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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  September 23, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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right now at 11:00, the u.s. is leading air strikes in syria against islamic state militants. the president smoke about the mission. one he said america did not do alone. good morning, i'm vai sikahema. the first wave was launched last night and involved cruise missiles as well as bombers and fighter jets. it's focusing on 20 targeted areas. on this map you can see the cities in syria and iraq where isis militants have taken over. christine maddela is monitoring the latest. she's live from the digital operation center. we just -- within the hour we heard from the president. what's he saying about this mission? >> reporter: in the past 45
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minutes, i listened to the president address the nation. he says he has support for the air strikes here at home as well as the support of five arab partners. he went on to say that this effort will take time. but he is going to do what's necessary to fight against the terrorist group for safety of the united states and the world. this video is unconfirmed by nbc news but it appears to be the aftermath of air strikes in syria. it's new video from the pentagon. fighter jets taking off in the arabian sea. the pentagon says they used fighter jets, bombers and 47 missiles to damage or destroy 14 targets, including isis headquarters, fuel depots, weapons depots as well as training sites. >> 40 nations have offered to
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help in this comprehensive effort to confront this terrorist threat. to take out tearerirrorist targo train and equip iraqi and syrian opposition fighters who are going up against isil on the ground, to cut off isil's financing, to counter its hateful ideology and to stop the flow of fighters into and out of the region. >> reporter: this morning eirans president spoke out about the air strikes. he does condemn isis but the u.s. policy is fighting against the militants while undermining syria's government. live in the digital operations center, christine maddela, nbc 10 news. an israeli military said it shot down a plane. they say the circumstances of the incident were not clear. the images released show smoke rising from a hill in the golan
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heights. in israel, the army says two suspects in the abduction and murder of three teens were killed overnight. the three teens were kidnapped in june. their bodies were found three weeks later in the west bank. the murders were one of the catalysts behind the war this summer in gaza. israeli security forces say overnight they tried to arrest the two kidnapping suspects but a shootout erupted and ensued and the suspects were killed in the process. this just in, a new york judge sentenced the son-in-law of bin laden. he testified that his role was strictly religioureligious. things aren't back to normal on i-95.
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>> reporter: behind me is the tractor-trailer carrying trash. it caused major delays for the morning commute. state troopers say the driver lost control possibly because he fell asleep at the wheel or suffered from a medical condition. his truck overturned on the guardrail near the bridge street exit on 95 south spilling trash and fuel into several lanes. police shut down most of the highway around the scene leaving only one lane of traffic open in each direction. the morning commute was jammed, backup extended for several miles. state police thought they could upright the truck around 7:00, but it was too damaged. they had to wait for more equipment. several hours later, they towed the tractor-trailer off the highway. troopers say the left-hand lane in both directions will be closed for hours because the guardrail separating traffic is too damaged. the driver was the only one injured. police say it's not life-threatening.
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>> a lot of that happened in the early morning hours. the latest on the traffic accident. >> it's a mess out there. this is a live look at 95, the southbound side. it's crawling along right now. we still have about a 4 1/2 to 5 mile delay as a result of the guardrail repair work happening on the northbound side is also jammed as you approach bridge street. leave yourself plenty of extra time. your best bet is to avoid 95 if you can. if you want to avoid that portion of 95, utilize the aramingo ramp. the accident has been cleared. but we still have a lot of activity out there, repair needs to be done. you can take the boulevard today. but we see delays on the boulevard. another accident is an overturned tractor-trailer on the northeast extension southbound just past quakertown. that is still out there. cleanup is going on. the right lane is blocked.
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we have a heavy delay in the area. take 309 as an alternate. southbound we have a tractor-trailer blocking the left lane. this is an accident on the blue route northbound. two lanes of traffic are getting by. we have significant delays here as well. a philadelphia bound flight is expected to land here in about five hours. u.s. airways flight 751 left brussels this morning but was forced to land in england because of a sick accident. th the plane eventually left for philadelphia. first morning of fall got off to a chilly start. this is a live look at flags flapping in the wind there above center city. things are warming up. meteorologist bill henley is here with the forecast. >> the clouds are moving above building level. at the surface, the wind is
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lighter than yesterday. that's allowing for a quicker warm-up after a chilly start this morning. skies are clear over the city. what a beautiful view. 62 in philadelphia. look at the happened, 48%. seven degrees cooler than yesterday. in the pocono mountains, barely a cloud in the sky. blue school. it was in t it was in the 30s this morning. much less wind than yesterday. we saw gusts beyond 20 miles an hour. at one point yesterday, winds were gusting more than 30 miles an hour in lancaster. nine mile an hour breeze in philadelphia. calm in the pocono mountains and not at l for atlantic city. 60 in trenton. 63 in wilmington. northeast philly is up to 63. it will climb under sunny skies. 70 at 1:00. low 70s this afternoon. by 6:00 this evening, still enjoying lots of sunshine, 67
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degrees. neighborhood by neighborhood, with the forecast, when i come back. a ten-day search for the man accused of killing a pennsylvania state trooper and wounding another has been narrowed to the area of the pocono mountains where he grew up. sky force 10 was over the area yesterday. you can see just how densely wooded this area is. authorities say they may have surrounded eric frein. this video from a short time ago. they have been closing roads and evacuating residents. the pocono mountain school district has opened all of its schools today with added security after being closed for the last four days. count on nbc 10 for continuing coverage of the police manhunt. get developments on our website, several hay bales are on fire at hicks mushroom farm. it's on the 1600 block of newark
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road. several tankers responded to this fire to help put it out. no one has hurt. a house fire overnight sends two people, including a firefighter to the hospital. firefighters found heavy smoke when they arrived to the home here along north 9th street. one resident suffered smoke inhalation. two adjacent homes were damaged by the fire. overnight, a man was shot during an attempted armed robbery in north philadelphia. police tell us the victim was walking near 3rd and indiana streets just after 11:00 last night. two men demanded his wallet. when the victim reached for it, they shot him. he was hit in the arm but is listed in stable condition. the gunmen ran away. at this hour, two state lawmakers representing philadelphia are about -- are set to talk about legislation that would expand philadelphia's hate crime law. a senator and a representative have sponsored bills to help protect members of the lgbt
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community and the mentally challenged from prejudice crime. they are making an aprnnounceme right now. the philadelphia district attorney will decide whether to fire charges. police released video of this assault. police believe some the of the crowd are responsible for beating the couple and shouting slurs. lawyers for some of the suspects say the alleged victims instigated the fight. trouble in the skies on one airliner. a passenger is taken off a plane. what he allegedly tried to do mid flight. a young boy's attack in the schoolyard by a wild animal. we will tell you what creature victimized him.
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we are following breaking news. in hirming h iberm birmingham, there has been a shooting. where he working to get a live picture from the scene. as soon as we get that information, we will bring it to you. the world health organization issued a dire forecast for the ebola outbreak. 70% of patients are dieing and there could be 20,000 new cases by november. the world health organization says better control measures need to be put if place to help
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stop the virus from spreading. >> one of the key messages that we want to get across is that we are now in the third explosive phase of growth of the epidemic. this is exponential increase with hundreds going into thousands of cases per week. and if we don't stop the epidemic very soon, this is going to turn from a disaster into a catastrophe. >> according to the latest figures, ebola is believed to have sickens more than 6,800 people in west africa. it is blamed for more than 2,800 deaths. an explosion in china have killed two people. authorities aren't shouldn't what caused the blast. they say the factory is properly license. three afghan solders who disappeared over the weekend have been found. authorities say they were trying to cross the u.s. canadian border near niagara falls.
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they were seen at a shopping mall saturday. they were unarmed. pentagon officials said they did not feel the men posed a threat to the public. a second grader in con has a story to tell. the boy was attacked by a fox on a school playground. the boy was in the playground with his classmates when a fox attacked him. you can see the bite marks. >> i didn't see it come out of the woods. it came and it bit my ankle and tackled me. >> a teacher at the school sprang into action and grabbed the fox by the neck. another staffer helped to trap the animal under a recycling bin. both were bitten in the process of doing that. he says he received medicine and shots at the hospital and he now feels fine. we are glad. a man who authorities say tried to open an emergency exit door during a cross-country flight has been taken to the hospital to be checked out.
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a film producer who was on the flight had the camera rolling when the plane made an emergency landing. the flight was on its way from boston to los angeles when passengers say the man became unruly. the video shows authorities removing him inçó handcuffs. to japan where they are showing off a new train. it can top 300 miles per hour. japan conducted its first public test of the fast rail yesterday. things went off without a hitch. a familiar face is raising awareness about childhood cancer. she paid a visit to our area in the process. the "today" shows hoda kotbe joins us live. >> how are you? >> i'm good. of course, we all know that you had your own challenge with cancer. what role did that play in you doing this series? >> you know, here is the thing. cancer seems like a grown-up
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disease and the idea that little kids are suffering with it sort of broke my heart. they wanted us to do a charity project. i want to do something to help kids with cancer. i was thinking, what could i do? and i'm in love with "brave." it became an anthem for a lot of little kids battling it. let's do a music video. what could we do with the song? let's mash it up with another song. i was thinking, what's an anthemy song that people love? it was like, ding. i thought of "true colors." we mushed up -- they came together and mushed that thing up into a beautiful song. >> what was the response from the kids with the music? >> can i tell you something fun? they sang bits of it. we shot at children's hospital of philadelphia. the kids were so full of light and joy and they went into a room and they lip synced and had
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fun with it. it was one of those things that shows that kids are kids. it was beautiful. we hope to raise money with the music video. we will kick it off on wednesday. we will reveal the music video on thursday. i got to tell you, it's one of those that you -- i think you're going to love t. people from all different generations. >> i got a feeling we will have hankys nearby as well. what's your take away from the kids that you met at the children's hospital of philadelphia? give us a sense of -- those of us who have had a chance to go there and see the kids and meet them, sports stars on occasion, tell us your take away from the kids you met there. >> you think when you go there you're going to feel sad and broken. but there's some -- they are just kids. they are running down the hall. they are hugging you. they are embracing. you realize that they just want to be kids. they want to be looked at as kids. i was full when i was there. it was one of those things that you looked and you saw the love between the kids and their
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parents. you thought, that's perfect, the love that they have between each other. a lot of childhood cancers are treatable and ultimately they can be removed. we're just -- we're praying that that happens for these kids. they were beautiful young kids. in this video, these kids shine and they are full of joy and life. i feel so lucky. you know when you feel lucky to have gone somewhere? i walked out of chiof children' hospital and felt full and grateful. i hope i did justice for them. >> we met 18 years ago because we had the same tv agent. i don't know if you remember that. we met here in philadelphia. she was trying to get to a job in a big market. >> i remember well. >> you were anchoring in new orleans. we remain friends. we are happy for you. >> i'm happy for you. from football star to tv star. not too shabby.
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>> thank you very much. we look forward to the series on wednesday. you can go to for more information. thank you. >> thank you. coming up, first 13 hours of autumn. wee seeing nothing but sunshine. it was chilly this morning but bright sunshine on boat house row. notice the flags are blowing but nowhere near as windy as yesterday. it's really settled down. the temperatures are moving up. less windy today, showers are in the forecast over the next couple days. then a warm-up for the weekend. the temperatures will reach summ summer-like levels for saturday and sunday. we saw clouds overnight but now it's bright sunny skies. people out for a nice walk as the temperatures climb at the shore and inland.
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high cloudclouds. there's a system that is going to try to push into the area. it won't be successful today. behind the clouds, rain that could be here before we get to that weekend warm-up. but not today. sunny sky. 71 in reading. we will see temperatures right around the 70 degree mark for northeast philadelphia, trenton, mount holly. a little bit cooler in doylestown. high clouds at times along the coast. move inland, you get the blue sky and winds no stronger than 12 miles an hour during the day today. 70 in wilmington. west chester, 68. up to 71 for philadelphia. next half hour, the seven-day forecast for the timing of the rain and a look at how warm the weekend will get.
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an unusual bust out west. a taco truck was serving up more than just tacos. find out what else an employee there is accused of selling. troubles continue in mexico, a week after the hurricane hit. now we're getting a look at more of the aftermath.
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a taco truck worker in denver is accused of dishing out more than spicy food.
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she was sheelling meth am fe. the bust was part of one of the biggest meth seizures in history there. the president spoke a short time ago. another update on that situation coming up. tragedy in new england. children are playing when flames erupt. that story straight ahead.
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president obama says he's proud to stand shoulder to shoulder with five arab nations this morning in conducting air strikes in syria. the strikes were launched last night focusing on 20 targeted areas, including isis
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headquarters. on this map you can see the cities in syria and iraq where isis militants have taken over. christine maddela has been monitoring the latest svel developments. we heard from the president about an hour ago. what's the status of this mission? >> reporter: the president says this mission is in line with the strategy he put forth and he outlined earlier this month to take action against isis in iraq and in syria. the terrorist cannot find safe haven anywhere. nbc news has not yet confirmed this video. it appears to be the aftermath of u.s. air strikes in syria. look at this video from the pentagon. fighter jets taking off in the arabian sea. the pentagon says they used not only the fighter jets but also bombers and missiles to damage or destroy 14 targets, including isis sites, training sites, fuel
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and weapon depots as well as isis headquarters. the president says the fight is not over. >> the overall effort will take time. there will be challenges ahead. we're going to do what's necessary to take the fight to this terrorist group for the security of the country and the region and for the world. >> reporter: he says over the next several days he will meet with iraq's prime minister as well as other u.n. countries to build support and to continue to garner support for this coalition against isis. live in the digital operations center, christine maddela, nbc 10 news. >> after making the remarks, president obama headed to new york city. he is there now. he will deliver a speech at a u.n. climate summit. the goal is to create a new global climate agreement next year. they are urging the countries talking part in the summit to clean up their act by making it more costly to pollute.
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president obama will speak at the clinton global initiative. it started sunday. it's hosted by bill clinton and hillary clinton, his wife. the meeting brings together heads of state, leading ceos and heads of foundations to analyze global challenges, work on solutions and build partnerships to create positive social change. a ten-day search for a man accused of killing a state trooper and wounding another is ongoing. authorities say, they may have surrounded eric frein. they have been closing roads and evacuating residents in the area as they skwocour the area. the pocono mountain school district has opened today with added security after being closed for the last four days. count on nbc 10 for continuing coverage of the police manhunt.
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get new developments at the first day of fall and certainly felt like fall this morning. a live look at the boat house row. clear skies. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist bill henley is here with the forecast. >> it was a chilly start this morning. the numbers are on the rise as the wind comes down. look at the flag here at the nbc 10 studios. quiet today. sunshine and a beautiful fall day. 62 now in philadelphia. winds out of the east northeast. most of the area seeing lighter wind than that. you can see a few thin clouds. yesterday with the strong gusty winds we saw clouds blowing through the pocono mountains. that's not happening today. we are running cooler than yesterday. nine degrees cooler in trenton,
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six degrees cooler than yesterday at this time in wilmington. atlantic city at one point was 23 degrees chillier than yesterday. the temperatures are starting to catch up. right now, 59 in allentown. trenton is 60. 63 for wilmington. near 70 this afternoon with mainly sunny skies and the light winds continuing out of the north, northwest. exjo enjoy the sunshine today. we will see changes tomorrow which could lead to rain. the future weather when i come back. a week after hurricane odile slammed into mexico, things are far from being back to normal. roofs and roads ripped apart. hundreds of police officers are handing out supplies. shelters are assisting people in need. cars are sub merges in new mexico. the waters are receding.
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hundreds are out of their homes. the remnants of odile hit west texas. this from el paso where a woman whose car was swept into a canal had to be rescued. it took 15 minutes for this group of good samaritans to pull her to safety. there's a return to normalcy this morning in washington state. six months after a catastrophic mud slight. it was in march that it gave away burying 43 people and blocking a highway. here we are in september. that highway has since reopened. the highway was realigned and raised as much as 20 feet in some places. tragedy in massachusetts. an 8-year-old boy was killed when the shed caught fire. authorities don't consider it suspicious. people nearby reported hearing an explosion before. several kids were playing inside at the time. all but one managed to escape.
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things aren't completely back to normal along 95 after a messy wreck that snarled traffic. look at the scene around 3:30 this morning near the bridge street exit. that's a tractor-trailer you are looking at that was toppled over. it was hauling trash when the driver slammed into a guardrail and overturned. things looked uglier. traffic was backed up for miles. police shut down most of the highway around the scene leaving one lane of traffic in both directions. crews got the rig up and towed away several hours later. the guardrail is still damaged. one lane of 95 in both directions closed so repairs can be made. police believe the driver fell asleep or sufficientered from a medical condition. philadelphia police are reviewing video trying to find a young gunman who kill aed a 1
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15-year-old girl and critically wounded a 19-year-old man. it stemmed from a fight involving a large group of people. both victims were innocent bystanders. they believe the shooter may be 17 years old. >> he is waring a black tank-top type t-shirt. he may have tattoos on his neck. >> the girl attended delaware valley charter high school the 19-year-old remains in critical condition. a bear believed to have killed a student over the weekend is being examined at a state lab. 22-year-old darsh patel was hiking in a nature preserve when they encountered a black bear. they ran in different directions. when they regrouped, patel was missing. his body was found a little bit later. the bear was euthanized. officials are testing it to see if it was rabid. students at martin luther
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kipg hi king high school have been suspended after a brawl. 12 students throwing punches, kicking and shoving. this happened just before the last period last wednesday. the video lasts for more than 50 seconds before we see an authority figure step in. the principal says they responded as quickly as they could. this fight can't be blamed on too many kids or lack of supervision. the fighters are recent transfers acting out a non-school related dispute. >> this will happen if i had a building full of adults. when young people don't know how to deal with conflict, things happen. >> it's a reflection on us as parents. it's something we're doing wrong when our kids are doing that in school. >> there are nine safety officers plus six aides in the school. the principal calls this a rare exception. the future of philadelphia
11:38 am
schools rests in the hands of lawmakers in harrisburg. this morning students, parents and teachers are watching and waiting for legislators to vote on a cigarette tax that he would vied milli -- it would provide millions of dollars. now it's the senate's turn. many teachers and staff are taking matters into their own hands. >> i wanted to have a projector to show them videos and show them dynamic things and try to reach them where they are at in the fast paced world that we live in. >> he has been a counselor for six years. we learned about his efforts to raise money to purchase his own supplies like a high-end projector. district officials say even if the tax passes, there's still little funding for supplies. >> you need a funding formula that works for our schools and works for the students. and also that works for the commonwealth at large. >> he created an account to come up with the funds to pay for the
11:39 am
projector. he has raised a few hundred dollars towards his goal. count on nbc 10 to keep you covered on the school budget kree sis and today's happening in the state capital. fun at the community college of philadelphia this morning. the school is preparing for its golden anniversary. ♪ nbc 120 is on the main campus in spring garden where the day got off to a jazzy start. the drummer is dr. donald guy general who is the college president. it opened september 23, 1965. events all day long will launch a year-long celebration of school providing higher education for 50 years. they say there's no place like home. tell that to a pennsylvania dog who ended up on a cross-country adventure that landed her in oregon. this morning, she will say so long to the pacific northwest and return home. the 7-year-old somehow ended up
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there more than four months after she went missing from her pennsylvania home. a microchip allowed workers to find her owner. the company that made the microchip is paying for her flight home. she's expected to arrive at philadelphia international airport at 10:30 to be reunited with her owner. something different at starbucks. it's experimenting with coffee that has a unique flavor. we will tell you what it supposedly tastes like. more than a taste of fall. it was a full-fledge assault. we are tracking rain that may get here before the weekend. the seven-day just ahead. look at the top stories trending right now on your nbc 10 app.
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the latest on the cry see know crisis. revel is getting ready to be auctioned off. the deadline to put in bids is 4:00 this afternoon. it needs to be higher than a florida developer's $90 million offer. the auction is set to begin tomorrow morning. striking nurses in delaware
11:44 am
county won't be going back to work today. they ended a walkout last night but were told not to return because the hospital hired replacements for five days and not two. the nurses are calling it a lockout. medical center said it's irroen yus to call it a lockout. the nurses have been working without a contract since june 8. people who received tax credits may owe back money. when you file your tax return next year, the irs will compare your actual income for the year with the amount you estimated when applying for obamacare. if your income is greater than what you estimated, the irs will take back some of the tax credit that they funded you. 21 deaths linked to a faulty switch. 143 deaths and 532 injury claims.
11:45 am
the automaker knew about the ignition switch problem for more than a decade but didn't recall recalling cars until february. 2.6 million vehicles were affected. apple is denying a report it plans to shut down beats music. it bought beats for $3 billion in may. the report says apple is expected to make changes to beats that would mean the brand will go away but the service won't. starbucks is testing coffee that tastes like beer. while there's no alcohol, it's blended with a flavored sauce. it sells beer and wine at some of the stores at night. experts say the drink could be a way to bridge the gap between morning and evening customers. bike riders will hit the road this weekend to fight a disease. the city to shore bike ride to benefit multiple sclerosis
11:46 am
research. kristin. tell us about the event. >> there's over 7,000 cyclists taking to the streets. it's over two days. it's 175 miles. you can do 25 miles, r50 or the two-day. >> you are an m.s. survivors. tell me how it impact your life? >> i don't take anything for granted. >> how has it helped you riding here as we're looking at pictures of you ride gs last year? how has riding helped you deal with m.s.? >> i ride because i can. i want to be an example for those who are riding for the cause. >> tell us about the i ride program. >> the i ride program is co-sponsored by ms one to one and the national m.s. society.
11:47 am
>> how do you train for this? what have you done to train for this? this is 175 miles you say? >> right. again you can do 25, 50, 75. i ride with my family. we ride at night, like an activity. >> and then what's the process in raising money for this? you have people pledge money for so many miles? >> yes. i use social media. we had a dine and donate at a local restaurant. we just reach out through people you know. >> how much money was raised last year? what do you expect to raise this year, any idea? >> the national m.s. society, the philadelphia chapter, tries to raise over 5 million. my personal goal is $1,000. >> good for you. that $1,000 is neighbors, friends, family, whoever will donate to you? >> yes. >> you have a facebook page and all of that where people can contribute? >> yes. >> we appreciate your time coming in and tell us about it. the bike m.s. city to shore ride
11:48 am
is this weekend, september 27 and 28. you have two days to do it. call 1-800-445-bike to register or you can go to for a link to more information. thank you. >> thank you. we have perfect bicycling weather for the thousands of riders that will take part. sunshine is bright today. good training day, vai, in case you want to get out and hit the trail. perfect sunshine and the wind is lower. it's easier to ride when the wind is down. temperatures are warming up nicely after a cold start this morning. in the 30s in some spots and 40s for most of the area. nothing but sunshine today. but today sunshine, tomorrow clouds start moving in. that will lead to some rain by late tomorrow. we're tracking rain. it's to our south. by the weekend though, no problem. the rain is out of here.
11:49 am
the cooler weather that we saw this morning, that will also take a break. temperatures in the 80s for the weekend. the humidity will be low. the winds, lower this morning. blowing above building level. but it's a gentle breeze at the surface. just three myliles an hour. calm in the pocono mountains and atlantic city. the temperatures have been coming up. 61 in pottstown. trenton is 60. wilmington and philadelphia are in the low 60s right now. low 70s this afternoon. we saw lots of 40s to start with. doylestown was wiin the middle 40s. and long gone are the 30s for quakertown. locations saw upper 30s this morning. now low 60s and climbing. look at that, beautiful sunny sky. just to the south, you can see the system that is going to be moving in. starting tomorrow with clouds,
11:50 am
then late tomorrow we will star to see some rain developing, into the evening hours and possibly the potential for heavy downpours. see them offshore of the north carolina coast. that's a possibility for us early thursday morning. the showers will move through the area and keep going. future weather shows 6:00 this evening, nice and clear with light wind, really comfortable. temperatures in the upper 60s. by late wednesday, you see the clouds starting to move in. then wednesday evening, the showers start to take over. a possibility of showers and outside chance of thunderstorms early on thursday. by noon on thursday, we should start to dry out. for today, nothing but dry. sunny, cool, highs in the 70s this afternoon. normal high temperature is 75 this time of year. that's where we will be tomorrow afternoon with clouds increasing. here comes the rain for early thursday. clearing out if not later on thursday, then friday. look at the warm-up.
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friday, 78 and here come the 80s with low humidity for saturday, sunday and monday. >> thank you. we will be right back.
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vote for high school blitz game of the week for friday. here are the choices.
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the game with the most votes is features on our high school blitz every saturday night. it's 7:00 right here on nbc 10. coming up this afternoon at 3:00, "ellen" is all new. then it's nbc 10 news at 4:00. this afternoon a victory of sorts for local sex offenders. why some can't be forced to wear electronic tracking devices once they are released from jail. new on nbc 10 news at 5:00, stopping isis. with the u.s. and arab nations striking, we will talk with a military analyst and hear the insight about the president's
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plan. new on nbc 10 news at 6:00, comments from a man who wants to buy revel and turn it into a university. why he would want students who are free, white and over 21. now to an update on our top story. president obama talks about the success of air strikes in syria last night. five arab nations joined in the strikes. they damaged or destroyed 14 targets, cluincluding isis traig sites and fuel and weapon depots. the president vows the fight is far from over. bill henley here with a check on the afternoon forecast. nice so far. >> checking out the window. it's a sweet view. sunshine, temperatures are warming up nicely. in the low 70s this afternoon. it was really chilly this
11:56 am
morning. we are now more than 12 hours in autumn. nice weather tonight. tomorrow won't be as cool in the morning. 75 in the afternoon. clouds will build on wednesday. that will lead to showers wednesday night and into thursday. then we will see clearing, if not later on thursday, friday we will see sunshine. 78 degrees, nice and friday. saturday, sunday and mon loday looking spectacular with low humidity. >> i brought a coat this morning. may not need a coat tomorrow. thursday, probably an umbrella. >> good plan. that's my forecast. >> i will follow your lead. thanks for watching nbc 10 news at 11:00. i'm vai sikahema. for bill henley and all of us here at nbc 10, have a great day.
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>> eve: no, you're not hearing me, marybeth. paige hasn't said a word about these photos. >> marybeth: well, she's bound to talk about it sometime. >> eve: no, i can tell that that is not gonna happen, and for me to even bring it up, well, honey, i'm just gonna have to tell her that you told me about it. >> marybeth: no, no, please, mrs. larson, paige will hate me. >> eve: oh, no, she won't. she might be mad for just a little bit, sweetheart, t you know, she'll forgive. she always does. you know paige. what we've got to do is just make her realize that jj deveraux's-- i got to go. she's coming in the door. okay, bye. >> paige: hi, i have to just got to get my bag. what's wrong? >> eve: what's going on with jj? >> jj: come on, man, you hung out with her a lot. what's her last name?