles come back to town. >> thank you. welcome back eagles after the exciting victory last night. we will be right back with a look at what's coming up later today on nbc 10.
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high school football fans, heads up. time to vote for the high school blitz of the week.
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glorj washington-northea george washington-northeast is leading. the game with the most votes will be featured on the high school blitz every saturday night at 7:00 right here on nbc 10. coming up on nbc 10 at 3:00, "ellen" is new. then it's nbc 10 news at 4:00. local teachers packing heat in the classroom. one lawmaker thinks it's a good idea. today nbc 101 examining the proposal and the reasons behind it. this afternoon on nbc 10 news at 4:00. at 5:00, the evening rush could be a nightmare for train commuters. service suspended between washington, d.c. and philadelphia. we're checking with amtrak as they try to make repairs on the power lines that caused that. new at 6:00, could it be a renaissance for atlantic city? how many big-name shows you can expect from a deal to turn that city into a concert destination.
11:56 am
should be a nice evening for that. >> and other evenings this week as well. high school football weather looks good. the weekend weather is looking good, too. look ahead to the eagles. >> welcome home, eagles. >> the next game is sunday. i'm telling you, the weather is just going to be incredible this week. we're going to be pretty dry. we will be getting close to drought conditions if this pattern continues. below average temperatures during the day and quite cool at night. those are 50s. those are temperatures in the city of philadelphia and the sur u -- the suburbs in the 40s virtually every night for the rest of the week. there's no rain. >> we have been on a roll lately. >> it's a little bit like fall. what's going to happen in fall and winter -- >> you wonder. what is the catch? >> the catch is, if this continues into winter. >> we may be below average then.
11:57 am
let's not think about that right now. thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. for glenn "hurricane" schwartz and all of us here, have a great day. we will see you later.
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[cell phone ringing] >> abigail: hey. >> ben: i should be done in a couple of minutes. >> abigail: great. i can't wait to see you, ben. [gasps] [phone clatters] oh, my god. chad. >> chad: i didn't mean to scare you. >> abigail: no, uh, no, i'm just--i'm... surprised. i... when did you... >> chad: just a couple of hours ago. yeah, i was going to call you. um... i couldn't really figure out what to say. it is really good to see you. you're even more beautiful than i remember.