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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  September 26, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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and putting it into place when it came into contact with power lines. a worker in his 50s was killed, a 24-year-old man remains in intensive care tonight. the men work for a philadelphia-based roofer and crews arrived on scene after the accident but didn't want to talk publicly. peco says it cut power to about 80 customers as a precaution and spent the day checking lines and restoring service. we can tell you the electricity in the neighborhood was turned back on about an hour ago. peco tells us the accident didn't cause the power outage. instead it was turned off as a precaution while emergency responders were here and investigators tried to figure out what happened. that 23-year-old man, he is hospitalized but investigators say he is talking and alert. that is the latest, reporting live in haverford township, deanna durante, nbc 10 news.ç new at 5:00, a major drug ring in the city of chester has been crippled today after federal agents say they arrested more than 30 people involved in the lucrative scheme.
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u.s. attorney zane menninger says the dominated the community. authorities believe the group raked in about $1.8 million in criminal proceeds from cocaine and crack sales. the group allegedly protected its territory with violence. at least 15 firearms and ammunition were seized. investigators say the dealers would sometimes stash their drugs and firearms in playgrounds, abandoned houses and even mailboxes. now at least 20 of the defendants face mandatory minimum sentences of at least ten years. people who live in the city of chester, particularly in the areas surrounding rose and upland street deserve a break. they deserve better. >> we'll continue in that community until we eradicate as much as we can, block by block, gang by gang, the violence and the drugs in that area. >> today's arrest marked the culmination of a two-year investigation. this investigation is the third major multiagency law enforcement initiative in the city of chester in just the past
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year. tonight we are following developments in the death of a preschooler from hamilton township. >> the health department and the cdc want to know the exact cause and find out if it's the rapidly spreading enterovirus played any role. cydney long is live in hamilton township tonight. this little boy attended school earlier this week. what happened? >> reporter: keith, what we do know at the very least he did attend school this past monday. inside his preschool classroom, this from the health department because the school did not immediately return our calls today. this little boy passed away sometime wednesday evening or early thursday morning. the only thing that's crystal clear right now is that he suffered from some type of respiratory illness. >> it's heart breaking. scary. as a mom you try to do everything you can to keep your children safe from getting sick. >> reporter: parents in hamilton township are sad, many also anxiously awaitç answers from both the state health department and centers for disease control
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as to what may have caused the 4-year-old boy's death. this as maintenance crews outside yardville elementary work to sanitize items from that child's preschool classroom. the health department says it was voluntarily, not mandated. >> as a preventative measure, just in case there was something that might have been attributed to this. that does not appear to be the case. >> reporter: only the cdc lab in atlanta will be able to determine if this child suffered from enterovirus d-68 which has hospitalized children nationwide. because he died we're told tests on his nasal swabs will be a priority. >> we've been informed that due to the unfortunate circumstances, that they would expedite that type of case. >> reporter: parents were advised by means of a flyer sent home of the little boy's death and no other children have become ill. health officials are simply reminding parents to be vigilant about hand washing and aware, not panicked. >> parents should be prudent to observe the symptoms of flu-like
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and respiratory illness that will start increasing this time of the year through the fall and into the early winter. >> reporter: and test results from the state health department which will determine whether or not this was some type of deadly flu strain could be back as early as tonight or this weekend but the cdc results not until next week. in the meantime, this tight-knit community is mourning this tragic loss. we're told crisis counselors will be available at the school for as long as necessary. live in hamilton township, i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. we now know the 15-year-old charged as an adult for his role in the shooting death of a teenage girl is a highly recruited football player. gibson whom you see right here is a star running back for father judd high school in northeast philadelphia. he's the second suspect arrested this week for the death of aisha abdurahim.
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the 15-year-old girl died at the scene, which was outside of einstein medical center. jjuátr-old boy was critically injured in the shooting. person surrendered to police earlier this week. two weeks ago tonight, eric frein shot two state troopers in blooming grove, pike county, killing one of them. as the search enters week two, federal agents and local police were sent into an abandoned hotel. an intense ground search took place inside and around the now shuttered buck hill inn. the building was previously a 400-room resort. it's now empty. armed agents and canine units spent hours inside the hotel. after searching frein's hard drives they believe he planned this for years. >> someone who was very prepared and who we believe probably hid things out in the woods or other locations, other structures. >> frein conducted internet searches about how to evade a police manhunt. he was last spotted 48 hours ago.
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governor chris christie is throwing his support behind fellow republican tom corbett. christie is appearing at a dinner for the party faithful in central pennsylvania tonight. the fund-raiser includes a v.i.p. photo reception. he's the chairman of the republican governor's association. that's also corbett's largest campaign donor. the group already put 5.8 million into corbett's struggling re-election campaign. polls have his democratic opponent, tom wolf, well in the lead. tomorrow wolf will be in state college to talk about p.a.'s growing economy. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> after all that rain yesterday, the walk to class is a lot more pleasant for students at la salle university. it can be tricky. think about it, the umbrella, backpack. the sun returned and the temperatures are climbing. it's only going to get warmer. >> nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen says the first weekend of fall will feel more like summer. we love hearing that, sheena. >> i personally don't want summer to end, so i'm very happy
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about this weekend. yes, temperatures will be a little bit above average for this time of year over the weekend. and even today, we've started with the warmer temperatures. take a look now, philadelphia, 78 degrees. northeast philly coming in at 79. the average high is around the mid-70s through the lehigh valley, we're in the upper 70s, 78 allentown and reading. 75 pottstown. south jersey and delaware, just about the mid-70s. 72 atlantic city, 77 degrees right now in wilmington. so as we go through your evening, great friday night to head outside. by 6:00 p.m., sunny, very nice. by 8:00, 72 degrees and clear skies and by 10:00, the upper 60s, cooler temperatures overnight tonight and again, a warmer week and then today. i'll show you how warm it will get. that's straight ahead. >> local lawmakers are reacting to a reported plot by isis to attack subway systems. a white house official now says the government has no information about such a plot. in delaware county today,
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pennsylvania representative pat meehan said the country is always on alert. >> this is an example of a period in which of course there's heightened scrutiny but to believe that all of a sudden we're going to kick into something, this has been activity that's been taking place for a long time. >> meehan says federal agents will continue to stay vigilant with intelligence. heightened security isn't the only reaction to the reported plot. nbc 10 delaware bureau reporter tim furlong explains. >> reporter: you might never heard of the ilc dover company but you know what this company does. ilc makes space suits, they made buzz aldron's space suit. you heard about potential
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terrorist threats against underwater tunnels and subway lines. the department of homeland security has ilc making balloons like this to keep americans alive if an attack happens. >> it will seal off the tunnel. >> reporter: it basically works like this. they'll have balloons in boxes along the side walls of the subway tunnel. if they need to, they hit the openç button, they go to every nook and cranny in 15 minutes. the only place they can't stop the water is down here in the track area but they say that's okay. a little bit of water getting by, not a problem. the president of ilc hopes by the spring after lots of test runs here in the new tunnel, that transportation authorities around the country will begin strategically installing these systems. they could keep people from drowning during a terrorist attack. >> you have the ability to wake
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up each morning and know you can do something that will matter, it makes it easier, even on those tough days, to wake up and show up for work. hear from this recovering doctor about the illness and his health. plus, why he wants to return to the place where he became infected in the first place. expired and unused, prescription drugs, millions of people have them in the medicine cabinets right now. happening this weekend, learn where you candice pose of them safely as part of a national drug take-back day. and missing mail found. tens of thousands of letters, bills and packages, nearly a decade's worth, suddenly turned up.
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federal agents have joined the investigation into a gruesome attack at an oklahoma plant where two women were stabbed. authorities say one of them was beheaded by a man who was fired by the company yesterday. nbc 10 national correspondent jay gray has more. >> reporter: the brutalç attac thursday began just before the end of the workday at this food distribution plan in the central oklahoma. >> we can hear a lot of screaming. >> reporter: police say 30-year-old alton nolen had just been fired when he stormed into the front office with a knife. 54-year-old colleen huford was his victim, stabbed to death and
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gruesomely beheaded. next he confronted 43-year-old johnson. witnesses say as nolen was stabbing johnson, a company manager moved in. >> it sounds like he's returning around. >> that's a gunshot. >> reporter: nolen was wounded. >> this guy was not going to stop. he didn't stop until he was shot. >> reporter: both he and johnson are in stable condition at an area hospital as police continue their investigation. >> he recently tried to start -- started trying to convert some of his co-workers to the muslim religion. >> reporter: something that prompted investigators to call in the fbi. >> due to the manner of death and initial staples of co-workers, and other initial information that our investigators have gathered, we requested assistance of the fbi. >> reporter: nolen has a long criminal history that includes drug and assault charges and there are reports that he converted to islam while in prison.
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agents stress early in their investigation, there is absolutely no evidence to suggest his beliefs or the recent string of beheadings by the terror group isis played any role in the oklahoma attacks. jay gray, nbc 10 news. the massachusetts doctors is recovering from ebola says he plans to return to africa in the future. dr. richard sacra spoke publicly one day after being released from the nebraska medical center. he received ebola while delivering babies in liberia. sacra said even though he thought he was going to die, he has no regrets about west africa. >> you love the people of liberia. iç think it's an affiliation tt god has put in our hearts, you know, i think the otds of my ending up back there are pretty high. i don't have any specific plans but that's where my heart is. >> sacra spent much of the last 15 years working in liberia as a
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missionary doctor. today he called for more medical resources to be sent to west africa to fight the ebola crisis that crisis is getting worse every day. this afternoon, the world health organization released new figures on the number of deaths from ebola. more than 6,500 people have gotten the virus in west africa and nearly half have died. health experts have also warned that the number of infected people could reach over 1 million by mid-january. the notoriously secretive north korea is now admitting that leader kim jong unis having health problems. he wasn't seen in public for over three weeks. last night, state media reported that kim was suffering from discomfort but didn't give any more specifics. kim had been seen walking with a limp back in july. one expert says it appears the leader has gout. there are new concerns today about nuclear safety in japan. the government is getting ready to re-open the sendai nuclear
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plan the for the first time since the 2011 earthquake and tsunami. but people living near the plant say the government still doesn't have a good evacuation plan should another disaster occur. you may remember it was in 2011 that the quake and tsunami led to a meltdown at the fukushima nuclear plan the. that plant is not expected to re-open for another 40 years. more than 850 flights were canceled in and out of chicago today after an air traffic control tower nearby was set on fire. flights were on the ground. they were on a grourned stop for hours at bothee hair and midway. investigators say the fire was intentionally set by a contract employee of the faa. but they don't believe there are any ties to terrorism. and yet another scare involving boeing 787 dreamliner. a flight was on its way from chicago to poland this morning when it had to make anç emergey landing in scotland. the crew got on board, they got a warning from the firefighting system in the plane's luggage
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compartment. the airline says the emergency landing was a safety requirement and no fire or smoke was reported. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, a beautiful end to the first week of fall and temperatures warmer today than they were yesterday. and big improvements too with all the nine around today. as we go into friday night, perfect for any plans, clear skies, cool temperatures through the overnight hours tonight. but tomorrow, we'll be warming up even more than today. and this continues even as we go into sunday. so for the weekend, we have summer-like temperatures returning back into the forecast. a little bit above normal for this time of year. the first weekend of fall will feel more like summer. here's a live look outside, this is the art museum right by the schuylkill river. plenty of sunshine, completely clear skies and it's helping temperatures to warm up, too. 78 degrees in philadelphia, mostly sunny, 14 degrees warmer right now than we were yesterday at this time. with a light north wind it's
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allowing those temperatures to jump up with all the sunshine around. north and west of philadelphia, we are still near 80 degrees through the lehigh valley. 75 pottstown, 73 in mt. pocono. 72 atlantic city, 76 degrees mount holly, 72 in wildwood. to our south and west, though, this is where we have 80 degrees temperatures. this is going to move in as we go into the weekend. our wind will start to change a little bit. some of the warm air will spill in with a lot of added sunshine, all because of this big area of high pressure. this will stay over us for the weekend. it will continue to bring us sunshine and dry conditions. so future weather here shows the high, sunny and dry for us. today, even tomorrow, so as we go through time, notice no clouds, no rain. saturday afternoon, sunshine stays, so do the dry conditions. we continue warming. as we go into sun, that high keeps us under control. clouds to our south and west but not moving in until about monday. for tonight, clear skies, cool
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temperatures, 56 for the low in philadelphia. 48 degrees areas north and west. the temperatures should hit around sunrise tomorrow morning. for tomorrow afternoon we warm up anywhere from 80 to 83 degrees through the day. sunny skies, dry conditions, still and it does continue all the way into sunday. sunday, 83 degrees. we stay sunny and warm. a little bit warmer than saturday but overall, it will be a summer-like weekend. average high temperature 74 degrees. we could be close to 10 degrees above that over the weekend. going into next week, we start in the 80s, clouds come back monday, then temperatures in the mid-70s with some more rain, chances in the forecast. more details on your weekend forecast, coming up. >> looking good. thank you, sheena. drivers, listen up. nearly a million cars and suvs are being recalled. next, the reason ford is concerned about several different models and what you should do if you're driving one of them. also ahead -- >> the never before seen side of ellis island where thousands came to die, i'm brian thompson.
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i'll have that story.
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from our nbc 10 delaware bureau, a tire slasher is at work in newark, new castle county. police say the tires on 18 vehicles were hit sometime between wednesday night and thursday morning in the windy hills community. the cars were parked at homes along pinedale, halifax and south dillon roads.
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police are warning residents to keep an eye out for anybody suspicious. we have a recall to tell you about for ford owners. today, the company recalled nearly 850,000 cars and suvs. ford says a software glitch could cause a short circuit and delay the air bags from ç deploying. the recalled models include the 2013 and 2014 c-max, fusion, escape and lincoln mkz. owners can go to a ford dealership and have the problem fixed for free. big honors today at temple university for "nbc nightly news" anchor brian williams and our own tracy davidson. williams received the lou klein excellence in media award. williams reconnected with friends and former colleagues while he was there. he spent part of his career covering new jersey for nbc 10 in the 1980s. and our own tracy davidson was honored with the alumni in media award. she's a graduate of temple
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university and dedicates much of her personal time to community service. while brian williams was at temple he took part in a q & a session with some of the communications students. he talked about his life in broadcasting. he began his broadcasting career in 1981 in pittsburgh, in kansas, not in pennsylvania. he eventually came to work here in philadelphia. he was named anchor of "nbc nightly news" in december of 2004. so going on ten years. i talked to williams about his time spent reporting in new jersey. >> there's change. there's progress to report in camden. the first time i went there to do reporting was for channel 10 in mid-'80s. at that time we called it the poorest city in america and the most violent. hopefully those rankings have changed. they are making a difference in camden. it's nice to see and we'll show that to a national audience tonight. >> nbc 10 and telemundo 62 were proud sponsors of today's award
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ceremonies. as you heard brian allude to, he will be anchoring "nightly news" from the "uss new jersey" that's tonight at 6:30, right after nbc 10 news at 6:00. >> i look forward to watching the broadcast. neighbors on guard. >> right now, concern is growing in one bucks kournty town. nbc 10's george spencer is live to explain. george? >> rosemary, it's been four incidents in just the past two weeks in this neighborhood full of families and children. coming up, how those families are finding out and what police are telling them. keith? >> george, neither rain nor snow nor sleet can stop the mail from getting through but one postal worker sure could. why a mail carrier was caught with nearly a decade's worth of other people's packages. we were hiking, we saw a bear, we all started running and it started chasing us. >> all new on nbc 10 news at
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6:00, 911 uhl kas reveal the panic as a bear kills a rutgers student while he's hiking with friends. why it took two hours before anybody arrived to help them.
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this is nbc 10 news. right now at 5:30, police in bucks county are stepping up patrols after a series of attempted break-ins all in the same neighborhood. >> residents reported four incidents in the past two weeks.
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the most recent happening last night. the targeted area is in and around the stover mill development in warwick township. george spencer has been talking to neighbors this afternoon. so far, the prowler hasn't gotten inside any of the homes, right? >> that's right, rosemary. there's not even any real consistency on when these incidents have been happening. some have happened in the early morning, others late at night. residents tell me the word has been spreading fast on social media, really putting this entire subdivision on alert. warwick police are saying there have been a total of five attempted break-ins or other suspicious incidents here, four of those in just the past two weeks. the most recent incident was last night. a resident reported seeing several people shining flashlights into her windows. in other cases, residents have returned home to find screens pushed open or heard a noise downstairs and found a door slightly ajar. police say they are patrolling
5:31 pm
here aggressively but they also need help from neighbors. >> i'm just completely creeped out, completely. because my bedroom is right up here. i'm not sleeping, worried, nervous, just constantly, kind of a nervous wreck, basically. >> that was a common sentiment. in only one of these cases has a resident actually seen the suspect at the center of all of this. for now, police aren't entirely sure whether they should be calling this attempted break-ins or simply the case of a prowler. we are hoping to speak to one of the families who's been directly impacted. everyone in this neighborhood, obviously paying attention. live in bucks county, george spencer, nbc 10 news. >> all right, george, thanks. skyforce 10 over a gas leak in burlington county. crews were installing a gas line in bordentown when there was a problem with one of the fittings. as a result of the leak, northbound 130 was closed for a short time. cruised fixed the problem and continue to monitor that
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situation. sex, money and murder. tonight, new arrests and more charges in an alleged prostitution ring all across new jersey. today, police told nbc 10 these four men from central and north jersey are among five they've charged in connection with a pair of killings last month in bridgeton, cumberland county. police said this bridgeton home previously served as a brothel. now investigators say one of the murdered men likely ran the operation here and was probably killed because of a business issue. police believe the other victim was a competitor who worked at a different brothel in the city. let's check in now on some of the stories making headlines on nbc 10 news at 5:30. respiratory illness is suspected in the death of a preschool student in mercer county, new jersey. the ç4-year-old child attended yardville elementary school in hamilton township. health officials are trying to determine if the boy died of the flu or if the enterovirus is to
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blame. children in new jersey and 21 states have been hit by the illness. a roofer is dead today and another seriously hurt after an electrical shock. it happened along hastings avenue in havertown, delaware county. the two men were moving a metal ladder when it hit power lines above a house in the neighborhood they were working one man in his 50s was killed. the other victim, 24 years old, is now in intensive care. it's been two weeks of tips, leads and sightings but still no arrest of suspected trooper killer eric frein. this afternoon, state police revealed that they learned that frein researched online how to avoid police manhunts. investigators focused their search today on an abandoned hotel. they believe frein had an interest in hiding out at the location. philadelphia police hope video will help them catch a robber responsible for more than one holdup. he held up at least two businesses so far. the man got away with $100 from the bp gas station in elmwood
5:34 pm
earlier this month. he ran away with an unknown amount of money at a 7-eleven. four men are under arrest for robbing university of delaware students. thomas, williams, valentine and johnson were caught after trying to steal a cell phone from a student. they threatened the 24-year-old with a gun. police have linked them to multiple crimes around the area, armed robberies, that is, all around the university of delaware campus in the last week. fire claimed a life today in delaware county. nbc 10 on the scene along west 10th street in chester. the fire started inside a house around midnight. we don't know yet what caused it. the victim has not yet been identified. the smoke you see in toms river, ocean county, firefighters rushed to put out this car fire at bay view corporate center on hooper avenue. the 2006 mitsubishi was destroyed and two nearbyç
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vehicles were damaged. no one was hurt. pennsylvania governor tom corbett wants information about pornographic e-mails allegedly exchanged between former state employees. pennsylvania attorney general kathleen kane revealed the names of eight prominent state officials in the e-mail scandal yesterday. they all worked in the attorney general's office when corbett was in charge. the governor wants specific information about the e-mail chain and whether the e-mails were opened. kane's office says it can't tell if the e-mails were opened. they were discovered during the attorney general's review of the jerry sandusky child sex abuse case. an explosion levels a home in luzerne county. it happened in bear creek township. take a leak. people who lived nearby said they felt the blast from several miles away .cause has not yet been determined. investigate ares were seen inspecting a propane tank surrounded by rubble. no one was home at the time of
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the explosion. luckily, no one was hurt. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> we enjoy a sunny way to end the workweek. >> meteorologist sheena parveen has a look at what we can expect for tonight. sheena? >> tonight is going to get cool after a warmer day today. but going into the weekend, we have another rise in temperatures. so it's going to feel more like summer for the first weekend of fall. right now we're at 78 in philadelphia. 79 still in northeast philly through parts of the lehigh valley, still near 80 degrees here with all the sunshine and those lighter winds today. 78 allentown and reading. 74 in millville. 70 in dover, 72 in atlantic city, 72 in wildwood. as we go through your friday night, though, temperatures will drop down a bit. so a cool, very nice evening with clear skies, too. by 6:00 p.m., 74 degrees. by 8:00 p.m., low 70s and 10:00 p.m., we're already in the upper 60s. so a nice start to your weekend tomorrow morning and then we
5:37 pm
have the summertime warmup coming into the forecast. i'll show you how warm it will get. that's straight ahead. >> thank you, sheena. from our delaware bureau, a new crime-fighting tooé  newark. the police have an app for smartphones that allows people to send crime tips anonymously. pictures can be sent as well. search your apps store for mtd tips. imagine not getting crucial pieces of mail for a decade. that's been the reality for countless businesses and residents. start your engine, beginning tonight, a weekend of nascar races in delaware. tens of thousands are expected to watch. we'll check traffic conditions near the monster mile.
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trading-in or selling your car, truck or suv? takes the hassle out of selling in just 3 easy steps. one, get your free online valuation. two, book an appointment. and three, pick up a check at your nearest buying center. ♪ find out how much your car is worth ♪ ♪ at
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he's a mail carrier that didn't deliver the mail. >> instead he's accused of hoarding other people's property. lori bordonaro has more. >> reporter: this massive stash
5:40 pm
of mail, 40,000 letters in all was found inside a car and apartment. >> it's surprising. i don't know. close to home. >> reporter: neighbors of the 67-year-old mailman are shocked he'd been hoarding mail he was supposed to deliver. some of it dating back to 2005. >> he's a nice guy. >> reporter: he was hired by usps in 2001. he worked here for 11 1/2 years. he admitted in court he did not always deliver his mail for personal reasons. the street here in flatlands was part of the route. they were often missing important pieces of mail. >> i didn't get a con ed bill, a mortgage statement, stuff i know would come every month. >> this woman says she didn't get her mail for ten days straight. >> we have maden tos of complaints. i'm not surprised he's the one that has done this. >> reporter: joseph didn't answer his door today when he
5:41 pm
knocked. he's charged with delay or destruction of mail and faces five years in prison. the u.s. postal service suspended him and says it will make every effort to deliver all 2,500 pounds of mail. >> that was lori bordonaro reporting. a crumbling ruin off limits for decades now open to the public. this century old immigrant hospital, part of an eye-opening new exhibit on ellis island. only nbc 10 takes you for an inside tour. sheena? you can tell by the weather today. we'll warm up, too. it will feel more like summer. i'll show you how warm it will be in your neighborhood. that's straight ahead. plus all new at 6:00, he's the bengals player from philly whose daughter is fighting cancer. tonight, devon still is revealing new details about her surgery and the obstacles that lie ahead. monday on nbc 10 news today, it's a new plan to fight crime in some of the area's biggest
5:42 pm
cities. what the attorney general is doing to help keep people safe in camden and wilmington. >> a gorgeous weekend but there are changes on the way. your hour-by-hour forecast before you head out the door. and skyforce 10 is flying high above breaking news in the morning.
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back to the sea. rutgers scientists unleashed the horseshoe crab back in the delaware today. it plays the vital role in the life cycle of fish, birds and m mollusks.
5:45 pm
how a renovation project will affect tourists and locals alike. >> reporter: the fencing is going up. and when crews are done, a long stretch of the national mall will be closed. that means steve turner won't be able to take his short cut to work. >> i walk from air and space to american history. i assume i'll be able to walk up the street. >> reporter: phase two of the turf restoration is getting under way. over the next 18 months, crews will rip up the grass between 7th and 12th streets. the walkways, cross-cutting the mall will also be closed. and visitors like the bel air family from connecticut won't be able to walk along the grassy panels. but looking at the condition of the grass, they understand. >> i thought my lawn looked bad but this is pretty bad. if people stayedç on the walkws we couldn't have that problem
5:46 pm
were the tightly packed dirt will be hauled away, replaced by better draining soil. when it's done, this stretch of the mall will look like the section that was finished over by the capitol, nice and green. >> to make it look better so the next time we come this is all nice and grass and green, i'm fine with that. >> it doesn't look very good. there's like bald patches everywhere. it looks very run over. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, a beautiful way to end out the week after all the rain and cool temperatures yesterday. today we are quite a bit warmer. plenty of sunshine and the clear skies will continue into your friday night. also the cool temperatures through the overnight hours, too, those will start to set in. then tomorrow afternoon we warm back up. so the warming trend has begun with today, it continues over the weekend. and in fact temperatures will be so warm this weekend, it will feel more like summer than the first weekend of fall.
5:47 pm
quite a bit above average for this time of the year. here's a live look outside. right now citizens bank park, it's the beginning of the end of home games for the phillies starting tonight. then tomorrow and sunday, but we will see good weather as we go through the weekend, just in time for the phillies game for this evening. we'll keep the clear skies in the forecast for it. 78 degrees in philadelphia, 79 northeast philly, upper 70s in trenton. 74 washington township. 75 wrightstown, 74 degrees chester springs and north and west of the lehigh valley, we're still in about the upper 70s here, near 80 degrees for reading and allentown. 73 mount pocono, 75 pottstown, 74 in oxford. closer to the shore, only around 70 degrees. 74 millville and dover, 78 degrees right now in woodbine. big area of high pressure moved in, knocked out all the rain and the clouds from yesterday. so it will stay in control over the weekend and that will be giving us continued sunshine and also warm temperatures. look at all the warm air to our south and west, 80s here.
5:48 pm
it will be moving in over the weekend. that is why we will feel more like summer. starting with tomorrow, temperatures in the 80s for allentown and reading, around 80 degrees. 81 for your highç temperature tomorrow afternoon in quakertown. doylestown and norristown, northeast philly tomorrow afternoon. you should be around 83 degrees. also in mount holly. closer to the shore tomorrow afternoon, upper 70s. 82 though in vineland. 83 in dover, 80 degrees rehoboth beach and around philadelphia and the surrounding suburbs we should be in just about the low 80s through the afternoon tomorrow and we stay in the low 80s as we end out the weekend for your sunday. feeling more like summer than the first weekend of fall certainly. for tonight, clear and cool. 56 for the low in philadelphia. 48 degrees, areas north and west by early tomorrow morning. through the afternoon, sunny, beautiful day. we stay dry. that continues as we go into sunday. really a perfect stretch of weather for the last phillies home games of the season. on monday, more clouds move in but we stay warm.
5:49 pm
then going into the rest of the week we drop into the mid-70s and those rain chances return. nbc 10 news is getting ready for another night of exciting fall football. the weather is nice for it. the high school football blitz is on the way. our spotlight game of the week, this is the one thousands of our viewers voted for, roman catholic high school at episcopal academy. this is the showdown that will happen on episcopal's turf. nbc 10 will be there to capture all the highlights. there's so much more to look forward to. our crews will be all across the region to cover friday night football games. common highlights from the ground and skylights from skyforce 10 which will launch a short time from now. see it all tonight on nbc 10 news at 11:00. tomorrow night, a full half hour of high school football highlights. nbc 10's high school football blitz tomorrow night at 7:00, only here on nbc 10. it was considered the
5:50 pm
gateway to a new life in america. >> and a never-before-seen section of ellis island is opening to the public. more than 100 years old. this immigrant hospital has been closed for decades. next, we take you inside for a lesson in american history. plus, all new on nbc 10 news at 6:00, they are toys that look like real weapons. how a philadelphia lawmaker is trying to get them off streets.
5:52 pm
5:53 pm
you can hear it, engines are revving at the monster mile. nascar fans pack the stands for race weekend at dover international speedway. about 85,000 people are expected to spend their money in kent county over the next few days. we could see some heavy traffic tonight near the tracks in kent county. here's a live look from route 1 at the dover toll plaza. all looking good out there at this hour. you may want to give yourself extra time if you'll be in that area over the weekend. residents all across the tri-state area can get rid of unwanted and expired medications this weekend. tomorrow is national prescription drug take-back day. concerned by the rising rates of prescription drug abuse, the day was established ed ted to disp unwanted and unneeded prescription drugs. here's a few of the many places you can hand in your old and unwanted medications.
5:54 pm
in pennsylvania, any state police barracks, in new jersey, the morristown police department or the mercer county administration building. down in delaware, at ship lley manor in wilmington. there's also a comprehensive list on the national park service is opening up a section of ellis island never before seen by the general public in more than 100 years of its existence. >> it's where thousands of went to die but untold tens of thousands went on to survive. brian thompson takes us inside history on ellis island. >> reporter: this is the side of ellis island you've never seen before. lady liberty not far away. this is a hospital complex built from around 1900 to 1908 or so. french artist j.r. was commissioned to capture some of the faces of the millions of immigrants who came through ellis and the tensç of thousan who, showing illness, were sent here. >> lots of fear.
5:55 pm
absolutely. fear for children, fear for women. >> reporter: only guided tours will be provided as most of this complex is in a state of what they call arrested decay. some of it is not as arrested as others but it is a work in progress. the morgue, also a teaching facility for doctors, still has its original cadaver chambers. in all, some 3,500 died here. wires hang from a frayed fixture in the tuberculosis ward. >> part of that is because of the climb changes, obviously what happened here on ellis island with hurricane sandy. >> reporter: as a hospital it was closed before world war ii. now a select few at least to begin with, will get a chance to see what this represented to america's immigration story. >> we weren't trying to turn people away. we wanted you here but you needed to be healthy to stay. >> reporter: no question, this is a hard hat tour.
5:56 pm
just ten people at a time. it will be four days a week, four times every day. it will take a $25 ticket by reservation. on ellis ilan, brian thompson, nbc 10 news. coming up next on nbc 10 news at 6:00, a police manhunt leads to an abandoned inn that reportedly has a haunted history. >> i have a guest coming up and ask me do you have ghosts in your hotel. >> the unexplained occurrences at the buck hill inn. a beautiful weekend, coming up, how warm it will get and will it last through next week? more arrests and charges connected to an alleged brothel ring in new jersey that also carried out killings. >> it's like a movie. >> how an parent turf war led to at least one murder.
5:58 pm
nbc 10 news starts now. right now at 6:00, he did his research. tonight we learned exactly how eric frein prepared for a police manhunt that now stretches into a third week. good evening, i'm keith jones. he's one of the fbi's most wanted and he's still on the run. hiding out in a heavily wooded area of northeastern pennsylvania. here's the latest now. police say frein spent several years planning to ambush state police. he performed extensive internet
5:59 pm
research on how to avoid plaoli manhunts. officers are searching the woods inch by inch. today their manhunt brought them to a new place. nbc 10's randy gyllenhall reports from the scene of the manhunt in pike county. >> reporter: as the sprawling manhunt enters its second week, the search zeros in on this abandoned hotel, the buck hill inn, once a luxury resortç and rumored haunted has been decaying, empty for years, search teams heavily armed believe eric frein might be the hotel's most recent guest. >> every inch of this private, vacant resort had to be cleared. >> reporter: at an afterian news conference, troopers said the property was empty but believe frein may be in a similar hidden structure. searching his computer hard drives, detectives learned he researched how to evade a police manhunt and spent years perfecting it. >> he was someone who was very prepared and who believed
6:00 pm
probably hid things out in the woods or other locations, other structures. >> reporter: for two weeks now, rumors have been flying. police specifically and firmly batting down one this afternoon, saying the injured trooper, alex douglass did not have any sort of relationship with eric frein's sister-in-law. >> we cannot assume to know what eric frein believes. however, we're convinced trooper douglass and melissa frein did not have a personal relationship. >> reporter: police adding there's a chance frein has some sort of radio, could be listening to news and other broadcasts. he was last spotted about 48 hours ago and state police definitely think he's somewhere nearby. in blooming grove, pike county, randy gyllenhall, nbc 10 news. >> police were searching the buck hill inn. you might have heard that hotel before. >> she woke up one night to a weird voice. she couldn't understand it. her bed started shaking. >> mtv featured buck hill in a show called