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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  September 30, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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meteorologist sheena parveen is watching the system. >> sheena, last check this wasn't going to affect the ride home tonight. >> no, it's not that type of weather system. basically all the storms are off to our west and most of them will be staying off to our west. here's what it looks like locally. we don't have thunderstorms around right now. we don't have showers yet either. if we look in parts of central pennsylvania, here's a line of thunderstorms developing. there's really not too much motion to these. they're all developing right in the middle of the state and they're not moving too much. as we go through the rest of this evening, though, we do have a chance for a few showers but unfortunately it's nothing that will be helping our rainfall deficit across the area. so most of the area is dry. we have rain to our west that looks as though it's moving in. again, tonight, we'll have a chance for a few showers and there's rain off to our east which is in fact moving away. your evening planner, pretty nice outside still. we'll see sunshine, temperatures in the mid-70s. by 8:00 p.m., a chance of
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showers, low 70s. by 10:00, a chance of showers. temperatures in the upper 60s. we'll take another look at the timing of rain for parts of tomorrow and also into your weekend. that's coming up. new developments today in the search for an accused cop killer in pennsylvania. state police reveal this afternoon they discovered two pipe bombs capable of causing significant damage during their manhunt for eric frein. authorities say the bombs were not deployed but they were fully functional and could have been set off by either a trip wire or a fuse. >> i amç calling on you, eric,o surrender. you're clearly stressed. you're making significant mistakes. we continue to take your supplies and your weapons stockpiles while you are no doubt weakening, our troopers' resolve is very strong. >> frein has been on the run since september 12th. he's charged with killing one state trooper and wounding a second. we are following a gun
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tragedy in delaware. >> right now, police are investigating how a 2-year-old boy got his hands on a gun and shot himself. it happened late this morning inside a home in the valley run section of claymont. we said nbc 10 delaware bureau tim furlong to the scene as soon as we heard. tim, you've been all over this story. explain how this can happen. >> reporter: that's the tough part about this, how it happened. i got the e-mail tip this morning. i couldn't believe it when i saw it. a 2-year-old boy shot himself. i thought, no way it could be true. the police have been here all day long examining the scene, they say that's exactly what happened. >> i call him little man when i see him. >> lots of the neighbors know little a.j. when he's playing outside. >> very bright little kid, 3 years ole. always speaks. i feel very sorry for him. >> reporter: tonight these neighbors want to know how he could have ended up with a gun in his hand. they believe the boy was home with his mom this morning when he found the gun and shot
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himself in the head. some neighbors came outside when they heard the mom screaming into her phone. >> she said, he shot himself in the head. >> like i said, i can't understand how a 2-year-old would get ahold of a gun. >> we're looking at everything, taking everything into account. >> reporter: i kept checking with police for a condition update. they still say the boy is in critical condition but that the noir giving specifics about just how critical the situation is. they haven't said if anybody will face charges for any of this. i'll keep working on the story. we'll have an update at 6:00. live in clay monday the, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. if you shopped a local supermarket chain this summer you'll want to check your bank account. acme is the latest retailer to become a victim of stolen customer credit card data. the supermarket train said that malware invaded the network that processes credit and debit cards. they believe customer information was stolen over the course of several weeks this summer. >> i am worried about it but it
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seems like it happens more and more, the way the internet is and technology is. it just makes it easier for people to steal your stuff. >> i don't think people should be afraid of using their credit and debit cards, notwithstanding the environment we're working in. it's exercising what i would call good computer hygiene. >> that includes checking your online bank statement every day and asking credit reporting agencies to freeze any new credit applications to prevent stolen data from being used to open up accounts. $95 million. that's currently the highest bid for atlantic city's defunct revel casino at a bankruptcy auction happening now in new york. nbc 10 is in midtown manhattan for the action's second day. that $95 million offer was made this afternoon by florida developer glenn straub. he enkou-- straub and his lawye accused revel's attorney of
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having closed-door negotiations with at least one other bidder. they say he failed to provide information on additional bids as previously promised. >> the process is meant to obtain the highest and best bid. >> nbc 10 reached out to revel's lawyer for comment butç so far we received no response. nbc 10 jersey reporter ted greenberg will bring us more information as soon as he gets it. in the meantime, here's a question many people are asking today. what's in the water? harmful chemicals for at least two dozen home owners in montgomery county. >> starting today, change is on tap for those residents and families. construction began on pipes that will disconnect homes in limerick from contaminated wells and link them to fresh, clean water. nbc 10's christine madella is live in schwenksville. this ground breaking has been years in the making. >> that's right. 15 years in the making to be
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exact. right now, neighbors in this area don't drink the tap water and they use bottled water to cook as well but today they're happy to see these pipes and welcome the construction project that's going to funnel uncontaminated water to their sinks. >> water is one of those things many people take for granted until they turn on the tap and find out it's contaminated. >> reporter: that's exactly what happened to some home owners in montgomery county. today marks the beginning of a water line project that will carry clean water to the 25 homes with contaminated wells in limerick township. >> who's going to buy a home knowing that there's carcinogens in the water supply that have to be filtered out before you can use the water. >> the water comes into the house from the well over here. >> this isn't the only area tce has been found contaminating the water supply. when i asked them to show me where else, they said bridge
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road and skippack pike. mary spent thousands on this whole home carbon filtration system to get the tces out of the water. >> we're hopeful that we weren't exposed to anything but you never know. >> reporter: but for the past 15 years she's been fighting for clean, public water and peace of mind. >> i don't bathe in the water and don't drink the water kind of thing. yes. anytime my kids would get sick, there would always be this little in the back of my head, like could this be something coming from the water in the ground. >> reporter: now this $1.5 million project should be completed by thanksgiving and she says she's thankful she will finally be able to trust the water she's using in her home. reporting live in schwenks shl, christine madella, nbc 10 news. an exciting time for kids in manayunk today. 200 volunteers built a new play ground at north light community
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center on green lane. the employ ground had been in use for 15 years. the new design is based on children's drawings created at a special design event over the summer. glaxo smithkline and kaboom made the event possible. michael phelps under arrest. what the olympic swimmer was picked up and the charges against him. plus, voting investigation. forget yay or nay, do you know who's actually casting votes in trenton? it may not be your elected official. you have to see what an nbc investigation uncovered.
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skyforce 10 live over breaking news, this time in montgomery county. >> emergency crews are responding to a shooting at the public safety training campus in conshohocken. there was a person shot at the gun range training center located at 1175 conshohocken road. no word yet on the condition or the identity of the person shot and if it was accidental or intentional. lu ann cahn is headed to that scene to get more information. an oklahoma man accused of beheading a woman after being fired from his job was charged today with first degree murder. 30-year-old alton nolen is charged with severing the head of colleen johnson and allegedly trying to kill another woman, traci johnson. it happened around 4:30 in the
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afternoon last thursday at a food distribution warehouse in moore. nolen was attacking johnson when an off-duty sheriff's deputy shot him. >> the sister of boston marathon bombing suspect dzhokhar tsarnaev appeared in a new york court this morning. she faces a harassment charge unrelated to the marathon bombing. authorities say she made a threatening phone call to a woman who used to be romantically involved with her husband. she toll the woman she knew people who could put a bomb where the woman lived. her brother, dzhokhar tsarnaev has pleaded not guilty in the 2013 boston marathon bombing. michael phelps is in trouble with the law again. he was arrested this morning in maryland and charged with dui. police pull him over in baltimore after officers say he wasç going 84 miles an hour inside the ft. mchenry tunnel. phelps appeared intoxicated,
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then failed a sobriety test. this is the second time he's been charged with dui. phelps got probation and paid a fine after his first arrest in 2004. this afternoon he posted this statement on twitter. quote, i understand the severity of my actions and take full responsibility. i know these words may not mean much right now but i am deeply sorry to everyone i have let down. 11 days after a man with a knife made it into the white house, secret service director julia pierson testified she's still trying to figure out how it happened. >> as nbc's steve handelsman explained, lawmakers were not happy to put it mildly. >> this is disgraceful. >> reporter: lawmakers vented their outrage at secret service director julia pierson. >> don't let somebody get close to the president. don't let somebody get close to his family. >> reporter: pierson says she's still investigating the first-ever forced intrusion into the white house september 19th. >> i will make sure that it does not happen again.
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>> reporter: as she testified, came a fresh disclosure from the "washington post." the fence jumper, omar gonzalez, who made it through the unlocked door deep into the white house was stopped by an off-duty officer who happened to see him. no dogs were released. no shots were fired. >> i want it to be crystal clear, you make a run and a dash to the white house, we're going to take you down. >> reporter: officers are to assess the threat and act fast. she's not sure why they blew it a week ago friday. >> we have a security procedure that wasn't followed. one week prior an individual had climbed the fence and was arrested within seconds. >> reporter: before pierson took charge, in 2011, a gunman fired from the south and hit the residence but secret service supervisors did not believe it happened and the seven slugs weren't found for four days, because officers who knew the truth kept quiet. is that still an issue?
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>> how do you even know what the problems are. >> reporter: president obama today was out walking, a reminder that he's a target and the front door of the white house now locks automatically if there's a threat alert. through a spokesman president obama said he has full confidence in secret service director julia pierson to make needed reforms. at the white house, steve handelsman, nbc 10 news. elsewhere, a boat carrying hundreds of migrants was rescued off the coast of italy. it had nearly 500 people on board. thousands of people get on boats like this year after year to escape turmoil in the middle east and africa. amnesty international say more than 2,500 people have already died this year. a mother from philadelphia says she is desperate for help and she's traveled all the way to washington, d.c. to get it. faith yezner took part in
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today's mom march as it's called outside the u.s. capitol. their goal, to get help for children across the country who are suffering from eating disorders. she says her daughter has been battling anorexia for six years. >> please open your eyes to the seriousness of this, your children are dying. it could happen to you, we need action. you guys can help us. >> participants in today's march called for more research and education tomorrow. the eating disorders coalition will also meet with lawmakers to lobby for more funding. it's not really felt like fall. mother nature's beenç really md with sunny conditions. >> to some, they're really missing the rain. for area farmers, the dry weather is either helping or hurt something of the crops. rosemary connors is live at linvilla orchards in media, delaware county. >> the pumpkins here, they love this dry weather but for the
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strawberries it's a little bit of a different story. these ones look great and they taste great, i might add, but that's because the farmers have been irrigating this crop themselves. it depends, some of the crops could stand to have a shower or two in the forecast. others not so much. >> i see some. >> here we go. >> you can still pick your own fruit, even this time of year at linvilla orchard in delaware county. the kind of crop you want does depend on how much water it needs. >> something like tree fruits, apples are doing tremendously. they're deeply rooted. it takes a very long dry period to have an effect on apples. >> reporter: the dry spell is creating the perfect condition for pumpkins which are susceptible to fungus from too much moisture. >> they look very nice. they always have a great variety. >> reporter: while pumpkins are the fall favorite, linvilla orchards is harvesting corn but not if we get a taste of winter in october. >> most people don't think you can get sweet corn this time of
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year. it's delicious. tomatoes are good. we're picking peppers and things like that, all of those things the first hard frost they'll be done. >> the apples can make it through an early cold snap and will be picked through november. >> this is the biggest one. >> as you can see, the pumpkins right here, as long as they don't get a downpour over the next couple weeks will be just feern throu fine through october. that's the good news. meteorologist sheena parveen is tracking light showers that are coming into the area tonight. sheena? >> yes, rosemary, light showers unfortunately, it's not the type of rain that we need for the deficit of rainfall by any means but there are a few showers as we go through this evening. great conditions, a few showers as we go into tonight. not everyone will see the rain. these will be spotty showers. but we do have more rain coming into the weekend. i'm saying a.m. weekend rain because it will mostly be to
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start off your weekend. most of these will be in the morning. i'll show you that coming up. after that we have cooler temperatures moving in. will feel more like fall this weekend, especially more like football weather as we go into sunday for the eagles home game. speaking of the eagles, we have a nice look at the linc right now. sunshine with clouds around but no rain just yet. temperature 78 degrees in philadelphia right now. it feels comfortable. humidity is 43%. very light wind and as we go through this evening, that's when our chance of showers will start to move in. but, again, it's not a huge chance. some of us, especially areas north and west could see a few showers as we go through the next several hours. 75 degrees in pottstown, 76 allentown. in reading, 74 northeast philly. closer to the shore, temperatures around 70 degrees, 75 paoli/thorndale, 71 right now in dover. so locally on radar we really don't have much going on. it's a pretty nice day. if we look back off to the west, a line of thunderstorms through
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central p.a. this line should not make it into our area but there's enough moisture later on this evening to potentially give us a few showers. a wider look out, showing the rain to our west, rain off to our east. we're in the middle with this drier slot of air. the rain in the atlantic, that's moving away. again, some of the showers to our west may start to creep in as we go through this evening. here's future çweather. by 9:00, 10:00 p.m., rain tries to move into parts of lancaster county, chester county, the lehigh valley. a few showers in the forecast tonight. tomorrow, we start to see this wrap-around moisture from what's offshore. early tomorrow morning, a little more in the way of cloud cover. as we go through the afternoon there's a chance for a few showers. you start to notice the clouds moving in from the northeast. we'll keep at least a few showers in the forecast for tomorrow. we will be staying mild, though. the cool air doesn't get here until this weekend. here's a look at future temperatures.
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the warmest air stays to our south. by friday, we're still looking at a pretty mild nice day into the week. going into the weekend, the cool air starts to move in. saturday night into sunday morning, some areas will be in the 30s. that will mainly be the higher elevations like the poconos but we do have 40 degree temperatures in the forecast. for tonight, though, evening showers, patchy fog possibly forming late tonight. 60 for the low in philadelphia. 56 degrees areas north and west. tomorrow, early clouds and fog developing. cooler temperatures tomorrow but it's not the kind of cool air we're talking about. 71 to 74 degrees for the high temperature. as we go into thursday, 71 looking pretty good but mostly cloudy friday, mid-70s. take a look at the weekend, morning rain saturday. we drop down into the mid-60s just in time for the eagles home game. >> all right, sheena. another teenage daredevil is facing charges for climbing to the top of a new york city skyscraper. take a look at this photo posted
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on the 17-year-old's instagram account shows the new world trade center and another skyscraper peeking through the clouds. it was taken from the top of a new residential building on park avenue. the teen is charged with trespassing and reckless endangerment. forget paper or plastic, you better take your own bags. the state of california is now in the first state in the nation to ban plastic bags. what that means for shoppers plus what pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware are doing about a bag crackdown. and a touchdown for football fans. what happened today in washington that could allow fans to watch games that were previously blacked out?
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skyforce 10 was over breaking news in montgomery county a short time ago. crews are on the scene of a shooting at the public safety training campus in conshohocken. we have confirmed that one person has been shot. a spokesperson says that is believed to be an accidental shooting. we're still working to get more information about the circumstances surrounding the shooting and the person's condition. nbc 10's lu ann cahn is on her way to that scene. as soon as she arrives we'll check in with her live. no longer will the government cause sports fans to miss a local game because of a
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blackout rule that's been in place for decade. it was voted unanimously to get rid of the rule to not air games if the tickets do not sell out. the fcc chairman says now it's the leagues that control whether sports fans can watch the games. a videotaped confession to police. >> it is a vital piece of evidence in the case against a man accused of murdering a 10-month-old child and her grandmother. but someone has serious concerns about it. the man accused of committing the crime, what he did in court today. and do you believe in ghosts? they actually exist at the new jersey statehouse, sort of. what an nbc investigation uncovered about who's really voting on some state bills. a war of words, tracey morgan is responding to allegations from walmart that
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he's partly to blame for the deadly crash. all new on nbc 10 news at 6:00. what the actor has to say about the retail giant's report.
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theredelaware just like us. fire companies in the state of something went wrong with the new health care law that threatened to shut us all down, and then chris coons got involved. chris did one heck of a job. he got senators in both parties to see that there was a problem. they fixed it, so now volunteer fire companies can stay in service. most guys in washington just want to argue. but our chris coons got results. i'm chris coons and i approve this message. it's not easy to get things done in washington, but i'm working hard to find common ground.
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this is a live picture of a school bus accident in center city. this is 12th street and girard avenue. medics are reportedly on that scene checking out students for possible injuries. we don't know how many were on that bus.
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but as soon as we know more about this story, we'll make sure we bring it back to you, whether or not kids were hurt. a school bus accident, 12th and girard in center city philadelphia. more breaking news in montgomery county to tell you about. crews are on the scene of a shooting that took place at a public safety training campus in conshohocken. this is video from earlier. we have confirmed one person has been shot. a spokesperson says it's believed to be accidental. we're working to get more information about the circumstances surrounding it. nbc 10's lu ann cahn is on her way to the scene. we are also waiting on a news conference from the centers for disease control and prevention regarding the first confirmed case of the ebola virus in the united states. the person is believed to be hospitalized in dallas. as soon as we get that conference we'll bring that to you. tale of the tape. this is a videotaped confession of the man charged with killing a baby girl and her grandmother. it was shown to jurors today in montgomery county.
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the man on trial for the murders is acting as his own attorney in the case. >> he has strong objections to his own taped confession. nbc 10's deanna durante is live in norristown. how damaging is this evidence? >> reporter: it is a videotape that raghunandan yandamuri argued shouldn't be shown to a jury. instead, it was and they sat sidelinely watching as the double murder suspect explained to police why he killed a 61-year-old grandmother in a botched kidnapping attempt. police say there was no emotion in the hours they spoke with raghunandan yandamuri. the jury saw this 17-minute confession today andç heard hos of statements police say he gave to them before the body of 10-month-old saanvi was found. the juror watched, barely taking their eyes off the screen as yandamuri demonstrated how he
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slashed the throat of the 61-year-old grandmother. on the video, yandamuri tells police they treated him well and allowed him to eat and drink when he needed it. at no time does he say he feels forced into confessing. >> i might have gone in another direction but this is what he chose and he's the boss. >> reporter: after the tape, jurors heard a letter yandamuri wrote from jail complain no one, not even his wife, wanted to hear the truth. it's a letter he wrote to police begging them to search for the real killers. >> reporter: now, testimony wrapped up a little while ago. the jurors went home. that letter was read by detective pal bradbury, the man who spent hours questioning yandamuri the day before the body of 10-month-old saanvi venna was found. that letter is one yandamuri wrote to him from prison begging him to look for the real killers. he outlines that two other people forced him to go to that apartment and they are the real killers. early on in the trial, i asked
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steven heckman where are those men now? he says so far they've not been located. reporting live, deanna durante, nbc 10 news. some of the other stories making headlines, state police said they found two pipe bombs in the woods during their manhunt for an accused cop killer. authorities say the bombs were found at the campsite, apparently being used by eric frein. the 31-year-old has been on the run since september 12th. a 2-year-old boy in delaware is fighting for his life tonight. he somehow got his hands on a gun and shot himself in the head. it happened this morning in clay monday the, new castle county. the toddler was returned to ai dupont hospital for children in critical condition. we're working to figure out how he got the gun. tim furlong will have a live update in 30 minutes. acme markets has become the latest target on the stolen credit card data. they believe customer card information was stolen over the summer.
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$95 million is the highest bid at this hour for atlantic city's closed revel casino. that bid comes from developer gene straub. revel cost $2.4 billion to build. the fbi needs the public's help to track down a serial bank robber. he's known as the ak-47 bandit. he's been linked to five robberies in four different states. the fbi just released surveillance video from his latest crime in nebraska last month. so far, none of these robberies has happened in pennsylvania, new jersey or delaware. the fbi says this man has already traveled extensively to commit these crimes and they want people to be on the lookout. authorities are offering a $100,000 reward for information that leads to an arrest. we want you to take a look at this, too, philadelphia police are trying to identify this guy in a video. he breaks in and steals from the a & a supermarket.
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the man took items then grabbed what he could from the cash register. he also stole cigarettes before running out. if you recognize him, police want to hear from you. police in brick township, ocean county are looking for these two guys. investigators say last week the pair found a credit card someone dropped in the parking lot of a wawa on brick boulevard and used it inside. police say they weren't done. the card was then used at several other stores nearby. if you recognize these two men, call çpolice. new information tonight about two local union workers accused of extortion. edward sweeney and shawn bailey pleaded guilty to federal charges today. sweeney worked as a business agent for the ironworkers local 401. part of the defendant's plan was to intimidate nonunion contractors into hiring union labor. sweeney admitted he set several fires in an act of retaliation, including a quaker meeting house. bailey pleaded guilty for his role in an extortion of a nonunion contractor working on a
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warehouse in philadelphia. switching gears now, tonight, neighbors will get another chance to speak up over the plans to build a new wawa in conshohocken. the wawa with gas pumps will be built on 11th and fayette streets. it's been the center of debate since 2010. some are worried it will bring unwanted traffic to the area. wawa says it's goal is to complement the communities it serves. tonight's hearing is scheduled for 7:00 at conshohocken borough hall. ghosts at the statehouse in trenton? it's not a pre-halloween prank. an nbc investigation cracks down on just who is voting on new jersey's newest laws. here's a hint. it may not be elected officials. also ahead, new information about the ray rice investigation. learn who will now be involved in appealing his football suspension. here's what's coming up tonight on nbc 10 news at 6:00. a domestic violence investigation within philadelphia's police force. nbc 10 investigates how common this issue is for those protecting our streets.
5:37 pm
then acme food stores hacked. we're taking a look at all the security breaches and how they're affecting us locally. count on nbc news at 6:00.
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california's governor signed a bill banning the use of plastic bags. >> it is the nation's first statewide ban of its kind.
5:39 pm
the legislation prohibits large grocery stores from carrying single use bags beginning next summer. the law will expand to smaller stores the following year. more than 100 cities and counties including san francisco and los angeles haveç their ow plastic bag ban. plastic and paper bag manufacturers opposed to the legislation say it will put a lot of people out of work. in pennsylvania, the state legislature is discussing a ban on plastic bags statewide. the matter remains in committees, no bans exist in delaware. public officials are electioned to represent us but the question tonight is are they really? an nbc investigation shows who's really voting bills into law in trenton as you'll see the people casting ballots may not even be allowed to do so. first, meteorologist sheena parveen is tracking showers. sheena? >> that's right. i'm tracking a few showers in the forecast for this evening. and even part of tomorrow
5:40 pm
afterple coming up, i'll show you the timing on any rain and also some very cool temperatures for your weekend. that's straight ahead. an apparent bidding war at the bankruptcy auction for atlantic city's defunct revel casino. >> it's going to play out as it plays out. and we'll just have to see. >> i'm ted greenberg in new york with what we've learned about who's now vying for the former resort.
5:42 pm
now back to breaking news. the centers for disease control just confirmed the first case of the ebola virus in the united states. it's believed the patient is hospitalized in dallas. we'll bring you a live picture now of a news conference that's happening right now. let's listen in. >> -- develop symptoms on the 26th of september initially sought care and sunday the 28th of september was admitted to a hospital in texas and placed on
5:43 pm
isolation. we received in our laboratory today specimens from the individual, tested them and they tested positive for ebola. the state of texas also operates a laboratory that found the same results. testing for ebola is highly accurate. it's a pcr test of blood. so what does this mean? the next steps are basically three-fold. first, to care for the patient. and we'll be hearing from the hospital shortly to provide the most effective care possible as safely as possible to keep to an absolute minimum the likelihood, the possibility that anyone would become infected and second, to maximize the chances that the patient might recover. second, we identify all people who may have had contact with
5:44 pm
the patient while he could have been -- >> the centers for disease control, a live news conference from atlanta, georgia, confirming one case, the first one, here in the united states, an ebola virus patient being treated in dallas. we'll make sure we stay on top of this story. stay tuned to nbc 10 online at for the latest on the story. it's been several weeks since video of ray rice beating his now wife was made public sparking an outcry. it happened in an atlantic city elevator. today there was more pressure on the league and it came from a dozen or so women. >> they were republican and democratic legislators from new jersey. nbc 10's brian thompson has their story from the meadowlands. >> i felt like i couldn't help my mother. >> reporter: assemblywoman was 4 years old when she saw her father beat up her mother in
5:45 pm
their union city home. she and her mother ended up in this shelter. >> you're so scared. you're afraid that he would probably do the same thing to you. >> reporter: this day, she joined a dozen or so fellow female legislators in new jersey to demand more from the nfl. in the wake of the ray rice controversy and his well-chronicled slugging in an atlantic city casino elevator of a girlfriend who became his wife. it's now nfl commissioner roger goodell responded that has become part of the issue. >> i call on leadership of the jets and the giants to let roger goodell go. he should be fired for his inaction for the last seven years. >> reporter: both teams declined to comment today. these women also announced support for a bill that would end the nfl's tax exemption worth, they say, $10 million a year to the league. >> we are determined to lobby to get that tax exemption removed. >> reporter: that revenue would go to domestic violence programs
5:46 pm
like the shelter our sisters home for abused women and their children in bergen county. in a state with 38 deaths from domestic violence in 2012 and 65,000 police responses, anything helps, according to executive director elaine mireson. >> whether you can teach 1 or 200, it's a beginning. >> reporter: in addition to the two teams, the nfl also had no comment today. it remains to be seen if this bipartisan show of solidarity will have an impact in this ongoing debate. in east rutherford, brian thompson, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, a pretty nice day today. nicer than yesterday. today and we still do right now. here's a live look at the ben franklin bridge. temperatures on the warmer side, pretty mild across the area. but for tonight, few showers are going to be in the forecast. not everyone will see the rain. then going into the weekend, we
5:47 pm
start off with the rain. we'll jump ahead to the weekend. that will be our next rain chance really. after that, cooler temperatures moving in just in time for the eagles game sunday. it's going to feel like fall this weekend. it's going to feel like football weather, especially sunday. we'll show you that in the forecast in just a minute. 78 degrees philadelphia, 74 northeast philly. 68 ricetown, 72 washington township. 75 degrees in wilmington. areas north and west through the lehigh valley still in the mid-70s here, 76 reading and allentown, 69 up in the poconos. nice weather there, 71 in oxford, mid-70s in blue bell. closer to the shore, this is where we have cooler temperatures, right around 70 degrees. 69 in avalon, 73 millville. 73 degrees at the atlantic city airport. the only shower in the state or mainly through central pennsylvania. these are in fact thunderstorms. they've popped up quickly this afternoon. notice there's not a lot of motion to them. they've develop. they're trying slowly to move to the east.
5:48 pm
they're not really going to make it here. a lot of these will try to die down before they get here. they're moving too slowly. for our area, a chance of at least a few showers. locally on the radar, we are still pretty dry. plenty of sunshine still around with the warm temperatures. in philadelphia, you can just see cloud cover around but still a lot of sunshine. live look out at center city, looks really nice right now but we'll continue to see the clouds moving in as we go through tonight. more cloud cover than we had earlier today. we're in a dry slot, rain off in the atlantic, rain to our west but later on this evening, we'll have more moisture try to move in. future weather showing a few showers possibly by about 10:00, 11:00 tonight. again, not everyone will see these. we go into tomorrow. we could be starting off with patchy fog and a chance of showers as we go into the afternoon, we could see a few showers around. nothing that would help the rainfall deficit. for tonight, evening showers, patchy fog late. mid-50s areas north and west. tomorrow we start off with
5:49 pm
clouds, early fog. temperatures in the mid-to-low 70s. cooler than today. thursday around 70 degrees, mostly cloudy friday, looks good. overnight showers into saturday morning to start off your weekend, look at the temperatures, though, 70 saturday, 64 degrees on sunday. continuing to follow that breaking news out of montgomery county, crews remain on the scene of a shooting at a public safety training camp in conshohocken. we have confirmed one person has been shot, a male who's been flown to temple. no word on that person's condition. it does appear to be an accidental shooting according to a montgomery county spokesperson. question for you. do you believe in ghosts? >> you live in new jersey you may want to start believing. maybe a phantom and not your elected official actually voting on new state bills. what an nbc investigation uncovered about who's really hitting the yay and nay button. not in my backyard. police say a jersey shore man
5:50 pm
took matters into his own hands. still ahead on nbc 10 news at 6:00, why investigators say he went too far and ended up getting arrested.
5:51 pm
5:52 pm
lawmakers vote on bills you might think they're physically in the chamber pushing the yay or nay button. as the rules also require. that's not always how it works. nbc investigators caught elected leaders in new jersey ordering
5:53 pm
staffers to do the voting for them. >> a violation of the rules and some say an insult to democracy. chris glorioso from our sister station in new york has the story. >> we've been discussing this issue for 2 1/2 years. >> reporter: when governor christie called a special legislative session this summer, the topic was serious, reforming new jersey's bail system. the vote these senators are about to cast would pave the way for a possible constitutional amendment. >> please record your vote. >> reporter: but look closer. not everyone casting a vote is a lawmaker. this is where senator kevin o'toole sits but that's not kevin o'toole, it's his chief of staff. watch as he presses the vote button in place of his boss, then he does it again and again. >> all votes recorded, properly recorded. >> reporter: this is where senator sam thompson sits but that's not senator thompson obviously. watch as she votes on the bail reform. >> how do you think the average voter would react to know
5:54 pm
elected leaders aren't necessarily the ones casting the votes? >> i think the issue here is it plays into those negative perceptions that we have, that legislatures really aren't working and that's a big problem. >> reporter: new jersey senate rules clearly state no senators' vote should be recorded until the senator is present in the chamber, yet we witnessed it over and over again. this is clearly not senator joseph vitaly. watch as she presses vitaly's button not once but twice. >> is it okay for you to vote for the senator? >> reporter: doss did not want to answer our questions. she pushed our microphone away. >> i don't talk to the press. >> reporter: watch as another staffer tried to block our camera. >> we saw you vote for the senator. we're wondering if he's here into the building. >> reporter: doss declined to tell us where senator vitaly was. he said during the vote he was ill in the bathroom. >> just increasingly didn't feel
5:55 pm
well. i asked one of the staff persons that was sitting next to me if she wouldn't mind voting for me while i went to the rest room and threw some water on my face and tried to feel better. >> senate bill 946. >> reporter: senate rules make no exception for bathroom breaks. they also make no exception for tardiness but that didn't stop senators from covering for each other when they ran late. watch as the senate president calls for attendance. senator store steve orajo presses his button and his neighbor's button. this senator presses his button and his neighbor's button at the same time. their proxy voters were pushing the same buttons they would have pressed. the missing members also insisted they were somewhere inside the statehouse. last july in the state assembly, the speaker took a roll call on a from i afternoon. even though there was just one assemblymen in the building,
5:56 pm
assembly leadership marked all lawmakers present as long as they were somey in the state. this is the assembly parliamentarian. >> this struck me as being damn close to fraud. there was nobody out there that believed we were there and hadn't been there, had no intention of showing up. >> last july, a spokesman for the assembly leadership said it was routine for lawmakers to be mark as present as long as they're somewhere in the state. after we started asking questions and the assembly speaker introduced a resolution to, quote, clarify the rules. this week the assembly voted 72-0 to allow quorum calls by phone or e-mail. lawmakers still have to be in the room to vote on a bill and as you saw they aren't always following that rule. for nbc 10 news, i'm chris glorioso. coming up next on nbc 10 news at 6:00, nbc 10 first alert weather tracking rain headed our
5:57 pm
way tonight. glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> well, there's a line of showers and thunderstorms expected to move closer to our area in the next couple of hours. i'm tracking the timing and tonight's temperatures in my exclusive nbc 10 first alert forecast. after the latest data breach at acme market, how paranoid should you be about using your credit and debit cards? i'm doug shimell, the story coming up. >> we continue to follow several breaking stories including a deadly disease that's now made its way into the u.s. what we know about the first confirmed case of ebola dgsd he -- diagnosed here. next on nbc 10 news at 6:00.
5:59 pm
nbc 10 breaking news. >> right now at 6:00, the ebola outbreak has reached the u.s. health officials have confirmed the first case to be diagnosed in the state. nbc 10's keith jones is live in our digital operations center monitoring a news conference which was held within the last half hour. keith? >> jim, again, it bears repeating. this is the first diagnosed case of the ebola virus here in the united states. and this is what we know about it thus far. the one patient being kept in isolation at texas health presbyterian hospital at dallas. the hospital announced that the recent symptoms indicated a case of ebola. the confirmation came late this afternoon. ebola killed more than 3,000 people in west africa. of course it's infected a handful of americans as well who
6:00 pm
travel to that region. you can be sure you'll see much more on this story, the latest on "nbc nightly news" with brian williams. live from the digital operations center, keith jones, nbc 10 news. skyforce 10 over breaking news in montgomery county. we've been telling you about for more than an hour now, one person shot at the public safety training campus in conshohocken. nbc 10's lu ann cahn is live on the scene this afternoon. what can you tell us. >> reporter: we still are getting very few details here. we know it happened at 4:54. police are calling this an accident that happened here at the montgomery county public training campus the chairman of the montgomery county board of commissioners is here getting information. we are told a 20 something-year-old male was transferred to temple university hospital with a