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tv   NBC 10 News at 5pm  NBC  October 3, 2014 5:00pm-6:01pm EDT

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their spinal cord. three may not sound like a lot but children's hospital says in a year they might see cases that are similar to this maybe four to eight cases. so for them to see three in a couple of months is a lot. >> when we see that, we pay close attention. we look for something that's common in the community. >> reporter: dr. brenda bandwell is head of neurology at children's hospital in philadelphia. she says the three children who are experiencing acute muscle weakness are showing the same specific abnormality on their spinal cord. it's different, unique and it's a concern. what's causing it, they're testing to see if it's linked to the enterovirus d68. it's a virus that normally gives children flu-like respiratory problems. >> when this grouping of patients with acute muscle weakness began to be noticed
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across the country, the logical first thing to look for was, well, we have an enterovirus d68 cluster of patients that people are noting. is there any relationship between that infection and acute muscle weakness? >> reporter: in some parts of country it looks like there is a relationship but the cdc isn't sure. that's why they're asking hospitals like c.h.o.p. to report all cases of acute muscle weakness for testing. and, again, the most important thing for you to know as a parent, if your child experiences sudden acute muscle weakness in one limb or in the face, you should call your doctor immediately. i asked about the prognosis of the three children who are being treated here. and the fact of the matter is, doctors don't know. they say this specific thing that is happening to these children is brand new. they are treating them with steroids and they're hoping for answers quickly. live at children's hospital, lu ann cahn, nbc 10 news. >> and has a whole
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section dedicated to the child virus. we have information on what parents need to know from symptoms and health advice to keep your child virus-free. it's available right now on ahead in our next half hour, we'll talk live with an emergency medicine physician about enterovirus and what could be causing that muscle weakness in children? developing right now, a state department briefing reveals that since the beginning of the ebola outbreak, it's helped evacuate five u.s. citizens with confirmedications -- confirmed cases of ebola to the united states. not -- one of those people is an nbc news photographer. the 33-year-old has been working with nbc's dr. nancy snyderman who has ties to the university of pennsylvania. dr. snyderman and the rest of her news crew are in quarantine
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for 21 days. here's more information on dr. nancy snyderman and her philadelphia connection. in addition to being nbc news chief medical editor, dr. snyderman is a staff member at penn medicine in university city. she's a head and neck surgery specialist who consults penn doctors. she does not see patients at penn. meantime, in texas, more supplies were dropped off for the family of thomas eric duncan. the family has been confined to their home under armed guard while public health officials monitor them. duncan continues to be treated for ebola in a dallas hospital. tomorrow, two graduate students researchers at the yale school of public health will return to connecticut from liberia and immediately go into isolation. the voluntary sequester will last three weeks and is being done just as a precaution. the students left to work in africa last month. the two had no direct contact with patients with ebola and show no symptoms.
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no cases of ebola have been reported in our area but hospitals, emergency workers, they're still taking extra precautions. nbc 10 stopped by local health departments to find out exactly what they're doing, especially in delaware county. a letter was sent to hospitals urging them to follow guidelines issued by the centers for disease control and prevention. the guidelines include a checklist with more than three dozen items to protect the public and stop the spread of the virus. >> we take every precaution, obviously this is much more of a fear and very deadly situation potentially. and we want to make sure we don't let our guard down. >> today new jersey state senators tom keen and bob singer sent a letter to the health commissioner demanding answers as to how ready the garden state is for an ebola outbreak. now your nbc 10 first alert weather. >> to our weather now. nbc 10 first alert meteorologist sheena parveen is tracking a weekend cooldown. >> when can we expect the rain coming in tonight?
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>> tonight, the rain won't be here until very late. if you have friday evening plans i think you'll be fine. here's a big picture of what's going on. we have a cold front back off to the west. this is why we have cold air moving in over the weekend. ahead of it, that's where we find most of the rain right now. it's just moving in to central p.a. locally we're still dry. the clouds are really about to start increasing. thicker clouds back off to the west where we see the rain. this is mainly light rain but it will be here later tonight. and some of the rain embedded in this could be locally heavy. if you have the friday night plans for your evening, we'll keep the clouds around. temperatures will stay in the 60s. by 6:00 p.m., 69 degrees. still nice out. by 8:00 p.m., 65 degrees and 10:00 p.m., temperatures will be right around 63 degrees and the rain will just be off to our west. here's what future weather is showing. the thicker cloud cover is west of us. the rain gets closer. by 8:00 p.m., we should still be
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dry, the rain still in pennsylvania, some of that possibly getting heavier at this time. by about 10:00, 11:00 p.m., the showers move in, through the lehigh valley up into the poconos. and some of this could be heavy, especially going into tomorrow morning. from now until about 7:00 p.m., the rain will stay west of the area. as we go through tonight, we see that rain approaching. as we go into tomorrow morning, the rain will go into your weekend. you'll want to see this now. pennsylvania state police are finally showing us the campsite they believe was used by trooper shooting suspect eric frein. this is the same campsite now where police found two pipe bombs earlier this week. police now say they also found clothing, ammunition, a rifle. they found food such as tuna fish and instant noodles. investigators told us they're confident frein is still in the area. searching such a vast area is
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extremely difficult. >> you could literally walk right past someone in some of this terrain and not see them unless you stepped on them or something you were poking around and poked them with it as you went by. >> the past 24 hours police have drained the pond where frein's jeep was found shortly after the shootings. both police and the public have reported three unconfirmed sightings of frein just this week. philadelphia police are hoping a distinctive tattoo will help them catch a man who robbed a little grocery store. the suspect pulled out a gun and demanded money. when he grabbed for the cash, you can see a "w" tattoo on the top of his right hand. it happened at christian's grocery in cobbs creek just before 8:00 a.m. september 25th. police believe he's in his late teens or early 20s. now take a good look at this robbery at winfield heights. two men robbed the deli on ford road.
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one of the suspects pointed a gun at the deli worker while the other stole money and cigarettes. if you know anything about this case, police want you to call them. a judge denies a request by trump entertainment resorts to be relieved of its pension obligations for union workers at the taj mahal. the bankruptcy judge ruled the company did not prove it would be harmed if it continued to make its pension contributions. during union negotiations, the company already agreed to make those contributions. taj mahal filed for bankruptcy last month because of cash flow problems and out-of-state competition. from our trenton bureau, new jersey's acting governor is out of the hospital after falling from a bicycle and breaking her wrist and elbow. lieutenant governor and secretary of state kim gaudagno was released from a jersey shore hospital this morning. she was biking with her sus in seabright when she got hurt. she's in charge while governor chris christie is out of state.
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the governor's office said she never lost consciousness so power did not have to be transferred. more than 70 people volunteered at ten different agencies through the counties that are partnered with the united way. nbc 10 at lower bucks campus in bristol today. they cut out paper hearts for national adoption awareness month. the holiest holiday on the jewish calendar, yom kippur begins tonight at sundown. the day of atonement is a time of intense prayer and fasting. in a ritual dating back thousands of years, jews confess their sins to god and ask for forgiveness. yom kippur concludes the high holy day that began with the new year celebration of rosh hashanah. shining a spotlight on a south jersey veterans affairs hospital, a whistle-blower is speaking out about how their
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hospital treated veterans. she says how they were mistreated and forced to wait for care. and cartoon concerns. generations of kids spent their days watching this, tom and jerry. but now the classic cartoon comes with a warning and a serious accusation.
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this is nbc 10 news.
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the family of a connecticut woman shot and killed by capital police held a sideline the protest today marking the one-year anniversary of her death. in 2013 miriam kerry was trying to drive through white house security barricades, hit an officer and then sent police on a chase in the capital. she was shot five times by police. her young daughter was with her at the time. she was not hurt. her family and friends came from brooklyn to washington. they're calling for a federal investigation into her death. >> i've maintained that this sister here offered no clear and present danger to that police officer. when she turned around to go to the officer's direction she was carrying out what she was told to do. he in turn fired on her from the back of the head. she had a toddler in the back seat. >> the family held a symbolic reading before a butterfly
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release in kerry's honor. a new video reportedly shows a member of the group isis beheading allen henning and threatening yet another american captive. this is the fourth killing carried out by the extremist group now targeted in u.s.-led air strikes. the video ended with the islamic state fighter threatening a man they say is named peter kasig. james foley and others have died at the hands of isis. a new poll shows nearly two out of three americans support u.s. air strikes to combat isis in iraq and syria. the new poll shows half of the public thinks there's a high risk of a future terrorist attack on american soil. the public is also split over whether they approve of the way president obama is handling the threat from isis. about a third of the public
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favor going beyond air strikes and putting boots on the ground. from the isis threat to the spread of ebola to secret service failures, the country is on edge. >> the big question now is what can be done to put americans at ease? white house chief correspondent and "meet the press" moderator chuck todd joins us live from washington. always good to see you, of course. the question that we just asked really, what can be done to soothe these kinds of insecurities? >> look, i think the government has to be more public, more on top of this, more available, more transparent. i think the accumulation, particularly over the last year, you know, in many cases, the government has let down the public in different ways, whether it's the security breach at the nsa and the edward snowden files, go to, the lost e-mails of the irs, throw in the president just last week saying his own intelligence folks seem to not be a little bit slow on their warnings about the
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strength of isis. i think all of that, together has created this credibility issue for the government. here you have a public very anxious about the ebola issue. you've got the cdc, you've got the government saying trying to calm the public down, saying this is not an epidemic that's coming across the atlantic. yet the anxiety is still there. you can't help but wonder if there's an accumulation of distrust that's making the public more skeptical when they sear all is well, remain calm, regarding ebola. you've covered president obama. tell us about his pick to oversee the secret service. >> this is an attempt, joe clancy has a great reputation of being a nuts and bolts guy. he probably is not going to be the permanent head. i think there's a desire to find an outsider to come in there and shake up the organization, more in sort of how they think about
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things, creativity. the organization has been known to be insular over the years. they want a bipartisan group to examine the secret service and make some recommendations in december so that that way they know what the job description should be before they pick the next director. i think we're learning in hindsight that the president's last pick for director, they rushed and didn't get it right. >> pennsylvania voters will head to the polls to pick the state's next governor. >> yes. >> what do you think governor tom corbett and tom wolf should be focusing on their in campaigns. >> their focus has been education. it's the dominant issue. in some cases you wonder is this still a race? tom wolf has a huge lead in so many polls. i know in many cases you have demoralized republicans
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regarding tom corbett's campaign. my guess is it's going to get pretty negative in the last few weeks as perhaps the corbett campaign, they feel the election getting closer, they feel it slipping away. that's only going to encourage wolf's campaign to go more negative. i wouldn't -- what should they be focusing on? the issues that the voters care about. what will they focus on? you and i both know it won't be that. >> chuck todd, "meet the press," this sun, 10:30. thank you for joining us. >> you got it. >> sunday morning, "meet the press," 10:30 a.m. amazon prime added a warning to the dvd series "tom & jerry: the complete second volume." one character they point to is mama two shoes. the black maid was often in the house where tom and jerry's
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antics took place. a previously released dvd came from a disclaimer where she explained the cartoon's humor. now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> well, a nice end to the week. we still are dry across the area despite the cloud cover. temperatures are very comfortable. the clouds are ahead of some rain. there's rain in the forecast, really not until late tonight. we'll stay dry for most of your friday evening. the rain will be overnight and into tomorrow morning. for your saturday to start off your day, we are looking at scattered showers with the possibility of a couple thunderstorms, we can even have locally heavy rain but it does clear out pretty quickly throughout the afternoon. i'll show you the timing in a second. once the rain leaves the area and we go into sunday, we have much colder temperatures setting in, some areas sunday morning could only be in the 30s and the afternoon will be chilly, too. right now here's a live look across the schuylkill river
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looking near the art museum. overcast conditions still in philadelphia and much of the area. right now in philadelphia, it is 71 degrees and the temperatures, especially areas of south jersey and delaware have been held down because of the cloud cover. you can see on satellite and radar, the clouds are with us, thicker clouds back off to the west. we'll continue to see these moving in tonight. then they continue to bring rain with it. with it we have showers moving into parts of central p.a. right now it's mainly on the lighter side. as we go overnight tonight, some of that could start to be heavier. it will move through as we go into tomorrow morning. colder air is setting up behind this cold front. that's what will be here sunday morning. take a look at the temperature difference across the eastern seaboard. 80s here but back off to the west, behind the front i just showed you, 40 degree temperatures. this will be moving in as we go into sunday, once that air
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settles in. future weather shows the rain back off to the west as we go into tonight, it gets closer. 11:00 p.m. tonight, we start to see the rain, mainly west. overnight, the rain continues moving in. we could see locally heavy rain at times. there's a chance we could see a couple thunderstorms. we wake up saturday morning still to showers across the area. 7:00 a.m., we'll be waking up to the rain. the cold front quickly moves through. by noon tomorrow we could be well cleared out of the rain. that quickly moves away. the cooler air starts to set in as we go overnight into sunday. that's when we see the colder temperatures. as you wake up sunday morning we could have lows in the 30s, areas north and west of philadelphia, around philadelphia, some temperatures could only be in the 40s. it will be cooler as we go into sunday morning. this will carry over into sunday afternoon. for your eagles forecast by sunday, 1:00, chilly. by the afternoon, low 60s. for tonight, clouds increase,
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rain mainly after 10:00 p.m. temperatures stay around 60. tomorrow morning rain, chance of a thunderstorm. clearing as we go through the day. temperatures hanging around 70 for the high tomorrow. then we'll see a big cooldown, sunday morning into sunday afternoon. going into next week, we are back into the 70s. we go live to skyforce 10, live over the schuylkill river. you see an overturned vehicle at the water's edge. we understand one person is in the process of being rescued. a number of different crews there on the scene. the scene is mlk drive near the girard avenue bridge. there's a second vehicle water'. >> two cars involved. we don't know the extent of the injuries at this hour. wait until you see why a
5:23 pm
major retailer says the tri-state area is really home to fans of other football teams. and they seemed like nice customers but that quickly changed. wait until you see what happened inside this restaurant and how customers suddenly game criminal.
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we want to bring you breaking news right now. take a look at this scene.
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a rescue is under way. we know at least one person is in that white suv. right on the edge of the schuylkill river. this happened at mlk drive near the girard avenue bridge. one person in the process of being rescued. you see in the back of the van, at least one member of the crew attempting to rescue them is in the back. many crews on scene, however, we're still working out the details to see anyone that's injured. one person is trapped. the ladder being brought to the water's edge at the corner of mlk drive. stay with nbc 10 for the latest on this breaking news story. when it comes to eagles fever, delaware appears to be the edge. >> one retailer claims residents of the first state buy more eagles jerseys than anywhere else. according to dick's sporting
5:27 pm
goods, eagles jersey sells more in delaware and in pennsylvania, steelers sell the most. doctors are treating three children for muscle weakness. at least one of the three has tested positive for enterovirus. next, we talk live to a local doctor about the possible diagnosis. i just feel bad. it's not fair to them. they sacrificed their life for i think they deserve more than a us. quick look at their claim. >> a whistle-blower at a veterans hospital speaks out. we'll tell you the inside information she's revealing. then on nbc 10 news at 6:00, commencement controversy. a convicted philadelphia cop killer is set to deliver a graduation address. how local police are expressing their outrage.
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5:30 pm
. a rescue operation happening right now. skyforce 10 over the rescue of a female passenger from an overturned vehicle near the water eighth edge of the schuylkill. this is all happening on mlk drive near the girard avenue bridge where that female passenger was trapped and just now emergency crews were able to take the roof off that suv and get that passenger out. >> you're looking at a live picture. you can see they're using a ladder almost as a trail, because it must be uneven terrain for these crews.
5:31 pm
woman on that stretcher has we speak. this is near the girard avenue bridge on mlk drive which as you can imagine is back up with fire engines. look at the sheer number of crew members that are expected out here that this requires, of course, you see firefighters, ems crews, also philadelphia police. we don't know the condition of that woman just yet. we know it was a two-car accident that sent her right near the water's edge of the schuylkill river on mlk drive. as soon as we know more, we'll make sure we update you on air and online at also breaking new, three children are being treated for sudden muscle weakness at children's hospital of philadelphia. right now nbc 10 has learned one of those children has tested positive for a form ef enterovirus possibly the strain linked to a serious infection that's hitting all over the country.
5:32 pm
they are suffering from polio-like symptoms. federal health officials have asked doctors to report any similar symptoms. this muscle weakness swell the rapidly spreading enterovirus has parents worried. christine madella is live outside the winfield urgent care center today. christine? >> reporter: that's right. at this advanced urgent care clinic, we spoke to a doctor say he's treating a man with enterovirus d68. we spoke to the doctor and his patient. >> this is paul parker. he says he's been sick for five weeks. >> he does smoke and he has asthma. he thought he was having a cold with an exacerbation of his asthma except it wasn't getting better with the normal treatments. >> reporter: when he first went to urgent care, he thought he caught a run of the mill flu or cold from his grand children. >> when i first got down there,
5:33 pm
they were sick. >> reporter: parker got word that his grand kids were diagnosed with enterovirus. >> two cases down in virginia. >> reporter: and brought it here to our area? >> correct. >> i had no string for several days. my breathing got really bad. i'm asthmatic to begin it. >> reporter: enterovirus d68 cases have to be confirmed by the centers for disease control. i asked dr. thompson how he confirmed parker's case. the doctor said parker's test, like all tests went to a lab. the lab sent the results to the centers for disease control. when the lab heard back from the cdc, the lab sent a confirmation to him here at the clinic. >> reporter: parker works in health care. he was told not to go back to work or be around others until he's cleared by his doctor. reporting live, christine madella, nbc 10 news. enterovirus is in 43 u.s.
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states including pennsylvania, new jersey and delaware. >> combine that with the muscle weakness at c.h.o.p., parents have a lot of questions, of course. a lot to be worried about. joining us now is discuss this is dr. kate cronyn, a physician from ai dupont hospital. what specific systems should parents look out for? is there anything that sets the enterovirus d68 apart from anything else? >> at the beginning of the infection, it's really just like any other cold that we seeality this time of year. it's very hard to sort it out in the beginning. it's just a cough, maybe a runny nose, a fever. just like a virus, regular virus. >> dr. cronyn, what specific stomachs it different from a regular cold, virus or a flu? >> it's the -- in some cases kids will change from having the regular cold symptoms to feeling a lot worse and they will be
5:35 pm
breathing harder and just look sicker to their parents. that's different from your regular garden variety cold that we see. >> i think a lot of parents will hear this. we heard from a doctor in that last piece that said the parent thought a child had bad asthma. when should they begin to think, this is more than a cold? >> well, first of all, i would like to say that if their child has asthma to begin with, they should pay really close attention to their child from the get-go, because it's been shown that asthma patients have a little bit higher chance of getting sicker faster. but if your child does not have asthma and they have a cold, you should just keep a closer eye on them at this particular time, more than you normally would even. you want to make sure they're not starting to breathe too fast, breathe too hard or just look really warn out.
5:36 pm
>> all right. thank you, dr. kate cronyn. we appreciate your time. >> stay with nbc 10 and for continuing coverage of the enterovirus. right now on our website, what parents need to know, including symptoms and health tips to keep your children virus-free. we want to take you back to that scene along the schuylkill river. the woman trapped in this white suv as skyforce 10 flies overhead has just been loaded up into a ambulance. it was a one-vehicle accident we understand at this point along mlk drive, that sent the woman flipping right to the water's edge there. rescue crews had to cut off the roof of that vehicle. as we pull out here, you'll see a number of police vehicles and fire trucks, an ambulance, of course. blocking off mlk drive there. you want to know about that. it's near the girard avenue bridge. we don't know the woman's condition as of yet that was inside that car.
5:37 pm
as soon as we do, we'll make sure we get it back to you. stay tuned on air and online. failures of v.a. hospitals in philadelphia, front and center at a hearing in burlington county at the college there. >> cydney long explains, employees feel stuck in the middle of bureaucracy and making life more bearable for our nation's honored servicemen and women. >> i would apologize on behalf of the entire office. >> reporter: kristen rule shed tears for the veterans she works for each day. she says the environment is hostile, about incentives, not care, and intimidating. >> it's not fair to them. they sacrificed their life for us. i think that they deserve more than a quick look at their claim. >> reporter: rule who testified before congress in july and the house veterans affairs committee today, part of rhetoric versus reality says she initially blew the whistle when she realized
5:38 pm
vets were paying twice for one claim years back. she's seen boxes of documents to be hidden or shredded. congressman john runyon says the v.a. cheated and got caught. it's no secret. >> i said it in there. if you messed up, say you did it. if you're doing wrong, change it. admit you did wrong before you set a path to correct it. >> reporter: diana rubin says gross mismanagement at any level will not be tolerated. >> i'm very disappointed in hearing the excuses. we would be jailed if we caused someone to die while we were in combat. >> if i was in charge of the philadelphia regional office, i would make major management changes. i would not let these people have another chance. >> reporter: the office of the inspector general is expected to complete its investigation, findings and recommendations by
5:39 pm
november. from pemberton, cydney long, nbc 10 news. here's some stories making headlines on nbc 10 news at 5:30. pennsylvania state police are showing us a campsite they believed was used by trooper shooting suspect eric frein. they say they've confident frein is still in that area. controversy is growing tonight over a convicted philadelphia cop killer recording a commencement speech for a college in vermont. mumia abu-jamal will deliver a roared graduation address this weekend in new england. he's serving leif for the 1981 murder of philadelphia police officer daniel faulkner. at first glance, they seem like friendly customers but what happened inside this south jersey restaurant was downright criminal. how five women managed to steal $17,000 using the art of distraction.
5:40 pm
5:42 pm
breaking news in skyforce 10. that vehicle, the white suv at the water's edge on the schuylkill river flipped after losing control on mlk drive in philadelphia. philadelphia police rescue crews, they cut off the roof of that vehicle and rescued a woman trapped inside. we're still working to find out her condition. we understand immediately following that accident, a nurse who happened to be around there began to administer some aid or at least came to her aid. and you can see as skyforce 10 pulls out, mlk drive right next to the schuylkill, completely shut down as fire engines, rescue crews, philadelphia police continue to investigate exactly what happened and what led up to this one-vehicle accident. one woman rescued from there. we're still working on her condition. as soon as we know more about this, we'll make sure we get it back to you. stay tuned on air and online. south jersey restaurant rip-off.
5:43 pm
this crime didn't start out that way. these customers seemed friendly. how they secretly stole $17,000 from the restaurant owner. and rain and colder on the way for the weekend. sheena? >> that's right, keith. the rain is approaching the area. we won't see it until late tonight. with it comes much colder temperatures to end out your weekend. the timing and the details coming up. >> coming up on nbc 10 news at 6:00, the ebola crisis. what local emergency responders are doing to prepare for a possible outbreak right here at home.
5:44 pm
5:45 pm
now your nbc 10 first alert weather with meteorologist sheena parveen. >> we're still looking at cloudy conditions across the area. at least we are still dry and we'll stay dry for most of the evening. rain willing moving in late tonight.
5:46 pm
before that we'll see more clouds move in. thunderstorms possibly as we go into your saturday morning. so this will be an overnight thing lasting to start off your weekend. rain with some embedded thunderstorms possible. much colder as we go into sunday. now it won't be an all-day rain on saturday. it will be clearing out. temperatures dropping to 70 in allentown, 69 reading, 68 in pottstown. 71 in philadelphia, upper 60s in trenton. most of south jersey and delaware in the mid to upper 60s. 68 in dover and millville. we've been dealing with the cloud cover on and off today. now we have more clouds moving in. here's the center city skyline. overcast conditions. it almost looks like it's about to rain. the rain is back off to our west. it's moving into parts of central p.a., with it more clouds moving in. this is mainly light rain. as we go through tonight, some of the rain will be getting heavier. it's all part of a cold front.
5:47 pm
behind it we have colder air. that will be moving in once the rain moves through. really not until the second half of the weekend. that's when you feel the colder temperatures set in. here is future weather. we'll see rain moving in mainly west of philadelphia. this is midnight. not the entire area will be seeing rain. we'll see it to our west. overnight tonight, we continue seeing the rain moving through, some of this could be heavy at times. there's still a chance we could see an early morning thunderstorm. the cold front pushes through as we go into the middle of the day tomorrow. by noon tomorrow we could very well start to see the sunshine budding back in. we'll see improving conditions and through the afternoon it will be a cool day but not until really saturday night into sunday morning. that's when those colder temperatures will set in. so overnight saturday into sunday, we do stay dry but the temperatures drop off, 30s areas north and west possibly saturday or sunday morning. around philadelphia, some areas
5:48 pm
will be in the 40s. right now, we are fairly mild considering the colder air to our west. saturday, the colder air gets closer to the front. sunday, the cold air sinks down to the southeast. that's why our temperatures will get chilly waking up sunday. through the afternoon sunday we stay below average for our high temperatures. here's your eagles forecast. by 1:00 p.m., mostly sunny, by 4:00 p.m., topping out in the low 60s. tomorrow, we'll see the morning rain. chance of a thunderstorm, afternoon clearing. breezy, too. temperatures right around 70 degrees. we see those 40s and 30s north and west. that sets in as we go into sunday morning. afternoon highs around 60 degrees. that's only a quick blast of cold air. next week we are back in the 70s. new jersey fun who died more than 80 years ago moved closer
5:49 pm
to sainthood. she will be beatified in a ceremony this weekend. he was given a relic of the fun and prayed over it, church officials say the boy's illness was totally reversed within six weeks. pope francis certified it as a miracle. >> we pray and we'll take part with joy to this event, because it's important. >> it will be right here in northern new jersey that people can come and be a part of it is wonderful. >> the ceremony will be tomorrow. in 1988 mother katherine drexel was beatified for restoring the hearing of two children. the fun who was from our area was canonized by pope john paul 20s in ii in 2000.
5:50 pm
st. john newman became bishop of philadelphia in 1852. he's credited with creating the diocesan school system and having many schools and churches built. in 1854, pope pius ix recommends bishop neumann establish third order of sisters of st. francis. still ahead on nbc 10 news at 5:00. >> restaurant rip-off. >> reporter: she thought they were nice ladies but the owner of a south jersey restaurant says five women worked together to swipe a massive amount of money. >> doesn't matter how sweet you are, you have to be careful. >> reporter: i'm ted greenberg. why police say this wasn't their only attempt to distract and steal. coming up on nbc 10 news at 6:00, the search is on for an armed bank robber. it seems the suspect didn't get away with everything he wanted. we'll explain how he dropped the ball.
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from the nbc 10 delaware bureau, competitors will have to wait a little bit longer for the pum country chunkin'. organizers say they can't get it organized in time. this year, the pumpkin chunkin' is moving from its original location at willie farms in bridgeville to the dover international speedway. the new dates are november 6th to the 8th.
5:54 pm
it's a good weekend for car lovers at the first state. the delaware auto show is under way at the chase center on the water front in wilmington. the show runs from 10:00 a.m. to 6:00 p.m. through sunday. and right now, the search is on for five restaurant robbers in south jersey. >> they didn't use a gun or other weapon, they used the art of distraction. today we saw the video of how they pulled it all off. nbc 10 jersey shore bureau reporter ted greenberg explains. >> when they came in, i thought they were sweet ladies. >> reporter: but crystal vi says she was played by this group of five women who used the art of distraction to steal $17,000 from her chinese restaurant on the black horse pike in folsom, atlantic county.
5:55 pm
>> really angry. >> reporter: she says the women came in around 2:30 saturday afternoon and placed a lengthy takeout order. one she says called her away from the counter. >> she said, i have a surprise party for my sister. i don't want her to know. she gave me a hug. i didn't know her. >> reporter: the video shows another woman taking vi's purse from behind the counter. the group was soon gone after driving away in this tan toyota sienna money with money that was supposed to pay for three months worth of food. >> i have no way of getting the money. >> reporter: new jersey state police say the same women tried to pull off a similar theft at a nearby nail salon but did not succeed there. >> it could be a network of people working this corridor. and what they do, they just look for places where they may see a high turnover rate. >> reporter: investigators are urging local business owners to be vigilant and keep close tabs on their valuables. surveillance photos of suspects are now posted inside the restaurant for all to see.
5:56 pm
>> doesn't matter how sweet you are. you have to be careful. >> reporter: if you recognize any of those women, new jersey state police want to hear from you. the restaurant is putting up a $1,000 reward to help catch them. in folsom, ted greenberg, nbc 10 news. coming up next on nbc 10 news at 6:00, fears are growing over the ebola outbreak. >> with ebola now in the united states, i'm asking local emts how they're preparing to deal with any potential outbreak here. that's next at 6:00. i'm tracking weekend rain but will your plans be completely washed out? a look at that and what to expect in your nbc 10 first alert weather forecast. three kids are being treated for muscle weakness at c.h.o.p. we've learned that one of them has tested positive for enterovirus. next on nbc 10 news at 6:00, what you need to watch out for with your children.
5:58 pm
nbc 10 breaking news. askew at the river's edge. skyforce 10 along an overturned suv. dozens of rescuers worked to cut off the roof of the vehicle, you can see them do it there, and then put the person out of the vehicle. this is on mlk drive. a nurse who happened to be going
5:59 pm
by rushed to help. >> reporter: you jumped into action? >> there was a another doctor who was running, too. we both went to help her. >> reporter: the victim taken from that vehicle is expected to be okay. this accident as you can imagine is causing a traffic messes along mlk drive. take a live look from skyforce 10. cars wait for the scene to be cleared. it's completely shut down. we'll have more as this develops and the latest o esst on nbc 10t 11:00. nbc 10 is following two developing health scares including the expanding ebola outbreak. we begin with three kids battling muscle weakness in their arms and legs. they're at the children's hospital of philadelphia right now. we learned one of them as enterovirus. good evening, i'm keith jones. this is happening with several children out west. they were paralyzed after coming down with enterovirus. the virus has been spreading throughout the country. not all of the kids at c.h.o.p.
6:00 pm
with muscle weakness have entroy virus. lu ann cahn is with us. >> reporter: doctors want to know if this specific enterovirus d68 is connected to children all of a sudden experiencing severe acute muscle weakness. children's hospital is waiting for testing right now from the cdc for three patients they are treating right now. but here is what you need to know. >> parents need to hear if they have a child that has new weakness of the arms or legs or weakness of the muscles of the face, for example, they need to seek medical attention immediately. we've asked our pediatrics colleagues to have those children sent to us so we can carefully examine them. >> reporter: not just in philadelphia, across the country, healthy children are suddenly experiencing acute muscle weakness. doctors can