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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  September 17, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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take your jacket with you. but as we head into the afternoon, you won't need it. so, really nice conditions on tap for us. take a look at the sunrise, slowly starting to come up. that's our shot at cape may, just a few thin clouds. we'll see plenty of sunshine today and our temperatures for philadelphia 58 degrees. humidity's at 75%, wind speeds out of the north-northwest at 6 miles per hour. so, that's more of a dry, cooler wind coming in. our neighborhood forecast for allentown 73 degrees, same thing in wilmington and even in cape may. low 70s across the board for us, but i am tracking changes with our temperatures. i'll let you know what to expect in my first alert seven-day forecast. for now, christine has a closer look at traffic, good morning. >> good morning. skyforce10 over that incident that we've been watching. this is in the mayfair section of philadelphia. you can see police activity out here, frankford avenue and roland avenue. a car hit a pole here and it's really dark out there. you see just a few lights. there is a limited power outage in this area as well. so, skyforce10 is going to stay on that scene and i'm working to get you an alternate to get
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around that incident in mayfair right now. and take a look right now on the new jersey turnpike. we're still seeing a problem. this was an earlier tractor-trailer fire. that fire is out, but still on the southbound side near the pennsylvania turnpike, the right lane is blocked there. 95 at cottman avenue on the southbound side slowing down, but overall, 15 minutes your commute from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway. tracy? now to breaking news from overnight. minnesota vikings running back adrian peterson is off the team again while his legal case plays out. peterson was indicted on child abuse charges in texas, accused of beating and injuring one of his sons with a tree branch. peterson is now on the nfl commissioner's exempt permission list. that came out overnight, which means he has to stay away from all football activities while his case goes through the legal process. a decision comes after one of the nfl's major sponsors, anheuser-busch, released a statement saying it was disappointed in how the nfl handled recent situations and after radisson hotels pulled its advertising from the vikings.
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philadelphia police release surveillance video they hope will help them lead to the people who attacked a gay couple last week in center city. now, they're looking for a group of 15 men and women. they look like they're in their early 20s, walking last thursday night on the 1600 block of chancellor street. here they are. and that's where nbc 10's monique braxton is live. monique, police released the video and quickly, a number of tips came in, is that right? >> reporter: that's right, vai. police tell us that their phones have been ringing off the hook here at central detectives. they also say they believe more than a dozen people seen here are responsible for what they're calling a hate crime. now, this is the video given to detectives here at central division. police say this video was captured thursday night before the attack and robbery of a gay couple. investigators tell us they have been flooded with tips from people who know these potential suspects. according to investigators, someone in this group asked the two men if they were a couple. when they answered yes, the
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vicious attack occurred. look at the injury to one victim. both were treated and released from a local hospital. they spoke with us at that point. witnesses told us this couple was beaten badly before the group fled north on 16th street towards walnut. investigators also say someone grabbed a bag containing a wallet and credit cards. investigators tell us attorneys representing some of the people seen on camera have reached out to police, and they believe arrangements are being made for those potential suspects to turn themselves in. when that happens, you'll know it. live outside central detectives, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. it is 6:03. on the ray rice scandal, the nfl players union is appealing the running back's suspension from the league. the appeal was filed before the midnight deadline. rice was given a two-game suspension in july, then suspended indefinitely after that video emerged showing him punching his future wife. the union is arguing that rice cannot be punished twice for the same action.
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and new from overnight, this is a live picture we're showing you from a center city intersection closed because of a water main break. you see the water there continues to flow throughout the morning. this is the intersection of 7th and locust streets in philadelphia. you can see that water that's been there throughout the morning as the water department works to repair the break. and happening today, there will be no class for students in the poconos school district because of safety concerns as the manhunt continues for the gunman who killed a state trooper. meantime, a public viewing will be held for corporal bryon dickson this afternoon at marywood university in scranton. state police are warning that the suspect, eric frein, is dangerous. they say he's made statements about wanting to kill police officers and commit mass acts of murder. frein is accused of ambushing dickson and another trooper during shift change outside the barracks in the pocono mountains friday night. his car was found with shell casings, empty rifle cases and information about foreign embassies.
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now from our south jersey bureau, camden mayor dana redd will announce a new plan to reduce youth violence. later this morning, redd will join school officials and law enforcement to go over new details of a program aimed at cushing violence and crime among young people. in the philadelphia school budget crisis, a house vote on the cigarette tax bill in harrisburg could come as early as today. yesterday the house rules committee voted unanimously in favor of that $2-a-pack cigarette tax. if it's passed by the house, the bill would still need senate approval. the checks could bring in $80 million or more to fund philadelphia public schools for the current school year. local doctors are now on high alert after four confirmed cases of an uncommon virus popped up in our area. four children were treated for enterovirus d-68 at children's hospital of philadelphia, and we are awaiting lab results of suspected cases in delaware as well. doctors say they can only treat the symptoms, which are fever, runny nose, mouth blisters and
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muscle aches. cdc experts say the virus is spreading rapidly, and here's when parents should worry. >> harsher and most prolonged coughing. sometimes children breathing more rapidly and sometimes children needing a little bit of supplemental oxygen. >> health experts urge you to wash your hands with soap and water and disinfect surfaces that are touched frequently. meanwhile, president obama's plan to fight the ebola outbreak in west africa is under way. at the cdc in atlanta yesterday, the president said he's offered 3,000 troops to go to west africa to build treatment clinics and help medical workers. president obama said the ebola epidemic threatens global security, but he added, the chances of the outbreak spreading to the u.s. are extremely low. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. a live look right now at boathouse row. we are seeing mostly clear skies, just a few high, thin clouds, plenty of sunshine expected for us as we head into the rest of your wednesday.
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it's a cool start to the morning. that's going to be the trend at least over the next three or four days. sunny and dry days on tap for us with temperatures staying well below average, especially as we head into friday. but then i'm tracking a warmer weekend. so, warmer temperatures just in time for your weekend plans. for philadelphia, 58 degrees, a few clouds here at the airport, 75% in our humidity. light winds out of the north-northwest at 6 miles per hour. 39 degrees in the poconos, mid-40s in allentown. same thing in quakertown, 49 in pottstown. we're at 58 degrees in philadelphia, 53 in swedesboro, low 50s in northeast philly, 49 in mt. holly. closer to the shore, 59 degrees here in avalon. a little bit warmer in lewis at 66. and we're at 54 this morning in dover. temperatures across the rest of our nation stretching back into the midwest. we are seeing cooler air. 49 degrees in cincinnati, 50 degrees in chicago, but you can see mild air for atlanta, 68 degrees. and our 24-hour temperature
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change shows we are down 14 degrees in the poconos. you will notice a big difference if you're waking up with us in millville or atlantic city. we're 10 to 12 degrees cooler this morning than yesterday. our fall-like temperatures will continue, so how below average are we? 78 degrees is our average for this time of year. instead, today we'll see temperatures closer to the low 70s. 75 as we head into thursday, but cooler pushing into friday. high pressure stays in control, so we're just seeing a few passing clouds. but as we head into the rest of today, plenty of sunshine and any type of weather disturbances like these showers here off the coast of the carolinas are going to stay far to the south of us. today our temperatures range between 71 and 74, sunny and comfortable. it's going to be a nice, fall-like day. but as you take a look at the seven-day forecast, we will see a last-minute summer heat-up on saturday and sunday, going above average just in time for the eagles game. temperatures drop right back down again as we welcome in fall officially next tuesday. we had that breaking news a
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few minutes ago of that accident in mayfair and we dispatched skyforce10 to the scene. >> and now nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter christine maddela is watching some new accidents. >> just in the past ten minutes, we've had several incidents come into our system. this is route 100 northbound at the route 30 bypass. you can see the police activity out here. it looks like there are a couple cars involved and some debris. this intersection isn't completely shut down, though. you can see some cars moving along here, but just be on the lookout if this is part of your morning commute. it may slow you down a little bit. now, skyforce10 were at that accident in mayfair. now they are moving to another incident, and they are over bustleton right now. this is grant and the boulevard. on the southbound side, you can see these two cars involved, more police activity here at this intersection. so, it is a busy morning. be prepared if you are traveling throughout this area that it could cause some slowdowns this morning. also, as we look at our maps, we have another accident we're watching on route 30 eastbound,
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past route 340. see this yellow here? that means it is causing a bit of a slowdown, and that is out in chester county. route 1 southbound also having another problem on the outer drive at grant avenue. that's where we just saw skyforce10 on the scene there. and in center city, this is something we've been following all morning long. 7th and locust streets. your alternate is 9th street because of that water main break that has that intersection shut down. and i would expect that intersection to remain shut down the rest of the morning. tracy? >> all right, christine, thanks. 6:10 right now. round them up! this morning, jury duty dodgers could find themselves behind bars. we'll tell you how to check if you're on the list. and forget protocol. mommy's home! the toddler who just couldn't wait to get to his mother.
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at 6:13, happening today,
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jury selection resumes in norristown for a man accused of killing a baby and her grandmother during a botched kidnapping. this is 27-year-old raghunandan yandamuri. he faces the death penalty if he is convicted of killing the 10-month-old girl and her 61-year-old grandmother. prosecutors say the suspect planned to hold the little girl for ransom to pay off a gambling debt. the man accused of killing a pregnant mother and her baby over the weekend still has not turned himself into police, but police know who he is. they're looking for this man, devon guisherd. his lawyer tells us he may surrender to clear his name. police say guisherd was the person who opened fire near adams avenue in frankford sunday morning. a stray bullet hit megan doto while she was sitting outside. she died a short time later. doctors were able to deliver her baby by emergency c-section, but the baby also died. today, atlantic city's mayor will be in delaware county to talk about managing the casino crisis. his remarks come a day after
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trump plaza closed its doors. nbc 10's jesse gary is live in media, where the mayor will talk about his vision to fix the troubled resort. jesse, did the mayor give you any hint about what he may cover in his remarks? >> reporter: well, vai, the crux of the mayor's speech at the press club of philadelphia suburbs will be diversified to prevent economic disaster. let's go ahead, take a look at our video. yesterday the latest, but perhaps not the last domino to fall in the casino vice as the trump plaza closed its doors. donald guardian believes turning ac into an entertainment destination instead of strictly gaming will revive that city, and he has a warning for other states that may mistakenly rely too heavily on casino revenues. >> i think you'll see casinos closing, unfortunately, in pennsylvania and delaware. and every casino that opens up from here on in is going to take out one or two other casinos. the market hasn't expanded, only the number of places that you play have. >> reporter: and you can hear mayor guardian's full comments
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later today at the restaurant behind me. we've put all the information on our website. just go to and get it right there. live in media, delaware county, i'm jesse gary, nbc 10 news. and four atlantic city casinos have shut down since the beginning of the year. the atlantic club, of course, closed in january, followed by showboat, which shut its doors august 31st. revel went out of business a couple of days later. trump plaza closed yesterday and trump taj mahal threatens to close in november, and that would mean an estimated 11,200 casino job losses this year alone in atlantic city. 16 minutes past 6:00 right now. a job fair is happening today in trenton for military veterans. new jersey's department of environmental protection is sponsoring the event at dep headquarters. candidates can apply for jobs in more than 20 areas, including clerical, i.t., state park police and forest fire. and take a look at this emotional reunion of a mother and her child in minnesota. that was a welcome home ceremony for 130 national guard soldiers.
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the troops returned after nearly a year of serving in afghanistan, and no one seemed to mind when the little boy broke protocol and flew into his mom's arms. >> like the guys standing around didn't even notice that her little boy came running up to her. time to get a check on traffic. >> and we check with nbc 10's first alert traffic reporter christine maddela. christine, you're busy. >> yes, and we have had several accidents within the last 20 minutes or so. see flashing lights, police on the scene in exton, 100 northbound at the 30 bypass here. so, we have some lanes blocked due to this accident that looks like it involves two cars here, but there are some -- traffic is still getting by in a portion here of route 100. in northeast philadelphia, frankford avenue and roland, your alternate is torresdale avenue to get around this. a car hit a pole and there is a small power outage in that area as well, so just something to be aware of. bustleton, route 1 southbound in the outer drive at grant avenue, another accident to tell you
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about, another one on route 30 eastbound past route 340. that is causing a slowdown. so, we want to get you out the door and avoid these areas. another water main break in center city. this is 7th and locust streets. so, you'll want to take 9th street to get around that. i'll have a look at your drive times in about ten minutes. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. a cool start on your wednesday. grab your jacket before you head out the door. you'll need a scarf. but by lunchtime, temperatures will be nice and we'll stay below average in the low 70s today. sunny and dry days ahead for us as well, but i'm tracking a weekend warm-up. so, we are not quite done with the 80s just yet. for philadelphia, 58 degrees, a mix of just a few clouds, i should say. our humidity's at 75%. wind speeds out of the north-northwest at 6 miles per hour. we have high pressure in control, so that's why our temperatures are going to be enjoyable and also we're going to stay dry.
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right now 37 degrees in the poconos. the temperatures have dropped down in the last few minutes here. 45 in allentown, 49 in pottstown, mid-50s in wilmington, 54 degrees in dover. and again, high pressure's in control. we're going to see that clockwise rotation, so cooler air is coming in from the north, but we are going to see our wind direction shifting as we head into the rest of the afternoon. tracking our tropics, hurricane edouard is going to continue to track away from our shore, but it is going to kick up some of our seas here closer to the shore and also our delaware beaches, so be careful with rip currents. we do have a rip current risk in effect for today. the other issue is tropical storm odile. and you can see as it continues to track into the southwestern parts of our country, we are dealing with a flood risk for parts of new mexico heading into arizona, which has already picked up a lot of rain already this summer season. so, that's something we're going to watch closely as we head into the next 24 to 48 hours. seven-day forecast shows 73 will be our high today, 75 tomorrow, but nice conditions expected.
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cooler on friday, 69 degrees. take a look at what happens as we head into saturday and sunday. we have a last-minute summer warm-up before we usher in fall next week. >> all right, brittney, thanks. it is constitution day, so there are a number of events planned for we the people at the national constitution center in philadelphia. among them, a flag-raising ceremony, a naturalization ceremony, educational programs, historical displays. the u.s. constitution was ratified on this date in 1787. it's 20 minutes past 6:00 right now. boots on the ground. there may be a change in plans when it comes to stopping isis. and she's a teacher, married, and she's pregnant. this well-liked bucks county teacher is accused of taking advantage of her authority.
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and a beautiful sunrise on beach avenue as we're taking a
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look at cape may, new jersey. it's a live look, by the way, in case you didn't know. this is from our camera atop the marquee delafayette hoetel. it's in the mid-50s now, climbing to the mid-70s, and a gorgeous day. a bucks county teacher is facing sex charges after police say she carried on a relationship with a 14-year-old student. nbc 10 was in new britain township yesterday when bridgett szychulski walked out of court. the allegations against her stem from 2012, when she was teaching band at lenape middle school. last week, she was suspended from her teaching job at central bucks high school south. szychulski's charges include involuntary deviate sexual intercourse and statutory sexual assault. her hearing is october 6th. it is 6:24 a.m., and there are several incidents out there on the roads to be aware of.
6:25 am
interstate 95 at distance street. you can see there is a help crew o off to the shoulder on the southbound side, but this is an accident that could slow things down as onlookers take a look at that accident. also, 95 southbound at cottman avenue, it is slow. 27 minutes your travel times from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway. this time of day yesterday we were seeing some rain moving through the area. now, what a beautiful sunrise. brittney? >> that's right, and our temperatures are going to stay below average, staying in the low 70s today. plenty of sunshine expected, which is a change from yesterday, like you were mentioning. our temperatures range between 71 and 74, sunny and comfortable. we actually cool down as we head into the rest of your workweek. i'll let you know exactly when, coming up in my first alert seven-day forecast. i'm katy zachry live in university city. coming up, i'll have the latest on four confirmed cases of enterovirus in our area, plus, what philadelphia schools are
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doing to keep kids safe. and breaking news. the minnesota vikings take running back adrian peterson off the team for now. we get the latest on the fallout stemming from his child abuse charges. i'm robert de niro and new york is my home. it's the best place to visit in the world and now it's the easiest, because now there are new tourism guides on the road, and on your phone that make it easier to find the places you love. find great dining, amazing history, and world-class entertainment, no matter where you are. take the ultimate road trip and see why i love new york. for more information, go to
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just about 6:30 this wednesday morning. we have breaking news. benched. the minnesota vikings reverse course and deactivate running back adrian peterson. enterovirus. as concern spreads, so is the severe respiratory illness spreading. it has now made its way to pennsylvania. and we're waking up to cool, fall-like weather. you'll want to make sure you grab a jacket before you head out the door this morning. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> and i'm tracy davidson. let's find out about the chilly morning and what's to come with
6:30 am
meteorologist brittney shipp with her first alert forecast. >> well, it's a cool start and downstraight cold in the poconos with highs in the 30s this morning. patchy fog is expected for the lehigh valley and for parts of the poconos. you're taking a live look at lake wallen paw pack with clouds in the distance. plenty of sunshine heading into the rest of the day, but we're at 37 degrees in the poconos, 45 allentown, 58 in philadelphia, 50 degrees in atlantic city and 54 in dover. for today, 61 degrees the high in the poconos, 73 in the city and then for the shore, low 70s, mild, plenty of sunshine. it's going to be a gorgeous day. the only thing is you need a jacket when you head out the door. i'll go over all the details on a last-minute summer warm-up in your seven-day forecast. that's coming up in just a bit. for now, let's check in with christine for a closer look at traffic. good morning. >> good morning. it's already been busy on the roads. let's get you filled in on what's going on. if this is a part of your morning commute on route 100 northbound at the 30 bypass, you can see there's still police activity, and it looks like
6:31 am
these two cars, they not only ran into each other, there's also a downed pole in that area. so, this is causing a bit of a slowdown at that intersection. interstate 95 southbound at bridge street, off to the shoulder here on the southbound side, there is another accident to be aware of. elsewhere on 95, this is a problem area, always slows down for the morning commute. 25 minutes southbound from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway for your travel times, but that's the biggest delay we're seeing. green lights on the schuylkill expressway, 422 and the blue route this morning. septa just sent out this tweet a little while ago. airport train 407 going to glenside operating 12 minutes late. so, be aware of that. vai? and breaking news from overnight. minnesota vikings, they say that running back adrian peterson is off the team again while his legal case plays out. peterson was indicted on child abuse charges in texas. he's accused of beating and injuring one his sons with a
6:32 am
tree branch or a switch. he is now on the nfl commissioner's exempt position list, meaning he must stay away from all football activities while his case goes through the legal process. that decision comes after one of the nfl's major sponsors, anheuser-busch, released a statement saying it was disappointed of how the nfl handled recent situations and after radisson hotels pulled its advertising from the vikings. in a statement released overnight, the co-owners of the vikings said "we have a strong stance regarding the protection and welfare of children. at the same time, we want to express our support for adrian and acknowledge his seven-plus years of outstanding commitment to this organization and this community." an uncommon respiratory virus is sweeping across the country, and now cases are popping up in our area. pennsylvania has become the 12th state to have confirmed cases of enterovirus d-68. so far, all patients have been children. four children have been treated at children's hospital of philadelphia. and in delaware, health officials are waiting for test results to come back to see if the virus has spread there.
6:33 am
nbc 10's katy zachry is live outside children's hospital of philadelphia with an update. katy? >> reporter: hi, tracy. we know from doctors that the four children who were treated here spent a week being treated for enterovirus d-68. they are home now and in good condition, according to doctors. now, this virus is very similar to the common cold and just as easily spread. symptoms are fever, runny nose, sneedsing and a cough, much like the common cold. the four children who were hospitalized here at c.h.o.p. are home, according to doctors. those doctors say the surge in cases is likely linked to the start of school. a spokesperson for philadelphia public schools says they will send kids home who come to school sick. i also learned from the district that cuts to the sanitation services that were put in place at the beginning of the year do not affect custodial cleaning. that means classrooms and commonly used spaces are cleaned as regularly as before, a big relief for parents who are pushing hand-washing at home. >> walk with the hand sanitizer.
6:34 am
when they open the doors, they're using a napkin or their back side. i try to tell them don't touch anything. >> we're cleaning all the time, yeah. every surface in my house gets wiped. i mean, as soon as we use it, it's wiped. >> reporter: and doctors say that is the best way to ward against getting enterovirus d-68. again, much like the common cold, keep your hands clean, carry around sanitizer and also clean commonly used surfaces. and if your kids are sick, you're advised to keep them home from school or daycare. reporting live in university city, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. >> katy mentioned some of these, but we want to reiterate for parents. here are some of the estimates. fever, runny nose, sneezing, cough, patients also could have a skin rash, mouth blisters and body and muscle aches. and new from overnight, police are on the hunt for a gunman following a drive-by shooting in north philadelphia. a man waiting for a bus was shot in the face. this happened just before midnight on north 17th street. police say a car slowed down, someone from inside that car
6:35 am
opened fire and then drove away. the victim is listed in critical but stable condition. and happening today, a preliminary hearing for this man, jeremiah jackson is charged with killing an art institute graduate in july. police say jackson robbed and strangled 23-year-old laura areujo inside a rooming house in west philadelphia, then put her body in a duffel bag and then set her suv on fire. her body was found in a vacant lot in kensington. investigators say jackson targeted her because he thought that she had a lot of money. happening today, the u.s. house could vote on whether to arm and train syrian rebels in the fight against isis. secretary of state john kerry will testify at a hearing before lawmakers debating the issue. the joint chiefs chairman told congress yesterday u.s. ground troops may be needed, but the white house says that won't happen. meanti meantime, isis fighters shot down a syrian warplane using antiaircraft guns. the plane came down yesterday during air strikes on territory controlled by the radical
6:36 am
militant group. it is the first time the terror group has downed a military jet since declaring itself a nation in june. in rochester, new york, a man accused of plotting to kill members of the u.s. military faces new charges he tried to recruit fighters for isis. the suspect is a naturalized citizen from yemen. he was indicted yesterday on seven counts of trying to provide support to isis. he was arrested in may after trying to buy two handguns from an undercover fbi informant. and happening today, it's another trip to new hampshire for new jersey governor chris christie. he will join two gop candidates there for campaign events. christie leads the republican governors association. christie says he is focused on electing republican governors in 2014 and will decide on a presidential run after november. happening today, the groundbreaking for new affordable housing in chinatown. nbc 10 this morning at 8th and arch, where the project home non-profit is helping back the development. the nine-story building will include apartments for
6:37 am
low-income and at-risk tenants as well as retail space. hey, you can weigh in on redesigning philadelphia's love park. here's a live look. all you have to do is draw or write your idea on an image of the current park design. take a picture of it and share it on social media using #newlovepark. you can also visit love park today and saturday from 9:00 until 5:00 to share your thoughts with organizers of the project. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> good morning. as we head into the rest of your wednesday, we're going to see a cool start to your day, so make sure you grab a jacket as you're heading out for work. sunny and dry days expected and a warmer weekend ahead for us with temperatures expected to push back into the 80s. so, above average as we wind down your final days of summer. only 38 degrees in the poconos, 45 in allentown, 51 in reading, 49 degrees in pottstown, 53 in
6:38 am
swedesboro. waking up with us in washington township, we're at 54 degrees, 49 in mt. holly. right along the shore here, 58 in avalon, 57 degrees in atlantic city. and throughout the rest of the midwest, we are seeing chilly conditions stretching all the way back to detroit at 47 degrees. 50 degrees in chicago. so, you can see the dip in our jet stream here, but we're seeing warmer conditions over towards billing at 67. high pressure's going to stay in control and we'll see cooler air coming in from the north. that's going to also help keep us nice and dry. you can see just a few clouds over the philadelphia skyline, but we are in store for a very nice day. temperatures range between 71 and 74 degrees. plenty of sunshine, comfortable, light wind speeds. our wind direction will shift towards the afternoon, becoming southwesterly 5 miles per hour. as we head into the next few days here, 75 degrees on thursday, but take a look at the drop on friday, only to warm right back up again on saturday, 77 degrees. 82 by sunday. at 6:38, we've got that water main break in center city.
6:39 am
we've got a number of accidents. we're just probably within the last half hour, 40 minutes. >> let's get an update on all of them with nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter christine maddela. christine? >> i want to start by checking in on the water main break, center city on 7th and locust. you can see the water crew is out here. they have this intersection blocked due to that water main break, so you'll want to take 9th street instead to get around that. it looks like it's going to be closed for quite some time. we also have those accidents you guys were talking about in northeast philadelphia. frankford avenue and roland. you'll want to take torresdale avenue around that, because that intersection is shut down. also in bustleton on route 1 southbound, this is in the outer drive, it's blocked at grant avenue, so you'll want to take bustleton avenue to get around that as well. and let's check in right now on route 100 northbound. this is at the route 30 bypass, and there is still some lane restrictions out here. police still on the scene responding to this accident. so, it's been a busy morning. plus, we have the normal delays
6:40 am
on 95 southbound at cottman avenue. right now 30 minutes your drive time from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway. in montgomery county, another problem spot on route 422 eastbound heading toward the schuylkill expressway. checking on your drive times. the schuylkill 19 minutes from 476 to the vine. 422, it is slowing down a little bit, 11 minutes from oaks to 202. the blue route still looking good, though. >> thank you, christine. no one likes jury duty, but is skipping your civic duty worth jail? we have a warning this morning for anyone in philadelphia who has been called to serve but did not show up. targeting ammunition suppliers. these parents lost their daughter in the colorado movie theater massacre, and they say retailers are partly to blame. ♪
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a trial is scheduled today for a woman accused of leaving five children in a running car while she shopped at a philadelphia supermarket. karen thompson is charged with endangering the welfare of children. investigators say on july 2nd, thompson went into a shoprite in port richmond and left five children in her care unattended in the car. a witness called police when she heard the children crying. police say thompson operated a home daycare. a warning for any philadelphia resident who has missed or ignored a jury summons. the court system is cracking down. last year, jury summons were sent to about 576,000 philadelphia residents, but only 13% of those actually showed up. judicial leaders say that the low turnout wastes a big part of the court's $500,000 budget for printing summons and reminder cards, plus postage. >> that shows not only a disregard for their civic duty, it shows a disrespect for the court system. >> this morning, more than four dozen philadelphia residents who have missed multiple jury
6:45 am
summons are required to show up at the center for criminal justice. if they skip it, they could be arrested. the parents of a philadelphia teenager say their daughter was attacked and left on the side of the road, but police are saying otherwise. a man spotted the 15-year-old in the woods off roosevelt boulevard in penny pack park just before 8:00 monday night with bruises and scratches on her. the girl's parents reported her missing when she didn't come home from school, and police say the girl likely suffered a medical episode, but her parents say her sugar levels were fine in the hospital. the parents of a woman killed in the colorado theater shootings are suing four online ammunition and military-grade supply companies. lonnie and sandy phillips claim that the retailers reck recessly supplied gunman james holmes with thousands of rounds of ammunition, a high-ammunition magazine, tear gas and body armor. their daughter was killed along with 11 others when holmes
6:46 am
opened fire inside that aurora, colorado, movie theater in july of 2012. the search has now resumed for two maryland sisters who went missing in 1975. the girls disappeared while they were walking home. a convicted sex offender who is currently in a delaware prison was identified as a person of interest back in february. investigators searched a property in virginia that used to be owned by his family, but nothing was found. a california school is closed after a car crashed into a classroom with students inside, and police say it's a miracle no one was seriously hurt. police say as children arrived to class yesterday morning, a parent accidentally drove through a classroom wall. eight students and the teacher were inside the classroom at the time. the force of the impact was so great, pieces of the wall flew on to the tables and the wall itself ended up on the opposite side of the room. >> car just came in, and i just, like, jumped on the table and get out. >> was it loud? >> yes. >> what did it sound like? >> it sounded like an earthquake. >> two children had a few bumps
6:47 am
and scrapes, but no one was seriously hurt. the school will be closed for several more days. crews in california are battling at least a dozen separate wildfires. >> the worst is in northern california near the oregon border. the fire in weed, california, has damaged or destroyed at least 150 buildings, including two churches and also a lumber mill. the fire started on monday, fanned by high winds and dry conditions. fire officials are looking for the cause of this wildfire. and southern california's recovering from powerful storms that ripped through the area near san diego yesterday. heavy rains flooded the streets there and winds brought down trees and power poles. there was also lightning and hail reported in some areas. people in mexico's baja, california, peninsula are continuing to clean up from the damage caused by hurricane odile. the storm swept through the resort areas of los cabos sunday night and monday, stranding thousands of tourists. many are being air-lifted out of the area today. officials say there were no serious injuries or deaths because of the hurricane. now, your nbc 10 first alert
6:48 am
weather with meteorologist brittney shipp. >> that's right, odile's now a tropical storm, and the next concern is flood threats for parts of arizona and new mexico. here at home locally, we are going to see a cool morning, sunny and dry days on tap for us, which is nice, and then a warmer weekend ahead for us. temperatures returning back to the 80s, above our average, which is 78 degrees. for philadelphia right now, 58, a mix of sun and clouds. our humidity's at 75%. wind speeds out of the north-northwest at 6 miles per hour. that northerly wind is dry air coming in, helping to drop our humidity, and what we'll see as we head into the rest of today is really comfortable conditions. 38 degrees in the poconos, so a cold start there. 45 in allentown, mid-40s in quakertown, 49 in pottstown, warmer in swedesboro at 54. 49 degrees in mt. holly. closer to the shore, 58 degrees in atlantic city and 50 degrees currently at the atlantic city airport. our average for this time of year is 78 degrees.
6:49 am
instead, if you look at today's high, 73, about five degrees below average. heading into tomorrow, we'll close the gap a bit, but that will be short-lived. we drop right back down into the high 60s on friday. so, high pressure's in control. you can tell because we're not seeing anything on the map here, and we are going to see a mix of sun and clouds, but mainly sunny skies for us. in the poconos, temperatures stay in the low 60s for daytime high. 73 degrees in the city. 72 closer to the shore, so this will be a great day to head down to our delaware beaches or along the shore. here's how the rest of your day is going to break down. by 10:00 a.m., 63 degrees, by noon 70 degrees and mild. and then as we head into the rest of your evening hours, temperatures are going to stay in the low 70s. today our range will be between 71 and 74 degrees, sunny and comfortable for us. your seven-day forecast shows that we drop down heading into friday. we warm right back up again heading into saturday and sunday. >> all right, brittney. ten minutes before 7:00. normally at this hour there's
6:50 am
volume on the roads, but today we have issues as well. >> christine maddela, what's going on out there? >> well, we have a water main break in center city on 7th and locust, slowing things down. take 9th to get around that. we have our normal delays and we have accidents out here, like on route 100 at the 30 bypass. it looks like a tow truck has just gotten to the scene, so they are moving those cars out of the way. so, hopefully, that will ease the congestion in that area. on 95 southbound, though, no easing this. this is just the normal everyday problem spot here at cottman avenue. so, on the southbound side, things are moving slowly. you can see here in your drive times, 31 minutes southbound from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway. on the schuylkill expressway, things are starting to slow down, westbound as well. about 20 minutes your drive time from the vine to the blue route. and on the blue route, things are looking pretty good at this hour. there are some problems on mass transit. septa just sent out a tweet. i'll get that to you in an update coming up in about ten minutes. vai? >> thank you, christine. virus spreading.
6:51 am
enterovirus strikes our area. nbc 10's katy zachry is live at the children's hospital of philadelphia, where four children were treated. hi, katy. >> reporter: hi, vai. that's right, enterovirus is here in pennsylvania, just as school is starting and germs are spreading. i'll have an update on the four patients who were treated here at c.h.o.p. i'm nbc 10's monique braxton outside central detectives, where police tell us suspects involved in a hate crime are turning themselves in today. the latest after the break.
6:52 am
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and a stickler for homework. i'm john kane running for state senate. dad says the road to a good job starts in the classroom. [ lori ] he's a great dad who sees taxes going up but schools not getting the funding they need. [ john ] so i'd put back the billion dollars corbett cut from education and make sure corporations and natural gas drillers paid their fair share. time to close the loopholes for the tax cheats. dad thinks a lot about education. i'm john kane and it's about time harrisburg did too. no! could have gotten me one. i did. grab a spicy smoked sausage breakfast sandwich. it's the smoked sausage you crave, now spicy. about five minutes before 7:00, and summer really ending with a whimper, because could have fooled me, but fall's already here. we'll have brittney with her forecast in just a moment. a severe respiratory illness
6:55 am
continues to spread across the country, and now it has been found right here in our area. nbc 10's katy zachry's live outside children's hospital of philadelphia where four cases were treated. katy? >> reporter: the four children, vai, who were treated here at c.h.o.p., doctors say they are home at this time and doing well, but they were here for a week being treated. we don't know where the kids live or their ages, but the fact that enterovirus d-68 is confirmed in pennsylvania is enough to put parents and school leaders on edge. pennsylvania is the sixth state to have cases, according to the cdc. delaware could be next if their 12 possible cases are confirmed, and we should know that any a few days. enterovirus presents symptoms much like the common cold, but then they can get much worse very fast, with harsh, prolonged coughing and trouble breathing. if that happens, doctors advise parents to take their kid to the pediatrician or the emergency room. and the best way to ward against enterovirus 68 is to wash your hands and keep commonly used surfaces clean.
6:56 am
reporting live in university city, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. it is four before 7:00. philadelphia police are gathering tips this morning that they hope will lead them to the people who attacked a gay couple in center city last week. nbc 10's monique braxton is live in center city, where police say social media has helped give them leads in this case. tell us more, monique. >> reporter: that's right, tracy. right outside central detective, a shift change is under way, and after roll call, no doubt, police will be working on the arrest of those individuals who threw those punches. this video given to detectives here at central was captured thursday night before the attack and robbery of a gay couple. investigators have been flooded with tips from people who know these potential suspects. according to investigators, someone asked the two men if they were a couple. when they answered yes, the beatdown began. look at the injury to one victim's eye. now, both of them were treated and released from a local hospital. witnesses told us the group fled north on 16th towards walnut street. investigators also say someone
6:57 am
grabbed a bag containing a wallet and credit card. now, investigators also tell us the attorneys of the people seen in the video have been contacting them and they should be turning themselves in to police today. we'll be here when and if it happens. live for now outside central, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. and just one day after trump plaza closed, atlantic city's mayor will be in delaware county today to talk about managing the city's casino crisis. nbc 10's jesse gary's live in media with a preview of mayor guardian's response. >> reporter: he will provide direction out of this crisis. let's look at the video. so far this year, four casinos have closed in ac, including the trump plaza yesterday. mayor donald guardian believes turning ac into an entertainment destination instead of strictly gaming will revive it. and he warned other mayors that we haven't reached bottom and others could close, including the trump taj mahal.
6:58 am
the mayor's remarks at noon. live from media, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. just before 7:00, things are slowing down. increased volume on the ben franklin bridge heading into philadelphia. the same thing on route 42 at creek road. this is the northbound side approaching interstate 295. nine minutes your travel time from route 544 to the walt whitman bridge this morning. septa sent out a couple tweets say i saying the train going to the airport terminal is about ten minutes late. also, airport train 409 heading to the airport terminal is also about ten minutes late this morning. taking a look at drive times. the biggest problem not a surprise here, 95 southbound. 32 minutes from woodhaven road to the vine street expressway. also slow on the schuylkill expressway. the blue route still in pretty good condition at this hour. other than those two, all of the other mass transit regional rails are on or close to schedule. now your nbc 10 first alert
6:59 am
weather. >> good morning. here's a live look at cape may. it will be a beautiful day down the shore, delaware beaches, and really, if you stay in the city, temperatures in the low 70s. great conditions. a closer look at our right now temperatures across the region. it's a cold start to the morning in the poconos, temperatures at 37 degrees. patchy fog is possible in the poconos, also parts of the lehigh valley, so be careful driving in to work if you live in those areas. 49 degrees in pottstown, 58 in philadelphia and 52 degrees in dover. for today, our neighborhood forecast, low 70s across the board. allentown, wilmington and cape may all expected to see plenty of sunshine with mild conditions. the poconos will see a high today of 61. 73 for the city. and down the shore, 72 degrees for us today. and as we head into the next few days, we are going to see our temperatures staying below average. our average for this time of year 78. today's high 73. tomorrow 75. vai? >> yeah, that shot from cape may says it all. it's going to be a gorgeous day.
7:00 am
the "today" show is next. we'll have local updates in about 25 minutes. >> and at nbc 10 right now, "ten at 7:00," the ten things you need to know before you head out the door. good morning. breaking overnight, the minnesota vikings reverse course and order adrian peterson to stay away from the team as he deals with child abuse charges. with public pressure mounting and corporate sponsors lashing out, what will the nfl do next? flames of war. isis releases a new hollywood-style propaganda overnight, threatening the white house and u.s. troops, and it comes just hours after a top military official said u.s. boots on the ground may be need to defeat that terror group. fire and rain. more homes destroyed by those out-of-control wildfires in california as the southwest braces for flash floods and six months worth of rain in