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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 430a  NBC  September 19, 2014 4:30am-5:01am EDT

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from sky force 10. we launched sky force 10 and we are learning more about the people hurt at the scene. live team coverage. good morning this is nbc 10 news today. i'm tracy davidson. >>ium consider chris cato. katy zachary on scene all morning long in west kensington. what can you tell us now? >> as you look behind me, you see this four alarm fire and it eerupted at a warehouse that warehouse is the american supply company. it is family owned and operated. we are actually trying to get in touch with the contact person who we believe is local. so, we should get more information about what exactly was in this warehouse as the commercial storage warehouse. we don't know how filled it was, but i can tell you when we rolled up to the scene, this fire was intense. flames were several stories high. firefighters clearly had to back off their firefighting effort because the fire was just too intense for them to get right up
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on it. we know from where we are on the ground and also our video from sky force 10 that there are probably upwards of 20 to 25 ladder trucks and hoses that are just pouring water still on this fire. so, from that video you shot just a minute ago, the flames at the height of it were just so intense. clearly firefighters have gotten a good handle on this fire. we are around the back side on the ground. i can see that there are still flames coming from inside the building. but my colleague jesse gary has a much better vantage point from the air and we're going to go to him in just a minute. but i do want to just tell you that we're in west kensington. a commercial residential, some industrial area. you have a mix of everything. there is a school just a few blocks away. streets are blocked off. i would say for at least half a mile around this just because it is such a large firefighting effort. no injuries to firefighters,
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which is pretty amazing. i think everyone would say that. those of us who rolled up in the first emergency responders here because this was such an intense flame. so, kudos to their firefighting effort that they were able to keep everyone safe. there was one person who we believe was either inside or near the building who was injured, taken to a nearby hospital with burns to 80% of their body. just to give you some perspective, we are a few blocks away from lehigh street. we are not far from temple university hospital. so, that's the neighborhood that's dealing with this this morning. let's go now to jesse gary who is live in sky force 10 and has that aerial view. hi, jesse. >> katy, good morning to you. you can see fire trucks and fire hoses spraying the center of the fire. i counted more than a dozen, dozen and a half water sources that are dousing the flames with water, continue to do so. the smoke from the fire
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continues to drip towards south philadelphia a clear path of that smoke headed to south philadelphia, even though it's more apparent when the sun starts to come up. you can smell the smoke from this fire as far south as south philadelphia, the old navy ship yard in that area. crews continue to battle the scene. we'll have another update coming up for you in the next few minutes. you can see, also, a lot of streets are blocked off in this area. this is impacting traffic for all the traffic needs. let's go to christine maddela. >> monitoring this fire from our traffic cameras, as well. in it you can see the smoke billowing, even though it's dark out there. just a testament to how strong these flames are. now, i've been looking at our google maps and this is where the fire is. on the 2400 block of north american street in kensington, west kensington and several blocks around this are shut off because of all those fire crews.
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you heard chris cato earlier talking about an elementary school in the area. i highlighted this elementary school, john walsh elementary sool and you can see how close it is to the fire location. just be aware if you have kids who are heading to that school this morning, there is some fire activity there. again, we don't know how long that fire activity will be or if it will affect you dropping kids off at school this morning, but you can see just how close it is and several blocks shut down because of those fire crews on the scene. now, american street and york street. that is the main intersection there that is closed, but like i said, several other streets are closed around that fire location. if you have to travel at this area, fire crews want you to stay out of there so they can get their job done. but if you have to travel front street or fifth street is the best way to do it. chris? and nbc 10 meteorologist brittney shipp is showing us one thing in the firefighters' favor is the winds are pretty calm this morning. >> let's find out about the
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forecast ahead for anyone making weekend plans. >> we have a chance of showers as we go einto the weekend. wind speeds are only moving at only 8 to 10 miles per hour. that should be helpful for the firefighters. a closer look at our right now temperatures we are going to see mostly clear skies there. you can see there on our camera but right now at 46 degrees in the poconos and 53 in doylestown. and mid-50s in wrightstown. 61 in atlantic city. as we head into the rest of today, we'll plan your friday. 71 degrees our high for philadelphia. i'll go over our weekend foreca forecast, coming up. breaking news at 4:45 as we have since we went on the air at 3:30 this morning. sky force 10 in the air over this massive warehouse fire. there have been evacuations. one person injured with burns
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over 80% of their body. we were there just as the flames broke out when firefighters were just arriving. let's show you that video. again, this is in west kensington. christine maddela telling you that roads are blocked off in the area and firefighters are getting the upper hand but dozens of crews on the scene and we are awaiting an update from new fire commissioner derek sawyer in just minutes.
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at least one person injured, many eevacuated right now as this warehouse fire in kensington continues to burn. this is west kensington. this is right along, if you're familiar with the area, north american street between york and cumberland. this is a warehouse as far as our research can tell us that is a commercial storage warehouse. gone in flames this morning. very intense flames were burning just after 2:00 a.m. a four alarm fire. philadelphia fire department has put water on it and seems to
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have the upper hand. expecting an update from the fire commissioner but one person was injured and several people were asked to leave their homes just out of safety concerns. this is a neighborhood here. residential, some industrial and an elementary school nearby. roads are closed down and we'll stay on top of the traffic impact for you throughout the morning, as well. and you can see here our video from the ground earlier, just how intense those flames were burning. again, this went to four alarms. you saw a wall collapsing there. there was a tremendous response by the fire department. trying to learn more about the business here now. we are understanding that it is a family owned commercial type storage warehouse facility. we're not sure exactly what was inside, but whatever it is, it's gone this morning. crews continue to put water on it and we will follow the developments there in kensington. stay with us on that. good morning, you're taking a live look outside right now at the philadelphia sky line as we
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head into the rest of your friday, we are in store for a very fall-like day with temperatures staying in the high 60s to elow 70s for your friday. but as we push into the last weekend of summer, we are going to see a warm up. we'll head into the 70s, even the 80s, the mid-80s by sunday and an increase in our humidity and a chance of showers. even isolated thunderstorms by sunday. right now in philadelphia, we're at 59 degrees. mostly clear skies and humidity is at 72%. wind speeds are light out of the north at eight miles per hour, which is good for the fire burning in west kensington. wind gusts closer to 12, 15 miles per hour. at least it's not incredibly windy. that will be helpful. visibility clear and gusting a little bit more than that. closer to northeast philadelphia. right now temperatures throughout the rest of our region we're at 46 degrees in the poconos. 51 in allentown and 59 in northeast philadelphia. 57 in millvale and we're seeing
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cooler temperatures mainly in the northeast, so, a dip in the jet stream only extends back as far as chicago in the mid-50s and mild air closer to minneapolis and also des moines. as we head into the rest of today, we're staying below average with the cool air making its way in from the east. 77 is your average for this time of year. we're dropping down to 71 today. take a look at saturday, temperatures start to recover as high pressure rebuilds over our region. high pressure is off to the northeast. that's whooping in this cooler air. we're under the influence of an easterly wind and we will be as we head into the afternoon. right now wind speeds from the north. a pass in clouds as we head into the rest of today, saturday. clouds will increase sunday might and by 10:00 p.m., a chance of showers, even isolated thunderstorms pushing into sunday evening. the good news is your eagles tailgating and forecasting should be fine. we don't expect any of the rain to move in until later. fall eventually starts on monday at 10:29 p.m. and we do expect
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to see temperatures dropping down and feeling very fall-like as we head into next week. tomorrow 77 and 84 degrees on sunday and then fall starts monday night. 74 and then by tuesday the first official day of fall 73. it's about a quarter to 5:00 a.m. on your friday morning. let's look at how traffic is moving now. >> christine maddela getting around that fire location in west kensington and any other spots we need to be aware of? christine, fill us. >> monitoring all our traffic cameras. not a lot of volume on the roads right now and we're watching this camera because of this smoke that you can see coming out of west kensington. and you can see it from quite a ways away. and just a testament to how strong those flames are and the smoke is. and this is the intersection here. 2400 north american street where it intersects with york street. that is where that fire location is. not too far away is john welch elementary school and a couple
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blocks off the map here. hunter elementary school. two elementary schools near this fire and as we move toward school time, that could impact your dropping kids off this morning. we're going to continue to watch that throughout the morning and see if it impacts anything, anything like that. american street and york street is, of course, closed. but several blocks around that closed, as well. front street or fifth street is your best way to get around that. just because american and york is where that fire location is, other streets could be impacted, as well. like north philip street and just be aware. fire crews want you out of that area. if you have to travel front street or fifth is the way it to go. >> thanks. let's show our viewers another live picture from sky force 10 we launched to cover this fire for you in west kensington. this fire was a massive fire response. you can see the flames still. this is a commercial storage warehouse on north american between cumberland and york and the new information that we just got now reported three people
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injured with one of them, we have reports from the scene, with 80% of their body covered with burns. this is video when our crews got on the scene. fire drcrews were there. it started around 2:30, 3:00 this morning. a live report from katy zachary coming up.
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it's a situation that woke up many people around 2:00 this morning. a raging warehouse fire in west kensington, philadelphia. there are homes in this area and a lot of people had to get out of their homes because there were fears this fire might spread. a warehouse that burned on north american street and we just learned nbc 10 katy zachary at the scene telling us that officials there are telling us that the fire is under control. it was put under control, even though we're still seeing bright flames there in those pictures. just about 20 minutes ago it was put under control. this is what it looked like
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earlier. clearly not under control. tremendous flames. walls collapsing. we do know that three people were injured and one of them severely with 80% burns on their body. we're expecting more word from the fire commissioner soon. >> katy zachary is live on the scene as close as she can get to that massive fire scene. katy, what can you tell us? >> we have been all morning just a block away from this massive warehouse fire, which you can see right now. we got official word, it is under control. for the last half hour, though, we have been reporting that firefighters clearly got a pretty strong handle on it. because the smoke had dissipated quite a bit and we weren't seeing flames from the back side of this building. we're on the ground just a block away from it and in a minute we're going to go to jesse gary who is above in sky force 10. as far as the firefighting effort right now, things have calmed down a bit and when we arrived shortly after the flames first broke. and you can see, they had just
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left several stories high and they were proving pretty dangerous for firefighters. the firefighting effort they had to back off instead of being inside and fighting the fire they were fighting it from inside the warehouse. this was the american supply company. a commercial warehouse and storage facility. we're doing some research and trying to reach the property owner. a family-owned business. this is one of two locations in the area. we don't know what kind of industrial or items it housed. some people who live in the area were telling me it's vacant. but that's hard to believe because when we got here, the smoke was so thick and black and billowing, it leads you to believe that a lot of things inside were burning. we did talk to some people who were on their street corner who the been literally pulled out of their homes because of the lights, the sirens, the smell and here's what some of them had to say. >> that was kind of like, you know, it got me a little jumpy. so, yeah, transformer explode
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and people out here, it makes people want to run. >> was there ever a point in which you thought i should get away from here and i'm too close to and i'm worried about the homes around. >> it's flames. nobody wants to stand next to flames. >> back out here live you can tell that there are quite a few streets blocked off around this area. we're not far from lehigh avenue in west kensington. we're also just a few blocks away from temple university's hospital episcopal campus. i want to go to jesse gary who is live over the scene with that perspective. >> katy, good morning to you. just over the past 40 minutes or so that we have been up hoovering over the scene. there is a lot of flame physical you're waking up and seeing this, but this has gotten a lot better over the time that firefighters have been here. roughly two dozen fire vehicles and apparatus dousing these flames with water at this hour.
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there are still flames burning, they are lessening as time goes along. a lot of smoke that is drifting south towards south philadelphia. so, you are living in the area of this, you want to make sure your windows are closed so that the smell of smoke doesn't get inside your home. but it is getting better as the time moves along and the area that they have is so large and, as you saw, the flames are so intense it is going to take a while before they can tap out the flames and then, again, begin the search for the cause. as for the surrounding streets. there's traffic, some traffic early morning traffic on some of the streets further away, but right near the epicenter of the fire, all the streets are blocked off. you won't be able to get around. we'll have another update for you in the next few minutes. jesse gary, sky force 10 above the scene. for a third day now, school districts across the poconos have canceled classes today as
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the manhunt continues for the allege killer for the pennsylvania state trooper. the search continues for this man, eric matthew frein, 31 years old. authorities call him a self-taught survivalist who hates police and law enforcement. yesterday the fbi added him to the ten most wanted list. now, the manhunt for him covered more ground in northeastern pennsylvania near his home. one fire company in monroe county actually opened a shelter for people who candidate gouldn their homes because they had a lot of roads blocked off. on friday night, last friday, one week ago corporal bryon dickson was shot and killed. this happened during a an ambush there. a second state trooper was injured in that attack. stay with nbc 10 for continuing coverage of the manhunt there in the poconos. you can find updates as soon as they happen at and on our twitter feed.
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good friday morning to you as we head into the rest of today, it's going it be a cool start and cooler temperatures as we head into the afternoon, as well. staying well below average. warmer conditions heading into our weekend. this is our last official weekend of summer and pushing into the end of the weekend. we are tracking weekend showers, even a chance of isolated thunderstorms. for philadelphia right now, 59 degrees. humidity at 72%. take a look at our wind speeds staying light. our wind speeds in philadelphia at 8 miles per hour, 13 in northeast philly and calm everywhere else and right now temperatures throughout the rest of our region are mainly starting out in the 50s. 51 degrees in pottstown and the poconos 55 degrees and 56 in dover. we are seeing cooler air mainly confined to the northeast. this is where the dip in the jet stream is. buffalo at 41 degrees and only mid-40s if you're in detroit and 55 degrees in chicago.
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fall-like temperatures continuing, once again. it's been like this the entire week and one of the coolest days of the week. our average 77 degrees. take a look at today, 71. but as we push into saturday, we'll warm right back to our average. we'll even go above the average as we push into sunday. we have cool air coming in from the east wrapping around an area of high pressure and that's going to help keep our temperatures down today, but high pressure will reveal as we head into saturday and sunday. a mix of sun and clouds heading into sunday and sunday by 7:00 p.m. this line of showers organize here as we continue to track to the east, we don't expect the rain to be in philadelphia until closer to 9:00, 10:00. so, your tailgating should be fine and you should be able to make it home from the game in time before the rain starts. now, we could see these showers move up with the timing. stick with nbc 10 and we'll monitor this as we head into your sunday. by 1:00 p.m. 80 degrees and even warmer at 84. today big difference stay in the
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high 60s and low 70s with a mix of sun and clouds. i'll have your seven-day forecast, coming up. six minutes before 5:00, let's get you updated on the roads. we know about the fire location. let's see eif there is anything else you need to know about it. >> christine maddela is watching it all. christine? >> watching the fire in west kensington. you can still see the smoke and it's getting better out there. jesse gary in sky force 10. from that vantage point you can see the smoke as far as the sports complex. american street and york street, that is where that fire is. that intersection is shut down as well as several other blocks around that fire. you'll want to take front street or fifth street, if you need to travel in that area. but if you can avoid it, you should avoid this area entirely. something we're going to be watching as we move farther into the morning commute is john welsh elementary school and also hunter elementary school on front street nearby this fire location. so, i'll let you know if the streets remain closed when it's
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time to drop your kids off at school. else where, everything is moving along quite nicely. 295 in mt. laurel and the ben franklin bridge. no major problems and no major delays. following this breaking news from overnight. scotland is sticking with the united kingdom. votes were counted overnight and 55% of people voted against independence. also new from overnight, police are investigating the discovery of a suspicious device north philadelphia where they found propane tanks with a box attached on the street at 13th and girard. bomb squad shut down two-block area. also this story from overnight, the search is on for a gunman following the shooting in somerdale section of philadelphia where police responded to a call about the shooting shortly after 1:00 this morning. they didn't find the victim there but half an hour later the
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victim showed up at the hospital with a gunshot wound to the leg. a major story we're following this morning. the breaking story out of west kensington. a warehouse fire now under control. you see all the white smoke pouring out. a lot of hot spots on the ground and still no idea what caused it to break out three hours ago. you can see from our video earlier how intense it was as it went to four alarms. three people injured and we're learning about their conditions and what started this fire. stay with us for complete coverage on nbc 10.
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at 2 before 5:00. continue to follow breaking news out of west kensington. a massive fire sky force 10 is live over the fire. the fire has been placed under control but dozens of crews on the scene. let's show you the video when we first got there this morning. fire started around 2:30. intense flames and intense heat and they were told to be felt
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from a block away. people were evacuated in the area and we ehave a report of three people injured and one seriously with burns over 80% of their body. we have live team coverage and you're watching nbc 10 news and nbc 10 news today starts at 5:00 a.m. starts right now. again, those flames were very intense. around 2:00 this morning, 3:00 from a warehouse fire in the west kensington section of philadelphia. three people injured. neighbors were evacuated. fire crews have now gotten control of the fire. we have team coverage of that warehouse fire this morning. >> nbc 10 katy zachary is live on the scene and has been there all morning. what is happening right now,k katy? >> as i get out of the way, this warehouse fire, i want to give you the latest information. derek sawyer just wrapped up a press conference at the scene. he says there are two buildings. this warehouse you're looking at right now, which we believe to
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be american supply company and also a paper factory adjacent to it. on the 2400 block of north american street. they both sustained serious damage from this fire. it broke out around 2:30. it took about an hour and a half for fire crews to get it under control. it was officially announced under control at 4:11. three people, at least three people we know were injured. one person the most serious injuries taken to the hospital with burns to at least 80% of that person's body. we believe it is a man. we are trying to get more information about that victim if he was inside the factory or the warehouse or outside. when we arrived and you're looking at video, the flames were so intense, they had grown several stories in height. firefighting effort. they had to back off from clearly an interior fight of the fire and they had surrounded the building and this block expanse and just pouring water on the flames as best as they could.


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