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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 500a  NBC  October 1, 2014 5:00am-5:31am EDT

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we've got you covered to help you plan your morning. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm chris cato. >> and i'm tracy davidson. let's find out more about the showers here and there with meteorologist bill henley in the first alert weather center. >> if you're looking for rainfall, you're really going to hunt for it this morning. not too many rain drops out there but plenty of clouds. clouds are blanketing the entire area. you can clearly see them over the city in this live view from the adventure aquarium. as far as the rain is concerned, it's really been tapering off over the last hour. just some very light showers moved through philadelphia. now they're in burlington county. those are fizzling. and so are the showers that are in berks county. heavier downpours this morning were brief in western berks county. the rain has already ended in reading, but there are a couple of rain drops left over. the temperatures very close to where we were yesterday. it's 64 degrees in philadelphia. so far, we're not getting a repeat of the fog in areas north and west. we will see occasional sprinkles to start with, but then clouds start to thin out. 64 degrees at 9:00. we'll get some breaks of
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sunshine as we head into the afternoon. 68 degrees at lunchtime today. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast when i come back. but first, jillian has traffic. good morning, jillian. >> good morning to you, bill. still at 5:00, our only accident out there is this in clementon. white horse pike eastbound at white horse avenue. the right lane is blocked. heading to the boulevard, you can see all is quiet in both directions. this is a live look right near broad street. no issues to deal with on the boulevard as far as accidents go and certainly no delays out there right now. we do have some construction lingering on the northeast extension northbound, just past the exit for lehigh valley, exit 56. the right lane is blocked in that area. and taking this map out a little bit, we have a camera right here on route 22. that's right near airport road. traffic is moving just fine along 22. chris? from house to house, a quick-spreading fire consumed four buildings in atlantic city overnight. the fire has been burning all night long and continues to burn this morning. some of those buildings have collapsed. now, the fire started in a sewing shop on the 1100 block of atlantic avenue. that's just a couple of blocks
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from the boardwalk here in atlantic city. nbc 10's katy zachry is live in atlantic city this morning. katy, you've been showing us the battle that firefighters have had all morning. what's the situation now? >> reporter: well, chris, a few hours ago, firefighters tell us they thought they had this fire under control, but then the hotspots started flaring up. and fortunately, that is all that they're seeing right now and have for last few hours, these hotspots limited to the attic area. this is a very different story, though, than what firefighters were dealing with just after 10:00 at the height of the fire, which we have video of. they are right now in their seventh hour of fighting this fire. wind has been a major factor, according to the fire chief, spreading this fire to as many as five adjacent buildings, which house businesses on the first floor and then apartments above. the chief tells us if the wind were blowing in the opposite direction, the damage would only be limited to about two buildings. several buildings, he says, are a total loss. inside, the second floor has
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collapsed on to the first. there have been no injuries reported, fortunately. several families have been helped by the red cross. we're told about 17 people have been displaced and are either needing to be in a motel overnight and in these early-morning hours, or they're with families. we did talk to the fire chief and he had some comments just about the extent of the fire and how difficult it has been to get control of it. and we'll have that for you in about 25 minutes. reporting live in atlantic city, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. it is 5:03. new this morning, philadelphia police are urging you to use caution if you walk or jog in wissahickon park. they say a woman was attacked on a trail there last friday along the trail near mccallum street bridge in chestnut hill. police say a man threw a woman to the ground, tried to rob her and rape her. they said the victim managed to break free and find another man who called for help. investigators describe the attacker as between 25 and 30, 6 feet tall wearing a red polo shirt and tan pants. we have new information this
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morning about philadelphia police shooting at a group of men last night. skyforce10 was over wister street near chelten avenue in germantown around 9:30 last night. here's what happened. officers tell us they approached three men thinking that one of them was a wanted suspect. the men ran away. during the chase, one suspect, police say, pulled out a gun. an officer fired at him. police don't believe any of the men were hit. they all got away. the investigation continues this morning into the death of a pennsylvania state trooper killed during a training exercise in our area yesterday at a gun range, a training facility in conshohocken. nbc 10's jesse gary is live at the state police barracks in skippack township, where the trooper was stationed. and jesse, you've been checking with state police officials there. are they saying any more about how this accident happened? >> reporter: not at this time, tracy. i've been going inside the barracks to ask questions, but no answers so far. i did talk to a trooper outside in the parking lot here. there have been a few coming and going. this one was from philadelphia, said he's here working on the
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investigation along with agents from the county d.a.'s office. they've been working since the accident took place. take a look at our video. the scene is the county public safety training camp in conshohocken. yesterday afternoon, trooper david kedra was fatally wounded by a gunshot to the chest. the 26-year-old rushed to temple university hospital, but doctors were not able to save his life. his body placed in a coffin hours later and then driven from the hospital by motorcade. i'm going to continue to check with state police, even though it's early in the morning, try to get more information on their ongoing investigation and have that for you in the next hour. live in skippack township, montgomery county, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. at five minutes after 5:00, here's what else we're following today. in the school budget crisis in philadelphia, a coalition of students, parents and other supporters will be holding a rally just before this morning's gubernatorial debate in philadelphia. the rally is set for 7:30 a.m. in spring garden. the ralliers are calling on governor tom corbett and his democratic challenger, tom wolf, to invest more money in schools and less in prison. the coalition has been knocking on doors asking people to sign a
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pledge to vote for candidates who are committed to funding public education. and speaking of funding education in philadelphia, today, smokers will be paying more for cigarettes in the city. that extra cost will support education. a $2-per-pack increase in the city's cigarette tax is now in effect. it was enacted, of course, to help fill that budget gap for philadelphia schools. lawmakers say it will generate $49 million this school year. the city's comptroller, though, says that it's just a band-aid fix for now. he points out that tobacco tax collections in the city have dropped over the past year. and back to decision 2014 now, where school funding could be the key issue as the candidates for pennsylvania governor are squaring off once again. >> the second debate between democrat tom wolf and republican tom corbett set for later this morning in philadelphia. here's the first debate. this is last week in hershey. wolf attacked governor corbett's record in office. the incumbent accused the york businessman of not giving specifics on taxes. after this morning's debate in philadelphia, there will be a
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final debate next week on october 8th near pittsburgh. voters will head to the polls, as you know, november 4th. election now just 34 day away. and the race between those two appears to be tightening. the latest poll by mercyhurst university in erie shows wolf with a 15-point lead over corbett. now, that's down from last week. a poll released by franklin & marshall college in lancaster had wolf ahead by 21 points. philadelphia mayor michael nutter will sign a bill today that decriminalized marijuana possession. if you're caught with 30 grams or less, you'll face a $25 fine, no arrest or criminal record. the new law goes into effect october 20th. news from our delaware bureau now. a 2-year-old boy is still in critical condition this morning after shooting himself in the head. it happened yesterday morning at a home in the valley run community in claymont, new castle county. new castle county police say the boy somehow found a loaded gun inside his home and shot himself. police say his mother was at home at the time. the toddler is in the hospital. we spoke to his brother last night, who's hopeful that his
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younger sibling can make a full recovery. >> he's doing good. he's better. he's in icu right now. he just went over to icu, so he's getting better. >> the delaware attorney general's office is reviewing the case to determine if charges will be filed. testimony will resume today in the trial of a man who's accused of killing a baby and her grandmother. raghunandan yandamuri is acting as his own attorney. jurors have listened to the 17-minute tape where he confesses to the murders in 2012. yandamuri, though, is now arguing that he was coerced into that confession by police. if convicted, prosecutors will ask for the death penalty. 5:08. today is day 19 in the search for a suspected cop killer in pennsylvania. state police say there are signs that eric frein is stressed out and making mistakes. they repeated their call for him to surrender. investigators found two pipe bombs in the woods yesterday. they say the bombs were fully functional but not deployed to explode. the pipe bombs were among several items police say were
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hastily discarded at a camp site used by frein. authorities also say there's been at least one credible sighting of frein in the past 24 hours. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> an hour ago, a few showers in philadelphia. now it's just clouds overhead and some scattered clouds moving past the camera this morning. not a lot of wind to start with and not a lot of showers either. what few showers we have are very light, on the verge of sprinkles. a cooler day today. we'll see clouds to start with, but there will be some breaks of sunshine. not quite as sunny as what we saw yesterday. and it's not going to be quite as warm over the weekend. we're going to see the numbers come down for saturday and sunday. clouds, yes. some thinning of the clouds to the west. we will get some sunshine, but we're still dealing with a few scattered showers in the area. really not much left of them at this hour. burlington county into ocean county getting some very light rainfall. scattered showers have just
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ended in pemberton. crestwood village still getting a few rain drops this morning. and in eastern berks county, just to the south of rockland, looks like a very light shower right now. your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast, 60s with clouds breaking for some sunshine in the pocono mountains. 67 degrees and isolated showers possible this morning. less likely this afternoon. 72 in reading. up to 73 for trenton, northeast philadelphia and norristown will also be in the low 70s. and dover will hit 74 degrees. just a little bit cooler for vineland and atlantic city, 70 degrees. you'll see more breaks of sunshine than any showers this morning. and that's going to be the case for inland areas, for the i-95 corridor, wilmington, chester and philadelphia. starting with clouds, an isolated shower this morning, then breaks of sunshine this afternoon. a look at the weekend and beyond with the seven-day when i come back. it's ten minutes after 5:00. if you're getting ready to hit the road for your wednesday morning, let's see if there's anything out there that might
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slow you down. >> nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jillian mele is watching the cameras, getting all kinds of information. >> good morning. i continue to monitor construction on 95 southbound. it's basically southbound between the blue route and the commodore barry bridge. this is a live look at 95 by the blue route, and you can see that one lane of traffic getting by as we hit that 5:00 mark. we start to see a little slowdown in the midst of this construction zone. typically, this construction wraps around 5:00. it's still out there right now. we'll let you know if it causes any big delays, as it did yesterday. we definitely saw a lot of heavy volume out there yesterday as a result of that. ben franklin bridge looking good in both directions. we have that track rehab project going on on the westbound side, so lane restrictions there. clementon, we still have an accident, white horse pike eastbound at white horse avenue. the right lane is blocked in that area. and for drivers in delaware this morning, no accidents reported on the majors. this is route 1, quiet in both directions, right next to christiana mall road. the army rheveteran at the center of the white house security scandal will be in
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court today. we'll break that down as reports of another security breach surface. and red light recommeollout you were sleeping. red light cameras, where they are and how much you'll have to pay if you're caught on camera.
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if you're a current or former military member or their family, get an auto insurance quote and see why 92% of our members plan to stay for life. ♪ ♪ with 5 perfectly sweetened whole grains, you can't help but see the good. look for big g cereals with money saving offers on these breakfast favorites and give your budget a boost. 5:15 right now. accused white house fence jumper omar gonzalez will be in court today. investigators say he ran across the lawn into the white house on september 19th, making it all the way to the east room before being subdued.
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if convicted, he faces a maximum of ten years in prison. his mad dash was captured on video and prompted major questions about white house security. secret service director julia pierson testified about the breach at a congressional hearing yesterday. she conceded there were multiple failures by the secret service. in spite of the lapse, pierson testified the president is safe today. lawmakers from both parties called for an independent review of what went wrong. now, at the same time, the secret service acknowledges there is another investigation into another security incident involving the president. a number of published reports say last month at the cdc in atlanta, president obama was in an elevator with an armed security contractor who has three criminal convictions. that's the violation of secret service protocol. agents interviewed the security guard after he refused to stop taking cell phone video of the president, and that's when they determined the man was not a threat. at 5:15 now, happening later today, there's a rally in bucks county for lesbian, gay, bisexual and transgender rights.
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organizers are calling for new lgbt hate crime legislation out of harrisburg at this rally. it's called the love over hate rally. it's this afternoon from 5:00 to 6:00 on the front lawn of the county courthouse in doylestown. now, this, of course, comes after the arrest of three suspects from bucks county. they're accused of beating up a gay couple in philadelphia. here are the three suspects, kevin harrigan, philip williams and katheriryn knott are chargen the attack on the couple in center city last month. police say the suspects were seen in this surveillance video moments before the assault. they're accused of asking the couple about their relationship and then punching and beating them. one of the victims has a broken jaw. defense attorneys, though, say the fight was mutual and not motivated by sexual orientation. starting today in one montgomery county community, there's a new way to get safety and emergency messages. lower marian is launching blackboard connect, a call-out service. residents can get calls and alerts on their phones about
5:17 am
emergencies, including power outages, road closures and crimes. to get the alert, you can sign up for calls, texts or e-mails. drexel university plans to hold a mass casualty drill today between 9:00 and noon, simulating a response to a hazmat situation. it will help them evaluate their decisions and practices. drivers, you've been warned. this morning you'll pay the price if you run a red light in certainly intersections. three red light cameras have been there for months at abington's most dangerous intersections. the trial period ended at midnight. >> there is no money incentive. we're doing this strictly because it is going to make our most dangerous intersections safer. and from that standpoint, we're getting excellent feedback. >> and the fine for running a red light there, $100. 5:17. if you're getting ready to head out, let's check roads, see if there's any backed up construction delays, any accidents to know about. >> there is a myriad of things
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that could happen out there. some of them not good. let's hope that everything good is happening for you this morning. jillian? >> you just never know. each day brings something new in the world of traffic. let's start you off with good news. this is a live look at 76 out near route 202. you can see 76 is clear right now in both directions. 202 is also looking pretty good for drivers out there this morning. traffic is moving right there just fine. now, this is that construction that i continue to follow on 95 southbound right near the commodore barry bridge. you can still see the cones set up. we still have some active construction out there. and drivers are slowing down as they pass, because one lane of traffic is getting by. so, just keep that in mind. that is still out there. 95 southbound from woodhaven to the vine. drive time is about 13 minutes. 15 minutes on 76 westbound from the vine to the blue route. 476 northbound will take you about 18 minutes from 95 to 76. coming up, i'll update you on the accident i've been following in clementon. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley.
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>> we've been following the progress of a few showers this morning. overall they've been decreasing. the showers will taper off, but clouds are starting everybody off. clouds over center city and temperatures in the 60s. very close to where they were yesterday at this time. philadelphia's actually running just two degrees below yesterday's level. but north and west, it's little bit warmer this morning for reading and allentown, pottstown is at 60 degrees right now. that is two degrees warmer for reading and pottstown and four degrees warmer in allentown. important, because there's just as much moisture in the atmosphere, so we're watching for fog. but with warmer temperatures, so far we're not seeing the thick fog that we had yesterday. visibility has come down a little bit in allentown and quakertown, but coatesville has 10-mile visibility along with pottstown, which is excellent. bluebell is 7-mile visibility, so be watching for some fog, but so far, it hasn't happened. as far as clouds are concerned, there are signs that they'll be thinning out. you can see some breaks in the clouds moving into lancaster
5:20 am
county and southern chester county. there's still a few clouds to our west. i don't think we're going to clear out completely during the day today, but we will get some sunshine after a few sprinkles this morning. a cooler day today. yesterday we were in the upper 70s. today we will be in the lower 70s. tomorrow we'll get more sunshine, up to 74 degrees after a morning low of 58 degrees. partly sunny thursday. clouds will return late on friday. we'll start off with sunshine, though, friday, up to 75 degrees friday afternoon. then there's a chance we'll see some late evening showers on friday. more likely they'll come in overnight and into saturday morning. by saturday afternoon, the showers end. we'll get some breaks in the clouds and a big cooldown over the weekend with the winds picking up. 64 degrees the high temperature on sunday. a little bit warmer come monday. still on the breezy side monday afternoon. 5:20 now. a fire is being set on purpose at a popular national park in this area. that fire will be set at valley
5:21 am
forge national historical park as early as next week, depending on the weather. they're trying to burn an 18-acre meadow south of yellow springs road near the park's southwest boundary. the fire is being set to wipe out an invasive plant species in that area. visitor facilities, trails and roads will remain open during the burn. traffic, though, on yellow springs road may experience some delays. the burn is expected to last no longer than one day. the high-stakes battle over who will own the now-closed revel casino continued into the early-morning hours. we've been in touch with both parties involved in the bidding war. we'll have the latest on the auction and where the bidding war stands now. and the ebola outbreak hits wall street. how the virus could impact the markets and your money.
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5:24, and it's pay what you wish wednesday at the philadelphia museum of art. tracy is rejoicing. as we take a live look at the museum of art this morning. here are some of the events happening tonight. starting at 5:30 as part of the make stuff series, you can join the philadelphia brewing company to learn how to make your own beer. then at 6:00, relax and unwind with yoga on the east balcony of the museum. if you really want to relax and unwind, have the beer, then the yoga. >> oh, stop. stock in companies that are working on ebola treatments spiked after news of the first case in the u.s. courtney reagan is following that this morning with the cnbc business news. courtney, good morning. >> good morning to you. that's right, stocks of several biotech companies working on
5:25 am
potential treatments for the ebola virus spiking on the news of the first confirmed u.s. case. the biggest mover, significance mare pharmaceuticals up 30% in after-hours trading. in august it was allowed to use its experimental drug in those with the virus. it was taken by richard sacra, the doctor infected while working in liberia but recovered after returning to the u.s. for treatment. shares of some airlines, such as delta and american, fell on the news. back to you. and details on the first case of ebella here in the united states and what's being done to stop the spread of the virus in our next half hour. courtney, thanks. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> tracking a few showers this morning but not too many. they're really tapering off already this morning. it's clouds overhead that are going to be sticking around for several hours, but i do expect some breaks in sunshine today. 64 degrees at 5:25. jillian mele has traffic. hey, jillian.
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>> good morning, bill. following one accident this morning. it's been out there for a while out of clementon. white horse pike eastbound at white horse avenue. the right lane is still blocked there. coming up in a few minutes, i'll take you to 95 in delaware. smokers get ready to pay up. >> a cigarette tax to help solve the philadelphia school budget crisis goes into effect today. nbc 10's monique braxton breaks down the details for us this morning. monique? >> reporter: good morning. for the past half hour, we've been watching the signs here being changed at this store in society hill and throughout the morning we'll talk to smokers about how they feel about digging a little deeper to get a smoke. and we continue to follow this breaking news. fire burning at a business. a row of buildings in atlantic city. it's been going on for almost eight hours. four buildings destroyed, several families displaced. we'll have a live update from the scene, moments ahead.
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here is the breaking news we're following for you. flames break out just blocks from the boardwalk in atlantic city. we have the latest live from the scene where firefighters continue to battle that blaze, now more than seven hours after it started. $2 per pack to rescue schools. philadelphia's cigarette tax is now in effect, but will it really generate as much money as lawmakers say it will? and a cloudy start this morning as just a couple showers move through parts of our area. live look outside. later today we will see sun
5:30 am
shining all over the delaware valley. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> and i'm chris cato. let's begin with meteorologist bill henley and his first alert forecast. bill, it's 64 degrees out there now, but we're headed for cooler weather later in the week. >> and to this afternoon, actually. yesterday it was 79 degrees with clouds in place today more so than yesterday. we'll see the temperatures stay lower this afternoon. there's a bit of a breeze blowing, mainly above building level. you can see that in this view from center city. as far as the radar view, well, the showers are getting harder to find. they've been thinning out over the last hour. the showers have ended in philadelphia and just some scattered showers in the browns mills area, in burlington county, toms river has some just to the west in ocean county. we've been watching some showers thin out in berks county. reading did get some rain. it's now just portions of eastern berks county that's seeing that rain, and it's very