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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  September 23, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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headquarters. who are they looking for? they're looking for this man, 19-year-old dare enperson. they are looking for him. homicide sources are telling us they are actively trying to bring this man in. they said he had no connection to the charter school where a number of students attended. they were outside and having a fight. person was brought well by someone else. they say he is the guy who fired the shots that killed a 15-year-old girl and injured a 19-year-old man. >> a 19-year-old male. he resides in the 1900 block of rowan street and he is 19 years of age, described as 5'7", 170 pounds. he should be considered armed and extremely dangerous. >> police say they're not sure if darien person's new 15-year-old aisha abdur-rhaman,
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person is the one who fired the the shots critically injuring a 19-year-old man. >> she was funny, outgoing, always laughing and kept a smile on her face. you would never see aisha mad. that's what everybody liked about her. >> trey morel says the school was shocked at his classmate's death and what they've learn side shocking, too. two sides, two groups from delaware valley charter school planned an after-school fight and the fight spread and those involved brought person, a guy who has no connection to the school. >> he was brought there as the muscle. >> extra police were outside the charter school. the principal wasn't available to talk to us and we haven't inside to ask what precautions are being taken and what he's telling students in the wake of the deadly shooting and he hasn't returned requests for comment. parents are picking up kids early, kids that they say didn't feel safe inside the school. >> what are they telling you they're doing? >> they're not saying anything.
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a lot of kids want to leave and they're uncomfortable and upset and crying and they're not letting them leave unless a parent comes up to get them. >> reporter: police out there are actively looking for person. there is a $20,000 regard for his arrest and conviction in this case. police say he is to be considered armed and dangerous. >> reporting live at police headquarters, deanna duranty. nbc 10 news. to more breaking news in atlantic city and it is more bad news for workers. atlantic city plans to ask the state for permission to layoff some city workers on october 1st. it also wants to reopen most of the union contracts for city workers to achieve salary and benefit reductions. city officials did not indicate how many workers might be targeted. count on updates on this story on nbc 10 news as well as nbc 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with america's new campaign to stop isis. new information about the u.s. airstrikes in syria.
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pentagon says those strikes took out key training camp facilities. the target, the group's headquarters in the eastern part of the state. the u.s. has been conducting air strikes in iraq and now the campaign has spread as the president had said it would when he recently addressed the nation. >> today, in fact, the president said the u.s. is not in this fight alone. five middle eastern countries are part of the coalition and they include bahrain, qatar, and the united arab emirates. >> while it's nighttime there we can certainly expect the u.s. bombardment to continue with tomahawk cruise missiles and air strikes from warplanes. it she started working the phones to get new information. >> isis isn't the only threat in syria. >> we just saw the five arab partners listed on the screen and the u.s. acted with those partners against isis, but the united states acted alone in its
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strikes against the are khorasan group. the united states also executed strikes against khorasan and i listened to a briefing from the director of operations from the joint chiefs of staff in washington to find out more about this organization. the khorasan group is an al qaeda-affiliated terrorist organization and based in northwest syria. intelligence reports show that khorasan group was in the final stages of plans to execute attacks on the western part of the world including the united states. >> last night we also took strikes to disrupt plotting against the united states and our allies by san-- and try to americans harm that we will not tolerate safe havens for those who threaten our people. >> take a look at this fighter
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jet taking off last night. gps-guided missiles hit isis targets including an isis finance center and during the second wave of strikes, the command building in raqqa, the isis capital city inside syria. several missiles fired from f-18s also hit an isis residence along the syrian-iraqi border and it was a residential area used for training isis fighters. 120 terrorists were reportedly killed. >> this is video uploaded to a social media website reportedly showing the aftermath. nbc news is working to see if it can confirm that. isis has been using the internet to push more of their propaganda video. that's up to a local middle east experts and in 30 minutes how isis could affect us here at home. reporting live in the digital operations room, christine maddela. >> you've heard the conflicting
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acronyms, isis and isil. so here's how it breaks down. isis stands for the islamic state of iraq and syria. the group is linked to al qaedaa and involved in the syrian civil war and iraq as well and isil stands for the islamic state of iraq and levant. it is being used by the state department and the united nations since the group wants to extend that influence further independent has comprehensive coverage. count on updates on your computer, smartphone or tablets using the nbc 10 news app. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> a cooler first day of fall. nbc 10 along the brandywine river in wilmington. people enjoying the outdoors and walking along the newly reopened foot bridge over the river. it was a cold start to the day. so will it be a cold overnight? sheila parvine has the answer for us.
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>> it will still be cool tonight and it will not be as cool as it was last night in some spots and it will feel like fall outside and today it feels like fall, too, and temperatures have been cool for most of the day today. 70 degrees in pottstown and south jersey and so part rest of the evening we expect nice conditions, by 8:00 tonight, 67 tonight and by 10:00, temperatures in the low 60s, but aside from the cool temperatures, i'm also tracking some rain later on this week all ahead of a warm-up and i'll show you the timing on that coming up. >> thanks, sheena. now the new video and the search effort for an accused cop killer in the poconos. police brought in extra muscle today. a bulldozer to help them get through the rugged mountain terrain. >> despite that equipment, plus hundreds of state, local and federal officers on the ground, eric frein has managed to avoid capture now for some 11 days. nbc ten's doug shimell is live
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in the poconos. >> give us the latest on the search efforts there. >> reporter: police had talked about putting out night vision cameras along some of the trails they had been searching yesterday and today in hopes that perhaps they might capture an image of eric frein. when they bring in the armored bulldozer, the search has gotten challenging. >> did you think they might have found him by now? >> i know what the woods are like and they're very difficult up here. >> reporter: trying to see down through the trees from the air hasn't proved much easier for more than 300 law enforcers now in their 11th day of searching for sniper survivalist the eric frein. he's accused of ambushing and killing brian dickson and wounding trooper alex douglas. the search of dense woods hasn't gone far from eric frein's home in monroe county. there's been no answer at the house where he lived with his parents. out front, an unread newspaper.
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parents had mixed feelings about schools in the area reopening after closing for four days. >> my daughter was terrified today when i had to drive her because there was no bussing and she was afraid somebody was going to pop out when they were outside playing. >> reporter: for many business bees in this part of the poconos, the search for eric frein has made them part of the collateral damage. >> it's hard. i don't know how long we're going to be able to hold out, but i hope they catch this guy really soon. >> reporter: coming up tonight at 6:00, trying to stay in business during can the search for a cop killer. live in monroe county, i'm doug shimell, nbc 10 news. as doug mentioned with the search for frein still under way some schools in the poconos are continuing classes now, but with extra caution after being closed for several days, students and staff at the poconos mountain school district tried on get things back to on normal and
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schools near the suspect's home were opened and busses were not picking up students and some parents reluctantly dropped off their children. >> my child's safety comes first. if he don't feel safe, qaa you will me and i'm coming to get him. >> extra police officers patrolled the officer near the schools and they believe frein is only targeting law enforcement. he'll be taken before i judge in stroudsburg and returned to pike count wret the ambush happened. nbc news is working with news news and the station in the poconos to bring you the new developments in the man hunt for eric frein. other news now, a gym teacher in a delaware school is charged with sex crimes. state police arrested william barber who is a teacher and also a football and baseball coach at garnet valley middle school. he's charged with statutory sex assault and institutional sex assault among other charges. he's accused of having an inappropriate relationship with a student and no word on his
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status with the school. 12k3w4r50 from our delaware bureau, the national transportation safety board were back at the site of a deadly bus crash. they shut down the the off ramp from route one to route 13 to reconstruct the accident that killed two women and injured dozens of others. the bus was headed to new york when it veered off the ramp and rolled on to its roof sunday. more than a dozen victims are still being treated in christianna hospital in newark. one victim was released today. philadelphia police are looking for the people who vandalized several cars outside of the penn hills house in the city's wynnefield section. several cars hadec broen windshields, scratch marks from keys and the victims of the vandalism say they're frustrated the overnight security guard knew about the damage, but didn't say anything. nobody contacted us, so i had to find out this morning when i came out to go to work.
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i can't drive because the crack in the windshield will keep suspended. >> the building does have surveillance cameras. police hope that video will help them make an arrest. updating breaking news from the top of the newscast. the philadelphia district attorney has filed charges against two man and a woman for the attack of a gay couple in center city nearly two weeks ago. william says, quote, an assault on people because of their sexual orientation has no place in philadelphia. that attack of a gay couple is prompting lawmakers to take action. >> talk is starting to expand hate crime laws in pennsylvania. rosemary connors live this afternoon in harrisburg. you spoke to some of those lawmakers and explain the changes they want to see happen. >> reporter: well, jim and rene, just like race and religion, they want sexual orientation to be protected when prosecuting hate crimes. there is a bill in the senate
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and in the house that would do just that. it would expand the current law that's in the books and this issue given today's developments has a lot of people fired up here in harrisburg. >> this state doesn't offer a single statewide lgbt civil right to people like me other than marriage and that's ridiculous and what happens is that attacks like this on people like me in my neighborhood. >> it's images like this of the wounds suffered by a gay couple in center city pill fill that have reignited an effort no harrisburg to expand the hate crimes law to include sexual orientation and gender identity. this was part of what led prosecutors to charge them in the beating that happened two weeks ago. >> it shows it can still happen anywhere. >> brandon boyle who represents pill fill is the chief sponsor of the house bill which carries a more serious penalty if someone is beaten up because they are gay. >> to those who might question the necessity of hate crime
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legislation they say, well, clearly the attackers are going to be charged with an assault and that's good enough. it's not good enough. >> don't let anybody tell you we only have six or seven days left in session. that's b.s. we're a full-time legislature. we're in session until november 30th. >> this can become law if the leadership in this state, the political, elected leadership in the state want it to be. >> reporter: realistically, will it pass during this session? >> honestly, i don't know. >> reporter: representative brian sims of philadelphia who is openly gay and lives just a few blocks away from where the the incident happened tells me he has met with the victims and is on their side. get used to it. their a million of us in this state and we deserve the same rights and protection as anybody else. >> reporter: now, interestingly enough, sexual orientation was once protected under pennsylvania's hate crime laws. coming up at 5:00, i'll explain what happened and why it's no longer on the books. reporting live from harrisburg. i'm rosemary connors, nbc 10
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news. police say an employee opened fire this morning inside a ups warehouse in alabama, killed wo people before taking his own life. investigators say the gunman was wearing his uniform when he started shooting either in or near offices inside the building. no one else was hurt and we have no information right now or it's not being released on the shooter or the victims until their relatives are notified. authorities in florida have released the chilling 911 call made by the man who shot and killed his daughter and six grandchildren before then killing himself. donald spirit and his seven siblings grew up in camden county and he tells the operator about the murders and says he is waiting for police to arrive before he kills himself. here is audio about the call and we should warn you, you may find this disturbing. >> i just shot my daughter and shot all my grandkids, and i'll be sitting on my step and when you get here i'm going to shoot
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myself. >> what is the address that you're at, sir? >> 2550 northwest 25 terrace. don spirit. every one of them are dead. . . >> by the time deputies arrived, spirit had killed himself. his 28-year-old daughter and her six children, his grandchildren, ages ranging from 11 down to 4 months old. back here at home now the philadelphia budget crisis is counting on an important vote. the city's cigarette tax that would send much-needed money to the district is one step closer to passing. today a senate committee at the statehouse approved that legislation. the $2 per pack tax could bring in $83 million a year for city schools and the bill's been stalled since june while lawmakers from both sides foughtel ems and it includes the philadelphia provision. the full senate will likely vote on the bill tomorrow although it's possible it could be
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considered today. if it passes it would then be sent to governor tom corbett who supports the measure. state lawmakers we spoke with said they expect the majority to approve it. >> i feel very confident that it would pass today or tomorrow and most likely tomorrow and philadelphia will get them to help and i want to thank the lathors in philadelphia and across the state for supporting this very important piece of legislation. >> school superintendent dr. william height says without the cigarette tax he would be forced to close schools and layoff teachers and staff. >> now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> we've been seeing really nice conditions outside today completely clear skies and sunshine here looking at center city from the adventure aquarium in camden and we'll keep the nice conditions around as we go through the rest of tonight and temperatures will be cool, just not as cool as last night. in philadelphia, right now 71 degrees and thin clouds around and the humidity is down only
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around 35% and our winds are fairly light, too. so it's making for a very comfortable afternoon and feeling a lot like fall. temperatures north and west right now. 71 allentown in redding and 71 potts town, and south jersey and delaware, cool temperatures here and this is where we havemore cloud cover. 66 millville, and 64 in wildwood so they're keeping things cooler in those areas and here's a look at the cloud cover and you can see it in south jersey and delaware. north and west, we're seeing more sunshine and the clouds are coming in from a system to our south. this is rain we can expect by thursday. we could see a little bit of it tomorrow, but as far as those clouds are concerned they should start to clear out more as we go through tonight and come back as we go into wednesday. future weather here the big area of low pressure just to our south by this afternoon and then as we go into early tomorrow, you see the clouds starting to increase. rain still stays to our south and then late in the day wednesday, that's when we have a
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better chance of rain and mainly south of pill fill and the heaviest should still stay away, even by tomorrow night and overnight into early thursday morning and that's when we expect more rain to move in. for the thursday morning commute we do expect rainfall in the area and some of the rain could be locally heavy and we'll keep you updated on the timing of that as we get closer as well. cool temperatures, mid-50s and philadelphia, 47 degrees in areas north and west. still a very falllike evening and tomorrow, increasing clouds and chance of a late shower mainly south of philadelphia, 72 to 75 for the afternoon high temperature and on thursday we'll see a rainy and cool day. temperatures could only get into the upper 60s because of the cloud and rain and most of the rain should be in the morning hours on friday and we clear out upper 70s and that's the beginning of the warm-up and into the weekend and sunny, and really nice both saturday and sunday and temperatures in the low 80s and we're getting above average for this time of the
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year and average highs in the mid-70s. pretty nice. more details on the rain coming up. nbc 10 is following breaking news right now. philadelphia police looking for this man, 19-year-old darien person. he is considered armed and dangerous. person's wanted for the murder of a 15-year-old girl pp. she was an innocent bystander. also this afternoon -- >> it's a special moment. >> hero homecoming. nbc 10 news is there as a local military vet walked right into his new future. also, victory of sorts for a local sex offenders. why some of them cannot be forced to wear electronic tracking devices once they're released from custody. and her place in history. philadelphia's most famous little leaguer gets an honor that few adults inside the game of baseball will ever get.
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about the crisis at the border and how many unaccompany minors are coming to the u.s. new numbers for 20, the o.r.r. takes custody of children without parents apprehended by authorities. federal law require they feed, shelter and provide medical care to children until they can be safely released to sponsors. >> from january 1st through august 31st, 168 children were released to sponsors in delaware and 513 in pennsylvania and nearly 2200 kids in new jersey. nearly all of the delaware minors are in sussex county, about 300 children were released to the sponsors in south jersey. most of those are in mercer county and in pennsylvania montgomery county families took 160 children while others went to homes in pihiladelphia.
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an arrest warrant have been issued for people for the attack on a gay couple. the philadelphia district attorney is charging them all with assault. also cross-country canine. the delaware valley dog that mysteriously end ed up on the other side of the country about to make a big move. sheena parveen. another cool evening ahead for the first full night of fall and i'm tracking rain and a warm up in my first-alert seven-day forecast. coming up tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00, memorial on fire. police and firefighters are called to investigate after a memorial for shooting victim michael brown suddenly burst into flames. this is nbc 10 news.
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nbc 10 breaking news. philadelphia district attorney has issued arrest warrants in connection with the attack of a gay couple in center city nearly two weeks ago. charges are being filed against two men and one woman in bucks county. once the charges are filed, the three will be arrested. darien persons is considered armed and dangerous. he killed a 15-year-old girl and thjed another man. students planned a fight after school and one of the kids allegedly brought persons as muscle. more trouble for atlantic city. the city plans to ask the state for permission to layoff city workers. they want to reopen most of the union contracts to achieve salary and benefit reductions. it is not clear how many workers might be targeted. fighting on a new front,
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u.s. warplanes are taking on isis, launching air strikes in syria. the air campaign follows one that is already under way in iraq. >> today nbc 10 is watching these. kristen maddela is watching this. >> you've been watching the latest fallout in the defensive. >> isis spreads its message and shows videos online. today i talked to the director of the middle east forum in pill fill and he said those videos help public opinion on isis and isis uses them to recruit more members. ♪ ♪ >> reporter: that's a new high-definition isis propaganda video aimed at scaring americans and recruiting foreign fighters. isis has taken to social media urging muslims to take violent action. isis is using propaganda video to instill fear and lure new fighters. at least eight americans have
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already been arrested allegedly on their way to joint terror factions in syria, but the u.s. state department responded. they made their own videos like this one and have social media sites aimed at american youth who may be tempted to join isis. >> the administration is most worried that individuals who train with isis in the middle east and are back in the united states to get access to small arms or homemade explosives and launch an attack either alone or in a small group. >> in 30 minutes i'll fill you in on allies in the fight against isis. why one local middle east expert says this ally might not be as pro-american as they are anti-isis. reporting live in the digital operating center christine maddela, nbc 10 news. other news here at home, police in montgomery county are looking for a suspect who robbed a cvs. it was at the store on valley forge road on toeamencin
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township. he got away with some money and no one was hurt in the incident. some convicted sex offenders in new jersey are free from the state following their every move. offenders who were convicted before a gps-monitoring program was signed into law in between the 07 wi2007 will not have to the tracking devices. an appeals court reversed the requirement. several hay bales went up in flames at a parm in chester county. sky force 10 over the farm. no one was hurt. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. signs of the season on this first day of fall. nbc 10 in camden county, a cool and sin start to autumn and beautiful conditions out there for a ride in the stroller and
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maybe take a nap. >> that would feel great. wouldn't we love to be this sweet baby sleeping in the shade somewhat does this full night of fall have in store for us? >> nbc 10's first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is here with the outlook. >> it's actually looking pretty good even though temperatures were below average for the day. it's a perfect first day of fall because it really feels like fall outside. temperatures right now still around 70 degrees and if you're south jersey or delaware, you're not letting the sun warm you up as much as areas in the west. and 70 in potts town and 70 in trenton and for south jersey in delaware, 65, atlantic city and 66 degrees in millville, 69 in mount holly. for the rest of the evening we'll continue to see just about mostly clear skies and by 8:00, temperatures dropping down about 67 degrees if you're around the philadelphia area and it will stay cool this evening and it won't be as chilly as yesterday evening and last night, but by
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10:00 we'll be in the low 60s. we cohave rain coming before the rain is over and a nice warm-up on the way and i'll show you both details coming up. ♪ ♪ >> thank you, sheena. the latest now on the atlantic city casino crisis. the deadline now passed for potential buyers for what was the revel casino hotel. it it closed earlier this month after a short two and a half year stint that never turned a profit. glen stroud put in a $90 million bid for the boardwalk property. >> atlantic city's newest casino will be on the auction block tomorrow on new york regardless of who wins the auction, the deal will be far from done because of things like disputed contracts. the next hearing was scheduled for one week from today. >> after starting the year with 12 casinos now there are only eight left, and show boat close
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at the end of august and revel closed its doors after labor day weekend and trump plaza closed a week ago and trump taj mahal could be next come november. ♪ ♪ >> a jazzy start to the first day of the community college and all in honor of the upcoming golden anniversary. this morning a jazz band serenaded students, faculty and staff and the drummer is none other than college president dr. donald guy. the official anniversary is next year. the school will be celebrating with special events from now until then. sounds pretty good out there. the community college opened september 23, 1965 with 1200 students. since then the college has served 685,000 studentses. it's currently the largest public institution of higher learning in philadelphia and the sixth largest in the state. today a new direction for
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diabetes. >> just-released figures on the disease and why there may be reason to hope. also what the nbc 10 news team is working on right now for 5:00. pennsylvania lawmakers working to change the hate crime bill to include sexual orientation. nbc 10 just learned why it was removed from the law in 2007. the three suspects that are charged for attacking a gay couple. the man who gunned down two teenagers. we're talking to officers to see who he was really shooting at. >> delaware looking to add jobs. what they're doing to get your attention. count on nbc 10 news at 5:00. >>
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organization is warning the number of ebola cases could hit 21,000 in six weeks unless patients are isolated, contacts are traced and communities are educated and analysis published by the new england journal of medicine says in guinea, sierra leone and liberia there are not enough hospital beds or soap and water. ebola has been stopped in nigeria and senegal. the rate of diabetes diagnosis may be leveling off. researchers at the centers for disease control analyze data on more than 600,000 people from 1980 to 2012. while the incidents of diabetes doubled from 1990 to 2008 there was no significant change from 2008 to 2012.
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experts say this may reflect a slowing in the rate of obesity. however, incidents of diabetes continued to rise in hispanic and african-american populations. today, hope on the home front. the outlook for the future suddenly gets brighter for a local military hero. he risked it all for his country and now nbc 10 is there as he receives a thank you that's certain to change his life after his time in the service. sheena parveen. >> fog all is off it to a cool start and i'm tracking rain and a warm up. get my first alert seven-day forecast. then all new tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00, keeping an eye on attacks against isis. nbc 10 spent the day with native syrians living in pennsylvania and new jersey. hear their reaction to allied attacks against the terror group.
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breaking news to tell you about right now. sky force 10 live over the scene here of this looks like an apartment building. this is in upper darby delaware county. a fire here. we understand this is a two-story multi-use building here. again, it looks like an apartment building and possibly a condo. we don't know what caused the fire. it does look like it is under are control and you don't get the sense that there is any sense of urgency here and firefighters are on the scene and they have the ladders up and we'll get you more information in terms of who might be in this building and this is upper darby, 110, richfield road. the war on isis intensifies with air strikes again of theis islamic state's home country of syria. coalitions including five arab
4:45 pm
countries joined the overnight attack. they're warning this will be a long and sustained military assault against strong holds in syria and iraq. >> as steve handelsman reports these latest air strikes are targeting an al qaeda cell said to be in the final stages of planning an attack against america. >> reporter: president obama promised to take the war on isis into syria and he vowed to do it as part of a coalition including arab nations and now he's done that. out of the syrian sky came precisi precision-guided warheads and 120 terrorives kill individual. two dozen targets reportedly struck in an air campaign that's just starting. president obama says it sends his message. >> to anyone who would plot against america and try to do americans harm that we will not tolerate safe havens for terror
4:46 pm
i was who threaten our people. >> u.s. pilots flew from the persian gulf. four dozen tomahawk cruise missiles, three u.s. navy war ships hitting four isis target areas in syria. five arab nations took part in the attack, bahrain, qatar, saudi arabia, jordan and the uae, the obama coalition coming together. >> the strength of this coalition makes it clear to the world that this is not america's fight alone. >> reporter: this video unconfirmed by nbc news is said to show damage not to isis and to rival al qaeda off-shoots that were struck like corson that pentagon commanders said were ready to strike in the u.s. or europe. >> they were planning external attacks to test improvised explosive devices. >> in new york at the u.n. president obama planned to thank the leaders of arab nations who helped strike isis in khorasan
4:47 pm
last night. >> unless and until we can find an arab force that's going to get on the ground and eliminate isis. >> reporter: or maybe a turkish force. turkey offered support, but not yet boots on the ground. now that the war is wider, and the fighting coalition is bigger. >> reporter: over the next few days at the united nations and a major general assembly speech, president obama hopes to grow the fighting coalition for the war the pentagon warned today could last years. at the white house, i'm steve handelsman, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, a nice first full day of fall today. we had some really cool temperatures this morning, but the cooler air that we felt this morning this will be leaving the area. it will be cool tonight, but not as cool as last night and still feeling like fall, though.
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we do have rain coming in the forecast and some heavy rain at times possibly for your thursday morning commute and i'll show you the timing of that in a second and after the rain we have a warm up just in time for the weekend and the timing of that is pretty perfect, too. >> along the schuylkill river and the art museum, beautiful conditions. clear skies and plenty of sunshine outside today, but if you're in south jersey and delaware you're seeing more in the cloud cover and temperatures. 72, northeast philly and 71 chester springs and through the lehigh valley, temperatures were around 70 degrees and for south jersey and delaware, where we do have the clouds and it's only in the mid-60s and same thing in dover and 66 degrees in woodvine. here you see the clouds and more clearing the further north and west you go and a lot of these clouds should move out for tonight and we're watching rain to the south and it's not too far to our south and quite a bit of it and it's slowly moving in
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this direction and as we move into thursday we do expect rain mostly in the morning hours and here is future weather and the big area of low pressure to the south and a lot of tropical disturbance there and it moves slowly to the north through wednesday and tomorrow you'll start to notice more clouds through the day and the rain should remain to ourselves, and late wednesday we'll start to see some rain coming up to the north and a chance of a late shower wednesday night and going into thursday and early in the morning, we could have pockets of heavy rain through the morning commute. we'll update the timing of that for you. for tonight we stay mostly clear and cool. areas north and west, and tomorrow we'll see increasing clouds through the day and most of the day should be dry and chance of a late shower, 72 degrees for the afternoon and warmer, and thursday with the rain around, we can only be in the upper 60s. going into friday we clear out. upper 70s and over the weekend we're around 80 degrees. there is the warm up i was talking about. i'll show you more details on
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the rain coming up. >> thank you, sheena. we have more information about a pennsylvania dog that somehow ended up on a cross-country adventure. gidget is saying so long to oregon and returning home. what a cute dog. the 7-year-old jack russell terrier was found wandering the streets nearly four months after she went missing from our area. a microchip implanted in gidget allowed workers at an animal jelte tore find her owner. she is expected to arrive at philadelphia international airport at 10:30 tonight. >> safe travels, gidget. her efforts have not gone unnoticed and she's philly's pride. little leaguer monet davis. the donation that will forever seal her place in baseball history. then all new tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00, native syrians reacting to air strikes against isis. hear from people living in our area about the u.s.-led attacks against the terror group.
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this is nbc 10 news.
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sky force 10 over breaking news in montgomery county. the aftermath of an accident involving the dump truck there that had been overturned and they've uprighted it. one person has been hurt in this accident. this is at joshua road and cedars grove road. joshua road is shut downas they work in the aftermath of this accident. it's going on the side of the road and one person, we understand, taken to the hospital as a result of this accident in white marsh township
4:55 pm
and joshua road closed right now. all right, philadelphia little league sensation, monet davis headed to the baseball hall of fame. monet will donate the jersey she wore to the little league world series museum. some of her teammates will be there with her for the celebration. she became the first girl to win a game to the little league world series and we all watched that happen. i hope had opens the door. congratulations. >> thank you. >> a forever home for a very deserving family from our area. today retired u.s. army veteran augustine bruno was given the the key to his mortgage-free home. they teamed up to make this dream happen. he checked out his new place and can't wait to share his space with his through kids. >> i can develop that family bond that was kind of missing because i was gone, and get to
4:56 pm
see my kids again and have them be here with me. it's a good feeling to own a piece of land from the same place that sent me. >> he joined the military in 2002 to serve his country. he retired from the army in 2008. he suffers from post traumatic stress disorder. next on nbc 10 news at 5:00, we have breaking developments in the beating of a same-sex couple in philadelphia. arrest warrants have just been issued in the case. who police are searching for and who the attack is helping to change, and how the attack is helping to change state law. sheena? >> and a beautiful, cool start to fall, but now i'm tracking some rain before the week is over and a warm-up. i'll show you the timing on all of this coming up. >> stopping isis, we take a closer look at the five countries lending support to u.s.-led air strikes. plus nbc 10's military analyst joins us to talk about where the air strikes could lead. that's next on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
4:58 pm
4:59 pm
nbc 10 breaking news. nbc 10 is tracking breaking developments of the center city beating investigation of a gay couple nearly two weeks ago. the philadelphia district attorney filed arrest warrants for three people from bucks county. two men and one woman will each be charged with a list of assault krieps. the attack is prompting state lawmakers to push for big changes to hate crime laws in
5:00 pm
pennsylvania. >> they're rallying today to expand hate crimes to include members of the lgbt community. rosemary connors spoke to lawmakers and learned that lgbt rights were once protectioned under the law and we'll have more on that part of the story ahead. >> the man hunt is under way for this man, darien person. he is wanted for the shooting death this afternoon of a 15-year-old girl. >> police! we have a warrant! >> reporter: this is brand new video of u.s. marshals moving in on the home of the teenage suspect. nbc 10 was there r as they burst down the door along rowan street. nbc 10's deanna duranty was on the story minutes after it it broke and she's live now at pill fill police headquarters with more for us. deanna. >> reporter: we have spoken with homicide investigators and they did tell us they were in the home of the 19r-