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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  September 29, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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say before you head in? >> just want to thank all of you for respecting my family's privacy. as the healing process begins, i hope you'll continue to do so. it means an awful lot. i'm grateful. >> tollefson with his guilty plea is facing a maximum of 37 years in prison. however, because of state sentencing guidelines and this being his first offense he will likely face months over years. reporting live in doylestown, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. >> tragedy at the philadelphia zoo. an employee was killed after a golf cart fell on him. skyforce 10 was over the scene. this accident happened this morning in a garage that's not open to the public. the man was rushed to the hospital where he died just before noon today. >> we had an unfortunate and tragic accident with one of our employees. we're still investigating and looking into the details. we don't really know the exact
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scenario. >> the victim was a long-time mechanic who maintained the zoo's fleet of golf carts. his identity has not yet been released. skyforce 10 also over a rescue operation at a chester county home here. authorities telling us it appears a man had a medical emergency while he was, woulding on this scaffolding at a job site on tailors mill road in west goshen township. crews were able to get the man down. we're working to find out his condition. >> and aç teenager is dead aft a fire ripped through this home in kensington this morning. skyforce 10 was over the scene on helen street. fire crews were called there just after 6:00. they found heavy smoke on the first and second floors. after putting out the fire they discovered the body of 18-year-old christian rivera. emotional family members consoled each other as they arrived at the scene. >> this makes our 24th fire fatality for the year. last year this time, we had 24, so that means we're at the same
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number. we need everyone to participate and help us keep these fire fatalities down. fire is everyone's fight. >> there were working smoke detectors in the home. we're told they were living in the home without power and were using candles. the fire marshall is working to determine if that's what sparked this fire. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with a local congregation on edge at this video right here shows you why a rabbi's car erupts into flames and part of their synagogue was also damaged in this fire. happened during the jewish new year. nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg live in atlantic city. >> leaders at that synagogue, not taking any chans in light of what happened, also because of the timing of it. >> well, jim and renee, yom kippur coming up later this week. this synagogue is in the process of hiring its own private security as a result of this fire which police are not ruling out as a possible hate crime. >> it's hurtful.
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>> reporter: rabbi david kushner is convinced the fire that destroyed his suv parked outside atlantic city's synagogue on rosh hashanah was no accident. >> given the fact it happened on the synagogue property on the first night of the high holidays, it leaves a lot of room for suspicion. >> they believe the vehicle involved may have exploded or sounded like explosions coming from the vehicle. >> firefighters rushed to the synagogue around 2:00 a.m. thursday. kushner parked the ford explorer there about eight hours earlier for services, then left it in the lot when he later walked home, a few blocks away. >> is there anybody you can contact, arson investigator? some witnesses saying that they saw people over nearby about car. >> reporter: the fire is in the early stages of being investigated. i asked atlantic city authorities if it's being probed as a hate crime. police told me that possibility is not being ruled out. many holocaust survivors and
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their families belong to the synagogue which was damaged as a result of the fire. >> this enhances the fear and brings back the worst of memories. >> reporter: kushner is a volunteer emt for hatzalah ambulance in monmouth county. he says medical equipment worth thousands of dollars was also in his suv. >> that stuff is very expensive. all of that went up in the fire. >> reporter: synagogue leaders say neither the rabbi nor the congregation itself received any threats prior to the fire. police tell me they have increased their patrols in this area. live in atlantic city, i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. >> thank you, ted. new information in the case involving a disgraced former philadelphia cop. rape charges have been dropped against richard decoatsworth. he was charged with prostitutes. earlier he pleaded guilty to
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simple assault, promoting prostitution and drug possession. he withdrew his guilty plea in april. he still faces charges in a domestic violence case. he'll be free pending the outcome of that trial. in 2007, decoatsworth was hailed as a hero after being captured in the face after capturing a suspect. he was michelle obama's guest at the state of the union address in 2009. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> pretty nice day for bird watching in delaware county. members of the rose tree park hawk watch were keeping their eyes on the sky in media today. glenn "hurricane" schwartz has been watching the skies as well. >> we've seen lots of dry weather. any rain anytime soon? >> we are starting to see some rain coming up from chesapeake bay. it's been threatening toç movep this way all day. it's pretty much on the light side. you can see on live radar, it's
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mostly in the i-95 corridor, all the way down into maryland. and, again, most of it is light. this looks heavier, just at a certain elevation when we're looking at the radar tilted up. you can see over the last hour, everything is moving from southwest to northeast. we've been dry for much of the day. but now that the rain has moved in, the temperatures dropped, down to 70 degrees in wilmington already. that's why the temperature is down there. and it's down a little bit in the philadelphia area. we'll see sprinkles around 6:00. this is not the kind of rain we really need. we are very, very low in the rain department for the month of september. more on that and the timing of more significant rain with the seven-day in a few minutes. another possible suspect sighting as a search for the mountain survivalist accused of killing one pennsylvania state trooper and wounding another stretches into a third week. he's managed to elude police for
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some 17 days now. doug shimell back in the poconos where the manhunt continues. >> doug, search teams have shifted their focus. tell us what their strategy is now. >> reporter: exactly. the pennsylvania state police say they had gotten new intelligence from the fbi about the discovery of a campsite that may have some linkage to eric frein. and that is why search crews have sort of marshaled here at a closed elementary school and have spent the better part of the last five hours searching woods to the north of this location. >> is this where the sighting is. >> that's correct. >> reporter: searchers got a sighting near jones lane. police moved officers and canine units on the north side of the closed barrett elementary school. >> we're putting a dog on the last known scent of the individual from the last guy to see him. rk trackers moved in thick woods near a pond and along a creek.
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they hoped after 17 days it might be fugitive sniper eric frein. >> collapsing in, guys, collapsing in, bring it into the center, guys. >> reporter: the fbi gave state police new information about a campsite where they purportedly found a checkbook with frein's name in it, along with ammo for a .308 rifle. >> we got granola bars down here by a tree that had not been opened. >> reporter: multiple helicopters crisscrossed the area where trackers believe they had a valid frein sighting. >> file it in and move towards him. >> reporter: for the residents and businesses in footprint of the search, it was a rough afternoon. >> hearing the helicopters overhead, it was a little scary. my co-worker is a little scared to be here right now. >> reporter: some of the communication among some of the search crews this afternoon indicated that there may have been the additional discovery of pipe bombs at that campsite. i know some of the search teams
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had been stationed around a house where search dogs had led to before the scent trail had grown cold. as yet, we're still waiting confirmation that they have moved through the scene and what they have found. we'll be back with more at 6:00. reporting live in barrett township, monroe county, doug shimell, nbc 10 news. in philadelphia, police are asking for your help to find a hit and run driver. investigators say this green suv right here, it seriously hurt a child last night in west philly. a witness chased the driver and shot this video. 7-year-old allure mcclain was hit along north 42nd street. she's in the hospital in guarded condition. witnesses say the suv swerved around a stopped car, hit allure and then sped off. >> he seen that he hit someone or she hit someone and took off and kept going. so whoever he is, i hope you're man enough or woman enough to turn yourself in.
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>> police are looking for a lime green mitsubishi outlander with pennsylvania license plate jky-7458. they've not released the name of who that license plate belongs to. figure out what sparked a fire that killed a south jersey hospital executive and his wife. >> mean tile, the condolences continue to pour in for that executive who had a number of high profile jobs throughout the years. john sheridan was the ceo of cooper university hospital. it was early yesterday when a fire started in his north jersey home. sheridan and his wife, joyce, were both killed. nbc 10 south jerseycydney l north to that fire. >> have any details been released surrounding this case. >> reporter: jim and renee, they have not and say they will not do that unless and until the autopsies on john sheridan and his wife, joyce, are complete, which is expected tomorrow. take a look. it's important to note only one
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please cruiser here now. earli, there were several, although we did not witness any investigators with major crimes or the arson team going in and out of the house today. when we did approach, the one police car, they motioned to us to not come any closer and then take a look. you can see the second floor bedroom, that's where the fire was concentrated. >> we got heavy smoke coming out of the roof of the attic, second story. >> reporter: at 6:15 sunday morning, 911 dit patchers communicate with fire crews responding to 49 meadow run in skillman, somerset county, a fire concentrated to the bedroom of cooper university hospital ceo john sheridan and his wife joyce would prove fatal. the couple unable to escape the home. now the prosecutor's office tells nbc 10 the home is being secured as a crime scene. when we got few answers from police on scene or neighbors, we went to the prosecutor's office
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to ask if there were working smoke detectors inside and if the fire is considered foul play? we were told no new information on the cause or origin will be released until autopsies on sheridan and his wife are complete. governor christie offered his condolences saying in part, quote, we are shocked and deeply saddened by the tragic loss of john and joyce sheridan. john was an outstanding public servant, a leader in the health care industry and a true new jersey treasurer. joyce was an outstanding teacher, wife and mother. so the crime scene tape remains in place here as does this police officer holding the scene. in the meantime, the somerset county prosecutor's office is asking anyone out there in the public if they know anything at all about this fire to please contact their major crimes unit. live in skillman, somerset county, cydney long, nbc 10 news. now to efforts to stop isis, the latest air strikes in syria
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have targeted towns controlled by the islamic state group in the northern and eastern areas of that country. meanwhile, syria's foreign minister says u.s. actions in his country will lead to more terrorism. he told the u.n. general assembly that the policy of striking at one group of militants while arming others creates, quote, fertile ground for extremists. as the coalition air war against the islamic state intensifies, so is the criticism of president obama for not doing more about isis years ago. >> nbc 10 national correspondent steve handelsman has the latest from washington. >> reporter: renee and jim, thanks. here in washington, today the white house insisted president obama has full confidence in u.s. intelligence and in its director james clapper. but he sure didn't sound that way yesterday. president obama has sparked a chorus of criticism by saying his team underestimated isis. >> the fact that the president dropped the ball. he dropped it two years ago in syria. he dropped it over the last 14
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months with isis. now he's trying to blame everyone else but himself. >> reporter: mr. obama would not answer the syrian war and on "60 minutes" sunday, he said u.s. intelligence missed the rapid growth of isis there. >> jim clapper's acknowledged i think they underestimated what had been taking place in syria. >> reporter: but the white house will not call that a failure. >> so the president didn't know for months this was getting worse and that'sru a fuel yur so -- failure somewhere? >> no. >> we did underestimate how quickly they could grow and develop and how fastly they could recruit. >> reporter: 45% of americans are willing to send u.s. ground troops against isis. in the new nbc news/"wall street journal" poll and 72% believe they will go, despite president obama's promise they will not.
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his coalition hammered isis from the air today in iraq and syria. and with isis right on the turkish border, turkey is hinting it might be the first coalition member besides iraq to put boots on the ground against isis. but coalition members agree, destroying isis could take a few years. about the time it took isis to get so strong in the iraqi army to get so weak without u.s. intelligence noticing. from washington, i'm steve handelsman, nbc 10 news. thank you, steve. afghanistan's new president was sworn in today. he replaces hamid karzai in the country's first democratic transfer of power since 2001. he's a former world bank official and afghan finance minister. karzai told the audience he was confident afghanistan was following the right path. senior adviser to president obama says afghanistan will sign a deal tomorrow allowing our soldiers to stay in that country past the end of the year.
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john podesta says he'll sign it on behalf of the u.s. the agreement will permit 10,000 american troops to remain in afghanistan after the international combat mission ends on december 31st. the federal aviation administration says it's going to take about two weeks now to fully re-open a chicago area control center where an act of sabotage brought the city's airplanes to a complete stop. they say employees started a fire at the facility on friday and then tried to commit suicide. travel was disrupted nationwide. there are still delays today. new customer complaints about toyota. u.s. safety regulators are investigating whether older corollas can accelerate unexpectedly at low speeds and cause crashes. the inquiry causes about 1.69 million cars from the 2006 to 2010 model years. there have been 141 consumer
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complaints but no crashes or injuries reported. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> well, it was a pretty amazing weekend for the end of september. lots of sunshine today, a lot of clouds. the clouds have thickened up during the last few hours. that's kept the temperature down. so it's not as warm as it was. it was in the 80s, well in the 80s over the weekend. we are now technically abnormally dry in parts of the area. that's the first step on the way to drought if we don't see any significant rain. we are track something showers but so far, nothing close enough to really help with that abnormally dry situation. cloudy skies now, 73 degrees in philadelphia. 9 degrees cooler than it was at this time yesterday. and we do have some sprinkles and light rain in parts of the area, keeping the temperature down. especially in wilmington. 70 degrees there. and there hasn't been a whole
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lot of sunshine. you can see this area of moisture, stretching up from chesapeake bay and over the last hour or so it continues to be moving up toward the northeast. not all of that is reaching the ground. it's prit much on the light side. much drier air back to the west. some of that will be moving in during the day tomorrow. and the abnormally dry area extends all the way down to philadelphia, it includes the lehigh valley and the poconos and central and northern new jersey. and one of the reasons for that, nearly 2 inches below average for rain and nearly 4 inches below average in mt. pocono. nearly 3 inches below in allentown and trenton and 2 inches below average in reading. morning, well, it looks like we'll be seeing more sunshine during the day. can't rule out a;7 li
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but most of that should be on the dry side. on wednesday, much better chances for some showers, especially in the afternoon. watch what happens here as we go to 5:00. that's still not any heavier rain. that's not going to come friday night and into early saturday. cloudy and mild, ly light rain and sprinkles around. 61 for the low in philadelphia. 55 north and west. during the day tomorrow, mix of clouds and sun, temperatures into the upper 70s, just a slight chance of a shower and then wednesday better chance of showers, temperature down a little bit. and then as we go through the week, it's mostly dry on thursday and friday. but friday night, and into early saturday, that's when we're going to be seeing some -- perhaps some briefly heavy rain. it will be quite cool over the weekend. >> all right, now, speaking of the weather, this is not the kind of news anyone want to hear
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after last winter's snow and bitter cold temperatures. >> a certain shortage that could put drivers on edge. also this afternoon -- >> here's your chance to get rid of that item, no questions asked. >> bring it to the box. an over to local students to deposit something in that simple metal box before they start their school day. it could be a life saver. and this -- >> it's the worst i've ever seen it. and i've been here all my life. >> hope on the horizon, two local cities plagued by violence now part of a program that could signal a turnaround. >> and beware of the glare. the morning minutes that could be the most hazardous during your daily commute.
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a warning today about an autumn driving hazard. it's not on the road. it's in the sky. what we're talking about is sun glare. officials with a. aa say now until the end of daylight saving time which is november 3rd, it's a deadly time
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of year for east-to-west commuters. it's you'll due to the sun's alignment during sunrise and sunset. let's take a look at the schuylkill expressway. now, during october, the sun rises between 7:04 and 7:34 while commuters are headed out. national weather service says the first 15 to 45 minutes, that is the most dangerous time. now to avoid accidents, aaa advises motorists should take additional precautions to avoid being blinded by the light, including wearing sunglasses, cleaning your windshield and slowing down and altering your commute whenever possible. here are more tips, increase your following distance to allow three or more second between vehicles. turn headlights on so oncoming motorists can see you. use your visor as much as possible. that visor, well, it can also block your vision.
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and consider alternate routes to minimize east/west driving whenever possible. from our delaware bureau, senator tom carper and congressman tom carnie joining members of the edna hose and ladder company. the grant awarded will help the department buy new protective firefighting gear. >> we worry about attacks from isis. we worry about signer atacks. hopefully none of us will ever be confronted with that but we'll all be faced, in our communities, with fires, in your homes and businesses. this is a need to protect our homes in our homeland. >> aetna is one of the busiest fire companies in the state. the department protects the greater newark area which covers about 25 square miles. a disgraced tv sportscaster pleading guilty to therapy. >> that's our top story on nbc 10 news at 4. don tollefson admitted to stealing money from hundreds of
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people, money that was intended for charity. he could face a maximum of 37 years in prison when sentenced. new at 4:30, turning the tide. two local cities, now part of one federal program to crack down on crime, a new partnership and the hopes they share to eliminate violence from their streets. glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> well, after another beautiful weekend, the clouds and wet weather will be moving in. talk about our chans for more rain in my exclusive nbc 10 first alert seven-day forecast. then, coming up tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00, injuries on the board. the new study shows just how many people say they've been hurt along the jersey shore's boardwalk. we'll tell you how much money towns have paid out and why.
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this is nbc 10 news. >> here are some of the stories making headlines on nbc 10 news today at 4:00. a former philadelphia sportscaster has pleaded guilty for stealing money intended for charity. prosecutors say tollefson sold tickets for sports packages with the promise that the money would go to charity. instead, he made off with hundreds of thousands of dollars. a rabbi's suv went up in flames outside an atlantic city synagogue. part of the building was also damaged. it happened last week on rosh hashanah. police stepped up patrols in that area. the synagogue is also in the process of hiring its own private security. investigators not ruling out the possibility that this fire was a hate crime. an investigation now under way to find out what started a house fire that killed the president of cooper university health system and his wife. the bodies of john and joyce sheridan were found sunday morning in an upstairs bedroom of their home in skillman, somerset county.
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and after 17 days after searching, police say they believe they have a new sighting. a fugitij sighting of fugitive frein. they have a checkbook with his name on it and ammo. he's wanted for the deadly ambush on two pennsylvania state police troopers earlier this month. new information on the driver police say was involved in a deadly accident in the east mount airy section of philadelphia.ç it happened on friday. police say a vehicle blew through a stop sign, hit a car with a 73-year-old man and his grandson inside. the man died. according to investigators, the two men who caused this crash ran away but were later arrested. tonight, 21-year-old deon hunter is charged by homicide by vehicle and involuntary manslaughter. he'll have a preliminary hearing coming up on october 15th. fire destroyed a home in
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montgomery county this morning, flames were shooting from the roof of this home along east win circle and nicole drive in upper dublin. the two-story house caught fire around 4:30 this morning. taking a look at the aftermath. no one was hurt. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> and people in doylestown were able to take their lunch break outside, thanks to another day of warm temps. the rain stayed away for most of the day but now that rain is starting to move in. >> nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is back now to tell us who's seeing this much-needed rain. glenn? >> we're seeing most of it in delaware, northeast maryland, coming into parts of the philadelphia area but obviously it's not raining everywhere. much of that rain is very, very light, more in the form of sprinkles. you can see it on the live radar. not all of this is reaching the ground, especially the stuff in central new jersey is not reaching the ground. the rain goes all the way back to the washington, d.c. area.
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it may be heavier batch right here in philadelphia itself. but it all depends on where the radar is tilted. so if it's tilted up into the clouds where it's heavier, that doesn't necessarily mean it's heavy raining right on your head at the ground. but the overall picture continues to flow right in the same direction. so it's not exactly moving out of here. it's keeping the temperature down 70 degrees. in wilmington, the wettest part of our area right now and only into the low 70s and others. sprinkles around at 6:00 and a chance of it continuing over the next couple of hours. it's not going to be anywhere near as nice as the last couple of nights. more significant rain on the way. i'll tell you just when in the seven-day in a few minutes. new jersey governor chris christie hits the campaign trail on behalf of republicans all around the country. this morning he was in wisconsin stumping for governor scott walker.
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then he headed off to ohio for a get out of vote rally in cleveland. christie is chairman of the republican governor's association. the midterm election is november 4th. >> you feel like you're on vacation when you come here. >> the atlantic city alliance wants you to do ac this fall. the group unveiled a new fall television campaign, aimed at specifically getting people from the philadelphia area to visit the resort town. the campaign comes as the city's gambling market continues to struggle with the closing of four casinos this year. despite that, the city says tourism had a successful summer. >> we are open for business and we are successfully entertaining literally tens of thousands of people on a daily basis and have been throughout the entire summer. >> four new commercials will start airing in our area coming up on wednesday, along with the ads, the alliance also announced some midweek promotions. one of them is toll-free
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tuesdays which is planned for the atlantic city expressway in october. officials from rutgers, camden and camden county college signed a new agreement today to expand the existing partnership between the two schools. backers say this will make it easier for students to get a degree. >> we're very close partners with rutgers, camden and we want to extend that partnership with here with completion programs where students can start here and stay here and fin shall a ba degree. the historic battleship "new jersey" aboutç to get a makeov thanks to a local painters union. the union of painters and allied trades announced the restoration
4:36 pm
project. it's docked in camden right now. the union says the project is a way to show support for our veterans as well as the city of camden. >> this isn't like painting a house or a car. look at the size of this ship and what the painters are doing here today. they believe not only in the veterans who made this ship possible, who defended our nation but certainly they understand what it means to new jersey, south jersey, particularly here in camden. >> renovations to the ship's exterior should take place over the next few weeks. today, there's new advice for teen girls who are sexually active. >> we'll tell you what a respected doctor's group is recommending. also, here's what the nbc 10 news team is working on for you right now for 5:00. >> the manhunt for eric frein intensifies after a possible sighting near a school. at 5:00, how the search for the alleged state trooper killer just shifted. plus, the president of cooper university hospital killed in a fire. now coming up at 5:00, we're outside his house with police checking into what happened inside his bedroom.
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also, a fire near chicago's o'hare international airport still causing serious problems. coming up, we ask how long that problem will impact local flyers. count on nbc 10 news at 5:00.
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we have breaking news from skyforce 10 which is live right here over a school bus accident. this is in south philadelphia. we are watching these pictures stretcher there as you see. this is happening at 15th.
4:40 pm
this involved a school bus and a car as well. six children are injured but we have no word on the extent of those injuries. as skyforce 10 pulls out wider, we watch that presumably bus passenger being brought to a waiting ambulance. several ambulances there as well as fire truck on the scene right now. a school bus accident, south philadelphia, at 15th and pashunk. six children hurt in this school bus crash. we're working to get more information on the extent of those injuries. count on nbc 10 to bring you that information as soon as we get it. meantime, last winter's weather may be haunting local pocketbooks. >> the shortage that could spell problems during the cold season ahead. i'm tracking some much-needed rain but is it going to be enough to make a den the in our dry conditions? the answer in my nbc 10
4:41 pm
exclusive first alert seven-day forecast. then all new tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00, the trump taj mahal in danger of closing but a plan is in the works to pump $100 million into the casino/hotel. except it comes with a catch. what it would mean for workers, atlantic city and the state of new jersey to make it happen. on my journey across america,
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i've learned that when you ask someone in texas if they want "big" savings on car insurance, it's a bit like asking if they want a big hat... ...'scuse me... ...or a big steak... ...or big hair... i think we have our answer.
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geico. fifteen minutes could save you fifteen percent or more on car insurance. skyforce 10 keeping an eye on this breaking news for us. an accident in south philadelphia involving a school bus and a car. this is happening at 15th and pa pashunk. we don't have any word on the extent of those injuries, how seriously hurt those kids are. we are working. the phones, our assignment desk making phone calls. count on nbc 10 to bring you new information on this breaking news story as we get it. right now, the nation's top cop lays out a plan to combat
4:45 pm
crime. the focus is in some of the most dangerous neighborhoods in the country. some of them right here in our attorney. u.s. attorney general eric holder joining local leaders, pledging help for their communities. >> this is day one of a three-day summit called violence reduction network. the initiative targets five u.s. cities, the two in our area are camden, new jersey and wilmington, delaware. nbc 10 delaware bureau reporter tim furlong explains how the program aims to drive down crime in those areas. >> reporter: in both wilmington and camden you hear lots of sirens. wilmington's shot spotter system hears lots of this. karen and her neighbors hear it all, too. >> it's the worst i've ever seen it. i've been here all my life. >> reporter: now wilmington and camden will join oakland and chicago as a violence reduction program sponsored by the federal department of justice. >> wilmington has over the last few years steadily gone up in
4:46 pm
its violent crime. it's essential that we bring new strategies to the table and new resources to the table. >> reporter: in this plan, wilmington and camden will get specific representatives to help them get the services they need. you need help serving out warrants on violent criminals, the u.s. marshals can help. you need help with a specific drug corner, the dea can help. it's an experts on demand be, all hands on deck service for these cities. >> you have practitioners that have been doing this all their life. i'll have a trainer come to wilmington. let's roll our sleeves. >> reporter: camden and wilmington both invest in crime-fighting technology and both have employed new policing strategies. now they will get human help from people who have a track record of cutting down on crime in cities around the nation. >> it's sickening, sully. >> reporter: in wilmington, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. communities could have a hard time finding road salt this winter. supplies have been depleted,
4:47 pm
thanks to last season's frigid temperatures. that's causing prices to skyrocket. in the midwest, the cost of road salt has doubled in some states and in others it's five times as high. states are now searching for less expensive salt, some as far away as south america. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> all right. we're still a long way from the snow and ice around here. we do have some sprinkles. the clouds as you can see across the area, a lot different than what we saw over the weekend. and the clouds keeping the temperatures down, not as warm as it was. we're abnormally dry technically speaking now because of a dry september. we're tracking some showers, aside from the patchy light rain that we have right now. we were -- look at this, in the 80s over the weekend. 76 today, still above average. tomorrow 78. still above average. so it will be a while before we see some really cool weather.
4:48 pm
73 now, 9 degrees cooler than it was at this time yesterday. despite the west/southwest wind. the temperatures generally a little bit milder to the north where the clouds have not been as thick. look at that,ç 68 in kennett square. you can almost tell where it's raining. 69 in swedesboro, 79 in wilmington. racetown, 72. it's well into the 70s at the shore but only 69 in blackburg. and there's the rain. the live radar shows this right along the i-95 corridor, not all of it reaching the ground. as you can see, it's not really moving out or just dissipating. it's not doing that either. but eventually we'll get some of the dry air pushing it out of here. at least for a day. and the futurecast shows a little bit more sunshine during the day tomorrow. still just an outside chance of a light shower. but this is not the kind of rain
4:49 pm
we really need to break this dry period that we're in. that if it continues, we would be starting to talk about drought. on wednesday, we have a chance of at least more significant showers. then friday night with the front coming through, that's when we really expect to see the significant rain. but it's just with the front. it's only a matter of a few hours. cloudy and mild, light rain, sprinkles tonight. 55 north and west. tomorrow, mix of clouds and sun. a little more sun than today. milder than today perhaps. and then more sunshine on thursday. we have that shower threat on wednesday. and then friday night and into saturday morning, that's when we see the rain and then most of the weekend is dry and cool. >> thank, glenn. today, a new school safety initiative, this time the work of local students that could be a life saver. >> i'm glad i'm part of it, you know. if it's a life saved, i'm glad i
4:50 pm
definitely helped. >> putting danger in a drop box. the new addition to some area schools that could keep problems out of class and students alive. then all new tonight on nbc 10 news at 5:00, from a scenic stroll to a costly trip, why a walk along the jersey shore boardwalks has cost local towns nearly $2 million.
4:51 pm
4:52 pm
4:53 pm
local educators are hoping a new no questions asked policy will lead to a turnaround in student behavior. >> and keep danger out of schools at the same time. nbc 10's rosemary connors is live at school district headquarters in spring guarden. >> rosemary, students will be greeted by drop boxes at school. tell us how this is supposed to
4:54 pm
work. >> reporter: you know the drop boxes at the library, the one that collects books, this is the same idea except this one will be picking up guns and drugs, any items that are banned from the classroom. that's what kids can drop off. the best part is that its students are the ones building these boxes. welding class has never been more productive at philadelphia's randolph technical high school. the stupts are taking on a new project to benefit their peers. >> i'm glad i'm part of it, you know. if it's a life saved, i'm glad i definitely helped. >> students lift this up, place whatever condra ba-- contraband. >> reporter: it's called the amnesty box. before teens pass through the metal detectors on campus, they'll have an opportunity to drop off drugs or weapons inside the box. >> here's your chance to get rid of that item, no questions asked, go about your school day and most importantly, not end up with a criminal record that day.
4:55 pm
>> reporter: not go into that school-to-prison pipeline. >> absolutely. we're very much aware of the school-to-prison pipeline. we're trying to interrupt that pipeline. >> reporter: the metal boxes will be lined with kevlar, in the event a gun goes off. >> we will ultimately destroy the items. >> reporter: but not investigate the students dropping them off? >> not at all. >> reporter: anonymity is key. >> there's not a place you can get rid of it but throw it somewhere and maybe another kid will find it. that cycle continues. they won't just walk up to a police station and say here's my gun because they may get arrested or at least have the fear of getting arrested. >> reporter: the district will have about a half dozen of these boxes to place at high schools throughout the city that have a history of violence or drug problems. no specific locations have been decided yet. in addition to keeping drugs and guns out of the schools, there
4:56 pm
is a big benefit for the staff when it comes to managing their time. i'll talk about that in 30 minutes. reporting live outside of school district headquarters, i'm rosemary connors, nbc 10 news. we're following breaking news. >> the investigation into the disappearance of a university of virginia college student has led to a significant break for police in another case. hear the connection between this case and the death of another student several years ago. and tracking showers, çgin >> we have showers on the radar for the rest of your evening. sprinkles possible and also cooler temperatures in the forecast. i'll show you those numbers, coming up. >> all right, sheena. and saving the taj. a plan is on the table to spare the trump taj mahal to keep it from becoming the next casino to close. it's not as simple as finding a new owner. that tonight at 5:00.
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4:59 pm
nbc 10 breaking news. >> we begin with breaking news in south philadelphia. several students have been injured after a school bus accident at 15th and passyunk. firefighters tell us the bus collided with a car but no other details have been released thus far. we're also waiting on more information on the seriousness of the students' injuries. count on nbc 10 for the latest information on this breaking news as soon as it comes in. right now at 5:00, the investigation into the disappearance of a university of virginia student has led to a significant break for police in another case.
5:00 pm
virginia state police say the arrest of 32-year-old jesse matthew jr. gave them a forensic link to follow in the death of morgan harrington. the 20-year-old disappeared while at a concert at uva five years ago. >> her remains were found a few months later. matthew was charged in connection with the disappearance of uva student hannah graham. jason culver has the breaking details. >> reporter: it's been five years of not knowing for jill harrington, wondering what happened to her daughter morgan. >> i am so pleased that that has happened but it doesn't change a lot for us.ç in some ways, you know, our bedroom is still empty upstairs. >> reporter: in 2009, someone abducted and killed morgan outside a concert in charlottesville. her remains were found but no one was ever charge. today police confirmed morgan's case is linked to the disappearance of hannah graham. >> however this unfolds, i know where my girl is. she's in a