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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 530a  NBC  October 2, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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right now on nbc 10 news today, the search for four gunmen in delaware county. police say they held a family at gunpoint as they ransacked their home. investigators are still trying to figure out what the men were looking for. and we're seeing some clouds to start the day. and it's cooler in parts of our area. taking a live look outside. count on nbc 10 first alert weather to help you prepare before you head out the door this morning. good morning. happy thursday. welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm christine maddela. >> meteorologist bill henley has his first alert forecast. >> it is dry. we do have some clouds around. the clouds just like the last couple days are going to break for some sunshine as temperatures in the 70s. one of those cooler spots is cape may. that's a live view from the
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lafayette hotel. it's running five degrees cooler right now in wildwood. six degrees chillier in millville. and north and west of the city, the temperatures are cooler. but in philadelphia, we're right where we were yesterday at 64 degrees. chester springs at 51 right now. 59 in wrightstown and 58 degrees in wilmington. sunshine will break through the clouds and start to warm things up. it will be a slow start. 62 degrees at 7:00. by 9:00, a bit more sunshine and 63 degrees. and then you're 70 at lunchtime. some areas will get warmer than others. back with the neighborhood-by-neighborhood forecast. i'll show you what to expect. first jillian has traffic. >> good morning to you, bill. our biggest problem this morning has been with us since we went on the air at 4:00 is this extinguished fire on a tanker on 95 northbound. you can see all of this activity out there. and this is the tanker that was on fire earlier this morning. so the right lane is still blocked. it's been blocked out there for about an hour and a half. at one point, we had all lanes
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blocked. that is no longer the case. traffic can get by and we are not reporting any delays there. we'll keep you updated on that situation. for drivers in chester county, route 100, very quiet. this is a live look at sunrise boulevard. 422 looks good, so does 202. into new jersey, we have construction on the northbound side of route 130. the right lane is scheduled to be blocked for another 30 minutes. chris. wearing masks, pointing guns, four men stormed into a delaware county home. but police are still trying to find out what the men were looking for. this happened last night on the 100 block of lafayette avenue near mac dade boulevard. our katie zachry is live on the scene there. what have you found out from police so far this morning? >> reporter: well, we heard from police who interviewed the family that this was just a very frightening ordeal for them. investigators were able to interview them soon after the home invasion happened. this family was fortunately not injured but understandably very
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shaken. we have video of the scene soon after the call went out to police. it happened around 10:30 last night. the couple and their two sons were in their home on lafayette street. police say a group of men all armed with handguns and a shotgun broke in through a back basement door. they wore dark clothing and their faces were covered. they found the homeowners in the basement where they were held against their will while the men ransacked the rest of the house. the two sons were upstairs also held at gunpoint. here's how the family as a whole reacted. >> there was no defense, no fight. i mean, 10:00, 11:00 at night, somebody walks in your house with a gun, and you don't have one, too, you don't have the advantage, you just kind of give up. >> reporter: and investigators say the men ran from this home on lafayette street and they have not been found. and that really worries police. the chief tells me he doesn't like to know that there's a brazen group of armed men out there with three handguns and a shotgun in their possession. we're still trying to determine
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if the men took anything from the home. police aren't able to answer that. i've been calling throughout the morning. i'm told i should get an update when the police chief arrives in a few hours. but at this time we don't know what, if any, valuables were taken from the home. reporting live, katie zachry, nbc 10 news. new from overnight, police have a man in custody for the shooting of a 17-year-old girl. it happened late last night on cottage street. the girl was hit in the arm and is in stable condition. officers arrested the suspect a short time after the shooting. also new from overnight, philadelphia police are looking for a man who robbed a pizza shop after 1:00 this morning at pizza city on frankfurt avenue. police say the robber walked in, took out a gun and got away with $1,000. no one was hurt. and a series of small fires overnight inside an old abandoned school building in north philadelphia. nbc 10 on the scene at germantown and allegheny avenues. we're told crews will be putting out hotspots there throughout the morning. 5:34 now.
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a new report from three advocacy groups is calling for closer scrutiny of charter schools across the state of pennsylvania. that report alleges that pennsylvania's charter schools have defrauded taxpayers out of $30 million since 1997. it also says whistleblowers and the media have exposed the majority of that fraud. recommendations for charter schools, among those, following practices used by federal agencies, conducting targeted audits that look into high-risk areas and increasing the staffing levels of oversight agencies inspect philadelphia, the district charter school office oversees the city's 86 charter schools. that office has five staffers and no director. a dozen new jersey community colleges will share $15 million in federal funding. senators robert menendez and cory booker announced the grants yesterday. they say the money will go to train students for jobs in the health care industry. bergen community college will give a little more than $6 million of that funding. the other schools will split the rest.
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the university of pennsylvania has received more than $3 million to research how to boost school safety and reduce gun violence. researchers will talk to 200 philadelphia students who were attacked either on school property or on their way to and from school. they'll then try to figure out what changes should be made to reduce those kinds of assaults. 5:36 now. fears over the ebola virus are spreading this morning as parents find out their children may have been exposed. the decision that a dallas hospital made that may have put more people at risk. plus a look at what local emergency rooms are doing to get ready in the event that there is an ebola case in this area. and some relief at the pumps. fall is here and gas prices are falling even further. we'll tell you how much more prices could plummet in the coming months. and they're not plummeting but temperatures are falling a little mother the last few days. we have some breaks in the clouds in our area. that's the view from the mellon bank building in center city.
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right now it's 64 degrees. coming up on 5:37.
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we are watching for some fog this morning and finding some light fog north and west. reading, the visibility has dropped under two miles. and one-mile visibility in lancaster while there's no fog at all for wilmington and philadelphia or at the shore. things are nice and clear fogwise. there are some clouds overhead. those clouds will be thinning out. temperatures warming up. neighborhood by neighborhood, upper 60s for the pocono mountains. low 70s for allentown and quakertown. you'll see breaks of sunshine for trenton, northeast philadelphia and mount holly. and along the coast, clouds will be thicker in atlantic city, but the farther south you go, the more sunshine you'll see. dover up to 73 degrees. along with vineland in the low 70s today. partly sunny skies this afternoon for westchester, chester and glasgow. cooler weather for the weekend.
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the seven-day coming up. 5:39 now. time to get a check of traffic before you head out the door. >> that's right. that truck fire has been causing problems all morning. let's check in with jillian mele. >> we're going on two hours that this tanker is sitting on 95 northbound as you approach cottman avenue. the right lane is blocked. and just about a minute ago, penndot swung this camera in the opposite direction. and you could actually see a lot of activity out there. we have a lot of crews that have responded to the scene. now, the fire activity has cleared, but we have police out there. we have penndot out there, tow trucks at the scene. so a lot of activity out here on 95. and you can't even see all of that in the shot. so leave yourself extra time if 95 northbound is part of your commute. this is a live look at the blue route at macdade. drive time is 17, 18 minutes between 95 and 76. christine? if you get stuck in traffic, here's good news at least. gas prices may not be done falling just yet. a spokesperson with aaa mid-atlantic said gas prices could drop another 20 cents per
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gallon by thanksgiving. now, according to aaa, the national average last month fell to $3.39 a gallon. now, that's the lowest september price since 2010. to put it in perspective, this year's average was 13 cents less than last year and 44 cents less than 2012. right now the average in the five-county philadelphia area is $3.40. prices are down 2 cents in the past week in delaware where you can expect to pay about $3.27, on average. and as always, the lowest prices in our area in south jersey. prices there have also dropped 2 cents in the last week to $3.13 a gallon. well, you've heard of gun control, but how about toy gun control? where the plastic firearms are banned in our area and the city is seeking to do the same. and raise a glass. it's wine month in part of our area. and state-owned stores have good reason to celebrate. we'll explain.
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5:44 a.m. this morning there are new worries for parents in the dallas area after word that five schoolchildren may have been exposed to the man diagnosed with the first case of ebola in the united states.
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>> the head of the dallas school says the children were in class after being in contact with the man. at this point, officials say none of the children are showing any symptoms and are being monitored at home. also this morning, we know the name of the ebola patient. he is thomas duncan. we've also learned duncan was sent home from the hospital's emergency room last week despite telling a nurse he visited west africa. health officials continue to track down people who may have had contact with him. you'll hear from duncan's nephew later this morning on the "today" show. new jersey health officials say all 71 hospitals in the state are prepared to deal with ebola if a case should turn up. in bergen county, personal protective equipment packets are now just standard issue just for possible cases. the nursing station in the er has a new guide book on protocol and warning signs about the disease have been placed at the front door. a pharmaceutical firm in montgomery county is among the companies involved in the race to make a vaccine to keep the ebola virus from spreading.
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there are reports inovio is working on a vaccine expected to head into trials with 30 volunteers next year. it's one of at least two experimental ebola vaccines in the works right now. the world health organization is working with pharmaceutical companies and regulators to speed up development of potential treatments for the disease. 5:46. enterovirus d-68 that's spreading across the country is now turning deadly. health officials say four people have died including a 10-year-old girl in rhode island last week. that virus is also affecting children in south jersey. there are now two confirmed new cases of enterovirus. 68 in burlington county and 1 in camden county. there are important steps can you take to keep this virus from spreading. just like with all colds, hand washing and extra disinfection around the house are the key. people who get sick may have symptoms similar to that of a cold. doctors say there's nothing to be alarmed about until those symptoms become severe. >> like with any interpret
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virus, there's no need to panic. as long as your child is not demonstrating signs of respiratory distress. >> now, doctors say many of the kids who get the virus will actually not become seriously ill. now, those new cases of enterovirus that we told you about earlier bring the total number in new jersey to seven. there are now six confirmed cases in pennsylvania. delaware has one confirmed case. but more test results are pending. ohio police were called out when a 6-year-old pulled a toy gun and started pointing it at other children. the bus driver told police she saw the first grader point the silver western style cap gun at another child and threatened to shoot. the toy didn't have any caps in it and no one was hurt, but police say the rest of the kids were pretty shaken up. here in our area, there is a push to ban toy guns. atlantic city recently approved a new gun ban law, and just last week, city councilman kenyatta johnson of philadelphia announced a plan to do the same. the new measure would make toy guns illegal unless they are
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painted a bright color or they're entirely clear so the toy guns don't look anything like the real thing. 5:48 now. on to decision 2014. pennsylvania governor tom corbett unveiled a new interactive tool to help people find a job. nbc 10 was in spring garden for that announcement yesterday. governor corbett announced the launch of virtual job shadow. you can find it at pennsylvania's job gateway website. it's a collection of more than 900 short videos that give you an inside look at a day in the life of professionals. you can watch interviews with people who do those jobs. it's all part of corbett's jobs first pa initiative. meantime, democratic challenger tom wolf says pennsylvania has fallen from 7th to 41st in job creation. and the number of unemployed in the state is approaching 500,000. running for governor in november, wolf has promised to rebuild the state manufacturing sector and push for clean technology to create more jobs. new jersey governor chris christie says he hasn't decided
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yet whether he'll run for president in 2016. in a recent interview, the governor says it will all come down to the three answers he gives himself to three critical questions. those questions are whether the move is right for himself, right for his family and right for his country. christie says he'll have to answer yes to all three in order to run. if the answer is no to any of them, he says he won't. christie added he hopes to make his decision early next year. well, if it comes to a possible presidential matchup between christie and hillary clinton, it looks like clinton has the edge with new jersey voters. a new quinnipiac university poll shows the democrat tops the governor 50% to 40%. well, pink pride. at 5:49 a.m., this live picture of boathouse row in philadelphia. it's lit up in honor of breast cancer awareness month. you can see a lot of pink there, and you can expect to see a lot of that color this month. in chicago, a 16-foot-tall bright pink support bra
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sculpture was unveiled. in sarasota, florida, morning readers were treated to a pink newspaper. and the police department in orlando unveiled a pink cruiser in one officer battling stage 4 breast cancer. new breast cancer research is now under way in the lehigh valley. new clinical trials are happening at the health network. they were announced yesterday at the lehigh valley hospital in bethlehem. the first new trial is from the drugmaker novartis. the mona lisa trial uses an experimental drug that can postpone the need for chemotherapy for up to two years. >> i was stage 4 when i was diagnosed, so it's been amazing. >> they're teaming up with the moffitt institute in tampa to bring new clinical trials to the lehigh valley. october is also wine month in the state of pennsylvania. state stores want consumers to buy local during the first week of october, you'll note that is
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a premium collection stores will host special tastings. there will also be product displays and attention really drawn to pennsylvania wines. pennsylvania ranks fifth in the nation in grapes grown and seventh in wine production. state stores sold 175 different varieties of pennsylvania wine last year. that added up to nearly $5 million in sales at fine wine and good spirits stores across the state. the liquor control board says, quote, over the last 30 years, the number of pennsylvania wineries has grown substantially from more than two dozen to more than 200. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> clouds are overhead this morning, but you won't find any rainfall. and no fog in center city. this is a live view from the adventure aquarium. 64 degrees. humidity is actually lower while the temperature is right where we were yesterday morning. we've got a little bit of breeze in the northwest some clouds in the area. right now 58 degrees in wilmington. northeast philadelphia, 62.
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wrightstown in new jersey is 59 degrees. hanging at 61 degrees in glenside. 61 degrees. 50s for collegeville and eagleville while upper gwinnett is at 61 degrees right now. it's just warmed up a little bit. gilbertsville, 57, while pottstown is 55. there's been a chill in the air, and with cooling temperatures to the west, we are seeing a little bit of fog. it's just got a bit thicker in lancaster where visibility is not so bad in reading at two-mile visibility. it's completely dry. radar, won't see any showers today, says but look to the west. and you can see what's coming for our weekend. showers in the midwest and in the plains states, it's part of a system that is going to give us potentially heavy downpours come saturday morning. but for today and most of the day on friday, it will be dry. and with breaks of sunshine, we'll get temperatures into the 70s today. the seven-day forecast, here it comes. a cooler start tomorrow morning. we'll be in the 50s to start with and 74 in the afternoon.
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clouds will hold off until later in the day on friday. and then here comes the rain for saturday morning. clearing out late in the afternoon. 68 degrees, the high on saturday. and then behind that rain, cooler temperatures. just 64 on sunday. back into the low 70s on monday. and a chance of showers coming back tuesday and wednesday. the time is 5:53. and it's time for a check of traffic before you hit the road. >> that's right. let's check in with first alert traffic reporter jillian mele. it looks like you still have 95 behind you. >> yes, we had this tanker fire earlier this morning. this is that image we've been looking at all morning long. just within the last few minutes crews slowly started to push that tanker off 95. so it's outside of this camera's view right now, but at least crews are making progress, attempting to get that off of the highway. you'll notice the slowdown that we are seeing right now on 95 northbound right as you approach cottman. that's because just up ahead, that's where crews are slowly taking that tanker off of the highway. so we have the slowdown out here. we have one lane of traffic
5:54 am
getting by. then notice we still have a lot of that activity because it's not completely cleared just yet. so we are getting volume out there on 95 northbound once again as you approach cottman avenue. this is the ben franklin bridge. the view from philadelphia. looking pretty good in both directions. westbound we do have this track rehab project. so the right lane is blocked. we do get pockets of volumes as drivers make their way into philadelphia. thousands voted. hundreds will be happy with the outcome. bishop shanahan wins our high school blitz game of the week with 51% of the vote just edging out st. joseph's vineland. of course the game with the most votes will be featured as our game of the week which airs every saturday night, 7:00 right here on nbc 10. more boots on the street. financial help coming to new jersey cities to help hire more police officers. and a battle for the best bathrooms. the local location in the running and how can you show your support. we'll have those stories and more ahead when we take you county by county.
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lawmakers will join trenton's mayor to announce financial help for trenton police. the city is getting a $1.5 million federal grant to beef up public safety and hire more officers. it's part of a $12 million statewide grant to add officers across new jersey. u.s. senators cory booker and robert menendez will be part of this afternoon's announcement. to delaware county where we're learning more about plans for the 176-acre former site of the franklin mint. they include 300,000 square feet of office and retail space, 350 homes and a hotel. the development is already receiving offers from national grocery chains, hotels and restaurants. construction on middletown commons as it will be called begins early 2016. and a game of thrones in chester county. the contest to be named -- get this -- the best bathroom in the country. longwood gardens is among the ten finalists in the 13th annual america's best restroom contest this fall. here's why.
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the green wall as it's called includes 17 restrooms adorned with thousands of individual plants. inside there are enormous skylights, automatic lights and faucets. fans can vote -- fans in the bathroom can vote until the end of the month. to get in on the action, logon to and cast your vote. >> i recently couldn't get in because chris cato and his kid were in there or something. nbc 10 news at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. >> nbc 10 news starts now. home invasion. fear rushes over a delaware county family as masked men hold them at gunpoint. we're live on the scene as the search continues for the intruders. and there's something to look forward to today. we're going to start off cloudy, but we will get some sunshine this afternoon. good morning. this is nbc 10 news today. happy thursday.
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i'm christine maddela. >> and i'm vai sikahema. let's get right to bill henley with his forecast. >> good morning. we're starting off with some clouds but no sign of any rainfall. not today anyway. that's a clear view of boathouse row. all lit up this morning. we will see the temperatures climb into the 70s later today. but right now they are still falling. currently it is 63 degrees in philadelphia. chester springs is 51. there are some cool spots north and west. reading, pottstown in the 50s. oxford and southern chester county at 53. a mix of 50s and 60s in delaware and south jersey. so a cool autumn start at the bus stop. but the clouds will be thinning out. we'll see more and more sunshine today. your neighborhood-by-neighborhood forecast when i come back. first jillian is watching traffic. morning, jillian. >> good morning to you, bill. slowly we're watching progress being made on 95 northbound at cottman avenue. you see those police lights up