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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 530a  NBC  October 3, 2014 5:30am-6:01am EDT

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an american journalist is now infected with ebola. another patient is possibly facing charges for lying about where he had been and there's a travel warning now from the government. you can count on nbc 10 to follow all of the developments on the deadly virus. we're tracking some fog in parts of our area this morning. a live look outside right now. we're also starting out a bit chillier. bill will let us know what to expect as we get ready to start the weekend. it's here. it's 5:30. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. it's fun to say the weekend is here. almost here. let's start with meteorologist bill henley and his first alert forecast. you were telling us about thick fog out there earlier for some people. >> so close and yet so far the weekend. some areas of fog like the last few days coatesville has the worst of it right now.
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at the airport there visibility dropped to zero there near the west branch of the brandywine. moisture and cooler conditions there. clear skies over philadelphia. clear of fog. coatesville, lancaster, mt. pocono seeing fog though it improved in the last few minutes. wrightstown seeing big improvement after light fog formed first thing this morning. 62 degrees at philadelphia international. there are some cooler readings out there. blue bell now 58. 50s for eagleville and collegeville is 57 and 57 at the airport in pottstown. it's now 56 in gilbertsville. light breeze at times. fog will clear out. 9:00, 63 degrees. heading into the 70s this afternoon. i'll go through it neighborhood by neighborhood to show you which areas will get warmer than others when i come back.
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jillian has a traffic update. >> one accident this morning on the boulevard northbound side right at fifth street outer drive. we're told a vehicle hit a pole so use caution in that area if you are making your way out. traffic can get by that accident scene. that's good news for drivers. this is a live look at the blue route near macdade boulevard. 17 to 18 minutes is your trip on the blue route between 95 and 76. 95 and 76 are quiet this morning. delaware right now, route 1 all quiet there. so far no issues when it comes to mass transit. tracy? this morning we're following new developments in the deadly ebola outbreak. nbc news has confirmed one of its cameramen working in west africa has been infected. the u.s. has implemented a travel ban to the impacted area. nbc 10's jesse gary reports from
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philly international. >> reporter: despite hundreds of flights into this airport each day, health officials in the delaware valley do not believe there could be an ebola outbreak here. let's look at our video. the west africa outbreak is in a densely populated area where there's direct contact with those infected by the virus. ebola patients are screened and would be segregated from the population here. >> anyone who would then have both symptoms that would suggest possible ebola and the appropriate exposure history would be very quickly identified and those people would be appropriately isolated in our emergency department. >> reporter: coming up in 30 minutes, we'll check in with early morning flyers to get their reaction to the latest on this ebola crisis. at international airport, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. as we mentioned, the federal government is warning americans not to fly to the west africa nations of the ebola epidemic and keep ebola patients off
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planes patients are screened for fever as they leave the infected nations and airplanes are equipping crews to isolate any passenger who shows ebola symptoms during flight. this morning an nbc news team in africa is under quarantine because of the ebola outbreak. >> a freelance cameraman tested positive for that virus while working with medical editor dr. man nancy sneiderman. the cameraman is the fourth american now to be diagnosed with the potentially deadly disease. he'll be flown back and treated at a hospital in the u.s. equipped to care for ebola patients. sneiderman says she and other members of her crew are feeling well with no symptoms of ebola. in another development, a hazmat crew today will decontaminate the dallas apartment of this man, thomas duncan and liberian authorities say they'll prosecute duncan who is the first person in the u.s. diagnosed with that virus because he said on an airport questionnaire he did not have contact with anyone infected
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with ebola while he was in liberia. you can count on nbc 10 and for the very latest developments on the ebola outbreak and coming up on the "today" show, dr. nancy sneiderman will report live from liberia under quarantine before her team heads home. she'll have an update on that infected cameraman. a high ranking philadelphia firefighter is behind bars accused of impersonating a police officer and sexual assaulting a woman. investigators say on wednesday night in the area of 13th street, johnson told the woman he was a police officer, forced her into his pickup truck, threatened her and assaulted her. >> once inside the vehicle he says he won't arrest her if she performs a sexual act. >> the victim complied before getting out of the pickup truck and calling 911. johnson was arrested a few blocks away. we called the fire department but officials are saying they're not ready to comment on the case. new information in a
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pornography e-mail scandal involving top pennsylvania officials. details on another resignation next. no more stopping and starting on the way to the shore. a major construction project is now done. we'll take you for a test drive. watching for fog this morning. not happening in the city. the wind is calm conditions for the area. we'll see sunshine. right now we're at 62 degrees here at nbc 10.
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to the people of the coffee-drinking world. the time has come to put down the dark roast you've been putting up with and reach for a dunkin' donuts dark roast. bold start, smooth finish, never bitter. rejoice with the 99-cent medium hot or iced dark roast today. an hour and 20 minutes away from sunrise. temperatures are coming down right now. thickest fog in western coatesville. no fog at all in philadelphia and delaware and south jersey.
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just a few scattered clouds overhead. we'll see a lot of sunshine today. it will be 60s this afternoon for mt. pocono. low 70s for allentown, quaker town and reading. partly to mostly sunny skies for northeast philadelphia, norristown and mt. holly. th at the shore, sunshine and low 70s. westchester with a light breeze. low 70s this afternoon. there are changes ahead for the weekend including rain. seven-day forecast with timing when i come back. it's just about 20 minutes until 6:00 now. i know we don't like to say that things are quiet so far on the roads but -- >> last time we checked with jillian she had one accident to report. >> one accident on the boulevard that i'll get to in a second. for now a reminder that we have this track rehab project on westbound side of ben heading into philadelphia so we can see some volume out there this morning. we've seen it every morning this week. the vine street expressway is
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clear in both directions and this accident on the boulevard is still out there on the northbound side right at fifth street. it's on the outer drive so stick to inner drive there. >> more traffic notes, getting to the jersey shore got easy. the three traffic lights that forced drivers to stop on their way to the shore are now gone. overpasses are now in place. nbc 10 took a ride on the overpass at exit 11 on the expressway. bridges carry cars headed south over local streets. construction is set to begin immediately on overpasses on the northbound side. that should be completed by november of next year. and septa is reiterating the message to stay off the tracks. the goal of the see tracks think train campaign is to reduce the numbers of deaths and injuries around the tracks. just this week four people walking near septa tracks were hurt. two died. since 2013, 19 people were
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killed by trains in pennsylvania. that ranks us sixth among all states. drug danger. we have new numbers showing the risk from prescription painkiller. plus, the steps being taken in our area to prevent overdose deaths. and a new push for the status that could put pluto back on the solar map.
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survivors live beyond their diagnosis.
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new information this morning in a pornographic e-mail scandal. the deputy chief of pennsylvania's environmental protection program resigned last night. his former boss stepped down yesterday. that's after the attorney general said that he was one of eight state officials who sent or received e-mails containing pornography on state computers. governor tom corbit thanked him for his service. corbit said our environmental and natural resources are better protected today due to his leadership and the hard work of men and women of dep. heroin deaths are climbing according to federal researchers who blame the increase on medicine intended to help people in pain. researchers say boost in prescription drug that contain
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opiodes could be the problem. this week tom corbit signed a bill to prevent heroin deaths protecting good samaritans from lawsuits if they administer narcan. it's already in use in delaware and new jersey. philadelphia has one of the highest heroin overdose death rates in the state averaging almost 23 accidental deaths per 100,000 residents. it's 5:45. next week is fire prevention week in philadelphia. nbc 10 was in northern liberty yesterday as fire commissioner made the announcement. fire prevention is taught in all philadelphia schools. commissioner sawyer says working smoke detectors and practicing your home escape plan are the best protection in the event of a fire. here's a move to make students safer at a delaware county school. nbc 10 was there when officials got a firsthand look at the new
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system put in place following the deadly 2012 school shooting in newtown, connecticut. included it a silent alarm that alerts law enforcement to any threats. >> an all county bulletin that the button has been pushed in a school and there's no need for a secretary, principal or anyone to do any talking. the police are on their way. >> delaware county received close to $190,000 from the state to buy alarms for every k through 12 school. so far 200 alarms have been installed. a new study shows two colleges in our area gives students the best education for particular career paths. according to rankings from linkedin, the university of pennsylvania is best for careers in finance or marketing. villanova is the place to study if you want to be an accountant. it based rankings on how many alumni work at top companies. one of pennsylvania's u.s. senators is urging the campus in vermont to end a speech by a
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convicted cop killer. he was chosen as commencement speaker for goddard college. in a letter to that college, toomey said i cannot fathom how anyone could think it appropriate to honor a cold blooded murderer. what possible enlightenment can your students obtain from this man? abu jamal was sentenced to death originally but resentenced to life in prison in 2012. abu jamal graduated from goddard in 1996. toomey led the fight against an obama administration nominee who worked on abu jamal's death sentence appeal. goddard has not yet announced if it will change its plans. high honors for a group of philadelphia judges. nbc 10 at city hall last night as 13 judges were sworn into the national bar association's judicial council. the council mission is to end
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racial bias. a picture that can be seen from space or a tall ladder. >> it's cool. the national portrait gallery unveiling a giant picture of a young man created in the landscape of the national mall in washington. the portrait takes up six acres. it's made of sand and top soil. the artist created it as a compilation of american faces after photographing 30 men in d.c. called out of men one. visitors will be able to see it tomorrow. crews continue to work on the condition of the grass on the national mall. after decades of rallies, marches and festivals, the grass is in horrible shape. it will take 18 months to get the job done. some experts want to make pluto is planet again. the former ninth planet which is 3.5 billion miles from the sun was relegated to dwarf planet status. some argue that pluto is a planet based on definition of the word.
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no word on where they are now just arguing this eight years after. it orbits around the sun. it's round or nearly round. the upgrade is not yet official. in just over an hour we'll see sunshine in this view from center city. live view from the comcast center. not seeing fog here. some areas dealing with fog in a few spots. 62 degrees in philadelphia. the rest of the area cooled into the 50s. mostly cloudy skies yesterday. breaks and cloud cover for now. look at what's on the way. a cold front will bring us wet weather to start the weekend off. you can see some good downpours not only in the midwest but moving through the south. some showers and some thunderstorms along the leading edge there just cleared huntsville with some severe weather. future weather shows rainfall will be adding up by 9:00 in the
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morning tomorrow morning two-thirds inch on the ground in pottstown. by the time it starts drying out in the afternoon, some areas may see more than an inch of rain during the day today no rain at all. a good deal of sunshine. partly to mostly sunny skies. high temperatures in the 70s today. lower 70s today. 70 degrees after the rain. chilly weather will be here on sunday. 49 on monday morning. monday afternoon the temperatures bounce back. clouds come back on tuesday. there's a chance we'll see showers on tuesday and a shower threat again for wednesday but by thursday we'll be drying out. sunny skies and 73 degrees. it's time for a check on traffic before you hit the road for your friday morning drive. >> friday morning continue to sounds good to me.
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nbc 10 first alert traffic reporter jillian mele is here. >> this is what it looks like on 76. we're seeing volume increasing but no big slowdowns to report on the schuylkill expressway. drive times looking good with 14 minutes in both directions on 76 between the blue route and the vine. congestion building on 95 southbound side right at gerard avenue. drive time indicating just the slight delay. 16 minutes southbound from wood haven to the vine. typically that's 14 minutes. no major slowdowns just yet but the start of that volume on 95. we're also continuing to follow an accident on the boulevard northbound right at fifth street. a vehicle hit a pole. out there on the outer drive. chris? winter is on its way of course and thanks to a local foundation thousands of philadelphia children will be a little warmer this wind we atera new jacket. 6,000 brand new coats were given out to elementary school kids at
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the pennsylvania convention center yesterday. they collected 30,000 new coats this year and they will go to kids in need throughout the state. sports and fashion collided last night. this is eagles backup quarterback matt barkley among several birds strutting their stuff in designer clothes last night. a fashion show at sak's fifth avenue. >> really help the people and we want to help so to see these people giving and supporting our foundation means everything. >> eagles went face to face in a number of fashion challenges judged by a panel of experts. no word yet on who won that fashion showdown. they are more concerned about beating rams on sunday. speaking of wint winner, high s blitz game of the week. game for next friday october
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11th. here are your choices. philadelphia's martin luther king school. to vote go to or our facebook page. you can also text our call one-time vote to 610-624-4111. the game that gets the most votes will be featured on high school blitz saturday at 7:00 p.m. here on nbc 10. a plan to push smokers out of parks and other public spaces. wilmington city council took a vote on that last night. we'll let you know what they decided ahead in our county by county coverage. it's all about sweet bacon. just one of many unique events happening this weekend if you're a bacon lover you have to hear this. we'll take you state by state to help you make your plans.
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taking a look at what's happening in your neighborhood county by county. we begin in cumberland county where a hearing is scheduled for jose martinez on murder charges. he's being held on $1 million
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which could be reduced at today's hearing charged with killing a( woman and the other co-defendant is accused of giving police false information. he'll be arraigned on forge ry charges on monday. hunters discovered her body in fairfield township august 24th. authorities say she died from being hit in the head. in new castle county, smokers in wilmington can claim a victory. a proposal was rejected on expanding a ban on lighting up making it illegal to smoke in most parts and inside playgrounds and bus shelters. current ban prohibits smoking in city government offices, classrooms, libraries and museums and sunoco scores a small win where it wants to build a natural gas pumping station and pipeline. yesterday the pennsylvania public utility commission voted for more hearings on the plans and in doing so the commission reversed an earlier ruling
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shooting down the request to be called a public utility that would allow sunoco to bypass zoning laws and build a pipeline. it could be months before a final decision is made. taking a look at some things happening this weekend. bacon, bacon and more bacon. chris cato will be there. you'll see, smell and taste bacon. the first ever pennsylvania bacon festival featuring bacon eating contests and bacon products, what else would be at a bacon festival, and more than 30,000 samples of bacon. car buffs should head to wilmington for the auto show going on on the river front. it's the first in the region to showcase the 2015 models. if you like tricked out trucks like this one. monster jam thrill show in south philadelphia is going on at the wells fargo center tonight, tomorrow afternoon and tomorrow evening. and campers can sleep under the
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stars along the boardwalk in wildwood tomorrow night. the first ever outdoor sleepover. campers will spend the entire day enjoying rides and then there will be movies and a s'mores bar before they bunk down for the night. >> still fasting in preparation no that bacon eating contest tomorrow that i haven't been invited to yet. you are watching nbc 10 news. "nbc 10 news today" at 6:00 a.m. starts right now. right now the ebola outbreak has people on edge especially travelers who are heading out of the country. we're live at philadelphia international with how the ebola emergency is affecting airlines and the new developments about the case in the u.s. philadelphia police are looking for the person who opened fire in this city neighborhood hurting three people. we'll tell what you officers are saying about the attack this morning. off to a chilly start this morning. a live look outside. parts of our area are dealing
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with some fog right now. we are expecting a nice day. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. should have sunshine on this friday. let's get to nbc 10's first alert meteorologist bill henley. good morning. >> 58 minutes away from sunrise this morning. we'll see a lot of sunshine. right now before sunrise temperatures are still coming down and with a very light wind blowing in the area, we're seeing some cooler temperatures and that's leading to some areas of fog. you'll see it in chester county, coatesville zero visibility. mt. pocono seeing thicker fog. half mile visibility in both locations and for a brief time wrightstown had some fog but not right now. the fog has disappeared there. the temperature at 54 degrees at mt. holly. 57 in pottstown and 50s for most locations northeast philadelphia is at 59 degrees. a chilly start at the bus stop this morning with partly sunny skies. 53 in suburbs.


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