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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  October 1, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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through south philadelphia. right now it is rainfall that is moving through the area, and just a little bit, the radar screen is showing some showers that are farther to the north and west. we're seeing some very light rainfall in the berks county area. right now just a little bit of rain after there were some heavier downpours in western berks county overnight. and it is completely dry in philadelphia. those showers will be tapering off, but they're starting to move into southern lehigh valley in areas north and west where we're starting to see a little bit of fog as well. as far as the temperatures are concerned, the readings right now in the 60s will warm during the day with breaks of sunshine into the middle 60s by 9:00, by lunchtime 68 degrees. back with your neighborhood by neighborhood forecast, but first, traffic. we are following a big problem on 95. construction on the southbound side that's still out there
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between the blue route and the commodore barry bridge. you can see all of the cones that are set up. we still have some active construction. and you can see this is the one lane of traffic that's getting by on the actual highway itself, on 95. you can see drivers trying to make their way on to the highway. but take a look at what this is doing to the commute right now. at 6:00 this morning, you can see that line of red lights out there. that's drivers crawling along just basically past the airport. that's where this delay starts, and it continues down to the commodore barry bridge, again, because of this construction still out there. so, that is something we will stay on top of for you. an accident in berlin, cross keys road at watson town new freedom road. all lanes are blocked. take taunton road as an alternate. we've also been following an accident out of clementon over the last few hours. i'll have details in a few minutes. vai. we continue to stay on top of breaking news out of atlantic city. this is viewer video from the fire on atlantic avenue that's been burning for eight hours now. blown from building to building, a quick-spreading fire consumes
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homes and businesses. some of those buildings have collapsed. the fire started in a sewing shop on the 1100 block of atlantic avenue, just blocks away from the boardwalk. nbc 10's katy zachry is live in atlantic city this morning. katy, firefighters have been out there throughout the night. what's the situation right now? >> reporter: yeah, vai, we're approaching the eighth hour of firefighting, and at some point a few hours ago, the fire chief tells me they thought they had the fire under control, but about a half hour later, hotspots flared back up. fortunately, the hotspots they're looking at right now have been contained to the attic for the last few hours. and it's a much less hectic scene than it was a few hours ago. some of the fire engines have left and firefighters are just -- they're monitoring the fire, the hotspots right now. they seem to just be watching it and letting whatever's in that attic burn. now, at the height of the fire, you're looking at video, it was a much different scene. this fire started shortly after 10:00. wind has been a major factor throughout this fire, spreading the flames from the onset to
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homes and businesses nearby. listen to what the fire chief had to say. >> the wind is blowing in the worst direction for us tonight, as far as blowing from the burn to the unburned. had the wind been blowing other way, it would have been a different turnout, we might have lost one or two places instead of four or five. >> reporter: fortunately, there have been no injuries to firefighters or to the people who lived in the apartments above the storefront. several families have been displaced. they were evacuated from their apartments, which sit above the storefront where it's believed that this fire began. the red cross is on scene assisting them. in terms of road closures right now, no traffic is getting by atlantic avenue between north carolina streets and pennsylvania streets. we'll stay on the scene and have another update in about 40 minutes. katy zachry, nbc 10 news. >> 64 degrees out and 6:03. this morning, pennsylvania police are grieving and
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investigating the death of a trooper shot during a training exercise. last night, the body of 26-year-old trooper david kedra was placed into a hearst and escorted by his family. the shooting happened yesterday at the montgomery county public safety training camp in conshohocken. state troopers and county authorities have been working the case overnight. nbc 10's jesse gary will have a live update on that coming up this morning at 6:30. we have new information this morning about philadelphia police shooting at a group of men last night. skyforce10 was over wister near chelten avenue in germantown around 9:30. the officers approached three men, thinking that one of them was wanted. well, the suspects took off running and during the chase, one suspect pulled out a gun. an officer fired at him. they don't believe any of the men were hit. all of them got away. happening today, a former philadelphia police officer will be arraigned on charges that she forced her children to fight other kids and even participated in fights herself. last month, tamika gross was ordered held on charges including corruption of minors, assault and child endangerment.
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investigators say gross ordered her teenaged son and daughter to fight other teens, and then taking part in one of the fights herself at lincoln high school. gross was allegedly captured on video punching a 14-year-old girl in the face. after her arrest, she was fired by philadelphia police. the delaware county man accused of luring a woman through craigslist and then raping her is set to be arraigned in court today. police say kevin cornish attacked an 18-year-old philadelphia woman who responded to an employment ad he posted on craigslist. police believe he may have lured other victims as well. from our delaware bureau, a 2-year-old boy is still in critical condition this morning after shooting himself in the head. new castle county police say yesterday morning the boy found a loaded gun inside his home and somehow shot himself. police say his mother was home at the time. the toddler is in the hospital, and his family is hoping he'll make a full recovery. >> he's doing good. he's better. he's in icu right now. he just went over to icu, so. he's getting better right now.
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>> the delaware attorney general's office is reviewing the case to determine if charges will be filed. happening today, if you smoke, you're going to pay more to buy cigarettes in philadelphia. the extra cost will support education. a $2-per-pack increase in the city's cigarette tax is now in effect. lawmakers say it will generate $49 million this year to help fill a budget gap of philadelphia schools, but there are questions about how effective it will be long term, because many spokers say they'll start buying their cigarettes outside the city. this morning authorities are working to track down family, friends and anyone else who may have come into contact with a patient who has come down with the united states's first confirmed case of ebola. nbc 10's chris cato is live in our digital operations center where he's following the developments. >> tracy, we know about the past cases involving dr. kent brantly and the other release workers diagnosed with ebola in africa, but this is the first -- this man is the first patient to be diagnosed with the ebola virus in the u.s., on american soil.
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now, the man recently traveled from liberia to dallas. that's where he became ill. he started exhibiting symptoms of ebola as he was already on the ground in dallas. he's been put in isolation at texas health presbyterian hospital since sunday. now, doctors have not released the man's name, age or nationality. the cdc says there is no risk of transmission to people who are on the plane with the man. that's because he wasn't yet exhibiting symptoms and they say without those symptoms, you're not contagious. no other cases are suspected in texas at this time or anywhere else in the u.s., but that hasn't stopped concerns over this disease, concerns that the nation's top public health official is trying to calm. >> bottom line here is that i have no doubt that we will control this importation or this case of ebola so that it does not spread widely in this country. >> all right, so, what happens to that man in texas? well, doctors are not discussing the protocol they're using to treat him, including any
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experimental treatments that the patient may receive. so far, ebola as we know has killed thousands of people in west africa. there is no vaccine for it, no approved vaccine. now, the man you just heard from there in that sound bite is the chief of the centers for disease control and prevention, dr. tom frieden. he will be on the "today" show later this morning. he'll talk about what doctors plan to do in the u.s. to stop the ebola virus from spreading in the u.s. and around the globe. live in our digital operations center, chris cato, nbc 10 news. meantime, there are two more confirmed cases of enterovirus d-68 in children in new jersey. the centers for disease control and prevention released test results showing the two patients are from essex and passaic counties in north jersey. both were in the hospital. both are now recovering at home. the cdc says 443 cases have now been confirmed in 40 states, including locally in new jersey, pennsylvania and delaware. a little after 6:00. moms and dads getting kids breakfast, getting ready to head out the door to school or work. >> let's check the roads and see
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what they will encounter. jillian? >> good morning. the big problem has been this construction on 95 southbound between the blue route and the commodore barry bridge. just in the last few minutes, crews were out here picking up all of the cones off of 95 southbound. this is south of the blue route, so closer to the commodore barry bridge, and they have to work their way backwards to pick up all of those cones. so, the process of clearing that construction has started. unfortunately, the damage has been done out here. take a look. we have a huge delay on 95 southbound, basically from philadelphia international to the commodore barry bridge where that construction is just clearing right now. so, give it a couple minutes and this delay will start to loosen. but unfortunately, as you can see, people are pretty much just sitting out there on 95 right now. in clementon, an accident white horse pike eastbound at white horse avenue. the right lane has been blocked for about 2 1/2 hours at this point and is still blocked in that area. also following an accident in berlin, cross keys road at watsontown new freedom road. that is blocked in that area. you can take taunton road as your alternate. as far as the majors go in
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delaware, we're not reporting any accidents there, just normal volume starting to build. bridges are looking good right now, and so far, no big delays to report on mass transit. tracy. >> all right, jillian. 6:10 right now. unwelcomed visitor. the accused white house jumper's in court today, while the secret service is on trial on capitol hill for what could have been tragic missteps. and the grace period is up. if you run a red light in this montgomery county community, expect the township to contact you. my one word to describe ac would be laid back.
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accused white house fence jumper omar gonzalez will be back in court today. investigators say he ran across the lawn into the white house on september 19th and made it all the way to the east room before being subdued. if convicted, he faces a maximum of ten years in prison. his mad dash was captured on video, as you see, and prompted major questions about white
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house security. and secret service director julia pierson testified about the breach at a congressional hearing yesterday, conceding there were multiple failures by the secret service. in spite of the lapse, pierson testified the president is safe today. lawmakers from both parties called for an independent review of what's gone wrong. at the same time, the secret service acknowledges there is another investigation into a security incident involving the president. a number of published reports say last month at the cdc in atlanta, president obama was in an elevator with an armed security contractor who has three criminal convictions. that's a violation of secret service protocol. agents interviewed the security guard after he refused to stop taking cell phone video of the president, and they determined the man was not a threat. a first of its kind gun law in california will allow family members to disarm a relative who they think poses a threat. family members will be able to petition a judge to remove firearms if they're scared that the person will commit an act of violence. this was proposed after that deadly rampage at the university
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of california santa barbara back in may. the family of that gunman tried to intervene one month before those killings. today jurors in the michael dunn retrial will begin deliberations in jacksonville, florida. dunn is accused of murdering an unarmed teenager during an argument over loud music. he was convicted in february on three counts of attempted murder for shooting three other teens, but the jury could not reach a decision on the first-degree murder charge. for the first time, we are hearing the 911 calls as fire ripped through the chicago faa facility. >> oh, we've got smoke in the buildings. can we have the fire department down here? >> okay, can you tell where it's coming from? >> the fire was damaging sensitive computer equipment inside the building. that triggered cancellations and delays at chicago's o'hare and midway airports, affecting travelers across the country. brian howard, a contractor at the facility, is accused of starting the fire. 6:16. happening today, it's the first day that you could pay the price for running a red light at certain intersections in
6:16 am
abington, montgomery county. red light cameras have been up and running for two months at three of abington township's most dangerous intersections. so far, violators have only gotten warnings, but since the trial period ended at midnight, you can now be fined $100. >> so, you've received a fair warning there in abington township. we want to give you warning on other parts of the city as well. >> nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jillian mele's watching all of the roads for you. >> and if you're heading out on 95 or the blue route right now, you'll see red lights of a different kind, a lot of brake lights this morning because of construction on 95 southbound between the blue route and the commodore barry bridge that is still in the process of clearing right now. you can see the lines of yellow and red right now. this has even caused a pretty big delay on the blue route southbound. you can see the volume out near macdade boulevard, traffic just crawling along on the blue route south as drivers try to get on 95. and on 95, still very slow moving. this is 95 southbound right near the blue route. as you can see, we are dealing with a significant delay in that area, so leave yourself extra time if your travels take you
6:17 am
out on the blue route or 95. now, let's head into new jersey, update you on an accident we've been following since 4:00 this morning. clementon, white horse pike eastbound at white horse avenue. i just got word that accident has cleared, so you're good to go if you are traveling that intersection this morning. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> flags are blowing atop of the aramark building in center city. a little bit of a breeze helping to keep fog from forming in center city, but we're starting to see a bit of fog in areas north and west, after some showers overnight provided the moisture. the fog, the showers will disappear, we'll get some breaks of sunshine, but overall, it's going to be a cooler day today, and we are in for a chilly october weekend. the temperatures will be tumbling, looking at 60s for saturday and sunday. we're looking for some fog this morning. we found some light fog in reading. visibility's now just under 2 miles after a few showers overnight. and lancaster did see briefly
6:18 am
quarter-mile visibility, but now it's at a one-mile and really not an issue in the pocono mountains or for allentown. one little bitty shower, that's what we're tracking through eastern berks county, and it's moving into the lehigh county area, southern lehigh county. the rest of the area is mainly dry but mostly cloudy, at least for now. some breaks of sunshine during the day, not as brilliantly sunny as it was yesterday afternoon with 70s today. cooler weather will wait for the weekend. and tomorrow we'll get a little warm-up with partly sunny skies. 74 after a morning low of 58. dry on thursday and most of the day friday will be dry after sunshine in the morning. clouds building friday afternoon. and come friday night and into saturday morning, we're likely to get some rain falling, but it clears out in the afternoon. the wind picks up and it will be cooler saturday. and look at sunday. a high of 64 degrees with a breezy day. for the eagles, it's going to be a chilly day on the field. then sunshine on monday will warm us into the 70s. >> all right, bill, thanks. it's 6:19 right now.
6:19 am
fuif you're a neil diamond fan, you'll be happy to hear that the singer will kick off his next concert tour in our region. it will start friday, february 27th at the ppl center in allentown. diamond will then perform at the wells fargo center on march 15th. the new ppl center is a state-of-the-art arena in allentown. it's just been opened for a few weeks so far, but two concerts there have already been canceled. fugitive on the loose. it's been more than two weeks and still no eric frein, but there are more clues that could lead the man wanted for the murder of a pennsylvania state trooper. and don't walk alone. this morning philadelphia police are issuing a warning about a popular trail in chestnut hill.
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we are almost at 6:30. 64 degrees out there as we look live at liberty one and liberty two. we're going to start out cloudy this first day of october, and
6:23 am
then it's going to warm up later. bill henley will be along with his first alert forecast in just a moment. today marks day 19 in the search for suspected cop killer in pennsylvania. state police say there are signs that eric frein is stressed out and making mistakes. they've repeated their call for him to surrender. investigators found two pipe bombs in the woods yesterday. they say the bombs were fully functional but not yet deployed to explode. the pipe bombs were amongst several items police say were hastily discarded at a camp site used by frein. authorities also say there's been at least one credible sighting of frein in the past day or so. 6:23. from our trenton bureau now, mayor eric jackson is in the hospital, and his spokesperson says it's due in part to his busy schedule. according to the "trentonian," jackson was admitted to st. francis medical center with a stomach virus yesterday. doctors kept him overnight for observation. his spokesperson said the mayor is working up to 15 hours a day to turn that city around, and that's taking a toll on his health. jackson is expected to make a full recovery.
6:24 am
good morning at 6:23. let me give you an overview of what's going on on the majors around philadelphia right now. we're starting to see some pockets of volume in both directions on 76 in the norm spoal spots. 95 southbound is slowing down, 18 miles per hour there. and 18 miles per hour is what we're seeing on 95 southbound right near the blue route, all because of this overnight construction that has been in the process of wrapping up. crews have wrapped up the construction on 95 southbound near the commodore barry bridge, but then they have to work backwards to pick up all of these cones, and as you can see, we still have these cones set up southbound nearby the blue route and we still have one lane of traffic getting by. so, this is causing a really big day on 95 and a pretty big delay on the blue route. i'll break those delays down in a few minutes. for now, a live look at cape may, where it looks nice and dry, bill. >> dry in cape may. we did see a few showers overnight, but they've ended for most areas and those clouds will be thinning out. we'll get some sunshine this afternoon. but we are watching once again
6:25 am
fog forming. the visibility is starting to come down in reading and allentown. half a mile visibility right now in lancaster and coatesville has 4-mile visibility. really hasn't thickened up for the pocono mountains. 5-mile visibility in hazleton and not a problem for philadelphia, trenton and mt. holly. we've been covering this breaking news for a couple hours now. in fact, overnight, firefighters in atlantic city continue to try to contain this fire. we'll have a live report from katy zachry coming up in a few minutes. and a tragic accident takes the life of a pennsylvania state trooper. nbc 10's jesse gary is live at the skippack state police barracks in montgomery county where the trooper was stationed. jesse? >> reporter: vai, there have been a few comings and goings overnight, but very little information. i've been making phone calls, sending e-mails. i'll update you on my progress of trying to get more information into the investigation of this incident, coming up after the break. i'm nbc 10's monique braxton
6:26 am
live in society hill, where we're trying to talk to smokers about their reaction, to gauge their reaction to having to pay $2 more beginning today for cigarettes. live after the break.
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just about 6:30. dousing hotspots. you're looking live at firefighters in atlantic city working through the night to get control of a fire there, and hours later, they're still there making sure that that fire doesn't flair back up again. gun training turns deadly at a gun range in montgomery county. this morning, family and friends mourn the loss of a 26-year-old pennsylvania state trooper. and we start off with clouds, but some sun is on the way and we'll get your forecast hour by hour, and of course, neighborhood by neighborhood. good morning and welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm vai sikahema. >> and i'm tracy davidson at 6:30. let's check with meteorologist
6:30 am
bill henley with his first alert forecast. bill? >> good morning, tracy. we have some clouds in the area, but not much in the way of rainfall. scattered showers overnight have been fizzling over the last couple hours. still plenty of clouds, though. that's a cloudy view from center city. as far as rain is concerned, just a spot or two on the radar screen. right now in berks county and into the allentown area, a bit of rainfall. you can see it is dry in philadelphia. that was a more impressive shower that's just to the southeast of kutztown earlier today. right now, the clouds are hanging in there, but the showers are fizzling. 59 at pottstown, 64 degrees in philadelphia with clouds. it's going to be a cloudy start at the bus stop today with temperatures in the 50s in the suburbs, 60s in center city. that wind is keeping the fog from forming in philadelphia. with breaks of sunshine, we'll see the temperatures warm into the low 70s this afternoon. we'll go through it neighborhood by neighborhood when i come back. but first, jillian mele has traffic. good morning, jillian. >> good morning to you, bill. and one spot of overnight construction has caused a big
6:31 am
backup on two major highways in our area. let me break it down for you. between these two points is where we had construction overnight on 95 southbound. approaching the blue route to pass the commodore barry bridge. now, construction has cleared past the com bore barry bridge, but crews have to work their way backwards to pick up all of the cones that they have set up out there, so as you can see, on 95 southbound we still have a delay out there and we have a heavy delay on the blue route southbound as drivers try and make their way on to 95. this is the blue route right near macdade boulevard and drivers are pretty much at a crawl right now. drive time on the southbound side from 76 to 95 is almost 30 minutes. it's typically a 17 to 18-minute trip. as you can see, we are dealing with a delay. now, just a few minutes ago, we still had one lane of traffic getting by 95 southbound right near the blue route. as you can see, in the last few minutes those cones have been cleared out there, so crews have been in the process of getting this construction clear, but this is what 95 looks like as you approach that scene. it is jammed from the airport to the blue route right now. and then once you pass the blue route, just a little bit past the blue route, that's where
6:32 am
that delay finally starts to clear right now. so, that is a big problem that we have followed all morning long. also, we're dealing with an accident in berlin, cross keys road at watsontown new freedom road. that is all blocked. you can take taunton road as an alternate around it. vai? and we're staying on top of breaking news in atlantic city. crews have been battling a fire in the 1100 block of atlantic avenue for more than eight hours now, and we're going to give you a live look of the situation. you see the fire crews on that ladder there. you can still see some flames, some smoke there coming out of that fire, but it's not nearly as bad as it was earlier. the fire started around 10:00 last night and quickly spread. the fire chief tells us the wind posed some problems early on. you see these flames, how big they were. crews started to get it under control after four hours. and then the flames reignited again. 17 people are this morning without a home. the investigation into what caused the fire, of course, won't begin until the fire is out. the investigation continues this morning into the death of a
6:33 am
pennsylvania state trooper killed during a training exercise in our area. yesterday at a gun range in conshohocken. nbc 10's jesse gary is live at the state police barracks in skippack township, where the trooper was stationed. jesse, authorities have been working the case all night, all morning. are they any closer to finding out how the shooting happened or have they just not talked about it yet? >> reporter: tracy, i've been posing that question all morning long. i've been talking to people here at the barracks, also making phone calls, sending e-mails, text messages, but so far, state police not saying anything. let's take a look at our video. the scene is the county public safety training camp in conshohocken. yesterday, trooper david kendra was shot in the chest but doctors not able to save his life. kedra's body was loaded into a coffin and driven by hearst to a funeral home by a police motorcade. again, investigators trying to determine how this accident took
6:34 am
place. we've been making calls. ho hopefully, we'll have more information for you later this morning when more officers begin to show up here at work. live in skippack township, montgomery county, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. and new this morning, philadelphia police are urging you to use caution if you walk or if you jog in wissahickon park. they say a woman was attacked there on a trail. police are looking for a man who tried to rob and rape the woman in wissahickon park last friday evening along a jogging trail in chestnut hill. investigators say the man threw the woman to the ground and then tried to sexually assault her. the victim managed to escape and go for help. the trial is set to begin this morning for a bucks county doctor charged with having child pornography. police say quinton parker of levittown admitted to downloading videos and images of young girls performing sex acts. investigators say they tracked down dozens of illegal files from his home computer. at the time, parker was a physician trainee at aria health. there is new information this morning on the bidding war for the revel casino.
6:35 am
nbc 10 has learned a canadian asset management firm upped its bid overnight to $110 million. that firm is battling a florida developer for the right to buy revel at a bankruptcy auction in new york city. now, the latest bid is only a fraction of the $2.4 billion that it cost to build the casino-hotel, which closed down last month. now to decision 2014. school funding could be the big issue as the candidates for pennsylvania governor square off again, the second debate between democrat tom wolf and republican tom corbett will be later this morning in philadelphia. and then after that, there will be a final debate next week on october 8th near pittsburgh. voters head to the polls on november 4th, which means the election is now just 34 days away. the race does appear to be tightening, in fact. the latest poll by mercyhurst university in erie shows wolf with a 15-point lead over corbett. the poll released last week had wolf ahead by 21 points. and a coalition of students, parents and other supporters of philadelphia schools will hold a rally just before this morning's
6:36 am
gubernatorial debate. they're calling for the governor and his democratic challenger to invest more money in schools and less in prisons. the coalition has been knocking on doors asking people to sign a pledge to vote for candidates who are committed to funding public education. and speaking of schools, it's the first day that smokers in philadelphia will see a hike in cigarette prices. the extra $2-per-pack tax will funnel millions to the philadelphia school district. nbc 10's monique braxton is live in society hill outside a convenience store there, where that new price is posted on the window right now. monique? >> reporter: that's right, vai. workers inside this wah-wah tell us they had to change the signs overnight, basically putting up new signs which show that $2 tax increase. so far, we've seen about three smokers here since about 5:00 this morning. we approached them. they declined to talk on camera. one lady told us this is why she goes to delaware. we're showing you our video now. smokers are digging a little deeper to purr chasechase a pac
6:37 am
cigarettes. state lawmakers approved the new law last week with a vote largely along party lines. governor corbett gave the green light with his signature, which helps the cash-strapped school district in philadelphia fill an $80 million-plus budget gap. school officials tell us they only expect to collect about $49 million this year. you may recall, superintendent hite announced $32 million in cuts back in august so that the schools could open on time. now, in the next half hour, we're going to attempt to approach more smokers that we see approaching this convenience store. live for now in society hill, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. and happening today, philadelphia mayor michael nutter will sign a bill that decriminalized marijuana possession. if you're caught with 30 grams or less, you'll face a $25 fine but no arrest or criminal charge. the new law will go into effect october 20th. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> it's a cloudy start this morning. look at the clouds hanging right
6:38 am
over the city. that's keeping temperatures in the 60s right now. i did see some showers overnight. the showers have really tapered off. now we're watching for some fog and seeing it in some areas north and west. a cooler day today, but we should get some breaks of sunshine later this morning and this afternoon. and we'll also get a chilly weekend, right on schedule. first weekend of october is going to feel like it in october with temperatures in the 60s. nothing compared to yesterday, but there is some very light fog into reading. that's actually improved a bit in just the last few minutes. and it's not so bad in lancaster. it was down to a quarter-mile visibility, now one-mile visibility there. and not much in the way of fog in the pocono mountains this morning. so, overall, improving conditions. and it's a dry start. beach avenue, the view from the marquis de lafayette hotel. we're getting a few breaks in the clouds, seeing a little glimmer of twilight. heading closer to sunrise this morning, less than a half an hour away before sunrise. the last shower, this is a slow mover. it's just some very light rain
6:39 am
drops in berks county. that's it for most of the area this morning. just a slight chance of a shower later this morning or this afternoon. 67 degrees today for mt. pocono, low 70s in allentown and reading with breaks of sunshine. as we go into the afternoon hours, lower 70s instead of the upper 70s like we had yesterday. doylestown, northeast philadelphia, mt. holly. and an isolated shower's possible, but most of the day will be dry with mostly cloudy skies. we'll get breaks this afternoon for vineland, dover and atlantic city. the i-95 corridor will be mainly dry today. wilmington, chester and philadelphia, low 70s today. but the weekend, that's a different story. the seven-day forecast when i come back. we'll get to the weekend eventually but first, we have got to get you to work on this wednesday. >> jillian mele with all the help you need. >> good morning. a new problem out there for drivers in new jersey. a vehicle fire 295 northbound, the ramp to get on to 42. there's a vehicle fire happening out there right now. and you'll notice this line of red that is quickly developed in the last few minutes.
6:40 am
so, we are seeing a delay on the northbound side of 295 as you approach 42. crews are going to be out there getting that extinguished and getting that off of the ramp. for now, that ramp is blocked. boyer town, an accident at south reading avenue at 2nd street. take west philadelphia avenue as an alternate. and still delays on the blue route southbound and 95 southbound. that construction has wrapped up. it was out there on 95 south between the blue route and the commodore barry bridge, but as you can see, it already did a lot of damage to the morning commute. this is the blue route southbound right near macdade boulevard, still crawling along. and this is 95 southbound as drivers approach the blue route. drivers still crawling along out here as well. it's going to take a little while for the delays to start to clear. unfortunately, as we approach 7:00, though, a lot more people are going to be on the roads. so, i anticipate heavy volume on both of those highways throughout the morning. it's a good idea to leave yourself extra time. vai? and don't be alarmed. this is only a test. details on the activity happening on drexel's campus today. also honoring the victims of
6:41 am
sandy hook. the 26th and final playground building to remember the victims of the elementary school massacre will soon be complete.
6:42 am
6:43 am
6:44 am
to the people of the coffee-drinking world. the time has come to put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for a dunkin' donuts dark roast. bold start, smooth finish, never bitter. rejoice with the 99-cent medium hot or iced dark roast today. 6:45 right now. live look at the skyline. clouds out there this morning. clouds today, maybe a bit of sunshine. we'll get details from meteorologist bill henley in just about five minutes. happening today, a statewide initiative gets under way in new jersey to help victims and survivors of domestic violence. with october being domestic violence awareness month, several groups are working on a food drive. non perishable items can be dropped off in boxes at new jersey state police stations and county offices of victim witness advocacy. the food will be given to domestic violence programs. meantime, about a dozen female legislators gathered at the meadowlands sports complex in bergen county yesterday.
6:45 am
they want the nfl to fire commissioner roger goodell, and they're supporting a bill to end the league's tax exemption. that money would then go towards domestic violence programs instead. this all stems, as you know, from the ray rice controversy where he was originally suspended for two games for knocking out his now wife in an atlantic city elevator, but once video of the incident was made public, causing an outcry, he was indefinitely suspended. rice is appealing that suspension. and new this morning, colleges nationwide are releasing statistics on campus crime. one federal official says the reports can be misleading because some schools purposely underreport crimes to protect their images, while others make honest mistakes in their reports. according to, princeton university released its campus safety report yesterday, and it reveals a total of six rapes last year. five of those happened on campus. the university also saw 41 burglaries last year, and there were 12 arrests for drug violations. also a new app is bringing attention to affirmative consent
6:46 am
for sex among college students. good to go makes a person type in whether they agree to sex and how sober they are. this morning, the "today" show looks at what this could mean in the fight against sexual assault on campus. that's coming up at 7:00. and happening today, drexel university plans to hold a mass casualty drill between 9:00 and noon. they'll simulate a response to a hazmat situation using some student volunteers. now, the exercise will help the university evaluate its communications and decision-making practices. starting today, there's a new way to get safety and emergency messages in one montgomery county community. lower merion township is launching a new callout service called blackboard connect. residents can sign up for alerts on their phones about all kinds of emergencies, including power outages, road closures and crimes. the defense department has released new video of air strikes against isis targets in northern iraq and syria. you can see on this video that the plane zeros in on its
6:47 am
target, then fires. these air strikes are all part of president obama's strategy to defeat the radical islamist group. despite help in the air, kurdish forces battling isis on the ground in both countries have not been able to push the militants back. meantime, israeli prime minister benjamin netanyahu will meet with president obama today at the white house. they will focus on the international effort to take down isis and discuss peace talks with the palestinians and the status of iran's nuclear program. today a man will be sentenced for trying to detonate a car bomb at a christmas tree lighting ceremony in portland, oregon. mohamed mohamud could face up to 40 years in prison. the bomb he tried to use in 2010 was a fake provided by undercover fbi agents. police in suburban los angeles say the mayor of a small town was shot and killed in a case of domestic violence. bell garden's mayor, daniel crespo, was allegedly shot by his wife, lyvette, during a dispute that happened at their home yesterday. police say it happened after crespo punched his teenaged son,
6:48 am
who tried to stop and intervene as his parents were fighting. lyvette crespo was questioned overnight and released. so far, no charges in the case. olympic swimmer michael phelps has issued an apology for his dui arrest in baltimore. he was charged early yesterday after police say he was speeding and failed several sobriety tests. he was arrested for drunken driving ten years ago. he came out of retirement this year with his sights set on competing at the rio olympics in 2016. we have new video this morning of that deadly volcanic eruption in japan that happened over the weekend. a hiker used his phone to record this video as he tried to outrun a plume of ash. he did make it safely to a nearby lodge. at least 36 people, though, were killed in that eruption, and this morning crews continue to recover more bodies. volunteers in new york are now working on the last of 26 playgrounds dedicated to the victims of sandy hook school shooting. they broke ground yesterday on the playground that will be named after principal don hochsprung, who died protecting
6:49 am
her students and staff. her family helped design the site in watertown, the community where her grandchildren lived. a ribbon cutting is scheduled for sunday. in north jersey, a bear wandering around town all day yesterday has been captured, and we have the video. it was spotted yesterday morning in ridgewood, bergen county. about an hour later, police chased the animal up a tree. it was near an elementary school, so everyone was kept inside the school. but the bear was tranquilized, and that loosened its grip on the tree, and the animal fell from the tree and was captured by animal control officials. now, your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> nothing falling from the skies over center city right now, but we do have plenty of clouds. cloudy start this morning, and that's keeping our temperatures in the 60s. very close to where we were yesterday. a little bit of a breeze at 7 miles an hour and the humidity's 80%. not seeing the fog development that we had yesterday north and west. just some light fog for reading, 60 degrees there. 61 in trenton and wilmington is
6:50 am
61 degrees. in the pocono mountains, no sign of fog at lake wallenpaupack, but it is a mostly cloudy morning. it's going to take a little longer for sunshine to break through those clouds. the last few showers, well, this is the last one we're watching in the area right now, but there is a chance we'll see some isolated showers pop up during the day today. we're watching an area moving through the d.c. area. this could be affecting delaware later this morning. but most of the area will be dry during the day today. 9:00 this morning, mostly cloudy skies. as we go through the morning, we'll see some areas get a little bit of sunshine to go through the afternoon. more widespread sunshine breaking through. but it's not going to be quite as sunny or as warm as yesterday. we'll be in the low 70s. isolated, very light, scattered showers possible today. tomorrow we'll be dry and sunnier, too, 74 degrees the high temperature after a morning low of 58 degrees. and we'll start with sunshine on friday, but we could see some showers friday night and into saturday morning as a cold front
6:51 am
comes through that drops temperatures for the weekend. 69 the high on saturday. even chillier sunday. 49 in the morning, 64 in the afternoon. and bright, sunny skies monday, up to 73 degrees. a chance of more showers returning to the area tuesday. near the airport and blue route, problems throughout the morning. time to get a check on traffic. >> let's get the update from nbc 10 traffic reporter jillian mele. >> and we are slowing down all across the area, including in chester county, route 30 bypass eastbound is stacked up, as you can see. this is a live look at route 340. heavy pass through route 32 down to route 113. so we are seeing slowdowns all over the area. 76 is no exception. we have the westbound side really heavy out near city avenue. average speed is 12 miles per hour there. 16 miles per hour is what we're seeing on 95 southbound from cottman down to girard. then as vai and tracy were talking about, we still have heavy volume on the blue route southbound approaching 95 and also 95 southbound is still
6:52 am
congested near the blue route. that's all because of overnight construction that literally wrapped about 20 minutes ago. so, that caused a lot of headaches out there for drivers this morning and still is. for drivers in new jersey, 295 northbound, the off-ramp to route 42, a vehicle fire out there. that ramp is blocked and we are seeing heavy volume on 295 northbound approaching route 42. and now also on 295 southbound approaching 42, we are starting to see a slowdown there. vai? >> jillian, thank you. this morning state troopers are mourning the loss of one of their own killed during a training exercise. nbc 10's jesse gary is live at the skippack state police barracks in montgomery county blrks that trooper was stationed. jesse? >> reporter: and vai, i just talked to the commanding officer of that trooper. i'll tell you what he had to say, coming up. and a costly habit gets a little more pricey in philadelphia. the cigarette tax increase is now in effect.
6:53 am
6:54 am
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four minutes before 7:00, and nbc 10 is on top of breaking news in atlantic city, where a fire has been burning through stores and apartments for nearly nine hours now. nbc 10's katy zachry is live on the scene. what's the latest progress, katy? >> reporter: tracy, take a look behind me and you can see there has been progress made. just a few minutes ago, firefighters broke through the roof of one of the buildings that still had some hotspots burning and poured water from a different angle, and that really seemed to do the trick. here's video from the height of the fire several hours ago. it broke out just after 10:00 last night inside a sewing and upholstery store. several kids and adults that were living in the apartment above were evacuated. because of the strong wind in this area, the flames spread to five adjacent buildings, which house both businesses on the first floor and then apartments
6:57 am
above. several buildings are a total loss. inside they actually had some partial collapses. the red cross is on scene helping several displaced families with overnight motel stay and getting them set up with families. firefighters are expected to be out here, they tell me, for quite a bit of the morning because they are going to basically mop up what they've been working on for the last nine hours, and they also are concerned about some walls behind this stretch of businesses collapsing. so, they say they're actually going to take down the walls and make sure it's not a hazard to anyone in the area later on. reporting live in atlantic city, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. right now police and authorities are trying to find out how a pennsylvania state trooper ended up being shot to death at a gun range in montgomery county. nbc 10's jesse gary's live at the state police barracks in skippack township where the trooper was stationed. jesse? >> reporter: vai, i just talked to the commanding officer here who pulled up for work and
6:58 am
parked in the space nearest the door. that's captain james rankowitz. he tells me he's going to speak at all the other officers this morning at roll call to make sure all the troopers are in the right frame of mind. yesterday afternoon, trooper david kedra was fatally wounded by a gunshot wound to the chest in conshohocken and rushed to the hospital, but doctors were not able to save his life. the investigation continues with state police and investigators from the d.a.'s office. live in skippack township, montgomery county, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. happening today, a $2-per-pack cigarette tax is in effect in philadelphia. the tax will help the city's financially struggling schools. nbc 10's monique braventon is live in society hill, where she's been talking with customers this morning about the tax. monique, tell us more. >> reporter: tracy, the sun is rising on a new day for smokers here. they're paying $2 more for a pack of cigarettes.
6:59 am
new signs went up overnight they range $7.10 to $8.40. one smoker told us that at least it's going to something good, that is educating our children in philadelphia. another smoker told us this is why she's going to delaware to buy cigarettes moving forward. live for now in society hill, monique braxton, nbc 10 news. our biggest problem on the roads right now is this huge delay on the blue route southbound stretching from route 1 all the way south to 95 because of overnight construction that was on 95 that stayed out there until about 6:30. you can see traffic is crawling along. your drive time on the blue route southbound from 76 to 95 is 31 minutes. lots of clouds but no showers in the immediate area. and not much fog this morning, but look at the fall colors starting to turn in the pocono mountains. that's the view from the stroud's more country inn where temperatures are in the 50s. and the "today" show is coming up next. we'll see you for local updates
7:00 am
every 30 minutes in about 25 minutes. >> you can get news and weather any time at thanks for watching. have a great day. good morning. it's here. the major fear tied to the first person diagnosed with ebola in the u.s. will it spread? that patient now in isolation in dallas while officials attempt to track down anyone who came in contact with him. so, how concerned should we be? wel ask the director of the cdc. from bad to worse, how did secret service agents let an armed man with a criminal history into an elevator with the president? an investigation under way this morning, one day after the agency's director is hammered on capitol hill for a string of other security breaches. breaking overnight. a california mayor shot and killed by his own wife during a domestic dispute. so why