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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  September 27, 2014 11:00pm-11:30pm EDT

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right now at 11:00, a woman is fighting to survive after being shot while walking her dog. she has been rushing to the hospital and police are looking for clues into who pulled the trigger. this is happening in morse street in philadelphia not far from fairmont park. christine maddela is live on the scene. >> morse street is shut down right now. the crime scene unit is processing the scene. police don't know who shot this woman. earlier this evening we spoke to a neighbor who heard the shot. >> it was loud. i knew they weren't fire crackers or anything. it was scary.
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>> reporter: kelley james was just about to walk outside when she heard the shots. >> between four and seven shots. rapid fire. >> reporter: a woman was walking her dog on morse street. >> she was shot one time in the forehead and one time in the thigh. her daughter found her. she called the police. the police transported the up kplabt to the hospital. she is now listed? critical condition. >> she had just come back from the corner store when someone started firing. it looks like the gunman targeted her. >> do you know why she was targeted? >> no. >> reporter: police are still looking for the gunman as well. reporting live in strawberry mansion, christine maddela, nbc 10 news. an eight-year-old girl is in critical condition after being attacked by the family dog. it happened around 1:00 today in
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newark, new castle county. the girl was with a pit bull that lived in the home. the child had to be air lifted to the hospital. the dog was shot and killed by police. charges are pending against two men involved in a deadly hit and run in the east mount area section of philadelphia. around 8:00 last night a 73-year-old man taking his grandson home from football practice was killed when police say a car blew a stop sign and crashed into them. >> boom. that was it. then a couple minutes later, you know, we heard the siren and then the cops were out and so i didn't see anything but i did hear. >> police say the two men facing charges ran from the scene of the crash. and now a story you saw first on
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a philadelphia man beaten on a southwest philadelphia street. his girlfriend says he was attacked after he tried to stop a group of men from yelling rude comments at his girlfriend. the men punched him in the face. now police say they are investigating. more details are available any time at the search for the suspect in the deadly ambush of two pennsylvania state troopers is entering week three. information on eric frein's computer prove hed he was plann the attack for years. the long search is fraying the neighbor's nerves. >> it's stressful. on the road i drive, he could just jump out at any teem. >> knowing he has to travel through an isolated area to get to school and there is no cell
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phone service in that area. >> frein opened fire on the barracks on september 12th. one trooper was killed and a second was hurt. and now to our weather and an end to a super saturday. a live look outside at the center city skyline. it was beautiful today as we enjoyed summer like temperatures. brittney shipp is here. will this warmer weather last through the rest of the weekend? >> we're going to see a repeat for sunday. the temperatures are mild overnight. 60 in allentown. 68 in pottstown. 62 in kennett square. 64 in northeast philly. 06 in mount holly. and at the shore, 66 degrees in avalon and 62 in dover. look at the satellite radar. barely anything happening right now. the high pressure will stay in control. tomorrow, expect more of the
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same. sunday morning looks nice. mild conditions by 9:00 a.m. at 68 degrees. 11:00 a.m., 72. in the 80s once again. summer like conditions will continue for us. i'll let you know how long coming up in my forecast. we know more about the young accident on friday night. 15 members of the women's softball team were aboard the team bus. they were heading to north texas after a scrimmage in oklahoma. police say a tractor trailer traveling north crossed the median and hit the bus. four of the teammates were killed. >> i would like to offer my sincere condolences to these families. >> you just picture the faces that you just played and you
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can't imagine them being gone. it wasn't real. >> the national transportation safety board is trying to determine why that truck drifted over rumble strips into a grass with median and head on into southbound traffic. a motorcyclist is forced off the road at gunpoint. around 2:00 this afternoon, the victim was in manchester township when an older pickup truck pulled alongside him and the man forced him to pull over. the motorcycle has distinctive artwork and anyone with information is asked to contact police. health scare as a serious virus spreads there is an alarming new problem for some children. and from child of the first family to first child for chelsea clinton. the happy moment for a woman who
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grew up in the spotlight. we'll hear from the eagles as they arrive in san francisco. what does james franklin say about the home loss. and the phillies drop the ball against the braves. is a.j. burnett upset with a phils coach?
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a celebration of the beginning of delaware county when george washington was president and the american flag had just 13 stars. ♪ nbc 10 in media today for a colonial style celebration marking the county's 225th anniversary. a theater group reenacted the
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actions that took place leading up to the establishment of delaware county. bill clinton and hillary clinton say they are grateful and happy to become grand parents. and chelsea clinton and her husband are celebrating the birth of their daughter charlotte. an ohio man used a crowd funding website to raise $10 for pota potato salad ingredients and wound up with 50,000 bucks. the event featured live music food trucks and beers and 300 points of potato salad. a new warning tonight for parents. the virus scare involving children has a new twist.
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some kids with respiratory symptoms are becoming paralyzed. the investigation, next. plus temperatures were about 10 degrees above the average. i'll let you know what is in store as we head into the second half of the weekend. that's coming up.
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federal health officials are monitoring nine children in colorado. they have symptoms from muscle weakness to paralysis. four have tested positive for a virus strain that is causing respiratory distress around the country. four children are showing polio
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like symptoms. health officials are trying to determine if there is a link. the cdc says 277 people in 40 states have tested positive for the virus and virtual all of them children. >> some of these kids are just having weakness and some have progressed to paralysis. >> parents have been warned to watch for symptoms like extreme trouble breathing, severe coughing and wheezing, fever, and a rash. the centers for disease control wants doctors nationwide to report any clusters of children with breathing problems and muscle weakness or paralysis. thousands of people hit the road on bikes to raise money to cure multiple sclerosis. you it makes up half the regional ms society's annual
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fundraising. all the money raised goes to services and research. beer festival. >> the calendar might say september but oktoberfest was in full effect in south philadelphia today. 100 breweries were at xfinity live. there was the sigh car room, the whiskey alley and the pumpkin patch. attendants were encouraged to dress in oktoberfest attire and there were two bands performing on an outdoor stage. and the weather could not have been better especially to kick off your weekend. tomorrow we are going to see another summer like day for your sunday. tracking rain back in the seven-day forecast and temperatures will drop back closer to average. philadelphia, 68 degrees, the humidity is back up at 73%.
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wind out of the south at 6 miles an hour and throughout the region, in the 50s in the poconos. 60 in allentown. still mild in philadelphia, 68 degrees. 66 in wilmington. summer made a return today and it will continue on sunday. the average is 74 degrees. tomorrow we'll see a high closer to 83. the record is 91. it will feel warm but not near record conditions. monday temperatures will be in the 80s but the temperatures will drop down a few degrees. the satellite radar shows dry conditions for the rest of tonight. heading into tomorrow plenty of sunshine due to the area of high pressure over us. it will shift off to the east taken clouds increasing as we head into monday. by tuesday a chance of isolated showers and as we push into the rest of the workweek the temperatures will stay in the mid-70s which is closer to the
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average for this time of year. tomorrow, 78 in the poconos, temperatures in allentown at 81. low 80s for northeast philly. closer to the shore at 76 in atlantic city. 80 degrees in dover. if you are closer to the city expect us to stay in the low 80s. it feels more like summer versus fall but we will see plenty of sunshine as we push into your sunday and with the low humidity it's hard to beat this forecast. maybe you might want to go to the phillies game at 1:35. mild conditions, 79 by 3:00 p.m. in the 80s by 5:00 p.m. and the wakeup temperatures in the 60s. and pushing into your late morning hours, 77 in philly. tonight, temperatures drop down to 58 for philadelphia. and 53 for the suburbs to the north and west. a sunny and warm weekend on tap.
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cooler temperatures heading into next week. i'm john clark. eagles-49ers tomorrow. this is their first game at levi's stadium. here are the birds arriving this afternoon. the 49ers are being outscored 52-3 in the second half. they are 1-2. so jeremy maclin, do you think they are desperate? >> i wouldn't use the word desperate. coming to their hometown in their steadium. they are eager to get a win. >> we have your eagles coverage starting with pre-game live at 3:00. phillies time. burnett loses his 18th game of
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the season. most since 41 years ago. second inning against atlanta. ryan howard at the plate. ties the game up at 1. game tied at 2. upton two run shot to center. watch the pitching coach out to talk to a.j. burnett. a.j. turns his back on him. he says he was not upset at the coach but at his pitching. look at the fans mock greg kimbrel. the phillies lose 4-2. burnett will have hernia surgery next week main not take the big money option for next season. >> it's tough, man. like i said you are brought in to make an impact and to help and i did that a handful of times. it's tough. >> is it hard to walk away from
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12.75 million. >> money ain't anything. they pay me that and 18 losses. so money's not it. >> a good point. penn state loses at home. it's the worst home loss in 13 years. they outscored their opponents 20-0 in the first quarter. today they are down. and then, scary moment. hack hackenberg scrambling and harris is carted off. harris is okay and he did travel back with the team. hackenberg, bad throw pick six. penn state loses 29-6. james franklin says they were not ready to play. >> i want the fans and the media and the recruits and everybody to know that there's nobody that
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cares more than this coaching staff and the players. we will get this fixed. thank you. moving on to temple visiting uconn. this is tavon young. the interception for the owls. he makes some nice moves. a 93-yard interception return. they are 3-1. best record in their conference. penn hosting villanova for the final time. let's jump to the third quarter all nova. john robertson for a touchdown. hits mike burke right here. the wildcats win 41-7. sixers make a trade getting boguens from cleveland. their first round pick last year was a grand martial in dover, delaware. >> drivers, start your engines!
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>> love it. >> michael carter williams kicking off the dover 200 today. flyers opening their season a week from wednesday. claude giroux hanging out with the phillies. and the ppl center in allentown in exhibition games. i'm john clark, that's your sports. we're right back after this. latte or au lait? cozy or cool?
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a party at penn's landing. the park has been open all summer and comes to a close this sunday. check out the final day of the harbor park through tomorrow night. that's nbc 10 news for now. i'm denise nakano. the premier of "snl" is next with chris prat as your host.
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