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tv   NBC 10 News at 4pm  NBC  October 2, 2014 4:00pm-5:01pm EDT

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yostina puhari passed away at the hospital this morning, she was a passenger when this crashed in bear, delaware, on september 2 1st. two other passengers died that day. authorities have charged the driver with those deaths. they say he was going too fast. 20 minutes of nonstop news continues with this, protecting the president. a man with close ties to our area is now calling the shots at the secret service. this comes after a number of high profile security lapses involving the president and first family. >> joseph clancy is the secret service veteran from pennsylvania. he taught history in northeast philadelphia. he was head of corporate security for nbc 10's parent company, comcast. now he's been tapped for interim director of the secret service. nbc 7's tim furlong is live this afternoon. >> you've been talking to people who worked with joseph clan cy
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krrp everybody says he's calm, m methodical and has a presence. lives in newtown square. this is a philly guy now charged with arguably the most important job on the planet. long before he was protecting the president of the united states, joe clancy was a government teacher at father judge high school. >> we called him cla krrnc. >> reporter: james mcdonald showed us the yearbook photos of joe clancy. the students liked him. his fellow teachers liked him. they were sad to see him go. >> a young kid. he really was enthusiastic and it was a shame to lose him because of the fact that the kids liked him. >> reporter: after leaving the secret service a few years ago, he led the comcast security team responsible for protecting the comcast center in center city and company facilities all over america. as clancy now leaves this company, his bosses feel the same way the teachers at father
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jj d judge did. he has to go. >> when the president taps you on the shoulder and says, joe, i need you to come back, are you willing to do this? i can't expect him to say anything but mr. president, i'm happy to serve. >> reporter: yeah. lots of people going to miss this guy at comcast. joe clancy's brother, kevin, by the way is the football coach at strathaven high school. unbelievably successful coach there. i spoke to him on the phone an hour ago and told me he's proud of his little brother bullet t his brother told him nobody in the family is talking about the new job. live outside the comcast center, tim furlong, nbc 10 news. julia pierson resigned as secret service director yesterday following two security breaches. pierson took the top job at the secret service last year. an intruder jumped the fence at the white house on september 19th. authorities say omar gonzales was armed with a knife. at first it was reported he was
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tackled after he made it through the white house doors but it was later revealed gonzalez got all the way to the east room. pierson failed to reveal another breach last month during the president's visit to the cdc. an armed security contractor with a criminal history was allowed to ride in the same elevator with the president. new information this afternoon about the death of a hospital executive. the somerset county prosecutor office says there's no threat to the public. sheridan was the ceo of cooper health system. his wife, joyce, was also found inside their burned home. officials say that fire was intentionally set. the couple lived in the skillman section of montgomery township, new jersey. the sunday morning fire was confined to the upstairs master bedroom that you see right there. officials have not said how it was set or if there are any arson suspects but a spokesman released a statement to nbc 10 saying, "the somerset county prosecutor's office is currently engaged in a very complex investigation. we are quite confident that
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there exists no threat to either the immediate neighborhood or the local community." a key figure in the murder for hire of a south jersey rabbi eegs wife is a free man. >> it's a high-profile case nbc 10 has been tracking for 20 years. nbc 10 investigative reporter harry hairston has been closely following the murder of carol nulander. >> you spoke to the foreign for one of the three men convicted in the case who's been released from prison? >> that's right. i talked to pal daniels' attorney. daniels was a hit man who killed carol neulander. now he's out and starting his life over. the 1994 murder rocked cherry hill. carol neulander, the wife of the area's most prominent rabbi, fred neulander, was bludgeoned to death in her home. paul daniels, the hit man hired by the rabbi, is the one who delivered the fatal blows. daniels later fingered the rabbi as the mastermind behind the
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murder. his attorney, craig mitnik, helped work a deal that would allow him to go free after serving his full sentence. when mr. daniels was released yesterday, what did you say to him. >> i told him, go outside and take big breaths of fresh air on this nice day and his response to me was, thank god i can and i still know that mrs. neulander can't. >> reporter: he tells me daniels is remorseful and it was an abusive childhood and drugs that fueled his actions that night. >> paul daniels i don't believe was in a drug-induced stupor at the time of the incident -- >> absolutely not. >> so would it not be fair for some to say, paul tdaniels did have evil in him that night when he made that leap to kill in cold blood? >> some may say that. many may say that. i knowing paul the tway i know him disagree. paul daniels did not have evil in him. >> reporter: he also tells me daniels hopes to get his life
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back to normal. how is he with the reality that no matter what he does, he'll always be considered a cold-blooded killer? >> i think he wants to live as quiet and as peaceful of a life as he can now. >> so to recap the main players from the carol neulander murder case, where are they today? fred neulander is serving life in prison. lin-j enoff was released in jarn january after serving a decade in prison. this week, paul daniels, confessed hit man set free after 14 years behind bars and retired philadelphia radio personality who testified at the trial shat s that she had an affair with the rabbi moved to florida. i'm also told by daniels' attorney that daniels issi now living with his parents but where he did not say. harry hairston, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert
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weather. >> we had a mixture of clouds and sun. here's a look at the park in media, delaware county today. people out and about. the clouds look threatening but no rain out there yet. the question is how the evening will shape up. >> nbc 10 first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz here now to take a look for us. glenn? >> yeah, looks a little more ominous than it really is. we do have a lot of clouds around, and we've seen that much of the day today. more clouds than sun. generally coming in from the northeast. but there's nothing on the radar. temperatures 70 in philadelphia. 72 in allentown. a little peek of sunshine to get up to 70 degree elsewhere. stay in the 60s. nothing on the radar. we don't expect anything during the evening hours. mostly cloudy skies during the night tonight. on the cool side, but dry. temperatures down into the mid 60s by 10:00. we do have some significant rain on the way, and it will affect a portion of the weekend. the timing on that with the seven day in a few minutes. >> thank you, glenn. now to a developing story that we're watching.
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officials in liberia will prosecute the man who brought ebola to the u.s. because he lied on a health form. thomas duncan traveled from liberia to dallas to visit relatives last month and got sick here. about 80 people in texas are being monitored for symptoms of ebola. some had direct contact with dunken, others came into contact with beam in his circle. none of those mn tonitored it showing any type of simpymptoms right now. duncan is the first diagnosed case in the u.s. >> hoping he can get the same kind of treatment that were given to the four other patients that survived and that's my concern. and that's why i'm'm still aski about it, speaking about it. making sure that we can at least get that for him. >> now, initially a dallas emergency room sent him home even though he told a nurse that he had been in western africa. coming up, in about an hour at 5:00, we're learning more about what's being done to protect you.
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find out what the airlines are doing right now to stop the spread of ebola. now to the fight against isis. amateur video uploaded to a social media site today purports to show isis militants clashing with kurdish fighters near the syrian/turkish border. nbc news can't verify the authenticity of amateur videos. islamic state militants are closing in on the syrian town of kabani. the area has been under attack by extremists since the middle of last month. part of the effort to stop isis comes from military forces at joint base mcgwire dix lakehurst in burlington county. cydney long traveled to the base today. >> tell us more about the contributions they're making to the operations overseas. >> reporter: jim, it includes anything and everything from the maintenance of the military aircraft that carry the troops and supplies, that cargo, even the loading of that cargo, whether it be ammunition, food, or medical supplies and if any of you have seen low-flying
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military aircraft over new jersey more recently, we're told there have been constant training missions. >> we're obviously here to support whatever operation happens to be going on at the time. >> reporter: both active duty and air mobility command reservist at new jersey's joint bases, mcquire ft. dix lakehurst are playing a role in the u.s. involvement together with arab nations to take down isis militants in syria. we asked them to what degree. does it amp up or does it change with response to those air strikes? >> well, you know, i think that's a great question. you know, what do we do here? and the core of it is, what's called the organize, train, and equip function for the united states air force. so all those kc-10s or c-17 crew members that operate out there, we train them to make sure that they are mission ready. you know, professional in every way. >> reporter: today, we were provided the opportunity to fly aboard a c-17 globe master and
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witness the kc-10 refueling training missions, two of the very aircraft that carry troops, supplies, food and medical equipment to the regions in need. >> our primary mode in the environment, a lot of preventative medicine, so we deploy with public health personnel who can do food inspections, water inspections ensuring people's food and water are safe. they ensure waste disposal is done properly so we protect people from illnesses. >> reporter: and clearly in light of protecting national security, some of our questions with regard to specific missions in syria as to what extent squadrons here are involved or how closely they might be situated to those dangerous missions, those specific questions could not be answered. live on the base, i'm cydney long, nbc 10 news. >> remember, you can keep tabs on america's air campaign against isis any time by clicking on the nbc 10 news mobile app. it's a free download you can find on our website,
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new information now about a graduation controversy. u.s. senator pat toomey from pennsylvania says he is outraged that a convicted cop killer has been chosen as commencement speaker at his vermont alma mater. toomey wants goddard college to withdraw its offer to abu jamal. his recorded remarks will be played sunday along with a video about it. in his letter toomey says "i cannot fathom how anyone can think it appropriate to honor a cold-blooded murderer. what possible enlightenment can your students obtain from this man?" he was originally sentenced to death for killing philadelphia police officer daniel faulkner, but he was resentenced to life in 2012. he graduated from goddard in 1996. toomey led the fight against an obama administration nominee who worked on the killer's death sentence appeal. he sense a letter to goddard's president asking this man to be uninvited. a hearing on hate crimes today in center city. pennsylvania representative
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brian sims convened the statehouse democratic policy committee at the kimmel center. the meeting focused on restoring lgbt rights that the state supreme court overturned in 2008. this all comes on the heels of the beating after two gay men in center city last month. phillip williams, catherine knot and kevin harragan charged with aggravated assault and conspiracy in the attacks. police say the three are seen on surveillance video moments before assault. they're accused of asking the two victims about their relationship. then punching and beating them. here they are living the police station in center city. defense attorneys say the fight was mutual and not motivated by sexual orientation. philadelphia district attorney seth williams was among those to testify at today's hearing. he said sometimes a tragedy is necessary to change a law. >> brutal attack was and is our tragedy. it affects all of us. bigotry has no place in our society. an attack against one minority group is an attack against human
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rights throughout our city commonwealth and our country. >> williams added that pennsylvania needs to join the 15 states that have hate crime statutes that cover sexual orientation. and philadelphia's mayor, michael nutter spoke today at a celebration for the fifth annual city of philadelphia lgbt history month. comes just weeks after that attack of the alleged attack against a gay couple. the mayor spoke about that incident. >> there is no place for hate in this great city. and i don't care where you come from -- [ applause ] >> the mayor also took part in a rainbow flag raising ceremony at city hall. the journey to the jersey shore, it just got easier. >> yeah, that's right. shoregoers will be happy to hear this. this is what we're talking about. take a look. this is our live traffic camera network showing the garden state parkway. >> part of it is now changed forever. take a look here. gone are the three southbound traffic lights along the parkway in cape may county that forced drivers to stop on their way to
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the shore. instead, an alternative is now if place. nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg live this afternoon in middle township. >> engineers and local leaders are hoping this change will also be a life saver. >> reporter: they are, rosemary and jim, and here's why. as of this afternoon, overpasses at those three intersections finally opened for drivers holding south on the parkway. we took a ride on the overpass at exit 11 on the garden state parkway today. no more stopping for traffic there or at exits 10 and 9. bridges now carry southbound traffic over local streets in middle township. for now, north bound drivers are still stuck with the lights. the intersections are notorious for traffic backups especially during the busy summer season and for serious crashes including deadly accidents. this project was years in the making and has a price tag of more than $73 million.
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construction began last year, and drivers have dealt with lane shifts and other changing traffic patterns. now, i checked with the new jersey turnpike authority which operates the parkway and was told construction is set to begin immediately on overpasses on the northbound side. they should be finished,s i'm told, by november of next year. live in middle township, i'm ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> yeah, another day with a fair amount of clouds out here. may have looked like it was about to rain, but there really hasn't been anything on radar. more clouds than sunshine, again, over the last couple days and maybe tomorrow as well. we still have those showers in the forecast for the weekend. and we still have that chilly weather that's going to be coming in over the weekend. no changes in that. that's for sure. 70 degrees in philadelphia now with the east wind. we're only 1 degree cooler than
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we were at this time yesterday. and across the area, we're mostly in the 60s to near 70 degrees. 72 in allentown is the warmest spot. little bit of sunshine can make a big difference. and some big differences in temperatures across the country. look at that. 85 degrees in cincinnati. but back to the west, little hint of winter here. don't have to get very far north of the canadian border to be in the 30s in the middle of the afternoon. that is some cold air. that is coming into this country and we're getting a little piece of that this weekend. here's the clouds and sun on the satellite picture. again, coming down from the northeast. but the live radar continues to show no rain other than a sprinkle here or there. this is where the significant rain and thunderstorms are building up in the midwest. some pretty strong storms may be developing later today. future cast as we go through the
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night tonight, not showing any kind of storms or showers. and mix of clouds and sunshine as we go through tomorrow as well. but here's 7:00 tomorrow, and there's no rain around. don't worry about rain tomorrow. or even tomorrow evening. but it's later tomorrow night, generally after midnight, that the showers come in and we may get several hours' worth of rain and maybe even a rline of thunderstorms developing. here comes the cooler air behind it. as we clear out saturday afternoon, temperatures may actually be going down setting us up for a pretty chilly night saturday night. and by sunday, it's pretty chilly were the eagles game, but that's pretty good football weather. considering. 59 at 1:00. 64 degrees at 4:00. and how about the amount of rain? this particular model gives about a quarter inch to a half inch. it's certainly not enough to help with the dry conditions that we have.
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but it helps a little bit and the fact that it's on the weekend, it may not want anymore rain anyway. mostly cloudy tonight, patchy tag late. 52 north and west. during the day tomorrow, again, a mix of clouds and sun. don't have to worry about any rain until after midnight. temperatures in the low to mid 70s. and the seven-day forecast. well, the high temperature on saturday is 70 degrees. may occur in the morning and then temperatures could fall during the afternoon. after that, morning rain is going to end from west to east. it could end pretty quickly. and then that sets us up for a cold night. look at that. 47 sunday morning. that's in philadelphia. could be upper 30s in some of the cold spots. and then the high of only 64. but temperatures rebound as we go into next week, and we could be getting more significant stretch of rain between tuesday and wednesday. today the test some students will have to take before they can get out of school. also this afternoon --
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>> the idea is to make this a new place in philadelphia. >> a new look for an old problem. the local neighborhood that's about to get a facelift, and that's not all. plus, a hassle in the great outdoors. the search for an accused cop killer puts the brakes on fond for nature lovers. the warning to stay away from investigators. judgment day. a new jersey reality tv star finds out if she'll go from her luxury house to the big house.
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three, two, one! >> just like that, the area's newest boardwalk was dedicated today. it's not at the shore, nope, it's right here in philadelphia. connects center city and south bay. may look like it's made of wood but it's actually concrete so it can withstand floods, ice, and heavy rain. the new boardwalk is an extension of the schuylkill river trail. runs from locust street in center city and goes south along the east bank of the river to
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the south street bridge. plan is to eventually run the trail all the way down to ft. mifflin in south philadelphia. this new boardwalk is 2,000 feet long. it was build at a cost of nearly $18 million. the money came from funds from federal and state grants. >> we're here at the culmination of eight years of planning, design, and construction, and from what i can see, certainly as i say, good things come to those who wait. >> i think it's wonderful to have this. the neighborhood is just getting better and better and the more entertainment and leisure time activities we can have here, the better. >> the boardwalk was designed by conshohocken based urs. here's a live look at the city's newest landmark. there are people on it taking advantage of a chance to take a late afternoon stroll along the river. find out more about the boardwalk on you'll find a slide show with photos of the boardwalk and also mind it all on our nbc 10 mobile
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app. local water company employees offered up their time today to help refurbish the u.s.s. new jersey. 27 people from new jersey american water spent the morning removing the battleship's old paint. the ship will get a fresh coat and the visitor center will be spruced up. the workers on the ship today are taking part in the company's month-long volunteer program. police find a body and what they call a big stash of drugs. >> that is our top story on "nbc 10 news at 4." nbc 10 on lindley street in philadelphia's logan neighborhood. a man is dead and the narcotics division has been called in to investigate drugs found at the scene. and then new at 4:30, don't go there. the new warning for police to the public as they hunt for the man wanted for killing one of their own. glenn "hurricane" schwartz? >> yeah, i'm tracking some big weather changes including heavy rains and plummeting temperatures. get the details in my exclusive nbc 10 first alert seven-day forecast. coming up tonight on "nbc 10 news at 5," dozens of atlantic
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city firefighters battled this multialarm fire for hours, bullet tbut two has to cut their shift short. why they had to walk way from the flames and their colleagues. to another fire scene, this live from skyforce 10, this is in national park gloucester county. a home on crozier avenue. one person has been rescued from the home and is suffering from burns. we're going to keep an eye on this. we'll update you when we come back.
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nbc 10 breaking news. >> let's take you back to this live picture from skyforce 10 over the scene of a house fire in national park gloucester county. this is on the 500 block of cro decisi zier avenue. it appears the fire has been extinguished.
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one person was rescued from the home suffering from burns. as soon as we get more information about where the person was taken and what their condition is, we will bring it to you. stay with us here on nbc 10. also right now at 4:30, where is eric frein? that's what investigators in the poconos have been trying to answer for 20 days now. and as police and federal jaages canvas the area, there are restrictions for outdoor activities. >> yesterday certain hunting areas were deemed off limits. now officials are taking it a step further. nbc 10's doug shimell is live this afternoon in barrett township. >> doug, tell us what they're doing to protect the public. >> reporter: well, police say they're trying to clear as many civilians out of this state forest and the game lands as they can in order to reduce the number of false eric frein sightings and also to reduce the potential for injury. they had to air lift two state troopers from the eric frein search to a hospital near allentown wednesday night.
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they were treated for minor injuries after searching a wooden tree stand that had collapsed and fallen 20 feet. not long after the state banned hunting near the search area in pike and monroe counties, portions of state forest were closed for fishing, camping, and hiking. denny benford just pulled this fishing boat out of the promise land state park. >> i believe they need to do whatever's safe for the public in the area. if -- especially now that they're finding trap bombs and everything else. >> reporter: police have been searching almost three weeks for eric frein and found pipe bombs monday at a campsite investigators believe he used. >> my name is eric frein. >> reporter: the fugitive sniper accused of ambushing and killing corporal bryon dixon and killing andrew douglass. >> life is greater in the poconos mountains. >> reporter: 20-day-long search succeeded in scaring away tourists and the region is looking to do some damage control. what do you tell the merchants
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when they call and say it's anything we can do? >> i think it's all we can do is pray and continue on doing what we do. >> reporter: the pocono visitor bureau says this eric frein search area is a relatively small portion of the entire pocono mountain region and they're trying to get that message out. we'll take a look at their efforts coming up later. live in barrett township, i'm doug shimell, nbc 10 news. here are some of the stories making headlines on "nbc 10 news at 4." a man was found shot to death inside a home here in philadelphia's alny neighborhood. when officers got to the scene, they got to this home on lindley street, they also found what appears to be a marijuana growing operation in the basement. we have an nbc 10 cruise at the scene right now getting the latest from investigators. learning more about the local man tapped at interim head of the secret service. joseph clancy, a villanova grad. he taught history at father judge high school in the northeast. he leaves head of comcast security to take over the top
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post at the secret service after several security lapses. the hit man who admitted he was paid to help kill a cherry hill rabbi's wife in 1994 has been released from prison. paul daniels spent more than 14 years behind bars for killing carol neulander. her husband, fred, serving a life prison sentence in a state prison. authorities say he hired hit man to kill his wife. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> some clouds out there in the sky, but there were also a few rays of sunshine on the campus of rutgers camden today. so far we've been able to dodge the rain. nbc 10's first alert chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz is here now to take a look at the rest of the evening. >> glenn, what can we expect? >> we can expect it to stay dry for the rest of the evening despite the clouds out there. see that on the satellite picture. a lot of clouds, generally coming down from the northeast. we don't see anything on the radar, so you're not going to need the umbrellas.
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at the very most it would be a sprinkle. one of the warm spots, allentown at 72 degrees. little bit of sunshine pushed temperatures into the 70s. other places stays in the 60s like in atlantic city. once again, second day in a row, only in the mid 60s. we're going to be seeing clouds during the night tonight. without the rain -- the rain will come over the weekend. i'll have the timing on that with the seven day in a few minutes. police are still looking for four armed men they say are responsible for a home invasion in delaware county. we first brought you this story last night as breaking news at 11:00. the home invasion happened on lafayette street in collingdale. the suspects were wearing dark clothing and masks as they broke through the basement of the home. couple held at gunpoint along with their two adult sons. the home was ransacked and police took off. these people are responsible for a vandalism case in juniata
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park, puncturing tires. it happened early tuesday morning. police say two of the suspects are women. we have some new information in the shooting death of a pennsylvania state trooper. officials now confirm that david kedra was shot by another trooper. law enforcement sources say that he was accidentally shot during a training exercise in conshohocken on tuesday. he was 26 years old. he had been a member of the state police since june of 2012. he was a graduate of temple university and was engaged to be married. we're also learning about the funeral plans for kedra. a life celebration will be held on sunday night at 6:00 at the givnish funeral home on academy road in northeast philadelphia. a funeral mass for trooper kedra will happen the next morning at 11:00 at christ the king church at moral avenue and chesterfield road also in northeast philadelphia. school safety is top of mind today in delaware county. nbc 10 at the elementary school
4:36 pm
in broomall. public officials got a firsthand look at systems put in place after the deadly school shooting in newtown, connecticut, in 2012. they include a silent alarm that immediately alerts law enforcement to any threat. >> an all-county bulletin that the button can be pushed in the school and the police are automatically -- there's no need for a secretary, the principal, or anyone to do any talking. the police are on their way. >> the county received nearly $190,000 from the state to buy alarms for every k-12 school. so far, 200 of them have been installed. new jersey will have new rules for students graduating from high school. starting in 2016, students will be required to pass a test. students will have other options to get their diploma. if they get a minimum score on either the a.c.t. or s.a.t. exams they will be allowed to graduate. they could also submit a portfolio of their work to qualify for graduation. call it a toll taker taboo. >> local parkway worker told to
4:37 pm
stop a certain message to motorists. first here's what the nbc 10 news team is working on you for 5:00. >> we're still following breaking news. after a man is found dead inside a philadelphia home. coming up, what police found inside that's changing the case. >> it was bittersweet. we left doing a job that we love. >> reporter: this atlantic city firefighter walks off the job during a massive fire and he says he had no choice. new at 5:00, why he was forced to leave. and new jersey military bases now have a role in the air strikes in syria. coming up, nbc 10 looks into how much our local men and women will be involved. count on "nbc 10 news at 5."
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a former garden state parkway toll collector says she's taking a stand for god with a lawsuit. cynthia fernandez claims a supervisor told her to stop saying "god bless you" to drivers. fernandez believes her first amendment rights were violated and she wants backpay with benefits and cash settlement from the new jersey turnpike authority. an authority spokesman says fernandez resigned from her job because she couldn't get steady hours and never mentioned the alleged incident. from our jersey shore bury, atlantic city trying to prevent price gouging at parking garages. increase maximum fines from $100 to $100,000 for those who do not inform the city of parking fee increases 48 hours in advance.
4:41 pm
reports say some people were charged as much as $50 to park during the free blake shelton beach concert back in july. pretty famous for her temper. >> she is. and her garden state glitz. now this new jersey housewife is learning her fate for committing a federal crime. nbc 10 has the judge's decision. glenn "hurricane" schwartz? >> big weather changes are coming just in time for your weekend including rain and falling temperatures. i'll tell you when the wet weather is going to arrive and when the mercury is going to drop, niin my exclusive nbc 10 first alert seven-day forecast. then all new tonight on "nbc 10 news at 5," she's the happy, healthy child her parents were hoping for, but still, this baby girl wasn't at all what they expected. why they're now filing a lawsuit against a sperm bank.
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school community in new york mourns the loss of a football player who died laugh night after a hit on the field. tom collapsed after he collided with another player during a game. the school superintendent called it a freak accident. it wasn't clear what kind of helmet he was wearing. the married starts of the "real housewives of new jersey" were in court for sentencing today. teresa and joe giudice pleaded guilty back in march. joe was sentenced to more than three years in prison, and ordered to pay $414,000 in restitution. but the judge said that she's still undecided about wife teresa's fate. they reported in federal court they hit assets and submitted phony application. she's one of the best known stars of the "real housewives" reality series and authored
4:46 pm
cookbooks and has been featured on the "celebrity apprentice." as soon as we get details on her sentence, we will share that information with you. from our trenton bureau, the city is getting federal help to put more police officers on the street. nbc 10 here at city hall. as u.s. senators cory booker and robert menendez stood with other officials nape announced trenton will receive $1.5 million in cops grants. >> this grant is more than we got last year. in fact, it's almost as much as we got the last two years combined and overall in our state it's going to put dozens and dozens, well over 80 police officers back on the street. >> the community-oriented policing services grant will allow trenton to hire 12 more police officers. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with chief meteorologist glenn "hurricane" schwartz. >> here's a typical picture of the sky today. a lot of clouds and every once in a while a little patch of blue.
4:47 pm
an indication that the moisture in the clouds not very deep. so the moisture is here and the atmosphere, the rest of it fairly dry. that's why you can see the blue in there. more clouds than sun overall today across much of the area. we still do have showers in the forecast for the weekend. or at least a portion of the weekend. and the entire weekend is going to be cooler than it has been in a while. so we continue with the mostly cloudy skies. 70 degrees. humidity 59%. and the wind is out of the east, that's one of the reasons the temperature hasn't gone up much and the clouds continue to stay in here. 72 in allentown. one of the warm spots. little bit of sunshine there. 70 in blue bell. only 66 in kennet square and washington township. 64 in wrightstown. another day with temperatures down from sweetsboro to atlantic city airport, to beach haven, to woodbine.
4:48 pm
millville. lewis, delaware. mid 60s in the middle of the afternoon. and there are all those clouds in new jersey again. as we've been showing you. and also thick area of clouds across new castle county and delaware and chester county and berks county in pennsylvania. we still see virtually nothing on the radar at most, a sprinkle in a couple of spots. this is where the more significant rain is developing. showers, thunderstorms back acro across the midwest. especially west of chicago. it's going to take a while to get here. as we go through the night tonight and into tomorrow, we have dry conditions. the front that's triggering the showers way back to the west. here we are in the afternoon tomorrow. we're not even close to getting rained on, but 2:00 a.m., it's a different story. after midnight, some of the showers come in. as the front approaches, we get more showers during the morning hours then by afternoon, it's ending pretty quickly.
4:49 pm
from west to east. so we could get a brief downpour and then the front comes through and the west wind and the cooler air comes in and it gets really cool on saturday night and into sunday morning. here's an indication of some of those temperatures. saturday morning, not too cool at all. near 70 degrees. 70 at 11:00 a.m. then it starts going down during the day. and look at the temperatures by sunday morning. we're in the 40s in many of the suburbs. and near 50 degrees in philadelphia. for tonight, patchy fog late. 50 degrees. 58 degrees in philadelphia. 52 north and west. during the day tomorrow, another day with a mix of clouds and sun. perhaps a little more sun than today. but the rain holds off until after midnight. and the seven-day forecast, that 70 may occur in the morning on saturday. with the rain. and then it cools off a little bit during the afternoon. it cools off a lot at night. 47 in philadelphia.
4:50 pm
38 in some of the coldest suburbs. then only 64 for the high on sunday. the eagles will play in dry weather, but cool weather. then we warm up a bit next week, but we also get some much-needed rain tuesday and into wednesday. today, dozens of demonstrators took to the streets of hong kong to protest the pro-democracy movement there. the protesters are calling for an end to a blockade of main roads in the city. saying that it's harming the economy. meanwhile, hong kong police are warning of serious consequences if pro-democracy protesters try to charge government buildings. protesters have been occupying parts of hong kong since last weekend. demanding that hong kong's leaders step down. they also want full democracy in the chinese territory. more than 2 million pilgrims have flocked to mecca for the annual haj pilgrimage. the world's largest annual gathering of muslims. thousands of visitors here circling the caba at the mosque's center.
4:51 pm
it is a religious journey viewed as one of the muslim faith's greatest acts of worship. i want to clarify, i misspoke earlier. atlantic city wants to raise the fines for potential price gouging to $1,000. i added an extra 100 in there. a maximum of $1,000. there is a solution. today, taking the wraps off the plan that will transform one local neighborhood. we'll tell you about the changes you can expect there. all new tonight on "nbc 10 news at 5," off duty as their comrades battled this multialarm fire, two firefighters walked away. ahead, why they had to hang up their boots and helmets.
4:52 pm
4:54 pm
two, three.
4:55 pm
>> philadelphia leaders took part in a ceremony marking a multimillion dollar makeover in center city today. nbc 10 was there for the ground breaking where mayor michael nutter helped launch the project. demolition of the stores along market street is now under way. back to the first phase of what the developer is calling the east market redevelopment project that focuses on a four-acre site from market to che chestnut and from 11th to 12th streets. our live sky cam network shows the site which will culminate with the block becoming a new center city hub. nbc 10's jesse gary has details of the transformation. >> reporter: developers say by the end of thedecade, this will look like these artist renderings. high-end apartments above, restaurants, shops, major retail stores below. the goal, connecting convention center commerce with residential neighborhoods, city hall, and tourist attractions. >> the idea is to make this a
4:56 pm
new place in philadelphia where people can shop, dine, live, work. >> reporter: project executives promise thousands of jobs initially during construction, with hundreds of permanent jobs after completion. in center city, i'm jesse gary, nbc 10 news. next on "nbc 10 news at 5," firefighters go off duty during a fire. >> reporter: two high-ranking firefighters are forced to walk away from the scene of a raging blaze. >> i kept looking at my watch saying, wow, i got to stop. >> reporter: i'm ted greenberg. why they say leaving like this was bittersweet. and a cloudy cool day today, but going into your weekend, we're tracking rain and even colder temperatures. i'll show you the timing and the details coming up. if you ride the rails for business or pleasure, listen up. your trip north may be delayed for a while and it's all thanks to hurricane sandy two years later. we'll explain next on "nbc 10 news at 5."
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4:59 pm
right now on "nbc 10 news at 5," death investigation. police find a body inside a philadelphia home, but that's not all. drugs and cash were there as well. >> hours after police first responded, they called in narcotics officers as well. nbc 10's deanna durante is live at the scene. deanna, what's happening there right now? >> reporter: well, investigators are still waiting for narcotics officials to arrive here. we can tell you since 4:00 we've
5:00 pm
been able to speak to some of the neighbors here in the area of the 200 block of lindley street. they tell us that the 34-year-old man who was found dead here this morning was the kind of guy that you could count on. that if you needed something in the neighborhood, he was the guy that you went to, that he was living in this home, working on fixing it up. and that he apparently was found about 11:00 this morning with a gunshot wound to his head. now, sources close to the case tell me that they found inside the house a laptop computer, tools, money. but at this point they're not sure how the money was shot. we also can tell you that investigators went in for a closer look in the home, they found what they call several plants, several mare juijuana p, a small grow operation in the basement. a few plants on the second floor of the home. when we talked to neighbors on camera, they said they weren't getting information from police and their movements around the neighborhood were restricted while police finished their investigation. >> something happened last night. the guy got