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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  October 2, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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>> and i'm vai sikahema. let's get right to bill henley with his forecast. >> good morning. we're starting off with some clouds but no sign of any rainfall. not today anyway. that's a clear view of boathouse row. all lit up this morning. we will see the temperatures climb into the 70s later today. but right now they are still falling. currently it is 63 degrees in philadelphia. chester springs is 51. there are some cool spots north and west. reading, pottstown in the 50s. oxford and southern chester county at 53. a mix of 50s and 60s in delaware and south jersey. so a cool autumn start at the bus stop. but the clouds will be thinning out. we'll see more and more sunshine today. your neighborhood-by-neighborhood forecast when i come back. first jillian is watching traffic. morning, jillian. >> good morning to you, bill. slowly we're watching progress being made on 95 northbound at cottman avenue. you see those police lights up here in the corner? that's the off-ramp from 95
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northbound to cottman avenue. and this is what's been happening. before 4:00 this morning, we had a tanker truck that was on fire blocking all lanes on 95 northbound. the right lane has been blocked just up until a few minutes ago. and then a few minutes ago, i watched as crews were out there trying to get this tanker off of the highway and off onto cottman avenue so they could at least get it off the highway for that morning commute. so they are still in the process of getting that completely off of 95. it's on the ramp right now. and you can see we have a big slowdown as we approach that portion of 95. so your drive time northbound from the vine to woodhaven, about 20 minutes. 19 on the southbound side, average speeds in the 30s now. to the vine street expressway, looking good in both directions. westbound a little tap of the brakes around that curve and make your way out to 76. if you're headed out on mass transit including the regional rail lines, everything on or close to schedule. vai? >> thank you. new from overnight, police are looking for the armed robber who held up a pizza shop in philadelphia. this happened after 1:00 this morning at pizza city in
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mayfair. police say the robber walked into the restaurant, took out a gun and got away with $1,000. no one inside the pizza shop was hurt. new this morning, police in delaware county are investigating a home invasion that terrorized a family. nbc 10's katie zachry is live on the scene. what have police told you, katie? >> reporter: well, police are telling me that this couple and their two sons who live at the end of this block are understandably shaken. they were winding down for the night getting ready for bed when this group of armed men broke into their home. police say the men were all wearing masks that covered their face as well as dark clothing. it happened last night just after -- just around 10:15, rather. the men had handguns and a shotgun when they broke in through a back basement door on the 100 block of lafayette street. the men found the homeowners in the basement. that man and woman were held against their will while the group of armed men ransacked the rest of the house. the couple's two sons were upstairs, also held at gunpoint. the men ran from the house.
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they have not been found yet and that is what concerns police the most. >> our biggest threat is we have four active on the street, three handguns and a shotgun that we need to find. >> reporter: and i'm trying to get more information from police this morning as to what was taken from the home, if any valuables were taken, and why this home was targeted. i'm told we should get an update in the next hour or so. reporting live, katie zachry, nbc 10 news. happening today, a rally and a public hearing to address hate crimes and the rights of the lgbt community in philadelphia. state representative brian sims organized both events in response to the beating of two gay men in center city last month. the public hearing of state democratic policy members will be held this afternoon at the kimmel center. the focus will be on restoring lgbt protections across pennsylvania. now, the rally against hate crimes is set for love park this afternoon at 2:00. kevin harrigan, phillip williams and catherine knot are also charged with aggravated assault
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and conspiracy stemming from the attack on a gay couple in center city last month. police say the three suspects are seen on this surveillance video taken before moments before the assault. they're accused of asking the two victims about their sexual orientation and then punching and beating them. one of the men had his jaw broken. defense attorneys say the fight was mutual and was not motivated by sexual orientation. also today, mayor michael nutter will deliver remarks at philadelphia's fifth annual lgbt history month celebration. the event outside city hall will begin this afternoon at 1:30. happening today, a delaware county teacher and coach charged with sexually assaulting a former student is scheduled for a preliminary hearing. bill barber is accused of having sex with a 15-year-old girl at garnet valley middle school. state police said the girl now in high school sent barber nude photos of herself prior to the encounter in the coach's office. also happening today, the sentencing for a public employee turned convicted thief.
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nancy gonzalez stole nearly $25,000 in social security checks from an elderly woman. at the time, gonzalez was a secretary for two members of philadelphia's city council. authorities say she had no access to city finances. pennsylvania state police confirmed that a trooper killed during a training exercise in montgomery county was shot by another trooper. 26-year-old david cadra died tuesday after being shot in the chest. law enforcement sources say he was accidentally shot during a training exercise. cadra was a temple university graduate and was engaged to be married. state police are not talking about the circumstances leading up to his shooting. now an update on the breaking news we first told you about yesterday morning. four buildings in atlantic city that contain stores and apartments will be demolished after they were damaged by fire. the fire on atlantic avenue forced more than a dozen people out of their homes. the red cross intends to help those victims. investigators say the fire
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started inside a consignment shop, but they say they're still looking for the cause. no one was hurt. 6:05. it looks like a rebirth for revel is in the works. the sale of the now-closed casino and hotel in atlantic city should be finalized in bankruptcy court next thursday. the canadian firm, brookville property partners, bought revel at auction for $110 million as we told you yesterday. that company also owns the hard rock cafe casino in las vegas and another gaming hall in the bahamas. it plans to reopen as a casino. it's unclear whether it will rehire the thousands of revel workers who lost their jobs one month ago when revel closed. brookfield told nbc 10 it's excited to take ownership of a trophy asset on the east coast and make it a viable, long-term resort destination. the recent casino closures in atlantic city have put a strain
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on the city's finances. the city announced plans to lay off some of its municipal workers and was supposed to file a layoff plan with the state yesterday. but the mayor has put off that filing until next week. he plans to ask the state for permission to cut the city's work force by 25%. that's around 300 employees. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> we are watching some clouds overhead but no sign of any fog or any rainfall. not this morning. the temperatures have cooled down into the 50s and 60s. it's a little bit chillier than it has been the last couple days. clouds will break for sunshine today, but this weekend, the clouds return. this time with some wet weather to start the weekend off. and then once the showers move out, here come some colder temperatures. the 70s will be taking a break. right now, they've also taken a break. it's a little bit cooler in philadelphia compared to yesterday at this time. but reading is down by six
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degrees. five degrees cooler for dover. and wildwood which means suburbs are in the 50s. pottstown is 56. doylestown is 59. look at the 50s for wrightstown and toms river. and the coolest spot in philadelphia is rocksborough at 60 degrees. the clouds are spinning off the system that stalled off the north new england. you see more serious clouds in the boston and connecticut area. we'll see clouds at times during the day but sunshine, too, just like the last couple days. low 70s this afternoon for allentown, reading and quakertown, turning partly sunny in trenton, northeast philadelphia and mount holly. and you'll see more clouds in atlantic city than rehoboth. and 70s for wilmington, chester and philadelphia today. but not this weekend. the seven-day forecast when i come back. just about 6:10 as you grab your keys heading out the door. check on traffic. >> let's check in with first
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alert traffic reporter jillian mele. you've been watching 95 all morning. >> and that problem, that tanker truck that was on fire earlier this morning, that was all just cleared off of 95. it was northbound approaching cottman avenue. we still have some volume out here in this area. volume in both directions because northbound, that's leftover volume from that problem. southbound, that volume, that rush hour volume, is kicking into gear right now. so this is 95 at bridge street. same situation there. a little bit of volume northbound, southbound is slow moving right now. 76 is starting to slow down in the normal spots. heading into new jersey, 42 freeway northbound approaching 295 and the bridges, can you see average speeds around 55 miles per hour. so no issues to report on 42. 55 is what we're seeing on 295. 65 miles per hour is the average right now on rult 55 and headed into delaware. no accidents to report on the majors there. speeds are looking great. 95 near airport road, you can see about 55 miles per hour there. and 65 is the average speed. the entire length of 495. 495 is clear.
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route 1 is looking good. all of the area bridges are free of any delays right now. and if you are heading out on mass transit, everything is on or close to schedule. christine. >> 6:10 a.m. change is on the way. we check out where a multimillion-dollar makeover is set to begin today. and in isolation. this morning the first patient diagnosed with ebola in the u.s. is being cared for and a second under close watch. we'll get the latest on ebola in america. my one word to describe ac would be laid back.
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surprising happy place you know what i mean? i want to say friendly. exhilarating adventure the boardwalk #nosleep it's a great weekend. there is so much to do here. it's so great to have it so close. it's just a great location, a great place to be. we love atlantic city.
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6:13 a.m. this morning, two state troopers are recovering. they were hurt while assisting in the manhunt for suspected killer eric frein. nbc 10 was at lehigh hospital as helicopters carrying those troopers arrived. the two troopers fell off a tree stand in monroe county, but they
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are expected to be okay. today marks day 20 of the manhunt for frein who's charged with killing one state trooper and wounding another. the search for frein has put the brakes on hunting and trapping season in that area of the poconos. the season is closed across seven townships in monroe and pike counties. portions of the poconos outside the police search area are reporting business as usual. tourism officials say few people are canceling their plans to visit the fall foliage. and happening today in philadelphia, lawyers for both sides will meet before the murder trial begins. marcellus jones is accused of killing jones is already serving a life sentence. in 2008, the 23-year-old was walking home from his summer job in south philadelphia when he was robbed and shot. it happened shortly after he moved to philly from minnesota to teach math in public schools. and "real housewives of new jersey" stars teresa and joe
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giudice will be sentenced today. the couple appear before a federal judge in wire after pleading guilty. both face prison time and restitution. joe who is not a u.s. citizen could also be deported to italy. a philadelphia mother shares her pain after seeing a car hit and kill her son. patricia stone's 7-year-old son was on his way home from school, walking just steps behind his sister just after 4:00. robinson was trying to cross north 15th near erie avenue when he walked out from between two parked cars and was hit by another car. robinson's mother believes the driver was distracted at the time. >> she never seen him. she was on the phone. it's devastating. i don't know what to do without my son. >> police believe this was a tragic accident, and no charges have been filed. a philadelphia man now faces a number of charges including aggravated assault in connection with a hit-and-run that landed a 7-year-old in the hospital.
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25-year-old jamar banks surrendered to police yesterday. police say banks hit 7-year-old maclaine at 42nd and penn's grove streets sunday night. a witness told nbc 10 he saw the whole thing and chased the suspect's car until it eventually blew a red light near 38th street. maclaine was rushed to the hospital with a fractured skull, broken ankle and road rash. happening today, a multimillion-dollar makeover of east market street is set to begin. the four-acre site is between market and chestnut from 11th to 12th streets in center city. and nbc 10's jesse gary is live in center city. jesse, this project will mean jobs now and in the future. tell us more. >> reporter: that's right. officials anticipate thousands of construction jobs initially, and some of those workers have just arrived on scene to begin preparation for demolition. let's take a look at our video. we used google earth to get a better look at the entire site that has shuttered stores and
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evidence of building decay. by the end of the decade, they'll have high-end apartments above, shops, restaurants and major retail below. all connecting convention center commerce with retail, residential, neighborhoods and tourist attractions. the company behind all of this has done similar projects in western cities. downtown l.a. used to be a ghost town but not anymore. i used to live out there and i can tell you it's now the chic place to live due to projects like this and others. demolition beginning this morning will be piece by piece. no implosions here. live in center city, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. this 6:00 hour is when traffic really starts to slow down out there. >> yeah, jillian, volumes building and how's the problem on 95? >> the problem has cleared off of the highway so you're good to go there. 95 southbound, though, heavy volume. normal volume in the normal spots. this is 76, eastbound drivers putting on their brakes a little bit near the curve. and westbound we have volume here, but that volume on 76 westbound is right near city
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avenue. drive times, about 15 minutes in both directions, though, between the blue route and the vine. the blue route looks good. the vine street expressway, a little slowdown westbound as drivers head out to 76. this is the boulevard. that's the southbound side as drivers approach 76. you can see we're just starting to get that first slowdown in this portion of the boulevard and heading out to some of the western suburbs, you can see speeds are looking good. 55 miles per hour on both route 202 and 422. 63 on the northeast extension. and getting a check of things on the route 30 bypass, for the most part, it's pretty quiet. that's a live look right near route 322. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> about 40 minutes away from sunrise this morning. can you make out a few of the clouds mainly because of the lights from the city are so bright. we will see those clouds just like the last couple days break for some sunshine. now, 63 degrees, a northeasterly wind at 10 will become more northerly. that will help with the drying process and allow the clouds to break. no showers to show you here.
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but to the west, look at the rain moving through the midwest and the plains states. that's a system that's going to be coming our way for the weekend. we'll stay dry today and most of tomorrow. this is 6:00 in the evening. tomorrow. friday evening, mainly dry. but the clouds will be moving in overnight. the rain starts overnight. and saturday morning, we've got rain and there could be some heavier downpours. we do need the rainfall. we'll see some oppressive totals by later in the day on saturday. by lunchtime, well, more than a quarter of an inch in pottstown. and by the time this one pulls away, we could see two-thirds of an inch of rain in philadelphia. that's saturday. today, thursday, clouds to start with and breaks of sunshine. 70s this afternoon. we'll be in the 70s again tomorrow. a little bit cooler in the morning. 58 degrees will lead to 76 in the afternoon. then here comes the rain saturday morning. by later in the day saturday, the rain will clear out and the temperatures come down. we'll see 60s for sunday. a bit of a breeze, too.
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60s in the afternoon after a morning low of 49. sunny skies on monday. then another chance of showers for tuesday and wednesday. you may have seen it on the "today" show last week. the show debuted a music video featuring kids from the children's hospital of philadelphia who are fighting cancer. and since then, it's gone viral and helped raise nearly $300,000 for the american cancer society. ♪ i want to see you ♪ i want to see you be brave >> cyndi lauper and sara bareilles cab clollaborated on y brave." this morning sidcyndi lauper wi sit down with hoda kotb on the "today" show at 8:30. the fight to reduce crime in wilmington could take a hit. it's all because of a police academy delay. plus, new leader. this is the man who will take control of the secret service, and he's from our area. we'll introduce you to joseph clancy.
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at 6:24, a live look at cape may, new jersey, there our camera. and yes, those are clouds there in the background along the beach. and bill henley will be along in a moment to explain. new this morning, wilmington city council members are worried there won't be enough police officers on the streets to reduce crime. according to delaware online, that's due in part to a delay in the start of the police academy. it was expected to be in session already, but the department did not get enough applications. so it will start in december. council president says the academy needs to start soon because 30 current officers will leave the force or retire in the next nine months. today state and federal lawmakers will join trenton's mayor to announce some financial help for trenton police. the city is getting a $1.5 million federal grant to beef up public safety and to hire more officers.
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it's all part of a $12 million statewide grant to add officers across new jersey. u.s. senators cory booker and robert menendez will be a part of this afternoon's announcement. good morning at 6:25. just got word of an accident on the pennsylvania turnpike. it's on the eastbound side right as you approach downingtown. we're told the left lane is blocked in that area. so use caution if you're heading out on that portion of the turnpike. the rest of the pennsylvania turnpike, though, is looking pretty good. a live look outside right now at the linc. football season. it looks nice. just lit up. you can see a few clouds in the sky above. bill, it's a little chillier this morning than it was yesterday. >> yes, you're right, jillian. those clouds are breaking especially in the suburbs allowing temperatures to drop a bit. 62 degrees here at nbc 10 at 6:25. the rest of the area is seeing readings in the 50s. most of the rest of the area is in the 50s. reading at 55. 59 in millville. and with clearing skies. in wildwood, it's 57.
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and this morning a delaware county family is recovering as nbc 10's katie zachry tells us, a mother, father and two sons were the victims of a home invasion. katie. >> reporter: vai, that family understandably shaken but not injured. coming up, how they reacted to these gunmen who broke into their home. ebola in texas. there are growing concerns among parents since children came in contact with the infected patient.
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shaken up but alive. this morning, police are searching for three masked men who broke into a home and held a family at gunpoint. and we'll start with clouds, but by lunchtime, we should see a change. we'll get your forecast hour by hour and neighborhood by
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neighborhood. good morning, everyone and welcome to nbc 10 news today. i'm vai sisikahema. >> and i'm christine maddela. good morning, bill. >> we started off with clouds overnight but no sign of any showers in the region. and we won't see them today, but the weekend, that's a different story. today we will get more and more sunshine. and look at that dramatic view. that's the view from cape may this morning. doesn't that look nice? lots of sunshine to start things off there as clouds are just offshore. with fewer clouds, temperatures have been running cooler this morning. especially in the suburbs. wildwood, atlantic city, millville. in the 50s right now. while it's 55 degrees in pottstown and reading is 55 degrees. so clouds and a bit of an autumn chill. those clouds thinning out this morning at the bus stop for some sunshine. you see a little bit of a breeze. here at the nbc 10 studios. clouds and sunshine. 70s this afternoon. but there is cooler weather for the weekend.
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got your weekend forecast when i come back. first jillian mele has thursday morning traffic. hey, jillian. >> good thursday morning to you, bill. friday eve. that's one of my favorite days. second favorite day. friday's first. taking you to delaware right now, 95 at route 273. you can see a little bit of light volume out there but no delays to report on the highways and 95. with the exception of just the normal slow spots we are used to seeing. no accidents out there in delaware. we do have one on the pennsylvania turnpike eastbound right as you approach downingtown. left lane is blocked in that area. heading to 422, eastbound slowing down right near trooper. drive time isn't indicating a delay just yet. we do have delays on 95 southbound from woodhastven to e vine. 76 westbound from center city, the vine out to the blue right, an 18-minute trip. if you are traveling southbound from 76 to 95, that will take you about 17 minutes. if you're traveling in new jersey this morning, no
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accidents on the highways. and so far everything is on or close to schedule if you're taking mass transit. new from overnight, philadelphia police made an arrest in the shooting of a 17-year-old girl. she was shot late last night on cottage street. investigators say the girl was sitting with a man when another man came up and argued with both of them. then fired shots. she was hit in the arm and is in stable condition. officers arrested the suspect a short time after the shooting. also new from overnight, a series of small fires inside an old abandoned school building in north philadelphia. nbc on the scene at germantown and allegheny avenues where firefighters had to walk up several flights of stairs through some thick smoke to get to those flames. we're told crews will be putting out hotspots there throughout the morning. a delaware county family is shaken up this morning after masked men broke into their home last night, held them at gunpoint and then ransacked the house. police are still looking for the intruders. and this happened at a home on
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lafayette avenue near macdade boulevard where nbc 10's katie zachry joins us. katie, what a traumatic experience for this family. >> reporter: you're not kidding, vai. this happened around 10:15. police say the family, this couple and their two adult sons were winding down for the night getting ready to go to sleep when to their surprise a group of armed men stormed their home. we have video of this street and the scene soon after police arrived. the men, we're told, wore dark clothing and had their faces covered according to police. they also had handguns and one was carrying a shotgun. it was a group of four men. they broke in through a back basement door here on lafayette street. the men found the homeowners in the basement where this couple was held against their will while the men ransacked the rest of the house. the couple's sons were upstairs also held at gunpoint according to police. investigators say the family did not fight back. >> there was no defense, no
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flee. when you're getting ready for bed and somebody walks in the house with a gun and you don't have the advantage, you just kind of give up. >> reporter: the men ran from the home. they are still out there. and that's what concerns police the most, the police chief told me. you have this group of armed men, very brazen to have done what they did. and they are still not found. i'm trying to get more information about what valuables were taken from the home and why this home was possibly targeted. reporting live, katie zachry, nbc 10 news. 6:34 a.m. now to the investigation into the deaths of cooper hospital's ceo john sheridan and his wife. this morning we know the fire that broke out inside their home was no accident. sheridan was a prominent figure in the new jersey health care industry and in state politics. the fire started early sunday morning at the couple's home in somerset county. yesterday prosecutors announced the fire was intentionally set, but they did not say who they believed set the fire or if the fire is what caused the couple's
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deaths. they're still waiting for autopsy results. this morning the u.s. secret service has a new interim boss, and he's from this area. joseph clancy is leaving his job as security chief for comcast cable division. before joining comcast in 2011, clancy headed the secret service a presidential protection division. the agency's director, julia pierson, stepped down yesterday after a series of security lapses and pressure from congress. comcast executive vice president david cohen talked about the new director of the secret service joseph clancy. >> he is a consummate security professional and knows had business inside and out. he has spent his entire career with unquestioned ethics and integrity. joe clancy is the ideal candidate to be head of the secret service at this time. >> comcast is the parent company of nbc 10. we have new information this morning about the first person to be diagnosed with ebola here in the united states. thomas duncan was reportedly seen vomiting on the ground
6:36 am
outside an apartment complex as he was being put into an ambulance to be taken to the hospital. now, that report comes from a resident of that apartment complex, and his account could not be independently confirmed by nbc news. duncan arrived in the united states on september 20th. he went to the texas hospital's emergency room on september 25th complaining of fever and abdominal pain. he was released despite telling a nurse he had traveled to africa. he went back to the hospital by ambulance on september 28th and was put in isolation because doctors suspected ebola. duncan has been kept in isolation at the hospital since sunday. he's listed in serious but stable condition. meantime, some parents are temporarily taking their children out of dallas schools following word that five schoolchildren may have been exposed to duncan. officials say the children were in class after being in contact with him. >> i want to make sure
6:37 am
everything's okay. >> we think there's not any reason to be alarmed, but just like everybody else, we want to be extra cautious. and so we're taking extra steps. >> at this point officials say none of the children are showing symptoms, and they're being monitored at home. one other note, the "usa today" is reporting health officials are monitoring a second possible ebola patient who had close contact with duncan. new jersey health officials say all 71 hospitals in the garden state are prepared to deal with ebola if a case should turn up. in bergen county, personal protective equipment packets are now standard issue just for possible cases. the nursing station in the er has a new guidebook on ebola protocol and warning signs about the disease have been placed at the front door. now first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> getting a better look at some of the clouds over the city as we get closer to sunrise. we're just 20 minutes away from
6:38 am
seeing bright sunshine starts to break through the clouds. 63 degrees right now in philadelphia. a little bit of breeze. it's out of the northeast. going to shift to more of a northerly wind. that's dry air coming in that's going to allow the clouds to break up a bit. but it is a cooler start for much of the area this morning. it's going to be a damp start to the weekend. showers will be rolling in and behind those showers, the temperatures turn cooler. we'll be in the 70s today. we're talking 60s for the weekend. 63 degrees right now in philadelphia. there are some 50s around. and not yet in the lafayette hill or glenside but willow grove has dropped to 59. 50s for collegeville and eagleville and pottstown has been holding at 55 degrees while upper providence is now 58 degrees in montgomery county. the clouds are coming off of a system that's off to the northeast and stalled. but it's this system to the west that's going to give us wet weather for the weekend at least to start with. today, partly sunny. 358 in the poconos. into the 70s for allentown and
6:39 am
reading. clouds will thin out. more and more sunshine for northeast philadelphia, doy doylestown and mount holly. dover, vineland, low 70s this afternoon with breaks of sunshine and turning partly sunny after a cloudy start for wilmington, chester and philadelphia. and the weekend gets a rainy start. rain will be coming down saturday. heavy at times. and then tapering off saturday afternoon as it moves off, the temperatures come down. sunday will be sunny but just 64 degrees after morning temperatures in the 40s. got the full seven-day when i come back. sunrise is still 15, 20 minutes away. it is already lighting up out there. you see volume is building. >> let's check in with jillian mele. >> good morning. volume on the normal spots like on 95 and on 76. 422, same situation there. the blue route looking pretty good. this is a live look at 476 out near route 1. we had some slow spots out there, some pockets of volume but no major slowdowns just yet. drive times looking good, about
6:40 am
18 minutes both ways between 76 and 95. good news on pennsylvania turnpike as well. this accident just cleared. it was only out there for about 20 minutes. pa turnpike eastbound approaching downingtown. the left lane was blocked but that is gone and out of there. heading north to the lehigh valley, this is route 22 at airport road. definitely seeing a little bit of congestion. no accidents to report on 22. 78 looks good. and the northeast extension is free of delays or accidents. don't forget, you could still have that long-term construction. new jersey, 42 looking good. a little bit of volume on the northbound side at creek road. drivers head out to the bridges. bridges are free of any accidents but we do have volume already on the westbound side of the bend as drivers make their way into center city, philadelphia. vai. today marks the official opening of the new boardwalk in philadelphia. but as you can see, dozens of people got the chance to try it out last night. 200 runners and walkers paid $20 apiece for the privilege of a preview and ribbon cutting for
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the new walkway is set for 11:30 this morning. no cure and no end in sight. enterovirus continues to spread. it's become deadly in some cases.
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6:44 a.m. taking a live look outside. you can see some cloud cover over center city. and the delaware river out there this morning. but those clouds will make way for sunny skies later today. the respiratory illness enterovirus d-68 that's spreading across the country is now turning deadly. since august health officials have confirmed 500 people in 42 states have gotten sick from enterovirus. more than a dozen of those cases are in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. four people in other states have died. now, there are some steps you can take to help prevent the
6:45 am
virus from spreading. good old hand washing and extra disinfection are are the most effective. those who get sick may notice symptoms similar to that of a cold, but doctors say there's nothing to be alarmed about unless those symptoms become severe. >> it's like with any respiratory virus, there's no need to panic. as long as your child is not demonstrating any signs of respiratory distress. >> doctors say many kids who get the virus will not get seriously ill. starting in 2016, high school students in new jersey will be held to a higher standard if they want to graduate on time. state education officials say juniors will be given new tests in math and language arts. the students who score high enough on the s.a.t. and other standardized tests can decide not to take the new exams. one official said the new tests violate a state law requiring schools to notify parents of graduation rules when their children enter high school. the suspect in the disappearance of the university of virginia student will appear in court today. jesse matthews faces two charges
6:46 am
of reckless driving. authorities say he sped away from a police station in virginia last month. he was found in galveston, texas, last week. matthews also charged with abduction with intent to defile 18-year-old hanna graham. his first court appearance on that count has been delayed until december. a florida jury found michael dunn guilty of first-degree murder for shooting and killing a teenager after an argument over loud music. the jury had deadlocked on the charge during trial earlier this year. sentencing is scheduled for october 17th. dunn was previously convicted of three counts of attempted murder and already faces at least 60 years in prison. palestinians are making a new push for independence. president mahmoud abbas submitted draft resolutions to the united nations security council. it set the deadline of november 2016 for israeli withdrawal from disputed territory. abbas says he hopes to get an
6:47 am
answer to the draft within a month. and tonight president obama will speak at the hispanic caucus institute awards gala in d.c. this is the fifth year he'll address the gala. among those receiving awards will be jose of msnbc and union activist medina. well, you could call it a game of thrones. it's a national contest to be named best bathroom in the country. a chester county destination is actually in the running. longwood gardens is among the ten finalists in the 13th annual america's best restroom contest this fall. the green wall as it's called includes 17 restrooms all adorned with thousands of individual plants. the bathrooms are large, clean and feature enormous skylights. well, that's what the green wall looks like. other fancy pants restrooms in the running for the award include the tiki lounge in pittsburgh. if you are really passionate about this, you want to vote,
6:48 am
you have until the end of the month. just logon to to cast your ballot after you wash your hands, of course. >> absolutely. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist bill henley. >> starting off with a clear view of the clouds this morning, but you can see some thinning of the clouds in the distance. this is the view from the comcast center in center city. right now with clouds in place, the temperatures are very close to where we were yesterday at this time. 63 degrees in philadelphia. but there are breaks in the clouds north and west. and look at the shore. we're minutes away from sunrise this morning. we'll see plenty of sunshine to start with at cape may. the view from the lafayette hotel looks pretty good. showers are off to the northeast. and to our west. and these are the showers that we have to deal with for part of the weekend. you can see heavy rain moving through illinois and the plains states as well. that system will give us some steady rainfall to start with on saturday. but it will be clearing out later in the day. future weather shows 7:00
6:49 am
tomorrow evening we're in the clear. but watch how quickly clouds come in. 8:00 in the morning we will see rain falling. and it intensifies right around noon time. but there's the back edge. and it will be pushing through by early in the evening hours, or late afternoon, that rain will be coming to an end and long gone by later saturday evening. but in its wake is the colder weather that we'll be experiencing. and even chillier come sunday. clouds and breaks of sunshine today. we'll be in the 70s again this afternoon. tomorrow, back into the 70s after a cooler start. 58 degrees. and then clouds take over friday night. and here comes the rain. steady at times to start with on saturday and into saturday afternoon. but by late in the afternoon, the rain ends. and that will leave us with a chillier day on sunday. look at the morning temperatures. 49 degrees to start with on sunday. just 64 degrees in the afternoon. skies will be nice and sunny on monday after another cool start. we'll be in the low 70s.
6:50 am
and then the chance of showers returns for tuesday and wednesday. >> ten minutes before 7:00, we've already seen delays on some of those normal problem spots in our area like interstate 95. >> jillian mele in the first alert traffic center for us. >> good morning. ten minutes to 7:00. you've got that right, 95 slow, 76 slow. even 422 eastbound. average speed there, 28 miles per hour. nine miles per hour is what we're seeing on portions of 76 and 22 on 95. this is right where it's about nine miles per hour. very slow moving at city avenue. you can see between 25 and 30 minutes on 76. both ways between the blue route and the vine. this is 95 southbound at cottman avenue. slow, drivers crawling along right now. 32 minutes is what we're seeing from woodhaven to the vine on 95 southbound. heading to the ben franklin bridge, you can see that's stacked up on the westbound side. basically jammed from the toll plaza in camden to philadelphia all because of this track rehab project. so we have that right lane that's still blocked out there on the ben franklin bridge.
6:51 am
aside from that, we're not reporting anything significant. no accidents on the majors out there. in pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. as far as majors go in new jersey, 42 is heavy on the northbound side near creek road. some volume out there on the normal spots on 295. and the lehigh valley majors are looking good, but we do have volume on 22 out near airport road. vai. home invasion, a delaware county family is shave but shaken up this morning. nbc 10's katie zachry is live with the latest. katie. >> reporter: vai, i'll tell you what police here are worried about the most this morning after four armed men stormed the home and held these victims against their will.
6:52 am
6:53 am
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6:55 am
we take a live look at the comcast tower. we start off cloudy but then it will warm up. bill henley will be along in exactly three minutes with his first alert seven-day forecast. and new this morning, police are looking for masked men who barged into a home, held a family at gunpoint and ransacked the place. our katie zachry is live at the scene of had home invasion in delaware county. >> reporter: police say the couple and their two adult sons, while they are shaken, fortunately they're not injured. they live at the end of block here. they were inside their house last night getting ready for bed when four armed men broke into their home, held them at gunpoint around 10:15 last night. police say the men had handguns, a shotgun and they were wearing masks and dark clothing. they held the couple and their two adult sons against their will while the group ransacked the home. investigators say the men took off running. it's unclear what valuables, if any, were taken. now, the police chief tells us
6:56 am
his biggest concern from this crime from all that happened last night is that this group of four armed men is still out there and a threat to the community. if you have any information, call police. reporting live in collingdale, katie zachry. today a multimillion-dollar makeover in center city gets under way. nbc 10's jesse gary is live in center city to fill us in about that project. jesse? >> reporter: christine, the first phase getting under way with crews starting initial demolition. when they get done at the end of the decade, this is what it's going to look like. apartments above, restaurants, shops, major retail spaces below. all of this linking the convention center with city hall and tourist attractions down the block. this is set to be finished by 2020. live in center city, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. all right. good morning. as we approach 7:00, we have volume out there on a lot of the majors. chester county, 202 is busy. so is the route 30 bypass.
6:57 am
this is a live look. right near route 340. and you can see that eastbound volume very slow moving right now from 340 down to route 113. no issues on the westbound side of the route 30 bypass. typically eastbound is where we see that volume. heading to the boulevard, this is a live look right here broad street. southbound, we have some pockets of volume out there. it gets really thick on the boulevard southbound as drivers approach 76. that's because of that volume on 76 that we're used to seeing. it's especially heavy westbound near city avenue. eastbound near the curve and eastbound near montgomery drive as well. taking a look at drive times, you can see it's pretty slow. 95 southbound from woodhaven to the vine. that's about a 32-minute trip. 25 minutes on 76 westbound from the vine out to the blue route. the blue route is actually looking pretty decent. southbound from 76 to 95 is about an 18-minute trip. if you're heading out to mass transit this morning, no issues to report when it comes to patco, new jersey transit,
6:58 am
region aal rail lines, everythi on or close to schedule. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> we've got clouds overhead including in the pocono mountains. in fact, just gray skies. not seeing any breaks of sunshine there. but we are seeing some thinning of the clouds in the philadelphia area. this is the view from the mellon bank building in center city. and at the shore they're getting some nice sunshine. cape may. look at how nicely it has cleared out there. we'll see a combination of clouds and sunshine today. may not clear out completely, but we'll get enough sunshine to warm our temperatures into the 70s. already it's warmer than normal. we should be in the lower 50s this time of year. right now at 63 degrees in philadelphia. with a little bit of a northeasterly wind. it's at eight. more 50s this morning for dover, millville, reading, pottstown, all running chillier this morning. so a bit of an autumn chill at the bus stop. in the 50s while it's in the 60s to start with in the city.
6:59 am
the breaks of sunshine during the day. we'll see temperatures climb into the 70s this afternoon. northerly winds will be a little stronger today than they were yesterday. up to 15 miles an hour. we'll be dry today. and most of tomorrow will be dry. here's the future weather. 7:00 tomorrow evening, look at the clouds moving in for saturday with rain saturday morning at 7:00. and some steadier rain moving through during the early afternoon hours. but by late in the afternoon, it starts to move out. that's 4:00 saturday afternoon. by evening time, those clouds are gone. and look at the temperatures come down. in the upper 50s by 11:00 p.m. on saturday. we've got some changes ahead. with dry conditions today and tomorrow, we'll be in the 70s. but here comes the cool weather for the first weekend of autumn. rain to start with and breezy on saturday. the rain ends later in the day and that will clear things out for sunday. but sunday really chilly. we'll be in the 40s sunday and
7:00 am
monday mornings. >> looks good. thank you very much, bill. the "today" show is up next. we'll see you for an update in about 25 minutes. massive misstems. big questions swirling around the dallas hospital who released a man who was eventually diagnosed with eboll louisiana how could they ignore all the warning signs. nbc news has an interview with the nephew who said he had to personally call the cdc to give his uncle proper care. is the secret service in charge of protecting the president after a former special agent steps in. in kour the suspect in the disappearance of hannah graham faces a judge in virginia for the first time this morning while authorities confi