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tv   NBC 10 News Today at 600a  NBC  October 3, 2014 6:00am-7:01am EDT

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we are expecting a nice day. good morning. this is "nbc 10 news today." i'm tracy davidson. >> i'm chris cato. should have sunshine on this friday. let's get to nbc 10's first alert meteorologist bill henley. good morning. >> 58 minutes away from sunrise this morning. we'll see a lot of sunshine. right now before sunrise temperatures are still coming down and with a very light wind blowing in the area, we're seeing some cooler temperatures and that's leading to some areas of fog. you'll see it in chester county, coatesville zero visibility. mt. pocono seeing thicker fog. half mile visibility in both locations and for a brief time wrightstown had some fog but not right now. the fog has disappeared there. the temperature at 54 degrees at mt. holly. 57 in pottstown and 50s for most locations northeast philadelphia is at 59 degrees. a chilly start at the bus stop this morning with partly sunny skies. 53 in suburbs. 63 degrees in the city.
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the sunshine will be brighter as the day goes on. 69 at lunchtime. and 70s this afternoon. there's wet weather ahead for the weekend. we'll talk about that when i come back. first jillian mele has traffic. good morning. >> good morning to you. still our only accident of the morning is on roosevelt boulevard tracking this accident for about 45 minutes. it's on the boulevard northbound at fifth street. a vehicle that hit a pole and that accident is in the outer drive. if you are heading out on the boulevard in that portion of it, make sure to stick to the inner drive. you shouldn't see any problems there. for drivers in chester county, route 30 bypass is looking good. this is a live look at the bypass. this is eastbound side and you can see drivers putting on the brake lights a little bit out there. we're starting to see increased volume on the route 30 bypass but no big stretches just yet. for drivers in new jersey, this is 295 at route 168 looking good in both directions. drive times on 295 about 13 minutes right now between route
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168 and route 38. if you are waking up in delaware, no accidents to report there so far. tra tracy? >> an nbc news team in africa is under quarantine because of the ebola outbreak. a freelance cameraman tested positive for the virus while working with nbc news medical editor dr. nancy smineiderman. nbc news says he's being flown back to the u.s. to a medical center equippeded to handle ebola patients. dr. sneiderman and the rest of the crew will be flown back to the u.s. and kept in isolation for 21 days. she says she and her team are feeling well with no symptoms of ebola. a hazmat crew will decontaminate the dallas apartment of thomas duncan today. duncan is the first person in the u.s. diagnosed with ebola. liberian authorities say they will prosecute him because he said on airport questionnaire that he did not have any contact with people infected with ebola.
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nbc 10's jesse gary is live at philadelphia international airport this morning. is there any reason for concern for domestic travelers? >> reporter: tracy, no. health officials say it's very unlikely you can become infected while traveling. we're in the international terminal. first two international flights getting ready to take off in the next hour. you can see some passengers showing up. i spoke to some passengers just a little while ago saying that even though this is not an airborne virus and it has to be transmitted through direct contact, are people worried about getting on an airplane and flying now? >> i have a little bit of a reservation simply because if it's so widespread in africa, then it could spread here too. i'm still going to travel. i'm going home. >> reporter: her travels take her through dallas on the way to springfield, missouri. she says she's not worried about flying. coming up in the next 30 minutes, i spoke with one woman
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at the airport who has family in liberia. i'll give you her take on this coming up at 6:30. live at international airport, jesse gary, nbc 10 news. military personnel from our region are helping in the fight against the ebola outbreak in west africa. they are taking part in missions to send medics and medical aid to liberia. yesterday officials outlined their plane to deliver medical supplies to help deal with the outbreak. >> we're not at this point thinking we'll do any quarantine but in the same respect we're going to do everything we need to to ensure the safety of our personnel. >> the squad said there's also a careful screening process for u.s. troops sent to west africa. you can count on nbc 10 and for the latest developments on the ebola outbreak. coming up on the "today" show, dr. nancy sneiderman will be live from liberia before her
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team heads home with an undapda on the condition of the cameraman. two people under arrest after a victim is in critical condition after a stabbing. three people were shot in kensington section of philadelphia last night. sky force 10 flying over that scene after gunfire broke out at lee and clearfield streets. a husband and wife and another man were wounded in the shooting. they are all in stable condition this morning. so far no arrests have been made and no word on what motivated the shooting. philadelphia police release a sketch of a man who attacked and robbed a woman on a popular recreation trail. he's described as being 6 feet tall and at the at the time of the attack he was wearing a red polo style shirt with white lettering. a woman was walking along the trail last friday and police say the man demand money, forced the victim to the ground, choked her, demanded sex.
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the woman got away. the attack happened at 5:00 in the afternoon when a lot of people were in the park. >> normally i walk on the trails but since this happened i'm a little bit alert. >> police ask anyone with information to contact them. it is prison for the married stars of the real housewives of new jersey. a judge in newark sentenced jiudice to 15 months. they have to pay restitution. they admitted they hid assets from creditors and submitted phony loan applications. they'll serve staggered sentences so they can care for their four daughters. theresa will report to prison in january. she's one of the best known stars of the realty series. she's authored cookbooks and featured on "celebrity apprentice" on nbc.
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the acting governor is in the hospital after a bike accident. a judge will rule whether taj mahal has to pay pensions to union workers. if the union doesn't make compromises, taj mahal will shut down next month. a big land sell by the philadelphia archdiocese is generating millions of dollars and some controversy. the church is selling three parcels of planned bringing in $56 million. neighbors are closely watching a plan to redevelop some of that land for new homes and businesses. >> with more development comes more traffic. that's what we're worried about down the road.
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they are planning on putting a facility down there. we don't know where they are going to access it from but it will increase traffic by about 600 cars a day from what i hear. >> profits from the land sell will help the archdiocese close a $39 million annual deficit. won't be long and we'll see lots of sunshine for the city. we're not seeing any fog in the city but some areas north and west are getting some thick fog and where it's forming it is plenty thick this morning. it won't last. we'll see a quick warmup. mainly sunny skies in the 70s this afternoon. but then this evening clouds move in and we have showers to start off the weekend, which will lead to cooler weather. you'll really feel the chill on sunday. right now dry for beach avenue in cape may. we'll see plenty of sunshine. cape may was first to see brilliant sunshine yesterday. you see 60s from mt. pocono this
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afternoon. allentown in the low 70s. 73 later today for northeast philadelphia. trenton, norristown, and for new jersey atlantic city on the cool side but vineland up to 72 degrees and in delaware, dover will see sunshine to warm up to 73 degrees. really nice day brewing for wilmington, chester and philadelphia into the 70s today. we do have some wet weather for the weekend to start with. clouds come in tonight and we'll start off with some showers on saturday and clear out on sunday. bill mentioned fog in the area for some drivers. let's see if there are other things causing delays out there. >> jillian mele is monitoring a lot of cameras for you. what are you seeing? >> good news update. i was following an accident on boulevard northbound side at fifth street and i got word that accident has cleared. we are not reporting any accidents at all right now on any major highways. speaking of majors, average speeds on 76 mid 50s but 27
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miles an hour is what we see on 95. southbound side is slow moving. on the boulevard, a live look at the blue route near route 1. we have a few drivers out there in both directions. no big slowdowns to report there. heading into new jersey, a live look at the 42 freeway will show us average speeds in mid 50s right now. 42 at creek road. traffic is still moving along in both directions and for drivers in delaware, 495 at 12th street, things are looking good. drive times between two points where it meets 95, 10 to 11 minutes right now. 6:10 right now. another country signed on to help stop isis. we will tell you who will soon launch air strikes and parts of texas dealing with aftermath of severe weather. this morning crews are working to restore power to thousands of people there and we know just how many people were affected by that jpmorgan chase data breach. we had a free weekend.
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we all got together and we are having a great time.
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there is everything to do. you've got restaurants. you've got shopping, oh my gosh fabulous shopping. bars too, although i'm married and i don't know if my husband wants me in any bars. i don't think it is just for girls weekend. i think it's great for couples. it's great for families. i was also was talking to my girlfriends saying i would like to bring my husband back. it's a great weekend.
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in dallas, you can see the intensity of the storm that moved through there yet in this video. crews this morning are working to restore power to more than 260,000 customers after the severe weather hit that area yesterday. take a look at some of the damage it left behind here. listen to this. winds up to 90 miles an hour. that's a category 1 hurricane. cause ed serious damage. power outages forced schools and colleges to cancel classes today. australia is joining the air battle against isis. prime minister tony abbott announced that his nation's air force will begin launching air strikes against the islamic state targets in iraq. australia is sending two more jet fighters to the united arab emirates to join six deployed
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two weeks ago and send 400 air force percesonnel and 200 speci forces members and britain is sending more jets. during a visit to an air base in cypress, british prime minister david cameron announced two more fighter jets will join the u.s. led military coalition to fight isis. >> let's take to you video coming in just moments ago to our newsroom happening in hong kong. pro-democracy protesters are at it once again demonstrating there. this is a live picture from the streets of hong kong. this is what's happening. the region's leader is refusing to step down but his second in command has agreed to talk with the demonstrators there. however, the students say they welcome those talks but they are not leaving the streets. we'll keep you posted. the government is set to release the jobs report for september and economists are predicting that report will be reassuring after a hiring slowdown in august. they estimate that employers
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added 215,000 jobs in september. in august, just 142,000 were added. we have new information this morning about the size of last summer's data breach at jpmorgan chase. the bank says 76 million households were impacted along with 7 million small businesses. jpmorgan chase says there is no evidence that account information or passwords were stolen and they say they have not seen unusual fraud activity. customers names, addresses and e-mail addresses were stolen and the cyberattack happened in june and was reported in july. yom kippur begins at sundown. the day of atonement is intense prayer and fasting. in a ritual dating back thousands of years, jews confess sins and ask forgiveness. 6:16. time for a check of the roads.
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>> jillian mele has you covered. >> just about 6:17. 95 southbound is slow moving right now. this is a live look at 95 near allegheny avenue. you can see crawling along right now. drive time southbound from wood haven to the vine is about 20 minutes. 422 eastbound is also seeing a little bit of congestion and pockets of volume eastbound h. e if you are heading out on mass transit this morning, everything is looking good. no issues to report on new jersey transit, septa and amtrak. everything is on or close to schedule right now. area bridges are also quiet. keep in mind we have that track rehab project on the westbound side of the bend so one lane is blocked there. a cool start this morning. the temperatures are still falling. right now in philadelphia, the wind is calm. 61 degrees.
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the humidity is high. no fog in the city. north and west with temperatures in the 50s and still falling, that's where we see some areas of fog this morning. not everybody is seeing it. we'll all get sunshine. just a few thin clouds in the area. it's cloud cover to the west that we'll have to deal with late tonight and tomorrow and that's a cold front. it's going to bring us wet weather and a big change for sunday. you can see showers moving through the midwest with heaviest showers through the south in tennessee, alabama seeing heavy weather. that's a line of thunderstorms moving into georgia right now. we could see a thunderstorm with this coming rainfall but most of it is going to be just rain. 3:00 in the morning tomorrow morning, 66 degrees. look at the rain coming down in reading. some heavy downpours at times. that's 8:00 in the morning and then by early afternoon, we'll see skies clearing. the temperatures peak in the 70s. don't expect that on sunday. partly to mostly sunny skies today. a nice one. 70s this afternoon with a light
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wind out of the east. tomorrow, 70 will be the high temperature after the rain ends and then the numbers come down for sunday. a chilly breeze blowing. we'll see bright sunny skies. only up to 64 degrees after a colder morning. 40s on sunday morning and again on monday morning back down into the 40s. sunshine and low 70s monday afternoon. then sunshine will start to fade for tuesday and wednesday. a chance of showers. mild with readings in the 70s. bright sunshine returns thursday. >> a world renowned chef from our area is using his talents to help low income families. nbc 10's katy zachry is live with a preview. >> reporter: if you like food, you probably like his. we're talking about chef jose garces. coming up after the break, we'll take you to his bucks county retreat that he's opening for a worthy cause. a pennsylvania politician is trying to stop a convicted cop killer from speaking at a graduation ceremony. he says there is nothing students can learn from a murderer.
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a group in bucks county worked for decades to pull people out of poverty. this weekend they are celebrating their success with one of philadelphia's most celebrated chefs. jose garces will make a special feast for the bucks county opportunity council at his private farm. the same farm with fruits and vegetables are grown for his restaurants. katy zachry is live in center city this morning with more on this unique partnership. >> reporter: as you well know and many viewers know, chef jose garces has built a restaurant empire that's based here in philadelphia. he also has his own charitable organization so when a local nonprofit approached him asking for help, he agreed. iron chef jose garces is opening his private family farm in bucks county. he's hosting supporters of the bucks county opportunity council. it's the group's 50th
6:24 am
anniversary. they help pull people out of poverty. terry shea is one of their success stories. >> you go in and how am i going to do this? i'm going to do this. it was amazing. >> reporter: she worked with a personal coach for years who helped the single mom find a job while she raised her two daughters. the opportunity council has graduated a quarter of a million people from poverty. >> there's a set of benchmarks that everyone has to achieve. a sustainable wage for their family. safe, affordable transportation. a home. the ability to feed their family. >> reporter: the council wanted a unique way to thank supporters. chef garces will speak to the group and cook them a special meal and he has his own charitable foundation that helps low-income families. >> when he was looking to find a farm that he could grow his fruits and vegetables, he could have gone anywhere but he chose bucks county. we're glad to have him here and he's supporting his neighbors. >> reporter: and to learn more
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about tomorrow's event and work that bucks county opportunity council does, go to our website, reporting live in center city, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. it's 6:25 right now. it's been a pretty quiet start on a lot of majors and right now we're starting to see that slowdown form on 76 westbound. this is a live look at city avenue. crawling along as drivers merge into two lanes just past city avenue. drive times still about 15 minutes in both directions between the blue route and the vine. this is a live look at the boulevard getting heavy on the southbound side. you can see drivers make their way to 76. it's just a lot of normal volume out there right now. we have no accidents to report on the majors in pennsylvania, delaware or new jersey. speakin ining of new jersey, we starting off with cloudy skies at cape may. >> dramatic looking. some breaks in those clouds. we'll see more and more breaks leading to a mostly sunny day at the shore. temperatures will warm into the 70s for cape may.
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we are seeing cool readings north and west especially this morning and that's led to some areas of fog. thick fog for lancaster. coatesville at zero visibility. a bit of light fog in reading at three-mile visibility. >> good morning. there are new developments in the ebola emergency. nbc 10's jesse gary is live at philadelphia international airport with a look at how that outbreak is affecting travel. jesse? >> reporter: a lot of passengers headed out on flights today. an uneasy feeling as they board their planes. we'll explain why coming up. a high ranking philadelphia firefighter is accused of impersonating a police officer and his alleged reason for impersonating a cop makes the story more disturbing. smokers in wilmington will be able to light up in certain parts of that city. we'll tell what you that means for public health in public spaces. the usual?
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ebola fears are spreading as new developments emerge about the first case in the u.s. we're live at philadelphia international airport with what that means for travelers who are heading out of the country. this morning a philadelphia firefighter is facing charges after being accused of impersonating an officer and sexuse sexually assaulting the woman. some parts of the area you're waking up to fog this morning. be careful before you hit the road. a live look at center city where things are more clear in the city. cooler this morning than what we've had. we're expecting a nice warmup for this friday. good morning. welcome to "nbc 10 news today." i'm chris cato. >> i'm tracy davidson. let's find out more about the fog with bill henley. >> zero visibility in parts of chester county, coatesville this week has seen more fog than others and back at it again. the fog won't last all day.
6:31 am
clouds that are over the city right now will be breaking. we'll see sunshine and temperatures will climb into the 70s. look at the dramatic view from cape may. the clouds are starting to break there. no rain with these clouds. none expected either during the day today. we'll see the numbers turn around nicely. 50s for lancaster. trenton is 59. 60 in northeast philadelphia. 62 degrees in south philadelphia. temperatures will be climbing as the clouds thin out. 69 degrees at lunchtime and then 74 degrees later this afternoon. changes ahead for the weekend. it will include umbrellas. hour by hour forecast when i come back. jillian is standing by with friday morning traffic. >> i guess it's a good thing i have 30 umbrellas in my trunk. two accidents out there. one on main street at mitchell avenue and an accident at south fifth street and chestnut street. use caution at those
6:32 am
intersections this morning for drivers in chester county. route 30 bypass slowing down at 322. this is 202 at route 29. looking great out there in both directions. drive times are also pretty clear. 12 to 13 minutes on 202 between route 30 and 76 heading into new jersey. a live look at route 73. stacking up a bit near 295 because there's a light up ahead. we see that increased volume on the roads right now. 6:32. we're following new developments in the ebola outbreak. nbc news says one of its cameramen working in africa has been infected. the first american to contract the virus could be facing criminal charges and u.s. implemented a travel ban to the area of the outbreak. jesse gary joins us live from philadelphia international airport. what kind of travel restrictions are we talking about here? >> reporter: the federal government is advising americans not to travel to west africa
6:33 am
nations that are experiencing the ebola virus outbreak. additionally, people who are getting on airplanes internationally and flying to this countrying being screened for the virus. there's that one case in dallas, that gentleman that flew here from liberia and tested positive and came down with symptoms and ebola virus and that's giving early morning flyers here a bad case of nerves. >> there's generally a concern anywhere. i just don't think it's just on the airplanes. i think that, you know, you have to be careful wherever you go. good hand washing techniques and so forth. >> reporter: that young lady is headed to las vegas but she had to stop layover in dallas. coming up in the next 25 minutes as i promised before, i spoke to a woman from liberia who has relatives there. i'll giveher take on this in 25 minutes. military personnel are helping to fight that ebola
6:34 am
outbreak in west africa sending medics and aid to liberia. they outlined their plan to deliver and set up medical stations. stay with nbc 10 and for the latest developments on the ebola outbreak. coming up on the "today" show in about 30 minutes, dr. nancy sneiderman will be live from liberia under quarantine before her team is flown back to the u.s. she'll have an update on that infected cameraman also being brought back for treatment. new from overnight locally, a fire at two row homes caused heavy damage to the upper floors. fire broke out around 1:45 this morning on west oxford street in north philly. officials say it started as a cooking fire. a mother and son living in one of the homes got out safely. no one was hurt. this morning the red cross is helping 15 people who were affected by the fire. this morning a high ranking philadelphia firefighter is accused of impersonating a police officer and sexually assaulting a woman. jemal johnson is a lieutenant
6:35 am
assigned to ladder company 14 in north philadelphia. wednesday night in the area of 13th street, johnson told a woman he was a police officer. he forced her into his pickup truck and threatened her and then assaulted her. >> once inside the vehicle he says he will not arrest her if she performs a sexual act. >> the victim complied before managing to jump out of the pickup truck and call 911. we called the fire department but officials say they're not ready to comment on the case just yet. the pennsylvania state trooper killed at a montgomery county shooting range will be remembered this weekend. he was shot by another trooper. they say it happened during a training exercise on tuesday. he was 26 years old. had been a member of the state police since june 2012 and was a graduate of temple university and was engaged to be married. a live celebration will be held sunday night at 6:00 at the funeral home on academy road in
6:36 am
northeast philadelphia. a funeral mass will be happening the next morning at 11:00 at christ the king church in northeast philadelphia. happening today in south jersey, one of the men accused of killing a woman in cumberland county has a court hearing it jose martinez is being held on $1 million bail which could be reduced at today's hearing. reports say that a woman was seen leaving a party with two men and hunters found her body august 24th. authorities say she died from being hit in the head. the other co-defendant is also accused of giving police false information. he will be arraigned on forgery charges on monday. there are new developments this morning in the pornography e-mail scandal. deputy chief the pennsylvania's environmental protection department resigned last night. his former boss stepped down yesterday. that's after the attorney
6:37 am
general identified him as one of eight state officials who sent or received interoffice e-mails containing pornography. the governor thanked him for his service and said our environment and natural resources are better protected due to his leadership. one of pennsylvania's senators is urging a college in vermont to cancel a graduation speech by convicted cop killer. senator pat toomey says he's outraged that abu jamal has been chosen as commencement speaker at goddard college. recorded remarks will be played on sunday along with a video about him. toomey said he couldn't fathom how anyone would consider this
6:38 am
it an honor for a cold globlood murderer. at 6:38, new from our delaware bureau, smokers in wilmington are claiming victory this morning. city council last night rejected a proposal to expand that city's ban on lighting up making it illegal to smoke at city parks and inside playgrounds and bus shelters. happening this weekend, bacon, bacon and more bacon. the first ever pennsylvania bacon festival happening tomorrow in south philadelphia. there will be bacon eating contests, bacon products for sale and 30,000 samples of bacon.
6:39 am
>> no wind this morning and with no wind and some breaks in the clouds in the region, we're seeing some areas of fog this morning. fog will disappear just like the last couple days. clouds will thin out. clouds return tonight and we have showers to start the weekend off. right now the fog is thickest in chester county holding at zero visibility in coatsville. thicker in mt. pocono. not a problem for northeast philadelphia at philadelphia international ten-mile visibility. forecast calling for 66 degrees this afternoon. 70s for reading and allentown and it will be partly to mostly sunny skies for trenton, northeast philadelphia and mt. holly. 70s dover and vineland and atlantic city tops out at 67 degrees with sunshine. the clouds will be thinning after a cloudy start for wilmington, chester and
6:40 am
philadelphia. that sunshine will have us into the 70s this afternoon. over the weekend the numbers come down. seven-day forecast when i come back. traffic is picking up. probably delays on the roadways by now. >> focus on the fact that it's friday. jillian mele has a look at the roads. >> as promised a look at the area bridges starting off on ben franklin bridge. volume stacking up westbound as drivers make their way into center city philadelphia. we still have the right lane blocked because of that track rehab project so that volume is beginning on the ben franklin bridge. rest of the area bridges all looking good. this is the platt bridge so you have a night at philadelphia international airport traveling platt and 95 looking good out there. no accidents to deal with in that area. we do have accidents elsewhere this morning including one in lansdale. an accident that happened about
6:41 am
15 minutes ago on south fifth street at chestnut street. as i was walking up to the wall here to go on television, i was hearing about an accident in university city. i'll put that together for you and give you those details coming up in the next few minutes. here's what else we're watching this morning. another recall for general motors. tens of thousands of vehicles are involved in this latest recall by gm. we'll tell you about the problem that could leave cars and suvs stranded on the road. a former toll collector says she's filing a lawsuit because her boss told her to stop saying god bless you.
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6:44 right now. a live view from center city, philadelphia. there's dense fog reported in some areas. we'll get an update on that from meteorologist bill henley in
6:45 am
just minutes. general motors is recalling vehicles because of a defective module that cause stalling including 14 models from 2013 and 2014. among them chef kwvy tahoe. gm will notify dealers. a former toll collector on the garden state parkway says she's standing up for god by filing a lawsuit. she says a supervisor told her to stop saying god bless you to drivers. she claims it's a violation of her first amendment rights. officials said that she quit her jobs over scheduling issues and never mentioned the alleged incident. a live look at traffic where slowdowns getting to jersey shore may be history. three southbound traffic lights along the parkway in cape may county forcing drivers to stop on the way to the shore are now
6:46 am
gone we plareplaced by an overp. bridges now carry the cars headed south over local streets in middletownship cape may county. construction set to begin on the northbound side completed by next fall. and septa is reiterating the message stay off the tracks. the goal of the see tracks think train campaign is to reduce the numbers of deaths and injuries around the tracks and just this week four people walking near septa tracks were hurt. two of them died. since 2013, 19 people were killed by trains in pennsylvania. that ranks pa sixth among all states. 6:46. next week is fire prevention week in philadelphia. nbc 10 was in northern liberty yesterday as the fire commissioner made that announcement. fire prevention is taught in all philadelphia schools. commissioner sawyer says working smoke detectors and practicing your home escape plan are the best protection in case of a fire.
6:47 am
here's a move to make students safer at a delaware county school. nbc 10 was there when officials got a look at a new safety system put in place after the deadly 2012 massacre in newtown, connecticut. the new alarm system includes a silent alarm that alerts law enforcement to any threat. >> an all county bulletin that the button has been pushed in the school and police are -- there's no need for a secretary, the principal or anyone to do any talking. the police are on their way. >> delaware county got close to $190,000 from the state to buy alarms for every k through 12 school and so far 200 alarms have been installed. clouds over cape may this morning. that's a live view of the lighthouse. cape may will see sunshine and we're starting to see the clouds thin out in center city. a little glimmer of light.
6:48 am
you can see it in the distance. clouds are starting things off holding temperatures right now in philadelphia at 61 degrees. the wind is light and humidity is high. some areas north and west have fog but not everybody is seeing it. allentown in the clear along with quakertown but pocono mountains, coatesville, zero visibility for the last hour and a half. temperatures will climb into the 60s in pocono mountains. allentown, reading, low 70s this afternoon. and it will be in the 70s for northeast philadelphia, mt. holly and norristown. there are changes for the weekend. saturday will start with showers and possibly some thunderstorms overnight into first thing saturday morning. look at how it clears out on sunday. sunday afternoon 63 degrees. you can see the clouds showing up on satellite imagery. those are thinning out but this is the cloud cover that will bring us the wet weather to start with on saturday. look at the rain from the midwest into the deep south and
6:49 am
in fact southern states, kentucky, tennessee, alabama into georgia, this is where heavy weather is. those are thunderstorms. there has been some severe weather. look for the clouds to move into our area this evening. that's 10:00 this evening. 64 degrees in philadelphia. the rain will hold off for most areas into early tomorrow morning. that's 3:00 in the morning heavy downpours in reading area at that time. we could see an inch of rain in some spots north and west. 8:00 in the morning it will be coming down. look at how quickly it clears. by 2:00 in the afternoon we'll be dry with temperatures peaking in the lower 70s and it turns cooler for sunday. so today, partly to mostly sunny skies this afternoon in the lower 70s with light easterly winds to 9 miles an hour. seven-day forecast, rain starts things off tomorrow and in the afternoon peaking in low 70s with sunshine making an appearance. bright sunshine on monday but after a chilly start in the 40s, warming to only 63 degrees
6:50 am
sunday afternoon. sunshine will make for a nice turnaround on monday. 40s in the morning. 70s in the afternoon. clouds will be increasing tuesday. late tuesday there's a chance of some showers into first thing on wednesday and then we clear out nicely for thursday. ten minutes before 7:00. last time we checked on the roads there was information coming in on a new accident. >> university city and jillian is getting information on that for us right now. >> we're hearing about this accident happening at south street right at convention avenue. so right near the penn campus in that area. use caution heading out in that direction. this is 422 eastbound side sluggish as you can see. 422 heavy volume eastbound side and following an accident main street at mitchell avenue in lansdale and last accident out there south fifth street at chestnut streets.
6:51 am
if travels are mass transit, everything on or close to schedule. two colleges in our area give students the best education. the university of pennsylvania is best for a career in finance or marketing. villanova is the place to study if you plan to be an accountant. it based rankings on how many alumni work at top companies. time to remind you that now is the time to vote in our high school blitz game of the week for friday, october 10th. great matchups this week. check it out. go to to vote. i just checked our page there. fans of other schools gets your in. cast your vote by texting or calling 610-624-4111. as always the game with the most votes will be featured as our
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game of the week on high school blitz saturday at 7:00 p.m. on nbc 10. this morning we're monitoring new developments in the ebola emergency. nbc 10's jesse gary will have an update from philadelphia international airport where travelers are concerned about that disease. first, let's check in with katy zachry. >> reporter: we're live in center city after the break i'll tell you about a famous philadelphia chef opening up his bucks county farm for a worthy cause.
6:53 am
6:54 am
6:55 am
it's friday morning. a live look at the comcast center in center city. clouds over the city and we're seeing fog in some parts of the area. give yourself extra time to drive to work this morning because of low visibility.
6:56 am
the ebola outbreak, an american journalist is infected and nbc cameraman is being flown back to the u.s. for treatment and his crew is under quarantine and the outbreak is affecting travel. jesse gary is live at philadelphia international airport. you were telling us you talked with a woman from liberia in philadelphia now. what does she have to say about this? >> reporter: she works for qatar airlines over my shoulder. she has family in liberia and they are panic stricken with the spread of this disease. she says a couple relatives have become infected with ebola. meanwhile, the u.s. government is warning americans about traveling to west african nations battling this disease and people there are being screened before getting on planes to fly internationally. doctors here tell me that the disease is not airborne. they do not believe there will be an outbreak here and incapable of quarantining infected patients. jesse gary, nbc 10 news.
6:57 am
an organization in bucks county has helped close to half a million low-income families and tomorrowjose garces will help celebrate at his farm. katy zachry has more. >> reporter: for starters, he's cooking a special meal for 150 meal. that's good enough. it's at the same farm where he grows produce for his east coast restaurants. many of them here in center city, philadelphia. he's teamed up with bucks county opportunity council to thank o supporters for the last 50 years the organization has been pulling people out of poverty. they offer personal coaches for education and job performance and help people with housing, transportation and nutrition. thanks to this group, a quarter of a million people have been pulled out of poverty in bucks county. reporting live in center city, katy zachry, nbc 10 news. good morning. i'm jillian mele.
6:58 am
we're following this accident university city and take a look. one of our live cameras able to take a look down at south street bridge and find we have police activity on the south street bridge. university city side of this bridge right near convention boulevard. also right near where drivers exit and get on 76. just keep in mind traffic is getting by in both directions as you can see but we are restricted to one lane out there. so we are seeing delays on that south street bridge. let's take you to the maps right now because we're following other problems this morning including an accident evergreen road at west ridge pike. eastbound side of the route 30 bypass has drivers past 340. an accident in lansdale mitchell at main street. mass transit everything is on or close to schedule. some areas seeing clouds and others seeing fog. it's cloudy skies over center city for now. we'll get sunshine and we'll be
6:59 am
back in the 70s this afternoon. as far as fog is concerned, worst of it in chester county. it's dense fog also for mt. pocono and lancaster while there's no fog at all at philadelphia international. good news for travelers. 62 at the airport. most of the rest of the area is in the 50s. wrightstown, wilmington, 55 degrees. blue bell is also up to 59. bumped up in the last hour. collegeville is 57 degrees. 58 degrees in pottstown and g l that's the view from pocono mountains. you can see the clouds are in place there. we'll get sunshine today. you can see a little bit of sunshine in the distance. sun is just coming up and temperatures will come up too into the 70s this afternoon. >> keep it here. the "today" show is next. they'll be talking live to dr. nancy sneiderman who is quarantined in africa with the ebola outbreak.
7:00 am
we'll talk to her about what they're going through there. >> we'll see you for local updates in just minutes. get them any time at good morning. breaking overnight. an american cameraman working for nbc news in liberia died from ebola. he and the team he was with, including dr. nancy snyderman, to be evacuated to the u.s. today. today, nancy and the parents of that cameraman join us, live. 90-mile-per-hour winds ripping the roof off the college dorm. more than 250,000 people without power and this morning, millions more from pennsylvania to georgia are now in that system's path. biggest breach ever? banking giant jp morgan chase reveals 83 million accounts were compromised in a massive cyber attack. how concerned