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tv   Today  NBC  September 30, 2014 7:00am-11:01am EDT

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and lady antebellum. >> you can always get the latest news and weather at good morning. in the hot seat. the director of the secret service set for a grilling on capitol hill today in the wake of that unprecedented security breach at the white house. officials now admitting an armed intruder managed to get much further inside the mansion than they originally revealed. significant break. the suspect in the disappearance of uva student hannah graham linked by forensic evidence to another disappearance of a young woman in charlottesville years ago. her parents react via an exclusive interview. the fight of her life. joan lunden opens up about her fight against breast cancer. >> it's a shame you have to go through something that almost takes your life away to
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appreciate it more. >> she kicks off a very special series for us. here comes the bride. the first official wedding photo of george clooney and his wife, amal, released overnight. the story behind the dress, the cake, and the speeches. "today," tuesday, september 3 9 30th, 2014. >> announcer: from nbc news, this is "today" with matt lauer and savannah guthrie live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> and good morning. welcome to "today" on a tuesday morning. i'm matt lauer, along with tamron hall. tamron is here while savannah continues on maternity leave after her surprise visit yesterday. >> yes. >> natalie morales and dylan dreyer. al is on his way to a shine a light destination, a uso show for troops overseas. we'll be checking in with him in a little while. did you see the crowd outside? >> yes, i did. they're getting ready for lady
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antebellum and their new album. >> it's nice to see joan lunden here. our friend is in the studio. she was diagnosed recently with breast cancer. had surgery a week ago today. she is an inspiring lady. we'll be talking to her later on in the show. >> cannot wait to hear from her. our top story on a tuesday morning. secret service's ability to protect the president. they come after the stunning revelation that a fence jumper made it all the way to the east room before being subdued. nbc's kristen welker has the latest on this. kristen, good morning to you. >> matt, good morning to you. secret service director julia pearson will face a barrage of questions on capitol hill today, including why we're learning this morning that omar gonzalez, who had a knife, made it much farther in the white house than previously disclosed. the first family wasn't home when that chaos unfolded here.
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still, this all raises questions about that storied agency. shocking revelations about this unprecedented security breach. suspect omar gonzalez got much deeper inside the white house than initially thought, making it all the way to the iconic east room, the site of presidential press conferences and other major events. >> i think everyone's concern is if one person can do it, what if five tried to do it? what if ten tried to do it? >> reporter: once gonzalez entered the unlocked front door of the mansion, he pushed past a guard, ran past stairs and ran to the east room, the entire length of the white house to the other end of that room before he was tackled by a heavily armed agent to the door of the green room. >> two different turns he could easily have been in the white house residence. >> they believe the reason it was muted is because the white
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house staff asked for it. >> reporter: it follows another report by "the post" revealing after a 2011 shooting, it took the secret service four days to realize bullets had hit the first family's residence and five days to make an arrest. secret service director julia pearson will be in the hot seat on capitol hill today. president obama appointed her in 2013, tasking her with retooling the agency after several agents were fired for soliciting prostitutes during an official trip in columbia. some lawmakers say this latest breach is a threat to national security. >> it's clear that something needs to be done and something needs to be done drastically. >> reporter: now neither the white house nor the secret service are commenting about the revelation this is morning. the secret service defends its handling of the 2011 shooting saying the suspect in that case is currently serving a 25-year prison sentence.
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the hearing this morning is expected to focus on all of the recent security breaches. >> kristen welker, thank you very much. missing university of virginia student hannah graham, the suspect being held in that case has been linked to the unsolved 2009 death of morgan harrington, another young woman who vanished in charlottesville. we'll talk with her parents exclusively in a moment. gabe gutierrez has the latest on the investigation. gabe, good morning. >> reporter: tamron, good morning. police aren't saying exactly what that new evidence is. but the break in the case comes after investigators searched the suspect's car and his apartment and submitted dna samples to the crime lab. this morning, the investigation into 32-year-old jesse matthew's past is widening days after he was arrested in texas and flown back to virginia. state police now say his arrest and new forensic evidence provide a significant break in
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an unsolved rape and murder. morgan harrington disappeared in 2009 after leaving a concert also here in charlottesville. she was found dead in a field three months later. her parents have been helping volunteers search for hannah graham, this latest news still sinking in. >> it doesn't change a lot for us, in some ways. you know, our bedroom is still empty upstairs. we're still not going to have the grandchildren, the wedding, those things. >> reporter: when harrington's body was found, dna recovered in that case was also linked to an unsolve unsolved 2005 sexual assault 100 miles away in fairfax, virginia. >> any new lead that is come about -- >> the fbi then rereleased in searching for harrington's killer. whether matthew murdered harrington, residents are stunned. >> it does look similar to him. >> reporter: matthew has not been charged in connection with
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those two other crimes and his supporters caution a rush to judgment. >> innocent until proven guilty. >> reporter: intent to defile in the graham case, seen with the uva sophomore on this surveillance video just before she vanished more than two weeks ago. >> hopefully they do get answers as to where exactly hannah is. >> reporter: a bail hearing for matthew is scheduled thursday. he has not entered a plea and, matt, his attorney has not commented on any possible links to other crimes. >> gabe gutierrez, thank you very much. morgan harrington's parents are with us now exclusively. mr. and mrs. harrington, nice to see you. good morning. >> good morning. >> good morning, matt. >> even as you have been praying for the graham family the last 17 days you've been dealing with your own pain. jill, you went to charlottesville and hung a sign that said "find hannah." why was it so important for you to be part of that effort?
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>> we've experienced firsthand just the anguish of having a child missing and we both feel that that period of time was more difficult for us than actually knowing morgan was dead. so, we have a response, we are desperate to find hannah graham so her family has some answers and we really want to keep the community aware. ask people for any tips or information, physical searches as well as -- >> right. >> -- the new awareness in morgan's case. if anyone has any information that might be useful to law enforcement, we are also asking for that. >> when you heard about the hannah graham case, did you immediately stop and think perhaps there is a connection to the murder of morgan? >> no. i thought it seemed very similar to morgan's situation. so the question of her being
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maybe somewhat impaired and someone just picking her up and trying to take care of her. but it really came to light to me about two weeks ago when i saw a picture of the sketch as compared to jesse compared to dreadlocks and weight gain. and at that time i said oh, my gosh, i think it's the same person. >> was his a name you heard before during the search for your daughter? and have police shared anything more? they said there's a forensic link between these two cases. have they shared anything with you that they haven't shared publicly? >> no, they haven't. virginia state police is notoriously and consistently closed mouth. they hold information very tight. and i understand their reason for it. it's been frustrating for us at times because we do want to know. but hopefully now that mr.
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matthew is back in custody, they have him and they'll have plenty of time to unravel kind of this snarl of information that's around him. i would like to appeal to him, to please give the family information where hannah is. we need to find hannah graham. it's vital. >> mr. harrington, in closing, obviously there is a certain tragic irony here that it may take the disappearance of another young lady to help you get answers in the murder of your own daughter. >> well, and we've worked over the last five years to raise awareness, to help save the next girl -- the need for safety and watching out for others as well as personal responsibility and it is sad. and we're sad that this has happened. and perhaps this is now a way for us to not have future events like this occur in central virginia. >> dan and jill harrington, mr.
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and mrs. harrington, thank you for your time this morning. >> thank you. >> thank you. god bless. there is more fallout this morning from that fire at a chicago area air traffic facility that led to the cancellation of thousands of flights. in the wake of the incident, the head of the faa is now ordering a full security review. nbc's kevin tibbles is at o'hare this morning. good morning. >> reporter: some are saying this act of sabotage is the biggest against the faa since 9/11 and they're asking how it could have happened. this is what it used to look like inside chicago center, one of the most vital air traffic control hubs. now empty, decimated by an act of sabotage to its computer system. >> most catastrophic event i've ever seen. this is synonymous with taking a drone and bombing the whole
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place out. >> reporter: today, five days later, many travel plans still in disarray. >> i want to go home. >> reporter: it will take at least two weeks to essentially rebuild chicago's center from the ground up. >> visualize 29 racks of computer equipment. that's what this system entails. 20 of these need to be replaced. >> reporter: suspect brian howard, a 36-year-old contract employee, appeared in court monday. the criminal complaint against howard points to a facebook post in which authorities say he said, quote, leaving you with a big mess. the faa chief told nbc's tom costello the agency is beefing up security nationwide. >> we've increased the patrols and number of personnel we have focused on security at all of our air traffic facilities. >> reporter: with more than 4,000 flights already canceled, some question why more security or supervision wasn't already in place. >> definitely a big wake-up call. we had one person on their
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lonesome doing work on very sensitive equipment. >> reporter: as for stranded travelers -- >> insurance is not going to cover it. they're not going to cover t we have to pick up all the expenses. >> reporter: many have had to spend hundreds of dollars and waste hours, if not days, simply trying to get to their destinations. and the global business travel association estimates the cost of just one missed or canceled flight per passenger is about $1,400 in lost productivity and expenses. just imagine the cost of 4,000 packed flights that have all been canceled. it will be in the hundreds of millions of dollars. guys, back to you. >> thank you very much. >> natalie is here, following a massive demonstration overseas. in hong kong, prodemocracy protesters spent another night block streets in an unprecedented show of disobedience, setting a wednesday deadline for response from the government to meet their demands for reform. ian williams is in hong kong
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with the very latest. good morning. >> reporter: it's evening here in hong kong. and the crowds are growing again on the fifth day of protests that are fast turning into the biggest challenge to beijing since the tianamen square protest. according to the resignation of the city's unpopular leader. the umbrella revolution, they're calling it. the canopies becoming a symbol of the protest. protecting against police tear gas and pepper spray. though today it was the heat they were fending off. the police have largely faded away. this past weekend response to largely peaceful protest seemed only to inflame the situation and gron drawn more crowds in support of the student. >> we just want democracy. >> reporter: protests have spread to several locations across the city, former british
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colony which enjoyed a high degree of autonomy. a massive stepping up of protests, aimed at paralyzing the heart of this city. natalie? >> ian williams in hong kong for us. thank you, ian. iraq says its military has taken back 16 villages east of baghdad from militants. more than 100 militants were killed in the fighting with the help of u.s.-led air strikes, the iraqi military was able to push isis militants back. walmart says tracy morgan is partially to blame for the injury injuries he suffered during a highway accident back in june. the company responded to a lawsuit filed by morgan and three others, saying the plaintiffs were not wearing seat belts when their limo was hit by a walmart truck. the crash killed morgan's friend, comedian james mcnair. the lawsuit claims walmart was at fault because it knew or
7:16 am
should have known that its truck driver had been awake for 24 hours before the crash. after a frightening ordeal at sea, a family is lucky to be on land this morning. a man clinging to a child in water while another man holds two more children on their overturned boat. this happened during a children's fishing tournament off sanibel island over the weekend. the family then battled the choppy waters for almost two hours until sanibel firefighters arrived. fortunately today everyone is okay. they might be cute and some kids may even consider them part of the family. let this story be a reminder to you that giant teddy bears do not qualify as a second passenger in the car pooling in case you needed reminding. a young woman got pulled out for speeding, in the car pool lane and had that big fuzzy passenger sitting shotgun. the woman was cited for speeding, driving illegally in a car pool lane and driving without insurance and the ticket
7:17 am
for that fuzzy bear companion, $818. >> that lady made a little boo boo. >> little boo boo bear. >> exactly. >> that's in honor of al roker. >> not being here. >> exactly. >> i was going to say. >> thank you, natalie. al is making his way overseas for his shine a light project, uso show for the troops with a little help from jay leno. so, dylan is here with a check of the forecast. >> we have some severe storms possible in the forecast. we saw some of our strongest storms in denver yesterday where we saw golf ball sized hail. this area of low pressure has that swirl, counterclockwise rotation right here. there's a big clash in temperatures. look how cool it is out across the great lakes. temperatures today will be well below average. down through kansas city, st. louis, temperatures running 10 degrees above average. that clash in air masses today will cause some storms,
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especially south dakota and into northeastern nebraska where we could end up with more hail and even an isolated tornado. that's a look at the weather across the country. your local forecast coming up in just 30 seconds. icoming up in just 30 seconds. scoming up in just 30 seconds. coming up in just 30 seconds. vivofit. gently reminds you to get moving. join the movement. good morn, i'm meetierologist bill henley. a foggy start for much of the area. showers will come to an end and a slight chance of a shower later today as clouds decreasing and temperature increasing into the 70s this afternoon. chance of showers this evening and again tomorrow. but by thursday, we're drying out with bright sunshine.
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a high of 75 degrees. a sunny start on friday and then clouds later on friday could see showers friday evening and it turns cooler this weekend. have a great day. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you very much. carson is talking about a penalty from monday night football game that's getting some attention. >> did you hear about this? the chiefs all over the patriots last night. 41-14. there's the moment everybody is talking about, the chief's safety right there. he has a pick six on tom brady. you saw him celebrate there. what he's doing is actually praying. he had a 15 yard penalty for that right there. the rules say that players are prohibited from engaging in celebration. people are all over this, saying that it's because he's a muslim. tim tebow gets a trademark, h s
7:20 am
husain gets a 15 yard penalty. >> nice seeing people recognize the absurdity. they talk to husain about this play and he didn't take any of the religious part of it to task. he said it's probably because he was excited and just slid. anyway, this moment had a lot of people talking. >> that seems to be a little bit of a contradiction there. >> you see the other pictures of people praising and thanking the person they believe in. >> i'm just upset that the patriots lost. >> let's go back to the real story. >> carson, thank you very much. college football coach under fire for his handling of a possible concussion during a game. school officials issuing an apology overnight. we'll have the latest on that. >> that's a real talker. plus, your first look inside, yes, george clooney's lavish italian wedding and his bride's stunning gown.
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contact mastercard concierge services or download our new app. because one more day is priceless. good morn, i'm vai sikahema. first alert forecast from meteorologist bill henley. just a little bit of everything today, bill. >> rain tapering off and clouds breaking in philadelphia, but the fog is thick north and west. a view from the country inn in the pocono mountain. coatsville and chester county and quakertown is down to zero visibility and allentown still seeing dense fog. meantime over center city, the clouds starting to break. clearing skies this morning and sunshine at noon and nice and dry and just a minimal chance of a shower popping up later this afternoon. >> thank you, bill. let's get a check on traffic at the 7:00 hour with jillian
7:27 am
mele. jill? >> huge delays on the blue route baltimore pike and southbound is just crawling along. an accident out there that just cleared in the last five minutes. so, as you can see, your drive time on the blue route southbound from 76 to 95 is 46 minutes. that is a huge delay. 95 northbound at highland avenue still crawling along right now all because of an earlier accident on the northbound side out near the commodore barry bridge. the auction for revel casino scheduled to open at 10:00 a.m. inside a new york law office. the auction started with a $90 million cash bid by florida developer glen sstraub. revel cost $2.4 billion to build. it closed and went bankrupt on september 2nd. you can always get the latest news and weather on back to "today" show. see you in about half an hour. guess what? the money we need to fund our schools lies right underneath your feet.
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that's right. down in the ground, pennsylvania has deep deposits of natural gas. but because of governor corbett, we're the only state in the country that doesn't make oil and gas companies pay an extraction tax. as governor, i'll make the gas companies pay up to help fund our schools for a change. tom wolf for governor. a fresh start for pennsylvania.
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we're back now, 7:30 on a tuesday morning, september 30th, 2014. lots of people on the plaza getting ready for a concert in our 8:30 half hour from lady antebellum. we'll check in with them in a little while f you're in the area, come on down. >> headlines we're following today. a congressional hearing is focusing on the secret service's handle i handling of the white house security as we learn that a man who jumped the fence earlier made it into the east room before he was subdued. disappearance of university virginia student hannah graham may be connected to the high-profile case of 2009, the
7:31 am
disappearance and death of 20-year-old morgan harrington. she vanished while attending a concert. a new forensic link to that previous investigation. and a patient showing signs of ebola is being kept in isolation pending test results from the cdc. officials say the person recently traveled to west africa. and coming up, joan lunden will help us kick off pink power week as we raise awareness in the fight against breast cancer. she'll share her very personal story of her own diagnosis and how she's feeling one week after surgery. plus, the dress revealed. we have your first look at photos from inside george clooney's wedding. all right. and a quick programming note. tomorrow on "today" we'll have an exclusive interview with now baseball legend derek jeter. it's his first interview since he retired from the game he loves. we're going to find out what he has planned next tomorrow on "today." let us begin this half hour with another story tied to sports that is making headlines.
7:32 am
university of michigan's head coach, the football coach, is defending a decision to allow his quarterback to return to the game after the player showed signs of a concussion. willie is here with the latest on that. good morning to you. >> matt, good morning. shane morris, that quarterback, was pulled out of saturday's game after he took a big hit and appeared wobbly on his feet. minutes later he was sent back into the game. that's the decision many are questioning and even calling for the coach's firing. >> for those of you who know or don't know, i would never put a kid in that situation. >> reporter: university of michigan coach braid ho can. e under fire and speak out monday over his decision to keep sophomore quarterback shane morris in the game after a devastating hit. >> under pressure again. throws. >> roughing the passer. defense on the 55. >> reporter: appearing dazed, wobbling and limping from a leg injury sustained earlier in the game, morris remained on the field for the next play. >> number seven is still in this game is appalling.
7:33 am
there he goes. it is appalling that he was left in on that play. >> reporter: morris is then replaced by a backup. but when that player's helmet is knocked off on the ensuing play, morris is sent back in. >> shane morris cannot be going back into this game. this is not good player management. >> reporter: the backlash was immediate. the #firehoke gaining popularity on twitter. monday, every question in hoke's weekly press conference was about the decision to keep morris in the game. >> guys play beat up every day. well, when he went like this to the trainer that he was fine, that tells you something. i don't make decisions who plays, who doesn't play as far as when there's injuries or if there's -- in particularly, if there were any head trauma or head injuries. >> i think it is reasonable to think that brady hoke may not have known how badly his quarterback was injured. i just think it begs the question as to if he didn't see it, why didn't somebody alert him to what was going on?
7:34 am
>> reporter: in a statement release this had morning, michigan's athletic director confirms morris did suffer a mild concussion and high ankle sprain in the game, adding in my judgment there was a serious lack of communication that led to confusion on the sideline. unfortunately, this confusion created a circumstance that was not in the best interest of one of our student athletes. i sincerely apologize for the mistakes that were made. >> university of michigan now plans to keep a medical professional up in the press box to help communicate injuries and protocol to the sidelines. they already had a neurologist on the sideline. but one note, unlike most head coaches, braid hoke does not wear a headset. some people think that could have been helpful in this situation. one other thing, this fire hoke hash tag, michigan is 2-3. they lost three games in september. a lot of that is about how poorly they're playing. >> and they got drilled at home. the announcers were all over this, just for the leg injury
7:35 am
alone, then he got the helmet to the head and they were saying get this kid out of there. >> it's not enough to say the player was waving me off. that's not the player's call. that's why you're there. >> willie, thanks. carson, are people talking about this online? >> yeah, they are, matt. you can see, who should decide when an athlete is sidelined due to the injury? 64% saying the coach. 36% the player. patrick writing in hoke needs to be fired. not because of the losses but because he put shane morris in danger. and player safety is more important. from bryan fisher, i believe hoke, that he would not play a concussed player. however it's the fault of him or the staff for not recognizing that morris should not be out there. #orange room if you would like to follow it. >> how much we've talked about concussions from peewee to nfl and the proper way to handle this. >> no question. let's get a check of the weather from dylan in for al. >> it's a little cloudy in the northeast today. we'll see a chance of a few
7:36 am
spotty showers. not a washout by any means. this frontal system is bringing most of the rain offshore. also a little bit unsettled across parts of central and northern florida right where that stationary front is. this area of low pressure is going to intensify a little bit overnight. we could see more showers and a lot of clouds in the northeast wednesday. those will be off and on scattered across the area. basically down through florida, where we will see most of our heavy rain. some of those downpours could end up reducing three to five inches of good morning. i'm meteorologist bill henley. a foggy, rainy start for most of the area and fog will disappear and showers come to an end and a slight chance of a shower later today as clouds are decreasing and the temperature increasing into the 70s this afternoon. chance of showers this evening and again tomorrow, but by thursday, we're drying out with bright sunshine. high of 75 degrees. a sunny start on friday and then clouds later on friday could see showers friday evening and then
7:37 am
it turns cooler this weekend. have a great day. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you very much. coming up on trending, are you looking for a job? one color that you should never wear in an interview. >> none of us are wearing the color but it's very close to our heart. and everyone is waiting for your first look at george clooney's intimate wedding album. plus what he is saying about his big day. there is more news, believe it or not, from that wedding after this. thank you for being my hero and my dad. military families are uniquely thankful for many things, the legacy of usaa auto insurance could be one of them. if you're a current or former military member or their family, get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life.
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7:42 am
saturday night. there were four speeches by loved ones and at the end, we're told, there was a lengthy kiss in front of the hundred or so enthusiastic guests and revealed for the first time this morning, the wedding dress. she looked stunning. a white, off-the-shoulder wedding dress complemented by a white bouquet. george clooney and amal alamuddin gazed into each other's eyes, the wedding dress being fitted. >> it's french laced and encrusted with pearls and diamante. it has a circular train, beautiful veil. it is a classic looking dress. >> marriage, clooney told "people" magazine feels pretty damn great. it looked fun, too. arrived by boat in a tuxedo.
7:43 am
alamuddin's mother told "people," george and amal radiated love all night. it was legendary. it turned amal, who likes to hang out in ripped jeans, in a fashion icon. she began the wedding in black and white dolce & gabbana. >> beautiful old hollywood type feel. >> changing for rehearsal dinner into a red gown by alexander mcqueen. after the ceremony -- >> you could see her fun side coming out. >> then for signing the wedding papers, a white pant suit by stella mccartney. >> she's absolutely stunning. an international lawyer, mul multilinguist. i think she will be a great role model for women. >> her best look was her radiant expression. i've never seen her smile like that. the bride's close friend, jay kim, told people. she has had that smile now for almost a year straight.
7:44 am
she really embraced the whole public side of being married to george clooney. this showbiz thing. what's terrific, too, that people are talking about how smart she is. that she is an acclaimed lawyer. you know, tamron, as a father of daughters, it's really cool that she gets to be a role model. tamron? >> keir, thank you very much. kate coyne is the executive director of "people" magazine. good morning. >> good morning. >> you have 25 pictures? >> in the magazine and additional ones will be available digitally. it is a full wedding album. >> the picture that everyone wants to see, the oscar de la renta dress. very traditional. what's the back story there? >> french lace dress that harkens back to the old school hollywood glamour that was the trademark of the wedding as a whole, jake kennedy's wedding dress in some ways. not flashy, showy or
7:45 am
particularly sexy. >> that off-the-shoulder. >> though everything she puts on is beautiful on her. hundreds of hours of work went into this dress. >> amal's husband, aka george clooney, what was the biggest surprises of the wedding? >> i think it was a really very formal affair, black tie, saturday night wedding, 170 guests. this was not necessarily something you would consider low key and yet what was surprising is when it all came together, it was very intimate. it was very warm. it was very relaxed. there was laughter. there was tears. there wasn't a lot of pomp and circumstance, despite the rather traditional vows, 30-minute ceremony. it was a really wonderful combination of old fashioned, old school and yet very, very intimate and personal. >> and what a contrast when you use the word intimate. 200 friends and family inside, great speeches, tears and
7:46 am
outside just paparazzi heaven. fans with sciencigns. and george embraced that. >> he's waving, laughing, smiling. he's a happy guy. he is every much the man in love. and it really shows. >> where will they live? >> they will live anywhere they want. >> yes, that's true. >> obviously, they will be based in london, keep their home in italy. they will have a home in california. i mean, this is not a family that is going to set down roots in just one location. >> you've covered george clooney for a long time. are you surprised how open he was with his love and embracing the spirit of this? >> this time last year, amal alamuddin wasn't even a name on our list. the fact that he went from that guy that even amal's best friend said in the toast was not known for being mr. commitment, madly in love, smiling for the world. nothing would surprise me anymore. >> kate coyne, thank you very much. you can see more pictures in
7:47 am
"people" on stand this is friday. on trending, how much do you tip at a restaurant when the service is bad? you won't believe what one couple left. next, have you found your name? carson is in the orange room next, have you found your name? carson is in the orange room with the grape soda ah! next, have you found your name? carson is in the orange room with the gracome on! let's hide in the attic. no. in the basement. why can't we just get in the running car? are you crazy? let's hide behind the chainsaws. smart. yeah. ok. if you're in a horror movie, you make poor decisions. it's what you do. this was a good idea. shhhh. be quiet. i'm being quiet. you're breathing on me! if you want to save fifteen percent or more on car insurance, you switch to geico. it's what you do. head for the cemetery! moisture without it hair falling flat? introducing dove oxygen moisture. it provides oxygen fused moisture. the moisture your hair needs with 95% more volume. dove oxygen moisture.
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7:52 am
nick writes in, this is how it looks when i'm trying to find my name on a coke bottle. you can still find some on ebay, $30, allison, for your name. there's definitely a fascination with sharing a name. if you want to share your name with us, write it on a card and we'll gather them up online. joan lunden is with us one [ telephone rings ] [ shirley ] edward jones. [ male announcer ] with nearly 7 million investors... oh hey, neill, how are you? [ male announcer ]'d expect us to have a highly skilled call center. kevin, neill holley's on line one. ok, great. [ male announcer ] and we do. it's how edward jones makes sense of investing.
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good morning, i'm vai sikhema. let's get our first alert forecast from meteorologist bill henley. >> we'll see the temperatures climb as the clouds start to break. clouds pulling away from cape may where there have been some showers. you can see the street is still damp, beach avenue this morning. the radar shows middle township seeing the rain come to an end while atlantic city, you're in the path of that wet weather and there's still some scattered showers in delaware and other parts of south jersey, as well. they will not, fortunately, last all day. >> thank you, bill. a few minutes before 8:00. let's get a check of the roads with jillian mele. good morning, jill? >> two separate accidents on 95 northbound one approaching cottman avenue and drive time nasty on 95 in both directions.
7:57 am
big delays there and also have delays for drivers in new jersey, 295 northbound at 541. two lanes blocked in that area, both on the left lanes. vai? autopsiesxñw÷ that could sh light in the death of sheridan and his wife, joyce. they were found in their home in somerset, new jersey. detectives and its arson task force are investigating. and convicted cop killer mumia abu-jamal will give a commencement speech to students at goddard college in vermont. he was convicted in the murder of daniel faulkner. the commencement remarks were prerecorded and will plbe playe this sunday. the students chose him as their commencement speaker. i'm vai sikahema we'll have the latest news and weather in 25 minutes. we'll see you in half an hour.
7:58 am
7:59 am
8:00 am
it's 8:00 on "today." coming up, joan lunden's emotional journey. >> it's like at a meteoric speed, you're propelled into the world of breast cancer. >> just one week after surgery, she opens up about her courageous battle with breast cancer and kicks off a very special series for us. plus tyler perry, the multitalented actor on his new high-profile film "gone girl" and his real-life role of dad-to-be. and flying high, lady antebellum joins us live on the plaza as they bring country to
8:01 am
the big city. "today," tuesday, september 30th, 2014. >> whoo! >> we're from alaska! >> hey there, 40, we're coming in hot. >> hey "today" show! >> we're back now 8:00 on a tuesday morning. it's the 30th day of september, 2014. we're out on the plaza for country music. i'm matt lauer, along with tamron hall, carson daly, dylan dreyer. savannah mentioned yesterday she will be back from maternity leave november 3rd. when is baby london coming to the show? >> soon. we'll definitely get her out there. can we hook that up? >> definitely. >> we were like face timing the
8:02 am
day after we gave birth, to the show. >> all right. >> good stuff. >> we have joan lunden here. >> absolutely. she's inside our studio. every person who has passed her, given her a hug, saying thank you for being brave and sharing your story. #pinkpower. we'll talk more about joan shortly. meanwhile, let's head inside to natalie for a check of the morning's top stories. >> good morning to you all once again. in the news this morning, tough questions on capitol hill for the head of the secret service as disturbing new details emerge about a white house intrusion this month. officials now say the man who jumped over the white house fence with a knife in his pocket overpowered a secret service agent and then made it all the way into the east room. much further than originally reported. the obamas were away on vacation. secret service chief julia pearson faces questions about a 2011 incident before her appointment where the agency was slow to respond to shots fired at the white house while
8:03 am
daughter sasha obama and her grandmother were apparently home at the time. the body of missing arkansas real estate agent beverly carter was found overnight in a shallow grave north of little rock. parolee aaron lewis admitted to kidnapping carter and gave police information that led to the discovery. he will be charged with capital murder. she had been missing since she went to show a home on wednesday. an emergency landing in dallas on tuesday after circling for nearly two hours. the plane was headed to baltimore. moments after taking off from dallas, the aircraft experience ed a tire problem. it circled the airport to burn off excess fuel but the plane was able to land safely. for the first time the american academy of pediatrics are recommending that students use iuds and other long-acting forms of contraceptives as their main form of birth control.
8:04 am
they discuss them with young patients before other contraceptives, saying the devices are safe, effective and easy to use. condom use is also recommended to reduce the effect of sexually transmitted diseases. how would you like to have the beatles for breakfast? a fab four feast. he layers the battle to create the pancake port rates of john, paul, george and ringo. a stack of those would be just the thing after a hard day's night, right? ba-dum-bum. >> hey, natalie. you're supposed to be in school. is this much better than school? >> yeah. >> we won't tell your teachers you're here. >> scattered showers and storms. lot of clouds right now. breaks of sunshine.
8:05 am
storms redevelop this afternoon and into this evening. temperatures will be hot and humid, topping out close to 90 degrees. it will be hot into parts of texas and the plains states. chilly, though. highs only in the 50s and 60s. back to the great lakes, we could see strong storms through the northern plains, south dako good morning, i am meteorologist bill henley. a foggy, rainey start for much of the area. fog will disappear, showers come to an end this morning. then a slight chance of a shower later today. clouds will be decreasing, pressure increasing. by thursday, we are drying out with bright sunshine. high of 75 degrees. sunny start friday, clouds later friday. could see showers friday evening, turns cooler this weekend. have a great day. >> and that's your latest forecast. >> dylan, thank you very much.
8:06 am
bad news, carson. up next on trending, the color to avoid on your next job interview. >> let me guess, it's orange? >> don't give it away. plus look who is in the orange room, the place to be. joan lunden will discuss her fight against breast cancer with us. also, tyler perry on his new movie. first these messages. we asked people a question,
8:07 am
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coming up on 8:10 now. it's time for what's trending "today" on a tuesday morning. first up, what do you do if you go to a restaurant and a bad experience? a lot of people tell people not to go there. >> bad review. >> complain. >> stiff the waiter maybe? >> some people. >> listen to what happened to one iowa couple. they were on their sixth anniversary. it was a special night. they waited 20 minutes for water. then they waited 40 minutes for their appetizer and their entre, that took more than an hour to come. guess how they reacted when the bill came? for a $66 meal, they left a -- >> that's a great idea. >> $100 tip. >> that's my move. kill them with kindness. >> the couple who met while working with waiters left a note for their overwhelmed server saying we've both been in your shoes. paying it forward. the photo of that receipt up to 1.5 million likes. it's not your fault. we understand what's happening.
8:11 am
here is a great tip. >> we've all been waiters. >> it's not like they're rude to you. everybody knew it wasn't their fault. >> not everybody has $100 to give. maybe stop and give them a handshake. >> or a note. >> if you're going to a job interview, you don't want to leave anything to chance. career builder asked employers what color can help you make a good impression? so here is what they said. black conveys leadership. blue makes you seem like a team player. green is supposed to be calming. putting your interviewer at ease and white, that makes you look organized. >> so you're asking what color should you avoid all together for an interview? i'm sorry to tell you -- first, brown is one color. people wearing that color apparently perceived to be stuffy. the biggest offender, though -- and it's sort of mixed on this. they say orange. >> what did you say?
8:12 am
>> why? >> your team is creative but they say it's the worst color. >> have you seen the orange room? it couldn't be more orange. >> that is very unprofessional. >> we just got the carpet replaced and it's a different shade of orange. >> the day you wear an orange suit -- >> when you wear an orange dress as a woman, people compliment you and say how bright and beautiful it looks. i don't buy that survey. >> you're fine if you go in looking like the orange room, you're in trouble if you go in looking like our orange couch. >> accessories with orange, fine. >> yeah. >> it's not the room. it's the outfit. orange suit from head to toe? it's a little much. >> it's a clown suit. >> exactly. from "dumb & dumber." now the teen who will go to any length or height to get the shot. from the tower here in new york, got more than 1,000 feet in the sky. >> the problem is that that building is still under
8:13 am
construction and off limits to the public. so police have arrested the teen charging him with reckless endangerment. >> catching the view. >> that's what's trending today. >> 8:13, we're back with our series "pink power," in honor of
8:14 am
breast cancer month, which begins tomorrow. joan lunden empowered other women fighting that disease and recently sat down with hoda to share her story. good morning. >> good morning, matt. such an insightful inspiration. her kids say it was the hero decision. i couldn't agree more. she was the face of "good morning america" for 17 years and now she's the face of courage. for nearly two decades from 1980 to 1997, millions tuned in to joan lunden. >> i'm joan lunden, from fair oaks, california, and this is my daughter, jamie. >> reporter: a beloved television personality and health advocate and fans have kept up with her growing family. she has three daughters from her first marriage. >> be good. >> and, with the help of a surrogate mother, has two sets of twins with with her current
8:15 am
husband, jeff coningsburg. >> this is not part of your homework, i hate to tell you. >> with the support of her family, joan lunden went public on june 24th. >> i heard those words that every woman fears and never wants to hear. you have breast cancer. >> reporter: i caught up with joan one week before her surgery at her home in connecticut. so, joan, when we heard the news, as the public, the audience that joan lunden had cancer, what was it like for you to hear those words? >> john why i thoug-- i don't k i thought i was exempt. i'm a health advocate. i guess i thought because it wasn't in my family history somehow i was exempt. >> were you religious about getting mammograms and being checked? >> yes. >> you were? her mammogram was clean but an ultrasound picked up the tumor. she had no symptoms before her diagnosis or a family history of cancer. so how did you get the news? >> the doctor, the radiologist,
8:16 am
she walked in and as soon as she walked in, i knew by her demeanor. >> you did? >> i knew by her demeanor. she just wasn't even looking at me. and she sat down and she said, you have breast cancer. >> well, i know you, because you're a journalist for many years. i know you probably wanted to get to business, like what do i need to do. >> yep. it was like at a meteoric speed, you're propelled into the world of breast cancer, because they don't know if they've caught it early or late. >> she had aggressive stage two triple negative breast cancer. she chose to do an experimental treatment, 12 rounds of toxic chemotherapy, then a lumpectomy. tell me about the outpouring, when you first announced it, what did you feel? what came to you from people who watched you for years? >> boy oh, boy. i did not know what was going to come down the pike. i mean, i got up the nerve to go on and say the words, i have
8:17 am
breast cancer. then it started. thousands and thousands of tweets, facebook messages, e-mails into my website of people saying, i'm praying for you. of people saying, you're strong. you're the strongest person i know. you're going to beat this. and then i would stop and say, oh, god, please let them be all right. am i really that strong? >> how was that so impactful? >> they really felt like they knew me and they were people -- i was in their living rooms and their bedrooms and their kitchens every day for 20 years. and i realized that thousands of people were taking the time to sit and say to me, i'm going to include you in my prayers, it totally changed my relationship with the viewing audience. >> you knew they loved you? >> yeah. >> sitting in your home with all your beautiful children. >> yeah. >> i mean, i can't imagine that
8:18 am
wasn't the first thing you thought, like oh, my gosh, my kids. >> you know, you think, i'm needed. you know, i have twins who are 9, twins who are 11. i have three grown girls in their 20s and 30s, but i feel just as needed by them. they're just getting married and having babies. it just gives you this much, much greater appreciation for life. and it's a shame that you have to go through something that almost takes life away to appreciate it more, but it certainly does do it to you. >> it sure does. joan is with us now, serving as a special correspondent for our "pink power" series. joan, hi! >> hi, guys. >> you got emotional just watching it. tell us how you're feeling. it was a week ago today that you spoke with matt and i about your surgery. you had the lumpectomy. how are you doing today? >> a week later, i'm very sore, but feeling quite well. the surgery went well. they got, you know, clean margins and nodes and things.
8:19 am
but there's still -- you know, it wasn't -- we didn't completely get rid of the entire tumor with the first round of chemo. so now we step back again. and this is the challenge of breast cancer. you wage a little war. and then you have to step back and say, so what do we need to do next? do we need to do more chemo? do we need to do radiation? you listen to all these opinions and the odds and then you have to make a decision. it's crazy. >> do you feel that you have to make that decision quickly? >> no. >> do you have the luxury -- >> no. >> -- of a little reflection on this? >> oh, yeah. i mean, we're going to sit. i have an appointment on friday with my oncologist. and she and my cancer surgeon. i mean, i've got a great team of doctors and it requires a team. you know, it's a very complicated battle, whether you're -- whatever kind of cancer you are battling and triple negative happens to be a little tougher to deal with than regular breast cancer and then,
8:20 am
of course, there's the women with metastatic breast cancer and any of us could, unfortunately, get to that stage. >> you have a great attitude, okay? i knew that from the minute i spoke with you to the time you got here in the studio. the hairdresser was fixing your wig and you said don't make it look like a wig. >> you know, sometimes you just want to give voice to other people. you want to put a face that says, all right, i'm going through this but i'm still me. and i think women are incredibly tied up in their hair and their hairstyle. 20 years ago, women didn't talk about this. in fact, women wouldn't go and get a breast exam because they were so afraid of losing their hair or losing their breast. and that's still going on today, but what's the alternative, matt? it's losing your life. >> you said something in that piece. you said people are coming up to you saying you're the bravest
8:21 am
person i know. you're a public figure. do you feel an overwhelming responsibility to be brave? is it okay to just be scared? >> yeah. and, listen -- i mean, i'm scared this week, you know, having to try to make this big decision about what do we do next. but at the same time, by being responsible, by assuming this role and trying to be a voice for women and trying to make a difference and to try to get women out there to realize that early detection is everything -- don't think that it's okay to wait another year for the mammogram. don't wait till you're 40, if you have a lot of it in your family. maybe you need to get it earlier. that is going to depend on your survival. and in a way, it makes the whole fight better because it turns it into something very meaningful. i mean, i'm going to have to deal with this. i mean, i was most upset because i washed my face sunday night and my eyebrows went away.
8:22 am
i'm like, right before the "today" show? really? really? >> i think you're -- you're going to be here all week. you're going to help a lot of people. >> i hope so. >> hoda helped a lot of people when she shared her story. we're looking forward to you being here. >> thank you. >> tomorrow is the start of breast cancer awareness month. we're turning the plaza and the orange room pink. if you're a survivor in the area, you're invited to join us. you can share your inspiring photos using the #pinkpower. we encourage you to do that. let's go over to tamron. >> thank you matt, hoda and joan. tyler perry is an accomplished writer, actor, producer and director and he has a key role in the highly anticipated movie "gone girl," playing a powerful defense attorney. >> of course i defend nick. just because this guy isn't walking around weeping doesn't mean he's not hurting. >> the hallmark of a sociopath is a lack of empathy. >> the truth is you have to be a sociopath to behave normally in this situation because it's the most abnormal situation. >> no, no. excuse me. tanner, tanner, are you trying to tell me that this photo is
8:23 am
remotely in the realm of acceptable behavior? >> i'm so sick of being picked apart by women. >> tyler perry is here with us. good to see you. this tanner bolt is nothing -- you're watching joan lunden's interview and you're like, how is she doing? you can't take your eyes off the screen with joan. she's a champion. >> i'm praying for her. >> you're playing a guy who could not be the most opposite of tyler perry. >> i said are you sure you've got the right guy? i thought, man, this guy is very johnnie cochran-ish, very cool and slick. but he's kind of sleazy. johnny wasn't sleazy. he is a smart and great attorney. i wanted to try my hand at it. >> this movie is going to be huge. solely based on the book. had you -- were you aware of the phenomenon? >> not at all. had i been, i probably would have passed on it. >> really?
8:24 am
>> i didn't want to step into this huge expectation, you've got to do it this way. but gillian, who wrote it, the book and the screenplay, and and david fincher. if you read the book, you're going to be very happy. if you haven't read the book you're going to be blown way by this movie. >> one of the most influential people in sbram. there entertainment. more doors were opened for minority directors once you broke through. hugely successful as a director. what tempts you to acting? >> it's a part of me expressing all sides of the artist. every part of me has a bit that wants to work and do some of those things. so, yeah, i enjoy it. >> the movie is phenomenal. full disclosure, tyler is my friend. do you want to discuss some news with the audience, tyler? >> what do you want to talk about, tamron? "gone girl" opens friday. >> and something else is coming very soon in a theater near you. in your home.
8:25 am
>> stop it. what do you want to ask me? >> you're glowing because you're going to be a dad. >> yes, and we're very, very happy. she's very excited. so am i. it's going to be very good. >> we've been talking about things that i -- i'm not a parent yet ooch. i want to be. i was scaring tyler, saying are you going to go to lamaze and you said -- >> yeah, lamaze is okay. delivery room, i don't know. pray for me on that. i don't know. >> your career has been a dream. >> yeah. >> are you going to be able to pause a bit for this next part of your journey? >> i already have, slowed down on film for a while and just working on television, which allows me to be home and slow things down, which is very important right now. >> you know that we just love you. i'm so happy. you have a glow. and i'll leave it at that, tyler perry. thank you so much. the real news "gone girl" opens friday. just ahead, lady
8:26 am
good morning, i am tracy davidson. let's get your first alert forecast from meteorologist bill henley. >> tracy, this is a live view from comcast center. there's plenty of fog north and west. zero visibility in quakertown and the poconos. it will take awhile for showers. showers in south jersey, slight chance later today. drying out, seeing more sunshine. 70 degrees. jillian mele is watching the roads. >> good morning to you. this is 76 westbound, crawling
8:27 am
at city avenue. a lot of delays there. westbound drive time almost 40 minutes from the vine to the blue route, following an accident, 295 northbound at route 541, exit 47. two left lanes are blocked in that area and heavy delay as drivers approach that scene. authorities in burlington county are trying to find out why an off duty officer shot a man in edge water park. police say the off duty officer that doesn't work for edge water park shot the man in the back. no word on the victim's condition. a court hearing scheduled today for three charged with beating a gay couple. they're charged with assault for the attack in center city, september 11, accused of using gay slurs and punching the victims. the attack left one victim with his mouth wired shut. another update in 25 minutes. i am tracy davidson.
8:30 am
>> it's the 30th day of september, 2013. we're standing in front of country music fans in the plaza. we've got lady antebellum up on stage and they'll be performing for us this half hour. >> we'll talk about the voice and blake shelton will perform for us live tomorrow.
8:31 am
a special guest in our studio again with us, former office star b.j.novak, targeting a much younger audience full of made up words and sounds. we can't wait to talk nonsense with him. >> he's a real bagundy face. >> what does that mean? >> i'm not sure. >> this morning we're very happy to share the world premiere sneak peek at his brand new music video. take a look. >> hey, guys, pharrell here. just want to say hello and thank you guys for allowing me to debut my new video "it girl" right here on the "today" show. ♪ ♪
8:32 am
>> catchy song. cool, different video. some of the anime there. >> kind of a little gwen stefani. >> whether in the studio doing it or putting on music videos like this with these images. >> he is such an artist. he has been to anime and dragged kanye west and people into that scene. >> "it girl" is the name of that one. oh, i should plug our show "the voice." they're building their teams of 12. check out pharrell and gwen stefani. >> our it girl this morning is dylan dreyer with a check of the weather. >> it's actually not that bad. it's cloudy but not raining. we could see spotty showers today. heavier chance of spotty showers up around the eastern great lakes and stronger storms through south dakota and nebraska where we could end up with hail and damaging wind
8:33 am
gusts. we could see an isolated tornado. but in the northeast, that's when the rain will move back in. temperatures about 70 degrees. we're still cool in chicago tomorrow, 72 degrees. we'll see scattered showers and stor good morning, i am meteorologist bill henley. a foggy, rainy start for much of the area. the fog will disappear, showers come to an end this morning. slight chance of a shower later today. clouds will be decreasing, temperature increasing into the 70s this afternoon. chance of showers this evening and again tomorrow. by thursday, we are drying out with bright sunshine. high of 75 degrees. sunny start friday, then clouds later friday. could see showers friday evening. then it turns cooler this weekend. have a great day. >> and that's your latest forecast. matt? >> b.j. novak from "the office," now turning his attention to a
8:34 am
book for kids "a book with no pictures." >> kids find it intrigue. what could possibly be in here? it's like when a kid sees an ipad. i know this is not supposed to be for me. what's in here? >> you want them to open this and be hooked by the power of words. >> yeah. >> what were the books that hooked you as a kid? big reader? >> always drawn to humor. dr. seuss, the monster at the end of the book, with grover? >> no. >> that's a great one. i like things that were imaginative and playful and let me share that with my parent where the parent would read to me and be funny. i like that bond of humor. >> sometimes people make the mistake, b.j., of thinking writing a children's book is easier. >> no. >> than writing a book for adults. i think it may be the other way around. >> it's harder and the brutal honest part of it is that i
8:35 am
would watch parents read this to their kids to make sure the book was easy for everyone to zblnds how did you find the focus group? >> my friends and cousins, i would boro family units a lot. >> you would tell them first? >> i wouldn't take them away. i would go to their house and say read this to your kids. and i would watch. the great and tricky thing about a kid, kids do not fake laughter. so they're laughing or they're not. when they do laugh it's like no other drug on the planet. >> you have words in here that are totally made up. >> of course. >> so i need some definitions. badungy face. >> it's an exclamation, matt. it's not an adjective or a noun. it's something that you would blurt out in a moment of distress. >> so if you dropped a drink on yourself, you might say -- ba-doongy face. that's my interpretation.
8:36 am
the grown-up is forced to read all these silly words and they could make them all their own. >> these are completely made up. blurph? >> whatever you want it to mean. >> a glurgr-ga-wocko? >> it would be a very silly experience for the kid. >> do you have a list of word that is haven't been included in this book that are going to be included in the follow-up book? >> i have a few that are waiting to be used, yeah. >> you're still acting. mindy project. >> yeah. >> how is that going? >> i enjoy it, yeah. what are you getting at? >> no, no, i'm saying do you find it hard to move from one show to another when you have so much success on one program? >> well, thank you, matt. i enjoy having a lot of variety. to me, it's all about expressions of the same thing.
8:37 am
trying to make people laugh and engage them, whether it's 4-year-olds or mindy and her friends on the set of the mindy project. whatever i do, it's really just every audience, i think what can i do to entertain them? will this work, will that work? it's sort of the great joy that i'm always seeking. >> i love watching part of your ensemble cast. whenever i you leave a show i always say the same thing. ba-doongy face. >> thank you, matt. hope we popularize that today. >> absolutely. "the book with no pictures." up next, a live concert on the plaza from lady antebellum. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:38 am
8:39 am
>> announcer: the toyota concert series on "today" is brought to you by the bold new camry. one bold new choice leads to
8:40 am
another. toyota, let's go places. >> lady antebellum is a seven-time grammy winning selling more than 11 million albums in the process. they are here to celebrate the release of their new and seventh album. ladies and gentlemen, lady antebellum. ♪ 8:00 on friday night, i'm still at home all my girls keep blowing up my phone they say come on, he ain't worth the pain what you got to do to forget his name now there's only one thing left for me to do check the mirror
8:41 am
one last time what i really need right now is a double shot of crown chase that disco ball around till i don't remember go until they cut me off wanna get a little lost in the noise in the lights ♪ ♪ hey bartender pour 'em hot tonight till the party and the music and the truth collide bring it till his memory fades away hey bartender ♪ ♪ tonight i'll let a stranger pull me on the floor spin me round and let him buy a couple more but before it goes too far i'll let him down easy cause tonight it's all about dancing with my girls to the dj put that song on replay ♪ ♪ what i'm really needing now
8:42 am
is a double shot of crown chase that disco ball around till i don't remember go until they cut me off wanna get a little lost in the noise in the lights ♪ ♪ hey bartender pour 'em hot tonight till the party and the music and the truth collide bring it till his memory fades away hey bartender ♪ ♪ i'm feeling that buzz i'm ready to rock ain't no way i'm gonna tell you to stop so pour that thing up to the top i'm coming in hot ♪ ♪ hey bartender ♪ ♪ what i'm really needing now is
8:43 am
a double shot of crown chase that disco ball around till i don't remember go until they cut me off want to get a little lost in the noise in the lights ♪ ♪ hey bartender pour 'em hot tonight till the party and the music and the truth collide sfwlnchts bring it till his memory fades away hey bartender hey bartender ♪ >> we'll have more music from lady antebellum straight ahead. first this is "today" on nbc.
8:44 am
8:45 am
8:46 am
all right. we're back with lady antebellum up on our stage with a brand new album called 747. lady antebellum is charles kelly, hilary scott and dave heywood. 747, i'm thinking airplanes. i'm thinking trains and automobiles. is that right? >> yes. we're on a lot of them. >> it's definitely our biggest sounding record we feel like we've made in a long time. >> you guys keep pushing it. you really do. you always talk about the fact that it's one thing to rest on your laurels and another thing to keep improving. >> we try. it helps being in a band we spur each other on and try to keep getting better. that's what this record is about. >> and "bartender" is a great song. it's a country break-up song. instead of bringing you down and making you feel sad, it makes you feel better. >> time to go out. >> exactly. >> time to go out and party. >> this girl taking the horns
8:47 am
over a heartbreak, taking control and getting over this if i. >> because the album is called 747, you guys have done something very special. you're going out and doing seven for seven. explain that to me. >> we're talking about ourselves so much and these fans, they're just so awesome. they show up every -- you know, every time for us. and so we thought what we would do each day for the seven days of the record launch, that we would surprise a fan. >> you want to continue that? go day two of seven for seven? >> absolutely. >> a fan here today, her name is katherine leventis. is she here? >> she's right there. >> will you come on up? >> me? >> come on! she's bringing her mike. >> hi, katherine. how are you? >> hi. >> nice to see you. who is your friend here? >> courtney. >> hi, courtney. nice to see you. now katherine and courtney, at
8:48 am
least katherine thinks they're here for a radio production. >> you nominated katherine for this because -- >> i know. >> we hear you just win the greatest best friend award and we know that you have been through so much in your life and you have taken, you know, the brunt of everything. you're putting yourself through school, being a good friend, being a beautiful woman on the inside and out and so we have a surprise for you. >> we wanted to help you today. we've got, on behalf of your university, american and international college, we set up a scholarship in your name to help pay for part of your nursing school. we know you're working so hard to put yourself through nursing school. >> you want to go to our show tonight? hang out with us tonight. >> yes. >> it will be fun. >> thank you so much. thank you. >> absolutely. >> i'm in shock. >> cool. thank you. i love you, too. and you are a tricky best friend. you really are. >> i'm so sorry. >> you're tricky.
8:49 am
>> are you okay with her? you're not mad at her or anything? >> we'll discuss later. >> what a nice thing you're doing for your fans. katherine and courtney, you guys come with me. we'll listen to more music now from lady antebellum. come over here. ♪ ♪ cause i ain't never gonna find another love to make me feel this way over and over and over we say that we're through
8:50 am
but i walk right back to you ♪ ♪ baby we're in for a long stretch of love. ♪ you mess me up you bring me down you make me feel alive you send my heart into overdrive every time you kill the lights ♪ ♪ over and over and over we play this game win or lose we'll never change ♪ ♪ there's a long stretch of love
8:51 am
comin down the line baby we're in for a long stretch of love ♪ ♪ over and over and over we play this game win or lose we'll never change there's a long stretch of love comin' down the line and baby you'll be mine coming right here beside you baby we're in for a long stretch of love ♪
8:52 am
♪ long stretch of love long stretch of love oh, baby ♪ ♪ i don't want to break this how can i walk away from this long stretch of love ♪ >> lady antebellum, thank you. they're back with another song later. if you want to catch more of their seven for seven surprises, they're posting the
8:53 am
guess what? the money we need to fund our schools lies right underneath your feet. that's right. down in the ground, pennsylvania has deep deposits of natural gas. but because of governor corbett, we're the only state in the country that doesn't make oil and gas companies pay an extraction tax. as governor, i'll make the gas companies pay up to help fund our schools for a change. tom wolf for governor. a fresh start for pennsylvania.
8:54 am
>> we're back here with cath sbrin courtney. two questions. have you stopped trembling and crying and have you forgiven your friend? >> i plan on crying on the way home, too. >> you deserve it. >> thank you so much. >> i'm so happy. this is great. like a love fest around here. let's check in with willard scott for some special birthdays. hey, willard. >> connecticut, a town loved by all. this is ruth dodo berk from lido beach in the great state of new york. 100 years old today. we love her. she says she likes a bloody mary in the morning and young friends
8:55 am
in the evening. good for her. this is rachell davis. she's an avid bowler. she loves to throw that 14-pin, whatever she wants to do. she's a bowler. how about an anniversary wish to margaret and james lowe, 75 years they've been married. york, pennsylvania. how about that? take a look at george tipton. isn't that a great -- fine old american name. he is from teaneck, new jersey, 100 years old today. that's it, new york. i miss you down here. you come see us and we'll have fun together. you are beautiful. >> all right, willard, thanks. >> quick reminder, everybody, this is the last day to nominate your child for the sprout network's kindest kid contest. you have until midnight. explain how your child is kind to others, the environment, animals, really anything. today is the last day for that. >> lot of kindness going on around here, still. how do you feel? >> i feel good. >> i love that you thought --
8:56 am
where is the mike that you thought was real? they thought this was a real mike. >> thank goodness it wasn't re good morning, i am tracy davidson. let's get your first alert forecast with meteorologist bill henley. >> you can see the view from the camera, in the distance, steam coming off the power plant. we will see the rest of the area clear out. there's thick fog north and
8:57 am
west, allentown, quaker town, zero visibility. excellent visibility in wilmington and philadelphia. showers in south jersey. those will be tapering off. stand by for sunshine there. temperatures climbing into the 70s. minimal chance of a shower later today. acme super markets the latest victim of a data breach. there were two separate incidents this summer. most recently between august and september. credit and debit card information may have been stolen, no personal information like social security numbers. this could impact the tri-state area and across the country. the auction for revel casino is going. it cost 2.4 billion to build. went into bankruptcy and closed september 2nd. ted greenberg will be at the auction today. convicted cop killer will give a commencement speech to students at goddard college in
8:58 am
vermont. he was convicted in the murder of police officer falkner. the commencement remarks were prerecorded, will be played this sunday. the students selected him as their commencement speaker. he attended and graduated from that school. i am tracy davidson. another update in 25 minutes. get the latest on back to the "today" show. thanks for watching! frds .
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8:59 am
theredelaware just like us. fire companies in the state of something went wrong with the new health care law that threatened to shut us all down, and then chris coons got involved. chris did one heck of a job. he got senators in both parties to see that there was a problem. they fixed it, so now volunteer fire companies can stay in service. most guys in washington just want to argue. but our chris coons got results. i'm chris coons and i approve this message. it's not easy to get things done in washington, but i'm working hard to find common ground.
9:00 am
putting on a show for the troops. cannot wait to see that. i've got to give one shout out here if i could. i sawed my hand over the weekend, everybody knows. >> over a bottle of bourbon.
9:01 am
>> it was. >> readily admit this part. >> isaac mizrahi has his own line of band-aids. >> he sell s band-aids? >> his own line. >> you need more than these little hearts. >> for a boo boo. >> not going to do it. >> he sent them over. >> what else did you get out of playing the victim part? >> i want to point out, it was not -- i'm protecting the innocent. >> okay. >> you won't name the name of -- >> people are mad at the bottle. i'm the moron. >> people are mad at the bottle? >> makers mark sent me a safety kit with goggles and gloves and all kinds of things. thank you for that, too. >> this is cute, though. >> aren't those cute? >> who are you wearing? >> isaac mizrahi. got to love that.
9:02 am
>> incredible. the news at the white house broke in "the washington post." guy jumps over the fence. we know all that. we are learning that he made his way much deeper in the white house than we were initially told. omar gonzalez, military veteran, entered the unlocked front door after darting across the front lawn, pushing past a guard inside we're learning now, turning left, past the stairs that lead to the family's residence. in other words, he had access to the residence, the stars that went up. he made it all the way to the east room where he was tackled by a heavily armed agent. if he made a couple of wrong turns he could have been in the residence. an alarm had been muted by the request of the white house staff. they said it was annoying, it was too loud. they turned that off. >> not a good idea. >> gonzalez, as you know, was carrying a knife had, a hatchet and ammunition in his car.
9:03 am
by the way, today secret service director julia pearson facing very tough questions up on capitol hill about the incident. you'll remember as well that the first family was not in the home, thank goodness. this report yesterday, we didn't know this a week ago. we thought he gets to the front door where he's stopped. no, he got in the front door, pushed past somebody and ran past the steps that go up to the place where the president, first lady and their two daughters sleep at night. >> that's the issue of transparency. that detail, we didn't need to wait how many days now, over a week or so to find out that detail. and that is, i think, what concerns people. that you're not getting the full story. of course, there has to be secrets in place to protect the first family. quite honestly, the first family and the staff who are there all the time. their lives are in swrepd as we jeopardy as well. that's not a short run. that's not just a hop, skip and a jump to get to where he went. >> throughout the residence there's secret service. so why did it take -- i guess he pushed past one agent and then
9:04 am
another one finally tackles him. >> they all have radios. >> here is a guy who had already been -- in july, he had previously been flagged. he was on their secret service list because he had been -- i guess he got a traffic violation outside in virginia. and apparently had weapons in his car, had a map -- >> map. >> -- of washington, d.c. with the white house circled inside a bible. here is somebody who clearly had intent to do something and was on their list, but yet he is running through the white house and nobody says "get the guy!" you know, take him down. >> that 2011 incident where shots were fired at the white house windows and the secret service didn't know about it until four days later. the reporting of all the layers that got through there, guards outside the fence. once you're inside the fence there's a guard in the booth. the dogs can be released. all a manner of things that could have happened. the fact that he could open the
9:05 am
front door which was unlocked. >> unlocked ? >> and simply push past a secret service agent and get that close to the president, it's terrifying. i hope there are huge overhauls coming. >> chris jansing reported on this since the beginning and she has interviewed a number of first ladies and that's the number one concern especially with children. my family is a target. i have children in this home. and you sign up for it, of course. but your children do not. >> right. >> and that's part of it. these hearings, to willie's point, huge and significant. hopefully something comes out of that. far from that, but still interesting to watch. you think you've heard everything about george clooney's wedding, the dress is made by alexander mcqueen. no. it's made by oscar de la renta. we're learning that today. "people" magazine. there were all these rumors that it may be "vogue" magazine. no "people" got the scoop. 25 pictures from inside amal and george clooney's wedding.
9:06 am
they say that the speeches were emotional, 200 people were there. everyone laughed and cried. they had a little hip-hop in honor of willie. >> me? >> yes, because you couldn't make the wedding. multiple clothing changes. spectacular. hollywood glamour. they kept it intimate despite all that craziness outside it was very intimate inside. >> amal's mom apparently during her speech said george we love you truly, deeply and sincerely. we enjoy your charm, wit, intelligent conversation and generosity. you are simply perfect. we all knew that. >> we knew that. >> "people" magazine report that is one of amal's friends pointed out that george clooney has had, you know, a past with the ladies. >> they went there? >> yeah, he was the bachelor of all bachelors. that is pretty much the girlfriend -- this is a warning to george clooney, don't mess
9:07 am
this up, buddy. >> i like it. i like it. cover of "the new york post," scene from a vogue photo shoot with amal at the fitting for her wedding dress. >> so "vogue" and "people," everybody has some stake on it. >> there you have it. all right. what time do you guys go to bed normally? we are kind of early birds. we have to get up early. >> 11:30, 12:00. >> too late. >> 11:30, 12:00? >> yes. >> that's way too late. >> i think i went to bed at 11:00 last night. >> i'm 9:00, put the kids to bed and try to get to bed at that time. apparently if you get one hour's sleep before midnight is worth two hours after midnight. >> i didn't know that. >> yeah. they say apparently if you have an hour of sleep before midnight it's like getting real deep sleep, better sleep. apparently sleep experts say perhaps not true. stanford university expert says it's a mistake actually to go to bed too early. maybe you're on to something here. they say the ideal bedtime
9:08 am
should be 10 to 15 minutes before you want to fall asleep. i'm one of those people, though, i watch the sleep if i can't fall asleep which then it makes it worse. >> yeah. >> if you're trying to sleep when your body is not ready to go to sleep yet it's like swimming upstream. it makes you more, as you would expect -- more stressed out. >> if i get into bed too early, i suddenly start thinking about everything i need to do. >> it makes it worse. >> yeah. i. >> i usually turn the clock around and don't look at it. if you want to be up at 7:30 and want to get, say, 7 1/2 hours of sleep, they recommend you go to sleep by 11:are 445. more than seven hours sleep would be amazing. >> i don't think i know anyone who says they get enough sleep. i mean no one. >> no. >> any occupation. >> no adult. >> no adult. >> best sleepers? 8-year-olds apparently. >> 8-year-olds? >> you want to sleep like an 8-year-old? >> no stress. >> not a care in the world.
9:09 am
>> somebody's going to set out my clothes. someone's going to feed me. >> until they have nightmares. >> you don't get in bed and just go to sleep. for me when i get in bed, that's the first quiet moment of the day. i return e-mails and read through a few things. >> i try not to. i do that earlier in the evening. i try to turn that over again and read a book. >> that's nice. is that's very smart. >> my mind needs to totally declutter and relax. >> i'm a virgo. yes, i believe in astrology. i'm a virgo. you'll get e-mails from people. why do you promote -- whatever. i believe in it. and i obsess over things to the point where i believe i'm always missing something. so i keep my phone -- if i go up to go to the bathroom or something i'll look in fear that i've missed something. i can't take my phone and completely detach. >> seem to have it within arms reach. >> fear of missing out.
9:10 am
>> she has phone problems. >> they say it's something that's out there. >> really? >> yeah. >> we should do a segment on that. >> fomo. what does your candy say about you? a list of candies, popular ones and a glimpse into our lives, much like astrology. >> there it is again. >> mini snickers, twix, almond joy, if those are your favorites, you clearly bought the giant assortment bag at one of the weekly target, costco -- >> that's what you give out at halloween. >> is that what that says? >> yeah. >> full-sized candy bars, you give out a full-sized candy bar, obviously money is no object. you hang out with willie, jay-z and beyonce. >> we're very close. >> werther's original. >> i like a werther's. >> it means you're 80. >> it lasts long. >> this is the one i take issue
9:11 am
with. mary jane. >> what are they? >> they taste like peanut butter. they're chewy. if you want give out mary jane's it means you're 90 years old. i disagree completely. >> a poor planner. >> what about quarters back in the day? when i run out of candy. >> apples, by the way, just don't even bother. seriously? just shut your porch light and watch tv. i agree with that. i don't like when people give out these snacks and then when they get -- the toothbrush and the floss? >> that's the dentist. >> turn your porch light off. see you at christmas. see you another time. >> these are our favorites. i do like to give out m & ms. >> snickers. >> do you like the plain or peanut? >> i like plain. >> i can't open this. >> why? oh, because your hand?
9:12 am
>> dylan dryer is in for al. >> does that mean there's twix over there? >> no, but that's a great one. >> that he the only candy that's not over there? >> or kit kat. >> i'm a jumbo mix of candy. i like that. our triggering mechanism to fire off showers and storms. we've got this warm front separating the really cool air up in chicago. it's 13 degrees below average. st. louis will be 10 degrees above average with a high of 86 degrees. it's right along this frontal boundary where we'll see some stormy weather. we could end up with hail, wind good morning, i am meteorologist bill henley. a foggy, rainy start for much of the area. the fog will disappear, showers come to an end this morning, then there's a slight chance of a shower later today. clouds are decreasing,
9:13 am
temperature increasing into the 70s this afternoon. chance of showers this evening and tomorrow. by thursday, we are drying out with bright sunshine. high of 75 degrees. sunny start friday, clouds later friday. could see showers friday evening. then it turns cooler this weekend. have a great day. >> and that's your latest forecast. guys? >> thanks, dylan. >> see you in a few minutes. husband under suspicion and the big screen thriller that has so many people excited this weekend. we'll talk to kim dickens, one of the stars of "gone girl." >> did she go somewhere? >> this is a bit here. empty chair. "gone girl." long way to go for a tease, but we did it. kim joins us after this. >> tv magic. let's show 'em what a breakfast with whole grain fiber can do. one coffee with room, one large mocha latte, medium macchiato, a light hot chocolate hold the whip, two espressos. make one a double. she's full and focused. [ barista ] i have two cappuccinos, one coffee with room, one large mocha latte, a medium macchiato, a light hot chocolate hold the whip, and two espressos -- one with a double shot. heh, heh. that's not the coffee talkin'.
9:14 am
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so what does 33% more look like? that looks like a lot of bathtubs. clorox. always a better value. that looks like a lot of bathtubs. sir, we're loaded and getting ready to go... ...we're going to need you on the runway. (vo) don't let a severe cold hold you back. sir? (vo) theraflu starts to get to work in your body in just 5 minutes. (vo) theraflu breaks you free from your worst cold and flu symptoms. (vo) theraflu. serious power. the millions of fans of book "gone girl" have had this weekend circled on the calendar for months. >> kim dickens plays the
9:17 am
detective. >> as you'll see she's not buying nick's story. >> you don't know what she does all did day, you don't know her friends and you don't know her blood type? >> maybe it's type o. >> where are her folks, new york? >> yeah. >> can they get into town in time for the press conference? >> i don't know. >> you haven't called your wife's parents? call them, nick, please, now. >> now, nick. >> good to see you. >> is it true you thought you weren't going to get this role? >> oh, yeah. >> what happened? >> i was working in new york and i had -- my agent called and said you have an audition on your one day off and it's an 18-page audition, which -- >> my gosh. >> that's a lot. >> you had to memorize 18 pages? >> you do the best you can. i hadn't read the book, didn't get a script or anything and i said i can't do that. he said it's a film.
9:18 am
i said there's no way i'm going to get that. i thought they would go with somebody really fancy. i started reading the material and fell in love with the detective. and i canceled my dinner plans and crammed and read the book like four times. >> that was in one day? wow! >> yeah, a day and a half. >> amazing. >> yours is such a critical role. she is building the case the entire time. >> yep. >> trying to find out who really did whatever that you're saying they did. not to give anything away. i'm a huge fan of the book and the movie. i saw it as well. did you worry at all about a lot of times when you have a book so popular coming into a project, then putting it to film? there's a lot of critics who then will pick it apart. >> yeah. i didn't worry about it then because i didn't -- i wasn't as familiar with the whole, you know, big popularity of the book. so, i didn't know enough to be worried and then once we finished it and it was about to come out, then i got worried.
9:19 am
>> then the job is done. >> then it's over. there's nothing i could do about it. then it's fincher's fault. >> we heard ben affleck say it yesterday. everybody said it's david fincher i had to do it. why is it so appealing? >> i'm a huge fan of his movies, you know. and now working with him, i know that he just is brilliant. he is a rare visionary. he really is. and it's so fun for an actor, because he is creating a whole frame. each frame is like a painting. it's like a composition. he works with movement. he works with, you know, lighting and everything and, of course, the nuances of all the characters. he knows them like he could play them himself. >> brilliant director like a brilliant actress. >> thank you. >> do you know what else is better? >> what? >> she went to vanderbilt. >> vanderbilt and bourbon. "gone girl" hits theaters this
9:20 am
friday. coming up next, all the news you need before you walk out the door this morning. [ female announcer ] we lowered her fever.
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9:24 am
it may have happened in more than a dozen states. michigan state is apologizing for the way the head football coach handled an injured player. late monday night the school's athletic director revealed that the sophomore did appear to have sustained a concussion. allowed to stay in the game after appearing wobbly, after taking a blow to the head. netflix is teaming with the weinstein company to release the sequel to "crouching tiger hidden dragon." and our first glimpse monday night of the newest member of the clinton family. new parents chelsea clinton and husband mark left the hospital
9:25 am
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9:26 am
good morning, i am chris cato. let's get the forecast with meteorologist bill henley. plenty of sunshine out there. >> some spots. some people are still dealing with fog, believe it or not. the poconos, that's the view from the 18th and woodlock. we are seeing sunshine in philadelphia, that's the melon bank building. watching the clouds pull away from the coastline, this is the view from the hotel in cape may where the showers have come to an end. showers in new jersey are pushing northeast, coming to an end in burlington county. parts of the area dealing with fog. zero visibility, in allentown
9:27 am
and quakertown, but won't last much longer. we have information about the shooting of a police officer. an officer came home to find a man stealing his pickup truck. sources say when the officer approached, the thief put the truck in reverse, tried to run over him. he shot and hit him in the back. the officer was not hurt. no word on the suspect's condition. autopsies planned for later today for the ceo john sheridan and his wife joyce. they were found dead after a fire in their home. the fire was contained to the bedroom. detectives from somerset prosecutor's office and taskforce are investigating. they removed several pieces of evidence during a search of the home. i am chris cato. another update in 25 minutes. get the latest news and weather at
9:28 am
now we go back to the "today" show. have a great tuesday.
9:29 am
9:30 am
september 30g9. the last day of september. >> wow, already. >> i'm willie. this is natalie, tamron. you all know that. al is on his way to the middle east for his shine a light project with our troops and the uso. can't wait to see it. >> can't wait! >> jay leno, craig robinson, great group of comedians. we'll check in with al as he makes his way. so many of us grew up watching saturday morning cartoons, smurfs, a tradition that may be over. the cw became the last broadcast television network to cut saturday morning cartoons. cw is replacing cartoons with a
9:31 am
five-hour block of tv geared toward teens and families. it's just at the network level. if you want cartoons, you can get cartoons. >> cartoon network. >> all night. >> nick, nick jr. it's kind of on the network, which was a tradition before everyone had cable. >> we never used to have those kind of channels. >> what was your favorite? >> i loved scooby-doo. how about you? >> josie and the pussycats. girl power. they loved to sing. >> rockin' out fits. >> yeah, they did. the leopard. that was in back then. see? i still have that out fit. i have it now. >> how about you, tamron? >> scooby-doo. i loved that little scappy. >> scrappy-doo. >> and i love that my nieces, who are 8 and 4, they love scooby-doo. this version of it, when it comes on, they go crazy. they love that.
9:32 am
>> it's across all generations. >> even though it's like come on, there's always a guy wearing a mask. seriously? >> if it wasn't for those meddling kids. >> pull off the mask. for real. >> we want to hear your favorite saturday morning cartoon. #today's take. >> i'll be evaluating what you say. >> 8:00 am, it was muppet babies. >> they were so cute. >> weren't they so cute? little gonzo and little everybody. kept me busy on a saturday morning, 8:00 am. we are going to see a chance of stronger storms back through south dakota and nebraska. we could end up seeing perhaps some isolated tornadoes, hail possible. and we're also looking at the chances of heavier downpours. we're also going to see heavier downpours through parts of florida where some areas near orlando could end up with three to five inches of rain. it's a little unsettled today. tomorrow that will shift further in the northeast. it's not a washout in the
9:33 am
midatlantic. we are still looking at the chance of scattered showers from areas of virgina new england. we'll see that area of severe weather expand from nebraska down into kansas and also into parts of oklahoma where we could see our strongest storms . good morning. i am meteorologist bill henley. a foggy, rainy start for much of the area. showers come to an end later this morning. then later again today. chance of showers this evening, and again tomorrow. by thursday, we are drying out with bright sunshine, high of 75 degrees. a sunny start friday, then clouds later friday, could see showers friday evening, then it turns cooler this weekend. have a great day. >> and that's your latest forecast. guys? >> dylan, thanks a lot. >> more than 15,000 adolescents
9:34 am
and children in the u.s. are diagnosed with cancer. >> and natalie just celebrated her fifth birthday. her story is being featured in "parents" magazine. >> we talk about their journey starting with the day that natalie was diagnosed. >> i saw a small team of people approaching, one with tears in her eyes, an oncologist told me the news. your daughter has leukemia. after that, i couldn't hear anything. i couldn't speak. natalie started blood platelet and plasma transfusions right away and surgery was scheduled for the following day to insert a port in her chest to start administering the chemotherapy. this is natalie at 3 years old, helping to draw her own blood. many times people say to me, it's a good thing natalie is so little. she won't remember any of this. she'll probably only remember the good parts like getting the gifts. but i don't want natalie to forget some of the difficult
9:35 am
moments, with the port in her chest and her tubing or how the treatment made her stomach protrude to the point where she was uncomfortable wearing shirts. whenever she's struggling later in life i want her to look back and remember so she can get through anything. having a child with cancer changes you forever. you look at the simple moments and really do appreciate them more. natalie was high risk and we're finally almost out of the woods but too many families are less fortunate. i want all children, including natalie, to be able to climb trees until they can climb them with their own kids. >> little natalie is here with her parents, andrea and dan and her sister, hannah. also with us is dr. ann riley, from the children's hospital of philadelphia. good morning. >> thanks for having us. >> little natalie. love your name. happy birthday. i heard you just turned 5. did you have a nice birthday? >> yeah. >> yes? hannah, tell me about the birthday party.
9:36 am
what was that like for your sister? >> my sister, she wanted to go bowling. we went bowling. >> did you get any strikes, spares, anything like that? >> daddy. >> dad did? >> there you go. >> that's good. >> and my mom got a strike. >> oh, okay, cool. dad, how is natalie doing? >> she's doing well. we're getting to the very end of her maintenance phase. so she has been through a lot the past few years but is finally coming out on the other side and is doing very well. >> andrea as you sit here and look at your family and the odds and what you've overcome -- >> right. >> how do you keep going? was that the spirit? >> i mean, just witnessing what we've witnessed, being in the childhood cancer community, those kids alone are what keep you going and the fact that we are one of the fortunate families that she is doing so well and had a good prognosis. and i think that's why we do so much we do today is for those
9:37 am
kids who do not and the family whose can't do it themselves as well. >> you really say, i think -- you call yourselves a mom-cologist. you have to do it all to help keep your family together. but at the same time think about the other kid whose suffer the same fate. dr. riley, we talk about pediatric cancer, it's the leading disease killer of children. yet funding is so low for research. why? >> well, i think that there are so many adults that get cancer that a lot of the funding is diverted to the adults. nih, national institutes of health, fund a lot of the cancer institutes in this country and farm s pharmaceutical companies fund the research. >> you've been such a good big sister for your sister natalie and now i hear you're doing something very special at the end of this month. what are you going to do?
9:38 am
>> i'm shaving my head. >> wow, hannah. >> gorgeous red hair. >> why do you want to do that? >> this is one of the ways i can help kids with cancer and inspire them to be brave during their treatment. >> dan, she came up with that idea on her own? >> all on her own. i wasn't very excited about it at first but andrea and i talked a lot about it. when hannah came up with the idea and she was very persistent about it, very passionate about it, it's very difficult as a parent to say no to your kid when they feel so strongly about something. >> what a brave thing you're going to do for your sister and you, too. i see how much you love each other. >> can i get a hug, too? scoot over, dad. you get them all the time. can i get a hug? >> what a great family you have. >> and willie? let's go say hi to willie. say what's up, willie? >> hugs for everyone here. thank you so much, dr. riley, hannah and an drdrea and dan. thank you all for being here. >> thank you so much. >> for more on natalie's story and the way you can help fight
9:39 am
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become a problem for people like me. i've told you before people call me ashy simpson. get it? ashy. it's a headache all around for me. a few of you have tweeted me telling me what you use. i'll share some of my favorites. you can make your own. on facebook we asked for your body scrub secrets and got a lot of responses. tara says i use coffee grounds as a face and body scrub and jamie says i use baking soda and coconut oil to wash my face every day. peppermint tea, sea salt scrub. must open the tea bag and mix in the salt. thank you so much for sharing those ideas. i brought in an expert to give us even more advice this morning. behind the beauty brand of one of my all time favorites, carol's daughter. i lv yoove your story. you built this ground -- this company from the ground up. >> yes. >> looking for a way to put your
9:44 am
creative process into action. >> absolutely, working in my kitchen. >> i'm going to put down my ipad here. this is one of my favorites right now called flake away. it smells delicious. >> it does. >> doesn't it smell good? i don't know. i use that once a week. and then my skin specialist recommend recommended lactin. you can buy it over the counter. consult with your doctor before mixing up your own products. you keep it natural, right? >> yes. i have a basic body scrub. cane sugar in the bowl. we're going to add sea salt. the recipes are available on your website. we've got lemon juice. the salt and the sugar are going to exfoliate your skin. lemon, vanilla extract. >> this is how you started carol's daughter? >> absolutely. >> she would go to the marnkets and find natural products to
9:45 am
make your own skin scrub. >> you mix this together. we have almond oil to use as a moisturizer. you can put that right over the bowl. >> that bowl? >> this bowl. >> you can actually eat this. it's so natural. >> you could but -- >> wouldn't recommend it? >> it probably wouldn't taste so good. put this together. jar it up yourselves. that's your body scrub. >> yes. >> people have obviously noticed i've started exfoliating. at least once a day somebody e-mails about my legs and asks why they're so shiny. this is why. i promise you. >> coconut oil, almond oil, fresh rosemary, lime juice and lime zest. give it a whirl. >> right. >> put it in there? >> we'll put it in the bowl and add the baking soda. >> jar them up, give them out as gifts for people. the recipes for the scrub will be online lisa, thank you so much. be online lisa, thank you so much. up next, lady
9:46 am
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9:50 am
♪ ♪ all the parties on the streets are talking storefront mannequins sleeping in lights we used to smoke while we were jaywalking like it was your birthday every other saturday night knew the bands so we never paid our cover wrote our names on the bathroom tiles we never dressed to impress all the others they would let us in our laid back kind of style but boy you know it's been a while ♪ ♪ i don't know why you don't take me downtown like you got
9:51 am
anywhere better to be talk it up and give me the go round round like a good time tease i'm only counting on your cancellation when i should be counting on you at my door did you forget about how we went around i don't know why you don't take me downtown anymore oh, anymore ♪ ♪ i got some platforms sitting in the corner they wanna stroll on a city sidewalk i got a dress that will show a little uh-uh but you ain't gettin' uh n huchlt h if you don't come pick me up show me off you might be tired but i'm not ♪ ♪ and i don't know why you don't take me downtown like you got anywhere better to be talk it up and give me the go round round like a good time tease i'm only counting on your cancellation when i should be counting on you at my door did you forget about how we went around i don't know why you don't take me downtown anymore ♪
9:52 am
♪ ♪ i don't know why you don't take me downtown like you got anywhere better to be talk it up and give me the go round round like a good time tease i'm only counting on your cancellation when i should be counting on you at my door did you forget about how we went around i don't know why you don't take me downtown anymore ♪ ♪ oh, anymore yeah i don't know why you don't take me downtown i don't know why you don't take
9:53 am
me downtown anymore i just don't get it ♪ >> lady antebellum, thank you. the new album is 747.
9:54 am
9:55 am
stop talking. >> hello, everybody. >> hi, ladies. >> rita wilson. >> oh, my gosh. >> amy grant and lou manfredini. ♪ he's got a name that rhymes with ♪ >> you're going to ha
9:56 am
good morning, i am vai sikahema. let's get the forecast from meteorologist bill henley. warming up nicely out there. >> showers are ending, fog disappearing. sunshine is taking temperatures higher. it is a nice, sunny view of center city. it is 70 in wilmington, 71 in philadelphia, northeast philadelphia, and climbing. we will be in the upper 70s this afternoon. bright sunny skies during the
9:57 am
day, but there is a slight chance we will see clouds building later in the day. >> bill, thank you. frontier airlines is expanding service from philadelphia international airport. the announcement was made just a short time ago. starting december 20th, low cost carrier will add three new destinations, miami, orlando, tampa. on december 21st, will add cancun, mexico, atlanta, charlotte, and chicago added in the spring of 2015. frontier said today only, some destinations are on sale for $15 one way. the option for revel casino scheduled to resume at 10:00 a.m., in a few minutes, at a new york law office. the auction started with a $90 million cash bid by florida developer. revel cost 2.4 billion to build, went bankrupt and closed september 2nd. the jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg will be at the auction today. we will have another update in 25 minutes.
9:58 am
get the latest news and weather on we will send you back to the "today" show. we will see you in about a half hour.
9:59 am
10:00 am
from nbc news, this is "today" with kathie lee gifford and hoda kotb, live from studio 1a in rockefeller plaza. >> hey, everybody. we're so happy you're here with us today for boozeay tuesday, september 30th. all good things come to an end. last day of september. >> oh, my gosh. it is. >> i know. >> all right, fall's here. we had the best most spectacular sparkly september ever. >> gorgeous. >> it's been awesome. >> and great guests today, rita wilson. we know her as a terrific actress but she's also a terrific singer. take a listen. ♪ there ain't nobody like me ♪
10:01 am
>> good for had her. . >> i love that one, what is that one? please come to boston -- that one. i love it. amy grant is going to sing today. >> a beautiful new song she just wrote, with the profits to go to breast cancer research. and elizabeth smart has been with us before when her book first came out. she's got a new chapter of her life to tell us about. the book is in paperback now. >> the way that she has returned to life and started her own life after the harrowing experience she was -- she went through. >> miraculous. >> amazing. and also lou manfredini here. the party continues. >> yes. >> so on the cover of the post, "the new york post," we wonder about the wedding dress yesterday. this is it. >> gorgeous. >> she looks so -- >> she is the absolute epitome of elegance.
10:02 am
>> oscar de la renta in the picture. >> he's the nicest man. >> is he? >> i met him a couple of times, years ago, so sweet. >> what a great pic. >> it is going to be -- i think that is the real deal, that relationship. >> i do too. >> i don't think they got married for any other reason but the old-fashioned one, they just fell wildly in love with each other. >> i think it is so exciting. >> i love that. her dress is oscar de la renta. i'm waiting for the knockoffs of all of her clothes to come out. all her dresses. >> every one. >> why can't we get it cheaper? >> i'm sure it is already in the works. i want to explain to everybody now, if i act more weirdly than i normally do, i have what is known as a floater. i know you guys had it on your rum, but this is not that kind. this morning i felt what is that on my eye, went to the internet because somebody i know can do that. and there is all kinds of reasons for are it, but -- >> it left a little thing on your eye. >> it floats around and -- >> do you see it? >> i see it.
10:03 am
it is floating. that's why it is called a floater. >> can i see it? >> no. >> look at me. >> it is not visible -- i have the cutest ophthalmologist in the whole world. >> you do? >> oh, my gosh. an excuse to go visit him again. he's adorable. can you get that for me, please. christopher star. i might have to go see him. they say it is accompanied by flashes of light, your retina is detaching. so i'll let you know in the course of the show -- >> that would be an inconvenient truth right now. >> aretha franklin, the queen of soul, has done her version of adele's song -- >> a cover. >> "rolling in the deep". okay. this is aretha's audio version. >> a portion of it. ♪ could have had it all rolling in the deep ♪ ♪ you had my heart
10:04 am
and soul in your hand ♪ ♪ but you -- >> then she did something else. this is crazy. then she added into rolling in the deep, ain't no mountain high enough to the chorus. ♪ ain't no mountain high enough ♪ ♪ ain't no valley low enough ♪ ♪ ain't no river wide enough ♪ ♪ to keep me from getting to you ♪ >> that is good music. >> good, good. her album is called "aretha franklin great diva classics," features some of those covers. >> i like when someone like her sings some covers. >> she does bring a completely different take to it. >> the voice was on last night. it is getting awesome, by the way. pharrell and gwen stefani, great choices for judges.
10:05 am
we'll show two of the singers and we're going to decide who -- what judge they picked. >> okay. >> okay. so here are the two of them. one is a 25-year-old blind man named blessing offor. the other is 19-year-old miae e if furman. ♪ we can make it if we try ♪ ♪ just the two of us just the two of us ♪ ♪ building castles in the sky ♪ ♪ just the two of us you and i ♪ ♪ unconditional unconditional unconditional unconditionally ♪ >> 19, you said? >> i think she's 19. >> both of those had all four judges do the spin. >> okay. >> so for the first guy, i -- >> i would say pharrell, but i don't know. >> i'm going to go with adam on the first guy.
10:06 am
and the girl, who do you think she chose? gwen? >> yes. >> gwen. so blessing chose pharrell, you were right. and mia chose adam. >> interesting. >> all right, good. >> there you have it. >> i don't want to do that one. >> okay. >> you want to? go ahead? >> i don't remember all the things. no. i don't want to do it. >> first of all, i do want to tell everybody that yesterday we were talking about the great, great success of hold whyda's s light project. literally how many -- >> we have 830,000 plays. sarah bareilles and cyndi lauper matched up and the kids from chop are the heroes of it, children's hospital of philly. >> i made a plea yesterday on the air to a friend of ours named jonathan tisch. >> right. >> i wanted him, because he's one of the most philanthropic people and he's also one of the richest in new york, and one of
10:07 am
the nicest guys in the world, guess what, he's on the phone and he has news for you, hoda. >> okay. >> hey, john, how are you? >> good morning, ladies. >> good morning. >> how are we? >> we are great. were you watching yesterday, john? >> i was watching later in the day when it was brought to my attention that you totally made me look like i needed to do this with my wife. >> we shamed you into it. >> on the air, kath just basically shouted john tisch out and said give some money and she was doing these hand motions, you got it. >> sadly, it is your own fault, you have a reputation of being one of the most philanthropic people in the city. >> back about three days, my wife and i were traveling and hoda sent an e-mail with the link to the video. i finally got a chance to watch it. sarah bareilles, cyndi lauper, those children who are just remarkable, and so leive and i
10:08 am
talked about it and we're contributing $25,000. >> which puts you over the $300,000. thank you so much. >> john, thank you so much. thanks to lizzie too. wow. what a sweet thing. thank you, guys. >> the video speaks for itself and to see those children's faces and to know that your work, hoda, is going to benefit their lives and enrich their lives during a very difficult time, it really speaks volumes about who you are. >> speaks volumes about you too, john. mine is coming up are for the salvation army in a month. >> to donate, if you want to help out, >> thank you for that, by the way. >> i knew he would. he's one of the best. we had one date once. >> i know. >> one date once. >> they went on a date and you know who kath invited on the date with you and john? frank. >> she invited frank.
10:09 am
>> me and john tisch. could have been me. we have shoutouts. >> or could you care less? do you want everything perfect or could you care less? go to take our quiz, courtesy of psychologist elizabeth lombardo and she'll be here with results on thursday. >> you make a joke, hoda, about not carrying about, but you cared so much about this video, you were involved with every single aspect because you care. >> that's true. >> another shoutout to -- >> okay. >> shoutout -- >> chloe. >> going to be here to cook for us and we want your help choosing the recipe. go to and vote as well for the dish you want to see her make. all right? >> i want to see lissette for one second. >> come over here and model the pants. >> we're crazy about the pants that work on everybody.
10:10 am
they're called lissette pants and guess who came? >> lissette. they're unbelievable. they look good on everybody. >> everybody. >> the most comfy pants in the world. >> i live in them. >> and no pocket, no zippers, no buttons, they just come up. >> they're dream pants. >> thank you for coming to see us. >> thank you. >> coming up, he can make things combust while he busts a move. the dancing scientist. >> and we'll be grooving to a different beat, actress and ♪ ♪
10:11 am
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10:14 am
now time to dig into jill's shopping bag for unique ways to save and cherish all the summer photos. >> you know the ones from the beach, family vacation, backyard barbecues. instead of putting them in an album. >> who does that? >> why not put them on display with creative ideas from "today" contributor and author, jill martin. >> hi, everybody. >> you're going to help everybody because we have all got them. >> we all keep photos and there is not a nicer gift than sending something beautiful with a photo. i hope you can see this. this is something i learned on imovie, you can get it on android. it is very easy. i'm just going to show, i did this ten minutes before air when i was talking to you for pictures. all you did is press it. logon. it tells you how to do it. i pressed group, i go to my camera roll and i'll put in a picture of -- okay, the kitchen. then press play.
10:15 am
just watch. i'm showing this, it gives you the music, i put in bambino blake productions. jill martin presents. it moves it for you. >> that's amazing. >> it took me ten minutes to do. >> ten minutes before air. that's what you're talking about. >> it moves the pictures for you. tells you how to do it. you put it in and you can instantly e-mail it to somebody, with the music. >> with the music. >> imovie. >> all right. i like it. >> next, postcards, it is nice for people to get them. now you can go on your phone,, it can be an announcement, invite, postcard. here's blake. see everybody here. you press it and they send the postcard or the invite for you, from your phone. >> so you write what you want on it? >> exactly. and the picture. and they put your address on the
10:16 am
back and zip it out for you with a stamp. >> unbelievable. >> can do anything. >> there is an app, it is free, just pay to print, this is the favorite picture of my dad, you send it into cvs, they print it out for you and you pick it up on the same day. mint, $24, the city where you are, where you're from or where you travel. here is han why anah and ella. >> look at my mom. >> isn't that great? >> look at cas. >> aw. >> these are huge. >> this is wallpaper for a room. >> oh, my gosh. >> it comes like this. you put it in water and it becomes this. >> i love that picture of you and cas. >> isn't that great? worldwide >> we're just looking at ourselves. >> then you can also get these decals, they peel right off and
10:17 am
put them right on and they don't -- it doesn't damage the wall. if you want to put these, this is my little -- >> don't you look pretty there? >> okay. >> $4 to $35, image, all different size tiles. you can line the kitchen with them. they come in matte or glossy. >> awesome. great. >> isn't that a great picture? and here -- >> my favorite picture. >> if you want to eat your favorite photo, look what a great gift these are. >> we do want to eat our favorite photo. >> yes, we do. >> $48, >> awesome. >> jill, perfect, thank you. >> love, love. from survivor to advocate, elizabeth smart shares part of her story, the part you haven't heard. her new music will make you feel good and do some good too. >> amy grant performs a song close dove invited women to a makeover with a difference. hi ma'am hi would you like to have a free makeover? yeah, why not?
10:18 am
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10:21 am
it's been 12 years since a then 14-year-old elizabeth mart are was kidnapped from her own bed at knife point and subjected to unimaginable abuse for nine months before being rescued. >> and she puts the pieces of her life back together, elizabeth wrote a memoir called "my story "and now it is out in paperback with an all new chapter of elizabeth's life. >> hi again. >> last time we saw you, you had just gotten married and you were just back into life in utah and you seemed full of joy. please tell us that's still the case. >> yes. life is great. couldn't be better. >> now, assimilating back into life, i mean, i know that that must have been a delicate process, and a slow process. but do you feel like -- do you feel you're all the way assimilated into everyday life again? do you have flashbacks and things? >> no, i'm very happy right now. i'm in a great place. i certainly think that life is a journey and i hope tomorrow i'm
10:22 am
better than i am today and i hope next year i'm better than i am this year. i hope i never stop progressing and never stop getting better. >> what has kept you from becoming a bitter person? young girl, 14 years old, that you had to endure that for all those months. a lot of people would be angry at the world, angry at god, angry at everybody. why aren't you angry, elizabeth? >> i really feel like you either do go down that path of anger, or you go down the other path of gratitude and, for me, i mean, it would have been easy to go down that angry path, but as i've been able to move forward with my life and as i've been able to experience more, i've seen over and over and over how many people cared, how many people searched for me, how many people want goodness in the world. as many terrible things we see on the news all the time, there is that many more people out there that are good. >> some people talk through
10:23 am
their pain a lot, and talk over it over the years and some people carry it. some people just kind of put it in a place and carry it. did you deal with and untangle all the emotions or did you say to yourself, okay, this is something i'm going to have with me, i'll put it aside, an push forward with my life? >> i thought a lot about that question actually and i really feel like as i was kidnapped and as things happened that i dealt with it as they happened, that i went through a mental process as things were happening to me. and, first, yeah, a lot of it was this is so terrible, i'm just so worthless, i'm disgusting, but then i would sort of refind myself in real life, no, i'm still a good person, like, i didn't choose this, this was not something i asked for, and then i was able to move forward and so once i got home, i mean, i was just ready to have all of the experiences that i had missed out on, all the experiences that i thought i would never have. >> i thought it was interesting that your now husband didn't know the story.
10:24 am
he didn't know that about you. was that sort of refreshing in a way, he didn't know your shadows? >> a go wod way to put it. >> it was good to know he liked me because he thought i was nice or funny, smart. >> all the things we all want to be appreciated for. >> yes. >> do you ever think of the people who kidnapped my hygienist told me that less tartar means less scraping.
10:25 am
so i'm going pro. [ male announcer ] new crest tartar protection rinse. the only rinse that helps prevent tartar build-up and cavities. a little swishing. less scraping. yes! [ male announcer ] new crest pro-health tartar protection rinse. it helps you escape the scrape. tartar protection rinse. at hillshire farm, spice is the spice of life. that's why our craftsmen season every sausage perfectly. so you can coax out great flavor effortlessly.
10:26 am
hillshire farm. because it's worth doing right. ina bite size new ways. to enjoy the full size sensation of peppermint and rich dark chocolate. new, york minis, get the sensation. . good morning. i'm vai sikahema. let's get the forecast from bill henley. it's a good day to say good-bye to september. >> can't believe it's the end of september. we are seeing sunshine.
10:27 am
looks like it's going to be above normal for this time of year. we will be in the upper 70s later today. still scattered clouds in the area. but philadelphia international is reporting 71 as the humidity comes down. wind is calm right now and won't be that strong this afternoon. 60s and 70s. scattered clouds and a slight chance of a late-day shower. new information about a shooting involving an off-duty police officer in south jersey. nbc 10 has learned an officer came home this morning to find a man stealing his truck. sources say when the officer approached, the thief put the truck in reverse and tried to run him over. the officer fired his gun and hit the suspect in the back. this happened in edge water park. the officer was not hurt. no word on the suspect's condition. matt delucia will have a live report at 11:00.
10:28 am
convicted cop killer will give a speech in vermont. he was convicted in the murder of a police officer of philadelphia. the commerce meancement remarkse played to them. a full hour of news coming up in 30 minutes. you can always get the latest news and weather on now back to "today." we will see you in a half an hour.
10:29 am
10:30 am
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10:32 am
10:33 am
you're, like, all right, i'm going to tell you my most intimate secrets. it is not really about me. and then we'll write a song about it. >> for the most part, the nicest people. >> the discipline i've found from songwriters in general and incredible musicians i've been lucky enough to work with is that they're just so and so wonderful and so willing to be open and take a chance on a newby like me. >> and the cd is available when? >> early 2015. >> okay, come back and sing, okay? >> rita, thank you. >> bringa your pals from nashville. >> thank you. >> she's going to be at the cafe carlisleth through this saturda. catch her on "the good wife" and "girls". >> she's everywhere. need help keeping the gutters clean? all you have to do is ask lou. >> right after this. >> right after th helps you find a whole range of coverages.
10:34 am
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we are back and it is time for ask lou about all those pesky problems around the house you wish you could fix yourself. >> whether it is keeping your gutters clean or getting rid of cave and spider crickets, whatever those are, all you need are a few smart tips from "today" contributor and host of "house smarts" lou manfredini. >> he's got a name that rhymes with zucchini. >> very nice. a vegetable, i like that. very good. it is endless. believe me. >> how are you? >> i'm very good. >> winterize your lawn mower. nora from the chicago area. how should i -- >> nora hamby bony. how should i winterize my lawn mower and other tools. should i run out the gas or use it to pick up the leafs? >> here's the thing. these are expensive machines. this is about $400.
10:39 am
if you take care of it, it will last you 20 years. the biggest thing to do is wipe it down. all the moving parts, if you squeeze the handle, it goes back and forth, you want to use a lightweight oil like this and spray it all down. wd-40. and the whole idea is to have a little coat of oil on top of it so it doesn't rust. with the fuel, what you want to do is use a fuel stabilizer, like this. the idea is you fill up the gas tank, all the way to the top, pour the appropriate amount of this inside there, then you start it for about two minutes to get it hot. this is a treatment so the gas doesn't gel as it sits all winter long. so when the springtime comes, you come and start it right up and go. now, the air filter is one other thing, this particular one is replaceable, but there are some that are like a foam sponge, okay. you can take the foam sponge in a little dish washing soap, and you can squeeze that out, get all the grease out, put it back in there, cover it up, take the spark plug, wire it off, so kids
10:40 am
don't start it. >> i'm surprised you want to keep it filled with gas. >> because the air inside the tank will cause the gas to gel. >> that's what i thought. >> keeping gutters clean. brandon peterson wants to know what are three good options of keeping your gutters clean? >> the first option, that is loud, is to get them all cleaned out and keep track of it. these are options you can put inside. this is called gutter stuff, like a foam brush that goes inside. >> can't get filled up because that stuff is there. >> correct. it has a uv coating on the top that won't break down. this one is called gutter brush, like a big caterpillar. what i like about this, it is a stainless steel rod in the center that you can bend and go around the corners. you clean them once, put these on, you're done. 250,000 people go to the hospital, accidents off ladders. so stay off of there. this is an example they put out to show you how water it come in and water goes in. >> all right. getting rid of spider crickets. mary wrote, hi, lou, how do i
10:41 am
get rid of spider crickets in the basement, they jump away before i get to them. >> she has spider crickets and spiders. this is my muffet's revenge. and there is a cricket powder and spray you can put on there. they go through the residual value of the -- they pick it up and they're done. these little pest traps here, you don't see it, they're sticky, they get on there and they don't go off. this is like a little motel where they go on side there and they go in the corner and you put it away and it is so easy. >> if you have a question for lou, logon to and hit the connect button. >> impress family and friends at the next dinner party with cool tricks from the dancing scientist. >> and amy grant here with her newest song right after this. [ kevin ] this is connolly, cameron, zach, and clementine. we have a serious hairball issue. we clean it up, turn around, and there it is again.
10:42 am
it's scary. little bit in my eye. [ michelle ] underneath the kitchen table, underneath my work desk, we've got enough to knit a sweater. [ doorbell rings ] zach, what is that? the swiffer sweeper. the swiffer dusters. it's some sort of magic cloth that sucks in all the dog hair. it's quick and easy. pretty amazing that it picked it all up. i would totally take on another dog. [ kevin ] really? ♪ [ kevin ] really? ring ring! progresso! i can't believe i'm eating bacon and rich creamy cheese before my sister's wedding. well it's only 100 calories, so you'll be ready for that dress. uh-huh... you don't love the dress? i love my sister... 40 flavors. 100 calories or less. ♪ ♪ bring the delicious taste of hershey's chocolate to anything - everything. with hershey's spreads, the possibilities are delicious. at hillshire farm, spice is the spice of life. that's why our craftsmen season every sausage perfectly. so you can coax out great flavor effortlessly.
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10:45 am
his videos have more than 20 million hits on youtube and
10:46 am
takes his hip-hop show on the road to schools across the country to get young minds interested in science. >> now he's here to show us some fun and safe experiments. hey, jeffrey. >> welcome back. working on his ph.d. good for you. >> when you burn fat, where does it go? >> to my thighs. >> well, we're getting rid of it. it comes out your breath. >> it does? is that what that is? we have pink liquid which changes colors when we put carbon dioxide in it. there is going to be one winner. okay, one, two, three. faster. >> i'm winning. >> ladies, ladies, come on. >> all right. that's good. >> it is getting in my hair. >> hey. >> all right. carbon dioxide came from burning your breakfast. it comes out your breath.
10:47 am
>> i have a floater. >> yes, she does. >> what's next? >> magic sand. you pour it in water and it will stick to itself, kind of looks funny in there, but that's not the coolest part. the coolest part is when you pull it out. if i take the sand with my hand and pull it out, it remains completely -- >> how? >> give it a try. the sand is -- it is coated. >> your hand is wet, but not the -- >> that's weird! >> you take regular sand and they coat it with a substance like this water shield or fabric protector. >> that's the craziest thing. >> weird. >> you put it on the shoe, the red wine, it beads off of it. >> how is that possible? >> our parties get a little crazy. >> nature knows this really well, it is used to coat butterfly wings and rose petals and use it to walk on water.
10:48 am
>> oldest trick in the book. got to yank it off. are you ready? >> no. >> you want to use a seamless cloth, a flat bottom ceramic so it reduces friction. pull it off -- >> are we going to get soaked? >> i have the red wine. on three, you pull -- >> down? >> not out. >> don't put your hands together. >> what? >> i'm scared. >> one, two, three! >> that was excellent. >> check this out, if my science is right, i should be able to take this cloth and put it -- >> oh, close. >> close. you got two on. >> can i do a victory dance? >> do the victory dance. >> all right. thank you, jeffrey. >> we are happy today. >> yes. >> grammy winner amy grant debuts her new song -- >> for a great cause. >> this is "today" on nbc. >> nice. ay" on nbc. >> nice.
10:49 am
10:50 am
10:51 am
10:52 am
the toyota concert series on "today" brought to you by toyota. >> over her career spanning three decades, singer, songwriter amy grant sold more than 30 million albums, won six grammy awards and has a star on the hollywood walk of fame. >> the messages in her music are honest and life affirming. no surprise, she was inspired to write a new single called "welcome yourself" to help kick off breast cancer awareness month and raise money for research. we're delighted you're here with us again. >> thank you. this is the first timie i time r done this song. i never made it through without crying. >> tell me who this gentleman is. >> gene miller. >> gene is here. >> he's fantastic. >> he sure is. >> was there a merpersonal stor something that inspired you to write this song? >> cancer touches all of us.
10:53 am
my husband's sister gina has had cancer. and anyway, my co-writer, beth nielsen chapman, is a breast cancer survivor. and so, anyway, we just talked about her story and shared life, you know, how song writing goes, and you write about it. but anyway -- >> we're happy to hear this song. and look at your album. >> so much fun. >> "in motion," get this album. >> it is like huge in the clubs now. way to go, amy. >> all righty. here she is. amy grant. ♪ you give so much and juggle it all with a smile ♪ ♪ how do you keep it all up ♪ ♪ i guess because
10:54 am
everything comes to an end ♪ ♪ you get up and do it again ♪ ♪ no matter whatever gets done ♪ ♪ welcome yourself to the moment ♪ ♪ welcome yourself to be here now ♪ ♪ open your arms open your heart ♪ ♪ let some of that love come back around ♪ ♪ ready to climb when you see the mountain ♪ ♪ ready to run when you feel the storm ♪ ♪ learning to try learning to fly learning to fall ♪ ♪ welcome yourself to it all ♪ ♪ so now it's you stuck in the wake of these words ♪ ♪ so many others have hurt ♪
10:55 am
♪ how you get through you just let go ♪ ♪ into the music that plays ♪ ♪ and dance with the songs as they change ♪ ♪ and that's how you'll know what to do ♪ ♪ and welcome yourself to the moment ♪ ♪ welcome yourself to here and now ♪ ♪ open your arms open your heart when all that love comes back around ♪ ♪ ready to climb when you face the mountain ♪ ♪ and run when you feel a storm ♪ ♪ ready to fly ready to try ready to fall ♪ ♪ welcome yourself to it all ♪ ♪ all i can do open my heart up ♪
10:56 am
♪ and begin ♪ i don't know how long i've got how will i live ♪ ♪ welcome yourself to the moment ♪ ♪ welcome yourself to be here now ♪ ♪ open your arms open your heart ♪ ♪ because baby that love comes back around ♪ ♪ ready to climb when you see the mountain ♪ ♪ run when you feel the storm ♪ ♪ ready to try ready to fly ready to fall ♪ ♪ welcome yourself to it all ♪ ♪ yes, to it all >> great song. >> so good to see you, sweetie. beautiful. >> thank you. >> nice to see you. >> so good to see you. >> you're awesome.
10:57 am
>> so awesome. tomorrow, everybody, joan lunden opens up about her battle with breast cancer. >> tyler perry is with us. have an awesome day, everybody. >> see you. >> love that, sweetie. that was gorgeous. >> beautiful. iful.
10:58 am
10:59 am
11:00 am
at 11:00, we are following breaking news in new castle county, delaware. a 2-year-old has been shot. on the 30th block of cliffside court. you are looking at a live picture from sky force 10 over the scene. emergency responders are performing cpr on the child. we don't know the circumstances around the shooting or the condition of the victim. tim furlong is on his way to the scene. we will have a live report from him as soon as he arrives. right now at 11:00, a shooting investigation. police sources say an off-duty officer is forced to open fire on a suspect outside the officer's own home. good