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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  September 25, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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this does extend through much of the area in gloucester county. s up toward trenton near the i-95 corridor. light rain there. spotty showers through chester, upper montgomery counties. the reason it's green, where the lighter rain is. that's not heavy rain until you get into parts of delaware. kent county, notice yellow showing up on the radar. that's a little more moderate rainfall. this is a very thin line of rain moving slowly through kent county. harrington dealing with some of that. no lightning. there's no thunderstorms in the forecast for this evening. for the rest of your evening, spotty showers around. mostly on the light side. 63 degrees by 6:00 p.m. windy, chilly and rainy in areas by 6:00. by 8:00 tonight, still breezy. the rain will start to come to more of an end across the area. temperatures around 60 degrees. chilly and damp outside. 10:00 tonight, we'll see the
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clouds break up. slow clearing through the overnight hours. tomorrow, big changes in the forecast and the changes will last all the way through the weekend. i'll show you that coming up. >> count on nbc 10 to keep you prepared with our first alert weather app. download it for free on to get interactive radar and the weekend forecast right on your smartphone or tablet. an all-out manhunt for suspected trooper killer. it has been nearly two weeks of leads and possible spottings of eric frein but still in arrests. >> there's a new warranting tonight for residents and not about the search for the suspect. nbc 10's doug shimell has been centered around the search area in monroe and pike counties. he has the very latest now from price township. >> reporter: the rains finally have let up which has allowed police to start doing k-9 and helicopter searches in the fields surrounding eric frein's home. they see the region where they grew up being tarnish bid a manhunt. >> this town is about caring and loving and good old hometown.
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it's not this big bad evil place where just one man has ruined it. >> reporter: so the blue ribbons have gone up all around the search zone. >> we're thinking of our policemen and praying that they capture him soon. >> reporter: there has been frustration from residents closest to where police say they have sighted fugitive sniper survivalist eric frein. >> i guess they found some stuff of his. geez, with all the dogs, you'd think they'd have him pinpointed. maybe they're afraid to get too close to him because he can, you know, take them out. >> reporter: trying to support the now more than 400 law enforcers has proven daunting to volunteers. nbc 10 was granted exculusive t part of the police command that refuels searchers. >> when guys go out and come in, that little time when the cars hit the other cars and they're coming back, we don't have much time to prep. >> reporter: when the word got out that food and supply
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donations were needed, they came. >> we are a true community. this is small town. this is where everybody's here to help. my 2 1/2-year-old included. >> reporter: it seems in every crisis, there are frauds and police say people here have been getting phone calls from someone claiming to be state police asking for donations in order to keep the search for eric frein going. they say this is a scam. if you are asked to donate, don't. in price township, monroe county, i'm doug shimell, nbc 10 news. new at 5:00, surveillance video of an armed robber in action. this man held up the martinez mini market in philadelphia's fair hill neighborhood on tuesday. price say the suspect threatened two employees and demanded money. the workers gave him cash from the register and the gunman took off. two former philadelphia school district principals are the two latest arrests in a widespread cheating scandal. barbara mccreery and larry melton are charged with tampering with public records, and forgery.
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nbc 10 records were there as mccreery and melton were escorted into the police department. mccreery was the principal at communications technology high school in 20 10 when the school's math and reading scores suddenly shot up. she and melton are accused of creating answer keys and erasing wrong answers and filling in the right ones so the school could make annual yearly progress. melton was the principle at bok technical high school. a sad scene today in west philadelphia. >> funeral services held for ayesha, the philadelphia girl killed this week by a stray bullet. today a large crowd, young and old, gathered in west philadelphia to say their final farewells. >> she was really sweet. she was a nice girl. she cared about everyone. she was so upbeat and, she was just really nice. >> she was just 15 years old.
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the teen was shot and killed monday afternoon. it happened as she walked home from delaware valley charter high school. 19-year-old darien person is charged with her murder. he was involved in a fight with a group of teens and fired shots at them. a 19-year-old man was also wounded. police have a warrant. >> nbc 10 in nicetown tuesday. u.s. marshals moved in on person's home. our cameras were rolling as they busted down the door of the house on rowan street. person wasn't there. he turned himself in later that night. from our south jersey bureau, armed robbery at a burlington county convenience store. happened this morning on camden avenue in morristown. a masked man threatened the clerk before running off with cash and cigarettes. the worker was not hurt. jews around the world are
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celebrating the jewish new year which began at sundown last night. nbc 10 in spring garden for services this morning. it's the start of ten days of prayer and penitence which ends on yom kippur, the day of atonement. the painful reminder of the price first responders paid on 9/11. three firefighters who risked their grounds at ground zero died on the same day 13 years after the terrorist attack. the unusual connection between those first responders' deaths and why officials believe there could be more victims of the terrorist attacks. years later. weather is pretty terrible now but should be a beautiful weekend for racing in dover. coming up, why some fans just keep coming back and what nascar and the dover track are doing to get more fans to give it a try. nbc 10 continues to follow a developing story. stepping up security. the local mass transit agencies increasing their police presence
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in the wake of a new threat from isis.
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firefighters battle the three-alarm blaze thursday afternoon at a large commercial building on chicago's west side next to the eisenhower expressway. see all of the smoke right there. these are live pictures. smoke billowing from the building that was engulfed with
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flames in the 3900 block of west harrison. helicopter video of the scene showing huge orange flames and thick black smoke. now most of it is white. it was shooting from the building. and in addition to the fire, officials declared a hazardous materials situation. the structure's roof, as we're told, caved in. the building is being considered a total loss. again, this is a warehouse fire in chicago. we'll keep you updated if we hear of injuries and more information. the latest in the effort to stop isis terrorists. late today we learned of a new plot to attack subways here in america and in paris. the warning comes from iraqi intelligence forces overseas. we reached out to septa officials here at home. they tell us while there's no specific threat here in philadelphia, they aren't taking any chances. they're beefing up security throughout the city. tonight the fbi along with other agencies working to protect the u.s. homeland are denying there's a credible threat that isis is specifically plotting to attack in this country, or in
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europe. >> nbc 10 national correspondent steve handelsman has details from new york city. >> reporter: on the move at the united nations, president obama had no comment on the new warning that isis plans an attack on the u.s. homeland. the day after he met mr. obama, iraq's new prime minister caused the stir. claiming captured isis fighters told iraqi intelligence the group had a plan to attack somewhere in the u.s. and attack paris subways. u.s. intelligence estimates one dozen isis fighters with american passports have returned to the u.s. and the fbi admits it's hard to track isis' intentions. noum numerous sources say u.s. intelligence has no credible evidence of any isis plots on the u.s. >> have to take it seriously, but we also have to take with a grain of salt any reporting from the iraqi services. >> reporter: khorasan struck in
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seyria on tuesday and al qaeda n yemen that u.s. officials fear more. as she shuttled between meetings, president obama got good news about his coalition to fight all the isis-like groups. the french may join in strikes in syria. germany delivered arms to anti-isis kurds. and the pentagon said most of the warplanes flown yesterday were not american. instead, from saudi arabia and the uae in strikes on profitable isis oil refineries. >> strategic attacks meant specifically to get at the way that this group sustains, leads, and controls itself. there will be more. >> reporter: to destroy isis and the like before they can strike in the u.s. i'm steve handelsman, nbc 10 news. in atlantic city, catholic charities for the diocese of camden offering a helping hand to casino workers who lost their jobs. 4 of the 12's city's casinos are
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now closed. catholic charities is staffing a hot line for anyone affected by the layoff. to help the unemployed tap into its resources or connect them with other agencies. in north philadelphia, senior citizens attend a crime prevention university. representatives from the pennsylvania attorney general's offered up valuable tips today at the new courtland life center. they focused on door to door conmen and dealing with telemarketers. senior citizens are often the targets of those types of scams. a judge says there will be no tweeting during friday's hearing for a pennsylvania teen accused of stabbing his classmates. the judge must decide if 16-year-old alex rival will be transferred from a juvenile detention center to a mental health facility. he was charged with stabbing 20 students and security guard at franklin regional high school in murraysville last april. his lawyer admits rival did it but says he's mentally ill. the meantime, from our
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jersey shore bureau, in atlantic city, wet weather is to blame for a chimney crash that injured at least seven people. the vehicle hit a building along pacific and massachusetts avenues. a minivan was also involved. one person in the van was hurt. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, we started off the day kind of cold, windy and rainy and it's still like that in some areas except if you're in the poconos. this is a live look at the poconos. we're starting to see some clouds break up. a little sunshine coming through. this has been the driest spot today. way up to the north and west of philadelphia. the spotty showers for most of the area will continue for the rest of the evening tonight. then overnight tonight, that's when we start to see more clearing. so the clouds start to break up a little more overnight and tomorrow we start to warm up through the afternoon and this will be lasting through the weekend. so i'll show you that forecast in just a minute. here's what it looks like around philadelphia now. into new jersey as well. along the ben franklin bridge. we have gloomy kind of rainy,
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windy conditions outside. very different from the poconos. 64 degrees in philadelphia. light rain being reported at the airport. wind gusts near 25 miles an hour. so, it kind of still a dreary end to your day. this will be clearing up overnight tonight. locally on the radar we don't have heavy rain but have the spotty light showers. parts of gloucester, camden counties we have the light rain from gloucester, williamstown, victory lakes, glassboro along 55 in these areas seeing the light spotty showers. also parts of mercer county along 95 near bordentown township, just very light rain in the area and spotty showers for upper montgomery county along 476 and chester county seeing spotty light rain. this will slowly shift from west to east as we go through tonight. also in parts of kent county, still watching this same line of light to moderate rainfall here. it's approaching milford. farmington seeing some of this
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rain. slowly moving through into parts of sussex county. that's the direction it's moving. again, we'll start to see improving conditions several hours from now. we still have the cloud cover with us. there's quite a bit of clear weather off to our west. the cloud cover will slowly push offshore as we go through tonight and start to see more clearing skies especially into tomorrow. temperatures in the mid to low 6 60s now, cool and windy. winds gusting near 25 miles an hour. for much of south jersey and delaware, wildwood, wind gusts near 30 miles an hour. future weather slowly starting to get rid of the light rain tonight. 11:00 p.m., cloudy. overnight, we see more clearing. early tomorrow, we could have clouds lingering closer to the shore. as the whole system moves away. we'll start to see more sunshine for the area through the day. gradual clearing as far as the clouds are concerned. mid 50s for the low in philadelphia. 49 degrees areas north and west. tomorrow, more sunshine. warmer temperatures, too. 75 to 78 degrees. and we keep on climbing going into the weekend. so for saturday, 81 and sunny.
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83 sunday and sunny. the first weekend of fall. this weekend will feel a little more like summer. as we go into next week, we start with temperatures in the low 80s. police in charlottesville, virginia, have expanded their search for a missing uva student. today officer admitted they have no idea where hannah graham is. >> meanwhile, the man accused of abducting her will be brought to virginia to face charges. nbc 10 national correspondent jay gray has the latest from washington. >> reporter: during a brief court appearance this afternoon jesse matthew said he will not fight a trip back to virginia, in the disappearance of hannah graham. >> the extradition process is under way. you know that he'll soon be brought back here to the commonwealth of virginia and to charlottesville. >> reporter: while the search for the suspect has ended police are still working to find graham. >> this bright, really intelligent, athletic, friendly, beautiful, 18-year-old college
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student has been part of our community for the last two years, is still missing. we have no idea whatsoever where she is. >> reporter: hundreds gathered last night at the alexandria high school where the 18-year-old student athlete graduated last year. many hopeful matthew's arrest will be the break they need to help find hannah. >> hope. hope that she's okay. hope that she'll be found and hope for her family. hannah, we love you so much. please come home. >> her community unwavering, as they light the way for her return. jay gray, nbc 10 news. rallying to make a change. nbc 10 following a local nurse's protest over contract negotiations and what they call unsafe working conditions. only hours left for them to picket. why the nurses have to go back on the job tomorrow morning.
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plus, no signs of slowing down. a frightening respiratory virus continues to spread across the country. where more local patients are being tested for the illness.
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you can vote for the high school blitz game of the week for friday october 3rd. here are the choices. st. joe's against vineland. a catholic league battle between
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cardinal o'hara and archbishop carroll. to vote, go to or facebook page. also call or text your one-time vote to 610-624-4111. the game with the most votes featured on the "high school blitz" saturday night on nbc 10. speaking of high schools, a name that's been a source of controversy for a bucks county high school. tonight a group of people of native american decescent are calling on neshaminy school to drop the skins mascot. they said the word redskins is offensive and derogatory and amounts to racism. nbc 10 reported in june the school board approved a policy and forcing the editors of the school newspaper to use the word in certain situations. school leads argued the word represents tradition and banning the word may trample free speech
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rights of other students. we reached out to the district for comment but have not heard back. from our south jersey bureau, hospitals are seeing more and more suspected cases of enterovirus, affects the respiratory system and sent children to hospitals in ten states. most people suffer mild symptoms but some patients have trouble breathing and need more care. cooper university hospital says it has twice as many pediatric patients than last time this year and the hospital is keeping visitors under 16 off the pediatric floor for now. back to the breaking news we were telling you about. firefighters battling a three-alarm blaze at a large commercial building on chicago's west side. still a lot of white smoke remaining. this is next to the eisenhower expressway in chicago. see firefighters there pouring water on this scene. earlier, there was even more smoke billowing from the
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engulfed building. the location, the 3900 block of west harrison, and this fire was seen from miles and miles away as you can imagine. pictures now from the helicopter. we will keep you updated as we get more information. again, this is a warehouse fire in chicago next to the eisenhower expressway. we'll let you know if we hear of any injuries related to this. all right. turning to this now. shining a light on local children battling some grave illnesses. >> a new music video is putting them in the spotlight. nbc 10 there to see the stars who made a big debut on the "today" show. plus a new way to fight a disease these young patients are facing. it's race weekend at dover international speedway. changes may be coming along the tracks. why fans may no longer be sitting in the stachbds and the impact it could have on the spectator sport. how does life begin anew for you? >> well, first and foremost, i
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want to rest. >> plus all new on "nbc 10 news at 6," nbc's brian williams will join me live to talk about derek jeter's final home game. and a special report that brings "nbc nightly news" right here to our area.
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well, not that kind of fresh. on the freshness of our chicken. but i can guarantee the freshness of our chicken because we go beyond what the usda requires... with extra inspections in american family owned farms,
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refrigerated trucks that deliver daily and everywhere in between. that's what it takes to bring your family a fresh tasting chicken. perdue. we believe in a better chicken. nbc 10 first alert radar tracking spotty showers still
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lingering in the delaware valley. >> rough waters have kept most surfers away from the shore today. here's a live look from a very cloudy and gray cape may. >> and a live look at the schuylkill expressway. low visibility and wet roads creating problems t s to and fr work today. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is tracking where the rain is right now. >> the heaviest is behind us, right? >> yes, we got through the heaviest rain this morning. now we're seeing mainly spotty light rain around the area. this will be the case as we go through the next nfew hours before we see improvements overnight tonight. radar showing spotty light rain, most of that in parts of gloucester and camden counties in south jersey, right along some of the main roads here moving into windslowe, williamstown as well, up to gloucester. collings lake should start too see light rain. we look down into parts of delaware. milford starting to see more moderate rainfall. this is part of a thin band moving through on its way to parts of delaware here as well.
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so this will continue to slide mainly to the south and east. now we look up into mercer county. we're still seeing light rain over i-195, we're going to watch that through the rest rof the evening tonight. spotty light showers crossing 476 and 276. overall we're not seeing anything very heavy. that is the good news for this evening. by 6:00 tonight, still spotty showers, 63 degrees. cool and also breezy. winds in some areas are still gusting near 20 miles an hour. 25 in some spots farther south. 85 by 8:00 p.m. tonight, 60 degrees. rain will start to come to an end. by 10:00 tonight, more in the way of clearing. clouds start to break up overnight, too. tomorrow, big changes all the way through the weekend. i'll she you that forecast coming up. we turn to breaking news from skyforce 10. emergency crews responding to this nursing home in chester county with high readings of carbon monoxide. the penn brook nursing and
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rehappen center has been evacuated. >> it is located at 1130 west chester pike in west goshen. no word yet on injuries. we'll stay on top of this and get you more information as we've it. now to a developing story in washington. we just heard from president obama the last hour speaking about eric holder's plan to retire as u.s. attorney general. >> holder was one of the president's very first cabinet choices and served in tumultuous times. nbc 10 national kor spoocorresp brian mooar from washington with developments. >> reporter: eric holder announced today that he's stepping down. he's the first african-american to hold the spot. and he's serving under the nation's first african-american president, so it's no surprise that civil rights became a critical focus. he made sure the justice department was a legal backstop in cases like the trayvon martin killing in florida. he personally went to ferguson, missouri, to promise justice after the shooting of unarmed
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teenager michael brown by a police officer. >> we want to help as best we can and we also want to listen. that's the main part of this trip. we want to listen. >> reporter: the holder justice department took a leading role in the defense of voting rights and the battle over immigration laws. >> we're gathered here this morning to celebrate the joining of these couples in marriage. >> reporter: and same-sex marriage. 5 1/2 years as the nation's top law enforcement officer that were not without controversy. congressional republicans held him in contempt for refusing to cooperate in their investigation of the fast and furious gun program. he personally approved the nsa's massive gathering of phone records of millions of law-abiding americans. he departs at a critical time with the president fighting congress over executive orders and the white house's ability to continue the fight against terrorists without the consent of congress. brian mooar, nbc 10 news. here are some of the stories
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making headlines on nbc 10 news at 5:30. 13 days of searching. no sign of fugitive eric frein. police say the dense woods are making it tough to find him but they are confident that they will catch him. and two former principals with philadelphia city schools face charges in a cheating scandal. today larry melton and barbara mccreery were escorted into the police department. both accused of changing wrong answers back in 20 10 in order o secure more funding for their schools. dozens of people rallied in love park this afternoon to support the gay couple injured in the attack two weeks ago. the rally was organized by state representative brian sims and other lawmakers calling for restoring gay and lesbian protection in pennsylvania hate crime laws. nbc 10 has a copy of the criminal complaint outlining just what happened in that attack two weeks ago. >> in the document, police write the victims were walking along chancellor street. they were confronted by a group
5:33 pm
of men and women were words were exchanged. after that, a fight started. according to the complaint, suspect kevin harrigan called the couple a homophobic slur several times. phili williams accused of punching the couple. the third suspect, kathryn knott accused at screaming homophobic slurs to both victims. meantime in philadelphia city council today, several members introduced a bill to close a loophole in the city's hate crime law. the new bill now includes offenses motivated by hatred due to sexual orientation, gender or gender identity as a hate crime. the bill is in response to an attack on a gay couple in center city. >> obviously this story is emerging as a very ugly incident, not only from the violence that occurred but apparently this entitled attitude that some of these kids have. and the supposition that they
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can come into our city and pummel our citizens bouz because of who they are is abhorrent. >> the bill adds up to 90 days in sentencing and fine up $2,000, the maximum allowed. delaware bureau, it's theto country. >> changes could be coming for fans at the delaware speedway. tim furlong found out why nascar may need a bit of a jump-start ahead of race weekend. >> reporter: the rain has been pouring down on the monster mile. when the sun comes out this weekend, 85,000 fans will be here spending their money in kent county and cheering if their guys. >> i like my favorite driver jail dr. >> reporter: when jeff gordon was in delaware a few weeks ago he told me attendance is not like it was before. there are plans to get more fans in the seats and chatting about the races on social media. this year there's also a new playoff system in place. four top drivers will be knocked
5:35 pm
out of championship contention this weekend if they don't place well. this should lead to more drama. lots of fans will be here to see tony stewart race. a grand jury cleared him of any criminal charges after he hit and killed a dirt track driver who had gotten out of his car on the track to confront him after a wreck. >> tony's a great guy. i've met him. he's a great di guy. you know he didn't mean to do that. i do. there's no way anybody can convince me he did that on purpose. >> reporter: there's talk of dover eventually doing what lots of other tracks have done, taking down big sections of their grandstand to make the track look for full on tv. 85,000 is a large number of fans but doesn't look at big when there are 110,000 seats. some seats will likely come out. >> i think there's a real good chance of that and it just makes sense because if the uneducated is going to attack us for being weak because they see all these empty grandstands, that's a challenge to our reputation. >> reporter: dover really does do cool stuff around the races.
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in fact, the parade of the team haulers that was supposed to start here, it was canceled because of the rain unfortunately. i talked to nascar fans about what they might do to improve the nascar fan experience. basically everyone said slash the ticket prices way down to get more people there. i did talk to one guy who could like to see dover get lights and have the race on saturday night to make it more festivfestive. we're in dover, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. happening now in chester delaware. union nurses are rallying. officially their strike ended tuesday morning. the hospital brought in temporary nurses and those nurses are guaranteed a certain amount of days. the sdispute is over pay, pensions and staffing levels. the regular nurses are expected back on the job tomorrow morning at 7:00. police in new castle county are on the hunt for a man who tried to rob a bank this morning. take a look at these surveillance photos. the man approached a teller at
5:37 pm
the td bank on east delaware after new in newark. he handed her a note demanding money. she refused to give him cash so he left the bank empty handed. and special honors today for some of delaware's finest. nbc 10 on hand for the public safety award ceremony in new castle. dozens of officers were honored for going above and beyond the call of duty to protect and serve the public. it's a devastating disease affecting hundreds of thousands of children but there could be new hope for a cure right at children's hospital. the new treatment being developed right in philadelphia. how it works. and what needs to be done before children can receive it. plus, it's been nearly six years since a local man was killed following the puerto rican day parade. the south jersey police detective who's starting a new campaign to help find the killer and why the investigation is close to his heart. first, here's what's coming up tonight on "nbc 10 news at 6."
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>> coming up at 6:00, two philadelphia school principals accused of submitting phony scores for standardized tests. how authorities said they did it to make their classrooms look better. count on nbc 10 news coming up at 6:00.
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new at 5:30, family and friends renew calls to find the killer of a south jersey man. the case has gone unsolved now for six years. >> we need your help to try to find the murderers who killed my son on sunday september 28th, 2008, in philadelphia, the day of the puerto ricans day parade. >> matt novak's father and his cousin, a gloucester dotownship detective released this new video detailing the murder, standing with a vehicle similar to the one the suspect was driving the day matt jr. was killed, shot at 13th and fairmount by a man he thought was trying to help him start his disabled car. this is surveillance video from that area. when novak started to get out of the stranger's vehicle, he was shot by someone in the back seat. he died at the hospital. there's now a $42,000 reward for the arrest and conviction of the killer. a big debut for some young
5:41 pm
patients b s battling a devasta disease. nbc 10 at children's hospital to meet the young stars of a new music video that's getting national attention. the important message they're sending through music about the uphill battles they're facing. a look at weather with sheena. >> the showers will be ending soon just in time for your friday. i'm tracking the rest of the rain for this evening and warmup into the weekend in my exclusive nbc 10 first alert forecast. ahead on "nbc 10 news at 6," a trip to court leaves a local mother dancing for joy. how she could avoid jail despite being charged with bringing a legally owned gun into atlantic county.
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an apology today from the top cop in the ferguson police department. >> video statement he specifically addressed the family of michael brown. the unarmed teen killed by an officer from his department last month. >> i want to say this to the brown family, no one who has not experienced the loss of a child can understand what you're feeling. i'm truly story for the loss of your son. >> he said he also apologizes for the amount of time it took to remove michael's body from the street, adding investigators were trying to do their job. the country's leading civil rights and social justice groups are calling for the action in the des deaths of michael brown and eric garner. the groups highlighted the incidents in ferguson, missouri, and staten island, new york. gardner died in a police choke hold. brown was shot and killed in ferguson after a confrontation with a police officer. >> i am here to try to make sure
5:45 pm
this does not happen to anyone else's family. this is very terrible for us. >> last night, federal investigators took the stage in ferguson. the meeting was part of a civil rights investigation into the ferguson police department. defense told the packed house they wanted to learn about life as a minority in st. louis county. brown's death on august 9 th sparked weeks of protests and unrest in the community. the department of justice team just told last night's audience that they would be back and working with the county for as long as a year and a half. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, we continue to see kind of windy, cool, rainy conditions through the day today. here's a live look out at center city, philadelphia, from the adventure aquarium in camden. overcast skies. areas of patchy light rain or drizzle around. it's chilly. those winds are still gusting, too, for the rest of this
5:46 pm
evening we have spotty showers staying in the forecast. clearing overnight. more of the clouds will break up overnight. tomorrow you'll see big changes and a lot of big changes will be with the warmer temperatures. this will be lasting through the first weekends of fall. so i'll show you that warmer forecast in a second. here's a look at the radar right now. you just see patches of green on the screen here. that's mainly light rain. until we get into sussex county where we've seen just a band of more moderate rainfall. slauter beach starting to see heavier rain, moved through milford. greenwood, more moderate rain has moved through. ellendale, more moderate rainfall. in some cases, quick heavy rain is approaching that area. that will continue to slide through suss sex county. camden, gloucester county, patchy light rain. windslowe township. mercer county, still dealing with light rain. east winds across 95.
5:47 pm
we're going to keep the that in the forecast tonight. areas of patchy light drizzle or showers. pie pressure will be eventually pushing this offshore and slowly trying to move away from the area and come tomorrow this area of high pressure will pretty much take over and give us a lot more in the way of sunshine. right now in philadelphia, 64. much of the area in the mid to low 60s right now. if you look to our south and southwest, we have much warmer air here. this will start to move in as we go into tomorrow and will stay in place over the weekend. winds gusting near about 20 miles an hour in atlantic city. closer to 25. along with those winds, again, temperatures are a little cooler. low 60s in millville and atlantic city. 64 degrees in wildwood and allentown now. future weather shows the clouds starting to at least break up through the overnight hours tonight taking the rain with it. tomorrow we start off nice and dry. for the morning hours we could see clouds lingering along the shore. through the afternoon, we'll definitely have plenty of sunshine around to end out your
5:48 pm
week. for tonight the rain ending, gradual clearing. 56 for the low in philadelphia. 49 degrees areas north and west. tomorrow, more sunshine. warmer temperatures. 75 to 78 degrees for the high temperature. the warm air continues over the weekend. for both saturday and sunday, we'll be in the low 80s. the average high this time of year is 75 degrees. so for the first weekend on fall, going to feel a little more like summer outside. i don't think anyone's complaining. it will be dry, very nice and s stay in the low 80s to start next week. ♪ ♪ i want to see you be brave ♪ show me your smile >> this morning, the "today" show debuted a new music video called "truly brave." it features kids from the children's hospital of philadelphia who are battling childhood cancer. it's part of the "today" show's shine a like series that focuses on worthy causes.
5:49 pm
nbc 10's katy zachry found out firsthand how inspiring the children are. >> so great to see them smiling and happy. she shows us why the experience was so uplifting for the kids and families. >> reporter: september is pediatric cancer awareness month. for these children who are battling cancer to be in a facial story about the fight and to star in a music video was the thrill of a lifetime. when we met 4 1/2-year-old sophia, she was consumed with her coloring book. she's from new jersey but spent a lot of time this last year at children's hospital of philadelphia being treated for leukemia. >> you are excellent! >> reporter: because of her fight, she was one of the kids chosen to meet the "today" sh show's hoda kotb and be in her story to shine a light on pediatric cancer. >> it's great to tell her we're going to c.h.o.p. to do something fun. usually we come here and she has to get a pinch and stuff like that. so for her to be able to come here and do something fun, she
5:50 pm
absolutely loves it. >> reporter: the story was filmed at children's hospital where the kids also had parts in a music video. to debut a new song from artist sarah borelis aentitled "truly brave." the patients were part of something so fun while dealing with something so diflficult. >> it wases fun to see them be proud of it, after the two days, we did this and did it together and now it's going to go out there and give a great message to everybody watching. ♪ don't be afraid >> reporter: sophia's doctor tells me after the first month of chemotherapy, there was no sign of cancer. they expect sophia to make a full recovery. reporting from university city, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. and children's hospital of philadelphia has developed a new way to fight pediatric cancer. it is called t-cell immuneo
5:51 pm
therapy. helping put children in remission faster than other treatments. the cells are engineered in a lab to be cancer-fighting cells. those cells are given back to the young patients. most who have tried it are in remission at the end of the first pomonth. >> these kids would have been going to hospice. it was a complete lly different avenue. two years ago they would have been going down and now we can put them back in remission and they feel great and go to school and live normal lives. >> t-cell immuno therapy hasn't been approved yet by the fda. doctors hope it will be approved in the next two years. they put their lives on the line during the worst terrorist attack on american soil. >> what happened on 9/11 may have ended their lives more than 13 years later. the close connection between three firefighters' deaths why
5:52 pm
officials think there could be more victims years after this tragedy. then coming up on "nbc 10 news at 6," we're taking a closer look at the philadelphia school cheating scandal. how did we get to the point that seven people have been charged?
5:53 pm
5:54 pm
three retired firefighters
5:55 pm
who worked at ground zero died on the same day from cancer. >> some fear the illness may be connected to toxic dust from the world trade center bombing. michael george from our sister station wnbc has the story. >> reporter: retired firefighters grew up together in this park slope neighborhood, both became firefighters and both served as ground zero and both got sick afterwards. on monday, both died within hours after each other. >> it's painful when you think of it because all the families grew up together. i saw them playing in the street. stick ball. >> reporter: lever, bishof and a third, hegland, died on the same day of cancer which the fire department says was brought on by the toxic air at ground zero. the union representing officers says in the 13 year since 9/11, 850 of their members have gotten sick. >> when we responded, we were told the air was safe.
5:56 pm
don't worry. but we knew differently. >> reporter: sandy, a longtime neighbor to both families, told us about the two men she knew as bobby and howie. >> bobby was a sweet heart. always looked out for his other brothers. brothers and sisters. >> reporter: howard dreamed of being a firefighter for years. >> he knew what he wanted to do and went for it. >> reporter: the union wants lawmakers to extend health benefits and monitoring to 9 /11 responders. the current benefits expire in 2016. after three tragic losses in one day, neighbors told us it's the least we can do. >> each and every one of them are heroes. >> reporter: the union tells us so far 92 firefighters have died as a result of 9/11-related illnesses. coming up next on "nbc 10 news at 6," septa boosting its security. it is in response to a supposed threat to an american subway system. the government says it cannot
5:57 pm
confirm the plot. why septa is putting more officers on patrol, anyway. and we are watching as the rain moves out of the area. showers will continue to linger, but for the most part, big improvements as we go overnight tonight. we'll show you that forecast all the way into your weekend. that's straight ahead. plus, "nightly news" avernc brian williams joins us live on "nbc 10 news at 6," the special broadcast that's bringing "nbc nightly news to our area."
5:59 pm
right now at 6:00, a security stepup. cement to's bringing in more police, amid the supposed isis threat to an american subway system. good evening, i'm jacqueline london. this all began when the prime minister of iraq claimed isis was planning an imminent attack. the u.s. government says the threat is unconfirmed but septa isn't taking any chances. nbc 10's george spencer is live at dilworth park in center city. george, have you noticed an increased police presence? >> reporter: jacqueline, there's certainly increased visibility by law enforcement and septa wants it that way especially at a major hub like this one. right now we know local septa officials have been communicating with national-level security officials in order to get the
6:00 pm
very latest intelligence. >> think it would be an easy target because there are so many subways spread out over so in many cities. >> reporter: steve brite is a daily septa communicator, the potential vulnerability of his routine. word of a threat to u.s. and french subways, septa increased police at septa systems. septa leaders are taking part in conference calls with national-level law enforcement and national security teams. all this in a, quote, abundance of caution. but u.s. intelligence officials are tamping down the credibility of the isis subway threat me relayed today by iraqi prime minister al abadi saying there is no evidence of any current threat. commuters say a mass transit attack anywhere in the world would have a chilling effect. >> taking the subway in new york city, you'd affect millions of people. not just even one attack, people