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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 11a  NBC  September 30, 2014 11:00am-12:01pm EDT

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at 11:00, we are following breaking news in new castle county, delaware. a 2-year-old has been shot. on the 30th block of cliffside court. you are looking at a live picture from sky force 10 over the scene. emergency responders are performing cpr on the child. we don't know the circumstances around the shooting or the condition of the victim. tim furlong is on his way to the scene. we will have a live report from him as soon as he arrives. right now at 11:00, a shooting investigation. police sources say an off-duty officer is forced to open fire on a suspect outside the officer's own home. good morning, i'm vai sikahema.
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this happened as the police officers arrived back from work this morning. matt delucia has been on stevenson avenue gathering information. what have you been able to learn? >> reporter: the man shot by the police officer is in the hospital. prosecutor's office are out here. they have been for several hours. they are taking pictures right now. i'm told that they are just mapping the scene before they head out. the shooting happened just down here on stevenson avenue. l let's show you what it looked like when detectives were talking with residents. i'm awaiting details. i talked with the fop president. this was a police officer just getting home from his shift. he had gotten out of his personal vehicle, a truck, when a man he claims walked up and tried to steal the truck. when the officer tried to stop
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him, the man put the vehicle in reverse and tried to back over the cop. that is when the officer fired his gun several times. again, that information is from the local president of the fraternal order of police. residents woke up to find a surprising sight outside their windows. >> saw the flashing lights and just occcurious what was happen. it's not safe anywhere anymore. it's a quiet neighborhood, nothing really happens here much. you know, what can you say? >> reporter: as we look live at the scene, you can see the markers are still out in the middle of the street. we can tell you the man who was shot, we're told he is in his 20s and was hit twice in the back. he is at cooper hospital. the officer i'm told was not injured but he was taken to the hospital as a precaution. we will stay out here and gather new information. we are live in edge water park, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. philadelphia police now have
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a person of interest in the murder of a pregnant woman and her unborn child. investigators identify that person as this man. they say he could be linked to another murder outside of popeye's restaurant in north philadelphia. they believe he may have been trying to kill his alleged accomplice. williams and her baby girl died. a live look at center city this morning. morning showers are clearing out. you can expect breaks of sunshine throughout the day. the rain will return. first alert meteorologist bill henley is here with the forecast. >> we are seeing a lot of sunshine. a nice long break of sunshine during the day. a live view of center city from the adventure aquarium. a few thin clouds in the distance. never fog in philadelphia but
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there were areas that saw thick fog. the temperature have been climbing. the fog disappeared. we are at 74. the humidity in philadelphia is way down. it's at 53%. as far as the fog is concerned, big improvement. quakertown and lancaster had zero visibility. it's light fog now in the mow co-kn -- in the pocono mountains. that being said, you can see a little bit of that moisture hanging in the atmosphere. this is from jim thorpe. it will clear out for sunshine. the temperatures warming there, 64 for mount pocono. wilmington is 70. 70s across delaware and south jersey. it's a pretty nice day. lots of sunshine. 1:00, 77. 78 at 4:00. some scattered clouds late in the day this evening as a slight chance we will see a shower
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during the early evening. it's more likely we will get rain later on. i will show you when the showers might be coming in. acme's parent company says thieves may have gotten their hands on credit and debit card information. acme now joins other targets -- big names like target, home depot and u.p.s. that have fallen victim to hackers. >> reporter: executives with acme's parent company say based on the information they have right now, they don't believe any personal customer information has been taken such as social security numbers. let's look at our video. there are two incidents dating back to the months of june and july and then august stretching into the last week at some acme stores in the tri-state region and beyond. a type of malware created num r
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numbers and names of card holders in more than a dozen states. >> i think more and more this is going to become an issue. you know what i mean? as cyber crime is obviously on the rise. we are going to have to be vigilant. some customers we talked to say they will keep an eye on their accounts. >> i do use debit or credit here that it's an account that has just a little bit of funds in it. if they do get me, they don't break me for good. >> reporter: acme will provide one year of identity theft protection for customers who
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have been negatively affected. for more information, go to we have more on our breaking news we shared with you. a child shot in new castle county, delaware. tim furlong is live at the scene. he joins us live on the phone. what can you tell us? >> reporter: we're in the valley run neighborhood. you can see police are on the scene. it's cliffside court near the 95 exit in north wilmington. the police are calling this claymont. a spokesperson has gone in and we understand a 2-year-old somehow shot him or herself. we haven't found out for sure if it's a boy or girl. we heard some things here at the scene. we see people we believe are the parents at the scene. they went away with police. the child is actually airlifted to the hospital.
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they tried to resuscitate the child at the scene. we don't know where the efforts stand or the condition of the child at this point. as you can see from siky force 10, there's quite a police force here. police are talking to neighbors to piece together what happened. the parents -- if they are the two we believe they are, they were here when this happened. of course, police want to know how it happened. how a child of that age would get a gun. we will continue to follow this story. new castle county spokesperson will brief us as soon as she finds out what's going on. count on nbc 10 to get the latest at 11:30. live in north wilmington, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> thank you for that report. philadelphia police are searching for the burglar caught stealing from a supermarket. authorities say the man forced the security door open on the more thanning of july 31 before the store was open.
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you can see the man run into the store, grab money and merchandise and then he takes off. the preliminary people for three people charged in connection with the beating of a gay couple has been moved to december. they are charged with assault for the attack in center city on september 11. they are a accused of using gay slurs and punching the victims. it left one victim with his mouth wired shut. attorneys say the fight was mutual and not motivated by sexual orientation. frontier is expanding its service. the announcement was made three hours ago. starting on december 20, the low-cost carrier will add miami, orlando and tampa. then on december 21, this t will cancun, mexico. and atlanta, charlotte and
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chicago will be added in the spring. new information just in about the auction for revel casino. we have learned there is a new high bid for the casino. sources tell nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg, a group out of delaware, they bid $94 million. that tops the original bid. a proposal on the table to save the trump taj mahal casino as well. atlantic city's mayor has turned it down. a billionaire offered to spent $100 million to keep it open. there were some stipulations. he wanted tax breaks and also wanted $25 million from the state redevelopment agency, union workers would give up pensions and health insurance. the mayor says that the city's finances are too stressed right now to grant that request. we will follow the crisis on nbc
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10 and of course, turn in to nbc 10 at 4:00 for an update on today's revel auction. a new revelation in a case of a missing college student. the suspect in the disappearance of a young woman in virginia is now linked to another similar crime in the past. details coming up. caught on camera, a rescue off the coast of florida. several people are thrown into the water, including three children. umbrellas were going up but now sunglasses are going on. we have bright sunshine. but don't lose your umbrella. you will need it before too long. i will show you when showers are likely to come back with the future weather.
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we continue to follow breaking news in new castle county, dell. we just confirmed a 2-year-old has been shot. this is a live picture from sky force 10 hovering over the scene. you see police officers on the ground. we know emergency responders performed cpr on the chide. we learned from tim furlong in a phone interview with him live from the scene that the child was airlifted to the hospital and that the parents left with local police. we don't know the circumstances surrounding the shooting or the condition of the victim. tim is on the scene and is setting up for a live report. we will get that in the next half hour. within the last hour, a
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hearing began in washington to discuss a breach of security at the white house. the director of the secret service is answering questions about secret service procedure and what went wrong. officials say the armed intruder made it all the way to the east room of the white house which is farther than reported. it's clear that the white house security plan was not properly executed. >> in this environment, we are never satisfied by the status quo and are reviewing security protoc protocols. with the help of congress, we have enhanced security features at the white house. >> he entered through an unlocked door, overpowered a female secret service officer and ran through the main floor. an agent actually tackled him in the east room. president obama is meeting with the prime minister of india at the white house. this is his first visit to the u.s. as the prime minister.
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the two leaders are expected to talk about economic and security issues. modi was once unwelcome in the u.s. after his visa was revoked because of accusations of religious intolerance. he was later exonerated. the u.s. launched more air strikes against isis targets along the border with turkey. there's been reports of the fighting on the ground has gone well as pensions escalate between isis and kurdish troops. human rights groups said the fighting along the border killed more than 50 fighters from both sides yesterday. authorities found the body of a missing arkansas real estate agent. she was discovered in the shallow grave at a concrete company. she went missing from a home she was showing near little rock on thursday. police arrested 33-year-old aron lewis on a kid p napping charge.
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he will be charged with murder. he denied killing her. he did mention a co-defendant named trevor. he said carter was targeted because she was a woman that worked alone, a rich broker. lewis apologized to the family. the search for a missing university of virginia student may have led to the break in the death of another woman. virginia state police say the man has been linked to the murder of virginia tech student morgan hairington. a kentucky mother missing for four days has been found alive in the tufrrunk of a car. she have been searching for her since last friday when she never arrived to pick up her daughter from school. yesterday a group of people were walking in a neighborhood and
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heard a thump from inside the car. they called 911. then decided to take immediate action. >> she said she couldn't breathe. so at that time i got scared. 911 still hadn't arrived. so i ran across the street, got a brick, put it through the passenger window. >> she doesn't have any memory of what happen order who did this. they believe she was hit in the head and are trying to figure out how long she was in the car. the prime minister of britain is concerned about the unrest in hong kong and felt obligated to address the situation since there were promised about the democracy when they handed it over to china. protesters blocked streets and demanded that beijing give hong kong a free election. beijing rejected the question and said it will prescreen and choose candidates for the election of hong kong's next leader.
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>> a deep obligation and we expressed how concerned we are about what is happening in hong kong because when we reached the agreement with china, there were details of the agreement about the importance of giving hong kong people a democratic future. >> a chinese foreign ministry spokesperson says the protests are illegal and are jeopardiziig social stability and peace. she told foreign governments to stop meddling in china's internal affairs. a florida family is okay after being tossed into the gulf mexico. three young children and four adults were thrown into the water when their boat overturned. the coast guard says life jackets likely saved everyone's life in the accident. a really dreary start this morning. look what we have now.
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beautiful sunshine, a few fair weather clouds blowing through and no sign of any showers. the temperatures, they are going up and the humidity is coming down after very high humidity led to fog, mainly north and west this morning. there's a chance of showers returning. it looks like it will hold off until later this evening at the earliest and possibly into tomorrow. not looking like a lot of wet weather in our area. but we are looking at cooler temperatures to the weekend. today, we have surpassed our normal high temperature. look at the sunshine at cape may. rain to start with, a couple showers passed through in the morning. now it's sunshine and a beautiful day at the shore. in fact, for the rest of the area as well. normal high temperature for this time of year is 72. where he two degr we are warmer than that. 68 in wrightstown. dense fog for quakertown, pottstown. 68 right now.
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still on the cool side. the numbers will reach into the upper 60s today. upper 60s in newark. avalon has hit 70. the showers, gone from the shore and the rest of the area as well. we are already watching the next round of showers that could very well be moving in late this evening. this line of showers is going to be moving across pennsylvania during the day today. late this evening some of the western areas might see a scattered shower. until then, i think we're going to be dry. see the temperatures warm. here is the hour by hour. this is 2:00, 77 degrees in philadelphia. reading, 75. the poe ccono mountains up to 7. you can see showers off to the east. toms river, you might see a scattered shower during the late afternoon. they may not make it to the
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lehigh valley. it's 63 at 10:00 tonight. clouds will stick around into tomorrow. we could see thick fog to start with again at 5:00 in the morning. some scattered showers are possible during the day tomorrow. tomorrow won't be at warm. 3:00 in the afternoon, 71 degrees. there's cooler weather ahead even before we get to the weekend. i will detail the weekend coming up with the seven-day forecast in the next half hour. a study by local researchers is making news. is there a link between some antibiotics and childhood obesity. we will show you what the research is saying. an attack on video. a man goes after a bus driver and we're hearing from the victim ahead in the next half hour.
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a new study suggests some types of antibiotics taken before age 2 may be linked to a risk of childhood obesity. researchers at children's hospital of philadelphia looked at the antibiotic use of children from birth to 24 months and then they followed up at the age of 5. kids who took more antibiotics at an early age were more likely to be abeobese. it may soundic icky, but a w
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bacteria may make your skin healthier. they had improvement in skin conditions and appearance than those who used a placebo. this bacteria worked by metabolizing ammonia and sweat which balances ph levels. nbc 10 continues to follow breaking news. a 2-year-old child was shot at an apartment in new castle county, delaware. a live report coming up in our next half hour. one local suburb is ready to start handing out pickets for red light camera violations. see where drivers will have to be extra careful.
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it's just about 11:30. nbc 10 continues to follow breaking news. a 2-year-old child was shot in an apartment in new castle
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county, delaware. tim, what's the police telling you? >> reporter: we had an update with the spokesperson for the police department. she's telling us at this point that, a 2-year-old child shot himself with a gun. they don't know if it was legally owned. he was home with his mom, shot himself in the head. the mom ran out of the house here in the valley run condo complex here on cliffside court. you can see the scene still here at police investigate. what happened is they say the child shot himself in the head. he was taken out of here. moms yells to the neighborhoods, my child shot himself. i don't know where he got the gun. police try to resuscitate the child. that child they then drove up the road to a school where the child was airlifted a couple miles away to the hospital for children which isn't that far from this location. the child is in critical condition. we understand the parents were
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taken to the hospital as well. the investigation continues. the police want to know whose gun was this, why was it laying around where a child could get it. the child shot himself in the head. that's the information we have right now at this point. we will keep checking in with police and more as the story develops. count on nbc 10 for this story. tim furlong, nbc 10 news. >> thank you for the report. an update on a story. an off-duty police officer shot a man after the man tried to steal his truck when he -- and then tried to run him over. it happened just before 4:00 this morning on stevenson avenue. this is in edge -- withwater pa. >> reporter: i was talking with the police chief. he says not only is it rare to have a shooting around here but to have it involve an off-duty police officer, that's more rare. a look at the scene. this is stevenson avenue.
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investigators have been here for eight hours. detectives have been going door to door talking with the residents on this block. the prosecutor's office says it will release official details very shortly. in the meantime, i've been talking with the local fop president who tells me this was a police officer just getting home from his shift. he had gotten out of his personal vehicle, a truck, when a man walked up and tried to steal the truck. when the officer tried to stop him, the man put the vehicle in reverse and tried to back over the officer. that's when he fired his gun several times. residents on the street woke up to find a surprising sight. i spoke with one a few minutes ago about what happened. >> things happen around but very minor things. nothing big ever happened like what i recognize today. >> reporter: as we look live at the scene, not much has changed here in the past eight hours. the prosecutor's office is still out here. they have had the crime scene
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unit here for quite some time. what we can tell you is the man who was shot, he's in his 20s and was hit twice in the back. he is at cooper hospital right now. the officer i'm told was not injured but he was also taken to the hospital as a precaution. live in edgewater park, matt delucia, nbc 10 news. here is a live picture at cape may, new jersey. if you are lucky enough to head to the beach today, expect sun and clouds. it's almost october, but going to feel like summer at the shore with temperatures in the 70s today. bill henley is here now with the forecast. we're not among the lucky at the shore today. >> not much down there, if you notice by the live picture. there's lots of sunshine to enjoy. it was rain drops first this morning. look at the clouds as they move out. really shows the cloud cover. there's a few areas of clouds in central new jersey along the coast.
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allentown is seeing scattered clouds as is harrisburg. all in all, the clouds are thinning out. the fog is disappearing, too. there are more clouds in our future. you can see the line of clouds moving into northwestern pennsylvania. that's what's going to push our way during the day today and tonight those clouds will move in with a chance of some scattered showers. not a lot of rain associated with it. there will be a chance of showers returning to the area tomorrow. right now, we are watching temperatures. it's 74 at philadelphia international. 68 right now in pottstown. wrightstown is 68. trenton is 72. 74 right now in south philadelphia. the numbers will continue to climb. upper 70s today with sunshine. a few scattered fair weather clouds. it's this evening that a chance of a shower will return to the area. at 7:00, most areas will be dry. latest indications are the showers will wait until later on. 72 at 7:00. there is more wet weather on the
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seven-day. i have that when i come back. a hailstorm hammers colorado damaging homes and cars. a look at a car lot that had more than 500 cars on it. the owner thinks just about every car was damaged in some way or another. the windows to the service department also broken by the gusty winds. >> we're thinking anywhere from thousands of dollars in damage. until the insurance adjustors come in tomorrow, we won't know. to the north, flooding was the issue there. students said they had to walk through waist-high water to get home from school. some of the problem was that crews had blocked storm drains with sandbags while doing a road construction project in the area. in new mexico, winds toppled a tent being used for a festival. organizers say the winds caught them off guard. the tent that blew over was the
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size of a football field, as you can see. the director of the festival was injured but is expected to be okay. an attack caught on camera. now an arizona bus driver targeted in the attack is talking about what happened. >> reporter: surveillance cameras on a bus capture a beating. taken september 8th shows an unknown suspect punching the driver more than 20 times. >> something blew off in him. >> reporter: the driver suffered a concussion, head and facial injuries as well as a loss of hearing and vision. he says the attack started after the suspect didn't want to get off on a wet road during a storm. >> came back and started hollering, you got to find a dry place for me to get off. you got to move the bus somewhere else. nowhere else to move to. >> reporter: in the video you can see the man hand his
11:37 am
backpack to his girlfriend just before the situation reaches a boiling point. >> the next thing i know, he charged right across there and just started hitting the heck out of me. >> reporter: strapped in, he could hardly defend himself. once the beating stopped, the suspects took off running, leaving him bleeding and nearly unconscious. >> it was a wild attack. i hadn't realized how brutal it was. i was doing a lot of covering up. >> reporter: police are hoping someone will recognize the man or his girlfriend. both are described as white in their late 20s to early 30s. they fled with a red beach cruiser. their arrest would bring peace of mind. >> i have had flashbacks of the situation. anybody does. what could i have done different? there's nothing much i could do about it. it wasn't nothing that i did. autopsies are planned for today that should shed light on the deaths of cooper hospital
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ceo john sheridan and his wife. they were found dead inside their bedroom after a fire at ho their home sunday morning. he was a prominent figure in new jersey's healthcare industry. the fire was contained to their bedroom. detectives and the arson task force are looking into the case. mumia abu-jamal will give a commencement speech to students in vermont. he was convicted in the murder of police officer daniel faulkner. the remarks will be played to the students this sunday. the students selected him as their commencement speaker as he is a graduate from the college. delaware lawmakers are hosting a job fair at a mall. this is video from the previous job fair. more than 35 stores in the mall are looking to hire hundreds of
11:39 am
seasonal and full-time workers. >> a great opportunity for hundreds of folks to augment their income by getting an additional part-time job or seasonal job, for young people to get their first foot on the bottom rung or just looking for extra income at holiday time. >> the job fair runs from 3:00 until 7:00 tonight. if you drive through abington township, you will want to hear about this. the warning period for red light camera violators ends at midnight tonight. if you run a red light, you$100. there are cameras returning at three of the most dangerous intersections. we will find out how many people have been warned since august 1. the township is extending the safety campaign through next month. another hearing over the plans to build a wa-wa in
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conshohocken. it has been the center of debate since it came about in 2010. some are worried it will bring unwanted traffic to the area. wa-wa says its goal is to complement the community it serves. a convenience store chain anoun announces a new offering. you may be able to buy something at 7 -eleven. 73 here at nbc 10 and climbing at 11:40 in the morning. a nice day today. there are changes on the way. your seven-day when we come back. here is a look at top stories trending right now on the nbc 10 app.
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a quarter to noon. nbc 10 continues to follow breaking news. a 2-year-old child was shot at an apartment in new castle county, delaware. the child shot himself in the head. the boy was taken to the hospital in critical condition. the mother was home at the time of the shooting. police are investigating. the oldest complete stone building known to man has partially collapsed. there's a dispute over how that
11:44 am
happened. it's being restored but some believe the construction company has been demolishing the surface and building a new wall around the structure. the man in charge of restoration says erosion is to blame. nothing on the inside collapsed. you may be able to pick out healthier food options at 7-eleven. it launched a test at 100 stores offering foods like sandwiches, wraps, salads and juice. the healthier and fast food brand is under the tony horton brand. they say it's in response to what the customers want. health and wellness is a $50 billion a year industry. thanksgiving is right around the corner. if you plan to fly, the time to plan is right now. thanksgiving is the one time that you can break the don't shop too early rule. in october, the price can go up by $5 each day that you wait.
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what's the best time to travel? leave on thanksgiving day and return on tuesday. living through a recession may have women putting off motherhood and in many cases for good. researchers project that among women in their early 20s in 2008, about 151,000 won't have children by age 40. the impact of the recession could mean nearly half a million fewer children being born over the course of a couple of decades. previous studies show women cut back on having babies when unemployment rises. officials are considering a change to the way that it allows transgender high school athletes to play sports. the change would allow high school athletes who are transgender to play with students of the gender they identify with not the gend er they are born with. they are concerned about the privacy of other kids, especially in the locker room.
11:46 am
supporters say kids who identify themselves as transgender are the ones that need protecting. >> they will be as much or more self-conscious than other students. >> conservative opposition is growing with the minnesota catholic conference wondering what happens if religious schools choose not to follow the policy. the texas boy losing his eyesight traveled 3,000 miles to alaska to see something he has always dreamed about. his dream to see the northern lights came true during his family's recent trip. his family calls him a miracle because he was born four months early weighing 22 ounces. now ben is suffering from rop, that means he is losing his eyesight and could lose his hearing. ben made a wish list of things he wants to see. >> it's really beautiful and pretty.
11:47 am
it's like watercolors going across the sky. >> late at night he will come into our room in tears and saying this is really hard. i'm sad that i can't see anymore. >> the next trip for the family will be to oklahoma to see native american dancing and a waterfall. the family says they will take ben to london and paris next year. the last day of september and it feels like it's early september as the temperatures are warming up with sunshine. a few clouds around. we will see them blowing through during the day today. 74 degrees, scattered clouds at philadelphia international. that number of humidity was up to 90% at one point this morning, it's dropping nicely. look how it cleared out in the pocono mountains. this is the view from lake wallenpaupack. just a light breeze in some
11:48 am
spots. the wind should stay light today. sunshine for much of the day. some cloudiness around. you can see it thinning out. no sign of showers. the next round is pushing into northwestern pennsylvania. that's a possibility for us late tonight and into tomorrow. that's a cold front that's going to be slowly moving our way. it will bring some changes for thursday. come tonight and tomorrow, not a lot of rainfall. they are getting steadier showers under western pennsylvania and some heavy downpours. we need the rain. it's been very dry lately. we will not get a lot of rain but enough to cause a few umbrellas to go up tonight and tomorrow. 2:00 this afternoon, there it is, 77 in philadelphia. upper 70s today then cooling off this evening. clouds blowing inland. some of showers offshore may make it into parts of new jersey as the showers approach from the west, it's the lehigh valley,
11:49 am
reading and lancaster could see rain late this evening and into tomorrow. tomorrow morning, 5:00 in the morning, we may get a break from the rain but a good chance we will see thick fog like we had in areas north and west this morning. tomorrow morning it will be burning off as the temperatures climb. it's not going to be as warm tomorrow afternoon. a chance we will see scattered showering during the day on wednesday but not thursday. we should dry out for one day. sunny this afternoon. clouds blowing through the area with temperatures in the 70s today. cooler with the extra cloud cover and a chance of some showers tomorrow. 60 in the morning. 74 in the afternoon. the threat of showers diminishes come wednesday night and thursday looks like a winner. a high of 75. then sunshine to start with on friday but clouds will build and later on friday, friday evening and into early saturday, we
11:50 am
could see scattered showers. those move through with a cold front which will kick up the wind for saturday and bring the temperatures down. friday 76, 70 on saturday and sunday for the eagles game it's going to be a cool one. 67 degrees, about five degrees below normal for this time of year. the cool continues into next week. combination of clouds and sunshine and 71 monday after a morning low temperature in the 40s and 50s. >> thank you, bill. we will be right back.
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this just in to nbc 10. new video from delaware where a 2-year-old child was shot in the head this morning. this is cell phone video we are about to show you that was shared by a neighborhood. you can see the ambulance just arriving at the home. the mom says her son accidentally shot himself in the head. she's not sure where the gun came from. the boy was rushed to the hospital where he is in critical condition right now. we will follow updates in the story throughout the day and on a new type of prosthetic just approved by the fda. now it's rolled out across the world. it's michelangelo. the hand takes the muscle
11:54 am
movement from the arm and transfers it to electronic pulses that make the hand move. rehab and occupational therapy i haves are learning how the robotics work during workshops. >> benefit all of us in the end if we are willing to talk about what different challenges we have. and everybody's challenges are different. >> with more than 700 moving parts, it can be a little pricey, up to $100,000 each. most can be paid for by insurance. we are getting our first look at the newest member of the clinton family. chelsea and her husband were all smiles as they left the hospital in new york city last night. the new grandparents right there behind them. bill and hillary clinton were with them. their daughter charlotte clinwa born wednesday.
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time to vote for the blitz game of the week. here are your choices. the game with the most votes, of course, is featured on the high school blitz every saturday night at 7:00 right here on nbc 10. this afternoon at 3:00, "ellen" is all new. then it's nbc 10 news at 4:00. it's the place where history happened. why are they planning to set fire to part of this treasured local park? the reason this afternoon at 4:00. new on nbc 10 news at 5:00, check out this stunning skyline photograph. the image and others like are are breathtaking. so are tnot in my backyard. police say a man took matters
11:56 am
into his own hands when he thought a neighbor was using a drone to spy on him. tonight at 6:00, why the investigators say he went too far and ended up getting arrested. a check -- a last check on weather with bill henry. >> what a turnaround today. it was a dreary start. now lots of sunshine. the humidity has come down. the chance of showers returns tomorrow. doesn't look like a lot of rain, but there will be scattered showers in the area. it's sunshine for thursday. and then does football weather this weekend as the temperatures cool down saturday and sunday. the wind will be blowing, too. to make it a bill challent chalr the players. >> thanks, bill. i'm vai sikahema, for bill henley, all of us here at nbc 10, have a great day.
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>> eve: jj and jack are the same guy. trust me, i knew jack. >> daniel: so did i. >> eve: oh, yeah, that's right. you did because jennifer dumped you to go running back to jack yet again. that is a move that she has had down from years and years of practice. never mind any self-respect or learning curve or anything. jennifer just-- >> daniel: okay, don't bring your hate that you have for jennifer here. all right, it's stale, and i'm bored with it. as for jj, he is nothing like his father. >> eve: you're wrong, doctor. jj is more like jack than you're willing to admit. >> kayla: i was raped. i'm a survivor too. you cannot let this beat you. i know you don't feel like you have the strength, but you


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