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tv   NBC 10 News at 11p  NBC  October 1, 2014 11:00pm-11:35pm EDT

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nbc 10 news starts now. right now at 11:00, a mother's tragedy. >> devastating. i don't know what to do without my son. >> tonight the desperate attempt to save her young son pinned under a car. >> the head of the secret service resigns, and tonight a security director from the philadelphia area takes over. plus there's no cure and the virus keeps spreading. tonight parents and doctors on alert in south jersey after confirmed cases of a dangerous illness. good evening, i'm jim rosenfield. >> i'm jacqueline london. a philadelphia mother shares her pain after a car hit and killed her son this afternoon. we first told but the accident
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on nbc 10 news at 4:00. and tonight we've spoken to the mother of the 7-year-old who actually saw the crash happen. nbc 10's denise nakano has more live from north philadelphia. denise? >> reporter: well, jacqueline and jim, she tells me she was standing across the street just steps away from her son when he was struck. investigators believe this was a tragic accident. she believes the driver is partially to blame. >> he was a fun loving person. he was always happy. >> reporter: patricia stone says the final moments of her son's life flashed in front of her as she witnessed the accident that killed him. >> he was running to me, the car hit him twice. he was stuck under the car. >> reporter: the 7-year-old was on his way home from school, walking steps behind his sisters just after 4:00. he was struck by a car on north 15th street near erie avenue as he walked from between two parked cars. choking back tears, a witness
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who asked not to be identified said he tried to help but it was too late. >> i heard the tire screech and i heard a little girl scream. i could see the little boy's feet under the car. i grabbed my jack. >> reporter: police say their case is still open, that it's legal to talk on the phone in philadelphia, although not recommended, and that it appears neither drugs, alcohol nor speed were factors. >> the person that was driving the car in our headquarters now being interviewed. it just looks like it's really an unfortunate scenario that happened. >> reporter: xavier robinson is a first grader and the middle of five children. he leaves behind a distraught family who are calling for a thorough investigation. >> it's just devastating. i don't know what to do without my son. >> reporter: the driver was questioned at the accident investigation division and was said to be traumatized by what
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happened. no charges have been filed in the case. reporting live from north philadelphia, denise nakano, nbc 10 news. the dangerous children's virus spreading across the country has now afflicted several kids in south jersey. there are two cases in burlington county and one in camden. a total of seven children from enterovirus 68. we talked with a local doctor and parents at at day care about precautions they're taking. george? >> reporter: jim, this is not a new virus, but the national outbreak has impacted in kids severely and now with three new confirmed cases here in south jersey, day care, schools, even families are being put on alert. in hospitals nationwide, these coughs have been one symptom of the fast spreading enterovirus d-68, an uncommon strain of a respiratory virus sending some kids to the e.r.
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younger children like elijah are most vulnerable. >> just knowing that there's something else i have to look out for, it's scary enough just giving them the flu shot. >> reporter: today's cdc confirmation of the three new south jersey enterovirus cases means our region is part of the nationwide outbreak. all told statewide new jersey has seven confirmed case, pennsylvania six, and delaware one. >> what we want people to know is that this virus is now in camden county and the region, number two, they should take precautionary steps. >> reporter: like hand washing and extra disinfection will keep the virus at bay for most. those who get sick may notice common cold type symptoms, nothing to be alarmed about according to this doctor unless those symptoms become severe. >> just like with my respiratory virus, there's no need to panic. as long as your child is not demonstrating any signs of respiratory distress. >> reporter: at day cares tea
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teachers are emphasizing hand washing, keeping an eye on asthmatic students who may be more vulnerable and telling parents to be vigilant. >> if they see any of the signs or symptoms in their children, to please refrain from bringing them into school which will cut down on the spread as well. >> reporter: all seven of the new jersey victims have now been released from the hospital and not every kid who gets this virus will become seriously ill. if a younger kid ends up not wanting to take food normally or an older kid becomes so ill that he or she can't speak in complete sentences, that's certainly when you want to get them to a doctor quickly. live tonight at cherry hill, george spencer, nbc 10 news. there's several new developments in the case of the first ebola patient diagnosed in the united states. he is in isolation at this dallas hospital. today we learned his name. it's thomas duncan. we learn he was sent home from the hospital emergency room last week despite telling a nurse he
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visited west africa. so tonight health officials are tracking down people who may have had contact with him including five school children. new jersey health officials say all 71 hospitals in the state are prepared to deal with ebola if a case should turn up. personal protective equipment packets are now standard issue just for possible cases. the nursing station and the e.r. has a new guide book on ebola protocol and warning signs about the disease have been placed at the front door. tonight still not clear what killed cooper hospital ceo john sheridan and his wife, but we do know the fire at their home was no accident. sheridan was a prominent figure in new jersey's health care industry. the fire started early sunday morning at their home in somerset county. this afternoon prosecutors ruled that fire was intentionally set. however, they did not release a cause of death. autopsy results are still pepding. sheridan died at the home and his wife went to the hospital, but she didn't make it.
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the secret service has a new boss tonight. comcast cable division clancy will lead the agency after julia pierson resigned today. before comcast clancy was head of the secret services presidential protection division. today julia pierson stepped down amid scandals that rocked the agency's credibility. 15 days ago a man with a gun was allowed to get too close to president obama. then about a week and a half ago, a man with a knife climbed a white house fence and made it into the east room before he was stopped. tonight comcast executive vice president david cohen spoke about joseph clancy. >> he is the consummate security professional. he knows this business inside and out. he has spent his entire career, he unquestioned ethics and integrity. he's the ideal candidate to be head of the secret service at this time. >> clancy is from this area, a
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native of haverford. comcast is the parent company of nbc 10. new at 11:00, a deadly end between a man and his stepdaughter. police went there for a result of an assault. they found a 26-year-old woman hit in the head with a hammer. she's going to be ok but her stepfather had died. police believe it could have been a medical issue. in kensington, police say an argument over an alleged gun sale led to a beating with a baseball bat. a 47-year-old man is in critical condition. police say the suspect went after the suspect because the man was trying to sell a gun in the suspect's neighborhood. that suspect is now in custody. it was mild tonight, but we are looking at a real cooldown. >> we are. first alert meteorologist sheena parveen has our first forecast. >> tomorrow will be a little cool when you step outside. temperatures through parts of
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the lehigh valley getting close to the 50s. pottstown 59. most of the rest of the area about the mid to low 60s. by tomorrow morning much cooler than it is right now. locally we're nice and dry, but the big cooldown comes this weekend. here's a cool front, way back to our west, still west of chicago. won't be here until saturday morning, but behind it we have much cooler air that will move in and set in just in time for an eagles game sunday. but a cool start tomorrow morning. for your bus stop forecast, low 50s, philadelphia upper 50s and the suburbs just about the mid-50s. coming up, we'll show you the timing of the rain into your weekend and how cool it will get afterwards. that's straight ahead. the sale of the revel casino, it was bought for $110 million. the company already owns the hard rock casino in las vegas and the atlantis in the ba ham
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has. it plans to reopen the revel as a casino, but it's unclear if it will rehire the workers just laid off. >> like we said we're assuming they'll offer those jobs. >> maybe i can apply there myself. >> it's excited to take ownership of a trophy asset on the east coast and make it a viable long-term resort destination. breaking news we brought you last night at 11:00. tonight the red cross says it's helping 17 people after this fire swept four buildings in atlantic city. some were store fronts with apartments above. the flames started inside a consignment shop. they say those four buildings will now have to be torn down. no one was hurt and the cause of the fire still under investigation. two pennsylvania troopers on the hunt for a suspected cop killer erin frein were hurt tonight.
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nbc 10 was in aallentown as thoe troopers arrived. they fell from a tree stand but they're expected to be ok. authorities have spent 19 days searching the woods for frein after he shot and killed a trooper and injured another. we now know what happened at a gun range where a state trooper died. he was accidentally shot by another trooper during a training exercise. david kedra died after being shot in the chest. he was temple university graduate. he was engaged to be married. state police are not talking about the circumstances that led up to the shooting in conshohocken. a bucks county doctor pleaded guilty to downloading child pornography. quinton parker confessed to downloading 58 images of girls between the ages of 9 and 13 engaged in sex acts. he worked at three local hospitals, two with area health and hahnemann hospital.
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he's out on bail tonight. why you won't have to go to the jersey shore to hit the boardwalk. philadelphia getting its own version. i'm lu ann cahn live in center city. next i'm going to give you your first look at this new public recreation space before it opens to you tomorrow.
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a boardwalk in philly, 200 people got the chance to be the first ones to use the brand new schuylkill banks boardwalk. >> it's getting rave reviews. lu ann cahn where she saw firsthand the latest addition to the schuylkill river trail. >> perhaps you're one of those people that believes you have seen philadelphia from ef angle, but i can assure you unless you were with us tonight you have not seen this view. >> views no one's ever seen of the city before. doesn't get any better than that. >> reporter: after 2 1/2 years
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of construction delayed by winter storms and floods, the sky offered a perfect backdrop for the 2,000 feet of curving loveliness on the water, the schuylkill banks boardwalk. 200 runners and walkers paid $20 for the privilege of saying they were first to hit the made to look like boards concrete. >> i'm really excited. i've been waiting years and years for this. to be out here tonight is really fantastic. >> everything looks spectacular. it's just the way we envision it. >> reporter: it's expected to be a bike commuting route for penn students and others who live and work in the area. >> just to be able to walk it and bike it, i think it's beautiful. >> reporter: it cost $17 million funded with federal and state money. >> it's a critical link to the schuylkill river development corporation in reaching from locust street down to the garden and eventually ft. mifflin. >> reporter: the walkway takes you out on the water.
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boats float by you on one side, trains roll by on the other. >> we love to walk and bike on the schuylkill river trail. it's an extension. just makes it better and you know it will go on further. >> this is one of the things that's turning philadelphia into a great place to spend time. >> reporter: the big official ribbon cutting is at 11:30 tomorrow morning, then it's open to the public. if you'd like to learn more and see our beautiful slide show, check it out at live in center city, lu ann cahn, nbc 10 news. big night for nbc 10 and our parent company comcast. >> leaders of both companies received high honors in center city. that's nbc 10's vice president andrea williams accepting the trailplayser award from the national association for multiethnicity in communications. inspiring leaders for their
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commitment to diversity and inclusion in the communications industry. nefertiti jaquez served as the host. david cohen accepted the paragon industry award. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, a nice day today. temperatures were on the school side and they're still like that for tonight. starting off with your morning tomorrow, we will stay cool. temperatures waking up to in the 50s. then as we go into the weekend, we're talking about some rain. that will start off your weekend. but behind the rain we have football weather moving in. temperatures behind the rain will be topping out in the 60s on sunday. i'll show you that forecast in just a minute. current temperatures right now already in the 50s in pottstown, 59 there, 60 allentown, philadelphia mid-60s, up and down the i-95 corridor mid-60s. tomorrow morning we'll be in the 50s. right now, though, we are dry. we expect to stay dry really
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over the next couple of days, and we're also watching rain back to our west. this won't get here until the weekend. thursday and friday both look dry. it's just this area of moisture that you see approaching chicago. that will be moving in as we go into saturday morning. so future weather for tonight we do say nice and quiet. tomorrow we'll still see the clouds, on friday we still stay mainly dry. 2:00 p.m., no rain around even through the evening. but the rain approaching going into saturday morning. this is 9:00 saturday morning. expect to be waking up to showers. it's possible we could have a thunderstorm, but through the afternoon it moves through pretty quickly, leaves the area in the afternoon hours. the cooler air behind it rushes in, this is all from a cold front. and it will be breezy, too, to go through the afternoon saturday. you notice those temperatures really dropping off, especially as we go into sunday. take a look at future air masses here. we do stay fairly mild as we end out the week, but into saturday
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night and sunday morning, the cooler air really rushes down. come sunday morning when you wake up, many areas will be in the 40s. some areas north and west like the lehigh valley possibly and the poconos sunday could be in the 30s. now into sunday afternoon for the eagles game. temperatures much cooler, by 1:00 p.m., kind of chilly outside. by 4:00 p.m. sunday, 64 degrees is where we should be topping out at. a little below average for this time of the year. for tonight, mostly cloudy, 51 degrees areas north and west when you wake up in the morning. tomorrow a mix of clouds and sun. temperatures in the low 70s through the day. so kind of another cool day like today on friday mid-70s. looks pretty good. then we see the rain move in overnight into saturday morning and we could again see a few thunderstorms. clears out saturday afternoon. temperatures drop into the 60s, even cooler on sunday. next week we are in the 70s.
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>> sheena, thanks. coming up the flyers make a move ahead of their season opener. the worst fantasy football loss of all time. you have to trust me on this one. they assess the eagles struggles and why the ground game has been grounded so far. that's next. hey, guys, we're playing catchphrase with jennifer garner, john mull any, questlove. we have music from lady antebellum.
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we have breaking news in delaware county at this hour. this video just in from the scene of a home invasion on lafayette avenue in colindale. police are telling us four men sboours a home about an hour ago. three had guns. they held the family inside at dpunpoint, ransacked the place and then took off.
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the men did not find what they were lookinging for. and they're still at large. follow us online on twitter and tomorrow morning starting at 4:00 a.m. this is the xfinity sports desk brought to you by xfinity, your home for the most live sports. >> good evening, live in your living room, the eagles on the practice field preparing for the rams. linebacker michael kendrickson and corner boykin did practice with injuries. the birds hope they can finally solve their running woes on sunday. the rams rush defense 20th in the league with 155 in the game on the ground. mccoy a career average 2.7 yards. hopes to get things going on sunday. >> lesean is playing the way he played last year. last week's game, there wasn't a lot there. and it was tough sledding for anybody that was carrying the football last sunday. >> i got my boy lane back.
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so we'll find out. we'll see what happens. hopefully it works out. >> get excited, hockey fans. the ice is down at the wells fargo center and the flyers wrap up the preseason. they trimmed their roster down. also defenseman dan moren could stay for some big games to start the season. he was the first round pick of last season. you can watch the finale tomorrow at 7:00. cliff lee underwent an mri of his pitching elbow. results were positive. he should be ready for spring training. we saw ben revere hobbling around for much of the season. the center fielder underwent a procedure to have screws removed from his ankle. he'll be good to go come spring training. the sixers open their preseason slate monday against
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the celtics. until then they continue workouts at stockton college. mcdaniel out of clemson finally in the fold. he agreed to a one-year contract. he's happy to be in camp after taking a while to agree to a contract. well, the votes are in. cue the music, the high school blitz game of the week is bishop shanahan/westchester henderson, with 51% of vote. congratulations. the tegame with the most votes featured. fantasy football players, listen up. giants tight end larry donnell lost his matchup this weekend by benching himself. that's right. donnell benched himself then went on to score three touchdowns in the giants victory over the redskins. vernon davis left the game with an injury. how can you ever bench yourself? you have to believe in yourself, right, of all people.
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well, go figure.
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hump day halfway through the week. >> i like the countdown to friday. still nice friday mid-70s no rain until early saturday morning. we're saturdaying off the weekend with rain that will last the first half of the day saturday. we clear out saturday afternoon, the rain moves away. take a look at the temperatures, saturday only in the upper 60s. sunday morning, that's the morning that's going to be cold, especially areas north and west could be in the 30s, then highs on sunday in the mid-60s. perfect football weather i would say for this time of the year. >> that's going o be a shocker to be in the 30s for some sunday morning. >> it will, but a lot of people want fall. and be careful what you wish for. so we'll see. >> exactly. i'm not rushing it.
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sheena, thank you. that's nbc 10 news at 11:00. >> for sheena and all of us here, we thank you so much for watching. the tonight show starring jimmy fallon is coming up next.
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>> steve: from studio 6b in rockefeller center in the heart of new york city, it's "the tonight show starring jimmy fallon." tonight, join jimmy and his guests -- jennifer garner john mulaney