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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  September 22, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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two women killed, dozens of other people are hurt. we have new information released overnight about this deadly tour bus crash in the state of delaware. instead of treating patients, hundreds of nurses at a local hospital will be back on the picket line this morning. the latest on the strike that's been years in the making. and getting ready for fall as we look live outside at lincoln financial field. we are in the final hours now of summer. really feels like football weather out there this morning. very nice. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> and i'm tracy davidson. just about 17 1/2 hours until fall officially arrives, but it's already starting to feel like it. you will notice a drop in the temperatures as you head out the door. let's get more details on that with meteorologist bill henley in the first alert weather center, back from vacation. welcome back, bill. >> thank you, tracy. nice to be back and nice to feel the cooler, more comfortable weather. it was a muggy one yesterday with temperatures near 80 yesterday afternoon, but it feels so much more refreshing
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this morning as dry air blows into the area. that's a live view of center city from the adventure aquarium. the wind is blowing and the numbers, they've been coming down. 61 right now in pottstown, 64 for wrights town, while philadelphia's 64 at northeast philadelphia. south philly is 67 degrees, and it's 63 degrees in rocksboro. there's the wind blowing the flags. that northwesterly wind will be increasing. that's going to keep temperatures in the 60s for most of the day. 62 degrees at 7:00. by 9:00, the wind will be picking up. we'll see lots of sunshine, 62 degrees, and 67 by noontime today. a closer look at the wind. we'll go through it hour by hour when i come back, but first, katy zachry has your monday morning traffic. good morning, katy. good morning, bill. we've had a pretty good morning so far on the roadways. 676 at 8th street. the vine street expressway free and clear of any problems this morning. that's really the story throughout the area. no accidents to report so far this morning. don't want to jinx it, though. a live look at 95.
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this is 95 southbound. you can see the construction zone set up, cones and lights in the area. long-term construction project, but it doesn't seem active right now. it still is taking out the right-hand lane as it has been for the last few weeks. there is some construction on the northeast extension southbound between the lehigh valley exit and the quakertown exit. the right lane is blocked, but that's expected to lift in the next little bit. long-term construction project in montgomery county, route 422 eastbound. the ramps to and from armand hammer boulevard, they are closed until november. >> all right, katy, thanks. we have new information about that deadly tour bus crash in delaware. overnight, a second person has now died. here's what we know this morning. the bus was exiting route 1 south to route 13 when it went off the road and overturned on to its roof, sliding down a hill. the passengers killed include a 54-year-old woman from new york and a 30-year-old woman from turkey. 49 people were hurt. many of the injured were taken to christiana hospital in newark. that's where nbc 10's rosemary
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connors is live for us this morning. what else have we learned this morning? >> reporter: well, tracy, overnight, doctors here at christiana hospital were hoping to release 5 of the 26 passengers who were brought here, so that's a bright spot in the midst of all this tragedy. but as you mentioned, two women died, and we do know their identities. they've been identified as 54-year-old hua'y chen of new york city. she died at the scene. she was trapped underneath the bus. and 30-year-old idil bahsi of istanbul, turkey, she died here at christiana hospital overnight. as you can see from our video, this tour bus just rolled over on to its side. according to delaware state police, the driver, 56-year-old jinli zhao of flushing, new york, was trying to navigate the curve on that off-ramp from state route 1 south to us-13 north. that's when this crash happened. the tour bus is owned by am usa express, based out of new york city, and the passengers were part of a sight seeing tour sponsored by eworld travel and tours, also based out of new york. they had been down in washington
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on friday and they were headed back to new york yesterday. last night we spoke to a passerby, a college student who was driving back to school with his friend. they came upon the scene of this accident. they were one of the first people to get out there and help before police arrived. >> i guess what really got to me is when i found out that one woman died. and i do recall someone -- and i guess she was trapped underneath the bus, and one man saying "my wife, my wife, my wife," and that kept on replaying in my mind. made me think about how fragile life is at times. >> reporter: as you can imagine, just an emotional and horrific scene to come upon. what we do know about the tourists is that all 50 of them, most of them were adults. there were at least two children who were on board. everybody was injured and they were taken to all of the hospitals in new castle county. coming up at 5:30, i'll talk more about what's next for the investigation for state police. reporting live outside of christiana hospital, rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. >> all right, rosemary. we did check into the history of
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the bus, and according to the d.o.t. website, the buses had another crash in the past 24 months. no injuries in that case. you can read more about this deadly tour bus crash on our website, also new from overnight, philadelphia police are searching for two gunmen in a shooting in the kingsessing neighborhood of philadelphia. this happened at 51st and paxon streets about 12:30 last night. police tell us three people were sitting on a front step when two men shot them. one man was hit four times, including several shots to his prosthetic leg. another man was also shot. both are in critical condition. a woman also had her leg grazed. and happening today, more than 500 nurses from crozer-chester hospital are expected to be back out on the picket line. nbc 10 in delaware county sunday for the start of the planned two-day walkout. these nurses have been working without a contract since june 8th. the major sticking points are staffing, pay and retirement funds. >> it's difficult being out here knowing that patients are
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inside. none of us wanted to do this. no one wins. >> people are temporary workers in place to fill the spots of these striking nurses. no new contract talks are scheduled for now. now to the manhunt in the pocono mountains. pennsylvania state police say they are closing in on the man wanted for the murder of a trooper more than a week ago now. the search is now focused on an area on the border of pike and monroe counties near the village where the suspect, eric frein, grew up. authorities say frein ambushed and then shot and killed a pennsylvania state trooper nine days ago. police have mounted a massive search of the pocono mountain neighborhood where frein lived with his parents. investigators say they have found several items belonging to frein and they think they're on the right track. >> and we found several items that frein has abandoned or hidden for possible future use. some of those items include an ak-47-style weapon and some other magazines and ammunition, among other things that we have located to this point in time. >> authorities say frein is a
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survivalist with a grudge against law enforcement. you can count on nbc 10 and to bring you any new developments in the police manhunt or get text alerts of breaking developments by downloading our free nbc 10 news app. a 17-year-old is in critical condition this morning after being shot by police in west philadelphia. this happened around 9:00 last night here in the 5600 block of media avenue. police say the teen pointed a gun at them during a chase, so they shot him. from our delaware bureau, newark police are investigating multiple armed robberies targeting university of delaware students. the first incident happened saturday around 7:00 p.m. on south college avenue near winslow road. police say two ud students were approached by a man with a handgun who demanded their cell phones. after getting their phones, the suspect ran westbound on winslow road. and the second armed robbery happened around 2:30 sunday afternoon on tyre avenue, just south of east main street. a ud student was holding a cell
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phone when he was approached by an armed man who also demanded he turn it over. after the victim handed him the phone, the suspect ordered him to go southbound on tyre avenue and then took off. the trial of a montgomery county man accused of killing a 10-month-old girl and her grandmother is expected to start this week. raghunandan yandamuri faces the death penalty if he's convicted. he's charged with kidnapping the baby from her family's king of prussia apartment nearly two years ago and killing her grandmother. the baby was later found dead. prosecutors say that the suspect planned to hold the little girl for ransom to pay off a gambling debt. this morning our eagles are one of just three teams in the nfl to remain undefeated. former eagle desean jackson coming back to the linc for the first time since he left for washington. and the fans letting him hear plenty of boos. first quarter, how about this? chris polk receives the ball two yards deep in the end zone and takes it 102 yards. first return touchdown of a kickoff since '08 for the birds,
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their first at the linc since they've opened. things got out of hand in the fourth. looks like nick foles has thrown an interception here, but watch what happens as nick is trying to chase down the return. he gets blind-sided there by chris baker of the skins. that leads to a brawl and a couple of ejections. and then the touchdown pass to jeremy maclin, hauls it in from 27 yards. the eagles hold on for the 37-34. >> we were talking about it, is it an interception, is it not an interception? we can't challenge it. what was the ruling on the field? then all of a sudden, you know, a hockey game broke out. >> the eagles are now 3-0 for the first time in ten years when they went to the super bowl in '04. getting a nice, dry start this morning and a more comfortable one, too.
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the temperatures have come down with drier air in place. a cool day today. in fact, we'll see lots of sunshine, but thanks to gusty winds, it's never going to get all that warm. and this is actually the final day of summer. this evening, late this evening, 10:29, autumn will arrive and you will feel the difference tomorrow morning. there will be a real chill in the air. we saw showers overnight. those are already out of the picture. we'll be dry for the rest of the day and we'll watch the temperatures continue to fall. 53 right now in the pocono mountains. look at the low 60s for allentown and pottstown, 62 degrees in millville. and thanks to the winds that are going to be gusting to more than 20 miles an hour, those temperatures are going to have a hard time warming up today. so, look for sunshine, 50s in the pocono mountains, upper 60s for allentown, quakertown and reading. and in the very low 70s for trenton, northeast philadelphia and mt. holly with plenty of sunshine. low to mid-70s at the shore, 71
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degrees in dover and 73 rehoboth. nothing but sunshine for chester and glassboro. 5:11 this monday morning. nothing much on the roads except for road construction, at least so far. >> let's find out with nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter katy zachry. >> around this hour, a lot of that construction is lifting. starting things off in bucks county, route 1 at pennsylvania avenue. free and clear both directions of any problems. you can see the average speeds in pennsylvania on 95 and 76 in the 50s. 295 in new jersey in the 60s. a few more cars on the roadways at this hour, but it's really not accounting for any problems. there is construction to tell you about, long-term construction in upper darby township. providence is closed between 9:00 a.m. and 3:00 p.m. between baltimore pike and bishop avenue until december. an alternate is baltimore pike. a vote in harrisburg today could provide much needed money for your child's school.
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nbc 10's jesse gary has the latest twist in the philadelphia school budget crisis. jesse? >> reporter: that's right. i've talked to house members who say they have the votes to pass a cigarette tax, but even so, there's still a race to get that money into the coffers of the school district. i'll explain why, coming up. and act now. local demonstrators send a message to world leaders in rallies over climate change. we'll tell you what they say needs to happen before it's too late.
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just about 5:15 this monday morning. looking live from our comcast camera looking at the museum of art. going to be a gorgeous end to summer and bill henley will have the first alert forecast in just a moment. a bill to provide crucial funding for the cash-strapped philadelphia school district could come up for a vote today in harrisburg. this is the city's $2-per-pack cigarette tax that would provide about $50 million a year for philadelphia schools. a house committee approved the plan last week, but the house put off the vote until at least today. nbc 10's jesse gary's following the school budget crisis and the action expected today. jesse, the entire school year is hinging on this vote. >> reporter: yeah, vai. i've talked with pennsylvania house members who say they've been in close contact with the majority leader during the past weekend. they say they have the votes to pass a cigarette tax today. let's go ahead and look at our video. that $2-per-pack tax would be levied on every pack of
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cigarettes sold in philadelphia. the money earmarked for the school district which is currently about $81 million in the red. even with passage, there is an october 1st deadline. district officials tell me they need the money from the tax to start flowing into their coffers by then or it could negatively impact the school year. so, there is a rush to get the bill passed and then signed into law by the governor by one week from wednesday. and even if all goes well, all may not go right if the cigarette tax is passed. i've done some digging. coming up in the next hour, i will explain why some say this is a bad idea. live in spring garden this morning, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. >> of course, you can count on jesse and nbc 10 to keep you covered on the school budget crisis and today's happening in the state capitol. 16 minutes past 5:00. some people in ferguson, missouri, are now being equipped with body cameras. the group we cop watch is providing more than 100 cameras for community members and they're being educated on how to handle being stopped by police and how to protect their own rights.
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this program even has the approval of ferguson's police chief. >> the idea of private citizens filming police doing their jobs, i don't see anything wrong with that. as a matter of fact, it happens all the time. we also have cameras now that we're using to film our interaction with the public. >> this all comes, as you know, after last month's shooting death of unarmed teenager michael brown by a ferguson police officer. that officer has not been charged. brown's family is calling for the justice department to take over the investigation into their son's death. activists are warning that climate change is destroying the earth. hundreds of thousands took to the streets of new york sunday calling for leaders to take action. a group of south jersey residents were among those who took part in the people's climate march. this took place in advance of a united nations climate summit that happens to be taking place tomorrow. president obama and more than 120 world leaders will discuss the possibility of forging a
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global climate treaty by the end of 2015. and secretary of state john kerry will deliver remarks at the opening event of the new york city climate week. kerry will also be attending events at the u.n. general assembly and meeting with foreign ministers while he's in new york. nearly a decade after hurricane katrina, the catastrophic storm will be the center of attention today in philadelphia. members of the american society of civil engineers task committee on flood safety are in town and the group put together a report on lessons by katrina. they will present their findings and recommendations in center city later this morning. >> time to get another check of traffic as we get ever so closer to rush hour. >> we're getting close, right? >> and still no accidents to report. i even cringe as i say that because i don't want to jinx anything, but it's almost 5:20. we're seeing more cars on the roadways and no accidents to report. so, fingers crossed for our tri-state area. starting things off in the lehigh valley, a look at 78 at route 222. route 22, 309 up in the lehigh
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valley, they look great as well. so, lehigh valley drivers, you're good to go. 476 at 76. again, look at that. not even a lot of cars out on the road and we typically see the traffic picking up around this time. so, no issues to report there, but for drivers on 76 westbound, beginning today, 76 westbound, the on-ramp from spring garden, it is closed until late november. and you're going to be detoured to girard avenue, where you can then pick up 76 westbound. so, that begins today. taking a look at your drive times right now. 95, 76 and 476 are all free and clear of any issues. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> it's a cool start this morning. skies have cleared out. the showers overnight are done and it will stay dry for the rest of the day. and the last few hours of summer, which we're in right now, we'll see plenty of sunshine. there's a cold front that came
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through with the showers overnight. now it's the temperatures that are coming down, down to 61 degrees in allentown, pottstown and reading. low 60s in millville, while it's 70 in wildwood. philadelphia international is 65 degrees. and thanks to the wind that's blowing, most of the day we'll be in the 60s. 65 degrees the temperature right now in philadelphia and the winds already starting to pick up. it's 11 miles an hour. it will be growing stronger as the day goes on. the future weather showing 14-mile-an-hour winds in northeast philadelphia first thing this morning and they continue this afternoon. winds will be steady at 15 miles an hour with gusts to more than 20 miles an hour. stand by for a nice, cooler day today with plenty of sunshine. it's just going to be a breezy one. high temperatures in the upper 60s and low 70s. and tomorrow the temperatures go even lower for the first morning of fall. autumn arrives late tonight. 50 degrees to start with in center city. the suburbs will be in the 40s tomorrow morning. i have 70 in the afternoon.
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70s for wednesday and thursday. thursday, though, could see some showers, but they won't stick around for the weekend. and neither will those cooler temperatures. low 80s saturday and sunday. we want to tell you about a special honor for one of our own. nbc 10's renee chenault-fattah received an award from lincoln university last night. the yearly gala recognizes those who have done extraordinary work in their field. and of course, renee has certainly done that. proceeds from the event goes towards scholarships for lincoln students. congratulations, renee. decision 2014 and the race for governor in pennsylvania. tonight the two nominees face off for the first time, and we'll preview the debate and the top talking points for each side. and preparing for the holiday shipping season. u.p.s. is making changes to prevent major delays like the one caused by the weather last holiday season. what they're doing to make sure your gifts arrive on time. skippy!!
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it's 5:24. getting ready for the holiday season. u.p.s. is making changes to make sure your package arrives on time, and a low-cost airline is adding peaks for airline travel. hampton pearson has cnbc's business news. good morning. >> hi, tracy. we're going to start first with u.p.s. they, in fact, we're being told, are planning to open 14 temporary shipping facilities for the upcoming holiday season. now, reports say the modular
5:25 am
structures are similar to portable school buildings. now, last year, you may recall, u.p.s. was hit by a double whammy of a late rush of online shopping and bad winter weather, which delayed the delivery of some packages until well after christmas. get set to pay more to fly the friendly skies. ultra low-cost carrier spirit airlines will raise bag fees by $2 during the holiday travel season. those higher fees apply to tickets booked after august 19th for flights between december 18th and january 5th. and today, cnbc is unveiling a sweeping report on how americans perceive big business and the economy. the survey covers a range of topics from taxes and ceo pay to a company's social responsibility. and you can check out the result of cnbc's corporate perception indicator or cpi right now on back to you. >> all right, i'll definitely check it out. hampton pearson with cnbc,
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thanks. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> showers overnight are done. the humid, warm air is done, at least for now. the temperatures have really come down. this is a nice, clear view from center city. 64 degrees here at nbc 10 at 5:26. good morning, katy. >> good morning, bill. a live look right now, 422 at route 29 in montgomery county, free and clear of any problems. your drive times throughout the area look great. when i see you in a few minutes, we'll take a look at new jersey roadways. we continue to follow a developing story in delaware this morning. >> a second person has now died from their injuries in yesterday's tour bus crash. nbc 10's rosemary connors is monitoring developments outside christiana hospital. rosemary? >> tracy and vai, we also know the identities of the two women killed in this crash. coming up next, i'll tell you what state police say led up to this tour bus turning over on its side. and wish you didn't have to leave for work this morning? the results of a new study that
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a second woman has now died from her injuries in a tour bus crash in delaware. we're live from the hospital where dozens of other passengers are recovering this morning. the candidates for
5:30 am
pennsylvania governor square off tonight in the first of three debates. democrat tom wolf is trying to unseat incumbent republican tom corbett, and we will have a preview. and a cooler start as we take a live look outside this morning. we had one final taste of summer yesterday, but today temperatures will be back in the 70s as we officially say good-bye to summer. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm vai sikahema. we are counting down to the end of summer. fall officially arrives in just under 17 hours, as you see here. specifically at 10:29 tonight. but we are already cooling off, as tracy just mentioned. let's get right to meteorologist bill henley with his first alert forecast and all the details. bill? >> good morning, vai. yeah, it feels so much more comfortable this morning. the showers came through overnight. it was a cold front that came through, and that's dropped the temperatures and the humidity and cleared things out. look at that nice, clear view from center city. temperatures are about the same as yesterday at this time in center city. there are some areas running cooler. dover,


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